No Stopping Mother of all Collapses-Gregory Mannarino

2By Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release)

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says you better be protecting yourself for what is coming in the financial markets. Mannarino explains, “It’s just a matter of time.  Who knows when this actually rolls over–days, hours, months, who knows? . . . . There is no stopping it. All they are attempting to do is sustain it a little bit longer, and it’s only going to make this worse.  The whole correction to fair value is going to seem like the mother of all collapses.  It’s not a collapse in that sense.  It is a correction to fair value because everything is just out of the realm of reality.   There is no price discovery mechanism on anything—anything.”

On the Federal Reserve continually hinting at raising rates in the face of a very weak economy, Mannarino says, “I think the Fed is playing a very dangerous game with the market, and I mean it’s a game. We hear there is going to be a possible rate hike.  How did the market react?  The market pulled back.  Then in a day or two, we get a different Fed President saying hold on a minute, it may not be June.  Then, the market goes back up higher.  They are creating this market where it’s going up and down.  So, these institutions are buying ‘calls’ and collecting cash on the bottom and buying ‘puts’ and collecting cash when it goes back down.  So, they are fostering the wealth transfer even more.  This is just more of the same.  The Federal Reserve is a serial bubble blower, and what they are doing now is putting these little bubbles in there, too, so all this cash can be collected.”

On quantitative easing, or money printing, Mannarino says it has “never stopped.” Mannarino contends, “Here’s the proof right here on your show that they never stopped.  How does the Federal Reserve keep interest rates low?  They don’t have any magical powers.  They can’t just make up a potion and drink it and their yields are going to stay low.  The Federal Reserve has to print the cash out of thin air and buy bonds with it.  What does this sound like?  It’s quantitative easing, and it has never ever stopped, and it won’t ever stop.”

On the so called “recovery” in the U.S. economy, Mannarino says, “How is that even possible from a common sense standpoint when we have a labor force participation rate still at a four decade low? We have a money velocity rate at a four decade low.  If cash is not moving through the economy, we cannot have a recovery.  If we have more people leaving the work force than are entering it, you cannot have a recovery.  So, this is all part of the illusion.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “ I am just waiting to see what they will do to prop this up further, or at least stop it from making a precipitous plunge. That is coming no matter what they do.  The debt market here is on fire.  It’s in big trouble here.  Another alarm is the yield curve.  The yield curve is flattening. . . . This is a bad, bad omen. . . . It’s a very ominous sign that something is lurking just beyond the horizon.”

In closing, Mannarino says, “We’ve never seen anything like this in world history. It’s unbelievable.  It’s collective collusion between world central banks and their respective governments to inflate this global bubble in debt in an attempt to stimulate growth.  It has not worked.  It’s very simple.  If they could have fixed it, they would have fixed it by now.  They can’t do it.  2008 was the ‘party over’ moment.  We are existing now in a terminal side effect. . . . It’s all going to collapse at the same time.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino, founder of

(There is more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Thank you Greg! USAWatchdog ROCKS BIG TIME! I hope everyone enjoys this one.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory. Good calls on oil and Dow top.

      • Scott

        Wish I’d listened to Gregory on the Dow top when he outlined it and sold, but I suppose I was too much of a chicken at the time. He nailed it and oil too, just as you mention, Greg. I made a mistake, a big one.

        Never again.

        I’ve followed him both here and on Twitter since then, and hang on his every word. Thanks much for having him back on…

      • al hall

        Greg & Greg- GH= I was told in 2009 by you know who- that the elite’s were going to inflate the stock market again, one more time. Dragging/suckering those who lost so much in ’07-’08 back into the markets . They made it almost impossible to make money any where else- again to sucker those back into the stock markets. They told me at the elite’s whim- they will crash the markets one more time, and steal trillions more from those who have no idea how to play the markets like Greg M.
        Greg M is telling your listeners what I have been warning for years.
        No one knows the date they will pick, but it is coming soon.
        I am told it will happen this year, and probably right after the ISIS attack on many cities in the US, at the same time- this summer.
        Greg H – I have told you about this from my CIA friend! Elections cancelled and Obama stay in as dictator!!


        • Greg Hunter

          That is the most reasonable explanation. If they wanted to fix this they would have. Now the fix is to take away the money and wealth from the majority.

        • Jerry

          This currency war is coming to a climax. If the Fed raises interest rates again, the Chinese will play their hand.

          The financial gap is beginning to widen between paper backed securities of western banks, and gold backed securities of the BRIC nations. In a matter of weeks China will play its golden trump card and back all transactions with gold.

          If anyone is still playing in the investment pool, they are swimming with sharks and deserve to get eaten.

          You are wise to get out now.

