More Ukraine War, Trump Trashes CV19 Vax, Economic Mad Max

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 598 9.8.23)

Secretary of State Tony Blinken made a surprise visit to Ukraine to announce another US aid package, so the deadly Ukraine war can continue. Blinken promised another fresh $1 billion on the heals of the announcement that the Ukraine Army lost 66,000 soldiers in the past three months alone. Add that to the 300,000 Ukraine casualties, and it’s hard to understand why Blinken and others in the D.C. swamp constantly say this is the “most profitable investment.” My question: Is Blinken nuts or simply corrupt, cruel and demonic. Why are there no peace talks with this kind of defeat and carnage for Ukraine and NATO? Do they want nuclear war?

Donald Trump is finally waking up to the disaster of the CV19 bioweapon/vax and is now trashing it. Trump is asking Big Pharma to address all the adverse events and calls on the vax makers release the safety data. The CV19 bioweapon/vax deaths and disabilities are increasing and there is no end in sight. Expect Donald Trump to talk about the contract he signed with Pfizer that required the vax maker to produce a safe and effective vaccine and it did neither. (Pfizer had 63% of the CV19 vax market globally.) Now, even the CDC is admitting that the vaxed are more likely to get an infection from the new CV19 variant than the unvaxed. (You cannot make this up.) With 676 million CV19 injections in America alone, this will get far worse before it gets better.

For those of you that think the economy is getting better, or, is at least in good shape—wake up!!!! Two big BRICS nations just dumped $114 billion in U.S. debt. Interest rates are not going to be cut anytime soon because you don’t cut interest rates when your bonds are being dumped by your biggest creditors. Michael Snyder predicts “Mad Max Conditions are coming” and points to record credit card debt, record retail theft and a record amount of people living paycheck to paycheck.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 9.8.23.

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After the Wrap-up:

Dr. Betsy Eads will give us the latest on the evil the medical community and globalist are doing to kill and disable more people with their new CV19 variants and CV19 bioweapon/vax. There is going to be much more resistance to this medical malpractice and she will tell you what you need to keep yourself safe for this fresh CV19 bioweapon attack.

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  1. Rodster

    “My question: Is Blinken nuts or simply corrupt, cruel and demonic. Why are there no peace talks with this kind of defeat and carnage for Ukraine and NATO? Do they want nuclear war?”

    Yes to all of the above, Greg!

    • Rodster

      I just wanted to comment on the picture Greg used in his weekly wrap up. I recently came down with a cold again so I visited my local clinic because I thought I had strep throat. The results came back negative but I tested positive for CV19.

      So I mentioned to the nurse that I find it odd that what appears to be the common cold is now group with Covid 19 as well as the flu. So I asked why wasn’t it called Covid the last 60 years but rather it was always referred to as the common cold or the seasonal flu?

      She replied that it was Covid way back them which made me think, these people are ratcheting up the fear once again for something we overlooked decades ago but now we need to be on heightened alert if we come down with the seasonal flu or the common cold. These people are SO dishonest.

      The doctor assistant asked if I wanted Paxlovid which I quickly refused. Paxlovid comes with serious and dangerous side effects. It’s OK for the medical community to recommend another crappy Pfizer product but NO, don’t say a word about Ivermectin which is what Paxlovid was designed to do but instead has some really nasty side effects.

      The medical community is corrupt beyond belief. 🥺

      • larry giglio

        Hello. Excellent response to phony categorization. Corrupt medical island of elites understates some; with malicious intent. I donated blood for the first time in 15 years, a couple days ago. Not only did the invasive personal questionnaire take 4 times as long as the actual donation, now it is looking like I may have to have my arm amputated where they drew the blood. peace we pray

        • Karen Matthews

          How awful!!!I sure hope that’s not the case!! I do not trust our Conventional Medical System at ALL!

      • andyb

        the medical community is corrupt beyond belief

        I am a 100% disabled vet. By virtue of 3 Federal Laws and one state(Fl)
        law I am covered 100% until I die. I recently had a bladder infection so severe it sent me to the hospital. Had a hign temp. I was able to go to a private hospital only 3 miles from my house thanks to Trump’s Community Care legislation. The private hospital corruptively diagnosed me with covid because they got $37500 from Biden. After antibiotics, my temperature went to normal and stayed normal for 10 days. I never had covid. I was released. Then the bills came. Over $500k. The VA paid $110k according to guidelines. After being paid, the doctors and hospital kept charging the VA hoping I guess that they would get overpayments. Thought everyone should know this

        • JayJay

          My late husband used hospitals when we had to….if I thought the local hospital could handle the complaint.
          I never got a bill for those visits; I was told early on to say ‘my husband is VA and that is who is to be billed’.

        • Jeff

          No wonder the Doctors and nurses are happily dancing in the hospital hallways (with all that COVID money coming in) – I’m seriously thinking of flying to Mexico – get rid of my passport and identification – and walk back across the border “as an illegal alien” so I can collect $10,000 per month ($120,000 per year) – instead of living in poverty on the very small Social Security check most Americans get!!

        • Karen Matthews

          Thank you for your service!! What a travesty that our medical community is so corrupt!! 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

      • Marti Baker Girl

        CORRUPT!? I agree with you 100%.

    • larry giglio

      Hello. I am disgusted by blaming NATO encroachments for the mentally greedy push by Putin to begin this slaughter. Half a million dead, 20 million displaced…, all because one nutcase agreed backdoor to cooperate in a money grab, where human beings are collateral damages. And Bidinskey gave his wife Covid the last time they rolled it out. We are resistant to their insanity through God. peace we pray

    • Mark Eagleton

      This is the weekly news wrap up as supposed to be.
      God wins.
      Those people are unspeakably evil.

  2. Rodster

    PCR, says this is another CV19 Vax death. A 33 year old Brazilian fitness instructor died after she suffered two heart attacks. Supposedly her family claims drugs made have played a part in her death.

    I personally doubt that since the family did not address whether she had the vax and booster shots which in Brazil was mandatory and being someone who mingled with the public it would have been a requirement.

    • Harry

      Breaking News!! – Trump demands the release of all data on vaccine side effects!! –

      • Endarry


        “Sometime solution to murder problem does not require scandal.”

        (Charlie Chan – Castle in the Desert)

      • Rodster

        That’s another reason why the corrupt Uni-Party are doing their best to put him in prison and to keep him off the ballot for 2024.

