North Korea Hot Head, Hillary DOJ Trouble, Economy Chaos Coming

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 296 8.11.17)  

The threats are going both ways between the U.S. and North Korea, especially after the U.N. Security Council voted 15 to 0 to sanction Kim Jung Un over his nuclear program and threats to use the nukes against his enemies. President Trump promised “fire and fury” if North Korea used their nukes.

Best-selling author of books exposing the Clintons, Ed Klein, says the Jeff Sessions Justice Department is reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Klein’s sources are saying the DOJ is thinking about offering a plea deal to Hillary that he also says she will not take.  That is the tip of the iceberg as there are still allegations of taking treasonous bribes in the form of donations to the Clinton Foundation that many say is a global charity fraud.

Don’t believe the things you hear about the U.S. economy getting better—it’s not. John Williams of says jobs are collapsing, and the true unemployment rate is still at 22%.  Billionaire Ray Dalio, who manages $160 billion at his hedge fund, says things are dicey with North Korea and the debt ceiling, and you should buy physical gold for protection.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Egon von Greyerz od Matterhorn Asset Management will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He says his rich clients have suddenly started to buy more gold in the last few weeks.  He will tell us why.


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  1. Jim C

    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Different President, same policy. There is alwasy joint exercises with ROK, SDFJ, and USN every year. North Korea is always threaten by the joint military war games. The US does not even have a border with North Korea. I don’t like North Korea’s communist government, but this war of words threatens many people’s lives in the U.S., Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. Hope that this is just a bluff to excuse for stock market to correct. Otherwise, this is will be another Libya (Iraq or Vietnam). Quoting Hilary: we came, we saw, he died. hehehehe.

    • Bill

      Jim C: So your solution is , do nothing?

      • Jim C

        I voted for Trump because he is not warmonger like Killery. AS A MATTER OF FACT, THERE IS NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN THE TWO. This is just a charade that Trump failed to repeal Obama Care, tax cuts and other domestic policies. I applaud his word and effort to prevent the US to join the TPP. However, I am deeply disappointed that he bombed Syria with false pretenses. Now Trade War with China and possible nuclear war with North Korea. The U.S. military is stretch very thin. You want war? Do it at your own peril. I serve in the U.S. Navy and defended the U.S. Constitution, but I felt that I was only pawn to the filthy bankers. Also do not forget the Fukushima Nuclear Explosion.

    • Felix

      I agree. USA is always looking for war. That’s too bad Trump is too weak (just like Bush and Obama) to make the right decisions regarding foreign policy.

    • Philip

      Greg, you should be using duckduckgo as your search engine (it’s good and it doesn’t track you) and firefox as your browser (It’s open source and has no big evil Corporation behind it. There is a big need for a real competitor to Youtube which allows diversity of opinion, unlike the cencorship being applied by Youtube; which should be come a First Amendment issue.

      • Just The Facts

        I agree Philip. Duckduckgo is that and more, It sends you update e-mails occasionally on how to do such things as wipe out ” google ” search history – which is really simple.I didn’t know about Firefox – I must check it out.

      • Diane

        I’m going to try it.

    • Matt In Pa

      Will not be a Iraq,Libya.

  2. Paul ...

    Let’s bring the crooks to justice … treason by any other name is still treason … but beyond Hillary … there are even bigger crooks (the banksters) … who require an endless supply of victims to survive … and it seems many of them are now flocking to the new crypto SDR (Satan’s money) … rather then to God’s money (gold)!! …

    • Corleone

      Some people said that recently Hillary preached gospel in some events. What the hell is going on here ????

    • FC

      Last week Tin Foil Hat and I mentioned that the only Crypto will be an IMF issued Crypto.

      Unfortunately, the way you put it, God, is going to have to back Satan.

      • Paul ...

        FC … we were warned many years ago to “never put Satan before God” … Satan and crypto “are false gods” … God the Father and gold “are real” … worship of Satanist money produces constant war … use of God the Father’s money prevents trade wars … whenever people worship a “false god” has lead to the slaughter of millions … because “a false god” will tell you it is “legal to kill people” who are deemed “inferior” (like what the Nazi’s did in WWII and what the neocons are doing today to people and countries all around the world because they think in their warped minds they are a superior breed) … the one true God (God the Father) states “thou shall not kill” … PERIOD … labeling people “inferior” does not make it right to kill them and expropriate their wealth by any means possible … the banksters “who think they are superior” find it easy to believe in a “false god” … and easy to believe in false money … they spout false news to “the inferior people”, they promote false money, deadly vaccines and GMO foods because it puts the “inferior people in control” … we have to bring them to God the Father’s justice by rounding them all up and casting them into Hell (FEMA holding camps)!!

        • FC

          Paul… I agree with what you say, but if we don’t have another 40 days and 40 nights of rain to cleanse the evil from this planet……….God’s Gold will need to back Satan’s Crypto.

          • Paul ...

            FC … Yea … the banksters will probably back their Crypto with “all the gold” in Fort Knox!!

      • Tin foil hat

        I have been thinking about the ACChain and why would China wants to support SDR crypto. I infer the Chinese rather have a global reserve currency back by digitized assets than the current global reserve currency which is back by the U.S. military.
        However, I don’t think the Chinese are as naive as the Europeans who gave up their sovereignty for the euro. If E.U. were the prelude of the NWO, the NWO (BIS/IMF) would control the world via edicts – He who controls the money supply of the world controls the world.
        My guess is that the Chinese, or any nation with a half a brain, would want to retain certain degree of monetary independence by holding physical gold as a long term store of wealth in their reserves, SDR would probably be no more than 25% of their reserves and used to settle short term trade imbalances.

        • Frederick

          Not everyone in Europe joined the Euro I have property in Warsaw Poland and we use the Zloty not the Euro however it is sort of pegged

  3. Dan

    Trump & Kim Jung Un – two blowhard bullies trying to intimidate each other while the whole world holds their collective breath. Most experts seem to agree that Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric does absolutely nothing to help defuse an already volatile situation. But then, bullying seldom works well in diplomatic relations. Meanwhile, people trying to rehash the Clinton scandals (& there were many) are just as bad as all the people (& media) that want to keep focusing on the (possible) Russian interference in our elections instead of the REAL issues such as North Korea, all of the wars the US is currently in & the economy. But no, that would make too much sense. Give us more of the Russians, the Clintons & the Kardashians. Meanwhile, Rome burns…SAD!

    • Greg Hunter

      “inflammatory rhetoric does absolutely nothing to help defuse an already volatile situation.” Trump is not trying to defuse it. He’s trying to end it. We have been “defusing it” for 25 years. They will be, if not already, giving this nuke technology to every terrorist on the planet.