        • RichM

          Al: What about miners. I have been waiting for them to come back up which they have some. I want out of the stock market altogether but sure would like to make back what I lost from 2012 -2015. I know when it happens there could be a bank bail-in so my money may dis-appear but what are the chances the miners could shine one last time before this happens?

      • Shah

        Gregory and Greg,

        You will not believe this but they have put sanctions on me. They wrongfully terminated me from my FullTime Exempt permanent job and now threatening me “be humble and stay hungry”. In other terms they have put sanctions on me. My company cell phone had 19 authorized account users/managers including CIA member, Vice President of HSBC bank and other banking cartels/mafias. The suicide stories that I hear of different bankers are really suspicious because these people are so dangerous to the level that they can do anything and everything to fulfill their requirements.

        • Greg Hunter

          Who put sanctions on you? What country are you in?

          • Shah

            I am in United States. All of this is indirect and implicit. They have done everything they can to make me mentally instable. While Iwas living in an hotel/apartment, I had a paid tv channels. They even hacked into my TV channels and would transmit videos/episodes of their choice that would suit my everyday life. My phone calls are still being recorded.

            • Greg Hunter

              Why do you think this is being done to you and who do you think is doing this?

    • Kevin

      This is a copy and paste of every visit to this site??

    • Mike

      Gregory and Greg,
      Thanks for telling it like you see it. Ronald Reagan once said “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.”. Both of you see the writing on the wall and both of you have the guts to go out on a limb to warn us. Great interview! Thank you!

  2. Craig

    Great intro too, regards Oil when buying Oil is that also not a way of hedging the against a falling dollar ?

  3. Richard


    Love USAWatchdog.

    Quick comment on your Hillary poll, I voted no not because I did not think she should go to jail, but I believe the justice system is corrupted and will not file charges.
    If you reworded the poll to reflect peoples opinion on her guilt or innocence I think you would have a much different outcome

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Richard. Hill = Toast.

      • Margie

        Greg, I am also thinking that she will not be charged because she has too much information on too many people, and they would be threatened by what she would then tell.

        • Greg Hunter

          The “Tail” doesn’t wag the dog. Hill is a tail. Her daughter, Chelsea, is her weakness. She is now running the Clinton “Crime” Foundation. You don’t think Chel can be charged and jailed??

          • Ned Kelly

            Greg I think the powers that be, [Deep State?] Who knows? Are in the process of throwing Hill unda da buss. She’s neck and neck with the Trumpster and they don’t take any chances. Their as much afraid of the Donald as the Normans of old, of Sir Robin of Locksley!

            Clinton’s White House chances are dwindling. Here’s why that’s a market negative

            CNBC Leanne Miller 7 hrs ago


            • Irice Hogan

              True, Uncle Joe is waiting in the wings along with that ugly old whitch, Poca(gonna)haunt’us!

          • allen ols


            Gregg Jackson’s statements were made during an exclusive interview with Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS on Monday, while discussing the roots of a growing schism between evangelical congregations and their religious leaders on the subject of Donald Trump and Election 2016.

            “To a large degree a lot of these quote unquote ‘religious right’ conservative leaders, of a lot of these ‘para-church’ organizational groups and ‘pro- family’ groups are defiantly more interested in getting a seat at the Republican table and prominent places of power and influence, than they are in advancing a biblical, biblically based, conservative agenda and public policy,” Mr. Jackson said.

            TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles responded pointedly to Mr. Jackson’s assertion that it seems to him that “a lot of these ‘religious right’ guys are so eager to get a seat at Caesar’s table, that they are in danger of being kicked out of the King’s court.” Mr. Jackson noted in agreeance, “if they haven’t already.”

            Mr. Jackson previously co-authored a book on this subject, “We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again”, where he documented extensively how leaders like Ronnie Floyd, Russell Moore, Dr. James Dobson, Dwight L. Moody, Tim LaHaye, and Jerry Falwell systematically undermined the Biblical foundations of America through promotion of false teachings and distractionary leadership.

            In his book, Mr. Jackson specifically addressed an organization at the core of this conspiracy, the Council for National Policy (CNP). In an interview with the former head of the organization, Steve Baldwin, Mr. Jackson heard first hand how the leadership of the CNP intentionally served as a ‘gatekeeper’ judge to the narratives and positions of mainline conservative figures. Mr. Baldwin himself was fired for informing the group’s membership about the radical beliefs of the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

            The CNP has served as a powerhouse conservative lobbying group in Washington D.C. since its foundation in 1981. The membership of the CNP has historically been a well-kept secret, however, the Southern Poverty Law Center recently published a copy of the organizations 2014 membership directory in a 191-page compendium that lists 413 members, including 118 members who have died, and 14 past presidents. Many of the members named are prominent leaders in the ‘religious right’.

