Deflation & Barter Economy Coming – Rick Ackerman

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) 

Analyst, financial writer and professional trader Rick Ackerman is forecasting a “deflationary end” to our debt-bloated financial system.  Ackerman contends, “I think everybody agrees we have more debt than we can ever repay.  So, it’s going to have to be repaid one way or another.  The debt has to be discharged.  Every penny of every debt has to be paid, if not by the borrower, by the lender.  Hyperinflation would let borrowers skip free. . . . The powers that be are not going to go for that.  The lenders are going to be in charge.  This is why I said all of the mortgage contracts will come to resemble leases.  This is so the lenders don’t wind up evicting 110 million Americans from their homes. . . . Things have gotten far crazier than I could have imagined a decade ago when I was forecasting a deflationary end.”

What is the big deflationary downward spiral going to look like for John Q Public?  Ackerman predicts, “On the scale I believe it has to happen, it looks like a barter economy.  We are talking about kind of a Stone Age.  There are a lot of jobs in the economy where you would be hard pressed to say what these people do.  Most people would not be able to tell you why they are worth what they are being paid.  This would be true for 98% of the people who work for Twitter. A lot of those jobs will disappear.  Imagine what you have when you have that kind of disposable cash taken out of the economy.  It has more than a ripple effect.  It has a tsunami effect.  Everything downstream collapses too.  So, I really see a state of barter. . . . Full disclosure, I said we were close to a collapse 10 years ago, but I really think we are close this time.  I think we are not further away than a stock market implosion.  This inflated stock market is a crazed animal right now that does not relate to reality, earnings or anything.  It’s always in danger of collapsing tomorrow.  As far as a precipitous deflation, it will be simultaneously with the collapse of the stock market. . . . We are at a much higher threshold than the past.  The edifice is much more fragile and precarious than it has ever been.  All we need is for the inevitable bear market to begin, and then it is game over.”

Ackerman also predicts the dollar will get stronger in the short to medium term, and its strength will be another sign of deflation.  Ackerman predicts very hard times for commercial real estate that has already started and predicts a 70% fall in residential real estate prices.  Ackerman also talks about the value of having cash.  He also recommends gold and silver as a core investment, along with food and survival strategies.  Yes, it’s going to get that bad.

Ackerman points out, “The financial mess today is so much worse than America faced in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Ackerman says count on big deflation, and this will include how you get medical care too.  Ackerman says, “Deflation is all encompassing.”

There is much more in the 44-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with analyst Rick Ackerman, who is a professional trader famous for “Ricks Picks” for 9.2.23.

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  1. Rodster

    Civil unrest usually happens when people can’t feed themselves or their families. That’s what got the Arab Spring started in Egypt or as Celente likes to say: “when people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, they LOSE IT”.

    Just wait when food prices are SO high that people can’t buy it and just wait when people find out that illegal immigrants are being paid by the US Gov, according to Martin Armstrong $2200 a month supposedly tax free and that includes free health care and housing.

    • Ray

      Well said Rodster…….
      Maybe it’s getting close to Soylent Green time?

      Take care mate,
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Anthony Australia

        Nice to hear you back on the airwaves Brother Ray Mate.

        Karen Kingston speaks out in exclusive first interview after nerve-wracking close calls in Mexico!

        • Ray

          Thanks Brother A 🙂
          I’ll check the link to Karen Kingston…..thanks for putting it up.
          One thing is for sure: That lady’s place in Heaven is 100% assured.
          May she live long & prosper.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

          • Jon

            Love Karen….but am very concerned. Look up briteon interview…..she is clearly on medications….slurring her words…..she repeated herself 150xs in a 40 min interview….as though she was under duress…..dead serious. Something is WRONG!

      • Shirl

        BRIBENOMICS….(in a creepy whisper) “ it’s working” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Robert Will

      Sorry – 70 percent reduction in price of residential real estate is not going to happen. I wish it would.

      • Greg Hunter

        It happened before. I wouid not bet against Ackerman.

        • Rodster

          That’s very true. I remember in 2008-09 $450k homes in my area were being listed on street corners for under $80k, cash.

        • Crewton Ramone

          Me either.

        • sam

          So right you are, Mr Hunter!

        • JGunn

          I’m sorry…NOTHING Mr. Ackerman said made ANY sense to me! Just a bunch of mambo jumbo jargon.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are showing your ignorance.

          • Richard Ackerman

            I’d suggest Adderall, boss. Is ‘mambo jumbo’ a dance?

        • Tim K

          I agree with you Greg,

          The prices have gone up about 300% in the last 4 years, so a 70% drop is very plausible.

          Take care


        • Ken

          I think he is only half correct. There will be a deflationary collapse in inflated asset values (stocks, bonds and real estate), as a result, the purchasing power of the dollar will “rise” relative to collapsing asset values. However, as money flees the financial sector for safety, it will skyrocket prices in the real economy. Bill Holter is correct when he says there will be deflation in things you own and inflation in things you need.

          • Richard Ackerman

            So, in what way do we ‘own’ our homes? In your explanation, start with working stiffs who have parlayed their way up to a $1.5M Eichler in Southern California.

        • Ken

          The only way to fight a deflationary collapse is with inflation. If the purchasing power of the dollar rises then debt becomes more difficult to service. The US government (Fed) will never allow a deflationary collapse. They will destroy the dollar with QE+ in order to default through currency destruction.

        • Tim K

          Hi Greg,

          Ackerman (concerning the dollar) is at odds with financial experts like Holter and Rubino. Ackermans explanation why the dollar won’t tank (mystic) does not hold water. That’s why several countries are going toward BRICS. In the 1930s the currency was backed up by gold. One of Akermans comments even contradicts his statements that the deaths liar won’t tank (the money is backed by debt and is not worth anything).

          I do agree with a lot he says though, but I agree with Holter and Rubino concerning the dollar.

          Take care


          • Doris

            Ackerman is looking at the years 1929 to 1933 during the Great Depression and simply assumes the US dollar will increase in purchasing power like it did back then – – however – one thing Ackerman leaves out of his thought equation is that back during the Great Depression the US dollar “was backed by gold” – take notice that as soon as the gold backing was removed in 1933 by Demonrat Roosevelt – the US dollar continued its collapse “toward zero” – so the whole argument Ackerman expounds for the US dollar regaining purchasing power in the “coming depression” is based upon “the assumption that people will look upon the US dollar as being as good as gold” – however – with all the dollar printing going on to fund the Ukraine War, provide free money to all the illegals (the entire population of the world) coming across our now “open border”, etc., etc., etc. – one has to wonder just how the purchasing power of such “monopoly money” is going to increase in purchasing power (unless it is re-backed by gold and silver) rather then simply the word of a bunch of crooks in the US Government “that is no longer even a Nation” (as it’s borders have now been eliminated by “the globalist stooge” Biden)!!

            • sk

              I thought it was Nixon who stopped backing the dollar with gold sometime in the 1970″s. Roosevelt confiscated gold back in the 1930’s.

              • Doris

                Nixon “stopped our Government” from backing the dollar with gold – Roosevelt stopped the People from holding gold as money!! – so it was a well coordinated “Uni-Party” attack upon our sound money (just like “our open borders” are the result of actions by “both Parties” – who full well want armed and well drug funded Mexican Gangs to move across “a border-less US” (to supposedly reclaim the land stolen from them by the Gringo’s) – the US Military who stood down on 9-11 and recently in Maui will likely stand down again when Biden gives them orders to stand down against the Mexican Gangs supplied with heavy weapons sold to them under the guise of helping Ukraine (just like fast and furious under Obama supplied the Mexican Gangs with weapons) – this means when the US Military “just follows orders” and stands down – it will be up to the common people’s militia to make a stand to defend America from invasion (without the backing of their own Globalist Hijacked Government who wants to implant in our minds that America does not have borders) and thus eliminate the concept of an independent Nation called the United States of America – so Patriots fighting against the Mexican Gangs (armed to the teeth with billions of taxpayer paid for weapons supposedly sent to Ukraine) trying to defend their homes with shotguns will probably be overrun just like the Alamo – I wonder if anyone even remembers the Alamo?? – more then likely the Patriots will simply retreat to the 15 minute city reservations the Globalists are preparing for us and allow the concept of “One Nation Under God” to devolve into a “Regional Block Headed by Satan”!!!

                • Tin foil hat

                  Nixon was an outsider. Hence, the MSM/Deep State hated him the same way they hated Reagan.
                  Nixon was serious about closing the gold window TEMPORARILY. That’s the reason they had to get rid of him with “Water Gate.”

              • Paul Samuel


                FDR stopped the use of gold as money between common folk. (That’s you and me)

                Nixon stopped the use of gold as money between nations in 1971.

                France saw through the OZ curtain of the USA’s dollars and purchased all the dollars it could and demanded gold from the USA thus destroying the dollar. Nixon had no choice but to either “temporarily” (a word used by deceivers) de-couple the dollar from gold or have ALL of America’s gold be transferred overseas to those who saw the emperor (USA) had no clothes. Kissinger was a great asset in the conversion.

                This is all biblical and can be found in Daniel with “Bel and the dragon” as well as with Jesus turning over the money changers… See here chapter 8 and chapter 12

                Chapter 8 – So this chapter talks about how the wicked steal from the innocent via lies about the gods

                Chapter 12 – Now this chapter talks about how the wicked steal using deceptions about real money

                If you have any questions reach out to [email protected]

                Paul Samuel

                Sorry Kevin, I meant to post this to SK but clicked the wrong link.

                • Tin foil hat

                  JFK got himself killed trying to use silver as money between common folks – currency issued by the U.S. Treasury (not Federal Reserve) and back by silver.

