Nobody Gets Out Alive from Climate Engineering Disaster – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says huge lies are being told daily to cover up the speed in which the climate is imploding on a global scale. Sure, there have been all sorts of ways harm has been done to the environment, but Wigington contends the biggest single cause of damage being done to the planet right now is man-made climate engineering being sprayed from the skies. Wigington explains, “The bottom line is we are fighting for our lives right here and right now. The current paradigm is over. It’s in the death throes. The oceans are dying. The insects are dying. Plankton is dying. Our atmosphere is changing radically. Nothing can adapt to changes at this speed. Again, we are talking about toxic elements that should never be in our atmosphere. . . . We know there are patented processes for chemical ice nucleation. They have openly announced they are doing this. . . . If you bring this up, they spit out the conspiracy mantra from the fact-less and the fearful, and they don’t do any investigation whatsoever. Since when do we have winter storms coming out of the record warm Gulf of Mexico? We had water temperatures in Florida of 101 degrees. That is the same temperature range that Jacuzzi recommends for their hot tubs. It killed everything — everything.”

Wigington says people need the truth, and they need to wake up because time is running out for the world you grew up in. Wigington says, “We have layer of layer upon layer of total insanity by a military industrial complex that is completely out of control. . . . If we remain on this course, none of us will be here much longer. I don’t care who rolls their eyes, walks away and tells themselves they don’t believe it. Unfolding events will tell you otherwise. . . . Refusing to acknowledge climate engineering being the single most damaging human activity in this moment in time. . . . How can these environmental groups ignore this massive destructive part of the equation? It’s because they want to protect their 501(c)(3) non-profit. thinks that is criminal hypocrisy. . . .On the current course, nobody gets out alive, and that includes those who think they are going to go underground and ride this out. . . .We have caused a certain amount of planetary heating, and climate engineering is making that worse. . . . We have triggered this feedback loop and triggered these massive methane explosions. It covers the planet and traps heat like a layer of glass. That heat causes more methane releases and causes more heating. That is a feedback loop, and we have about 50 of those kinds of feedback loops occurring.”

Wigington asks, “What does it take to wake people up and show them we are fighting for our lives? . . . . We have AccuWeather and Weather Channel, and if it was not so tragic and terrible, it would be comical to watch the Weather Channel climate engineering cover-up actors try to explain away why it is snowing in 40 degrees on the ground and it is 50 or 60 degrees up in the sky. Their job seems to be, at this point, to cover the tracks of the climate engineers. This is ludicrous.

In closing, Wigington does hold out some hope, but it is going to take the public waking up. Wigington says, “In the ( movie “The Dimming,” I always try to make this point, and that is anyone of us could be the final grain of sand that can trigger the landslide of awakening. . . . That means if we learn to fight effectively and efficiently, and that does not mean pointing to the sky and ranting, but passing on credible data. That can be done for free from your own home computer. Share links to “The Dimming” (a free film which already has more than 6.2 million views).  Send that link out to Congressmen and anyone because you are planting a seed that will be forced to grow. I want to stress that, it will be forced to grow. So, we are not powerless, and those controlling things are not gods. We can make a difference. We absolutely can make a difference.”

There is much more in the 51-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with climate researcher Dane Wigington, founder of, with an update on the calamity geoengineering is causing for 2.10.24.

(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them.  Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too.    All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

After the Interview:

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  1. Catherine T Grate

    Refusing to acknowledge that the Globalists are purposely using Climate Engineering to “Kill Us” (and our families) is just like being a Palestinian in Gaza (where nobody living there is likely to get out alive even including those who think going underground will save them)!!!

    • Perry

      Fxxk the Palestinians who support terrorists. This is why they were kicked out of Jordan and no Arab country want them.

      • Pete

        A lot of innocents are being murdered. May God show you the same callousness you express for the poor Palestinians in Gaza.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hamas is caucusing the genocide. If they were worried about women and children, they should step out in front and stop conducting war operations in densely populated areas. Hamas has stated this on the record many times that they want a big civilian body counts to garner public relation points, but you knew that.

          • Michael Myer

            I looked up on Google how many acres in the united states. 2.43 billion acres .as far as how many acres are being used by mankind is 1 half total ,that’s 1.2 billion acres unused,I don’t buy all this drama,I know the evil part of mankind is destroying the atmosphere and the waters but God’s the only one who can turn it around if he chooseS..Our job is to do our best,the destruction of the planet has ALWAYS been about money and greed!! I wouldn’t spend my life overwhelmed with anything but evangelism, that’s what we’re called too

            • Greg Hunter

              Read revelation and ask yourself what does Jehovah mean when he says he will “destroy them which destroy the earth.” Maybe he’s talking about what Wigington is seeing at

              • Wayne Furr

                We are all going to die no matter what is done now? I want a second opinion.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Jesus said the days would be cut short … for the sake of the elect. Believe Jesus.

      • Alex

        A terrorist is only one who has a different opinion than yours
        YOU, may become a terrorist someday
        Be careful what you wish for Perry

      • Catherine T Grate

        Perry – What I’m simply saying is that we are “as screwed as the Palestinians” (not by Israel) but by the Globalists “Climate Engineering Extermination Program”!!

      • Christian

        Perry. Choose Jesus.
        “No one comes to the Father but by Me.”
        This sums it all up. Either Jesus is who he says he is or he isn’t, and if he isn’t then the whole Bible is a lie.
        Hamas nor Israel have Jesus and therefore neither have the Father. Meditate on that.

        • Greg Hunter

          Lots of Jews in Israel now believe Christ Jesus is Lord and Savior. You do realize Jesus was a Jew???

          • Christian

            Yes Greg I do. And I say this with no malice.
            I also know Jesus does not have respect of persons and opened the door for everyone, the Jew the Gentile and the Greek.
            I also know that Jesus told all the Jews they were wrong and he was there to correct them. That they used the Word to puff themselves up in the sight of others rather than spread the Word of God and invite all into His house.
            I also know that Jesus told them that Abraham was not their father because they did not do as he did and therefore their father was Satan and not God.
            I also know that Jesus said their will be mockers of him and those who reject him and that they are the Synagogue of Satan.
            I also know that he physically whipped them for charging for God’s blessings.
            So yes, I know Jesus was a Jew, but Jesus rejects them that reject him.
            I am Israel as are all those who follow Jesus. We are the third temple.
            Thank you for all your hard work. God Bless.

      • Anthony Australia

        Vaccinated people can change the course of history if they speak out about the injuries they have suffered and demand accountability. It happened today in a live program in Great Britain.

    • Anthony Australia

      China’s frozen highways.

    • Anthony Australia

      Mudslides crush California.

      • tim mcgraw

        Anthony Australia: Mudslides, droughts, earthquakes, and wildfires are common in California. California has the most weather variations year to year of any place on Earth. It’s an odd paradise.

        • sam

          “California”….. IS…..for all intents and purposes “Sodom and Gomorrah”,…………it is NOT an odd paradise……not even close to it….

          • tim mcgraw

            sam, you don’t live in California. I do. Don’t criticize what you don’t know.

    • Trinacria

      Yes, Catherine, but here is what confuses me: they poison the air, but they all breathe the same air, eat the same food etc. Dane is a good man and I agree with him and also need to send him a contribution as well. Thank you Greg for having him on. Also, like Dane and you Greg, I will do all that I can, however, I am at peace in my soul which is all that counts at the end when we meet our maker. Life did not start in a mud puddle somewhere in Mongolia like these clowns in power want us to believe. We are created in the image and likeness of God…we are on a journey back to God, we will never get to the complete “likeness” part, but we must repent and ask for mercy at all turns.
      Also, wanted to make a comment on your Friday news wrap up: I am glad Tucker interviewed Putin because it exposed the dirty dealing that the deep state is doing to prolong this war and ruin millions of lives. But, it did shock me that Tucker, whom I normally like, was a bit impatient with Putin when he was giving the history lesson. Tucker said something to the effect of “how does that matter today”… matters 100% Tucker!!! We must know history because it shaped the chessboard!!! Being that I was educated in Italy in the old days I do know history. They drilled it into us and did not care about giving us trophies… I saddens me how ignorant we can be in the USA and it will be to our detriment if we don’t clean up our proverbial act. Since this country has a “tik tok” attention span (I do love the USA, that is why I’m so frustrated) here is a 6 minute video from Professor John Mearsheimer a foremost authority on foreign relations and a STRAIGHT SHOOTER:

      Truly, may God bless American, but also help yourself and God will help YOU!!!