    • Paul ...

      The genie was let out of the bottle when Clinton gave N. Korea nuclear reactors to build a hydrogen bomb … and then gave them the plans on how to build ICBM’s to carry those hydrogen bombs to the US … and Sessions is going to offer the Clinton’s a “plea deal” ??… the only deal they should get for treason is to be able to make three(3) wishes … (1) choose the color of the rope used to hang them … (2) choose the day of the week for their execution … and (3) choose which shark infested ocean we throw their dead body’s in!!

      • Darren

        Paul, Please do a little fact checking before posting. The Clinton’s have NEVER “GIVEN” ANYTHING AWAY….. It was sold at fair market value. Other than that, I agree 100%

      • Keith wilson

        Paul, I watched a movie last night Dr Strangelove. There is a scene in there where Major Kong rides the bomb. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could chain Hillary rotten Clinton to a A-bomb . Fly it over to North Korea and launch it from a B1 bomber over there missile bases. Thus, allowing Hillary Rotten Clinton to ride the first A-bomb to be dropped on North Korea. If millions of Americans will be losing there lives due to her treason. Why shouldn’t she be the first to go ? Also we could chain big John McCain on the next one ?

        • Paul ...

          Too bad for the neocons … there will be no war with N.Korea … the neocons thought all they had to do was give N. Korea an atomic bomb and ICBM’s and they would have an excuse to do a “regime change” (and have the American public support their action) … once they put “a US puppet government” into N.Korea the neocons thought they would then be able to set up missile bases in N.Korea pointed toward China (the way they set up missile bases in Poland aimed at Russia) … China is not so easily fooled (like the stupid American people) and have put the warmongers in their place … telling the neocons in no uncertain terms “any attempt at regime change in N.Korea will mean war with China” … so expect the neocons to switch their focus and try to get a “regime change in Iran” (but likely Russia will put a stop to that the same way China just gave the boot to the warmongering neocons)!! …

          • Paul ...

            The banksters will just have to live with the fact that N. Korea will not have the Rothschilds controlling their monetary policy … the banksters “hate nations” they can’t control … and they have it in for Russia for numerous reasons … here is one more reason the banksters want to go to war with Russia …

            • Paul ...

              We must diminish bankster control over our food and money to make the world “safe for democracy” and relegate these Nazi neocons to the dust bin of history!!

      • Russ McMeans

        Amen Paul! Greg has an excellent point: they’re trying to take out Trump before Trump can call them to court via Jeff Sessions’s Justice Dept.
        Mr. Sessions needs to triple up on his security detail for protection. He’s a high value target now.

        • Paul ...

          Russ … Trump has put a hot rod up the back end of a Satan loving bee hive and the Demon-rats, Reptilicans, banksters, CIA, Homeland Security, pedophiles, etc., etc. are screaming for Trump’s blood … one can understand the CIA doing a JFK on Trump because Madonna likely offered them each a blow job so she wouldn’t have to blow up the White House herself … but why is “everyone else” so keen on getting rid of Trump? … could it be because Trump is going to get rid of the Education Dept, the EPA, the VA, ISIS, illegal aliens, food stamps, business regulations, the IRS, the Fed, NATO, all duplicate Federal Agencies, gun free zones, CNN and all the fake media?

    • betterchetter

      when someone is accused of a crime (& they have weight in community), we are told to not judge them until all the facts come out … but once they are tried & found guilty/innocent, we are told that they are putting this all behind them and we are to ‘get over it’ … so Hillary was tried by Comey, and though found not guilty, Comey said others doing the same thing might not have same result (her fame/power got her off, but they won’t get lesser people off)

      We have the right to be outraged by Clinton – & by all D/R politicians who get their own retirement & medical plan than the rest of us !!

      • Freebreezer

        I would like to know how John McCain was involved with the Clinton Machine? He knows that he will not be around long (Bad type of brain cancer) and then he goes and takes one for the deep state per repealing obama- care by voting with the Dems? Hmmmm … And as Greg points out – Did Mitch Mconnell know this? A lot going on to ponder on!

        • Frederick

          MCCain is just another traitor like Hillary They are both globalists and they both are sell outs to the big money families that control the worlds central banks We all know the usual names

          • Charles H

            Yep, and true.

    • Just The Facts

      Dan, You sound like the result that the MSM is trying desperately to achieve. The media is using the phony Russian collusion story to make the Clintons crimes disappear and on you it is working. Wake -up…. You are part of the problem!


    Call Rodman, NOW !

  5. Tom

    It took some time but those who spoke out against the deal were proven right. How long until we see similar issues with the Iran deal?

  6. al

    Crazy as a fox in a hen house. Crazy as a major league chess player. Trump just thanked Russia for kicking out 755 of Obummer’s crony “US diplomats” in Russia effectively firing them when they get home. Little by little this “crazy dude” is clearing the swamp.
    The Russian sanctions are a blessing in disguise and Trump knows it, but the most BRILLIANT part about it is that Trump can’t be blamed for the blowback because he was forced to sign that in to law.
    Crazy as a Brilliant strategist.
    Thanks for all you do Greg, awesome wrap up…

    PS: LOCK HER UP!!!! That’s what we screamed at Trump one year ago. It’s about to happen.

  7. k-in-maryland

    if you believe in our 2d amendment, you believe every individual has the right to defend itself. A sovereign country is no different. NK is attempting to protect itself from the most aggressive nation on the planet. The US is the only planet to have actually used atomic weapons, not once but twice, on a nation that was ready to surrender. We have military bases in 170+ locations worldwide. We destroy nations because we want their resources and their people enslaved to the dollar. If I were a sovereign country I would have nukes just to be able to keep the US/Nato out of my country and keep the dollar out of my economy. Just leave NK alone. Stop provoking them. It’s not our problem. Were broke and we need to dismantle all these foreign bases and stop meddling in other sovereign nation’s affairs. That goes for Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Europe, Venezuela, etc… our own government and monetary system is our big problem. Let’s focus on that!

    • Just The Facts

      Right -on K, It takes a lot of guts, honesty and integrity to acknowledge what America is really all about. To be real and fair you have to admit that America has been heavily subsidized by the rest of the world economy for a very long time. It is the world’s evil bully and until ordinary Americans admit it and say to their Gov’t – ENOUGH – STOP, it will go on until we end up in WW3.

