Trump Indicted-AGAIN, More CV19 Vax Murder, USA Rating Cut

By Greg Hunter’s for (WNW 593 8.4.323)

President Donald Trump was indicted—again in Washington D.C. for what some simply say is an attack of free speech and political dissent.  President Trump said, “It was a very sad day for America.”  Trump has been charged with nearly 80 felony counts in three separate cases in what many say is political persecution and election interference.  Trump lawyers say the silver lining is he will have subpoena power, and he can finally process the election fraud of 2020.  Trump finally got standing to reveal why people were protesting what he calls a stolen election.

Another week of murders and extreme disabilities from the CV19 bioweapon/vax.  This week, we feature Drexel University basketball player Terrence Butler, who was found dead in his own campus apartment.  No cause of death listed, but the university required all students and employees to be fully CV19 vaccinated up until April 12 when the university abruptly ended the policy of injecting everyone with an experimental vax that turned out to be a bioweapon.  This is yet another CV19 vax murder.

The United States of America got a credit rating downgrade from one of the big ratings services.  Fitch cut the U.S. credit rating to AA+ from AAA.  It does not seem like much, but big-time money managers and investment experts say this is “bad” and ask where is this going?  Let me try to tell you.  The federal budget is exploding with reckless spending and removal of the so-called debt ceiling, while at the same time, tax receipts recently plunged.  The 30-year mortgage just went up to 7.32%, and financial experts like Jim Rickards say expect another interest rate increase from the Fed and big inflation on the horizon.  This is Bidenomics!!

There is much more in the 57-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 8.4.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Pierre Kory, top lung doctor, expert in treating CV19 vax injuries and author of the popular new book “The War on Ivermectin.”  Dr. Kory will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.


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  1. Shirl

    People the world over are understanding the corruption of the power mad crazies. Interestingly too, the more they falsely accuse President Trump with indictment attacks, the higher his poll numbers rise while inversely, the Xi-den Regime poll numbers drop.
    The world needs more false indictments to survive the Radical War Mongering Glo-BULL Warming Population Reducing Suicide Cultists.

  2. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Looking forward to WNW593 – not up yet.
    I beg your indulgence to re-post comment made at end of GC comments:

    Legal challenge to so called ‘sex education’ in U.K. schools. Worth a listen even if you live in the US. We the people’ face the same oppressive (and weird!!!) ideology. Provides some pointers as to how to combat the sexualisation curriculum of children in schools.
    ‘PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education) as Currently Taught is UNLAWFUL and CRIMINAL’

    • Rocky

      Rocky – PSHE => Perverted Sex Higher Education !!

  3. Raymond Millhand

    The REAL REASON For Trump’s Latest Indictment!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 139,819 views Aug 3, 2023
    Donald Trump has been indicted yet again, and this time it’s not about secret payments to a porn star or mishandling of classified documents. No, this indictment is over Trump’s alleged involvement in fomenting the January 6 “insurrection” and other various efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

  4. Spartacus

    Why would congress care about young people dying. They send them off to dye for thier country without a second thought

    • Rick

      But Drexel University [who required all students and employees to be fully CV19 vaccinated] “now cares” – because their policy of “injecting everyone” with an experimental vax [that turned out to be a bio-weapon] is going to result in massive lawsuits!! –
      I bet if the Founding Fathers thought to have each member of Congress and the President “held libel monetarily” for their actions that harmed the American people – a lot of the bullshit going on today “Would Immediately Stop” [just as quickly as Drexel University stopped killing their students and faculty on April 12, 2023] !!!

    • JayJay

      regarding any efforts to further the use of shots called vaccines, the end game is to sell more prescriptions; big pharma really runs the show.

  5. Calvin Coolfridge

    Joe Biden’s blunders bring Sky News Australia host to tears
    Sky News Australia 5,176,338 views Feb 20, 2023
    Need Ah Good Laugh, Or Gaffe?
    Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi has been brought to tears as she struggled to contain her laughter in assessing some of US President Joe Biden’s most notable and cringeworthy gaffes.
    Ms Panahi discussed the recent routine physical checkup undertaken by President Biden and the fact he was deemed to be “fit for duty,” according to presidential physician Dr Kevin O’Connor.

    • JayJay

      Yeah?? well, which one was tested?? There are three or more!

  6. CalC.Fridgemont

    Ahead of the 2020 United States Presidential election, Rita Panahi maintained that while she had some disagreements and reservations about Donald Trump, she favoured his re-election and argued that a Trump victory would be more beneficial to Australian national security over a Biden presidency. She furthermore accused the media of ignoring the increase in black, gay and Hispanic support for Trump in order to accuse him of racism. Panahi claims Joe Biden has engaged in inappropriate behaviour with young girls and is in a cognitive decline.

  7. steve poloncak

    Greg, thanks for all you do. How about interviewing Dr. Ana Mihalcea? Teaming her up with Karen Kingston would be priceless information since we are all physically contaminated now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Steve a solid YES on Dr. Ana!

    • Better Chetter

      I went to the Ohio State Fair, Aug. 1st, to see the tribute band for the Beatles, and after 1 hour setting with 10,000 people, all my age, but most likely all vaxxed – I walked away feeling my throat sore, slightly. Lymph glands in neck were working overtime, to expunge all the spike proteins emanating from that crowd – & I dosed extra zinc, quercetin, D3, c60 (infused in olive oil) plus a few other nutrients, & techniques (infra-red sauna, inversion machine to move lymph fluids w/ gentle rocking of body, magnetic pulse device).

  8. Perc Sledge Hammer

    Russia Adds Over 230,000 New Troops Amid ‘War With NATO’ Fear; Putin’s ‘Secret Plan…’|Hindustan Times 37,367 views 8/3/23
    Russia seems to be making full-fledged preparations for a larger conflict with NATO. Moscow has enlisted over 230,000 additional troops into its army amid the ongoing Ukraine war. Russia’s Deputy Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev released the data on military recruitment. Russia not only wants to hold captured territories in Ukraine but also be ready for a bigger war.

    • Jim Wade

      Some history lessons.

