WHO Wants Total Control, Stop CV19 Shots, Trump Wins

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  WNW 617 for 1.18.24)

The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) wants total control in the next pandemic, and a pandemic is surely coming.  They already have a name for it.  They are calling it “Disease X.”  Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is an Ethiopian Director-General of the World Health Organization, and he wants this control by May of 2024.  It’s control over forced vaccinations, and there is zero dissension allowed in a surreal attack on free speech over the entire planet.  This was the most important story coming out of the demonic Deep State World Economic Forum where they are planning to either kill or enslave all of mankind.

Karen Kingston has released new information about the “highly toxic lipid nanoparticles or mRNA” ingredients found in the CV19 bioweapon vax that continues killing and disabling people.  Top scientists in Japan are calling for “all mRNA vaccines to be stopped immediately.”  You will never hear this from the Lying Legacy Media who are bought-and-paid-for propaganda shills.  They are all fully vaxed and will pay dearly for covering up this genocide/democide for the Deep State.

Donald Trump had the biggest victory in the history of the GOP primary in Iowa.  Trump won 98 of 99 counties and would have won them all if party switching cheating was not involved.  This is scaring the heck out of the Deep State because they may be brought to justice for the many crimes they have committed against humanity, including the CV19 murder and disability program they keep pushing.

There is much more in the 52-minute newscast.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

David Webb, author of the popular book and documentary called “The Great Taking,” will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Webb will do a deep dive on how they want to try to steal all your wealth and what you can do to protect yourself.


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  1. Rob

    I know you have said that Clif High is a real smart guy, but he is also a satanic heathen. You should never allow him on your program ever again as he has voiced his hate for Christians even go so far as threatening Bo Polny with extreme violence for witnessing to him about the Lord. I’m sure given these revelations that he likely has no use for you plus the man is absolutely batshit crazy. I listened to a couple of his podcasts and find no redemption or substance in his work. Just another idiot muddying the thought universe.

    • You are spot on

      Roman 1: 22 & 25

      22 Professing to be wise, they became FOOLS.

      25 Who exchanged the truth of GOD for the lie.

    • Randy

      Clif is basing it all on the oldest Torah (Old Testament) direct translation to English. You should read the direct translation by Mauro Biglino before calling Clif all sorts of names. I’m currently reading Mauro’s latest book, “Gods of the Bible” and now clearly understand why Jesus calling El Yahwey the Devil and Father of Lies in John 8. Then there is in both Luke and Mathew Jesus stating no father would give his children a stone and a snake which clearly El Yahwey did. Mauro also has (English translation) another book, “Naked Bible.” Paul Wallis’ Eden Series looks to be also interesting as it matches Mauro Biglino’s work from a different angle ( Paul is a former Arch Deacon).

      • M J Xray

        according to Wikipedia, Mauro Biglino is a Free Mason, those are the ones responsible for the LGBTQP perverts marching in the streets each June.

        Once you strip away the fortune telling mystique of Clif HIgh, you will realize he is an agent of the Antichrist.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree and I say Mauro Biglino is a lying sack of bull crap. All the thousands of peop[le who have read the acient scriptures and they all got it wrong, and this Free Mason got it right?? I call Bull crap on that.

      • Sharon

        My husband is reading The Naked Bible by Mauro Biglino. He told me Yahwey is not who we thought he was and so much more.
        Undressing the Bible: in Hebrew, the Old Testament speaks for itself, explicitly and transparently. It tells of mysterious beings, special and powerful ones, that appeared on Earth.
        Mauro Biglino gives us the truth of what is really in the Old Testament.
        I will read this book when he’s done.
        Like Randy said, don’t call Clif all sorts of names till you read The Naked Bible.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mauro Biglino is a rat lying sack of crap. All the people who have read the ancient scriptures and he got it right and everyone else got it wrong? Bull crap. This from the Vatican who now says boys can marry and have sex with each other!!!!!\
          Don’t post any more about this here.

      • Sam

        Just so you know, Jesus was talking to the Pharisees not ” el yahway”. John 8:44 el and yahway are different entitities, so you are erroneous on several accounts. Be better

    • Nigel

      I totally agree. He is a deceiver and major bullshit artist. 20 years ago I spoke to him as I was interested in the stock price prediction software he was involved in. It’s clear that man is not someone believers should be giving the time of day to.

    • Rob

      It doesn’t please me to disparage Clif High. God loves him despite his hatred of Christians, but his threat to inflict egregious physical harm on Bo Polny because Bo tried to open his heart to the Lord really offended me. After approaching his content with an open mind to understand his so called intellectual brilliance, I gradually began to trust my own intellect that this guy is nothing more than a self absorbed boastful moron. Satan often mixes a little truth with an ocean of lies and I came away with the knowledge that Clif really doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about.

  2. Farmer Ron


    Thank you for continuing the great work you have been courageous and selflessly doing since your humble beginnings
    I started listening to you in 2010 and have not missed many broadcasts. You have been the North Star for most of these past years in my fight to stay informed.
    Have not always agreed with all your views but always respected you for having the balls to speak your truth!

    Keep up the good fight!
    Here for you and all your World wide followers is
    a truly inspiring and uplifting speech given by the new President of Argentina ( Javier Milei) at the 2024 WEF Davos annual meeting.

    It is nothing short of a KICK in the TEETH to Karl Schwab and his WEF cronies, reminding them that there is opposition to their Socialist ( communist) agenda and that we will not go down without a fight!

    Godspeed to you and all who fight for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness…


    ( Actual speech starts at the 6 minute mark)

    Farmer Ron.

    • Dean

      I can’t listen to Clif high anymore. I hope he accepts Jesus, so he’ll receive the Holy Spirit and a sound mind. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

      • Mike

        Hi Dean
        I agree with you 100%.
        Cliff High. Is a gutter mouth who needs Jesus
        F this, F that. His computer needs to teach him to talk.

        • Tin foil hat

          “His computer needs to teach him to talk.”


    • Carol

      Thank you, Farmer Ron, for sharing that brilliant speech by Argentine President, Javier Milei! Why are we not hearing similar words coming from any of our lackluster presidential candidates? Melei is a “man for our time”. I recommend everyone listen.


  3. Sir W. C. King's Bench

    Shocking: Not An Inch of His Body Without Tatoo’s!
    Family of Autistic Woman, 20, Murdered by Illegal Alien Sues Biden Admin for $100 Million/ Adan Salazar January 18th 2024
    Biden’s open border policies blamed for death of Kayla Hamilton, who was brutally raped and murdered by an illegal from El Salvador in July 2022, for $6.00 dollars.
    Thanks Democrats! You’re really looking out for our best interests.
    Missed signs…? How possible? With gang tats of MS13 all over him! Impossible! What has our beloved country come too? An end? This is Satanic and were on the Titanic! Every man woman and child for himself? Where’s the bloody lifeboats?

  4. Marie Joy

    Butcher Biden

    • Paul

      Good reporting as always

  5. Carl Shulgin's

    She Was a Woman on a Mision fig
    Laura Ingraham: Georgia DA Fani Willis is a fantastic liar
    Fox News 138,111 views Jan 17, 2024
    Fox News host Laura Ingraham pulls the curtain on allegations of misconduct against Georgia DA Fani Willis
    I hate the fact that ppl like her like to not only play victim but to hide behind religious beliefs is appalling especially when her friends spite hatred out about Christianity.
    I don’t think we’ve ever had this many corrupt politicians in office at once.
    She’s going down even us democrats know that’s true.
    Affirmative Action ain’t workin wid Fannee and Dude!

    • sam

      “Affirmative Action ain’t workin “………..OH, YES IT IS!………….you just told a Success Story about it!……designed to DESTROY our American Culture!

  6. tim mcgraw

    Tedros, the Ethiopian who runs the World Health Organization is a communist. Ethiopia is a communist state.
    Back in the 1970s, I went to aircraft mechanic’s school with a young Ethiopian man. He and his family were given asylum in the USA. The Ethiopian communists had STOLEN all of his family’s assets. He was a really smart guy.
    About 13 years ago, I met another Ethiopian. He and his family had also been given asylum by the USA. His family in Ethiopia had a business renting farm equipment (combines, tractors, etc.) in return for part of the crop. They were wealthy and smart.
    Again, the Ethiopian commies STOLE all of the family’s assets.
    Tedros and all Ethiopian government officials are a bunch of liars, thugs, and thieves.

    • Colin Maxwell

      Tim breaking news – Ethiopia is not a communist state – indeed, just like Russia it hasn’t been for more than 30 years!

      It’s a federal parliamentary republic wherein the Prime Minister is the head of government, and the President is the head of state. It has a two-chamber bicameral legislature with a lower and upper house much like the U$A.

