New Recession is Here Now-John Williams

john%20williamsBy Greg Hunter’s

Economist John Williams says a recession isn’t on the way–it’s already here. Williams explains, “There are a number of factors here that are showing recession. Number one is industrial production. You can’t ignore industrial production; it is usually used with retail sales in timing formal recessions. It turned down last December, and it generally has not looked up since. You’ve had three out of four quarters in the last year contracting. The numbers that came out for the fourth quarter showed year to year contractions that you never see outside of recessions. This is typical of a formal recession. You are also seeing recession if you look at the housing numbers. They have turned down quarter to quarter for the fourth quarter . . . with housing starts. If you look at the stock market and the S&P 500, the revenues that are being reported for companies . . . revenues for the S&P 500 are falling off quarter to quarter. You never see that outside of a recession. That is a broad measure of economic activity. . . .The Atlanta Fed . . . their GDP number for the fourth quarter has just dropped to .6%. . . . I think it will be negative in the second reporting. With all these factors coming together, I think you will have an early call on a new recession or at least it will be viewed as a new recession in the early part of this new year.”

Williams says the main thrust of the Federal Reserve has been to prop up troubled banks that are still in trouble. Williams says, “There is very little the Fed can do now to help the economy. Actually, raising interest rates helps some because they can build a little more profit margin in their lending. . . .But if they run into trouble, if the banking system runs into trouble, they are going to do everything they have to do to keep the system from collapsing. They are going to be providing more liquidity and, if anything, they are going to be lowering interest rates. Along with that, you should see some reversal in the tremendous strength you have been seeing in the dollar. That will start to unwind all the craziness in markets like gold and silver and oil. . . . The reason why you have strength in the dollar is there is expectation here that interest rates are still going higher. The global economy, the global financial system is in enough trouble that the central banks, including in the United States, are going to go back into some sort of salvage operation, which will not mean higher rates in the United States. That will mean a reversal in the dollar’s strength. That is the primary prop behind the dollar, that and the expectation that the U.S. economy is booming along. I can tell you the economy is not booming along.”

Williams says that the Fed is still dealing with the fallout of the 2008 financial meltdown. Williams says, “They are still fighting the instabilities of 2008 that has not played itself out. When it does, they are going to be flooding the system with liquidity. It’s either that or they let the system fail. They decided in 2008 not to let the system fail. As they flood the system with liquidity, you will see weakness in the dollar. You will see a return of inflation domestically. You will see all sorts of other factors rallying such as traditional inflation hedges of gold and silver. If the dollar takes a significant hit, which I expect it will, that also will put upside pressure on oil prices. They did virtually nothing and did not address the things that led to the panic . . . now the economy is turning down anew.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes one on one with economist John Williams, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Grafique

    I’m hoping oil prices stay low and continue to fall. I’m enjoying the break.

    • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

      I’m hoping the dollar stays high as I’m planning a European vacation this Fall.

      • frederick

        Change some money to Euros now and book your flight early just to be safe I very much doubt the Euros going much lower anytime soon

      • Diane D.

        Your SHTF Plan includes a vacation in Europe? I could be wrong but it seems that ‘Being safe’ and ‘Being disarmed’ are mutually exclusive.

        On a related note, was today’s quote on “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” – Seth Godin

        • dbcooper

          DD, I saw that also!! DB

        • frederick

          Not really A European vacation is great refugees or not beautiful cities culture food and beer Come to Poland and the other Eastern European places where the beer is cold and the girls are hot Forget about old Europe The nightlife in Warsaw and Budapest is fantastic and your money will go along way

          • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

            Are you in Poland? As well, I have a fantasy about floating down the Danube from Bavaria to Vienna or maybe even go as far as Budapest. In a canoe.
            On the cheap, as it were.

            • frederick

              I am in turkey but I have an apt in Warsaw and I go there at least once a year (have friends there) canoeing down the Danube sounds great go for it

        • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

          Diane – If one has a SHTF Plan, it doesn’t follow that one cannot or should not visit Europe. My philosophy is not “either/or” in this instance, but rather “both/and”.

          As well, to assume that I want to escape from my life here is flawed reasoning. I would like to see Europe again. Period.
          We will all have to increase our ability to think outside of the box in these interesting times.

      • Frank

        Get rid of Hoffman, Dent and Williams. They have been totally wrong and cost people a fortune. Traders are different from philosophers, whom CAN NEVER MAKE MONEY TRADING REAL TIME.

        • Trishia

          As Peter Schiff, author of ‘The Real Crash’ (following his previous book about the ’08 crash…) is impressed with how the central banks/FED has juggled the debt, created QEs which have caused a ‘wealth effect’ backed by nothing. Or, as one person coins it, “Digital currency not worth the paper it’s not printed upon”.
          So Frank, as a FED chairman said the other day, ‘they’ve’ run out of bullets. Others would observe that the ponzi scheme with all of it’s fraudulent foundations is crumbling at last.

      • Grafique

        Man, I gotta tell ya that I love your screen name.

      • Bob

        if I were you I would not leave this country for the next 6-12 months due to isis and remember the world in a recession is not the same as the a recession in America !!! God Bless this country

      • Frank

        The FED cannot react fast enough due to their antics of hedging.
        They are too slow. This will cause every problem we face in the future.

        Housing could only be bought for cash near the market bottom. You had to close your escrow in less then 2 weeks. The last 2 years of the drop
        was solely caused for this reason. NO OTHER.

        I have been a real estate broker 34 years. SUBPRIME IS A MYTH. Houses dropped 40 to 60%. The vast majority of home loans that failed were excellent loans and had good equity. That’s a fact. But, you never interview real estate experts. Jobs are everything. It was and still is very difficult to get a home loan. Liar loans are the biggest fallacy being told to this generation as a cause. Had the FED reacted quicker and dropped the rates much faster IT WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED. But, the FED could not react faster as the derivatives market would not allow them.
        The FED got trapped.

        • Frank

          At the bottom of the real estate crash I was making offers
          of all cash 5% over the REO selling price from the banks.
          1st day on the market.

          I bid on 8 houses and got outbid with as is purchase offers !
          Finally I got the 9th. REO’s required you close in less then two weeks.

          There was no time for people buying houses to get home
          loans. I estimate there were 40 offers on every home coming up for sale. No lack of qualified home buyers.

          But, only cash buyers had a chance and even that was tough. Every one gave up trying to buy, even with all cash.

          There was NO REALITY TO THE MARKET CRASH. There were tons of people wanting to buy every house.

    • blt

      I understand where your coming from but down here in Houston those same low prices are forcing people like my uncle (who is an old school machinist and has been at slumber jay/Halliburton for 30 years) to be cut down to 32 hours a week after 30 years of working 60 or more. People talk about how things would change if McDonald’s employees get $15 an hour but those people dont have a home or a real stake in anything. Highly skilled people that actually produce goods are the victims of saudi arabias war on shale. People like us just see a lower price and are thankful but thrre are HUGE consequences for the middle class…but what else is new right?

      • Grafique

        I understand that the collapse in oil prices has hurt a lot of people, and I’m very sorry for that.
        However –
        I use a lot more gasoline than the average American and for years I paid those $3 – $4/gal prices. All I can say is that the oil companies (who I support as good American corporations, by the way) should have saved all that extra money I was paying them.

        Yes, oil company workers are being hurt, but WE were being hurt for a long time – and probably will be again one day.

        • Grafique

          Bit – Having said all that I really hope your uncle and the rest of the family do well. I truly admire the American oil industry, one of the greatest and mightiest industries of all time.
          I especially admire Halliburton for withstanding the onslaught of negativity from the left.