      – Napoleon tried to capture Russia in 1812. He slithered back to France missing thousands of troops frozen and starved on the Russian plains.

      – Hitler did not read Napoleon’s diaries and tried the same thing in 1941. He me the same fate as Napoleon. Millions of soldiers frozen, starved or captured. He lost.

      – Why will NATO/EEU/America fare any better? They won’t.

      History lesson: “Don’t mess with the bear!”

      • LondonCenter

        And Wade, don’t mess with the Trumpster! Clowns & Circuses, in a Kangaroo court!
        CNN Legal Analyst on Fani Willis prosecuting Trump: “She has intermixed her own political fortunes with this case in a way that I think is going to backfire significantly…

        She subpoenaed a Republican candidate and then hosted a fundraiser for his Democratic opponent… The Judge threw her off that part of the case and said, ‘What were you thinking?’

        She subpoenaed Lindsey Graham then she recirculated a political cartoon making fun of Lindsey Graham as part of a political fundraising effort… She’s also made inappropriate public statements…

        All of this is bad form by a prosecutor… When this goes into the courts, count on Donald Trump arguing that she has improperly mixed her own politics in this.”

    • Rocky

      Remember how our Generals stood down on 9-11 – well another General “betrays-us” –

  9. Jane Doe

    Can’t say I care much for what Trump is experiencing. I care that this is happening to America as we sink lower & lower into criminal cabal 3rd World sh*thole. But as for Trump: I voted for him twice, then watched as a totally abandoned the innocent MAGA crowd who came to DC at HIS request to peacefully protest the Election Fraud & Voter Fraud. THEN, when these innocent people were arrested, unconstitutionally held in prison for YEARS, and persecuted by weaponized government agencies for ideological reasons, WHERE WAS TRUMP? Nowhere to be found. He did not help to publicize their plight. He did not bring the focus of media attention to their situation day after day. He did not fund legal defense or medical care for needy prisoners. He did not even try to fundraise for their legal defense or to help their families while they were held in jail without bail. Trump abandoned these MAGA innocents. Karma’s a bitch as he now joins their ranks of unjustly persecuted & prosecuted. But Trump still has the advantage of YUGE financial resources that allow him to fight back.

    • felix

      you are exactly correct,I like trump but don’t trust him.He is a narcassist he talks a good game but did not back his people that are wrongly prosecuted.He is controlled opposition from day one.He was bailed out by wilbur ross who worked for rothchild bank the luciferian money changers.Put your faith in noone but JESUS CHRIST,he is the only one that won’t let us hang.We are definitely in the last days .GOD bless.

    • I'm Yahweh or the Highway

      Trump does not walk on water. He is a mere mortal and is not Jesus Christ.
      You sound like a troll. On this planet, who else can go up against all this rot were facing? Certainly not you and all your fine feathered fiends!

    • JayJay

      We don’t know what Trump did—the news wouldn’t ever print it if there was an agency set up for his families–when he wins 2024, watch what happens.

  10. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and quite rightfully justifiable anger with the creep Neo-Cons who are destroying the USA,although where they intend to flee to is beyond me as China is now showing its ruin and Europe is off the cliff with war,war and more war.
    Love the “Fear Not message” for men of good will.

  11. Marie Joy

    Everyone, including Trump, calls out Biden for being responsible for what’s going on. Biden doesn’t even know he’s alive. He’s not responsible for anything yet everyone uses his name. We all know it but we all still use his name. Are we afraid to call out the real mass murderer, homicidal maniac, globalists? Schwab, Soros, Gates, etc.
    In some cases, your children are better off being educated at home.
    In the 1960s, and before, there was an FBI faction that wanted everyone dead. It seems they have gained power since the 1960s.
    Communists don’t play by the rules and they would kill us all rather than be punished for their Crimes Against Humanity.
    $17 million in bribes to the Biden crime family is just the tip of the iceberg.
    WE are too civilized. Public protests don’t work. Ask the J6ers.
    Congress knows treason pays very well.
    I expect we will lose power. Wood stoves for cold weather and cooking.
    Wood, coal, pipes, everything will be stolen. Hide your assets.

    • Don W.

      Marie, you are SO right on. But it really goes back to Rockefeller family to be added to the list and they were the real ones to start this whole thing. Then it grows, like you pointed out, with the others. Over 60 years ago they formed the ONE WORLD GOV. IN THE US. Then about 50+ years ago, they formed the Trilateral Commission of Europe, Far Eastern countries, and the OWG of the US. The TC is now covered by the WEF. These are the people using biden to make the world into a ONE WORLD GOV. When Trump won in 2016, that upset them and they will make sure it does NOT happen again.
      We have many days ahead of use that will NOT be pleasant before the next election is completed. It may not ever be held.

      • Paul from Indiana

        If it is held, it will solve nothing. Elections are just kabuki theater for the masses, meant to distract from what is really going on. Sorry, but this is the new reality. Best always. PM

      • Rodney

        Next election? There are no legitemate elections in this country any longer.

  12. "Enrico"

    “Another week of murders and extreme disabilities from the CV19 bioweapon/vax.”

    “Cold-blooded murder no joke.” (Charlie Chan at the Race Track)

    • Rick

      The globalists who are engineering the end of humanity “are laughing loudly about it” – to the globalists their consistent efforts to drastically reduce the human population on planet Earth by 98% – “IS A BIG JOKE” – anyone ever see that “smirky smile” on Bill Gates’ face as he talks about the P in his population reduction equation?? – or when he giggles as he releases virus laden mosquitoes [he always carries around in a jar with him] into a crowd of screaming people???

  13. PersonaNonGrata

    China, all time record flooding – just prior to upcoming BRICS currency announcement?
    “He who controls the weather will control the World”
    Lyndon B Johnson, 1962.

    P.S. Northern Ireland has just recorded the wettest July on record. According to the meteorological office, ‘The jet stream has moved South over Northern Europe’. These are the same latitudes as China. Hmmm?

