Noah’s Flood of Cash Coming-Hugo Salinas Price

By Greg Hunter’s

Mexican billionaire and retail magnate Hugo Salinas Price is a big proponent of using silver as money in Mexico. Salinas Price explains, “The idea is not to go back to a silver standard, but to create a parallel currency which would be a monetized silver coin.  It would not bear a stamped value.  It would be a plain silver coin with a quoted value given to it.  This value would be adjusted upward with a fall in the value of the peso or a rise with the price of silver.”

Salinas Price pushed ideas similar to this in the past. This idea is being talked about again in the Mexican legislature, but there is no guarantee it will become a reality.  Why silver coins for the Mexican people?  Salinas Price says, “All material progress comes from saving, not from spending.  You have to save first, and from savings comes investment, and from investment comes jobs and income for a better way of life.  Savings are the primary source of prosperity.”

It may get to be impossible to save in paper currency soon. Salinas Price reminds us that there are trillions and trillions of dollars in bonds hanging over the head of everyone on the planet.  When those bonds start liquidating, it’s going to rain inflationary money.  Salinas Price goes on to say, “All those clouds overhead are denominated in hundreds of trillions of dollars of debt hovering above the world.  It’s like a dark cloud.  There comes a point when that wants to become liquidated.  Bonds are presented for liquidation and turned into cash.  That’s when the trouble is going to start.  When they are liquidated, we are going to have a Noah’s Flood of cash.  With all this debt turned into cash, we are going to be wading in money.”

Could a Fed rate hike start the bond market to liquidate? Salinas Price contends, “Apocalypse is upon us . . . this boom in stocks is about to collapse.  The total debt when Reagan came into office was $391 billion.  Now, it’s $20 trillion.  Something has got to give.  When interest rates start to go up, as they might on March 15th, we are going to see liquidation.  People are going to say bonds are falling in value because interest rates are going up, I think I want to sell my bonds. . . .  I also think the stock market is going to collapse, a big collapse is coming.  I also think gold is being hammered in preparation for what’s going to happen.  I think it has been taken down, so, when it starts to go up, it will go up from a lower level.”

So, will we get hyperinflation? Salinas Price says, “I don’t know if it’s going to happen right now, but something is going to happen with this huge amount of debt.  It just can’t go on, and how is it going to end?  It’s going to end badly.  A lot of wealth is going to disappear. . . . I think, in the U.S. on March 15th, all hell is going to break loose because the U.S. will reach its debt limit.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with billionaire financial expert Hugo Salinas Price.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

(Clarification from Hugo Salinas Price on the Bond market.  Please read it by clicking here. 

Hugo Salinas Price has two free websites in Spanish and English.   It’s here for the English version.

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  1. Diogenes Shrugged

    “With all this debt turned into cash, we are going to be wading in money.”
    Who does he think will buy all those bonds? Where will all that cash come from? >crickets<

    A bond market collapse is coming, but it won't take the form of massive liquidations. It will rather be the consequence of massive defaults.

    He says, "A lot of wealth is going to disappear." He's right about that. It will vanish into the same thin air from whence it originally came. People will be left without any money, not an over-abundance of money.

    • This sceptred isle

      Central banks will have to continue to create the money in order to purchase the bonds.

      • This sceptred isle

        Also, pension funds in America and Japan could be forced to shift to a higher US bond weighting at the expense of stocks.

    • FC

      I agree Diogenes Shrugged, the currency was created in thin air and it will vanish the same way leaving Creditors as the new owners of every property with a mortgage because of the lack of physical cash to pay off every household debt.
      After all, 8% of all the Worlds currency is physical cash the rest is digital and will simply vanish into thin air.

      • lastmanstanding

        FC. They created the money or loans illegally. (Out of thin air). From no assets, THEY created the debt…Their debt…not OURS and putting us on the hook for it…eternally. Then, lent it (their debt that they created out of their a$$) in good (NO, great!) faith to be paid back in FULL (by us), at interest to make a profit…FOR THEMSELVES. NICE

        They created fake money in the form of paper bills, 1, 0’s on a balance sheet and collected (OUR) real hard earned value from production, sweat of ones back, toil, legal business transactions of real goods that were paid for with same…or whatever you would like to call it.

        THEY, because THEY could/can, created a lie, something make believe, into play with the only thought of F#$%^*g us. They are stealing our productivity. They do not like being in the middle of anything. They ultimately created fake “funds” to collect real earned productivity from our backs with the hope of just getting everything that we have worked for when we die…or in many cases just “give up”. They ultimately get ALL tangible assets without using anything of their own or anything real. Nothing but a lie, to enslave you eternally.

        Nothing, about the origination of this BS is legal or moral…when the masses wake up, no one, I repeat, NO ONE will be worried one bit about paying these bastards back. What happens then is now being discussed and predicted all over the web daily. Better have a serious plan for your families survival. Hope I made sense.

        Fear not…and…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • FC

          Mate, there’s a lot of passion in your blog and it all made perfect sense.

        • Russ McMeans

          Last man standing: I’m in the situation where your last paragraph ends. And Chase Bank is very unhappy with me. But I’m happy!

        • Cuzca

          Citizens for the most part are oblivious to the economic bubbles they blow. Let’s see, JFK was shot in 63, by 64 silver was removed from currency and we suffered the gulf of Tonkin “event.” After Vietnam we were left with a fiat currency.
          This wasn’t all bad because as the reserve currency we were able to establish the petro dollar which allowed us to export fiat dollars for real stuff.
          The wealth privilege of the petro dollar allowed boomers to not notice the outsourcing of industry.
          After the housing and stock market crash of 2008, a new bubble was blown. By blowing a bubble in bonds with 0% interest rates, the housing and stock market were reinflated successfully.
          The petro dollar was able to maintain reserve currency status without terrorism so long as it maintained its value and had a return. Now with near 0 interest rates, reserve currency status is threatened if the current bond bubble results in a devalued dollar.
          If the gold in Fort Knox was stolen, our country has suffered a great robbery of wealth. A new currency, perhaps a real estate backed currency may emerge.
          This is why President Trump would like to reindustrialize the US preemptively declaring a war on bubble economics.

    • ross

      There is a lot of money in the upper middle class in the form of shares, bonds ,realestate and derivatives but the vast majority do not have the savings or earning capacity to be part of inflationary pressures thus withstand harsher economic times. The rush for safe assets will be by this upper middle class and the few who have some savings. Just reported that Australian Billionaire James Packer is selling up major assets. He lives in CA and has net worth $3 billion.

      • Paul ...

        A movement by the upper middle class to convert digital and paper assets to silver is beginning … in God’s World Order each individual becomes a private bank (securing their own savings at home in silver) … the banksters are fighting this movement anyway they can … as it destroys their business model where people currently deposit their life savings (in banker issued toilet paper money) with them so it can eventually be stolen by the banksters in a bail-in!!!

    • Custard

      You want to act against the Deep State sign the petition now.

      Petition Title: Memo4Trump x 100% not 27% x Unity Act Against the Deep State Now!

      Donald Trump is both an accidental president, and a fringe president (elected by 27%). He is in grave danger x unlike Barack Obama (elected by 26%), Donald Trump is under attack from the Deep State.

      xThe enemy of my enemy is my friend.x Our common enemy, across America, is the Deep State.

      A violent American Spring is coming, the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent to mobilize protesters who will replicate the violent misbehaviour at Berkeley, across the land.

      Please meet with Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, and Robert Steele as soon as possible.

      • Robert Lykens

        I keep repeating on here that Cynthia McKinney is not who you think she is. She’s a deep-dyed Progressive leftist with one foot in the Communist camp. Why in the world would anyone seek the thoughts and advice of a pro-abortion/pro-homosexual-adoption/pro-Big Nanny Government/socialist/black-victim-mentality/pro-reparations/global-warming/Hussein Obama-admiring leftist when there are plenty of strong, smart, conservative thinkers out there?

        • Robert Lykens

          Greg, if you want to bring on someone with a fascinating, realist, common sense viewpoint on what’s going on in the world today, try:
          Christian speaker Tom Horn

          or John Bolton.

        • Benjamin Johnson

          Nomi Prins comes to mind.

    • Panopticon

      Yep, in a deflationary collapse, cash is king. Hence all the faux news about banning it. Will never happen. TPTB did get one thing right in their fake narrative: Cash is a conduit for crime. And we all know who are the biggest criminals. Can you imagine the corrupt political class purchasing hookers and the Deep State running the drug trade through blockchain technology? Yeah, right…

      Informative show, as usual. Keep up the good work, Greg!

      • Paul ...

        Paper cash has as its “king” Satan … silver cash has God as its “king” … the type of cash you hold determines “which king” you serve!!

    • Robert S

      The Exchange Stabilization Fund is the dark pool of money that has been stepping up and buying the bonds according to Rob Kirby.

      • Diogenes Shrugged

        Robert S: Rob Kirby could be right about that, but only up to a point, because the bond market is so much larger than any cash the ESF might have access to. I’m sticking to my guns on this. Cascading defaults will wipe out counter-parties all the way down. As Michael Hudson says, “Debts that can’t be repaid won’t be repaid,” and U.S. government bonds have inflated in quantity to such an extent that they will plainly become un-redeemable.

        As Panopticon says, a deflationary collapse will render cash (and, I’ll add, possibly crypto-currencies) king. Everybody needs to get as much small-denomination cash out of the bank as they can, because after the banks shut down, it will become the only universal medium of exchange.

        It seems like nearly every esteemed pundit in the independent media is predicting a dollar crash, hyperinflation and/or end of fiat. Every one of them is utterly, totally mistaken. Far and away, most people do not have a clue when it comes to conducting commerce with precious metals or crypto-currencies. When you go to sell your precious metals or crypto’s, the amount of cash you receive will depend entirely on how much cash is still in circulation.

        • Russ McMeans

          I must say this is one of the best most knowledgeable posts I’ve seen for some time. Thank you!

    • Jean-David

      The cash to redeem US bonds will come from the US Federal Reserve that will “print” it, further inflating away the value of the US dollar.

    • Paul ...

      A lot of “bit coin” wealth is already disappearing … you don’t want any people between you and your savings … a silver coin in hand is better then a “bit coin” in the bush …

    • Miggy

      This is a propoganda piece. This guy says the Mexican immigrants want to assimilate. Hogwash. They want to take over the country and make it spanish with Mexican heritage. Just look out west and the protests with Mexican flags.

