Yemen Widens War, Terror Coming to US, Matthew Perry Vax Murder

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 606 11.3.23) 

A new country has declared war on Israel –Yemen.  Actually, it is the Houthis beating the war drums, and they are supported by Iran.  So, Iran is using its proxies to widen the war against Israel.  In Lebanon, Hezbollah is starting to attack Israel.  They are also puppets of Iran.  Meanwhile, Hamas in Gaza is vowing another terror attack like the October 7th massacre.  The war in the Middle East is getting bigger and spinning out of control.  Everybody in the world has an opinion with many anti-Israel comments on the rise.

Top intel analyst Tony Seruga says, “Multiple terror attacks are going to hit the USA in the next 14 months.”  FBI director Chris Wray seems to agree as he, too, is warning of terror attacks coming to America.  Wray says they are going to be on “a whole other level.”  I guess the FBI is going to stop going after Catholics and parents who don’t want their children indoctrinated into far-left values.  The Southern border being wide open has allowed millions of unchecked people to come to America to do us harm.  It’s all thanks to the Biden/Obama Administration’s open border policy for destroying America.  Thanks, FBI, for NOT doing your actual job.

“Friends” star Matthew Perry “died suddenly” this week.  Perry was vaxed with the CV19 bioweapon kill shot.  He put out a T-shirt that said, “Could I be any more vaccinated?”  There was not a word said about how this so-called vaccine has killed or injured millions around the world.  Instead, the reporting was used to build a false story about Perry’s death right from the beginning.  First, it was “Perry drowned in his hot tub.”  Then there was talk that Perry was a drug addict, and that caused a heart attack.  NO drugs were found in his body or even his house, but it was confirmed he died of a heart attack.  That brings us to the CV19 vax issue, which is notorious for causing heart attacks and many other life killing illnesses.  In my mind, this is yet another CV19 vax murder.  They happen every single day all across the planet, and there’re not going to stop anytime soon.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 11.3.23.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Martin Armstrong will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Armstrong will  share his views on the globalist New World Order, what’s coming for the economy and the war cycle that is going to last for several years.


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  1. Coal Burner

    Greg; Neither Wray or Maorkis are going to do their jobs. They are too busy covering up crimes for the Idiot in charge, Senile Briben. As for the Terror attacks, maybe the terrorists will target the people who voted for it. And those who cheated for the idiots in charge who caused it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t forget the real master mind — Obama.

      • Becky

        So true. Thank you for all you do, Greg!

      • Better Chetter

        Good WNW, again Greg –
        Wonder if you’d consider having Dr. Rupert Sheldrake on, to talk about his book, The Science Delusion (aka “Science Set Free”) where he lists 10 dogmas that orthodox medicine has concretized into facts, while RS clearly points out the 10 items are not facts. It would dovetail nicely with the Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie book of Joel Wallach, who got an eye disease that orthodox meds couldn’t cure, so he took what veterinarians gave farm animals – & it cured his eye disease. Then this book was written, comparing vet meds and human meds, including the travesty of diabetes, a preventable disease if only FDA would put chromium & vanadium into our drinking water (& NOT fluoride). Too much money is made off of treatments for diabetes maladies – another unreported fact of our medical system seeking to capitalize off our illnesses, rather than preventing them.
        Peace, brother,

        • S. Revere

          You are absolutely right about lack of chromium being a culprit in the ”epidemic” of diabetes in recent decades. Back in the 80’s as I had my extremely disasterous experience in my ”church” with ”church people” whereby it was so bad that I got deathly sick, which turned out to be hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and came very near death.
          In a nutshell, I knew I was following Gods directions, yet those involved (my so-called brethren) were acting as though they knew nothing about it, as they did not want to obey God. This was playing with my mind, thus the result as Ive just stated.
          I prayed for healing. The answer came by suddenly receiving a nutritional newspaper that I did not request, ” just out of the blue ”. In it was a news article of a study done at either Harvard of Columbia Medical School, – – dont remember now- – and there was Gods answer to my prayer. The lack of chromium picolinate in our foods. CP balances the blood sugar.
          I managed to get myself to the store, bought a ($6) bottle of the little capsules, took one and within ONE HOUR I was back to normal.
          A word of caution I must add here:
          For anyone taking any medication or insulin, you must consult your doctor to transition from that to CP. You cannot take both as they will clash. Always read directions on any bottle before using.
          So yes , Chetter, nutrition is a huge key. Real food, home cooked from scratch. And study up for added nutrients. It all pays off, I can attest to that. You really are what you eat.
          (today’s menu, the best italian meatballs and spaghetti, from scratch, lol)

          • Better Chetter

            There is a chiropractor’s system, “Touch for Health” that gives acupressure points for helping people heal from ailments AND nutrients needed for specific areas of body pain (majority of nutrients are found in an Egg!). One nutrient for lung health is just pure water.
            Back in 2016, I was seeing white flashes or specks in the periphery of my visual field, & just before seeing an opthamalogist (sp?), I heard about nutrient Lutein, in Vit A spectrum. Took 1 daily & flashes cut in half, so I took 2/day, & they went away completely. But I could have been subjected to eye surgery if I had gone to western orthodox medicine.
            All we need to heal come from the earth, from God’s bounty, if only man & science would stop getting in the way, trying to usurp power.

            • S. Revere

              Better Chetter, one of the symptoms of low blood sugar is a sudden jagged light flashing around the peripheral vision that does not stop, eyes closed or open. That is a definite sign of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
              After taking just one 200 mcg capsule of chrom poico, it is very quick to stop. One way you know it works.
              Back when I had that initial incident, I came to realize from reading the previously referenced research article, that I was drifting into a coma. It was crom pico that put a stop to that.
              To this day I still take a 200 mcg chrom pico at least a couple times a week, because there is still no chrom pico in the earth where it should come to us in foods.
              This was absolutely a healing that came to me from the Lord. Why he did not just outright heal me… I could tell any other person who has the same problem. And I have told many over the years.
              Chetter, thanks much for your input and info here. Yes, chiro deals with all illnesses/ailments. We have also been led to the best chiro to be found just a couple streets from us.
              (I am an octogenarian and only take a small mg. blood pressure pill. Thats the extent of my ”list of medications” . I also have turned down every offer to get the flu shot. Just say NO to any and all shot. Doctors will say ”we are going to give you xxxxx” And I tell them ”No you’re not” ! )
              Another little tid bit: Back in the 70’s I got the London flu and lost my sense of taste. One day I happened to pick up that Rag Paper called the Inquired at the grocery checkout which I seldom did. In it was an article of a lady who had the same problem for years, had been all over the country to major hospitals/doctors like mayo clinic without any solution.
              The article proceeded to tell how she came upon zinc which heals the taste buds damaged from the flu. So I got some and tried it and a short few days later realized my taste was back to normal. (chelated minerals are easier on the stomach,)

          • Earth Angel

            That’s interesting about the chromium and insulin resistance. In recent years I have noticed a real uptick in insulin resistance appearing in horses, which was virtually nonexistent 3-5 decades ago, from my observation. This can then predispose the animal to a condition termed laminitis or founder, a devestating and potentially life threatening condition for the horse. I’ve learned putting the horse on a magnesium/ chromium supplement seems to help the animal be able to drop excess weight (also a contributor) and help the body process sugars in a more normal way. I am going through just such a circumstance right now and was glad to read your contribution. In 40+ years of keeping horses I have never had this occur with any horse in my care. Back in the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s, 2000’s- I never even heard of a horse being (diabetic?) This particular horse has been in my care for 10 yrs. and kept in the same manner without a problem before now. I have wondered for some years about the toxic nano particulates contaminating the soils and grasses which stem from the illegal and immoral climate engineering operations taking place for over 75 years being a factor. All grass eating animals are ingesting this crap and of course 80+ percent of corn grown is now GMO and doused with glyphosates; corn being a staple used in both horse and cattle feeds. I’ve seen abnormal colors of magenta and purple in grasses which I’d never seen before 2013 and also appearing in our garden grown vegetables for about 10 yrs. now. I can’t help but believe this is connected somehow. I wonder what color residue is the footprint of barium? I wish a chemist could enlighten us as to which metal compounds are associated with what colors. Maybe someone working with Dane Wigington could research this? Of course this is affecting everything on the planet.

            • S. Revere

              Earth Angel, speaking of magnesium – – from all my study of natural healing, I came to the conclusion that it is not salt that is bad for the heart, but a lack of magnesium.
              Doctors quickly rushed to put those with heart ailments, on a no-salt bland diet, parroting each other, so we have a whole nation forced to eat bland food when the real problem is lack of magnesium, another nutrient not easily found in foods.
              Salt must be used when cooking, cooked into the food as it brings out the flavor of the food you are cooking. Salt itself is not for flavoring, so adding it to your plate will only make it salty, not flavorful.
              Magnesium is nourishment for the heart itself. Removing salt from your diet does not help the heart. Common sense will tell you not to overdo the salt; we need some sodium in our diet.
              I like to stick with no more than 200 or 300 mg. of magnesium tablet per day, at most. It has a laxative effect, keep that in mind.

      • Tom C.

        Greg, you’re absolutely right. That evil creature is smack in the middle of it all.

      • Kenneth

        No, Satan and his servants are behind ALL of this. As the Holy Apostle and Theologian, St. John said “Who is a liar, but he who denies Jesus is the Christ, for he is of Antichrist, and knows neither the Father nor the Son” I John 2:22.

      • Gabriel Vogel

        None of the religious founders promoted war. Yes self defense. But war is always a sin, in hebrew means error. If the world understood what they are facing war would end as impractical and benefit none. You see the world through your religion. And that is appropriate. Nothing wrong with that, I am the same. So I will leave the comment with a quote from what will end war. If you have a problem with a countries people. You should go there and talk to them, maybe they have reasons to mistrust your nation. Marshall Vian Summers. Last thank you Greg for everything you do and sacrifice for all of us who care about the truth.

      • BOB BOLLOW

        We wondered what you thought about the Bill Gates sistuation? Is it legit? Does it mean guys like Obama are headed for a fall too?


        • Greg Hunter

          I hope so.

        • S. Revere

          Bob, if you have heard about the Great Tribulation, which will be for 7 years, and soon…..well that Time is for the purpose of God cleansing the entire earth of all evil, and by the end, all of the evil and injustices of the world, will be gone. Justice will be served, the Lord returns and ”thy kingdom will come, and His will will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven”. Nobody is gonna get away with anything, rest assured. Focus on yourself being right with the savior.

      • David Mende

        Really? Obama?
        Let’s see. President Clinton left behind a balanced budget, no major war, and an optimistic nation.
        Babydoc Bush proceeded to blow up Lower Manhattan, start two major unnecessary wars and systematically bankrupt our country. Obama said he would cut Bush’s $1.3T deficit in half. He did.
        I voted Trump, and will again(no other choice). But he made incredible mistakes and failed miserably as President. He is a coward. Why didn’t he verbally say to Pelosi, “Kiss my ass.” Coward.
        Now you’re supporting the people in Palestine/Israel who hate you. Murdering Palestine’s Christians. Genius move.

      • Mike

        Galatians 3:28-29
        28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

      • Diana Brown

        I think you are 100% correct Greg

    • Shiloh1

      Valerie Jarrett
      Rahm Emmanuel (never let a good crisis go to waste)

      • Justn Observer

        yes, and then, one has to have People THAT ARE CREATING the Crisis first= flag and black flags….but ,,…those are….just “CON=piracy theroies’ right?

    • Akdave

      Someone asked me, whose fault is the Ukraine war? I said the government. They said which one? I said yes! All of them. No matter what you think, the people in Israel didn’t deserve this. I’m sure not everyone in Palestine is doing evil. Not all Germans were evil. War is hell. All we can do is pray.