    • Kevin

      She was not a fitness instructor but a fitness influencer. Also the vax was not mandatory in Brazil. It was only mandatory in jurisdictions which decided to make it mandatory.

  3. Mohammad


    Northern Syria is all out war by proxies, and it does not look good.

  4. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Looking forward to WNW598 – video not up yet.

    Clif High points toward the use of Directed Energy Weapon/s – especially high energy microwaves – being the cause of the Lahaina incident. I can’t find the link on my tablet. My wife has it on her tablet, so will post here later – only 5:50 a.m. (local) so don’t want to wake her.

  5. "Enrico"

    The Maui mystery must not be forgotten. Even CAF is on board with the Directed Energy Weapons theory.

    And here are some questions to ponder… (note the photo of an incinerated car in a parking lot, asphalt ok and so is the white parking spot paint).

    G.A. Stewart: Did the fire that consumed Lahaina rate as a forest fire? What was the fuel? Clearly, the fire was hot enough to melt aluminum, which melts at 1220° Fahrenheit. But how come the asphalt did not melt? Asphalt melts at 130° to 343° Fahrenheit.

    • Greg Hunter

      Key word “Theory.” I am not saying DEWs were not used, I just want proof/good sourcing. What happened Maui was a deadly attack and that is for sure.

      • "Enrico"

        “Catherine Austin-Fitts joins Maria Zeee to expose the globalist tactics to seize your land and assets through invisible weapons systems as we recently saw through Maui, detailing the tactics they will use as they move towards their ultimate goal of the New World Order.”

        CAF brings up a good point. If the fires were fueled by very intense winds, why don’t you see debris all over the place in the photos?

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Enrico,
          Many thanks for the link.
          For Watchdoggers wishing to go direct to CAF’s thought on the Lahaina incident, fast forward to the 15:00 mark.

          P.S. Interesting that CAF highlights the video shot of the completely untouched Lahaina Shore Beach Resort hotel and the property immediately next to it (just a few feet apart!) that is turned to dust, down to is foundations??? I posted a relevant video about this on USAW and will post a link here when I find it . . .

          • JAMES CROWN

            Thanks Perse!

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Here is the link to the Lahaina incident that shows the Lahaina Shore Beach Resort hotel totally undamaged. Check out the time stamp . . .
          PersonaNonGrata 08/21/2023 •
          Hi Greg,
          No desire to discredit Dane Wigington but the Lahaina fire merits close scrutiny.
          Video of the aftermath shows homes burnt to the ground (incinerated!) and cars in driveways with melted alloy wheels, while trees and hedges in the gardens remain in full leaf!
          Wildfires are usually spread by dried out vegetation – from one grassland / stand of trees to another, setting light to houses that fall into the path of the flames. In Lahaina, video during the fire shows individual houses burning – but no ‘fire front’. It’s as though they had each been bombed with an incendiary device.
          Please watch this video:
          At 7:24 you will see that the Lahaina Shore Beach Resort is untouched, while a house immediately next door has been totalled. You can check the identity of this building on Google Earth, map reference, 20o52’02.28”N / 156o40’30.16”W. Or simply search Google Earth for Lahaina Shore Beach Resort and you will identify it as the same building in the video at 7:24 minutes. How convenient that this playground for the wealthy (and owned by the wealthy) should survive, while all around was burnt to ashes.
          Also, at 10:00 you will notice a large stand of trees in full leaf, while a two-story house right next to the trees is burnt out. There are many examples of this VERY strange phenomena in the video.
          I bow to Dane’s expertise, but IMHO, not even a very strong ‘directed’ wind cannot account for the selective damage.

          • Michael Janket

            Likewise, it took Dr JudyWood years to gain acceptance of her DEW reasoning in the 911 disaster. This Lahaina fire shares many common charactistics as the Paradise,Calif. fire. The amazing contiguity of fire/no fire in adjacent lots is a cardinal characteristic of the same type of fire. Failure of the fire to consume blue automobiles is another cardinal charactistic of DEW’s that greatly differ from, say, a fire burning chiefly dried grass and weeds. Dane Wigington is flexible in his analyses and I’m sure he’s changed his mind since his initial conjectures.

            • Mike

              But the Lahaina Shore Beach Resort “is not painted blue”???? – so it seems the DEW’s have to be under “intelligent control” (rather then it being some broad beam “random microwave attack by space aliens” who just happen to have defective weapons that can’t burn things colored blue)??? – and does this mean our Globalist Controlled Military Industrial Complex perhaps wants to eventually blame “space aliens” for their own DEW’s attacks upon us (as justification to get the US Space Force involved in a new war to take the place of their botched up Ukraine war which is not going as they had planned)?????

            • PersonaNonGrata

              Hi Michael and many thanks for the reference to Dr Judy Wood.
              Greg, you are busy but if you have a few minutes, please watch the intro to the linked-to video. Directed Energy Weapon/s – World Trade Centre 911:

          • Mohammad

            I do not understand at 1:45 of the posted video????????????
            How come a street separates intact houses, trees, shrubs on one side and a burnt dow to the ground houses trees shrubs on the other side?


        • Don W

          So glad to see someone else mention the New World Order which is from the ONE WORLD GOV. because it is here and it will stay with all the money they have behind them.

      • Mohammad


        Pictures of the cars meting aluminum is the same as 9/11 pictures, exactly the same.


        • "Enrico"

          G.A. Stewart: Do I believe that Directed Energy Weapons were the cause of the Maui Lahaina fires?

          I worked in an advanced laboratory for fourteen-years, some of the Old Timers, who would eventually die of cancer, developed some of those Directed Energy Weapons systems in the early 1970s. They built asbestos targets and operated the large cryogenic handling facilities to test X-Ray lasers that could melt cars and buses. That was over two generations ago.

          I think the evidence is clear that The Global Elite are out to kill most of us and control who is left with disease.

          • "Enrico"

            A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Morocco late Friday night and killed at least 296 people, according to Morocco’s Interior Ministry.

            The Age of Desolation, G.A. Stewart, 2007
            Page 51

            As I will describe further on, in today’s world Directed Energy Weapons or Scalar Weapons have the ability to create earthquakes. The use of these weapons is what Nostradamus sees as a cause of World War III.


          • Jeff

            Were the black fences put up to perhaps hide burnt bodies that were “baked from the inside out – rather then from the outside in”??

