Banking Crisis Coming, War Coming, More CV19 Vax Deaths Coming

By Greg Hunter’s (11.10.23 WNW 607)

Big banks are in trouble, but you are not going to hear about it until it’s too late. Banks are losing deposits at an alarming rate.  Meanwhile, they have big losses on the books because of rising interest rates. This is all causing the biggest liquidity problems since the Great Recession. In other words, the banks need money to cover losses and conduct business.  Record government interest payments mean Washington does not have the money for a bailout. The problem is not going to get better anytime soon, and it is getting worse by the day. You have been warned.

New bombings are taking place in the Middle East, and we are not talking about the Israeli/Hamas war. This bombing is taking place in Syria by the U.S. Airforce. This is to punish and degrade Iran proxies who have attacked American Troops 46 times in the last few weeks. An enemy weapon storage facility was blown up, but further attacks against U.S. forces keep coming. 56 soldiers have been wounded in these attacks. Secretary Lloyd Austin says he does not want “escalation,” but that is exactly what he is getting from Iran.

In the latest CV19 bioweapon vax death watch, we see a 14-year-old boy died in an ROTC fitness competition. It is being reported he died of “natural causes,” but what the heck is “natural” about a 14-year-old dying unexpectedly?  There was no autopsy, so, they don’t really know what happened.  The cover-up continues, and with at least 700 million CV19 injections in America alone, the bad news is not going to stop. Why is society acting like this is not a problem, and deaths like this are totally normal when it is anything but normal!! This is yet another murder from the CV19 bioweapon vax—period.

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Renowned radio personality, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post. He will talk about the coming banking crisis, nationwide phone blackouts, power outages and terror coming to America. Quayle has top notch sources and data to back this up.

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  1. Vernon Locke

    CITIZENS REPORT 9/11/2023 – Will Aus ‘Optus’ out of digital dystopia? / Take financial system back Australian Citizens Party 539 views Nov 10, 2023
    1. Will Australia ‘Optus’ out of digital dystopia?
    2. Time to take our financial system back
    Presented by Elisa Barwick and Craig Isherwood
    Hey guys. Been thinking of you all and, have been waiting for your report in the wake of Optus. The time has come for all of us to start jumping all over the banks and the necessity of more physical cash to be printed, and deduct from those digits on the computer. Yet the sheeple are still blindly walking to dystopia!
    No. Aussies will ever accept digital id and CDBC tied to your health carbon and social.

    • David Strohl

      Greg, quick story about “what’s going on”. Way back when I started listening to you when I was outside my secure home network, your show would abruptly stop and do other strange things. When I was home on my secure network (a different provider from Verizon) it was fine. I filed a complaint with the FCC against Verizon because I knew they were monitoring what I was listening to outside my home network and messing with it. I told the Verizon rep (or who knows, maybe FBI or some other group) I knew what they were up to. They hemmed and hawed about it saying they weren’t sure but I kept insisting I knew what they were doing. I think they got afraid of being foumd out and fixed the problem. May be similar with your email provider. Thanks for all you do!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks David for the analysis.

        • brad

          have you ever run across the interesting fact that from the time Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem taking the whole city captive in 598bc there by stopping the sacrifice until the Dome of the rock was set up in 691/692AD was 1290 years? adding 1335 years to that is when Daniel was told by the angel that he would be resurrected. In the last verse of Daniel, which is a resurrection verse, Daniel is bluntly told he would arise to receive his inheritance at the end of THE days {1290 and 1335} “blessed is he that comes to the 1335th day” So with the construction of the abomination of the dome of the rock in 691/692 add 1335 years and you come to 2027.
          It seems to me that both the first and second appearance of the messiah was given to the year (The messiah was to appear after 69 weeks from the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. And that is what happened but there was a little riddle involved that 1 day actually equaled 1 year. So instead of 69 weeks (483 days) it was actually 483 years after Artaxerxes decree to Ezra to restore Jerusalem in 457bc when the messiah appeared.
          The apparent fact that the dome of the rock is the abomination that is mentioned in the last verse of the book of Daniel has been overlooked by most because we have operated under the assumption that there is only one fulfillment of the abomination by the antichrist when there are in fact multiple pattern fulfillments that have or will have happened soon. How could a temple dedicated to the worship of Satan through the personification of Allah where God’s temple once stood and will stand again not be viewed by God as an abomination?
          It is also interesting that the construction of the Dome of the rock took 7 years. From the mid point of the construction of the dome of the rock 688bc 1260 years latter is 1948AD. You know what happened then.
          If you go backwards 1260 years from the same date 688.5 BC you come to 573BC. That was the year that Ezekiel received the vision of the temple that would replace the dome of the rock over a couple thousand years later.
          Jerusalem was to be trodden down by the Gentiles for 42 months. Interestingly 42 months converted to days is 1278.3 days. So adding 1278.3 years to 688.5 brings you to 1967 when Jerusalem was liberated.
          It seems there are multiple patterns fulfilments going on. Some have been fulfilled some are yet to be fulfilled again. This would explain the timing on why the world is going off the rails. I believe Daniel will be resurrected at the end of THE DAYS cause that is what the angel told him bluntly. We have just been looking at those days as literal days when we should be seeing the riddle of Daniel that 1 day equals 1 year.
          Almost 2 thousand years ago the Israelites had in their possession a book that stated bluntly THE MESSIAH WOULD APPEAR AFTER 69 WEEKS From a certain event and they never really took it seriously. We seem to be going through the same phenomenon. Daniel was told in the last verse of the book of Daniel BLUNTLY that he would be resurrrected at the end of THE days. So we have always known when the resurrection was to take place. After 1290 and 1335 days it is just a matter of applying the simple riddle key that 1 day equals 1 year.
          Sorry for my many spelling and grammatical errors.

      • Mark alan

        Obviously you are on the terrorist watch list. Many people are,and it goes unreported by some journalists because they are infa hard members andcant ad.i they’ve been had by the democrats. Which by the way run all the volunt8army brown shirts as well as anti fa. Its ALL THE SAME PEOple RUNNING THESE GROUPS. Those of us that would not join are targeted by these people tortured with directed energy weapons, and destroyed socially. The fun part is all the trump people help evil people target their brothers. Thinking they are on some winning team. Saving our country. It’s a joke,and satan gas Christian’s by the balls laughing.