    • Justn Observer

      IF one is outside keeping the car running, just because one is not inside with them does not mean they are not a part of it…

    • Honest Dave

      Well said Coal Burner!!! Right on the money.
      It’s called poetic justice & it’s coming for lots & lots of traitors
      & seditionists in the USA. ( & abroad ,Schwab & co )

  2. Felicia Music

    Hi Greg, am looking forward to your weekly update and your interview with Martin Armstrong. Did you see the Sam Bankman Fried verdict? -guilty on all charges. He could get 100 yrs. I’m sensing a shift in our country on many levels, towards a more honest govt. Another interesting organization is Project 2025.

    • barsoom43

      Shift or not, it doesn’t matter at this point.. The US debt just crossed $33.693T. It is so large it has a life of its own and will continue to grow until it destroys everything we’ve ever known.. No one can control it, not the Fed, not Congress, not even Trump..We’re at the end of the Tytler Cycle and all the misery it’s going to bring.
      Invest heavily in gold, silver, food and weapons/protection.. If you have anything of perceived value, you’re going to have to defend it.

      • Katy Bar

        The magnitude of the Fed’s debt printing is now definitely Hyper-inflationary – how do I know? – consider this – the 20 year war in Vietnam cost the US taxpayer a total of $600 Billion dollars – and now today – the Fed is printing up $600 Billion dollars “per month” to run US Government’s operations – when our Government does 20 years of spending “in one month” you know the monetary wheels are just about spinning off the cart – 20 years is 240 months – so the Fed is now printing 240 times faster then it did during the inflation in the 1970’s that drove gold to it’s 1980 peak of $800 dollars per ounce – 240 times today’s price of gold is $480,000 dollars – now would I sell my one ounce gold coin at $480,000 dollars?? – NO WAY!! – unless in a strange illogical sort of way it makes me “happy to own nothing” (as Klaus Schwab keeps saying)!!! – And what are the Banksters now doing (except for Stan)? “They Are Getting Rid Of Their US Dollars And Buying Gold At A Record Pace” !!! –

        • Storeman

          Todays Dow numbers +666


      • carl

        Guess it is time to buy Gold – but should you buy physical gold coins or gold stocks? – probably safer to have some physical gold coins to compliment and gold stocks you own – as Western governments usually increase taxes on precious metal miners just like they do on oil companies “with excess profits taxes” (when they inflate their paper currencies toward worthlessness). It is simply standard operating procedure for Governments to “seize profits that don’t belong to them” to make up for their own governing incompetence, huge deficits and perpetual wars. We’ve seen this “unlawful seizure” happen over and over again throughout history most especially by the Demon-ratic/ Socialistic/Commie’s!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Buy Physical first. Talk to Melody, the owner. I Never had a com plaint and you will get what you pay for.

        • Cosmo

          Hi Carl, Here’s some words to live by: If you can’t touch it, you don’t own it. God bless!

        • barsoom43

          Buy silver.. The current silver:gold ratio is about 85:1.. It comes out of the ground at about 5:1 but historically the US government set the ratio at about 16:1.. In terms of gold, silver is dirt cheap.. Bill Holter recommends junk silver which usually carries a premium to 1oz silver rounds but when the premium is close, I buy junk.. When this fiat house of cards collapses around us, the economy will start over and silver is the money of commerce for the common man.. I intend to buy groceries from my Amish neighbors with junk silver..

      • Dawn

        True USA debt exceeds $200T

      • Akdave

        Barsoom43 fact!! Fact!! Fact! The number is so big, we humans can’t comprehend it fully. Ghangis Kahn had fiat money and the penalty for refusing it was death penalty. People eventually said screw it, kill me. Better than starving on a pile of fiat.

    • Paul D Anders

      You watch, Sam will have a “heart attack” within 2-3 years of his incarceration and that will be the “official” end of him.
      From there he will go to Kenneth Lay island along with Madoff and Epstein…

    • S. Revere

      Felicia, do not ever look to govt. for any honesty.
      Yes, things are going to shift, dramatically, but not
      at all like you think.
      (Look Upward for the real solution. There is only One
      Answer to everything. Otherwise you will be in for a
      huge let down.)

  3. I'm Just Saying

    You gotta wonder when Israel will wake up and clean house. Why did they ever let others take control of their lands? Maybe now is the time to boot everybody out of the country that is not going to follow Israeli law:

    Numbers 15:15-16
    One ordinance shall be both for you of the congregation, and also for the stranger that sojourneth with you, an ordinance for ever in your generations: as ye are, so shall the stranger be before the Lord. One law and one manner shall be for you, and for the stranger that sojourneth with you.

    • Kenni

      Amen. It was from pressure of the UN, Tower of Babel. They won Gaza, Jordon, Golan heights plus Jerusalem in defensive moves when attacked by their enemies but were pressured to give it all back. “As it was in the time of Noach…” Genesis 6:11, 13, the word for violence is Hamas. Look it up. Amen

  4. WW3 News&Views

    Yemen’s Houthis Declare WAR On Israel!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 52,231 views Nov 2, 2023
    In response to the Israeli military bombing campaign and incursion into Gaza — and all the civilian deaths that have resulted — the Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen have declared war against Israel. So far none of the rockets sent from Yemen have struck sensitive targets inside Israel, but the larger concern is that this move from the Houthi may presage a wider war roping in Hezbollah, Iran and possibly other countries.

    LEAKED! Israel’s Plan To PURGE Palestinians From Gaza!

    The Jimmy Dore Show 85,505 views Nov 1, 2023
    A verified document from the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence dated October 13 suggests forced displacement of Gaza civilians to Egypt would “yield positive and long-term strategic results.” The advisory document envisions a three-stage process including the establishment of tent cities in Sinai and opening of humanitarian corridor, followed by construction of cities in northern Sinai from which Palestinians could not return.
    Jimmy, along with The Convo Couch host Craig Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger, discusses whether this document outlining the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Gaza is the plan being followed by Israel.

  5. Jane jones

    BREAKING NEWS: Ted Cruz Ruthlessly Confronts Nominee Over Controversial Letter—Reads It to Her Face/Forbes Breaking News 394K views 1 day ago.
    At today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled Sarah French Russell, nominee to be United States District Judge for the District of Connecticut, about a letter she wrote at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  6. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Tucker Carlson 11/2/23 [ Full HD] | BREAKING NEWS TODAY November 2, 2023
    Lola Home 85,226 11 hours ago
    Father & Son, a lifetime of crimes washed away, and now they have the ability to commit more crimes and never being brought to justice. for committing those crimes. Free get out of jail card for life,,,? Wow ain’t America, great!🗽

  7. Bloglogician

    War in Gaza is planned theatre with real casualties. Of course the world’s best covert spy agency knows where all the tunnels and bad guys are, of course they ‘lapsed’ their security to get it all started. So what is the end goal of this messy fight? is it ultimately all about oil/gas/and trade routes like G.Popadopoulos says, and is it to draw others into the fray?

    • John Maskell

      That was my thought exactly . This was well planned by the Israeli deep state. No security forces at the checkpoints , a joke. The civilians are the victims of this war, be it the Palestinian people or the Jews . I saw the killing of the innocent by Hamas , it was disgusting to watch. This evil deep state that runs our planet is beyond satanic . I don’t care what religion you are , I hate too see humans being killed by psychopathic corrupt leaders !

  8. sam

    Satan is behind the “attacks”..Defending is Not Satanic….Satan is behind the Musloids murdering innocent people,…American Constitution is not Satanic…Satan is behind the Corruption in America…President Trump is Not Satanic…Satan is behind Islam…America is Not Satanic…Satan is behind the MSM (Main Stream Media)…. USAWATCHDOG is Not Satanic..Murdering Babies is Satanic…Homosexual deviates are Satanic… and REPULSIVE…. Islam is Satanic and REPULSIVE…..Joe Biden is REPULSIVE along with the Hildabeast, obama.and big mike etc,etc…..America is founded on Christianity and is (just barely) under the Protection of our Heavenly Father…the US Gummint is SATANIC….. the true Christian is Protected from the inevitable Destruction….Greg Hunter is a modern old town crier.

  9. Derek Sinclair

    Ron DeSantis has shown himself to be completely unfit for the office of POTUS. His opinions change with the weather. He has been gifted several opportunities to show his cojones (and garner support) in the face of federal overreach and sedition, and he has failed to do so every time. His campaign also seems to be run by 5 year olds. A huge disappointment, though he should never have run this time around anyway.

    • Shiloh1

      JEB! and Rove are scary enough,

  10. Andrew Harrison

    To those complaining about Greg’s coverage of the situation in Israel, remember he reports the facts and then provides his editorial opinion, it’s always easy to discern the line between the two in his presentation. You can then decide to make up your own mind about what you think. That said I’m not sure any of us really know what’s going on with what seems to me to be powerplay between the different actors involved, with of course innocent victims getting caught up apparently deliberately in the ‘cross fire’. Finally when I reflect upon the past, when my views may shade different from Greg’s opinion, later I usually have to change my opinion in line with what he was saying at an earlier stage when he had less publicly available information to go on, I guess that’s why he’s the newsman we choose to watch.

  11. Jason

    Greg, Gaza is so densely populated that Hamas can not be anywhere except in the vicinity on innocent civilians. Yes, Israel bombing refugee camps and hospitals, are war crimes.

    Israel has made no friends in the middle east. Yet the US is supposed to support Israel. Why? What benefit is it to Americans that their tax moneys goes to Israel. The existence of Israel is only a disadvantage to Americans.

    Greg, you are on the wrong side of history on this.

  12. Shirl

    Well, “things didn’t crash on Monday” as Bo Polny said but, I would venture to say things didn’t get any better and in many ways got very much worse as anyone can see for themselves. You don’t need to be a chart analyst or cycle timer to see all that’s going on is outrageous in all directions.
    Question is: What number of straws will break the camel’s back…is it 789,000,000 or 789,000,001 ?
    Great reporting Greg and thank you!!!

    • Francine

      Can’t wait for Martin Armstrong oh boy you spoil us Greg

  13. Derek Sinclair

    Yes, as you say Greg, we disagree on some things but that’s life. And I’m not going anywhere just because of a few differences. God bless you and the important work you are doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good men can agree to disagree. The Jew haters among us cannot see: Hamas is the cause of the innocent dying. Get Hamas to meet the IDF on the battlefield with their civilian population at their backs. Simple.

      Hamas has caused all of this, and the coward leader of Hamas is reportedly on a plane to Iran.


      • Naomi Zentmyer

        Benjamin Netanyahu should have no problem getting this done if he wants to. The history of Hamas is very interesting. Netanyahu and the west set up Hamas orignally because Isreal did not want to deal with Hesbolah and other horrible organizations. The PLO under Arafat was corrupt (wow, that’s novel) and aid was not getting to the Palistinians. Organizations change, become infiltrated. A cease fire and two state solution could happen. But I don’t think Israel could ever accept an “undiluted” Israel. All of this bloodshed is not part of what God wants for his children.
        A Jewish leader many years ago at the beginning of the state of Isreal, asked the government “who are the Palestinians…. many Jews stayed in that area after the great Diasporia in 70 AD….and they eventually became part of the area and the religion there….who are they? Some are of Jewish descent.
        That Jewish leader’s question fell on deaf ears.
        It’s complicated.

        • Greg Hunter

          I know Israel stared Hamas as a counter to the PLO but as I understand it, Hamas got way out of control and Israel created a monster worse than the PLO.

  14. Nicole

    I learned yesterday that a good friend of mine has shingles. He is 58 and got one vax (J&J) in July of 2021, so that he could attend his daughter’s wedding without wearing a mask. I was invited, but refused to go under those circumstances. I had been telling him not to get the vax for over a year, and thought I had him convinced.

    Within 6 months of taking the vax, he had 2 heart attacks, a quintuple bypass, and was diagnosed with pericarditis. Now he has shingles. I’m sure that he still doesn’t see any correlation between his health issues and the vax, even though I told him that his heart problems may have been an adverse side effect. He didn’t believe me, and I don’t have the heart to bring it up again. It’s too late to go back and change things, anyway. My heart is breaking for him.