            • Richard Ackerman

              One of the reasons the Second Great Depression will be worse than the first is that the dollar was sound as we entered the 1930s. I mentioned this in my interview, although it may have been excised due to technical problems with the video recording. Anyway, I say that dollars will be useful for transactions even though greenbacks are just a form of debt, not money. Bitcoin has demonstrated that scarcity alone can make something that is valueless function as money.

              • Tin foil hat

                I concur the Second Great Depression will be worse than the first. However, this pending Great Depression will manifest as hyperinflation rather than Great Depression because the current dollar is not sound money as in 1930s.

            • Jim1a

              I think you and Rick both make good points. The dollar may persist or gain if it remains the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper. All the fiat currencies have problems. We’ll see what happens with alternatives.

          • Richard Ackerman

            Can any of your experts explain how BRIC turdcoin will replace the $2+ quadrilion DOLLARS that support the derivatives markets without toppling the entire, shoddy edifice. This is a simple question.

            • Tin foil hat

              If they stopped trading with the west, why would they need to support or replace the $2 plus quadrillion derivative market?

            • Tin foil hat

              If the BRICS don’t want to trade with the west and don’t need/want the dollar or euro, why would they care about the $2+ quadrillion DOLLARS that support the derivatives market?

            • Branko Stojanovski

              When one dollar goes to its intrinsic vallue to : O, all 10 quadrilions of dollars go to O. 10,000,00,0000,0000 x 0 = 0. The value of the dollar is based on full faith and credit of the US government. When that faith is gone, the cause for its existence is gone. Pooof, gone.

              • Tin foil hat

                I wonder when Riyadh would burst into flames like Lahaina or flood out like “Burning Man”.
                That faith has been long gone.

          • Richard Ackerman

            So, in what way do we ‘own’ our homes? In your explanation, start with working stiffs who have parlayed their way up to a $1.5M Eichler in Southern California.

        • Gary C

          Greg, I listen to Martin Armstrong for the big picture long term view, and Rick Ackerman for the short term.
          “It’s a winning combination” and I subscribe to both of them.

      • Kevin


        Why do you think that a 70% drop in residential real estate will not happen? I certainly can see at least some areas experiencing it in a time of deflation.

        • Paul Samuel


          FDR stopped the use of gold as money between common folk. (That’s you and me)

          Nixon stopped the use of gold as money between nations in 1971.

          France saw through the OZ curtain of the USA’s dollars and purchased all the dollars it could and demanded gold from the USA thus destroying the dollar. Nixon had no choice but to either “temporarily” (a word used by deceivers) de-couple the dollar from gold or have ALL of America’s gold be transferred overseas to those who saw the emperor (USA) had no clothes. Kissinger was a great asset in the conversion.

          This is all biblical and can be found in Daniel with “Bel and the dragon” as well as with Jesus turning over the money changers… See here chapter 8 and chapter 12

          Chapter 8 – So this chapter talks about how the wicked steal from the innocent via lies about the gods

          Chapter 12 – Now this chapter talks about how the wicked steal using deceptions about real money

          If you have any questions reach out to [email protected]

          Paul Samuel

      • Kato

        The reason that they over valued the prices of homes especially in the Dem run areas is so that they could collect more property tax money every year.
        To know how the way those areas operate just watch the show from the 1960’s The Untouchables, they have all this money coming in from things like real estate tax, lottery, sales tax etc. and what they do is called skimming off the top.

        • Richard Ackerman

          Property tax revenues in ALL cities will get choked off when the Baby Boomers’ too-large homes pass on to their children. There are no buyers for those homes.

          • Barbara L.

            So, if these too-large homes won’t sell, then the price must come down in order to attract buyers, thus reducing their tax basis and lower property taxes. However, property tax revenue could temporarily increase if the baby boomer had been postponing his property taxes which would become due and payable at the time of his death.

      • Freedom-4-All

        And why couldn’t it happen, especially when priced in real money.

      • I Dig Au

        People said the same thing in 2008 when prices dropped 80% in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Florida.

      • Rick Ackerman

        The 2007-08 collapse cut residential property prices by 35%, but the subsequent recovery has pushed them up to even more absurd levels. Under the circumstances, don’t you think it would be unusual if the coming collapse — i.e., the real one — were no worse than that? I expect it to be worse for vacation homes, with squatters burning furniture Rickin $15 million Aspen chalets just to keep warm.

      • Art Simpson

        We’re in the time of the seals. 1st Covid, 2nd Uk war, 3rd famine and 4th, Re:6:8, war that kills 1/4th the earth.
        San Fran will be nuked and that building will be worth maybe $o.00.
        Your government, the people that murdered 808 Lahaina, 911 NYC, OK City etc., etc. etc… are trying their best to get Russia to nuke the U.S. In less than a year.

        • Richard Ackerman

          My expectations are far more bearish than the interview. Your list of catastrophes squares with Nostradamian prophecy, which makes my barter economy look like paradise.

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Robert, you may be Correct. Time will tell.

        In approximately 2014, I purchased a beautiful, high, dry, non flood zone vacant city lot in a Florida coastal town for about 98% … less than … it sold for in approximately 2006.

      • Chris in Arkansas

        We bought our house in 2003 in East Central Florida for $103K. Just before the 2008-2009 crisis our house was worth around $279K (same model homes were closing at that price or above). We sold on the front end of the crisis for about $225K. The house then dropped to a low of $114K in 2009. So during the last crash there was a 60% drop in value on that property. Thank God we got out without losing any money. We then moved to San Antonio where the local markets just kept right on chugging along with no losses to speak of. The difference between now and then was low interest rates vs today’s 7+ %. There is no choice but to continue raising rates. So my lessons learned were (a) your local market may or may not see a major price reduction – it really depends on local business growth and inventory. (B) Low interest rates support a robust real estate market and that is going away and (c) people could – and did – fall back on credit cards in 2008-2009 and that saved some of them because we did not have high inflation on basic goods and services. Credit is already getting maxed for a lot of families and we’re at just the front end of an upcoming economic crisis. This is a much different scenario than 2008/2009. I think it’s a slow roll into a depression and agree it is going to get bad. We are doing everything we can to make sure we are ready for this including starting up a side business to generate extra cash to invest in certain commodities. We also planned to relocate to land capable of supporting large scale gardens and small livestock and we made that happen two years ago. Now in north Arkansas.

      • Pete

        If banks and other mortgage lenders are impaired by losses then we can see a deflationary collapse in housing. Just ask yourself how much of the cost inflation we see in housing is from easy monetary lending standards. Take that away and you take out the speculation and a lot of the price of a home with it. It will mean you have to buy a home in cash.

      • Coal Burner

        Location Dependent! And time dependent! It may take several years. If Trump came back and tried to correct the Biden Damage, it might be kicking into gear by the time his four years were up. Biden has done too much damage for a quick turn around. And if Dems and Uniparty keep the Senate, they will drag him back 50%. We need to dump at least ten terrible or useless Senators and replace them with America loyal people.
        Not likely!
        Without Trump I am now planning a repeat of 25 years of the depression. I may be following in Gregs footsteps. No not the truthful news business. The hunting for a little farm.

    • Robert says no

      Yup Roadster, and the average senior on social security gets about $1400 a month. The reason the CPI is being touted as coming down ( meaning inflation is supposedly lower the last several months) is because these are the months used to determine how much the raise will be for those on social security. Our federal government/oligarchs and the WEF hate we the average people. Both parties are corrupt to the core and they know we know it. They’ve sold us out and don’t be surprised if China is given the western half our nation in debt settlement terms.

    • Andrew

      Rodster, I agree.
      However, this scenario will be exploited by the ‘Deep Financial System’ and universal basic income, CBDC, total surveillance and digital ID will render many places into 1984,
      where individuals will be …..well, read the book/watch the film.
      Once you see the onion of the Deep Financial System in combination with digital ID and Ai, you can not un-see it!
      Here is expert commentary about facial recognition:
      Here is expert commentary about CBDC in combination with facial recognition:
      And here is why even the banks will be ‘allowed’ to implode:
      Yes, that’s right. The Deep Financial System can and will do without banks. And yes, even that financial outer layer of the financial onion will be sacrificed.
      NOBODY outside the core of the onion will be safe.
      No body.

      • Endangerdspecies

        Hold all calls folks, we have a winner ^^^ this
        they’re gonna have a few million obstacles in their way tho.

    • Doris

      “Civil unrest usually happens when people can’t feed themselves or their families” – for example, when the Red Coats came to America to take away the colonists guns (which they used for hunting to feed their families) – it created the American Revolution and a complete break away from the dictatorial King in Europe – now the dictatorial King in Europe (Soros and his buddy Klaus Schwab) want to take away our guns once again so all we can eat is bugs – these dictators don’t seem to learn – they are creating the same response that defeated the King of Europe in 1776 and resulted in the American Peoples victory over the tyrants in Europe!! –

      • Endangerdspecies

        Hold all calls folks, we have a winner ^^^ this
        they’re gonna have a few million obstacles in their way tho.

        • Doris

          Hopefully the American Patriots will be able to hold out against the Mexican Cartels that move into America and take our land – it won’t be declared an invasion by Biden “because the Cartels will not have crossed any borders” – most probably this whole Ukrainian War is a big psyop to allow the shipping of heavy duty weapons to the Drug Cartels who will likely first take California to create a protective military barrier against any indigenous Patriots going after the Globalist Headquarters in Maui!!

          • Doris

            Why is no one “Blinking” (as this guy arrives in Ukraine to give the immoral Queer (who is now recruiting young women to fight the Russians) another Billion US dollars?? – these crazy psychopaths have us headed to “full on nuclear WWIII” – just so everyone know – this is how WWIII will play out!! –

    • No man

      Inflation… Not deflation… Is the overriding and main threat in our near future! History is replete with examples of governments choosing the inflation path over deflation. The reasons for this are many, not the least of which is the fact that the powers that be can blame inflation on anybody and everybody. Governments make all kinds of excuses for inflation, but they miss the main reason, either by design or by ignorance, and to borrow from Milton Friedman: inflation is everywhere, and always a monetary event! In almost every single example of economic collapse throughout world history the solution has always been inflation! Wake up and take a look at the history of monetary regimes: it is always inflation, and almost never deflation.