  2. George

    Revelation 11: 18 says God will bring to ruin those who ruin the Earth. Thanks to Greg and Dane for letting us know the seriousness of the situation. I stopped growing a garden as the weather is so unpredictable! We must be close to God stepping in to Save us!

    • Tag

      Please don’t stop raising a garden. Do it for you and others like I try to do. It’s what they want and my motto is “don’t let the bass turds sub”. KMy garden last year was the best I ever had. I pay a lot of attention to my soil health and never EVER put the chemical concoctions on my dirt, just grass clippings, leaves, ash and chicken leavings. I add organic soil to my raised beds and only plant my own seed savings or organic ones. I can, freeze, or dry all my own two last all winter and give the extra away to friends, family and the local homeless shelter. Giving up for me has never been an option. Please rethink your decision. The world needs all the help it can get.

      • Sharon

        I agree Tag, we must continue to grow food. I live in NH and have been growing food for 13 years starting with 20×24 greenhouse then added 30×48 greenhouse 3 years ago. However, last summer was not a good summer with so much rain from Spring to Summer and very little sun. We had a massive invasion of Japanese beetles and Potato beetles. The Japanese beetles are the worse as they have no predators. They even ate our blueberries, when normally only eat the leaves. Thankfully, we did get a lot of food.
        Yesterday, it was high of 59 and it’s February! Very little snow so far this year. All this chem-trailing is definitely causing a lot of damage everywhere.

        • Jeffrobbins

          Chickens should keep those beetles in check. I’ve only found one type mine wouldn’t eat. Of course the birds eat leaves too, but at least you get some good eggs. Lots of receipts out there for bug killer if you don’t want the ones with 20 letter ingredients. Personally, pocket gophers are my nemesis. Never seen anything like them, and I’ve been in 4 states. Thinking about leaving my number with the animal shelter to pick up any feral cats they get in.


        Tag thank you for your encouragement some times when a person has so much on their 🍽️ plate (not food😊) they forget about other important things. Sometimes I feal like one of the those plate 🍽️🍽️🍽️🍽️🍽️🍽️ jugglers I remember seeing on TV when I was little watching Ed Sullivan with my Mom and Dad and 4 siblings and our 🐕 Prince a Collie. Ahhhh Good old days. My Dad would say they weren’t good old days,” in the old days you had to wash your clothes on rocks”.😂 🪨🪨🪨 God bless you 🙏 in Lord Jesus Christ name 🙏

      • Donna Riggs

        you are missing the point it’s sprayed on everything there fore seeps into everything . One day I have beautiful zinnias and then they spray it looks like someone pesticided all my plants all my veg and fruit trees too…

      • Catherine T Grate

        Tag – The Globalists are now beginning the process of outlawing American homeowners from growing vegetables and raising chickens on their own property. As I said before we are being treated like Palestinian scum that deserve to die!!

    • Christian

      Years ago I asked a Minister how would we know when it was the end times, and I didn’t really understand his answer at the time, but his answer was….The weather would change.

  3. Jeff gerst

    I live in Iowa and we went from -20 one week to setting record highs above 60 less than a week later

  4. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    I think that Dane is a genius but I cannot listen to it anymore because I know it is true. After 10+ minutes it shook me to the core.
    Rev_11:18  “And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath has come, and the time of the dead to be judged, and to give the reward to Your servants the prophets and to the set-apart ones, and to those who fear Your Name, small and great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth.”

    These supposed elite think they are in charge but the spirit will be destroyed for what they have done to YHVH’s Earth. It is His Creation. They must pay the price.
    Mat_24:22  “And if those days were not shortened, no flesh would be saved, but for the sake of the chosen ones those days shall be shortened.

    The very foundation of His Creation is being poisoned. Who could possibly be behind that? It will take YHVH to rescue man from his own destruction of YHVH’s Creation in order for man to survive.

    Fantastic interview. Dane is a genius extraordinaire.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You need to listen to the end. We can do something to soften the blow. “Never, Never, Never Give up.”

      • Tag

        Yes Greg. All it takes is good people to do nothing. Sadly the is the majority of the mentality in the USA.


        Hi Greg Thank you.🙏 We who have accepted our Lord Jesus Christ are ALIVE and we get out of this eventually Alive either in Heaven or on Earth where ever because our Savior LORD JESUS CHRIST said ” to be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑. “FEAR NOT I AM WITH YOU” your LORD JESUS CHRIST.

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen, Sister Linda!
          Brother Greg

        • Jerry

          That is a misquote. 2 Cor 5:8 “we are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” The point is, one is WILLING. It isn’t saying if you’re dead, you’re with the “Lord”.


        Greg 🚨🚨🚨 WHAT 🐀🐀 rats. I just watched the video of Dane Wigington’s ” Dimming”
        while watching a large post came up on my phone “important. “FACT CHECK :
        False claim geoengineering is behind climate change. Climate Change is driver by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, according to climate scientists. Experts have repeatedly debunked the
        ” chemtrails ” conspiracy theory. Greenhouse emissions…..
        USA Feb 28,2023 What liers! Watching everything we do.
        I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over these lying🤥🙏 🐀🐀🐀🐀

        • Backward

          You obviously lack the intelligence to even begin to understand The Dimming. Keep believing CNN, that’s all you deserve.

    • Sandra

      But we know, dear brother, Yah’s wrath will purge the filth man (via Ha’Sataan) has wrought upon His perfect creation. “As in the days of Noah” but with fire and not a flood this time. I’m so tired … and ready.

      • Greg Hunter

        Sandra, keep the faith. Don’t give up.

        • wayne hardin

          What do you mean keep the faith ?
          What did they say that would make you think she has
          lost their faith ?
          Sounds to me that they know things will only get worse.
          And they are ready for the evil to be done away with .
          And knows that only Jesus coming back will end the evil .

          Come Lord quickly .

          Wayne Hardin

          Seems like the words of Loretta Lynn’s have a lot of
          meaning , every body wants to go to heaven but nobody
          wants to die ….

          • Greg Hunter

            If you think me saying to a sister “Keep the faith” is something bad, I can’t help you. Of course, things are going to get worse. That’s why I said, “Keep the faith.” It’s called encouragement.

            • wayne hardin

              All i meant is i don’t think they will ever
              those their faith .
              They know that Jesus coming back
              is the only thing that can fix things .
              And that is what faith is .
              Wayne Hardin .

            • Charann Horvath


          • Ned Kelly

            Wayne Hardin Reply,
            We’re living at the time of the end. Where soon, God will either kill us at Armageddon, or rapture us in the heavens, or we will be part of the great crowd that inherits the earth. Take yer pick!
            Just saying. If I’m wrong? We’re all dead in the end and good riddance, or abidance. But remember, the righteous are promised the government they deserve too, God’s Kingdom with Christ as KING! I don’t think Charles, you’ll mind!
            The rest can go to Hell, the common grave of mankind, or should I say unkind?

            Sunday afternoon Movies YouTube
            Full Free Movie | Alvarez Kelly https://
            Great movie.That war should not have happened.Some folks are still fighting it.
            “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. … We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means, it is an end.” –English author George Orwell (1903-1950) “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” Given enough power they’ll hang themselves!
            Great movie & according to history this film is based on a true event in the Civil War.
            This is how McDonald’s made their burgers, the old grass fed way. Brilliant film as well. Enjoy!

  5. Roy


    • Greg Hunter

      Matthew 24:22
      “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”
      Fear Not!!

      • Ed Redmond

        RIGHT ON BRO!!!

      • Thomas Webster

        Amen Greg – Thanks for the Great Content. Revelation Chapter 9 tells us the time of 666 – Trumpet Vial and Seal has been shortened to 5 months as Jesus Christ promised in Matthew. It begins when their One World Government Fails. Remember Satan Comes in Peacefully and Prosperously Pretending to be Jesus Christ – DO NOT FOLLOW THE FIRST CHRIST – FOR THIS IS THE ANTICHRIST – THE FATHER OF LIES. NO MATTER WHAT – EVEN IF HE PROMISES A RAPTURE. YOU MUST WAIT UNTIL THE 7th TRUMP 777 WHEN THE TRUE JESUS CHRIST ARRIVES. KEEP THE SEAL OF GOD IN YOUR FOREHEAD DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

      • Michael Myer

        There will be no christain that when they get to heaven says darn I sure would like to go back to earth,,we will all wish we arrived a whole lot sooner.
        God will destroy the earth one day,so we must do our best to lead people to Jesus,nothing else matters

      • sam

        the manuscripts tell us who the “elects” are….there are NO secrets in our Heavenly Fathers correspondence with us….it just takes some “SINCERE” ….searching, looking, digging….and NOT what some Sunday preacher says without backup

  6. Jeff gerst

    Man will not destroy the earth. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t do the right things but man will not destroy the earth God will in His time. He will also
    Judge those who are destroying the earth. It’s not going to stop because the people doing it are in control and they’re insane. They will sacrifice the earth to rid themselves of billions of people. They’ll go underground while the earth heals itself but of course it won’t go as they’re expecting it to.