      Mexicans are sending money back home to Mexico as well. Too much violence coming from Mexican immigrants with drug dealers, gangs, and the whole bit. Plus they are a drain on our societal resources. Send them back if they are illegal, period.

  2. pat the rat

    This guy is smarter then hell ,two forms money one fixed the other not good ideal.

    • Thomas

      Anyone with a printing press can create money. The holy grail of money printing has been how to keep it from losing value as quickly as you print it. The power / authority to create money is like a super power. They will never give up this power. If the money looses value, they lose their power. We are at a point of maximum debt. The only way out is print or default. I look for a selective default. If you are politically connected, your bonds will be paid (printed). If you are not politically connected your bonds will suddenly be “suspect” or , maybe, your bonds are suspected to be the fruit of some nefarious criminal activity and should be “asset forfeited”. Anyways they will refuse to print the money to pay your bonds in an effort to keep the almighty paper from dying. This is the best of both worlds (for them). Lots of money for them and none for you.

    • Paul ...

      Yes pat … H Salinas Price is spot on about putting silver coins in circulation in Mexico … by doing so … Mexico will help to stop the illegal alien problem and need for us even having a wall in the first place (a sound currency in Mexico along with the US denying all the free benefits hopping the wall provides … will help to keep Mexicans at home)!

  3. The Helper

    His opinions on the economy and markets is valid , however, he should keep his opinions on illegal immigration to himself.

    • JC, the legal illegal

      Relax. It is Just an opinión and not binding on the USA. Besides, since when does the USA listens to anybody?

    • Dan

      Why should he keep his opinions to himself? Because YOU don’t agree with him? LOL – Give me a break!

    • Julie Tyra

      Exactly let him take a peek at the other Mexican border … NOW THATS A FENCE !
      I could care less if anyone in Mexico has their nose of of joint about the wall and who will be paying for it. I see the western union in our local grocery store with everyone in line SENDING MONEY BACK OVER THE BORDER. I thing they better change the sheets and get the guest towels ready OVER THERE.

  4. ross

    Hugo thinks like me. I said a few years ago we should have a silver coin with no face value that changes value according to how much money they print. This would be a good inflation hedge.Yes they will now smash the metals as hard as they can to buy them up cheap and cause panic selling amongst the masses. Now Texas wants Bitcoin ,silver and gold as a competing currency.

  5. Dabrake

    It is seldom discussed why so many Mexicans cross the border illegally. Massive corruption, violent narcotic gangs, a rigid class system dominated by a small number of corrupt families. Mexico should be an oasis for their people. Abundant agriculture, beautiful resorts, precious metals and minerals, a willing work force. While American businesses happily exploit cheap Mexican labor – American taxpayers have been handed the enormous bill for the generous social services provided these non-citizens. If one follows the money, the elites on both sides of the border are likely profiting from the misery.

  6. Rick Geisler

    I had to agree with Mr. Price in his statement about the neo cons. The worst thing that could happen to the Pentagon is peace. If one is in business for war why would you want anything else. Eisenhower was ahead of his time.

    • Robert Lykens

      Everybody wants peace but we have to be ready to fight and destroy those like Kim Jong-Un who threaten us and our friends.

    • Paul ...

      The “deep state” (and their disinformation deception agency the CIA) like a malignant cancer wants and needs continual war to survive … they promote war by spying and finagling ways to put countries at each others throats (like they recently did eavesdropping on Trump at Trump Tower to create a Russian problem) … and they spy to create civil war at home (by spying on their own people in contradiction to the peoples Constitutional rights to privacy) … Wicki-leaks has just revealed some “evil facts” about the CIA with their recent “Vault 7 data release” … where the CIA has been found to be putting microphones in our TV sets and cell phones to spy on and listen to us in violation of our Constitutional right to privacy (even when our TV and cell phones are turned off)!!


    The Devil and the demons influence mankind so much that the Bible says: “The Evil One controls the whole world.” (1 John 5:19, NewCentury Version) The Bible identifies ways that the Devil exerts this influence on people.
    Deception. The Bible encourages Christians to “fight against the devil’s evil tricks.” (Ephesians 6:11, NCV ) One of his tricks is to deceive people into believing that his agents are actually servants of God.—2 Corinthians 11:13­15.
    Spiritism. The Devil misleads people through spirit mediums, fortune­tellers, and those who practice
    divination or astrology. (Deuteronomy 18:10­12) Drug use, hypnotism, and meditation techniques that empty the mind also expose a person to demon control.—Luke 11:24­26.
    False religion. Religions that teach false doctrines mislead people into disobeying God.
    (1 Corinthians 10:20) The Bible calls such false beliefs “teachings of demons.”—1 Timothy 4:1.
    Possession. The Bible records cases of evil spirits taking control of individuals. Sometimes demon possessed
    people were struck blind or mute or even injured themselves.—Matthew 12:22; Mark 5:2­5.

    You need not live in dread of demon control, for the Bible shows how you can successfully oppose the Devil:
    Learn to recognize the Devil’s methods so that you are “not ignorant of his designs.”—2 Corinthians 2:11.
    Take in knowledge from the Bible, and then apply what you learn. Applying Bible principles will protect you from the Devil’s influence.—Ephesians 6:11­18.
    Get rid of anything connected with demon activity. (Acts 19:19) That includes music, books, magazines, posters, and videos that encourage spirit-ism.

    • Russ McMeans

      I interpret all this biblical stuff in common sense street smarts: when I see the Marxist socialist left rabidly clamoring for more Muslim immigrants in Germany, Sweden, Britian, France & America, and calling for the death of white people, then I see Satan impersonafied…..

  8. Frederick

    I keep reading about this “Vault 7” stuff from Wikileaks Is it as damaging to the deep state as they say?

  9. James Brown

    Thanks for another great interview.
    Look at you going international with Mr. Salinas Price.
    Martin Armstrong says DJIA at 28,000-40,000.
    With interest rates rising stocks will rise not crash.
    Look at 2005-2007 the DJIA went from 9,000 to 14,000, more than a 50Percent increase.
    Capital will move from the bond market to the stock market pushing the DJIA to 40,000ish.
    Please get my man Martin Armstrong back on. I would like to balance what Martin says with what Clif High, Charles Jenner, Hugo etc. all say.
    Downtown James Brown

    • Russ McMeans

      Martin is one of the crazy best! He wrecks my financial world view, but that’s what makes him so good..

  10. Dezzmond

    Carlos Salinas Price,
    With age comes wisdom and Mr. Price
    you are a very wise man.

    • Brad

      Building a wall might be a sign of weakness, but so is being afraid of being called “racist”. But that is the world we live in. Even the once-feared Germans would rather simply go extinct than be called “racist”.

      Non-whites constantly calling white countries “racist” as those white countries gradually genocide themselves with immigration is the most extreme form of insult there is. I truly fear for the future of my country (New Zealand), yet all I hear is that “racism” is the problem.

      Mexicans constantly talk about “reconquista” and that is not insulting? La Raza openly states they wish to wipe out “Anglos” from Mexico to Canada, and that isn’t insulting?

      • Russ McMeans

        When they call us racist for opposing Muslim immigration, you’re looking at at pure evil. Especially if you know what the Koran teaches.

  11. Frederick

    When Mr Price refers to the deep state creating havoc in Mexico should they abandon fiat currency and monetize silver is obviously true The question is “WHO” is this “deep state” and why can’t they be exposed and routed out?

  12. red

    I like Hugo, very defensive about the immigration stuff, but remember he does’
    LIVE in Mexico!!…if I lived there i’d say exactly the same thing. On the markets I think he’s
    wrong big time , for one reason, if the markets collapse not one government worker will
    get their IRA entitlements, nope they’ll go the same way as Japan.. the ppts will step in
    and buy the market…I know they hate Trump but not enough to shoot their retirements
    to hell…hyperinflation some time before 2020-25 JUST MY OPINION

  13. Robert Lykens

    Price of gold and silver in Weimar Republic Marks January 1919 to November 1923:

    Jan. 1919
    Silver 12
    Gold 170

    May. 1919
    Silver 17
    Gold 267

    Sept. 1919
    Silver 31
    Gold 499

    Jan. 1920
    Silver 84
    Gold 1,340

    May 1920
    Silver 60
    Gold 966

    Sept. 1921
    Silver 80
    Gold 2,175

    Jan. 1922
    Silver 249
    Gold 3,976

    May. 1922
    Silver 375
    Gold 6,012

    Sept. 1922
    Silver 1899
    Gold 30,381

    Jan. 1923
    Silver 23,277
    Gold 372,447

    May. 1923
    Silver 44,397
    Gold 710,355

    June 5, 1923
    Silver 80,953
    Gold 1,295,256

    July 3, 1923
    Silver 207,239
    Gold 3,315,831

    Aug. 7, 1923
    Silver 4,273,874
    Gold 68,382,000

    Sept. 4, 1923
    Silver 16,839,937
    Gold 269,429,000

    Oct. 2, 1923
    Silver 414,484,000
    Gold 6,631,749,000

    Oct. 9, 1923
    Silver 1,554,309,000
    Gold 24,868,950,000

    Oct. 16, 1923
    Silver 5,319,567,000
    Gold 84,969,072,000

    Oct. 23, 1923
    Silver 7,253,460,000
    Gold 1,160,552,662,000

    Oct. 30, 1923
    Silver 8,419,200,000
    Gold 1,347,070,000,000

    Nov. 5, 1923
    Silver 54,375,000,000
    Gold 8,700,000,000,000

    Nov. 13, 1923
    Silver 108,750,000,000
    Gold 17,400,000,000,000

    Nov. 30, 1923
    Silver 543,750,000,000
    Gold 87,000,000,000,000

    • Robert Lykens

      This is the reason to own gold/silver: not as an investment but because when a loaf of bread costs a billion dollars, your gold is worth a trillion dollars.

      • FC

        It’s the only insurance policy that has no annual premiums.

    • Jerry

      That’s astounding!

    • Mike R

      And yet Robert, that 87,000,000,000 was only worth $20.67 US Dollars at that time. Which is what the fixed price per ounce of gold was at that time. Until later, it too got “re-valued” to $35. (circa 1936)

      • Frederick

        Mike that’s the point You always have wealth with precious metals even when the cash in your pocket or bank account becomes worthless

    • Paul ...

