Maui, Mayhem, Murder & Supernatural Evil – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s 

Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle has been warning of very hard times coming for America.  The Maui incineration is just another sign that hard times and evil have come to America.  Let’s dive in on what Quayle says is “ The Maui Mess.”  Quayle explains, “The very first thing this drone operator had to deal with was federal government agencies and agents that basically stopped him from flying his drone and wanted everything (pictures/videos) he had taken from them.”

There was a black fabric wall that went up around Lahaina this week.  Quayle warns, “You are not to know the truth under any circumstances.  The mainstream vomit brokers tried to control the narrative that all the evidence wouldn’t support.  Then they have tried to contain, and that’s what the fence is for, it’s containing anything they don’t want you to see.  Then they want to try to silence or kill the messengers because this is a deep black operation going on.  I think people should understand there is no one left to appeal to.  There are no courts.  There is no justice system.  There is no legal system.  This is why we are in a total mess in this country.  It doesn’t get any better from here. . . . I was told there were incendiary devices and incendiary pots that were strategically placed ahead of time.”

In short, the dark powers in America are covering up crime and mass murder.  Quayle says many more crimes are going on now with massive wildfires in Canada and Europe.  Quayle says, “They want the death of humanity. . . .What is happening are not acts of God.  These are acts of men rebelling against God.  They are using the technology of the most rebellious entities in the universe— ‘fallen angels and demons.’  The point now is we are watching targeted, weaponized attacks, primarily on red states. . . . Ladies and gentlemen, we are dealing with supernatural evil.  Yes, supernatural evil motivating some of the most wicked and wealthy people in the world.”

Quayle also talks about how bad the banking system is doing with tons of defaulting debt, the need for cash and why the entire financial system might collapse before the end of the year.

There is much more in the 1-hour and 5-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he warns about hard times coming to America and the entire world for 8.29.23.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Janice

    They got their foot in the door and now we’ve got to slam it in their face (so-to-speak) I didn’t fall for round 1, not going to comply next time either!! Thanks for the pep talk.

  2. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Have only listened to 18 minutes so far . . . will listen to the remainder later.

    When Steve Quayle pins Lahaina down to ‘it’s about the money’, those who understand that TPTB can print (borrow into existence) any amount of USD currency they desire, have cause for doubt. However, as the interview continues, Steve points out a VITAL piece of information – the indigenous Hawaiians (living in paradise) did not want to sell their properties on Maui at ANY price! Historically, people who have refused to bend to the will of the ruling class have been marginalised, ostracised, and ultimately assassinated. TPTB know that they are engineering a ‘Mad Max’ near-term future. In that scenario, what value do ‘they’ put on places like Maui – where they can establish a haven in mid Pacific for THEMSELVES ALONE!?

    • JM


      “I met the Maui Police Department’s forensic facility in Wailuku where morgue operations specialists are actually loading mats in containers with bodies right now. So why is our police chief also our coroner? He admitted that on a press conference just the other day. Legislation was passed that allowed the sheriff, AKA the coroner, I’ll go ahead and include the link so you can go ahead and look at those legislation bills.

      But in doing so, not only are there no descendants there to look for lost loved ones, such as where are the parents to the missing children? They’re not there. Not only has this whole operation completely just annihilated the indigenous people of Lahaina, but in doing what they’ve done, they’ve also completely disintegrated all traces of DNA.

      So yeah, if the math ain’t math, then let me help you out here. Not only is the coroner’s office, aka the sheriff, making $800 for each and every person, he stuffs in one of those containers that very well is one of these alkaline, hydrolysis, decomposing chambers. He’s not only making $800 per person, but by eliminating all DNA, any surviving ancestors to those that perished in this… fire.

      Any surviving ancestors that live abroad say in the mainland they can never return home and state claim to their land because it’s surrendered over to the coroner’s office. It’s given to, it’s given back to the state. So because there’s no trace of evidence of the DNA. This is disgusting you guys. This is disgusting and I hope this helps somebody.

      We’re at the end and if you don’t know Christ Jesus, now is the time to turn and repent to him. And I’m talking to you elites more than anything. You might want to stop what you’re doing because Christ Jesus is coming back and it ain’t gonna end well for you. If you think what you’ve done to these people is just, oh, you just wait until you find yourself sitting in a lake of fire. Because that’s what’s coming for you if you all don’t turn from your bulldog and repent of your evil in wicked ways.”

  3. bdavis

    This is not a public comment, but how do we contact Greg Hunter to simply send information?

  4. Andrew Cox

    I couldn’t listen to all of this video. Steve Quayle rants and doesn’t finish a sentence. You need to tell him to slow down and keep to one topic.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Andrew,
      True, but Greg kept pulling Steve back on point.

      • Adam Munyard

        SQ has ADHD, he openly admits it. Cut him some slack, he is a wealth of knowledge and has incomparable contacts
        You’re not in Perth, WA by any chance are you Andrew ?

  5. Prydd

    Where did all the children go!

    • Rob


    • Ted N

      They were most likely put in to trafficking or sent to reeducation facilities for MK ultra trauma based mind control processing. All the school buses are still unaccounted for.
      No way were valuable currency/children allowed to burn up.
      Many people know what O pra really is.

  6. Accountability

    The First Casualty of the War is the Truth

    GoFundMe Sides With WAR MACHINE– Silences Grayzone!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 1.23M subscribers 97,812 views Aug 29, 2023
    Independent media outlet The Grayzone recently conducted a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help support the publication’s investigative journalism team. But after collecting more than $90,000, The Grayzone publisher Max Blumenthal received an email telling him that for reasons that remained obscure, the funds would not be disbursed.
    Jimmy and Max discuss this effort to stifle independent journalism and the similar experience faced by the Canadian trucker protesters and African journalist Simon
    GoFundMe, shows it’s hand. Who owns it, who’s it’s daddy!

    • Pixiestyxs

      Aloha, most likely the children were terrorized and slaughtered for their ADRENOCHROME. When you have satanic teachers corraling the show you can betcha they got their ADRENOCHROME one way or the other. Why haven’t the teacher spoken out? Expires epipens ran out of synthetic ADRENOCHROME?

      • Miatyank

        You are on the point. Those kids already processed, look how good and wrinkle free lot celeb on tv looks now.

  7. neil

    Kill Gates owns that hotel that FEMA are swanning around in. The place is full of cult Billionaires with blue coloured mansions??