            In Mr. Jackson’s eyes, these discrepancies have been a major factor into why evangelicals have been so divided on their support for Donald Trump.


            • allen ols

              GREG start at the 1 hr. 20 min. mark

            • Deanna Johnston Clark

              I agree that self righteous hypocrites at the top in religious organizations are hurting Jesus much more than the lifestyle liberal scene.
              The unholy love of fat pensions and air time has cursed our faith since Wesley complained about it all the time. They love to talk like ‘men of the world”…sounding much more cynical than real economic experts like Greg M. here
              I read in John Wesley’s journal, quoting loosely, “So many protestants condemn Catholic statues covered in gold…then they turn around and worship the gold in their bank.”


          • andyb

            The email issue is crime enough, but the pay-for-play machinations of the Clinton Foundation fit the definition of high treason, for which all of the parties should be indicted, jailed, and given the death penalty.

            • JC Davis

              Andyb it was Bill Clinton that set the bar of treason when he gave China national secrets to send a nuke to America. He , and all his friends, and family can never be trusted

              • Deanna Johnston Clark

                Yes, he put us in bed with the Chinese dictatorship and tucked us in good and proper!
                It’s not smart and cool to talk about personal freedom or to worry about tyranny..but couldn’t Bill have used our consumer dollar as a bargaining chip to benefit the Chinese people better?

  4. Jack

    Hi Greg,
    I have been following both Gregs for several years. I agree with Mannarino that the bond bubble is the biggest bubble in history and that it will burst. We may get a hyperinflation when the public realizes the debt and the dollar are worthless. The only part of his thesis that I question is this- if bonds go down and the dollar goes down, won’t stocks skyrocket as the public tries to get out of bonds and the dollar? I agree that a lot will flock to precious metals but in a hyperinflation, stocks might go way up as well, not because they are undervalued, which they are not, but as a means of getting off the grid. I would like to hear some WD viewers opinions on this.

    • Max

      If history repeats then, stocks skyrocketing will resemble
      Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe. Yes the stock market
      will skyrocket but the currency will devalue at the same
      accelerated rate or faster. You will be given currency with
      lots of zeros and need a wheel barrow as a wallet.

      • andyb

        Better to watch gold. Every 10% increase will cause the USD to devalue by at least the same amount. Since the US doesn’t make anything any more, this means big inflation on consumerables, with the possible exception for food. Overall a big decline in spending power for anyone in the 99%.

  5. DBCooper

    Greg/GM, Good interview, thank you both … GM said some time ago that to begin to understand what is happening in the world today one has to realize that everything is functioning in fraud … I took these words to heart … there are those that think the timing of the Great Collapse will be based on when Nibiru comes through our universe … I don’t know about this but it is interesting and of note that these ‘big boys’ are now voicing their concerns that the wheels are about to come off the bus!!
    Here on the homestead we killed 7 chickens this morning, one for frying tonight and the rest for canned soup … we noticed a ring in the sky … huge … to the north of the sun … really weird … We have two main problems in our neck of the woods : noxious weeds and Communists!! … can’t do much about the commies but I will be pulling and chopping weeds this afternoon and hopefully get some more saw milling done.
    From the redoubt … Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.
    PS, Greg I recommend that you invite both James Wesley Rawles and Rick Wiles for interviews. Thanks again, DB.

    • Scott

      I’m sorry, so sorry to say so, but Rawles is a whack-job. Certifiable.

      Hopefully Greg will steer clear of him and his wild-eyed “Templar” disciples. Scary, scary people.

      • DBCooper

        Scott, I am guessing we will not be seeing you in the redoubt any time soon. DB.

      • DBCooper

        With further consideration … wouldn’t it be good for us doggers to be able to make up our own minds (and not just take your word as to Cap’t Rawles competency??) and allow Greg Hunter who is our forthright journalistic investigator to ferret out the truth of the matter?? I for one am wondering if you live in an apartment in the inner city afraid to venture out of doors for fear of your neighbors ??
        We have lived in the same house for some 35 years; We have no key to the front door; We cannot see any other house; every firearm in this house is loaded and at easy access … So what else is wrong with Cap’t Rawles ??
        Just wondering, DB, in the redoubt.

        • Greg Hunter

          I’ve always heard good things about Captain Rawles.

  6. Tim


    Can you try to get Larry Edelson on some time? He’s affiliated with Martin Weiss of Money & Markets. Edelson believes that, after a pullback, the Dow Jones will soar to over 30,000 over the next few years. He also believes that gold is going to over $5,000/ounce over the next few years. He predicted the current drop in gold and silver. He says the next leg up for the precious metals will start next month.