      Robert … just for fun I put some current dates and silver prices (in Dollars) side by side with your price of silver (in Marks) for Weimar Republic data of January 1919 to November 1923 just to get the feel of true magnitude of the possible rapid price rise in silver over the next 4 years as the monetary system collapses!!

      Jan. 1919 2017
      Silver 12 $14
      Gold 170

      May. 1919 2017
      Silver 17 $17
      Gold 267

      Sept. 1919 2017
      Silver 31 $31
      Gold 499

      Jan. 1920 2018
      Silver 84 $84
      Gold 1,340

      May 1920 2018
      Silver 60 $60
      Gold 966

      Sept. 1921 2019
      Silver 80 $80
      Gold 2,175

      Jan. 1922 2020
      Silver 249 $249
      Gold 3,976

      May. 1922 2020
      Silver 375 $375
      Gold 6,012

      Sept. 1922 2020
      Silver 1899 $1899
      Gold 30,381

      Jan. 1923 2021
      Silver 23,277 $23,277
      Gold 372,447

      May. 1923 2021
      Silver 44,397 $44,397
      Gold 710,355

      June 5, 1923 2021
      Silver 80,953 $80,953
      Gold 1,295,256

      July 3, 1923 2021
      Silver 207,239 $207,239
      Gold 3,315,831

      Aug. 7, 1923 2021
      Silver 4,273,874 $4,273,874
      Gold 68,382,000

      Sept. 4, 1923 2021
      Silver 16,839,937 $16,839,937
      Gold 269,429,000

      Oct. 2, 1923 2021
      Silver 414,484,000 $414,484,00
      Gold 6,631,749,000

      Oct. 9, 1923 2021
      Silver 1,554,309,000 $1,554,309,000
      Gold 24,868,950,000

      Oct. 16, 1923 2021
      Silver 5,319,567,000 $5,319,567,000
      Gold 84,969,072,000

      Oct. 23, 1923 2021
      Silver 7,253,460,000 $7,253,460,000
      Gold 1,160,552,662,000

      Oct. 30, 1923 2021
      Silver 8,419,200,000 $8,419,200,000
      Gold 1,347,070,000,000

      Nov. 5, 1923 2021
      Silver 54,375,000,000 $54,375,000,000
      Gold 8,700,000,000,000

      Nov. 13, 1923 2021
      Silver 108,750,000,000 $108,750,000,000
      Gold 17,400,000,000,000

      Nov. 30, 1923 2021
      Silver 543,750,000,000 $543,750,000,000 ($543.75 Trillion for one silver ounce)
      Gold 87,000,000,000,000

      • Robert Lykens

        I’m rich!

    • Benjamin Johnson

      Seems that the silver to gold ratio was 14-16, more importantly on Nov 30th 1923 What would 543,750,000,000 worth of silver actually buy you? $20-30?

  14. Tom

    Mr. Price, what about the Mexican immigration laws?

    • Faith

      Tom, great question! I quit listening at the 10-minute mark because of this guys comments about Trump being a psychopath and lazy Americans that don’t want to do the work that the poor Mexicans do. Give me a break! This guy wouldn’t stop about how Trump has hurt the feelings of Mexicans and offended them. Really? Drop the machismo nonsense about being so offended. Ask Americans how offended we are by having to pay to support illegals that don’t work, that show up in the US to abuse the system while we educate their children and provide them with every advantage. Who pays for those advantages so freely handed out? I can tell you, the US Taxpayer. The US citizen that goes to work, pays taxes and owns property and pays property taxes which fund the local schools and provide other services.

      For every migrant that works in the fields there are 98 that move to a city to collect welfare checks. In some areas of NY (Watters interviewed people in that area and it was on his Sunday show) the people can barely speak English and think that being an illegal is an acceptable way to live! If your first act upon arriving in another country is to break the law what makes these people think they have any rights to become a legal citizen? They have no right! If they disrespect American that much, they need to leave, and return home. The US has been a dumping ground for Mexico’s poor and criminals for decades. This guy isn’t the only one that is insulted. I am not only insulted by the arrogance of Mexico but I am insulted by having to pay for them to off-shore their poor.

      Enough. Build the wall and build it high!

      Try showing up in Mexico without being able to provide for yourself while you are there and see how long you last before you are deported or locked up!

      • Russ McMeans

        Thank you Faith! Amen! Here here!
        Btw: due to cheap immigrant labor, my wages as a highly skill house craftsman have been restricted. People want cheap these days! So I get an EBT card and MEDI-CAL
        Insurance. I used to care, but when I see the wealthy I work for complain about my price next to cheap Mexican labor, then I will do what I have to to make ends meet and they can pick up the tab through the back door. And when they do fire me and hire cheap, then they complain about the cheap.
        ONLY WHITE EUROPEAN/AMERICANS TREAT THEIR OWN WITH UTTER CONTEMPT! ….. now the immigrants, they always look out for their own kind, like family. But most whites don’t- they have no loyalties!

        • Russ McMeans

          Oh I forgot to mention the wealthy complaining in the context of buying really expensive cars, trucks and every other thing imaginable while trying to get me to work for almost free!
          I’m starting to just tell people ” why don’t you hire a Mexican?- they’re cheaper!”

          • Charles H

            I live in Mexico. Spending cheap for work gets old real fast. After three of four workmen doing the same job – and STILL leaving it badly… ?
            You need to point to one of their nice, expensive cars and ask – ‘Do you want Mercedes work; or do you want rusty, Chevy-truck work?’ – and point out the driveway.

  15. Tom Dillin

    Greg, thank you for your interview with Mr. Price; I always love to hear him speak. Many US states (15) have tried to pass gold and silver legislation over the past ten years. So far, only Utah has been successful, but it has been slow to implement. They are trying to correct this problem this year with additional legislation. Here in Idaho we got one gold and silver bill to pass the House, but it failed in the Senate. Arizona got a bill to the governor, but she vetoed it. The idea of market valuation for silver that Mr. Price talked about is important for successful implementation. A silver standard or set conversion value in USDs won’t work. The face “value” should be one troy ounce or fractions/multiples thereof, which of course would fluctuate in USD value. That’s OK because it would be a parallel currency. All currencies fluctuate. The British called their currency the British pound. We could call it the Idaho ounce or Mexico could call it the Mexican ounce. The only problem after that (in the US) is the federal government’s capital gains tax. There are solutions to that, but this is getting too long.

  16. Daniel

    America can’t collapse. We’re as powerful as Ancient Rome.,

    • Frederick

      I’m not so sure The Romans had a huge advantage over the barbarians in weaponry The US today not so much

    • Job

      America Can’t Collapse — what a brilliant idea!

  17. Turbo

    Mr Price is just another talking head for Mexican Politicians. I will you give you another right Americans have Hugo, which is to 100% boycott anything from and related to Mexico- vacations, products, service companies. restaurants and stores that employ illegals, and on and on. Personally I consider it my duty as an American to do so.

  18. HandsomeHank

    Gresham’s Law will ensure that the silver coins disappear faster than a rabbit gets laid. who wants a fiat currency with inflation when you can get paid in real money that increases in value. In the end when nobody wants the paper there will be a silver standard.

  19. Jerry

    According this report America’s banking system is now ranked third globally in economic strength and stability.

    Now I ask you, come April 21st when the IMF World Bank Board of governors meets to reset the currency weights in the IMF basket, what case can the United States possibly present to the IMF to help retain its present currency weight, and trading peg, when its ranked third in economic strength?

    As March 15th approaches, I have no doubt that Congress will raise the debt ceiling to avoid default. What else can a third world banana republic do, other than lie and print money? With the United States essentially broke, and the IMF looking for money to bailout the European Central Banks and avoid bail-ins (see next link), there is no way on Gods green earth that China is going to allow the United States to override their vote, and retain reserve currency status come April 21. Mr. Price is right. The bond market is set to explode.

    • Jerry

      Bail-ins suggested to help save the Italian Banks. How far behind can Greece be?

    • Jerry

      Here is one of the worlds oldest banks on the verge of total collapse. Check out their stock chart.
      It looks like a ski jump. Right now they need somebody to pony up 15 billion dollars to keep them solvent. Who’s going to loan it? The united states? Hardly. Germany? They’re dealing with Deutsche Bank. Its like a Bruce Lee Movie. Enter the Dragon.
      This is what China has been waiting for. This is the reason for the Silk Road Project.
      With one fowl swoop China can scoop up the entire European Union and its banks. Gold Vaults are in place in both London and Frankfort along with currency swap trading platforms all throughout the EU. This is it Greg. The moment of impact is approaching.

      • Jerry

        Like I said. The Chinese are on a buying spree. They are buying up the ECB and along with it probably Deutsche Bank.

        Side note Greg: Because most Americans live in normalcy bias they won’t be able to connect the dots. If the European Central Banks sign a deal with China they will not be using the dollar for trade. There is no way the Chinese will bail them out and let them cast the Yuan aside. In addition common sense would tell you that Christine Lagarde would do anything to save the European Union for the IMF and that means cutting the dollar loose. But hey denial is easy. It doesn’t require you to do anything. Just ask an alcoholic.

    • JMiller


      I saw nothing in that report that says that America’s banking system is now ranked third globally in economic strength and stability. There is a link in that article that goes to a Financial Times article which does show that the U.S. banks are the third largest in total assets behind China and the Eurozone but of course asset size is not a measure of strength and stability. We all know that the largest banks are not the safest. And the U.S. banking system is certainly better than that of the Eurozone.

      • Jerry

        So you say. Name the last time an American Bank, any Bank, signed a deal with someone. The PBOC do them weekly. By your measure you would have thought we were the ones that loaned three trillion dollars to the Chinese. Ordinarily I would view your opinion as being optimist, but my gut tells me a its a another cover for denial.

        • JMiller


          Once again that report says nothing about America’s banking system being ranked third globally in economic strength and stability or who is even first or second. I know you probably think China is first but who is second? Certainly not the EU?

  20. al

    CNN/CNBC/ABC/NBC/CBS/MSNBC TAKE NOTE! This is how an Interview is conducted no matter what the opinion being put forth by the Interviewee (Hugo S. Price). Notice, Greg is a gracious gentleman and DOES NOT INTERRUPT AND TALK OVER!