      • Heinrich

        I fully agree. The US deficit currently amounts to 2 trillion USD annually and steadily increasing. This is inflationary. Furthermore, after the US weaponized the USD, the BRICS+ and numerous other countries will take revenge and weaponize commodities which will be highly inflationary.

    • Harry

      People will also “LOSE IT” when their children are taken by Queers in the Public Schools of America!! –

  2. john lance

    As much as everthing cost I know and admit I can’t afford to work for what I am worth . Color me quiet quitter .

  3. Bob Paterson

    Deflation is a good thing for those with cash… however we also will be in a period of time of very low production and shipment of goods… so items will be harder to obtain. Anything anybody owns will drop in price… anything anybody doesn’t have on hand or have to order will still go up in price.

    • Rodster

      The problem with cash is the government is wanting to eliminate it and replace it with CBDC’s. Who knows if the Govt will make bartering illegal?

      • Freebreezer

        Given that a huge proportion of the US cash is used outside of America for the black market … I see no way in which it ends in the near future. Akerman has that right … there is no way to move past the US dollar/cash without catastrophic consequences. And, keep in mind, that the very wealthy are always protected via the government and are heavily invested in the black market. Look at the drug trade and all the cash that buys off our politicians… no way are they going to vote against that gravy train.

        • Rodster

          Well it then becomes “rules for thee but not for me”. The rules placed on the Plebs will not be the rules placed on the Elite. So they could eliminate cash for Joe and Joan Sixpack and it may not apply to them. There are many examples of the government skirting the Law or as Gerald Celente likes to say, “Justice really means Just-Us”

          Keep in mind, that CON-gress is involved in insider trading. Look no further than Nancy Pelosi’s husband who’s benefited from his wife’s position in CON-gress.

          Also CON-gress was made exempt from the Covid bioweapons while it was mandated to the general public while those who refused “The Jab” were fired from their jobs.

  4. Saved by Grace.

    A return to grace

  5. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    Matthew 6:19-21 ESV
    “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

    • tactical tim

      as a man that views Jesus as an alpha male strong-man, I would view that passage as a command to build relationships with neighbors so that you can survive what is coming. You will better defend your family from the government, communist liberals and illegal aliens if you have a neighborhood team spirit.

      Good relationships are intangible wealth that cannot be underestimated. The Book of Proverbs has lots of verses about the value of an even tempered wife, for example. The secret to the success of USAWD is not Greg Hunter but whoever dresses Greg Hunter.

    • Rodster

      Those are words of wisdom because we in reality own nothing. When we leave this planet, everything we thought we owned stays behind. It is all temporary.

    • Endorry

      “Just ’cause things ain’t easy, that don’t give you the excuse to take what’s not yours.”

      – Jim Braddock (Cinderella Man)

  6. Arvind

    Hi Greg,
    A good question to ask would be what happens to gold and silver stocks? People talk about buying gold and silver. Would gold and silver stocks fall into that category? During the Great depression they were the shining stars the stock market.

    • tactical tim

      as long as Jim Sinclair stays on this side of the grass, TRX is intriguing. Just don’t mistake shares for bullion because the shares are mediated by the brokerage and Clif High recently said in one of his audio substacks that he is concerned about the DTCC and shares mismatch. Also, Charles Schwab is said to be up to its neck in bad debt.

    • Kevin


      You are correct about gold mining stocks doing well during the Great Depression as did gold. However, silver did poorly so I would think that silver mining stocks also did the same as some mines probably would be shut down due to not being profitable.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Dome and Homestake were two gold stocks that boomed during The Great Depression (the first half of the 1930s anyway).

      The situation is different today. A lot of gold companies are in Third World countries. Not good. And then even if they are located in the US, you could end up with a company that decides to declare bankruptcy and wipe out all shares (see Allied Nevada).

      Even with a solid US gold-mining company, if the banks take a holiday or go completely bust, how do you get your money? Your brokerage account could send you a check but then what? You can’t cash it. You can hold the actual stock certificate (let’s say you’ve got $1,000,000) but then how do you spend it? Does the grocery store make change on stock certificates?

      In the end, you’re better off holding actual Silver and Gold coins.

      • Richard Ackerman

        I agree. All good points, Cheri.

    • Str8_Shot

      Deflation results in deflation of asset prices, including stocks. We’re already seeing deflation in stocks – besides the few outliers like nVidia, Tesla, Apple, that are keeping markets propped up, everything else is making lower highs and lower lows. Gold and silver should in theory follow downward as well. Physicial gold and silver should hold their own, OR they can drop in price along with EVERYTHING else, so that 1 oz gold will be worth $20 again, but that $20 will buy you a months’ worth of groceries.

    • Richard Ackerman

      I expect bullion to hold its purchasing power relative to virtually every other type of investible asset, but I do not see its price soaring.

      • Harry

        Rick – You say you expect “every other type of investible asset” to Fall in Purchasing Power “except Gold” – so does it not go without saying that Gold “will be rising in purchasing power against the dollar”? – yet you say: “I do not see (the gold price) soaring”?? – but that’s like saying you don’t expect a big depression coming – which is it???

        • Harry

          The Fed is currently printing US Dollars and giving them to their European buddy’s to buy Treasury’s at auction – so they are effectively “monetizing US Government debt” (while pretending they are fighting inflation) – the only way the banks will survive the coming economic crash is by buying gold (which they are doing) and then simply repricing it upward (like Roosevelt did) – they will likely then raise the price of gold in stages – re-setting the price upward by $1,000 dollars per ounce every month for a year – which should get them out of trouble – if the common people “want to get in on this debt jubilee” they need to own gold not paper dollars!!!

  7. RB

    An 8 HP Roto Tiller may be a wise investment.

    • Freedom-4-All

      Nothing, nothing beats actual G/S in hand. More dollars may be made in a well-timed mining stock run, but if something goes bad, it could all be lost. I keep 20% in G/S before I invest elsewhere. My opinion.

    • BobT

      Better: no-till, permaculture gardening. The way it was done pre-1850 (circa 1850), prior to the invention of modern (tilling) gardening. I have been using this for 8 years now – haven’t tilled in 8 years: better harvest, healthier food, less work. BobT

    • Cheryl

      Confiscation of mines could be an issue.

    • Richard Ackerman

      That’s ‘soaring’ in real terms, not nominal. I’ve written extensively on this phenomenon as it relates to real estate. During the 2007-08 crash, mortgage rates stayed low in nominal terms, but soared in real terms as the value of collateral — i.e., our homes — fell by more than 30% on average.

  8. robert p

    High interest rates + covid + ‘demodecay’ in cities = lowering of prices for real estate
    = defaults on real estate = bank failures/pension fund collapse
    + a parabolic high in the markets = lowering of stocks…
    In other words, lower prices on what has given us the illusion of wealth…. and general lowering of econ activity
    BUT… food and other supply shortages ; energy price rises ; failing credit systems ; higher demand for ‘health care’ from millions of disabled or chronically sick clotters ; shortage of skilled labor from same + possible even further war, frantic money printing – HIGHER prices on what we suckers NEED
    SO lower prices on what we have and higher prices on what we need. Just like Weimar.. but remember, a gold coin could buy an apartment in Berlin…so gold will keep its value for ‘big ticket’ items.
    People are totally maxed out in debt and the market drop will set off drastically lowered economic activity.
    Even without the BRICS, the wealth illusion that has permitted decades of offshoring to persist is now dying rapidly.
    There remains the wildcard that the dems will print like crazy in an election year… and the possibility that it will fail to boost economic activity.
    So inflation and deflation are not mutually exclusive. And yes. I should move to the country ….or out of it! Just thinking out loud…

  9. Johnnie Walken

    Jesus recognized that people cannot live without food — but also they cannot live without experiencing moments of jubilation. ( Luke 12:23 ) A supply of recognized brands of aged spirits will go a long way in the upcoming pan-ghetto.

    Also, with a coin people are confused by its value, or also their mind takes them to your mattress where they imagine you have a big chest of coins. Showing coins puts you at risk in ways showing a bottle of whiskey does not. ….. In general, use aged liquor (and tobacco/nicotine products) to influence others. Keep your coins buried until times are such you can trade safely.

    Schindler’s List black-market shopping:

    • Trish

      Isn’t it the same concept with liquor, tobacco, etc.? People know you have that stashed away and it is just another form of currency that people might want to steal?

      • Ned Jeffers

        it’s perception and a temporal difference. With a bottle, the perception is immediate gratification of oneself or another person. With coins, there the perception traveles into the future and involves the envy of others, being better off than others. Liquor involves immediate pleasure, satisfaction, relief. The coins involve vanity, envy which necessarily involves others. Generally speakinig, nobody ever said, “I’m better than him because I got a case of scotch.” But everyone says, “I’m better than him because I got lots of money”.

    • stanley skrzypek

      What Whiskey do you Recommend?…Johnnie Walker Red or Black?
      Make a deal with a few Coin Dealers… I did… then you dont have to Show coins to the Riff-Raft.

    • Harry

      People cannot live without food – so Klaus Schwab tells us “you will eat bugs” – but then Bill Gates now come out and tells us he wants to cut down all the forests (where the bugs live) and bury them?? – which fits in nicely with the eugenicist’s population reduction agenda – namely – “without food people cannot live” – so the globalists will burn down our food processing centers, kill our cows, kill the trees and kill the bugs – then when everyone is starving – they will herd the few survivors on to “15 minute city reservations” (just like they did to the American Indians)!!