    • Earth Angel

      A woman we knew just died of a heart attack at 61 yrs. old. As far as I know she didn’t have any glaring health problems. She just died suddenly. I’ll bet she was vaxxed, though I can’t say for sure…’another one bites the dust’ under questionable circumstances.

  15. Steve

    Thank you Greg for all you do. God bless you and your family.

  16. Lyon Barbara

    No opposing views allowed? Shame on you, Greg. Talk about cowards.

    • Greg Hunter

      The problem is Jew hating people only accept their views.

      • DavidM

        Dear Greg,
        in the spirit that history doesn´t repeat itself but it rhymes, if one goes back to the B00k of judges there was a similar episode recounted where the entire tribe of Benjamin was almost eliminated (Judges,chapters 19 to 21). Ironically the tribe of Benjamin were renowned as archers when one considers the missiles fyling out of Gaza today.
        Eventually after numerous attempts the 400,000 soldiers with swords of the remaining assembled tribes succeeded in overcoming the tribe of Benjamin, and nearly every man and beast (and presumably women and children) of the tribe were put to death, All that survived were 600 soldiers who did not partake in the fghting as they were on guard duty somewhere else.
        What I find intriguing is that the last verse of chapter 21 reads “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”
        We may be on the verge of biblical times for the return of the king, but remember before we got David, we got Saul.

  17. Wildbad

    Dear Greg,
    I’ve been following you forever. I find it very disappointing however that no one is taking a middle ground stance on peace. In this case you are essentially ignoring much of the history and context of the Israel / Palestine conflict. Mom said often to me that two wrongs don’t make a right and that applies here. I refuse to condone the beastly crimes of either side of this.

    The prince of peace, I’m certain, would prefer a ceasefire over the further destruction and murder.

    The inevitable consequences of the escalation of this horrible situation are possibly apocalyptic. I, for one, believe that should be avoided.

    You said you will delete comments that accuse you of being a Zionist. I really have no idea if you are or not. I am not.

    Much respect to you.

    • S. Revere

      Wildbad, if someone broke into your house and murdered your family, would you take the middle ground? Really?
      As for what the Lord would do in this case? He is the God of Justice and so He would serve up true justice. Do you know how justice is determined for the crime of murder?
      And learn the difference between murder and self defense killing.

    • Chris in Arkansas

      Do you not remember when Israel offered Arafat a huge chunk of Jerusalem and significant freedom to his people and he declined and didn’t want peace? I certainly do. Let me bottom line it for you. The Palestinian leadership doesn’t want peace with Israel – ever. The nations that “support” the Palestinians but won’t let them cross their own borders don’t want anything to do with them outside of using them as bait for drawing Israel into a conflict. Hamas HAD PEACE up until they crossed the border and killed, tortured and kidnapped Israeli civilians . The Palestinians know darn well they allow Hamas to exist within their territory and run their government but then cry foul if Israel retaliates. Both the Israeli government and Palestinian leadership are corrupt but I really don’t have sympathy for the Palestinian cause anymore. They earned Israel’s response in spades.

  18. Max Dezara

    This entire s**t show has got to end. Congress just gave themselves
    a annual pay raise of $34,000 dollars. The entre Middle East situation
    has been in the making for years. The Iraq war displaced and killed
    many. Using D.U.( depleated urainium) has injured many and caused
    birth defects. This can all be traced back to the “Bankers” and the
    Rothchilds/Rockefellers. How anyone could be surprised by the
    reaction by the Muslum world by the attrocities that have been
    commited is beyond comprehension. The world is on to the game
    and the game is ending.

  19. Marie Joy

    I’m fairly certain we will lose power this winter.
    It’s time for families and reasonable people to come together.
    In the 1974 Ice Storm, in CT, when we lost power in January for 5 days, my father figured out a way to start the gas furnace without electricity. He said he worked from gravity. I should have paid more attention.
    Wood stoves will be lifesavers. Have a lot of wood and hide it. Theft will be an issue.
    This whole thing could be a real b*tch.
    Our politicians want us dead and America destroyed. They are paid by the likes of Soros, the Rockefellers, Gates, etc. Billion$ dead for money.
    At this point, the wrong or the right of it barely matters. The winners will decide who is right and who is wrong.
    Every group seems to want every other group destroyed. With that much radiation, they may all get their wish.
    IF Russia/China want American farmland, they may carpet bomb ala Dresden OR, better yet, an EMP will have all of us starving or freezing within a year.
    Ukraine Democide. We’re on that democide list.
    DeSantis is his own worst enemy.
    They would rather start WWIII than be punished for their treason.
    Fires in southeastern America are receiving zero publicity.
    Come together, if you can.

  20. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  21. Jane jones

    Since the USA and Russia are at odds against each other in this world war, thought this would be interesting to watch and now share here on USAWatchdog! Very Interesting.
    American VS Russian Mentality || Russian and American Girls Talking About Their Cultures: Dari Step 513,267 views Jun 26, 2022
    American and Russian cultures are very different. In this video I am as Russian decided to discuss the difference of mentalities with my American friend Sophia to finally find the reasons why Russians and Americans don’t understand each other.
    We discussed the differences of American and Russian reactions to many situations, as well as the specifics of English and Russian languages. We also spoke honestly about our friendship and the misunderstandings we faced because of our nationalities. I hope after watching this video you guys will have a better understanding of cultures!

  22. John

    Greg, I’ve been a fan of your truth for years. However I feel there is wrong on both sides in the current Israel Gaza war. Its not right or Christian to kill many women and children on both sides. The battle strategy on both sides needs to change.

    God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree the “battle strategy” needs to change. I’ll say it again, “Hamas is the cause of the innocent dying. Get Hamas to meet the IDF on the battlefield with their civilian population at their backs.” Simple.

      Hamas has caused all of this, and the coward leader of Hamas is reportedly on a plane to Iran.


    • S. Revere

      John, I do not enjoy seeing the deaths of those other than hamas. However, most people do not realize that God himself is a killer. Many instances of it in the bible. He once opened up the earth and swallowed up 14,000 people. He once sent someone to an area and directed them to kill every living thing there, which included women and children et al.,
      He caused a Flood which killed everyone on the earth. (except 8 people) In each case, scripture tells us the reasons for his doing so…..for just cause.
      Just sayin’

  23. Jane Jones

    Homeless Asian woman Leah interview
    Tales from the streets 747K views 5 months ago
    Wow, homeless Chinese you don’t see often or at all in America!
    They’re saying we will soon be seeing Gazans on the streets too.

  24. Ron

    30 percent of Gaza population are christians.

    • Paul from Indiana

      That may be, but did they vote for Hamas? If they didn’t, they are victimized by those who did. 30% of this country are conservative, but they are victimized by those who “voted” for Mr. Biden and his agenda of destruction. At one point, traditional-values, conservative Americans “owned” the USA. Now, we’re nominal Palestinians in the sense that we’ve been dispossessed. It’s not a cut-and-dried situation. Best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes, Paul it is “Cut and dried.” I’ll say it again: “Hamas is the cause of the innocent dying. Get Hamas to meet the IDF on the battlefield with their civilian population at their backs.” Simple.

        Hamas has caused all of this, and the coward leader of Hamas is reportedly on a plane to Iran.”


        • Paul from Indiana

          I can see my intent can be misread by my writing. Thank you for the opportunity of clarification. Please accept my apologies for not stating my purpose more clearly.

          Hamas is not all we’re looking at here. Yes, the Hamas situation is cut-and-dried! My point is: we traditional-values Americans are potentially as much a victim as the 30% Christians who may have located in Gaza when Israel occupied it, or who located there and VOTED for Hamas. We are now to the point where we in America shall be routinely “outvoted”. Victimization cuts both ways.

          I will state unequivocally: Hamas is at fault; they wish destruction of Israel. I get that. What I am trying to point out is that we here in America run the risk of becoming as the 30% Christians in the Gaza strip: marginalized victims.

          I am 100% pro-Israel, and 100% pro- conservative, traditional-values America. BOTH are in danger. Best always. PM

        • Ted N

          Maybe it was a false flag from the 0bomber camp to get everyone to look over there?

        • Oh'What a Relief'it'is!

          Putin Responds: Syria Strikes “Cripple US-Russia Relations”; Deploys Missile Warship to Syria
          ZeroHedge.Com/ABC MEDIA, LTD
          BY TYLER DURDEN FRIDAY, APR 07, 2017

          Just as US. Syrian Strikes “Crippled US-Russia Relations,” So did recent Israeli strikes into Syria. There’s usually a reason for the treason. Just saying.
          We also know who’s behind, causing this whole mess. The one who has a short period of time. Who’ll be incarcerated for a thousand years! In a short period of time, to the relief of all mankind.
          Hallelujah, meaning, PRAISE JAH!

    • S. Revere

      Ron, Im sure you could never prove that. In fact there arent even 30% of americans in the usa that are christians. (Most people dont even know what a christians is)

  25. Danica Valeski

    Lindsey Graham On Gaza: ‘Kill ’em All!’ RonPaulLibertyReport Nov 2, 2023
    After Israel’s bombing of a Gaza refugee camp this week killed scores of civilians, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told CNN that there should be “no limit” on the number of civilians Israel can kill. In a previous interview he urged Israel to turn Gaza into post-WWII Berlin. Also today, US House passes resolution authorizing attacks on Iran.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is Hamas operating in civilian areas. Hamas is the reason why so many civilians are being killed. Hamas needs to meet the IDF on the battlefield and put the civilian population at their backs. Yes, it is that simple.

  26. Galaxy 500

    Russia was told it couldnt defend the Russians living in Donnas…
    So is this Russian Ambassador speaking sarcasm?
    Just a thought…

    This world we live in is insane.
    Get strapped
    Have food and water
    Have meds, eye glasses

    Pray to YHWH and ask that our nation be delivered from the minions of Satan running things…

    And thing about how to defend you amd yours against the coming storm. If you don’t think about this in advance, if you dont have a plan, you are not going to survive, nor will your loved ones.

    Are you armed inside your house? On your property outside? If not, its like having a spare tire for your car but you leave it at home…

    Protection ( amd know how to use it and be prepared mentally to use it)
    Food, water, meds, eyeglasses,
    Several Bibles
    Cash on hand not in bank… Cash will work great until it doesn’t, Kroger grocery store aint gonna take a pre 1964 silver dollar for any thing more than a buck

    Plus communication (sat phone)

    If you dont have a lot of money, I don’t, but extra caned food every trip to the store
    Buy one firearm and a supply of ammo and buy a little more ammo every month or two

    And a good dog or dogs are a bonus, companionship and alarm system that doesnt need power and cant be hacked

    Pray for our country, your friends and family
    And Vote Trump 2024
    No he isnt perfect but he is so much better than everyone else. Would we be in this mess if Trump was in charge? Even you silly small minded Trump haters have to admit we wouldn’t.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Watchdoggers: HEED this man’s words, please.

      Galaxy 500 has been around this site since nearly Day One. I know, because I have been around with him. He comments less these days, but he is the Real Deal. Please, listen and act! We are entering a new, critical phase. Best always. PM

      • Ray

        Agreed Paul,
        Galaxy and yourself have been here right from the start, and both of you bring real gravitas, thought and wisdom with your posts.
        Take care Brother…….these times are testing us all.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Paul from Indiana

          Ray, right back at you, brother. Best always. PM

      • sam

        Whats yer Point?….”Watchdoggers: HEED this man’s words, please”….
        Me or anyone else with 1/2 a brain can read this and deduce that all he is giving us is “COMMON SENSE”…and anyone with 1/5 a brain knew this months before he penned it…..but….he should Thank You for the “LOVE FEST”. and Followers of USAWATCHDOG.COM like me Have this “Common Sense” Already….what we need is ANSWERS….not Generic Advice on how to conduct our lives……only small brains will take this as an Foolish ATTACK..