    [The jet stream, a constant high altitude air current travels from West to East and is largely responsible for the weather conditions of areas it passes over]

    • Dean

      Grand Solar Minimum on deck. Cloud nucleation? Atmospheric compression events, lower temps., crop failures. A weakening magnetosphere, coinciding with a wandering jet stream. Next year will be dramatic.

      • Kentest


  14. erick

    article 1 section 9 clause 8

    • Kentest

      Oh,save the cluster munitions for HarpAntennas.

  15. Herman Boring

    Senate Dems BLOCK Audit On Ukraine Aid, Incl. ‘Progressives’ Bernie Sanders And Liz Warren: Rising The Hill 49,674 views
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to news that all Senate Democrats voted against creating an oversight office to monitor U.S. assistance for Ukraine. Premiered Jul 31, 2023

    • Rick

      While Congress approves funds for creating digital money “to maintain oversight over the way the American people spend their money” – they vote against any oversight of “their” financial spending??

  16. Rick Boon

    Hi Greg,
    You are the watchdog. There is a lot of reliable information out there to absorb. You round it all out nicely for me to get a better picture of this crazy reality.

  17. David Dunne

    Greg out of ICU and Doc took prostate out and two nodes and he thinks no spread and Thanks for all the prayers God is great Praying for you Trump . Terrible pain but more pain toward 😈

    • Greg Hunter

      Great News, Brother David! Get well and don’t give up!
      Brother Greg


      God bless you David 🙏 I pray for a speedy recovery for you.

  18. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  19. Breck

    For those of us old enough to remember, the mortgage rates in the 1980s. Thirty-year fixed mortgage rates hit their peak at 18.63% in October 1981. It would be interesting to have one of your guests opine on such rates in today’s economic climate.

    • Rick

      By the Fed rising interest rates – it means the American people will now be paying more money into the bankers pockets for their new or current “adjustable rate” mortgages – and while the banks give themselves all this extra money “for free” – the American people are additionally burdened with working to foot the bill for the increased National Debt interest costs “now slated to rise to the tune of 1.8 Trillion Dollars” [does anyone realize this is double what we now give to the Military Industrial Complex crooks in our Defense Budget]!!!

    • Steve Bice

      Well, interest rates at 18% on a projected 2030 debt of 51 trillion would generate interest expense of $9 trillion, 180 billion annually. The housing market would collapse…but the economy and dollar would implode as well.

      As a Zerohedge article stated, we are in the end game.

      At this point, all the “solutions” are ugly. Government is such a large portion of the economy, that cutting spending would cause the collapse. It’s a classic debt ponzi and there is no conceivable way to grow our way out of it. The numbers are too extreme.

      The federal government has become a corrupt, insatiable parasite that is now killing the host…

  20. John Geis

    H.A.A.R.P. The China floods are the result of WEATHER WARS! Same with the droughts and floods here. Read the book Angels Don’t Play this HAARP.

  21. Galaxy 500

    Keep broadcasting Greg. Every week, you wake up a few people with more than 10 neurons firing. People whose children, spouse’s or parents just fall over dead. When they seek answers, they find people like you.
    Yes, China is evil and they own our current government.
    I pray for Trump, his family and our country. I ask for God to expose these evil bastards and to smite them with his righteous rage.
    You are a Prophet as in the days of old. You are telling people to prepare for the coming storm. Food, water, medical supplies, and protection.
    And I pray for you and yours, Greg.
    If I could, I would crowd fund a new TV channel, give it to you and see that your message of facts was spread to more sheeple.
    What these evil bastards are doing to Trump, they are doing to the nation. Look at those poor J6 defendant who are being tortured. You are right, our turn is next.

  22. Doc Bennell

    Nobody mentions that Trump offered to sent National Guard troops to provide extra manpower for the capital police. Strange way to to lead an insurrection.

    • Rick

      Incontinent and demented Biden turned out to be cleverer then Trump [who offered to send the National Guard to help out on Jan 6] – Biden made sure he never offered to send our National Guard to the southern border [this way he could never be accused of being an insurrectionist by the Demon Rats now accusing Trump – or ever be accused of being a Traitor by the Drug Cartels who are likely paying 10% to the Big Guy ]!!

  23. Linda

    I used to watch PeeWee’s Playhouse with my daughter. She’s 41 now. She even has the talking PeeWee Doll. He was so very talented. He did get into a bit of trouble, but he was a great talent.

  24. Fred Engel

    Clowns appointed clown Jack Smith who had a unanimous supreme court decision overturning a case he prosecuted. Court violating Trump’s 1st amendment rights. A teenager was arrested in Watertown Wisconsin for reading Bible scriptures from 1 Corinthians, amplified not disturbing the peace. He was across from an area where drag shows for kids was happening. Cargo ship in lake Michigan leaked 1,000 gals of diesel off Manitowoc, coast guard was setting up containment.

  25. Laura C.

    Many can’t see thru the brush or they can’t see the forest for the trees. IMO Trump & Biden are the two witnesses of Rev. Angel to measure the temple & alter & not measure the COURT it’s to be down trodden down by the Gentiles 3.5 yrs. The present day court system is immeasurable. The two witnesses do the plagues as often as they wish & breathe fire (both Trump & Biden have, breathe fire on each other, and the Biden on the people too). Many have said it will be Elijah. Elijah already returned as John the Baptist, Jesus had said.

  26. Eli

    Thank you, Greg! You are a man among men.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Eli. I am just a roadie for Jesus!

      • Galaxy500

        Well said

  27. Ogleton

    New mind-blowing JFK documentary out–was the assassination a staged/fake event?

