No Shooting War in Ukraine – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary and international award-winning journalist, says the problems in Ukraine have been boiling for 8 years.  Millions of Russian people were supposed to be protected in Eastern Ukraine under the so-called Minsk Agreement.  It was supposed to stop the fighting, but the fighting never stopped.  Now, Russia has recognized the breakaway regions and has a deal to protect the Russian people there.  PCR explains, “Putin said we have to give them some kind of semi-autonomy.  Let them have their own police in that area so they won’t be persecuted by the Ukrainian majority.  Putin worked out this agreement, and Ukraine signed it.  Germany and France guaranteed it, and the breakaway republics signed it, but we (U.S.) prevented Ukraine from complying with it. . . . The minute Russian troops moved in, the shelling stopped.  It completely stopped, and it won’t start back.”

The non-stop propaganda by the mainstream media (MSM) makes people think we are at the brink of war with Russia.  The Obama/Biden Administration is clearly pushing for war in the region, but PCR says “no way” and goes on to explain, “How are we going to fight them?  NATO in a battle with Russia would not last five minutes.  I am just talking about conventional war.  NATO cannot mobilize sufficient military force to confront Russia.  They just don’t have it.  The force isn’t there, and Russia does not want Ukraine. . . . Ukraine is bankrupt.  It’s full of neo-Nazis, it’s trouble. . . . There is a propaganda war going on  . . . but there is not going to be a shooting war over Ukraine.  Something really stupid would have to happen to cause that.”

What is stupid are the sanctions that are piling up on Russia that will only hurt the already financially troubled West.  For example, according to PCR, “The German Chancellor says I am going to punish the Germans by turning off the pipeline because Russia recognized Donbas.  It makes no sense.  Why is he punishing Germans?  Their energy prices go up.  The banks who financed it fail.  What if Putin says you don’t need that pipeline, we will turn off this other pipeline too.  What happens in Europe?  They are dependent on this energy.  People will freeze to death in the winter.  The factories will close down.  The German Chancellor is an idiot.  He’s punishing Germans, not Russians.”

PCR says inflation is high but not because of massive money printing by the Fed.  Inflation is rising because of the extreme CV19 policies.  PCR explains, “What’s the cause of the inflation?  The lockdowns are the cause of the inflation and the stupid Covid policies.  The lockdowns are the source of inflation.  Why?  They busted up all the supply chains.  They stopped production.  Production ceased.  Factories closed.  Restaurants closed.  Everything closed.  People lost their jobs.  The Governor of California banned half of the American trucking fleet from entering California. . . . People lost their jobs but got a government check instead.  The money did not decline, but supply did.  So, prices went up, and that’s why we have inflation.”

PCR says look for the Fed to make yet another policy mistake that will wreck the economy.  PCR says, “Most people don’t understand the Fed is not there to help the economy.  It’s there to help the New York banks. . . . The Fed has never served the economy or the people.  It’s always made policy mistakes, and it was a Fed policy mistake that caused the Great Depression.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with award-winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 2.22.22 (There is much more in the 50 min. interview.)

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After the Interview:

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  1. Mike R

    PCR is dead on right. The US media is so very wrong, and spewing up some very gross propaganda.

    Its disgusting to watch MSM on this, as they are just flat out liars. Grossly so.

    Biden has NO CLUE what he is doing, and he had better find a way of sticking his incompetent nose in the Ukraine thing, as he has no dog in this hunt.

    Sanctions are dumb, bc there is no business being done with who he is sanctioning. What a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The press is so far out in left field on this, its utterly embarassing to witness their stupid statements.

    • Anthony Australia

      Turn it off Mikey, 11 years of no MSM and feeling great.

      • Dana McMichael

        No MSM for 25 years and counting. They haven’t been journalists in a long time. If I a actually wanted to listen to propaganda, I would choose something that is consistent with my values.

        • Richard Miron

          Mainstream Media has done nothing but encourage the advancement of tyranny.

    • andyb

      Only those with severe cognitive dissonance and a lack of even a modicom of critical thinking would fail to understand that Putin has the high ground while America continues in the depths of insanity. I was in the Army during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember the abject fear in this country. It appears that today’s psychos in power wish to forget the American outrage at nuclear tipped missiles merely 90 miles from our border. Putin is facing Nato missiles and military bases in virtually every Nato country abutting Russia. What if today’s Americans faced Russian, Chinese, Iranian (etc) missiles in Northern Mexico or anywhere along the Canadian border. We would be absolutely apeshit.

      • IIG

        Now that Canada is a Nazi Dictatorship like Cuba was under Castro – Trudeau can now as supreme dictator allow China to set up nuclear missiles in Canada aimed at the US (the same way NATO has set up nuclear missiles on Russia’s borders) – it is time for the US to remove this hostile government like we do all the time elsewhere in the world (in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, etc., etc., etc.) – it is time to make the world safe for Democracy right here in North America – under the Monroe Doctrine we cannot allow a Dictatorship in Canada to allow China or some other power to gain a foothold in our sphere of influence – it is time to invade Canada and overthrow the Dictatorship – the United States of America should be surrounded by Constitutional Republics as a matter of Homeland Security – Dictatorships on our borders is a threat to our National Security and we should have the CIA working to overthrow the Trudeau Dictatorship in the North and we should now be formulating plans for an invasion of Canada “to overthrow the Nazi regime” (the same way Russia is doing in the Ukraine)!!!

        • Johnny Cool


          Where is Dudley Do-Right when we need him?
          Any day now he will be riding to the rescue, won’t he?
          Listen for the trumpet, that means he is near…

        • IIG

          We should encourage the separate States in Canada “to declare their independence” from the Central Government in Ottawa – and then ask for American troops to cross the border and provide them protection (the same way Russia is doing it in the Ukraine that was also taken over by Nazi’s)!!!

          • Pete+only

            I can see the province of Alberta joining the new country of Texas and states north of that, possibly the province of Saskatchewan and maybe even the province of Manitoba.
            Things could get to that not that long from now, posssibly less than a year.
            The results of the 2022 U.S elections could determine this fate. Alberta has more in common with Texas than it does the eastern provinces.
            The province of British Columbia might then join the Communist California west coast states.
            Just a thought.

        • Kentest


        • Ed

          Trudeau answers to the Governor General of Canada. She answers to the queen. Therefore Trudeau is not the dictator. The queen is.

          • glen

            Turdo answers to the WEF,as does Freeland and half the Federal Cabinet.
            They call it treason and our military is MIA,just as they were when the American elections were stolen and rubbed in your face.

    • Warren B.

      The MSM media’s position is to provide COVER (propaganda) on the FALSE WAR in UKRAINE ……for the ongoing crisis created through the COVID-19 BS.
      Notice the effect on Markets ….on Oil….on Supply chains….you don’t need to be Einstein to see what’s going on here. Same playbook…different day of the week.
      MIS-DIRECTION at its finest.
      Congrats Greg for the perfect timing in bringing on PCR.

    • Cheryl

      Prays to Rob Kirby ! You got this slow and steady . Much love – Cheri

  2. Marie Joy

    Fourth Turning. WE are not ready.

  3. David

    Very timely interview. Thank you, Sir!

  4. Marie Joy

    Impotence and stupidity by any western politician are really genocidal ambitions.
    It’s interesting the rich, connected, or political traitors think they will survive all this. That’s where the stupidity lies.

    • IIG

      The only way the rich will survive Governments (like Canada) who have shown they have the power to plunder bank accounts and crypto wallets – is by getting out of Government controlled fiat cash, credit and crypto systems (and instead hold Precious Metals) – Government approved money “no longer represents stored wealth” (that can be exchanged for goods and services by the people who thought they owned it) – Rather – Government approved money now represents stored wealth “that can only be exchanged for goods and services” – **AS PERMITTED BY THE STATE** – Trudeau did the world a big favor by exposing the Globalist’s hand – he has made it perfectly clear that your fiat bank or crypto accounts can be locked up and/or completely confiscated by Government at their discretion – like if they consider you to be a renegade for holding or expressing views (even when Guaranteed Under the Constitution) that are not in complete conformity their “Commie/Fascist” policies or not fully embracing their agenda of mass extermination through “jabs” or war!!

      • andrew healey

        The CIA is to busy bringing down America

      • Garp

        As a Canadian that follows Greg and many of his guests, I should have expect Egon VonGreyerz’s latest email . In it, he noted that given Trudeau’s latest move to weaponize our banks and local credit unions against anyone that dare disagree with a government order (to inject oneself with an untested and dangerous substance, ) how much further along would it be to search safety deposit boxes and physical holdings in depositories like Brinks should our financial system collapse?

        That certainly got my attention. Mind you, he was obviously offering PM residency in Switzerland as an alternative. But again, they caved to American pressure did they not to give US authorities access to previously secure and private accounts?

    • IIG

      Patriotic Truckers “have won us a great battle” against the Globalist Nazi’s – by exposing their Commie/Fascist hand as they lock down peoples bank accounts – thankfully Schwab put an idiot (Trudeau) in charge of Canada (who fell into our “Honk Honk” trap) – yes we have incurred losses (many Canadian Patriots have been severely beaten and/or locked up “without bail or trial” – likely for decades in the Nazi Concentration Camps they’ve already build to hold the rest of us) – considering what we have achieved (the same with the Jan 6 American Patriots now in jail without the possibility of bail or trial) – namely – exposing the Demon-rats as being in bed with the Globalist Nazi Fascists like Soros, Schwab, etc., etc. – iwe have won a huge victory in this War between Good and Evil – we must be prepared to take even more limited losses in the battles to come – for if we don’t – by 2030 to 2050 we will all likely be dead anyway (through ethnic cleansing by Mengele type eugenicist Nazi’s – who have Written in Stone (Georgia Guidestones) that they simply want to kill 99% of us humans!!

  5. Bruce Stebbing

    How much money did the Bidens get from the UKranie, Chiner and Russia??? Are they all compromised now??????

    • KM

      Excellent point Bruce!

  6. Rwmctrofholz

    I’ve been watching for many years, Greg. That was without a doubt the best interview I’ve seen on your site. I learned a ton!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “R” I did too.

      • Astra Penny

        Me too. Greg, that is a most wonderful interview with the GREAT Paul Craig Robert, and you. I so enjoyed every minute of it. You are two most favorite and wonderful people.
        THANK YOU both, again.

    • Dana McMichael

      Agreed. One of the most informative interviews ever hosted on Watchdog since I’ve been watching.

  7. William Simonton

    Thank you Greg another great interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William.

  8. John Pick

    Thank you Greg and Dr. Robert’s for sharing this timely news analysis.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. PCR was a fantastic last minute get. Thank you.

  9. tim mcgraw

    I just read the opening statements by PCR. He’s right. But inflation is defined as the expansion of the currency supply and 80% of all the US dollars ever created were spun out of nothing in the past two years. In the past two years 4 out of 5 dollars suddenly appeared out of the Fed’s magic currency machine.
    Think about that.

    • Lawrence Jackson

      I would like Greg to have on the show one of the Austrian Economists (besides Peter Schiff) such as Robert Murphy or Joe Salerno or Mark Thornton from

  10. Carla hayes

    Wow! His story’s of cash confiscation , reminded me of the Salem witch trials when they were trying to confiscate peoples property by accusing them of being a witch just so they could take there land and home and take there personal property. Just a modern day theft. Americans need to realize this as well as Canadians. Sad! I sure hope people wake up!

  11. Anthony Australia

    Another home run Greg. Well done Sir!

    Yes we all know the MSM is a total controlling; fear mongering, trauma based mind control, propaganda machine.

    Interesting report about Ukraine.

  12. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! The Russians learned a valuable lesson after WWII. 37 million Russians died in WWII. Only 680,000 Americans died in WWII. The Russians won WWII, not the USA. But the Russians paid such a high cost they said, “Never again.” That’s why they occupied Eastern Europe for decades. That’s why they don’t want another world war.
    Imagine 37 million Americans dying in any war.

