Trump Wins & Loses, Biden Impeachment, More Ukraine War

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 601 9.29.23)

President Trump won the Republican debate this week without showing up.  This is according to a Daily Mail poll after the GOP debate that Trump stayed away from.  Meanwhile, Trump’s business license has been revoked in New York by a judge to punish him for fraud BEFORE a case being brought by the NY Attorney General Letitia James.  Trump is appealing that ruling and going to court in New York on the NY fraud case on October 2nd.

Joe Biden is facing impeachment in the House of Representatives.  The Democrat talking point: “There is no evidence.”  Of course, just the opposite is true.  There is plenty of evidence that Biden and many in his family took secret money from foreign sources.  In other words, Joe Biden and family took bribes according to the Republicans on the impeachment committee.  They are also calling what Biden and his family did was treason.  We will see if there will be a conviction and removal from office when this hits the Senate.

Ukrainian soldiers are surrendering by the thousands in Ukraine since the beginning of summer.  10,000 have reportedly turned themselves over to Russian forces rather than being turned into hamburger.  400,000 to 500,000 Ukraine military have been killed in action during the nearly 2-year war.  80,000 reportedly have been killed during the failed so-called “counter-offensive” that started in early June.  The Russians are winning big, and the Lying Legacy Media have been lying to America the entire time.  Ukraine is a NATO disaster, and it should stop ASAP.

There is much more in the 48-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 9.29.23.

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After the Interview: 

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Everything — stocks, bonds, gold, real estate and war look bad in his cycles.  One thing looks good.  Watch the interview to find out what Charles Nenner would buy now.


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  1. RichZ

    “Ukraine is a NATO disaster, and it should stop ASAP.”

    The cover picture is of Marina Abramovic and Jacob Rothschild in front of the 1796 painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence titled “Satan Summoning his Legions.” Is the meaning of the picture lost on you?

    September 24, 2023
    Zelensky Asks Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic to be Ambassador for Ukraine, Help ‘Rebuild Schools’

    • Greg Hunter

      No Rich. It’s obvious I hate War and Satan.

      • Anthony Australia

        Judgement day is coming Greg! Imagine depicting a Politician like this.

        Bucktown Halloween display in New Orleans leaves residents fuming over display feature a headless Jesus and tombstone reading ‘Hillary’s emails’

      • Linda

        Surely RichZ was jesting….
        Greg, you’re most certainly anti War & Satan. I love being part of the choir.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Sister Linda!!
          Brother Greg

          • Curtis

            You’re the best. Awesome Greg; I always love the truth and Christian perspective. No video yet here in China.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Curtis!
              Hope you got it now.

        • will rodgers

          It is only getting worse. Iran attacked our naval fleet. We responded by blowing up one of their attacking missile cruisers. May be dtart of WWIII. Now that yhe world knows POTUS has been taken out of the race. Every enemy of the US will attack from the outside, and from within our borders. Biden let in about 15 million illegals
          Plenty enough to form a dozen or more CCP regiments. And twice as many muslim terrorists.
          As potus Trimp said this is the end of America.Russia will join Iran against israel, as predicted iln Ez.38 Dan. 11:5-35 and Revelations

      • Tim Zamperini


        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Tim! Blessings from Jesus in return to you and yours!!

      • Mike

        I love your show Greg. I feel the same that you do. As a Vietnam Vet I fought in VietNam as a Marine.
        Another waste for the common man. This war in Ukraine is horrible. USA has become a disgrace to the world. I hope zero young people ever join to fight for this godless country.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank You for your service, Mike and your comment!!

        • Gaylord

          Glad you survived brother! You speak the Truth. Hope you are saved and serving The One who said He is The Way, The Truth and The Life!

  2. Harry

    Ukrainian soldiers are surrendering by the thousands – yet Biden and the warmongering neocons in the US Military are calling for a Draft to extend this war for 10 more years – what can ordinary American kids do about it?? – they could call themselves Queer/Transgenders (but I think the coming Draft will apply to all sexes) – they could claim religious reasons for not wanting to help the NAZI’s – but in the end – it may turn out that they will have only one option – do what the Ukrainian’s are doing – and simply surrender and apply for Russian citizenship!!

    • Ray

      Great post Harry….thank you.
      Sadly, it seems that the US government, and in turn its’ economy, is reliant upon continual war being waged around the world for its’ continued existence.
      That is to say, if world peace were to be somehow achieved, the edifice of the US economy would crumble.
      It’s a shame…….
      Not just for the great people of the USA, but for the innocent people who suffer globally, in the millions, on behalf of what James Howard Kunstler calls “The Blob”.
      No running away from the fact that Australia is well and truly a part of “The Blob”, that’s for sure and certain.
      We will get our comeuppance.
      Yet, that is why we gather here at this place…….to remain informed of what is going on, so that we might eventually find a way to put a stop to it……once and for all.
      Have a splendid weekend mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

      • sam

        ” so that we might eventually find a way to put a stop to it……once and for all.”……..WE?….Yeah right……The only thing “WE” are going to do down under is Watch while the American People put a stop to this….and you ain’t included in American Affairs…like it or not

        • Ray

          You’re a vile, bitter bastard “sam”.
          Greg…..I’m so disappointed that you would allow that comment from this imbecile to get through to your audience.
          I will not be lambasted by someone who has the intelligence of a cumquat, the manners of a pig and the spelling prowess of a 5 year old.
          When I use the word “we”, I am speaking of Humanity coming together to fix our common problems.
          This goat, with his grubby comment, proves that he thinks everything turns around the US, and no one else should have a say in how things can be turned around.
          The name of this place is Planet Earth “sam”…….not Planet America.
          The people who want “Planet America” are the problem……so as I have said to you in the past, “We’re looking for wood…..pull your head in”
          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

    • RichZ


      It’s going to be a long war, it will last 27 years.