      • jon

        I agree Greg. There needs to be more precise technical explanation on the reasons why DEWs were used, by weapons experts. The problem we have is there are too many people that have good intentions, but do not have the technical background to diagnose the fires were DEW induced. My professional background is Military tactical electronic systems repair, Engineering R&D support in IT and electronics. Hobby programming AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computer coding. I have studied HOW DEWs work, and we can see Raytheon produces these systems. WITHOUT actual experts explaining exactly how, who and what DEW systems were Deployed and used on Maui. We cannot know. Well intentioned people do a disservice to the community by claiming things, they are not well versed and experienced in. That being said, I am with you, we just do not know if DEWs were used on Maui. Believe me I have an interest about Maui, my mother’s entire family has been there since the 1880’s.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Jon,
          Yes, it would be ideal to obtain unequivocal evidence that Directed Energy Weapon/s were used in the Lahaina incident, BUT, not having unequivocal evidence should not detract from the honest opinion/s of intelligent people who look at the available evidence and find the utilisation of DEWs the most likely explanation. Where could unequivocal evidence, to support the hypothesis that DEWs were utilised, come from? The perpetrators? Let’s not hold our collective breath. Unforced confessions of heinous crimes are rare . . .

      • Yarvind

        In this podcast episode the guests talk about weather modification programs (Chinese stations in particular) that likely contributed to the Maui fires.

        They don’t think DEWs were employed but do think fires were set intentionally.

        Other mind blowing information too.

    • sk

      pinpoint accuracy?

  6. "Enrico"

    “The CV19 bioweapon/vax deaths and disabilities are increasing and there is no end in sight.”

    Emily Edwards, a 72-year-old grandmother and active member of her Texas community, spent over a year in the hospital with complications from Guillain-Barré syndrome after getting the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Now pain and restricted mobility are “pretty much a forever deal” for her. But she hopes her story can help others.

  7. Doris

    With everything the Globalists are throwing at us Patriots – we have them scratching their heads – patriots are like a “time crystal” – no matter what the Globalists do to make us forget about our borders, our Constitution or eating real food (rather then bugs) – we still remember what life and liberty should be like (and we keep regenerating that pattern “forever in time”). The Globalists thought they could wear us down and make us stop desiring Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – BUT – we Patriots are like a pendulum “that never stops swinging” – and the Globalists just don’t know what to do about it “except to bring us to WWIII with Russia” – but what if – what if – Biden (or some other crazy Demon like Hillary) gives us orders “to press the Red Button” – And We Simply “DON”T DO IT” – instantly – all their power “will be gone” – and we will have regain our Beloved Country!! – So Don’t Follow Their Orders” – None of Their Orders – and then “They Alone Will Hang” (at the Nuremburg Trials we bring against them)!! –

    • Endoris


      “Some heads, like hard nuts, much better if well-cracked.”

      (Charlie Chan’s Chance)

      • Doris

        Not sure if Demon’s heads crack? – but we should soon find out after Biden rolls out his new bio-weapon vaccine on September 15th – of course when Demon-rats brains start exploding after being jabbed with the Globalists new bio-weapon infused with nano-particles – it will be considered the “new normal” (like it is now normal for children to get heart attacks, 20 to 40 year old men and women simply dropping over dead – so when “brains start exploding” from the Globalists new nano- particle bio-weapon vaccine soon to be injected into the American people – look for the Main Stream Media to call it “The New Normal”!!

    • Self Exiled

      Mans scientific capacity has surpassed his moral capacity; therefore I believe he has become dangerous to himself facilitating the need for Christs return. Interesting article.

  8. PersonaNonGrata

    USAW WNW598 at 21:20
    “Short of a thermonuclear exchange with Russia or China, this (Cv-19 bioweapon vaxx – sic) is the biggest story ever.”
    Couldn’t agree more. Thank you Greg for keeping this unprecedented war on humanity ‘front and centre’. The scamdemic shows in bold relief the psychopathic nature and evil intent of those who rule. Almost every other story pales by comparison. We must NEVER forget! Those responsible MUST be held accountable!

  9. Frank Cooper

    Russia Warns ‘All-Out War’ with US Could Erupt Over Worsening Cyber Clashes
    Story by Tom O’Connor • 22h

  10. Frank Cooper

    Scientists discover perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo dating back 66 million years
    Story by Abhiram Sajai • 1h

  11. David Gordon Dunne

    Those in power have been killing all of us with the kill jabs so what would you expect about Ukraine too. This is Demonic and yes, Satan wants us all to die and suffer. There are many people taken over by demons now. Col. Macgregor says it will not stop until
    America has a total economic collapse. I say it won’t stop until Jesus comes in and takes all the evil out with his double edged sword and the 7 viles of pain and death on the EVIL. WE are in the last generation.

  12. sam

    This Murdering Corruption in the Country is so “Out of Control”…there is talk about inserting a Repulsive Tranny in the Presidential Seat….a Slap in the face of our Heavenly Father..will Not end well!
    White hat, Black hat… only a Memory from the 1050’s Cowboy Movies.

    • sam

      Sorry…Correction…….”White hat, Black hat… only a Memory from the 1950’s Cowboy Movies.”

    • Doris

      Inserting Micheal Obama into the American Presidency would be par for the course in this massive “out of the closet” criminal government bureaucracy (that is steadfastly seeking to further its dictatorial power over “every government” and “every child” in the world) – just look at the Biden scandal where we have a child sniffing father and crack-head son representing the Major Nuclear Armed Nation on Planet Earth (we have an ongoing crisis “both sexual and criminal” right within the highest office of our American Government that needs to be corrected) – in addition we also have “in your face criminals” within both Parties of our House and Senate “seeking to expand their wealth and power” – and in doing so – have now brought the American people right to the “Verge of a Nuclear WWIII Armageddon” – all these psychopathic criminals “have become dangerous to the long-term survivability of the Entire Human Race” – and “Must Be Locked Up” – Trump is the only Presidential candidate saying he will do it (let’s pray he finally learned his lesson and it will not turn chicken on us like he did with Hillary last time around (as for Hillary she has been very forthright and steadfast in her attempt to lock-up Trump in prison for at least 100 years)!!

  13. sam

    I can Totally Understand wooppie goldberg taking the shots…But….Meghan Kelly?…WOW!….and I actually thought she was “kinda” Smart.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am sad for all who take the CV19 bioweapon injections. Yes, even Whoppi.

      • JayJay

        I am also sorry for those folks. I always thought the powers didn’t kill us in huge numbers because the aftermath of disposing bodies would be dangerous to their health.
        With DEW warfare, problem solved.