        • Paul from Indiana

          Simply meant as encouragement, and a nod to a long-time Watchdogger. Accept it as you wish. Best always to you. PM

    • S. Revere

      Galaxy, 2 Chron 7:14 IF my people which are called by my name (would) humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, they (they) would hear from heaven and forgive their sins and Heal Their Land.

      Thats the real answer. Otherwise, dont bother to pray for this nation. It will not get answered.

  27. Stilled Waters

    Hamas ‘Blows Up Israel’s ‘Tiger’ Carrier’, Shares Dramatic Footage of Attack | Gaza War/Hindustan Times 185,776 views Oct 29, 2023
    Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades released footage of a purported missile strike on an Israeli military carrier near Gaza strip. Hindustan Times independently cannot verify the authenticity of Hamas video or claim. The video shows militants firing a missile towards a military convoy at an undisclosed location. The missile hits one of the vehicles and causes a huge explosion as the video shows.

  28. Jeff

    Then only relevant comment is you’re spot on. Anyone who justifies the heinous actions of Hamas has some serious issues. I don’t think it’s possible for a Christian to support hamas. NOTHING israel has done justifies the brutal rape and murder of women and small children

  29. Mary MD

    Dr. Drew is a complete brainwashed idiot. I watched him ~ a month ago only because Ed Dowd was on the show. Drew and one of his sidekick MDs were raking Dowd over the coals. They were basically stating there is no proof all the excess deaths and disabilities are caused by the vax. Dowd, who I admire, showed a lot of restraint. Drew is a shill for big Pharma and big med. Do NOT listen to these people. Amazing he would opine on Perry’s death without the facts. Proves he is crooked and paid off.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dowd is brilliant numbers guy and I stand with him.

    • Justn Observer

      I believe had a revelation, and apologized for his earlier stance…and is now anti-vax… Some people do wake up! Others, unfortunately never will.

    • Marie Joy

      When doctors are paid 6 figures to believe excess deaths have no cause, they believe excess deaths have no cause. Bribery changes opiions.
      I wonder if doctors and nurses will be included in Neuremburg II.
      When I was in the hospital, I had a nurse who was scared to death and crying.

      • sam

        “I had a nurse who was scared to death and crying.”…What does that even mean?…..I don’t understand why a trained nurse CRYING in front of all the People she is “supposed to help”..was crying…while getting PAID…..and why was that tolerated by the 6 figured Salaried Staff?

  30. Jeff

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalum. I know with Russia backing Gaza and Turkey and Jordan cutting ties with Israel that it is looking like the Ezekiel 38 war. Sad because how many lives will be lost in another needless war?

    • Greg Hunter

      Read the ending of Ezekiel.

  31. Esten Spears

    First time in ten years to post something negative about your response!
    I’m reposting this comment from Rumble:
    4 hours ago
    Greg. How can you condone the killing of women and children by Israel. Even if they didn’t create HAMAS(but they did), even if they didn’t allow the attack on Israel by standing down their defence for 8 hours) and they did, even if this wasn’t a false flag event so that they could wipe out the Palestinians, which it was. They still have no excuse to kill hundreds of innocent women and children because they think that they might also kill a few members of HAMAS. I thought you would see through this one. You world justify evil for evil? Do you call Jesus lord? But you condone evil.

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you stupid and a blinded Jew hating? Here are the facts: “Hamas is the cause of the innocent dying. Get Hamas to meet the IDF on the battlefield with their civilian population at their backs.” Simple.

    • Perry

      totally false. We love Israel and her fight against the Hamas savages and the so called Palestinians (who were originally kicked out of Jordan) who have joined them.

  32. Jane Hill

    Hi Greg,
    Yes: (About the covid New pretend Vaccine!)

    I had my mid-year Wellness check yesterday!

    My doctor (who in the past) has pushed the vaccine for me simply mentioned vaccines @ the end of visit…. ( I said NO vaccines @ this time …simply be careful! )
    & commented …I understand your thoughts completely!

  33. Kenni

    God bless you, Greg, for bringing truth in news.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am deleting a lot of Jew hating bastards so, I know I am over the target. Thanks for your support.

      • BobM

        Greg now you call us “Jew hating bastards”??? I thought better of you. Okay, how about an honest answer to an honest question? Please tell us how the Palestinians could have ended the Israeli war against them? How could the Palestinians lift the siege of Gaza? How could they convince the Israelis to make peace and share this land with its rightful owners, the Palestinian Arabs?
        Give it a go Greg. I’ll wait….

        • Greg Hunter

          Bob (aka Jew hating bastard) You are blinded by hate of Jews. Hamas started this with the attack on October 7th. The end of this war will be the end of Hamas–period. Hamas has in it’s charter to “Kill all Jews”. That is a fact. Here’s another fact: “Hamas is the cause of the innocent dying. Get Hamas to meet the IDF on the battlefield with their civilian population at their backs.” Simple.

          Hamas has caused all of this, and the coward leader of Hamas is reportedly on a plane to Iran.


          • sam

            GEEZE!…..people sure are showing their “True Colors” during this latest “Hate the Jew” fest going on this time around!….We MUST be getting close.

            • Greg Hunter

              You should see all the comments I have deleted. One point here is that this is a concerted attack to try to sway people into thinking this is the majority. The Jew/Israel hating is far from the majority. If you look at the Rumble thumbs up to thumbs down statistics, there are 617 thumbs up to only 47 thumbs down on this post. In an election, that would be an overwhelming landslide on the side of Israel and against the Demons and cowards that call themselves Hamas. Keep that in mind.

              One final thought, these Jew/Israel hating bastards do not use verifiable names. Man-up like me, and use a real identity. Own your hate.


        • Lora

          Bob M
          You need to study the history of Gaza and just how many concessions that Israel has many over the years in attempts at making peace with the Palestinians in Gaza. October 7 had NOTHING to do with the Palestinians. And if you knew your history you’d know better.

        • Steve Bice

          These questions are based on a premise that is unsupported by the history of the region. The war has always been against Israel.

          When the partition agreement was established in 1948 and modern Israel was born, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon attacked. They encouraged the Arab peoples living in Israel proper to evacuate, and promised they could return after Israel was defeated.

          When the Arab coalition lost the war, they abandoned the so-called Palestinians…and would not absorb them. They have been used as pawns for 70 years.

          Israel was attacked in 1967 and 1973, and Arab forces lost both wars. In the intervening years, Israel was subject to unrelenting provocations by Hezbollah in Lebanon with Syrian and PLO complicity.

          The latest atrocities on October 7th are the continuation of a 70-year history of Arab attacks on Israel, all stemming from a fundamental refusal to accept that Israel has a right to exist. Israel has documented ancient claims to the land. After the diaspora, the land was never a Palestinian “country”. That is a political myth to support the Arab narrative and agenda. Before 1948, so-called Palestine/ancient Israel was home to a relatively small but diverse population of Arabs, Jews, and Christians.

          If your neighbors were constantly seeking your death and destruction, you would have no choice but to restrain them by whatever means necessary. In ancient times, they would simply have been destroyed.

          Are their innocents being harmed and killed? Absolutely. But if the Arabs wanted peace, there would be peace.

          Ehud Barak offered to form a Palestinian state on 73% of the West Bank (27% less than the Green Line borders) and 100% of the Gaza Strip at the Camp David summit in 2000.

          The PLO turned it down. They don’t want a two-state solution and they don’t want peace. They want the destruction of Israel.

          Until that changes, there will be conflicts, wars and rumors of war.

          There is your honest answer. No waiting required…

          • Steve Bice

            The history of war is consistent.

            The hypocrisy of those who talk of stolen land is astounding. Everyone lives on land “stolen” from someone, if you go back far enough. It is the reality of war. “To the victor goes the spoils”.

            There was an episode in the old Star Trek series where two planets waged a computer-simulated virtual war…and people willing walked into euthanasia chambers consistent with the “calculated” casualties…for centuries. They did this to preserve the infrastructure and civilization.

            The unintended consequence was that war never ended. Wars end when an enemy is vanquished.

            “Modern” rules of war ensure perpetual war much like what is occurring in the Middle East. The final war will have no such restraints.

            Considered from a “modern” view, the biblical wars of the Old Testament were barbaric. It is not so simple. These wars ended.

            One can argue that modern wars are the cruelest of all. The suffering and death never end, because the rules of war ensure fighting in perpetuity. Absolute devastation stops the fighting.

            Remember the fire-bombing of Tokyo and the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII. Did civilians die? Yes. In huge numbers.

            War, at its most extreme, prevents future wars. The only moral position is not to fight at all because of the horrific losses of life that will occur. But nations and peoples fight nonetheless…and once started, the attacked party has little choice.

            Moral protestations based on civilian deaths is hypocrisy writ large. Everyone pointing a finger at Israel has four fingers pointing back at themselves, as history attests. Moral superiority is ever and always entangled with political and strategic (self-serving) goals. History is unequivocal: Some atrocities are more equal than others.

            Such is the nature of war…and man.

        • RTW

          Golda Meir’s words have never rung truer than today when she said that “when someone tells you over and over that they want to kill you…believe them”.

  34. Todd

    Many times in the Bible the word “violence” is defined by Brown-Driver-Briggs is chamas.
    Violence transliteration is chamas. See Genesis 6:13 for one example. Strong’s definition is the same.

  35. Ben Golan

    RFK Jr. pair up with Trump? Seriously? RFK Jr. IS a Democrat and supports the democrat agenda. No matter how righteous his crusade against big pharma is, RFK Jr. is big time anti-2A and believes in anthropogenic global warming/climate change for starters. If Trump made such a colossal mistake it would end his support.

    • Greg Hunter

      It might happen Ben. I am just giving some analysis.

  36. Yank Up Yonder

    The Stuff Has Hit the Fan /Stranger Thinking Media 7K views.
    Human Meat May Be for Sale in Your Local Grocery Store in The Very Near Future! I wish you not. You must check out this video. You won’t be disappointed!!!

    CITIZENS REPORT 11/2/2023 – The bankers’ worst nightmare / Aus secret Mideast mission Australian Citizens Party Nov 3, 2023
    1. The bankers’ worst nightmare is coming to Canberra!
    2. What is Australia’s secret Mideast mission that risks world war?
    Presented by Elisa Barwick and Robert Barwick

  37. pat

    Come on Greg, Israel are bombing the crap out of Gaza, how many children dead? stop believing the war propaganda.

    • Greg Hunter

      I actually can SEE what is happening. Hamas is the cause of the innocent dying. Get Hamas to meet the IDF on the battlefield with their civilian population at their backs.” Simple. Why don’t YOU open your eyes. Oh, I am sorry I know Jew hating bastards are blind!!

      Oh, and use your real name when you comment so everyone can see you are a Jew hating bastard.


    • Justn Observer

      PAT, Anyone bother when OTHERS did the same in ALEPPO? Appears its only a ””war crime”’ and inhumane its Israel ?
      how ABOUT the massive destruction in Ukraine? Did NOT see the U.S. encouraging a ‘cease fire’ or push of Zenlensky by the State Dept., for them to enter into or agree to a peace negotiation there? But then one might thnk it is OK for AZROV NAZI to allow hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions to ose ‘their’ homes’ and displaced across the Polish borders …. but God forbid any people from GAZA are allowed to cross their border to ””save”” fellow Muslims?

  38. Lora

    Hi Greg
    Yes the very people responsible for our open borders, allowing thousands of unvetted militant age foreigners into our country are now saying that the US is at extreme risk for terror attacks. So with this understanding/admission, why, under such an urgent situation isn’t the National Guard being called in to assist in closing our borders after Wray’s announcement?

  39. TooStupidToBeStupid


    Remember this nugget from obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope”, page 261, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”.