      • tim mcgraw

        Colin Maxwell: Well then, why did the Ethiopian Taxi driver and owner tell me that the Ethiopian government had stolen all of his company’s assets in Ethiopia? Why was his family given asylum in the USA?
        The Soviet Union and China also have parliaments and all the trappings of a Republic. But they were and are communists.

    • Katy Bar

      Tedros (who runs the World Health Organization) is not even a Doctor who may at least have some mRNA training to determine if a vaccine is safe or even necessary based upon the deaths the vaccine creates when tested on rats (or tested on humans like Covid-19 vaccine was) nor is he medically trained or capable of determining if the Globalists “Disease X Worldwide Pandemic” soon to be released by the Evil Satanic WEF Eugenicists can simply be fought off like a normal flu by our human body’s “God Created Immune System” and a little vitamin D and zinc!!

      • Katy Bar

        Albert Einstein once said: “Never do anything against conscience, even if the State (or WHO) demands it!!
        The choices that we make in this life about risks that concern our physical body or the bodies of our children are among the most important choices that we make, because our physical body houses our mind and our soul. And if we can’t make our own choices about our physical body and protection of our bodily integrity and autonomy, we’re not free in any sense of the word”!!!

    • Roger

      Tim, the USA began adopting the Major Planks of the Communist Manifesto (Central Bank + Income Tax in 1913-14) even before the Jewish Bolsheviks overthrew the Christian Czar of Russia, murdered his family, and created the USSR.

      The USA was also infiltrated, subverted, and captured by the same Jewish Zionist Communists (today they’re known as “Neocons”) but the vast majority of American Conservative Christians are too brainwashed & stupid to even contemplate this fact–nor fact that the USA has been a communist country for a LONG time.

      Your nation has been tricked & used as the military-wing of the NWO & is the biggest most dangerous communist country to ever exist–and was the one which founded every single Globalist institution in existence.

      And yet you’re worried about Ethiopians???

      Typical blind & stupid American!!!

      • Julia

        Well said. Sadly it is also true.

      • tim mcgraw

        Roger: The USA hasn’t been “my country” ever. I was just born here.
        I referenced Ethiopia because Tedros, from Ethiopia and head of the WHO, was mentioned by Greg Hunter in his WNW.
        I am not worried about Ethiopians. I was not tricked. I am not a stupid and blind American.
        You should stick to the facts. Attacking me doesn’t help.

      • Tin foil hat

        On the top an apartment building in NYC called “Red Square”, on the north side of Houston Street is what appears to be a bigger-than-life size, 18 feet tall, bronze statue of Lenin.

        Created in the U.S.S.R. in 1989, later found abandoned in a Moscow back yard. Brought to New York City rooftop in 1994. Faces south, toward Wall Street -the figure appears to be saluting. The building is on the north side of the street, one block east of Katz’s Deli, and there’s a sign that says “Red Square.”

        The aforementioned loosely supports the theory that the Bolshevik revolution actually was financed by wealthy financiers in London and New York. Lenin and Trotsky were on the closest of terms with these moneyed interests both before and after the Revolution.

        The fact that modern day financier like Soros supports organizations like BLM and Antifa further supports your hypothesis.

        I concur my country has been tricked & used as the military-wing of the NWO and is the most dangerous country to ever exist. However, I believe it’s more a fascist rather than a communist country as you believe. The world financiers will never support a communist country!

        Another hypothesis which I disagree with is that the Jewish Zionists are behind the NWO. Soros is funding the anti-Israel protests via various NGOs.

    • Nigel

      Tedros, was the right hand man of a brutal genocidal dictator who murdered thousands of his own people. How a piece of human garbage like Tedros became head of an World Health Organization just shows how evil this world is

  7. tim mcgraw

    PS: The last Ethiopian and his family ran a taxi company in Sonoma County. I think he’s still in business. The Ethiopian told me that the Somalians are a beautiful people, especially the women, but the men are dangerous. Everyone in Africa knows not to cross a Somalian. Even the Nigerians are afraid of Somalians.

  8. tim mcgraw

    The Dejan “sudden death” from a heart attack story was the lead story on the 11 PM Channel 7 (ABC) Wednesday night news in San Francisco. It was five or six minutes of people talking about how great Dejan was and his friends. Then the TV anchor interviewed doctors about how heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the USA. Diet, lack of exercise, genetics… get a calcium test on your arteries to see if they are blocked.
    Not ONE word about myocarditis from the jabs. Not a word.

  9. Earl Ofve Chesterton

    War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing (say it again)
    The Real Michael Le Couteur 11,166 views Oct 22, 2012
    The Waltons Season 5 The Hero
    @gerrymcguire7521 1 year ago
    Boy what a moving scene, brought me to tears.

    NATO Nation ‘Exposes’ West; Confesses Ukraine Conflict ‘Good For…’ Hindustan Times26,333 7 hours ago
    France has admitted that the Country’s war economy is benefitting from the ongoing Ukraine conflict. The comments were made by French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu in an interview with Le Parisien. Lecornu said the Russia-Ukraine war has led to a surge in demand for weapons and has created tens of thousands of jobs in the defence sector.

    If this third world war goes nuclear as Gerald Celente extrapolates, I wonder how wonderful Macaroni will feel then? As his family and friends may vaporize, as a mist appearing for a little while, as he sits and waits it out in his bunker. Will he even make it there in time and be faster than Hypersonic Russian missile’s, with multi tipped nuclear glide bombs raining down on France and all with different glide paths, impossible to shoot down. Something we all must think about and those that think God won’t allow nuclear war. Tell that to the Japanese!!
    According to James 4:14, the Bible implies that we do not know what will happen to us tomorrow, we are like a mist that appears for a little while and then disappears. Christians learn that they don’t know what their life holds for them, since their life is like a mist that can disappear in no time. No questions asked.

  10. tim mcgraw

    Trump had four years as President to close the border. He didn’t do it. So why, Greg, do you think Trump will stop migration now? Trump could have declared a national emergency, well he didn’t even have to do that. The country has been in a national emergency since 9/11.
    Trump could have closed the border with a stroke of the pen. He didn’t.
    Voting is pointless. All you do when you vote is say, “I believe in the system. The government will take care of me if only my guy is elected.”

    • Greg Hunter

      You are wrong Tim. Loest amount of border crossings is recent history. Paul Ryan held up money for a wall and Trump had to use money in the Pentagon budget. Remember that? You are not being fair.

      • tim mcgraw

        “During the Trump administration, migrant encounters hit a monthly high of more than 144,000 in May 2019, and the 2019 financial year saw more than 800,000 migrants apprehended at the border, the most since 2007.” Axios.com and BBC. com
        Greg, I am stating facts. 800,000 migrants apprehended at the border in 2019 is a lot. Where did they go? I doubt if they all went home.
        Trump could have closed the border. FDR did during the Great Depression.

        • Greg Hunter

          You don’t know where they went. They could have all been sent back.

          • tim mcgraw

            Greg, You are right. No one knows where the 800,000 apprehended migrants went that year in Trump’s administration. That’s the point.
            Trump never said.
            As a Libertarian, I believe in open borders, no passports, and free travel for people and goods.
            But I DON’T believe that is possible if the state subsidizes and encourages immigration. It has to be a free market.
            Until people give up central control by the state over immigration, the economy, medicine, etc. we will never be free.
            A wall or an edict or an Army at the border won’t work.
            Trump is no Libertarian or non-interventionist. He believes in the state.

            • Greg Hunter

              Do you think we would have 500,000 dead Ukraine soldiers if Trump were President? Do you think we would have a wide-open boarder if Trump were President? If you want to lay down and give up but I am going to do everything I can to fight this and I will NEVER give up. Pick your battle and poison my friend. I am going to die on my feet and not my knees.
              Your friend,


              • tim mcgraw

                Hi Greg, I don’t think Trump could have stopped the War in Ukraine. He might have vetoed the funding but Congress would override his veto. Trump tried to pull our troops out of Syria and was stopped by his administration. I’m not sure the President runs the government now.
                I won’t give up. I have lost my faith in DC and the state. We need a new system of de-centralization. No way 535 politicians in DC can represent 325 million Americans.
                Your friend,

                • Greg Hunter

                  I do. The Deep State thought so too. That’s why they cheated him out of office. Never estimate the power of the Executive Branch because it really is all about the President.

  11. Frank Murphy

    I heard a report on a Main Stream Media News Bulletin here in Ireland some 6 months ago, that there were even then hundreds of Scientists working to develop an antidote to the next virus, at Porton Down in England. It was being called X . We are headed for the irresistible force versus the immovable object in 2024

  12. mike

    They look like Fools because they are.!!