    As for what Mr. Price said, I disagree, but that’s what makes thought provoking TRUE NEWS MEDIA!

    AWESOME as usual Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al.

      • Russ McMeans

        Awesome interview Greg! We love your news website. And the readers ( so far) are more civil than many other sites.
        Thank you again!

  21. WK Swanson

    Me encanta este hombre…hace tanto tanto sentido. Gracias, Greg.
    (I love this guy … it’s so much sense. Thank you.)

  22. TheThinBlueLine|MaCombCountyMi.

    Bypassing The American People For The Media Puppets

    [It is disappointing that the CIA would provide information on this issue to the Washington Post and NBC but will not provide information to elected members of Congress]
    Senator Ron Johnson (R.Wis.)

    CIA Refuses to Brief Homeland Security Chairman on Russian Hacking

    WASHINGTON — Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, had this to say following news that the CIA refused to provide a briefing on the issue of Russian hacking in the United States.

    “The cyberattack capabilities of America’s rivals and adversaries [and now found out including our own CIA] are significant and represent a real and growing threat to our security and world peace and stability. As chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, I returned to Washington this week and requested the CIA to provide a briefing on Russia’s cyber capabilities and its involvement with the U.S. presidential election. The CIA refused this request. It is disappointing that the CIA would provide information on this issue to the Washington Post and NBC but will not provide information to elected members of Congress.”
    Notice Rachel says in the beginning, happy Thursday not Monday Published on Jan 30, 2017. I saw that show which aired Thursday December 15th 2016 on MSNBC. This is all I could find of the show. It is not the full show. It just shows the hit piece on Putin raping mother Russia, not the tie in with Trump and Tillerson on the rape, that was on the original airing of the show. That begs the question Rachel Maddow, whom told you all that Bunk and I dare you to post the whole December 15th show on youtube like you do your other shows and not a fake piece with Joy Ried! MSNBC decided it must have been too reveling to post the show like it’s normally done on youtube so why did they post the Chris Matthews HardBall show subbed by Joy-Ann Reid. Where is the real December 15th Rachel Maddow show?
    Rachel closes and reveals her sources, [according to some officials/CIA?] Russia was compiling dirt on Trump cause he was helpin em find places to put their money
    and she ends with, I feel like i’m finally starting to understand this?
    Yes Rache, lets thank those unknown officials for your new found understanding thats been proven total intel disinformation bunk!

    Buzzfeed was the first to take the bait of CIA/John McCain Bunk.
    The president-elect called Buzzfeed a “failing pile of garbage” at his press conference.

    Rachel I guess the truth is much more confusing than your
    Unknown officials understanding they so kindly gave you!

    Must See Sean Hannity
    Plus, Monica Crowley hits the nail on the head with a powerful and truthful analogy of what’s going on with the attacks on Trump! Smart and beautiful! She was the canary in the coal mine, also and nervous Mika, LOL!

    • TheThinBlueLine|MaCombCountyMi.

      Oops, here’s Sean Hannity, Monica & Mika. Must see!

      • Greg Hunter

        I watched this and it was good especially Monica!!! It’s in the middle of the show and everyone should watch. Thank you for this.

      • JC Davis

        Is there another link ?
        “SEAN HANNITY – 3/7/17 FULL …” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Fox News Network, LLC

    • Russ McMeans

      I have an idea, Trump should defund the CIA. Use the reason: it’s been infiltrated by foreign entities.

  23. Dana McMichael

    Greg, you have a better-than-most broadcast; and this guest was beneath the quality and dignity of your site’s reputation. I was utterly unimpressed with your guest’s “insights” and was contemptuous of his perception of his country’s criminal invasion of the USA. His understanding of the ramifications of a silver coin in Mexico fails to consider the internal war-state of his country, and the rule by crime bosses throughout Mexico.

    Your professionalism, however, was the one bright spot in this broadcast. You could have ripped through his arguments, and it appeared you were tempted to do so; but that is not your purpose; and you maintained true to your objective. A stellar performance by you—An interview I will quickly want to forget, thanks to the juvenile ponderings of your guest.

    • This sceptred Isle

      “I was utterly unimpressed with your guest’s “insights” and was contemptuous of his perception of his country’s criminal invasion of the USA.”

      LOL. Just as well America hasn’t criminally invaded anywhere then.

  24. David H

    Given that we are close to a crises I have a question. If I’m stuck in 401 k at work in stocks or bonds which is safer? Clearly neither one is safe but some of us are trapped and not allowed to move that money.

    • Petedivine

      Most 401k plans have an option for short term government bonds. That’s what I put my money into. I use my 401k to soak up some of my commissions which can be taxed at 50%. I use my 401k as my unemployment reserve. I’m not A financial advisor. Government short term debt doesn’t keep up with inflation but it’s a super safe and is a very liquid market. Hope that helps broaden your thinking.

    • Charles H

      David H,

      Get an expert. You may be TOLD you cannot change it, or move it – but that may only be those who re making money off you. If you can’t change it – who’s is it? Contact those in who you WOULD change to, and ask them: they’ll know how it can be done. Even a lawyer can decipher the fine print and give a straight answer.

    • JMiller


      First, some 401k plans allow active employees to withdrawal their money from the 401k plan while still being employed with the company once they reach a certain age.

      Second, you should have a money market fund or a perhaps what is known as a stable value fund to choose from in your 401k plan. Usually these are safer than stock or bond funds. I say usually because not all money market funds or stable value funds are the same. Plus not all stock funds and bond funds are the same so it would be hard for any one to tell you which is safer with what little info was given. Do you have other savings outside of this 401k plan? Do you have some physical precious metals which is important as far as being a portfolio diversifier and as insurance against things like hyperinflation? Diversification is a good thing so having a small percentage in stocks and bonds relative to your overall portfolio is not that bad even if the longer-term outlook for stocks and bonds are not that good. No one knows how close we are to a crisis, or how long it will take to play out, or how bad it will be, so some stocks and bonds may not suffer the huge losses as some are predicting.

      • Jerry

        I hope your E&O Insurance is paid up.

        • JMiller

          Why Jerry? In case you do not know I do not need it. Plus the fact is everything I said above is true.

    • Robert Lykens

      Easy to say when you live in a country on whose one-time “empire” the sun set long ago.

      • Robert Lykens

        Sorry, this was to “This Sceptered Isle’s” last comment above.

  25. PamelaR

    Sensible, rational, well thought out with a hint of humility and great to listen to. Thanks Greg for having Hugo as a guest.

  26. Butkus

    Hugo is a brilliant man, he’s also one of the elite. He’s involved in setting up a New World Order with no borders. That’s why he is against the border wall plans. President Trump is putting a halt to their plans. Many people from other counties, and the middle east are coming through the Mexican border. Other than the border issue, another great interview Greg !

  27. Chip

    SO GLAD to see HSP on again Greg! Thanks… Chip

  28. Lars

    Didn’t get past his wall rant. Another rich Mexican looking to dump their poor.

    Like too many other commentators… he’s pushing metals… which i bet he owns a mine load.

    • Brad

      Mexico full of nasty low IQ dirty mongrels nobody wants.
      They send them to the US and let the “racists” deal with them. Ha ha take that gringos, whadya gonna do now? We’ll call you racist if you don’t like it. Ha ha.

      US lets them in but Mexico MOST DEFINITELY does not want them back. Who’s being “racist” now then?

      • Scott Miller

        Look what Greg hunter allows to be posted.

        Too bad you can’t compare t with what he censored.


        • Greg Hunter

          I am not here for you to dump condescending and insulting comments on my free site. You want totally uncensored speech–start you own site. First Amendment applies to government censoring speech and since I deployed my own capital and worked for zero pay for several years starting this, I don’t qualify as “government.” Yes, “I built this.” I am sure for a brain like you it would be easy for you to do. Try not acting like a condescending dope calling people “idiot” and “just plain stupid” maybe try adding something instead of what you are doing.

          • Jerry

            You should know by now Scott loves to hide in the weeds and take pot shots. He has nothing of substance to contribute.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Jerry. I am happy you do!!!

          • Scott Miller

            Why not hunter?

            You do IT Evert week

            And the Nice dags are gone

            You did that

            Live with it you hypocrite


            • Greg Hunter

              You are done here. Start you own site and insult the two people that will visit. Don’t bother to comment again.

        • Tin foil hat

          SCOTT MILLER,
          Are you an American or British?
          I assume you are an European British.
          Freedom of speech is not pretty, you take the good with the bad.

          • Scott Miller


            I do

            Good advice

            Hunter doesn’t


            • Greg Hunter

              No Scott,
              USAW does not exist for you to feel better about your self by posting condescending pompous comments.

  29. JC Davis

    If the immigrants are removed the farmers will have to buy machinery to do the work. Then pass the cost onto the buyers of goods. Set up camps to contain the illegals that work. The wall not work no more then a prostitution bust in a bad area. They will seek another way. Best way to stop a evil deed is to set up a trap into a better way out of the trap.
    MICC I did not know Congress was omitted from Eisenhower’s speech.
    What good is a military without people to protect? 3 EMP blast over the USA would kill millions of the general population , a war with Russia or China would be devastating to the common man in the US. Why have our leaders not hardened the grid for the common people ? This should be at the top of Trumps agenda.
    Greg thanks for having another brilliant mind like Hugo on again.

    • Frederick

      Why you ask? What makes you think our leaders care about the little guy? 911 showed us all how much they care about us didn’t it?

  30. JQP

    Not sure who asked to have this guy on but I for one wouldn’t like to waste even one more minute of my life watching him.

    “On March 15th all hell is going to break loose…” – President Trump is a genius… 1) if the debt ceiling isn’t raised he will have complete control of the money coming in… a.k.a., campaign promise of draining the swamp really happens with abandon; 2) if the debt ceiling is raised… campaign promise of the trillion dollar infrastructure package done.

    His comments regarding illegal Mexican immigrants do jobs Native Americans won’t do… this is so bullshit. If the huge pool of illegal cheap laborers didn’t exist these low paying farm jobs would pay a decent wage and native Americans would work. Sure food prices might go up but that wouldn’t be a bad thing (most Americans should eat less).

    Mexico will pay for the wall one way or another.

    There is a huge amount of wealth in Mexico because they intentionally export the poor.