      September 19, 2023
      Milley & Stoltenberg Agree: ‘We Must Prepare Ourselves For A Long War In Ukraine’

      Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-77
      The third antichrist soon annihilated,
      Twenty-seven years of blood will his war last,
      The heretics dead, captives exiled,
      Blood, human corpses, water, red hail covering the Earth,

    • BDS

      The new guests who crossed the border of USA can join the military and once enlistment is up they become US citizens. That is a current military policy!

      • Dan

        So that’s why most of the people I see crossing the border are young military age men!!

    • Dan Knight

      Come on, man … how’s Brandon goin’ to pay for his cocaine and his child sex workers if he doesn’t have billions of dollars goin’ to war! Not to mention slaughtering hundreds of men a day! There’s no fun and profit in peacetime. Plus the bankers need bonds and interest to keep their zombie banks alive. And what’s really delicious …

      … when the enemy (oops, I mean the Americans) complain …

      Brandon and all his trans-men can blame losing the war on the Americans for being racists and bigots. It’s a win, win, win, win …

      /sarc off …

      God save us from these warmongering lunatics …

  3. IVAN

    BREAKING! Ukraine SURRENDERING by the thousands, NATO desperate to keep war going | Redacted

  4. PersonaNonGrata

    WNW601 not up yet.

    Meanwhile members of Austria’s largest political party walk out in protest during start of video address by Zelenskyy. Naturally, the LLM is labelling them ‘Far Right’. Usual MO, if TPTB can’t defeat the argument, they resort to name calling. BRAVO! to all those parliamentarians who protested for peace.

  5. RichZ

    I wonder how many shots and boosters he took…

    BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — The award-winning U.S. guitarist Al Di Meola suffered a heart attack during a performance in Romania’s capital but is currently in a stable condition and receiving treatment, a hospital spokesperson said on Thursday.

    Di Meola, 69, began playing a concert at a venue in Bucharest at 9 p.m. on Wednesday night.

    Dragos Cristescu, a photographer who attended the concert, told The Associated Press that he saw Di Meola clasp his chest during the performance and that the guitarist struggled to walk off stage. The other two members of Di Meola’s trio continued to play for several minutes until they announced the show would be cut short.

    In a statement, the Bagdasar-Arseni emergency hospital said Di Meola was admitted to a cardiology ward where he is being treated for a segment elevation myocardial infarction, or STEMI.

  6. Mark

    6:37 in Canada and no video yet….

  7. sam

    5:44 am… ….I am starting to “Jones” out because of no video yet…..I feel left out of the loop

  8. Roger Stamper

    will america like the fall of the of the roman empire ?? tks greg

    • Ray

      Great to see you comment mate.
      I think the parallels between the Roman Empire and US Empire are very much congruent.
      To be sure……the current empire has MANY more tools at its’ disposal to hide the extent of the decay, yet the decay exists none-the-less.
      As a wise person once said, “You can’t hide a fart in a bath tub”.
      To a great extent, that is true………
      Of course, one can make a desperate attempt to quickly evacuate the water from the bath tub…… prevent the fart from ever breaching the meniscus of the water.
      That would be analogous to the course of global depopulation we are seeing via the bio-weapon vax methinks, and one could argue that that is what we are seeing around our world today.
      Take care Roger……keep commenting please mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

  9. John Sutton

    I am a big fan of yours. Love the Friday Weekly Wrap up and your Wednesday and Saturday night guests. I tried to order some ivermectin on the website. They now only take bitcoin. They do not take any credit cards….is there another website that sells ivermectin over the counter and take payment with a credit card. Thanks…..JS

    • Southern Girl

      I have ordered Ivermectin three times through this company. You get 100 tablets of 12 mg. of Ivermectin. The pills cost .80 so that equals $80.00 but you have to pay $30.00 for shipping. They come in about 2 weeks. They are shipped from Singapore. is the site and you can use your credit card.

      • Ray

        Thanks for the link Southern Girl 😎
        Much appreciated.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

  10. Jeff

    No link

    • Greg Hunter

      I just posted it at 10:25 am Eastern time. I was really late in getting this uploaded. Had tech problems in the upload. So sorry.

    • Lynda

      Jeff, I think the link is: BUY IVERMECTIN FOR HUMANS dot COM, but without any spaces. (She missed the ‘N’ in humans when she wrote it out on her last line.)

  11. PersonaNonGrata

    Dangerous times. Read the whole article . . .
    ‘Glenn Greenwald Weighs in on Russell Brand and the ‘War on Rumble’
    On a recent episode of his “System Update” podcast, journalist Glenn Greenwald argued the politicized attack on Russell Brand is being used to attack the Rumble platform and free speech.’

  12. Cammi

    Is there a problem with video upload? I don’t see it yet.
    Have a good morning everyone!