  40. Patricia Maloney

    My son, a Helicopter pilot in Calif., Search and Rescue, had heart failure 1 year after his Moderna jab. He was healthy, strong, perfect weight, a non drinker, no reason to be sick, only 58 years old. Now his career is over, will never be able to fly choppers again (his passion). It was mandatory for pilots at the time. They reversed it after so many had heart attacks and injuries.

    • Greg Hunter

      Get your son on Ivermectin and Nattokinase asap. It will help him survive according to Dr. Kory.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Always like to see Bo Polny



  41. Susan R

    I have become obsessed with following the current WWIII. Yes Greg, we will have terrorism here and black outs. First time I’ve heard you say this. I have a lot to do in my day-to-day life, but the rest of it for years has been getting ready, more than ever now. The whys are very important, but the end result is what matters. We need to use our time very wisely.

    • J.Loughran

      Say hello to your neighbor. Join a church. Join the Lions. Join a bowling league. When the lights get interrupted know what’s and what is not. Friendly fire ain’t Friendly. Watch the movie 1941 for mental prep. After the fog and anger of “WAR” comes reality… hauling water, making and feeding fire, growing greens, raising livestock, and much, much more cardio. When I tackle a job like shoveling snow so all the Condo Associates can get going, I pray one of them would at least wave as I shovel and they compress the snow ahead of me into ice. I love everyone cause working alone is tough. Have a wonderous journey through this Val of Tears. Sincerely, James C. Loughran, Sinner.

    • Liam Bartmess

      Even when we were at peace before covid-19, we were squandering our money to keep the peace!

      Douglas Macgregor: “We lost in Ukraine and then Israel”
      Lou Dobb’s Show 87.551 5 hours ago

      Russia Warns of a Clash of Nuclear Powers
      DEFENCE Minister SHOIGU: Warns Against Escalation of Ukraine War

      Russia-Ukraine War: Putin said anyone would be outraged by footage of bloodied Gaza children
      LT. COL. GLEN GRANT Retired: There Will Be Somewhere else and There Will Be Something Else! ANY HOPE?
      US Marine Corps Officer Scott Ritter Reveals TRUTH About Israel War
      Cyrus Janssen 1.2M views 2 days ago
      Scott Ritter is a former United Nations Weapons Inspector and US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer with extensive knowledge of Israel War. Today we explore the problems with the Israel Hamas War and share insights into how it could end soon.

      The Truth Brings, “Not Peace, But a Sword”

      “Do not think I came to bring peace to the earth; I came to bring, not peace, but a sword.”​—MATTHEW 10:34.

      WE ALL want peace in our lives, and we want to avoid anxiety. So we are very thankful that Jesus gives us “the peace of God.” That peace is a calmness that can protect us from upsetting thoughts and feelings. (Philippians 4:6, 7) Because we have dedicated ourselves to the father, we also have “peace with God.” This means that we have a good relationship with him.​—Romans 5:1.
      However, it is not yet God’s time to bring complete peace to the earth. We live in the last days, so there are many problems that cause us anxiety. We are surrounded by violent people. (2 Timothy 3:1-4) We also have to fight against Satan and the false teachings he promotes. (2 Corinthians 10:4, 5) But what may cause us the greatest anxiety is opposition from our relatives
      Jesus knew that not everyone would accept his teachings. He also knew that his disciples would need courage because some would oppose them. This opposition could affect the peace of their families. Jesus said: “Do not think I came to bring peace to the earth; I came to bring, not peace, but a sword. For I came to cause division, with a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. Indeed, a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.”​—Matthew 10:34-36.
      He wanted people to know that there would be consequences if they became his disciples. Of course, Jesus’ purpose was to teach people the truth about God, not to divide families. (John 18:37) But his disciples needed to know that it would not always be easy to follow him, especially if their close friends or family members did not accept the truth.

  42. Dave

    RFK, Jr. + DJT = NOT MY VOTE!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Dave, to me this shows how desperate people actually are to think a Kennedy, one of the staunchest, entrenched elitist families in the country, is an “answer” to our situation. This is insanity on full display. Some of “us” are now in the grasping-at-straws phase. Best always. PM

  43. Jeffrobbins

    Just so folks know Hamas and the Palestinians are crazy, or at least not smart, why didn’t they build a resort on the coast? As i understand it the weather and the beaches are real nice. How different would the world look at all that if Gaza had been a resort destination and tourist spot? They could have used the free money we sent them. Most of the world is shallow like that. There is a real need for people to exercise critical thinking/ thinking for themselves.
    Everyone needs to keep an eye on gold. The high point on the giant cup and handle is about $2060. A break above that (weekly close) would signal an equally large and long term rally. All kinds of reasons would be quoted later on for ‘why’. Sorry Stan.

  44. Alan Grimes

    I think the evidence is pretty strong that the fed is already monitizing the debt and even buying equities to prop up the stark market.

  45. james moulton

    Hi Greg:
    As a long-time Witness of Jehovah I commend you for the use of His name. It is a real joy to hear it, despite opposition you may receive, please keep up your love for truth.
    John 17:4-6


  46. Mohammad

    Comes to my mind what CAF was saying all along…….SLOW BURN…..!!

    • Tin foil hat

      If the Japanese yen collapsed, the SLOW BURN may turn into an inferno in seconds.

  47. Robert

    Another great show, looking forward to M. Armstrong.
    I would appreciate a deeper study into Talmudic vs Orthodox vs Judaic vs Messianic Jews, to better understand ‘those who call themselves Jews but ….’
    And since you mentioned Ritter and McGreggor , they would be great guests on the show as would Mike Adams.

  48. John Maskell

    Greg ,what a good way to end your show . Pray and pray. Their is nothing better than praying to Jehovah . Our Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins . These evil entities who think they own the planet have no regard or respect for our saviour . How can we ever forgive these dark forces . The bible says, * we must forgive ” but it’s too hard to pardon these demons. Thank you for the time and effort that goes into USA Watchdog. God put a kind and faithful soul into your heart Greg .

    • S. Revere

      John Maskell, No. There is no such thing as ”you must forgive” everybody and everything, as you suggest. And as soooo many folks are soooo misguided about . And all because they do not study the Word.
      So here is the bible Truth: There are conditions to first be met:
      Luke 17:3 Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, REBUKE him and IF he REPENTS, (then) forgive him.

      (you just learned something here you never learned in any ‘church”)
      Take heed, and stop with all the easy forgiving of all the heathen.
      I really dont mean this in a harsh way, but Im just at the point where Im sick of hearing the crap that folks get from all these laodicean manby pamby ‘churches’ and then spew it as fact which the devil loves to see all the help he gets in spreading his false gospel.

  49. Francine

    My first thought upon hearing about Matthew Perry was he played pickleball for 2 hours and then he dropped dead well that’s a vax injury. However his body was pretty ravaged from his drug abuse. So couple that with a death jab and he would have a tougher time fighting off the vax injury.

  50. sam

    This will… the rest of these skirmishes… fizzle out….BUT…….this time it is America that will get severely wounded..

    • S. Revere

      sam, do not be fooled. This is not gonna fizzle out. Its going to lead clear on up to Armageddon. I agree it is also leading up to the green light being given to the millions of terrorists that have been so welcomed in by Bribem and chaos will ensue that may well be fully detrimental to our once-christian – – now wicked – – nation.
      (truth can often be downright ugly.)

  51. I Dig Au

    The delete button must be smoking by now judging from the insane comments that were allowed to post.

  52. Joseph Boudreau

    Violence begets violence unfortunately. I know it’s frustrating. I choose humanity. Enough war already! Just remember what Clif said, that things would get tough before it gets better but it will. They’re out of money anyways! Hang in there.

  53. Neil

    This is what Jesus says about the Zionist Jews who govern Israel. JOHN 8:44 ” You are of father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own for he is a liar and the FATHER of it.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Was Zionist even a thing back then? You are just making crap up. Jesus was talking about top people in the Jewish religion.

  54. Nina

    Did you see Epoch Times’ “Utah Surveillance State?” on private “Disney” model smart city? I really think that major cities are being destroyed to be replaced with private smart cities to completely control behavior bypassing the Constitution as they did with social media. Isn’t that the Soros model, destroy a place and buy it for pennies on the dollar or the Chinese model just seize peasant’s land, take out a loan with the lot as collateral, build a high rise apartment and force the peasants you stole the land from to rent them. That is what Steven Mosher ” China’s Vanishing Wealth” also Epoch Times, says.
    I’m pretty sure there is a reason for this destruction.

  55. Damien

    I don’t think you’re a “Zionist” but it’s kinda splittin’ hairs ain’t it Greg? War is a CRIME and ALL who engage in it are criminals. Both the Jews and the Jihadis are as wrong as 2 boys screwing in a church and NIETHER have a moral leg to stand on period. People supporting this (or any) war better get ready to explain themselves to the Almighty one day.

    It doesn’t matter for much longer how everyone blabs on about this war, it’s real simple math. The “Crescent” has 1.8 billion and the “Star of David” has 16 million and their Big Brother the USA is not the Nation or the military of 30 years ago and EVERYONE knows it. Israel is going to be destroyed. This war will expand rapidly out of control and will be EVERYWHERE soon. Sad days indeed.

    Leviticus 26-8 also proves that America is the real Israel, as promised, not the made up one that the King of England created via the Balfour Declaration. The people living in the area currently, ARE NOT OF THE 12 TRIBES. They are not Israelites they are Pharisees and Jesus made it very clear when he calls them out in: (Judges 1). In any case, I’m pretty sure God doesn’t approve of any of what we’ve been doing with his creation……We all better pray for peace.

    By-the-way I think Bo Polny is going to be correct this time.

  56. Valerie

    Thanks for another great report, Greg! I agree with you about everything!
    Regarding the CV jabs: 2 of my coworkers just got a second booster, for a total of 4 shots. They are excited and proud about it. It’s disturbing and sad that people are still getting them! (Thankfully, I did NOT get any CV jabs. I think it was the Holy Spirit that made me resist when everyone around me got them!)