        • Jeremy Green

          Close, I agree with the 1290. And it’s been sealed up till the time of the end. The 1335 is 2027 but it isn’t when Jesus comes. That year is the year the second angels message is fulfilled. Rev 17 tells us this city on 7 hills is where the woman, harlot, sits. She will be hate by the 10 kings and the 11th who is an 8th king from the 7 heads. The 10 kings that hate the woman (Vatican) is BRICS+ and they along with the 8th king will destroy her in 1 day by fire. The 8th beast is Iraq which was Babylon. Who was, is not (in Johns time), and is to come. The destruction of the Vatican will be in 2027, the second angels message and the fulfillment of the 2 fold 1335 prophecy in Daniel 12. Blessed are those who wait and arrive at the destruction of the Vatican. The reason this can’t be the day Jesus comes is because 2Thessalonians 2:1-3 we are gathered after the antichrist appears. Keep watch brothers!

  2. Robin of Locksley

    BREAKING::::Give Me Liberty or Give Me CBDC
    No MORE Cash in Europe! The Digital Wallet is almost here America!
    Redacted with Clayton Morris 46,502 6 hours ago
    Europe just took a major step towards totally removing your privacy. The European Parliament and Member States just reached an agreement on introducing the Digital Identity, #eID. Europe is also making it illegal to use cash above certain thresholds. This new Digital Identity will include a digital wallet as well. This move would give government unfettered access to everything you do.
    Nothing governments ever do is actually meant to improve your life. It’s always for more control, more power and more government dependency.
    As these laws are being passed at European level, most EU citizens have no clue that this is even happening, being distracted by their own countries problems. A migrant problem in Greece, a 401k crisis in France, a farming crisis in the Netherlands, an energy crisis in Germany, a war in Ukraine and so on.
    As the whole EU has been disarmed. You have the better chance to rise up Clayton!
    More and more government control. Say NO to digital currency.
    What’s most astonishing isn’t that this is almost done but that so many either don’t know about this, or worse still, don’t care and your next careless Americans!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sir Robin, you wrote: “Nothing governments ever do is actually meant to improve your life. It’s always for more control, more power and more government dependency.”

      Excellent and true observation, but allow me to add another: government is inherently, by definition, inimical to freedom and liberty. The two are antithetical; therefore, government needs to be severely restricted and disciplined at all times. What we have now is the opposite. Best always. PM

  3. Richard Westwell

    Greg the U.S. military is illegally occupying Syria and stealing their oil. If Austin does not want escalation the remedy is simple. Just leave and end the illegal occupation.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Hey, at least the US military is featuring White guys in its ads again. Probably too late though. After being bombed for years by all the “woke” shit, young White males are likely smartening up and opting out of being killed or disabled in foreign wars.

    • Chip


    • AndrewB

      Hi Richard,
      Took the words right out of my mouth . . .

    • carl

      Demon Rats are a bunch of greedy criminally insane psychopaths!! How do I know? – Biden shuts down our US oil production, drains our oil reserve stockpile and then sends our US Military boys to die in Syria “To Steal Their Oil”!!!

      • Felicia Music

        Tony from the YT channel Godrules just did a video where he calculated the nbr of days left before there are no deposit amounts left in the banks. He calcd the simple rate of change. He took the deposit amts in the banks a year ago subtracted what is in there now. Then divided by the tme period. If it continues at the same rate with no changes, there is only 60 days left before banks have no deposits on their books.

    • Gordon

      100% USA is stealing Syrian oil. How is it allowed ? Who is making these decisions and what oil company is receiving it or who are they selling it to on the black market. USA is the Mafia of the world and the problem is no one gets punished because of their strong military. Demonic elite running this country

    • vulture

      you beat me to it . Perfect response.

  4. Nick Leddy

    This is a breakthru in cancer research. The criminal big pharma and medical
    cabal want this information surpressed. Their profit schme will end as more
    people discover the real reason humans contract cancer. A must see for all
    who want to manage their health.

    • Mikemm

      Thanks Nick Leddy. Very good information. I will pass this along!

  5. Roger Stamper

    i always thank you i am old and deaf ok tks greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Roger!

  6. Sam

    46 attacks on US troops where? Illegally occupying Syrian territory? Or serving their masters in Israel? A popular slogan that popped up after people figured out 9/11 was No More Wars for Israel. It’s a shame you’ve never bothered to dig into 9/11. Christopher Bollyn’s probably done the most concise book on the topic but it’s “hate speech.”

    “The government story they handed us about 9/11 is total B.S. plain and simple.” –
    Capt. Russ Wittenberg, U.S. Air Force – Retired commercial pilot. Flew for Pan Am and United Airlines for 35 years.…Wittenberg convincingly argued there was absolutely no possibility that Flight 77 could have “descended 7,000 feet in two minutes, all the while performing a steep 280 degree banked turn before crashing into the Pentagon’s first floor wall without touching the lawn.”

    ” I was also a Navy fighter pilot and Air Combat Instructor, U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School and have experience flying low altitude, high speed aircraft. I could not have done what these beginners did. Something stinks to high heaven!”

    “Where is the damage to the wall of the Pentagon from the wings? Where are the big pieces that always break away in an accident? Where is all the luggage? Where are the miles and miles of wire, cable, and lines that are part and parcel of any large aircraft? Where are the steel engine parts? Where is the steel landing gear? Where is the tail section that would have broken into large pieces?”

    “I also personally knew American Airlines Captain “Chick” Burlingame, who was the captain of Flight 77 which allegedly hit the Pentagon, and I know he would not have given up his airplane to crazies! And at the Shanksville Pennsylvania impact site, where is any of the wreckage?!!! Of all the pictures I have seen, there is only a hole! Where is any piece of a crashed airplane? Why was the area cordoned off, and no inspection allowed by the normal accident personnel? Where is any evidence at all?” – Commander Ralph Kolstad, U.S. Navy (ret) – Retired commercial airline captain with 27 years experience. Former Air Combat Instructor, U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School (Topgun). 20-year Navy career

    • Felix

      You are absolutely correct Sam, that is only a small portion of evidence that does not go along with the lies they fed the people.some say both mossad and I believe our military were involved.They are all controlled by satan,they are the rulers of the darkness

    • S. Revere

      Sam, 46 attacks on american bases in Iraq. Yes, Iraq again.

      • carl

        CIA documents show the US gave Saddam the go ahead to use “gas” on millions of Iranians – (is it any wonder the Iranians now have eternal hatred for the US)!! – the only power group with the political leverage in the the US to stop the use of poison gas on Hamas in their tunnels “are us Christians” (which may then obviate somewhat the need for Hamas to keep hostages in their tunnels) and also prevent the generation of “more eternal hatred” between peoples – which only plays into the evil Globalists hands (furthering their main objective) “The Complete Extermination of Humanity”!!!

