Nigel Farage-Another EU Beat Down

By Greg Hunter’s   It seems the problems in the European Union are far worse than most Americans realize.  The economic problems there are turning into problems of tyranny.  It appears Europe is losing its sovereignty to the bankers.  Most in the U.S. have no idea what’s really going on there. Nigel Farage MEP (Member of the European Parliament) knows.  This week, he gave another tongue lashing to his EU counterparts on how the fiscal crisis is being used to thwart freedom in Europe.  You will never see Mr. Farage on mainstream television in the U.S.  You have to ask yourself why not?  You think Brian Williams would give Farage time in the evening news to talk about how freedom is being destroyed across the pond?  No way, and I think it’s because thoughts of freedom are dangerous to the banks who are seeking control of everything.  I hope you take time ti watch this because it is very good.  Enjoy.

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  1. halfheat

    good to see someone with balls giving the finger to the union, here’s to praying that the good people in my country of American will learn a thing or two about this, lets the banks fall, and freedom is assured.

    • Greg

      Thank you Halfheat and Justin for the comments.

  2. justin king

    Countries such as Greece should quickly jump-out of the EU while they still own the clothes on their backs. // The equity vultures are having a field day at the expense of the populace. Time to WAKE UP.

  3. Eric

    The European debt crisis was all made and planed for. In the early 2000, Mario Draghi was heading the Goldman Sachs mafia team that helped the Greek government to utilize complex derivatives to hide their real debt to GDP ratio with the aim of entering the Euro Zone. The Same Draghi is now imposing severe austerity measures on Greece as the Head of the ECB.

    This crisis will not find a quick solution. Why would the Banking Cartel rush to save Europe from a debt crisis that they have put so much effort to construct themselves? After all, they have been extremely efficient at using the whole crisis to push forward their agenda. The last 4 years have enabled them to transfer an enormous amount of wealth, political and economic power into their hands.

    The current crisis in Europe enables them shape the whole Euro Zone into something that resembles a little more every day to the emergence of a new Financial Fascist Aristocracy where all democratic institutions and traditions will soon be thrown into oblivion.

    Do not forget that the few families that really own the banking cartel have been in place since hundreds of years. They were already well established behind the most powerful European monarchies several hundred years ago. These people never changed their vision of the world. They still believe they have “blue” blood in their veins. They have the absolute conviction of being well above the rest of mankind. We are disposable subjects for them. We are peasants that belong to them by divine right.

    The ESM/EFSM is just another mechanism that will transfer an enormous amount of sovereign power into the hands of a small and obscure committee of banksters that will respond to nobody and that will be totally shielded from any audit or legal actions by an untouchable diplomatic immunity. Give me a break, Banksters won’t let that go when they are so close to their goal. Their greed for power and money is unlimited. This is why Merkel and the Bundesbank are not changing their position relative to canceling debt or providing more liquidity to help the PIIGS to exit their own crisis. The weaker these countries are and the more control the banking cartel gains.

    The more the Euro Zone crisis drags on and the more they will assert their power and shape Europe into something that resembles to the emergence of a Financial Fascist Aristocracy.

  4. rosely

    Nigel is my hero in Europe. I really I enjoyed a video he faces Barroso. He speaks the truth, no matter who it hurts!!!

    • Greg

      Nigel is the MAN!!! I thought this video told people more about the EU situation in 5 minutes that a weeks worth of reading!!!

  5. bob

    This world needs 7 billion more Nigel Ferages to stand up and stare these ass leaders back into their true home—the septic tank of sh$#t. We are many. I hate bullies.

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob. I agree!

  6. CalFarmer

    I like Mr. Farage, he speaks plainly which is almost unheard of in politics. Also, did you notice that he is the only one with his national flag on his desk?

    • Greg

      Good point CalFarmer. I notice it now!!! Thank you.

      • jay

        Greg. I did not notice the flag after watching it twice.Iv been out of pocket this week.Really missed your site.

        • Greg

          Thank you Jay for the support!

    • Phil

      He is a strong believer in national identity, not the EU. So am I

  7. Saq

    Years ago, someone asked me, if I could have dinner with any 2 famous people living or dead, who would they be? I said Princess Diana and Johnny Carson. Now I would pick Ron paul and Nigel Farage.

    Greg, who would you pick?

    Thank you for all you do Greg……

    • Greg

      The original JP Morgan and Ronald Reagan are two who come to mind off the top of my head.

  8. Rebecca

    One applauds Nigel’s audacious truth-telling.
    You are right, Greg. He most certainly gave a powerful three minutes of TRUTH.

    Is this what’s heading our way after the structured collapse happens?
    Who will be our Nigel in our Congress.
    I fear we won’t have one, once Ron Paul retires. Without his voice of integrity, Congress can freely sell out the American people without their conscience very being tweaked.

    It makes one shudder to watch what is happening in European Union, knowing that it may full well be coming to U.S. next. Afterall the same “masterminds” are behind both financial systems.

    It appears Nigel’s forthrightness cannot stop.
    How do we stop it?

  9. richard mcdiarmid

    Nigel forgot Canada . how we , through NATO , based military in Europe and help with the peace. And how does Europe repay us ?? hates us for the seal hunts.

  10. Phillip Fleming

    Where is the truth in American politics as displayed by this fine Britt? <ore power to Nigel and God bless him on his own quest to enlighten the sleeping masses in his part of the world. Something we both know something about in our own I do believe. Good broadcast Greg.

    • Greg

      The UK majority wants to leave the EU, so he’s doing some good back home anyway. Don’t you find it strange he’s never featured on the U.S. MSM? Control the message-control the masses.

      • Phillip Fleming

        Nail on the head Greg

        • Greg

          Thank you Phillip and Bruce.

  11. Phil

    Wish there were more people like Nigel Farage, he was fined (3,000€)by the way for calling van Rompouy a “Damp rag”, well I would have said something else, and far more exspensive !. None of these EU dictators were elected, just appointed by thier friends at Goldman Sachs and Co.

    • Greg

      Good additional info Phil.

  12. Justin

    Nigel is like a ray of light in times of darkness. I think I’m going to donate to this fine gentlemen through his website just out of principal. I’m American, but I truly believe we need more people like this standing up against this charade and I want to support this kind truth seeking. After all, we’re all in this together. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Look at the body language on the people he’s calling out. It’s written all over their faces. No words are needed.

  13. Bruce

    Nigel Farage is a modern day Churchill. He sees the storm clouds gathering on the horizon and warns people while they laugh at him. Well they won’t be laughing much longer ..

  14. Charles H. Francis

    Dear Jim,

    The encapsulation of what is happening in the Eurozone is this: national sovereignty is being sacrificed for national solvency. Money is now more important than government. It’s a clever, yet illegitimate, takeover by a select group foisted upon the whole. It remains to be seen if the whole will allow it.

    • Greg

      This is priceless Charles “. . . national sovereignty is being sacrificed for national solvency.” Thank you.

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