Shunning US Dollar, Ukraine Kickbacks, CV19 Vax Cancers

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 611 12.08.23)

Another huge story of yet another country shunning the US dollar.  This story is going totally underreported by the Lying Legacy Media (LLM): United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced it is no longer using the dollar for oil trade.  This is a monster shift that inches the US dollar to losing reserve currency status.  The UAE recently joined the so-called BRICS economic alliance, and all the BRICS countries are either depending on the dollar less or doing away with it altogether in trade.  If the trend continues, this could spell disaster for trillions of dollars in debt that need to be sold in the Treasury market to finance America.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is reported to have threatened lawmakers in a classified briefing over more war funding for Ukraine.  Austin allegedly said if they did not give more money to Ukraine, “We’ll send your uncles, cousins and sons to fight Russia.”  Many European leaders say Ukraine has already lost the war, and nobody wants to admit it.  Could this really be just more money going for kickbacks in one of the most fraudulent countries on earth?  I’d say yes.

The deaths and injuries are seemingly never ending with the CV19 bioweapon vax.  New revelations are showing just how fraudulent and worthless the shots really are.  Every week, new celebrities are coming down with weird cancers and sickness, but don’t you dare blame it on the CV19 vax.  The Texas AG is currently suing Pfizer for fraud and lies.  Pfizer had 63% of the CV19 vax market.  The CV19 shots were touted as “safe and effective,” and that was just two of the many lies Pfizer sold to the public, according to AG Paxton.  Could Pfizer be the first Big Pharma CV19 vax domino to fall?  That is another resounding YES!  It will surely fall hard with a possible $350 billion in fines.

There is much more in the 51-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 12.08.23.

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After the Interview:

Precious metals and financial expert David Morgan will be the guest on the Saturday Night Post.  Gold just hit record high prices.  Are they going higher?  Is the economy going higher with gold, or is it going to tank?  Are interest rates headed higher or lower?  We will get answers to all the economic questions you have from one of the best experts in the money business.


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  1. Jeff Jetson

    RFK Jr: YES, I Rode on Epstein’s Jet Twice
    The Hill 75K views 1 day ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to RFK Jr.’s statement that he rode on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane twice.

    RFK Jr: Jeffrey Epstein ‘information’ should be released
    Fox News 67K views 1 day ago
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., nephew of first Catholic president, sounds off on FBI’s Catholic monitoring allegations and Jeffrey Epstein ‘information’ on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

    • graham andoe

      Obama was of the Shia Muslim faith which clearly points toward the traitorish opinions his acolyte and close advisors are foisting on our nation and world with commensurate disastrous results. Shia Iran calls us the Great Satin which must be destroyed while Israel is called the little Satin. Now detreating international things are in sharp focus. As of 28 October 2023 over 28,000 illegals were “got aways” according to border officials plus the 7 MILLION un-vetted border crossers combine with over200 known watch list males confirmed all of whom will put fiscal drains on our tottering currency and society leading to Obama’s “remade society goals.” These goals are now clearly in the Shia Mahadi model of their end times.

    • Ted Bungie

      what this is, one thing for sure is that RFKjr candidacy is a threat to that of FJB or whoever the evil Dems run. So they are bringing this out now.

  2. The Dope Man Com'Meth

    BREAKING: Hunter Biden indicted on 9 new charges in California
    Fox News 207, 967 5 hours ago hours ago
    GWU Law Professor Jonathan Turley tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ the president’s protestation sound a lot like Lewinsky denials.
    Is Hunter being handed his ass as a Christmas present? All wrapped up, as the dam is breaking over his crack head.

    • Art Intellovich

      Google claims new Gemini AI ‘thinks more carefully’ | BBC News
      BBC News 13,020 views 9 hours ago
      Google has released an artificial intelligence (AI) model which it claims has advanced “reasoning capabilities” to “think more carefully” when answering hard questions.

    • Shirl

      Dope man,
      Not at all…the repeat tax charges for Hunter Briben are chicken feed. Ever wonder why the real CRIME of Conspiracy & TREASON charges with “The BIG GUY” with REAL Evidence of those are avoided like it had the Fake Kong Flu Virus? mmmm💩💩💩

      • Sam

        I agree Shirl and many more see it too.

        The evidence of CORRUPTION & TREASON is beyond doubt at this point, only the criminals themselves deny it and the Lying Legacy compromised media refuse to address what is presented on alternative news sites everywhere like USAW.