    • Mark Maples

      The Russians were primarily responsible for winning the European theatre, not the Pacific

      • Keith Wilson

        In August 1945 the Russian army attacked the Japanese army in Manchuria .In a matter of weeks they destroyed six army groups and killed or captured 650,000 Japanese military personnel. The disaster inflicted on the Japanese by the Russians pushed the Japanese to except unconditional surrender to the American forces in the pacific. So to think that America alone destroyed Japan in ww2 is unjustified. Russia played its part in destroying the Japanese war machine but thanks to the US media no one except a war historian knows that Russia played a part in the defeat of Japan .

  13. K. M.

    Perhaps Joe is covering for Hunter? Wasn’t Hunter working for a Ukrainian gas company?
    Didn’t Joe fire the Ukrainian prosecutor when he was VP 2015? This is messy and the truth needs to come out. It appears Ukrainian companies are a money maker for politicians. We cannot trust the media. Is it all smoke and mirrors?

    Be aware, don’t be naive. Realize we are in living in financial uncertainty, moral decline of society, misinformation and poor health options. Have cash and precious metals, gas in the tank, protection, water bottles, food in the freezer, electric back up.

    Knowledge is power.

    Know that God loves you, you have not been given a spirit of fear. Keep the big picture in mind, have compassion. Confusion and uncertainty come from the enemy. Truth is our weapon. Trust God, as he really cares. You are not alone, EVER.

  14. peter E

    Ukraine is Very economically Depressed and a center of organized crime, Looks like Russia stepping in to protect that small eastern area is OK. Russia may want to talk Ukraine and that would be bad long term. Seem complicated. This is reinforcing what I already learned about the internal dynamics of Ukraine I just hope Russia does not go in further. Smarter to Invest some western money to build up Ukraines economy than to Stupidly get involved in an unnecessary war in Ukraine. A computer chip factory might be a good start . — Good one Greg

  15. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and many thanks for a great interview.
    +37 minutes, “The Fed is not there to help the economy, it’s there to help the New York banks.”
    And who does own the ‘New York’ banks? As revealed in, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin, the owners are the dynastic banking families who order world affairs for their own benefit – not for the benefit of ‘we the people’.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “Feverything the Fed does is a mistake.” PCR

      From the perspective of the ultimate owners of the Fed, its activities have been highly rewarding. For example, G Edward Griffin agrees with PCR that the Fed caused the Great Depression, but not as a mistake, as a deliberate act. The Fed hiked interest rates as a deliberate act in order to cripple large regional banks that were not within the Fed’s orbit. To this end, the Fed’s actions succeeded and competitor banks large and small went under. As a bonus, the owners of the Fed et al were enabled to acquire depressed assets for ‘pennies on the dollar’. That ‘we the people’ suffered greatly during the consequential Great Depression was not and never has been the concern of those who own the Fed.

      Consider. At all times, the owners and controllers of the Fed are able to front-run all markets; stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, because they KNOW IN ADVANCE what the Fed is going to say, AND what the Fed is going to do – not necessarily the same thing! Historically, there may have been a time when financial regulatory agencies were able to deter some abuses, however, it is apparent that all these peoples’ watchdogs have been taken over, and no longer act effectively in the interests of ‘we the people’.

      ‘Everything the Fed does is a mistake.’ From the perspective of ‘we the people’ it appears so, but from the perspective of the dynastic banking families who own the Fed, its performance is nothing short of excellent.

  16. tim mcgraw

    One more thing: The Roman Empire split in two. The western empire fell to the “barbarians”. The eastern empire continued for centuries. Why? Western Europe can’t even feed itself. It has few resources. Energy? Some coal, which they won’t burn and a rapidly depleting North Sea oil and gas field.
    Minerals? Some tin and a bit of copper.
    Europeans had to get white and get bright as the saying goes, or die. And 2/3rds of them died in the black plague.
    What gets me is how Europeans build the best civilization on earth and then destroy it regularly in world wars. Madness!

  17. Paul in OZ

    Thanks Greg for having Dr. Roberts on! Everything he said confirmed what I have been telling people … to be able to pass this along makes both of you international treasures! It will also allow more people to rest more easily!
    Thanks again!

  18. wayne hardin

    Paul is a good friend to you Greg you will get no kick back from him being on your show .
    and all he had to say is he was wrong about something that he had said .
    So no body can say he was wrong because he already said it good friend indeed .
    He is a man of truth .

    Wayne Hardin .

  19. tim mcgraw

    Okay, PCR doesn’t like higher interest rates? What? So does PCR want the pension funds and us elderly savers to die? Our hard earned money is inflated away with no interest on our savings and pension funds.
    PCR should stick to foreign policy imo.

    • Warren B.

      The Money Changers are thieves. Nothing has changed for more than 2000 years.

      • tim mcgraw

        Warren B. I have known money changers. I knew a guy in New Jersey who made millions on the foreign currency exchanges. But banks aren’t money changers. They create currency from fractional reserve banking, but they don’t change currency from one to another.

        • Warren B.

          Banks (via the FED) control monetary policy….(Interest Rates)
          Banks have very large divisions focused on Foreign Currency – they perform many functions including “Exchange”.
          Inflation is a Tax on your fiat money.
          viz-a-viz …… Banks are Money Changers and are Thieves.

  20. Naomi W. from Israel

    I find this interview very informative and the interviewee very knowledgeable. Thank you, Greg.

  21. Douglas J. Hains

    Great interview Greg with Paul Craig Roberts. He and you are amazing resources for truth and clarity. This is a period in the history of tthe human race I call Down Is Up and Up Is Down. I am 75 and my whole family have become socialists and I am an oucast and moved away from them because I get get word one of any substance out of any of them.
    They are all brain washed by the fake news propagandists and they have all taken
    the poison death shots and boosters. There are HIV and more recently shyphilis
    infections related to the spike protiens and MRNA experimental shots, a complete
    avoidance of informed consent because they would have to actually reveal the true contents of the experimental injections and if the public was informed about that and the true risk of illness and death that results no one would take the poison death shot.
    We are in the die off phase now and it seems strange to me that there is no mandatory registry in the USA for adverse reactions because if there were we would find that most if not all the deaths were either from normal viruses and bacterial but since the shot
    arrived from big pharma they are the biggest hidden cause of death and injury.
    The lock downs didn’t help as well as the useless masking and social distancing.
    My opinion, shut the whole program down and ban socialism for the evil that it is but
    banks and corporations, and politicians bear most of the prophets. To hell with cronie
    capitalism, manipulated markets in place of free markets and fiat money and the fed.
    A national bank, term limits, and law and order and a balnced justice system works for me. The CCP and critical race theory have to go and the Constitution must be the law of our great land. Just a few parting thoughts Greg. Would love to hear your thoughts on
    stopping the carnage of the fake news covid pandemic. Continue to be the lighthouse of truth and clarity my friend.

    • IIG

      As you say the brainwashed are a lost cause – thankfully for us God saw to it that the criminal Big Pharma medical psychopaths were so incompetent – they could not design their kill shot to be more deadly – even though they tried like hell to make their bio-weapon “airborne infectious” (by attaching it to a corona common cold virus) – but they failed – and even though they tried to protect their spike protein from attack – they failed at that also – and these are the incompetent morons who say they are going to re-make our God given genetic code and to transform the human race from a carbon based life form to a silicon based life form??? – listen to Karen Kingston beginning at the 1:15:10 mark explain how these Big Pharma criminals tried to kill us (but because of their incompetence and the grace of God – “failed in their efforts to kill us all”)!! –

  22. Jack Salazar

    The last couple of interviews, you’ve said were some of the best, but PCR has been, and is currently, one of the best!
    Shelling stopped when the Russians entered the Independent States? You mean the drunk Ukrainians stopped firing? Who’da thunk it?

  23. Virginia

    Greg, thank you for this splendid interview by the esteemed Paul Graig Roberts. He has a way of speaking that is calming. I can only assume it is because of his vast knowledge.
    Thank you, and God bless

  24. JLMichaels

    The problem is as stated, there has been a thirst for war gone unfulfilled. The Middle East has always been the well bearing the fruit of necessity. As soon as a new Iranian Nuclear Treaty is made, expect Israel, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to go to war with Western Europe and their allies. The stage is set, this thirst for war is about to be quenched as Iran has full Russia backing as well. The original 2015 agreement was designed to prevent what will soon occur. Give all praise, honor and glory to one DJT for making this all possible. Just why else was he rode out of office, minus the tar and feathers?

    As with the 2015 agreement, the details thereof never saw the light of day (being openly revealed to the general public at large). Expect this new agreement to give the offended parties just cause for war.

    An advisor to the original 2015 agreement.

  25. David Gordon Dunne

    Paul Craig Roberts explains it all so anyone can understand and puts all the pieces together in a way that shoots the truth and facts to you. Great interview Greg. Thank you and thanks to Mr. Roberts. God Bless you all.

  26. J in Europe

    Dear Greg
    Thank you so much. Those of us who live in Europe are often amazed that some people thousands of miles away might think war will achieve anything meaningful. If European leaders were stoking the flames of war in a conflict in the USA, right minded American colleagues and friends would be appalled. It’s easy to provoke a conflict when it has no direct effect on your own back yard. Dr Roberts is a reasonable, erudite person who sees the wider picture. Your site is one of the few that promotes the truth.
    My mother is still alive and she remembers her parents bartering meat for tea during the post world war 2 years. Rationing and shortages were the norm. Let’s not go there. Let’s keep a sense of perspective and spread hope / collegiality, not hatred and violence. Kind regards, J in Europe

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your adding analysis with a European perspective!!

  27. Clayton Marshall Bye

    Great show and guest , Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Clayton!

  28. Greg Hunter

    I agree Ed.

  29. Jerry

    I posted this years ago.

    This is what the deep state does. They start a war, and then loot countries of their gold reserves and set up a puppet government. They’ve done it all over the world in every country we’ve occupied. We have these endless wars so the deep state can continue to prop up their fraudulent government and buy off the Chinese from collapsing the dollar as reserve currency. But in this case the gold is already gone so there will be no U.S. military involvement. What happens next to the dollar is open for debate? From where I’m sitting the Chinese will launch another bio attack soon to weaken the U.S. economy even further. In any event the black swans are lined up and ready to go.

    • Jerry

      Yes it’s all about the gold.

      How much gold has the U.S. purchased in the last ten years?
      Zero! How much debt has the U.S. created in the last ten years?
      With QE, bank reverse repos, and fraudulent monetary manipulation of the gold market, you can’t even put a number on it.

      Hoisting gold in the middle of the night, and putting it on military cargo planes by the deep state is nothing new. My uncle was involved with deep state operations even during WWII. They wanted to keep it out of Russian hands before the iron curtain went up. Covert military operations were used even back then to get their hands on the gold and precious jewels and important art work that the Vatican saw as important.

    • Jerry

      For those with short memories.

      Remember what happened in Benghazi? The gold was gone, and then the deep state started making arms deals with the terrorist.

  30. Nick de la Gaume

    RIGHT ON, PCR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stan

      Shorted more Gold today

      • Warren B.

        Adults only Room Stan.
        Kiddies are in the building opposite the Mall…downtown.

        • Stan

          Warren B.: This minor blip in Gold will a few days at most. You have been warned.

          • IIG

            So what is gold going to do Stan – pull back $50 dollars before advancing to over $2,000?? – we are not trading derivative options like you Stan (nor are we willing to sell our gold “to collect worthless fiat paper dollars” (created by banksters out of thin air) – bankster fiat paper that has already gone to zero in a little over 100 years and which no longer represents stored wealth” – we are accumulating “real stable immutable money” Stan (created by God the Father in the rare collisions between neutron stars)!!