    • Janet Gaudiello

      You are absolutely right on every item. Mentioned on one of the sites I go to is the fact that the NK leader in mentioning Guam, was stating what is expected from the leader of any country, to merely warn all flights near the air space over a particular area not to fly near that space due to missiles. He did not say he was bombing Guam.
      The problem I have no patience for is George Soros who is behind every protest that takes place including the recent Virginia episode. But no TV propagandist mentions Soros. Also, Soros supports many members of Congress such as: Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham. There are two other RINOS. I have to check to make sure of who they are. One of the sites that gives out explosive info is SGT Report/Youtube.

  8. Angus. from Adelaide

    Thanks for your usual weekly dose of common sense Greg.

  9. Jerry

    I cannot stress enough to your readers the need to make final preparations ASAP. The debacle in North Korea with Kim-Jun-Un is nothing more than a setup for a major false flag event that the central banks will use to cover the coming global currency reset.
    Donald Trump is being used by the deep state industrial military complex as a sacrificial lamb for what is about to happen. In case you haven’t noticed even the Republicans in Congress are distancing themselves from him to secure their positions in the swamp.

    The timing of this couldn’t be worse. You have the debt ceiling debate coming to a head at about the same time that liquidity in the central banks is beginning to seize up. This time the Chinese won’t be there to bailout the central banks. This time thanks to the help from “The Working Group” they have covered all their bases by creating a new alternate exchange system underneath the old Bretton Woods System that will reset when the time is right . Count on it folks. The odds of this continuing much longer are against us.

    • Diane

      Jerry…exactly what do you recommend we do to prepare in the event of a reset?

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        They never say…and if they do it’s for the well-to-do and begins: Go out and buy this, stock up on that, buy gold, no, silver, no bitcoin.
        Note well: they never say to make your peace with God and love your neighbor as yourself, never recommend giving away what you don’t really need to the poor.
        Listen to Jesus…He knows a thing or two more than anyone else.

        • Frederick

          Deanna I say and do what I believe in You can cling onto your false beliefs if you want but I’m getting tangible things that I will need in the event of a catastrophe To each his own I guess

  10. Tad

    State Depart. Infuriated by Trump Thanking Putin for Expelling US Diplomats
    © AP Photo/ Alex Brandon
    14:51 11.08.2017Get short URL
    0 107 0 0

    The US Department of State officials are infuriated by US President Donald Trump’s “shortsighted” remarks about Russia’s expulsion of US diplomats, in which he said he was grateful to the Russian leader for helping Washington save money, local media reported Friday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On Thursday, Trump expressed his gratitude toward Russian President Vladimir Putin for expelling 755 US diplomats from Russia, since the decision would help the US government save money in the salary budget.

    “I kid you not, I have heard from three different people in the last five minutes. Everyone seems pretty amazed. This statement is naive and shortsighted. It sends a terrible signal to local employees everywhere,” one State Department official told Politico outlet shortly after Trump’s comments.

    Another diplomat described the remarks as “demoralizing and disrespectful,” according to the news outlet.

    President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit, Friday, July 7, 2017, in Hamburg
    © AP Photo/ Evan Vucci
    Trump Thanks Putin For Kicking US Embassy Staff Out of Moscow
    In December 2016, then US President Barack Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and banned Russia from accessing two of its diplomatic compounds. The decision came as a response to Russia’s alleged interference in the US election, which Moscow has repeatedly denied.

    In late July, Moscow announced that the diplomatic presence of the United States in Russia would be cut by 755 people to 455, the same number of diplomatic personnel that Russia currently has in the United States. The Kremlin said it was a response to the 2016 ouster of 35 Russian diplomats and sanctions passed by the US Congress in July.

    0 0

    Its a good start. I’m not at all shocked by State’s disingenous outrage at Trump’s remarks. More like the CIA’s public disagreement.

    Now if we could only encourage other countries to follow suit, and in addition, kick out American-based NGOs, peace could break anytime, any place.

    • Paul ...

      Trump can “save even more money” if he now expels another 400 Russian diplomats from the US … thus giving Russia an excuse to expel 400 more US diplomats!! … this could be a way to begin the balancing of the US budget … Trump should now begin expelling diplomats from every country in the world and hopefully they in turn will tell us to get our military bases out of their countries!!

      • Paul ...

        It is hard for the neocons to lay claim to the entire planet with Russia in their way … blocking the neocons GMO food and the banksters worth less fiat currency and bit coins … how can the banksters get on with their plans to reduce Earth’s population if Russia always “stands in their way” … reducing Earth’s population with the help of big pharma is their stated goal … people are to be purposely fed GMO food to make them sick and simply accept their fate of eventually developing cancer … to knowingly allow this to happen is immoral … but to see suffering (endured by millions) gives these Satan worshiping “blood sucking perverted pedophiles” the golly’s!!

  11. The Duke

    The very mention of name “Hillary” connotates ‘Chaos’ in my mind, at least.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Her name mentioned connotes corruption in mind; she has recently, however, slightly came down from her “Ivory Tower”. She could use knowing God instead of trying to convince us all that she is God LOL.

    • Frederick

      For me it connotes pure evil and criminality

  12. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, agree with you that the United Nations vote for sanctions will be given time to try and work before any fireworks. China has the little Hitler’s back if he doesn’t fire at anyone first which I don’t think he will, outcome therefore is a nuclear powered terrorist sponsored state, a little brother of Iran if you will. Korea in the N. Pacific, Iran in the Middle East, Russia in Europe, China in the Far East, getting the nuclear picture now – more rouge anti-western states on the way such as Syria when that dust settles. One thing is for certain about is that N. Korea’s little bully has us in check for the time being if not checkmated as its one thing to get a United Nations vote for sanctions but all together another thing for a sanctioned U.N. attack like Bush did on Iraq, just not going to happen again, no oil, etc. to go to war for and the only possible target is the United States. The West will always appease to get another day without war even if it just delays the eventuality even it just makes the enemy stronger; Trump’s Administration will follow suit as well because as his administration has already said on a number of occasions there are “no options”; meaning military or otherwise in this scenario. Therefore, I believe it is a foregone conclusion that N. Korea continues to become a nuclear power. He simply has to follow Iran’s play; keep quiet, keep building, & take the money!

  13. Lee Craven – search engine
    Linux OS
    Firefox browser with amazing add-ons
    Thunderbird email client – startmail email

  14. Eagleeye

    How do you know that this response from NK is not provoked? Who is reporting that NK is doing whatever they are being accused of? This is probably no different than the invasion of Iraq by Bush 2, Afghanistan, and other Middle East nations who the US deemed as “terrorist” nation. Meanwhile, the military presence of the US/NATO keeps growing and along with this is the empire.

    The Hegelian dialectic is in full effect here.

    • Greg Hunter

      How do you know it’s not? Your opinion is not fact.