          • tulip

            you admire ? Halliburton for what.. being a large part of the military industrial complex & murder machine… the ME..? etc etc…

            • frederick

              Halliburton isn’t that Darth Cheneys alma mater It must be a really humane firm if that psychopath was its CEO(sarc off)

        • Charlie

          I highly agree with you. The oil companies sure were not worrying about everybody paying those excessive gasoline prices. Maybe they should have been investing that extra profits in their 401K’s.

        • Linda L.

          That’s right. The top level brass of the biggest oil companies and their partners have pocketed multi, multi millions in bonus money/profits when we the little people were struggling to pay higher gas premiums at the pump. Don’t get me wrong because I believe in receiving profit in return for the good old work ethic. However, in this instance I think that folks got too greedy. Maybe it would be a good idea for them to return some of this excess money to their worker bees (employees) in this time of distress (wouldn’t that be something to behold).

  2. Mohammad

    It is getting dicy and oil fiasco is distracting from what may happen there.

    Prayers for a peaceful resolution.


    • frederick

      Seems like war is their only recourse sadly Mohammad Just imagine what direct hostilities between Saudi and Iran would do to the oil price I can picture burning tankers in the straits of Hormuz and refineries and tank farms on fire along with oil and gold soaring in price by the minute

    • Grafique

      Mohammad, would you care to have a polite conversation about terrorism?

      • Mohammad


        • frederick

          Ignore grafique Mohammad he thinks only the ‘evil” Muslims are capable of terrorism I guess Bush Cheney and the other neocons were successful in getting him to drink their contaminated koolaide

  3. dave roselle

    The best Williams speech yet.He really never committed and spoke in theory.



    • Greg Hunter

      I am not a Republican. That said about half of American do not pay taxes. If you think the economy is remotely good you are just as delusional as Mr Obama and the rest of the Democrats. Now buzz off and drink some more of your Kool-Aid where lying about Obama Care (The biggest policy lie in history contrived by top Democrats including the President) is OK because “we are better off for it.” There is nothing wrong with my credibility. By the way, your Girl “Hill” is going to be charged, but you don’t care because you like the lying.

      • Poll Ann Huggins

        I have been reading this blog for several years, gleaming information from different people. Greg you have never lead us down a wrong path yet. Thank you for taking your valuable time to put this blog together. I also enjoyed listening to you last night on coast-to-coast.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Ann for your support and kind words.

    • Jallen

      Seems to me, you are a Socialist and that is one step away from Communism. How did the Communist / Socialist program work out for the Russian people, does history not say the Bolsheviks killed multitudes more people than the Facist Hitler’s six million! How are the Socialistic States of Europe working out! As far as politicians are concerned; do you think Ted Cruz could be any worse than Obummer, Hillary and George Bush. May I suggest you read Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises and then come back to talk about the economy. Phil, we don’t need Republican Neo Cons and we don’t need Liberal Democrats!!! Neo Cons are war mongers and Liberals are idiots as they keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results! Phil, you are on the wrong website!!!

    • Jerry

      Explain 0.7% GDP and then tell me again how great the economy is?
      My advice to you…! Run while you still can. Because once the sheep awaken and understand the grand theft that has gone on in this country, there won’t be a lamp post anywhere that is not decorated with bankers, journalist, and politicians from both parties that have sold the American people out.

      • Grafique

        10-4 my man.

      • Hairy Herry

        I’d rather hang these scum from the high water tanks or beg them to JUMP! But… that’s just me.

    • Tad

      If you don’t have food or gold and silver stored away, Phil, consider yourself a troll without a life.

    • Grafique

      Wow. I give thanks for the grace of God that allows me to not be that far left.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Caps lock is fourth button down RH side of most keyboards.

  5. J C Davis

    Great interview Greg. I listened to your interview with George Noory this morning. Good stuff, but you sure can talk fast. Smiles.

    • J C Davis

      Greg can you or someone post a link to you interview with George Noory this morning ? Worthy of a replay.

  6. David D

    What will take down the system ? How about all the high
    yield bonds that banks and large institutions have bought
    to liquefy the oil drilling and fracking operations that cannot
    survive on $40 much less $30 or $20 oil prices. Wells Fargo
    has billions of dollars tied up in those high yield bonds.
    I can only imagine what J.P. Morgan, Bank of America etc.
    have on their books. I.M.H.O. this will be a major catalyst in
    the next/current melt down.

  7. Faith

    Thank you for the very sobering interview with Mr. Williams. He was direct and to the point.

  8. David

    Mr. Williams said, “…there’s no solution… there’s no happy ending”. So few words, so right.

    The Fed and the U.S. government (Fed, Congress & the President) are well on their way to destroying this country. What a bunch of buffoons. What a bunch of arrogant SOBs.

    I learned as a small child that you can’t spend more than what you have. Pretty simple, huh? I really wonder what members of Congress and the President (who just chided anyone who questioned the health of the economy) are going to say now? Will anyone stand up and say they made huge mistakes? Will anyone be held accountable? I doubt it.

    Thank you Greg for a timely interview. I would really enjoy hearing from David Stockman again if your program scheduling permits. Warmest regards.

  9. PzBz

    You could not have thrown more slow pitches, Greg, yet Mr Williams refused to swing at any of them.

  10. Jerry

    There seems to be some discussion about the accuracy of the Baltic Dry Index. Some are saying that it is NOT an accurate measure of true global shipping. I find that hard to believe when you look at railway shipping contracts.

    If trains move products from shipping ports to distribution centers. And trucks move products from distribution centers to warehouses. How long will it be before we see shortages at the retail level, if the railway shipping numbers are actually correct ? The economist can spin the numbers anyway they like, but at the end of the day it all comes down to product movement and sales.

    FYI- I just did my taxes. My business sales for last year fell by over 26.2%. Fortunately I don’t have much debt, but if the companies I do business with begin to cut my commissions, I will have to switch to survival mode and begin to eliminate services. Health Insurance may be first to go. The tax penalty is cheaper than the $1500. a month premium I’m currently paying. Oh and by the way, I have a $5000. deductible.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      Greg here is the Cass Fright Index for trucking. Compare the current level to the 2008 level.
      There is clearly a downward trend that matches the Baltic Dry Index. Folks this is it. There can only be one explanation. There is no product being shipped, because there are no orders.

      • Felicia

        FedEx business has contracted to the point that one report is saying 1700 will be laid off. Though I listened to a vid mentioning 4000. I’ll see if I can find it. And I am watching pkg volume at the post offices I work in. People are still doing a lot of online buying via Amazon (USPS has the delivery contract) which could prove to mainly be gift certificates and/or returns or…it could be the “eat, drink, and merry” mentality.

    • WD


      My dad was a barebones old time salesman he had an expression he carried to his death.

      ” Nothing happens until something is bought and sold”

      • Bob

        @ WD
        Amen. I am in sales and my sales are off 40% since a year ago.

        Also, on other local “news.” The local grocery store (a national chain) is having trouble keeping the shelves stocked – they cannot get inventory.

        The good news – a close frien of mine called today and after 5 years has made the decision to GOTS. One more saved.


        • WD


          Thank you for on the front lines info….I pray you and yours come out ahead

      • wd

        Exuse me “bought or sold”

  11. Willard Ferch

    It’s a sobering report, another confirmation of the wreck that’s coming. He gives us the facts, but is careful with his speculations as to dates, which is good. His message is that the wreck is coming at any time, and a word to the wise should be sufficient. Fiddlin

  12. DLC

    You likely frightened the be-geebers out of the Coast-to-Coast audience last night. It got to me for sure. You were lighting verbal brush fires at the speed of an auctioneer. Noory has pretty savvy listeners but your blunt object approach leaves a person reeling.