    • Greg Hunter

      I just posted it. OK now.

      • Tom C.

        Greg, thanks so much for the great job you continue to do. It is more appreciated than you will ever know.

        God bless us all.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks, Tom, for your very kind words of appreciation!!

  13. John Pick

    It is 7:31 a.m. . I hope and pray that Greg and his family are ok ?

  14. Dale W

    Greg, every Friday I check my email box for your news. Today I had to search you out to find this article. Going to Rumble, the last article listed was Bo Polny from 11 days ago. Are you being screened?

  15. Galaxy 500

    Leticible James is Damn EVIL. And she is so confident that We the People will stay asleep and ignore the IN YOUR FACE CRIMES of the Demoncrats.
    Resist by not giving these evil Corporations and States. Dont go to Disney. Don’t buy Trans-Heizer Busch products. Don’t shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods…
    You get the idea… Buy from smaller businesses that support your values instead of these giants that hate you, that hate God and want to prey upon your children dor their preverted ideas of pleasure.
    And Vote… Vote against RINOs and Demoncrats.
    Write in Trump if you have to.
    What they are doing is illegal. And yet the so called Republicans sit silently.
    We know the entire Biden Family, the Clintons and their illegal non charity “charity”, etc are criminals. And demonstrably so. Not a guess, not conjecture… Demonstrable… fact based
    Food, water, shelter, protection, medicne, communication
    As Greg says, “update your equipment” and pay down your debt. Budget. Cut your expenses. Even $10-$20 of can food squirreled away every week will make a big difference going ahead.
    These Principalities of Power and High Minions of Satan will not go away quietly. They will try to break us.
    God bless you and yours Greg! Stay safe and stay strapped. Evil will try to come against you when you least expect it

  16. Rolly Knuckles

    in a birthplace of the American Revolution, the rabble have robbed dry the government liquor stores; all of them have now been shuttered.

    these criminals go by the law of the jungle–they already live MadMax. They know better than a suburbanite devotee of Bill Holter. Learn the significance of what they did.

    This is a sign of the times–it speaks to the thirst during times of social strife and economic scarcity, let alone the space alien gods worshipped by the Clif High cult.

    — if Clif’s aliens arrive, or whatever they are fact or demon or psyop, likely two to three ounces is adequate to quiet the nerves of your normie neighbors so they don’t collapse or attack you due to horrific anxiety? In such circumstances as we are facing, small doses of liquor is psychiatric medicine. Give an ounce and have them read Luke chapter 1 . . . just like in the days of Judge Roy Bean.

    1 Timothy 5:23

  17. meshpal

    When your late posting, I worry about you. Just stay popular and the thinking is that it would be too awkward for something bad to happen to you. For example, I am not sure what happened to Christian Westbrook of the Ice Age Farmer, he just disappeared. He focused on one of the deep state’s, key bedrock plans of food scarcity. But he was not yet that popular. I have no information, but I fear something bad happened to him. Just see for yourself, his last posting was Nov. 2022. Please stay safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am OK. No worries.

      • Linda

        Yeah, we were on the edge of our seats.

    • Kathy

      I wondered what happened to him too. I used to follow his Telegram channel

  18. Stan

    How are y’all doing? I’ve been making so much money on my Gold short positions that I haven’t had much time to post here.

    • rwmctrofholz

      Specifically, what mechanism are you using to short gold?

      • Dan

        Whatever the mechanism, Stan is selling real money (Gold) for fiat paper US Dollars (that will be worthless about a year from now). He is playing Monopoly and does not realize that when the game ends – all the worthless Monopoly money he collected “won’t buy houses anymore”!!

    • sam

      Aren’t You the “ROCK STAR”!……..why?….. Always Believe the Braggarts……why?…. because “You” would NEVER LIE….woodja?

    • sam

      ” on my Gold short positions “………….Genius’s and paper money……haha…..try running with the “Big Dogs”……and….accumulate Ag (Physical) not Paper!

  19. Jeff

    It is interesting that Russia is having nationwide nuclear drills on October 3 and FEMA is doing their national emergency broadcast in the US on October 4. No coincidences.

  20. Strike Eagle

    Greg no email notification today … thanks for all you do! May God bless you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry I was really late getting this out. everything up and sent out now.

  21. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a fascinating encapsulation of the reality of the past week.
    Here in the UK our democracy is a sham ,corruption and offshore influence via money and blackmail is endemic. Our bureaucracy and secret services and security services have been deeply infiltrated,so much so that arms which are illegal here in the UK are flooding our country aided primarily by the European Union. Many of those arms were originally supplied to the Ukraine. So tax payers here are now being compromised by having taxes given to a country we plebs had no vote to say we would arm and now those arms are on our streets to kill us plebs. During all of this of course our economy is truly awful !!! Dreadful barely describes our living conditions for us plebs on the street. The security services are nothing more than the STASI and our MSM are just liars incorporated which we HAVE to pay for with judicial guns stuck up our noses. The anger among the plebs is palpable and when the plebs come together revolution will not be far behind, we plebs need to come together now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please keep telling us what you see in the UK here on USAW. Thanks for the street level reporting!!

    • Kalz

      Maria: I always watch for your posts telling about the conditions in the UK. Your comments are penetrating and informative. Thank you. Us plebs in other countries know what you’re talking about. Here in Canada, our disgraceful government has no concern for those it was formed to protect.