      • Chuck

        Bingo eagleeye!

      • Arthur Barnes

        Eagleeye, I got eyes & ears, I have seen the little bully dictator threaten the U.S. with nuclear weapons, and not just once but many times in the last 5 months or so. However, your point on the invasion by the Bush’s is well taken, especially when we remember that that hi & mighty family said it wouldn’t be another Vietnam; in fact, it has been a longer war now with no exit in sight.

  15. Randy Rhce

    Greg is correct about the artillery in the North being an enormous threat. There are still approximately 28,000 American service men and women within range of Fat Boy’s artillery. I was stationed there in 1974 and remember there are over a thousand Army personnel north of Freedom Bridge. G-2 estimated that when North Korea attacks with just conventional weapons; those men and women North of Freedom Bridge will suffer 85% casualties within 15 minutes. North Korea has had 64 years to zero in conventional weapons. Lastly, many Americans are ignornant of the fact that no peace agreement has ever been signed between the North and South since 1953-1954, only a cease fire.

    • Arthur Barnes

      North Korea is just another example of appeasement by the West, surly allowing a communist country to stalemate a western power in the modern age couldn’t come out very well in the first instant. Too bad Churchill’s theory wasn’t carried forth, place your boot on their neck or your neck will be under their boot – end of story; that is all, nothing more to be said.

  16. Flattop

    GREG: New subject, Calexit. They are now collecting signatures to put Calexit on the ballot in 2018. There has been a move in this state to take California back to Mexico since they claim the state was stolen from Mexico. Since a majority of the state politicians are Mexican, since there are several million illegal Mexicans who vote in this state, it might just pass. Then it will get interesting!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      They do not want massive voter fraud exposed. They need it to stay in power.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Hundred of thousands illegal Mexicans voted for Hillary in California, they just check a box and claim they are a citizen. The sad part about it is the elections officials knew it was being done and did nothing about it, no investigation, no one got caught, all went as it was suppose to as calling the election fraud out would not be political correct, after all, hundred of thousands if not millions of Mexican felons couldn’t be wrong! Beyond that, its a known fact that in the Mexican community as a whole believe that California is part of Mexico, and should be under the Mexican State and authority. As far as I am concerned they can have it back, love to be able to live long enough to see what they will do with it when the money runs out!

      • Frederick

        That’s all true They have their very own version of the KKK called La Raza or ” The race”

  17. Todd

    Greg, We are now witnessing the collapse of fake money. Everything we see is built on debt,which is a sandy foundation. I am still a boy scout at heart. We must be prepared! I have been sounding the alarm but people just want to live with their blinders on. But the blinders won’t work much longer, and then those wearing the blinders will see that all this debt based housing, stock, and bond market are worthless. People with their blinders will then be the first to panic. We must not panic, we must remain calm, say a prayer, and then remember our God! If we turn to him we will find safety! We will know that He is our only hope. We will then see things as they really are. Only in Him will we truly find peace. I thank God for you and your listeners. Your friend in the Lord, Todd

  18. Larry White

    This may be of interest in regards to North Korea:

    I believe that Jim Rickards thinks war is more likely than not in the coming months.

    • Paul from Indiana

      War was assured when Truman recalled MacArthur in 1950, and we spent the next three years fighting to break even and having to BEG for a truce. We had the chance to put the Chi-Coms out of business and blew it. China and North Korea are two sides of the same coin. It is a “good cop-bad cop” scam. It is a miracle it has gone on this long. Trump recognizes it for what it is. Best always. PM

      • Arthur Barnes

        Paul, in most respects we are begging for peace again, same scenario, same outcome, nothing changes, more appeasement on the way. N. Korea will eventually take notes from Iran, keep quiet, keep building & take the money; that is until they build to a level that they can’t be attacked as it would be “costing” too much! Your comment about China’s good cop, bad cop is well taken. Best Regards, a b

    • Paul ...

      Larry … Rickards is wrong … there will be no war with N. Korea as China has stated in no uncertain terms to the war mongering neocons in Washington “there will be no regime change in N.Korea”!!

      • Tin foil hat

        If China were to launch the gold back yuan, there will be war with N. Korea.

        • Frederick

          Tin Foil They may be war with NK either way

  19. John Jones


    Check it out. They have an extension to make it your default search engine in your browser.

    It doesn’t track your IP. High quality. Some Stanford comp sci PHds behind it.

    Bing is Microsoft, still not great.

  20. jon

    Hi Greg, Thank you again for keeping the topics alive. I tend to believe over the last 18 years, the neocon deep state actors have constructed and created the Break Glass when needed bad guys. NK is another one of those. If we look before the Iraq invasion, NK had no nukes and did not pursue them. Then the Baby bush axis of evil and first strike doctrine came into being. NK like others watched over the decades, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Afghanistan etc come under bombing and attack, None were a threat to the US. But they either are an energy transit point, a resource rich or a boogie man straw man. The failed rotation of war by the neocons to Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Russia etc to get a war going has been failing. So naturally they have now rotated to NK. Well of course NK is going to rhetoric in the best way they know how. On the Probability chart of likely scenario events the least is a Nuke War, but the other extreme is a brokered peace by China. And a lot of other scenarios in between. I think the war scenario is maybe a 10% probability, with the majority probability of China brokering a save face for all deal at maybe 50%. The same entities that have stalled the neocon wars over the last several years will do the same here with NK.

    • Diane

      Great analysis Jon.
      Sure makes sense.

  21. Jak

    Notice that Ray Dalio said “Buy gold”. He didn’t say anything about buying Bitcoin.

    • James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

      Sorry…..Mrs. Zang’s latest interiew, says BITCOIN is a losers bet.

    • JMiller

      Unfortunately when big name money managers say that they own gold or to buy gold they are referring most times not to physical gold but to gold ETFs, gold futures and gold mining stocks. Dalio is one of them

      “Dalio’s hedge fund has taken a new position in SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) and iShares Gold Trust (IAU).”

  22. Mary L.

    Suggest that your audience become familiar with Congress.Gov. S722, Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017: Important sections: 223, 224, 225, 231, 232, 234, 237. Upon completion, one should be able solve the mystery on why the Republican held majority in Congress, can’t or won’t pass a bill on behalf of the Trump administration.
    It is obvious that this Act, S722, if passed into law, could ultimately remove Trump from office by this Deep State initiative.
    Watch, beware, endure and pray for our Country.

    • James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

      Mrs. Zang released an interview that said……BITCOIN is a losers bet….

      • Paul ...