        • IIG

          Stan still does not realize that Government approved fiat money (like the US dollar) “no longer represents stored wealth” – in fact the US dollar has “now hit worthlessness” – – and “real money” (the gold Stan is selling) has broken out to the upside – – and will be making “new highs” this year!!

          • Johnny Cool


            Let Stan do what he wants. Remember a couple of years ago when he said he would jump off a bridge if gold hit $1950? I suspect we will be hearing from his friend Theodore again in the near future…

            Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy this masterpiece by Ennio Morricone…

            “The Ecstasy of Gold.”


            • IIG

              When God’s good gold stands against Satan’s bad ugly evil fiat – there is no way we can lose – Good “trumps” Evil – every-time!!

            • Stan

              You just witnessed an extremely ultra bearish hammer head reversal in Gold today. This means Gold is finished and will likely fall to its intrinsic value of $765.

              • IIG

                We will soon see who the hammer head is!!

      • Self Exiled

        Did I really wish you a Mery Christmas? I don’t remember doing it. Sorry Rachel.

      • Ray

        State the price that gold will be at on 2nd April 2022, basement dwelling imbecile.
        It’s time I showed you up for the charlatan that you are.
        Name the price……we’ll go from there.
        Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation

  31. Brian Vaci

    I sure am glad PCR is 100% correct; not like a PCR test which is 90% incorrect.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Brian, excellent observation!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. jomer

    I think this is all happening to keep the nuclear destruction on the table.

    With all the talk about a Nuremberg 2.0 the Globalist know they are doomed of the lose power. There would have never been the original trial if the Nazis had stayed in power. I am sure some of them are psychopathic enough to think “If you take me out then I am taking all of you with me, even if it means destroying the earth with nuclear armageddón.”

    They could also be thinking they have access to nuclear bunkers and spending 3 years in a bomb shelter is a lot better than spending the rest of their lives or prison or being executed. When they crawl out the holes in the ground and all of use deplorables will be gone and they will write in the history books it was the Russian who destroyed the world. And we need a One World Government, that they control, to end all future wars



  34. Roger Stamper

    tks paul greg

  35. Paul

    Hope is a good breakfast, but it a bad supper.
    War-(raw) red and bloody

    Two many fronts fought for who – names starting with “r”

    Each country is in a shooting, hypodermic, war at home Now- happens to be in white coats and fink-ish board rooms.

    Coverup and Distraction from real enemies

    This “pcr” makes sense and pray for our young who go to war in the raw-red and bloody meat grinder.

    Thanks Greg and your brave posse

    Paul from arkansas

  36. Michael Cagney

    Very insightful. Thanks Greg.
    Well understood. Can’t wait for the mid terms. Unfortunately we in Canada have a long wait before we have the opportunity to vote out tyranny.

    • IIG

      Forget about voting Schwab’s installed Dictator out of office (we need to force a Regime Change the sane way Soros does it) – Schwab heads a “gang” more powerful then MS-13 – his Dictatorial Regime now fully established in Canada by Trudeau is the foundation upon which Schwab will launch his final attack upon the American People – only a Patriot revolution composed of both Canadians and Americans can unseat this Nazi Gang of Eugenicists (now Führer-iously building Concentration Camps at breakneck speed to hold all the Patriots they can round up for final dispensation either by guillotine or cyanide gas)!!

    • Earth Angel

      I don’t think you can ‘vote’ out tyranny- it has to be THROWN out eh?!

      • IIG


  37. Michele

    Paul Craig Roberts is a perfect guest for this time.We are being schooled. I pray everyone I send this to makes time to watch and learn.
    The Biden/Obama/Xi administration is well on their way to destroying not just the U.S. but the reasonable, intelligent citizens of the world.
    God bless you always


    Thank you for the update; what you outlined about Ukraine was an eye opener. With a corrupt media across the planet, it is difficult to determine the facts. If they don’t kill us outright with the jab, climate engineering, famine, etc they will take us to war.

  39. jon

    Hi Greg, It is difficult for English speakers to find adequate Ukraine and Russian regional analysis to include Russian motivation and Western motivation in geopolitical moves. Dr. Paul Roberts in one of few in the west. I would like to suggest THE SAKER and Southfront websites. The Saker has clear analysis on Russian verses European – Western psychology and motive. Southfront over the years is more a Sitrep on the ground reporting of military operations. These are excellent, since the education for this area of the world is almost zero understanding in the West. Once you figure out reasonable sources of information. You do not fall for the MSM lies and fake political sound bites anymore.

  40. RM

    What an outstanding informative interview!! One of your best. I do appreciate your composure and letting the guest complete his thoughts. PCR and Bill Holder seem to really process in their mind what they want to say before they speak… that takes little time but is totally worth the wait when they speak. Again, just an outstanding interview by yourself and your guest!!

  41. Carol Hudak

    ED. I AGREE.
    YOU WON’T ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • catherine

      carol , the men behind the current disasters and destruction of all that is good in this world is the continuation of their ancestors actions who are part of the satanic Baal worshipers and idol worship that allowed God to make that problem one of the first on the “not to do list” for the Ten Commandments.
      As a result of their craving for sin which makes them grow in strength they have devised millennia of atrocities that have allowed man to suffer and suffer and sin increases. You are most probably right about the Mossad having a hand in 911. However, the group of Jewish people that go against God have also been around since Abraham and Lot, his nephew.
      So the current world leaders playing their role in our destruction are some of the people you mention but many more whose names we will never know. But it doesn’t matter, because this a war against God. Jesus was killed by the same group of demons in human form. However, as you know, all that God does is for the good. If Jesus wasn’t killed he never would have been given the title Messiah messenger of God and Savior to those who understood. So even though we cannot know the mind of God, we do know from His teachings that God is a God of kindness, and justice….. that He will return to save the righteous and destroy death.
      So we must keep in mind that God is allowing this time to show us the destruction they will do to us and then wait to see our choices: to choose God as our savior or depend on humans to save us. Through our devotion and faith we will see their demise. Hopefully in our day very soon.

    • Nick Reynolds

      Right you are.

  42. jon

    Hi Greg, I would like to suggest. China is in support of Russia’s recognition of the UN philosophy of Self Determination of Peoples and the ability of this concept to allow countries to evolve. Not necessarily in their own borders but that is not the issue here. This is what is occurring in the Donbas situation. If indeed China does support this concept with Donbas. Then China will have to consider it not feasible to invade and take Taiwan. Taiwan, DPR LPR, Crimea, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Hertz. Are all the exact same Self Determination Concept. Ergo, China wants to be a world player in the future multi-polar sphere. They will not try to take Taiwan.

  43. Da Yooper

    Nicely done Greg & Paul

    “unless they do all the wrong things”

    This is the most corrupt & incompetent administration in history what could go wrong ???

  44. Andrea stamm

    i have it from family living close to germany , many families cannot afford to heat their homes this winter. bills of 800 and 900 euro are not uncommon.
    store’s cannot afford to heat the store'[s and many frozen pipe’s and all the aftermath of that ( service’s etc.). Europeans ( eu gov. that is ). are STUPID idiots .

    • Jeff

      Their leaders are stupid. And evil.

  45. jon

    Hi Greg, The Ukraine situation is very instructive in the art of Sun Tzu. This necessary action by Putin was not a spur of the moment decision. Most people do not know, Putin is a rated Grand Chess Master and a Judo philosophy practitioner. That was part of his training. My guess, Putin made this move because he knew the West’s moves in advance. AND over the decades Putin has built up all necessary Economic, Military, Strategic and Understanding of Western decline to counter and succeed in his moves. He was able to bring these optimum factors to this point.
    Result: Multi-Polar world split from D.C. unipolar control going forward. This is the natural cycle of empire and influence.

  46. Paul Anthony

    great interview greg

    ive read several alt news articles on how chinese spies are all over our goverment in the same way Diane feinstein and eric swalwell had them employed imagine if the trump orbit was doing such things

    i was an 80s teen kid didn’t pay attention to politics and pretty much had a stress free life in the 80s and 90s as a young man. makes me sick everything that we stand for now on the left is disgusting. no middle happy medium any more we all have high anxiety on then prospect of what the future will bring from the horrific policies that as a young kid i thought we’d never be THAT!

    keep praying everyone.

    love and thanks to greg and paul craig roberts for this interview

    thanks gentlemen! 👍😀

  47. Dan

    The Chancellor of Germany must think that the people of Germany are stupid, and that they can be propagandized into thinking that it was Russia’s fault that the Natural Gas got cut off.. The Oligarchs think that they can control the minds of the masses. It is like a False Flag in that they can spin the so called “News” to make their own criminal actions appear to be the fault of others.
    The Oligarchs deliberately create anger and division among the People, then they use the controlled media to direct that anger away from them and toward who or what they want to destroy..

  48. Russ 2

    Totally agree with PCR’s assessment — smart man. Thanks for having him on, very timely.

    War is always more palatable when it’s on someone else’s home turf. Biden’s (and his deep state handlers’) warmongering over Ukraine was never realistic. They (DS) want to have a war with Putin in Russia’s backyard? Really? Anyone with half a brain knew that wouldn’t work and yet there was Biden throwing it out (showing for all to see that he doesn’t have half a brain). What, we go nuclear over Ukraine? That only gets you a tie (if that).

    Good article titled: “The birth of the baby twins: Russia’s strategic swing drives NATOstan nuts”, found at:
    Putin’s “inner Sun Tzu” is there for all to see. He is popular in Russia because he acts in the best interest of Russians and that’s what he’s doing in Donbass.
    “War is the continuation of politics by other means.” – Carl von Clausewitz. Putin tried politics and diplomacy and it got him nowhere, so he continued with other means; it’s done and Putin is on the right side of history.
    NATO without the nations that need Russia’s natural gas is … US. That was not going to happen.

    Meanwhile Biden stays quiet on Castro’s Canada while the southern border is wide open. So Putin is popular and Biden’s numbers are in the tank. Act in the best interest of your people.

    • Ray

      Excellent assessment mate.
      Thank you for your valuable analysis.
      Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation

  49. jon

    Hi Greg, The sanction threat is such a hilarious Clown Show. When the Iranian and other Mid east countries were sanctioned and could not openly sell their oil. China , Russia and others, Bought the excess oil from Iran. Then “They” recycled and sold the excess to the open market. The same thing will happen here. The excess energy that is not piped directly to EU. This will be rerouted to China as a buyer then as a seller back to the EU that blocked it from the Russians in the first place. Quite hilarious really when you think about it.

  50. Kristin


  51. Diane

    Best interview I’ve ever heard from Paul Craig Roberts !
    Thank you for your explanations, Paul!!!!
    You nailed this issue PERFECT.

  52. Geena Gador

    Love the cat’s cameo appearance! You would never get that on CNN.

  53. Bob

    Greg, it’s no wonder that PCR was selected to be an Asst Sec. of the Treasury. Of course, that was back in the day when “competence” was a requisite of the job. No more though!! Brilliant interview. I now have a total understanding of what’s really going on in Ukraine, and why! Thank you and Dr. Roberts!!

  54. Paul

    the balance of healthy opposing narratives are being extinguished in a our free society, the financial censorship follows. Find credit unions that only have one location, funds normally stay in that facility only. Find that institution in a farm area. Know the banker.
    In USA Chase, citi, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, visa, MasterCard, PayPal, swift all part of schwabs team. I withdrew 5 figure amount yesterday at credit union
    With the above criteria no questions asked. Before at chase I had officers from 2 states besides manager question my withdrawals during past uncertain times.

    Paul from arkansas

  55. Ken

    Great to have Mr. Robert’s on. Thanks for the insight on the Ukrainian situation. Now we’ll see what the
    Leadership in the US. does when all else fails. Thanks Mr. Hunter.