  8. Joseph

    15 Banks Collapsing All Around Us
    BY YOUTUBE CHANNEL :Epic Economist

  9. Melinda Henson

    What is God’s Plan? To have His Son, Jesus Christ, Rule and Reign for 1000 years…and for believers to rule and reign with Him!!!
    What is Satan’s Plan? The destruction of all “humans”, and for his son (Anti-Christ) to have dominion over this earth!
    Jesus Christ is our Blessed Hope, our only Hope:

    • Doris

      What does dominion over “our” Earth by “entities” (who want to kill humans) sound like to you? Simply greedy Globalists?? Or some off-world entity controlling the Globalists (the Bible calls Satan)?? – following is a 175 page report by P.J. Corso that may provide (to those who take the time to read it) some insight into what we are now facing (from the current outright deliberate burning of humans in Maui and the deliberate burning of our forests and food processing centers to the deliberate killer clot shots, famines and wars!! – .
      What I take from reading the above is that we should not feel helpless in the face of the overpowering alien technology the Globalists are throwing at us – we have the intelligence to thwart their extermination agenda!!

      • Endoris

        “When player cannot see man who deal cards, much wiser to stay out of game.”

        (Charlie Chan at the Race Track)

        • Doris

          I see the man who wants to deal murder to all the trees on planet Earth (Bill Gates) – so it is “not so wise” to stay out of a game when that game is about killing humanity!! –
          Note: Is Bill Gates a mental retard? Or is he simply pretending he does not understand that trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we need to breathe?? – Is Bill Gates proposing to kill all the trees on Earth and bury them “on orders from some space alien”??? – His proposal is the most idiotic mind-boggling psyop only the most radical psychotic human climate activists would believe!!

          • Endoris

            “In my job,’ he said, ‘when I come up against a man like this one, I have another motto. It’s “live and let die”.”

            ― Ian Fleming, Live and Let Die

  10. Marie Joy

    Us or Them.
    Who’s next?
    Wealth transfer
    Are you angry yet?
    At what point, America?
    Leaders and the people who own them.
    They want you dead, dead, dead.
    Expect a loss of power and a loss of the internet.
    Us or Them

  11. James

    Some inside info on the criminal police chief –

  12. El Sid

    This is very interesting!:
    Was weaponized GIS used in Lahaina?
    Click-and-destroy program for “sustainable redevelopment”

    [Quote]This information is from an anonymous contributor. It describes the evidence from the GIS (Geographic Information System) of extreme precision and selectivity of the Lahaina fire. It also points to the plans of potentially moving all low-income residents off their properties and into a concentration camp, ahem, a 15-minute city.[/Quote]

    Methinks Dane Wigington would be interested in this research.

  13. David Gordon Dunne

    Alex Jones had a resident of Maui close to where the fires were and he had video of cars
    melted but right next to them were green grass and trees all untouched. Greg, after all the evidence from all your guests and your own info you share, I honestly believe our own Govt. is genociding all of us. From attacks like this to the kill jabs, to Ft. Detrich where they were created, from the Geo Engineering that Dane speaks of to the open borders, trashing the dollar on and on. Every single move our Govt. makes is to first divide us all then to lie to us all to then trying to brain wash us all. I think for sure we are the last generation and in the times of the Parable of the Fig Tree. Some try to say the EVIL is desparate but I honestly don’t see that at all. It seems like all they have and are doing is part of theie Master Plan and all going their way. Soon, the bellows of smoke in the Lake of Fire is going to be so great, the air will jsut all be their smoke. I don’t think enough are awake and these pig Globalists seem to have all the bases covered. The cancer is gone and the prostate surgery was a success but you never can be sure. God is in control and it is written in Revelations of all of this unfolding.

  14. Endoris

    ” The Maui incineration is just another sign that hard times and evil have come to America.”

    Revelation 13:13 (King James)
    And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in sight of men.

    • Harry

      “He who make fire to kill children – belong at Bohemian Grove”!!
      Charlie Chan in Black Magic

  15. John Barry

    Rob Skiba SEED prophecy fulfilled, of largest blood sacrifice ever that began in 2021 and the reason SEED did not happen his death;
    Scott Stapp of the band Creed, New Jerusalem is not next prophecy about to be fulfilled;
    9/11 Trump assassination attempt, stock market tank, anti-Christ prophecy to be fulfilled on 9/11/23:
    When the above prophecy is fulfilled this is TRUTH;

  16. Virginia

    Amen! Alas.

  17. Linda

    Over a thousand children cannot be accounted for and nobody in “authority” seems to be very upset. They just brush it off as well they just don’t seem be enrolled.

    • Earth Angel

      I wonder if the children burned- or perhaps were taken off by child sex trafficing rings that evil globalists fancy so- BEFORE the firestorm was fueled & set off. Nothing surprises me from these satanic bas#@r&s. Who knows? How can 1000 children simply be ‘unaccounted’ for? They should be sifting for forensic evidence of these children. (if it can even be found) The temps. were so ferocious I wonder if much is left to identify? So sad. These people did not deserve this horriffic crime and tragedy.. SO BAD.

  18. Roger Stamper

    tks steve greg

  19. Linda

    Yeah, I get it, we don’t believe anything “they” say any more. That’s on them. Not sure how that’s a win for the powers that shouldn’t be. I am not sure we need anything besides badly maintained infrastructure, i.e transformers, powerlines, dry brush that should be cleaned up in order to burn this town out. It is just as bad for the people burned out in the end. I can believe there could have been directed energy weapons used, but I haven’t seen any evidence yet. Is there any?

  20. Buck Royal

    This is Steve Quail’s bread a butter. He has been salivating for this since Art Bell.

    • Linda

      I am missing the meaning of your comment. Can you shed more light on your exact meaning….sounds negative, but is it?

    • Adam Munyard

      Salivating ? For such horrific crimes ? Good grief man, where is your head at

  21. ron martin

    This is the first time I see not a single comment. I’m sure I’m not the first. Anyway, thanks for having my #1 news aggregator Steve Quayle. If there is a single/believable/authentic prophet/prophetess communicating with Jesus it is Celestial of The Master’s Voice which both me and Steve follow.