    • Harry

      “Brain-less people” – will soon be – “Body-less people”!!

    • Jakob1944

      It was all about the Benjamins….Take it or leave

  14. F.Cooper

    A man charged with aiding Michigan Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot says the scheme didn’t seem serious /Story by ED WHITE, Associated Press • 14h

  15. stanley skrzypek

    AMOS 11 KJV …Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:…………
    ……….seems to me that America will not go through a Mad Maxx period….

  16. Christianne

    Tons of blessings, Greg; so glad to hear about Karen

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Christianne!! Blessings back to you!!
      Brother Greg

      • Rob

        Greg, interview Jessie Czebotar! ….omg the things she is talking about will bring everything together as to why things have been they way they have been AKA THE SYSTEM , you can find her on Aquarius Rising youtube channel, amazing stuff.

  17. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  18. The Seer

    Important celestial insight today:
    There is more to the island destruction/fires/death much more. It involves off planet parties in war with Earth. They have started to destroy and depopulate the human children. End of the human species. They need Earth as their planet can no longer support them. This is very serious and hidden from us. Now you know. Make your survival plans to include blue roofs and white exterior walls that lasers cannot ignite and stock supplies, off grid survival etc.
    Raise your consciousness to higher frequencies of purity and your inner light can be seen by these destructive-extraterrestrials as they avoid the higher consciousness spiritual connected ones. The higher humans have a flare signal emanating like a flame into the energy realm and they avoid these humans in acknowledgement of their superior consciousness.
    This may be a shock to some of you and I can only state what the vision and telepathy stated to me today in session with a client.
    Be in the blessed light! Remember, Let there be light. There first was light. It’s higher than humanoids. Be in the light!

    • sk

      Extraterrestrials? Nope. Plenty of psychopaths right here on Terra.

  19. Steve

    I don’t seem to be getting notifications on videos any more. Not sure what is going on any ideas. Nothing has changed on my end.

    • Greg Hunter

      I forgot to do so last night, and I just sent out the notifications. My Bad!!!

  20. William Mitchell

    Are you going to interview Hunter Biden?

    • Greg Hunter

      Please give me his contact info and I sure will.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, it is possible that at some point, Hunter will be desperate to tell his side of the story. The words of Lee Harvey Oswald, “I’m a patsy in this!” still haunt me after 60 years. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          I head Oswald say this live in Dallas. I was with my dad, and I asked him, while it was on TV, “Dad, what’s a patsy?” My dad did not look at me, and stared at the TV in deep thought, and then said, “He’s saying he did not do it.” I never talked about it again with my dad.

  21. GSE

    Greg: American System Political Economy is the answer to our problems worldwide. The system that made The USA the touch stone of success for the world and the envy of all, tried and true physical wealth production. If you could call George Washington today he would tell you to contact someone from LaRouche PAC. Call Barbra Boyd

  22. steve spear

    Greg I live in Horn lake Mississippi and if I drive a few minutes to the co-op in Hernando I can buy all the ivermectin I want. It’s in liquid form so I buy syringes there to pull it out of the bottle and squirt it into a small glass for myself and my wife. She was forced to take one shot but I never took one. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Smart guy, Steve. Stock up!

  23. Benjamin Johnson

    With respect to the Ukraine war, to many people it does not make sense to not have peace talks. However if you look at it that someone wants to kill white Christian men it makes sense. White Christian men killing white Christian men, why would you want peace talks?
    (They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” ― Woodrow Wilson, New Freedom)

  24. Derek Sinclair

    I miss Rob Kirby.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do too. Rob Kirby was a Brother in Christ and a friend! They killed him because he could explain what they were doing.

  25. Fred Engel

    The reality of the Ukraine and Europe going on for centuries the genocide of Caucasians, its obvious that Christian males are being slaughtered. They want Europe thru NATO to be involved world war. To kill more Christian Caucasians. Here in the US, trans are getting a pass on combat involvement. The Kabal, Zelensky, it’s not hard to see.

  26. Randy Best

    US Treasuries are now clearly sub prime.

  27. Susan R

    So much of what you report, Greg, is so disastrous and deplorable what is being lobed on humanity. Our technological advancement is our descent to our undoing. We humans were better off working sunrise to sunset to stay alive. We had respect for our neighbors and became friends, helping each other. I have seen a little of the world and there is much to be admired, but alongside all that there is equal development of all that supersedes the good and is now pushing for dominance. I do not have a solution but know that we are in danger, and I intend to protect what is most important to me, which is my eternal soul, my light that binds me to Jesus and God.

  28. Pam

    M Kelly’s sister died October ’22…………..Wonder what she died from…………..

  29. peter sanford

    Hi Greg,


    I had the corona virus in April 2020. Iwas tested in June 2021 and I had antibodies. I assumed I was good.

    I got corona virus again last weekend. I took a government supplied test and was positive.

    This blew up my precept that I was immune due to my earlier infection and proven

    I was never vaxxed.

    My wife was double vaxxed but not boosted in March 2021 and diagnosed with
    lung cancer in September 2021.

    We do live together, sleep in the same bed etc so I have been taking preventative doses
    of nattikinase, curcumin and Bromelain.

    I don’t know if the new “variant” is different enough to require a new infection
    and therefore new antibodies but I thought you might like to know this.

    I never miss a show.

    Keep up the good work.

    • The Seer

      Add NAC, quercetin and c60 to your regimen. Also, EDTA for 3 days quarterly. From regenerative medicine group.

    • The Seer

      Add NAC, quercetin and c60 to your regimen. Also, EDTA for 3 days quarterly.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Peter,
      “I got corona virus again last weekend. I took a government supplied test and was positive.”
      Why do you have any faith in the results of “a government supplied test”??? First time around the scamdemic, ‘they’ promoted the PCR test. A test that the inventor, Karry Mullis, declared should NOT be used as a diagnostic. Furthermore, TPTB ensured that the PCR tests were run at 40 cycles and up. Karry Mullis ruled that anything above 24 cycles would ‘show up anything and everything you were looking for’. This statement really means that above 24 cycles, the test results will result in false positives. At 40 cycles the test results in 97% FALSE positives! The PCR test was misused to create fear.

      “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me . . .” Stephen King

      • Kevin

        You are correct about the cycles. Just to add to what you said, my neighbor, who is 69 and not very bright, just got back home from vacationing out of state. He felt a little weak a few days later and went to Urgent Care. They tested him and told him he was positive for COVID. He took an at home test a few days after that and it came back negative.