  7. J.P.Madoff Chase

    Scott Ritter Reveals BRICS Are Entering The Red Sea In Support Of Houthi Rebels Against US & UK! Vehicle Tech Feb 10, 2024
    Startling disclosure made by Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector, that has sent shockwaves throughout the international community. Ritter has revealed that the BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—have joined the Red Sea region to back Houthi rebels in their fight against the US and UK.
    Keep in Mind, They Got The Hypersonic missile and torpedo’s. We In the west , got a dirt sandwich instead!

    • Catherine T Grate

      Now I hear that the BRIC’s Nations are going to play the same “Sanctions Game” the West started by imposing a “Trading Halt” on the US and Britain for being “Rogue Nations” – this means any products we Americans are currently buy from China “will not be sold to us anymore”. And now that Russia has won the war in Ukraine China can simply buy the wheat it needs from Ukraine – the American people will soon see “all kinds of shortages” as our economy gets screw up big time just like we tried to do to Russia!!

  8. Jo

    Wow….just wow!

  9. Dave Scrimshaw

    Hosea 4:2-3 (ESV)
    2 there is swearing, lying, murder, stealing, and committing adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed.
    3 Therefore the land mourns, and all who dwell in it languish, and also the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens, and even the fish of the sea are taken away.

    • Aron Courson

      With Fukushima, the fish are contaminated with radioactive nucleoids so we can’t eat them, or you’ll die as they are dying off!

    • A.Courson

      With Fukushima, the fish are contaminated with radioactive nucleoids so we can’t eat them, or you’ll die as they are dying off!
      Reply to Dave

  10. Chazz

    “The Earth is a closed system. You cannot leave the Earth, there’s no place to go.”
    -Bill Nye

  11. Dave Scrimshaw

    My sermon on what is happening to the earth:

  12. Poochiwoo

    Always love listening to Dane. I admit I have been skeptical for a very long time. I have seen the weather change drastically in my state. It has been accelerating. Humans have been terrible stewards of both this planet and the course of its evolution . I also admit, I no longer pray for peace. I pray for a new earth and a new beginning without those who destroyed this planet and enslaved humans.

  13. Bryce

    500k dead Ukranian soldiers
    Untold millions dead from cv-19 vax
    War in middle east
    It appears very likely an extermination protocol is underway.
    Food , water, air, soil , humanity , bombarded daily from geoengineering from above.
    Greg, while im reading the above before watching, I just heard John B Wells read aloud on his show that LT.General Flynn was part of the Russian plot against President Trump ?
    What is going on ?

    • Catherine T Grate

      Bryce – From the moment Flynn got on the stage at the 2016 Republican National Convention and led a “Lock Her Up!” chant aimed at Demonrat Hillary Clinton, Flynn has been under constant attack as a Russian agent (along with Hillary’s fierce attack on Trump as a Russian agent)!!

  14. Jeffrobbins

    Yes- You are a brave man Greg Hunter. Thanks. Most people will run away from something heavy like this; it is a heavy message for any audience. I used to have some sleepless nights- mostly past that now. I would think it a high probably that food shortages and famine are baked in the cake. There’s words that have changed in the Bible supernaturally, along with some in pop culture, and I can’t explain any of it. I don’t know how it all ties together. Is it the Mandela effect, Gods warning, CERN, the man of sin seeking to change times and laws from Daniel 7: 25? I have to choose Gods warning but, IDK for sure. All i know is Jesus is real, as well as the Holy Spirit and we all need to get right with Them. And the original blue print was for us as man and woman to tend the Garden. A high tunnel/ green house would be a good thing?

    • Greg Hunter

      To be forewarned is to be forearmed. You can soften the blow by preparing now. Food & water are top priorities.

      • Jeffrobbins

        Very true. I’m putting the finishing touches on our man-made pond. For any interested- we bought a 30 mil RPE (Aqua) liner with a UV proactive layer from Western Environmental Liner. Mine was 310 by 124. With the shipping it was 20k- 2 years ago. A bit spendy- but sort of a dream come true. A bit on the large side for a one piece one. There are seaming machines for larger assembles. It’s in a natural draw and i filled it with a garden hose at a couple gallons a minute. I had to move a lot of dirt and had the time. We stocked it with blue catfish and gold fish. I put some crawdads in, but not sure they made it. The jury is out on whether the gold fish were a good idea or not. I throw out some purina fish food at evening time in the summer. We only get 10 inches of rain or so, maybe thats is a blessing in regards to the chemical rain. A water reserve of some kind checks a lot of boxes- you don’t need to go as large as this, but volume is your friend in regards to the nitrogen cycle.- as is an aerator.

  15. Anne

    We are so screwed on so many levels from so many directions. One will succeed. In the old days it seems we would have one major issue at a time, we could coalesce and we had investigative MSM. Now it’s whack a mole – impossible.

  16. Paula D.

    It’s truly tragic that the so-called “elites” are doing everything they can to replicate 586 C.E. in order to kill billions of people. And at what price? A destroyed ecosystem? Dead and dying fauna? These people are so beyond redemption at this point from what I can see. However, I do pray they repent and put a stop to all of this. My thanks to you Greg, and Dane Wigington for getting the news out on this subject. Best wishes.

  17. sam

    Heavenly FATHER, Please Have Mercy on us….


      Sam our Heavenly Father is having mercy on us that’s why they are trying so hard to destroy so many of us before Almighty God totally destroys them. Our Heavenly Father is ALL- MIGHTY they don’t have a chance against HIM just like Satan thought he could take Heaven or The Tower of Babble to Heaven. We just have to stay low (humble) close to the Father GOD under the yoke of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ His yoke is easy and His burden light (Lord Jesus is pulling the yoke the burden we’re just supposed to walk along beside Him and trust Him) and He will direct our path.
      We can’t give up Hope because Hope deferred makes the heart ❤️ sick but when the desire cometh it is a 🌲🌲 tree of life. Lord 👑 Jesus Christ came to give us life and life, MORE ABUNDANTLY. FAITH HOPE& LOVE the greatest of these is LOVE, Father God’s LOVE for HIS CREATION and FAMILY. LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑 RESCUED US BACK TO THE FATHER. Song “Satan the BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST YOU, Satan the BLOOD of JESUS IS AGAINST YOU, Satan the BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST YOU, and WE WILL GIVE GOD the ALL of the PRAISE ” sing it out loud when your knees start a knocking and they’ll stop. 😊 We have our VICTORY through our LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑🙏 LORD JESUS CHRIST said “FEAR NOT
      I AM WITH THEE BE NOT DISMAYED I AM YOUR GOD we have to stay so close to Lord Jesus Christ now. Peace 🕊️🙏

    • Steve Bice


      This always gave me chills:
      (From 2 Kings 6:14-18)

      “Therefore he sent horses and chariots and a great army there, and they came by night and surrounded the city. And when the servant of the man of God arose early and went out, there was an army, surrounding the city with horses and chariots. And his servant said to him, ‘Alas, my master! What shall we do?’”

      “So he answered, ‘Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’ And Elisha prayed, and said, ‘Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.’ Then the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw. And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”

      And then I read Psalm 91.

  18. Rodney

    “Send that link to Congressmen” There are few Congressmen, if any, I would trust anything with, let alone my life.

    Greg, thanks for another show, well done.

  19. David Anthony

    There Spraying us like Bugs and Killing all Life on the Planet…While changing the atmosphere…Can You Say Terraforming the Planet because There Not Human…And it \ they control all The So Called Leaders and What You Call Elites..

  20. Shirl

    The insanity and chaos we are all witnessing from the obvious Witch Hunt of President Trump to new war fronts where there was once Peace that are now threatening to explode even at the southern border at Texas…is shocking enough. Now, the planet kill through geo- engineering is madness on top of madness…anyone care to take a wild guess who or what is behind all of this connected evil ?

