Next Financial Meltdown Fed Going All In – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Michael Pento says the massive bubble blown by global central banks is “unraveling now.” Pento explains, “It is a fact, it is starting already. If you look at Chinese shares, if you look at all the emerging markets and if you look at commodity prices, the collapse is already starting. It starts here (in the U.S.) in the fall, and it really defuses around commodities and assets in general in 2019.”

So, countries are going to default on debt? Pento says, “Yeah, but it might not be Argentina that defaults. It could be the entire world that defaults, but first, before that happens . . . the Fed is on record, and it says it made a lot of mistakes. One of the mistakes they say is it acted too slowly. Too slowly? The Fed was lowering rates in 2007. They took rates to 0% by 2008. They went very quickly. They are going to lower rates even faster next time. By the time the next disaster hits, they are only going to have 250 basis points, not 525. The Fed also said they are going to go into quantitative easing (money printing) much quicker and much faster. They did not rule out negative interest rates. In other words, the Fed says they are going to go all in immediately at the first sign that things have gone bad. So, the first time they understand we are headed for the next global meltdown, boom–all in right away . . . . They also said another massive fiscal stimulant is needed.”

What happens to gold and silver prices when the Fed “goes all in” during the next financial crisis? Pento says, “They are going to explode . . . when the stock markets melt down and deficits are rising . . . where is the money going to come from? It has to come from another unprecedented wave, a tidal wave, a tsunami of money printing from the Federal Reserve. If that doesn’t get gold and silver prices, which are on death’s door awakened from their slumber, then nothing will. . . . The physical demand for precious metals is going to skyrocket. . . .The CFTC futures positions are net short in a huge way. There are record net shorts. When that rally comes, it’s going to be a dizzying rally. . . .The inflationary pressures that are building in debt and in base money supply make me believe that the inflationary pressures are going to be unprecedented, the likes of which we have never seen. It might even make the 1970’s and 1980’s look quiescent. That’s the kind of inflationary insolvency that has been built up. When that is released, you are really going to want to own precious metals.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

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After the Interview:

There is free information on You can also read Michael Pento’s latest article called “Reality Check Now in Progress” for free by clicking here.


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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Another “pee-bringing” interview!
    Mr. Pento is one of my favorites. However, IMO, Mr. Pento may be too optimistic: Sure, there will be lots of money to be made shorting the financial markets IF your counter-parties survive long enough to pay you. Shorting likely early victims (I’m thinking Tesla) might make sense but, obviously, you can’t wait too long to get into PMs.
    After raw physical survival, we need to focus on trying to anticipate where, how, and to whom the “helicopters” will be dropping the money. No doubt Mr. Pento is right that not very much of it will be dropping into pension funds. What companies make tents?

    • Jack

      Be prepared for this to go on much longer than anyone has expected, since the fake economy detached from the real one many decades ago. David Morgan is now pushing out his time of reckoning to 2020 or 2022. They now have very sophisticated computer algorithms to manipulate markets and infinite money to patch any problem areas. So long as they can keep inflation in the real economy under control, then metals will continued to be suppressed.

      • William Stanley

        I have to admit that this has already gone six or seven years longer than I thought it would.
        Although I’m heavily into PMs, I can’t say I’m looking forward to higher inflation. For me, inflation went out of control this very morning.
        I usually stop by a 7/11 convenience store on my way out to the desert and mountains for my daily “constitutional,” as my grandfather would have phrased it. Then horror enveloped the peace of the morning: The pastry I always get was up 5% this morning after several years of no change. My world was rocked (because my total bill was no longer $2.98, which had for so long allowed me to “tip” the cashier the two pennies — a running joke).
        Oh, and I was notified a week ago that my rent is going up 10% next month.

  2. Paul Anthony

    Yeah I had to shut it off when Pento said democrats will win in the fall. He’s a smart man and understands his field of economics better than I ever will but he doesn’t get the Trump effect or how God is also involved in what’s happening. He was talking above my head to begin with then … that just shut me down … time for bed

  3. oneno

    Yes owning precious metals is the way to go provided the PUBLIC will stand in strength (with guns) against the standing armies of the State who will legislate (at the prompting of the Banksters) precious metals as (illegal) contraband.

