FBI Banana Republic, War Coming, Dollar Crashing

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 590 7.14.23)

A whistleblower exposing treasonous bribes against President Joe Biden was arrested and charged with 8 criminal counts.  This is what banana republics do at the end of the line when they want to stay in power after extreme corruption is exposed.  Meanwhile, the Head of the FBI Christopher Wray testified on Capitol Hill and was grilled by Congress on a variety of issues.  It appears he was caught in lies concerning censoring Americans through social media, and saying there was not FBI undercover presence at J6 in Washington D.C.  The crimes are now out in the open, and the lies to try to cover them up are too.  The FBI is now helping foster a banana republic government.

The U.S. is wanting to send cluster bombs to Ukraine.  It is a war crime to use them, but the Ukrainians are losing badly to the Russians.  More than 26,000 soldiers died in the recent so-called counter-offensive.  It was an unmitigated disaster and a total cremation of NATO by Russia.  The Russians are wanting a peaceful end to the conflict while the Biden Administration is calling up troops and sending F-16’s capable of delivering tactical nukes.  Biden and company want war at all costs, and it looks like we are all going to get it.

The U.S. dollar had a very bad week.  It lost 4.5% in six days.  There is, once again, talk of cutting interest rates as inflation has cooled, but with a crashing dollar, can that happen?  What would happen to inflation if the U.S. dollar sinks further spurred by cutting interest rates?

There is much more in the 45-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 7.14.23.

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(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

After the Interview:

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post as she updates the ever-growing disaster of the CV19 bioweapon vax.

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  1. Not So Free

    Strange. When I go to Rumble, it says the video is private.
    Even signing into my Rumble account didn’t change it.
    This has happened a few times before, but by the next day it was available.

    • Greg Hunter

      The video is public.

      • Patsy Danovsky

        International bank of settlements is going to control all transactions of brics.
        Watch Mike Adams on BNN

        • Self Exiled

          I heard somwhere that Brics was a concept of Goldamsacks. I can not find the reference.

      • Virginia (Ginger) Tippins

        Thank you!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks YOU Ginger for supporting USAW!!!

      • Not So Free

        Just like last time, it popped up a few hours later.
        Lookng forward to Karen Kingston.

      • Jeremy Joseph Falkey

        Gregg I am a delivery driver at UPS been there 33 years. I only seen one strike in 1997, most of the time they make a last minute agreement. To me it is like WWF wrestling a lot of hype and chest pounding .

  2. James Hascomb

    Hey Greg,

    I’m listening to your Wrapup now. I love it every week. I did want to let everyone know that, OTHER THAN THE WEEKLY NEWS WRAPUP, the video of the day was just released:


    I’m not joking. I won’t spoil it by telling you how it ends but it truly is a must watch, but I will say this: if you want to clearly understand why Christianity is truly one and only true religion, if you want to understand why the Bible is by far and away the most Holy of all religious documents, if you want to understand the power of the Holy Spirit, then you should grab a cup of peanuts and your favorite cup of ice cold water and watch it.

    God bless everyone that watches and supports USAWatchdog, and may you all find your fortress when it is needed.

  3. Justn Observer

    Greg, MISSION CREEP DEFINITION = Gradual expansion of the objectives, scope, and/or cost of a military mission WITHOUT CARFUL PLANNING. without careful planning. Mission creep is usually considered undesirable due to how each success breeds more ambitious interventions until a final failure happens, stopping the intervention entirely. So, where/when did CONGRESS authorize going to war?


    • Rick

      Reservists are being called to active duty by Biden to fight in a proxy-war “that was never authorized by Congress” – the problem with our Government is “they have forgotten the difference between rights and privileges” – the Right To Life (is not a privilege given to us by the government) to be taken away at the whim of a crooked politician intent on starting WWIII and having cocaine all over the floor of the White House!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8wsEJs4HLc

  4. barsoom43

    In 1969 I, with several other pilots, participated in the killing of over 150 North Vietnamese communist troops caught at night, in the open, north of Long Binh.. Our battalion Fire Fly first spotted them and he and his two AH-1 Cobras expended on them..
    I and another pilot were flying base cover all night.. We called in Bien Hoa artillery for a fire mission.. When that was completed, we got two F4 Phantoms to do an airstrike on them, dropping cluster bombs.. When that was finished, we called in 2 Spookies who hosed down the area with mini-guns..
    Cluster bombs were commonly used in RVN, as well as napalm and white phosphorus.. War is an inhumane business but the idea is to kill your enemies and to win.. That is a novel concept in today’s US military.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      What a horrific picture you paint! Even after all the intervening years, the opportunity to reconsider the justification for US intervention in Vietnam – a small country struggling for independence after years of French colonial rule – appears not to have troubled your conscience. I guess most Americans you meet follow the obligatory mantra and say, “Thank you for your service”. Thus the war machine lumbers incessantly forward . . .

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        Do not hate on this man for doing his service in Vietnam. Hate on the Deep State who has made war a money enriching profession as President Eisenhower said it would. That is one of the biggest reasons they stole the 2020 election. Trump was ending foreign wars.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Cry Me a Ruble,
          My comment is not hateful, it is dispairing.

          You suggest I should ‘hate on the Deep State’. Anyone here who reads my comments knows that I consistently focus on those who pull the strings – the dynastic, criminal central banking families. ‘We the people’ continually allow ourselves to be moved by propaganda to hate other countries, and by extension other peoples. This plays right into the hands of those profiting from war – distracting us from our real enemy with their ‘divide and conquer’ machinations. The war in Vietnam being one of so many pointless wars, costly in the precious blood of many – very profitable for the few.

          My late father was a young medical officer at Dunkirk (Dunkirque) working in a makeshift field hospital at the back of the beaches. Medical officers were some of the very last to leave, having drawn straws to decide who would remain with the wounded. What horrors he endured with an endless stream of wounded requiring amputations, and needing to decide the fate of those deemed not fit for treatment, I can only guess because his whole life he never ever talked about it. Had he been a combat officer, I’m sure he would not have wished to talk about killing 150 enemy troops caught in the open at night . . .

          P.S. I write this having already read barsoom’s response to my original comment.

          • barsoom43

            The 5th SF were put into the area to do a BDA- battle damage assessment. I flew the 5th SF many times because they got things done.. They counted the 150 dead.. In order to count a dead, you had to have 3/5ths of a body.. a slab of meat didn’t count. There were very many blood trails leading from the area and not all had a dead NVA at the end.. We really hurt them badly.
            I can speak of these things 1) because I am a professional soldier and that was my job, to kill enemy soldiers and 2) Because they are historical facts, they actually happened and nothing can change that. I could write a book..