  30. Richard Longacre

    If you ever wondered why Klaus Schwab and the WEF love saying that, “We will own nothing, and be happy” after the Great Reset (Great Taking) then this is free E-book by David Rogers Webb is for you.

    This book explains in great detail the history of how the Central Bankers have forced governments of the world to pass laws that allows them to “legally” steal all of the assets of the entire world.

    This is their plan and they are well on their way to succeeding.
    Ask yourself these questions:
    1) Do I own the deposits I placed in my bank savings and checking accounts?
    2) Do I own the stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money markets, and ETFs in my 401K, IRA, or portfolio?
    3) Do I own my house if I still have a loan on it?
    4) Do I own my vehicle if I still have a loan on it?
    5) Do I own my TV or other appliances if I still have a loan on them?
    6) Are my investments safe?
    7) Can my investments, home, or vehicle be taken away from me even if I have never missed a payment?
    8) Did you give anyone permission to use your assets as collateral to make risky loans or derivative bets?
    9) Did you receive any of the profits that were gained from using your assets as collateral?
    10) Did you know that you were such a risky investor that you were willing to risk everything you own?
    11) Are you prepared to be homeless, penniless, and enslaved?
    12) Do you know and understand who “They” are?
    13) Do you own any physical gold or silver?

    Stealing all of the worlds assets is simply a means to an end. Enslavement, control, and subjugation of all humanity is their true goal.
    You can protect yourself some but not completely from this but not if you ignore it and stick your head in the sand and pretend it is not happening and does not exist.

    My goal is simply to warn people of what is coming so they can prepare if they want to.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Richard. This is instructive!

    • Paul from Indiana

      If you have all the power in the world, you will have the money and assets, too. Power and control are the end-game. Best always. PM

    • I Dig Au


      The reason ‘they’ can take items we think we own is because we never paid for them. Our currency is debt, and debt cannot be used to extinguish another debt. Gold & silver is the only asset that extinguish debt, and this is why governments outlawed it. Keep stacking!

  31. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg for the wrap up- never miss one. To put a spin on almost all this news; as i had the chance to testify to a couple guys at work. All the political, economic, medical, war news and what else you want to throw in- the more you look at it the angerier you get. I find myself getting angry and then wonder about folks getting out pitch forks, and I’m not talking about some protest and a few cars get burned.—- We need to get back to Bible principles. Things like ‘“the fear of the Lord…..” – our politicians should be reminded of that one. We know that in the last days the love of many will grow cold- easy to see why when you know the news of the day. I believe that verse/ warning is applied to the church/ believers. Because- Those not following Jesus are unable to love- from a strict theological perspective. Guard yourselves out there, instead of fighting with folks that know less, try to build some relationships. Working some dirt is a good thing also.

  32. Jeannie

    Thank you for All the information you provide us. I’m seding you something my mother who listened to her doctor and has received two shots and a booster. She told me about her eye doctor visit and she made this statement on her Facebook page.

    So I went to the eye doctor recently. I have been going there for many years. I was taken to the eye chart to read the letters. They all looked fine with both of my eyes open. Then I was asked to cover my right eye with my hand. I looked at the letters and they had changed to what looked like Chinese letters! Blurry but definitely not English letters. They actually looked Chinese. I told the assistant that was doing my test. I looked again. Chinese looking letters, no doubt. She had me take my hand away from my eye and when I looked with both eyes, once again, the letters looked normal. Then she told me that three other people that day had seen Chinese letters! What the heck was in that “vaccine”?! True story.

    My mother has been very concerned about this as we know the shot is intended to change a persons DNA.

    • GreenPeas

      “Turning Japanese”, The Vapors ( 1980) , reprised by Kirsten Dunst

    • sk

      Have your mom’s eyes checked for cataracts. especially the right eye.

  33. Charles Cooper

    Greetings Mr.Hunter,
    My Mom, eons ago, washed my mouth with homemade lye soap. It made a whole new experience and meani for “getting your mouth washed out with soap”!gives a new.
    In the same token..
    Nuclear fission and weapons gives a new meaning g of ” changed jn the twinkling and of the eye”! Think about it…
    ALL LIERS ARE THEIFS for they steal the truth and cast it to the ground and stomp on it with a lie! And all are lazy cowards for they afraid to seek out the truth thus they are all bullies t o try and make you believe the lie!!!
    Thank you for your time and consideration!
    ~Coop ~

  34. Tom Grier

    Let’s get Putin to drop a tactical nuke on Pfizer.

    • Harry

      And on the Globalist WEF Headquarters, the WHO and the UN!!

  35. GreenPeas

    the extension of this election fraud executive order would suggest that Biden regime is a show, as claimed by Q enthusiast jsnip4, a colleague of Clif High. For else, why would Biden extend a law that impugns himself, what he & gayman Obama did during the 2020 election.

  36. A Day

    Just has we had to oust the taliban years ago to prop up the gov sponsored heroin operation because our leaders were losing money due to product being unavailable, so too is the need to fund the war in Ukraine for ‘back-pocket’ income for these ‘leaders’. It’s time we understand what is really going on. Taliban must have made a deal to continue growing the poppy after Briben withdrew. Of course the Chinese are not threatening that industry with fentanyl and getting in on the profit scheme while simultaneously killing young Americans (and old too). We can see the edges of the Ukraine grift with Barisma etc. Only pure evil could be this evil.

  37. Harry

    The Saudi’s and China are dumping their US Bonds like crazy ever since Yellen told the Europeans that their US dollars (Euro-dollars) will not be accepted at US banks probably fearing that Yellen’s next move is to not pay off on US Bonds held by foreigners – by not accepting Euro-dollars and not paying off on foreign held bonds and by continuing to raise interest rates the US dollar will strengthen and go up and up – UNTIL – Yellen and the Fed make all US dollar “paper cash” illegal to hold – and – “PUFF” it will be “GONE” (just like Rob Kirby warn us before he was murdered)!!

  38. Richard Gould

    The Bible makes it very clear that ALL evil will be brought out into the open before the end can come, and it is very clear that this is happening NOW. We have been told that the Great Tribulation is ‘very close’. We were told before that the GT was close, but never ‘very’ close before. Buckle up, it is going to be very interesting and VERY soon. If you have questions, please ask or email me; [email protected].

  39. Jeff kolp


    I think it would be in the best interest of your viewsers to interview Robert F Kennedy, Jr, democratic candidate for president. Hope you can make this happen. Another radical middle voice that could offer some hope.