    I think Sanders could pull it off for prez. “O ” did not deliver, people are even deeper in the rabbit hole. Sanders may seem like that last Hail Mary pass to a lot of people who have not worked in years, people who have no future anyway.

    We are a mass dependency nation with very few true individuals. I’m not sure you get a Repub win out of that. A person who has not worked in several years at this point may well vote in the pimp who will promise a continuing meal.

    I will believe His Nibs is truly off the throne for good exactly this time next year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DLC. Getting Williams up and prepping for Coast to Coast was not easy. I hope I delivered on both. I try to use as many sources as possible to get people to know the trouble we face is real and here now.

      • frederick

        Greg Looks like you are correct Oil is down almost 8% and the Dow 3.5% and I don’t know how anyone could call that good in any sense Baltic Dry is down to a new record low again 358

    • Tin foil hat

      I believe Sanders, Cruz and Trump are not controlled by the banking cartel. However, Sanders will take down the fed and transform this country into a banana republic like Argentina or Venenzuela.
      Cruz would likely make the same mistake by taking the fed down too quickly and gets us into the Greatest Recession.
      I hope Trump will shut down the fed slowly, with the cooperation of Putin and Xi, to unwind the world greatest Ponzi scheme in an orderly manner. We need someone strong and flexible like him to get it done.
      If Bush or Clinton win the election, the cartel win and they will do anything, including war, to keep the Ponzi alive.

  13. andyb

    Greg: I just love this guy; very calm, no hyperbole; just facts. It’s interesting that if you take John’s real inflation numbers and match them with the phony Government GDP numbers, we’ve had negative GDP for almost every quarter since 2008.
    Additionally, his point about the earnings decline for S&P companies shows that the corporate financial engineering has finally hit a brick wall. I seriously doubt that the already insolvent TBTF banks will lend any more for stock buy-backs. Finally, his point about continuing QE (whether overt or covert) indicates that the FED is reaching its limits; the continuous debt monetization and the daily attempts to prop up the DJIA are rapidly destroying (debasing) the USD.

    My conclusion is that we are likely to see the beginnings of hyperinflation this year; probably mid summer.

    Again Greg…….many thanks for the Watchdog’ continuing enlightenment of the cognitively dissonant.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is so true and a great way to visualize what is happening with the stock market. You said, “Additionally, his point about the earnings decline for S&P companies shows that the corporate financial engineering has finally hit a brick wall.” Thank you for all you postings here!

    • ConcernedAmericanDad

      The Books Are Cooked•The Chapwood Index Unveils Real Numbers•the-chapwood-index-unveils-real-numbers/

      The Chapwood Index

      Recessions can be easily eliminated by adjusting the inflation as we have been doing for decades.

      US inflation numbers are completely fake – so real US GDP is much, much lower:

      The Chapwood Index for 2014 was 9.7% and official CPI in the land of the free was only 0.8%. So the Nominal GDP of 5.6% for 2014 becomes real GDP of -4.1%.

      The revised real GDP for years 2011 to 2013 worked out to -6.2%, -6.5%, -6.5% respectively.

      What is the Chapwood Index?

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Excellent link!
        This clearly outlines how mainstreet is being insidiously disenfranchised.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Remember too, that given these real numbers, the FED effectively operates with no mandate whatsoever.

        • Silence is Golden

          I beg to differ…..
          The FED does indeed have a mandate….
          To shift the remaining wealth to the 1%.
          Credit where “Credit” is due…apologies. 😉

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Point taken, but that’s their own illegal mandate for their cronies, not that which is outlined in the Federal Reserve Act.

            • Silence is Golden

              We both know that the Federal Reserve Act was created by and for the benefit of Banksters. It was always about stealing the wealth…covertly at first…then completely overtly. Nothing can stop them…their reach is as far and wide as it is deep. The Big Banks are the breeding grounds for these maniacal SOB’s…who then infiltrate Big Business and Politics and become the Unelected Elites. They have the capacity to control everything. The Fed is nothing more than a backstop to the looting being perpetrated by the Banks and the Corporates who work in tandem.

  14. DLC

    As you were speaking on C to C, I was processing someone from Uganda. Same person is here in this country as of recently. Same has no family here. Same is pregnant, paternity unknown. Same has job with Embassy Suites (in a time of massive unemployment). Same has a high-risk, complicated pregnancy requiring very pricey specialists, sky-high costs for diagnostics. Same is very happy to be expecting, anchor kid, gold-plated healthcare, free too. Same has family in Uganda with big expectations of chain migration……. getting the picture?

    I doubt there is any country on the globe that is not attempting to migrate to the land of plenty…. plenty freebies, plenty privileges. How long do you suppose “affordable” healthcare can absorb costs for everyone on the planet who moves here?

    Meantime, on C to C, you were describing a generation living at home until age 50, having to compete with every grifter from around the world. And, why not vote?

    By the way, how do they afford plane fare from all of these shanty countries?

    • notyourpatsy

      Good observation that i too see on a weekly basis here in NJ. Seems if you work for a living in this Country you are supporting all of these ‘newly emigrated democratic voters’, who are given the ‘free ride ‘ by the media/political hacks. If one so much as ‘breathes or thinks alot’ your post you immediately are chastized as ‘racist or similiar’ by the liberal demagogs that are intrenched in this State.

      You might say,”Hey, don’t like it leave”; but what you’d be missing is that from Perth Amboy South and across to the PA State line, NJ is one of the nices States in this Country. You’d have to travel the backroads here to understand my mindset. It’s the image people have from Newark NJ, and North, and various TV shows that do not represent the beauty of this State IMO/E.

      • dbcooper

        NYP, I have to agree, lived in central Jersey in the early ’70s and my dad kept a boat at a marina in South Amboy … once you were away from the city areas it is some of the prettiest country side in the world … that said I could never live there again!! Yours DB.

  15. David Clumpner

    Thnx Greg….Another great interview.
    One question I was hoping would come up: How would a white hot expanded Mid Eastern War impact everything?

  16. Jerry

    Are you watching the markets drop? Insiders know what’s coming when the Gold Benchmark takes place in April making Shanghai the central hub.. This time there is no way the Central Banks can print there way out of the mess they’ve created.

  17. EvanAvenger

    Excellent interview with Mr. Williams ! My suggestion is that no matter who is in office as POTUS in 2017 a year from now, Mr. Williams is a mandatory “Economy Czar” for that post. That is if he will accept…….. Obi-Wan-Williams


  18. Pvt. Mushroom

    Mr. Williams is the best – he starts where it starts.

    Thanks Greg. Wonderful interview…..

    • James Hastings

      I would like to THANK our vets…and ACTIVE duty heroes……

      HERO:……Someone who puts others first….

  19. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    As an economist Mr. Williams is not given to hyperbole. He tends to be grounded and down to earth and does not speculate where the numbers don’t support it. That is why his forecast is even more dire than some of the others you interview because he does deal in numbers.

    Good interview.

  20. Jerry

    According to my estimates the United States is roughly 906 Billion dollars from defaulting on its loans. If the U.S. Tax Revenue should fall below the Total Interest owed, in my estimation that would be a default?

    If the Federal Reserve Bank is asked to cover losses on oil company defaults, and U.S. Treasury Bonds, adding to the already ballooning deficit of over 125 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, that 906 Billion dollar gap could be filled rather quickly.