  22. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, I doubt that Russian offer is true. The regions that Russia occupies have all had referendums and voted to be part of Russia. That was ratified by the Russian parliament and they are now part of Russia proper and legally can’t be given away. And I doubt the Russians would lose 50,000 men (the rough total so far) and then give away what they died for.

  23. Greg D.

    Speaking of there is no evidence…..
    I have been following up on the years long investigation of the Nazca mummies of peru.
    There is literally DNA sequencinig, X rays, numerous medical and forensic tests from an international team of universities and doctors. I also asked my (friends in high places(highest authority in the world]] about these bodies and both friends said it seems most likely there are real. I think this is one of the biggest stories in years… I mean, real alien bodies examined for years… and presented in front of the Mexican Congress under oath!
    youtube video is in Spanish but
    Let me know if you ever want to talk.
    Greg D.

  24. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg, i never miss the wrap up. I think we’re watching a psychological event unfolding for the history books- some kind of mass hysteria. Think Salem witch burning on a world scale. Our leaders think it’s political death to admit they were wrong or made a mistake. There are a number of examples where some lie keeps going and eventually two lies collide or it meets up with reality. The Nazi guy getting applause in Canada?- the political class are all about messaging. How could no one ask the question before hand? If we can’t define what a woman is- how does that one end? Remember, “we need to protect the vaxed from the unvaxed”. We guaranteed no NATO expansion in Eastern Europe in the 90’s. Reality is like the pavement waiting for the fall.—-its a bit of here say, but Rome’s senators were debating if angels were male or female while the ‘barbarians’ were burning things down and coming in from the north. The recipe for concrete was lost for nearly a thousand years. Today, we debate what is male and female and the ‘barbarians’ are coming in from the south. If they are a pawn army, what happens if there is a food shortage, or get turned out in the streets? There will be some NGO handing out matches.

  25. Richard Gould

    Richard, This is Greg Hunter and I am asking you NOT to put JW doctrine on USAW. Please respect my wishes.

  26. Jeffrobbins

    My catfish are going nicely. I was a little concerned about slow growth, but the last couple months have been good. They are hand fed each evening. At 15 months old they are a fat 8-11 inches. I’m just not sure about the mortality rate- we started with 300. My big goal is that as many as possible make it to about 4 years old and we get reproduction- i only need one breeding pair. Also, i think i saw one eat a small goldfish, looked like it got in the way of a pellet. Not sure how big the cats are before they actively eat the goldfish. Currently I’m thinking about daphnia- very interesting little critters. I was even wondering if daphnia would be good for chickens. Think about the business of that? They reproduce every 4-6 days, eat algae or maybe yeast and grow in fresh water. Could i grow them in grey water? They are found around the world in back waters and streams. I don’t understand why our ‘scientists’ aren’t looking into these things- zooplankton. Some unconventional food production ideas might be the things that feed the world or the animals that feed the world.

  27. Susan R

    I am aware because of you, not afraid. I have an overabundance of awareness and try to share it but there is a lot of resistance from mainstream ideologists. One brother who lives in a very leftist city where I will soon be visiting for a family funeral, is unapproachable. Bought, lock, stock and barrel and doomed because of it. Any word that is red-flagged is where I cannot go beyond. My other brother is opposite that, thank God, but he knows too where the boundaries are with his brother. It is totally disheartening to know the disillusionment that so many are under and the awakening that will come to them as a heart stopping moment.

  28. stephen

    A reporter shouted out a question to Biden about the possible impeachment. Biden laughed and said good luck to them. It made my blood boil.

  29. Mark


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Patriot Mark!

  30. Kenneth

    Arizona doesn’t have a Lt. Governor, the succession should be
    1. Secretary of State
    2. Attorney General
    3. Secretary of Treasury
    Question is why were either the SoS or the AG not tagged before the SoT.

  31. Scott


    Please stop complaining to Greg about video link being delayed or not working on your end….it’s seriously annoying.

    Greg does a fantastic job and your comments related to it makes you sound ungrateful for his efforts. I am quite sure that Greg goes back in and tests to make sure the link works, etc. If the link is not working on your end, then try to solution for it before using the forum to complain about it….

    • sam

      What is “seriously annoying” is you crying because you want people to “think” like You do……… the comments….are NOT COMPLAINING because people are ANXIOUS to Hear From Mr. Greg Hunter. comments are of CONCERN….you expect people to “Think” like you is just as ridiculous as thinking the “big farmer” wants to eat us.

    • JayJay

      Thanks, Scott. I come here to learn new tidbits not on internet sites I read daily.
      Sometimes, I do, sometimes, I don’t.
      One site I read has the october 4th may be an alien invasion given by holograms. I know about them but nice to be reminded every now and then.