  56. J. Loughran

    Thanks Greg for “speed dialing” Doctor PCR. The fact (barring something enormously stupid) there will not be a shooting war is a blessing but thanks to explanations such as this we are also blessed now with the understanding that equips us to fight (see through and direct our limited activities accordingly). When we all (through our suspended constituted representative Gov) last made big banks richer I understood these destitute banks increased there investment into energy. If this true then ten years of “bail outs” will be followed by ten years of psyop priced fuel. The Doctor’s description of Tyranny, confiscation that “funds” DC to Mayberry, was also very insightful.

  57. Bill McFarlane

    Thank You Greg, very informative and enlightening. We don’t hear whats going on around the world or the history behind it. That’s why we listen to you. Excellent

  58. I am not your boy

    The day our elected representatives vote on Central Bank Digital Currency and pass it. Presuming there even is a vote.

    I suppose a conservative white straight male, the most hated thing on the planet, even with millions of dollars in their CBDC account, will only be able to purchase the things the central banks allow them to. You’ll be restricted into becoming a Winston Smith. What if the CB doesn’t like conservatives? Will we be able to buy so called environmentally destructive meat and dairy, automobile and home ownership, fuels? What if only minorities under racist social justice can buy things? All things to be priced according to the color of your skin?

    Finally, the people must go to war against the true-one-and-only-enemy-of-the-people!!! Hint: it is not people of foreign nations or even their foreign governments. THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE ARE THE BANKING SYSTEM AND MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS. GO TO WAR AGAINST THEM WITH YOUR AIRCRAFT, TANKS, GUNS AND BLOOD. i can hear the trillionaires laughing their asses off after reading that! It is like a fly trying to move the planet Jupiter.

    If there comes a day where my money is stuck in the ONE AND ONLY SYSTEM of barter and is being frozen by Marxist totalitarian bungholes, I pray the people of Earth rise and finally take down the masters, at all cost.

    • Chub Brockahlee

      It’s a club and you got club feet!

  59. Gerald Falkenstein

    Dr Roberts is the only person I can actually believe whatever he writes or says.

  60. Dan

    I think Saudi Arabia was not so “Stupid” to agree to sell their Oil for Federal Reserve Notes in that they have no defense capable of stopping an Invasion by the Federal Reserve controlled military. In 1973 when Kissinger made the deal with Saudi Arabia and thus created the “Petrodollar”, he implied that the U.S. military would “Protect” them, but what he also implied was that the U.S. military would take their Oil if they didn’t make the Deal. Thus, they made the only Smart choice. (not stupid)
    Russia is not nearly so vulnerable as Saudi Arabia. Thus I have to agree with PCR that it is Stupid to think that they can be manipulated into Selling their Natural Gas for Federal Reserve Notes. None the less, the Oligarchs that control the Government from behind the scene think that the Truth is whatever they can get you to believe. By way of bombarding the masses with media Propaganda they think that they can continue to deliberately create division and conflict in the world while directing the anger and response at others . How else could an Illegitimate Regime continue to occupy The White House?

  61. Howard

    Need to find out where the CAD trucks are being sold and buy them and return to truckers

    • IIG

      Great idea – and while we wait to get our own US administration out of Globalist hands in the next election – well armed American Patriots should volunteer to help “the Canadian resistance forces” now likely assembling in Canada to overthrow the Nazi Dictatorship installed by Klaus Schwab!!

      • IIG

        Trudeau was likely ordered by Schwab to cancel his “Emergency Declaration” – as the evil Globalists begin to see the power we Patriots have – however – this is not the time to give up the fight (as the Globalists hope) – we must annihilate these Nazi fags – before they re-group – and once again push forward their human extermination and child molestation programs in our schools!!

    • J. Loughran

      Is the News of today ringing familiar?

      From the “paper” of record (Price of Oil Rises Again, Rattling The Markets: [Business/Financial Desk] Krauss, Clifford.New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast); New York, N.Y., 03 July 2008)
      “Tom Kloza, the group’s chief oil analyst, predicted that a barrel of oil would reach $155 by August and that retail prices for gasoline would rise to $4.25 to $4.50 a gallon for unleaded regular.
      “The firecrackers are going off in the oil market and it will burn the U.S. consumers this holiday weekend,” Mr. Kloza said. He added that truckers stood to suffer most, noting that diesel prices rose 13 cents a gallon Wednesday afternoon in response to the Energy Department report.
      “Diesel is the bullet with the most acceleration at the moment,” he said. ” You are going to see a lot of bankruptcies in the trucking business.”

      Deja vu all over again?

  62. dlc

    Ruben Gallego is the ex-husband of Kate Gallego who is the current mayor of Phoenix. Ruben is a state rep from the Tucson area. The ex-wife capitalized on the Gallego name to win the Hispanic vote, hoodwinking uninformed voters. In actuality, she is a hard bit Jewish liberal, daughter of 2 attorneys from Chicago.

    This is a carpetbagger state. These 2 upstarts, the Gallegos (like the McCain family), have risen from obscurity to calling major shots in AZ. Just 2 more infiltrators living large.

    Thought Cindy McCain went back into the woodwork only to see that she is quite involved on an international level.

    A commie infestation in process in AZ.

    • IIG

      A “Commie Infestation” is occurring throughout the entire US – it has been going on for far too long – we need to call every one of them out – and begin to rapidly remove them from our school system (where evil perverted pedophiles and transgenders are making the rules and saying that it is OK to have sex with our children)!!

  63. Wayne Barstow

    ‘STOP KOWTOWING TO CHINA.’: Watch Maher Blast LeBron, Gu, Cena for Chasing the Chinese Market posted by Hannity Staff – 2.21.22
    Late night host Bill Maher has a message for America’s elites: stop kowtowing to China. Maher dedicated a segment of his talk show Real Time with Bill Maher to expose companies and celebrities that have looked the other way on China’s human rights abuses to make a buck.
    “‘Kowtow’ is a Chinese word, but boy, Americans have gotten good at it,” Maher said. “China offers American companies and celebrities: We’ll give you access to our billion-plus consumers as long as you shut up about the whole police-state-genocide thing. John Cena took that deal. Well, c’mon. China accounts for 34% of global box office, and he’s a movie star now. So, like the Uyghurs, last year, he learned he needed to get some re-education. You see, John referred to Taiwan as a country, as if it was a separate country from China, which it is. But China would like to do to Taiwan what it did to Tibet and what it’s now doing to Hong Kong.”

    By the way;
    Our real enemy owns the CIA and it’s operation Mockingbird media, Hollywood and of course the Washington swamp and they’re Chinese billionaire wives and Chinese spy girlfriends!
    Bizarre Photos from Mother Russia;

    • Ray

      FACT: China has been around for over 3500 years
      FACT: America has been around for less than 3oo years,
      SUPPOSITION: China……Strong Oak Tree
      SUPPOSITION: America……..Overnight Pop -Up – Mushroom by comparison.
      CELENTE: “The business of China is business. The business of America is war.
      RAY IN CANBERRA: “We reap what we sow……..Mushrooms (including Australia) get ready to be OBLITERATED by the Strong Oak Tree…….with assistance from a rightly Pissed Off Russian Bear.
      Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation.

  64. Diane

    Stay well Paul Craig Roberts….we ❤️ you.
    You too Greg Hunter!

  65. Lynn

    PCR has been in the kitchen where the sausage is made…he has insider info from being a part of the matrix and his ability to share this with us so us underlings understand is truly truly appreciated. Thank you for leaving CNN, telling the truth, and sharing PCR with all of us!!!

  66. Susan R

    Yes, this was very educational, especially about the fed not on our side on ANYTHING.
    Thank you both AGAIN, infinite appreciation!

  67. Steve

    Yodalayhewho, CC3POPO’D, Han Solo also.

  68. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you greatly for securing another interview with Paul Craig Roberts. I’ve been stressed over this issue. My son’s father, with his sisters, mother and father, fled the Ukraine to immigrate to the United States. I’ve heard many horrible stories. My eyes are filled with tears right now. May God bless you both.

  69. DillonC

    The western leaders are not stupid or incompetent. They are using Russia as a scape goat for their build back better/great reset program. Which is to turn the west into third world hell holes. Hence why Germany cut off the pipe line and blamed it on Russia. Hence why Obama and Joe Biden are cutting America’s pipelines off and blaming it on whatever. They are purposely destroying the west. PCR laughs and said the German chancellor is stupid for thinking cutting off the pipe line hurts Russia. They know that it’s hurts Germany, that’s the point. They want to destroy Germany, France, US etc. Russia is just the scape goat or excuse. People believe this scape goat or excuse and say, see, look how dumb thesee people are. They fail to understand it’s being done on purpose. The destruction is on purpose.

    P.s. Yes, we do have some leaders that are incredibly stupid. However, the big players, movers and shakers know exactly what is being done.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Dillon,
      Totally agree with your commentary. What TPTB, and their minions, do appears stupid because ‘we the people’ simply don’t or can’t understand their evil intent.

  70. Andrew Hurko

    [Excellent up-to-date overview of the history of this region. It never belonged to Russia]

    The History of Donbass’ Donetsk and Luhansk Regions
    Patricia Claus
    February 22, 2022

    “According to the Russian Imperial Census of 1897, Ukrainians comprised 52.4% of the population of the region, while ethnic Russians comprised 28.7%. Greeks, Germans, Jews and Tatars also had a significant presence in the Donbas, particularly in the district of Mariupol, where they comprised 36.7% of the population.”

    “By 1959, the number of ethnic Russians living there was 2.55 million; just 33 years prior, it had been just 639,000. The Russification of the area accelerated after the 1958–59 Soviet educational reforms, which led to the near elimination of all Ukrainian-language schooling in the Donbas.

    According to the Soviet Census of 1989, 45% of the population of the region reported their ethnicity as Russian.”

    “But it was Russians who made up the majority of the industrial workforce and the population of cities while Ukrainians dominated rural areas. Meanwhile, the Ukrainians who moved to the cities for work were quickly assimilated into the Russian-speaking worker class, a trend which was accelerated after the rise of the Bolsheviks and the formation of the Soviet Union.”

    • Dave

      Ethnic divisions in Ukraine are a result of fighting between Russia, Austro-Hungary and Polish-Lithuanian. The southern and eastern parts of the country have historically been a part of the Russian Empire and mostly populated with ethnic Russians. These are the regions Putin has recognized as independent. They have historically been part of Russia (as has Crimea) These regions have always had a very close cultural and economic relationship with Russia. The people in these regions were persecuted by the Ukrainian government since the Soviet breakup. Hence a long guerilla war in large parts of the Ukraine by people wanting to reunite with Russia and break from Ukraine.

  71. Scott A Baldock

    Paul Craig Roberts is common sense brilliant. Great American.

  72. Southern Girl

    BRILLIANT!! Wonderful interview, full of great history and information.

  73. Matthias

    Another great interview with PCR!

    Although I agree with Dr. Roberts that Russia recognizing the Donbas republics and sending the Russian military for their protection will ward off Ukrainian attacks for now, I would still not put it past the Western leaders to continue to poke the Russian bear or to even “switch gears” and start some new trouble in the Middle East in the long term, especially if their Corona panic / vax mandate / money printing policies start to fall apart!

  74. Marie Joy

    When I use this dear man’s full name on YouTube, I receive an error message and they will not let me post. When I use his initials I am allowed to post.

  75. Pam

    History just keeps repeating itself. In my life, JFK was the last brilliant president you could trust. Sixty years later we get demented Joe….Look where we have ended up. Looking about as bad as Russia was back in the 6O’s….Shame on us!
    Here is a speech by JFK……….Explaining the Missile Crisis…..Not the friggin’ News Media making things up!!
    “President Kennedy Cuban Missile Crisis Address” 8 minutes long

  76. Self Exiled

    Cambodia vaccinates children aged three to five against COVID-19

    SINGAPORE: As of end-January, 238,253 doses have been administered to children in this age group.