        • barsoom43

          Thank you.. People who have never been to war can never understand.. I picked up some freshly killed 9th Infantry GI’s and flew them to Dong Tam.. I looked into the open blue eyes of a blond haired teenager with mud on his face and realized that I knew he was dead but his mother, back home, still believed he was alive.. I thought it was very sad..
          My best friend and I were in flight school together.. We served in the same unit.. He was killed in his 10th month while making a gun run on an NVA position- whole crew was lost in a fiery wreck.. I visited his family when I got home.. My son and grandson bear his name.
          So, to answer PersonanonGrata’s question, no, I have never had any qualms of conscience about my dead enemies.
          Having said that, I pray daily for peace.. I am profoundly grateful that my son and grandson never went..

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi barsoom,
            My guess is that you are by five years my senior. Be that as it may, I fear you have totally missed the point of my response. Rising the bile with accounts of fine young American servicemen, replete with blond hair and blue eyes, killed in battle – and demonising the ‘enemy’ with accounts of disembowelling butchers is straight out of the handbook of those who have lead ‘we the people’ to perpetual wars. I could counter with reference to the My Lai massacre, images of which shocked me to the core as a young person, but that would be to participate in the animosity fostered by those who would enslave us . . .

      • barsoom43

        When it comes to murder, the various communist regimes made the Nazis look like amateurs by a ratio of 10:1
        Before we were “in” Cambodia, my company put 5th Special Forces and their Nung mercenaries in.. They spent a week making a nuisance of themselves before we extracted them under fire.. I acquired a helmet that once belonged to 1st Sgt Minh of the NVA.. On his helmet were written his orders.. I got one of the local girls to translate.. Seems he was the unit butcher.. If there was a village chief’s pregnant wife who needed to be disemboweled, he was the one who did it. He didn’t survive the war.
        I never lost any sleep over any of the enemy whom I killed or helped to kill.. They, in turn, tried: I took a bullet near my heart-saved by my chest protector.
        I believe war should be the absolute last resort but if it comes to it, I prescribe to the Gen Patton School, you hit them as hard and as fast as you can and keep hitting them until they quit and then you come home..
        Because, the true price of war is not paid in USD, but in the tears and broken hearts of mothers, wives and fatherless children..
        I can tell you about those things too.. Between the war and 26 years as an airambulance pilot, I have seen it all.

        • Rick

          When it comes to war with these insane “commie” Globalist eugenicist butchers now murdering our women and children right here on American soil – you must “hit their Command and Control Leadership” as hard and as fast as you can (just as Barsoom43 states)!! – “and you must keep hitting them – until they quit” – only then will we once again have a secure home in America!! – and on election night 2024 lets hit all the Demon-rats with a “cluster bomb” of Trump votes they will never be able to recover from – and rid ourselves of the current gang of criminals in Washington who are now preparing to drafting our children to be slaughtered in Ukraine!!!

      • jason

        UPS strike is being encouraged to further break down supply lines.

  5. James Hascomb


    You are on fire this week. I know you told yourself after recording this wrap up that, “it went very good”. I have to say this about you. That is, your determined conviction and tenacity is miles above others. You are by far the best source of current news. And, I have to say as well, the number of facts and events and people you list off always amazes me.

    I wish the citizens in the USA were as full of resolve as you are.

    And Christopher Wray does truly suck, pardon my French.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks James and I agree on Wray.


        Great today Greg. I like Friday’s you can tell what you found out and not wait until someone else is done talking. 😊
        Thank you. 🙏

  6. Madeline Gerwick

    My daughter and I are heading to a med bed this summer (www.quantumhealingsystems.org) to heal ourselves with frequencies. This new technology (actually available in the 1990s but the government refused to allow it to be released then), is expected to heal my daughter’s brain damage, grow her a new heart valve, replace her missing teeth, fix her scoliosis (curve in her back) and fix her eyesight. We will let you know how it works. We have been using their handheld device with the same frequencies at a low power to start the healing, and it’s working. If the med beds are proven, as expected, people will be able to go to a med bed/healing bed possibly by the end of this year and be healed from anything including the Covid vaccines. If proven, as expected, all disabilities and diseases will be healed. New organs and limbs will be regrown. Have hope! This technology is real and coming soon to heal humanity. PS I am posting your shows on my Telegram channel.

    • Won Witness

      I will put my faith in the care of the M. D. (Master Designer)
      What God has created, God can Heal.


      Dear Madeline and your precious daughter I pray all the best in your endeavors to help your daughter. Thank God for people that are trying to help others if not for them so many more people would have died. Yes Father God would love for all of us to be whole and healed but not many of us know exactly how to get God’s promises fulfilled in our lives especially in healing. I am listening to two Min on YouTube that have since passed away Rev Kenneth E Hagin “You are God’s Garden” and Rev Charles Capps “Angle’s” . Kenneth says God’s Word must be planted in our hearts by saying what God says about the need , then by saying back to Father God over and over here and there as we are thinking about it & thanking Father for His Word we are watering the Words planted , Father God will then make the seed His seed (Word) grow. I pray God’s best for you both and Godspeed in Lord Jesus Christ’s beautiful name. I have two precious children with Type 1 Diabetes . husband with cancer and would LOVE for them to be Whole in Jesus name. ❤️
      How to appropriate God’s Blessings, Rev Kenneth E Hagin. 🙏What a lovely man.

    • Ken Mazel

      Hi Madeline,

      I ask God the father in Jesus’The Christ’s mighty name to heal your child. Let’s all get on our knees and ask the father for a miracle. I ask sincerely.
      I’m sorry but med beds may not be where our faith should be, just yet.


        Ken, I did as you asked and am praying in agreement with you in the healing of Madeline and her daughter. 🙏

    • Jan Kershner

      Hello Madeline,
      After reading your post, I’m hoping you’ll private message me at:XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      While I know from experience that frequency healing is real, I’m afraid you’e being conned.
      I looked at the site you provided and every single page was about becoming a member. All about money. I have no idea how much more they require after you’re a member. It’s most likely never-ending.
      I’ve interviewed the creator of Quantum Pulse. I’ve personally used a Quantum Pulse machine to benefit. I actually own a Quantum Pulse machine.
      I can give you lots of info. Please don’t fall for this “offer.”
      Miracles happen, but only by God. The quantum pulse technology is definitely helpful and healing. But please don’t be tricked by promises of miraculous results (although they may happen). Look at the small print.
      I’m sure that frequency healing can help your daughter at some level(s). That’s how I learned about frequency healing–to help my daughter. But I’m afraid you’re being reeled in.
      Please contact me. (If you feel so inclined.)