  21. Roger Stamper

    tks dane greg


      Shirl I’ll guess. The Devil? Hillary? Bill Gates? Prince Charles? Falchi? Victoria Newland? Bill Crystal? Morning Joe? Bill Clinton? Bills 💵 💵? Obama? Clown🤡
      Swaub? WEF? WHO? John McCain?
      Why are there so many evil Bills?
      All of the above Shirl ? Am I right? 👍
      William (Bill) Wallace was good was great. Scotland / FREEDOM/ BRAVEHEART (movie)
      PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP IS HALF SCOTTISH AND HAS A BRAVE HEART ❤️🙏 his Mother Mary McCloud. My Mother Mary Stewart Roe came from Scotland too 🚢 such lovely people, the men throw rocks🪨 for sport. 😂

      • Shirl

        Hi Linda J Crean,


        More than anything or anyone on that list of known crooks is the evil one who remains hidden except for those with eyes to see and ears to hear with.

        The spiritual war. Is. Real.

        Interesting information about President Trump, and Greg Hunter has pointed out in so many words, all you need to know about him is that the evil is attacking him and those he surrounds himself with…there’s a BIG CLUE, right there.

        Take care Pray up 🙏

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Dear Shirl , Hi ! Thank you 🙏 The sm Island from which Pres Trump ‘s mother came from had a GREAT REVIVAL the whole island was saved and Pres Trump had 2 elderly aunts that prayed for him continuously so what ALMIGHTY GOD has blessed came NOT be cursed. I watched a video of a man in Turkey’s parliament or what ever they call it , trying to call down a curse on Israel and when he finished he DROPPED DEAD. So people better watch what they say about Pres Donald John Trump or they might drop dead. I’ll look up the town where the revival was in Scotland. Thanks again 🙏
          A man named Bob Jones who is in Heaven now has a wonderful word from the Lord Jesus years ago about what is happening in Russia Lord Jesus would visit Bob on the Day of Attoinment in September also the Feast of 🎺🎺🎺🎺 TRUMP’S and Bob would put it down in a book or booklet it’s called “The Shepherds Rod” right before he passed away Bob told a man named Bobby Conner that Lord Jesus would start coming to him and that he Bobby Conner would take over” The Shepherds Rod” and now Lord Jesus visits Bobby every year with what Lord Jesus Christ wants us to know. Just thought you might be interested. 💕

  22. john

    My first thought on seeing the headline of this interview…nobody gets out alive. He could have stopped there.

  23. Sara

    Thank you Greg & Dane! This is a moment of truth whereby we the People need to realize that those who are doing this “Science” may have ulterior motives. There’s a story here, and it reminds me a bit of Noah’s Ark, only it has a twist. There may be a trigger event, and lives lost, but it’s best to keep one’s spirit calm, in the face of this. Thank you again!

  24. Hugh L. Harcourt

    Tucker Carlson February 10, 2024
    RangoMC 162,562 views 13 hours ago
    RFK Jr is fascinating to listen to. Tucker, Thanks for the great interview!
    Hope he’s not on the hit list like you Tucker, or bribed Beijing Biden.

  25. Kerry Burns

    “I’m still shocked the [fake] alt media hasn’t touched you”. Maybe because he supports man-made global warming and the need to mitigate it, but that trying to dim the sun is not the right way to go about it? And are they really trying to dim the sun by spraying these toxic products into the atmosphere? I don’t think so. They’re not stupid.

    • Theodore

      If they want to dim the Sun all they need to do is have the Space Force put a big reflective shield up between the Earth and Sun “that they could adjust to allow in just the right amount of sunlight”!! They don’t have to poison Humanity with toxic chemicals!!!

    • Backward

      You don’t have eyes to see, do you?

  26. George

    Hello Greg, thank-you for the truth that you produce every week. Sometimes you can reach people with a short on-topic “funny music video” more effectively than with a hour+ documentary on Chemtrail Geo-engineering. This link is NOT my video, and I saw it for the first time about 3 months ago — called “Chemtrail Cowboy”. I just save good links to many topics in a text-file on my computer so I can find them later, AND now is a good time to re-post the link today (Chemtrail Cowboy gets people’s attention; but warning = it does use two adult curse-words in the singing):

  27. SJ

    I’ve watched Dane for a while now and agree with his assessment of how bad things are. It’s so easy for me to slip into despair that there’s nothing I can do. But I had my own little light bulb moment…. We could “Bud Light” these global elites….. Stop buying their factory farmed salmon and other frankenfood, stop putting their junk into our arms, get out of the rat race of keeping up with the Jones’, disconnect from their toxic wifi and social media distraction of bread and circuses. There is power in the little people like us to starve the elitest beast and the satanic beast. Come soon Jesus!

  28. Bob Socks

    After a funeral, a man leaves a $10,000 tip on a $32 bill in a Benton Harbor cafe
    Story by Frank Witsil, Detroit Free Press • 4h

    “The people of Libya, the people of Iraq, the people of Syria, the people of Yemen, the people of Palestine as well as the people of America will never forgive you!”
    WATCH: Hillary Clinton speech repeatedly interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters: ‘You will burn!’ Story by Brie Stimson • 17h
    WOW! Hillary said it! We don’t have to have these people disrupting events when we have people who are real experts!
    People are free to protest, but they are not free to disrupt events or classes and that is gonna be the, you know the standards that we follow here and going forward!
    So, ok, if Trump loses right, going forward and you’ll be head of the thought police if not? Why can’t we listen to the ex, experts too? It’s still a free country I assume?

  29. Dead menDon't Lie

    Nuclear missile with damaging range of 300m found in garage of dead man’s home
    Story by Claire Anderson • 22h

  30. Justn Observer

    Greg, for those still thinking chemtrails and weather modification is ‘conspiracy’ or fear mongering.

    Chemtrails? Don’t “believe in them”…? Here’s a little news for you…not only are they real, but they’ve been doing it for over 50 years.

    And it’s a proven fact…even if you don’t like it. Look up these patent#s yourself!

    Even if you can’t see it in the skies, every day, all over the earth as most of us do.

    Chemtrails and weather modification are a fact of life.

    Weather Modification Patents


    1891 – US462795A – method of producing rain-fall

    1914 – US1103490A – rain maker (balloon images)

    1917 – US1225521A – protection from poisonous gas in warfare

    1920 – US1338343A – process and apparatus for the production of intense artificial clouds, fogs, or mists

    1924 – US1512783A – composition for dispelling fogs

    1927 – US1619183A – process of producing smoke clouds from moving aircraft

    1928 – US1665267A – process of producing artificial fogs

    1932 – US1892132A – atomizing attachment for airplane engine exhausts

    1933 – US1928963A – electrical system and method (for spraying chemtrails)

    1934 – US1957075A – airplane spray equipment

    1936 – US2045865A – skywriting apparatus

    1936 – US2052626A – method of dispelling fog (mit)

    1937 – US2068987A – process of dissipating fog

    1939 – US2160900A – method for vapor clearing

    1941 – US2232728A – method and composition for dispelling vapors

    1941 – US2257360A – desensitized pentaerythritol tetranitrate explosive

    1946 – US2395827A – airplane spray unit (us. dept. of agriculture)

    1946 – US2409201A – smoke-producing mixture

    1949 – US2476171A – smoke screen generator

    1949 – US2480967A – aerial discharge device

    1950 – US2527230A – method of crystal formation and precipitation

    1951 – US2550324A – process for controlling weather

    1951 – US2570867A – method of crystal formation and precipitation (general electric)

    1952 – US2582678A – material disseminating apparatus for aeroplanes

    1952 – US2591988A – production of tio2 pigments (DuPont)

    1952 – US2614083A – metal chloride screening smoke mixture

    1953 – US2633455A – smoke generator

    1954 – US2688069A – steam generator

    1955 – US2721495A – method and apparatus for detecting minute crystal forming particles suspended in a gaseous atmosphere (general electric)

    1956 – US2730402A – controllable dispersal device

    1957 – US2801322A – decomposition chamber for monopropellant fuel

    1958 – US2835530A – process for the condensation of atmospheric humidity and dissolution of fog

    1959 – US2881335A – generation of electrical fields (haarp – for re-charging clouds!)