  13. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  14. Shirl

    Great Wrap-up Greg…and Branco creates some of the BEST Political Cartoons that perfectly illustrate reality where even the most LibTarded New American Marxist can fully understand them at first glance 🙂

  15. tim mcgraw

    Why do I need a Real ID? Does that mean the ID I have now is false?
    Well, if you want to fly, you need a Real ID… someday.
    Is a passport a Real ID?
    Well, maybe. Have you had a facial scan or retinal scan?
    I’m sick and tired of the ID crap.
    “Who are you?”
    It’s none of your damned business. The people at the bank recognize my face and voice. My friends and family recognize my face and voice. The people at the stores recognize my face and voice.
    I’m fed up with this ID crap.

    • Dirk Kirk

      Don’t forget to forget your I.D. when you vote! Just don’t spit on the sidewalk, a cop could nail you and without I.D., jail you!

    • Katy Bar

      They want us to have a “real” ID but won’t give us the “real” Truth, or “real” Money!!!

  16. James Hall

    Gheck this guy, matbe a good future guest.

  17. steve teasell

    I call your president bodybag biden.

  18. Steve Carter

    Greg, bless your heart for trying to cover your sponsors the best you can. We all realize it takes a lot to put this on. Keep getting the truth out there. Dr. John Campbell may be a good guest on the havoc created by the shots if you can get him for your viewers.

  19. Gordon

    Ben Armstrong speculates that the latest Bioweapon attack (X) will be the kill shot that wipes out all those who took the jabs.
    Makes sense that they wouldn’t release a bioweapon on themselves that would kill them as well.
    The discriminator of who dies from “X” and who doesn’t is the jab.
    Those who are “in” on this never took those jabs or they just pretended to.
    The jab pre-determines who will die from the next Bioweapon release, virus X.
    Talk about one crazy evil humanity destroying strategy if this is correct.

    • Katy Bar

      You are correct – the people with weakened immune systems (those who took the Jab) will not survive catching Ebola that has now been formally released and approved by the FDA. Once an Ebola virus has been injected into a person, that virus can spread to other people through contact with the body fluids of the infected person. Remember how Bill Gates smirkingly smiled when he said “wait until the next one hits” while his wife with an upside-down cross on her neck nodded in approval? Well this is it folks – these evil globalists have brought a rare disease from Africa that only affects monkeys and apes to the heartland of America!!!

  20. Denis St-Jean

    Thank you for your hard work and foryour generus sherring.

    Up in Canada we don’t have such a hero!

    Would love to hear your opinions on our pm and gouvernement…


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Denis.

      • Kate

        Please help me . My name is Kate. Whistle blower of Horse paste. Flccc. Net Live at 1998 Locket lane The Villages Florida. Have Doug Casey on please. Eileen [email protected] I’m in a lot of trouble. Live at 1998 Lockett Lane the Villages Florida

  21. Geena Gador

    Former Canadian world champion pole vaulter Shawn Barber has died. He was 29 years old.

    Barber died Wednesday night, his agent Paul Doyle told The Canadian Press.

    The specific cause of death was not disclosed, but Barber had been dealing with an ongoing illness.

    Canadian women’s pole vaulter Alysha Newman shared several photos and a lengthy caption in an Instagram post.

    “I wish I could say heaven received another angel but if I’m being honest it was way too soon,” she wrote. “Shawn, my teammate, my dear friend and confidant. I’m honored to have been in the same walk of life as you.”

    In an Instagram post from his management page, Doyle described Barber as “a friend that will never be forgotten,” before adding, “He will be greatly missed.”

    • Earl Robinson

      Some day we will look back and recognize people like Shawn Barber as casualties of the first Hidden World War.

      I’ve just had a heavy heart since mid 2020 when Pfizer announced the new shots were using Lipid Nanoparticle Spheres as the delivery mechanism. I told everyone in my reach not to take the new shots because the Lipids would go everywhere. I take a vitamin supplement that is wrapped in lipids to help it get past the Blood Brain Barrier. It was 2+2 that they were not going for good health from the time of that first announcement.

      God bless the family of Shawn Barber.

  22. Marie Joy

    The intent is to kill you and me.
    Stand or die.
    Ammo up.
    What are you going to do when they say “Take vaccine X or else”?
    Trump needs more of our help than we’re giving him.
    Can you protect your family?
    Have you fortified your home?

    • regaleagle

      I own a few guns that cannot be traced……and will use them against evil in the name of God Almighty to protect myself. Don’t Mess With Texas……just sayin’ again.

  23. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for another week’s analysis.
    A dose of irony,
    Meanwhile the Heritage Foundation may have caused the WEF a moment of discomfort!
    Why have elections if AI works so well?

    These and so much more unfold before us all as the WEF and the other Neo-Con puppets destroy our lives. The perversity of the people who are employed to do this at vast wages is amazing. The ambassador of Switzerland to the Court of St James is unable to explain the enjoyment of repeating their behaviour during WWII whilst hosting the Davos demons. Perhaps the Swiss really are that perverse.
    Using ChatGPT and other bent programs to answer a problem is indeed dim .
    Now EVs technology is beyond irony,
    Here in the UK while we freeze for now and cannot afford heating our elite are sweating in their bathing suits in the Bahamas whilst telling us to keep on surviving! Again irony and uncovering Epstein files just does not bring any sense of justice as our former democracy collapses into a hell hole here in the UK.

  24. Jeff gerst

    Mila de Jesus was a fitness and diet coach and she just suddenly died of a heart attack. She was 35 and if you look up pictures of her she was in amazing shape.

    • Greg Hunter

      Net Mila was vaxed! Another CV19 vax murder.

  25. Bigboper

    No problem with COVID anymore, it’s the new virous X we need to worry about. They don’t know where it’s coming from or even what it is, but they have a vaccine for it. Must be an election year!

    • Katy Bar

      I think the Globalists “Disease X” is the Ebola vaccine (they just released in the heartland of America) by injecting it into hospital workers (to spread it to the public) stay out of Hospitals and away from anyone who has taken the Ebola vaccine (especially if you took the Covid Jab and now have a weakened immune system)!!!

  26. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Greg I know you are very busy. IF possible you may want to interview one Mike King.
    I watched an interview of him & found what he said very interesting about Trump & Q. The interview I am referring to is here. 46 interesting minutes.

    David Rodriguez & Mike King – The “Q” Operation Legit? You Decide!
    Thursday, January 18, 2024 15:13


    Mike Kings website

  27. Peter Nak

    I suspect that if these traitorous Rinos and the marjority of Demos are not corrupt, then they are being blackmailed by honeypot type scandals, or worse – the latter is much less expensive for the top level controllers.

  28. Katy Bar

    As the Fed cuts rates for Bribe’n (as they are under tremendous pressure to do so in an election year) the US dollar will be massively depreciated – by how much is the question. We can get some idea by looking at the charts of the purchasing power of the US dollar that span the years from 2008 to 2019!!
    2008 – https://www.richdad.com/MediaLibrary/RichDad/Images/charts/usd-purchasing-power-1913-2008.png
    2019 – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1
    Sadly from 2008 to 2019 the US dollar has lost more then 60% of its value and it is getting worse as the Fed needs to print even more dollars to fund all the Wars Bribe’n needs to be a “wartime” President (thinking War will keep the Demonrats in control in the House and Senate in 2024 – especially nuclear war as Europe ramps up to attack Russia)!!!

  29. Richard

    Dr Judy Mikovits said that Disease X can not harm you unless you inject it. She has the patent for XMRV and that is what they call disease X

    • Katy Bar

      US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin probably had XMRV injected in him (the Globalist like to experiment on black people) and had to have surgery to treat prostate cancer in late December (and recently developed complications that landed him in intensive care) – XMRV is classified as a gamma-retrovirus, belonging to the same broad family as HIV (which was also injected into black people by the Globalists) and is closely related to a group of viruses that cause cancers such as leukemia, prostate cancer [it can also cause chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)]!!!

    • Katy Bar

      The real nightmare we need to deal with Right Now (even before we take down the Evil WEF Globalists Command and Control Center to stop them from releasing their “Disease X”) is to refuse taking the experimental Ebola vaccine the FDA just approved today for administration to front-line workers in US Hospitals (like ambulance drivers, hospital cleaners, and burial teams) and these people can then shed this deadly virus to others. The Ebola virus disease (EVD) is “so very very rare” found only in certain regions of Sudan, Uganda, and Western Africa where it causes severe illness in “nonhuman primates” (such as monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees) so why the hell are they injecting it into people in the United States??? Are they doing it so the Ebola virus can spread to other people through contact with body fluids of the infected person? We know once this Ebola virus spreads the Government will likely mandate that all Americans take the Ebola Shot and will probably blame it on the influx of illegal aliens from Africa (which was probably the real reason Bribe’n opened our borders in the first place)!!!