      • Greg Hunter

        Jan, The site and the sign up for messages are both free.

  7. Paul from Indiana

    Regarding the “war” in Ukraine, it is well to remember that Mr. Biden is not orchestrating anything or contributing anything original; he is doing as instructed. There is a caveat here: he is likely screwing up what he is being told told to do. While I am no fan of Mr. Biden by any stretch, he is a pitiable figure who could end up destroying the world. Even so, roughly half the country considered him at one point preferable to Mr. Trump, so we have no one to blame but ourselves. Best always. PM

    • Paul

      Hi Paul.
      Agreed. Even Bin Laden wanted Joe Biden for destroying America.
      Link below


      Paul from arkansas

    • Dave

      The election was stolen. Biden did not win. The people are not to blame.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Dave, I am sympathetic to your response, but please consider this: we believe, at least nominally, that the people are the ultimate authority; to use Mr. Lincoln’s words “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Therefore, if the people have authority, they also carry accountability. It is disingenuous to say “the people are not to blame”. In fact, they are. I can give you reasons why I think the election was stolen, but I can’t prove it. Nevertheless, let’s say that it was, indeed, stolen. So, the people were temporarily victimized by this crime, but they must respond, if they are the ones with true authority. It all comes back to the people in our system, I’m afraid. Best always. PM

        • Tin foil hat

          I hate to concur but you nailed it. I also believe the election was stolen but I haven’t done anything about it.


        Thank you Dave.

    • Ken Mazel


      As a former republican living in AZ, there hasn’t been a fare election in decades. No body voted for McCain, AZ clearly voted Trump in 2020, we all voted the republican ticket in 2022. It’s all rigged elections.

  8. Madeline Gerwick

    Regarding the financial situation, from June 18th – July 22nd there are SEVEN challenging financial and economic cycles occurring or starting. One of these last occurred in World War II and is related to the potential collapse of banks, currencies, bonds, derivatives, etc. During WWII the collapse was physical security. This time it’s related to financial security. That cycle continues through October 20th. Another cycle, which peaks twice on August 9th and September 29th, is associated with financial shocks. A first peak has already occurred. A third cycle is related to dissolving structures. That one last occurred in 1994, when roughly $1 TRILLION of bond losses occurred due to unexpected higher interest rates. Sound familiar? That cycle resulted in $500 Billion in US Treasury bond losses, $300 Billion in corporate bond losses and $200 Billion in municipal bond losses. A fourth cycle reinforces the dissolving structures cycle. Two more cycles suggest an economic downturn beginning this month. A 7th cycle is related to financial reversals and revaluations and that one lasts through September 3rd. All of this is starting within 33 days, June 18th – July 22nd! It looks like a convergence. I’d say the BRICS and their new, gold-backed, trading currency/token will take quite a hit on the US dollar. However, ALL fiat currencies, including crypto currencies, could take a big hit with these cycles. Stocks will probably drop as this occurs, but that won’t lead the way. Bank, bond, and currency failures will occur first.

    • Hugh Wissenschaft

      thanks for that info. I believe some of the astrologers (aka cycle watches of the skies) that are on Jean-Claude show (a show that sometmes hosts cycle king Bo Polhy) have pointed to July 22 as a key date. …Your post reminded me. Now I know to do a few things bank-wise and money transfer-wise ASAP. …….. And on top of that what Hutner is saying, twice now, about the looming UPS strike affecting supplies.

    • Andrew Middleton

      I wonder whether Bitcoin will react negatively over the months and years ahead, to a fall in fiat currencies

  9. Marie Joy

    Constant escalation
    War is for the Military Industrial Complex and the Gates of Hell Depopulation Agenda.
    A lot of people, including bankers, make a lot of money from war.
    During the Viet Nam War, I worked at Pratt and Whitney and things were booming.
    I don’t think this war will last a long time.
    Other countries want American land for themselves.
    The intent is American destruction.
    Russia has been on a war footing for well over a decade. They have built thousands of bomb shelters for their people and made war materials like bullets, tanks, etc,
    Our American “leaders” are sending anything that could help us to other countries.
    Train up.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Marie,
      “Russia has been on a war footing for well over a decade.”
      Hmmm – many Watchdoggers have been prepping for over a decade. ‘Same difference’ as we say here in Ireland.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Yes, except we’re all 10 years older. 10 years older but still here! Maybe the bitter cup passes after all? Too much to know and too many variables. Things are indeed graver, but not gravest. The trends are not encouraging, but on we go. Best always. PM


        Person. We say “Same difference too” half of our families are from Ireland. Remember the potatoes.

    • Tinfoilhatted canuck


      Hmmmm, one country has what around 8 HUNDRED military bases around the world and the other a couple.
      Let’s me honest, the power mongers of the good ole USA are seen worldwide as the aggressors, the bad guys., the overwhelming bullies in the global community, and for good reason.
      The Russians saw the handwriting on the wall and KNEW the Americans would come for them to finish what Yeltsin allowed them to do — rape their vast country for its resources. Vulture capitalism to serve the very very rich .

      …. and now the Russians are punching the bully in the nose and saying there are new playground rules from here on in. And da bully don’t like the new REALITY.

      Hopefully the psychopaths holding the reins of DC power don’t burn the whole place down in a fit of spite.

  10. MorningStar

    What are/can we do to stop the stomp against us of this tyrannical communist-socialist govmint?

  11. H Wissenschaft

    speaking of being prepared,
    Jim Caviezel talks of the weapon he carries daily, besides the Rosary.

    Jim Caviezel shares about his NDE — it’s peace and none of that psychedlic stuff reported by Clif High.

  12. Andrew Middleton

    Absolutely correct and good, Greg

  13. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thank you for WNW590!
    You ask WHY!!! are we at war with Russia? Why are we supporting Nazis in Ukraine? With your journalistic chops, I’m sure you have a better idea of ‘why’ than I do – perhaps your question was rhetorical. My two cents – it is a consequence of following the Wolfowitz Doctrine.

    Russia under Putin has failed to fall in behind the WEF / Central Bankers ‘One World Government’ agenda (he also nationalised Russia’s central bank!) and is therefore perceived as a threat to the supremacy of the Anglo-American alliance. A threat that needs to be subdued.
    IMHO, a plan to induce Putin to invade Ukraine (in defence of ethnic Russians in the East) anticipated a US-Iraq style ‘Shock and Awe’ operation, mass Slavic civilian casualties, and a consequent destabilisation of Putin’s power base in Russia. Putin took the bate – he had no alternative – but he limited military activity to avoid ‘collateral’ damage to people and infrastructure. Far from destabilising Putin, his popularity in Russia has been strengthened. By standing firm against Western hegemony, Putin’s influence among unaligned countries has increased. The Wolfowitz Doctrine has backfired. We are now on the verge of witnessing a rival to the Federal Reserve Note and a consequent reduction in the standard of living for every economy that relies upon it.