  32. John Geis

    . Navy Adm. Charles Richard, who as head of U.S. Strategic Command is in charge of nuclear warfighting plans, says Minuteman is so old that Air Force technicians have had to perform magic to keep it fully functional while coping with severely limited spares for components such as missile launch switches.
    Greg, I hope you will discuss with Charles the odds of nuclear war with Russia this November and with China. It is clear that we will lose very badly in a war with China and Russia. Mutual Assured Destruction no longer applies. Only our destruction is assured. Could you interview someone like Retired Col. MacGreggor about the actual status of America’s nuclear and conventional defense?
    God Bless your efforts

    • Justn Observer

      John Geis, I think the meme there was to be a nuclear discharge in the Atlantic trench off the coast that would swamp NYC and D.C.? The fold the dollar and see the wave crashing in between the building thing? and then there was the nuclear bomb over Georgia or SC , Sen. Graham thing about the time Obama was culling, Generals and Admirals, whateve that ended up being about other than making room for other more compliant ones to be put in place, like some cross-dressers and X-NATO command guys willing to be/do what we now see as rather common, strange things that appear at least weaken the U.S. resolve, and readiness.? We do need to also remember on 9-11 it was a non-U.S. officer in charge at NORAD tracking the plane switch thing going on….But what do I know, I was not there…and all such that came out….like now with the Hawaii burn down, CON-SPIRICY theory stuff – right?

  33. Hubbs

    Greg, The reality is that we now have a majority of people who are dependent on government handouts, payouts, whether through money that they may have paid into the system to Social Security and Medicare, or or not. More than half of the population is dependent on transfer payments. So I am afraid there is no longer a majority of productive people out there. People now are voting for a living, and are willing to look the other way to corruption and voter fraud. It all boils down to self-interest preservation .

    • Greg Hunter

      This is going to change dramatically. Get ready and stay ready.

  34. The Seer

    Please be sure to keep the Carryion far enough away from you so you are not breathing in the ozone that long term is bad for the esophagus. Especially keep far enough away from your bed. If you smell it you are too close.

    • Greg Hunter

      Weston Warren say put it up as High as you can. The higher in the room the better. There is very little “ozone” coming out of the CarryiOn by the way. The main thing is the bi-polar technology.

      • Virginia (Ginger ) Tippins

        Hi Greg,
        Love your weekly wraps.
        You are so brave! We were being brainwashed by the lying media.
        I lived in NJ at the shore during WW2; Nazis infiltrated the US; via unterderseeboots and easily many other ways ; they took over corporations, medical, pharmaceuticals. Youth groups met with these demons in local
        lakes, parks – in the open. The lake across from my sister’s house in Blomingdale was called German Lake. My kids found helmuts, utensils, plates other detritus garbage.
        Noone admitted we didn’t win the war.
        I have stories, I am 84.

  35. Dave Scrimshaw

    I think the bank needs to be taken to Jesus.

  36. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg. Always look forward to your wrap-ups.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Diana.

  37. PersonaNonGrata

    Global Research:
    ‘Shocking: UK Government Admits COVID Vaccinated Children Are 4423% More Likely to Die of Any Cause & 13,633% More Likely to Die of COVID-19 Than Unvaccinated Children’

  38. Ebert Beeman

    I bought the Carry Ion. I sleep much better now

    • Greg Hunter

      Lots of people say the same thing.

  39. Led Skeletor

    Biden must get Bidengate dropped ASAP.
    I’m expecting Biden to resign the office any hour now.

    If Biden lets this drag too much further it will hurt all Socialist-Progressive Democrat chances in the upcoming elections.

    I can’t imagine the thousands of calls BIDEN must be getting daily from fellow Socialist-Progressives already in office,
    the calls from his multi-national war machine CEOs (most of those CEOs must be ready to go JFK on his ass),
    calls from the MSM (who just want a black woman as the first president so they can run their ‘canned’ 30 minute TV specials that only a few people will bother to watch), and calls from our so called allies that want to destroy the west and need a YES MAN President.
    If BIDEN don’t resign soon he will set their anti-human agenda back four more years, delaying their 2030 “carbon tax cattle” and “you will own nothing” plans.

    Or that big dummy BIDEN will be tried and convicted refusing to vacate the office, and still win the upcoming election – this time with 200 million votes.

    • Dan

      We became a Banana Republic “when the Deep State shot JFK in 1963” – the only logical way to truly change our Banana Republic Government “Back to a Constitutional Republic” (is not through fraudulent elections) – but by a Counter-Coup that physically takes out the Deep State leadership – who are in league with Evil Globalist Eugenicists intent on Exterminating Humanity by every means possible using Plagues, Wars and Famines to achieve their 2030 Goals!

  40. Victor

    Very nice black and white stripe shirt, with a black tie. Classic. An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance. Perception is 9/10ths of reality. An example of how to look sharp enough to get accepted for a bank loan. Great news summary also….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Victor!!

  41. Shirl

    Excellent wrap-up Greg!!!

    Black Swan indicators are everywhere and one of them is due to take a dump…

    Stand up speak out Take Action and Pray Up.

  42. Dudding Richard

    RE Arizona GOP governor for a day. Katie Hobbs and othertop elected? Dems all left the state. Coinciding with Biden tip to Arizona. You tell me why. GOP Treasurer was third on the list of replacements.

    • JayJay

      Because the others were at the witch coven with the main witch.