  31. Corleone

    — Hugo Salinas Price forgot to say that the three heads monster (military, industrialist, and congress) can only live in an environment where Federal Reserve Note functions as the international reserve currency. The monster will scream in pain and slowly die after FRN loses its status as the international reserve currency.

    — Hugo Salinas Price said that apocalypse is upon us. It would have been better if he said “apocalypse now”.

    — Apocalypse means “unfolding” (revelation). It is about the unfolding of both positive and negative things that have been being hidden from the public. Some people will live more peacefully after the unfolding, while some others will live in an ever increasing anxiety.

  32. Dindo

    Mexico monetizing silver really has no downside. Mexico is butt hurt because
    the taxpayers of the U.S.A. does not want to pay for Mexico’s failed economy?
    Really? Ya think? They are NOT Christians. They are criminals. They need to go.
    Sorry. (NOT!) A nation is not a nation without borders. Period.
    Is America afraid of Mexico? It better be.

  33. Nancy

    Well, the Silver was in great abundance in the early 1900’s with Tombstone and Lake Valley strikes….but some Elites(sons of Cain) screwed with the silver market and cause a DEVALUATION in Silver, just like they did, when they told folks “Go West Young Man” plant farms of Wheat, then when there was an abundance of WHEAT they DEVALUED the Wheat MARKET and many lost their farms!!! No different TODAY! Abe Lincoln and JFK suffered the price of a “Debt and Interest FREE CURRENCY” they brought forth! Some want We the People ENSLAVED in a SYSTEM OF DEBT AND INTEREST! Our Currency has Always been “Debt and Interest BEARING”! Try getting EQUITY out of that!

  34. al Hall

    Mr. Price is only semi-correct on why gold and silver have been smashed down- the reason is so the elite’s and their buddies can buy on the cheap. Most people still don’t get it and will buy only as the markets collapse and they hear how fast the metals are sky-rocketing. Most investors buy at the wrong time and to late.
    On another point : he failed to mention when talking about all the illegal Mexicans here- what about what La Raza is up to -specially in the southwestern states and California???
    This group is working with anti-American groups everywhere and there goal is to take back all the southern states from Texas to Calif. =

    • Faith

      La Raza means “the race.” It is a Mexican supremacist organization. Same for another group I learned about last year, La Macha as I recall. The second group is all over the US especially on college and university campuses. They lean far left and are communist mixed in with plain hatred towards white people.

      Many of these groups are funded (in part) by Soros and his many charities. I have no doubt that Soros and friends are attempting to start what is called a color revolution in the US. He has done it in other places.

  35. francis m reps

    Thank you Mr. Hunter for having Mr. Price on. He is insightful and most intelligent. In fact….his comments about Mexico being offended by President Trump are true….but the offense can be blamed primarily on the US Mainstream Media which has ” Spun ” Trump’s words in a most negative way. Mexico will pay for the wall in one way or the other…..but the Spin on this issue was enhanced by people who delight in causing trouble between the two countries. Mr Price is ACCURATE in his analysis of the Warmongering of the US Military / Industrial / Congressional C complex. This is the threat to our future….and most of the public still blindly follows the nonsensical argument that Russia is a major danger to us. In my opinion ; Mr. Price is the smartest man alive , when it comes to a clear picture of what is facing humanity. Nuclear devastation caused by psychopaths in the banking and military system…followed by Geo Engineering activities …ALSO BEING CARRIED ON BY THE SAME ENTITIES…are the major threats to life on earth….possibly the life of our planet as well. Mr. Price’s observations about Silver are glaringly obvious to any intelligent person who understands history. Thank you again, Mr. Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good points. Thank you for making them here.

  36. al Hall

    Greg: as Mr. Price and you mentioned Russia and the need for spending on the “military industrial complex”. I was reminded of this song, “What are we making weapons for, let us begin??”
    If only people would learn from past mistakes- the elite’s are trying to take us here( to war) again! Just listen- it’s all in this song!!!
    John Denver – Let Us Begin –

  37. Mike

    Before i even listen to it.. I say nothing is going to happen on March 15th. Just like all the other doom dates… brexit, Cypres, other debt ceilings… It will be anothet pretend and extend until the unexpected..

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope you are correct.

  38. John Devereaux

    His last statement reminds me of:

    9 “Son of man, prophesy against Gog and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against you, Gog, chief prince of[f] Meshek and Tubal. 2 I will turn you around and drag you along. I will bring you from the far north and send you against the mountains of Israel. 3 Then I will strike your bow from your left hand and make your arrows drop from your right hand. 4 On the mountains of Israel you will fall, you and all your troops and the nations with you. I will give you as food to all kinds of carrion birds and to the wild animals. 5 You will fall in the open field, for I have spoken, declares the Sovereign Lord. 6 I will send fire on Magog and on those who live in safety in the coastlands, and they will know that I am the Lord.
    From a person over 2000 years ago – could the ‘coastlands’ be -> remote islands -> USA?Since we know Magog is the father of the Russian People since God uses ancestors because of the name changes that goes on through history of locations and people.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for this John!!

  39. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good interview HSP. While I really like the idea of a silver coin that has a floating value depending on the exchange rate between silver and the local currency, it will likely never happen until the central bank’s power and control is removed. They are not serving us, they act more like they are ruling us. Time for that to change.

    It’s always good to hear an intelligent discussion on the immigration issue rather than watching talking heads on TV yell on top of each other, neither making their point. A comprehensive immigration policy that allowed for Mexican labor would probably be good. The wall is needed though. Besides jobs, people immigrate to the US because of the rule of law, but along the way, many disregard those very laws. As Pres. Trump has stated many times, the wall will have a great big door in it, he wants all immigrants to pass through the door. Fix the immigration issue on both sides of the border and maybe a wall would not be necessary, but that’s not the case right now.

    I’ll pass on discussing nuclear war. Suffice to say that there will be no winner. The U.S. may end as HSP says, but the rest of the world will be uninhabitable.

    • Tin foil hat

      HSP failed to realize that the government mint silver coin must be worth 2X to 3X the floating value in the fiat currency. If the Mexican silver coin worth as much as the floating value, nobody in his/her sane mind will spend that silver coin. Without the added value, HSP’s suggestion will not only bring about an artificial depression to the Mexico economy, it will create chaos and confusion in the monetary system since the government mint coin would have to compete with APMEX and KITCO.
      I concur with HSP regarding the wall. With a comprehensive and sensible immigration policy, the wall is not needed for the same reason that new immigration laws are not needed. All Trump needs to do is to allow the Border Patrol and ICE do their jobs which they weren’t allowed to do under the Obama administration. I much rather see the money for the wall goes somewhere else like the VA or improving the electric grids against EMP.

  40. Roger D

    Greg, is the thought that Mexicans will eventually switch to the silver currency (real money) and dump the peso (fiat money)?

    • Tin foil hat

      Roger D,
      I believe the answer will eventually be yes and no respectively worldwide.

  41. mushroom

    Thanks Greg. Excellent interview jam packed with irrefutable basic good common sense. In my opinion your best interview yet……

  42. A W Garrett

    I believe Mr. Salinas to be a globalist who has an interest in silver. His statements made me sick to my stomach. He does not care for the American worker at all. Just allow illegal immigrants to work for low wages, come here and collect benefits, and to hell with the American worker. He even said why have a wall. I am confused as to why this globalist is being given a forum. Just because he likes silver does not cut it for me.

    • Brad

      It looks that way.

      Mexico’s real problem is it’s large population of low IQ mestizos. How’s that for an insult?

    • Brad

      BTW here’s a very nice article on the subject.

      It’s written by someone with an uncanny grasp of the English language, in a style designed so that it’s meaning escapes the notice of the, shall we say, less perceptive. It’s also written in a style that makes perfect sense – even Snr Salinas Price could attempt it’s unraveling, but it might take longer than 48 minutes in his case since he has to pay equal respects to his own narrative.

      Americans are lazy, we know that. Mexicans should try moving to Guatemala, I hear the people are even lazier, so Mexicans should be far better off down there.

  43. Linda L.

    Mr. Price is insulted with idea of a southern wall (division), but seems to somewhat understand that regulation of immigration is necessary. If Trump manages to build a grand wall which will likely cost billions to complete, if it isn’t supported with adequate border security, illegals can still climb over or dig under to get through. I wonder if it would be less expensive and more realistic to build modest size towers every so many miles along the southern border with adequate staffing to monitor the regions between each tower? Maybe Mexico would feel less insulted in this scenario, not feeling like they’re being completely cut off as Mr. Price seems to share, and our border security might be better served for less money.

  44. Stan H

    Mexico, and any other country for that matter, will have an easier time gaining acceptance for silver money if instead of denominating the coins in Pesos, they will denominate them in grams. In such a case, merchants and storekeepers who want to take payment in silver will charge for goods and services in terms of grams. Using Pesos or any other name will just add confusion.

  45. Dan Fruth

    So is now a good time to swap gold for silver?

    • Greg Hunter

      I would keep both at 10 (Ag) to 1 (Au).

    • Tin foil hat

      Dan Fruth,
      World production of platinum is 161 T, palladium 208 T, gold 2,400 T and silver 27,000 T.

    • Benjamin Johnson

      Do not forget about Rhodium it’s always good to have some in your portfolio, the price jumped to $10,000 an Oz 2008 on a shortage and you lucky Americans do not have to pay sales tax on it.

  46. frank r poston Jr,

    another dynamite interview!
    Keep the facts and honest informed people coming, Greg !
    May God protect you and all the people of truth from the deep state murder inc.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank!

  47. Tad

    Would next week be a good week for a US false flag against Russia that can’t be won?

    I could grab some snacks to watch it, but incineration may . . . .

  48. JA

    Mexico will pay for the wall. Not in check form, but the USA pays 118 billion dollars a year for illegal benefits. The Wall is estimated to cost 20-25 Billion dollars. Stop illegals 20% will more than pay for the wall. Also illegals send Billions a year back to Mexico to families loved by the Mexican government. A tax on those transfers will also help pay for the wall. Mexico does not like that because less money to the Mexican Government. So yes Mexico will pay for the wall one way or the other. FYI the Mexican people are generally wonderful people. I just want legal immigration.

  49. Mohammad


    Silver/gold will never never and never ever be allowed to be monetized except when Israel decides so for many reasons I talked about on your blog before and it will only be announced there from Jerusalem.
    That is what all those “smart” people do not get, they keep scratching their heads and I keep laughing at how oblivious they are (though it is not a laughable matter).