        We Should be hearing of no less than RICO For the O’Briben’s….without that it’s like changing only one bank robber out of the gang for an illegal parking charge where they had a stolen getaway car waiting in front of a fire hydrant at the crime scene. 😂😂😂

  3. John Barry

    Dear Greg,
    I love you. Elijah is hear preparing the way for Christ. He has emailed you prophecy and you have allowed his prophecy on your website why don’t you investigate Him? This is a prophecy of Elijah’s were we defeat the enemy on the mountain ascribed from the beginning with no weapons through Rock music. Who is the Rock? Here is another of Elijah’s prophecies; about crushing the kingdom of this world through Rock music and the two witness plaguing the nations sharing the Truth of the ugliness of this world.
    I am here if you would like to chat.
    Much Love, Elijah

  4. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  5. V. Locke

    Saudi Prince Who Worked in Spy Agency Killed In F-15 Jet Crash:
    Report Talal Bin Abdulaziz/Hindustan Times 12,496 1 hour ago
    Saudi prince Talal bin Abdulaziz bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud died in an aircraft crash. It has been reported that Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz died when the Saudi Arabian Air Force’s F-15SA fighter plane crashed in Dhahran on December 7. The cause of the prince’s death was not disclosed by the Saudi Royal Court. The last rituals for Talal will be carried out at the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh.

  6. Ron

    $100 today is only worth a fraction of what $100 was worth 10 years ago. So even if it reaches “record highs” today, Gold and Silver’s Comex-manipulated value is still less than in the past. Please ask David Morgan about this. Thanks.

  7. F.Cooper

    BREAKING NEWS: Rand Paul Invokes War Powers Act to Call for The Removal of US Troops From Syria Forbes Breaking News 50,392 views 14 hours ago
    During remarks on the Senate floor, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) urged for the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

    Video shows Palestinians detained in Gaza
    Associated Press 106,899 views 3 hours ago

    • Prospector

      The maniacs WANT war. They want blowback attacks as excuse for ” security measures ” ( Lockdowns / Martial Law )
      Loss of Freedom always follows.

      This day in history – John Lennon killed. Look at what he said.

      “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”
      ― John Lennon

      Video clip of that comment :

  8. donna armstrong

    THE SAD part is thaat they WON FOLKS. There is enough that are going to die and be dissabled regardless.if they stop or not. Their plan is to kill 5 billion people and they are well on the well to achieving this goal. WAKE UP FOLKS

  9. Sylvia Sires

    Are these wars being used for “DEPOPULATION”?

    • Bill

      They always have been, and for profit.

  10. Marie Joy

    Worldwide Democide/Genocide is the intent.
    Ammo up.
    The FBI has several factions and some of them want us all dead.
    Grocery stores, once reasonably cooperative, are playing all kinds of dirty tricks like shorting weights. Take your preweighed meat to a produce scale and weigh it yourself.
    I expect them to cancel the 2024 election for the chaos they cause.
    Jail is not enough.
    They say they’re afraid of terrorism so they can declare Martial Law and shut down the country. A farm is the place to be.
    My long dead cousin was in the FBI and he wanted EVERYONE dead.
    Christians have been taught to turn the other cheek.
    I cannot understand why people are not extremely upset about their dead relatives.
    Food shortages will get worse.

    • Sharon

      Yes, absolutely!

  11. Rodney

    Austin threatening lawmakers huh, sounds like the ones that have a backbone and a sprinkling of courage (wishful thinking), perhaps should give him an Elon Musk reply you think.

    • Greg Hunter


  12. Christine Reeves

    Greg, You said Zelensky, the fraudulent president of Ukraine…………..there is a whole lot of that going on in our world!

  13. lou


  14. Clif Bongi

    Zelensky DROPS OUT From Call with US Senators; Tucker Carlson Decries CORRUPTION in Ukraine: Rising
    The Hill 293K views 1 day ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss President Zelensky’s cancelled address to United States senators on military aid.

    Negotiations Stall on Ukraine Aid /Bloomberg Television Dec 7, 2023
    Bloomberg’s Dan Flatley and Kate Ackley discuss Speaker Johnson’s letter and the latest on Ukraine funding as Republicans block Ukraine aid Wednesday for not getting a good deal on border security. They also give their insights on what the timeframe for passing aid for Ukraine, Israel, and border security looks like. Both Dan and Kate speak with Annmarie Hordern and Joe Mathieu on Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power.”