    “JFK X Solving The Crime Of The Century” (available on Amazon)

    • Pete+only

      The CIA invented the term “Conspiracy Theory” after they killed JFK. No doubt about that, so pass this onto people.
      As well, have people look at pictures from the 1950s-1960’s and into the 70s and you hardly see any obese people. since then, 2/3 of people are now obese, and governments let this happen to us all. Governments don’t care about your health.
      When the internet was coming out, governments allowed others than yourself to control your very own data. Governments don’t care about your well being.
      Bill Clinton allowed 50 news agencies get whittled down to just 8 major ones, thus being able to control a common narrative.
      And then the governments allowed bio weapons (which vaccines were originally patented under)to be injected into people, despite all the deaths incurred as they were coming out, and since that time. Governments want less people in this world.
      And then Governments forced tech companies (including the CIA and FBI) to censor people on social media for going against any of their official narratives.
      And then Governments allowed Wokeism in the schools, so less people would eventually create families, and for less people to propogate.
      Governments don’t care about your well being…no doubt about it.
      Ogleton, my guess is the CIA created your documentary about the “crime of the century” to try to throw people off.
      People, use this summary to those that still believe the government likes you.

    • Fred

      If it were telling the truth, Amazon would not be selling it.

  28. johnny sic

    My neighbor took 5 of the shots.

    He now has: Brain Tumor, Prostate Cancer, Diabetes and a Heart Condition. The pills for his Prostate Cancer cost him $14,000 per month. The pills are free to him, but cost all of us who pay taxes.
    This is just one guy, think of how many people are getting the pills for free soaking the taxpayers for tens of millions of dollars.

    He is illegally in the USA too.

  29. James Hascomb

    Great wrap up, Greg! I have to say, I watch you in action week after week, and your consistent drive and tenacity is something that is just incredible. There is no slowing you down, that’s for sure. Well, you certainly are a great role model in that regard, for people of all ages. I suspect that it is your Christian core that plays a big part in your incredible consistency.

    I also did want to tell your viewers that at just around 3pm est today, August 4th, 2023 that a video will be released on Holy Helpers’ Substack, at It will be titled, The Shortening of the Days – Step 6. After 3pm est it should be the top video posted on the Substack.

    There is some very cool information in the video. One thing is that the number of Christians that are arrested and detained as the Great Tribulation in the Book of Revelation commences is made known.

    The reason I’m telling you this ahead of the video’s release is because it is a continuation of the prior video in the series, The Shortening of the Days – Step 5. You should really watch that, at least the last half, so you will be able to see clearly how the video being released today just continues on. That video is at

    God bless all of you. the USAWatchdog crowd is a mighty crowd. Don’t underestimate your collective power. And, God bless you, too, Greg Hunter. And while I’m at it, God bless Gerald Celente as well. That is one very, very cool man. You caught me off guard on that one, Greg. After your sponsored post this week I thought, “Well, Greg’s next post will be his Weekly News Wrapup. So, I didn’t check back until last night. It was a pleasant surprise, to be able to watch Gerald in action while waiting for the WNW to be published.

    And yes, I watched your election coverage last time around with Gerald when we all saw the election stolen. I was glad to hear Gerald say that he is going to do that again. Don’t add in anyone else to the conversation on election night, Greg. That is just my opinion and you know best, but you and Gerald is all that is needed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother James!
      Brother Greg

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        If Dr David Martin is correct (70 to 100 million deaths from the jab by 2028), you are talking an average of an excess deaths of about 15 million per year.


  30. Steven Allen Pool

    the way i see it even if trump wins it only slows down the other side agenda for 4 years and then we’re back to the same old things. trump election will change nothing. if he does win i hope he pick different people for his cabinet post. i hope for a lot of outsiders

    • Rick

      Pick different people? – he just got through picking “Bohemian Grove” McCarthy!!!

  31. Sylvia Sires

    Your all upset about the wrong things. Government ALWAYS CREATES “CRISES’. Your old enough now to see this. They fool the ones who are still naive. You ask where is Congress? There out spending our money! They want us to believe there’s a two party system to keep us divided and it works. Government’s have always been evil; its written in our Bible! Jesus told us everything. Trump is an actor and a Satanist just like the rest of Governments!BEWARE OF TRUMP…..WE ALREADY HAVE A SAVIOR. TRUST IN GOD NOT MAN!

  32. K.Tatro

    They’er Not After Biden… They Really Want OBAMA (The Dan Bongino Show)
    KINGDOM REACTS 143,587 views Aug 2, 2023


    Kendel Reacts 13K views 3 weeks ago
    OBAMA IS DONE!! Biden Is NOT The Real Issue OBAMA is! Trump Was Right All Along?

  33. Kevin T.

    OMG! | Obama Knows WAY MORE about The Biden’s Case Than They Are Telling Us
    KINGDOM REACTS 79K views 19 hours ago
    All Roads Lead To Obama. . .

  34. Real Conservative

    Trump lost my support when he went along with the Globalist Plandemic.

    He earned my hate when he went Warpspeed full ahead on the KillShot.

    Anyone still supporting him is willingly complicit in treason.

    If you can’t respond to this without referencing Hillary and/or Biden you are nothing but an excuse-making useful idiot.

    Good day!

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think so Real. So you are not worried about the guy who forced people to take the kill shots and took bribes frim China. You are worried about the guy who might be in the White House????? Are you stupid??? or just a AL/Troll?

  35. Joseph Boudreau

    We live in a Mad Max world. I see a rate hike war beginning next month. This spells the end of the present financial paradigm. Got gold and silver? Looking forward to your next interview. Your promotional items are great! God be with you and your family.
    Thanks Greg!

  36. Richard (Skinny)

    Goto 29:40 of WNWU-

    Listen to the Watchdog say and speak what is intractable aka unassailable-

    I don’t skip anything offered here any longer and that goes for sponsored posts…

    I pray the Watchdog will workproduct a “produce the note 2.0” before long…

    “…In the beginning of a change the Watchdog is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid hangdog tail between their legs will join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot…”

    Long live all of USA Watchdog guests and, viewers and Watchdog “girlfriend” snippet almost as good as Watchdog asks father what a “Patsy” is during sixties KM crime spree aka Oswald didn’t do it…

  37. Jim Wade

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for reporting the truth on many topics in today’s diabolical world. It is sad that citizens can no longer trust their government and it agencies. Trust in the medical profession has also been destroyed. Let me make a couple observations based on my experiences in the world.
    – I did business in Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China from 1990 – 2003. The devastation caused by communism was/is unspeakable. The Biden regime legal attacks on Trump exceed anything Stalin did.