  7. Sayonara

    Greg & Greg:
    Excellent interview. I greatly appreciate the down to earth candidness about the state of the economy, the Fed, the market and most importantly acquiring real assets. I also appreciated GregM’s candidness about his trading strategies – very intellectually honest for those who are educated in securities. With economic elite/government elite trying to engineer the global economy – the concept that we are going to have a correction to FMV is very prescience. The best 30 minutes I have spent this Sunday!

  8. Smaulgld

    Greg not only makes good calls, understands the collapse potential but manages to also trade the stockmarket throughout!

  9. Jerry

    If this information turns out to be correct, the wheels are going to come off this economic wagon much sooner than anyone ever thought, and the alternate exchange system that has been created by the Chinese to replace it, will be forced into operation much sooner than they have planned for.

    Anonymous has claimed that they have hacked into the Federal Reserve Banks computer files and have discovered that not only does the Fed control global markets, they own 50% of the stock that’s in them! Are you getting it? Throw away the charts, all the markets are one great big Ponzi scheme. More importantly, when this information is released to wiki leaks and reaches real investors, whatever confidence that is left in the markets will be utterly destroyed.

    Is Anonymous a credible source? I have no idea, but the information they have released matches what Deutsche Bank was saying two weeks ago during the gold rigging investigation. When markets are exposed for what they are by a near zero Baltic dry index, what other choice do banks have to make the markets appear normal than by running a pump and dump Ponzi scheme? Please someone explain to me how we have a vibrant economy when money velocity is near zero? The mathematics simply do not make sense. Someone is lying! I have feeling that Janet Yellen will be having another emergency meeting with the President………………………. real soon.

    • Jerry

      More on stock market rigging.

      • Jerry

        Man these guys are under a lot of pressure. Another former Deutsche Bank executive commits suicide (supposedly).
        In light of the fact that Deutsche Bank has been downgraded by Moody’s and is facing a probe by the FTC, I find it ironic that the banker bodies are once again piling up. If Senn was the proverbial canary in the coal mine, this could be a signpost for “trouble dead ahead’!

        • freebreezer

          Jerry, Your supposedly should be in bold! I wonder how many really are suicides (probably just a few) and how many deaths are due to covering up the fraud? It is scary to think what these CCC will do … think Vince Foster.

    • dave

      Let’s say the Fed owns 70% of the stocks. How will the stock market crash exactly? If the Fed doesn’t sell and everyone else does the market goes down 30%? I know i’m really simplifying to a degree that is unrealistic. But, ok the Fed owns all these stocks. So it hold them and…. The Fed doesn’t care about making money on the stocks just keeping this ponzi scheme going. They can own all the stocks and then still print money. Or just create digits out of nothing in perpetuity.

      I have a legit question? What’s the best book on why the Soviet Union really collapsed focusing on it’s economics. Was Gorbachev working for the CIA and deliberately worked behind the scenes to gum the economic works in the USSR? Was it a crisis of sociology and yes the West did have a better standard of living so people just gave up and it collapsed. USSR hummed along for many years. If you go by 2001 the Fed’s disastrous intervention has only lasted 15 years.

      • Jerry

        The point about the Fed rigging the stock market is HUDGE! Countries will be abandoning the dollar in droves to join the BRICS parallel exchange system when they discover that they are being played. When they cease taking the dollar for trade, there will be nothing the ESF can do and the dollar will collapse. Its one thing to print money, but quite something different when no one wants it.

        As far as the Russian economic collapse. That was a strategic takedown by Ronald Regan and the CIA. The writer that goes by the name of W on Rogue Money was directly involved with the process by collapsing the oil industry. It seems the Russians , with the help of the Chinese are following the same playbook with us.

    • Jerry

      If you would like to go down the Federal Reserve Banks rabbit hole further to find out who’s really at the bottom, then you may find this piece of information interesting.

      Many sources have told me, that the Chinese will have a direct hand in any Fed rate adjustment decisions from here on out. At first it didn’t make any sense to me, and then I was reminded that the Chinese bought the JP Morgan Chase building in Manhattan for a reason. It could have been for its massive gold vault, which I first thought, and then I realized its has an underground connection to the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Do you get it? Two for the price of one. Have you figured out yet why no one is concerned about our debt, and why our politicians keep adding to it? It doesn’t rally matter. When that debt bubble burst that Greg is talking about, all that debt is going bye, bye. But guess what? Thanks to our Chinese friends, the bankers have started a new bubble right under our noses. I call it DOUBLE BUBBLE.

  10. James Hastings

    I enjoyed the show. You and Gregory have a great
    interaction. I believe the system will fail. Just going about my business till it happens.