  21. Tommy

    Thanks Greg for the great interview. Listened to you on George Noory’s show last night (this morning) and you were on the mark.

  22. Mohammad


    On yahoo finance page every thing was flashing red, except gold was flashing green.
    Gold did not behave like commodity like what almost every financial corner tries to paint it to be.
    It acted as money.
    the function it did and did very well for thousands of years.


    • lastmanstanding

      Hey Doc…don’t fret! Howard Lutnick was on Closing Bell yesterday with Liz Claman (Fox Biz network) from Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum and said don’t worry! Market going back up, dollar going up, don’t sell, we have figured out how to enjoy a great economy with the current gnp! (who really know what our gnp is, he said 2%…it’s probably like -5%)

      But hey, if you can’t trust the word of the Ceo of Cantor Fitzgerald (and was at the time of 9-11) who can you trust? She also had a cut of one of the jpm dogs saying that “selling is a mistake.”

      These guys are trying to steal the rest of honest folks wealth and leave them broken.

      In my heart and soul I truly believe that these bastards will not win but it is going to be very ugly.

      • Mohammad

        One word that can explain the drop of the oil despite the same supply for a year and increased demand, it is to be searched at your leisure but i may have few thoughts on it later on:

        Goldman Sacks “KENSHO”.


  23. Cassandra Williams

    Williams has been peddling fantasies for years …. screaming hyperinflation just months way for since 2008….. 8 years of being wrong …. I guess if he stays on message long enough he’ll be proven right one of these decades.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Casandra,
      The Fed has had “emergency” policies in place since the crash. Thus, we have never recovered and are still in and “emergency.” Still in a crash. It’s hard calling the biggest financial calamity in a 5,000 year recorded history. And it hasn’t been since 2008. What’s a few years one way or another with something this big. And it hasn’t been since 2008, it’s been since 2014. OK so you got me to comment back now you can cut and past this, go to you handlers and get paid for being a troll.

      • WD


        If you get a chance to see the Big Short… the two most important points that I believe came out of the movie was the fraud and the manipulation/control of the fraud.

        The one particular expert that called the problem thought they were only months away from it going under, instead it turned out to be years before the collapse -for straight out fraud that was more than obvious.

        Other experts saw it and could never figure out why the system was not collapsing, it is because there was massive manipulation we are seeing a 1000x the fraud and manipulation. It should have collapsed but they are manipulating it. Simple

        • Silence is Golden

          Yep !!!

  24. woody188

    Yuan is projected to drop half its value this year. Anyone care to project dollar loss?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Against what?

  25. Charles

    Please someone tell me how we are going from what is clearly a deflationary economy to an inflationary economy with no demand in sight ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Two words: Currency Crisis. Debt is money IE: Federal Reserve Note. “Note” is a debt insrument and if the debt is no good (U.S. Treasury Bonds) then the money is no good.

      • Ron

        Greg, how do your comments correlate with Armstrong in the near term.
        We need to get an interview

        • Greg Hunter

          Trying to Get Mr. Armstrong but he is out of the country working with his clients. (This is what his office is telling me.) I will get him but it has to work into his schedule.

          • J C Davis

            Ron and Greg. When will people understand what Greenspan said is true. Deflation in a fiat currency is impossible because we are the worlds currency, and we will simply print our way into Inflation. It is a no brainer ! When the world gets away from the dollar we could have a deflation problem… Not until then. Yet that time is fast approaching.

    • Galaxy 500

      It will happen when the credit markets freeze up. No credit equals a cash economy . And there is very much cash out there. That is when deflation happens

      • J C Davis

        Bingo G 500. If I had read your reply I would not had a reply.

  26. Mary Casey

    Laura and J C Davis, Thank you for the link to Bill Holter….many interesting points….@ 20:40, Bill Holter stated, “In my opinion, the way to control the masses is through food…..through the use of, or lack of, food”.

    As I mentioned in my response to DLC about what he had observed while food shopping. (USAWD Weekly News Wrap-up 1-15-16).

    Our food is being rationed. The “super-size bags”, “king-size packages” and “family packs” have been parsed into “mini-size bags”, “mini-size boxes”, “individual size” and smaller cans, bottles and jars.

    When you see this smaller packaging, think “food rationing”. Real or fabricated, an increase demand for food (and thus a shortage) is being generated from “somewhere” for “something” and it is not good.

    When enough people wake up and realize they only have cold porridge for breakfast, then we will learn just how much ammo the government has really stockpiled. Everyone, please stock up on food just a little more.

    • sk

      ‘Rationing’ occurs when an authority, usually the government, limits the amount of a foodstuff you can buy regardless of how much money you can afford to spend. The point is to keep the richer buyers from hogging it all and allowing those with less money to buy some also. What you describe is simply an attempt to earn more on the sale by making the container smaller while attempting to fool the buyer that the container is as it was before, a kind of piddly fraud. It is not rationing, though.

      • Mary Casey

        Hello sk,

        Real or fabricated, what is occurring is a food shortage. Our food supply is being rationed….by government or otherwise…. manufactures are parsing out their product to ensure they have product to sell.

        The food shortage has forced a new business model, “stretch the low inventory as much as possible, so we’ll continue to have something to sell”. The business model is no longer, “Super-Size Bag, Super-Size Profits” to sell MORE food.

        It’s an extensive investment to retool for smaller cans, bottles, boxes, bags and jars; retool for new labels, new packaging, new shipment boxes; and the purging of the old inventory. (They will not put the new smaller cans on the shelf next to the old bigger cans.…so great sales on the old bigger sizes.)

        Selling less food in smaller packages, at the same price as the old bigger packages may simply recover the inflationary price increase of their raw materials. Repackaging the extra 3 ounces of Chunky Campbell’s soup skimmed off the 18 oz can requires another can, label, shipping boxes, inventory control and labor. Hardly a way to increase profits as successfully as “Super-Size Bag, Super-Size Profits”.

        “It’s just a trick to cloak inflation” is a false narrative. And unless the public is really stupid or the producers intend to retool every 6 months to mask inflation, that trick only works until the 4lb bag of sugar doesn’t fill the 5lb canister…or the new 15 oz. soup can is dwarfed on your pantry shelf by the old 18 oz can….or Grandma’s recipe, which calls for “a large box of vanilla wafers”, turns runny. Then the public smugly proclaims, “I know this is inflation, you can’t trick me!” Unfortunately, they have already been tricked and sidetracked, but food riots have been avoided for now.

        Real or fabricated, an increase demand for food is being generated from “somewhere” or for “something”.

        The drought certainly complicates issues, but warnings of a food shortage were rumored years before the 2013 California drought began. To enter the realm of conspiracy, the food shortage could be from one, none or all of the following: government(s) stock-piling; the elites stock-piling; preppers stock-piling; Obama’s private army stock-piling; or China stock-piling. It could just be a case of the food going to the highest bidder. It could just be to put more budget pressure on the vanishing middle-class. And, in anticipation of food shortages, Michele Obama’s starvation “school lunch program” may be to teach our children to expect less, eat less and be happy with it. Or have we simply reached ‘peak food’ where population growth now outpaces growth in food production?

        Smaller packaging simply stretches the available food. My personal favorite is the raised bottom of the round ice cream containers to siphon off a few more ounces. Outwardly, the carton is the same size, they just pushed the bottom further up inside the carton.

        • Occasnltrlvr

          Thank you for this very interesting perspective.