    -The covid vaccine bioweapon is leading the world to “Three Days of Darkness”.

    -I now live in Latin America and monitor local economies. Here’s a bit from Argentina, a financial road to ruins that America is now travelling: “The Central Bank of Argentina raised its key interest rate Monday by six percentage points to 97% in an effort to tackle soaring inflation that has reached 30-year highs.

    Central banks across the globe are struggling to rein in inflation, but it’s a particular problem in Argentina, where the annual inflation rate soared above 100% last month.

    That’s the highest level since the early 1990s, and currently, Venezuela and Zimbabwe are the only two countries experiencing higher inflation than Argentina, according to International Monetary Fund data.”
    Keep up your good work. I look forward to all of your podcasts.

  38. MARK

    We have three branches of government – CIA / FBI / DHS

  39. Douglas

    Greg I have read that a water filter that process large amounts in a short time are not doing a complete job. Can you investigate this and check as the system you are promoting is putting out 12 gals per hour. Seems to me that is lots. Thanks

  40. K.Blade

    Col. Douglas Macgregor: Is the Ukraine War Lost?
    Jeremy Ryan Slate 19.2K subscribers 45,331 views Aug 3, 2023
    WOW, Greg. The Colonel blames the war on the Globalists. The same ones that want to hollow out the American middle class, by bringing in third world workers, into the US and Europe. To divide we the people, divide and conquer! They don’t want any body to vote them out of power, instead of power to the sheeple.
    They fear Trump, RFKJr., because they’re in the way of enslaving us and Russia too! They already got continental Europe. And of course they want to get rid of the useless eaters, unwanted unborn and those past their expiration date of Obama friend and adviser Dr. Emanuel.

  41. Bob Bobberson

    Hi Greg, I’ve been following your shows for a while. I’ve noticed there is a lack of conversation regarding the evidence that Trump was initially recruited by the military (i.e. 200 military generals supporting him in the primaries, heavy security everywhere he went in comparison to RFK who does not have this,) and that the 2020 election and many other events such as RussiaGate and FauciGate were ‘allowed’ to happen so that these perps could provide evidence in broad daylight that will later be presented in some of these trump indictment hearings on discovery. I have linked this interview where he makes the case that Trump signed an executive order on his way out allowing Briben the Resident to be CEO of the corporation of DC, while trump is still commander in chief if the military. Please take a look, without this context your shows are very doom and gloom in my opinion. Additional evidence, why cant Dark Brandon send troops to Ukraince? His cabal has shown willingness in the past to send troops at the first opportunity. Why didn’t Briben receive the nuclear football and has been a punching bag by Russia since becoming CEO?

    thanks for taking a look.

  42. LondonCenter

    CVS to Slash 5,000 Jobs, Close 900 Stores as Vaccines Kill Off Repeat Customers
    Exclusive Report: Illinois Governor Signs Off On Total Anarchy
    Friday Must-Watch Broadcast: QAnon Shaman Responds to Trump’s Jan 6 Arrest & Dr. Peter McCullough Drops New Covid Crisis Bombshell!
    Number of Americans Able to Afford $400 Surprise Bill Slides in Era of ‘Bidenomics’
    Alex Jones Reports: Trump Arrested in DC, Learn the Secrets of the Deep State Coup That Can Save You & Your Family
    AI Influencers Surge in Popularity Despite Not Being Real – Men Don’t Care!
    Video: Cruz Warns Of “Relentlessly Hostile” Obama Judge In Trump Indictment
    Video: Ramaswamy Demands To Know “Truth About What’s Really Driving This Flurry Of Prosecutions”
    Friday Must-Watch Broadcast: QAnon Shaman Responds to Trump’s Jan 6 Arrest & Dr. Peter McCullough Drops New Covid Crisis Bombshell!
    Posted 2 hours ago\Plus, Alex Jones will break down the amazing admission by the Washington Post: Trump has an insurmountable lead & will WIN the Republican Primary! All of this is a transparent attempt to politically assassinate him to destroy his chances of victory!
    Jacob Chansley, better known as the “QAnon Shaman” joins today’s broadcast! Chansley now goes by “American Shaman.”

  43. John Maskell

    Great work Greg . Also, many thanks for informing me ( and others ) about
    Mark Crispin Miller . His weekly substack on died suddenly is eye watering . I know that I have commented on people about my circle of friends who have died or been injured from the vax but here in the UK the numbers of youngsters dying is upsetting . Any death is horrid but teenagers who haven’t experienced life (or younger than that) is unacceptable . This bio weapon vax is pure murder , but still they push it ! Some sick xxxxxx is getting pleasure from this. They can’t hide these deaths much longer , can they ? Even politicians and lying legacy media are dying from the clot shot !

  44. joe Carlienie

    Is the US Proxy War in Ukraine Making Europe Poorer? w/ Tarik Cyril Amar
    Fundraiser\BreakThrough News 72.741 views 7/31/23 Rania Khalek Dispatches
    Watch the full interview on our Patreon:
    Western sanctions on Russia, previously Europe’s biggest natural gas supplier, has lowered European living standards in the sweltering heat while exacerbating fuel and food shortages around the world. And that’s not all — military spending has increased while social budgets have been cut.
    To discuss this downplayed aspect of the war in Ukraine and its horrific consequences, Rania Khalek is again joined by Tarik Cyril Amar, a historian from Germany, who is currently associate professor of history at Koc University in Istanbul, working on Russian, Ukrainian, and generally East European history.
    This is just the first half of this episode. The second half is available for Breakthrough News Members only. Become a member at to access the full episode and other exclusive content.

  45. j.Carlienie

    US/NATO Maniacs Killed The Post-Cold War Peace On Purpose | Alexander Mercouris from The Duran Neutrality Studies 41,647 views Aug 3, 2023
    This is the second segment of the interview with Alexander Mercouris (@AlexMercouris ) from @TheDuran. We talk about how and why NATO elites decided to kill the Post-Cold War peace in Europe that had set in after 1989. The poisonous idea that the US had “won” the Cold War completely distorted all decision-making, leading to some of the worst and most provocative geostrategic blunders in history. Peace was killed by those who thought they could rain with impunity and Ukraine is now paying the price of the zero-sum thinking.