    Good job. Thank you…

  11. Jerry

    As far as oil prices? I wouldn’t throw a party just yet. It takes at least $60. a barrel to cover production cost. Shipping cost and taxes also have to be taken into consideration.

    The bankers use rising oil prices as part of the illusion to cover up the stock market Ponzi scheme. Somehow we’re supposed to believe that when the oil prices go up, everything in the economy is returning to normal. But what they fail to report is our economy is eking out a meager GDP of 0.3%. Enter production by Iran and market control by former Morgan Stanley brokers (Rossneft) and you have the biggest lie ever told.

    • andyb

      Don’t believe any of the GDP numbers. True inflation adjusted GDP has been NEGATIVE for at least 6 years, because actual inflation has averaged 7-10% during this period. See the Chapwood Index or any of the interviews with John Williams of Shadowstats. Note to Greg: time to have John back again.

      • Jerry

        I suspect you are right. On the street level things are much worse than what is being reported to government agencies. I’m not sure how they arrive at their statistics, but from where I’m sitting my business has dropped by at least 30% over the last three years.

  12. Todd

    Greg,Thanks for your help in uncovering the truth!Great interview! I am surprised how many great minds are warning us to be prepared. I believe we are now in the eye of the hurricane. I believe Greg Mannarino is spot on in this interview. We are about to see what fiat money is really worth. We are about to be brought back to reality! Are we ready for this transition? This situation is very serious! We must remain calm and act with rationality. We must be prepared physically, mentally, and above all spiritually. I believe we should have a years supply of food. I believe this collapse will be the worst the world has ever seen. I believe all governments will collapse. I believe a new kingdom will then roll forth that will be an everlasting kingdom. May God bless all those who put their trust in Him. Todd

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Todd.

  13. Zach Smith

    U.S. Kicks Off 10,000-Strong Drill in Eastern Europe

    Newsweek Damien Sharkov 5 hrs ago

    The U.S. Army in Europe has kicked off an exercise that will see over 4,000 troops from NATO allies arrive in the Baltics and 10,000 soldiers from 13 countries across Eastern Europe.

    The Baltic Saber Strike exercise, which launched on Friday, will run in conjunction with the U.S.-led Dragoon Ride, which will take 400 armored vehicles from Germany, through the Czech Republic, where it will stay until Monday. Then the troops move on to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and, finally, Estonia over the course of June.

    It Wasn’t Supposed to Work This Way

    The Weekly Standard DANIEL HALPER 12 hrs ago
    Foreign drug cartels come to Colorado

  14. Spurr

    Message to Jerry.
    Now May 30 in China… 11am.
    Gold has pulled back $12 on Memorial day in the US… and Spring bank holiday in the UK! Both Comex and Lbma are supposed to be closed… only the Shanghai gold exchange is supposed to be opened! Shanghai does not have any paper contracts! Who is taken down gold?
    A Chinese bank? Do the Rothschilds own a Chinese bank? If so how are they taking down gold or is China part of the ponzi scheme in their stake with JP Morgan ownership? I’ve always suspected China was part of the scheme to keep gold and silver relatively low! To buy it on the cheap! China has a lot more treasuries to exchange for gold…! Right now the question is how low will they let it slide! After all there are many open interests calls so reports Harvey Organ… it would look like they’re going for a big kill!!!

    • Jerry

      I have come to the conclusion that the Chinese may own a portion of the Federal Reserve Bank so anything is possible. Its hard to tell how many intertwining parts are in this paper Ponzi scheme. The Chinese evidently want to move to the head of the table by capping the worlds gold supply. Keep watching the PM prices. Once the price of silver breaks above $20. a troy ounce that will be the signal that they are getting ready to wind down the paper markets. At least that’s my theory.

  15. paul ...

    Americans are just a bunch of freaking schmucks … they are all out of work or working just 28 hours per week yet believe the economy is doing great because the Fed says so … they close their eyes to what President Roosevelt did (allowing the Japs to bomb Pearl Harbor killing our boys) as a false flag to fight England’s war against Germany killing many more American boys … then President Johnson destroys one of our own ships in the gulf of Tonkon to justify killing more American boys in Vietnam and tries to sink the USS Liberty so he could fight Israel’s war against Egypt … then we have President Bush destroying the towers on 9-11 so he can send American boys to fight and die to destroy’s Israel’s enemy Iraq … and now we have Hillary proclaiming that as soon as she is elected she will send American boys to fight and die to destroy Israel’s enemy Iran … the question I ask is “why do Americans have to fight other peoples wars”??? … if Israel wants to destroy Iraq let them do it! … if Israel want to destroy Iran … let them do it! … Israel has over 300 of their own nuclear weapons what are we doing fighting their wars … look at the mess in Europe … our boys were sent to die for what??? … the same holds true for WWI when the President sent our boys to die “to save the world for Democracy” … now we are being told “we have to send our boys to die to save the world from Terrorism” … when are the American “schmucks” going to wake up to the fact that their (s)elected Presidents are using our children as mercenary’s to fight other peoples wars and at the same time are taking away our Constitutional Rights????