      • Mary Casey

        And as it happens, this article was out today……not very informative, but interesting. And may contribute to the reason why 102 Wal-Mart Express outlets, which were intended to crush the local food stores, are being closed.

        January 20, 2016: It Has Begun – Food Shortages Already In America And What Is Coming Next Is Going To Be Ugly – The Crash Felt Round The World

    • Lake M

      Product content was downsized, a stealth price increase. Once the consumer adjusts to the new quantity, price creep can resume. Another trick is to raise the price but have the item always on sale… at the price originally desired by the vendor. It was interesting that the downsizing occurred across most brands during the same time frame. Oligopolies make it easy to collude on price.

      A bag of groceries was $10, then $20, then $30 and now up to $40 or more.

      A nice dinner at home with a couple of nice 16 oz rib eye steaks, salad, baked potato, desert and a bottle of wine now costs nearly $50. At the restaurant $100+ All that money currently being saved at the pump goes to the grocery/restaurant, health insurance and consumer debt sectors.

    • James Hastings

      I enjoy your comments. My wife first brought my attention to smaller sizes. We tend to conclude, they are reducing the size to maintain the price… hide inflation, and avoid loosing you to a competitor. Our take… We live in the country, have a garden, can vegetables. Keep a healthy supply of food in the pantry. We try not to EVER,,,,,,,, get cornered by our jobs, the government…..or anything. We try to ALWAYS have flexibility.

      • lastmanstanding

        Ditto James.

        Everyone must remember that food manufacturing is big biz and these factories run 24/7/365 and need an outlet for their products. With less money available for it, they will do ANYTHING to shove it down peoples throats. That includes, down sizing packages, cutting price, cutting labor, mechanizing, lowering the quality of ingredients, etc.

        IMO, that is why food commodities are being hammered, manipulated down. So these mega corps can, to be redundant, “shove it down our throats.”

      • DieselBill

        I just bought 4- 10 lb packages of fresh boneless pork cushion meat on sale at one of the newer grocery stores locally at 0.99 cents /lb. I’ve seen
        pork lately in the stores as low as 0.79 cents/ lb. This week bananas 3 lbs. brown onions 2 weeks ago at 8 lbs. for $.99 cents
        for 0.99 cents. We’re in So Cal with 5 large grocers within 4 miles of our house. I’ll keep filling the freezer but am running out of room. We home can carrots, green beans,mango, salmon, chicken, beef and pork. The weather was near 70 degrees last couple of days. I hate living here but we love the low food prices.
        I’m currently in negotiations to trade my older corvette and a Harley for an ocean going 44 ft. sail boat to use as a bug out vessel. Currently
        living one hour away from the escape pod.

    • JC Davis

      Yes I agree Mary Casey it is a form of rationing because your buying less for a higher price with less income in the poor mans pocket. If they can print money for the wealthy they can print money for the poor. They want the poor to rely on the food stamp program to survive.. Thereby giving up freedom.

        • Galaxy 500

          JC, not rationing but it is a price increase that hurts the poor. I live in the country in Eastern NC and there isn’t a shortage of food at Harris Teeter. But Wal-Mart is having problems and they may be out of items because of it.

          • J C Davis

            Right G 500 the poor hurt the most. The fix will be when they see who is causing there pain, and repent from government handouts.

    • Brewmaster

      Mary, you are delusional. Corn stocks, soybean stocks, and wheat stocks in this country are all near record levels. The cattle herd is expanding, the hogs are expanding, and producing record litters of over 10 piglets per litter. In response, corn, bean, and wheat prices are near decade lows. I am not suggesting that to stock up on items is foolish, but not for the reasons that you propose. The reason for the smaller packaging is to increase profits.
      As an aside, I was at a water park last weekend, and it appears that the majority of the visitors there could use a little food rationing. What a bunch of slobs we are.

      • J C Davis

        Brewmaster. Stocks do not apply to poor and needy folks. We know what we have at the end of one day.. Not looking at profit margin. She nailed it for the poor man.

  27. Charles

    why wouldn’t the IMF buy dollars if there was a sell off of dollars not to mention if the counties that could , were to try to do this , the United States Government would halt any redemption on the grounds of National Security ?, Then the size ,cost and intent of all our military spending would become abundantly clear to anybody who may still be confused as to why we have been spending their money on our military. Its called self preservation

  28. Mohammad

    Something does not add up:

    1-Here is the chart of Opec production that goes to Dec 2015:

    Please notice:
    Opec 12 chart: top now is the same as top 2012 but not any significant increase that will explain the big drop in oil price.

    from the chart of oil price you can see how steady it was through out the production variations between 2012 and 2015.

    2-From the first link to OPEC production chart look at individual countries:

    Algeria down.
    Angola flat.
    Ecuador flat.
    Iran down.
    Iraq …. UP
    Kuwait flat.
    Libya down.
    Nigeria down.
    Saudi Arabia UP
    Qatar down big time.
    Emirates UP
    Venezuela down.

    So in essence there no way, no freaking way this fall in oil prices is related to over supply.
    China on the records is SOAKING that excess oil and that offsets the over all flat production chart despite what have been said about slowing asian economy to make the west look pretty.

    So that charts are screaming “it does not add up”
    I will follow up with a thought….!


    • Mohammad

      Even non Opec production it was all in all flat since 2014…!

      first chart that shows world production towards the end of the x axis you see it was flat.

      So what really happened to push the oil nose dive?


      • Tin foil hat

        ISIS oil production is not going to show up on any chart. China consumption is down. Shale oil production in the US hasn’t gone down much because of the hedge.
        I think we are trying to bankrupt the Russian once again but we may bankrupt ourself first.

        • Mohammad

          From the times when Syria was healthy the oil production was insignificant.


      • dill mann

        Dropping Demand?

        • Mohammad


    • Silence is Golden

      You are only looking at part of the equation = production.
      Nothing in this world is Black and White.
      Has Gold production dropped ?….and yet whiskey , tango , foxtrot….the price of Gold has.
      What pushed up Oil in the first place ….demand ..or those derivative players on the futures market ……which have now all but disappeared. Take away the players and what do you have left…..a true price discovery mechanism…maybe ???
      Same can be said of the players in the Paper markets for Gold. You take them out of the equation and where are we with the Price ????……hmmmm….
      cmon Doc. …would’ve thought you knew those grey areas by now.

    • lastmanstanding

      A friend who has a biz in the Bakken area. (Williston, ND) told me the other day that ther has been a resurgence of fracking. Considerably more than since things tanked over a year ago, but not like in the boom. He’s not sure why. He thinks that it is for a reason that they will NOT be willing to share truthfully with the American public.

      He also mention that Buffet has built and has 3 large “round abouts” or big circular loops that are used for storage. He said that these loops are full of cars filled with oil ready to move when the time is right.

      Any one here from that area that can shed anymore info on this situation? I do know that many from my area that worked over there are now home and foreclosures, repo’s are on the rise.

      • Mohammad


        Interesting you brought the name Buffet…..I love linking dots especially when it forms a picture, then they are not random.

        This is a wall street Journal tech article:

        In it it exposes the most sophisticated arsenal at the disposal of Goldman Sacks which will empower their trade with real time info hosted on the ….”CLOUD”….!!!!!

        “Kensho”. is the wild card. they recruited to it top notch brains.




        this article i quoted was in Jan 2014….!
        What caught my attention in it was: OIL.

        “In fact, Mr. Nadler and others tussled with that precise question on July 3, 2013. On that day, oil prices topped the psychological threshold of $100 a barrel”


        More later on this thought.