    • Greg Hunter

      “It’s the evil Jews.” That is a very tired argument.

      • Mohammad

        Jews are not evil, they are god fearing believers.


        • Tracy Welborn

          I don’t understand. Jews don’t worship Allah so how can they be believers?

          • Mohammad

            And they do not worship Jesus too but they are believers in god who created them and the universe.


          • Frederick

            Tracy it’s OK if you stay in denial

    • Charles H

      What happens if it is the Catholic Church which decides to monetize PMs? They have the tonnage, and are making in-roads to China.

      • Mohammad

        You can dream and wish but won’t happen.


        • Charles H

          It isn’t a matter of dreaming, doctor. I find no sources that indicates that Israel has the gold to initiate monetization. It makes sense that only those who rule in the world could make such a thing happen. I don’t find any evidence that Israel is in such a position: but you claim they can?

          • Mohammad

            You are not looking deep enough.


            • Benjamin Johnson

              How many Centuries have the Rothchilds run the world? or should i say the council of 13?

              • Mohammad

                The Babylonian Rothschild?
                After was kicked from Babel to Rome to Venice to Amsterdam to London?
                Yeah for long time…


            • Charles H

              Can one look into the heart of another man, to see the true spiritual state of that person? There may be many powerful, uber-rich people who are of the blood-line of the Jew, or have a name that coincides with such identity: but that doesn’t mean that they are of the Commonwealth of Israel; have no nation or God but themselves; and are disciples of devils. In such case such entities decidedly will not serve or represent Israel. Many companies began in America; grew to be great corporations; and now owe no allegiance to any country – but serve only their own bottom-line.
              The kind of ‘inside’ workings of such families, or the inner-circle of nations: we general populations are no privy to. But with enough thread and dye – someone could weave a scotch kilt. (You are a good man, doc.)

  50. Rock

    Do people realize that Mexico has built its own wall on its southern border with Guatemala? Trump is doing only what Mexico has already done. Why is that never mentioned?
    More importantly, our need for a wall has arisen primarily as a result of foreigners using Mexico as an entry point into the USA, not Mexican citizens that intend to integrate into our society.
    Great interview Greg. Many thanks for your fine work. Your site is a beacon in the night for many of us.

  51. Gadfly

    DO IT ON YOUR OWN ( Buy Old Silver Coins at Home)

    Could not agree more with Hugo !! His (novel) idea to have a parallel silver (peso) coin for “the people” (Campesinos) would help with restoring some wealth for everybody not just the top 1% ( “Keynesian” Central Bankers). As Hugo suggested, having a stronger Mexican currency might reduce the need for average Mexicans to migrate to the U.S. to work, while sending their pay back home to family ( Familia).

    Unfortunately, “the powers that be” in America are not going to support such a “Revolutionary” Reform in Monetary Policy in Mexico or anywhere else. U.S. Bankers just keep badmouthing precious metals. However, there sure is nothing to stop individuals from doing it “on their own” anyway. ( Buying old silver coins in their respective home country and storing them for a “rainy” day ). In the United States, there still are available supplies of old pre-1964 “Junk Silver” coins one can purchase from (precious metals) coin dealers and hold as long term savings.

    Given the abnormally low Dollar (Spot) Price of physical Silver, it seems like a good “value play”, at least- Plus, in the process, you can diversify into some real assets besides overvalued Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate ( in U.S. Markets). Having some Silver Coins may come-in handy later-on ( Insurance) and pay-off someday, as well- If you believe in Silver and not U.S. Fed Paper. You never really know what tomorrow will bring. Nobody really does. Live with increasing uncertainty.

    • Brad

      The US mint churns out silver eagles in MASSIVE quantities. What exactly are you talking about? Whatever it is has escaped me.

      • Petedivine

        If you think the mint produces a lot of silver coins annually, you should see how many Dollars get created.

      • Gadfly


        “Massive Quantities” of Silver Eagles are being turned out annually by the U.S. mint and presumably, the demand for them is gobbling them all up, as well. So, how many people do you know own or buy any kind of silver or gold (bullion) coin from any available mint? Not many own the physical precious metal in any form in my area, or probably any area. Its all a paper trade (ETF), if any. Brokerages make 0% by recommending a physical trade or taking delivery of a paper one.

        So, only a tiny minority of American Citizens have ever even seen a actual silver quarter, pre-1965 ( “Junk Silver”). Many millineals don’t even know what they are or what they mean in terms of “Value”. That’s what I mean, dude. Need a picture ??

        • Brad

          Fair enough, I get your point. Sorry to confuse.
          I guess my point was that apart from extra promotion so milleneals know what they are etc, what exactly is Hugo proposing? Maybe easier convertibility at the bank?

        • Benjamin Johnson

          EVERYBODY at my work owns Silver, Why? Because i spread the word, I made up Double folded Business cards with many web sites on it. Infowars, sgtreport, x22report etc:etc: Everyone i work with is informed and tuned in. Most people are sheep, I’m the sheepdog. I look after my flock.

  52. Larry

    If the Mexicans don’t like the way Trump is handling our government, then they have 2 choices. 1 They can stay in Mexico and don’t cross our border or 2 . They can pack their bags and return to Mexico and enjoy all of the government benefits they won’t have.

  53. Charles H


    There are dynamics of culture that produce great differences. Politicians in Mexico act as if their position gives them the right to milk the government as much as possible, and the tremendous flows of money in government is a ‘milk-cow’. Whatever others on the periphery, mainly syndicates (unions) “touch” the government to the extent of their ability to draw against it, like teachers and petroleum workers. Folks – honesty and integrity doesn’t exist, when something can be obtained.
    A good friend of mine worked under-the-table in summers, substituting for friends in LA on a regular, yearly basis. Then he got a job in a (US) city administration for two years dealing with ‘Latin Affairs’; and they helped him get dual-citizenship. Recently, through an American Consulate: he filed for and now receives Social Security – when he could NEVER have qualified by paying taxes either under the table or by the quarters needed in time to qualify. (He gets way more than me.)
    Mr. Price has a point about Americans not willing to do the hard, back-breaking work – because most Americans are not accustomed to it; and not for the low pay. Immigrants from Mexico ARE; and American wages are multiples more. BUT he is wrong about assimilation. Many, a great proportion are poorly educated and some even illiterate. These won’t begin to go through the official channels to legalize, or even learn the language: but they WILL find the insiders to arrange Food Stamps or EBT Cards, Welfare, Housing: drawing to the max whatever benefits are obtainable – then sit back in ‘Little Mexico’ enclaves, and vote for Hillary.
    There is a ‘super-national’ attitude at work that allows them to desecrate American flags and fly Mexican ones over American soil; and the culture they bring with them doesn’t abate with the location: they would suck the life out of the Unites States and be totally justified to do so because we stole their nation’s prosperity when they lost the war and sold the western third of the USA.
    I love Mexico, and many Mexicans are basically good people; but like with ‘black-sheep’ of anyone’s family: you can’t bury your head in the sand. Mr. Price paints a pretty and predictable picture of his country and compadres: but the FEW who ‘cross-over’, get their papers and citizenship, then work and pay their taxes through life are almost negligible. To handle harvests – only a couple million immigrants are needed seasonally,and work visas can easily arrange this: but some 40 millions of ILLEGALS (or more) are drawing more benefits than most Americans get themselves. What’s wrong with this picture?

    • dbcooper

      Pastor Charles, I wanted to tell you that years ago when the kids were young we would pack up the car in December or January and travel south to Mexico. We stayed at a trailer park in a small town of La Penita on the west coast and it was very pleasant . But as time went on (years) we started to notice the as we would walk into town the ‘Blue Glow’ of the ubiquitous television was increasing in more and more homes and the numbers of people collecting in El Centro were dwindling. It was sad to see because the Mexicans have such a wonderful and cheerful culture and giving spirit. The joys of technology !! We are certainly living in an Orwellian construct (vault 7) and I pray for the President and for our children.
      Yours, DB.

    • Diane

      Charles nails the truth…again…..We live in So. Calif. What he spells out is the truth.

    • FC

      Charles if we are talking about Mexico’s justification of doing what they are doing because America stole their land, then what should be the justification for the Native American Indians towards Mexico for doing the same thing?

      • Charles H

        The America Indian has their own Tribal Lands, Law; and in some states – gambling fortunes: many times more than the American Black man who came out of slavery only just more than 150 years ago. Should the Indians pay retribution to the Blacks for past slavery because they live in America? Enough of grievance.
        I own my own home; but if I don’t pay taxes – who’s is it?

  54. pat the rat

    Just heard the news about JC Pennys 140 more stores to close. Anyone done the math on how munch money store are losing ,and weather internet can make that up?

  55. Doug

    I can not believe you left this guy rattle on for 38 minutes ! BUT, it did give us an inside thinking of this COMMIE , PINKO, Democrat Mexican . Well, if you listen between his words, all the Mexicans coming to the U.S. want all these farms jobs. No, senior Salinas, they want “WELFARE” benefits. You cut them from illegals, Trump could have enough money to build his wall. But, then that worthless Mexican leader will build his wall on his side because he won’t want all that crap, ( his people ) coming back to Mexico. Salinas idea of having a silver coin with “NO” stamped value on it, he said, they would not vanish from circulation. The hell they wouldn’t, they be taken out circulation the minute they’ed hit the streets. Why? because of the silver in them, for example, let’s say they have 1/4, or 1/2 or 1 ounce silver in them, when they come out, they would have a ( perceive ) value of, 1/4 or $5.00 1/2 or $9.00 1 ounce or $18.00. People ( like myself) would say, I’ll bet silver is going up, load up the truck and I think I can find some one that would have no problem melting them down. Next week I want your readers help me figure why 25 tons of gold (a year) get sold at $1590. well, gold is at $1220. Hint, coins and the US. Mint.

    • Brad

      There are already silver coins with no stamped value on them. They are called one ounce rounds, silver eagles, silver maples, etc.
      He should have expanded on this idea and explained what the difference is with what we have now…

      • Dan

        Silver eagles do have a stamped value of $1 – look at one!

      • Tin foil hat

        Silver eagle has $1 stamped value on it.

    • Dan

      Wow – Commie AND pinko! Any intelligent points you attempt to make are obscured by your old man “get off my lawn”-type ranting.