  46. Jeffrobbins

    I keep thinking about taxation without representation. There’s a few different ways of thinking to go after that. If justice is corrupted, then each man will do what is right in his own eyes- God help us.
    In the long shot that Trump would get back in the White House, we would have 4 years before all the crazy agendas would return, or at least slow down. If we thought we had a 4 year window to prep for national decline, pandemic, war, famine, or some other calamity, what would we do? Personally, famine or very high food prices are my main concern.

  47. Jeffrobbins

    There is a huge story developing we all need to pay attention to. Everything insurance- rates are going up for all insurance and Oregon may be a bell weather to watch. The state started a Fire Risk Map almost two years ago and told insurance companies they couldn’t use it to charge extra for policies-wink- wink. I have read about policy cancellations, if there were no policies available- banks would/ could foreclose on the loans.
    Add in all the climate talking points and we have big problems. Anything climate would pass as credible in the public eye, not just fire- tornado risk, hurricane risk, flooding risk. The real issue are the insurance companies aren’t set up to have a rush of claims and so lots of them are seeing money out instead of money in- going broke.
    Of coarse we know this is the down stream effect of the vax agenda, and makes me really think about the tail end of the story of Joseph in the Bible. He (Joseph) gathered all the people into the cities and Pharoah owned all the land, animals, and the people. Except for the priests and Joseph’s family.

    • Tighten the noose


      15 min cities

      The company I work for (contract work for DOE) was told we had to let people go (850) because we could only hire people in 3 states and certain cities and they had to be within a certain distance of those cities.

  48. Rudolpho Hesston

    Putin launches DEVASTATING assault on Ukraine as NATO plan crumbles | Redacted with Clayton Morris 227,099 views Streamed live on Aug 1, 2023 with Scott Ritter
    NATO has been pushing Ukraine to launch massive armored offensives instead of small scale pin prick attacks. This plan has been devastating to the Ukrainian army which has come under intense air and ground attacks by the Russian army. Is it NATO’s plan to finish off what’s left of Ukraine’s military? Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins us for tonight’s live show.

  49. Ben Golan

    While I support Donald Trump 100%, I am not so sure he will actually do what is required to restore the Republic. I pray to God he has the strength to make the tough decisions to purge the cancer from our government and aggressively go after these political criminals and traitors. If he doesn’t you can bet the democrats will target us and pound the final nail in our collective coffin. If Trump listens to McCarthy or any of the others he had surrounding him back in November 2020, then we are toast. I have no doubt he will have to declare martial law. I see no other way.

  50. Frank Cooper

    On Cam: Russia Aims Iranian Shahed Drones At Kyiv Again | Watch What Happened Next: Hindustan Times 58,996 views Aug 3, 2023
    A video of Ukrainians running after spotted an Iranian Shahed drone in Kyiv skies is now going viral. Russia unleashed a barrage of 15 drones on the Ukrainian capital for the second time earlier today. Kyiv military administration claims to have shot down all the drones. Meanwhile, the Russian defence ministry said that six Ukrainian drones were destroyed in the Kaluga region.

    Britain To ‘Kick Out’ 100,000 Ukrainians Amid Russia’s War As Visa Deadline Nears | Report Hindustan Times 77,984 views Aug 3, 2023
    The UK faces the possibility of expelling over 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in the country. More than half of these individuals, who arrived using programs like the Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine, may have to leave by September 2025 unless the government intervenes to provide long-term clarity. Conservative MPs and NGOs are urging the government for a solution to the visa scheme expiration, considering the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

  51. Californy Here TheyCome

  52. Tony Crisp

    Never forget that sodomite Obama knew full well of Joe’s perversions with children and treason to USA as he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom:

  53. don briois

    No consequences for Biden crime family.

  54. Coal Burner

    Greg: I strongly believe there was fraud in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia for certain. The video in all three states alone shows cheating. When they drag these cheats into law offices and Federal Courts under oath and make it clear they will sue and prosecute them into hell for lying the crap is going ot start rolling out. A bunch of those people better worry about being Hilleryed! Home invasions, drug deals going bad, lots of reason for these people on video to be Xed by the Demoncrats. I am not a fearful person at all but I would be shaking in my boots if I was one of those mules like the one working for the Post Office in Pennsylvania who hauled millions of ballots across the state line to swing the State of Penn election. He is definitely up for sacrifice. Plus the two or three he met there to hand off the ballots. Start popping the Popcorn now! This is going to be great. There was video of that PO handoff. There was video in Georgia and Arizona too. This is going to be a laugh every minute.

  55. Bryan Dalton

    democrats are hurting themselves by Politically trying to stop Trumps Movement.

  56. Tory

    Biden is not our President. The media continues with the illusion that all was fair in the 2020 and 2022 election and will continue to dredge up muck against anyone who counters their false narratives.
    Meanwhile they continue to push communist bs, continue to destroy America, and continue to kill Americans via drugs, contaminated food, water, and air and medical murilation.
    Keep up the good work exposing these satanists!

  57. JM

    X-Files Season 10 Overview

    More mainstream media predictive programming? They show the world exactly what they’re planning to do years in advance. I don’t know if they do this to humiliate us or to give us chance to adapt to their plans in some kind of peculiar macrocosmic predator / prey evolutionary battle?

    I wonder sometimes. If the next generation of “elite” predators turn out to be the prey who survived the predators. I reckon we’re going to have to be tough as nails to get through this next couple of years. We’re probably going to have to make life and death decisions for ourselves, our families and others. Making them decisions will harden us… maybe make us mean.

    Holding onto the ideas and faith of Christianity might prevent some of the consequences of that hardening?

  58. Greg Hunter Superfan

    Vacation Report: Just back home to California from 2 weeks in the Canadian Rockies and Alaska.

    Tourists from everywhere looked prosperous. People buying overpriced trinkets and expensive restaurant meals without blinking an eye. Entrees commonly $35 – $55 CDN and the restaurants were full. A fellow Australian traveler bought a super cheap-looking, ‘Made in China’ Christmas Tree ornament for $17 CDN not including VAT tax.