  77. paul lilliott

    PCR is always so completely logical and well informed – he has an exceptional sense of strategy. Very valuable interview.
    I think the truckers have had a severe shock! They are not the propertyless peasants of Gandhi’s day and there are too many normies still who oppose them. They have played straight into the hands of T and got very badly hurt. Time to strategize far more cleverly and effectively – don’t give the normies or the MSM anything to badmouth them with for starters.
    I wonder how long it will be before ANYONE simply writing a comment that meets State disapproval could have their bank account frozen – in the US as well. I personally am not waiting to find out, and am steadily withdrawing all but a minimal amount.

  78. Paul

    Ukraine is blessed and cursed. As any other mineral rich strategically located country

    Its geographic location makes it the premier trade and travel corridor between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Ukraine has the potential to become the dominate Eurasian Hub.

    Most major destinations in Europe can be reached in two days by truck from Ukraine, which gives it a competitive edge, bar none.

    average shipping time by sea from China is 25 days to Western Europe, and 30 days to Northern Europe. When the truck time to ship across Europe is added for non-port cities, Ukraine stands Alone

    I think many see this value, beside sitting next to Russia for our military and pipelines for energy.

    Hopefully pcr comments on our vulnerabilities of confiscation was noted.

    Paul from arkansas

  79. regaleagle

    WOWEE, GREG!!! When just everything seems to be going sideways and upside down here in the good ol’ USA and so many people are already upset with those idiots in power over in DC…….it is so so sublimely refreshing and intuitive to hear THE MAN of AMERICAN POLITICAL THOUGHT……DR. PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS……come on your site to help us all understand what is really happening and why. Geez, Greg……I actually found myself smiling with some joy in my heart just intently listening to PCR as he not only explained the 02/22/22 hegemony death of the USA and its implications for the current administration, but then what has really occurred in regards to the economy and why……all thanks to mainly the New York office of the FED……those lying, cheating scoundrels. Devolution in March is what we need……clean the swamp and get rid of the status quo. If by a Partial Martial Law, the so be it! Time to STAND and draw a line in the SAND. WE the People do this by bringing OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST back into every part of our institutions in this country with constant prayer and obedience to HIS DEVINE AUTHORITY over us as a nation. AMEN.

    • regaleagle

      Our most gracious Heavenly Father God Almighty, Great Creator who made us in His Own Image and all things in the universe: We your Church on Earth bow to you as sinners for repentance of the great crimes we allowed to occur in our nation as well as the world over. We seek your mercy, and more time to be extended for the USA as a nation for social, governmental, and spiritual correction. We ask for the righteous to be enboldened and the unrighteous to be punished. We ask for unity and purpose to restore all that is good in Your eyes; to thwart and expel all powers that work secretly and in the open to destroy the freedoms and human rights that were given to us by Your Devine Hand. In the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior……allow us the strength and resolve with clear minds and hopeful hearts to overturn the powers that have infected this country will such great atrocities and evils that would cause our very existence to damned in Your Sight. May God Bless the USA. AMEN.

      • Dwight Branson

        You are so right regaleagle, Amen and Amen. A good start would be putting Bibles into every classroom and courtroom in this country. Children and adults alike need to realize that there IS a Creator to whom we are held accountable. The lie of evolution (science falsely so called) being taught to generations as fact, has destroyed a once moral and Godly country. Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD!

  80. Marie Joy

    Waterbury covid clinic closed due to loss of funding. Found this at

  81. Ralph Kenniston

    PCR is a great educator. What a delightful experience listening to him. Great choice Greg. We need to hear from Cliff High!

  82. Dale Clark

    Simple trucker solution to tyrrany in Canada is a cessation of all food and fuel deliveries to Ottawa until law and order is restored.

  83. Clint Young

    According to the boots on the ground reporting of Hal Turner, there is shooting going on in Ukraine. Paul Craig Roberts says there will be no shooting war. Yet, he also admits that things have changed drastically since Russia went into Donesk and Luhansk at 2:00 a.m. on 2/22/2022. I will go with what Hal Turner says. He has facts backing him.

  84. steve

    PCR and Armstrong- top at their game

  85. iwitness02

    The government in Canada is telling the people that they must obey. The government does not listen to the people. The people must obey the government or the government will hurt them. Just like our government no longer listens to the people. We have the same attitude in government here as in Canada. Obey the government or the government will hurt you. And of course most countries are of the same mindset. Obey, or pay the consequences.

  86. James

    Both Putin and Macron are graduates of Klaus Schwabs “Young leaders/future leaders” schooling. Along with many other global players.

  87. Jimmy

    Putin can do one favor for the rest of the world and help the American Patriots – “Russia should go into the Ukraine to remove the criminals there whose money laundering operations keep the fake Joe Biden regime afloat. Russia should also go into France and remove the Rothschild puppet Macron too, I believe. My understanding is that MI6 and Pentagon brass would not interfere in such a move because it is necessary for planetary liberation.”

    -Benjamin Fulford

  88. Dan Gowin


  89. G. G. Liddle

    Maybe this will help Too Rich;
    “The primordial interest of the United States, over which for centuries we have fought wars– the First, the Second and Cold Wars– has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united there, they’re the only force that could threaten us. And to make sure that that doesn’t happen.” George Friedman, STRATFOR CEO at The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs

    How is it that more than 190 governments from all over the world ended up dealing with the Covid pandemic in almost exactly the same manner, with lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination cards now being commonplace everywhere?

    Klaus Schwab Brags That Trudeau, Merkel, Putin Are Former World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders; “We penetrate the cabinets”
    Daniel 11;
    40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over. 41 He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon. 42 He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape. 43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps. 44 But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many. 45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.
    FOR thousands of years, this earth has been stained with the blood of human warfare, including the bloodbath that marked the two world wars of the 20th century and the start of the last, in this century, Wednesday. But the greatest war of all human history will soon overtake mans inhumanity to man and the globalist dream of world denomination. This war, however, will not be merely a human conflict, with earthly nations fighting one another only for selfish reasons. Rather, this coming war will be “the war of the great day of God the Almighty.” (Rev. 16:14) Provoking this war, an arrogant enemy will invade a land precious to God; that invasion will cause the Sovereign Lord God Jehovah, to unleash the greatest demonstration of his destructive power ever seen on earth.
    Some key questions naturally arise: Who is this enemy? What land will he invade? When, why, and how will he invade this land? Since these future events will involve us, God’s pure worshippers on earth, we need to know the answers. We can find them in a thrilling prophecy recorded in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.
    The Enemy​—Gog of Magog
    Read Ezekiel 38:1, 2, 8, 18; 39:4, 11. Here is the gist of the prophecy: “In the final part of the years,” an enemy called “Gog of . . . Magog” invades “the land” of God’s people. But that vicious attack causes God’s “great rage” to flare up, and Jehovah steps in and defeats Gog. Victorious, God gives his defeated enemy and all those with him “as food to all kinds of birds of prey and the wild beasts.” Finally, Jehovah gives Gog “a burial place.” To understand how this prophecy will be fulfilled in the near future, we first need to identify Gog.
    From Ezekiel’s description, we may conclude that Gog is an enemy of pure worshippers. Is Gog a prophetic name for Satan​—the greatest of all enemies of true worship? For many decades, that is what our senses said. However, given further consideration of Ezekiel’s prophecy explains that the title Gog of Magog refers, not to an invisible spirit creature, but to a visible human enemy​—a coalition of nations that fight against pure worship. Before we review the basis for such a conclusion, let us first examine two clues in Ezekiel’s prophecy that indicate that Gog is not a spirit creature.
    “I will give you as food to all kinds of birds of prey.” (Ezek. 39:4) The Scriptures often use the idea of birds of prey devouring a carcass as a warning of divine judgment. God gave such warnings to the nation of Israel as well as to non-Israelite nations. (Deut. 28:26; Jer. 7:33; Ezek. 29:3, 5) Note, though, that those divine warnings were given, not to spirit creatures, but to flesh-and-blood humans. After all, birds of prey and wild beasts eat flesh, not spirit. So this divine warning in Ezekiel’s prophecy suggests that Gog is not a spirit creature.
    The Scriptures do not speak of spirit creatures as being buried on earth. Rather, Satan and his demons will be abyssed for 1,000 years, and later they will be hurled into the lake of fire, to their everlasting destruction. (Luke 8:31; Rev. 20:1-3, 10) Since Gog is spoken of as being given “a burial place” on earth, we may conclude that he is not a spirit creature.
    “The king of the north.” (Read Daniel 11:40-45.) Daniel foretold the march of world powers from his day down to our time. The prophecy also mentions rival political foes​—“the king of the south” and “the king of the north”—​each of them having changed identity over the centuries as various earthly nations have fought for supremacy. Regarding the final campaign of the king of the north in “the time of the end,” Daniel said: “He will go out in a great rage to annihilate and to devote many to destruction.” God’s worshippers are the primary target of the king of the north. But like Gog of Magog, the king of the north comes “to his end” after failing in his attack on God’s people.
    “The kings of the entire inhabited earth.” (Read Revelation 16:14, 16; 17:14; 19:19, 20.) The book of Revelation foretold an attack by “the kings of the earth” on the “King of kings,” the heavenly king Jesus the Christ. No longer the Christ child, mind you!
    But unable to reach into the heavens, the rebels attack the earthly supporters of the Kingdom. The kings of the earth then find themselves on the losing side in the battle at Armageddon. Notice that they come to their end after attacking God’s people. This is similar to what is said about Gog of Magog.
    In view of the foregoing, what may we conclude about the identity of Gog? First, Gog is not a spirit creature. Second, Gog refers to earthly nations that will attack God’s people in the near future. Those nations will undoubtedly form a coalition, that is, they will band together somehow. Why? Since God’s people are found earth wide, the nations will need to be united in purpose and action to attack them. (Matt. 24:9) Make no mistake, Satan will be the evil mastermind behind the attack. He has long influenced worldly nations to oppose true worship. (1 John 5:19; Rev. 12:17) But Ezekiel’s prophetic words about Gog of Magog focus on the role of the earthly nations that will attack God’s people.
    __________“The Land”​—What Is It?
    How does Ezekiel’s prophecy describe “the land” that Gog will invade?
    Stay tuned, not fumed!

  90. Robert says no

    It’s not that we don’t realize the Ukraine has nothing to do with our energy price, but what are we suppose to do about it? Our elected leaders have no will to say enough. They don’t care about us.

  91. Paul

    I Felt ominous this morning
    Hopefully a stalemate
    Paul from arkansas

  92. W.G.

    Well this show did not age well on the issue of a shooting war.

  93. Mike R

    Stan’s gold shorts are ALL underwater.

    Stan is a perfect person to fade.

    He’s always WRONG.

    • Stan

      Mike R. : Where were you when I was shorting Gold from $2055 to $1785? Once this Ukraine skirmish is over in a few day Gold will drop like a rock.

      • IIG

        Stan – Getting rid of the Nazi’s in the Ukraine is going to “take more then a few days”!! – look how long it took Putin to get rid of the Nazi-con Globalists in Syria (they are still there causing trouble)!!!

  94. Fred Daake

    Excellent explanation of UKRAINE by Dr. Roberts! I had relied on Fox News because they are a bastion of free market wisdom. At least, that is what I thought until I heard Dr. Roberts tonight.

  95. Harpo Polio

    I figure on eight days of escalations before the end of the world. By this weekend even the DEMS will be demanding Beavis’s resignation.

  96. Fred Daake

    America would be better off with Putin at its’ reigns for the next three years rather than the American Marxist Party. Putin has shown that he was willing to protect his pals at Donbas from lack of effective policing. That is enough evidence to trust that he would get the Jan 6 POW’s released if he annexed America temporarily until we can sneak a set of free market algorithms into the Dominion machines.