    P.S. Great to see Karen Kingston is your Saturday guest. Eventually, the facts she painstakingly uncovers will be used in evidence . . .

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Correction: bait

    • Self Exiled

      Your from Ireland. My best friend from South Dakota is one hundred percent Irish. I remember the day he was born. He has a very interesting personality. His father was an alcoholic but extremely personable, my parents neighbor for 45 years. My friend has all the personable characteristics, plus the coping mechanisms of an alcoholic but absolutely will not drink alcoholic. He is 67 I’m 74. Thank you for the Ivermectin tip.

      • Stue Younger

        Persona, being from northern Ireland. Are you Orange or green?
        I was there in 68, just a kid. But compared to the states even I couldn’t believe how green the old country was! Couldn’t believe you guys had your own language, the Orange I believe. My dad bought me a ten dollar pure wool sweater for 10 bucks, 50 in the states! Steve McQueen wore the exact same one in 1968’s Thomas Crown Affair!
        We flew in and out of Shannon. Saw the white Cliffs of Dover in England. Now like the old country, I’m old too. Stay Younger!

  14. Don Robertson

    Should war break out against Russia, invading and weakening Russia, China will immediately invade eastern Russia claiming historical territorial disputes. The Neocons in Washington DC in their bloodlust and zeal, are short-sighted and unworthy of another penny toward Zelenski’s genocidal war on ethnic Russians.

    • Paul from Indiana

      More hubris on the USA’s part. What else is new? Best always. PM

  15. John Maskell

    The Bank of America has reported a loss of more than $ 110 billion due to low yielding bonds. The other ” to big to fail banks ” also have paper losses , estimated around $ 30 to $35 billion . With the dollar decline this week and commercial real estate in free fall , people must realise that the end is not to far away. WAR is the only solution that these Neocons want. These people are demented . Please get prepared folks and pray for hope . This precious world of ours could be so good if we rise up and overthrow the 1% evil that thinks it’s their right to destroy our freedom . Greg , you are a fantastic journalist and researcher who has our best interests. Kind regards John , UK .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John for all your support.

  16. sam

    Economic life jacket….Au….XRP….XLM….THETA……You’re Welcome.

  17. Thomas Malthaus

    Alasdair Macleod

    Covid deaths, economic and financial perdition, nuclear war. The ducks are aligning for Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, et al.


      Thomas, There was an old game here in New Jersey at the shore ‘ducks swim along in a line, ‘the people’ have a water pistol and you just keep shooting the water until all the ducks simk.
      Thank God for water. 💦 I pray the Holy Spirit 💦🌊 floods out all the plans of the enemy in Jesus name

  18. Derek Sinclair

    Matt Gaetz can only stop the continuing delivery of cluster munitions because they’re already there. They were used by Ukraine this week and the Ukrainians have been using petal mine cassette shells on civilians for months. These petals are small mines colored to be green or brown or grey depending on where they are dropped – green for grassy areas so they’re disguised. Many kids have had feet and hands blown off with these things. The Ukrainians are committing actual war crimes every day – shelling civilians, using civilians as human shields, shooting and torturing prisoners – and we in the West are supporting them. I’m beginning to realise that we’ve been the baddies for years, maybe decades.

  19. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg

  20. antoinette dawson

    Joe can’t stop, because, if Zelinski surrenders to Putin, Putin will bring Bidenette before the UN for running deadly biolabs in Ukraine.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Bring it on. Best always. PM

    • andyb

      the UN is not our friend. It is controlled by the WEF and the globalists

  21. Paul Anders

    The sooner you come to grips that the America you knew is already gone, the better off mentally you will be. The Old America…the one that ran on a corrupt fake money system CANNOT exist in the coming new world of a real gold backed currency. (remember, we were told that gold ends the fed).
    Wray, Pence, Barr…they are simply helping this process along. Show me ANY war that did not have spies and double agents.
    Understand that to be reborn, you first must die.
    America 2.0 is happening but first, it is going to get outright ugly.
    God Bless You All

  22. Rodney O Skurdal

    Greg Hunter; Your videos are based upon ‘facts’ and sound information that many other site fail to uphold your high standards. Federal ‘jurisdiction’ is totally limited:
    “Special provision is made in the Constitution for the cession of jurisdiction from the states over places where the federal government shall establish forts or other military works. And it is only in these places, or in territories of the United States, where it can exercise a general jurisdiction” New Orleans v. United States, 35 U.S. (10 Pet.) 662 (1836), “The United States never held any municipal sovereignty, jurisdiction, or right of soil in Alabama or any of the new states which were formed … The United States has no Constitutional capacity to exercise municipal jurisdiction, sovereignty or eminent domain, within the limits of a state or elsewhere, except in the cases in which it is expressly granted …” Pollard v. Hagan, 44 U.S.C. 212, 221, 223. Most if not all ‘general laws” can not be enforced within the “several states of the union”. This is a new area you should also talk about, when you have time. Thank you for the great work. Respectfully, Rod

  23. Nick de la Gaume

    Great Wrap, Greg, but China is NOT a communist culture or country, it is totally Capitalist. They are interested in Money, MONEY and MORE MONEY.
    All they want is to do business.

    Now, America, it stinks of communist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As Putin says, the Russians will never swallow Woke Culture because Lenin and his gang imposed the same SH.T on them in order to destroy the family, decency and faith in the Divine.

    Why believe ANYTHING that is said about China, when every word that the MSM writes about Russia, Ukraine is total fantasy?

    • Greg Hunter

      They harvest organs from 100,000 live humans every year and the Lying Legacy media does not even mention this. The CCP is pure evil like our own government, but the people are basically good in both countries. Evil is ruling world-wide.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg,
        Obviously I abhor the use of live humans as unwilling donors of human organs. Given the almost universal evil we have witnessed with the mandated inoculation of billions of people with a debilitating and deadly bioweapon ‘vaccine’, it is IMHO fair to assume that the same corrupt governments that supported the scamdemic are probably covertly organ harvesting for the benefit of themselves, their families, lackeys, or simply to make money. Indeed, Project Veritas uncovered testimony that live foetuses, up to term in some cases, were used for organ harvesting. This happened / is happening in the US as I write! This evil practice is not limited to China.