  30. Don Ho Howe

    Proposals for new European military to stop Putin under Trump
    Times Radio 104K views 2 days ago
    “We need to urgently undergo serious reforms in European decision making so that we can abolish the veto, so that we can have a real European army.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t believe a single thing the NYT (Times Radio) says.

  31. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    Amazed that the whole thing hasn’t fallen apart by now.
    2024 very well
    Could be the year the Dominoes finally start to fall
    In God I Trust

  32. James Sellars

    I wait patiently for your content and must share that I am frustrated by how badly the content plays. It is constantly stuttering and freezing. Is there anything I can do to fix that at my end? Keep up the great work. Jim

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this Jim:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/719 All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  33. Dave Scrimshaw

    I wrote to my Congressman about Gonzalo Lira earlier this week calling for an investigation.

    • Greg Hunter


  34. john eastman

    in attempting to watch your latest video, the adds take over and I can’t ever get to the video. Even after watching the add and clicking skip it never loads your video. This needs to be fixed.

    • Greg Hunter

      I just played the video. I clicked through 2 commercials, and the video played.

  35. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, great wrap up. Could you ask Mr. Webb how the deed of trusts will be forfeited. Even a foreclosure has to get past a county judge and that is after i am in breach of the contract. The only red flag i see is the breaking of the back of the insurance industry. Several big reasons the insurance companies are hemeraging money. No home owners policy available would or could trigger an acceleration of the loan. I guess what i don’t get is how this will reach down to the county level. Is a paid off home with deed in hand safe?
    As for the illegals being moved all around, i ask people what kind of vaccines are the migrants getting. No mandates?, no baseline set of shots?, no testing?, no experimental medicine?- i get some light bulb moments. It’s like we struggle to remember anything from a couple years ago. I find that strange.

    • Greg Hunter


  36. john eastman

    Video does not load beyond add.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this John:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/719 All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  37. Jane Hill

    GA government (look) like fools …because They …….are fools!

    All….corruption ..Headed by Kemp…

  38. Linda

    What do you think of Javier Milei’s, President of Argentina, speech at Davie/WEF. It was a little troubling to me. He said they were allies! Do you think something was lost in the translation?

    • Greg Hunter

      He was trying to play nice with evil.

  39. dlc


    Thriving after 700 days of sanctions and 30 years after total collapse. Are my lying eyes looking at a Potamkin village? This is how people act when they’re not medicated to the eyeballs and their own gov’t is not trying to kill them.

    They are tethered to their cellphones, just as we are, but they do not use them to create a 10 foot wall around themselves. I see healthy socialization and what looks like happiness.

    The people are well dressed and well mannered. No one has their head on a swivel looking for danger . I note on camera that women and young girls can walk the streets and in the subway. The streets and buildings are clean. Women, children and pets walk around freely without fear including at night. Name an inner city in the U.S. where you can walk the streets any time of day.

    Michael Savage once remarked that the sight of Russian women would make any man’s knees buckle. We used to have very feminine women who didn’t walk around looking bitter or burned out. So much for women’s lib.

    Surely it isn’t a perfect country, but name me one, and where do we stack lately?

    • Larry Claymont

      Dear DLC, I rember you as Donna.
      The video made me tear up. Our enemies, they have the lousy weather.
      Yet as you say, they’re not so woke broke and disgusting as we. Their happy! What a shame. Shame on us. Despite being in a fighting war and many of those women will never marry because of it. But I’m sure lecherous western men are chomping at the bit to take up the slack. Red square, where how many nuclear ballistic missiles are aimed? We’re a sick race deserving to be destroyed by God almighty at Armagedón, before the perverts destroy us all in a nuclear holocaust?
      ‘90,000 Troops…’: NATO’s Biggest War Exercise Since Cold War; Threat From Russia Cited
      Hindustan Times 6.46M subscribers 30,8235 hours ago

    • H. Jonathan Rudinsky

      Don’t be fooled by the video in Moscow. It showed people having fun at a New Year’s Market (Like a Christmas Market). I lived there off and on from 1977. It is a country with lots of problems, societal and psychological. Many, many more Russians are moving to America than Americans are moving to Russia, that means a lot.

  40. Marty

    World Demonomic Forum.

  41. Lonnie S

    Clif High must be working at NBC, they also do not like Jesus.


  42. Jim Lynch

    Greg, I noticed that a week ago you were mentioning Israel. You did not mention at all the ICJ hearings related to South Africa’s genocide case against Israel. I encourage you to pay attention to Judge Napolitanos podcast as his guest discuss Israel/Gaza in complete honesty. It’s an excellent podcast also on the Ukraine situation. Also check out the IMEMC.org for Palestinian perspective and facts updates. Love your podcasts and God Bless Usawatchdog.com

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s start with the South African government allowing the murder of white framers in their country. They have been allowing this for years. Nobody says a word on this black on white genocide. Total hypocrites with no legal or moral standing what-so-ever. Not a legit source. Total bull crap and that is why I did not consider it.

      There is NOT “complete honesty” on this Israel/Hamas topic. These people cannot even admit the genocide is cause by Hamas conducting military operations in dense civilian areas so they can get high civilian body counts. Hamas has stated this in public many times, and I am not going to source this fact. When Israel drops fliers to warn civilians to leave because of impending military strike, and get to safety, Hamas is telling people to stay put. And YES, there are many sources on this too.

      The people (Jew haters) you follow cannot admit it is in the Hamas Charter that it is a stated goal in writing to “Kill all Jews.” They cannot admit Hamas brain washes its’ own children to hate and kill Jews from a very young age. Can you Imagin if the Jews were brainwashing their children to hate Palestinians? Can you Imagin the global outrage? Yet, Hamas gets a total pass and the brain washing young Palestinian children to hate and kill Jews is ignored. So, bull crap on your “complete honesty.”

      So, you are with the people who get in a circle and take turns raping Jewish women on October 7th, and the last man raping the women blows her brains out or slits her throat as he finishes. You are with them. SICK!!! If Hamas was so worried about civilian casualties, then these rat hole cowards can crawl out of their tunnels under hospitals and schools and get out in front of their civilian population and take on the IDF head on and “Kill all the Jews” they can. Please don’t post this crap anymore and virtu signal the pure evil you support. You can kiss my tail on the biased Jew hating IMEMC too!!!!

      You could not be more biased.

      Does Israel have a right to exist? YES OR NO.

      You are welcome to send the “Judge” my response.

      God Jehovah/Yahweh Bless you too and you may want to do a deep dive on Gensis 12:3. Are you cursed?


      • Andy

        Hi Greg.

        Why don’t you have Judge N or someone like Norman Finklestein on?

        Have a respectful and intelligent discussion about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and where it’s at currently?

        Good well-meaning people can have legitimate and intelligent disagreements about important issues, so why not have someone with different opinion on?

        We all might learn something and find common ground!


        • Greg Hunter


          Not no–hell no!!! I am not going to let them use my platform to bash and hate on Jews. They can use their platform for that crap. Are you cursed? Gen 12:3 Let’s get this question out of the way, so we all know where we stand. Does Israel have a right to exist? I say YES!!! What do you say? The choices are YES and NO.

          Don’t ask me about this again.

        • Tin foil hat

          What can you possibly learn from someone who wants you dead? What common ground can you possibly have with someone who wants ” From the river to the sea ” with no Jew?

  43. David

    VERY good information, Thank you so much

  44. EasyEnergy

    The covid “vaccines” have killed way more people than we are giving them credit for. One name that should be on that list is Queen Elizabeth, according to Prof David Anderson and Dr. David Grimes’ book “Vitamin D3 and the Great Biology Reset”. She died at the age of 96 after 2 vaccines and a booster. Genetically she should have lived another 5 or 6 years like the Queen Mum till 101. We all know elderly people who are dying younger than their parents. These covid vaccines aren’t listed as cause of death but so much evidence now says they should be.

    • Katy Bar

      The Covid vaccines were purposely designed to weaken everyone’s immune systems – so that when they bring out their Ebola vaccine it will kill with 100% efficiency all those with a weakened immune system – these eugenicists (like Bill Gates) are pretty sneaky evil rats and deserve the death penalty!!!

    • Ed Salate

      Are you sure Queen Elizabeth took the vax and boosters? I doubt it, the British royals, especially Charles and Philip want the world’s population killed, they do not take the vax

  45. J Joyce Ulysses

    Bitcoin has no intrinsic value. It is a chip in the casino of the Federal Reserve. That is why COIN (Coinbase, crypto exchange company) is a good tracker of Fed liquidity.

    Recently it has turned back down — suggesting that the Fed will not print like CNBC and others are claiming, and that the stockmarket is expecting. (COIN has broken 50-Mavg, but is upon support)

    Florida psychic jsnip4 (youtube & Rumble) was attacked by quarter-master Clif High for daring to think for himself and follow his own trading method (taking profit on BTC) rather than obeying the cult forecast. jsnip4 sees there is imminently a huge crash of everything.

