North Korea Hot Head, Hillary DOJ Trouble, Economy Chaos Coming

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 296 8.11.17)  

The threats are going both ways between the U.S. and North Korea, especially after the U.N. Security Council voted 15 to 0 to sanction Kim Jung Un over his nuclear program and threats to use the nukes against his enemies. President Trump promised “fire and fury” if North Korea used their nukes.

Best-selling author of books exposing the Clintons, Ed Klein, says the Jeff Sessions Justice Department is reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Klein’s sources are saying the DOJ is thinking about offering a plea deal to Hillary that he also says she will not take.  That is the tip of the iceberg as there are still allegations of taking treasonous bribes in the form of donations to the Clinton Foundation that many say is a global charity fraud.

Don’t believe the things you hear about the U.S. economy getting better—it’s not. John Williams of says jobs are collapsing, and the true unemployment rate is still at 22%.  Billionaire Ray Dalio, who manages $160 billion at his hedge fund, says things are dicey with North Korea and the debt ceiling, and you should buy physical gold for protection.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Egon von Greyerz od Matterhorn Asset Management will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He says his rich clients have suddenly started to buy more gold in the last few weeks.  He will tell us why.


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  1. Jim C

    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Different President, same policy. There is alwasy joint exercises with ROK, SDFJ, and USN every year. North Korea is always threaten by the joint military war games. The US does not even have a border with North Korea. I don’t like North Korea’s communist government, but this war of words threatens many people’s lives in the U.S., Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. Hope that this is just a bluff to excuse for stock market to correct. Otherwise, this is will be another Libya (Iraq or Vietnam). Quoting Hilary: we came, we saw, he died. hehehehe.

    • Bill

      Jim C: So your solution is , do nothing?

      • Jim C

        I voted for Trump because he is not warmonger like Killery. AS A MATTER OF FACT, THERE IS NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN THE TWO. This is just a charade that Trump failed to repeal Obama Care, tax cuts and other domestic policies. I applaud his word and effort to prevent the US to join the TPP. However, I am deeply disappointed that he bombed Syria with false pretenses. Now Trade War with China and possible nuclear war with North Korea. The U.S. military is stretch very thin. You want war? Do it at your own peril. I serve in the U.S. Navy and defended the U.S. Constitution, but I felt that I was only pawn to the filthy bankers. Also do not forget the Fukushima Nuclear Explosion.

    • Felix

      I agree. USA is always looking for war. That’s too bad Trump is too weak (just like Bush and Obama) to make the right decisions regarding foreign policy.

    • Philip

      Greg, you should be using duckduckgo as your search engine (it’s good and it doesn’t track you) and firefox as your browser (It’s open source and has no big evil Corporation behind it. There is a big need for a real competitor to Youtube which allows diversity of opinion, unlike the cencorship being applied by Youtube; which should be come a First Amendment issue.

      • Just The Facts

        I agree Philip. Duckduckgo is that and more, It sends you update e-mails occasionally on how to do such things as wipe out ” google ” search history – which is really simple.I didn’t know about Firefox – I must check it out.

      • Diane

        I’m going to try it.

    • Matt In Pa

      Will not be a Iraq,Libya.

  2. Paul ...

    Let’s bring the crooks to justice … treason by any other name is still treason … but beyond Hillary … there are even bigger crooks (the banksters) … who require an endless supply of victims to survive … and it seems many of them are now flocking to the new crypto SDR (Satan’s money) … rather then to God’s money (gold)!! …

    • Corleone

      Some people said that recently Hillary preached gospel in some events. What the hell is going on here ????

    • FC

      Last week Tin Foil Hat and I mentioned that the only Crypto will be an IMF issued Crypto.

      Unfortunately, the way you put it, God, is going to have to back Satan.

      • Paul ...