    MUST WATCH: Vivek Goes NUCLEAR On Nikki Haley, Ukraine War in STUNNING Debate Moment
    The Hill 154,097 9 hours ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave recap last night’s GOP primary debate with Washington Editor at The Spectator Amber Duke, and Semafor reporter, Dave Weigel.

  15. Prospector

    A broken clock is correct twice a day , and all that.

    Senator Fetterman says Republicans are right about open border emergency.
    Fetterman defends ‘reasonable’ border talks as fellow Dems fume – Politico

    “I hope Democrats can understand that it isn’t xenophobic to be concerned about the border,” Fetterman said in an interview. “It’s a reasonable conversation, and Democrats should engage.”

    • Paul from Indiana

      He must be getting pressure from his Homies in Pennsylvania. Best always. PM

  16. Brianroy

    Japan is having some kind of issue with their ownership of Germany Derivatives, which they are trying to dump. There has been a crash and burn Cyber-Attack of at least one site almost as soon as it reported the story. Perhaps it was to allow those with billions to bail off Japan before a major crash in Germany and Japan over this issue. I don’t know, but it looks that way. If that is the case, like with a major relay power out effect across a region as switching-stations cascade into a Black-out, the same may be in slow motion about to happen with the US Federal reserve Banks following a nationwide crash in Germany and then Japan. Something to watch for. Steve Quayle reported some kind of real time info to this effect while on the Thursday Doug Hagmann show.

    Another thing. Those in the DC Secret Societies connected in any way or affiliation with the Masons believe that THEY OWN the US Government from 1776 on…literally…because the Declaration of Independence was written on a Masonic lamb-skin loincloth. When a Mason dies, it is placed on the body of the Mason, and the reasoning is that from beginning to end, it is the property of THAT Mason. In effect, any of us who are NOT Masons are the same as if subjects or those to be ruled over. The desired Christian Society is ours IF we can keep its good morals, and was the preferable society in the Age of Reason (where NO miracles or supernatural anything was accepted to be believed by those like Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Paine). Paine (the philosophical promoter of the American Revolution via Common sense, and of the Declaration of Independence), along with his recruiter Ben Franklin, were both 1 person removed from Adam Weishopft, and both part of France’s Masonry which from 1773 was instrumental in supporting a revolution to break the Colonies away from Britain. While America was founded as a Christian nation, and society by majority reflected that from 1620 until at least the 1890s, ( Rector, etc. of Holy Trinity Church v. United States, 143 U.S. 457 (1892), DC Power Elite Secret Society Masons (including women like Nancy Pelosi) apparently believe that once US Society has been fully wrested from Christianity, the Government and the nation of the USA is fully theirs to destroy or do with as THEY will. Bible Prophecy allows an economic survival for the USA until Day 1290-1291 of the Tribulation, so the full end of the USA financially and otherwise is NOT yet; but that wouldn’t rule out giving California to China or some kind of scaled down or scaled back USA within its prophetic parameters, though.
    Anyone to interview “up” on these things? Thanks.

  17. Jane Hill

    Yes: Pfizer (Law suit by TX AG) however Biden on tv recently (Selling) by getting his booster!

  18. Gerry

    Greg:I have commented before and repeat again, the similarities of Rome’s Deline and England’s and now the United States, that inexorably lead to decline. The reason is the imperfections of people, greed, jealousy, ambition, e.g. Julius Caesar. Empires send their armies abroad,to reap or rape colonies, all roads lead to Rome, think India for the English one. That means they leave the homeland unprotected. What army is protecting your southern border. America’s troops are spread across the world; who protects Americans? Rome pulled its troops out of England after building walls to stop Pictian raids, and sent them to the Rhine to stop German barbarians who were CROSSING the border to get a piece of pax Romana, in a similar way aliens want a piece of pax Americana. The center of Rome, the Senate was corrupt, sound familiar, whose only option was bread and circuses. In the long run it didn’t work. England today faces much the same problem. Inflation is due to greed, everyone wanting more, money is printed, cards are handed out to migrants. That the center of your country, I.e. Washington is corrupt, is so obvious that eventually the whole world will see it and move on. I take no delight in saying this as my country Canada, exhibits much of the same problems. Remember it was Ottawa , the city, comparable to your capital, that turned on the truckers who came across Canada to object to Trudeau’ diktats. Smug, affluent, civil servants, liberal to boot, Canadians who feed at the trough. Rome’s legions could no more stave off the invasions, I don’t think your armies can either. What you face, to me, is luciferian, an opponent that has designs on the over- throw of all humanity. To him, Nero was a pussy-cat, so to was Churchill. All to play their parts until the final act. We are in it!