  22. Joan Pujals

    IMO, Seems whenever you interview Quayle the whole interview is nothing but constant Screen Freezing & you cutting him off mid-sentence. Some of us have no problem with his various topic changes. How about another interview with Quayle w/o interruptions & fix the constant screen freezes. Much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

  23. Neville

    AAcrime is in one hell of a mess and is heading straight towards a confrontation
    with GOD!!! There will catastrophic results ahead. For the evil elements of that
    country and also outright destruction of the entire country according to the BOOK OF REVALATIONS. BUT the satanic sods who Steve Quayle is speaking about are the frontline targets of GODS FURY.

  24. Randy Doubosiff

    Rudolf Steiner, 1917

    Did you know that the satanic globalists have been planning sudden death by vaccine for over a hundred years?

    Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and founder of a satanic spiritual movement in his day, wrote the following around 1917:

    In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a ‘healthy point of view,’ there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible at birth so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and spirit. Materialistic doctors will be entrusted with the task of removing the soul of humanity. As today, people are vaccinated against this or that disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the ‘madness’ of spiritual life.

    He penned these words 105 years ago! Take a few moments to ponder the fact that his words are over a century old. Also, consider the fact that the FDA has approved giving the COVID injection to babies as young as six months, who have virtually a zero chance of dying because of COVID-19.

    After including the Steiner quote in his book, J.B. Hixson wrote:

    One wonders what he [Steiner] knew and how he knew it. What did the demons reveal to him about Satan’s transhumanist agenda that would unfold in earnest over the next century?

  25. Randy Doubosiff

    Aldous Huxley, 1961

    More recently, philosopher and author Aldous Huxley spoke these words at the California Medical School in 1961 (please, please read these words very carefully):

    There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will, in fact, have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.[viii] (emphasis added)

    Huxley’s words represent the playbook from which today’s globalists operate. What he talked about in 1961 has become reality in 2023. “Pharmaceutical methods” are the weapon of choice for transhumanists seeking to change humanity by combining humans with machines.

  26. Sally

    Greg..I know this is off subject but it’s equally important..Sept is the last month for our government to NOT sign on to the WHO agreement that they would control the world with health issues. Our constitution will be gone. Please talk about this..maybe Lahaina is a distraction. To this horror.

  27. Richard

    Hi Greg as always a great guest having Steve on. The powers that be want to create the worlds first smart island. This is a total redesign of an area.

  28. greg sabourin

    I saw an interesting movie yesterday, “Snowpiercer” made in 2013.
    The govt destroys the environment with geo-engineering to stop global warming causing the earth to freeze killing almost all the population except those who are allowed on a special train that acts as a lifeboat. Then they find out after 17 years that the protein bars that have been keeping them alive are made with bugs. Sound familiar?
    Dave Cullen has a review with spoilers…

    • Dave O

      Thanks Greg for having Steve Quayle on today. You panels of guest speakers are the best.
      Ecclesiastes 1:9
      The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

    • JayJay

      I saw that and it was great when the people fought for their freedom.

  29. DJW

    Personally I think the ‘WHY?’ has many facets – just as the world takeover is comprised of many agendas, narratives and attack vectors so are the reasons for each major event manifold.
    Climate propaganda is a huge component of their psychological warfare and Maui was to serve as a dramatic punchline to the ‘climate disaster’ narrative; these psychopaths are now reckless and they don’t care how obviously fake it is to those who are awake – they know they control the media and that the majority will accept the BS.
    Secondly this is a land grab, the elite want to isolate themselves on their own private and easily defendable islands.
    Another aspect could be to send a demoralizing message to patriotic factions within the military – the strategic importance of Maui cannot be overstated.
    If it becomes impossible to cover up the use of DEW’s and geoengineering, they may even blame aliens and say humanity is being attacked because we are destroying the planet – but of course they will say there are ‘good’ aliens who want to help our governments install ‘systems of order’ that all humans must obey in order to save the planet.
    Who knows.
    This is unbridled psychological, as well as kinetic, warfare. Anything goes – whatever it takes to gradually cull our numbers before humanity awakens and begins to hunt the elite down.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi DJW,
      Great summary – agreed!

    • JM

      Reminds me of a Star Trek Next Generation episode “Devil’s Due”.

      Essentially, a “devil” has forged a contract with an entire planet’s people one thousand years hence. The contract is the entire people’s enslavement. This “devil” is capable of creating earthquakes, personal disguises, teleportation and other effects. With these “tricks”, fear is created in the people to create their subordination.

      It turns out that the “devil” is infact a fraud who is not using supernatural energies or “magic” but simply technology that can seem fearsome if utilised for diabolical ends.

      If we look at a common science fiction story like this and then upon our own predicament macrocosmically it could be that the situation is not really so bleak as we might believe. This whole situation could be little more than a sham by psychopathic con artists.

  30. Takuto

    Steve Quayle at his best, and Greg asked the right questions. The situation really is dire.

  31. Joseph Boudreau

    This is the Fourth Turning in full progress. Neil Howe who co-wrote the book recently stated in a recent interview with Wealthion that things aren’t going to get better until about 2030! Clif High also says in a podcast from last week that from August 30th onward and into the fall, we’ll see things get really wonky. Keep the faith!!!!
    All the best, Greg.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Joseph,
      “Clif High also says in a podcast from last week that from August 30th onward and into the fall, we’ll see things get really wonky.”
      Clif has also coined the phrase ‘expressions of hyper-novelty’ to describe multiple major societal disruptions set to accelerate from 30th August 2023 onward . . .

    • PersonaNonGrata

      I forgot to include the Clif High link . . .

  32. z

    Maui Fire Survivors Claim the Police Prevented People from Escaping – Dramatic Video Footage

    • Earth Angel

      Thank you for posting this stunning live footage. This needs to go VIRAL everywhere. Something is VERY wrong here! The people of Maui deserve better than what they are getting here. Me thinks I smell’s a rat in this VERY rotten woodpile. What the hell just took place in Lahaina?

  33. z

    Maui Resident Uploading Raw Video Footage being Threatened and Fears for His Life

    A long-time Maui resident who was visiting Maui before the fires broke out, has uploaded video footage of what is really happening on the ground in Maui since the fires started.

  34. Geyoge

    Space force may also be there underground. Maybe a larg alien base under main island.
    Contact Kerry Cassidy project Camelot and Michael Laco and Nino Rodrigues.t

    • Harry

      You know with a big US DEWs Military Base stationed in Hawaii the Military could have offered to send help to rescue all the burning people – but – I guess they were too busy testing their equipment!!