  40. Mark E. Allen

    It’s quite obvious that if a person has come from the WEF and is a leader in any fashion here in the USA their belief system is a far cry from America’s belief in freedom. In fact you could say they are Nazi’s. Why can’t a special committee be formed and begin removing these people from their positions of power?

    • Frank

      They are Communists not “Nazis.” Decades ago Edward Dodd revealed the agenda to merge the West with Communism –

      The “Nazis” created the most prosperous economy in Europe, designed homes with yards large enough to grow food, rewarded families for having more children, and were in actual health and education for their people. They also were not in favor of destroying their nation thru immigration and Cultural Marxism. That’s why the Cultural Marxists fled and came to the US.

      The Bolsheviks were financed by globalist bankers – the same crowd behind the Federal Reserve.

      “We have seen how completely the Bolsheviks have reduced Russia to absolute starvation…this awful catastrophe has been brought about by a gang of professional revolutionaries, mostly Jews” – Winston Churchill (Western Gazette; Somerset, UK; 30 Sep. 1921, p.12 )

      “The Bolshevik leaders, most of whom are Jews, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and are trying to start a worldwide revolution.”
      – David R. Francis, US ambassador to Russia, Jan 1918

      “There is definite evidence that Bolshevism is an international movement controlled by Jews; communications are passing between the leaders in America, France, Russia & England, with a view toward concerted action.” – Scotland Yard Report to the US Secretary of State, July 23, 1919

      Sadly, many good people continue to think that the media/academia/Hollywood WWII narrative is true despite the ample evidence that they have been lying to us for decades. Germar Rudolf was imprisoned for 5 years for having the audacity to do a forensic chemical examination at Auschwitz. His crime was to confirm that there was no cyanide residue in the “gas chamber” and that there was enormous residue (with visible blue staining inside and out) in the delousing chamber where clothing and bedding were fumigated.

      Here is a fine collection of facts on the Big Lie of Pearl Harbor –

  41. francis m reps

    The Secretary of State ; Mr. Blinken is also a “Dual Israeli Citizen”. This means he is a Citizen of a “Foreign Country” ; which means he has interests in Israel as well as interests in the our Nation. The Russian Federation PROHIBITS any and all Dual Citizens from serving in the Russian Government. In America ; Dual Citizenship is Also prohibited for people to serve in the United States Government “Except” for Jews from Israel. How come ??.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please source this.

      • francis m reps

        Dear Mr. Hunter , I will pull up the information that validates my statement that “only” Dual Israeli Citizens are allowed to hold National Office in our Nation ; however ; my statement actually speaks for itself when one examines the dual Israeli citizenship makeup of people in Biden’s Administration ; as well as some of the people who served in Trump’s last administration such as Bolton. The book ; “The Orthodox Bible Study Guide” also contains quite a few references by our Savior regarding the corrosive influence of the people who celebrated his death.

  42. mark

    Dear Greg, faithful brother for the sake of reporting that which is true, especially in regards to Jesus Christ, the Son of God and now Lord of all and the solid basis of the hope of eternal life with eternal glory through the faith which is in HIS NAME,
    Thank you for all of your diligent efforts to report the current status of the economy and over all political situation in which we find ourselves and especially, THANK YOU for bringing up ROB KIRBY’s comment on how the dollar will “rise and rise and rise and then suddenly vanish” (supernova and then go black) a sentiment which has been echoed continually by Dr. JIm WILLIE of who also considered Rob a dear friend and colleague and agrees that he was murdered because of talking about the ESF.
    As always brother Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks brother Mark!
      Brother Greg

  43. Steve jones

    As smart as these people are, Megan Kelly etc, the shot is still an experiment. And they drank the Kool Aid. Not to bright are they.

  44. Robert Stockmann

    The censorship is tightening. Breitbart did a story on Blinken pledging 1 B US$ to
    Ukraine but their commenting section using Disqus somehow disappeared.
    This must be a very hot topic for even Breitbart not to tread on .

  45. Kathleen McKeon

    Hi Greg,
    I just want to go on the record saying: “You are not covering the covid bio weapon enough! Actually I think you do a great job, keep it up. Please!

  46. John Duffy

    Catholic Priest excoriates Pope Bergolio and leaders in the Church! No holds barred! His disgust is palpable!

  47. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    Thinking it all the way through – the sales of guns going up – was this always just a way for those who owned the companies that made the guns to make more money along with those who make ammo? the reason I ask is – if it is true that they have Lazor weapons which they can use from space satellites or drones – and take out entire cities in one go – OF WHAT POSSIBLE USE CAN YOUR PEASHOOTER even with the most advanced scope do against such outright superior power? If an entire block bans together – or your out in the country – what can you really do if they deem that you are a problem and must go? They will burn you to the ground at any given time at their leisure.

    So in conclusion – they let us make believe we had power – when really, they knew long
    ago we had nothing but some stupid belief that we could do something if we needed to – then they just used the whole thing to make themselves more money with not only the equipment but the fines and court cases that were always part of the scene.

    actually, the only thing that now makes sense is they put the equipment in the hands of all of us so we could eventually go to civil war and kill each other and save them the time of having to work overtime to extinguish us from their mission statement.

    In the words of Neil Young –
    “Look out mama there’s a white boat coming down the river “Powderfinger”

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you know why they don’t give slaves guns?

      • I Dig Au


        America is the most heavily armed population of slaves the world has ever seen. We have the means to be free, but not the will.

  48. bert trim

    Greg. Thank you so much for mentioning my friend Rob. I’m happy that you mentioned him on your show. He was a straight shooter while he was here. A dearly missed man.
    God Bless you Greg,

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob was a friend and Brother in Christ. They murdered him because he knew their game. I miss Rob Kirby too!!

      • JM

        If WE win this thing then we’re going to erect statues, commemerations and monuments to the hero’s who helped us survive and get through to the other side. There will literally be statues of internet “podcasters” in the future.

        Rob must be among those who receive honours. Maybe we need more ways to start commemorating these people right now. This is a war we’re in right now and we should honour our fallen soldiers who were willing to arm themselves with the truth and “fire” it out there. If it wasn’t for those brave and decent hero’s who are speaking the truth out in public then so many more people would now be dead.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Jim,
          This could be a non sequitur, but did you know that there is no public statue of Princess Diana anywhere in the U.K.? She was not in ‘The Club’, served her purpose as brood mare for the royals, won the affection of ‘we the people’ everywhere, and was most likely assassinated by the British establishment. Go figure . . .