  19. Dave Scrimshaw

    Tried putting email in blank the way you said, w/ USAW a few spaces later – it rejected it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then, just put your email in the space. This is what the company told me you can do. Get your emailin the list and they will email you when they can sell it to you.

  20. tibor

    Greg thank you for screaming Bio weapon from day one!
    I am wondering why you don’t talk about the clones ,doubles even Fake Biden and all the famous people in Hollywood have been tribual and sure can get confusing ..I am 64 and saw it from the wife and I are at words..thought I would ask.
    all the best Tibor

    • Greg Hunter

      I do sourcing and I do not trust the sourcing for this material. I do think there is something too it.

      • Dave Musso

        Greg, I sent Tibor a reply you should check it out. If you do that you will find picture of Senator Roy Blount of Mo. filing out of the White House with both his arms angled behind his back? Appeared as if he was handcuffed. and if you watch the whole pod cast it will blow your mind. Tribunals at 3 am in the middle of night. No auto or civilian traffic, but maybe 200 red & blue bubble topped police cars. White house policers on the WH rooftop EVERYWHERE. Plus, the WH is Lit UP with super bright flood lamps and the place Lites up like the 4th of July. Here’s the kicker, this was on Jan 20, 2021

        • tibor

          For the sake of research..Heres some Truth bombs..that will ask you why we trusted our Se-lected politicians..and for sure been lied to.
          #1 nasa is.. fake ..never been to the moon
          #2 flat earth..surrounded by ice..furinment
          #3.JFK never was never shot or killed..good guys replaced him.
          heres a picture of him and died feb 21 2021.

          • Greg Hunter

            Far out unscientific poorly sourced stuff but I will post it.

    • Jerry

      Tibor and Greg, it is all around us you just have to open your eyes and you will see. “They” put it in plan site. Listen to this song with the Closed Captions ON. Listen to the very end, that’s where it gets good. Then do a search on the singer of the band. He got out of the music biz!!! I wonder why??? New Radicals.

    • Dave Musso

      Tibor, I have a good reply for you today. Aloha! from Pearl Harbor, Hi. Follow my Instructions: Go to; and on left hand column towards the middle of the front page of this website find this heading for this Podcast. Proof of Arrest in White House by Military Tribunals?

      • tibor

        good one..have not heard that…smart move on the lead singer baling out..of a sick culture..illuminati..!

  21. Dawn

    I would like to see all countries military’s decline to almost nothing.
    War per Government lies is the most destructive thing on this planet where everyone suffers insome way- some countries and people more than others.

    War + military’s are destroying this planet so for me I don’t care if the likes of Lloyd Austin are destroying the US military from within.

    I have said for a long time now – weaken the USA / GB / Israel military by far and we’d have much world peace – literally overnight.
    War are liar wars.

    Why haven’t the military gone after Boy Bush / Blair / Clinton/ Obama et al for ALL the war lies and deceit of which they ALL have made $100s of $millions?

    The truth is the truth and no one can change that.

  22. Dale Whitmore

    Well reported!

  23. David Lynch

    Thanks Greg for keeping the heat on the Vaxassisins and the other criminals running the former USA ! While the truth is getting out more and more by the moment thanks to brave men and women like you, I am amazed how the general public is still happily swimming in a cesspool of lies ! Blessings to you and your family ….

  24. John Maskell

    Great work Greg , as always ! This is just a thought and I could be totally wrong but if the war in Palestine brings in Iran , Syria , China and Russia , the holy land of Israel could be seriously destroyed . Is the killing and destruction of the Ukrainian people a chess move so the Jews can move in to Ukraine while their country is massacred by the Palestinian allies ? The CEO of Blackrock Larry Fink has made comments to rebuild Ukraine . Time will tell with these corrupt elites but it gets them closer to Russia for an attack ? My comment is pure thought and I don’t want to offend anyone or upset their beliefs .