    • GreenPeas

      Ed Dowd is confirming Rick Ackerman’s rise of the black-market barter economy:

      albeit for Dowd, the reason is also the dirth of qualified labor directly related to the vax effect. Health, lack thereof, is yet another dimension to what is happening.

      during the 1970s hitchhiking was common and also there was a car bumper sticker phenomenon. One of the popular stickers was: “gas, grass, a–, nobody rides for free”. Be sure y’all got stfuff somebody actually wants in trade.

  10. Jeffrobbins

    Very interesting. Thanks Greg for another great interview. The only hole i would poke in what was said is that we don’t know what the governments response to some financial calamity would be. They don’t have a problem spending trillions, but could just as likely blame some bogey man (Trump, Putin, Xi, climate change ) and pass some really bad new laws that chip away at our freedoms. Maybe this is the path to a CBDC. With that said, i agree completely about the need for all of us to be more self sufficient. We planted some fruit trees this past spring and will get a few more next year. I know they can make a mess, but i do wonder why there are so few fruit trees in housing developments/ neighborhoods? We’ve looked at the new Harvest Right freeze dryers and that would really complement picking super ripe fruit. -Hoping the price comes down.

  11. Fred Daake

    Here is an interesting article – “Fifty Tips From The Great Depression”

    Many people lost all of their savings due to bank failures. So they did what was necessary to survive. There was no such thing as retirement at any age. There was no such thing as begging for free government handouts from a bankrupt government. There was no complaining or rioting. The choice was to stay alert for opportunities to survive or die. They instinctively knew that they just had to do it.

    Everyone in the family looked for work to contribute to the family. No one in any family was exempt from looking for work. No one cared about the job they got – they just begged for work – anything. And the work did not have to pay cash – they were willing to take food or anything else that they needed for their families in exchange for their work. They also had large gardens to contribute to their food supply.

    • Richard Ackerman

      Let’s pray that those instincts haven’t atrophied completely, Fred.

  12. sam

    The “Farmer” might not take toe “GOLD or SILVER” for his land….but…the “COIN SHOP” will Convert it for what the “Farmer” wants for his “Land:…

    • Ned Jeffers

      well Greg is a gentleman farmer. In exchang for grain, do you think Greg would take a case of whiskey, or a box full of bibles from Michael Snyder? I bet Greg would say that he already has a bible that’s got all his notations.

      (Snyder has a supply of bibles in his top 20 prepper recommendation.)

    • Patrick

      There is a general concern of many that coin shops will be “debanked” by the banksters so that they won’t be able to buy your metal.

  13. Gnosen Grappa

    Bible skeptic Clif High returns to his roots as a pitchman:

    a much younger, with hair, Clif High?
    pitching ShamWoW

  14. stanley skrzypek

    Mr Ackerman using San FranSicko as a measure of the Real Estate Market to the rest of America is absurd. San FranSicko is a World Class Ghetto, and all the Sane People LEAVE the Corrupt and Slime infested area to safer land. San FranSicko is an Entity that Can Not be compared to any other GOD Fearing place here in the Good ‘ol USA!
    P.S. In my opinion….He is Also Wrong about Ag and Au too.

    • Greg Hunter

      CRE is crashing all over the country. Call to prayer in NYC now.

      • Isiah

        Call to prayer, we need more of that. This country is doomed, everything that is coming its way is punishment from God almighty for all the bombs it has dropped on the innocent of the world. And the American people just sitting idly by. After this next crash, I am for damn certain people won’t be yelling MURICA!!!

    • Rodster

      He can use SF or NYC or any other major US city as an example. The fact is CRE is in big trouble because of the Covid lockdowns. It was a trend Gerald Celente said would happen way back in 2020. He wrote about it in his Trends Journal.

    • Richard Ackerman

      I did say that New York City is in no better shape, with now-obsolete infrastructure that is failing economically above-ground (office towers), at ground level (Sabrett push carts and concert halls), and below ground (a subway system where token dispensers get a package worth $90,000). The Big Apple is not the only city in a state of incipient collapse.

  15. Endorry

    “Ackerman also predicts the dollar will get stronger in the short to medium term, and its strength will be another sign of deflation.”

    – Brent Johnson, Founder and CEO of Santiago Capital, says that a global sovereign debt crisis will unfold, sending the U.S. dollar higher, and strengthening other assets relative to foreign currencies. He also gives his outlook for equities and gold.—

  16. stanley skrzypek

    Mr. Ackermans DISDAIN for Junk Silver comes from being”burnt” for his lack of investment aptitude. not because of common sense…dont’t take me wrong…I Love the Guy!

    • Richard Ackerman

      I like junk silver, notwithstanding my poor timing years ago. But I think it will take a while before the silver content of pre-1964 coins is priced into routine barter transactions.

  17. Endorry


    Excerpt of email from a friend.regarding Covid vaccines…

    “I will never get any of these boosters or any of that shit. I hear horror stories all the time. Jim B’s brother Joe got the booster. He subsequently got vertigo. Went to the Dr and the Dr says this is the 4th case of vertigo I have seen since patients got the booster.”

  18. James Hascomb

    Hey Greg,

    Man this interview rocked all the way through. My hat goes off the Rick, as he obviously knows his stuff.

    I agree with Rick that people stashing silver and gold away in the hopes that it will be a good barter medium is going to have very real challenges. Of course, if every single person and business in our economy equally valued gold and silver as a medium of exchange then it would work fine, but what percentage of individuals have any gold or silver at all? I’m thinking it’s a small percentage in relation to the entire population of our economy. Regarding businesses, how many of them are fully embracing silver and gold as a form of payment to them? I don’t know of any. For this reason, I’ve had a hard time buying into the precious metals. Now, as a store of value, I’ve been tracking that and silver has lagged, probably because the market is rigged. But, the rigging of the market sees no end as I see it.

    I’m just an average guy with a family living a middle class life, probably more on the lower end of that middle class range. My revolving bills are extremely low, and all of my monthly bills are at low fixed rates so I’m in good shape there but other than that maintaining a home and family takes quite a bit, as all people that head up households know

    I mean, I just have a standard lot, probably just over a quarter acre. What am I supposed to do? Turn it into a giant garden out back? I mean, what could I grow? Some corn and strawberries? It seems like whatever U choose to grow it would end up being a total waste of time. I mean, I’d harvest all my crop in the fall. What then? Eat corn for a month or two? I’m just not seeing how it works. Tell me how a garden that is 30 feet by 100 feet is a lifesaver? Plus, I’d have to fight people off to defend it. I don’t know, Something isn’t adding up in regards to how it all would work

    The point I’m making is that I’m stuck. When the economy goes down I go with it, most likely, no matter what I do. I suspect I’m not alone.

    At this point, I’m enjoying every day, saving what I can, but getting all worked up about anything is pointless. Today was a great day. I lived a very high quality life, enjoyed my family, talked with friends, enjoyed a nice meal out. We don’t eat out much. It probably been sux months since we sat down and ate at a decent restaurant, so we all enjoyed the time together. Life is good. When it ends it ends. I’m not worried about that part anymore. I just try me best and leave it at that.

    I also like Rick’s take on CBDCs. The ecosystem we call the altRight news sphere continuously harps and fearmongers about CBDCs. I’m tired of that as well. Rick really injected a great dose of a calm, reasoned look at the implementation of CBDCs. His assessment was as I expected, but was unable to explain as he eloquently did. Thanks, Rick!

    And I’m going to go back to stashing cash away. I think two shoeboxes sounds about right to me.

    All in all, I really enjoyed hearing Rick speak. Try to have him on more regularly, if possible.

    Take care, enjoy the day, for what is life worth living for if the current day cannot be enjoyed? One thing is true, no one enjoyed today more than I did, and for that I’m a very rich person.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Joel Salatin (homesteaders icon) tells a story of a woman that wanted to be a farmer but lived in a condo. A friend of hers told her to plant a garden in her back yard. Some time later a neighbor saw it and wanted her to do the same. Fast forward a couple years and she had a good number of back yard gardens to tend from a bicycle route. She split the produce grown with the home owners.—- the point is that there may be some land close by and the owner would like to see it used but has no time. The best part is the idea of community building.

    • Ned Jeffers

      there is a type of thinking that involves doing (cf. Aristotle). You learn by doing and new ways of perceiving come by doing. Notice that Jesus said unto St. Matthew, “follow me”. And Matthew dropped everything and immediately followed the Lord. Jesus did not explain to the educated Matthew all that lay ahead.
      ( 3-min clip The Chosen)

      so, in other words, you just need to plant a garden of any size. And via that experience, you will meet other people and have other experiences that will broaden your horizons. …. But this sitting on the couch thinking is not helpful whatsoever. Also in so doing, you are engaged in sacremental action (a concept foreign to Evangelicals, but known to Catholics and Orthodox). You are signaling through works what are your intentions; and the Lord takes notice (as indicated by the epistle of St. James). ….. Sitting on your hands and saying “I’m bornagain, saved” is like saying “I’m prepared” instead of actually doing something real. … Less talk, more action is what is required right now.

    • Richard Ackerman

      Thank you for your kind words, James. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. For a close look at how to achieve greater self-reliance, tune to Charles Hugh Smith and read his latest books. His garden in Hawaii has experimentally been climbing the nutrition ladder, most recently with the addition of breadfruit. He is the kinder and gentler survivalist whose ideas are likely to stimulate yours.

  19. The Seer

    Meditation today not going to get extremely bad. Somethings are going to happen good and bad.
    *N-A-S-A* head of La ha ina take down has to do with off planet.

  20. The Seer

    Message today not going to get extremely bad. Somethings are going to happen good and bad.
    *N-A-S-A* head of La ha ina take down has to do with off planet.

    • sk

      Martians did it? Is that going to be whom the real perps will blame?