        • Hindi Cindy

          All the spirit persons that God created were good. Then one angel turned bad. He is Satan the Devil. Satan wanted people on earth to worship him instead of God. This is what happened: A long long, time ago!
          In the garden of Eden, there were many trees that bore delicious fruit. God told Adam and his wife, Eve, that they could freely eat from them. But there was one tree that God said they should not eat from. He said that if they ate from it, they would positively die.—Genesis 2:9, 16, 17.
          One day Eve was by herself when a snake spoke to her. Of course, it was not really the snake that talked; it was Satan the Devil who made it seem as if the snake were talking. Satan told Eve that if she ate from the forbidden fruit, she would be wise like God. He also said that she would not die. Both these statements were lies. Nevertheless, Eve believed Satan and ate the fruit. Later, she gave some to Adam, and he ate too.—Genesis 3:1-6.
          From this true story, we learn that Satan is a rebel and a liar. He told Eve that if she disobeyed God, she would not die. That was a lie. She did die and so did Adam. Satan did not die then, although he will eventually because he sinned. Meantime, however, he is alive and continues to mislead mankind. He is still a liar, and he tries to get people to break God’s laws.—John 8:44.
          Later, other angels turned bad. These angels noticed the good-looking women on earth and wanted to have sexual relations with them. So they came to the earth and put on male human bodies. Then they took the women for themselves. This was against God’s purpose.—Genesis 6:1, 2; Jude 6.
          It also caused much trouble for mankind. The wives of these angels bore children, but they were not normal children. They grew to be violent and cruel giants. Eventually the earth became so filled with violence that Jehovah decided to destroy the wicked people by a great flood. The only humans who survived the Flood were righteous Noah and his family.—Genesis 6:4, 11; 7:23.
          The wicked angels, however, returned to the spirit realm; they did not die. But they were punished. They were not allowed back into God’s family of righteous angels. Furthermore, God no longer allowed them to put on human bodies. And eventually they will die in the great judgment.—2 Peter 2:4; Jude 6.
          In the early part of the last century, there was a war in heaven. The Bible book of Revelation describes what happened: “And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his [good] angels battled with the dragon [Satan], and the dragon and its [bad] angels battled but it did not prevail, neither was a place found for them any longer in heaven. So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his [bad] angels were hurled down with him.”
          What was the result? The account continues: “On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them!” The good angels could be glad because Satan and the bad angels, or spirits, were no longer in heaven. But what about people on earth? The Bible says: “Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”—Revelation 12:7-9, 12.
          Yes, Satan and his wicked companions mislead and cause great woe for people on earth. These wicked angels are called demons. They are enemies of God. All of them are evil.
          So carl, now you know the rest of the story!
          Why this wicked system is going to Hell in a handbasket, because of that basket case Satan the Devil!
          The next time you hear about unidentified flying objects you’ll know who and what they are, unless their the good angels. Either or, Satan’s angry and is determined to take as many as he can with him!

    • RTW

      Up until Covid came on the scene 911 was the biggest hoax that the government pulled. I was in the fire service when AA Flt 191 crashed just outside ORD and responded to the scene. The plane was completely destroyed with debris strewn over a wide area with no survivors. The point is, there was debris, lots of it.
      On 911 when the initial shock wore off, some astute reporters were asking about the lack of debris and the gov. responded by displaying a small motor. That was it? From a plane that size they produced one small motor. Someone in the Air Force blurted out that from his experience he said the motor strangely resembled ones used in cruise missiles. That was the last we heard of that.
      The farce reached a new level in 2013 when the NFPA put on a seminar in Chicago. An attendee was telling me that at the end of a class the instructor told everyone that he was at the pentagon on 911 and would stick around to share pictures and stories to whom ever was interested. She was one of the few who stayed and said that the one picture that was the most chilling was seeing the entire tail section sticking out of the building. I asked her if anyone in the room cried b.s and she asked why would they? I told her in one word..Photoshop! I showed her legitimate pictures from fire service magazines taken the day off and all she could say was “where’s the plane”???

  7. Bill

    I can’t believe how many of my otherwise bright coworkers are running to get the flu+covid jab. I feel like I am in a bad dystopian sci-fi movie out of the 1950’s. I took my last flu shot back in 2005. A friend of mine clued me in and I never took another.

    • Chris

      Bill, fear is as great a motivator for self-destructive behavior as low IQ. Sometimes they go together; sometimes they don’t. You can’t help stupid, but the fact that people are still persuaded by fear porn, in the face of all the now available evidence of criminality, lying and deception, is just evidence that society is still under the sway of mass psychosis. Incredibly, there is still a large cohort that believes everything some nonentity on the TV news or some bought and owned politician or scribbler at the Press, or someone in a white coat tells them to believe. “Safe and effective” they chanted day in, day out for two years, and they still act as if it’s true, and these dopes still receive the hypnosis. Even when they get sick many of them still swear by the shots and will go to their graves thinking they saved granny. It is what it is – terrifying in its implications going forward. The worst of it is the medical profession, as a whole, is either in denial of their criminal neglect or still actively complicit, knowing full well what they’re doing. They are sociopaths preying on the weak. There will never be enough jail cells or scaffolds to accommodate the numbers of these demoniacs should justice ever be done – which I doubt.

  8. Don Ho Howe

    ‘IMPEACHMENT?’: Byron Donalds says Biden evidence is getting ‘pretty damning’
    Fox Business 134K views 1 day ago
    Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., weighs in on the House Oversight Committee issuing subpoenas into Hunter Biden and President Biden’s brother James.
    There is no backing down and this needs to be taken to major Biden accountability by Republicans, anything less and kiss the GOP goodbye and hello Uni-party!
    Rep. Byron Donalds is a very positive person and I do believe him that impeachment will take place. No one is above the law. Period!😊

    Miranda Devine: James Comer is playing hardball now
    Fox Business 40,053 views Nov. 9, 2023
    FOX News contributor Miranda Devine weighs in on House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer subpoenaing President Biden’s son and brother!
    Times gonna run out on the pardon if Hunter isnt careful
    One way or the other, what pisses Americans off most. Is that Hunter was out doing whatever he was doing, flying around with VP daddy on taxpayers dime!
    Not only the worst US President to date – and a verified faker. That fake president for Obama, is taking his whole family down with him…yet the third term goofball, gets away scot free. Couldn’t happen to a nicer faker himself!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Kiss the GOP goodbye, anyway. What good does it do, except hand the advantage to the CommieDems? Best always. PM

      • Fran

        What failures continue to slurp up and swallow from the Fake News is that a few rotten apples in the Republican Party spoils the whole barrel, don’t be one of the low IQ suckers Paul from Indians 👀

    • Earth Angel

      I sure hope so. I just saw today displayed across the bottom of a news screen in Atlanta (either Fox 5 or Channel 2) that Bernard Marcus, co founder of Home Depot, is backing Trump for president! Knock me over with a feather- if this is correct info. What a great endorsement from another American entrepeneureal business genius. It’s getting harder and harder for people to pretend it makes any sense whatsoever to support O-Brandon.