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, am wrestling with the timeline and fall of the Persian empire, which during the era of Cyrus the Great, before and after a few kings – here and there, were NOT Muslims, which I do not think had even come on the scene as they, like the Romans had other gods/beliefs. And it is said about King Cyrus times, they did not bother with ‘religious’ beliefs in the conquered lands as a matter of administrating over them and left them to their own? So, my view is Iran and its pursuit is NOT even in actuality a quest for a Muslim takeover to re-establish their days gone by empire, but only USING the Muslims, LIKE Roman who co-opted the Christian faith, as a tool to do so. (@ 23:20 IN VID ) =
    If one is to look at the map of the Persian Empire, it is almost exactly as the inflamed area of anti-Jewish sentiment today, including the northern Stans, that just erupted at that airport…
    If one also looks at the archeological symbols of those early times, sure looks like the NAZIS used many of them.
    That said, there were/are many that claim to be Jews, that certainly do not act/live like those we/I DO hope to stand with, and support in this very troubled time. So, how do we differentiate the Judeo – Christian believers from those like Soros and others I will not list, who use their extreme wealth, and run compromise ops like Jeffrey Epstein and ‘HOLLYWOOD’ propaganda that actually undermines support and views many people have for most of the Jewish people? Not to say, that other wealthy people are NOT doing the same, but where does this ‘biblical’ prophesy put them in this. Clearly, there is a huge percentage of people that call themselves Jewish, that are leading many of the corrupt agencies of the U.S. gov’t and other nations governments, causing the border collapses, the economic collapses, have infiltrated many aspects of and policies leading to the world economic collapse… How many of them could not hold back with their glee to up end the DJT presidency, push to get him impeached twice! and are now engaged in lawfare to imprison him? And if all this is true, how many Jewish leaders could not wait to bring the many anti-Jewish Muslim brotherhood connected people into the U.S. gov’t, and even Homeland Security? and are now today are using their positions of the courts to undermine the U.S. Constitution and rights thereof? and allow U.S. borders to be overrun?
    It would appear per the studies, it was not just the Jewish people in those days put into slavery, but was then, like today, the ‘elites’ who enslaved even their own to provide for them… @ 14:50
    eerily, there are some rather similar stories as in the bible, several thousand years prior to it. HISTORY, OR revisionist history…
    Either way, Jesus came to bring His message of love, and the bible did present the TEN COMMANDMENTS…at if people could/would embrace JUST those and put the other grievances aside…would do a great service in the advancement of this civilization gone amok!
    As to the call for ‘donations’ to help the Palestinians and Jews…at such times one would think you’d see ‘their own’ being more generous? All these billionaires can’t bother to pony up a few hundred million?
    Why do I get the feeling we are being played – AGAIN! Apparently, am not alone on this…
    Am thinking Pope Francis and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are but FRONT MEN/ puppets, just as our own BRANDON, and those of many other’s nations leaders… I do pray people are NOT using the biblical timelines for profitfome.profitsforthee and not prophecy and not as a tool for fear to psyop people into acceptance for a ‘one world’ re-order/re-set…by those behind the WEF push to weaken the U.S. and its Constitution to accept a diminishing of their sovereignty. The Founding Fathers chose to push for a breakaway from the old ruling elites for a reason. George Washington warned about ‘froeign entanglements…. Time to END the FED, the UN, NATO…. Zelensky and his handler Kolomoisky CHOSE to poke the bear…that is now ‘their problem’ and the EU.
    Who might the profiteers of these new wars be?
    MY fear is that many of my Jewish friends will get targeted because of the greed and machinations of a few, that should be better known as just globalist or ‘zionists’ that do not necessarily share the values and beliefs
    of those ‘we expect are the Jewish people we are supporting.
    These are evil times, but I do not think they are biblical times many express…for too many of God’s chosen people sure seem to be on the wrong side of what is going on…unless it is of ‘those that adhere to his beliefs and teachings….and what has nothing to do with genetics, or one’s location on the earth. ANY, that call for ‘from the river to the sea’ extermination of anyone…SHOULD suffer the wrath of whatever their acts HAS created.
    Time to call for a ‘claw back’ of any profits the wealthy and their hedge funds have made as a result of war, war products or resources attained as a result of time… For me, slavery is a non-starter…. history shows Nations and people have all participated in it for the last 4000 years and longer…Indians were doing it to each other, and African blacks and Muslims were doing it to each other long before any plantations were even started in the U.S. The Sea People were invading and taking slaves all along the Mediterranee Sea for centuries … so there is that… yes, and it’s still going on in China and elsewhere…today!
    As for ”dual” citizenship…. PICK ONE…you are in or out…. assimilate or head home! Please do not overstay your welcome and using U..S. freedoms (what is left of them! ) to advance you’re sick and twisted agendas…Those for WEFer ism…HEAD on over there…it did not work there last time, and it will not work this time.
    Pray for all losing life, limb, and their nations.
    Personally, I do not think that if two million people, especially women and children wanted to walk across the Egyptian border they could be stopped. Nor do I think the Egyptian gov’t could/would shoot them if they did.
    That said, IF people WANTED to STOP the fighting, they would march on UN and their State Dept. and the Central banks across the world…as well. They are who is setting policy….NOT….the imbecile behind the Resolute Desk. IF people want peace, they have to decide to have it, NOT wait hope anyone/puppet is going to give it TO them.
    This is not a ‘religious’ problem…it is a hegemony political one, hiding a global socialist WRM …’world revolutionary movement’ …no matter how loud or often they scream ‘racist’, kill the jews’ , or ‘homophobic ‘ = all just tools to incite chaos and fear and insurrection…and jin up individual parties to unite under one cause…that ‘they’ know amplfy’s and use hate to get ACTION !
    Be concerned, yes….but do not let ‘them’ steal your joy !
    Rejoice and keep the faith and in Jehovah’s teachings and message. This only shows ‘their’ desperation.
    Use….discernment…. learn the difference between who the real Jews are and who the ‘name stealers’ are. Stop persecuting the former, and as they say, you need to identify your enemy if one is fight them!
    Haven’t taken a genome blood test yet? How do you know what part of who you really are? Maybe you are advocating the extermination of yourself? OR…is it that we should be evaluating the ‘content of one’s character’ and of one’s
    true BELIEFS. and stop fighting over WHO’S prophet trumps who’s?
    and start wondering if ‘someones’ are using the ‘religious’ and ‘race’ tools to yet people to affect the change””they””are pushing to put ”themselves” in the seat of the throne to rule over all the idiots…too shortsighted to see who really who is….REMEMBER, the best slaves are those that do not realize they are one!
    ALL enslavement is either by force, or psychological subterfuge and more a stockholm syndrome mentality. Don’t be WOK, AWAKEN!
    Jesus is real, embrace His spirit in you, live His message….and step away from the dogma! Let YOUR conscience be YOUR guide… NOT some Ayatollah that is a Islamic revolutionary, politician under the pretense of ‘spiritual’ leader that calls for war, extermination and death? THAT, IS a losing ideology…both spiritually and physically..

  58. Richard Gould

    There is a guarantee in the Bible about those who are NOT doing the work that Jesus commanded be done (Matt 28:18-20); John 3:36: The one who exercises faith in the Son has everlasting life; the one who disobeys the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains upon him. — To exercise faith in the son means to obey him. Why did Adam die? Same rule still applies. Obey Jesus, who is now sitting in God’s Holy Throne as our ruling king, or die at Armageddon with no hope of a resurrection. When Almighty Jehovah God appointed Jesus as our present day ruler (Matt 28:18), it was because Jesus could walk the earth and the Almighty cannot; His power would burn our universe out of existence I am sure you can connect those dots. Now think about it. We obey. Well, how would it work if Jehovah God permitted the disobedient ones to advance into the new world with us? Would that work out well? Sooner or later those with no wish to obey must be eliminated or peace will never exist on this earth. Better to do it NOW rather than later after more wars, suffering and death. THIS MUST BE REPEATED; John 3:36 The one who exercises faith in the Son has everlasting life; the one who disobeys the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains upon him. Please REMEMBER; Why did Adam die?

  59. Richard Gould

    Excellent post, as always, Greg. And I deeply appreciate hearing you use His Holy Name again. And you are right; the fuse HAS been lit. We have been told that the Great Tribulation is very near. VERY NEAR. Who told us? The faithful slave (Matt 24:45) appointed directly by Jesus has told us this so it is very solid information. If you want to see the prophecy that noted that 1914 was the beginning of the end of this system of things, please ask and I will supply it to you.

    • 1776🗽or 1984?

      Reply to Richard Gould and bloody, bloody 1914! A year in infamy!
      “The turning point in our time,” “a dividing line in history,” an “age of violence”—these are terms used by modern historians to describe the epoch that began with the creation of the Federal Reserve bank and the outbreak of World War I. What startling significance lies in their observation? The answer affects our lives and very life and especially now facing the collapse of the central banking system and world war three!
      NO DATE in history affects the destiny of every living person so much as the year 1914. That year marked the turning point in the affairs of men. World conditions since 1914 have taken a turn for the worse. World war’s both hot an cold have ravaged the earth, inflation has strangled the worlds economies. Countries once prosperous are now plagued with poverty and revolutions and war. Great empires have collapsed, whole nations and islands hardly known before 1914 have become world problems. Mankind lives in the soul-chilling shadow of nuclear winter, digital coinage and annihilation. All this, grimly true as it is, does not explain why world conditions are exactly as they are. It does not explain why 1914 is the crossing of the Rubicon, the turning point. Nor does it explain why 1914 affects our everlasting destiny. What, then, explains the matter? This: in 1914 mankind entered the long-foretold “time of the end.”
      Only one book tells of the “time of the end.” That is the Bible. Its prophecies, for the most part, have their major fulfillment in this “time of the end.” Then as is now, an understanding of those prophecies are available to truth seekers: “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” (Dan. 12:4, AS) Lack of knowledge concerning this “time of the end” leads to death. How vital, then, to have the right answers to certain questions! What is to end? When will it end? How will it end? Who will end it? THE FEDERAL RESERVE? / DON’T BANK ON IT!

  60. Ed Hill

    The only Jews that are God’s chosen people are the ones who have put their trust in their Messiah, Jesus Christ! “Therefore remember that at one time you Gentiles in the flesh, called “the uncircumcision” by what is called the circumcision, which is made in the flesh by hands— remember that you were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances, that he might create in himself one new man in place of the two, so making peace, and might reconcile us both to God in one body through the cross, thereby killing the hostility. And he came and preached peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near. For through him we both have access in cone Spirit to the Father. So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone, in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.”(Ephesians 3:11-22) “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”(Galatians 3:28)

  61. Spooner from Minnesota

    Greg, I think there is some miscommunication between you and those you refer to as the “Jew haters”. What Hamas did to the innocent is pure evil, what the “leaders” of Israel allowed (don’t tell me they didn’t know) them to do to their people is pure evil, and war altogether is pure evil. All wars are most likely Banker’s wars and not all who claim to be Jews are…
    Revelation 2:9
    King James Version
    I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
    Please look into Jamie Walden (USMC Iraq war veteran) & Dr. Ron Paul, both have biblical (Walden) & logical (Paul) viewpoints of what is unfolding. Hopefully you could have them on your show. Let’s not let this divide your viewers and yourself…let’s stick with those who stand for good vs. those who stand for evil.

    • Greg Hunter

      Everyone is stating that the Israelis “allowed” this to happen. Where is the investigation and the sourcing to back this up? I hear a lot of opinions stated as fact. I also get the feeling that the Jews deserve what they got. It’s all pretty sickening.

      • Tin foil hat


        Everyone is saying that the Deep State “allowed” 9/11 to happen. Where is the “official” investigation and the sourcing to back these up? As the matter of fact, you are the one who woke me up from a ten years slumber! Paul Craig Roberts woke me again on USAWATCHDOG regarding the fake Boston Bombing.

        You stated Iran is using Yemen as a proxy against Israel, I have a feeling the Deep State is using Israel as a proxy against BRICS’s biggest ally/asset in the Mideast – Iran.

        The MSM even speculated that Hamas attacked Israel to stop a peace treaty between Israel and Saudi Arabia. It’s “PROJECTION”!

        The more likely scenario is Hamas attacked Israel to stop the Chinese brokered Saudi-Iran deal which will likely upend U.S. Mideast diplomacy and challenges the Deep State.

        Btw, I have no sourcing to back anything up.

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s the spirit. Call your opinion an opinion!!

      • Mohammad

        There is a fact that a festival was scheduled for the first time and never before in Israel to put them on the path of death October 6-7 when all know those dates are of high alert every year since 1973….This is where the investigation should start. But no one is investigating.


        • Greg Hunter

          So, it’s Israel’s fault the Cowards of Hamas attacked unarmed people and killed 1,400? That’s rich.
          Does Israel have a right to exist,? Yes or No. I am betting all the hew haters say no.

          • Mohammad


            Be patient with me , I am telling the truth. you may not like it but I am saying it the way it is:
            IT WAS A FALSE FLAG. that does not justify what Gazans did when they stormed in the festival, but it was a false flag and should be investigated.
            As for Israel as a state:
            It is forbidden in their holy book to gather as a state, ask any Rabbi, do not take my word for it, they are defying god’s order by gathering as a state of Israel, they have the right to live like jews in Palestine like the rest of the jews who lived peacefully allover middle east but NOT AS A STATE, they are breaking their covenant with god, you are a man of belief, go back to their Tilmuth and read it, or ask a Rabbi , I may refer you and the readers to Rabbi Weiss abundant YouTube videos talking about this.
            So in essence they are marching to their fate by defying god, committing atrocities in Gaza that will speed up that fate.
            Honest truthful response to your question.

            • Tin foil hat

              I agree with you, it is likely a false flag. Hence, there will never be any investigation. As I had stated previously, it doesn’t matter which side is right or wrong anymore since the wheel has already been set in motion.