        She also stated that the banksters are behind BITCOIN as a way to bring about a New World Monetary System where they will have the ability to suck “all the wealth” out of the people … the banksters using their propaganda outlets tell us … “bit coins have to be mined (just like gold)” … “bitcoins are private money (just like gold)” … “bitcoins are a store of wealth (just like gold)” … the banksters promote bit coins as having all the qualities as gold … but they leave out one important fact … gold still has value when the electricity stops flowing!!

        • Paul ...

          And when the electricity stops flowing … that is “exactly the time” you will definitely need some stored wealth (to get by)!! … bit coiners will likely be hammering their computers open (like Hillary) to get out those computer chips saying they have millions of dollars “embedded in them” … the problem is … how do the bit coiners get their money out of those chips? … are they going to bleach them?

  23. pat the rat

    North Korea By saying that he will take out Guam they make U.S. to make plans to bring resources from father away,North Korea would be hitting Japan at the same time.This would reduce your opponent ability to repel the invasion.
    There is a reset of the money under way .the new reserve money will be the 18 to 24 months

  24. Roger D

    North Korea’s ICBM’s and nuclear capability are NOT a threat to Americans on US soil. But like Saddam Hussein’s fictitious WMDs, they will be used by Zionist Neo-Cons, blood-thirsty Christians and the military-industrial-congressional complex to bring America into another unwinnable war.

    If today’s Americans are still Christians, why do they refuse to ask the once-popular question, ‘What would Jesus do?’

    • Bill

      Roger D: Don’t recall Rome threatening Jerusalem with nuclear destruction during Jesus day. Or maybe turn the other cheek and let them nuke us a couple times.

    • James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

      “He said to them, “but now………..if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one”…Luke 22:36. Take your butt back to the basement.

    • Paul ...

      Jesus would say “try to live in peace with your neighbor” … and not try to get rid of the head of the household next door with regime change (because you have designs on your neighbors wife) … God the Father would say “Thou Shall Not Kill” … God the Father does not say we have the “right to kill other human beings” just because we feel “they are inferior” … that is what Nazi’s do! … God the Father is not a Nazi!!

    • Freebreezer

      Roger D – wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!! Guam is American soil with Americans living on that soil. It is no different then Porto Rico other than it is in a different ocean much farther away from the home land.

  25. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks for another top notch weekly wrap-up!

  26. Peter

    Greg, do You ever think that the ‘ Trump & Kim Jung Un’ story will go on?
    Never ever, this I can tell you.

    What will we do about the Clintons, banksters and all those DC’s. Jail them and than I can belief the story – Trump & Kim Jung Un. It is total nonsense.

    Otherwise: this fake story goes on. Trump loves it.


    Peter (from Europe)

    • Greg Hunter

      There is more to it than you think. Remember the U.N. Security Council voted 15 to0 to sanction NoKO. Did all of them including Russia and China get fooled too?

    • James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

      Yes……I see the Germanic/ Slovakian wordage…Why don’t you grow some balls……and mobilize change for the better. I don’t want to protect your ass. I want to leave you to your own fiat. Kim will kill us. We will kill them and more……and you will die soon after.
      Life will be better…..soon. 🙂

  27. brian

    Donald Trump could have done a lot of things to restore the rule of law, the integrity of our money and the credibility of our country with the HUUUUUUUUUUGE amount of support, interest and popularity he had the day he was sworn in; as a matter of fact, all he needed to do was show up as the same Donald Trump who pointed his finger at Clinton and said she should be in jail, step back and allow the subsequent chips fall where they may…………….buuuuut he didn’t.

    • Greg Hunter

      The swamp is deep and muddy. He’s getting crap from his own party. Loot at what Mitch McConnell just did.

      • Paul from Indiana

        McConnell, McCain, Feinstein, Schumer, and Co. are in it for themselves. THAT is the problem, and it won’t be remedied until we get term limits established. In fact, eliminate all representative elections and APPOINT by lot (as in jury pool service) our Washington representatives. Otherwise, we die of corruption. Best always. PM

        • Paul ...

          Good Idea Paul … lets require government service of everyone (not just military service) … when “we the people” get into the military we know how to solve a problem (we defeated the WWII Nazi’s in just 4 years) … put “we the people” into government service and we can defeat the Neo-Nazi warmongers in Washington who create the continuous wars we have to fight … we can do away with the bankster controlled House and Senate congressmen who worm their way into lifetime jobs … lets assign common people to do “their work” the way we assign people to jury duty!!

        • brian

          Unfortunately, it would seem that this sad state of affairs you mention merely argues to the fact that we are beyond fixing the problems here with voting. It is just too much for one man or even one cabinet of men to address, and although Trump was able to get many people to get out and vote for him as well as show support for him at rallies and other public assemblies (many more than the media would have us think!) such support is still far from enough to get anything actually done.

          The sacrifice required to put this government back into its box is certainly going to be much greater than the cost of merely having kept it contained. Given how we Americans came up short on the latter I suggest that anyone who cares to do anything start by praying today for a supreme amount of strength from God in order to have any shot at fulfilling the former.

          • Paul ...

            Yes … we all hate Jury Duty to put individual crooks away … we all hate being called for Military Service to put agressive nations in their place … and we will all likely hate being drafted into Government Service to lock up Hillary, the Banksters, the pedophiles and neocon warmongers … but we must do what has to be done to help God the Father put our Nation back in control and on a moral foundation … once we step on Satan’s neck and keep his forked tongue from injecting us with his poison of war, greed and murder (based upon him seeing us as “inferior beings”) we might just begin to enjoy stamping out evil!!

    • Frederick

      I agree it should but can you imagine the blowback towards Trump should that happen I can hear the crys of Nazi now

  28. Paul Anthony

    Thanks Greg for your always passionate and great Weekly Wrap Ups.

  29. Peter

    Greg, do You remember some person (an American) who told a fake story in the UN about Iraque. Do You remember this?

    I hope so.


    Peter (from Europe)

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Peter, Bush Administration lied and people died. In think the number is closer to 1 million though. Do you think I am a war monger. I am reporting and warning of possible war. This is a legit warning no matter how war comes. By the way how do you know this if fake, or are you stating your opinion as fact? (which everybody does on the Internet.)

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, Pento -Richards interview… Trade war with Russian and China already in progress…and Richards expects a hot one with NK soon…because Trump give China 100 days to deal with it and they did not…so his ‘art of the deal’ escalates as China’s lack of effort to do so fades…

    • James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

      I’d be happy to stop subsidizing your security. Is that agreeable Peter. Can you defend yourself……? Can you stand on your own…… Are you a man now, or a bitch who only nags? We who are about to die…..or……the front line…..ask you “REMF’s…….Rear Echelon M…..F…ers, are you ready to fight for justice…..boy? Don’t look stupid…do something.