    1959 – US2903188A – control of tropical cyclone formation

    1959 – US2908442A – method for dispersing natural atmospheric fogs and clouds

    1960 – US2962450A – fog dispelling composition (see references)

    1960 – US2963975A – cloud seeding carbon dioxide bullet

    1961 – US2986360A – aerial insecticide dusting device

    1962 – US3044911A – propellant system

    1962 – US3056556A – method of artificially influencing the weather

    1964 – US3120459A – composite incendiary powder containing metal coated oxidizing salts

    1964 – US3126155A – silver iodide cloud seeding generator (main commercial ingredient)

    1964 – US3127107A – generation of ice-nucleating crystals

    1964 – US3131131A – electrostatic mixing in microbial conversions

    1965 – US3174150A – self-focusing antenna system (haarp)

    1966 – US3257801A – pyrotechnic composition comprising solid oxidizer, boron and aluminium additive and binder

    1966 – US3234357A – electrically heated smoke producing device

    1966 – US3274035A – metallic composition for production of hygroscopic smoke

    1967 – US3300721A – means for communication through a layer of ionized gases (haarp)

    1967 – US3313487A – cloud seeding apparatus

    1967 – US3338476A – a heating device for use with aerosol containers

    1968 – US3410489A – automatically adjustable airfoil spray system with pump

    1969 – US3429507A – rainmaker

    1969 – US3430533A – aircraft dispenser pod having self-sealing ejection tubes

    1969 – US3432208A – fluidized particle dispenser (us air force)

    1969 – US3437502A – titanium dioxide pigment coated with silica and aluminium (DuPont)

    1969 – US3441214A – method and apparatus for seeding clouds

    2001 -US20030085296A1 – Hurricane and tornado control device

    • Jerry

      Glad you reposted this info, very important stuff.

  31. Agnes

    Thank you, Greg and Dane. Dane is a world class hero, and giving him a platform for his message makes you one, too, Greg.

  32. Ack Barr

    Hi Greg,
    This is a very interesting and alarming report but I feel there are a couple of very important additions that need to be made to convince a skeptical public. The first: I would have Dane back on for a second interview ASAP but have him provide proof/evidence in the interview of the spraying of our skies…i.e actual reports and their sources of these criminal acts. Since it is not apparent to the general population through the five traditional senses, I thinks some hardcore proof would go a long way toward moving the “persuasion needle”. Secondly, I would like to see him address a critical question I personally have: “Why would the powers that be deliberately render our planet uninhabitable when they have to live out their lives on the same?” That is, it seems illogical to think anyone would deliberately commit suicide in this covert, evil and accretive manner, whether they live above or below ground. It just doesn’t seem to make sense. That is not to say that I think this information is false… just that more proof is needed for your viewers. One thing I have personally noticed as a fisherman is that for years the number of fish being caught off the surf of North Carolina beaches is a fraction of what it was 20 years ago. Anyway, I just wanted to air my thoughts on this and would appreciate Dane addressing these two issues. Thanks for all your work…I am a faithful listener!


    • A Friend

      There’s plenty of proof given on Dane’s website. If you go through it very carefully. Look at the different links in the top of the web page. Ask her why they would do this to themselves, remember that they are psychopaths. They’re not normal people. Would question whether they’re even human. They’re like a cancer. They’re not like us. They don’t think like us. They want to loot plunder and pillage the planet for all its mineral resources. Till the last minute.

      • Mark

        I have been following Dane for about 10 years, I have been asking the same question Ack asked, show us the source data! I don’t see it on Dane’s website and when Dane is asked for it he gets very defensive and angry. I don’t doubt that we are being sprayed, just show us the source data.

    • Jeffersonian

      Obviously, you haven’t watched his documentary The Dimming— this will answer your questions go to geoengineering and click on The Dimming:

  33. Linda

    Greg et al, are these people not poisoning themselves? They are not stupid, so what gives? They haven’t been able to leave the planet yet. They are not going to be able to escape their own follies. What will be left to control? What gives?

  34. Dave

    The term conspiracy theorist suggests there are no conspiracies only theories. This meme was disseminated in the 60’s by a three letter government agency after the Warren Commission’s findings of the Kennedy assassination. It has been a very effective method to deride and minimize opposition to the official narrative. I say “has been” because its been used to cover so much dirt for so long that its effectiveness is wearing thin. People are finding these “conspiracy theories” are mostly conspiracy fact. For myself, I prefer the term conspiracy analyst. When ocean sailing I have noted the effects of geoengineering flights. Over a dozen flights at the same time in a fan formation filling the sky with white poison and turning a sparkling bright blue sky into a somber grey within a few hours. The position of the sun could not be detected and my breathing became difficult . Any day they were flying missions my rigging, 6 stainless steel wires holding up the mast, would collect a forest of spider like filaments. These filaments would clot close to the wire and stream out in the breeze. Upon touching a filament it would break or dissolve with no sensation of touching anything.
    People, we are taking a poison pill every day.

  35. Arthur Cobbold

    1999- project cloverleaf, Espanola Ontario, military planes spraying chem trail over population of 5000 people.

    10% of those people (550) filed a petition, Canadian Government said it did not happen. Nothing from NORAD.

    I can’t believe we the people can’t get control of our Government.

    • Bob

      A day will come when these “chem spray planes” will be shot down!!

  36. Lora

    So concerned digesting all the horrible events and negative issues, which are happening on the ground, that it is just too much at this time to deal with what’s happening in our skies. If there isn’t a turn around in 2024 (the last stand, where we all need to vote/get involved dealing with earthly travesties), how will we ever truly have enough folks in power to stop what’s happening to our atmosphere?

  37. Jeff

    Jeremiah 16. It is here.

  38. Anna

    I personally believe that the spraying is an attempt to lower or block the radiation that is coming from the sun. A massive radiation storm was due to hit us yesterday and today – they started spraying the day before the radiation started. There hasn’t been any spraying for a very long time out here. I believe what they are spraying is toxic, but it doesn’t seem logical to spray the sky for 25 years to kill humans off. They could have done it in one day. The demonic ones want money and power – 25 yrs of spraying is not cost-effective way to own everything. Watch sun explosions and the spraying – they are timed…

    • Earth Angel

      Anna, There is NO benevolence to the aerosol crimes happening above our heads. Dane has been over this many times, and also others with very impressive credentials that are informed on the subject of geoengineering. Clifford Carnicom and Rosalind Peterson are two who come immediately to mind but there are many others who have spoken out against this harmful practice over the years. The sprayed particulates accelerate destruction of the ozone layer, which is Earth’s major defense from harmful radiation coming in. Any scientist working on these programs should know this- or he/she isn’t worth a flip.

  39. Bill

    Putin told Tucker Carlson, Boris Johnson intervened in the Ukraine Peace Deal and 500,000 Ukrainians needlessly died!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen. He’s right and now the US Senate wants to give $60 billion for more murdering WAR. NATO LOST in Ukraine. This is now just a kickback scheme.

      • Bill

        I called my Congressman, and told him, No Money for Ukraine, about 6 days ago! How can I check, to see, how my Congressman (individually) voted, on the Ukraine Money? Where is the best place to go to, to check on my Congressman vote? BTW, Denis Kucinich, was on the Jimmy Dore show. Kucinich was a Democrat, now he says he is a Independent. Denis said, the Democrats eliminated him, by redrawing his District. Now Kucinich says he is running in the 7th District of Ohio and wants to see Peace, in the World, at all costs!

  40. Liber8tor

    Thanks Greg, great show.
    I survived Hurricane IAN, a devastating Cat-5. IAN made Katrina look like child’s play. As a trained weather-watcher I’m certain IAN was manufactured and steered into Florida for political purposes.

    It will take many years (if ever) for the damage to be repaired.

  41. Susan R

    Greg, I remember way back around 2012 when I first started watching you on youtube as Faynette1000 I told you about Dane Wigington. I watched an hour long broadcast he put up every Saturday morning. I had started seeing chemtrail X’s in the early 90’s and finally got an explanation. I have periodically gone on rants about this ever since. Even so, todays broadcast with Dane giving the year 2026 as the doom event was very sobering. It is very close now. With all the other sobering calamities circling the globe it will be a race to define which one will win. One thing for sure, it is time to know our Father, we will be face to face very soon. As always, we had better be prepared for the scolding we know we will get for every single little thing we have done wrong.

  42. Clay Alta

    Some experts say this peculiar weather is caused by Gaia (mother earth), and its artificial satellite the moon–indeed the entire earth/solar system moving towards galactic centrum . . . a return to its cosmic navel and to the location of space aliens worshiped by King James Bible readers. Furthermore, they say they see things crawling upon the moon that will soon arrive on earth and force them to do unspeakable things to other men.

    What is the half-life of Psilocybin, and what is the long-term effect of its use? Also do psychedelic mushrooms and micro-dosing of Lysergic acid diethylamide cause paranoia, dissociation or increase the frequency and intensity of otherwise latent sodomic desire?

  43. Paul Seward

    Who is “They”?

    • Bob

      “They” are the Globalists like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Soros, etc., etc., etc. – and we need to get “them”!!

  44. John Pick

    “Unless those days are cut short no flesh would be saved”.
    Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:22

    • Greg Hunter

      “For the sake of the elect the days will be cut.” Christ Jesus is always with us and will not forsake us.

    • Paul Seward

      Gates, Schwab, Soros, etc. most likely have a hand in this, but they are not flying the airplanes. Who is the “They” that are spraying the chemicals?