  43. DavidM

    I have just read that Dianne Feinstein died at the ripe old age of 90. It may sound crass, but one swallow does not make a summer. Bo Polny mentioned in your last interview that people of this government / enemies of G-d would start dying off, but in my opinion they can´t die off fast enough. One only has to look at what happened to Trump in the New York court this week to realise that justice has just flown out the window (in the opinion of the judge Trump should not have been given a loan because he inflated the worth of his real estate? … aren´t employees of banks who gave him the loan paid to make this assesment? .. is any real estate agent now subject to prosecution because of the value they set on appartments and housing they wish to sell? … ). If one has ever read jewish literature concerning Sodom and Gomorah, one has to realise that it was not just fetishes with unusual flesh which led to their downfall (this was just the final symptom of a damned society), it was because there was no justice to be found in these cities, or the justice that was exercised by judges and justices in these cities was to turn the victim into the criminal and to enrich the established aristocracy.
    I do not speak for the Lord, and I hope the Lord has mercy on my soul, but quite frankly the members of congress and the blood satiated leeches they enable cannot die off fast enough. I pray for the return of Jesus, that I may know my sins and that I may be delivered from sinning again.

    • Harry

      Pocahontas is only 74 – so unless we get off our ass and “Impose Term Limits on Congress” the American People are in for many more decades of suffering at their greedy hands!! –
      Remember the more time we give to these greedy opportunists to remain in office “the easier it is for them to game the system and amass huge fortunes” (i.e. Biden, Hillary, etc., etc.)!!

  44. Frank S..

    Since RFK Jr. will soon announce he’s going to run for President as an Independent, this will shave at least 20% off Biden’s vote total, and hand the win to President Trump (providing, of course, all 3 survive long enough to make it past election day).

    • sam

      “providing, of course, all 3 survive long enough to make it past election day”…..Wait a Minute here!……RFK and biden……will have/have the SAME Protection the JFK had….look what happened to him…………President Donald Trump has Protection the you can’t even begin to Fathom…

  45. Rachel.M.

    Looking forward to Nenner. Stay safe 😊

  46. Paula D.


    Have you heard of Dick Allgire of He is also a former newsman, who worked in Hawaii as a newscaster. He and his group have done a lot of remote viewing targets on near future events and I think you might find him an interesting person to interview.

    • Catherine Cronin

      Paula I am so glad you brought that up. Clif high was with him and Crispin Miller Substack’s IS SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES And Bo Polny also said an apocalyptic event would happen around Yom
      Kippur. The link here will be worth watching :

    • Ned Jeffers

      Dick Algire once did an interview with Bo Polny and acted like it was a real chore to sit tolerably because Bo kept talking about the Bible and God.

      Dick Algire is like Clif High. Sure, they can have lots of information, just like the young woman in the book of Acts who was possessed and could predict the future. Acts 16:

      16 Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a female slave who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling. 17 She followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.” 18 She kept this up for many days. Finally Paul became so annoyed that he turned around and said to the spirit, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!” At that moment the spirit left her.

      19 When her owners realized that their hope of making money was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to face the authorities.

      • CatherineCronin

        NED, do you think it’s all hype and fake? could be…sounds impossible and kind of silly with the zombi apocalypse . Thanks for the info. I never heard of Algire but I think Cliff high is a little crazy. In any event, it’s something that could happen God forbid. the people creating our world currently seem capable of anything.

  47. stanley skrzypek

    Smile for the week from Mr.Greg Hunter….
    MORON and CORRUPT, Neal Cavuto….
    The “way” you said it!…priceles

  48. Ned Jeffers

    was in a Starbucks today and overheard a group of homosexuals discussing how much they adore Clif High for everything he is doing to attack the Bible because the Bible says that their lifestyle is an abomination. Clif High is hero of the sodomites.

    all you here begging for USAWD to host Clif High, you are enemies of the Church.

  49. sam

    You are RIGHT, Mr.Hunter…..the Western Scientific machine WORKS…..BETTER then advertised….it made my wife Healthy again!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Sam, for sharing your experience.

  50. Lyle Christensen

    With the Ukraine proxy war and NATO absence and UN so-called peacekeeper charter absence I think it is clear to understand what Ike warned about the ‘Industrial Military Complex’ 63 years ago as he was leaving office.

  51. Marie Joy

    Dianne Feinstein is, officially, dead at 90 yo.
    There are rumors of an American draft, male and female. That should be interesting.
    Dominon. 2000 Mules, Traitors.
    Please, get involved in the voting process.
    At what point, America?
    We, all, need to be in better shape for what’s coming.
    Whether our military is composed of new, Latin Americans or us, our American military will be a meat grinder. The next war Americans fight will be a slaughter and those in tutus will, likely, go first.
    Jail for traitors is not enough.
    The 2020 election was a coup.
    Was Katie Hobbs vaxxed? How many times?

  52. Justn Observer

    Greg, yes, can see your dilemma, so much to report, where do you start! lol
    Am sure that is the way ‘they’ like it = overwhelming chaos = confusion, lack of focus, fear, and the gemeral normies will soon cry for ‘their’ assistance to stop what ‘they’ created.
    Glad you are well !