  24. Fred Engel

    Mission creep, by the creep in the WH Joe Blo, sending reservist to Europe. They want American blood in Ukraine.

  25. Scott

    You want a reason? Try $400 trillion in worldwide debt that has created a perpetual debt spiral. The choice is default or war. War solves all problems for them; extends government power, clears out the inconvenient people, what’s not to like!

  26. Joe Fougerousse

    Greg, you are so right. The primary reason the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates is to protect the dollar by slowing the rate at which foreign-held Treasury bonds are being liquidated. It’s a stopgap to buy some time to escalate conflict for a bigger war. More collateral damage to U.S. domestic banking can be expected.

    I’m aware of the Nazi slur that has been resurrected in reference to Ukraine’s Azov Brigade. Don’t be fooled by the name stealers. WWII ended more than 75 years ago and all associated war propaganda should have died with it. The Azov Brigade is just another arm of the same force that won WWII and now controls U.S. foreign and domestic policies.

  27. Gerry

    The city shining on a hill is now a mirage. St. Paul stated our position in 2 Thessaloniki 2 when he talked re a time whe truth and error would flip-flop. It certainly refers to the flip-flop of media . In Russian Pravda means truth. Where does one find truth in main stream media.? Ironic isn’t it that truth comes out of Russia and lies- error comes out of the U.S.A. The testimony of Wray, buttressing the government. Position is patently false as well as disgraceful. And yet exposing lies in testimony does what? I listened to Wray and I wondered if he knew when he sold his soul to Satan. Everyone who deliberately lies does so. Let’s see : Corey, Clinton’s, Obama, etc al. With their corresponding Troup of supporters are guilty as well as those myopic folks who tolerated their lies by voting for them. I find it strange that as a resident of Canada I know more about America than I do of Canada because for all the faults of America, you at least allow people to publicly expose evil. We in Canada holding to firm British custom muzzle news if exposure of wron-doing is injurious to gov. Officials, particularly Trudeau. Truth does not exist here, gov. Is the new God which does not tolerate any form of dissent, and media backs it up. The level of lying at all levels is so terrible that I understand how ordinary people become as inured to it in the same way Russian people became when communisn was the prevailing filter of truth. Those at the top of our countries know what they are doing and will ultimately pay the price. Unfortunately so will we!

    • Vickie Bass VanMoog

      Luke 12:2
      “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” King James Version (KJV)
      20 Even in your bedroom do not call down evil upon the king himself, and in the interior rooms where you lie down do not call down evil upon anyone rich;+ for a flying creature of the heavens will convey the sound and something owning wings will tell the matter…. 14 For the [true] God himself will bring every sort of work into the judgment in relation to every hidden thing, as to whether it is good or bad.
      Ecclesiastes 1:1-12:14
      26 So do not fear them, for there is nothing covered over that will not become uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known.
      nwtsty Matthew 1:1-28:20
      22 For there is nothing hidden that will not be exposed; nothing is carefully concealed that will not come out in the open. Mark 1:1-16:8
      17 For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest, nor anything carefully concealed that will never become known and not come out in the open. Luke 1:1-24:53

      Luke 12:2-3
      2For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. 3Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.
      USAWatchdog.com, keepin on keeping on
      What, therefore, is “the truth” that can set people free? That truth revolves around Jesus Christ who is the fulfillment of the typical system of sacrifices under the Mosaic law. Since Christ’s sacrifice brings freedom from sin and its consequence, death, Jesus himself could say: “God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, in order that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.”—John 3:16.

  28. bubba

    BIDEN AND HANDLERS WANT A WAR BECAUSE: They know it’s the only way he can remain in office…

    • john lance

      Col. Douglas McGregor thinks there is a high possibility that there will be no election in 2024 . The elitist are happy with status quo .

      • Greg Hunter

        General Michael Flynn (Former DIA Head) thinks the same thing. I heard him say this recently.

        • Paul from Indiana

          This is the other side of the “rigged” election coin. Why stall, cancel, or postpone an election, if you don’t need to do it? The only reason I can come up with is that the controllers aren’t sure they can rig (without being obvious) to the degree necessary to assure the intended outcome, so they just cancel the election. Why take a chance? After 2016, they’re mantra is “Never again.” Best always. PM

  29. Prospector

    Another reason they want war.

    Dr. John Coleman Published This In 1993: At Least 4 Billion ‘Useless Eaters’ To Be Culled By 2050
    From the book ‘The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of Committee of 300‘ by Dr. John Coleman (fmr. MI-6 Intelligence Analyst), published in 1993:

    “At least 4 billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races.

    The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.”

  30. Prospector

    The Bio-Weapon labs in Ukraine were working on germs that target specific races of people.

    Paul Craig Roberts writes:
    The Washington Dumbshits are encouraging Russia to wipe out the US in a desperate act of self-preservation.

    Russian lawmakers have completed an investigation into Washington’s military-related biological activities at laboratories across Ukraine on the basis of findings made public by Russia’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops over the past year.

    Washington is working on a “universal” genetically engineered bioweapon designed to cause severe damage to enemies comparable to that of a “nuclear winter,” a Russian parliamentary commission investigating US biolabs in Ukraine has concluded.

  31. Maria dasSantos

    As an an aside from the UK et al!

  32. Yeyrle

    Wray was “grilled”…oooohhhhh, those Republicans sure showed him didn’t they?

    Now watch him laugh and walk away without consequence.

    Conservatives are the Washington Generals of politics—their role is to always lose.

    They’re such losers that they appoint ‘former’ Progressives like Reagan & Trump as their Supreme Leaders…


      “Conservatives are the Washington Generals of politics—their role is to always lose.”

      This might be the most on point and accurate line I’ve read in a long time!

    • Angry Patriot

      HaHa, so true!

      Conservative losers still claim that Reagan “cut govt” and still defend pro-lockdown/mask/jab Trump because “he didn’t mandate the shot”!

      These losers whine about ‘RINOs’ like McCain but re-elect them until they die and nominate them for President over anti-RINOs like Ron Paul!

      Hey, Conservative Losers, how has 5-6 decades of voting “the lesser of two evils” worked out?!!!

  33. Wildbad

    Howdy Greg,
    Great work as always. From what I’ve read the BRICS currency, at least in it’s first iteration, will not be a public currency used to buy bread and milk etc, but rather more like the SDRs. with the difference that each unit will be commodity backed and not simply a bookkeeping or fiat mechanism. It will be used for large governmental or Infrastruktur based transactions.