      • Endorry

        Get Smart!

        Maxwell Smart : Hi Hoo, how are ya?

        Harry Hoo : Eh, not too happy, Mr. Smart.

        # 99 : What’s wrong?

        Harry Hoo : Well to be too happy is to invite trouble from Hawaiian god Kina-Hora.

  35. Self Exiled

    Why Maui? Why Hawaii? I think that it is a strategic gateway to the western US. We have many individuals who have been compromised by the Chinese CCP. Also the NWO agenda is supported by the CCP and they are in my opinion; in competition with the western elitist. The CCP has been conducting its own NWO agenda here in Asia and China. There isn’t a week that goes by here in the Philippines that there isn’t some form of Chinese infringement on the Philippine territory in the news.
    The Chinese infringements/probes on Taiwan are following a consistent pattern of intense scrutiny of the straights between the Philippines and Japan. The gateway to the Pacific and straight to Hawaii. Hawaii is the basic main defence point for the US with four military bases, satellite communications and other defensive necessities. China does not want a destructive war with Taiwan, its to valuable commercially and they are trading partners. My Taiwanese daughter inlaw has told me they will join China as soon as the Chinese catch up to them economically. If China can by pass Taiwan and Japan and occupy Hawaii the western US it’s is a done deal. I don’t think Taiwan or Japan have any plans to defend the US.
    I think there is a much bigger picture here. Don’t forget our military is compromised. I watch a lot of Chinese news here in SE Asia and their Army personnel are concise, aggressive and appear well trained/motivated.

  36. Jill Herendeen

    Well…They want the death of–as CAF keeps pointing out–the 80% of us whom They don’t need to do Their dirty work for Them. But jeepers, it’s black FABRIC–has nobody got a pair of scissors?

    • JayJay

      Good point!!

  37. Susan R

    Thank you, Greg and Steve. The veil is becoming thinner by the day as treachery upon treachery is unleashed daily now. Still, when I talk to strangers there is usually no awareness present. I am so saddened knowing what awaits those unprepared, even those of us who are. Lahaina can be substituted for where I live. Honestly, being ready for me is meeting my maker.

  38. Jill

    Greg, most of us know that we are all expendable….sad to say. Those in charge have made that very clear….I continue to pray 🙏

  39. Lars Christiansen

    I used to think that Steve Quayle was a bit too much but not anymore. For a long time I have said that the system we are living in is not created by human, if it was it wouldn’t be so inhumane.
    I guess that there is not much difference between alien and evil.
    The Paradise fires was turned on using DEW – rader imagery showed that and the MAUI fires look the same

  40. Patsy Danovsky

    On stop the crime. Net, Deborah trevarus says after all the chem trails and high heat on maur that the children were probably cremated in the fire and that is why they cannot be found.

  41. Kareem Abdul Jabarski

    Democrats are leading America into a ‘very dangerous place’: Nigel Farage
    Sky News Australia 5,828 views Aug 29, 2023
    GB News host Nigel Farage says Democrats’ hatred of Donald Trump and their own sense of moral superiority is leading America into a “very dangerous place”.
    “You have an openly, overtly political prosecutor in the state of Georgia … the total politicisation of the judiciary in the USA,” Mr Farage told Sky News host Paul Murray.
    “It is leading, potentially, to the biggest, most divisive and dangerous split in America since the 1850s.”
    Civil War 2.0? Any Volunteers?

  42. Lars Christiansen

    There is apparently a plan to make MAUI the first 15 minutes island. How so you do that easy, burn it to the ground and rebuild it with the latest tech

  43. Led Skeletor

    People with high subscriber numbers are coming forward stating: “I Was Just Offered $400 To Make An Anti-Trump J6 Social Media Post”

    Perhaps the MSM TV/Net news (err opinion packaged as news) also makes several multiples of $400 per minute from this same anti-American man/organization?

    Hollywood ought to make a remake of the 1962 film “The Intruder” starring William Shatner. Rewrite it to today’s leftist freak show victim disease and how an invisible billionaire hand is making common Americans hate each other by the means of fake political kangaroo court rousings, false racism, and the deathly fear of catching the flu.

  44. christine reeves

    More intelligence is gained by listening …..not talking…… why God gave us two ears……and one mouth……Amen.I’m sure we all have heard this, but that is what I thought of.Sure appreciated this interview. Satan is the destroyer and he hates mankind as we were created in the image of God. Actually we were created in the image of fallen man.Adam. Good to remember Satan is the god of this WORLD, as your guest shared. Thank you’s.

  45. Matt

    Multifaceted, covert warfare everywhere you turn.
    I’m with Christ and will do the best, with what I have, and will fight the honest fight.

    • Christine Reeves

      Amen ,and Amen.

  46. Buford Soundstone

    BRICS , GERMANY going bad to worse, Prigozhin, Who Owns the MEDIA?
    “Harley and Me,” August 29, 2023
    McDuff Lives 3 222 views Streamed live 16 hours ago
    Live update with Harley Schlanger
    “Were not trying to replace the DOLLAR! Were trying to replace the horrible financial system!

    The BRICS Challenge to the Global North
    Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in a live dialogue on August 30 to discuss the challenge of the Global North from the BRICS. Send in your questions early to…. [email protected]
    Fascinating Moment in Humanity!

  47. DPIZ


  48. Ginny Silcox

    Hi Greg,
    I spent many years in electromagnetic compliance testing. After that, I worked for DOE as a training designer for radiation emergencies. Part of that time was spent a Kirtland AFB. I’ve studied the experiments and patents having to do with DEWs, and based on what I’ve seen, there were multiple types of DEWs in action during those fires. The “blue” phenomenon was probably an ultraviolet laser, but the total “dustification” of the houses (with green foliage near by) was most likely a MASER…a microwave laser.
    I think we should all take a lesson from Maui, because if we live in an area of cropland desired by China, beach front desired by WEF or other elite, or if we live in an area of valuable natural resources, we are facing the exact same type of destruction.

  49. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, how do you decide which stories to do? There are so many stories coming at us from left field- like, if the authorities haven’t located the bodies of the missing children by now, are they gone to the black market or did the fire burn hot enough to be like cremation? That’s some morbid thinking, and just about enough for folks to loose their minds, it’s about all i can handle with just partially keeping track. What concerns me about me is having my love grow cold from being angry, or become numb from so much crazy- like the Bible warns us about in the end times.