    As to the problem with the spike protein situation…found this…and hope to get a review of these protocols from say, Kory or Eads? =

    AS to looking thru the VENETIAN blinds they pull to hide behind…some may like to consider SOME of the info and tags found herein for some clues…
    also…. SEEMS, many do not know who set up the BIS…which is theEURO-based SWIFT-private Central bank system set up to facilitate international payment transfers with the help of the U.S. and other G ‘X MANY gov’s and regional Central bankers.which seems to have morphed in a wider, more UN world ‘equity’ pay to play to balance the Gini index and dirigisine..plans leading to a more fair….one world one religion attempt at world domination of the upper connected class , elites and crony political minions over the ‘deplorable’, ruled class ‘they’ deem unfit for ‘self rule’ or more personally directed thoughts of how to live ones God given life on earth. ya know, rules for thee but not for me type. -So as to the BIS, maybe start with a link to CIA Director Richard Helms grandfather?=
    to gather some other names and branch you search outward?
    So, it is time everyone stops BLAMING the U.S. as it is the stakeholders (the ESG PUSHERS) of the private banking cabal that are running the whole FONDI…jointly…and all the participants are ‘IN ON IT’ together as ‘they’ WORK together, as Greg Mannarino has pointed at for years. a brief history devoid of who ‘the stakeholders across the globe of the private banking cabal are…but…YES, this seems a big part of ‘the club’ the lowly working middle class is not part of except for being the slups that get little of the gains from their 401k IF they are lucky? enough to have any, But like the taxpayers get ALL the downside debt burden when things wain….as they will – AGAIN….at the ‘re-set’ … = per this article =
    ‘According to the BIS itself, the main purpose of the Bank is to “to promote the cooperation of central banks and to provide additional facilities for international financial operations” and “act as trustee or agent in regard to international financial settlements entrusted to it under agreements of the parties concern.”[1] This means that the BIS is to have the central banks work with one another to facilitate international operations and to oversee any international financial settlements.

    The Bank has a Board of Directors, which “may have up to 21 members, including six ex officio directors, comprising the central bank Governors of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each ex officio member may appoint another member of the same nationality. Nine Governors of other member central banks may be elected to the Board.”[2] BIS also has a management wing in the form of a General and Deputy General Manager, both of whom are responsible to the board and supported by Executive, Finance, and Compliance and Operational Risk Committees.[3]
    However, its purpose has changed and evolved over the decades; it has always been a club for central bankers, yet in many ways it can aid some countries more than others.

    The origins of the BIS lie in the United States, specifically New York City. The individuals involved were international bankers who, despite past differences, “worked together to establish a world financial order that would incorporate the federal principle of the American central banking system.”[4] Specifically among them were people such as “Owen D. Young, J. Pierpont Morgan, Thomas W. Lamont, S. Parker Gilbert, Gates W. McGarrah, and Jackson Reynolds, who, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, sought to extend the principle of central bank cooperation to the international sphere.”[5]

    Before delving any further into the creation of the Bank, it is necessary to examine some of the more notable of these individuals to better understand why they would be involved in the creation of an international bank.

    What should also be of interest is that the ‘STEERING COMMITTEE’ of the BILDERBERG GROUP resides within the U.S. MIC intel community as well, which was in those prior comments on the milieu of changing names of the covert names of the MIC Eisenhower warned of…

    One does wonder if JACKIE KENNEDY did know who killed JFK when she said’ ””THEY”” killed JACK !…. not WHO KILLED JACK?.

    Was it because he was deciding to pull out of Vietnam, ‘their’ next planned war like Ukraine? or just PAYBACK for not following thru with air support for the CUBA thing? OR maybe they were NOT happy that he was moving toward MORE issuance of PM – ie Silver dollars which might undermine ‘their’ plans to GO OFF the GOLD/PM STANDARD and toward the PETRO dollar?
    What is clear by the last speeches was that JFK was AWARE of the secret societies…and he had, like Trump, PLANS to circumvent. their un-authorized covert ops ‘they’ got used to via OSS -CIA – and Gladio programs which included getting/being in bed with the world mafias, and terrorist orgs and drug runners of the world since the days of the Russell-Delano China shipping opium war days…
    ‘Warren Delano Jr.’s career smuggling opium into China
    Warren Delano Jr. made a large fortune trading opium in Canton (now Guangzhou), China. Delano first went to China at age 24 to work for Russell & Company, which had pioneered trading with China. John Perkins Cushing – also a Russell & Company partner – had preceded Delano and initiated a close relationship with a Chinese official called Howqua. The two men had established an offshore base – an anchored floating warehouse – where Russell & Company ships would offload their opium contraband before continuing up the Pearl River Delta to Canton with their legal cargo.
    By early 1843, Delano had spent a momentous decade in the China trade. He had achieved his financial competence and risen to become the head partner of the biggest American firm dealing with China. He had witnessed the destruction of the hated Canton system, the humiliation of the Chinese government, and the creation of New Chinas.

    WHICH…leads one to those huge sums of money and trusts, like RUSSELL TRUST, LUCIFER/LUCIS TRUST ie ALICE BAILEY and her accomplished adherent RobertMuller..=
    whose ideas over 40 years by UN give the world =
    Among Muller’s numerous books were The Birth of Global Civilization, My Testament to the UN, and New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, and he helped create the UN-endorsed global education program known as The World Core Curriculum which America and numerous other countries have incorporated into their educational systems. His education agenda won for Muller the designation “Father of Global Education.”
    When the state moves in, the system ceases to be capitalism, no matter what someone tries to call it. The end of capitalism is the fulfillment of the dream of humanists and socialists. Globalistic philosophy has always been tied to occultism, so don’t be surprised when you see more and more evidence that those calling for globalism practice pagan spirituality. I, and a few others, have predicted for years that a global crisis of some kind would be used to implement the freedom-robbing tyranny of global governance.