  34. Gerry

    I think more than anything to see these people come before the congressional committees, and lie by omission or commission such as; I can’t recollect, I don’t remember, I will get back to you on that, or phrases similar and NOTHING is done bothers me. Nothing changes, the show must go on, all the world is a stage. We all are sitting on a hill, and it’s not very shiny, and below us we are watching a train barreling around a curve heading to a bridge that is demolished and we can’t stop the train! Our minds have been designed to feed on truth and truth is that which is, not that which we feel or want, and what is , means the way God designed it. Anything else is a lie. St. Augustin, when he saw the barbarian invasions into his beloved Rome, a man who also watched from a “hill”, far from despairing wrote his classic City of God. The Wrays, Biden, Trudeau of this world only appear to be winning, it is, as Greg says, God holds the Trump cards, and the only question for me is when are they layed on the table.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Gerry: sad fact: both sides are “in” on the deal. Repubs will make sympathetic noises, grunts, express outrage, hold “hearings” etc., but it’s all a show. That doesn’t make it any better, but at least you can understand things when viewed through that prism. The actions required to correct things are beyond the scope of most people today, so, one must be prepared for the logical outcome, and it will likely be chaotic. Best always. PM

  35. Prospector

    The following article document the ” Legal ” framework put in place long before the PLAN-Demic.

    OVERWHELMING PROOF that the COVID-19 Plandemic was officially planned out and executed by the U.S. Federal Government (and other state actors)


    A whole lot of things that once were federal and state crimes and civil rights violations have been legalized by Congress through legislative, statutory revisions to the United States Code, signed by US Presidents, and implemented at the administrative, regulatory level by the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Defense through the Code of Federal Regulations.

    The basic goal of the architects, which has been achieved, was to set up legal conditions in which all governing power in the United States could be automatically transferred from the citizens and the three Constitutional branches into the two hands of the Health and Human Services Secretary, effective at the moment the HHS Secretary himself declared a public health emergency, legally transforming free citizens into enslaved subjects.

    That happened on Jan. 31, 2020, in effect as of Jan. 27, 2020 through the present day.

    ( It is well worth the read, a perpetual state of WAR allows for all kinds of misdeeds )

  36. jon

    Great show Greg, thank you. The panicking Western figure heads seem to be getting more reckless. Next month is the BRICS meeting and the big topic is a gold commodity connected trade currency. This will send the Western Currency pushers over the edge. Expect some type of spoiler, FF etc. Perhaps a short ETF might be a nice dabble item.

  37. Phyllis

    You forget that Soros is a jew and it did not bother him to help Hitler in the concentration camps.
    Love your info, programs and channel.

  38. jon

    Greg, Why are we at war with Russia? The answers are in an old book called “Political Ponerology” by Andrew Lobaczewski 1998. Shorter read than Creature from Jekyll Island, but complicated read. One is Banking Evil, the other Political Evil.

  39. Christopher P.

    Greg, this is among your best WNWs ever I have watched – your passion for humanity comes through loud and clear – it is shocking that the 60s peaceniks are now warmongers running the show for Joe – faith in Christ is the only way I have not lost hope – thank you for your courage and truth!

  40. Dan

    Don’t know if you want to view the Biden laptop contents or not, but you can download it for free at:
    Click on the icon that says “PDF”, and look at it for free.
    If you want a physical copy of all 644 pages, click on “Physical Copies” for $50.00.
    It’s not pretty.

    • Paul from Indiana

      What’s worse is that he’s getting a pass on all of it. The inescapable conclusion is that corruption is so rampant, it is a normal condition. All of national government is affected. It is irretrievable, and the cavalry isn’t coming. It will all end in dictatorship. Maybe the dictator will be a strict consitutionalist! Haha. Best always. PM

  41. Sylvia Sires

    I heard or read that the Globalists want open boarders world wide for the “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”! I think this is written about in Revelation 13.

  42. F.Coop

    Weekend LIVE: World Awakens to “ESG Hell” & Climate Cult Lies as Globalists Order Biden to Send Troops to Ukraine /Alexander Jones July 14&15 2023
    Jones is LIVE taking YOUR calls & Dr. Peter McCullough this weekends’ broadcast to deliver the most important development yet on the Covid jab rollout and more!

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg. This seems important for those trying to prepare so will post.
    This is important if one is canning….Markets seem to intentionally be making it UNSAFE by decreasing the strength of the Vinegar to 4% from 5% or higher….which makes what is being canned UNSAFE ! ?


      Justin, Thanks 👍 🫙

  44. tree fruit

    Given what we now know about the vax, how does Trump continue to ignore this?

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize Biden is the cheated in President and it was he who forced the mandates??? Nothing about the guy in the White House who took massive treasonous bribes from our enemies, but the guy who might get into office again you give crap to??? Troll / idiot!!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        All of that happened under Mr. Biden, as you report, but was he , himself, actually “doing” all that or merely implementing what he was told to implement? If so, and I suspect such to be the case, we have a two-fold problem where it would appear that the problem were merely one level, Mr. Biden, but I fear such is not the case. Best always. PM

      • Hemmie

        Greg, we all know that you Trumpers would’ve defended your Dear Leader even if he had mandated it.

        VALID criticisms of Trump doesn’t mean one supports Biden, dumb-dumb…

  45. Mark

    The cluster bombs are already in Ukraine and are being used, as per the latest situation report from “Simplicious The Thinker’s Lyceum”. https://simplicius76.substack.com/p/sitrep-71423-popovs-sound-and-fury?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1351274&post_id=134776681&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

    • Tom Washand Renze


      Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is being ANNIHILATED (Exclusive Interview)
      Stephen Gardner 268,004 views Jul 12, 2023
      Colonel Douglas Macgregor shares intel on the Russia Ukraine war with Stephen Gardner. Ukraine is losing and NATO knows it. Yet NATO won’t let Ukraine into NATO or it will trigger article 5 and start world war 3. We are the closest we’ve ever been to world war 3 at this moment with the UK and NATO offering long rang missiles to Ukraine. An attack on Moscow would be met with an immediate and strong show of force. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtXpKYJ3tI8

  46. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg for the rock steady reporting. Most people couldn’t keep up with it. You must have some thick skin.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will confess, sometimes I get bummed out. I stand on the wall.

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        A scripture for you.

        For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman: let him declare what he seeth:

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks “Cry.” I stand on the wall.