              If you believed it were a false flag, then you must agree, Hamas is also involved and a little more guilty than Israel since they are the ones who agreed to pull the trigger.

              The ordinary Jews and Palestinians are victims to this false flag but the ordinary Jews never celebrated the slaughters – dancing, handing out sweets, performing ululation ….

              Anyway, will you still insist who is right or wrong when nukes start flying across the globe?

              What we should focus on now is how to stop this fiasco from spreading further. The only way to stop it is for Hamas to surrender which likely will not happen as long as their leaders continue to live comfortably in Qatar!

              • Greg Hunter

                I agree with you Tin. We are sliding down the hill with no breaks.

              • Mohammad

                I concur.

                Looks nukes could fly, hope not, the moment Netanyahu bombard the Iranian Nuclear facility as he dreams ( and I think he will
                _remember when I said LONG time ago here on this site he will kick the table?_) Iran instantly will reveal they have nukes ( everyone know s they do) , god only knows where it goes from there.


                • Tin foil hat

                  The deep state is willing to risk a regional nuclear war to deter Saudi from pursuing the Chinese brokered deal with Iran.

                  I believe Netanyahu is merely a puppet like Zelensky. Ukraine is the big hammer, Israel is the big gun. Events are clearly escalating; I concur only God knows where it would go from here.

  62. Patricia “Trish” Fosdick

    Greg, just finished this weeks WNW. Been listening for years. I hopped on and ordered an air purifier just now. Looking forward to using it. Thanks for all you do. God Bless. – Trish

    • Greg Hunter

      At the very least, You will sleep better. I hear that all the time and I find it true too.

  63. Paul

    I love the Nikki Haley impression!

  64. Marie Joy

    It’s difficult to get your money out of some banks including BOA and Chase.
    Found that at Patrick Humphrey on Youtube.
    Get your cash out, NOW.

    • Shiloh1

      Thanks. Found that vid. Went to comments. Shocked how many still bank at Chase, Wells, BoA. Think these are isolated trial-run experiments before the takedown collapse, to see how people react in various places, timing, etc.

      Prime them like Hilary – “it must have been Vlad in the basement of the Kremlin with a Commodore computer!” .

      Bill Holter has a recent interview on his site, best time for collapse is when a scapegoat villain can be blamed or other distraction/cause.

  65. Simon Says

    RFK jr is no saint. Democrat RINO. How soon they forget:
    1- Mr. Kennedy’s position on abortion is that it is always the woman’s right to choose. -9 points to the left on the scale -10 to 10.
    2- Kennedy endorsed and campaigned for Vice President Al Gore. -8 points to the left on the scale.
    3- In the 2004 presidential election, Kennedy endorsed John Kerry. -7 points to the left on the scale.
    4- In 2007, he endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries. -8 points to the left on the scale.
    5- After the Democratic Convention, Kennedy campaigned for Obama across the country. 8 points to the left on the scale.
    6- Kennedy expressed support for a bipartisan assault weapons ban. -8 points to the left on the scale.
    7- He has remarked that “Putin is a monster” and also labeled the leader “a thug” as well as “a gangster”. Anything to keep them wars and new wars goin’
    I suppose even a wolf in wolves clothing looks good compared to the flat-line biden.

    TRUMP running with JFK jr. TRUMP has a long history of surrounding himself with snakes, just like Caesar on 15 March 44 BC at the Theatre of Pompey, Ancient Rome. Et Tu, Brute?

    • Marie Joy

      People like RFKjr because he’s pretty and he’s a Kennedy. They don’t care about the realities.

  66. Neville

    Lord God of peace, hear our prayer!

    We have tried so many times and over so many years to resolve our conflicts by our own powers and by the force of our arms. How many moments of hostility and darkness have we experienced; how much blood has been shed; how many lives have been shattered; how many hopes have been buried… But our efforts have been in vain.

    Now, Lord, come to our aid! Grant us peace, teach us peace; guide our steps in the way of peace. Open our eyes and our hearts, and give us the courage to say: “Never again war!”; “With war everything is lost”. Instill in our hearts the courage to take concrete steps to achieve peace.

    Lord, God of Abraham, God of the Prophets, God of Love, you created us and you call us to live as brothers and sisters. Give us the strength daily to be instruments of peace; enable us to see everyone who crosses our path as our brother or sister. Make us sensitive to the plea of our citizens who entreat us to turn our weapons of war into implements of peace, our trepidation into confident trust, and our quarreling into forgiveness.

    Keep alive within us the flame of hope, so that with patience and perseverance we may opt for dialogue and reconciliation. In this way may peace triumph at last, and may the words “division”, “hatred” and “war” be banished from the heart of every man and woman. Lord, defuse the violence of our tongues and our hands. Renew our hearts and minds, so that the word which always brings us together will be “brother”, and our way of life will always be that of: Shalom, Peace, Salaam!

    Now remember greg the freedom of speech which embraces different opinions .
    You awe an apology to all those you whom you called barstards,the New testament in Pauls letters refers to this not to use bad language

    Now please say 20 Hail Marys

    • Greg Hunter

      An opinion is one thing. Hating all the Jews and accusing them of war crimes is another. There are fake Jews as in Rev 2:9 and 3:9 IE: Rothchild bankers and the central bank cartels. I get that. There are also honest Jews of the lineage from Abraham to King David to Jesus to today. Some opinion here paints with a very broad brush and it is more complicated than people realize.

  67. Tarey

    Sadly, Acapulco was “Lahained” and geo-engineered by the same ghoulish globalists as Maui but those same evil psychopaths will not suffer from the same level of scrutiny and publicity as those of Lahaina. The number of dead is severely underreported, and Pres. AMLO is not being held to account for what really happened during Hurricane Otis, leaving the residents of Acapulco completely in the dark as to what really happened.

    Hamas, remember, was created by Israel to bifurcate the Palestinians from Fatah and the PLO for the sake of confusing and gaslighting them while Israel continued to financially support Hamas. On Oct 7, the day of the attack by Hamas, Netanyahu ordered Israeil’s military and intelligence services to step down from counter attacking for 7 hours. Weeks prior, Netanyahu met with Obiden and Kissinger (the 100 year old geopolitical advisor) in DC and planned this response in order to cull Western sympathy for the Israelis in their justification of annihilating Palestinians once and for all. Clearly that old 1970’s ploy didn’t work, as millions worldwide have been actively protesting against Israel’s murderous policies. Hamas’ role and motivation are not as clear and direct as one may think. Consider listening to the current analyses of highly respected and trusted US weapons investigator Scott Ritter as featured on many programs on YT to learn the finer details of Hamas’ role in this attack. For many years, I worked in Jordan and the West Bank and was married to a Palestinian, and one cannot begin to fathom the difficulties of their daily lives, shrouded with a deep sense of loss, insecurity, rootlessness, and despair everyday of their lives. Yet, I never found kinder, more generous, even more optimistic people with which to live than the Palestinians— the most misunderstood people on planet Earth.

    Thank you for listening, Greg; I love your channel and appreciate you so very much for your compassion, energy, and hard work during these extremely challenging times! It hurts my heart to know that you hold an opinion that is so intransigent, so unyielding against the Palestinian people. Hamas does not represent them: this group is supported financially by Israel. The Palestinians have nothing to give them; they only want to live and breathe freely. Many thanks, brother Greg.

  68. Keith

    As a long time listener, I’m not very happy you’re now censoring people who disagree with you about Jewish history or motivations. Censoring was something you were adamantly against during COVID.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not going to be a platform for thought shaping and Jew hating. If you want to start a platform for that please do.
      You and many others don’t even use a real name.


    ‘Crumbling’ Joe Biden loses control amid global carnage
    Sky News Australia 370,996 views Nov 2, 2023
    The world is in carnage. A war in Israel that’s threatening to expand, violent protests in most capital cities, a deeply divided world and a crumbling US President at the centre of it all.
    Joe Biden, the frail and aging president of the United States, is struggling under the immense pressure of a new war in Israel, Say Sky News All Stars Douglas Murray, Esther Krakue and Paul Murray.

    Tucker Carlson VISITS Wikileaks’ Julian Assange In UK Jail: The Hill 70K views 1 day ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray, Robby Soave, Jessica Burbank and Spencer Brown react Tucker Carlson’s visit to see Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison in London.

  70. Nikiti Rusher

    Israel On Brink Of Civil War!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 138,714 views 12 hours ago

  71. Michele

    I have recently come to understand something ( evidently I am a slow learner) When we look at wars historically we find that the bankers fund both sides, the industrialists supply both sides, the politicians benefit. Each time the globalists employ the same strategy i.e. they create a moral imperative, they create a conflict, they reinforce the moral imperative in order to get people on board and finance the conflict, they execute the war, they reap the profits. Examine every conflict with this lens and you will find the truth. (even the covid vaccine conflict)

  72. Steve Nussdorf

    hey greg….you are being brave and honorable for standing up for the Jewish people. baruch Hashem

  73. Tal Salsa


    As An Israeli Jew, thank you for this podcast.

    As an Austrian School economist who has been writing/lecturing and predicting this Greater Depression since 2010, I would love to come on your show and discuss the economics.


  74. Anthony

    Thank you Greg…for revealing your true colors…I won’t donate another penny to you…Zionist clown…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for revealing your Jew/Israel hating and backing people who want to “Kill all Jews” (It’s in the Hamas Charter) and hide behind women and children to get high body counts for public relations. Why to go man. You back demons.

      Now, Man-up and use a real name so all in the Land Down Under know how you think. Own it man!!! I did.

  75. J_C_

    Obama is playing ‘puppeteer’ to Joe Biden: Victor Davis Hanson
    Fox News 8 hours ago
    Victor Davis Hanson discusses former President Obama announcing a plan for ‘inclusive capitalism’ to fight inequality on ‘Hannity.’

  76. Justn Observer

    Greg, would like to add a few links for some ‘perspective’ as to when the ‘land’ and ‘people’ of that land came to be under Islamic hegemony…a map of the root and growth of the Muslim’s Mohammed teaching appears to have only spread into the area now named as Israel…in 633? hmmm
    And Jesus was having his problem with the Roman’s when? where?
    Timelines seem important when some say others have NO RIGHT to the lands it is obvious they dwelt in, herded their bands of sheep for how many centuries before Mohammed ever came on the scene? Facts seem to show that many ‘dynasties and cults’ of religions dwelt in those lands as the links to them before even Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, and Kings like Cyrus…and those like King Solomon etc.
    Yet, there WERE Israelites in those lands until they were conquered and dispersed and then returned to Israel, the lands they WERE of and from prior…so to say Israel is NOT the lands of their ancestors seems REALLY WEAK. but then who am I to question radical politicians posing as ‘spiritual leaders’ rallying their base to ””kill/exterminate”’ people from the river to the sea.?
    If, that is true…then after Israel, who’s next on the Islamic’s list? Spain?
    prehistory/times before first writings, then BC, to AD and now what is CE.
    THEN TOO, having conversation with people that do not travel the world, I find their perspective on what life is like in nations like IRAN…, it is very different than those do travel and know it’s not all about spiritual non-material non-captialist ideas and lifestyles, that head dress and lifestyles are NOT as some might want people to believe… but reality is…and they do not all dress the way media presents…that many do live very lavish lifestyles just as in the EU and US and China and Russia elite circles…which shows it’s not all about oppressed people living non-materialist spiritual lifestyles as the ””spiritual leaders”’ hope to show as poor oppressed victims that if ‘getting rid of”’ the little and bid Satans would make ‘their oppressed lifestyles better…or are ‘their’ elite but the same as those here, who fly over in their jets and yachts living their lavish lifestyles as they, help conjurer up ‘crisis’ after crisis to keep the eyes of their masses looking elsewhere, as they do in most of the ‘PAY TO PLAY’ nations of world domination of the masses by those that would be our gods, if we allow, or are forced to live under their planned surveillance, social scoring, dependency, two tier/chaste system…ie-the haves and the have nots, as we be pushed back down that road…to serfdom.

    you’d think with such lavish areas, that IRAN could open up THEIR borders for some migration of Palestinians to live in some of ‘their’ fine hotels, and give them ‘sanctuary’ as the U.S. apparently is supposed to?
    One should be able to see, with the vastness of territory under ‘Muslim’ hierarchy…it is NOT about religion…it is about toppling nations not religions, but using the name of relegions as a tool to gin up the and cause chaos to overthrow OTHER governments…in a quest for ‘their’ plan of total control and submission by the elite… socialism is but a two class system….communism is but socialism at the point of a bayonet…a feudal systems with all the ””leaders’ ‘vying for their seat at the PAY TO PLAY round table.