      • Roger D

        James Hastings, your offensive lack of civility is exceeded only by you lack of facts to support your arguments.

        Greg, are comments like the above what we can expect now?

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Roger D,
          You putz, are we suppose to give up our freedom of speech because of your overly refined sensibilities? Go to your safe place while the adults in the room ponder a “fact” few like to broach: Such as why we should spend our considerable blood and treasure on the freedom of others who won’t spend a reasonable amount on their own defense and are constantly finding fault with our policing the world? Our Founding Fathers were prescient in their avoidance of foreign entanglements. Imho we should also!SOD

  30. Frank D

    Greg, another great WNW, thanks. Re: your bit on Google and your recommendation of Bing in place of the Google search engine, I just wanted to share another option….DuckDuckGo ( This search engine does not track you (like Google does). I have been using it for about 3 months now and it seems to do everything that Google did, without the “PC” crap of Google’s corporate culture and their selling of your link history.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank. Several people have recommended this and other search engines. This is a very bad sign for Google/You Tube.

    • Mike

      I have been using for a couple of years and it is great. If you sign up for their monthly newsletter, they provide good information on how to keep yourself from being tracked when you visit web sites. GREAT resource.

      Greg, keep up the great work!

  31. Peter

    And this fake story killed a lot of people : 500,000 So: what do you think now Greg.


    Peter (from Europe)

    • Greg Hunter

      Peter have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Hussein had gassed his own people. When the heat came down, the WMD were secretly moved to Syria, where they were used once again on the native population, provoking the “red line” response from Obama (just kidding, guys!). Why doesn’t the media ever ask, whence Syria’s WMD? This is such a tiresome narrative. Best always. PM

  32. John


    Great bulletized laundry list of Clinton criminal activity and why no politician or law enforcement agency will touch them, yet pursue Trump with the vengeance. Concerning open borders and unbounded, illegal immigration enabled by politicians and government agencies. “Undocumented means Untraceable” Untraceable humanity means humanity which can be enslaved and trafficked within and without the nation in a number of ways by criminal elements with little fear of discovery or legal action. No one is talking about this reality. You’re as close as that reporting gets. Thanks for stepping up.

  33. Linda L.

    Kim Jung Un couldn’t be so stupid to think that he can win a nuclear war with the US and he knows that he has China’s support as long as he operates on a fine line. This whole affair must be about money/payoffs. Since Obama gave Iran BILLIONS of US tax payer’s dollars in his shady, unconstitutional, rotten deal that our Congress doesn’t seem to be concerned about, wouldn’t it stand to reason that Kim Jung Un is also expecting the very same consideration in exchange for his cooperation? Of course he’ll never truly cooperative, but continue developing/perfecting weapons of mass destruction in deep underground facilities (with the support of China), knowing that all he has to do is to keep carrying like a spoiled, fat brat while his countrymen eat mice.

    • James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

      Reflect on our self-centered culture……….He should be different?

    • Arthur Barnes

      Linda, eventually the little fat bully will take notes from Iran, keep quiet, keep building & take the money. That way another Administration will have to deal with him in the future, can you say Kick the Can?

      • Frederick

        Arthur Not that I think Kim is a good guy but how on earth I’d He the bully here? Do you realize how small his power is compared to that of the US ?

  34. John Shipp

    The way to stop this is for Mattis and Tillotson to speak to their Chinese and Russian counterparts, and tell them that if North Korea fires a missile at Guam, Japan, Alaska etc. then the Us intends to take the following action, ie; “We will be targeting Korean nuclear facilities and the Presidential Palaces, and many of the military facilities with nuclear and non nuclear munitions. Please believe we are not intending to damage your nation or any of your facilities”. We will not send a further warning.

  35. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    Greg…your doing a fine job. I wait……with glee, for truth and justice. I hope I’m alive to see GOD…….DROP THE HAMMER HOMEY…………:)

    Greg…we get erased…….or most of us. We had it……and pissed it away.

    You ever find yourself in a spot in Georgia….call me. I promise…….and I’m old fashion…that means something….. de oppresso liber…..Enjoy the weekend..:)

  36. Rick Geisler

    I think you are right. What we have here is two different camps in D.C. in a blood feud for control. The “Swamp” gang could care less about the rule of law. That is how they got to be who they are. I think the appropriate phrase at this time is “Take the Cannoli.”

  37. Matt

    Why would un fire off an ICBM knowing, with certainty, he’d lose dominion over his people and, possibly, his life? It doesn’t make any logical, strategic sense for him.
    He lives in the lap of luxury — playing war games with his army and enjoying all of life’s amenities. Un stepping down makes as much sense as Hussein and Gaddafi wanting to voluntarily step down. So I ask who’s really behind the dethroning of Un? Maybe those that want war?

    • Frito Lay

      Un i’ll Kim saw what happened to CIA sponsored Hussein and kowtowing Qaddafi. His nuclear tipped missiles courtesy of China by way of China’s donations to Clinton and the Dem’s are Kim’s ace in the hole. There wont be any regime change in North Korea as long as Kim’s in the club and he knows it! Talk about collusion!

      • Frito Lay


  38. coalburner

    You cannot send a nuclear missle, anywhere without a guidance system. Clinton sold that to NK too. Look it up!
    It take several treasnous acts to be suddenly armed with this kind of technology.

    • Paul ...

      The neocon warmongers will try to tell us they did not commit treason by putting America in danger of being nuked … because they were only following orders to advance “a global agenda” whereby regime change could be effected in N. Korea so “our nuclear missiles” could be stationed in N.Korea aimed at both China and Russia! … it is enemies “within” like this that create our foreign enemies for greed and profit … creating enemies and fostering war is not the “official duties” of our government representatives … and therefore their lame excuse (of following orders) is “null and void” … they committed treason pure and simple … and must now pay the price for their treasonous acts as prescribed by law!

  39. Tad

    Did North Korea ever claim to have US mainland capable missiles? I’ve only heard that claim via MSM outlets.

    While Guam appears to be a distinct possibility, that may not be realistic.

    If the administration wants to give the dollar a final death knell and support hockey stick-like gold and silver pops, by all means go with a false flag.

    Now that more people are familiar with its definition, Trump probably won’t be so concerned about 2020. Who would be, really, when a few are really prepared for Armageddon-like conditions–hopefully just the economic variety.

    • Greg Hunter

      NoKo has subs that can launch from under the water. They could put a few 100 miles off the U.S. coast easy.