  9. Roger Winkelman

    Popular Mechanics: A Scientist Says the Singularity Will Happen by 2031
    Story by Tim Newcomb • 16h

    Z-LIVE NEWS Int. Russia threatens with nuclear strike:
    “Natural consequence of destructive policy” Story by Jack Walls • 2d

  10. Bennet Cecil

    The Fed should accept the banks’ treasuries at par not market value. The Fed can hold them to maturity and give the banks the cash that they need.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not going to happen. Be careful about whishing and reality. Trouble coming.

      • Paul from Indiana

        In 1937, Guy Lombardo had a national hit with “Boo-Hoo”, which is my attitude here concerning the banks. They COULD treat their customers with respect and offer some interest, ANY interest actually, but they prefer insult and abuse as a policy, because they think they are the only game in town. What goes up eventually comes down. Boo-Hoo. Best always. PM

    • Katy Bar

      But with the introduction of CBDC”s there will be limits placed on the amount of cash one can spend – perhaps just a maximum of $100 dollars in any transaction – so how can the banks be given cash they need???

    • Randy Best

      Sounds like more fake and phony accounting.

  11. barb

    fromAustralia:CyberAttackonOptus/NoOneHereMentioning that though.
    I have a friend at theEffBeeEye that messaged me as it was ongoing. They asked me if I was affected specifically. I was not. I am not reliant on all of that… do not own a mobile. My internet was intact. But so many left flat footed and unable to make purchases.

    We had catastrophic floods last year, two in month… no power for a week, no landlines, no mobile network, no internet for a month; cash was the only thing that worked… infrastructure very vulnerable on so many levels. We’ve always known to be prepared for the unexpected.

  12. Ken Osterman

    Tucker Carlson gets MIND-BLOWING news from Trump!
    Stephen Gardner 192,333 10 hours ago
    The House voted to censure Rep. Tlaib for anti-Israel comments, with most Republicans supporting it. Tlaib remained unapologetic. A leftist group asked Biden to grant amnesty to Palestinians in the U.S., which Republicans pushed back on. Stephen Gardner Update today!

    I think that the main stream media would literally melt down if Tucker was Trump’s Vice President, especially too if RFK. Jr. is given an important cabinet position, a killer too-fer!
    My God almighty, ide be glorious!

    • Pete+only

      I believe that the real reason that Tucker Carlson was let go by Fox News was his story that the CIA killed JFK, and now, a year later he may be considered a running mate for Donald Trump?

  13. Joseph Boudreau

    When you mentioned the billionaires, you were smack on target. It goes much deeper. It’s the trillionaires we really should be worrying about, the ones that have been amassing wealth for centuries.
    Also, that trillion dollar interest payment… like negative interest rates, totally unbelievable! Can you believe it. Like WeWork once being ‘valued’ at $47B. Ridiculous but the guy who came up with the idea walked away with $1.7B. Wait till the lawsuits start flying against him if they haven’t started already.
    One last thing, cash is king!
    All the best, Greg.

    • Jon Rudin

      Pete+only, I doubt if Tucker would agree to be Trumps running mate. His wife is very apolitical and stays out of the limelight. Being the VP’s wife would be way too difficult for her. I think they are very happy in Maine and would not agree to come back to DC for anything.


    Iran President’s New Warning To USA, Israel After Hamas Ally Houthis Destroy American Drone
    Hindustan Times 132,624 views Nov 9, 2023
    Iran president Ebrahim Raisi issued a fresh appeal for an end to fighting in Gaza, accusing Israel of “exterminating” an entire generation of Palestinians. His statement came on a day when an Iran-backed group released purported footage of an American military drone being shot down off the Yemen coast. The video was released by the Houthis, who are a part of Iran’s proxy coalition in the Middle East which also includes Palestinian Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah.

    On Cam: Houthis Fire Ballistic Missile Toward Israel; Iran-backed Rebels Up The Ante | Hindustan Times 8 hours ago
    Israeli city of Eilat was attacked with drones amid the war in Gaza. Footage on social media shows the drone smashing into school building and damaging it. Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels later released a statement claiming a ballistic missile attack on Israel. The IDF, meanwhile, said that its Arrow and Patriot air defence system had intercepted the missiles.

  15. Daniel

    The bigger the city the bigger the problems. The media concentrates on the big city. Who would ever live in one? Glad I live in a small city. Not many problems so far. One of my favorite movies was Escape from NY. Always problems for obvious reasons. Every day we reap what we sow. Oops, there goes my Christianity perspective again. Thank you Jesus!

  16. William

    Greg, I watched a video that a friend turned me onto about Maria Zack testimony in Kansas. If her evidence is true, and she has pretty much damning evidence, the election was stolen. The question is now, what are Americans willing to do about it.

    • Earth Angel

      Well, Hell Yeah the election was stolen! If our court systems and majority politicians weren’t also compromised it would have easily been proven based on the ‘firehose of evidence’ found early on in many different places and States. Instead, we have those trying to BRING THE EVIDENCE of fraud to LIGHT- being prosecuted FOR the election fraud itself.. what a country!

  17. A_Friend

    Greg, be careful for who you are rooting for; you are going to be extremly disappointed. When the time comes, and it will come, make sure you are siting down, it is going to drastically shake the very foundations and core of your belives.

    We are in an epic battle of Good Vs Evil; the Evil has the upper hand, for now.

    • Greg Hunter

      A Friend,
      Jesus was am Jew, and I am not going to hate Jews. Does evil hate Jesus?

      • Galaxy 500

        Amen Greg,
        Some people think that Somehow YHWH is going to forget His people. Never. A_Friend of who?

  18. Stephen

    I’d sure like to buy you a cup of coffee, share a meal with you , before my time is over on this little blue dot. The number of souls you’ve saved … god will surely smile around you.

  19. Frank Murphy

    Every terrorist organisation with significant capabilities, money, training and organisation was created by Deep State Security Services.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Frank,
      Totally agree. I try not to get riled up when undergoing airport security checks. The TSA and their Five Eyes counterparts work for the terrorists! Anything goes if it serves to harass ‘we the people’.

  20. Louie

    Please Stay On the COVID INFORMATION

    • Michelle from Pennsylvania

      I second that! Greg Hunter and Daystar Network are the only two places to get the real truth regarding Covid, the bio weapon, vax injuries and treatments that help. Praise God!

  21. stephen c spear

    Well that’s the point of terrorism isn’t it Greg. To scare the hell out of everybody. Hamas does need to be wiped off the face of the Earth. And we need to bring pressure to bear on Iran because they’re the root of all of it. By the way I’m glad to see that Israel opened up another escape route for the civilians in the south.

  22. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, according to the timeline of Islam’s development (and Robert Spencer), Mohammed preached tolerance to all when he was weak (i.e. when he had few followers and wanted toleration from others) and preached intolerance when he was strong (i.e. when he outnumbered those he wanted to kill and didn’t need toleration from others).