  29. Martel

    Mr. Hunter
    I believe Mr. Williams (or is it Dr. Williams?) to be spot on. Today here in Canada our Central Bank was believed to drop interest rates by 25-50 point foreshadowing negative interest rates next. The BoC did not lower interest rates. Begs the question why. Our new PM is intent on adding Billions of dollars of debt into our infrastructure system to spark growth, there is also a lot of talk our a Canadian version of QE. From my vantage point I believe the money printing will become a consorted effort by most countries around the world. A race to the bottom if you will.
    The above (as Williams has stated) will be an effort to save the system for a while… the end, it will not and market forces will prevail as your guest has suggested. The good news is that for those who are awake and people such as yourselves who have helped us get awake, we will have bought a bit of time to further prepare. Only a little amount of time though , let me stress that. In the end this system will collapse because, in the end Market Forces always prevail.


    • Greg Hunter

      John is an economist and a good one but not a PhD. Thank you for your comment.

    • dill mann

      Dropping demand??

  30. Tad

    It might be too soon to have analyst Bill Holter on, but my gut tells me we’re two weeks or less from a collapse.

  31. Southern Girl


    You have had some wonderful and knowledgeable people on this site. Some of them have given examples of when the SHTF….like the last snowflake to cause and avalanche. I think Greg Mannrino called the top and all we have seen are things going down the drain. I think we are all ready hearing the toilet flush and everyone will look back and try to pinpoint when it happened.

    I think it is HERE now. Look at all the numbers…stock prices falling…jobs being lost…stores being closed…companies going bankrupt…stores are still trying to get rid of Christmas stuff. How about all those numbers that were not reported about the Christmas sales. Just more hype in the newspapers. I just have a feeling in my gut this is it. Well at least I got my first SS check. Don’t know how long they will last or how much it will buy in the future.

    I made sure I did not have anything I really needed in my safe deposit box yesterday. I don’t know when we will have a bank holiday but I think it will come out of the blue.

  32. mitzymoon

    I am amazed at how many of you breathless doomsayers forget the cardinal rule of capitalism: it ain’t what you owe, it’s the terms of repayment. Our national accumulated operational debt is $19 trillion, financed at about 1.5%. The debt service is about 17% of cash revenue, a remarkably low percentage, and expected to fall to 15% as revenues continue to build. It would behoove us to balance the annual budget, but we are nowhere close to having a crushing long-term debt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah, 1.5% is a real unmanipulated market rate. You simply have to be a troll because nobody can be that stupid to believe that the U.S. is not in deeeeeeeeeeep trouble of un-payable debt.

      • Mohammad


        If i owe you 1000 dollars am in trouble.
        If i owe you million dollars you are in trouble.


  33. Pete

    Not that much off topic… A friend of mine from church mentioned to me on Sunday that his family was selling the last of their properties in the Pittsburg area. When I asked how they acquired them, he said that his great grandfather was a grocer in that area during the great depression and when people couldn’t afford to pay him for their groceries, they bartered with him. That included trading groceries for deeds to their houses or for their firearms. He apparently had enough cash flow to keep his shelves stocked and food was always available to him from the distributors. I thought it was very interesting.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Pete for sharing your family story here!

  34. Grafique

    The national debt recently passed $18.9 trillion.

    Debt per citizen: $58553.00
    Debt per taxpayer: $158001.00

  35. Carol Smith

    Greg, what a Wonderful interview. Having listened to you for a long period of time, I do believe you asked the best questions. Especially the silver question for those who just don’t have the money to buy gold.
    John Williams interview was Easy to understand, Not too technical and very clear.
    We are all thankful for your interviewing abilities and for your stamina during this event in history. It must not be easy.
    Also your integrity keeping all of us up to date – actually not running after the money, but running after honesty.
    Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Carol.

  36. James Hastings

    Good job Lone Ranger. You seem to have developed a vicious bite……in the last month or so. Bravo. “I think, therefor I am”……a plagiarism from…” So as a man thinks…so he is..” Keep that bull dog attitude. Your on the watch list. Your always welcome in this…..refuge. This is going to be exciting. 🙂

  37. Bob Lamb

    Can credit unions confiscate deposits like banks can under Dodd-Frank?

    • Greg Hunter

      Credit Unions are under Federal Reserve supervision. They are also insured by the FDIC.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Just for clarification, it’s not “confiscation.” Once a deposit is made, it is legally their money. (And, this was not a result of Dodd-Frank.)

  38. Peter

    It was another bad day today in the stock market as Obama’s QE fades out and the artificial stimulation wears off. John Williams didn’t rule out another round of QE, but that would be a mistake and yet Obama is supportive of mistakes if they benefit his legacy or ideals. Let’s hope the Republican party will stop any new QE attempts.
    Only yesterday the IG reported that Hillary’s email server contained emails containing intel secrets beyond Top Secret, ie. extremely damaging to US security in the wrong hands! The IG is effectivly calling Hillary Clinton a fat liar, which she is!
    Time will tell if the FBI is a phony democrat organization that protects Clinton or an unbiased organization that works to protect classified information and exposes public corruption.

  39. A. Hall

    A. Hall
    01/20/2016 •
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    Situation Critical — Stock Market Meltdown: The Worst Is Yet to Come — By Gregory Mannarino – Wednesday, January 20, 2016 16:05

    • Southern Girl

      Al Hall,
      Thanks for the link. Was busy with family here and have not h ad a change to catch up.

  40. dee garmon

    If somebody does not agree with what Williams is saying, they are either brainless or
    milking the system in one way or another like the ” work from home” federal employees.

  41. Grafique

    The final say in the Hillary email scandal is held by Obama. He could pardon her when an indictment is brought.

    Oh, how he must be holding that over Hillary & Bill’s heads! If Hillary is indicted (and she will be) there is not much that she wouldn’t do for a pardon!

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I hope you are right, but I don’t see Mental-Midget Lynch indicting Hillary.

  42. Bryan

    Greg – Hope you can help me. I go to the Debt and it shows the defecit at 440+ biillion. Doesn’t the clock reset at the beginning of the fiscal year (October 1st) ? We can’t be that bad already, can we ? Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes we can, and according to John Williams the U.S. has been accumulating debt and commitments at more than $5 trillion a year. Each and every year.

      • Bryan

        Greg – Thanks for the response, but that would mean we have exceeded all of last year’s deficit (439 Billion) in just a little over the first quarter-and on a clip to exceed 1.5 trillion this fiscal year – A RECORD !

        • Greg Hunter

          Things are going from bad to worse and you are pointing out one of the metrics that prove this. Thank you.

      • Grafique

        Greg, I think you mean “trillion”?

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Grafique Trillion. Sorry.

      • Galaxy 500

        You mean Trillion not Billion right Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes 500,
          So sorry I meant $5 trillion a year in debt and commitments piling up with the Federal government each and every year at the very least.

  43. Peter

    So if my debt accounts are at a big bank (cards, mortgage) and my investment accounts at smaller banks I am better off than average?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes but the ultimate problem is going to be with the buying power of the currency you are holding no matter where you hold it.

  44. notyourpatsy

    I had the good fortune to be able to spend 30 minutes or so having a one on one discussion with Mr Williams back in 1990. We were both sitting in the waiting area of a nice hotel and struck up a conversation. That conversation changed my life for the better in every sense of the word. He is a very kind and gracious man in person.