  21. David Gordon Dunne

    Would any of us be dwelling on all these horrendous problems even 4 years ago?
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor just said on Judge Napolotano that these brain dead idiots may well send in 50,000 American boys to be slaughtered in W. Ukraine and that the same idiots could well lob some nukes into the Russian forces. We are putting all of our lives, our kids and our grand kids in the hands of lunatic psychopaths. Aren’t there some cooler heads around to take over or are we destined to fry like bacon and go up in smoke?
    We need a Divine Intervention.

  22. Roger Stamper

    tks rick greg

    • Richard Ackerman

      Ur welcome, Roger.

  23. Bob S. Plissken

    The Empire State will be the illegal alien state: Curtis Sliwa _21 hr.’s ago
    She asked, “What kind of a president” would do this?”

    I want to ask; what kind of ‘ex-president would do this? One who stole a third term and now with his wife, going for a fourth! He set up his former vice president, stealing our votes to put him into the oval office, through the power of the deep state intelligence services and the Soros/Clinton crime failed familied, our real and illegal un-representative plausible deniability scam government, ever since the vision of the Dulles brothers. They toke out our representative form of governance.
    We the American people fought a revolution for, to remove an empire from imposing this crap on us. Taxation without representation. That same form of such fake and illegal un-representative government that removed and eliminated Seth Rich from disclosing the plot to prevent socialist presidential candidate Bernard Sanders from securing the Democrat presidential nomination. They now want this Bimbo’s wife, to be in power. Allowing him to force more of this constant nonsensical treacherous and treasonous bull down our throats. No way, no more Jose! MAGA!

  24. Jim mac

    Who cares about commercial property
    It’s owned by the globalist trash
    This is war against the little man and we need
    This guy is full of shit and needs to go back to san fransisco because that’s where he belongs

    • Richard Ackerman

      Can’t say I don’t miss the view I had from my back porch on Portrero Hill.

      • sam

        Do You Miss the DO-DO on the Streets of San Fransicko?…

  25. Peter

    Rick’s assertion that no farmer will trade food for silver is not completely true as I traded silver eagles for a butchered grassfed/grassfinished cow with an Amish rancher over a year ago. The eagles were purchased around 2004 and inspite of the controlled spot price still were up about 400% from what I paid. Granted, the coming deflation may impact the “dollar” value of each, but I think and hope the coin will hold it’s value for necessary items. I suppose we won’t really know until that time arrives.

    Always grateful for you and your guests’ insights.

    • Ned Jeffers

      it’s clear that Rick has an axe to grind when it comes to precious metals. He told us, in this interview, a story how he bought two bags of 90% then later redeemed at a substantially lower price. Doesn’t he have ANY happy experiences with the metals? He should given the chart trajectory. …. What this tells me is not that metals are un-good, but that Rick made mistakes and got out too early. Why would you sell your silver 90% when that is not a trading investment, but a SHTF insurance?

      M Armstrong also has a complicated attitude about the metals. Maybe it is a psyop.

      These guys a useful in some areas of finance, but pretty much just ignore them when it comes to your core positions of metals. Because in their hearts they are guys who, when young, dreamed of living in NYC and being the next Marty Zweig interviewed by Louis Rukyeser on ‘Wall St. Week”. They are stockmarket guys.

      • Richard Ackerman

        I gave a hoard of bullion coins and ingots to my sons a decade ago and am pleased to see that they still haven’t cashed out. However, I still keep a Maple Leaf on my desk to remind me of gold’s beauty and utility, and I have some numismatics stashed away for a rainy day . The coin was given to me in payment for a $350 subscription when gold was trading under $300.

        When I interviewed the late Vern Meyers in Spokane for Barron’s, he had a nugget on his desk that must have weighed 20 pounds. The lesson stuck with me.

    • Richard Ackerman

      Farmers will make that trade, I’m sure. But I don’t want my subscribers to get the idea that the farmer will trade acres of land for mere doubloons, or that bullion will be priced in the stratosphere for such transactions.

      • Gary C

        Rick, the Government will tax the hell out of Gold, look what they did
        to the Truckers in Canada.
        Any comment on the suspension of accounts to the Coin & Bullion
        Dealers in the USA by the Banks.

        • Harry

          “State issued” gold backed currency will not be taxed! – On March 10, 2023, bills were introduced in the Texas Senate and House to create a State-issued, gold-backed digital currency. Sen Bryan Hughes (R) introduced Senate Bill 234, and Rep Mark Dorazio (R) introduced a companion bill, House Bill 4903 requiring the state comptroller to establish a digital currency fully backed by gold!! –

        • Kevin

          Probably for suspicious cash deposits (possibile structuring). One coin dealer said that his banker told him that some of his cash deposits looked suspicious because they were between $9500 and $9900 which was a little under the $10,000 reporting threshold, and it appears that he may be doing it intentionally. Well the stupid coin dealer then actually admitted that he intentionally did deposit cash under the $10,000 reporting threshold. This could be considered structuring which is a federal crime. Watch starting at the 9:00 mark.

          If you commit a crime, do not admit it online.

  26. Da Yooper

    Greg any word on getting Cliff back?

    A interview of Lt. Scott Bennett good information. Maybe someone to interview Greg.

    88 Million Trump’s Deplorables Would Love to see Huge Mushroom Claud over The Washington DC

    36:00 Russia could decapitate Snake within 8 minutes, Mushroom Claud over Washington DC would be The Most Joyful Sight for 88 Million Trump Troopers
    41:00 what really happened in Maui, Direct Energy Weapons?
    56:00 Fmr. Russian President Mdvedev’s deadly warning to America

  27. stanley skrzypek

    Question Please…..WHY does EBAY Allow COUNTERFEIT American Eagles (newer dates) from CHINA to be sold to Gullible people thinking they are getting a deal?….Does Not the US TREASURY care?…..or…is there another reason they are letting EBAY get away with FRAUD?
    Thank You

    • Richard Ackerman

      eBay’s coin auction does in fact suck. I and two partners created a web site with the goal of eating their lunch. The venture had the backing of a marketing giant, but we discovered that vetting transactions and insuring third-party deliveries would be too costly. In the end, we would have had to fulfill through Tulving, paying retail.

  28. steve nussdorf

    what is cliff high up to…..any news or insights.?

    • Lucas Doolin

      You can follow Clif on substack and bitchute.

  29. Kato

    Here is my call on the current situation, the price of gold will land around $8000. to $10’000., the price of silver will hit around $500. with no problem and silver will be used for small purchases and gold for large purchases like a smaller used excavator for $20,000. dollars.
    Cash will be good for a little while then after that people will use silver, food from the garden, or offer a trade skill in exchange for something of value.
    Items of value will be:
    instant coffee
    toilet paper
    tools and equipment
    extra clothing summer and winter.
    seasoned firewood.

  30. Max Dezara

    Great interview Greg, I’m a follower of Martin Armstrong
    and appreciate Rick Ackermans insights to reinforce “Socrates”
    forecasts. I believe more then ever your personal advice to “buy
    some tires and stock up on food and water” is more important
    then ever. The second quarter of 2024 is the global plan to
    introduce C.B.D.C. and in slave humanity. Get out of the system
    and become as self sufficient as possible.
    We are in a war of survival !

    • Harry

      Socrates says: “there will NOT be an election in 2024” – so if Socrates is right what do you think that will do to “confidence in the US dollar”?? – will it make the dollars the crooks in Washington print up for themselves even stronger with “more” purchasing power?? – one only needs to remember what happened to the value of the Wampum (clam shells) used by the Iroquois which were one of the most prosperous and powerful tribes in America “when their tribal government came unglued”!! – today one clam costs about a half dollar or about .25 cents per shell – now if inflation drives the price of a clam to one US dollar – does that mean the purchasing power of the US dollar got stronger because each clam shell is now worth .50 cents each?? – People need to wake up to the sad reality that when “confidence in the governing body comes into question” the whole monetary system of such a failed government comes into question – so when you see a dozen clams cost $24 US dollars one needs to realize that those high priced clam shells (that now cost a dollar each) “have not really increased the purchasing power of your dollars” but has driven your failed government Wampum even closer to “zero”!! –

  31. David Kulesa

    I hope PCR is on the docket , When are you going to take a vacation Hunter , you used to take a week off in June , Live a little

  32. Freedom-4-All

    Thanks, Greg,

    Yes, he is very tuned in and what he says makes sense. I often let my mind wander and envision what could possibly be next with the economy and freedoms. My thought aligns with his thoughts. It will be hell for years as we dig our way out.

    On another note, as I have said before, I am on a year-long mission to better understand and learn about the Constitution. I invite others to learn too. I just sent out the third installment on my blog for anyone interested. It comes directly from the National Constitution Center.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Don Conrad

    • Patrick

      Check out Krisanne Hall and/or Sheriff Mack at the CSPOA. Both of them have great books teaching about the Constitution. If you get a chance to see them in person, you won’t be disappointed.

  33. Lynne

    It’s the card services that are sucking right now. I wouldn’t buy anothet giftcard if you paid me.

    • Tom Thall

      dear Lynne, please elaborate on this topic. thanks.

      • Harry

        I think Lynne is worried that when a bad recession hits the stores selling those gift cards will no longer be around to make good on them – sort of like what I worry about with respect to holding the US dollar – especially when the US Nation is (according to Socrates) on the verge of no longer holding elections and can’t even be defined as a sovereign Nation any longer (as it no longer has defined borders)!!

  34. Diana

    Thank you Greg for all you do. We are going to have hard times ahead. Pray up Patriots you will need answers. Excellent interview.

  35. Justn Observer

    Greg, how much worse it will get will depend on how much longer people put up with their insanity.

  36. Barnacle

    Trump campaigned on “Make America Great Again”…what he delivered in reality was the initiation of the WEF’s “Great Reset”.