  25. iwitness02

    All the right people are in place to accomplish the take down of America. The plan is really coming together for the monsters who are promoting all this evil. I think the monsters are winning based on what the Bible tells us. Namely; that these days will be cut short, or else no one will survive. That sounds to me like the monsters are winning and will continue to win until they are stopped by heavenly forces. Seems as though the timing is going to be pretty dicey, as far as anybody surviving the worldwide attacks on humanity.

    • S. Revere

      There’s going to be 7 long years of Tribulation
      before ‘those days will finally be cut short”.
      The world by and large has thumbed its nose
      to the Creator which caused him to remove His
      protective Hand. And so we need not be surprised
      that the monsters are winning (until Jesus Returns).

  26. Ted Bungie

    Rapture woman says, Israel is warning Europe (hence USA) of sleeper cells

    • S. Revere

      Ted, IMO I think these sleeper cells that are in our country
      already, will be the undoing of this country.
      Just my strong gut feeling (discernment). All those nefarious
      ones are not here for a picnic, and I cannot imagine them
      behaving themselves, and the shear number of them goes to
      show what havoc they would do.

  27. Valerie

    Thanks for another great report, Greg!
    You are the best!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Valerie!!
      Brother Greg

  28. Ted Bungie

    there’s a woman named Christine Watkins who collated the words of several holy people regarding their private revelations (from God) about a coming “illumination of conscience”, whereupon all people will be shown how God views them, and also where they are headed (heaven, hell, purgatory) were they to die that moment. Many people will perish from the horror of having to look squarely at themselves.

    Just imagine what Clif High will be faced with seeing what God thinks of him for having blasphemed Jesus Christ by calling JC a “magician”.

    You can find Christine Watkins discussing The Warning on youtube.

    Should this “illumination of conscience” occur, it would fit the bill for what Clif High and his newage colleague Dick Algire have foreseen as some huge life changing event on the horizon prior to April 2023. Furthermore, at the same time, it would fit the bill for what many Evangelicals are feeling and interpreting by world events, the occurrence of a Rapture, for this would be not a bodily rapture, but a spiritual rapture.

    Christine Watkins would make a good guest. She is someone who was a lost sheep and was saved by Jesus Christ. Such people are more interesting than those who drank milk and listened to Pat Boone all their life. And also she can discuss this illumination of conscience event.

    • S. Revere

      Ted, two things I find wrong with Watkins:
      1) There is no such thing as a ”spiritual rapture”
      so wherever she got that from, is contrary to
      scripture……..which clearly says in 1 Thess 4:16
      and 17……..that the dead who are IN Christ shall
      rise first, then those who are alive and IN Christ
      shall be caught Up together with them in the clouds
      and Forever be with the Lord.
      that clearly depicts a very bodily rapture.
      2) There is No such thing as ”an illumination of conscience
      Event” coming. There is no such scripture for such an
      ”event”. And if it isnt in scripture, then it should be tossed
      out. (There is individual conviction of sin which is what
      causes one to repent and be saved, if and when they get saved.

      Everything one needs to know, to figure out ”where they are
      going” and how to know, is right in the written Word.
      And the Word tells us to ”study to SEE if we are approved (or not)”

      3) There is no such thing as purgatory either. Scripture only gives two choices:
      “”narrow is the gate to Life and Few there be that find IT, but wide is the gate to Destruction and many go through IT”

      Ms. Watkins has no scripture to back her ”gospel” …….because its false. I suggest
      she do a lot more study of the bible itself, and be wary of the opinions and claims
      of other people.

  29. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg. I am thankful for the gold manipulation, gives all of us more time. The math of the national debt has no other way to go but exponential- the only question is how fast- and who ever the president is can speed that up or slow it down, but not stop it. I still say productive land is the ultimate hard asset providing for food security. Maybe border security officers can be reassigned to guard the grocery stores when people start stealing groceries by the cart full. I asked my wife, how long until meat is behind locked glass? Maybe that is the reason for the huge number of EBT cards.-i wonder about the percentage of ebt cards. Two years ago the state sent us one each for our two teenage boys and we never signed up for anything.

  30. Cytek

    Thanks Greg for the update, i just found this Dr’s substack. This is what she is seeing out there. Crazy.
    “The cardiac and turbo cancer incidences are increasing. I cannot even keep track now of the sudden pancreatic cancers, breast cancers, and the sudden heart attack deaths that patients report have ravaged their families. So many people suffering. The common theme is most of them are 2x vaccinated.”