    “You’re gonna have a crash the likes of which you’ve never seen with what they’re doing. It’s going to be scary,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Iowa on Tuesday.

  46. Justn Observer

    .,,,so far so good,but more clarifications on other aspects such as mags, bump stocks, restricted areas still in play.
    Prior vids show that it is hard it is cases to get to the U.S. Supreme Court as the blue States PUSHING anti 2a, usually always have anti-2A Obama appointed judges …and red States the opposite…so rarely do they allow the cases to matriculate UP so the U.S. Supreme Court can take them up….UNTIL…’they’ hope to at some point…either get majority control/appointments or ‘they’ can expand it so ‘they’ can use the courts rather than legislation to forward ‘their’ disarming efforts promised to the NWO ever since their first pledges in the early days of Global Governess.
    To get to the U.S. Supreme Court…it appears what IS required is a ‘CIRCUIT SPLIT’…=
    People need to get created as to how to cause a circuit split in their red states to get a case UP to the U.S. Supreme Court so it can then put an end to the lower blue States push to ‘alter’ Constitutional protections by INFRINGEMENTS of the 2A by their use of ‘administrative’ and ‘regulations’ and ‘permits’ and ‘taxes’ rulings/laws…rather than what is really the only way such can be done….AN Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to take the right away by the majority of the States required to pass a Constitutional Amendment. Pretty likely that would never happen…so…until they we are stuck with the pesty BS from Governors of like IL, CA, NY etc.
    The 2A rights should be as important to red state legislators as ‘abortion’ is used in blue States to affect votes… Time those in blue States need to make the ‘loss’ of ones 2A rights at such a time of upheaval, and the ‘defunding’ of police protection…and… the assault against parental rights is NOT safe or wise as it is the last and likely only way to protect family, self, one’s city/town, and State….should the banks collapse, a cyber event or just even a natural CME from the Sun, which itself would cause or have the same effect.

  47. Robert

    Sadly G. Lira is gone, however Col. D. Macgregor and Scott Ritter are courageously still giving accurate information.
    I agree that Trump was/is an obstacle to their war plans. And now, as he stated a roadblock to a digital currency. JFK had similar positions.
    Keep up the good work .

  48. John Maskell

    Great work Greg . If any CNN, Fox News or false crappy news network employee follows the comment section on USA Watchdog then please read my rant. Over the past 12 months , I have lost 6 human beings and a young girl of 14 who was my daughters friend . These people were fit and healthy with no health issues . All of them were vaccinated including the 14yr old. The young girl collapsed during a rugby match and died in hospital two days later . So, you cooperate media news shills who promote this bio weapon clot shot should be ashamed and stripped of your jobs. God help us if anyone of you fall ill to this evil toxin. Just keep collecting the pennies from your medical sponsors until the inevitable happens . Evil, pure evil this is. I cannot believe the MSM keep pushing these deadly MRNA toxins on us. Sorry for the rant Greg but this really ticks me off. Looking forward to Saturday ‘s night guest, thanks John .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, John, for sharing and for your street reporting!!

  49. Bob Spence

    Greg , you are a breath of fresh air in a world of mis-information , lies and propaganda by the LLM.. Thank you so much for your tirelessefforts , I can only imagine the toll it takes on you as it does me and others – what we see taking place every single day. It’s just plain evil we are up against with the O’Biden Neocons thursting for war.. There is so much blood on their hands already , what insane death tolls from their Takeover Agenda will we see?..I shudder to think of it.. God watch over you Greg , your family and business..You will receive a crown for your work as a Watrchman on the Wall..Thank you so much from the decling country of Canada.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Bob!!
      Brother Greg

  50. z

    Great interview coming for Sat night Post. As always Greg Hunter on top of his game. Wishing Greg and his family a blessed 2024!

  51. GruesomeNews

    Anyone can see that America is barreling toward a major turning point in the 2024 presidential election.
    Trust in our political institutions is at an all-time low…
    High inflation is ravaging retiree’s savings…
    The globe is now officially in World War…
    The national debt is over $34 trillion and we’re adding a trillion on top every couple of months now.
    High interest rates are making it harder to get credit and pay for housing…
    Hundreds of thousands of workers are striking across the country…
    And unemployment is starting to rise for the first time in years.
    If you’re in your 50’s or older… you might wonder “what the heck is happening to my country?”
    Are we living in a banana republic, soon with no bananas sent north?
    And you’d be right for asking that question.
    But sadly, I’m here to tell you haven’t seen anything yet.
    Because I’m expecting a massive twist in the presidential election as early as August 19th.
    One that will change the course of the 2024 Presidential Election and our country…
    And bring socialism into the mainstream in America.
    It has nothing to do with voting machines…
    Or accusations of funny business at the ballot box you might’ve read about…
    Instead, for reasons I’ll soon show you, I believe August 19th, 2024 will mark the date America could transform forever.
    It will impact millions of Americans — and you.
    But there’s a place you can run to — with your family, your money, your business —
    A refuge for Americans who love liberty, prosperity, hard work, opportunity, and privacy…
    Because what you’re about to see will not only put Donald Trump back with Barry in D.C., like old times.
    But put him down in the history books as having been the first Republican president with two landslides.
    And Biden? I don’t think he’ll win the election unless Jill runs as defacto president.
    Look, I’m no medical doctor…
    But do I need to be one in order to see Joe Biden isn’t firing on all cylinders?
    Whether it’s a nonsense statement…
    Shaking hands with invisible people…
    Blank stares…
    Or falling downstairs…
    The CIA, FBI, Alex Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barry Obomber, Ad Nauseum, RINO’s, Democrats, uni-partiers all and evil globalista’s are WEF scared…
    Which is why, we Aunt Nancy fans believe the people running the Democrat party have given tacit approval for a shadow presidential campaign to be launched in the background…
    Paving the way for a much different candidate…
    As you’ll see, the winner of the 2024 election could trigger an economic and financial crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen before.
    A possible un–Civil War and If you believe Joe Biden’s big spending has America headed for financial ruin, you better believe it because you’ve taint seen nothing yet.
    The next president could quickly tip inflation back up to 5%…9% and even into the triad of trouble with trible double digits…
    We could see a recession upending our economy…
    Stimulus checks could become the norm as Universal Basic Income is rolled out…
    Trillions could be added to the national debt as more student loan debt is canceled nationwide…
    Taxes could spike to rates not seen in these end times…
    The stock market could crash by 95% or more…
    Big Tech will censor millions of dissenting Americans after the election is called out on account of darkness…
    Migration and crime rates will spread out from major Democrat big black woman controlled urban centers, into suburban areas, making even safe neighborhoods look like the streets of San Francisco and no Karl Malden or Mike Douglas, or Rudy Guiliani for that matter to call on!
    Kurt Russel won’t be able to help you escape new ghost town New now old shot York and once you go black, you never go back! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m36wt6APnao
    Homelessness could spread to manicured streets in areas that were once idyllic — with many on the streets being elderly, ready for Bill Gates dream of Soylent green!
    Woke broke busted and disgusted, could become the dominant culture in America, instead of just a loud group of fringe dwellers.
    Foreign aggressors could likely take over more of the globe, without the U.S. doing a thing about it… because everybody will be begging for law and order from then US. Marshall Putin?
    The war on fossil fuels could be accelerated as the economy goes fully green and the cost-of-dying soars… as Sunday driving a gas car is prohibited.
    All because of what will be coming out of Aunt Nancy’s California.
    There’s no time to prepare.
    Don’t be influenced by any donor, politician, or project Mockingbird brained media corporation.
    So, please pay close attention.
    Because if you think Republicans can win the White House and stop the spread of socialism in America…
    Think Seth Rich, JFK, MLK. Adnon Khashoggi, Yevgeny Prigozhin, Ron Brown and Hillary’s suicided boyfriend, Vince Foster!
    The radical deep state LBJ’RT’NPR+ left won’t give the president elect a chance.
    And in the meantime, the clock is ticking as big government puts us on the path of financial ruin.
    Every day your savings are being eaten away by stagflation…
    Your privacies and freedoms are being threatened…
    And by Election Day, it will all be too late.
    Which is why I’m recommending every freedom loving American take 5 simple steps into your basement to protect your savings, your investments and your freedom, while there’s still time…and stay there! Don’t wait for the sirens. There won’t be time to even fire them up!
    Like-minded Americans who share your values, can you rely on for support in the age of chaos that’s coming.
    This IS A pivotal point in our history…
    Before the face of America changes forever, WITH oBOMBERS HOPE, DOPE CHANGE. Charade.
    But first, you might be wondering why you should listen to me…
    I get calls any time financial markets are worried about energy prices… inflation… war… elections, you name it.
    I became a banking analyst. But you shouldn’t hold that against me. BECAUSE THATS WHERE THE MONEY IS! You can rob a bank but start a bank and you can rob the world, just ask Jamie Diamond head snake of JB Madoff!
    That experience gave me a view of the corrupt underbelly of the government and banking industry.
    It turned my stomach so much that I walked out the door and started my own private shark lending firm.
    Family and friends gave me the seed money… and they’re very happy they did.
    I’ve helped myself avoid some of the worst financial bloodbaths in American history, by never buying a stock but lottery tickets!
    I think of my father, who sacrificed to provide for his family.
    He lived in an America that was more financially honest.
    The average Joe blow could work hard, get ahead, and enjoy a comfortable retirement.
    That America is dead and gone.
    And by the time the 2024 election is done, I believe the future will never be the same…
    The men and women who are going to get hurt the worst are people like my father.
    Woke, broke busted disgusted with Wall Street, politicians and deranged progressive agendas…
    Living in a system that’s rigged against them…
    Because you’re viewing this, and maybe nodding your head at what I’m saying…
    I’m betting you are one of these salts of the earth people.
    Just like my Aunt Nancy and Uncle hammer head.
    Which is why I’m doing this.