  97. Kang

    Well, he was wrong. Russia declared war and invaded Ukraine. NATO won’t fight Russia he’s right but Putin didn’t stop with Eastern European

    • Greg Hunter

      That did not happen.

      • Matthias

        I am afraid he is right Greg.

        Russia Today: Putin will decide when Ukraine offensive ends – Kremlin


        “In his Thursday morning address, Putin said he’d ordered Russian troops to attack Ukraine to demilitarize and, as he put it, “denazify” the country. He claimed Russia’s national security was compromised by NATO encroachment in Ukraine.

        He further stated that Russia was duty-bound to protect the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk from continued attacks by the Ukrainian forces. Moscow recognized the two entities as sovereign states on Monday.

        Russia is determined to “neutralize the [Ukrainian] military potential, which was boosted considerably lately, including with the active assistance of foreign nations,” Peskov said.”

        PS: I assume „Kang” meant to say “Putin didn’t stop with Eastern Ukraine” instead of “Putin didn’t stop with Eastern European”.

        • IIG

          While Putin is de-Nazifying the “Globalist installed” Ukraine Government – we Patriotic American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand resistance forces should be de-Nazifying Schwab’s “Globalist installed dictators” (issuing unconstitutional mandates in our respective Governments also)!!

      • Archie Bunker

        RT: “Putin will decide when Ukraine offensive ends – Kremlin”
        “Peskov rejected the idea that Russia was in the process of occupying Ukraine, saying the Russian operation had limited goals of protecting Russia and the separatist regions. He said the future of Ukraine will be determined by the Ukrainian people.”
        “targeting elements of the Ukrainian military infrastructure and sought to avoid civilian casualties.”
        The water to Crimea was being cut-off. We will see if this becomes a war soon.
        Let’s see what NATO does.
        There has been shooting on the DPRK/LPRK frontline for years.
        The Armenian/Azeri conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, ended fairly quickly.
        This is quite an escalation but it hasn’t been very long. The internet is under attack over there. Plus we’re on the DARPA-net so you get what “they” give.

  98. Jerry

    The shiny bubble has been released. Look over here. Look over here.

    Watch your six. The globalist cowards are getting ready to launch something, now that they have a major distraction. Odd how this was timed with the convoy headed to Washington? If I were a betting man I would wager a cyber attack is fourth coming, that would be blamed on the Russians. I’ve watched these lunatics for so long I’m starting to think like them, or maybe it’s the chemo?

    • Jerry

      The cyber attacks are increasing over the United States and Europe.

      If Russia is cut off from the Swift Banking System, you will see retaliation
      directed at the United States Banking system with devastating results. This is serious!

  99. William Nedbalek

    This was outstanding! Thank you, Greg, for bringing it to us.

  100. Marie Joy

    The German Chancellor turned off the pipeline because he wants Europeans to freeze to death for his treasonous genocidal ambitions. All this so called stupidity and ineptitude is for purposes of mass murder.

  101. Chris

    Unfortunately this one didn’t age well. Australian media is reporting Russian missile attacks on 10 cities in the Ukraine.

  102. Clint Young

    “No Shooting war in Ukraine”. I like Paul Craig Roberts and I like listening to him. But he got this about 100% wrong. The shooting is goiing on now in a serious way. And that is only 2 days after his interview with Greg Hunter. Pretty wrong, very quickly.

    • Johnny Cool


      If you want pinpoint accuracy on what is happening in Ukraine, go to The Age of Desolation site.

    • Mike R

      Unfortunately he was way off. The military casualties are mounting on both sides. Looks like Russia wants to destroy all of Ukraines military capability. Whether Russia wants Ukraine is not the issue. They clearly want the threat of Ukraine completely taken off the table. As Putin said, Ukraine ‘blew it’ when they said they were going to build nuke weapons.

      Putin waited until he saw that the US had one of the weakest Presidents ever, and saw that his polls were so abysmal, that the US citizens would NEVER tolerate any retaliation in Ukraine. There is ZERO political will to support US military interference, and especially right before mid terms, so there is not going to be one Dem on Biden’s side in any of this if Biden chooses to get involved.

      Putin was very strategic in his timing of doing this. Unfortunate for Biden, but even more unfortunate for US citizens as surely Biden will muck this up, just like he has everything else. This would not have occurred with Trump in office. Stolen elections have consequences. Trump projected his posture strong and crazy enough, that Putin was afraid Trump would not have an issue using Nukes. Now Putin has no such fear with a very very weak and frail, and mentally incompetent President in office.

      Pray to God, that Putin isn’t given any reason to launch nukes at the US.

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. PCR was talking about a shooting war between NATO and Russia. It’s already been announced, it’s not going to happen. read this too:
        Who is going to fight this Ukraine war? US, France, UK, Italy, Germany??? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!! Nobody is going to help Ukraine. Biden better hope the details for his bribe deal with Hunter does not get traded to Putin for some sort of side deal.


        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Greg,
          “Who is going to fight this Ukraine war? US, France, UK, Italy, Germany??? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!”
          Correct! As a UK citizen, it pains me greatly to see front covers of all our MSM newspapers featuring pictures of Boris Johnson making wildly exaggerated claims of what the UK will do to “Evil Putin”. When does my country’s government get off acting like they rule the world?! The British Empire expired many decades ago, but the self righteous entitlement mentality among Britain’s ruling class never died. My guess is that the ruling class pomp is nurtured from within the ‘Square Mile’ – the City Of London, not to be confused with London City. The City Of London is the UK financial centre, which has its own Lord Mayor – London City has a mere mayor – and it has its own police, similar to Vatican City within the city of Rome. The City of London is the home of The Bank Of England – at the centre of the web of Rothschild central banks that seek to control every aspect of human life on this planet. They are the puppet masters who control all the ineffectual frontmen we think are our leaders; Biden, Johnson, Trudeau, Ardern, Macron, Morrison, etc., etc. That’s why they all act in unison and spout the same ‘sound bites’. ‘We the people’ need to know our real enemy (hint, it’s not Putin) if we are ever to liberate ourselves from evil tyranny.

          P.S. I don’t read any MSM newspapers since 2014, but can’t help seeing the front pages when visiting stores or buying petrol (gas).

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks for the reporting and analysis from Brittian!!!

  103. Justn Observer

    Greg, Well yes, Putin did go…but then he said he would…and of vourse Wall St. bankers and the ANTI-TRUMPers ARE licking their chops over the profits of war, while hiding the banking fiasco and derivatives problesm as Celente, Ron Kirby and all the rest warned about…yes, they will take us to war….but they needed to ‘remove’ Potus Trump or they could not get their best laid plans to move forward…as if this was not a plan? can’t get MIC profits until ya remove Presidents that oppose them, like JFK and TRUMP

    CBS Earns Blistering Ratio For Trying To Blame US Inflation On Ukraine Situation | ZeroHedge

    Now FOX NEWS puts out Romney’s ‘great ability’ to see the future in Ukraine threat from PUTIN….but lets not forgot about Romney’s buddY who has been stirring the pot there for years with Hunter Biden =…Cofer Black !

    and one wonders why ROMNEY was PRO-IMPEACHMENT of Trump along with LT. Col Vindman
    Alexander Vindman – Wikipedia

    Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman files federal lawsuit accusing Trump and Rudy Giuliani of violating the Ku Klux Klan Act ( =

    Vindman was a crucial witness in Congress’ first impeachment inquiry into Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine. He directly listened in on the infamous July 25, 2019, phone call in which Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the Bidens and the Democratic Party as a whole over bogus claims of corruption involving Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma Holdings.
    lt.col vindman at DuckDuckGo
    and the AMB of UKRAINE who posed as ‘witnesses’ against TRUMP? Maybe – they wanted/needed TRUMP out of the way so they could go ahead with a plan to get into their next ‘endless war’ for fun and profits?

    Marie Yovanovitch – Wikipedia
    Trump impeachment: Ex-Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch retires – BBC News
    Cofer Black – Wikipedia
    In February 2017, the Ukrainian oil and gas corporation Burisma announced the addition of Black to the company’s board of directors, leading the company’s security and strategic development efforts.[35]

    In the wake of the Hunter Biden email controversy, a report from The Wall Street Journal associated Black’s role at the firm with a group of “well-connected operatives in Washington to help persuade Ukrainian prosecutors to drop criminal cases against it.”[36]

    During the 2020 election, the Trump Campaign shared an article from a conservative opinion outlet advancing a conspiracy theory connecting Black’s work with Burisma and his connection to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns. The campaign used the article to attempt to tie Romney into the growing Hunter Biden email controversey and discredit his vote to convict Trump during his first impeachment trial as a product of corrupt collusion with the Bidens.[37] Black was hired six months after Hunter Biden had departed the board.[37] Romney associates described the claims as an attempt at the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.[37]

    Black remains a member of the Burisma board as of February 2021.[38]

    Mueller investigation[edit]
    Black’s name appears in volume five of the 2020 Senate Intelligence Committee report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections produced following the investigation by special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Joel Zamel, executive at Psy-Group, an Israeli private intelligence agency specializing in honey traps and perception manipulation campaigns, testified that apart from their pitch to the Trump Campaign, the firm had proposed projects to three other clients: Russian oligarchs Oleg Deripaska and Dmitri Rybolovlev, and Blackwater founder Erik Prince, whom Black had introduced to Zamel in 2016.[39]

    Other roles[edit]
    In January 2016 Black became an independent director of publicly traded biotechnology company Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO), a Maryland-based development-stage biopharmaceutical company developing cancer immunotherapies.[40]
    NOTICE FOX NEWS fails to give any background on him, even though Black was behind and the head of BURSIMA along with V,P. BIDEN’s son HUNTER is all tied up in today ! Probably, the ‘real’ energy expert pulling the strings while Hunter played pedo and party druggie….

    Meet Mitt Romney’s Trusted Envoy to the Dark Side, Cofer Black (
    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” BY Franklin D. Roosevelt

    “War is a Racket” (1935) by Maj.Gen. Smedley Butler – YouTube

    Major General Smedley Butler bares plot by ‘Fascists’ in Newtown Square Pennsylva…HD Stock Footage – YouTube

  104. Reuben G.

    So after PCR says “no shooting war in Ukraine” and later that day, Russian initiates a shooting war, can we stop listening to him? I would take down this interview to maintain credibility.

    • The Seer

      PCR is a very clever speaker
      If you review his interviews and know how
      To read them he promotes the cabal effort
      And rarely a real avenue to solution.
      I think he poses as a patriot but isn’t one.
      He didn’t improve anything where he has worked. He had the gold fringe flags in background.
      He got caught very clearly on this one!

      • Greg Hunter

        That’s total Bull crap!!! Your opinion is far from a fact. DR. PCR nailed this. He was clearly talking about NATO vs Russia shooting was and Biden confirmed Dr. PCR hit the bull’s eye.

  105. Paul

    If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing

    Distraction of
    Populism movements
    Covid fraud
    Global debt crisis
    Election fraud-mid terms
    Snail Durham report
    Fleasing of treasury for derivative market
    Borders American infiltration
    Awakening of schwabs, gates, Rockefeller, Rothschild reset
    January 6


    Never forget
    Paul from arkansas

  106. Paul

    I will never forget during trumps presidency at g20 summit Merkl, macron and Trudeau’s look of panic as trump’s look of sternness of exposing their fraud of corruption. Panic

    Biden’s in office and the “clubbing” continues

    Paul from arkansas

  107. swift only

    Better get a new headline,Quick

  108. Paul

    Thanks Greg
    For all of your hard work

    Paul from arkansas

  109. DanKnight

    Love Dr. Roberts, but this video didn’t age well …

    … hate joking about phase 2 of WW3 (phase 1 being two parts – the bioweapon and the jab) …

    … but invading Ukraine with a ‘hot war’ was always a possibility – and Brandon’s refusal to negotiate or prepare for war guaranteed a war – which is exactly what the Deep State is looking for.