  31. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Hi Greg, I forwarded on a Christmas card and gift to your old address in North Carolina. I hope you receive it as I didn’t register it. God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas, New year period. Vince in London.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll be on the lookout for it. You might get it back and then you can use the new address on the bottom of the donation page:
      Thank you for much for the gift!!!

  32. Daniel

    One of the best wrap up from Greg on 2023. Greg tell us the bad news about Federal Goverment but he made lots of jokes while arguing about. I cannot lie to you, It makes me laugh when Greg used sarcasm on open borders and fbi warnings. “Habla español” Mister Greg.

  33. James

    How do we purchase the CarryiOn here in CA?

    • Greg Hunter

      Get someone in another state to buy it for you and then send it to you. That’s what others are doing.


  34. Gisela Watson

    Hi Greg: According to some physician substacks I follow ivermectin is not safe. In microscopy they are finding nano particles and nano microchips that self assemble and create more. It’s also in all dental anesthetics and even soft contact lenses. All these nano bots will be activated by 5G. If you want more information or links let me know.

  35. Elias

    Thank you, Greg, another brilliant newscast!

  36. EasyEnergy

    It’s great to have someone with clout go after Pfizer for their kill shots. But we also need someone with clout to go after the demons that created the SARS-Cov-2 in the first place. To quote from Professor Joseph Tritto’s book on the origins of the virus, he says of the natural origin idea, “…we would be forced to conclude that the bat and the pangolin had joined forces to eliminate the human race”. In addition to this unlikely scenario, the SARS-Cov-2 virus also has a cluster of four amino acids that are derived from HIV1. They need to pay for their crimes and yet Fauci and Baric and all the rest of these criminals walk around freely despite the untold grief and misery they have caused the world.

  37. Marie Joy

    Resident Biden has just sign Executive Order 14111 telling all Americans to STOCK UP NOW.

  38. Marie Joy

    Different kinds of generators… Gasoline, Solar, etc.
    Redundant Redundancy.
    It gets pretty damn cold when you don’t have power.
    Biden issued EO 14111 to Stock Up per Patrick Humphrey on YouTube.
    Wood stoves
    When the power goes out, a lot of Americans will die. Don’t be one of them.
    Love you all.

  39. Skip

    Michael Pinto might be a good guest for the the current times. It’s been too long since we’ve heard his views.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I second the vote for Pento. He and Bill Holter are of similar mindset, different styles. Best always. PM

  40. Joe Wong

    Look at it this way – in 1968 LB Johnson allocated more monies for the war in Vietnam, guess what the USA lost when Saigon fell in 1976. In 2010 and 2015 Barack Nobama allocated more monies for the war in Afghanistan (aka the graveyard of empires), and guess what the USA again lost when Kabul fell in 2021. In 2022 till present Joebama Buyden allocated much more monies for his ill-fated war in Ukraine, guess what the USA is losing when Kyiv eventually falls in 2024. Its called WAR NO LONGER WORKS ANYMORE !!! The more money you put into it – the faster you LOSE the war – because the ones being attacked are FIGHTING BACK now !!! It is what it is my friends !!!! Have a nice weekend to all concerned.

  41. Ray

    Brother Greg,
    I have been with you from the beginning…… know that as well.
    Fair dinkum, WNW 611 was your finest.
    Bravo…….take a bow.
    Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
    You honour the spirit of The Dragons……’s good to have you with us.
    Ray, Canberra, Australia 🦘 🇦🇺 🌏

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ray!!

  42. Bill

    News Lady Tomi Lahren, said that the Democratic Party is trying to convince Joe Biden to step down, by having Weiss charge Hunter Biden with 9 counts. Washington D.C weaves a Tangled Web.

    • TED

      I suspect that Hunter will be used as the scapegoat. They will let him get charged with a few things and then try to say that they have addressed all the corruption. (Then of course before the big guy leaves office he will pardon Hunter.)

  43. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg:
    I had not heard about the UAE move. That is a disaster for the dollar. Out standard of living will fall at least 50%. Think about that. For fifty years almost no one realized we were on easy street and overspending, both as a government and individually. While we were on bonus money and I mean every American and we never knew.

  44. Derek Sinclair

    You’re right Greg. They wouldn’t let “genocide the blacks” or “genocide all muslims” but they would allow (and already allow) “genocide all whites”. And that’s the “professors” not just the students. I know you’ve brought this up before but very few of those now complaining about “kill the Jews” have. And people are noticing this. And in actual fact, all the above statements/threats are protected under the first amendment because none name a specific individual and none are demanding immediate life threatening action. If they are going to allow “kill the Jews” and “kill the whites” (the latter being commonplace) they must also allow “kill the blacks” and “kill the muslims”. I don’t like any of those threats but I support the first amendment so I’ll live with them, but it must be all of them.