    • David Smithson

      Another great video, Greg. Love your take on ME politics and domestic affairs.

  77. Shiloh1

    Came across this link on comment ZH Alasdair MacLeod article –

    I’d say it’s along the lines of what Bill Holter has been talking about. Author includes personal anecdotes of ancestors in wealthy industrial Cleveland!!! prior to ‘29 crash and 30’s Depression. Key take away is what the big federal government and big banks did to confiscate savings and wealth from the commoners at the time – and lining up on-deck soon.

    Also came across recent Whitney Webb podcast from about 2 weeks ago (easily found on surf) the topic I’d mostly about government/big bank/ corporate control using AI, but included a brief aside where she laughs at Luongo’s position that somehow Jerome Powell and Jamie Dimon are ‘white hats’ rescuing the country against Europe/ the Brits.

    Also Denninger’s critique post today of Kunstler’s post yesterday. In ~ 15 years following both first time I’ve seen one reference the other.

  78. RTW

    The question that should be answered, regarding all these protests, is how did multitudes of useful idiots get organized so quickly and supplied with flags and commercially made signs to wave around. This doesn’t exactly seem like a “grass roots” movement but more like a well funded and highly organized event by someone who would relish a total world collapse.

    • Tin foil hat

      George Soros is funding these protest. That’s all I need to know.
      Many of these useful idiots are likely professional paid protestors like the Antifa.

  79. Hermon Boring

    Swedish Combat Instructor in Ukraine: “It´s hell on earth”
    Militärt 244,829 views Sep 14, 2023
    When the war in Ukraine broke out, former Swedish Army Ranger and combat instructor “Chris” decided to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    Russia Will Win…’: Kremlin Roars After Ukrainian General Claims Stalemate In War | Hindustan Times 47K views 2 days ago
    Russia has dismissed the claims made by Ukraine’s Commander-In-Chief, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, that the conflict had reached a stalemate. The Kremlin said that Russia will win and fulfil all its set goals. The Ukrainian General told the Economist that Ukraine won’t make any progress in the fighting unless some new technology emerges to give Ukraine a decisive advantage.

  80. lonni

    Italy PM Pranked, Makes Big Confession On Ukraine During Prank Call By Russian Comedians:HindustanTimes 260,108 views 11/2
    Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has become the latest victim of a prank call by Russian comedians Vovan and Lexus. She purportedly made huge revelations about the attitude in the West about Ukraine’s counter-offensive to push Russian troops out of its territory. Meloni confirmed that there is fatigue in the West regarding the Russia-Ukraine war.

  81. Nuland Bluland

    NEW Iran Hypersonic Missile Can Destroy US In 40 Sec
    Military News 221,574 views Jul 8, 2023
    NEW Iran Hypersonic Missile Can Destroy US In 40 Sec
    The world is changing rapidly. More precisely, it is changing at hypersonic speed. The Iranian IRNA News Agency’s statement that the country has developed a hypersonic missile is another confirmation of this. Literally, “The domestically developed Fattah hypersonic missile, the latest achievement of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was unveiled Tuesday morning (June 6) in the presence of President Ebrahim Raisi.” It further specifies that the successful test was carried out on May 29.

  82. Pat

    It’s NOT anti-Semitism to state that Israel is being used by the global cabal to bring down the planet using war. The leaders of the non-Jewish cabal, including Israel leaders are NOT Semites. The ad hominem attacks against speakers of this reality are the tools of their trade. Most of the world is wise to these facts but it seems most Americans and Christians have been hoodwinked into believing lies, just like the Covid hysteria. Immanuel, was not one of them. They killed him. They have corrupted much of the Bible to fool the sheep.

    • Greg Hunter

      The problem is we have people saying ALL Jews are fake and all jews need to be removed. I do understand the Jewish/Rothchild banking cabal are NOT jews, But you cannot paint with a broad brush. There are many actual Jews in Israel who are descendants of Abraham. The Jew/Israel haters do not want to admit that. They also say Israel does not have a right to exist.

      • Pat

        Israel is an apartied state. The Sephardic Jews are of Abraham and they are treated as trash by the Ashkenazi Jews who aren’t. It’s a complicated reality with evil playing a big part in history. Modern day Khazarian Zionists go back to Canaan and beyond. They are of the Serpent People Tribe. I believe they have been doing the work of Satan throughout history. Today, it’s blatant but most are too confused to see it. I appreciate your work. Thank you!


    Iran JUST REVEALED a New Ballistic Missile System
    Glame TOP 5 67.8K subscribers 400K views 6 days ago

  84. dlc

    HCQ associated with lower mortality according to a French study.

    I got my year-long supply of HCQ a few weeks ago. As my doctor was writing my prescription, he was stressing to his assistant that my HCQ was for lupus and no other malady, that he would never agree to prescribe HCQ otherwise.

    Hard to believe that a doctor is still sticking to this script after all this time. HCQ costs me 21 dollars a month, the real reason it is so demonized.

  85. Carol Bolt

    Hi Greg, I always listen to your shows. Pretty good things come to light in here. I am thinking today that we are watching the real Game of Thrones and Winter is Coming to destroy so many people and places and things. We really do need the Hand of God to come forth and Smite all the Evil ones in this world. God Bless all you do Greg.

  86. LondonCenter

    Putin Makes Fun Of West’s Sanctions ‘Failing’, Warns Of ‘Infrastructure Sabotage’
    Hindustan Times 122,902 views Nov 2, 2023
    Russia President Vladimir Putin mocked Western nations for their ineffective sanctions against Moscow. The sanctions were imposed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Putin said that the sanctions might intensify in the near future, and even warned of “sabotage” of critical Russian infrastructure.

    Hezbollah On The Offensive; Massive Assault On Israeli Facilities Near Lebanon Border | Details @ Hindustan Times 27,893 views 4 hours ago
    The Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah released a video of its massive assault on the Israeli military’s position at the northern border. In the video, Hezbollah fighters can be seen targeting a number of Israeli military sites and affiliated points on November 2.

  87. Katharine W.

    What would Jesus say? Would like to see Gerald Celente on USAWatchdog real soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesuits would say, “Hamas has a stated goal in writing to “Kill all Jews.” Jesus woud say that is wrong. also “Hamas is the cause of the innocent dying. Get Hamas to meet the IDF on the battlefield with their civilian population at their backs.” Simple.

      Hamas has caused all of this, and the coward leader of Hamas is reportedly on a plane to Iran.

  88. AL
    I, like many others, did not know about this until the last few weeks.
    Listened to an IDF interview where a soldier said it was impossible for Israel not to have known about the attack and Egypt warned 10 days ahead of time.
    There are NO accidents.
    Everyone has to be open-minded to look at all sides. There is a lot of moving pieces here.

  89. Roberto

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    • Greg Hunter

      I see fine Roberto. I just see the truth and I am not blinded by Jew and Israel hating.

  90. Guardian Angel

    But the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who had performed the signs on its behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped its image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

    Revelation 19:20

    The battle is already won.

    • S. Revere

      Guardian, that has not yet happened. It is about 7 years away. In fact none of the book of Rev. after Rev 3 has yet happened. We are presently at Rev. 4:1 waiting for it to ensue at that point, onward.
      (If you would like a full explanation of the book of Rev. in layman’s terms, my son has written a 67 page book called ”The End” . It is free in PDF form to anyone. If interested, just write him at [email protected] and request the free PDF . )

  91. anon2

    Hi Greg, appreciate your shows.
    You don’t have to reply to this, I know you’re busy busy.
    Re: Matthew Perry:
    Matt had a long history of alcohol and substance abuse. In and out of rehab many times.
    That stuff , just from what I’ve read and heard, really does a number on the body and brain.
    Clean cut Glen Campbell was a hearty partier,
    Robin williams went through his drug abuse phase.
    Alice Cooper was a close friend of Glen Campbell, he cleaned up & became a Christian, but that doesn’t undo the damage.
    Elton John was heavily into coke back in the day, plus he’s a vaxx advocate,
    the clock is counting down…
    Take care, stay sane, the world is deliberately being dragged into chaos.

    • Greg Hunter

      What about the 3 or 4 CV`19 shots Perry got? This does not interest you? Cardiac arrest is common side effect of the CV19 kill shots.

      • anon2

        Hello Greg,
        Yes, I’m aware that Matt was fully vaxxed with the ‘hot shots’.
        My apologies for not highlighting the shot as a likely ‘tipping point ‘for Matt’s & others’ “Sudden unexpected’ deaths.
        The original ‘canon’ of virology was, “Childhood (& later) vaccinations will provide immunity against disease.”
        The new norm is, “Fauci, Albert Burla (Pfizer CEO) and others being fully vaxxed & boosted, have tested positive for Covid-19. They are grateful for the protection the vaxxes provide. It could’ve been much worse.”
        A lot of people are seriously irony-deficient
        And yes, I know it’s psyop.
        Take care

  92. Armed_Strong

    Greg, I love your work, keep it up.

    Here are my thoughts about Sat Phones. Who control the Satellites? Have you heard of Intelsat? Sat Phones are useless when Intelsat shuts off the service. Musk can shut off the Starlink Network. Radio signals can be jammed.

    Your best bet is going CB and Ham Radio and MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) that can be encrypted. That will be the next gen on communucations when the powers at be shut the systems down. Learn to speak in code 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      Most of the Senate got issued Sat phones at the end of May.

    • Jerry

      I do understand the idea behind sat phones, but unless all family members have one or at least the ones that you care to be in contact with during the SHTF scenario its point less. Not to mention the price is very high per month. I watched a video on EMP attacks and it was discussed that the satellites these phones use would fall out of orbit in the event, does anyone have any info on this??? I do think CB is a good option only issue is the short distance at which they transmit.

  93. Armed_Strong

    Exactly, that makes my point. The signal can be encrypted and severed. A dirty little secret… did you know that you can buy cheap from China GPS signal jammers? Stick one in an baloon and you disrupt a 65 mile radius GPS signal. What that will do for self driving vehicles? Truclers use them to foil tbe electronic booking/tracking systems. The US Army has some that is called the Warlock System (google it). That thing disrupt air navigation and communication signals; not even SatCom will work.

    Also, GPS signals can be encrypted, we used that system when I served in the military before papa Bush decided to be remove the encryption for civilian usage.

    The Russkies have capabilities to knock down satelites too.

    It is going to be an interesting arena.

  94. James Hall

    Great interview Mike Adams Scott Ritter on Infowars 11/07/2023. Everything is being exposed.

  95. John

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been an avid follower and supporter of your content for many years. I love and enjoy your wonderful interviews with people who speak truth to power. However I wish you didn’t bash Islam and Muslims. I’m a Muslim and I invite you to get a copy of the Quran and read it. It will help you understand that we are all on the same side and that we should unite against the lucifarians pushing their satanic agenda.
    Thank you and God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not “bash Muslims” I bashed the cowards of Hamas who happen to be Muslims. The Prophet Mohammad never told his followers to surround yourself with women and children when going into battle. Mohammad was NOT a coward, but Hamas is a different story.

  96. Charles Wang

    I hope This war state of the Middle East ends soon. Anyways it is affecting everybody which is not good for foreigners and the natives.

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