  52. Hiro Shima Nagasaki

    NATO Is In Mourning! Russia’s PinPoint Strike Deprived France of Dozens of Its Officers and Soldiers
    BORZZIKMAN 22,918 12 hours ago

    • George

      Russia should now deprive the WEF of its leaders with a Pin Point Strike on Davos!!

  53. Cliven Bundy

    Is War Widening in SW Asia? Will They Get It? | Ray McGovern
    Dialogue works 24,557 views Jan 18, 2024 Interviews
    Ray came to Washington from his native Bronx in the early Sixties as an Army infantry/intelligence officer and then served as a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the administration of John F. Kennedy to that of George H. W. Bush. Ray’s duties included chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing the President’s Daily Brief, which he briefed one-on-one to President Ronald Reagan’s five most senior national security advisers from 1981 to 1985. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK81yDaxlak

    Russia Destroyed Decision-Making Centers In Odessa and Kharkiv┃Avdiivka Noose Is Tightening
    BORZZIKMAN 23K views 1 day ago

  54. Savannah

    PLEASE TAKE CARE … EBOLA live vaccine is being given to hospital nurses in Denver. New research EBOLA lab is close by. AJ infowars.com reported on this with a top doctor.

  55. David

    Greg, why not investigate deeper into WHO are blackmailing the politicians? We know why they are compromised.

  56. Randall

    Isn’t it amazing how the all-powerful Deep State just can’t manage to derail Trump—whose own appointees ran circles around him and made him look like a gullible fool?

    It’s almost like it’s all a fake & silly Reality Show story line intended to fool Trumpers into believing that their Orange-haired Idol really does frighten the Deep State…?

    I wonder if you Trumpers will blame his daughter for his failures again like you did his first time around?

    You definitely have a whole bunch of scapegoats ready to go don’t you?

  57. Boswell

    Hi Greg,
    You need to get someone on to explain “Natural Born Citizen and why it is so important…

    • Boswell

      Maybe? Paul Ingrassia has a good article on The Gateway Pundid

  58. Yvres Sargoso

    both Bo Polny and the anointed one, Trump, had all December been forecasting an imminent crash in stockmarket. But instead going into this third January weekend at record highs.

    Behold, the Fed demons are in full control.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t get comfortable Yvres. n This is a pump and dump, and the dump is going to be hard.

  59. Clark Davarion

    ‘Stop Strikes Else…’: Russia Warns U.S., UK After Fourth Strike On Yemen In Six Days | Watch
    Hindustan Times 147K views 1 day ago

    Scott Ritter: If Russia joins Red Sea in support Houthi, Iran Hezbollah best chance to end Israel US
    Amazing Fishing BD 85,781 views Jan 19, 2024

  60. Whatthatgirl

    What I really like (sarcasm) is when Dick Durban said let’s let all these Chinese military aged men’s join our military and then we will give them US citizenship! SERIOUSLY what the HELL is wrong with these people. Sure give them a gun so they can just shoot off all of OUR men and women who are trying to protect us. SERIOUSLY

  61. Hiro Shima Nagasaki

    “This is about to BLOW UP in our faces and Biden is making it worse” Col. MacGregor | Redacted 201K views 2 days ago
    War in the Middle East has entered a dangerous new phase as Iran launches multiple strikes on Israeli targets in Iraq. Where is this headed? Col. Douglas MacGregor joins us live.

    • Katy Bar

      If Iran (and Russia) have missiles that can hit targets with pin point accuracy and that can’t be shot down. What should that logically tell Lindsey Graham, Bribe’n, Obama, etc., etc.? Yet these Globalist puppets have now placed our American Aircraft Carriers right in the Middle East target zone “as sitting ducks”?? The only likely reason for “making our American boys easy targets” is the Globalists need to begin WWIII “now” (before the election of a man who will “not bring America to war” and “will not endorse the Globalists CBDC’s”)!!!

  62. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg Great Stuff You Tell US TRUTH

  63. Coal Burner

    They will NOT cut rates. Five minutes after they do, Gold will hit 3000 dollars accelerating on a rocket ship to who knows where!

  64. Lisa King

    Attn: all those in need of HEALING
    (van injury, migraines, cancer, depression, anxiety, despair, poverty, lack of friends or love)

    @ 11:00 AM PST (2pm NY) Saturday 20 January 2024

    from Jesus Christ to you and/or your beloved

  65. John Galt

    Quote of the year:

    Heaven has strict immigration laws; Hell has open borders.

  66. Coal Burner

    Right on Greg:
    If Trump sold one thing even ten percent below “his numbers,” yes, the numbers that he is being penalized for using, the whole NYC real estate empire could go tumbling to the ground. That is what the big company’s fear. They fear going flat broke for what these morons are doing, like these same Fat Fanny idiots think it does not affect anyone else. Trump is so important in the Real Estate World these idiots could destroy the whole country if they start the CRASHING cascade of property values. That is going to hurt poor people in unbelievable ways. Oh but that must be what the Democrats want, it is what they voted for!

  67. James Barrett

    I saw a report on MSNBC that Trump only lost that one county by 1 vote.

  68. Thomas 81425

    For a heartbreaking 1hr 10 min movie anout the loss of children from the MRNA shot, go to:

  69. Justn Observer

    Greg, on editing out any Jesus speak by the NFL =
    @ 55:47 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr1wbQTaKzo
    which the commentator nor Laura Ingraham seems to recognize is the fact many ‘influencers’ ie celebrities and high paid sports figured are Masons…
    That said, as we consider HRC and her ‘it takes a village’ …along with her hanging with the stinky robe crew in UK…many of the same…we can only circle back to the earlier days… post RATLINE, at least to the 1970 ish ‘village days of Patrick McGoohan = and his expose’ of those hoping to achieve total control of people, their personalities, and identity= almost as what we’d today call conditioning. Not so unlike the later memes created like THE MATRIX, and those that sit on the high table of JOHN WICK’s adventures.
    What one can see in ‘The Prisoner’ is much like the obscuring of the REAL #1, and why they hate Christians that place HIM/Jesus Christ/and the Holy Spirit above all…which…like the communists…must be erased if ‘they’ are ever to arise to the #1 position of authority in the minds of ‘their’ dumb down sheeple.
    That is why ROMAN…HAD TO co-opt the Christian ideology, and then use ‘their’ CHURCH to ‘ordain’ the European leaders to give them an assemblance of ‘divine’ rule and headship over the regions of the ”’holy”’ Roman Empire. MY TAKE ANYWAY.
    Of course, it appears we have now arrived = are all now being put into ‘their’ village…inside ‘their’ geo-fenced areas of surveillances and control long imagined by such of those that likely are the INTEL, MIC, funded by the STAKEHOLDER WEALTH CLASS that are, as Greg M says…becoming the owners and buyers of everything thru ‘their’ unbacked fiat Central bank system. Once allowed to complete that …’they’ likely will own everything…and the people NOTHING, and those opposed will be eating the scraps and bugs…least those ‘they’ allow to live.
    To, one might remember much of the first of the ‘inter-NET’ …started I believe in UK with a stock symbol of ARMh? Am sure Clif High or others would know the origins of the code writing…and the advance of them. AND of course, there are also companies like ASML, out of the Netherlands who do most of the design and building of the machines used to make the chips made in Taiwan…Nenner might know the details of that much better…which over time that stock has advanced quite nicely…from about $2 in 1995 to $750 ish today. One just can’t ignore such things as the ‘poison’ Apple, the Five-eye INTEL consortium, ‘their’ all seeing/tracking/listening/surveillance I-phones, etc….with now the more recent revelations in Congress of using the banks to gather one’s purchasing/travel/ items data via algos.
    A lot of interlocking NATION STATE computer collaboration but seems much has come from the earliest days from UK and China ( which UK has been cozy with forever, thinking HSBC, as well as the early days of the Jesuits there.