    Remember the crises of 2008 when the FED required that they NOT be prosecuted in order to print money to give to themselves and their member banks.

    This time it will not be a Bail-Out! This time it will be a Bail-In of all depositors monies seen by the Banks as unsecured loans by the depositors to the Bank!

    The word Bail is in reference to the word Bale and the word Ba’al that is reference to Lucifer the Devil! The Deep State (the Left) are Ba’al worshipers who have a habit of bloodletting!

    The bloodletting can take many forms as in overt wars, pedophilia (child murder, blood and organ harvesting), covert poisoning of our food and water, fraudulent unlawful legislation that takes away the unalienable rights of all living free-will men via the Strawman NAME GAME fraud, false flag events and manipulated financial market crashes that all occur on dates that correspond to PRIME numbers!

  4. Anthony Australia

    I can now listen to you whilst driving the car, makes the trip home from work a far more pleasant one.
    Thanks Greg & Michael

  5. Jodyp

    Just got the Pento reality punch. This guy comes out swingin’

    with confidence in his analysis of the coming catastrophe. AAA+ , Greg!

    • Jodyp

      And now, Greg, why not have someone on that can tell people how to prepare for what’s coming. We’ve heard about giants, aliens, cryptos, stocks, politics, metals… How bout some meat and potatoes for regular guys and gals. No, I have no preferences, maybe someone here can suggest. I just know the crowd is growing larger here and people need info. Prepper is not a bad word. You are the best at informing us.

      • paul ...

        Clif High puts some “meat and potatoes” on the ancient stories about how we humans were created … like me he feels the Annunaki were “fake” gods … and that man was really created by “fish-like” aliens (Nommos) who were our “real” Gods … I need to do more research into this … very interesting that the Apostles used a “fish” as a symbol of their common belief … and that an African tribe knew about a third star in the Sirius star system where the Nommos came from (before our astronomers did) … and that the Nommos inhabit a water world in orbit around this third star in the Sirius Star System … the Nommos are morally superior to the warmongering perverted Annunaki … the highly moral Nommos are referred to as “Star People” … whereas the Annunaki (who have no souls) are called “Sky People” … very very interesting stuff presented by Clif High well worth a listen …

        • Beverly Kingsford

          If you believe that we somehow come from Annunaki, then what about Jesus being the only begotten son of the Father? Did Jesus not look human? Yes, he did. And, if His father were not also a human, then Jesus would not have looked fully human. Jesus did many miracles in the days of His ministry with the Jews, and He still does miracles all the time. There is more and more archeological evidence to support the truthfulness of the Bible. Yes, God has other planets out there in the solar system, I’m sure, and we don’t know who’s in charge of what planets. But, we DO know who is in charge of the one we are on, and that is Jesus and God the Father. There are plenty of people who have died and come back from the other side, to tell all of us about the after life. If there was an afterlife, there was also a pre-earth life. Also, when Jesus was resurrected, He was resurrected into His previous bodily, human form. And, why would He want anything else? Yes, He is now an exalted form, which is better, but why is it so impossible that God and Jesus would not want to create their own children? Why would they not want to be married and enjoy companionship with a wife or more than one wife for that matter? The Gods who formed this earth are not selfish Gods. They want to share what they have, with those who have proven themselves, who will choose the correct way and who are willing to follow the leadership of the Father and Jesus Christ.