    • Marie Joy

      Generally speaking, of those 4, whites are the easiest to kill. We’re very complacent, soft and spoiled. MO

      • Derek Sinclair

        I would say that many of us are certainly complacent and, I would say, civilized, so we rarely act to preempt violence against us. We are also easier to kill because in the present political climate it is frequently we who go to prison if we try and defend ourselves.

  45. TED

    Greg: Thank you for what you do. On the topic of C19 do you still recommend the ivermectin website? (It seems they are no longer able to accept credit cards.)

    • Greg Hunter

      I have no financial relationship with (also know as Germ Proof). I was a customer, and I got what was promised at the price promised for my orders. I know the payment system is not typical. I also did not use a credit card. That said, I think the company is legit and they are trying to stay out of our current financial system as much as possible. Ask if you can overnight a check or money order via Fed Ex. says they get their product from India and NOT China. I don’t trust a single thing coming out of China at this point.

      That’s all I got for you.


      • TED

        Thanks Greg! That’s just what I needed to know!
        P.S. It’s been quite a while since you’ve been on C2Cam. They are overdue to have you on again!

  46. JJ Cooleridge

    Sun now is harbinger of this prophecy by Jesus: “Immediately after the tribulation of those days: ‘The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken” – Mt 24:29

    Gigantic ‘hole’ in the sun wider than 60 Earths is spewing superfast solar wind right at us

    “over the last few weeks, there have been numerous other signs that the sun is getting more active.”

  47. Justn Observer

    Greg, Dr. David Martin exposes hidden admission and intent of the shots in this report? ( appears the Pope is even in on it?) =
    included =
    ” In an October 2023 lecture, David E. Martin, Ph.D., detailed how we can know that SARS-CoV-2 is a manmade bioweapon that has been in the works for 58 years
    The virus called “coronavirus” was first described in 1965. Two years later, the U.S. and U.K. launched an exchange program where healthy British military personnel were infected with coronavirus pathogens from the U.S. as part of the U.S. biological weapons program
    In 1992, Ralph Baric at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, took a pathogen that used to infect the gut and lungs and altered it with a chimera to make it infect the heart, causing cardiomyopathy. This research was part of the efforts to produce an HIV vaccine
    In November 2000, Pfizer patented its first spike protein vaccine. Between 2000 and 2019, vaccine trials using this technology proved it was lethal, yet in the summer of 2020, the clinical trials for the SARS-CoV-2 shots went straight into human trials mRNA spike protein was publicly described as a bioweapon 18 years ago. In 2005, at a conference hosted by DARPA and The Mitre Corporation, the mRNA spike protein was hailed as a “biological warfare-enabling technology,” i.e., a biological warfare agent “

  48. Betty Sees

    biblical locusts plague Mexico

    there are now so many signs that were foretold, and yet Clif High is still trying to bamboozle people with his amateur scholarship into disavowing Jesus. … Never forget, Clif High served that the pleasure of the evil Bill Gates at Microsoft. An apple does not fall far from the tree.

  49. Michele

    Great segment.
    The entire JB administration should face a firing squad for the crimes they have committed against our Repbulic.

  50. Susan R

    I shared this one earlier today. Your level of awareness Greg is filled to the brim with a lot of everything. I am very grateful for your presence and am greatly enriched by it. This is your service to mankind and you will be richly rewarded.

  51. Debra Cerritelli

    Have YOU read “The Messenger of Censorship”? “The Messenger of Censorship” details the delivery of Extraordinary NEW non-violent Mideast (and World) WIN-WIN Peace proposal where BOTH SIDES choose a cease fire w/ ALL FUNDS allocated for war efforts to be shared amongst outstanding causes to benefit ordinary people!”  See complete details at the 32 minute mark of this interview that has already been viewed over 15,000 times and let me know your thoughts!

  52. michael burton

    Thank you for your service or offer. I would like to share something with you that’s very important. We all know that we all die at some point in life. However, with almighty god Jehovah everything is possible, and living forever is a promise by him through his son Christ Jesus. CLICK the links below to read and see more about living forever on the earth, thank you.

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