  49. joel guth

    Hi Greg, The ones telling you, that you are spending too much time on the vax, are the ones that have taken the Jabs. You are doing Gods’ work by keeping this story going. I believe you have helped to save many, many lives. God bless you and your family!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joel!!! Vaxed and unvaxed can benefit from ongoing treatments. #1 is IVERMECTIN!! There are others too!!

  50. Frank S.

    Greg, You were wrong BIGLY about the Cyber Ninja audit findings. For all the work they were “allowed” to accomplish, hundreds of thousands of suspect ballots were uncovered. The reason it didn’t result in overturning the fraudulent 2020 Arizona elections was due to orchestrated stonewalling and uncooperation by Rusty Bowers, Maricopa County and the US-DOJ. Here’s a link to their copious report:

    • Greg Hunter

      NOT a single thing happened because of their “work”. Kari Lake has accomplished much more, and she did not use a single thing from the so-called “Ninjas”! They were so effective they quietly disbanded!!! I stand by my opinion of them.

  51. Janice

    Supposedly the omicron variant has mutated 36 times resulting in the newest outbreak. That is ALOT of mutation and it’s the spike protein that is affected. (So much of the ongoing research points to the weakening of the immune system response of the “vaccinated” individuals.) Many of my neighbors on the “Nextdoor” platform claim that they are very sick again; needing antibiotics and inhalers to combat this current wave of flu or cold [which includes my husband with 2X pfizer vax]….. Because they’ve been so adversely affected they are fearful and looking to the newest “booster”, upcoming later this month, to “end their suffering”. The mockingbird media (which includes Nextdoor) has convinced so many that continuing to consent to the “shot” is the one and only way to successfully move forward. It’s so hard to believe this is happening.
    I’m beginning to Think the Unthinkable. *We are under attack*
    “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”
    Good Luck & Blessings to All

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Janice,
      “Supposedly the omicron variant has mutated 36 times resulting in the newest outbreak”
      I like that you start the statement with ‘supposedly’. How come, a so-called virus that ‘we the people’ are informed caused a pandemic*, and that has NEVER been identified as the causal vector of disease, can be said to have mutated into a new and dangerous variant???

      *The definition of ‘pandemic’ was changed by the WHO to exclude death. Prior to the WHO’s change, a ‘pandemic’ had to be deadly. According to the new definition, the common cold – a disease that is highly infectious, but causes very few deaths – meets the criteria to be labelled a ‘pandemic’. Unfortunately, the word ‘pandemic’ still strikes fear into the majority, making it a perfect tool for propagandists. Fear is the sheepdog herding us into the corral. Many sheep could easily see off the sheepdog if they feared not, and acted in concert . . .
      Perhaps, a better analogy is provided by African buffalos – that have learned to fight off attacks by lions.

    • Tim K

      Hi Janet,

      I dropped Nextdoor along time ago. The people on there were extra woke.

      Take care


  52. Dave Scrimshaw

    I believe you are absolutely correct about coverage of the 2019 bio weapon. It IS the biggest story in our lifetime, as it sets the entire world up for the most evil take-down of everything that is good in our world.

  53. Lou


  54. Freedom-4-All

    Always helps to include the address

  55. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    I am trying to get a refund from one of your sponsors, with no results.
    Please contact me at: [email protected]
    Helen Rudinsky

  56. haifisch8587

    Does anyone think we are foolishly determined to force Russia into a nuclear confrontation? COG guarantees those in government and other esteemed positions a golden pass to prepared places of safety. It must be comforting to know biden and members of his family are safe will yours may be turned to ashes.

    • Jeff

      I don’t know about a golden pass for all the Demons starting nuclear WWIII – but one thing is certain – they are trying hard to lock up Hunter Biden “for every crime he committed” before the Big Guy gets removed from office (so Biden can pardon his son of “all his crimes” (and the Biden family gets to keep all the ill-gotten billions Hunter amassed)!!

    • Randy Best

      All of would be much better off if the US Government either shuts down or goes away.

  57. mark

    Dear brother Greg,
    With respect to Rob Kirby’s analysis that the dollar will rise and rise and rise some more and then vanish like a star going supernova before collapsing into a black hole, here is Dr. Jim Willie ( a close friend and colleague of Rob Kirby) commenting on the phenomenon in greater detail in this just posted interview which can be found at Howe and which is also posted at
    As always brother Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”.

  58. Gary Horn

    Greg, I think the most important lie is that there ever was a virus (or later varient) to begin with. Fear of unproven virus creates the artificial need for vaccines; they control through fear-driven propaganda. It’s the same with climate change. I agree with many independent medical experts that Terrain
    Theory is the correct explanation for
    disease symptoms.

  59. Lying Liars Lying!

    Obama is TERRIFIED of THIS COVER UP Leaking!
    Stephen Gardner 151K views 5 hours ago
    Former President Barack Obama holds the keys to Joe Biden’s presidency and future career. Governor Abbott is told to stop sending illegal immigrants to New York City. I’ll share his reaction and Poland says they are ramping up for war with Belarus.

    CNN Confronts Fauci With Conclusive Evidence MASKS DON’T WORK!

    Dr. Robert Malone: Pfizer Video From Project Veritas ‘Profoundly Disturbing’
    Pfizer is allegedly looking into “mutating” COVID-19 in order to facilitate the development of new vaccines, according to an undercover video released by the nonprofit journalism group Project Veritas.

  60. Cumia

    From Armstrong Economics:

    Russia school curriculum preparing children for a long war with West?

  61. Jackie Pollock

    No matter that others might whine and complain to you, please keep covering CV19!
    This really is a “propaganda masterpiece” but the true data, the real facts, have been coming out over the past few years thanks to the brave scientists and doctors and researchers who step up and blow the whistle alarms. Many of them are your guests who return often to keep the information front and center. A lot of people are waking up to this awful destruction and death operating against health of all of us.
    And the death and injuries and diseases are going to keep increasing for more years ahead.
    You are doing the right thing Greg – you are doing God’s work.
    PS So glad to hear Trump starting to clean things up over his part in the early days of covid and then too the bad effects data reports from the last few years put out by top names in medical and science fields. Good speech from him in South Dakota last night along with Kristi Noem endorsement.
    -Jackie from Texas

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jackie!