    • paul ...

      Why don’t we just award all our American Generals “another star” each year so they don’t have to kill our kids to get one! … American kids fought and died in WWI to stop Germany (who never attacked us) … American kids fought and died in WWII to stop Germany (who never attacked us) … and who rules Europe today as the most powerful nation in Europe? … but our Generals need stars (so how about fighting WWIII against Russia or China or both for that matter) America’s children are expendable… lets provoke the Russians by putting missiles in Romania and Poland and pivot more battle ships to the South China Sea … instead of spending trillions of dollars on WWIII that we can’t afford lets put the money into re-building America and creating jobs … it only costs about $10 dollars for a medal we can give to our Generals … say we about 1000 Generals … it will only cost us $10,000 dollars to give them all medals … the cost savings will be in the TRILLIONS … not counting all the American kids lives that will be saved from needless slaughter!!!

      • paul ...

        Someone will probably say a $10 medal is not enough to satisfy America’s Generals … because when they do a good job killing our kids they get high paying “sweet heart” jobs in the Military/Industrial Complex … which can mean millions of dollars in the pockets of these Generals … but even if we have to give each General $10 million dollars each (not to provoke a war and kill our kids) it would still be worth it … $10 Million x 1000 is only $10 Billion dollars … much less then the Trillions that will be spent fighting WWIII and the additional Trillions that will have to be spent to re-build all our Nuked cities across America!!

        • paul ...

          So lets vote for Trump … he won’t take us to war with Germany (or Russia, or China or Iran, etc, etc.) … he will take “good care” of our Military brass and our veterans … and begin the process of bringing jobs back to America … creating a vibrant economy and making America “morally great” once again … voting for the Neocon Hillary simply means using our kids to fight and die for other peoples wars of aggression … and likely for “a very big donation” to her charitable trust …!!!

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            I couldn’t take any more of the “Freedom isn’t free” stuff this year. I love the USO and the soldiers but the “hero” baloney just went too far and hollow this time.
            The interviews with families and widows on tv were all so staged, so carefully contrived…you’d think American families were begging for the chance to lose another soldier. There was no spontaneous emotion, no honest questioning… I just puked it all up. Sorry, Lt. Dan!

    • Liz

      Agreed Paul! Our boys AND girls now!

      • paul ...

        Liz … as Hillary would likely say: What does it matter whether we sell 3 month old human fetuses or the services of 18 year old boys and girls to die on the battlefield to the highest bidder … it’s the money we make selling these bodies … that counts!!

    • Diane D.

      Paul, I remember Brandon Smith used the phrase ‘”frivolous pursuits’ to describe what Americans use for distraction and avoidance of reality. Constant distractions include TV, sports, texting, Facebook, Twitter etc. Their loved ones who depend on them will suffer greatly.

  16. Karl

    This is what should happen but what Greg fails to realise is that what should and will happen are two different things.
    I for one will.almost exclusively listen to Martin Armstrong now.
    He is the only one to have been accurate so far.
    All the talk of limit up for silver and stock market crashes are looking pretty stupid right now.
    Gregories theory of all money flowing into commodities sounds logical until you realize the bulk of money is in pension funds and they are not allowed to invest in gokd directly.
    As Armstrong says it matters not what YOU think and do it matters what the majority think and do

    • Jack

      If you follow Armstrong, he says tangible assets will survive the transition to the new monetary system. He always includes gold and silver as well as shares in the tangible assets class. He also has repeatedly said gold should test the old highs and $5000 is possible.

      • Karl

        He mentions shares in general being tangible

  17. Charles Turner

    Have we now entered a time when the unthinkable has happened?
    Capitalism has been superseded by Financialism which is now more dangerous and will wreck many more people’s lives, than Communism ever did!

    • JC Davis

      Charles Turner.
      Will you give me your definition of Financialism . I have not been able to find much on the word.

  18. Ken Russell

    Thanks Greg. It’s because of interviews like Mannarino’s that my wife and I are converting savings to hard assets that can sustain us like water purification, a cheap old tractor and associated brush hog, blades, gardening, making an old farmhouse last another 50 years, etc. We don’t have the time nor money for risk and nowhere near the genius required like GM to play these fake markets, so the hard asset conversion information is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  19. diane s.