    • Frederick

      Doug The guy owns a huge company in Mexico HOW does that make him a “Commie” That’s ridiculous

  56. Trent

    People are talking about this upcoming debt ceiling March 15th. Question: what is to keep TPTB from simply increasing the ceiling, like they have done EVERY time before???

    • Brad

      They might want to cause extra chaos for Trump to deal with.
      But who knows?

  57. Agent P

    When ‘all Hell is going to break loose’ sentiment becomes the prevailing ‘trend’, sometimes it is best to take the opposite side of that trade, especially when the fixation on a specific date begins turns into a cacophony…

    Not to suggest that there won’t be weeping, wailing & gnashing of teeth over the matter, but unlike the ethereal, this will be mostly political posturing and Charles Schumer-esque grandstanding on a galactic scale. It is not as if Greg Hunter, Hugo Price, Clif High, David Stockman, et alia, have exclusivity to the inevitable outcome of this process. It is a ‘known’…

    Unless the ‘establishment’ is willing to let EBT cards go ‘dark’ and all of the attendant chaotic fun which would certainly abide, the upcoming debt-ceiling hoopla is likely to be short-lived and resolutely $$$resolved. Now then, the ‘aftermath’ of that outcome is an entirely different animal, and the aforementioned experts are likely to be proven correct.

  58. R Scott

    Anymore talk about the wall and Trump and I was going to smash my screen. Who does he think he is!! No longer a fan of Mr. Price

    • Roger D

      Defend our border AND create jobs. Put a bounty on illegal aliens including their ‘anchor babies’. If Florida can pay $4,850 for every python captured, FedGov can easily pay $1,000 per illegal alien.

  59. laurel

    Didn’t Mexico build a wall with Guatemals…mentidoso

  60. Steven

    Mexican citizens who illegally cross into the USA are not immigrants they are invaders. Mexican citizens who follow our immigration laws and come to the USA legally are immigrants. There is a big difference between the two and we should never call the invaders “immigrants…”

  61. dbcooper

    Greg, Not to disparage your work and with respect … I found this interview w/ Senor Price to be a bit difficult to bear with, he is a very smart hombre but he was ranting today. When asked about why aliens come to the USA, a one word answer would have sufficed and that would be ‘welfare’ … or you could expound a bit and say ‘Bernie’s Free SH*T’. On a similar point why is it that most folks including your guest seem to miss the point that it is the ‘illegal’ immigration that is the problem … which is to say that we have had a guest worker program for a long time that seemed to work just fine … no need for a rant. And what about just adopting the Mexican approach to illegal immigration … throw them in a dirty stinking prison and let them rot for a good long while … “Oh heavens… we could not do that … it might hurt someones’ feelings ”
    Personally I do not support the use of torture but I do support the rule of law and that has been sorely missing in my country for a long while .
    Here on the homestead everyone seems to agree that it has been a long winter and I for one am ready for the snow to be gone. We started milking a new cow recently and it sure is good to be in milk again … she is jersey/highland cross and so far is doing well with the routine. Well, that’s about all from the farm for now … Adios amigos / Via Con Dios.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  62. MMMar

    I live more than 450 miles from the CA border with Mexico. 54% of the population of my city is Hispanic. Signs are bilingual and stores blare announcements in Spanish. These people are not agricultural workers. Two Mexican families live in the house next door (a nice neighborhood) and two in one of the houses behind me. My city has a huge gang problem. This seems more like an invasion than an orderly immigration where the government vets people as to their potential positive contribution to our society. Also where people are expected to invest in their communities and not drain billions from our economy and send it to Mexico.

    My family is of the Scots-English cultural set which believes in the protection of individual rights from the tyranny of the majority. We colonized in the 1640s. Many Hispanics appear to believe in collectivism, which is contrary to our Constitution and Founding principles.The flood of Hispanic voters (legal and illegal) has helped to alter CA into a bankrupt socialist nightmare.

    Our sovereignty depends on maintaining borders and we have every right and duty to do so. Immigrants not have any right to flood into our country at will. What we have done is not working to stem the invasion. If a wall will slow it down, more power to it. Instead of being offended, may I suggest you examine why conditions in your country are so bad that your citizens have to move to the USA for a better life.

    • Brad

      ” This seems more like an invasion than an orderly immigration where the government vets people as to their potential positive contribution to our society. ”

      It’s replacement migration aka genocide.

    • Diane

      Well said MMM

    • Faith

      MMM: why provide a social safety net for your poorest citizens when you can offshore them to the dumb gringos in the US and let them pay to feed, house, and heal them! Brilliant method to avoid being a responsible country and treating all of your citizens with dignity! When the gringos in the US get mad, it is easy to claim to be insulted and to call us racists when we decide we need to enforce our immigration laws and patrol our borders.

    • Flattop

      MMMAR: I also live in the socialistic state of California. Down the street from me is a house with 3 Mexican families. They own 5 cars, 2 in the driveway, 2 in the street , and one parked on the lawn, and sometimes 2 on the lawn( visitors I guess). There is usually one social security card that they all use for employment, and they think we are stupid for letting them do this

    • Julie Tyra

      Well said .. Very well said 🇺🇸

  63. Tad

    Next time you discuss immigration, you’ll probably rely on this ammunition–in part.

  64. Mme Hedin

    Smart man. Good for your fans to get a more international perspective on what is happening inside the U.S. and how the rest of the world thinks about it. And a very idea for governments – mint a gold or silver coin with no stated value, only its troy weight. Thanks for this guest, Greg. Wisdom seeps from his pores.

    • Brad

      “And a very idea for governments – mint a gold or silver coin with no stated value, only its troy weight. ”

      Like silver eagles?

      • Dan

        Wrong! Silver eagles have a “stated” value of $1 marked right on the coin

        • Brad

          You are right, but it’s not a denomination for any practical purposes.

        • Brad

          I admit that yes there is “$1” stamped on the coins, but that “$1” doesn’t mean anything. Those coins aren’t worth a dollar.

          It is certainly not the value Hugo was talking about. He was talking about an actual monetary value stamped on the coin, rather that just a weight or some irrelevant nominal value.

    • Frederick

      They already have that Silver rounds by Pan American Silver and many others I happen to own some and everyone should

  65. Don

    Thank you for interviewing Hugo Salinas Price I read every one of his articles. You did a wonderful job of interviewing a legend with respect and gave him room to really address some very important issues. This was a special treat for all of us.

  66. David

    I was very surprised at the video from Watch Dog. I do not need a lecture from a foreigner telling me that my country should not build a wall. Turned the video off at that point. Greg stepped in and reminded the gentleman that the US had the right to protect it’s borders, but why is he allowing someone to suggest that America is anything but generous to the Mexican people and that our country is experiencing horrible crimes because of the crime & drugs coming through.

  67. California Woman

    I no longer respect Mr Price’s opinions. He does not live in the real world. The mexican families I know collect salaries under the table and get welfare benefits. Their take home pay and medical benefits are more than mine despite my college degree. The more I work, the higher my taxes go and get redistributed to people who are scamming the system.

    • Frederick

      That’s very true They drove me out of the labor market I refused to do carpentry work for 12 dollars an hour and simply couldn’t afford to live on that Anyone who says they are ONLY involved in agriculture is out of touch with reality

      • Brad

        Mr Price might give you a job for $14/hour if you are too lazy to work for 12. Go to Mexico and get a job. Oh, you can’t because you are white.

        • Charles H

          No, Brad. You cannot get a job in Mexico – because you aren’t Mexican. The Constitution there specifies foreigners cannot work, or be employed except by invitation and proof a Mexican cannot do the job.

    • Diane

      Exactly right, California Woman.

  68. Peter Harris

    Oops, I guess we won’t see Mr. Salinas again.
    Because as every objective observer knows, is that when Greg’s guests go off script, and criticize the orange clown, they are sent packing, never to return
    And what’s Greg’s response to Mr. Salinas’s correct description of Donald Trump?
    “Oh, that’s Trump just being Trump”
    Exactly, and that’s why Mr Salinas referred to him rightly as a sociopath, so Greg, you agree with Mr. Salinas indirectly.
    And as true to form, you Greg, being the true snowflake, will ban my comments

    • Brad

      Greg doesn’t want his site to turn into a daily flame war either. There is that.

    • susan

      you are ignored Peter Harris.

    • Charles H


      You are coming at this the wrong way. Looking to find fault is easy: but almost completely unprofitable. “If you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it: you surely will.” Abraham Lincoln.
      When Mr. Price comes back for another interview, and you are proven WRONG – will you admit the mistake and eat crow? As time proves President Trump to NOT be a sociopath: will you accept that? And calling the site-owner a snowflake, when exactly the opposite is true is just shooting yourself in the foot. All this leads to disclose low-maturity spleen-venting. It’s all dead-end behavior.

  69. Paul

    Best explanation of diversity there is:

  70. GH

    I believe Mexico has a wall on its southern border and as far as immigration is concerned , we need to adopt Mexican immigration policy ! In my humble opinion , Hugo is an elite insider trying to manipulate US foreign policy with his remarks !

  71. coalburner

    Don’t want to be rude, but just now got here. Did you see the short interview this evening, Tucker Carson and Shelby Steel. There is a man onto something, not sure about his conclusions but he is a very bright thinking man bringing up some ideas I have heard very little about. Possivble great interview. Now to your interview with great interest.

  72. David John Williams

    I agree with Hugo about Trump’s insulting manner in dealing with Mexico. To say it’s just theater somehow misses the mark. Our world is hanging on by a thread due to a lack of respect for one another. We need a leader that can untangle the collective psychosis that Hugo calls the Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC?). Needing an enemy gets an enemy and nuclear death by Russia could be our karma if Trump doesn’t aim higher than shock value for ratings. I totally agree about cooperating with Russia, that is sanity. Insanity is the MICC or Deep State neutering Trump’s administration because they need war. By what mechanism of forceful governance could Trump possibly prevail over this leviathan of collective insanity?
    Fantastic interview, Hugo cuts to the marrow!

  73. Mike R

    I’ve stated this here before, and I know no one dares believe me, but Obama WILL end up in prison. The crimes against our state, our nation, our republic that he has committed are so beyond the pale, that you would think he was literally a ‘plant’ by Russia, from many years ago, set up by the CIA to reek havoc on our country. Vault7 release barely scratches the surface of the crimes he has committed, but this is something to keep an eye on folks.