    On a different note, this evening here in NJ I happened to take an elderly neighbor to the grocery store. The area is having one of it’s typical ‘run on everything’ by the unprepared due to the impending major snow storm this weekend. First thing I heard when I walked by the customer service counter was a woman in her 50’s complaining loudly,”where’s all the produce? there’s hardly anything on the shelves!” To which the clerk a young 20 something girl replied, “Ma’am, we’ve had a very busy day and there were lots of shoppers here before you. Everything we have is out, so I’m sorry you did not find what you were looking for. We expect more in after Sunday.” (today is Wensday so that’s 4 DAYS without the majority of different types of basic fresh produce!) The woman stormed off and I presume went in search of another store to point out HER LACK OF PREPAREDNESS. I walked over with my elderly neighbor who is 81 yrs old and he remarked,”I don’t know why that woman was carrying on so; look at all of the fresh produce! He put some turnips, squashes, artichokes, radishes, etc into his cart and said, “apparently they stopped teaching women of her generation how to cook with real vegetables.” I tried to contain my laughter as he said it with such a straight face and tone of voice.

    As we went through the store I made a mental note of the things missing and those in abundance. I realized the items I regularly purchase are not on everyone else’s list because I scratch cook. Something to consider going to see if you have the chance and take mental notes yourselves. I imagine it’s what the shelves will look like the day after banks close and the party really starts!


    Good Evening Greg,
    Another great interview…..AGAIN …you never disappoint… Thank you and your guests for holding the torch high in the darkness of deceit !
    But have ‘they’ not done so in plain sight …while keeping all in a state of illusion…when will the people wake up and set pride aside…

    Take note of the date on the cover of the Economist mag. -January 9, 1988
    Declaring a new world currency to rise up like a Phoenix from ashes of the burning U.S. dollar in 2018

    Per speculation above…Baltic Dry Index… click on:
    go to filters….click on/off ships anchored and underway…. the commercial transports overwhelmingly are AT ANCHOR IN THE WORLD!

    Much gratitude from you objective journalistic ethics !

    Best reflected by ~Plato – ‘Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.’

    Thank you Greg…!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Observing.”

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice reference to the Allegory of the Cave. Plato was spot on

  46. Trude

    Sarah Palin is a no-show at Trump campaign event in Iowa

    The Washington-Jenna Johnson

    NORWALK, Iowa — Wednesday marked the first day of Donald Trump’s new partnership with Sarah Palin, the colorful conservative icon who endorsed him at a rally on Tuesday night. Wednesday night Trump was alone as he took the stage at the Wright Place, a small venue in a strip of offices in Norwalk. Palin never showed up.

    Trump also criticized Cruz for not properly disclosing two major bank loans he received, and accused him of purposely hiding the information.

    “What he wanted to do is say: I will protect you from Goldman-Sachs. I will protect you from Citbank. And I will protect you from the banks because I’m Robin Hood, and I’m this wonderful senator,'” Trump said. “What he did was wrong because he didn’t want you to know that he’s dealing with banks. … If he puts that down, then he’s just like all of the other guys. It’s wrong. It’s wrong. It’s really wrong.”

    Trump said Cruz’s explanations of the undisclosed bank loans and his duel-citizenship with Canada while serving as a senator are not believable.

  47. helot

    I am often baffled at the prevalence and frequency of this viewpoint: “the silver question for those who just don’t have the money to buy gold.”

    Is it because, ‘Mass-man’ equates gold with Grey Poupon mustard, like in the TeeVee comercial, or something? Like it’s, ‘only’ for the rich?

    Is a bit of chain link scrap gold really all that much more than a pre-1964 silver dime? I mean, come on! If you don’t have the money to buy a bit of scrap gold, how on earth do you have the money to buy two pre-1964 silver dimes? Yeesh! It’s like saying, “the oil question: for those who just don’t have the money to buy milk.” … Fer crying out loud, Buy Less!

    If you’re deciding which one to buy, buying silver vs. gold has very little to do with how much money you have availble or what your economic status is! Good Night.
    It just blows me away how people just. don’t. get. that.

    • Galaxy 500

      The problem with scrap gold is quality. I won’t take it because I can’t assay it. But a US mint silver or gold coin, yes

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree 500. You are not going to care that you paid a higher commission to buy quality in uniform increments like Gold Eagles and Silver Eagles. I like “Junk” silver if you can find it.

        • James Hastings

          I may be in left field, forgive my stupidity if incorrect. I buy from “Mint Products” on a regular bases. Pre-65 silver an gold eagles in various sizes. They deliver within a week and I have had no problems. I’m sure there is other suppliers too, …

          • Greg Hunter

            You are doing the right thing man!! You are coming from “Right” field! Thank you for sharing your strategy. It’s simple but very effective in my humble opinion. Please let us know when it take longer to get your metal

  48. Trude

    Militants attack near Libya’s Ras Lanuf oil terminal – sources

    Reuters 1 hr ago

    The Es Sider export terminal in Ras Lanuf, west of Benghazi, suspected Islamic State militants attacked oil installations close to Libya’s Ras Lanuf terminal on Thursday, an engineer at the port and an energy official allied with the country’s eastern government said.

    They said at least two storage tanks from the Harouge Oil Operations company had been set on fire near Ras Lanuf, where militants also launched attacks earlier this month. (Reporting by Ayman al-Warfalli; Writing by Aidan Lewis; Editing by Dominic Evans)

  49. Trude

    Here’s why US soldiers love the A-10 Thunderbolt

    Business Insider Alex Lockie

    On Wednesday, the news broke that the Pentagon would not mothball the much loved A-10 Thunderbolt, or “Warthog,” as it has come to be known. The debate surrounding the A-10, a Cold War-era close air support air frame, has drawn heated rhetoric from senators and top military brass as well as common foot soldiers.

    The Pentagon’s decision to keep the A-10 in service through 2017 shows that even in a time when technology is redefining the battle space, proven platforms like the A-10 still have a meaningful role in the military.

    Below are some of the reasons why the A-10 inspires hope in US troops, fear in their enemies, and can’t be counted out of the fight just yet.

    The people of Michigan saved the Thunderbolt A-10 “Warthog” from being mothballed. They fought for well over a year to keep the Warthogs at Selfridge ANGB and in service. No other aircraft is better equipped at fighting ISIS. Selfridge airbase is in Harrison township a suburb of Detroit.

    U.S. Air Force/Released

    The very thought of replacing the A-10 was troubling to many soldiers. “When you’re talking to a 19-year-old man with a rifle, who’s scared on the other end of a radio, you know he doesn’t care about fiscal constraints, ‘big picture’ Air Force policy, the next fancy weapons system coming down the pipeline. He cares about being saved right then and there,” an Air Force pilot said of the A-10. The A-10 is also a bargain. The unit cost is just $18.8 million, which compared to the $195 million price tag on the F-35 that was intended to replace it, is a steal.

    • James Hastings

      It was a G-d send for ground troops. In the 60’s….we used the Sky Raider. It was a prop plane that carried a heavy payload, was excellent at ground support and easy to support. Maybe we need a few simple hammers. 🙂

  50. Mike from the North

    Just spoke to one of my brothers that I have been sharing info with for some time on the subject of crushing debt loads.

    His words….Bro you are right. What you have been saying for the last few years is happening before our eyes. He then states…this will lead to WAR.

    2016 seems to be the year that the MANIPULATORS have their game interrupted.

  51. Mohammad

    A hidden message from US to Russia.
    We will flip you upside down or else….!

    Or else, it was a benign mistake:


    • James Hastings

      It could be a petty, immature, obama thing. OR……just because we are led by stupid people. Which shows why we are collapsing.

  52. Galaxy 500

    This was initially written and sent to the current democrat governor of Virginia, one Terence McAuliffe, but I decided to publish it here as an open letter to just about everyone else as well.