    Is it true Bill Kristol just broke the news that a strong third party candidate would be running?
    Trump responded by saying “say goodbye to the Supreme court”
    This is very disturbing news from this evil little psycho Bill Kristol.

  20. NC Gal

    We don’t have fair markets now and I don’t think we are ever going to have fair markets again. Those in control want to remain in control. I don’t know how it will actually play out, but I do think it’s going to be ugly when it does. Price discovery is only possible when there are free, uncontrolled markets, and all indications seem to be pointing toward a single, global and totalitarian system being the response to the coming (engineered) crash. All of the control systems are basically in place.

    I am not sure what will be the thing that decides when the plug is pulled, but everything seems to be pointing to the timing that Bix Weir defined. My information is that we will be “in it” by June 20 and some kind of major event will occur in the period of Aug. 10-20, with a period of chaos after that while everything sorts out. Rocky times ahead, for sure.

  21. Jallen

    Greg and Greg,
    Let us look at the big picture;
    Satan rules this world for now.
    Jesus Christ tells us through the BIBICAL BOOK of Revelation;
    You will not be able to BUY or SELL without the MARK OF THE BEAST.
    It should be evident to Watchdogs by now, Satan will require all of mankind to take
    THE MARK OF THE BEAST in order to buy and sell. The technology is
    currently being perfected to make THE MARK OF THE BEAST A REALITY.
    Do not be surprised , if Satan creates a worldwide calamity, in order to usher in
    the new world electronic currency known as THE MARK OF THE BEAST.
    Greg Mannarino, may I suggest you look at the markets from a TOP DOWN FLOW CHART APPORACH by starting with THE MARK OF THE BEAST as the top and working down to GOVERNMENTS , down to CENTRAL BANKS, down to BOND MARKETS, DOWN TO THE STOCK MARKETS etc! (I am giving an example and certainly not all inclusive as your knowedge far exceeds mine.) There is a reason the DOLLAR is being destroyed and why we should pray for our daily bread. I consider you a very bright guy and you bring a passion to your work and I sense your frustration with the current markets and hopefully attacking the problem from a top down approach will give you FOOD FOR THOUGHT and another perspective of the BIG PICTURE.

  22. dabrake

    Logic and history would support what Mr. Mannarino is predicting…..but could it be different this time? Will the government simply monetize the debt away over a long period of stagnant growth? This would prop up the stock market and keep the criminal enterprises rolling along. There’s no doubt that a criminal corporate/government consortium is in control. Stagflation could be in our future.

  23. Dawn Garmon

    It is always refreshing to listen to Greg, I would not complain if you brought him on
    every weekend.

  24. Clint Bower

    This in not a comment,I suggest that a good topic would be to have a guest speaker on
    The Real estate sector and how it relates to the coming down turn.Most people’s largest asset is there home. I recently know of a 1225 sq. home build in the 60s in Newport Beach CA.had not been up graded that sold for $1200.00 per Sq foot This seems way out of normal. The real estate sector could be in for a real reset ?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have booked Fabian Calvo. He buys and sells $100 million (or more) of real estate a year. He lives in California.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Wasn’t “feminism” part of the scheme to jack up real estate prices?
      I don’t mean real improvements like studying history from the woman’s perspective…not the decent stuff.
      I remember the books in the stores, the magazines, the masculine fashions…all burst on the American scene like a Blitzkrieg around 1969. It was so obvious to me, at age 22, that it was all a put up job by somebody seeing women as a vast resource to mine for taxes and profits.
      Now they are preparing to send girls into combat as a great career opportunity…hooray!!!

  25. Gordon Carpenter

    I just love Greg M’s body language when he talks about the UTTER MESS. …hallarious!

  26. eddiemd

    I believe it will collapse before the beginning of the Olympics.

    They have to get the cashless system into place here in the USA. What a better way to go cashless than to contaminate the money with a biological agent and blame it on terrorism. It could occur in multiple major cities at the same time. Merchants will refuse cash.

    The TSA/FBI/Stasi Homeland is creating a backlog at the airline terminals. The MSM is promoting the precheck TSA system and claiming that they are getting 15,000+ applicants per day? to sign up. Biometrics is the crux of this system. What a better way for the sheeple to give up their privacy.

    The Zika virus genome was artificially altered to make it more virulent. Subsequently it was released by perhaps the department of defense. Always on the lookout for new biological agents. Perhaps we will all be forced into getting the “anti-Zika” vaccine.

    Ten cases of measles in Arizona with the source cases being in the Eloy federal immigration detention center. Guards were exposed and the potential for spread is now the areas in and around the communities near to Eloy Arizona. Soon to come will be many more cases across the USA from the illegal rampage coming from the south to include Mexico, El Sal, Guatemala, and Honduras. Bring on the Mara salvatrucha gang bangers and Calle 18 bangers.