    … We needed Orange Man Bad to both negotiate and prepare for war – which is how you get ‘peace’ … but hey, the Ukrainians are safe from mean tweets … and we’re on the verge of nuclear war …

    … the last time we were this close to nuclear war … was in ’62 …

    Way to go Brandon! I agree!

    Look on the bright side … if these lunatics nuke the planet … they will also suddenly find out what we do to Useless Eaters who start nuclear wars …

    *** God bless you, Greg, and everyone here …

  110. Paul Schmaker

    “It’s not an invasion and it’s already stopped. You will see. No shooting war.”


  111. A.D. Bramton

    23 Feb, 2022 16:41
    HomeRussia & FSU
    Russia responds to UK’s Crimean War comment
    Moscow has reminded London about the Charge of the Light Brigade – one of the worst miscalculations in history by the British military
    Russia responds to UK’s Crimean War comment
    The Charge of the Light Brigade, a painting by Richard Caton Woodville Jr., oil on canvas, 1894. © Wikimedia
    Responding to comments made on Wednesday by British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace in which he referenced the 19th-century Crimean War, the Russian Defense Ministry urged its UK counterparts to get their historical facts straight.

    Commenting on the escalation of tensions in Ukraine, Wallace – a former member of the Scots Guards – evoked an episode of the Crimean War of 1853-56, when Britain and France allied with Ottoman Turkey to invade Crimea. He said the regiment in which he had served had “kicked the backside of Tsar Nicholas I” and “we can always do it again.”
    Well lets hope he does because this war is getting funnier by the day!
    As for the Scots Guards, they should have learned from the Yank’s to keep they’re trap’s shut and exercise the better part of valor and run, when the need arises!
    A few years later. . . . .

  112. Russ 2

    Wow, what happens while you’re sleeping… Russia has reportedly informed Ukraine the terms of Ukraines surrender — (paraphrased) Ukraine becomes neutral — ie., forget NATO.

    Looking at the Crimea — I wonder if Putin intends to reconnect it to Russia via Eastern Ukraine. Just thinkin’… Remember, early reports are just that, early. Wait for the smoke to clear.

  113. Victor Showman Shokan

    The Legendary Cruiser “AURORA” (Commissioned in 1903) in St Petersburg, Russia
    2,116 views Feb 23, 2022
    Interesting. WW1 to WW3 Putin took the bait?

  114. ken

    “PCR says inflation is high but not because of massive money printing by the Fed.” PCR
    “The money did not decline, but supply did. So, prices went up, and that’s why we have inflation.” PCR

    So if a decrease in supply while the money remains the same then could you ask PCR why an excess in money but the supply remains the same would not cause inflation.

    It’s gotta go both ways! Aren’t we talking the same thing?

    In our case not only did the money increase but the supply also decreased the inflation will be even worse.

  115. Computer Guy

    It should have been obvious to anyone with two functional brain cells that neither nato nor the USA was going to get into a shooting war with Russia. But the Russians have sure been shooting though.

  116. Self Exiled

    Attacks across Ukraine leave at least 137 dead after first day of Russian invasion

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Self Exiled,
      “Attacks across Ukraine leave at least 137 dead after first day of Russian invasion.”
      Wonder how many dead after the first day of operation ‘Shock and Awe’ during the unprovoked war on Iraq?! Oh, I misspoke. It was provoked when Sadam Hussain agreed to sell oil for Euros!!!

  117. WD


    V the guerilla economist said US hegemony has been defeated. Its over.
    The emperor Uncle Sam has been exposed….he is naked and has a micro penis!

  118. William Wilhelm

    So if Russia gets forty plus percent of it’s GDP from oil sales, what makes Biden think China won’t take up the slack and purchase all Russia is willing to sell? China could use that US debt they hold. Those dollars would come flooding home and we’re talking about thirty percent of our total debt. What do you think that would do to our economy?

  119. Mike R

    Analysis & prediction on Ukraine from 6 years ago:

    “The West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path & the end result is Ukraine is going to get wrecked.”

    -John J. Mearsheimer, R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the U. of Chicago.

    The world is now witnessing in real time what prominent geopolitical analyst John Mearsheimer predicted over a half-decade ago against the backdrop of the initial West-backed Ukraine coup…

    Zelensky called 27 leaders of European countries, and NOT ONE is stepping up to help him. NOT ONE. So they and the US say ‘yeah Ukraine, we want you to join NATo’. But obviously that won’t involved protecting Ukraine from Russia’s military might. Europeans and the US are a bunch of back stabbing Chicken CHITS.

    Zelensky’s latest comments showing deep frustration and desperation came hours after President Biden in an address on the crisis confirmed that “US forces are not going to fight in Ukraine” while also rolling out fresh sanctions which stop far short of what Congressional hawks are demanding.

    FOLKS, Shooting war or not, whatever your definition of that may be, Russia is bombarding the living crap right now of 25 major cities in Ukraine. Bombs and missiles destroying all military infrastructure I guess is somehow meeting someone’s definition of “no shooting war.” Quite puzzling definition.

    Meanwhile Ukraine is dead meat. Not a damn thing the US can do even if it wanted to.

  120. Jeffersonian

    Great interview PCR nailed it no shooting war in Ukraine. Putin neutered Ukraine’s offensive capability and NATO sat idly watching the Russians roll the Pro American Kiev government into oblivion.

    Had the USA and NATO fired back yes there would have been a shooting war. I’m sorry people PCR is right when he says Americans have got to be the dumbest people on Earth.

    You don’t mess with a bear in his own backyard especially when you got very little in the tank All talk by the west only slaps on the wrist pathetic and weak
    What sanctions nat gas still flowing to Europe

    Listen to Putin’s speech regarding Ukraine by going to PCR website Putin’s speech

    Bottom line Putin says we can’t trust the west any longer and you will not put nukes on our borders or we will obliterate you. End of story

    Putin speaks softly but carries a very big stick

    Like we say on the farm play with fire and eventually you’ll get burned

    Good news in Oregon all masks off March 19
    Although I never wear one ever and many don’t either

    Bought weaner pigs 30 pounds for 150 bucks each. That’s five bucks a pound guess I’ll have to jack up my prices too and feed went from 18 bucks to 24 per fifty pounds but wait inflation is only running at 7 percent. Hmmm really not here on the farm


    Keep up the great work Mr Hunter and please support the Canadian truckers in their fight for freedom and against Castreau
    And please get Dane Winnington on things are beginning to heat no pun intended next crisis will be climate change and the need for climate passports

  121. Greg Morrissey

    World Economic Forum with Global Digital ID Plan (Video)
    Watch “Preparing for Global Currency Reset | McAlvany Weekly Commentary 2015” on YouTube
    Please watch the YouTube and grow in the knowledge of the LORD
    I am praying for all of you

  122. Faith

    I wish PCR would mind when he laughs.

    There were some comments he made, and then laughed, that were not appropriate. It is one thing about PCR that has annoyed me for some time, but this time, when he laughed about blacks having their insurance cash from a hurricane, confiscated by police, was not okay. That isn’t funny. At all.

    • Self Exiled

      Years ago, his laugh also seemed to be cruel and inappropriate to me and I quit listening to him because of it. He has been around a long time so I cannot remember how far back this was. I can’t even remember for sure what I finally discovered about his laugh that led me to understand his need for it other than it is not an approval. The only emotion he really allows himself is frustration at times with his interviewers/US political personalities/policies and that frustration is mild. He disapproves of these issues. I think it also is to alleviate his nervousness. I think it is a left-over tactic he developed years ago when dealing; possibly negotiating in intense situations with some very strategic people. I wish I could remember more but I interpret it more as a tool he uses when introducing issues of conflict that he is confronting opponents on. If I may be so bold, he is laughing at the people that he is confronting and that can be unnerving to an opponent. Hope that helps as he is the last of our kind and worth listening too.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      PCR’s laugh is ironic. He does not laugh because he thinks seizing money from ‘blacks’ is funny. He laughs at the irony of police – upholders of the law (!!!) – stealing from law abiding citizens. His laugh is also self-deprecating. For example, when he speaks ill of US hegemony, he laughs. My guess is that, as a patriotic American, he is embarrassed for his country’s wrongdoing even though, as a genuine journalist he reports on it.

      Research this for yourself. You can access PCR videos at:

      • Faith

        His laugh comes off the wrong way. It isn’t funny or ironic. Very poor taste.
        Another person that laughs at inappropriate times is Katherine Fitz. Not a good look to laugh like a fool after every sentence one says.

  123. R Jensen

    PCR was mentioning civil asset forfeiture where cops were stealing the cash from black motorists going to repair their homes, alleging the cash was from dealing drugs. To get away with this in court, the thieves do not charge the people with a crime, but rather the cash with a crime. Yes you read right. For example, when the case goes to court, it might get the title “DEA v. $3000 in cash.” (Example: Or if it involves stealing a car, it might have the title “State of Indiana v. Grey Toyota RAV4,” etc. Since these inanimate objects do not have rights, they use this to circumvent rights in the Constitution.

  124. Russ 2

    I see this as Putin drawing a red line in Ukraine; that message is for anyone who thought there was any chance of NATO expanding into Ukraine. We should maybe take him seriously.
    Pray no one does anything stupid.

  125. Anita

    P.C.R. said something really stupid would have to happen to put us in a war over Ukraine. Well all we have these last 2 yrs. has been stupid, so we shall see. Thank you both. I like how Roberts put the record straight, we already are living under dictates and lawlessness. And Jesus said it would only increase. That means it will get worse.

  126. Jeff Johnson

    No shooting war in Ukraine? Lol. He was dead wrong on that one!

  127. Robert

    PCR comes across as an apologist for Putin and he (Putin) was only interested in the disputed territories. Rudy Giuliani on his rumble channel shows documentation that Putin wanted all of Ukraine under Moscow control. Based on PCRs interview I had sympathy go Putin’s cause but by the end of the day the Democratic narrative was more accurate. I think I have been misled, except about Biden’s incompetence. Robert