  62. Brooks

    Hi Greg –
    Could you interview LTC. Douglas McGreggor ?

    Thank You

  63. Bill

    Population reduction is the goal.

  64. Johnny Sic

    Maui Fire….

    Listen and watch a Brush, Tree & Shrub specialist teach you how to tell the difference between a Microwave induced (Direct Energy Weapon) Fire and a Forest Fire.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Johnny,
      WOW!!! What a blockbuster video! Many thanks for the link.

      You are looking for ‘evidence’ of the use of Directed Energy Weapon use in the Lahaina Incident. Short of an insider whistleblower, the evidence presented in the video PROVES beyond reasonable doubt that the destruction in Lahaina was NOT caused by a ‘forest fire’ or by ‘super strong winds’. IMHO, this interview is deserving of your time – EVERY Watchdoggers time.

      N.B. The Lahaina Incident was timed to coincide with the much heralded BRICS+ meeting, where it was rumoured that a “gold backed currency” would be announced. Aside from a vicious ‘land grab’, an ancillary motive could have been to intimidate delegates to that meeting. ‘If we can strike Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific, we can strike YOU . . .’

  65. Victor Showman Shokan

    Hungary Ready For War? Viktor Orban Says ‘Unlike Germany, We Will Fight If…’ | Details Hindustan Times 289,120 views Aug 30, 2023
    Hungary, a NATO nation known for its “Russia love”, has issued a war threat. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has apparently issued a warning to his “NATO allies.” Viktor Orban said that Hungary would “go to war if energy supplies were attacked. Taking a swipe at Germany, Orban has claimed his nation would not remain passive like Berlin did during the Nord Stream blasts.

  66. John Maskell

    Greg , i don’t think you’re over reporting on the vax clot shot (far from it). The truth has too be told if people like it or not . I get so much information from USA Watchdog . Without you’re reporting and interviewing most of us wouldn’t have a clue , especially here in the UK where it’s all propaganda crap. Thank you Greg , you’re a real honest guy who guides us through this toxic journey called life. Just had 3 days staying in a quaint traditional English village. These people who live there are so removed from society that they’re main concern was the weather . This weekend is their sheep fair ( a big concern for the village in Findon, West Sussex, England ) as they’re praying for sunshine . I wish life could be that simple.

  67. ClayWoo

    DU, no problem. In “only” 20 Billion years it’ll be down to livable levels.

  68. Led Skeletor

    Flu shots that are 4 times stronger, available for ages 65 and older.

    I guess last years jab didn’t kill enough of them quick enough!

    Is Social Security and Medicare that bankrupt that we are willing to sacrifice the old via euthanasia?

    And/or is this the way to goose the economy by freeing billions of dollars from the bank savings accounts of the seniors and having it inherited by the young, who will spend it immediately like drunken Bidens.

    • marti baker girl

      Heu Led Skeletor,

      I was a career sailor and I get so tired of folks always desecrating the name of sailors by associating “drunken sailors” with horrible folks. Even a drunken sailor has more ethics than the cabals of the world. I tip my hat and salute you for coming up with “drunken Bidens”! I do hope that term catches on. Your phrase shows that you do “Support Our Troops”, thanks.

  69. Raymond Browning

    Greg, have you considered what might happen if those dews energy were to hit a mirror?

  70. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg for another heartfelt fact filled weekly wrap-up. Your dedication is much appreciated as are your sponsors which I hope grow and grow with your expanding audience.

  71. Marie Joy

    Doctors have taken a position against us. I refuse to go to the doctor or hospital. IF I knew of a doctor and hospital that were not traitors, I’d go but don’t.

  72. Randy Best

    Jim Willie has stated the same ending for the US$ as Rob Kirby. Jim said the US$ will keep getting stronger, going up in the air like a hot air balloon, until it disappears.

  73. Rogério Maciel

    ?! Cv19 is NOTHING but a mild cold. Why keep giving the CRIMINALS visibility (like this article do) to “inject” their Satanic Lies in our human minds. CDC are LIARS and DISINFORMATION is their weapon, contradicting themselves whenever they need to create fear and chaos in society. Why people still believe in these LIARS?

  74. Randy Best

    Russian intelligence is very good. They will find out where the depleted uranium is and take it out because it can be used against them.

  75. Mohammad


    Why aren’t you covering Mr Trump’s rallies? ….The least you can do to this one of a kind president that is attacked from every corner.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a reporter and Trump did not make any headlines with his speech. I voted for him twice by the way.

  76. Mike

    Glad to see you pay such a great honor to Rob, a brilliant man. He will be sadly missed. Thank you.

    p.s. I’d like to see you back on TFMR, I enjoyed your interview.

  77. Talcom IX

    How come there aren’t any trannies fighting against the women boxers?

    • marti baker girl

      Talcom IX, I personally think it’s because some of those women would clean their clocks!!!! One can only hope.

  78. Marti Baker Girl

    Greg, you are a saint.
    When you mentioned Adams of NY complaining about illegals there, I had to witness this so I pulled up the below video. I skipped thru parts of it to get to the rant but had to shut it down when somewhere along the way he stated this country is horribly divided and it’s Trump’s fault.
    I find it amazing how much power the looney left and RHINOs attribute to Donald Trump. The Don has to be the most powerful man ever to grace the planet since he is still responsible for having divided the country 3 years out of the White House, causing black women to be fat (I am a nonfat Black woman by the way), global warming, global cooling, destruction of the ozone layer, Noah’s flood, Jospeh’s famine, parting the Red Sea while simultaneously committing hate crimes by drowning a bunch of Egyptians, bringing Israel under Babylonian captivity, the beheading of John the Baptist, the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Holocaust, etc. etc. etc. Pretty sure we can add these charges to get that rap sheet up to 100.
    You can’t make this stuff up! He’s occupying space in their heads rent free and I just love it.

  79. Randy Best

    I do believe Rob Kirby, RIP, was put down. In one of his earlier interviews he mentioned a person that did prior investigation into the Exchange Stabilization Fund. His name was Eric deCarbonnel. Rob also mentioned that Eric has disappeared off the face of the earth.
    It is obvious they have printed insane amounts of money out of thin air to keep the American empire going.

  80. Peter D.

  81. James Barrett

    I went to my local compounding pharmacy and they wanted $240 for 8 pills.

  82. Tim W

    It won’t matter if Trump gets 90 million votes and Biden gets 29 million votes if they just keep “counting” (wink/wink) until Biden wins. How is Trump going to stop that?

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