        Oh well Greg that’s the job (anointing) Lord Jesus Christ gave you from the foundations of the Earth he gave you this job and your doing it well.
        It’s better to be ON the 🧱 wall than under it. Be strong and carry on. Lord Jesus Christ will say to you one day ” Well done thou good and faithful servant enter into the joy of the Lord”. 🙏 ☁️ ☀️

        • Greg Hunter

          Hope you are right Sister, Linda.
          Brother Greg

  47. Rod Brumley Sr

    It appears that Traitors are in total control

    • Greg Hunter

      The only one in “total control” is Jesus. Matthew 28:18.

  48. Coal Burner

    Greg: fbi as no reputation left except a few whistleblowers. They are simply a criminal outfot taking tax payer money. DOJ is almost as bad. Zero respect until all these people are prosecuted and jailed and their pensions taken and the treasonists should be given the due punishment.

    Well, well, well it looks like some Democrats realize there is no other country too run too. And better try to save this one. Thank You Democrat Patriots who are saying “NO” too cluster bombs. You will get some redemption for that from your fellows in the

  49. Douglas

    Greg I look forward to the weekly report but can not handle you screaming like a child. I thought delivering news was to be done by someone just reporting the news I know it’s your site, your rules but acting professional is not a bad thing. The last half of the report was great but the 1st half is really hard to handle

    • Greg Hunter

      They are wiping out the global population with war and Pharma. I am going to scream. Please go someplace else for free information. Oh yeah, and you are welcome.

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        It’s the “normalcy bias.” Let everyone die around me just don’t make me have to deal with it. Yeah that’s what we have turned into. It makes me sick.

        • Greg Hunter

          It will be known by all at some point, but for many that will be too late. Everybody needs to be treated with Ivermectin both vaxed and unvaxed.

      • PersonaNonGrata


        ‘Do not go gentle into that goodnight’
        Dylan Thomas

    • Ken Mazel

      Hey Doug,
      Some folks haven’t yet been able to accept or still struggling to accept that the USA is under great judgment. Not everyone has caught up to accepting what is coming and thinking about civil defense and saving lives. It is hard for anyone to wrap one’s mind around. Try to be patient. I think Greg is coming along, great guy!

  50. Jeffrobbins

    Given a lot of thought to the whole depression-v-hyper inflation debate. Read a fair amount too.
    There are always two sides of the book- assets and liabilities. One persons assets are someone else’s liabilities. The hyper inflation or depression we all worry about are from the government response for what ever the crises is. At this point (interest on the national debt is about to be 1 trillion a year) we really need to think about things with out putting a dollar value on them and get some of those. I am waiting on a call back from a grain dealer for a ton of cracked mixed wheat- 50/ 50 red wheat and soft white. What ever his price, it’s going to be less than chicken feed from the store. I have lots of corn/ wheat mixed for the birds. What i really want is to have a source for us to be able to grind our own flour. The Kitchen Aid mixer has a flour grinder. It’s a win- win. It’ll be more than an asset. Joseph in Egypt. And maybe an idea for some of the watchdog watchers.

  51. Coal Burner

    Greg: Does Walmart know about the die off accelerating? Is that why they are closing hundreds or even thousands of stores. They won’t have the workers or customers. The demand will fall substantially. Purchases are falling and stores closing all across the board. Maybe it is not all about a falling economy.

  52. Marie Joy

    There is an introduction across all supermarkets of vinegar reducing their acidity from 5% to 4%. 4% does NOT work for canning. It has to be 5% to keep your food safe.
    Thank you Adapt2030 on Youtube.com

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      You are on target Marie. Klaus Schwab does not want you to have a garden or can your food. He wants you to eat lab grown meat and insects.

    • Paul from Indiana

      It’s also part of a cost-reduction scheme, whereby the manufacturer producers can appear to offer a product at a familiar quantity or price merely by reducing the amount of active ingredients. In your example, the active ingredient, acetic acid, has been reduced by 20%. You can make that up by using more vinegar, and by using more, you are the one raising the cost to you. Still, the most valuable part in this is what you provide: AWARENESS. Best always. PM

  53. Larry

    IN last two weeks I have been forced to drive 8 miles to collect my Amazon purchases from the nearest USPS outlet. No more deliveries via UPS. Seems they have switched shipments to USPS.

  54. Graham Leadbeatter

    Ashkenazi Jews are not real Jews and many of them are Nazis and Nazi sympathizes. Zelinsky is an “Ashkenazi” Jew, just like George Soros.

    • i: a man; travis

      What is a real jew? i can say this; whatever soros claims to be, the one thing that i can say; he’s an anti-christ

  55. Marie Joy

    South Africa has asked Putin NOT to come to the BRICS summit in August. The issue is that Putin MAY be arrested. Thar would be very bad.
    I found that at theins.ru/en/news/263444 from http://www.citizenfreepress.com

  56. bernard

    Greg, could you please invite Gerald Celente back?

    Gerald believes the Interest Rate will go DOWN in 2024 because of the Election Year!

    Thank you

  57. Neville

    Back on line at long last,with no thanks to hosting country evil sob’s.
    Greg,never in the field of mankinds communication have so many lies
    been told by the reserve currency nation.Every nano second that passes
    they seem bent on convicting themselves in eyes of GOD who will in the
    fullness of time PUNISH them severely to the extent of almost complete
    obliteration for their crimes against humanity ……Every single
    Commanment is broken on a daily basis by the likes of the FIB or should
    that be FBI either way they have proved themselves to be inveterate liars
    and a despicable disgrace to the worlds police and justice system.

    I have only just been able to find away around the ban on your website
    so I haven’t been able to listen/watch the great interviews that the worlds watchdog
    reports twice weekly.
    Thanks Greg for your stirling work which will be well rewarded in Heaven ..
    May ,Those that follow you and what you stand for remain safe and sound and will successfully survive the World crisis which is still to come

  58. Bradstar Twinkelman Jr.

    Garth Brooks faces widespread boycott of his bar and music after making controversial statement: Story by Rameeza Ahmad • Yesterday 5:52 AM
    Garth Brooks is perhaps one of the best-known country musicians out there. Now the singer has done something which is making fans question their loyalty to him.
    By the looks of that tub of LARD and his tremendous beer belly, it wouldn’t surprise me nune, if he sold out his own mother for free beer, now for his queer bar! I hope they boycott Garth out the country!☢ He’s toxic!☣🛐Pray fer Dylan! Prey on,
    Gerther!🐈🐅🐆 You must admit, he’s got some Gerth! A Newsome, should grow some, type!


      Bradstar, I haven’t laughed that hard for a good while Thanks. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine “Jesus 😂.and we all need this kind of medicine 😂🤣😂
      Garth’s “A Tub of Lard” 🍺🍻 belly.
      Great name Twinkleman my older brother Jim’s friend’s name was Don Van Winkle in the 60s. Great nick names back then, now most would be offended. 😊

    • Booth John Will

      Those without sin cast the first stone, sorry Garth.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is straight up treason and crime, Booth.