    • Mohmmad


      Not in any point in Prophet Mohammad’s life peace be upon him outnumbered the Persians and the Romans combined….so that is a false premise because he defeated both ( do not take my word go back to history), intolerance was always preached to fight aggressors who wanted to enslave humanity. they were the superpower aggressors then and both were defeated. ( again do not take my word , go back and educate your self on history).


  23. Guardian Angel

    “Behold, you have conceived and will bear a son. And you shall name him Ishmael, for the LORD has heard your cry of affliction. He will be a wild donkey of a man, and his hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.”

    Genesis 16:11-12

    • Tom

      Unfortunately the later part of this verse is an interpolation by the pharisees to discredit the descendants of Ishmael.

  24. Sandra McIntosh

    Greg, your understanding and. comprehension is amazing…Thank you so much….I never miss your vids…

  25. Kim

    Thank you Greg! Your work is appreciated!
    Would you consider having on Rafi Faber?
    He talks about the financial end game. He lived in the US and moved to Israel. Yes, he is dealing with the war on a personal level.
    Rafi has his own youtube channel and also speaks on Arcadia Economics youtube.
    Clif High called him “Rafi the wise” about a year ago.
    Happy Veterans day, you matter!

  26. David Gordon Dunne

    I hear some say we live in the greatest time ever to live, I don’t think so. I think the greatest time to ever live in America was to be born in say 1934 or so as you would not have been in WWll and by now, will be gone and not deal with all this chit. I so love Greg Hunter. I am looking forward to 777 to unfold.

    • S. Revere

      David, oh thats me you’re talking about. Born as the Depression was trying to wane, my folks buying an 80 acre farm for 6 grand in 1938,
      collecting milk weed pods for parachutes and tin foil for other war efforts, as WW2 was lighting up when I was starting grade school; rationing stamps for such things as sugar, coffee and gasoline etc.
      Blackouts and having to order a new car and wait for it to be made.
      Big color choices, black or maroon; the poorest paint jobs in the history of the world, I swear. Everything was about the War, but when it was over, it was Over with a declared V Day. Not one protest the entire time; everyone was on the same poge.
      Ah, just see how far down the skids humanity has fallen, now
      (In many ways, yeah, the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s were ‘the good ole days” – – living was more peaceful, but there were also many hardships, too)

  27. Andy
    The court cases are underway in the UK!

  28. andyb

    given the 1000s of military aged invaders from enemy countries, it is obvious that the Dems are counting on terrorist attacks within the US. Connect the dots folks. No 2024 election due to declaration of martial law when these attacks begin in earnest. The Marxists cannot count on the same rigging as in 2020; there will be too many eyes on all polls and machines; hence martial law with an indefinite election postponement. Be save, be armed.

  29. Jayna Williams

    When have the central banks ever been on the right side of any trade. They are going bankrupt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bet against them at your own peril.

  30. Randy Best

    Gold continues to get smashed down. The vast majority of the masses still believe in worthless fiat.

    • Greg Hunter

      The banks are the biggest buyers. They know what is coming and it cannot be stopped.

  31. Susan R

    All the years listening to you Greg, I perceive truth. Your faith is similar to mine so I am comfortable in yours. What I have gained from you is awareness that has allowed me to distance myself from fear, so your closing statement has achieved success through me.
    I am expecting as a result of my awareness that “we” will yet see some of this brutality on our land. The series fauda gives a more than realistic view of what could be.

  32. Southern Girl

    Just talked to my oldest brother and then he said, “Oh! Trish and I are going for our 6th booster and flu shot….WTH!!!!! I could not say a word. God only knows how a pray for my family that cannot see the light.
    I am a great Aunt from yesterday. Whoo hoo!. My prayer is that whatever they stick in her little body I asked God to counter the things in the shots that may give her ADD, ADHD, Cancer, Etc. I mean, come on she is just born, and they have to stick her I don’t know how many times before she lives the hospital. WHAT happened to natural immunity from the mother’s milk???

  33. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg, When you take a long term view of recessions and banking, you can’t help but think that it’s part of some giant harvesting of wealth or pruning of the orchard- we’re the trees. Why else is money not taught in schools?
    As a note about the chemical smoke, running a clothes dryer pulls as much air into the house as the vent blows out- worst offender. The HVAC system is in theory a closed system, although they do leak to different degrees (in the duct work). Sometimes the summer smoke is thick here and we hang our laundry around inside the house.
    One more thing, if you haven’t done so, get out of the cities. I’m a big fan of getting rural, although small towns would be a good place to be. It should be obvious by know that if the shots are still being pushed, we are all wanted dead- our government is paying pharma to deliver the goods- and i keep going back to the question “Where and what is the high ground?” God has charged me with leading my household. I want to see how the next big November election goes before making any big financial decisions.

  34. Scott

    One weekend soon, this economic nightmare will drowned us all.

  35. John Maskell

    Greg, Poland has bought huge amounts of gold this year . They know the euro is toast . Also , JP Morgan has been allowed to participate in the repo market after President Trump banned them because these arses wanted to disrupt the US economy and bring it to its knees by draining the reverse repo market . It backfired and in retaliation , Trump excluded JP Morgan from entering this facility . He also slapped a $ 968 million fine on them for rigging the precious metal market. But don’t worry , Biden has just let them back in. Some financial experts reckon that the reverse repo market could be drained by late January of next year, could be much sooner if JP Morgan is back on the scene !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting and analysis, John.

  36. Dave

    I was looking for the winter reliability map you displayed but could not find it — can you provide a link? I’m trying to inform relatives.

  37. Nancy Elizabeth York

    Can anyone please let me know why the new CV19 shot by Moderna is called SPIKEVAXX? My first thought is the Spike Proteins.

  38. Sue Smith

    “[God] is making wars to cease to the extremity of the earth. The bow he breaks apart and does cut the spear in pieces; the [war] wagons he burns in the fire.”​—Ps. 46:9.