  45. Ken Kinison

    we have to say again that NYC_911 and Maui and Chile and Gaza were/are-being attacked by energy weapons. The CCP is now using them commercially to trim trees.

  46. Anonymmous001

    Thank you Dane for all you do, I did not know salmon was so bad,I guess Tuna must be contaminated too.

  47. Shiloh1

    Joe Biden rally in Scotland –

  48. I Dig Au

    It becomes more apparent everyday that the creatures pulling the strings in government hate humanity. Everything they do furthers their agenda towards complete destruction of all that is good.

    • Bob

      The “creatures” are Demons!!

  49. Lex Talionis

    golf is the American version of polo, a game favored by the British elite. But the events crowd audience is made up of rabble. It is common for the rabble to get out of hand due to alcohol at sporting events. This is why the movie Happy Gilmore was a blockbuster–the public could relate to it.

    Happy Gilmore – bar scene (1-min clip)

    This recent golf event is sure to raise the eyebrows of the WEF

    The globalists look at this and realize how alcohol factors in the upcoming collapse of food supply and banking system, and influx of hordes of violent immigrants, that they have been engineering to occur this year. Liquor is quicker and more powerful on men’s cou-rage than beer. The last thing the WEF wants is whiskey & rum fueling the wrath of the people like it did Geo Washington’s continental army vs the British Empire.

    So, the globalist will soon attack Kentucky. Or, take other measures to restrict distilled liquor sales or most likely dramatically increase prices in order to stop global warming, etc.

    Bottom shelf and much of the mid shelf liquor prices have greatly lagged prices in beer and breakfast cereal and bread and meats … all of which use the same grains as feedstock. A “pint” (375ml) of Smirnoff Blue 100 vodka is the same price it was in 2008. Perhaps there is no other product like this — under priced relative to things related. …. Hence, there seems to be an arbitrage oppty for preppers just like there is in the gold/silver ratio with gold now quite high relative to silver.

    Preppers like Michael Snyder tell people to get rice, beans and boxes of King James. He never once has mentioned you might get some cases of whiskey, rum, tequila and vodka.

    Michael Snyder is no Schindler ……… life during the 1930s/40s war-depression . . . distilled liquor (here cognac) and nicotine (tobacco) and chocolate and coffee . These things give one leverage in social situations when times are tough.


  50. Carolyn

    God will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth” (Revelation 11:18). Only he can save mankind. “In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.” (Matthew 24:22)

  51. Randy Best

    Sadly, attempting to doing anything with a Congressman is futile these days. They are all self -serving crooks.

  52. T T Smith

    how come Trump never talks like this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Why doesn’t Biden talk about this or his boss Obama?

  53. Cool Cat

    Wigington says people need the truth, and they need to wake up because time is running out for the world you grew up in.

    Not many people, at about 95% of the global population cannot handle the truth.

  54. Swami Don

    Many people will want to miss the point of what the gentleman said.

    I heard: the damage is irreversible, there’s nothing can be done, the die is cast, even those who manage to go underground will perish. It’s the end for this cycle of humanity, absolute proof will be obvious soon, and finally, he’s talking a couple of years (or less) until extinction level events occur.
    Prepping is a nice hobby but basically the message is: if a person ever intended to get right with his/her MAKER, then this is the time to do it.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Don,
      Wigington said we could soften the blew if we could stop the damaging Geoengineering operations. Put your faith in Jesus and Jehovah and never give up.

  55. Fay Way

    Bold Ukrainian Soldiers Defect To Russia, Joining The Frontline Battle Against Ukraine!
    Patrick Lancaster 109,530 views Feb 11, 2024
    Many Ukrainian soldiers, including officers, have defected to Russia to fight against the Ukraine army on the front line, Under fire in battle. In a week of huge scandal’s and news from Zelensky, Ukraine and Russia including Zelensky firing Ukraine’s military chief Valery Zaluzhny, tucker Carlson interview of Putin and in the wake of 2 of the deadliest attacks by Ukraine on civilians in Donbass ever I bring you this report where I talk to 6 Ukrainian Soldiers who Defected To Russia, Joining The Front-line Battle Against Ukraine. Hear their story of how they ended up part of the Russian Army after defecting from the Ukraine Army. As they say some crossed over and some where captured but they all came to the conclusion that they were fighting for the wrong side before. One is a 25+ year military veteran. They say they are all now part of the Russian army fighting against Ukraine and are happy about it.

  56. john blond

    “Tucker Carlson Is Putin’s Useful Idiot” – War Pig Hillary Clinton
    The Jimmy Dore Show 30,260 views Feb 11, 2024
    Hillary Clinton had nothing positive to say about Tucker Carlson’s recent interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin, mocking Carlson for repeatedly getting fired and accusing him of being Putin’s “useful idiot.” Of course through the Clinton Foundation Hillary and Bill are themselves guilty of immersing themselves in dirty Russian money, so it’s understandable why she would want to point the finger of blame at others.
    Guest host Russell Dobular is joined by Due Dissidence’s Keaton Weiss and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger to discuss Hillary’s hypocrisy and a recent speaking event where she was interrupted by protesters.

  57. Joy Cornell

    436,567 views Feb 11, 2024
    This is the smartest, best informed account of what actually happened on January 6th.

  58. Jane Hill

    Thanks Greg!
    Thanks Dane!

  59. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Dane on again. Yes it is a tough message. I have always wanted to know the truth, no matter what. Fear not. I know I am going home to the great GOD I AM. I am just passing through.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Merry for your comment and support!!!

  60. Ester Eezerview

    PUTIN Rips Germans For Tolerating U.S. Blowing Up Nordstream!
    The Jimmy Dore Show Feb 11, 2024
    “Who blew up Nordstream?” Tucker Carlson put this question directly to Russia President, who responded by suggesting that the smart money is on the CIA as culprits. Meanwhile, Sweden has closed its investigation into the bombing without coming to any conclusion about who was responsible.
    Guest host Russell Dobular is joined by Due Dissidence’s Keaton Weiss and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger to discuss Putin’s response to Tucker’s question.

  61. Jerry

    55 Million years ago, I don’t believe that for a minute!

  62. Stacia Amante

    “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” ~ John 10:27_

    the other kind of hearing test is whether you put more stock in the Gospels or the world.

  63. David Gordon Dunne

    I used to believe in The Rapture but now I know better. Rapture is not even in the Bible
    but a young girl in 1832 told two Prists that she had a dream of the Rapture. 666 comes first and that is the Anti Christ ie, the Devil, Dragon, Snake, Lord of the night, Lucifer and other names he goes by. Don’t be deceived as the AC will have 4 months on earth and then
    Jeuss comes back at the instant of the 7th Trump sounding, so Jesus comes at the 7th Seal, Vile and Trump. God is great. I am recovering from Prostate Cancer and have my vital second blood work this week since the surgery to remove the little bas-ard and need the PSA not to rise over my first BW of .022. If it does not move lower and moves any higher, then I still have cancer somewhere and will suffer through 3 months of everyday radiation and probably the female hormone called Lupron. Not fun. I have not seen my daughter and two young grand daughters for 4 years now since we said Fu– your Frankenshots so we were blocked from Thailand so hoping for a good outcome. As far as Dane, it seems no one is listening him in Govt. to this point. We have never seen any Chem-Trails here God Bless you Greg and all the smart and kind people here.

    • Kyle Ritter

      Not everything is in the Bible.
      There’s a simple argument against the Rapture — if the elect were to have been raptured, then there would be no need for Jesus to have said that those days would be cut short for the sake of the elect. (Matthew 24:22).

  64. tim mcgraw

    So who buys the chemicals? Who loads the chemicals into the planes? Who flies the planes and pushes the button releasing the chemicals over their own country and countrymen?
    The military!
    Those heroes are in uniform.
    Yes, GI Joe and Jane are saving the planet!
    All hail our military heroes.
    They love us and protect us from harm.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Tim, I saw an hour video of someone who got on one of those plances. He must have been
      friends with the pilot. It showed these big giant metal barrels maybe 20 of them on this big plane. He was on the plane and showed how they turn on the spraters hooked up to the metal giant cannisters and start spraying the air. I saved it but oddly, not only was the video taken down but they came in ane swept my saved video too.

      • tim mcgraw

        DGD: That is very informative. Thanks. How sad is it that pilots and crew are poisoning their own countrymen?

  65. tim mcgraw

    Western Civilization has been under attack ever since 1913 (Income Tax, Federal Reserve, and the result… WWI, WWII, and all the other wars.)
    Now we see if humans progress or go back to Feudalism and serfdom.
    Do humans want liberty or slavery?
    We’ll find out soon enough.