  59. LL CJ

    the other Republican candidates incl de Santis show their lust for war:

    now just get Trump straight on the vax; because at least he is antiwar.

  60. Prospector

    Greg, please ask guests like Karen Kingston about ” DESIGNER DISEASES ”

    RFK Jr: Covid May Be an “Ethnically Targeted” Bioweapon to Attack Caucasians and Blacks While Sparing Chinese and Ashkenazi Jews
    By J.D. Rucker • Jul. 15, 2023

    “COVID-19. There is an argument that it is ethnically targeted. COVID-19 attacks certain races disproportionately,” Kennedy said. “COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese.”
    “We do know that the Chinese are spending hundreds of millions of dollars developing ethnic bioweapons and we are developing ethnic bioweapons,” he claimed. “They’re collecting Russian DNA. They’re collecting Chinese DNA so we can target people by race.”


  61. Prospector

    If what RFK Jr. is saying about disease TARGETED at one race is accurate , you can see how this could happen, on purpose.

    From the book ‘The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of Committee of 300‘ by Dr. John Coleman

    “At least 4 billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation.

    White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races. The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.”


    JAW-DROPPING: NY Times’ Latest Covid Lie Is Unbelievable
    The Jimmy Dore Show 127K views 2 days ago

    Stephen Gardner 244,183 views Jul 13, 2023
    Ex CIA Larry Johnson shares with Stephen Gardner the many war time propaganda lies coming out of Ukraine. Their army has been defeated 3 times. They are running out of ammunition. They are covering up for Nazi’s. The spring offensive was always a show. Ukraine is still bombing areas with citizens. The media is covering up the lies in order to justify more tax payer money. Meanwhile back in the US infrastructure is falling apart, seniors are struggling and kids are going without. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKZqhtRzdO4

    Latest Covid Vaxx Study Is Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS & ENRAGING!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 166,722 views Jul 14, 2023
    The COVID vaccines developed by the likes of Pfizer and Moderna were produced in batches that were sent separately to different regions of the world and, according to a recent independent study, different batches of the vaccines produced wildly varying instances of adverse events. Retired U.K. nursing instructor and YouTube star Dr. John Campbell reviewed the data and finds it very curious and can’t come up with a reasonable explanation for the results.
    Jimmy has his own suspicions about what’s going on and why no government agencies are examining this phenomenon.

  63. Mark

    At 4:45, I paraphrase: “The government is censoring speech”. Yes. They are. So, let’s draw a logical conclusion: They want to control the expression of ideas, principles, explanations, recognition, rebuke, and all the things — including dignity — that go along with having a voice. Therefore, logically, they are also falsely dominating other modes of expression:

    “The whole thing about PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS is: You have to make sure that you pick the target and you, and then, ah, repetition with the message over and over and over and over, ah, has to occur. And the only way you can do that in a country our size, with all the ways that we communicate, is you got to, you, you got to basically get the, get the, media on your side. … It’s the kind of, it’s the type of warfare, in, in, in fact, you know, if you study Chinese doctrine, Chinese doctrine has six fazes. The first five phases all have to do with information. The, the, the last part of it would be, if, if, those failed or if you needed an additional “ooomph”, so to speak, you go to the gates, I say. You know, you, that’s when you may see something Connecticut. Kinetic.” — Lt. General Michael Flynn, November 29, 2020.

    Every opportunity to ‘keep the conversation going’ with the Public — their voiceless chattel — is an opportunity for them to maintain undue control. Unfortunately, the majority are all too eager to give up their rights to avoid punishment and obtain rewards.

  64. john beasley

    I love it, you have to put your trust in Jesus. God bless you Greg in the name of Jesus Christ!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother John!
      Brother Greg

  65. snapfactor

    Why are we at war with Russia? Because our government is owned by the Khazarian Mafia, aka the World Economic Forum. Our military is the WEF’s storm troopers. Putin is not owned by the WEF. Putin is a patriot. He’s Russia’s Trump. Putin destroyed the WEF’s private central bank in Russia, something Trump would like to do in America. Now, I’m not saying Putin is a saint. But, he is a man who puts his country and his people first – not WEF.


    Can we send the tranies over to Ukraine?

  67. Shirl

    Greg, you are Spot-On ✌✌✌

  68. Lisa Mooney

    To put Ed Dowd’s Numbers of persons on Disability in context that is out of total of approximately what 150 million total working Americans ? So almost 25 %. No wonder employers cannot find workers. That does not include the people still working but calling out sick a lot more. I as an RN have 2 co workers out for the next 1-2 months IMHO due to Jab side effects, though sadly they will never make the connection. Meanwhile the unjabbed like myself are having to pick up the slack. I will be retiring ASAP as a result.


      Lisa, If not you? Who will help? 🙏

  69. Lisa Mooney

    I stand corrected, I posted my comment before you finished Ed’s Data. Yep, 50 % feels about right from where I stand. We are drowning with work, I have never seen so many new RN positions posted as I have the past 2 years at my large national HMO employer, and that trend is indeed accelerating.

  70. Hello and Greetings from Europe,

    Sorry I’m late to the party and doing catch up.
    Brilliant wrap up as usual, Greg.

    One thing I thought about when you mentioned Yellen bowing to the Chinese.
    Remember she has to sell UST to raise one Trillion U$ and China is the only one who can do that, according to Tom Luongo.

    You should try to get him onboard, he speaks a lot about the geo political stuff that the rest of us is scratching our heads over. He thinks EU is cracking, Davos is cracking, Nato is cracking, just a question of time before it will fail and fall.

    He thinks Powel is trying to save the U$ and squeezing the Davos, EU, UK, who all are more or less Davos all of them. Yellen and Biden is also Davos. They want to crash the dollar to implement their great reset. You can see how the different Davos camps starting to attack each other, now that the money printing is drying up. A saying, when the crib is empty, the horses start biting each other.

    Dimon and Powel don’t want the digital dollar, because they will be out of business if it’s implemented.

    Digital € is probably coming, as that will be the only way EU can raise money and continue printing. Otherwise EU is bankrupt. Most of the G7 world is bankrupt and printing and ZIRP was the only way to continue pretending they had control. With raising interests, they can no longer do that. Just a question of time it fizzles.
    I guess that’s enough. Luongo actually makes sense where most others don’t.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jan,
      Tom Luongo is interesting. Agreed, he would make a positive contribution as a guest on USAW.

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