    Night vision equipment, scoped weapons, lead, food, water purification. Hand held comms, CB radios, generator.

    Communications will be key to organizing. Cell phone use will be detrimental to covert ops.

  27. eddiemd

    Memorial Day 2016.

    A day to remember those men and women who died in the service of the country during war and peace while in the armed forces.

    Here in the city of Phoenix members of the city council have added police and fire to be celebrated on Memorial Day. Wrong.

    Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who gave their lives while in the armed forces. Most American citizens have lost the meaning of Memorial Day. Those who served always remember those who died and remember military history.

    June 6th is next week. We remember the sacrifices made by our countrymen and women.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Eddie MD!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yes…the domestic services deserve another day of their own.

  28. Ronald J O'Donnell

    This is exactly why it is called a “Cartel”. Cartels behave in their best interest.

  29. Craig

    Drum roll please…Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges.
    More from the article and link below. I guess 50 + % of us owe Greg a dollar or at least a round of applause.

    “The New York Times examined Bill Clinton’s relationship with a Canadian mining financier, Frank Giustra, who has donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and sits on its board. Clinton, the story suggests, helped Giustra’s company secure a lucrative uranium-mining deal in Kazakhstan and in return received “a flow of cash” to the Clinton Foundation, including previously undisclosed donations from the company’s chairman totaling $2.35 million.”


  30. K.Cobain

    kudlow 5-28-16 Speaker Paul Ryan interview: House policy agenda for growth, taxes, trade, energy, immigration. Sen. Jeff Sessions interview: Trump redefines conservatism. GOP a workers party. Reagan legacy alive.

  31. Bill

    Greg, someone should pull the pin on this economy of ours, let it crash to the bottom, its inevitable. once we hit the bottom the economy can begin to rebuild. Its to no ones advantage to continue to prop it up as they are now, unless their motives are selfish, greedy, egotistical and evil. God help us

  32. antonius aquinas

    Not only are we being ripped off financially, but the Feds are robbing us of our history:


  33. Anthony

    I mention some of the video clips of you to others here in Australia.
    I’m treated like a deluded and soon to be incarcerated person.

    Unfortunately the message is just not getting across and all daily attention is on the hopeful ASX!

    Thanks again for your footage.

  34. diane s.

    Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges

    • diane s.

      Huntington post pulls article!!!!!###

  35. Clint Bower Sr.

    I’m not sure if my post of yesterday went out ? So here we go again
    This is just a thought. Maybe you could get an expert on the real estate market to give us a clue of where it may go ? For most people it is there largest asset.I recently became aware
    of a home that sold in Newport Beach CA.The house was built in the late 50’s or early 60’s
    Has had no up grades and is only 1250 SQ feet sold for $1100.00 per SQ Ft over $1.350 million. Being a avid watcher of Your site. it seems that when the reset hits all of us the housing could be hit very Hard !!
    Thanks Clint

    • Greg Hunter

      Fabian Calvo is out tonight past midnight. (Calvo buys and sells between $50 to $100 million of real estate a year.) He answers a lot of your questions.

  36. Mike Jose

    Great work Greg and Greg. I know from personal experience that this is a tough message to get out – your nearest and dearest will laugh, pity you, and ignore you. You fight hard to save yourself, others don’t want to be saved. Thanks for being out there.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike. At some point everybody will know what we know now. Never give up my friend!!!

  37. Gregory Mannarino

    I wrote this article several years ago as a warning, and It is now unfolding in South America. These events will sweep the globe. Please share this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for the extended content!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      My son is moving in with us to pay off his debts and be useful with his disabled Dad…I ‘m proud of him…much more than I would be if he were a Hotlanta go-getter with a Lexus and hundreds of thousands in debt.
      We older parents need to cultivate a wiser culture for young people starting out. I’m also proud of my almost blind husband with copd who continues to work part time.
      I don’t agree the change HAS to be catastrophic. Why can’t we return to the values of our immediate ancestors about debt and some personal honor?

  38. Anthony

    Hi Greg,

    Any chance to interview any Australian or International guests?

    I just would like to see another perspective on world circumstances.

    Yes I know you are the USA WatchDog 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll try Anthony. Thank you for your support.

      • Old Hippie C.B.

        Steve Keen Greg; He’s on at 12:45

      • Anthony

        Keen is a whinging old fool. States the obvious with not mustard.

      • Anthony

        Keen is a whinging old fool. States the obvious with no mustard.

  39. Anthony

    Unfortunately Steve Keen lives in a fantasy world. Fine on open commentary but appalling at debating.

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