    COMMENTING on the outlook for 2024, a guest here on USAWatchdog.COM stated that this should be “A Pivotal Year.” The guest went on to say: “Major decisions are to be taken against a backdrop of rising pessimism. Troubles? Plenty.” But can this shaping up, be a time of peace and prosperity? In those words, echoes the hope of millions that peace with security may be ‘just around the corner.’ What the heck!?
    In many parts of the earth, can you now hear the cry is for “Peace, Peace.” But can we truly and optimistically say that world peace is to be seen on the horizon today? Or, rather, is the situation similar to that facing Israel in the days of the prophet Jeremiah? The world situation was critical then. For the Babylonian juggernaut was advancing in its campaign of world conquest. The people were searching frantically for some hope of peace. Yet the prophet declared that they were “saying: ‘There is peace! There is peace!’ when there is no peace.”​—Jer. 8:11.
    If you planned a new house, where would you build it? Would you select a neighborhood well known for its crime? Would you build in an area where the people were fighting one another on racial, religious and social issues? Would you move into a community where mistrust, hatred and violence of every sort abounded? Moreover, in constructing your house, would you try to make it “safe” by stocking its basement with every kind of high explosive? Surely you would not make plans for such a home!
    However, the world of today has been building just like that! Since the total war first struck, WW1. The world environment since, has been one of increasing violence. Nationalistic, racial and religious hatreds have engulfed many peoples of the earth. Yet political leaders have claimed that they can bring peace to this world neighborhood. Some may have been very sincere in their claims. But can they ever really succeed?
    On what kind of foundation are they building? Is it a firm foundation of mutual trust and love? Or, is it, rather, a shaky foundation of fear and hatred? Very literally, the foundation on which the world powers are building is an explosive one. During the year 2019 the nations of earth spent more than 600 billion dollars on armaments, and in 2022 the figure soared toward the 800-billion-dollar mark. The armaments race is running out of control. What kind of foundation is this for constructing a world of peace and security? We can only say it is hopeless and impossible.

    • S. Revere

      Sue, in a word, this world’s problems are all spiritual and will never be ”cured” by carnal means. It will take the Creator to solve it but unfortunately mankind has largely turned its (their) back on the only ”fixer” there is. Instead they just keep wringing their hands, desperate for some magical sudden utopia to just show up. Oh, maybe the next election, LOL. Oh, buy gold, silver, store up and hoard lots of supplies, guns ammo, water, food, oh yeah, keep throwing sxxx against the wall, hoping something will stick. Dream on, hoping and wishing. All moot points.
      There is only One answer and it has been given in here in this Forum numerous times, yet folks keep right on passing it by.
      Looking for all the right things, in all the wrong places.

      (Sue, your posts are good food for thought)

  39. Martin Coombs

    God bless you Greg , the truth will prevail

  40. V.Locke

    George Orwell – A Warning to Mankind Documentary
    The People Profiles 2.1M views 4 months ago

    The ‘End Wokeness’ X account, which has 1.8 million followers, shared the recruitment video, writing: “Oh s***. A new U.S. Army recruitment ad dropped and it’s all straight white men. We are definitely going to war.”
    Newsweek: U.S. Army’s ‘Anti-Woke’ Ad Sparks War Speculation
    Story by James Bickerton • 1d

  41. Gabriele Hornsby

    Guardian Angel,
    ‘Aliens,’ or a foreign power? Pentagon UFO chief says someone is in our backyard
    The Hill Opinion by Marik von Rennenkampff, Opinion Contributor • 7h
    Angels Unawares?

  42. Russell Holmes

    We now have absolute proof that Pfizer knew full well that their bioweapon shot was totally ineffective and as Greg correctly (as always) has pointed out for years it didn’t save one human life. A judge forced Pfizer to release documents over about a year’s time instead of the 75 years the DC cartel was going to give them. There’s many 10’s of thousands of pages of these documents and a team studying them, which includes Dr. Naomi Wolf, CEO of, found within these pages that Pfizer lied about the deaths of 2 people who got their so-called vaccine in an initial trial phase for the drug. Those 2 died shortly after getting the shot but Pfizer lied to the CDC about the time, not reporting it until weeks later so they could claim that these deaths weren’t  from the shot. The most important thing is that, if it was reported honestly, it would have shown that the exact same number of people died who got the shot as the number that didn’t get the shot. In other words, Pfizer’s own trials showed zero efficacy (zero lives saved). My personal thoughts about this: bring back the death penalty! 

  43. 'a' simple horseman

    Good weekly report!! Way to FIRE UP!! I love it when you get fired up!! Facts don’t care about feelings.
    We have had several heavy frosts up here in far north central WA. “They all came from the SOUTH!!” 2 weeks ago we had 3 inches of snow…. “FROM THE SOUTH!!!!!” Historically here in the pacific northwest wet snow comes from the NW, cold snow comes from the N and cold snow sideways comes from the NE. What used to come from the south was a warm Chinook wind “WITH RAIN!!!” Bring on Dane for details.
    Between the aerosols and the poke and smoke injections, folks are now dumber than ever. Push back on things that are wrong in the world?? Not so much anymore…..
    Love and strength to you my friend I have not met, yet.

    • Earth Angel

      Great to hear from you here at USAWD my friend from GEOWATCH. I hope you and your mustangs are still faring well amidst the weather whackamole being served up to you in your Northwestern home you love so well. I’m still horsekeeping and multi-tasking as much as possible from my post as well. Stay safe and blessed, ‘a’ simple horseman. : )

  44. Robin

    Keep up the good work Greg. You are the best at what you do. Don’t let any of them stop you or what you are doing. I listen to you daily. Thank you and many God bless you & yours.