  66. Scott

    Mr. Wigington is the greatest humanitarian of our time. A very brave soul.

    Thanks so much for this very necessary interview, Greg. God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Scott!!

  67. tim mcgraw

    I agree with your guest that humans are poisoning the planet but Dane exaggerates. There are more trees and deer in North America than there were when the Europeans arrived. The polar bear population in the Arctic is thousands more than ten years ago due to less hunting by Scandinavians.
    Fish stocks are devasted, yes. But there are plenty of trees and other wildlife. Insects are dying due to pesticides.
    If anything, there are too many trees in California hence the hot wildfires. There is nothing sacred about trees.

    • helot

      This does not seem accurate, “There are more trees […] in North America than there were when the Europeans arrived.”

      Have you ever been to the Midwest? Many of the corn & soybean fields used to be filled with trees, teenagers in the 1940’s quit school to work clearing the land of trees to make way for the fields, streets, homes & cities. Daily, right now, farmers are knocking down trees to increase crop yields.
      I have yet to know about a single forrest being planted anywhere in the Midwest.

      I imagine there’s been a tremendous amount of tree planting/forrest creation since the 1940’s for lumber & paper, but an area larger than the size of Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois combined? …Just doesn’t seem likely.

      Anyway, I’m just glad there’s proof, “Insects are dying due to pesticides” rather than in addition to geoengineering. …And, you know this how, exactly? An, “expert” told ya? An, “expert” much like the ones who said, “safe & effective”?

      • tim mcgraw

        helot: pesticides kill insects hence the name. DDT is still used and it helps if used correctly to control mosquitoes and malaria. On the movie set in the Amazon, the whole set in the jungle was sprayed with DDT before filming.
        At first, the insects were mostly gone, but in three weeks they were back! Poisonous spiders, ants, you name it, plus the millipedes and centipedes and bees that would land on my arm and cover the hairs in wax while stinging away.
        I never claimed that much land, in three states, that were reforested. Nebraska did create a few forests in the state.
        It was the largest man-made forest in the world until China surpassed it.
        Do your research.

  68. A Friend

    Regarding chelation, Dane interviewed Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt some years ago. I contacted him myself to ask him what he recommends for detoxification of aluminum and other heavy metals and so forth. One of the things he told me was to go to LAVAVITAE.COM to get their version of zeolite. He feels this is the best zeolite product out there.

    Trace minerals also help. Lots of fresh water helps. And vitamin C also helps. There are other things as well that nutritionists can talk with you about.

  69. JOL

    We live on the Oregon Coast. Not one bee came to my flowers in pots this last summer. I have several pots on our sunny deck. Not one strawberry pot had berries that were planted last year. NOT ONE….we had a very short summer last year.

  70. Eva Peronski

    “Sanctioning Russia Is Killing The U.S Dollar!” – Putin Tells Tucker Carlson
    The Jimmy Dore Show / 163K views 1 day ago

    LIVE: Tucker Carlson, Takes Part in World Government Summit at What’s Next for Storytelling? | IN18L
    Streamed live 2 hours ago DUBAI
    LIVE: Tucker Carlson, Takes Part in World Government Summit at What’s Next for Storytelling? | Tucker Carlson Interview | CNBC TV18
    DUBAI, UAE – Founder of The Tucker Carlson Network, Tucker Carlson, takes part in World Government Summit at the What’s Next for Storytelling? session.
    World Government Summit in Dubai is scheduled to take place from Feb. 12 to 14, under the theme ‘Shaping Future Governments.’ The event will facilitate discussions among governments, international organisations, thought leaders, and leaders from the private sector across the globe.
    It’s Tucker now on the HotSeat!

  71. E.Peronski

    Sorry Greg, trying to put this together is kinda tricky, deep six my first try!

    “Sanctioning Russia Is Killing The U.S Dollar!” – Putin Tells Tucker Carlson
    The Jimmy Dore Show / 163K views 1 day ago

    LIVE: Tucker Carlson, Takes Part in World Government Summit at What’s Next for Storytelling? | IN18L CNBC-TV18
    13,782 views Streamed live 2 hours ago DUBAI
    LIVE: Tucker Carlson, Takes Part in World Government Summit at What’s Next for Storytelling? | Tucker Carlson Interview | CNBC TV18
    DUBAI, UAE – Founder of The Tucker Carlson Network, Tucker Carlson, takes part in World Government Summit at the What’s Next for Storytelling? session.
    World Government Summit in Dubai is scheduled to take place from Feb. 12 to 14, under the theme ‘Shaping Future Governments.’ The event will facilitate discussions among governments, international organisations, thought leaders, and leaders from the private sector across the globe.
    It’s Tucker now on the HotSeat, in Dubai! That guy gets around!

  72. Eva P.

    LIVE | Putin Hammers Ukraine; UNSC Convenes Emergency Session On Russian Attacks: Hindustan Times 194 watching now LIVE started streaming 73 minutes ago
    Started streaming 78 minutes ago #UNSC #EmergencySession #RussiaUkraineConflict
    United Nations Security Council (UNSC) holds an emergency session over the escalating Russia-Ukraine war. “Threats to international peace and security – Security Council, 9546th meeting” will deal with the recent drone attacks by Russia, civilian casualties and approach towards peace in the region. Russian President Vladimir Putin in a recent interview to former Fox News host Tucker Carlson that U.S. should recognise Moscow’s interests and persuade Ukraine to sit down for talks. Putin also said he believes a deal can be if the West stops supplying weapons to Ukraine.
    Peace & Security?

  73. Taddie

    Dane is a treasure – thank you for having him on again – at this point anyone who is not aware chooses their future…. as for those that think it cannot be happening as the evil ones live here too – this may be controversal – but I truly believe they are not human… they are terraforming this plane for themselves… the chemical spraying gets me crazy – I live in S Alberta and they have been daily spraying for months straight – just a light gray day – everyday – no pure sunshine anymore – I pray that GOD will heal all our lands soon…

  74. JP. Madoff CHASE

    Alex Jones Warns: “Russia & the American People Have A Common Enemy”
    “The globalists that are at war with me and my family are also at war with Russia and other independent nations around the world!”

  75. Marie Joy

    This seems like the least sunny winter I have ever seen.
    We deserve the government we tolerate.
    We are allowing all this.
    Learn to have chickens on Youtube. If things are coming from the sky, it may be best to protect your chickens (and yourselves) from whatever comes from the sky.
    You can order baby chicks, ducks, turkeys and geese from McMurray Hatchery but have ways to protect them from a democidal government.
    See and read all you can on Youtube about raising chickens etc.
    Here, in CT, 8 – 12 inches of snow are forecast for tomorrow with wind and power outages. With any luck, it will be an inch of rain.
    December 7, 1941. Franklin Delano Roosevelt needed and high death count at Pearl Harbor to get Americans behind a big war. He got it.
    Stand or Die.

  76. john

    i am from germany ,never saw so many airoplane they spray ,when the sky is blue they start to spray ,2 hauers later the haven is milky

  77. Coalburner

    Dear Greg: I live in the southern half of New Mexico. I believe they have quit spraying here because they have to produce power with solar panels. They are planting hundreds of acres of them in our semi desert, maybe thousands depending when they decide to stop.
    Right now dump truck loads of money are being dumped into these panel fields so they let the sun shine in! They have to build power tower infrastructure to move the power and they are.