  50. Jerry

    Maui is the name of a demi-god called “the trickster”. This was a huge blood sacrifice to him. Lahaina means “cruel sun”. This was the heat that killed the victims. What power are those that performed this sacrifice trying to gain? As an aside, a burning car gets to about 1600 degrees. Flowing auto glass, as observed in Lahaina, doesn’t happen until about 2600 degrees.

    • christine reeves

      These evil people are trying to gain favor with the one they serve………Satan.

  51. Michael

    Thanks, Greg for all of your efforts to inform us. A very good update on the situation in Maui from Alex Jones and a citizen journalist: Greg, it would be fantastic if you could interview one of the citizen journalists reporting on Lahaina. I’m sure it would be difficult to schedule, but I appreciate your reporting instinct and interview skills and know this could give us greater understanding of the situation

  52. Christine Reeves

    Having said good to remember Satan is the god of this world as God tells us in the bible……….. his days of evil and destruction will come to an end.The bible tells us Satan roams this earth , going to and fro, seeking whom he can devour. God is , as Greg shares, in complete control. Evil will run its course until God says no more.Amen.

    • JayJay

      Christina…if most will remember your post, this evil is easier to take because we know it is written that we win.
      Stay with Jesus, his Father, God and continue to pray.

  53. Mr. Tyz

    Right, they pulled this mass extermination off just so they could get the land.

    In reality, this was just one more test run on ways to get rid of the masses along with BS viruses, deadly vax shots, weaponization of the weather and getting the power grids set up before they shut them down.

    Wake up people. Most of you will be gone within the next two years and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. The fix is in, every0ne in power is corrupt/bought and paid for, and the rest are brain dead to what’s going on.

    My guess is they will hit you with multiple means of mass destruction and it won’t end until 80% or more of the population is dead. Bottom line the East will rise as the West falls. Game over – checkmate.

    • Harry

      Notice how they mixed the wrong gas in Florida before the hurricane hit so that the people could not escape – luckily the Hurricane took an unintended path!!

  54. Sher

    Excellent interview! IMO the Maui inferno was, undeniably, a DEW attack so that some of the NWO “leaders” can set up shop there and–with a fleet of ships surrounding the island–be safe from we-the-little-people!

    • Harry

      It won’t be so safe for the NWO “leaders” when some patriotic American military men come to their senses and begin aiming their DEW’s at the globalists in their “blue” buildings!!

  55. Larry Jordan

    This is another doozy in a bad way. Thank God for independent media persons like you!!

    Supernatural indeed!

  56. George Carlienie

    Mysterious firm that bought land near Travis AFB reveals why it was kept secret
    ABC7 News Bay Area
    After five years of unanswered questions, widespread speculation, and concerns over a possible threat to national security – the mystery surrounding the encroachment of Travis Air Force base in Solano County is starting to reveal itself.
    Creating a club that your not gonna be in!

  57. John zondervan

    Do you think they chose Hawaii because it’s contained? This gets very little air time on the main land not many people to verify what they have done on the island. Time for some pushback and accountability. I hope we are all ready for what’s coming.

  58. Deborah

    BEST Quayle episode imho. Did you purchase additional panels with your solar generator or is the one that comes with sufficient? Others seem to be tepid in their “preparation” advice, but Quayle addressed it as seriously as the matter demands and I very much appreciated him being so forthcoming/forthright. Excellent show, thank you.

  59. Neville

    What happened to my comment this is the second time that I have had a comment trashed

    • Greg Hunter

      Your comment is posted.

      • Joan Whittingham


        I don’t know what percentage of comments you trash, but if you believe in the First Amendment you should publish all comments.

        We should Fear Not the voices that disagree with us. Censorship is the enemy of those who seek the Truth.

        Your show with Quayle came across as a promotion for your sponsor a satellite phone company. I know you have to make money to keep this site up, but I can think of a number of better ways to make money without having to resort to promoting products.

        Attached is a short, but comprehensive link of the pros and cons of various forms of communication (transmitting and receiving) in times of emergencies or disasters.

        • Greg Hunter

          Do you understand what the 1st Amendments is and who it stops in terms of censorship? The government cannot censor citizens free speech rights. I am not the government. You are getting free content and I do this with sponsors. Sorry you are a free-tard and do not understand what it costs to put up a site that is always under attack. You are welcome.


          • Ray

            Excellent reply……pin point left jab followed by sweet, sweet right cross (metaphorical of course!)
            Well said Greg.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia

  60. Mr. Lee

    A nation that kills its own will cease being a nation.

    • Harry

      A Mother or Father who gives up their child (to the Pride’rs in our Schools or Government) will cease being a Parent.

  61. A DAY


    • Harry

      The authorities need to quickly get a black fence up around these two cars “real fast” if they want to advance their story that what burned Maui down was only wild wind and burning trees!!

  62. Valerie

    As disturbing as it is, thanks for the information, Steve and Greg! I hope and pray people will resist, and prepare to the best of their ability! God help us!

  63. Endoris

    Brazilian fitness influencer Larissa Borges tragically died Monday after suffering a double cardiac arrest due to unknown causes. She was 33 years old.

    Repeat after me.

    Unknown causes…
    Unknown causes…
    Unknown causes…

  64. Ken Dunnlevy

    America’s Surveillance State |453,147 views Jun 21, 2023
    Watch ‘Who Rules America? Complete Series’ here:
    We live in the United States of Surveillance – with cameras positioned on every street corner and much more invisible spying online and on the phone. Anyone paying attention knows that privacy is dead. All of this is not happening by accident – well-funded powerful agencies and companies are engaged in the business of keeping tabs on what we do, what we say, and what we think.

    Kevin O’Leary: ‘This is causing some real chaos’ Fox Business

    Victor Davis Hanson: These are dark times
    Fox News 243,497 views Aug 20, 2023
    Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson joins ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ to discuss the leftist media’s ‘ruling class’ mentality and weaponized Justice Department under the Democrat’s.

  65. larry giglio

    Hello. Forgot to check my calendar. Is the end of the world next month, or in 2 more years? What a tragic loss of human beings in Maui. God bless them. The lesson is to rebuild better fire safety protections for inferno conditions. peace

  66. Shiloh1

    Dedicated to Mitch – and Diane, Nancy, Hillary, Dick and FJB –

  67. christine reeves

    those 5 words…….I was just following orders……..are what happened with the police force in Texas with the school shooting. The orders …….stand down. It seems we really started hearing those words with barry and hilary.