    The worst thing about it is the inability of his supporters to recognize him as the Judas Goat who is leading them to slaughter.

    Conservatives are like a drowning man grasping at a toothpick to stay afloat.

    • Chazbo

      You Really are a Barnacle . . .

    • Barney Fife

      Barny mate,
      Why don’t you run for president instead of the hill’s? Talk about goats. You sure sound like one!

  37. Susan R

    Thank you, Greg for this one, a very detailed timeline of exactly where to look for signs of collapse and how to prepare. Interesting how nothing was said of a coming CBDC, I am hearing more now that may not happen in other people’s view also. Playing out a scenario of this materialization as you both did, precludes those who refuse to go here in the first place, so the numbers who will not be ready are staggering. Those are who will be coming for what the prepared have.

  38. Mary

    Great interview Greg. You ask excellent questions. I agree with Rick that the USD will be around for a long time. and will get stronger. IMHO the BRICS currency talk is a lot of hoopla. These are people that do not trust or like each other. The logistics of such a currency are a real challenge. I am in the Peter Schiff, Robert Prechter and Chas. Nenner camp that the bond bear market has just begun. We are in for much higher yields. In general, there will be a worldwide contraction in growth.


    Ackerman struck on many of the conditions that will cause our society to stumble.

    Please bring him back again in November to expand on the financial impacts of Boomer medical issues, Mothers in the 70s labor market, devalued residential dwellings burden on the community tax base and several ham fisted reactions to one-size-fits-all governing.

    Thanks Greg, for being stalwart and clear-eyed.

  40. Trinacria

    Good comments by Rick as he makes down to earth sense. How long can this evil clown show keep going? The evil clowns in DC keep piling on the debt that young children, even many who aren’t even born yet will inherit …how downright evil this is!!!
    Greg, on another note, I don’t believe I have seen Clif High on the show for some time. I always enjoy his comments (minus the space alien stuff). Will he be on in the near future?
    Thank you and take care.

  41. JuliaNorsk

    Tucker Carlson says journalists refused to report on Barack Obama’s life of Sodom.

    Similarly, this is why Trump’s lavish entertaining of 300 sodomites at Mar A Lago in December 2022 went unreported by conservative and so-called Christian journalists. It’s why Trump gets away with having pushed the vax for years despite billions of people wrecked.

    The entire media, mainstream and alternative, is serving the abomination that we are warned in Romans chapter 1.

  42. Akd

    I think Peter schiff is right. The VALUE of the dollar is going to drop. It doesn’t need to be replaced to destroy the middle class. I don’t see purchasing power going anywhere but down. But we’ll see.

  43. John

    You had better hope that the dumb farmer likes silver and gold or you will be very hungry!! You can’t have a barter system without something giving goods an underlying value.

    • Paul

      The dumb farmer as you say, will outlast the modern man. I deal with the Amish on a daily schedule. They might take precious metal, but they prefer a draft horse or equipments that converted to belt power. As I see it, they will be picking up the carnage on the cheap. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      Paul from arkansas, living with the Amish in Michigan

  44. John Maskell

    Great questions Greg . Gold and silver will do well when this fiat paper money system fails . Basel moved gold to a tier one asset from tier 3 and every central bank has been buying gold like crazy . These bankers know the end game. They won’t admit it publicly but they all agree that gold is the system that awaits when everything fails . Just look at China and Russia with their physical gold tonnage , it’s huge. America needs a serious audit on its gold holdings . CBDC ‘ s will never work. Fed now digital payment system has been a disaster since February ( thank God ) , so this bankers dream of controlling you’re digital account is a pathetic flawed idea. Just imagine the computer and manpower to monitor every controlled transaction , it’s ridiculous . Too think that 1% elites would prosper without growth from us by using an expired controlled digital currency is just bonkers ! The pushback from humanity on controlled basic income ( you’ll own nothing but be happy crap) will be huge. No one on this planet would comply with it. These elites and politicians are so far removed from society that they live in a world full of fairies !

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi John,
      “The pushback from humanity on controlled basic income ( you’ll own nothing but be happy crap) will be huge.”
      Don’t get me wrong – I’m with you – but there is a general misunderstanding of the Klaus Schwab / WEF pronouncement that, “You will own nothing and be happy”. When you listen to WEF favourite, Yuval Noah Harare, of “Humans are hackable animals” fame, you get to realise that ‘we the people’ will be genetically modified to be content with owning nothing. Their evil knows no bounds . . .

  45. Ken

    A deflationary smash is far more likely than a inflationary blow off nor will we continue to muddle through. The biggest problem is in private debt that is significantly greater than Federal, State, and local government loans. I do agree that government borrowing is out of hand but the private sector is insane. Some where along the line this house of cards financing will collapse.
    The stock market’s current Shiller PE is at 31 and a low at 5 – [1982 low 7; 1932 low 6; 1920 low 5] – this would be a drop of 84%!
    Current Dow at 34,837 minus 84% = 5574
    In my view this will be a multi-year event for us to arrive at that low number. AND the U.S. is not the only country with a house of cards economy as western countries are up to eyeballs in government and especially private debt. China and Japan are debt laden basket cases with the EU and England close behind!

    • Richard Ackerman

      Greg stumped me on the question of how low I expect the Dow to fall, so thanks for providing a logical and precise answer. Earnings multiples reflect vast, often irrational fluctuations in the herd’s mental state, but that doesn’t make the extremes any less predictable.

  46. J. Edgard Blowhard

    Putin’s War Gets Massive Boost; Russian Army Recruits 280,000 More As Offensive Grinds On and On and On /// Hindustan Times 48,499 views Sep 3, 2023
    280,000 Russians have signed up for military service as the Ukraine war grinds on. Former Russian President and Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev confirmed the recruitment since January 1 this year on contract basis. His claims came during a visit to the far-eastern Russian Island of Sakhalin. Medvedev remarked that more efforts are being made to beef up the armed forces.

  47. H. Point

    The United Kingdom has been hit by hackers linked to Russia, and secret information has reportedly been put on the internet’s dark web. According to Mirror, notorious hacking group LockBit is behind the leak, and in the past had even tried to unsuccessfully extract millions from Royal Mail.
    U.K Nuke Submarine Base Security Leak; Russia-linked Hackers Put Top Secret Info On Dark Web Hindustan Times 9,624 views Sep 3, 2023

  48. J sullivan

    Tough job, trying to interview rick, but you did well controlling yourself , greg.
    Great interview. I will listen to it a second time .

  49. George Berwash

    Failed Counter-Offensive: Is Ukraine Losing Because Foreign Fighters Are Walking Away? by Zero Hedge September 2nd 2023
    Official numbers from the DoD claim that Ukraine has lost over 100,000 troops since the beginning of the conflict (almost double the amount of US dead during the entirety of the Vietnam War).
    It has been almost 3 months since the launch of Ukraine’s long anticipated counter-offensive which many “experts” claimed would be the fatal blow that would remove Russian forces from the country altogether.
    The initial action gained little; around 90 square miles of territory in June and a handful of villages, and at great cost. There are no accurate casualty reports for Ukraine, which is by design, but estimates suggest that the nation’s military has doubled its number of dead since the counter offensive began.

    • Harry

      Ukraine has lost 400,000 men (in about a year) – that is eight times the total losses incurred by the US in Vietnam (over a decade) – but – in the upcoming war against the Mexican Drug Cartels the US could lose a similar number of men as Ukraine has – because the Mexican Cartels are being supplied with advanced US weapons by Biden (supposedly destined to protect the borders of Ukraine)!! – DeSantis is ready to do battle – now we need to hear Trump take a simmilar position and also threaten to withhold funding for the US Military if they try to stand down once again and refuse to protect our country!!

  50. Frank Miles Speech

    Putin On TUCKER? Carlson In Talks For Long-Awaited Sit-down With Russia’s Leader: Report / The Hill 10,143 views Sep 3, 2023
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to news that Tucker Carlson may be in talks to interview Vladimir Putin. Originally aired Aug 30, 2023;
    • Tucker Carlson Allegedly IN TALKS To …

  51. Led Skeletor

    Every time someone in America is given an unearned FREE LUNCH, it makes the cost of everyone that has to work and pay taxes for their lunch increase in price.

    A good money system would be built on the “money must be earned into existence” method. If one can’t earn they must be at the mercy of the charitable givers, not the ENDLESS MONEY TREE AMERICAN WORKING TAXPAYER. How much of the national debt went to poverty, medicaid, welfare; I recon nearly half.

    Instead they think they can double the population size and 10X++ the national debt, and be happy little sheeple living with a 1970 dollar now worth 11 cents.

    And since 1970 much of the American manufacturing, those jobs that gave pensions and also paid enough for a single wage earner to live the American dream — HAS GONE FOR GOOD!!

    In many ways a larger population size along with an even greater number of bums — is like a cancer on us all.

    Feed a man a fish and he’ll beat you with it, claiming it isn’t good enough!
    I know half the population doesn’t want to earn, so they go out an become professional bums, crooks and felons, and literally living THE HIGH LIFE.

  52. Richard Ackerman

    That is the best we can hope for. A muscular coalition of Christian fundamentalists may be the only spiritual force strong enough to lead us out of darkness.

  53. Harry

    Remember how Russia kept telling us they don’t like NATO troops so close to their borders? – How is this for a turn of events – NATO member Poland says it does not like Russian troops so close to their border!! –

    • Endarry

      “History is moving pretty quickly these days, and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts.”

      ― Ian Fleming (1953)

    • Harry

      Note: To be a Nation – it must have borders!!

      • Harry

        And the United States “can not legally declare war on the Mexican Cartels” when they take California – because Biden “has eliminated the US border” and a Nation “not geographically defined” cannot make claims to what constitutes the United States of America (yet Biden is spending Billions in US taxpayer dollars to defend Ukraine’s borders)!!