      • Robert G

        Greg their subs are diesel junk. They are very noisy. The American subs would know when they left NK harbors. The U.S. military has microphones all over the oceans of the earth.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hope you are correct Robert but if you are wrong one single nuclear armed missile hitting America would kill Millions if even hit close to the right target. There is also espionage by NoKo. It’s not like they couldn’t sneak in through our Southern Border? There are lots of wild cards to that could turn up on both sides of this. That said, I think sanctions must and will be given time to work but what do I know.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Actually Greg, its been reported that they have, in fact, been a few hundred miles away from the West Coast of America with their subs. Those kind of stories are quickly put to rest with the MSM as they don’t want to awaken any sleeping Americans who would rightly get concerned if they knew the truth. Note: Just as long as their missiles can’t reach D.C. and all the American corrupt politicians nothing will happen LOL.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you A B!!!

    • Paul ...

      Tad … remember this simple fact … N.Korea will never attack the US … as they know (if they do) they will be on their own as China stated “they won’t back them up if they start anything” … the only way China will back up N.Korea is if “they are not the aggressor” in any military conflict!

      • Paul ...

        This whole N.Korea issue is part of Trump’s plan to make America Great Again … by showing Japan and S.Korea how much America is interested in saving them from a N.Korean “mad man” … he can now ask both Japan and S. Korea for billions of dollars in investments to rebuild American factories and infrastructure to get the American economy moving again!!

        • Tin foil hat

          I concur 100% with one exception. It’s not part of Trump’s plan, it has been part of the plan of the Deep State.

  40. Da Yooper

    Greg a couple of other internet search programs who do not track you


    No Tracking Search That Respects Your Privacy

    The search engine that doesn’t track you.

    • Paul ...

      Thanks Yooper … just made duckduckgo my search engine!!

  41. FC

    Team America………I’m Lonely.

  42. A H

    I have used Duckduckgo for years now–it is quite good for most things. It sometimes brings up things that Google bypasses. Lately Google seems to have an agenda in bypassing certain stories and websites.

    I call Google “goggle” because I consider them to be the corporate surveillance arm of the US government. They are part of the problem. I don’t trust them AT ALL. See Why Google’s Spying on User Data Is Worse than the NSA’s

    Bing is Microsoft….I don’t trust them either. They installed back doors into their operating systems for YEARS. See NSA Built Back Door In All Windows Software by 1999

    Now they claim that they are all on to protect your privacy. *I don’t believe that one bit.*

    I stick to duckduckgo–seems OK for now. Boycott Goggle: they deserve it.

  43. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Greg: I posted the item below in a previous thread once so I hope you don’t think I’m spamming you. And sorry it’s so long. But it’s important and relevant to your report about Google. For frame of reference, Facebook and other social media web-sites (including government-run ones) have banned not just the entire post but every single item, element and parts of items from it. For instance, if I try to copy and paste any one item or even the exact part of an item, it doesn’t work. (Try it – I’m curious to see if it works for you or anyone else. Others have tried and it didn’t work for them.) That’s the extreme to which our globally-run media are censoring facts, data, evidence and objective analyses of them if it doesn’t promote their authoritarian agenda. They ban anything that challenges their addiction to power and control.

    1/62 Feminism is a hate movement characterized by women manipulating the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting, enslaving, impoverishing, imprisoning and exterminating conscientious and hard-working men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power

    2/62 Condemning feminists is not the same as condemning women or hatred of women (misogyny) but is condemning a primitive and uncivilized form of social organization founded upon hating, enslaving and exterminating men (misandry)

    3/62 Feminists are psychopaths and (a) lack conscience, empathy, remorse, shame and guilt, (b) demonstrate no analytical skills or logic, (c) are glib, insincere and disingenuous, (d) are solipsistic, parasitic, opportunistic, manipulative, deceitful and duplicitous, (e) are irresponsible and blame others for the consequences of their own behavior, (f) lie compulsively and pathologically, (g) are short-sighted and unable to plan ahead, (h) have an inflated sense of entitlement, (i) demonstrate no agency, (j) are hypocrites and believe the rules apply to everyone except them, (k) contribute nothing for solution to problems except telling others what to, (l) make themselves look good by making others look bad, (m) are uncivilized animals and depend upon constant affirmation by others of their existence, (n) are authoritarian and demonstrate no independent thought, (o) interpret complaint about their crimes as evidence of their success in oppressing others which only encourages them to impose more, (p) persecute those who object or refuse to cooperate with their crimes, and (q) demonstrate childish and primitive defense mechanisms . . .

    (This is Greg Hunter I cut this comment way down for space reasons. It’s simply too long. Please link to a FB page of site for more info you want to post. Please don’t be offended.)

    . . . 62/62 These conclusions are supported and may be cross-referenced and verified by analyzing objectively data, facts and evidence from the US Dept of the Census, US Dept of Public Health and Human Services, Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, the Heritage Foundation, US Dept of Justice, Depts of Corrections, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nat’l Institute of Mental Health, Nat’l Institute for Suicide Prevention, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost all private and public marketing studies, myriad objective manuscripts published in refereed scientific journals including the New England Journal of Medicine and journals by the American Medical Association, Taken Into Custody: America’s War on Fathers, Children and the Family by Dr Stephen Baskerville, The Law and Economics of Child Support Payments by William Comanor, and many other official, authoritative and respected sources

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      Good idea… thanks, Greg…

    • Just The Facts

      DDJ, I wish I could read the rest of your presentation and going to Facebook is a no-go for me, it being nothing more than an extension of “big brother” and the NSA. There is a very sinister and evil outcome that has resulted from this extreme feminism. It is manifesting in the women of the millennial generation who are destroying the very souls of their partners. These women have personality disorders which are very real mental illnesses which are described in the DSM (psychiatric diagnosis manual). The two main ones being Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. These two mental disorders account for more divorces, broken extended family relations and negatively mentally affected children. The men that are in these relationships are mentally and emotionally destroyed and show up in therapists offices reporting the same symptoms as soldiers with PTSD. My son is now going through this! The good news is that the truth although being suppressed is getting out. There are all kinds of therapists on you-tube explaining these conditions and in many cases they have titles like ” 10 ways to spot a BPD or an NPD on the first dates “. These women do not get into relationships but instead take hostages – these men are victims in every sense of the word.

  44. The Duke

    VARIETY ??


    Each week, the news wrap-up is spend largely on Comey, Mueller, and Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party machine is alive and not so well, as we can see ( and hear). Now, are we advised to give them short thrift or a greater amount of our time and attention here? Less about the past and more about the present suits me more, as its less of a bore. Not a “Troll”, just giving feedback. Not singing to the choir when the song remains the same every weak. Shift the time spend on Comey over to something more engaging and new, if anything this time of year. ( No stock market “crash” to focus on) .