  68. christine reeves

    Benghazi as well………. they were just following orders………..when no help came…….as help was told to stand down……..barry and hilary.

  69. Frank S.

    Hi Greg, I was wondering if you had spoken ‘live’ on the phone, or by Skype. with Karen Kingston herself (not her family, spokesperson, etc. Not by text, email, or post which could be just “anybody”)? A week ago I brought this up with Expose reporter Rhoda Wilson who doesn’t believe the whole ‘malarial delusion’ angle (acc. to Trip Advisor, Mexico is a “low to no risk” country for malaria). Karen hasn’t made any live video appearances since the 8/20 “Reconciliation” video (on her Substack page). There’s no real proof she’s even still among the living. And some lame statement from her brother (who seems more concerned with CYA about Dr. Malone than anything else) like “please respect our privacy” is sounding more and more like Tiffany Dover every day.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have not but she emailed me and told me she was safe.

  70. Have Gun WillTravel

    Leaving California-The Untold Story
    Been in California sense 1966. I was born in 1960. My mom moved here because college was so much cheaper here at the time. Our first apartment was maybe 200 feet from the beach in Venice Ca. After that, we lived in Culver City. After she got her degree, we moved to Corona in ’72. She passed away in ’87. I stayed in western Riverside County working in physical therapy. Over the decades I’ve been in California, I’ve watched my state go from being a land of endless opportunity to a place where dreams go to die. Once I retire, my wife and I are leaving for the Midwest to get way from what I no longer consider to be my state.
    For Australians, mid-west US., resembles Wandin Valley and it’s country folk, of A country practise fame.
    As you can see, Canada shares a lot of border and influence too.

    • Silence Dogood

      Hello fellow Coronian! My husband and I left Corona in 2021. I lived in California for 35 years. I witnessed exactly what you’re describing. We moved to SC in the upstate. Love it here! And there are 3 more couples here that we’ve met from California that are here, too. You may want to check SC out!

  71. Thomas Fiust

    Aloha Greg,
    Born and raised on O’ahu since 1973…
    Blackout fences? The local media here in da islands are kitv, kgmb, khon, star-advertiser, and civilbeat. These “news” outlets are whitewashing the Lahaina tragedy. Truly appalling. Official deceased count is 115?! Local media cover-up.

  72. Connie Rawlson

    Trump is gonna do it again — choose another deepstater to be his VP.

    where are those scallywags Clif High and Mark Taylor to tell us Trump is playing 5D chess?

  73. WD

    Fitness influencer Larissa Borges, 33, dies following double cardiac arrest.
    Now its a double heart attack!!!

    • Harry

      Do you need to be “double boosted” to get a “double heart attack”??

  74. Mohammad


    I always ask my self when I look at the food in the microwave how it sizzles, what if those fires are started by ‘coordinating and cranking up a bit” the signals coming out of towers of 5G ( which is a microwave)…You cannot have any better strategically devices placed more than the cell phone towers?????????

    As an answer to your question WHY,
    Why Maui isn’t a pilot study to what can happen to any city that has 5G????


  75. virginia clark

    Always love all your interviews. Can’t say who I like the most. All are so informative.
    He’s right, there are no “White Hats”. If there were more would be happening to stop the crimes against Trump. I also think we have no idea how much some of the world out there hates America. The average person is not responsible for what the establishment is doing and has done; but, unfortunately, the American people are going to take the brunt of the attacks that are coming from the infiltrated Chinese and Muslim terrorists. They are going to come after us with a red hot hatred that we cannot understand. With a government, military, DOJ etc. who are not going to help us it’s going to be an all out civil war on our own soil.
    I think Paradise CA was a test. Maui was not a test, it was war on us right under our noses. The shot fiasco was not a test. It was all out annihilation. Quayle is spot on as always.
    Why did Opra, Bezoz and the rest of the elites have their roofs painted blue? A color that DEW does not burn for some reason? Not to mention all the other things that happened. Because they are all in on it and knew it was coming. They will be the ruling class. We will be back in the dark ages before we know what hit us.
    We better wake up and see it.

  76. Mohammad

    Please read this :

    “The irony is that Verizon is partially responsible for at least one of the two fires in Malibu over the last 15 years.”

  77. Liber8tor

    They wanted this island, and they took it for free. Whatever they are planning to do with this island, we can be sure it is not for good. (5-G Beam-Prison Island-Geo Engineering, a DEW Station, a bunker for Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates?) IDK,,lots of possibilities.

  78. christine reeves

    Benghazi……..I was just following orders………stand down……….no help came except for those who defied those orders. Also under barry and hilary.

  79. John Duffy

    Did you hear about the blue roofs: They must think you are really gullible!

  80. tall

    what we can do against this hellish people…. nothing
    i’mot adapated for the world of comp”tition /exploitation
    the rulers are too stronger too smart too organised
    i’ve lost my hope and i’m waitiing for the end
    all the best

    • Harry

      Remember Vietnam? – remember Afghanistan?? – superior “fire” power does not win wars – the globalists have already lost the war in Maui and have lost the war against Trump – so their days are numbered – what we need to work on now is not allowing the globalists any excuse to start a nuclear war with Russia!!

  81. Peter

    Any Thoughts.??? Revelation 13:13
    Maui DEW fires
    13 He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. 14 And he deceives [a]those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived.

    Side note. Presentation “Messiah 2030” is awesome. I hope it’s correct🙏🏻😃


    What happened and still happening in Mauii is planned genocide with an unbelievable cruelty. All this evil has one driving motivation: Money!
    Who could be so evil to destroy the life of hundreds if not thousands of families and even burn thousands of children alive?
    There exists one worldwide criminal organization that is capable of such and even bigger evil to get their way. This organization controls the US government, FED, large US banks, US MSM, CIA, FBI, etc. This organization also controls several countries in Europe and other continents.
    This organization exists for centuries and its members are the most powerful people in the world. Their goal is to destroy humanity by killing 85 to 90% of the population, enslave the survivors who will be transformed into biological robots to serve the masters of Earth.

  83. Sheeple

    Mr Quayle has it right!
    It’s no joke they are truly at war with us and it is well planned. Their idea is only 1 billion left over for slaves.
    I notice antibiotics are disappearing so they have serious plans ahead.
    What should we all expect when a crack head is running the show with his puppet Biden Crime Family.