    Many others promoting ‘world citizenship’ like FDR and Eleanor and notables like = H.G.Wells joined with others listed with desires to be ‘world citizens’ indifferent to others ‘religious’ views or least tolerant to others pagan and what some find is perverse ones?…
    “In the 21st century, there is no longer a single nation who can say what we should do or what we should think… We cannot accept the status quo…In the capitalism of the 21st century, there is room for the state.”
    ‘When the state moves in, the system ceases to be capitalism, no matter what someone tries to call it. The end of capitalism is the fulfillment of the dream of humanists and socialists. Globalistic philosophy has always been tied to occultism, so don’t be surprised when you see more and more evidence that those calling for globalism practice pagan spirituality. I, and a few others, have predicted for years that a global crisis of some kind would be used to implement the freedom-robbing tyranny of global governance.’


    Cnn’t wait ot hear Mr. Nenner… would be nice if all those Royals and Dynastic ‘INFLUENCERS’ would learn to ‘just get along’ over there…STOP with their nasty world domination games and hording of the world’s wealth and resources AND the many nasty habits of child, sex, drug, and weapons trafficking that go along with the use more ‘henchmen’ and economic ‘hitman’ mentality of the world’S Gladio, terrorist, special ops disruptors sent all over the world to create the chaos and ‘opportunities’ for ‘investment’, profit, access to resources, or land grabs?

    • Tony Tiger

      Do you think anyone bothers to read your long-winded posts?!

      • Greg Hunter

        I do. They are interesting. Try it.

  53. Perry

    Zionist bitch? Where do you get this stuff. She was not a friend of Israel. By the way we love the Jewish People. Did you forget that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have deleted the War Monger comment.

  54. Harry

    Vultures like Adam “Shifty” Schiff (of Trump/Russian Conspiracy fame) was already circling to grab Feinstein’s Senate Seat even before the Moment of Silence ended at the Capitol – Pelosi stated:”Rather than talk about her, lets just pray that she rests in peace” (for wherever she has gone all Congress will be going – and they obviously don’t want to burn for their sins)!!

  55. The Ogs

    Hi Greg! As an employer sometimes you need to fire someone for doing something. Doesn’t matter what, it might be an insignificant thing, but the employee has demonstrated witlessness. Thus confidence in the employee has been lost and any specific complaints about their termination are really beside the point.
    Now, I’m pretty sure we saw rampant witlessness on display here in Ottawa at the Canadian Parliament, with the whole Ukie War Hero fiasco. Y’see, the group-think is strong within Trudeau’s government and they all believe Ukrainians are good guys and that Russia is evil.
    The point is, sure Zelensky was there and being treated like a deity and they had this old Canadian Ukie guy who battled Russians 75 years ago, someone they wanted Zelensky to meet. But of course they should have done that quietly on the sidelines…
    The witlessness that truly defines our loss of hope here in Canada however, is the way that the Liberal politicians (within their group-think divorced from reality) apparently believed that the whole world shared in their delusions regarding old Banderists and WWII. This can never be overlooked and in fact they have now given themselves away, and there would seem to be no (good) future here in Canada with this government!

  56. John

    Who makes all the money from the drug tests…..

    • Marie Joy

      Big Pharma and the politicians they pay off.

      See Russell Brand on Rumble. Stay Free.

  57. Kalz

    Maria: I always watch for your posts telling about the conditions in the UK. Your comments are penetrating and informative. Thank you. Us plebs in other countries know what you’re talking about. Here in Canada, our disgraceful government has no concern for those it was formed to protect.

  58. Marie Joy


  59. JayJay

    Ned, I listen when the videos are displayed online and I always was just uncomfortable with his demeanor.

  60. Coal Burner

    Greg: I suspect The congress people trying too Impeach are just playing into the hands of the Uniparty who needs to get rid of Biden while lying to both sides. There are so many in the Uniparty there is no way all the losers have to won’t use the small number in the Freedom Party like rented mules.

    PS, I talked to Jimmy Buffet at a coffee stand in southern Utah before a show in a large field two weeks before he passed. Two older guys and a chance meeting. He was a super nice guy, being incognito. I am his age and did not blow his cover. Which was only a hat that he would wear. I heard later he knew he was sick. My belief, he was going out doing what he loved. Entertaining the people that thought a lot of him and would show up in the middle of no where to see him. RIP Jimmy! From Me, No, I am not happy he was dealt a dirty hand, he deserved far better like millions of others taken down by the bio weapon.

  61. Coal Burner

    I have seen the DOD letter on you tube that proves they knew since May 2020 the Ivermectin was “curative” at every stage of Covid. Rand Paul showed it inside another item. I have to pause and read, then let it go a few second and pause it again too read.

  62. Hal

    Hi Greg,

    I think all that can save this country is if her people, repent, pray for mercy and fast.
    Therefore, we must call out to all who will listen, like Jonah, for our fellow country men to repent before the wrath of God falls upon us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Hal and that is very important.

  63. Anne

    Greg, come to think of it. We shouldn’t be surprised by people who continue to lie about how safe and effective the covid jabs are. The same types of people have lied for decades about other toxic drugs and vaccines, and everything else.


    “They murdered him!”



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You Loren!

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