    How is it these people are so flush with cash? Are central banks overprinting all around the world?

    East Indians super pushy, barging to the front of every line unapologetically.

    Canadians are super liberal and fully vaxxed and boosted. The ones I spoke with support Trudeau and said the Truckers were the troublemakers.

    Did see trans teens, and one young teenage boy wearing a “Barbie” t-shirt. Most children had some type of rainbow flag accessory, either shoes or a backpack, and some with inappropriate haircuts for their God-given gender. Lots of fuchsia, green and teal hair dye across all age groups.

    A large percentage of the Caucasian people I saw were extremely overweight and many with huge, unsightly tattoos. Not as many tattoos or as much excessive weight among the Asian/Indian community.

    People seemed to have no clue that anything at all is wrong in the world, including inflation or the Trump persecution. In general the whole trip was just like pre-Covid old times except with a lot more homosexual acceptance among children. Sad.

  59. YouCANNOT MAKE thisStuffUP!

    Dan Bongino: Obama KNEW The Whole Time! | We Thought He Was The Black Hope… We Were Wrong! CBOW & SNAPPA 22 hours ago

    DEEP STATE EXPOSED: Obama is Still in Power He’s Just Disguised as President Biden ( Dan [Bongino on a TEAR!] KINGDOM REACTS views 6,676 Aug 4, 2023

  60. Pete+only

    China seems to be having more problems than just having floods in Bejing, such as foreign investment being down by 80% this year.
    My take is that climate engineering caused the flooding to destabilize China, and the New World Order is having second thoughts on China to help disrupt the new BRICS Economic Plans.


    BREAKING NEWS: Trump Ruthlessly Attacks ‘Biden Crime Family’ At Raucous Rally In Erie, Pennsylvania///Forbes Breaking News 966K views 5 days ago

  62. Michael

    Good report Greg but I have a correction for your consideration. You say that not one person was helped by the Covid “vaccines.” My aunt caught a bad case of Covid in late 2019. Just when she got better, it would hit her again, and again, and again. This went on for months to the point she had given up ever getting well. Without telling me (or I would have talked her out of it) she took the shots. After the second one, she felt much better. She has had no bad effects from the shots whatever and has felt great ever since. She credits the shots with saving her life, or at least her quality of life. I can’t explain it either, but I can’t imagine she is the only one.

  63. virginia clark

    What happened in APRIL? Does he still think they are done by end of summer?
    This is a cliff hanger. To me, it doesn’t look like it

  64. y. Sckeptic

    Larry C. Clairmont0 7/27/2023 • [Blast from the not distant past.]
    ___Joe Is ALREADY Under The Bus The Sacrificial Lamb!
    ______________ Will Hunter Be Forced To Rat On Da Big Sucker?
    The “Biden crime family.” (In the original plea agreement, which fell apart on Wednesday, Hunter Biden was poised to plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors and strike a deal with federal prosecutors to resolve a felony gun charge.) Because of blatant attempts by Hunters bong smoking lawyers, in an attempt to lie and misrepresent themselves. The judge says one member of Hunter Biden’s legal team ‘misrepresented her identity’ on eve of plea deal hearing. Biden’s legal team staunchly denied any misconduct, saying the episode was a long bong smoking haze of complete misunderstanding.
    In a campaign that is already embroiled in accusations of Democrat rights to free passes and cover-ups, with the weaponization of justice and predictable legal proceedings, is taking another tense turn after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy warned this week. To the possibility of an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden as a foreign agent for son Hunters influence peddling. The idea of impeaching the president looks like an effort from the GOP’s most radical factions of non-RINO’S seeking revenge for the double impeachment of their Trumpster. Some House Republicrats not-neo-con RINO’s, are trying to find links between Hunter Biden’s business ventures in Ukraine, China Romania, Uzbekistan ad nauseastan! In vice treasonous deals, made by his father when he was a vice president. They also accuse the current Justice Department of offering Hunter Biden an overly lenient plea deal and of interfering in the prosecution of the president’s son.

  65. Mark

    Thanks Greg.

    I wanted to let you know that I love your channel, and I love your guests, but I don’t have a stomach for Gerald Salente. I know it’s personal preference, but I can’t stand how he starts with his expletives out of the gate.

    Keep up the great work, we need you!! The world and the USA needs you.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark,
      I like Gerald but some folks do not, but many people do. Celente is right a lot.

  66. sceptical y.

    As the hearing turned into a debacle, Noreika was also concerned about the constitutionality of a separate agreement resolving a charge that Hunter Biden illegally owned a firearm when he was [busy] using and buying illegal drugs. The unraveling of the arrangement means both the defense and the prosecution must think again before a new appearance before the judge. With his case in limbo, a suddenly feeling like tax cheat Al Capone, anxious Hunter Biden had to enter a plea of not guilty, in a pro-forma move, before leaving court with his future still deeply uncertain.
    Judge Maryellen Noreika, the Judge who oversaw the Biden court hearing was appointed by Trump and backed by the Democrat Republican Uni-party.
    The plea deal is now on hold, and the parties have 30 days to work out what is next. CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig said that if they can agree to a new plea agreement that eases the judge’s concerns, she would likely approve it. “If not, this could head to trial, and when I say head to trial, I mean the tax charges. I also mean that gun charge, which could carry jail time. … There is a lot of risk for Hunter Biden.”
    Especially if he doesn’t spill the beans on Dad here, if they don’t get a deal done and he really has to cop a real plea deal!
    Days like that Wednesday will only fuel impeachment fever in the House, with the clear links between Hunter Biden’s business dealings and his father’s political decision to volunteer four more years, of a puppet president [of Alex Soros, Hillary Clinton and puppet to puppets Obomber.] In all probability pardoning all family mob members, except for one ‘un recognized’ granddaughter.
    May she spit one day, on all they’re God forsaken graves! AMEN!
    P.S., Since this letter’s posting here on 7/27/2023 • in, president Joe Biden has since acknowledged Hunter’s illegitimate daughter as his, the presidential first grand daughter!
    Thank You Joe! There is always hope! Never ever, give up on a wing and a prayer, of hope, in a seemingly hopeless world! So Be It! [Bracket’s mine]
    Remember When? When TV. would sign off at 2:00 am every early morning’ ‘ ‘

  67. Mohammad


    I was on the way back from a late shift in the urgent care listening to Mark Levin in my car tonight, something he said that no one picked on!, Mr . Trump on the record of the military Gen. Milley ASKED few hours before the fiasco in DC to support the capitol with military troops to protect it and he was not answered to his request, IT IS ON THE RECORDS…!….How can a person, intends to “resurrect the capitol” supply protection of DC by the military, be reconciled in the crook’s books?