        FC … we were warned many years ago to “never put Satan before God” … Satan and crypto “are false gods” … God the Father and gold “are real” … worship of Satanist money produces constant war … use of God the Father’s money prevents trade wars … whenever people worship a “false god” has lead to the slaughter of millions … because “a false god” will tell you it is “legal to kill people” who are deemed “inferior” (like what the Nazi’s did in WWII and what the neocons are doing today to people and countries all around the world because they think in their warped minds they are a superior breed) … the one true God (God the Father) states “thou shall not kill” … PERIOD … labeling people “inferior” does not make it right to kill them and expropriate their wealth by any means possible … the banksters “who think they are superior” find it easy to believe in a “false god” … and easy to believe in false money … they spout false news to “the inferior people”, they promote false money, deadly vaccines and GMO foods because it puts the “inferior people in control” … we have to bring them to God the Father’s justice by rounding them all up and casting them into Hell (FEMA holding camps)!!

        • FC

          Paul… I agree with what you say, but if we don’t have another 40 days and 40 nights of rain to cleanse the evil from this planet……….God’s Gold will need to back Satan’s Crypto.

          • Paul ...

            FC … Yea … the banksters will probably back their Crypto with “all the gold” in Fort Knox!!

      • Tin foil hat

        I have been thinking about the ACChain and why would China wants to support SDR crypto. I infer the Chinese rather have a global reserve currency back by digitized assets than the current global reserve currency which is back by the U.S. military.
        However, I don’t think the Chinese are as naive as the Europeans who gave up their sovereignty for the euro. If E.U. were the prelude of the NWO, the NWO (BIS/IMF) would control the world via edicts – He who controls the money supply of the world controls the world.
        My guess is that the Chinese, or any nation with a half a brain, would want to retain certain degree of monetary independence by holding physical gold as a long term store of wealth in their reserves, SDR would probably be no more than 25% of their reserves and used to settle short term trade imbalances.

        • Frederick

          Not everyone in Europe joined the Euro I have property in Warsaw Poland and we use the Zloty not the Euro however it is sort of pegged

  3. Dan

    Trump & Kim Jung Un – two blowhard bullies trying to intimidate each other while the whole world holds their collective breath. Most experts seem to agree that Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric does absolutely nothing to help defuse an already volatile situation. But then, bullying seldom works well in diplomatic relations. Meanwhile, people trying to rehash the Clinton scandals (& there were many) are just as bad as all the people (& media) that want to keep focusing on the (possible) Russian interference in our elections instead of the REAL issues such as North Korea, all of the wars the US is currently in & the economy. But no, that would make too much sense. Give us more of the Russians, the Clintons & the Kardashians. Meanwhile, Rome burns…SAD!

    • Greg Hunter

      “inflammatory rhetoric does absolutely nothing to help defuse an already volatile situation.” Trump is not trying to defuse it. He’s trying to end it. We have been “defusing it” for 25 years. They will be, if not already, giving this nuke technology to every terrorist on the planet.

    • Paul ...

      The genie was let out of the bottle when Clinton gave N. Korea nuclear reactors to build a hydrogen bomb … and then gave them the plans on how to build ICBM’s to carry those hydrogen bombs to the US … and Sessions is going to offer the Clinton’s a “plea deal” ??… the only deal they should get for treason is to be able to make three(3) wishes … (1) choose the color of the rope used to hang them … (2) choose the day of the week for their execution … and (3) choose which shark infested ocean we throw their dead body’s in!!

      • Darren

        Paul, Please do a little fact checking before posting. The Clinton’s have NEVER “GIVEN” ANYTHING AWAY….. It was sold at fair market value. Other than that, I agree 100%

      • Keith wilson

        Paul, I watched a movie last night Dr Strangelove. There is a scene in there where Major Kong rides the bomb. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could chain Hillary rotten Clinton to a A-bomb . Fly it over to North Korea and launch it from a B1 bomber over there missile bases. Thus, allowing Hillary Rotten Clinton to ride the first A-bomb to be dropped on North Korea. If millions of Americans will be losing there lives due to her treason. Why shouldn’t she be the first to go ? Also we could chain big John McCain on the next one ?

        • Paul ...