      • SolarGuy

        Hi JodyP
        I can offer some advice.
        I have been reading articles and books, and watching video interviews for almost a decade on what is really happening rather than what the MSM tells us. (This is one of my favourite sites by the way.)
        By far the most important thing to do is to get right with God and Jesus.
        The second thing is to get out of the city if you live in one. At least have a location where you can go to when the SHTF that is in a rural area.
        The next thing is to get most of your money out of the banks and bonds etc. Keep a little in the bank for monthly expenses but other than that I wouldn’t keep lots of money in the bank.
        Keep some cash at home, somewhere hidden. This will be useful when things first goes south. Money will likely still be accepted for the first bit of time.
        Get some water stored away. About 1 gallon per day per person. Store a lot unless you have a well then you wouldn’t need to store as much. Also store some non scented bleach for water purification. Pick up a few water purification straws such as the Sawyer mini and or the Lifestraw.
        The next important thing is to get some food stored. Rice, pasta, canned meat/fish, soups, flour, spices, and canned vegetables. You should also buy some dehydrated food or freeze dried food even better yet. It lasts longer and has more nutritional value than dehydrated.
        Get some essentials stored up, any required prescription meds and over the counter meds such as ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl, Oragel (for tooth aches) etc. If you can also get some antibiotics. Some people say fish antibiotics are the same and this can be acquired easier from pet stores.
        Toilet paper, tooth paste and brushes, feminine products, flash lights, AA and AAA batteries, etc.
        Get a second way to cook food rather than your kitchen electric stove. A BBQ with some extra stored propane is easiest.
        Next store up some seeds. Vegetable seeds such as tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, carrots, cucumber, etc.
        Invest is some PM, silver more than gold in my opinion. And only physical not paper.
        Guns and ammo for both hunting and protection. (Hopefully you never have to use it for the latter)
        This should get you started.
        As Mr Greg Hunter always says “Fear Not…”


        • Jodyp

          Solar guy, thanks for all the info. Ive done your list years ago, but we have more people interested in how to protect themselves and the crowd is growing here. Just owning gold and silver ain’t gonna cut it. Thanks again.

        • William Stanley

          SolarGuy, Well done!

  6. James

    As Emerging Market (EM) stocks decline, the Russian stock market just hit an all-time high despite US and EU sanctions. The currency decline Russia had is not a big problem for 2 reasons. First, the decline has helped Russian exports to BOOM and second, Russia doesn’t have a problem when their external debt comes due because it’s just 15% of GDP and they have the ability to pay it off now, without needing to borrow.

    Russia is not like any EM country and with a huge and growing stockpile of gold, they can weather what’s coming.

    • Frederick

      James I totally agree in fact I believe that Russia will Weather what’s coming much better than most They have the resources and the people are survivors and tough as nails having been through a lot in recent history They deserve a break to be honest

      • Allen Starr

        The Dachas here in our Northern part of the Irkutsk Region had very nice crops this year. The berries were all big and sweet and especially the strawberries. We had very nice beets, carrots, onions, garlic, zucchini, and pumpkins with very large cabbages and a 2,000 lb. crop of potatoes. We sell all the large potatoes which is about 50%of the crop and more than enough to eat as well as seed potatoes for the following year which is about 500 lbs. We have some friends who need potatoes and it is the Russian way to give them free potatoes if necessary. The people are doing quite well here even though the US and their allies are trying to kill them with sanctions and trying to start a nuclear war. You can be sure that there will be a nuclear war before the Russians capitulate to the West as there will be no world without Russia as Putin has said.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good!! People with food are more peaceful including in the U.S.


        • DB Cooper

          Hi Allen, Good to see your post … we are at the end of our hay season (finally) and our dance card is full daily!! Now we get to prepare for winter … firewood/prep the boiler … etc … the meat cooler is basically up and running and we have processed two burger cows and have four cows to process for steaks and roasts. Went flying with a friend yesterday and learned lots of good stuff… life is busy and good… hoping old age doesn’t catch up with us !!!
          Cheers, DB

          • Allen Starr

            Old age is catching up with me. I tried picking up two 15 liter buckets of sand last week and my back gave out. I’m hurting so bad I act like I’m 100 years old. Good thing we’ve only got about 20 more big cabbages to harvest and the Dacha is finished this year. You should try processing some of those big mule deer in your area. Just don’t get caught. I just about got run over by a hu