  45. Scott Miller

    COTT MILLER08/10/2017 •
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    A badge of honor! I am so happy you published there is no 1st amendment here on USA Watchdog. That means you are exactly like a Washington Post editor, a New York Times editor, making your opinion factual, and spreading the message. All because you have disagreement, and then call it your hateful crap! Sorry! Mine! My hateful crap! . . .

    (This is Greg Hunter. I have cut out the rest of this long comment, and will no longer publish Scott’s ‘hateful crap’ comments. I stopped putting up your comments when you falsely accused me of fraud and misinforming people. I simply am not going to put up with that. I have approved lots of comments by you I totally disagreed with (my internal counter says you have posted 63 comments), but you have gone too far. That said, let’s go to school, shall we? The 1st Amendment only covers censorship by the government. Got that?? is a private enterprise. As I have said in the past Scott, you are more than welcome to take your capital and spend years of your time to build your own platform that you can say anything you wish on it. By the way, the only thing you “badge” says on it from my view is “Idiot.” Now, go play in the street.

    • Hatemail

      Take a chill pill dude.

    • Tin foil hat

      I’d stated openly that I believe Jesus could be one in the same as the Chinese Buddha or the Mesoamerican Feathered Serpent. If Grey were a Muslim, I’d have been banned here a long time ago.

  46. Tad

    Just now hearing about the Charlottesville, riot, shall we say. The alt-right and David Duke are being implicated, and little is mentioned about the “opposition group.

    Could it be that George Soros is funding both sides? I wouldn’t name Robert Mueller to be special prosecutor in a potential investigation, but Trump has denounced these alt-right, neo-Nazi- inclined organizations.

  47. Tad

    A Hillary-DOJ plea deal means she couldn’t run in 2020, or beyond. The simple things like rescinding her passport and right to practice law for contempt of court might be the best possibilities for justice-for now.

  48. Flattop

    GREG: Rioting in Charlottesville Va. I do not understand what taking a statue of Robt E Lee down will change anything. The civil war and those who participated in it are a part of the history of our nation. To say that a statue is the symbol of something is true, that’s what statues are for, to remind us. Whats next, destroy the Alamo.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      the Alamo? Don’t give them any ideas.

  49. Zak

    Sorry Greg – this is all just DISTRACTION.
    it’s laughable that you lap up that this little pussy cat is THE MOST EVIL MAN IN THE WORLD! HA HA HA!!
    The most evil men in the world are alli in the USSA at the moment!
    Greg – you have bough the psy-op lock stock, the whole bloody lot.
    Sorry mate – I like the show – but now you are freaking out in hysteria and a “fake” story….
    ps – Everything you “know” about Kin came from WHO? Exactly …. USSA disinformation sources…
    pps – Wake up, smell the coffee, and save your energy for the real story …

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you not hear me say that I thought that they would have to allow sanctions to work, and War could only be caused by some sort of mistake? Please listen for what I actually said and not what you want to hear. By the way how do you know any different? Who are your sources or is this just your opinion you are stating as proven fact? That never happens on the Internet does it??

      • and

        As you Greg – I do not know any difference …..But ….I can think for myself (the most important survival skill for today)

        Think about it – I am fifty odd year old now and it is the same pattern all my life: Northern Ireland, Sein Fein, ETA, RAF (Bada Meinhoff), Mujahadine, Iran, Iran embassy (UK), Sadam Hussein/Iraq, Afghanistan/Taliban/Bin Laden, Gadhafi/Libya, Syria/Bashir, /Ukraine/ Russia, …

        Notice a pattern here ..?

        Kim is nothing more than – “Enemy du jour” … Baby face kid who went to school in Swizerland has no idea about anything -but is the butt of USSA (and therefore by implication) – worldwide aggression – how would you react in such a position?

        Greg – you have a great show (one of favorites that I still regularly watch) – but WE – need to save our energy and NOT GET DISTRACTED.

        Why Distraction? Because home-based, real, thorny, intractable problems (ie THE ECONOMY, CRIMINALITY, and CORRUPTION) – cannot be fixed. There. In a nutshell!

        • Zak

          woops – my name got removed?!(Zak)

          As you Greg – I do not know any difference …..But ….I can think for myself (the most important survival skill for today)

          Think about it – I am fifty odd year old now and it is the same pattern all my life: Northern Ireland, Sein Fein, ETA, RAF (Bada Meinhoff), Mujahadine, Iran, Iran embassy (UK), Sadam Hussein/Iraq, Afghanistan/Taliban/Bin Laden, Gadhafi/Libya, Syria/Bashir, /Ukraine/ Russia, …

          Notice a pattern here ..?

          Kim is nothing more than – “Enemy du jour” … Baby face kid who went to school in Swizerland has no idea about anything -but is the butt of USSA (and therefore by implication) – worldwide aggression – how would you react in such a position?

          Greg – you have a great show (one of favorites that I still regularly watch) – but WE – need to save our energy and NOT GET DISTRACTED.

          Why Distraction? Because home-based, real, thorny, intractable problems (ie THE ECONOMY, CRIMINALITY, and CORRUPTION) – cannot be fixed. There. In a nutshell!

          PS – I am wearing a T-Shirt – it says “Hillary for Prison”

  50. Hatemail

    That was intense. You pinched hard on some nerves of Hillary and the Deep State.

  51. pat the rat

    I still think that North Korea don’t have nuclear weapons only atomic weapons.Atomic weapons are in thousand of tons, and nuclear weapons are millions of tons explosive force.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      it doesn’t matter whether it’s thousands or millions if a missile armed with them lands in the middle of your home-town. BTW – the difference between “atomic” and “nuclear” is not tonnage (quantity). the difference is qualitative. atomic bombs are a kind of nuclear bomb. there are two types of nuclear bombs. one relies upon fission. atomic bombs are one kind of bomb that relies upon fission. another type relies upon fusion. like hydrogen bombs. fission splits atoms like uranium or plutonium, which happens spontaneously. no trigger needed. hydrogen bombs rely upon fusion, are also known as thermonuclear bombs, and rely upon “fusion” of atoms (the same process in our sun) for releasing much more energy (than fission). Fusion requires high temperatures and atomic (fission) bombs are generally used as triggers for hydrogen (fusion) bombs. Every hydrogen bomb is equipped with an atomic bomb to detonate, but an atomic bomb doesn’t require a hydrogen bomb to detonate.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        a hydrogen bomb can be smaller than an atomic bomb. but what would be the point? as long as you’re already using a fission detonator for a fusion bomb, might just as well make the fusion bomb bigger.

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