    Way out of my understanding as to who really holds the control over what parts of the inter-NET actually? … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arm_Holdings

    Greg, very fitting that you are promoting FARADAY pouches… Would be interesting to see what widespread use would do to lost ad revenue let alone freaking out those tasked to track and monitor ‘their’ surveillance net?

    As the symbolizm might show…having replaced the Wreath of Casear with a ‘TRI-Crown’ …that they would now use that wreath as a symbol holding the world within on the Flag of the UN, their long intended governing body of the NWO?

  70. Anti-Atomist

    And the angel of the Lord said to her,

    ‘Now you have conceived and shall bear a son; you shall call him Ishmael, for the Lord has given heed to your affliction. He shall be a wild ass of a man, with his hand against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; and he shall live at odds with all his kin.’
    Genesis 16:11-12 (New Revised Standard Version, Anglicized)

    Like Abraham’s children from his Egyptian slave, Hagar, her illegitimate son, Ishmael, and his descendants, the Philistines, the evil, mass murdering, Jew-hating Nazis are descended from Egyptian Pharaohs. They are old partners with the Pharaonic Swiss Nazi European “Huber” nobility of President and J. Edgar “Hoover’s” FBI and the Nazi banker-connected CIA (Cocaine Import Agency) – the same royalist international criminal “Octagon” gang who has been poisoning and undermining the Republican Constitution of Americans since their inception.

    Nimrod is the first Freemason who founded the brutal Assyrian megalithic city, Nineveh, which has the same culture and style of megalithic architecture as ancient Egypt. He is described as the son of Cush, grandson of Ham (the first black man), and great-grandson of Noah; and as “a mighty one in the earth.” Like the story of Oedipus, Nimrod and his mother, Semiramis, also known as Ishtar and Isis, gave birth to a son, Gilgamesh. Nimrod, known in Egypt as Osiris, was the founder of the first world empire at Babel, later known as Babylon (Genesis 10:8-12; 11:1-9). From ancient sources such as the “Epic of Gilgamesh” and records unearthed by archeologists from long-ruined Mesopotamian and Egyptian cities, we can reconstruct subsequent events.

    After God finally struck down Nimrod around 2170BC (“1638 BC,” according to Wikipedia.org, could not be the death year of Nimrod if the Great Flood was in 2348BC and the Exodus was in 1446 BC), Semiramis promoted the BIG LIE that her son Nimrod was a “god” to cover up the stigmas of illegitimacy and incest. When Semiramis AKA Isis bore a son, Horus or Gilgamesh, she declared that she had been visited by the spirit of her son, Nimrod, who left her pregnant with the boy. Horus, she maintained, was Nimrod reincarnated, not a bastard from incest. With a father, mother, and son/brother deified, a deceptive, perverted trinity of Egyptian “royalty” was formed.


    This explains the true origins of the Freemasons, the myths of Sumerians and Egyptians (who simply migrated north into Europe from Egypt), and the deceptive Knight Templars, whose Templar cross represents an Egyptian pyramid, like the Nazi swastika. If you kick in the four legs of the Nazi swastika 45 degrees, you’ll finally SEE the overhead outline of an Egyptian pyramid :: Or, do you NOT SEE?!?! The “Poor” Templars, who found “The Book of Goitia” under Solomon’s Temple, had an unusual rule: “No women allowed!”

    According to “SwiSSy’s Alien Covenant” YouTube video link below by Dr. Sean Hross [derived from “Horus,” according to him], look at “The Pink Swastika” for an explanation the “pink list killers” of this global, Satanic, homosexual mafia that became known as “top Nazis.” The modern, digital, Big Tech, fascist, pyramid-scheme, neo-Nazi mass poisoners aren’t going to tell you the truth about SYNTHETIC VENOM BIOWEAPONS or Nazis because they corruptly serve the father of lies – the devil – also known as the Egyptian snake god idol, “Sata.”

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q_V__0blG8 :[SwiSSy’s Alien Covenant]:

    Tell them that this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Cursed is the one who does not obey the terms of this covenant — the terms I commanded your ancestors when I brought them out of Egypt, out of the iron-smelting furnace.’
    Jeremiah 11:3-4 (NIV)

    Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and I am here. I came not of my own accord, but he sent me. 43 Why do you not understand what I say? It is because you cannot bear to hear my word. 44 You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 But because I tell the truth, you do not believe me.
    John 8:42-45 (ESV)

  71. cheryl

    Jan 16 2024 Substack article by Jon Fleetwood ” Ebola vaccine That ‘Sheds’ Onto/Infects Others 31% of the Time Given to Colorado healthcare Workers Just Down the Road from new Ebola Bat Lab” They injected paramedics, nurses, and doctors at Denver Health with another weakened Ebola virus shot. WHY and what on earth do you think could happen. Page 11 of the FDA package insert noted in the article talks about shedding. Jon Fleetwood also references another Bill Gates article within the above mentioned .Same shots given in Africa now given to all those STUPID healthcare workers. Please read the articles if you can.

  72. cheryl

    Alex jones interviewed Dr Richard Barlett and Jon Fleetwood during a 1/19/2024 Infowars segment about the Ebola shots given to healthcare workers at Denver Health. Interesting discussion.

    • Katy Bar

      Yes Cheryl – the Globalists have unleashed their next more deadly bio-weapon upon the American people (who have now been immune compromised and weakened by their first Covid bio-weapon attack) to put us permanently in the grave (where we will be made to vote Demonratic in every election into the future)!!!

  73. The South

    Greg and everyone must see this : Militia CONVOY going to border!!!!


  74. Dave Musso

    Aloha! Greg, I depended on Gonzalo Lira for reliable information about the War in Ukraine. i loved him like a brother, only a true journalist. like yourself, could recognize his tiny footprint of truth against the lying U.S. media. My former best friend, a Mizzou graduate of their famous J- school, was arguing with me that journalists like Gonzalo Lira has only a few “followers” compared to NY’s famous MARK LEVIN, and I basically responded by saying ” that Mark Levin was nothing but Mizzou football cheerleader for a total losing NATO and WEF and old George H. Bush’s favorite cause, a New One World Order he so eloquently blasted to at U.N. meetings! Levin is paid Hawk!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you got it right all the way around. Today’s “journalists” are really woke-tard pushers of propaganda. They are not fair arbiters of the truth. Lira was murdered for telling the truth. You can go tell your friend to go F-0Himself from me and I worked at 5 TV stations and two networks (ABC and CNN) as an investigative correspondent. I did not have my contract renewed at CNN because I reported in July that subprime was going to blow up in May of 2008. It all blew up in September 2008 when Lehman went bankrupt. Thanks for sharing my Brother!!
      Brother Greg

  75. harold cloud

    Trump Rips Haley And DeSantis At Campaign Rally Featuring Tim Scott In Concord, New Hampshire
    Forbes Breaking News 21,271 1 hour ago
    Trump says market up because he’s UP! True peace & Security incoming!

  76. Marie Joy

    My cousin’s daughter was a passenger in a car when her companion realized she wasn’t contributing to the conversation. He brought her to a nearby hospital where they determined she’d had a stroke. They took her off life support last night. Her name was Margaret.

  77. Marie Joy

    Come together, off the internet.

  78. Skip ONeill

    Wondering if the WHO and US gov’t will restrict social security if you don’t bow down and take the new vaxx

    • Greg Hunter

      Bring it.

  79. Daniel Wilkinson

    Just like last time I will not be vaxed for ANY reason period!

  80. Anna

    Please please please watch Alex Jones report with Dr Bennett re: the Ebola vaccines given to medical staff at Colorado Medical center and the new (?) virus lab that will be using gain of function on infected bats in Colorado Springs. Dr Bennet said the shedding rate of the vaccines was 30% – as stated in the vaccine paperwork. It was a vector based (I think that means mRNA wrapped in snake venom?) DNA altering vaccine. Maybe Karen Kingston or that other Dr Aresis (?) that was talking about snake venom in the vaccines could come back on and talk about it. The vaccines started in Nov 2023..God Bless you Greg 🤗

  81. Justn Observer

    Greg, an older article but interesting? =
    Pfizer’s Strategic Move: $43 Billion Seagen Acquisition Set to Close
    Quiver Quantitative – Tue Dec 12, 2023

    Should You Buy Pfizer Stock?
    The worst of the slowdown looks to be over for Pfizer, and its non-COVID portfolio is growing at a reasonably good pace. Analysts expect its revenues to rise 2% and 5.6%, respectively, in 2024 and 2025, while its earnings per share are expected to rise 48% and 22% in these years.