  45. Susan Smith

    The prophet Daniel spoke about our very day when he foretold the climax of the centuries-long struggle between the “king of the north” and the “king of the south.” Today these two kings are identified as the opposing bloc of BRICS and NATO nations that struggle for world domination. They carry on the age-old game of diplomacy: “As regards these two kings, their heart [is] inclined to doing what is bad, and at one table a lie is what they . . . keep speaking. But nothing will succeed.” (Dan. 11:27) The louder they speak of “peace and security,” the farther does this desirable goal recede from their grasp. A house of real peace can never be built on a foundation of distrust and competitive rearmament​—a foundation fortified by stockpiles of nuclear and other horrendous weapons. It can never be built in an environment of international hatreds, crime and violence.
    However, the nations continue to talk of “peace and security.” In this they are chasing a will-o’-the-wisp. For what does the Bible prophesy concerning their efforts? The apostle Paul tells us: “Jehovah’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.” (1 Thess. 5:2, 3) Already, the cry for peace and security is rising in a crescendo. And it can be expected that, while the nations are making a significant cry of “peace and security,” then suddenly, “Jehovah’s day” will break forth in all its fury. It will come just like the unexpected arrival of a thief in the night. Like sudden pangs of childbirth, the day of accounting will catch up on the nations of earth, and divine judgment will be executed on them.​—Zeph. 3:8.
    This will not be an uncontrolled destruction, as if nuclear warfare were to destroy civilization completely from the surface of the earth. Rather, it will be a controlled, selective destruction brought by the Almighty God against “those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus.” (2 Thess. 1:8) True lovers of peace and security can be assured that Jehovah will continue to be to them “a refuge and strength, a help that is readily to be found during distresses.”​—Ps. 46:1-7.
    Astonishing events will be seen on earth as this “great tribulation” runs its course. (Matt. 24:21) It will result in something that no SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) or disarmament conferences have even started to accomplish​—the complete disarming of the nations. We are invited to a preview of these world-shaking happenings: “Come, you people, behold the activities of Jehovah, how he has set astonishing events on the earth. He is making wars to cease to the extremity of the earth. The bow he breaks apart and does cut the spear in pieces; the [war] wagons he burns in the fire.”​—Ps. 46:8, 9.
    There is purpose behind this decisive action by the Almighty God, Jehovah. The nations have proved over the centuries and are still showing that they cannot bring stable peace and security to the peoples of earth. They have been given every opportunity and they have tried every kind of government. However, all of them have built their house on a wrong foundation. In rivalry toward one another, they now pile their nuclear and other armaments higher and higher, vying with one another as they seek to maintain some kind of shaky balance of power. No wonder that the Almighty God, Jehovah, purposes to wipe out such an insecure and murderous arrangement.
    However, Almighty God will not only destroy the nations, along with their armaments, but also bring in the universal reign of peace. And upon what foundation will this new order be built? For one thing, there will be love and mutual trust among mankind. Those who qualify to live in that new order will be persons who subscribe to the two greatest commandments indicated by Jesus Christ: “‘You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole strength and with your whole mind,’ and, ‘your neighbor as yourself.’” (Luke 10:27) These will have developed “the fruitage of the spirit,” which is “love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.” They will have “put on the new personality which was created according to God’s will in true righteousness and loyalty.” (Gal. 5:22, 23; Eph. 4:24) Persons who have acquired these qualities and who have given themselves in dedicated service to God will become the very nucleus of God’s new order. His Kingdom rule under Christ Jesus will succeed gloriously as such persons out of every national group, race and social status truly unite in a secure and peaceful worldwide community. And literally billions of mankind will be ushered into that happy society through the resurrection of the dead.​—John 5:28, 29.
    There is still another purpose, a noble purpose indeed, in God’s destroying the false foundation for peace and security and building a true foundation. It is that the sovereignty of the true God, Jehovah, may be exalted in all the universe. For this reason Jehovah extends the invitation at Psalm 46:10: “Give in, you people, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” It is only when all mankind submit to Jehovah God as Sovereign Lord of the universe that peace at last will reign supreme. While lovers of true peace wait for that glorious time, they can exult in the protection that Jehovah assures: “Jehovah of armies is with us; the God of Jacob is a secure height for us.” (Ps. 46:11) So, while the nations build on explosive foundations for a shaky peace and false security, all who heed the admonition of God’s Word, the Bible, can press forward toward the real peace and security that is guaranteed only by God’s kingdom through Christ Jesus.​—Matt. 6:10.


    Thank you for your incredible capacity to tell the truth— it’s mesmerizing listening to you; and thank you for supporting the Jewish people. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus was a Jew, and I love Jesus.

  47. Steve Bice


    • susan

      That was so funny and scary at the same time. True!

    • Southern Girl

      Steve Bive,
      Thanks for the great laugh almost wet my pants. How true this is!!! That is why I can my own meals and buy in bulk. Have you got anymore funny videos???

    • Steve Bice

      It made me laugh too…but it’s a little too close for comfort, isn’t it?

      No end in sight…

  48. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Thanks Greg
    Spot on as usual.
    The Jews were, are, and always will be God’s chosen people. The end.
    We, the gentiles are grafted into the vine.
    Many Israeli Jews and Arabs are coming to salvation and believing in our Messiah. There is a wonderful Messianic Jewish ministry called One for Israel doing wonderful work there. They have a you tube channel full of awesome testimonies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus was a Jew.

      • Robert J. Gargasz

        Not only are they blocking your servers, they cut off delivery of your weekly newsletter post to my inbox.

        I had to look you up and Down load this week’s podcast. No big deal as you are the one true news source I actively seek out. May God Bless you. You are in my prayers. Bob Gargasz.

        • Greg Hunter

          Big Tech gets really pissed off at me because I source everything, and they simply have to cut me off because that cannot embarrass me and prove me wrong. I do make mistakes from time to time, but I WILL TELL YOU I WHEN MADE A MISTAKE AND OWN IT.

      • Michael McCammack in Indiana


    • S. Revere

      Michael, yes they are His chosen people. However lets not forget that when the jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah, God cut them off, and opened up salvation to the gentiles. And so those, gentiles, who are truly born again, are chosen by Jesus to be his Bride, the Bride of Christ. The Bride will be raptured prior to the Trib, and then Return with him at his Second Coming, at the end of the 7 yr. Trib. ( This will include any jews who get saved prior to the rapture. )
      Meanwhile, the unsaved jews will still be here on earth, and at the mid-point of the Trib, will come to realize the antichrist betrayed them and will ”head for the hills” for safety, which will be Petra where they will remain and endure the rest of the Trib. which will be the second half , 3 1/2 years, at which time their Messiah Returns, they will then finally accept Him, He will rule them as they repopulate the Earth as the new human race in the Kingdom of God on Earth.
      And so, both the Bride and that remaining surviving remnant of the jews, have a great position in the scheme of things. The Bride will rule with Christ in his Administration, as they have Returned with Him. Zech 14

  49. Dino Jenkins

    You should interview Ben Davidson, a solar physicist. He can explain a lot about what we are seeing and why it is not nefarious. While I do hate the geo-engineering program, there is more to this. He is found at

    I am sure most of you realize that simple experiments in the lab show that there are no gases that are “greenhouse”. Just remember that without CO2 you have no food.

  50. Richard Gould

    Hell — Does not exist. One day all correctly translated Bible versions will be without the pagan Hell and the pagan concept of everlasting punishment. Can I prove this in the Bible? Yes, I can, but first, let’s use some logic. We know that God is love; 1 John 4:8 Whoever does not love has not come to know God, because God is love. — Besides this verse, we have another witness to this in 1 John 4:16, so since we have two witnesses to this FACT, that God is love, we can know beyond any doubt that this is the Truth. Now, what this means is that the first part of God’s personality that factors into all of His actions, decisions and judgments is Love. Once you understand this, then remember that we address Him as Father; for an example, see the Our Father prayer in Matthew 6:9. Jesus, in that prayer, commanded us to address Almighty God as Father. Please note that Jesus did not say, you should; Jesus said; “you must pray, then, this way;”…. Please remember that what you ‘believe’ depends entirely on YOU according to Gal. 6:5 For each one will carry his own load. — One more very important point; the first prophecy in the Bible shows that Satan is to be destroyed, so, how can hell exist without Satan to rule it?
    To take this a step further, we have in the Bible verses where Almighty God the Father addresses us as His children. For example, Proverbs 27:11 Be wise, my son, and make my heart rejoice, So that I can make a reply to him who taunts me. — Also, in Proverbs 1:8, 10 & 15, plus in more than 50 other verses. Knowing these Bible facts, and reading again Proverbs 27:11, who taunts the Father? Satan, of course. So is it logical that a God of Love would turn His children over to His greatest enemy to be tortured for eternity for acts that they committed while being imperfect? The Father knows that we are dust (Psalm 103:14) and not capable of living correctly according to what is Righteous. This teaching of hell and eternal damnation is one of the corrupt pagan teachings from old Babylon that the early priests adopted to have better control over the people through fear and it dishonors the Father in the worst way. If you would like to receive all of the post on hell proving that hell does not exist, request the “full Hell does not exist post,” here, and I will link to it. If you would like to know more about the Bible, I can direct you to a free online Bible study course where you can study the Bible at your convenience.