    This is not a ‘shocker’ in the least bit, if you have been paying even minimal attention to what our country has gone through since 9/11.

    • Brad

      He is a plant from Russia.

      Don’t believe the smears about people being communists. Communists only call their enemies communist. That’s how Angela Merkel got in. All her opponents were called communist by the communists so she got a clear path. Obama got a clear path.

  74. coalburner

    I still like Salinas Price, I am guessing some are not aware of his past contributions here. Ayway I like to hear what he has to say for lots of reasons. NO, I am not happy about his hit on the wall but what else is he going to say? And they feel insulted, hey if all they hear is the MSM blather who could expect them to understand. Makes me hope Clif HIgh is right about the cooling of the Libtards but I have to see it first. In the good idea column is his silver coin promotion in Mexico. That would help Mexicans as well as Americans if we all saved in our own silver coins. As for what Shelby Steel told Tucker tonight, Clif could be very wrong which I think will mean bloodletting sooner or later. I mean real bloodletting.

    • Brad

      He said Americans are lazy.

  75. The Helper

    I quickly got fed up with Prices nonsense about how the Mexicans are insulted…..PLEASE …..I’m insulted by all the things illegal Mexicans are doing in this country.
    I’m disappointed that USA Watchdog had this guy on. I turned it off after about 10 min.
    Build the wall and protect it with armed drones.

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back and listen to the last half of the interview. There is some good stuff there.

  76. David

    The 30 million illegal aliens here in USA provide tangible benefits for the Mexican oligarchs who control most of the wealth and power in Mexico. By allowing this foreign invasion, the US government protects the oligarchs in Mexico who are never forced to reform their corrupt system. The globalists benefit in at least 2 ways: their chosen oligarchs continue to loot Mexico and, by flooding USA with the bottom 10% strata of Mexican society, the white anglo middle-class culture of America is destroyed. The illegal aliens need to go home and fix Mexico’s problems via a revolution if need be. This is our country, not their’s, and they need to go back. Mr. Trump, build that wall!
    P.S. Greg, maybe you should interview some Americans who have lost their jobs due to either illegal aliens or H1B visas. I would much rather hear from those Americans than from the rich and priviledged Mr. Price, who as I recall is actually a dual citizen.

  77. zza


    HSP and your viewers are quite aware about the implicications of open borders.

    Over-population is also well understood by HSP as he is against the Kenesian model that rewards spenders and steals from savers. (Savers don’t have children and don’t do anything to get children they cannot afford to raise!)

    You have HSP as your guest. So listen to what he has to say. Your audience can conect the dots…

  78. Chip

    OT but… Say NO to Obamacare light coming from Paul Ryan!!! Repeal the plan period. Open up insurance markets across state lines and create more competition. Get the federal government out of it. Send Trump the same bill you sent Obama that all Republican Senators and Representatives voted for before. this isn’t rocket science. JUST DO IT!

    Everyone here contact your reps and senators ASAP! Chip

  79. Don_in_Odessa

    Stuff it Hugo! You are an apologist for illegal aliens. Let them come legally. Your definition that a wall is a symbol of fear is just plain stupid. If you believe that, how about knocking down the walls of your own home. Much less the wall that surrounds it. Insults? If Mexico started enforcing it’s own side of the border there would be no reason for Trump to say Mexico should pay for the wall!!!! You are an idiot!

    • zza

      Have you had a chance to consider some history about where Mexican terrotory stretched?

      • Stephen Barr

        California, New Mexico, Texas, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica were all once part of the Mexican Empire.

        Texas wanted independence – Mexico said no. Guatemala wanted independence – Mexico says OK. Perhaps they weren’t threatened by the lazy Texans, but were by the energetic Guatemalans.

        Mexico has a wall at the Guatemala end but doesn’t want one at the California and Texas end. Apparently Guatemalans are even harder workers than the lazy Mexicans and are trying to move to Mexico to take their jobs.

        It is very interesting that Mexico doesn’t care about Central America, but has such a fixation on North America. Can anyone gue$$ why? It’s almost like they have an addiction to “white racism” and nobody can stop each of them migrating to get their fair share. It’s their right of course. I’m sure there are plenty of lazy workers they could replace down in El Salvador or Costa Rica, but I hear they aren’t going and prefer the abject discrimination they receive up north. Or maybe I’m mi$$ing something? Maybe there aren’t enough lazy racists down in Nicaragua and their economy is suffering. Who knows?

        According to Hugo, migration always flows towards high points in the laziness gradient, so in order of least lazy to most lazy we must have: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, the USA.

        Everything becomes clear when we have a valid theoretical framework to guide us.

        • Charles H

          And I thought Santa Ana came out of Cuban exile – to mount the war with the USA, knowing the impossibility of winning; but betting on benefitting from a deal to BUY the disputed territories for MILLIONS. The ones who sold-out Mexico are Mexicans. It is easy to shift the blame on others.

  80. John Daniels

    it is astonishing Greg let Hugo get away with his illegal immigration propaganda which is actually La Raza racism against white men.

    + why don’t journalists ever ask Mexican elites what is it about Mexico that the citizens want to leave for other countries, and if the immigrants are so great why doesn’t Mexico want them there.

    • Stephen Barr

      Does this Ramos guy really trust the Mestizos to look after him when they’ve “taken over”?
      I suspect that once the Anglos are dealt with the Aztlan Aztecs might put his Spanish butt on the chopping block. Am I wrong?

  81. Robert Lykens

    US sending B52s, Guided Missile Cruiser and F35Bs to Korea.
    “Secretary of Defence James Mattis said the US “remains steadfast in its commitment” to the defence of the South, according to Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt Jeff Davis.
    Capt Davis said: “He further emphasised that any attack on the United States or its allies will be defeated and any use of nuclear weapons will be met with a response that is effective and overwhelming.”.
    Washington is also expected to deploy a series of strategic assets from the US as well as from military bases in Guam and Japan…”

    It’s about time we stood up to that fat little bully in North Korea. Since we’re still technically at war with them, it’s time we won the war and dissolved the border to make one Korea on the peninsula. The North Korean people live in cold and hunger to feed the Kim war machine. If China doesn’t like it they can pound sand.

    • Robert Lykens

      And the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is heading to the Korean peninsula from San Diego too.
      Gotta love Trump’s refuse-to-be-bullied mindset!

  82. Flattop

    GREG: Gotta believe

    GREG: Gotta believe Mr Hugo owns a silver mine, or in some way will make money in silver. Why do all the prosperous Mexicans get so exercised about Trumps wall???

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree on the border thing but not on much else. Hugo Salinas Price is a very smart man!!!

  83. John

    I had a Born in the USA man of Mexican descent installing an Arcadia door at my house two years ago. He stated that he couldn’t get illegal Mexicans to work for him because they make enough to live on in welfare benefits so they refuse to work. This false narrative of illegals only doing agricultural work is bull! They take all kinds of jobs in manufacturing and in the service industries. I used to make a living in landscaping.Gone. Then companies figured out they could train (at no cost to the immigrant) to operate heavy equipment and pay him $10 an hour , so why pay me $30? Another good job lost! Crime rates increase, wages are depressed, and we foot the bill for their free Heathcare that our veterans can’t get as well as their bills for housing free food,free job training facilities paid by the US taxpayer and they send Billions home to Mexico. Hey Hugo . What happens to an American in Mexico who overstays? Hugo is much too smart to believe the lies he’s spewing about ILLEGAL limmigration. They are our laws Hugo!

    • Doc Casull

      Hi Greg,

      Mr. Price should be insulted. It is very insulting that the nice Mexican people illegally sneak over the United States border to “work the system” for free benefits paid by overtaxed Americans. It is called stealing. They are criminals.

      It is insulting that Mexico is so corrupt that it’s people do not respect themselves to stay and make their own country great.

      I did not touch on the violent drug gang problem from Mexico and all the OTM’s. They need to be eradicated with prejudice. If they want to be illegal nails, then TRUMP should hammer them.

      President TRUMP is going to build a wall

      And who is going to pay for it?




  84. John

    I forgot two important points. 1. The wall is a worthless and stupid idea for people incapable of critical thinking. It would have no effect except to waste more tax dollars. . All that has ever been needed is for our traitorous govt. to enforce our laws, fine employers who use them, and quit paying them not to work. Also they’re drawing social security benefits, which makes me want to vomit, since I’ve been forced to pay into it for 45 years and I’m never going to see a dime. Hugo needs all that money illegals send home to buy HIS stuff from Hugomart. Right? Think about it. Hugo, how much money is enough? How much more do you need? Why don’t you spend some of your money for job training and small business start ups for Mexicans. That way they can stay home where they want be, and still spend their money at Hugomart. If that’s too much to ask, how about building a few water treatment plants so some of the people could at least have clean water. what Trump should do is drone the drug traffickers. A lot of criminal Americans would die as well.

  85. Simon Says

    Trump should appease Mexico by copying their immigration policy. Or would that be too insulting?

    • Charles H

      It would be a good starting point.

  86. Kevin

    Thanks Greg for interviewing Hugo Salinas Price. He did post an article correcting the title. Not sure if you saw this:

    More of a desert with nothing of value to trade than flood of cash, I think is his assertion. 🙂
    Thanks again. ~Kevin

  87. Tim McGraw

    Great interview, Greg! Your guest mirrors what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has been saying for a long time about the military/industrial/congressional complex. Weeks ago I checked on the current placement of US Aircraft Carriers. The USS Carl Vinson had just left San Diego and was the ONLY US aircraft carrier at sea. How strange. I figured that the Vinson was headed for the South China Sea to cause trouble.

    Tim McGraw

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim!

  88. Sam

    Sounds like Casino chips-‘Gambling at its best’- Like all these Elites they know how to pull the wool over the sheeples eyes! Just another ‘Grimm’ story(Grimm in german means Horror)Grimm brothers also stole the stories they bound in a book-Brother Grimm Fairy Stories-Faeries are demons-all goes back to Satan and Satanic nwo!!!
    Theft, Lies and cheating!
    Jesu said ‘There is nothing new under the sun’
    Maranatha na

  89. Ron

    Hugo Salinas-Price corrects his statement about a “flood of cash” to Greg Hunter:
    “Bonds Will Not Turn Into a Noah’s Flood of Cash”

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