    • tactical tim

      !! tactical alert !!

      allegedly in WA state, it is now required a prescription–albeit from a veterinarian–to puchase I V E R M E C T I N from a retail store.

      WA resident Clif High should be confirming/disconfirming this, no? Clif really needs an L7 like Greg Hunter to keep his feet on the ground and discuss practical matters such as this.

  84. Chuck Traywick

    Tired of being run over by the “offshore” product mentality?

    As a former advertiser of USAWATCHDOG , we are now taking a pause in advertising.
    We make premium leather goods in Tennessee from American tanned premium leather, we would like to hear from you.

    Come and see:

    • Greg Hunter

      We always got good feedback on the leather products you made. All the best to you and Happy Hollow Farm in Tennessee.

  85. Bill "War'sHell" Sherman

    Western Hegemony FALLING APART, BRICS Now Controls 40% WORLD’S GDP & DE-DOLLARIZING The Hill 430K views 6 days ago WASHINGTON
    Editor for The Grayzone Max Blumenthal previews the upcoming summit of “BRICS” nations.

  86. Elvira Presstitute

    Zelensky ‘Pisses Off’ Biden! By ‘Begging!’_ Want’s in da Club! NOW!
    Dem’s soldiers wanna go home

    Pirola panic Dr. John Campbell 226,612 views Aug 30, 2023
    Pirola, BA.2.86. An asteroid that hangs out by Jupiter
    World Health Organization, BA.2.86 a “variant under monitoring”
    Whats of serious concern, like you said John. Not the common cold, but the becoming common LOCKDOWNS! __@mireillesterl5022 7 hours ago
    For the past 3 years, I have become excessively suspicious of anything our governments say. Already last June we could read in the media that there would soon be a new extremely dangerous variant. Well done these people have a crystal ball. 🤣

  87. xavior coogan

    Tucker Carlson: The REAL REASON US Elites Hate Russia, Hungary Is Because They’re CHRISTIAN NATIONS The Hill 88K views 2 days ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Tucker Carlson’s recent remarks to Hungary on American leadership.

    Tucker Carlson Allegedly IN TALKS To Interview Vladimir Putin: Report
    The Hill 60K views 17 hours ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to news that Tucker Carlson may be in talks to interview Vladimir Putin.

  88. Marie Joy

    When police are willing to stop us from leaving a fire area (Lahaina), that means they are “taking orders” to kill us. I will make this point several times.
    Note: I have lost my email address.

  89. Les L

    These satan worshipers don’t care how they kill people, the only thing they care about is how many they kill.
    America get back to Jesus, the last days are here !

  90. Greg Hutchinson

    Greg, No disrespect but I know how important truth is to you and something that you said on this broadcast was that you can even use that generator to run a fridge. That is not accurate.

    Don’t take my word for it but I will eat my Dodgers cap if that let generator will run even the smallest refrigerator for 10 minutes (if it will start it at all). Don’t believe me. Humor me. Plug it in and s let me know. I’ve I have a much bigger UPS and it doesn’t have the wattage to kick start a fridge motor.

    I’m not saying it isn’t a useful device but let’s not give people false hope.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll have to find a recipe to sauté that cap.

    Highest regards, always a great show.

    • Greg Hunter says the generator will run a fridge 2 hours at least.

  91. Johnny Sic

    “Fire and Fury”, by Dr. Miles Stones, the book about the Maui fire was on the book shelf for sale a day before the fire started.

    Meaning of milestone: An important event, as in a child’s development, the history of a nation, or the advancement of knowledge in a field; a turning point.

    So, “they” are laughing at us now. This is a turning point for them.

    I would suppose, any new construction, by the elites, on this spot will be met with fire and flames as payback.

  92. H.Dexter Unusual News

    For the regime to stay in power.
    Tucker: US in Hot War With Russia Within a Year
    by Paul Joseph Watson August 30th 2023

  93. L Lionelle Jj

    somebody get Jim Willie on the horn — his BRICS idol is cracking

    over the years Jim Willie has had unceasing praise of China. He needs to repent, for the Blessed Mother has repeatedly rebuked communism.

  94. Tall Soldier

    “We Are Seeing A Non-Spending Tsunami”: Largest French Retailer Warns Consumers Forced To Make “Massive Spending Cuts” On Essentials
    BY TYLER DURDEN THURSDAY, AUG 31, 2023 – 06:55 AM
    Living in the US has become a full blown paradox: courtesy of Brandonomics, the worse the economy gets, the more praise the incompetent administration demands. Indeed, while most middle-class Americans are gradually and painfully realizing that inflation is never going to go back to pre-covid levels, and in fact in absolute terms it will hit new record highs every month until the economy and markets crash in a second great depression …

    It’s been said here many times, the loser in this insane $3.8BillionBeijingBiden Alex Soros/Obomber run coup de’ tate, on the Trump US. and Russki proxy war, will turn to nuclear war to stay in power. They’re losing and know it! They think that lockdowns or air farce one, with it’s treasonsed band of cut-throats on board, like Jack boxed in Smith, can hide it out on Maui, in O’Bombers home bunker state. Were sure Putin has other planes for Maui if Alex Soros unleashes our, with we the peoples underwater nuke fleet. Of our submariners. But will they obey? Doubtful, remember, the cat’s out the bag! Were in the hands of a wicked bunch of lunatic’s and our submariners know it too! But the first casualty of war is the truth and the truth will set us free! Free at last, free at last!

    And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter—making escape perilous, or tempting you to delay your flight. Matthew (Mt 24:20),sacred%20rest%2C%20they%20might%20be%20induced%20to%20remain.

  95. J. Edgard Blowhard

    Exclusive: Mike Lindell Launches Plan To Put The American People In Charge of Elections! posted 3 hours ago
    The American Journal: “We are Speeding Towards Assassination”: Tucker Says Deep State Running Out of Options to Deal With Trump – Watch LIVE

  96. Kyle Cook jr.

    Whats Going On with Air Force One?!
    Mentour Now! 1,337,295 views Apr 15, 2023
    The new presidential aircraft which the US Airforce have ordered from Boeing is being more and more delayed for every day that goes by. Whats the story behind these fascinating aircraft and WHAT is the actual problem?
    In todays video we will dig deep into this question and also give you some fun trivia about the worlds most famous Boeing 747´s.