    Pfizer has completed the acquisition of Seagen, and while the transaction added $31 billion in debt to its balance sheet, Seagen’s cancer treatment portfolio could be a long-term growth driver. PFE also has a good pipeline of new products and, despite the setback, it hasn’t given up on its obesity drug.

    Someone seems to have big interest in building up a cancer treatment portfolio just after the COVID experimental vaxes?

    key points in the above article =
    *Points: -Pfizer agreed to donate royalties from cancer drug Bavencio to address antitrust concerns and secure regulatory approval. -The company will create a new oncology division led by Chris Boshoff, reporting directly to CEO Albert Bourla.
    *The Seagen deal, announced in March, is a testament to Pfizer’s strategy to diversify and strengthen its product portfolio in the face of declining COVID product sales. The completion of this acquisition, which has cleared all regulatory hurdles including the expiration of the antitrust waiting period, demonstrates Pfizer’s commitment to expanding its presence in the oncology sector.


  82. Justn Observer

    Greg, as we know long time LEFTY, Jimmy Dore now eyes wide open and eviscerates the Democrat and Rino establishment =
    White House PANICS over Exposed DARK SECRETS | Jimmy Dore

  83. Kyle Rittenhose

    even the Newage demon-gods despise Clif High

  84. Bonnie Robinson

    Trump said that Nikki Haley is not eligible to run for president because her parents were not U.S. citizens when she was born, and he is right.
    Vivek said his father is not a U.S. citizen, but his mother became one after he was born, not at the time he was born, so he was also ineligible to run as well:
    “That constitutional clause requires that anyone holding the presidency be born a citizen of the United States — either born on US territory or, if born abroad, the child of at least one US citizen.”

  85. J.P.Madoff

    Supreme Court Decision Shakes Up Sentencings of Jan.6 Rioters, Potentially Undoing Charges against Donald Trump
    Story by Mariam A. • 2 hr’s

    Jack Smith Accused of Concealing Evidence, Colluding with Biden Admin
    Story by Claire O’Hare • 23h
    Donald Trump’s lawyers alleged that special counsel Jack Smith concealed evidence of collaboration with the Biden administration in the case concerning Trump’s handling of classified documents.
    They claim that redacted documents from a FOIA request reveal politically motivated efforts by operatives in the Biden administration and the National Archives and Records Administration to push the investigation.
    Trump’s lawyers claimed there are “politically motivated operatives in the Biden administration and the National Archives and Records Administration.”
    The former president’s lawyers said all evidence “should have been disclosed by the [special counsel’s] Office, in unredacted form, at the outset of the case.”
    “The Special Counsel’s Office has disregarded basic discovery obligations and DOJ policies in an effort to support the Biden administration’s egregious efforts to weaponize the criminal justice system in pursuit of an objective that President Biden cannot achieve on the campaign trail: slowing down President Trump’s leading campaign in the 2024 presidential election.” https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/jack-smith-accused-of-concealing-evidence-colluding-with-biden-admin/ar-BB1gXR1C?cvid=d64f347ccbe44bb38db621f57167821c&ei=75

    FACT SHEET: Jack Smith – A Record That Speaks for Itself
    JUNE 23, 2023
    Special Counsel Jack Smith, tapped by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate former President Donald Trump for allegedly wrongfully maintaining classified documents in his residence – a fairly common practice other U.S. Attorneys General have refused to prosecute – has a troubling record of failed, botched, and/or suspect prosecutions against prominent public figures. https://americafirstpolicy.com/issues/fact-sheet-jack-smith-a-record-that-speaks-for-itself

  86. Derek Sinclair

    The Ukrainians have never won a battle against the Russians. The battle of Kiev never took place, the Russians simply withdrew to show good faith after a peace agreement was initialed – and then ruined by the US/UK duo of morons. The other two Ukrainian “wins” came as a result of the Russians withdrawing to tighten their lines while inflicting horrendous casualties on the Ukrainians as they moved into the vacated areas.

  87. Jim Coote

    Did you miss it?
    Bail out media did! Missed the farmers protest in Netherlands.

    NOW German farmers blocked streets with tractors in protest of proposed agricultural tax increase 347K views.
    Thousands of German farmers gathered in Berlin 6 days ago on Monday, to protest against the federal government’s plans to raise taxes on farming operations and to implement “fair prices” for farmers’ products.

    No farmers = no food. Stand with the farmers ❤
    There have been farmers protest in Germany, Canada, France, Netherlands. What do they have in common? Farmers being forced, by their own governments, to sell their land! And we know who will be waiting to buy it up! Bill Gates, China?
    Isn’t it good to see European farmers take a stand? In India the public supported their farmers and their Indian government backed down. We the people have had enough! Of these elites pushing us, the people down!
    Good for you Germany!! We stand behind you because every country has seen fit to allow the rich to get richer on the backs of the taxpayers……AND THAT NEEDS TO STOP, James Diamond!!
    WILL IT STOP, SO HELP US GOD? Prayer changes things, there are no atheists in fox holes, just ask the Russians and Ukrainians and if they had any brains. Theye’d throw down their guns and walk home and spit in the face of any globalist military industrialist that comes to they’re home to get them to sacrifice their life and spit in their money-grubbing faces! Take the $billions upon $billions and make roads like the Belt and road land bridge, China’s building from China to Europe and build one to South America! How bout from Alaska to Russia and connect it to the Belt Road to Europe too! Truckers would be able to drive to Europe and to the tip of South America. Make that the reset. “Let Us Beat Swords into Plowshares.” It’s “man’s desire to put an end to war and convert the means of destruction into creative tools for the benefit of all mankind.”
    Power to the farmers ❤from Ireland 🇮🇪
    You lost me when you said “far-right”… These are common people! And God bless am!
    Way to go farmers! I support you 100%. Thanks for also supporting the freedom convoy Germany ❤ From Comments: SEE MORE & Video Above!
    The French last month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLjToexLzPw
    More Angry German farmers stage country-wide tractor blockade against government https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zux1bHF2Sg
    British people with you GERMANY!

  88. Lettece Win

    Joe Biden the ‘weakest incoming president’ to face re-election!
    Sky News Australia 7,751 views Jan 21, 2024
    The Australian’s Washington Correspondent Adam Creighton has called United States President Joe Biden the “weakest incoming president” to face re-election.
    “I mean, his performance has been abysmal recently,” Mr Creighton told Sky News host James Macpherson.
    “Everyone in the US thinks he’s in sharp mental decline, there’s still high inflation, there’s wars all over the place.
    “I mean he really is the weakest incoming president I think to face re-election, or in the history of the US.
    “So, it’s not a good outlook for Joe Biden.”

    @_wokeweaklingscryoverwords_8 hours ago
    Biden couldn’t drag a beach chair a couple of inches back. That shows how Powerful Biden is.
    @timcomo7390 7 hours ago
    Yes, there is one thing that can stop Trump, the same thing that stopped him last time – voter fraud. The big question is whether the experienced Democrat Party voter fraud machine will be able to overcome Trump’s huge smashing popularity? Can they do the impassable? $64,000?

  89. Colin Seely

    Tucker Carlson Reacts to the German Farmer Protest
    You haven’t heard about 👂👎
    Tucker Carlson Network 185,495 views Jan 10, 2024
    The biggest protests in modern German history. What’s happening? Eva Vlaardingerbroek is there.
    Watch the full video here:

  90. john beasley

    all the immigrant invaders need to be given covid vaccines and X vaccines and booster shots, lots of booster shots.

  91. History Repeats

    Moron Single-Handedly Cripples US Military With Lame Tech & Bioweapon Vaccines

    Microsoft’s Military Empire, Explained (21:32)

    Assessing the fallout from the military’s COVID vaccine mandate (1:53)

    Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit?
    Luke 6:39

  92. Vivian Beckingham

    Mr. Hunter,
    Please get Derek Johnson on as a guest. This is my second letter requesting this on behalf of truth. He is a young US former veteran, who is an expert of Executive orders, Military Codes and Laws and Orders. He knows what Warp-Speed really means and what President Trump did relating to the Vax and what Mike Pence and Anthony Fauci and Governors did not follow his orders a number of times. He tells why Donald Trump is the Commander and Chief, and why Donald John Trump is a War Time President, because of a declared War via National Emergency. Please have him on as a guest. More people need to hear his expertise.

  93. michael burton

    Enjoy life forever
    Have you ever thought about enjoying life forever? It will happen under our savior Christ Jesus in the very near future. This is a promise from his (Jesus), ours, and his father and god almighty Jehovah god. Imagine, if you will, a world of no more wars, no death, plenty of food to eat. Build houses for oneself, not for someone else to occupy. More on this by clicking on this link https://www.jw.org/finder?srcid=jwlshare&wtlocale=E&prefer=lang&pub=lffi

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