    • Francis

      Hi Greg, I’m a long-time fan of your reporting and agree with pretty much all of it! Regarding war in Ukraine, it does seem that Putin indeed is invading from East, North, South + Air. Russian forces are within 20km of Kyiv as we speak. I am writing you from Estonia (NATO country + EU), and have been in contact directly with people who live in Kyiv. They are saying that all men 16-60 have been asked to stay in Ukraine as Russia appears to be taking over the whole Ukraine. They said that bombs have been exploding in Kyiv all night long, and air assault is not stopping while ground forces are advancing and are at outskirts of Kyiv. It appears to be a shooting war between Russian invaders and Ukraine. Regarding history, I respectfully disagree with PCR as Ukrainian language is very different from Russian (similar but different!), and besides few words that are indeed very similar, Russian people cannot understands Ukrainian language, therefore it’s not true that Ukraine somehow is ”part of Russia”. Just to remind: Russia has been run over by Mongol-Tatar empire and thus they are very diluted Slavic speakers whereas, Ukrainians are the original folk with Kyiv as the true historic place of importance. When Kyiv was dealing with Greeks and Kyiv ”Knazy” as such is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. To be clear: when Moscow was still just a village, Kyiv was dealing with Empires directly, that’s why Putin hates Ukrainians, it’s a deep hate by Russians vs Ukrainians. Speaking of Russia, you remember ”golodomor” or ”mass starvation” of Ukrainians when Stalin literally wanted to wipe them off the Earth? About 10 miilion Ukrainians died during that time-that’s what Russia has done to Ukrainians. It’s really mongol-tatar descendents now trying to wipe out Ukrainians (original slavic speaking country), just like Poles, Slovaks, Czechs and on it goes. It is not as simple as PCR tries to make it look like-this war is absolutely on a different level! And when PCR talks about Ukrainians as Nazis? That’s just plain wrong, because I’ve been in Ukraine at least 4-5 times, and I know those people-they are the friendliest people on planet Earth.
      And last but not least, please do not forget these words expressed by Putin that ”the breakup of the USSR ‘ is the greatest single geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century”. Let that sink in for a moment. For Putin the greatest tragedy was not WW II where tens of million of people died, it was not WW I, it was a collapse of USSR! Once this is understood it becomes more clear what truly guides Putin – he wants to be the one that restores the former glory of the Red Machine, and Ukraine is the single most important peace of it after Russia itself. If Putin does not succeed with Ukraine, his ambitions will be crushed! We can’t talk about Russia’s geopolitics if we ignore real facts about Putin and his ideological whereabouts.
      He will invade the whole Ukraine unless Ukraine is able to somehow create mega losses for Russia and somehow fends off the intruder. The 2014 was just the beginning, he purposely destabilized the country in order to have ”excuse” to invade it.
      Just one more thing: here in Estonia and Baltic states in general (all 3 ex-Soviet countries are part of NATO), there are about 30-40% Russians yet before WW II there were only 6-8% ethnic Russians. Do you see the pattern? Russia invades countries and then sends in Russians so that they can claim the land ethnically not just by territory only. Russians also love to call Balts as Nazis yet who is invading whom? It’s simply ridiculous! Many Balts did join German army during WW II because they were so afraid of Russian terror – they literally were killing people left and right, yet just because ”West” were siding with Russia, nobody really wants to talk about it. Russian terror was far worse than German Nazi terror! Just get this: In Baltic states after Red Terror had invaded the 3 countries (Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania), they were sending tens of thousands of Balts to Siberian concentration camps long after WW II was over. It was 1949 when they still were doing ”cleansing” of ethnic Balts deporting them to Siberia while Russians were sent into newly invaded countries to create Russian speaking diaspora. Tens of thousands of Balts died in those conentration camps, and it was in 1949, 4 years after WW II was over. Aftermath of this ”dilution”? Before WW II for example in Latvia there were only 8% Russian speakers, yet in 1991 when USSR collapsed there were 50%! This is simply staggering!
      Russians also sent people to concentration camps in Siberia and shot millions just like that. Just to be clear about the sad reality: German Nazis killed about 5 million Jews, and it’s horrific for sure, yet Red Terror killed about 60 million people from the early times of USSR (~1930-1955). All lives matter, Jewish, Ukrainian, American, Baltic etc. Red Terror indeed is the worst, along with NAZI of course.
      I know I went over a lot of stuff and quite randomly but I thought it was very important to remind about what is what and who is who. My father at age 11, with grandfather’s family were all sent to Siberia in 1949 when in the middle of the night Russian KGB officers with AK 47 woke them all up (grandfather and grandmother had 5 children) and gave them 2 h to pack up and go with them to train station. At a time 2 teenage girls (my aunts) were in a boarding school and would only come home on weekends, yet they did not care. You can imagine how they felt coming home and seeing the house being burnt down, and everything being looted and without a clue of their parents’ and siblings’ whereabouts. Also, at the train station whatever possessions my grandparents had decided to bring along, all was taken away by KGB…they got robbed like that and left with nothing. The luxury trip to Siberia was in animal cars and lasted 3 weeks where they had to work in hard labor camps while trying to survive. Some died, some survived, some where shot when trying to escape but for many in the West they had NO IDEA what truly was going on behind the iron curtain and many thought that it was the Nazis that were the worst, but yet in reality, Red Terror made Nazis look like school boys as far as killings and how many got killed is concerned. This is how Russia and Russians are perceived in these countries till this day. Nobody wants to see Putin here nor in Ukraine, and nobody who lives in these countries believes who say that somehow Putin is only trying to ”restore” the order. Putin’s Russia has been shooting into Ukraine for years, and now finally is going in to finish their job. People here have different understanding of reality than those afar.

      Good bless!

    • Justn Observer

      Robert, Ph’d Roberts comments was as to the more current lines drawn at the breakup of USSR. You might first learn about the RUS snd and older years of Cossacks .. The past migrations and claims controlling the Ukraine. as well as Catherine the Great period, a saxon who married the Russian king, and that she established ODESA, all long before the later USSR or the Lenin – Stalin ilk. Putin is speaking in older historical terms than Roberts did… Like all places…first one has to consider the time frames and whose origins were changed by conquest and enslavement by others… Why is the title King of Jerusalem held by royalty of Spain? Why is Saxon blood on the English throne? The current muddled mess in Ukraine is more a consequence of Bush family and Union bank funding Hitler while the Gore senior /Armanda Hammer supporting Russia… leaving us the Hitler NAZI angst for Lenin-Stalin soup stirred up in Cafe’ Vienna which Wayne Jett and his book The Fruits of Graft has much insight of… Of course, NATO would rather focus on their GLADIO policy…which spreads all the way across to Turkey and Iran…when Putin is speaking of his Motherland as before the establishment of USSR in my opinion. Does not make what is happening – right. But it does not make what the bankers and their Tri-lateral Commission. CFR, NWO conquest plans right either… These machinations are what Joan Veon was warning of…. the layering and encircling global and weaponization of the banking cartels to dominate world commerce and control of all nation into the NWO….years ago bvt good refreshers:
      book: Rethinking Bank Regulations, Till Angels Govern by

    • The Central Scrutinizer

      I love you, Greg, but you ought to know that “it ain’t over ’til it’s over”…and this ain’t over by a long shot. There’s still a thousand ways NATO gets dragged into this, and however it finally plays out, you may rest assured that it will have been planned from the beginning.

      Our enemies want a global reset and they aren’t stopping until they get what they want or are removed from the playing field. So far, it’s looking like they’re getting what they want.

      Defending PCR on a point of technicality while denying the wider reality does not further your mission. Still…loyalty is an admirable trait and I applaud you for that. Please forgive us our skepticism re: PCR on this one. And let’s all remember that there IS a common threat to all of us out there that we need laser like focus on right now. Globalist Fascists and their “god”, Satan. That’s our fight. It always has been. We’re just entering a new phase of the eternal war.

      Fight on, my friend.

      • Greg Hunter

        Love you too but it looks like NATO is doing everything possible not to let that happen. NATO has publicly ruled out sending troops, aircraft or enforcing a no-fly-zone. By the time NATO figures out what is going on Europe’s economy will implode. The call Dr. PCR made was a direct hit. NATO will not go to war over Ukraine and that is exactly what is happening. There could be war over all the sanctions, but the West is losing that with supplies cut and inflation surging. Watch the debt bubble implode that has been masquerading as an “Asset.” Do you have any idea what this is going to happen to the $ hundreds of interest rate derivatives??? You have no idea how weak the West is, and you think NATO is going to fight a war with Russia, China and Iran??? Come back to reality. I am not Putin/Russia supporter, I am just a supporter of reality and truth. I support America, and this action by these idiots’ running things are wrecking America and harming “We the People.”


        • The Central Scrutinizer

          Thanks for taking the time to reply, Greg. That means a lot to me.

          To clarify my position, it isn’t NATO initiating hostilities that concerns me. The Vietnamese Communists had a military strategy for fighting with a superior enemy. “Grab them by the belt buckle and don’t give them room to use their strength.”

          That same strategy is being employed by Russia against NATO right now. Ukraine IS NATO’s “belt buckle”.

          Putin obviously wants war…he started kinetic hostilities first. He doesn’t hate Ukraine. He hates NATO. Ukraine is a means to an end. But what is Putin’s end game? Does he stop? Or does he go for the “win” ?

          You should also know that I would rather commit self harm than accuse you of being a ComSymp. You’re one of the good guys in my book.

          PS: keep those Cliff High interviews coming, brother!

  128. Michael

    Greg, I like Dr. PCR, but when he laughs about how black people had their insurance money taken from them by corrupt police, I found that distasteful.
    Also, he refers to “we” or “us” regarding the United States Regime. This regime does not represent “we” or “us”. It is a hostile regime that took over our government and is acting outside the authority the people granted the government.
    The regime despises our existence and is determined to ruin our nation by any means necessary, nor am I at war with Russia!

  129. Matthias


    I think you should correct the TITLE of the article to

    “No Shooting War over Ukraine – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts”

    (instead of “No Shooting War in Ukraine – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts”), since this is what Dr. Roberts actually says at the 49:00 minutes mark of the interview.

    Incidentally you did actually transcribe it correctly in your written summary:

    “. . . There is a propaganda war going on . . . but there is not going to be a shooting war over Ukraine.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I am leaving it the way it is as my write up clearly says NATO. Dr. PCR was correct.

  130. Knox Schroeder

    PCR doesn’t seem to know that the Russians starved 5-10 million Ukrainians to death, and the Russian speaking inhabitants of the Donbass are the descendants of the Russians who replaced the people who were murdered. I don’t think that qualifies them as “neonazis”.

  131. Mike Davidson

    Yes, Greg, it IS an invasion! Russian troops are IN the heart of Ukraine, within the capital, Kyiv. They intent to overthrow the government of Ukraine and install their own puppet. Whatever the provocations, Putin is finding out the take-over of Ukraine will be MUCH tougher than he thought. Russia is basically a large 3rd world country with nuclear weapons. They can’t afford to be in Ukraine for very long. Russian troops will be fighting insurgencies and guerilla warfare non-stop. Russian troops will fall to IEDs and sniper fire CONTANTLY. The people at home in Russia will tire of this quickly.

  132. Concerned Citizen #1

    It’s not “the Ukraine”, it is ‘Ukraine”.

    This dudes lip-smacking is very annoying

  133. Patrick Lynard

    Greg. Great interview thanks.
    Just letting you know that YouTube is removing this link in the comments.
    It must think it a spam.
    I pretty sure it’s just the BOT filter is automatically removing spam. I suspect because I posted it to many times.

  134. Tod Mills

    Remember, everyone, War Is A Racket*. This one is no different. The neocon war mongers in the US and Putin have it worked out for the advancement of the New World Order and the enrichment of the banksters and military industrial complex at the expense of us plebs.

    *title of an essay written by the most highly decorated Marine of his time, Major General Smedley D. Butler, that explained it for those of us on the outside.

  135. Tommy

    What a difference a week makes.

  136. Breck Breckenridge

    Dr. Roberts missed this one 100%.

    • Greg Hunter

      No you missed it 100% because you did not watch the interview. Dr. PC said NATO would not fight Russia over Ukraine. See any NATO troops there?

  137. USA Patriot

    Can you please have PCR back on your show for a follow-up on the Ukraine “invasion”?

  138. Neil

    This is not a war against Russia, but against the western powers. Under the guise and claim of economic sanctions against Russia, the reality is that economic warfare is occurring against the west (Europe, Canada, USA), especially in the longer term timeline. And, because western leaders (puppets) are apparently controlled in whole or in part by China and China’s interests. It is most likely China, working with perhaps an international shadow government such as the United Nations, that is behind these actions from western leaders. The very thing they are claiming to do – weaken Russia economically – is actually the very opposite of what they are doing especially in the long term: they are strengthening Russia (and China) and weakening the west. These actions and their results are not the result of government incompetency, but rather by deliberate design of the national, international, and hidden / shadow powers that are conspiring against the west. This is indirect unconventional warfare and economic warfare.

  139. John Gourley

    Hello Greg, hope all is well with you and am a long time viewer of your show. You are a true patriot. This is the second comment I have ever made about your show. The other one also had to do with Dr. Roberts, who seems like a very nice gentlemen. I had to rewind and listen again when he said that high interest rates cause inflation. That defies all logic, economics and history. I was disappointed that you didn’t call him out on that statement. He seems like a very intelligent and knowledgeable person. When he makes such a ridiculous statement it definitely takes away from his credibility. It’s hard to believe that he was the treasury secretary and is confused about basic economics.

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