  78. 'a' simple horseman

    Thank you sooooo very much for again hosting an interview with who I consider to be the most important speaker of our time. I’ve been marching in the battle to expose and halt Geo engineering since 2011. I have shook the hand of Dane and I love him like a brother. The man is one of the most credible people I have ever known. Every time I listen to an interview I become more proud that I have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars hosting my own Geo engineering awareness booth at my local farmers market every week throughout the market season. This coming year will be my 8th year in a row. At this time of year, May market start up can’t get here soon enough. I have listened to every GAN since day one and never miss an episode. Often I listen twice so as to get all the info straight in my mind and ready to pass on to those that are willing to listen.
    In closing here, I am in awe of how many in this comment column fall back on God and Jesus. One conveniently forgotten quote from the bible is the fact that “God only helps those that help themselves”. I wish that were included more in folks’ conversations. Another fact that most if not all forget is that participating in the current societal paradigm is harming the planet and therefore we all are to be placed in the same boat as the powers that shouldn’t be. “God will destroy those that destroy the earth”. At this point, it is my belief that God isn’t going to save anything west of the Atlantic. The biggest bully on the planet is going to get its due and those that helped with the destruction it created will too. American exceptionalism is a false belief and covers the eyes of soooo many that could, may, might make a difference.
    Thank you Greg for standing strong in the fight for truth.
    Love an strength to you my friend I have not met, yet.
    Mike Torrence,
    ‘a’ simple horseman

    • J.P. Madoff Chase

      Reply to Mike Torrance ‘a’ simple horseman,
      I am in awe of how many in this comment column fall back on God and Jesus. One conveniently forgotten quote from the bible is the fact that “God only helps those that help themselves”. I wish that were included more in folks’ conversations.
      Mike, sometimes we might find ourselves in helpless and hopeless conditions, yet there is a ray of hope! Even if we can’t help ourselves in our miserable condition our condition is in, the ransom sacrifice of Jesuse Christ for us in need of a savior. Without Christ nobody gets out of this mess alive, in heaven, Hell, “the grave”, or inheriting life on a new earth cleansed of all this wickedness.
      A Marvelous New World of God’s Making, Not the Devils!
      AFTER God’s removing war of the wicked @ Armageddon, what then? A glorious new era? The Armageddon survivors, having already proved their loyalty to God, will be ushered into a new world. What a thrilling new period of history that will be! As marvelous benefits flow from God to the human degenerate family who can’t help themselves!
      Under the direction of thy Kingdom come, having finally come, the survivors will begin to develop a paradise. Their energies will be devoted to unselfish pursuits that will benefit all then living. The earth will begin to be transformed into a beautiful, peaceful, satisfying home for all mankind.
      Righteousness Replaces Wickedness?
      What immediate relief will be felt just after Armageddon!
      All of this will be made possible by the destruction of Satan’s present world rule. No more will there be divisive fake religions, social systems, governments or they’re lying media stooges. No more will there be satanic propagandistic narratives to deceive people; all the agencies producing it will go down with Satan’s system. Just think: the entire poisonous atmosphere of Satan’s world cleared away! What a relief it will be!
      Then the destructive ideas of human rule will be replaced by the upbuilding teaching that comes from GOD, Gawd! “And all thy children shall be taught of Jehovah; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” (Isaiah 54:13) With this wholesome instruction year after year, “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea.” (Isaiah 11:9) People will no longer learn what is bad, but “righteousness is what the inhabitants of the productive land will certainly learn.” (Isaiah 26:9) Upbuilding thoughts and actions will be the order of the day. —Acts 17:31; Philippians 4:8.
      Thus, there will be no more murder, violence, rape, robbery, or any other crime. No one will have to suffer because of the wicked deeds of others. Proverbs 10:30 says: “As for the righteous one, to time indefinite he will not be caused to stagger; but as for the wicked ones, they will not keep residing on this planet earth.”
      The Truth will Set You Free
      How can we decipher what’s the truth when were so ignorant or so stupid?
      John 8
      31Jesus therefore said to those Jews that had believed him, If ye abide in my word, then are ye truly my disciples; 32 and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
      In Mind Body and Soul at least, trust him for the rest? Now, or later. Trust! Hang in there and hang together or you’ll all hang separate!

  79. Marie Joy

    I have known some of them and, to them, we are lower than cattle.

  80. Marie Joy

    From popthis:
    You can pray all you want but, at the end of the day, even David had to throw a stone.

    • Stacia Amante

      Blessed Mary only prayed; never had sex; and Jesus was born of her womb.

      “The Rosary is the weapon for these times.” ~ Padre Pio

  81. Backward

    Dane Wigington is too great for most to grasp his stature. Not only clear-minded as few, but honourable, courageous, and loving as even fewer. A veritable hero in the highest sense.
    The information he discloses is so vital that it must be spread with every means available. No excuses, no sitting comfortably waiting for “god” to peek through the clouds. This is a time for action if there ever was one. Thank you Greg, please keep bringing up geoengineering with all your guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Back”!!
      I agree!!

    • TJ

      Instead of pretending to be apolitical, Dane needs to specifically identify who is doing climate engineering instead of just saying “we” are doing this and blaming “us” for allowing it. His delivery style is off-putting and he sounds like a shill for the WEF globalist cabal and their climate change agenda.

  82. Richard Longacre

    I was waiting in a parking lot for 1 ½ hours while my wife was in a Bible study on Wednesday (7 Feb). At first, we had a completely clear sky until 4 unmarked white aircraft started spraying in a two-ship formation crisscrossing the sky.
    Within 1 1/2 hours the skies became solid clouds that remained until now (Monday – today).

    Today we got 4 inches of soapy and wet snow slush at 38° F over about 6 hours. I live at near sea level in Oklahoma. Not natural at all at those temperatures. By 3:00 P.M. the temperatures reached 43° and not a cloud in the sky and most of the chemical ice nucleation melted. I suspect we will get the aircraft spraying again tomorrow for the next man-made fake freeze.

    I was using a test strip to test my spa and a drop of the “snow” landed on the PH part of the strip and it turned black (meaning the PH of the snow was off the chart high).

    Thank you Greg and Dane for the update.

  83. breakaway

    Do you have neighbors or family members who vote Democrat? Those who promote or favor Sodom & abortion should be encouraged take advantage of this, or similar, service of liberation.

    Monsignor Rossetti will lead our next livestreamed deliverance session on Monday, Feb 19th from 7:00-8:00pm Eastern Time.

  84. Julio Houlihan

    whatever happened to that Brylcreem gyinny from NY that used to be a regular on the show to talk about the stock and bond market? He would be good to have on to discuss the imminent crash of Wall St.

  85. Keith

    Moron Joe Biden is going to London next week to meet Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. He wants to have peace talks to stop the Ukrainian war and hopes the Viet -Cong and the Taliban will bring to an end there support for the Russian army and there leader Adolf Hitler ?
    This is why the world is in a fucking mess? How can we save the planet from destruction when we have leaders like Joe Biden in the Whitehouse ?

  86. Shiloh1

    New news item –

    Hinsdale South High School teacher dies after suffering medical emergency on campus

    Old news item:

    After second dose, 99% of Hinsdale High School District 86 faculty will be vaccinated against COVID-19

    Don’t yet know if there is a connection.

    RE: Hinsdale and surrounding area in district $ and the smartest people in the room. District 86 is going down the toilet in full wokester glory. How did that happen?

  87. Hank

    Hi Greg, thanks for all the free shows and info.

    There is a guy named Cal Washington who seems to be effectively using the legal system to resist 5G, vaccines, and is looking for ways to apply this approach to chemtrails.

    He has very unique insight into how the system functions and would be a fantastic guest for USAWD, link to his site:

  88. Stacia Amante

    upon a high clif, the cross saves man:

  89. J.P.Madoff Chase

    Tuesday LIVE: Senate Passes $95B Ukraine-Israel Bill as Middle Class Nears Extinction, Leaders Stoke Anti-White Hatred
    The Alex Jones Show February 13th, 2024, 10:49 am
    While the value of the dollar plummets and Americans fight to pay bills, Biden has accelerated the UN-directed agenda that experts warn will cause massive blackouts and the closing of factories this summer!
    Jones also breaks down key parts of Tucker Carlson’s important economic summit in Dubai.

  90. Gene Rosen

    Greg, have you disavowed anti-Semite Mike Adams?

    This Jew-hater is comparing “Zionism” (code for Jew obviously) to Satanism and is calling Israel a Satanic State.

    You have associated with this man but I haven’t heard you address his slurs against the Jewish People. Why not?

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus was a Jew and I love Jesus. I am not the thought police.

  91. Dan

    I would like to know Dane’s take on the incoming nibiru system- and if the fact the elites know its coming and thus the depopulation agenda ?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am told it is really called the Black Star.

  92. Gordo Joelson

    While the Beijing Biden US. administration is encouraging a soft invasion migration, replacement, emplacement of the American middle class, that’s heating up incrementally daily.
    While you have the Amish preparing for hordes of fellow Americans, English as they call them, inundating them for food during a feared economic collapse of the west.

  93. Dan Murray

    I disagree with Dane’s Worldview, but do not know if it would many any difference. I am a Bible-believing Young Earth Creationist. If your historical perspective changes, would Dane’s conclusion change also? I do not know. But I would agree with him that we are in dire straights in this place and time.
    Dan M.

  94. Mike DeCocker

    Wow, looking up in the sky in Mishawaka Indiana on Monday March 3rd and can’t believe how many chem trails are in progress. Yesterday I was out most of the day and noticed many ongoing chem trails also. Felt ok. Today March 4th I spent most of the day outside and developed a really persistent cough . I believe it’s the chem trails doing their thing. Sad that their are people out there that want to deliberately harm us and the environment.

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