        • Harry

          Soon Biden will be asking American parents to sacrifice their sons to protect Ukrainian borders as America is allowed to dissolve into “a border-less regional entity” controlled by Mexican Drug Gangs, Dictator Trudeau and brain dead Uni-party Globalist Puppets like Biden and McConnell !! –

          • Harry

            Joe Biden “holding his hand out to shake hands with invisible people” stated that he plans to try to “get in touch” with McConnell (who also looks like he is seeing ghosts)!!

  54. Robin Peters Hood

    ONE ON ONE: “I am right now a threat to the DNC” RFK Jr. on His Presidential Bid
    FOX Carolina News 166K views 1 month ago
    Robert Kennedy Jr. sits down with Justin Dougherty for an exclusive interview in Charleston. The two sat down at the memorial for the Naval Base where Kennedy’s uncle, President John F. Kennedy was once stationed. RFK Jr. is challenging President Biden for the Democratic nomination for President.
    Bernie was a threat too, Bobby. Were sure he was threatened and it’s obvious they gave him a sweetheart deal not to spill the beans of his, take it or leave it to Hillary. Instead of a state funeral? Remember Seth Rich? Bobby says he will release the papers! Will we ever find out where all the bodies are buried?
    If this isn’t a ‘smoking gun, it’s a bloody knife’: Ratcliffe on Biden probe bombshell
    Fox Business 874K views 2 weeks ago
    Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on the Biden family’s business probe as Rep. James Comer demands the National Archives to release then-V.P. Biden’s emails, Hunter’s laptop and the fallout from Trump’s latest indictment.
    Gotta Love Maria! Trump must bring down this whole house of cards, then will will find all the bodies!
    My advice to all dead walking?
    Seek asylum in Russia, Siberia is nice and cool this time of year and Sochi isn’t quite like Florida in, but at least your tongue won’t stick to a frozen pipe in winter!

    Biden family scandal is one of the ‘largest political corruption cases’ the world has seen
    Sky News Australia 19,883 views Sep 3, 2023
    Sky News host Cory Bernardi says he can’t believe how quiet media outlets are about the Biden family scandals which is one of the “largest political corruption cases” the world has ever seen.
    Americans jump to the 8:00 mark and senator Jared Rennick take care of AUSTRALIA!

    AOC called out for ‘offensive’ meeting with leftist leaders in Latin America
    Fox News 46K views 9 hours ago

    ‘ARROGANT GUY’: Everything about this ‘reveals exactly’ who Biden is, says GOP rep.
    Fox News 24K views 1 hour ago

    Watch the full, on-camera shouting match between Trump, Pelosi and Schumer | The Washington Post
    5 $Billion for our invasion wasn’t good enough?
    Over 200 $Billion for Ukraine invasion isn’t good enough!

    • Richard Ackerman

      Thanks for the fascinating reading list, RPH. Kinda depressing, though, that ‘the largest political corruption scandal’ in history will remain unknown to half of the American population, and that it will have zero repercussions unless the Second Great Depression features guillotines in town squares.

    • Harry

      CASE FOR the TRUMPSTER – “We Need Border Security” – PERIOD!!!

    • Julian Assange

      Reply to Robin Peters Hood,
      Bernie was a threat too, Bobby.
      Bobby says he will release the papers when president! Will we ever find out where all the bodies are buried?
      Trump said he would too release the papers Robin, but a deal he made with Pompeo nicked the release. In that context It’s funny now, that recently Pompous threw Trump under the buss when he recently denounced him when the indictments coming in looked as if trump was defeated. I’m sure now Pompeo regrets his hasty decision expositing himself as just another deep creep swamp creature.
      Mar 5, 2023 – Politics & Policy
      Mike Pompeo takes a swipe at Trump policies amid rumors of 2024 bid
      Ivana Saric /Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the Trump administration’s track record on fiscal policy during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”
      Pompeo Needs Assange NOW!

      Full Interview: Julian Assange on Trump, DNC Emails, Russia, the CIA, Vault 7 & More / Democracy Now! 1.6M subscribers 803,609 views Apr 12, 2017
      Full interview with Julian Assange on Democracy Now!, including a debate with investigative journalist Allan Nairn.

  55. Paul Daghlian

    Hi, Greg. I hate to digress from topic here but I was recently diagnosed with a stage 3b squamous cell lung carcinoma. It’s possibly even stage 4, since it may have spread to the liver, although they aren’t yet sure.

    What they are sure of is because of its location they don’t want to operate, they do want to blast it and me with chemoradiation and even immunotherapy may be in the cards. They also concur my prognosis is not stellar regardless treatment.

    Question: Have you heard if Ivermectin has efficacy against cancer? Could you contact Dr. Kory and ask? I’ll try to contact him but failed in a previous effort last year when I wanted to ask him about his covid treatment protocol.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes and dr. Eads told me about the science. Ivermectin, Fen Ben, B17 and Chlorine Dioxide.
      Email me and You can get in touch with her and book an appointment. Put Dr. Eads in the subject line.

      • Lucas Doolin

        I recommend researching Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Royal Rife and amygdalin or vitamin B17.

        • John Maskell

          Lucas , you’re correct on B17. We take 3 apricot kernels a day . I think Dr Griffin was promoting this . These kernels have high concentrated levels of B17. We also take zinc, magnesium , vit c , vit d, devils claw , cod liver oil and pure cocoa tablets everyday . B17 is the one that can give cancer a beating. When Steve McQueen was diagnosed with lung cancer he went to Mexico where a clinic was using apricot seeds for treatment . Unfortunately , his cancer was stage 4 and to far gone. I take it as preventative along with pumpkin seeds as these have a good fight against prostate cancer . Too many have died from this in our family . Ivetmectin is brilliant medicine too.

          • Lucas Doolin

            I will be adding apricot seed to my list of supplements soon.

      • Paul Daghlian

        Thanks very much indeed Greg!

    • Better Chetter

      Here is a newer cancer treatment: Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation & Ozonation (EBOO). You can look it up, but consider checking, instead of Google, as the latter steers searches away from what works, to what doesn’t (or includes more false snopes articles). There are centers here in the central Ohio area, and likely in other parts of the USA – if you are up for doing some research. 3 doses are to effect a cure; my acupuncturist is seeing a rise in cancer patients in the last year and is considering changing his practice to include EBOO, as it works quicker than the macrobiotic diet and acu-sessions of a year.

    • Rose Mont Sellicka

      Paul, Try Co-Q10. The Ubiquinol form. On sale now at Costco, you can’t find it any cheaper anywhere else. 120 softgels 100mg$29.00 Buck’s! Also go online, get Garden of Life Wobenzym;
      The largest bottle 600 should last for months.
      These supplements can be found in your body, there all natural. The Bible says we live to 70, if mighty 80. At 70 you run out of these in 10 years.

  56. The Canuck

    The system wants to deflate but the govt/bankers won’t let it. The Covid fiasco brought us the anticipated Ben Bernanke helicopter money and the public ate it up. They got their inflation all right, to much. Now the interest rates are going up so they can reload with the intention of inflating the system again when required. It’s a tight rope act. Cash, metal and a hobby farm close to some good fishing. Live in peace

    • Richard Ackerman

      Deflation doesn’t need the Guvmint’s permission, Canuck. It is easy to inflate stocks and real estate, but quite impossible to inflate two dozen state pension systems in simultaneous collapse.

  57. GreenPeas

    Dallas Jenkins, the Evangelical CEO, of The Chosen tv-series about Jesus earlier this year sold his soul to Hollywood’s Lionsgate Ent., global distribution rights. The money they had been raking in from donors was not satisfactory.

    This is why Jesus says be enguard against all forms of greed (Luke 12:15). .. Lionsgate later announced implementation of Bill Gates mask and vax-boost program for all employees.

    fortunately the Lord has intervened

  58. Jeffrobbins

    I want to add one more encouragement for all to consider; we have two rentals in town and even though i have thought about selling and just focusing on our ranchette, there’s a couple other considerations. 1: people need to have a place to live and if all the rentals were owned by the Blackrocks of the world it would be like Pottersville from ‘It’s a wonderful life’. Folks renting would face rent increases matching inflation but not matching wages- like some modern serfdom. 2: In this world, we bring nothing in and we take nothing out. Jesus owns it all and we are middle men. Sometimes we need to show tough love and sometimes we need to be a blessing even when we get nothing back. If we do get this big takedown in real estate and you are able to pick up a rental- try it. We’ve had a few turds, but trying to be decent to other people and provide something of value is like a calling. The profit comes with the help of the inflation, tax write offs, and doing most of the repairs. Without strong men and women- who will stand in the gap?

    • Richard Ackerman

      I’m glad there will be people like you around in the hard times that are coming.

  59. GreenPeas

    Gates-Obama has unleashed E B O L A at Burning Man

  60. marie joy

    God will work with you but not FOR you – Lao Russell
    It seems everyone wants God to do the heavy lifting and that won’t happen.

    • Richard Ackerman

      Lao Russell! Now there’s someone we don’t see quoted too often. I met her in the 1970s when she was having to burn furniture to keep Swannanoa warm. Her husband, William Russell, had a brief ‘dialogue’ with Albert Einstein that played out in the NYT letters section. The Times later disavowed him and his crazy ideas, but he will be forever remembered as a charming rogue who brought figure-skating competition to a higher level. He also promoted a Huck Finn lookalike contest in, of course, Atlantic City.

      • Patrick

        Walter Russell was an inspired genius who gave the world a new periodic chart of elements as well as many scientific diagrams of how the universe really works and how God creates.

  61. "Enrico"

    Will the end of the United States as we currently know it come quickly in, say, an hour or will it take several years to fully unwind?