  68. Old Hippie

    FBI Built Fake Bombs To Place Outside NYC Synagogues!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 117,883 views Aug 4, 2023
    There’s little question that the FBI has adopted the routine practice of seeking out down-on-their-luck and marginalized individuals, persuading these individuals to engage in terrorist activities, and then give themselves a very public pat on the back after arresting the alleged “terrorists.” Well now a federal judge has ripped into the FBI for doing just that with the so-called “Newburgh 4” who were talked into plotting to bomb synagogues and shoot down military aircraft.

  69. john meccia

    Hi Greg, thanks for getting the truth out. In the last month, i have lost two close friends from turbo cancer. Both were diagnosed and given 6 weeks to live, which was exactely how long they lasted. Both double vaxed, both over 70, no preexisting condition.

  70. Rocky

    Ever wonder why evil women trafficking in and killing children like Hillary and Albright are highly respected in Washington DC ?? Because the whole place is crawling with criminals!!

  71. LabRatInsurrection

    The flooding was probably caused by HAARP and the alphabet of US weather engineering entities.. Ionizing the air, locking in the moisture and the hitting it with microwave beams. Weather warfare. They can shoot beams over the horizon, through the earth, etc. They can cause floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, even earthquakes.They can direct these storms using pulses of energy. Russia has a similar program called Woodpecker. Does China? I don’t know. The government of the US, for the last 50, years has played the technology cards close to their chest. They don’t want people to know of the insidious advances in science and technology. That way they can use the whole earth as a Laboratory. The People, the Military, basically everyone has become a Lab Rat. No one realizes what they’re doing, therefore they can’t stop them and they can’t sue them for the harm and the deaths they have caused. The victims can’t prove wrongdoing and genocide because it’s all locked behind closed doors. If you bring it up they will call you crazy! That’s the stuff of Science Fiction! That’s so outlandishly laughable, surely you have gone mad and people should not take you seriously. Look at the Plandemic and the Spike T protein, the nano tech self assembling quantum dots and all the other modified DNA in the shots, Horrible stuff. People were unaware that the Globalists saw this as an opportunity to genocide the useless, clueless scum of humanity. Which turns out to be everyone except this evil cabal of Nazi Globalists. People viewed their governments and the medical field as being there to protect them but now are waking up. Taking a bioweapon injection, getting maimed killed, disabled with absolutely no ability for recourse. This has been going on for decades. Creating evil stuff in the lab and getting patents for them to enrich themselves.

  72. Cliff Bondi

    Nanotechnology Found in Both Vaxxed & Un-Vaxxed
    Greg Reese August 5th 2023, 10:13 am
    It seems as if almost everyone is infected with some sort of nano-tech either through the experimental COVID injections or chemtrails.

  73. Shropshire

    are they’re now using air-planes to distribute the vax?

  74. Marie Joy

    To vote in the republican primary, you must be a registered republican.

  75. Roy

    Trump has subpoena power? Really? And what happens when the subpoena is returned with a middle finger? Who will enforce the subpoenas? The Department of Injustice? The Feral Bureau of Iniquity? The corrupt judge? The DC thugs?
    Even if it happens, contempt of Congress? Who are they? Who cares? Holder?
    Back in the day when the USA gave a little more than lip service to law one could have some hope that a court would do the right thing. Now the judiciary is collectively another giant crime syndicate along with the 3 letter agencies. All are controlled by the deep state criminals.
    Unless the white hat partition of the military steps in and declares martial law if Trump’s team, living in the ‘judicial’ past, fails to obtain discovery then the ‘trial’ is a foregone conclusion. No discovery will be permitted. The ‘trial’ will be rammed through with wicked speed and Trump will be jailed. Of course he was so crushed that his past ‘crimes’ have been revealed that he hanged himself three inches above the floor with toilet paper while the cameras weren’t working and the guards had all fallen asleep. No autopsy needed. Cremate the corpse ASAP. No need for investigation. The poor guards had been working overtime and were just overcome with fatigue. Jack Smith? Who’s he? The MSM doesn’t remember.
    I sincerely hope and pray my analysis is wrong and that justice does prevail – but I’m not holding my breath.

  76. Robert K

    America hating, knee taking, anti-National Anthem singing, woke, pro trans, LGBTQabcdefg, political agenda driven US women’s soccer team lost to Sweeden in the World Cup in the round of 16.

    It couldn’t have happened to a “nicer” group of hateful individuals.

  77. Keith

    My wife works in the ICU of a well known hospital in the greater Cincinnati area. The percentage of patients coming into the unit with “PE” on their paperwork (pulmonary embolism) is staggering. Even the vaxxed nurses are starting to say things to each other in hushed conversations. Some of these patients are coming up on the computer as being overdue for their 5th and 6th booster!!!! My neighbors, customers, and others in my immediate area are suffering with cardiac events, stroke, and rare forms of cancer. I live in a red area and I believe we were targeted with a more severe batch of the vax. It’s unbelievable what’s going on, and still people act as though they have no clue. The psy-op was thorough and complete. These are epic times we’re living through right now.

  78. Mick O. McKillshot

    Brainwashed FDA Acting Chief Scientist Jacqueline O’Shaughnessy Waited Six Months To Revoke EUA Despite Remdesivir Deaths

    Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?
    Luke 12:57

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