    • Steve Bice

      Greg: This is a bridge too far. The “hell does not exist” doctrine is blatant apostasy directly from his Jehovah’s witness belief system. He was “banned” before for posting this, and continues to do so.

      I generally believe in live and let live, but this overtly steers people away from Christ’s explicit teaching.

      Your call…but it is harmful.

      Luke 12:4-5
      4 And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

      5 But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.

  51. Jani

    Zionist run and control the US goverment , via APAC.
    Zionist control all media.
    The same nazi-unit running the massmurder of “covid 19”
    The nazi-unit witch crontrol it,s own biowapon , via Göbbels (Fauci ) via nazi media.
    The same nazi-unit , with help of ISIS and Alkaida excecute the massmurder in Syria.
    The same nazi-unit witch turned Ukraine into a graveyard , via the judish president Zelensky .

  52. Marie Joy

    “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”.
    Edmund Burke
    And most of us are doing nothing.

  53. Natural Nancy

    this needs to be shared with Drs. Eads, Kory, Tenpenny and the entire menagerie of intellectuals/doctors who have presented to the USAWatchdog audience since 2020:

    UROLITHIN A – aging – mitochondria – mitophagy – inflammation – muscle health

  54. Together we stand

    What kind of FOOL would join a military that only serves the banksters? General Smedley Buttler, “War is a RACKET” read the book written by the most highly decorated Marine at the time of his writing the eye opening book. He realized he was being used to overthrow sovereign nations just to install “Central Banks” for, the dual citizenship scoundrels in D.C. that have totally hijacked our Republic.

  55. Cosmo

    Good Morning, Greg,
    Looks like you are right over the target. The Washington Post has pulled the political cartoon you’ve used for this weekly update because anti-Israeli folks thought it was racist:

  56. Mark alan

    I’m sick of being called a jew hater for speaking out and standing against the kazaririans.
    Start reporting on the domestic army HERE AT HOME That report to the corrupt fbi.
    By the way, greg. The people that control our money our government and the dumbest sick army call themselves Jewish. Weather they are or not is never discussed by you. Just a few others I posted about earlier today.
    The domesick army infer gard are the people that stole our election. Ate you signed on with them? Did you sign the NDE, your soul to these DEVILS?
    INFER gard and anti fa are run by the same people. The democratic party. Start waking people up to this Greg. They are helping evil people attack innocent Americans. Very soon e everyone will be a targeted individual. Including you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      You paint with a broad brush and it makes you look like you simply hate all Jews. Many people do hate all Jews, but they hide behind the term “Khazars.” If you did any research you would find out this Khazar idea is total bull crap. The source are the experts on EVERETHING JEWISH — Hebrew University: One of many articles from the last decade.

    • Galaxy500

      kazaririans? Right…
      Dude, isn’t it Time to stop drinking the koolaid?
      It amazes me that people can be so misguided and consumed by hate that they will believe this nonsense.

  57. Jay

    Seems to be the way that most empires fall. Everyone assumes they are ok because they are big, not noticing the rot, decay and foreign enemies gathering inside gates due to women and homosexuals voting in those who tolerate everything imaginable including bribes and enemies in the highest offices of the land.

  58. Galaxy 500

    How evil do you have to be to murder, rape… Women, children, and corpses… Inhumane torture then video it and disseminate it because you are PROUD of the EVIL that you committed.
    And these college kids screaming death to the Jews…
    Hamas will rape and murder these college too, if they get the chance. Use idiots, indeed.

    Sliding into Mad Max… It’s here, you can see it every day.

    Hamas can not be compromised with. The only solution is to wipe them out. As you reported, the Hamas Leadership isnt in Gaza, they are not in danger, the are living the High Life.

    And the only way to do an online poll is to capture unique email and unique IP address.
    This ma6 be our last chance to prepare for the coming storm. Buy food and water while its affordable. Firearms and ammo while still available.
    ATT is part of the Principalities of Evil. They bend a knee to Satan. You, Greg, announcing Jesus to world scares them. And it must be dealt with…
    Watch your back, Brother

  59. Dawn

    Just curious – where do these billionaires who finance Hanas live?
    Do you know?

  60. Chris Mallory

    How was there no autopsy in the death of the 14 yo? In my state, any death not under a doctor’s care is legally required to have an autopsy.

  61. Denny

    The recent strong election performance by the Democrats indicates that both Greg and his source who claim Biden only has an 8-9% approval are full of crap.

    It also indicates that the Obama plan to elevate the loser Trump to the top of the GOP polls is a winning strategy.

    Trump will get smoked by anyone the Dems run in 2024–including Biden!

    I look forward to seeing a repeat of Greg’s 2020 post-election meltdown…his tears will be scrumptulescent!

    • Greg Hunter

      Or the Dems are cheating like never before as I predicted.

  62. Ron Bays

    As always thanks you for your timely and relative news articles.

    Thanks for your recommendation and sponsor link.

    FYI: Order input…
    NIGHT VISION HELMET Package with Norotos Rugged and CounterBalance ON SALE × 1

    May God Bless and Protect You …
    and bless Israel with protection from its enemies and bring peace to the nation and Jerusalem.

  63. Coal Burner

    Greg: From New Mexico here, Everyone her ehas known for several years about the Hamas Training Camps in Mexico. No one cares. In our state the Democrats want as many criminals on the loose making havoc as possible. The people on the other hand would not peep if someone had to take some of them out and just put them out in the desert, same as the criminals do. As for fbi, they don’t care about terrorists south of the border or north of the border for that matter. All I can say is Conservatives will protect their own.

  64. Coal Burner

    People don’t talk about the Covid murder program because so many are just stunned sitting around watching for who drops dead next and hoping it is not them or theirs. I did not take the stuff but I fear the same around me. You know it is happening in China too but they just do not tell the world and the CCP does not care. Only families care. Many of us tried to stop them but they either did nto listen or they felt forced too keep their jobs. After the Government would not do this to us, would they?

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