    To all Western government officials, politicians, and populations,

    Trust me on the topic of this message: Following my tour of duty in Southeastern Turkey with a USAF site counter-terrorism security force in the early 1980s, I was later the non-commisioned officer in charge of the anti-terrorism program for Project ELF One in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the mid-80s. Next, I performed Special Air Missions security for Air Force One and the presidential aircraft fleet operating from Andrews AFB under President Reagan.

    After the attacks of 9/11/01, I served as a special deputy U.S. marshal assigned to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft’s personal protection detail for 2 1/2 years, during which time Al-Qaeda had him near the top of their assassination list. Following that, I was a Law Enforcement Watch Officer/Intel Analyst in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Hq Operations Center, until I quit in abject disgust at the utter refusal of our government officials and agency leaders to do their jobs; their political refusal to protect our borders & interior.

    ISIS is promising more attacks here in the U.S., particularly on Washington, D.C., equal to and even worse than the recent Paris attacks. Yet so many of our politically correct leaders are obstinately and delusionally intent on ushering even more swarms of Muslim hijra-jihad conquest invaders into our midst. “Diversity is our strength,” they blindly bleat.

    As for alleged “vetting” of the countless invaders — please. Besides the absurd impossibility of doing so given the nature of the Trojan Horse legions in question, we have anti-American affirmative-action flunkies and foxes guarding the henhouse.  A few months after the 9/11 attacks, our utterly incompetent government’s former Immigration and Naturalization Service actually, blindly renewed the student visas of some of the dead terrorists!

    Unfortunately, ISIS will succeed in attacking Washington and other major U.S./British targets — but only because our society and leaders have become so politically correct, so brainwashed against practicing moral discrimination and rational racism; against profiling and eradicating the Muslim threat from our society.

    The fundamental and best ways to protect yourself and others from dangerous elements are distance and shielding. Our political leaders and agencies are really doing neither, and our brainwashed electorate are not demanding enough that our people and cities be shielded specifically from the Islamic threat, nor that Muslims be removed to the furthest possible distance from us.

    The public safety and terrorism threats we face are, with comparatively scant exceptions, from dark and swarthy savages operating freely among us.Scandinavians, Methodists, and rebel-flag rednecks are not the actual problem.

    I know that you think you’re a good, morally conscientious, and altruistic person for helping third-world savages to continually dispossess, rape, and kill whites. You’re not.

    Study the true, original nature of Islam, and stop with the politically correct lies.

    The leader of ISIS has a Ph.D. in Islamic studies — he is doing exactly what the Koran, the Hadith, and the Sira, and all of Islamic doctrine commands, and has always commanded for Muslims ever since the rapacious warlord Mohammed invented and began spreading his murder cult by ruthless, bloodthirsty conquest.

    Many so-called moderate Muslims can be very nice and peaceful people on a personal basis, and not at all in favor of violent jihad tactics.  However, the mere fact of their at least nominal adherence to the overall domination cult of Islam (along with their sheer numbers) is what gives their more militant leaders, the terrorists, such broad/deep support, and vast geo-demographic buffers so as to be able move about, be financed, and have political subterfuge and interference carried out for them endlessly.

    Moderate Muslims, in fact, are part of that network whether they actively decide so or not.

    Islamic militants are swearing they’ll strike here again, particularly in D.C., and we had better believe them.

    Aside from the the question of political will, our governments simply do not have the necessary manpower/resources to constantly and closely watch all of the thousands and thousands of suspected Islamic militants and their extended familial/support networks already operating freely among us.

    Round up all Muslims and put them in internment camps until they can be either deported to the shit-hole countries they belong in, converted, or otherwise neutralized. We had very good reasons to do it to the Japanese Nisei after the Pearl Harbor attack, even better reasons to do it to Mohammed’s legions and family/support network now, and before now.

    The Bill of Rights does not apply — especially to a mortal enemy among us — when we are faced with such a dire and imminent national security threat.

    I don’t kid myself for a minute into thinking that these completely necessary and warranted safety measures will actually happen, but my conscience is that much clearer that I’m at least taking the trouble to exhort you to join me in the demand for it and to help carry it out.

    Washington, D.C. area mosques, especially the Dar Al-Hijra mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, have trained and launched numerous terrorists, including some of the 9/11 hijackers, the Ft. Hood shooter, and various others — yet democrats and ‪#‎cuckservatives‬ continually lavish praise and ceremonial honors upon such jihad training academies, visit them to pray, fundraise, and attend events, and run political interference for them, stupidly and dishonestly proclaiming “Islam is peace.”

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if I offend you or anyone else by harshly telling the truth here. You can’t continue aiding and abetting our mortal enemies. We will not tolerate it.

    I don’t worry much, either, if this message makes you want to send my personal details to whatever agencies. It would only further confirm what’s already obvious about your erstwhile treasonous agenda.

    I’m urging you to cease and desist from that usual agenda, and start helping to protect our nation instead.

    Donald Joy

    • Greg Hunter

      Bravo Donald Joy!!
      Normally, I would tell someone who posted something this long to keep it much shorter, but for this subject I say post it all. Thank you.

      • Galaxy 500

        Sorry, Greg. I knew it was long but I thought it was a worthy read.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good stuff man!

      • Mohammad


        I will be interested in knowing the material that Atta’s passport was made of that withstood the fire that brought the twins down and use it commercially to build homes that will never burn.

        What can i say.

        nothing i guess.


        • Greg Hunter

          the official story of 9/11 is full of holes and the Government will not even release the entire un-redacted report. The whole thing stinks.

    • Silence is Golden

      I have a new found respect for you DJ.
      Balls of Steel. That’s is what is required to shift the mentality and initiate the required action. They will achieve their agenda otherwise…and we will all be left defenceless and at their mercy. Time for action is now….perhaps even yesterday.

    • Mohammad

      Here is my answer to you G500.

      Mohammad Ali the great boxer, who entered the prison because he refused war and declined the draft, not like weasels that turned presidents of US who fled to England.
      He was offered the star of fame in hollywood ….HE REFUSED.
      Now his star is THE ONLY ONE ON THE WALL and the rest of the stars are to be stepped on and walked on their name.
      Mohammad’s name is a star G500 despite the darkness of your heart and the hearts of his haters.
      Here is the full story:


      • Occasnltrlvr

        Yup. Perhaps that’s who we’ll all get to meet, when that third trumpet is sounded.

        • Mohammad

          It is one trumpet .
          Only one trumpet.
          Then you will wish you have listened to me.


          • Occasnltrvlr

            There are seven. Then, you will wish you had understood.

  53. James Hastings

    There are some wonderful people on this site. Great view points from all directions. Trolls……who, the “MAN’, er …Mr. Hunter shuts down with vigor. He has developed a bite, the last month or so. 🙂 Some get way in the weeds, some from the religious point of view….a few realistic types…(ME)…..who think, it’s over……..Bend over and kiss your south 40 good by…. That’s what makes this site great… The last refuge of free thinkers.

  54. mark

    Hi Greg and all who come here to read and post. I came across this 20 minute interview with Ammon Bundy over at zerohedge. I offer this for your consideration. To Greg and all, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sober mind. (Gal. 6:18, 2 Tim.1:7)

  55. George Vassallo

    Greg – Here’s one more vote of confidence for you and your website. You represent what a journalist actually should be – and most of them are not. I read and listen to your guests every time a new one comes on. Keep up the good work. You are our “John the Baptist” crying out in the wilderness. God bless you and your family.

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