  97. Yancy Yates

    Ron the New PUTIN?
    Ron DeSantis Pledges To INVADE MEXICO!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 22,623 views Aug 31, 2023
    During the recent Republican Presidential debate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that as president he would send U.S. special forces into Mexico “on day one” to help stop the flow of fentanyl across the southern border. So, straight from the inauguration ceremony to ordering the invasion of a neighboring sovereign nation — sounds like a strong start!

    Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula, along with Jimmy Dore and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss the level of simultaneous warmongering and dishonesty evident in this response.

  98. Calvin Budge

    Vivek Ramaswamy SLAMS Neocons For Taking BLOOD MONEY From Military Industrial DONORS: Rising The Hill 94K views 3 days ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s continued rise among GOP voters.

    • Harry

      I thought Ramaswamy worked for Soros and the WEF?? (Wolf in sheep’s clothing)??

  99. Mark

    4 FEMA nurses are flown to Maui on Monday August 14. Provided with a government-funded rental vehicle and two rooms at the Grande Wailea. On Tuesday they were assigned the task of going to Costco to buy pretzels and bottled water for the FEMA command center. On Wednesday August 16 they were flown back to the mainland. Nice!

  100. C.Budge

    WATCH: McConnell FREEZES Inexplicably AGAIN; Jean-Pierre SQUIRMS When Pressed On Biden’s Age: Rising The Hill 13K views 2 hours ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Sen. Mitch McConnell abruptly freezing mid-sentence yesterday, marking the second occurrence of its kind in the past month.
    We all have our clot shot moments!
    Thank you Schill Bill Gates and mentor Dr. Tony FRAUDCI

    Obama greatest clotshot Daymare! The Next Great white Father?
    RFK JR GAINING on Biden & his replacement Michelle and aunt nancy’s Gavin the mavin, With RFK.Jr.s 19% Support Among Dems DESPITE MSM Coverage Blackout
    The Hill 16,231 views Premiered 3 hours ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to newly released polling on the 2024 Democratic presidential nominees.

    • Harry

      Looks like America’s top leaders are progressively going brain dead – so by the grace of God perhaps not all of them got saline solution in their jabs!!

  101. Walter Brandon Brennan

    Who Owns The CIA? The CIA? IS IT THE DEEP CREEP STATE? Our owners!?⁉
    RFK Jr WARNS Of CIA’s Online Propaganda Campaign; Media ‘Red Scaring’ Ahead Of 2024: Rising REACTS The Hill 93K views 7 days ago WASHINGTON
    Will they wait till Trump wins the nomination and appoints RFK.Jr. as his vice president?
    And they knock em both off in a fiery crash on Trump’s plane? A two-fer!
    Stranger thong’s have happened. . . . . Heaven Forbid! Ask PerGoGone’zen.
    Who got him, Put’s or Obomber? We only will know, when Kingdom comes!
    You can ask him then yourselfie.

    Remember when San Fransico wasn’t so sicko?
    Bullitt 1968 ( FILMING LOCATION) with shot-for-shot remake car chase!
    It’ll be back someday sooner than you thunk. Mark his words, the meek shall inherit San Francisco. Hear that aunt Nana?

  102. Marie Joy

    PLEASE help and protect President Trump every way you can. Thank you.

  103. Joe

    Who is doing it???

    The Khazarian Mafia. The same people who collapsed the Twin Towers

  104. Joe

    The Khazarian Mafia is responsible for all the evil in the world today.

    They are responsible for all the wars throughout history

    They are going down

  105. Wade Greg you might want to take a look at this video. Do you think this is real or fraudulent? If it is real then what happen in Maui was a man made disaster.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know, Wade. I look for good sourcing. Is this good sourcing? I know Lahaina was a vicious attack and mass murder.

  106. Brian Dougan

    Still don’t get it. The burnt out area (I use the term loosely) has among the highest real estate value in the world? (1) Shadowy figures wanted the land. (2) Property owners didn’t want to sell. (3) Plan a star wars type of operation. (4) Blow-torch Lahaina; all the deaths would just be “collateral damage.” (3) Pre-planned big coverup. (4) “They” finally get the land. (5) And….Then what? Is there a five-foot sheet of solid gold under Lahaina? Not trying to be flippant. Like Greg; I’m asking WHY? Simply to get prime beachfront property? Hawaii is nice; still not paradise. In order to build a “fifteen minute” city/town? That’s a pretty weak explanation. BTW–The poisonous mess in East Palestine, OH–That was a short news cycle; just like the mass-murder shooting spree from an “untrained” sniper firing from a Las Vegas hotel window. Lots of questions; no answers. We were never privy to any real answers to that bizarre shooting spree. And now….The absolute mayhem continues.

  107. William E Brown

    Hi Greg. The “why” is really the easy part. You couldn’t quite pin Quale down on it but kudos for trying. How many times in history have people been “burned” off from their land? History is full of examples of both individuals and groups being burned out. This is literally the oldest trick in the book. Where are the children? Do you mean, where are the heirs? Isn’t that the real question? Gone, long gone Greg, DNA and all. Yes, it does seem like some extra effort went into eliminating the heirs in this caper. Now I will go just a bit into the weeds on why the cabal wanted this particular piece of property. It is literally paradise for starters. It is very livable and much better than some dark and dank underground bunker or even a luxury set-up in a hollowed out mountain. Also, it is away from the mainland USA and any fall-out or EMP exposure. It is ironic that the US did nuclear testing in the South Pacific after WWII and now that same area is a safety zone when mainland USA is under nuclear threat. Hawaii has a tremendous advantage over places like New Zeeland. Being part of the USA you can have unlimited US military assets and infrastructure there without raising suspicion. Ironic again that it was the first US possession attacked in the last world war and it will be the last place attacked in the next world war. It will be an island fortress defended by every type of missile that we have on land, sea, and under the sea, or in the air. Technology today is such that you can’t approach these islands from any direction, with any military asset, without being detected. This destination will quickly become even more of a haven for the wealthy as the surviving indigenous useless eaters are forced to “push-on”. Unlimited security doesn’t come cheap and you can bet that there are billions to be made by the cabal on this scheme.

  108. YB Normal

    Get Jeffrey Prather on. You won’t be disappointed

  109. No worries

    Here are two items to consider:
    – Consider this, Maui is also the home of the Super Computer Center.
    – where did they get all of the fencing so quickly? The last time this kind of fencing was put up by the government was January 6.

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