    In portfolio manager Ed Dowd’s view, it will be a “slow Mad Max” type of situation that, by the end, will take everyone by surprise.

    In a recent interview with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and host of the “Health Ranger Report,” Dowd spelled out what he sees for the future of America – and it is not pretty.

    • Harry

      Two years have gone by and the American people have still done nothing significant to change things for the better!! –

      • Harry

        What this means to me is that we will have a rapid Mad Max change as the “sovereign US government” collapses – no longer holding elections nor will it even be able to define itself as a Nation any longer (when it has no borders) – imagine what happens to the US dollar when there is no longer a sovereign USA but instead “some sort of regional entity” composed of Mexico, the US and Canada – what sort of combined money will we be using?? a “PesoCanUs” digital currency? – actually Wampum may be a better choice as it is limited in supply!!

    • Richard Ackerman

      More likely in my estimation is that it will take mere hours for the banking system to unravel. It is just a daisy chain of fragile clearing relationships, and when even a small piece of it breaks, the entire system will stop functioning instantaneously.

      That it still functions at all is due entirely to misplaced trust. There will be no lines outside banks this time, since branches keep only relative pocket-change in their vaults. The Guvmint could add three zeroes to everyone’s bank accounts, but that wouldn’t create the trust and confidence needed to make a jury-rigged credit system work.

  62. Bob

    New Zealand PM said nobody had to follow the mandates, it was everyone’s choice.

    “There was no compulsory vaccination; people made their own choices.” he said.

    Right then, next time we hear the word “mandate” we know what to do.

    Just listen to that video a few times so it sinks in. All the vaxers must be feeling sick now. They’ll still vote for this guy though

  63. greg derian

    Bill Holter’s idea of “Mad Max” is looking like a winner. Unfortunately.

  64. Bob

    In Argentina when it collapsed about 20 years ago, people were using peso notes that were so worn out you could hardly read them, some more sellotape than paper – but still in high demand, because people were used to them and they were regarded as money. Most people had nothing else.

    Silver was usable but it made you a target.

    Using gold out in the markets was basically suicide. He could get dental treatment with a gold chain that he would cut a few links off, but coins and bars were hard to break down into usable amounts. Rick is right about gold. It’s sometimes not easy to use in a collapse.

  65. Lynne

    The problem with the moneymarket accounts, as I see it, is they give you a debit card to access your funds. The debit card, (V), has new policies that favor online merchants over customers. Up 30 days to send product, plus another 30 days for refund on returns for a bait & switch wrong model#. Idk about you, but I prefer not having my money tied up for 60 days using a V debit card.

    • Richard Ackerman

      The money market is a sitting duck. The cash is all virtual and therefore subject to a risk of being hyperspaced in a retrograde Mercury moment. There is nothing as big, ephemeral and fragile on this Earth as “the money market”. Still worse, every dime of it has been hocked six ways of Sunday.

  66. Elias

    Rick stated we have a digital currency system that “works well,” how well is it going to work when foreigners stop taking our dollars and buying our bonds?

    Dollar usage has already plummeted from over 90 percent of all global transactions to under 50 %. With nothing coming down the pike to improve the economy in the next year (and a Presidential election year, at that..!) I see that percentage only decreasing.

    “The sun never sets on the British Empire,” remember that phrase?

    For a couple of centuries, it was indeed so. But as the song goes, “All things must pass,” and so it did pass, just like the French, Spanish, Dutch, Byzantine, Roman, and Greek Empires before them. Only Jesus rules Eternally.

    Let’s not even get into geopolitics, and this bloody stupid was in Ukraine….(!)

    The world is watching all this… how many regime changes (Libya), do you think the world has the stomach for, when they’re on the outside looking in? and they’re wondering if they may be next… unless they accept a western central bank and the shackles that go along with it..?

    I wonder what Ricks track record is because although I respect him, personally, I think his thesis is off.

    Great discussion nonetheless, Greg. Happy Labor Day to you and may God Bless and protect you and your family.


    • Richard Ackerman

      My track record’s not too bad, actually, as you could confirm for yourself by inquiring in the Rick’s Picks chat room. I had the lunatic fringe all to myself in the early 1990s, when I was the only guy writing (in Barron’s and the San Francisco Examiner, among others) on the threat of deflation. My trading background helps, since it brings into play technical analysis that has always tempered, if not my ultrabearish world view, then at least the notion that the inevitable collapse would begin, like, tomorrow.

      Trading in the pits gave me a unique insight into a potentially sensational outcome for the dollar that I still view as likely: a short squeeze. This would occur when very-short-term borrowers are forced to settle in cash during a bank-system crisis. The dollar would be propelled skyward for long enough to wreck the financial economy. This idea originated with me, and I have written about it numerous times, including for ZeroHedge. A few gurus and other loonies have picked up on it, but eggheads, not being traders, just don’t get it. If Greg invites me back, I will explain it more fully.

  67. Don Ho Howe

    Putin’s Su-34 Bomber Fires Kinzhal Missile; Russia’s Shahed Drone Blitz Strikes Odesa Port | Hindustan Times views Sep 4, 2023
    Russia’s air assault on Ukraine continued with drone blitz at a key Odesa port. According to reports, Russian forces fired 32 Iranian-made Shahed drones, while also launching the deadly Kinzhal missile in Ukraine. Putin’s Army also downed Ukranian drones over the Black Sea.

    US military build up as China targets territories in the Pacific | 60 Minutes Australia
    60 Minutes Australia 4.7M views 3 months ago

    LASERS won’t save us from hypersonic missiles
    Sandboxx 280K views 4 weeks ago
    Lasers may be the cure for whatever ails you in science fiction, but if America is looking for a real solution to the myriad problems posed by modern hypersonic weapons, lasers — or directed energy weapons — won’t be able to provide the magic bullet that we’re looking for.

  68. Marie Joy

    Most financial crashes happen in the fall.

  69. Vernon Locke

    Senior fellow at Cato Institute Johan Norberg details his reporting on how Sweden fared during and post-pandemic.
    Sweden’s NO LOCKDOWN, NO MASK MANDATE Policies Led to LOWER Excess Deaths: Study_The Hill 216K views 5 days ago
    Senior fellow at Cato Institute Johan Norberg details his reporting on how Sweden fared during and post-pandemic.
    The Democrat party wants to bring this back to stay in power? No way Jose!

    Jeffrey Sachs Interview – BRICS Enlargement Tensions or Opportunities
    Premiered 2 hours ago UNITED STATES

  70. Roger Winkelman

    Pregnant black woman shot dead by police in US | 9 News Australia
    9 News Australia 1.22M subscribers 24K views 1 day ago

    Holy SH*T! Biden is doing WHAT in Ukraine? | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris 115K views 8 hours ago

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg, good questions and Mr. Ackerman has a interesting and informed perspectice how how things work in the real world much like some of your other guests…like Pento and Rubino.
    some of what he says will likely come into play soon as it appears the USE of credit is about to tighten and thus the demand/use of fiat/need for paper dollars go up until trust is lost., then for those with hope, things will eventually get resolved, have those black markers handing so you can as Clif High suggested, write Constitutional Currency, on the those hard to duplicate worthless pieces of paper and hope in the future they MIGHT be worth something, which since everyone WAS will to accept unbacked currency anyway, maybe people just sharing them between each other and TRUSTING in each other that their promise to do the same is good enough in the short run at least to ease the barter problem of hauling around goods and as IOU’S for expected ‘like’ services to be performed/exchanged in the future when needed? =
    VISA and Mastercard Are About to Do the Unthinkable =
    With the way the government is allowing the social order to devolve, and the rampant crime tolerated and running amok already, it is NOT hard to imagine what might evolve when REAL shortages of essentials come to fruition… Letting criminals out of prisons, is really shortsighted to say the least! lol
    IF/when all the stores are shuttered, do people really think there will not be a shift to home invasions?

  72. tactical tim

    the Merriam Webster word of the day for 04 September 2023 is:

    this is ominous in context of Trump’s Executive Order regarding election fraud set to expire in days.

    • Greg Hunter

      The bondholders pay in a default.

  73. Thomas Wash andRence

    ‘Western Influence Declining’: Macron Warns Allies Against New International Powers | Hindustan Times 238K views 7 days ago
    French President Emmanuel Macron has warned against a “risk of weakening” Europe and the West at the 29th Ambassadors’ Conference in Paris. He said the international context is becoming more complicated and that there is a risk of a weakening of the West and, more particularly, of Europe. He said this has become even more true since the crisis of 2008-2010, and is the result of the emergence of major international powers, which are imposing themselves. Macron in the middle?
    Europe/Ukraine in the middle of a US. and Russian proxy war.

    ‘Pro-Russia’ Hungary ‘Unmasks’ EU At Its Own Forum; Says Bloc ‘Diminishing Because…’ | Hindustan Times 127,756 views Aug 30, 2023
    Hungary echoed Russian President Vladimir Putin at the European Union Forum. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that the EU is in “very bad” shape. The Hungarian minister said that the EU has diminished so much that it now needs former Yugoslav states more than they needed to join the bloc. Szijjarto blamed this on “a series of failed measures” in response to the Ukraine war. He even slammed the West’s decision to sanction Russia and supply weapons to Ukraine

  74. Thomas Datwin

    Rogan on TRUMP!

    Vlad Putin Respected D. Trump!

  75. Tom D.

    Jack Smith admits, liar liar, box on fire!

  76. Ace Foot

    “STOP LYING!!” | Tucker Carlson & Russell Brand FULL INTERVIEW
    Russell Brand 2,276,826 views Jul 26, 2023
    Today i’m joined by TUCKER CARLSON for a WORLD EXCLUSIVE first interview since leaving Fox News. NOTHING is off limits! Join them as they discuss world leaders, Ukraine, alternative media, Fox News and more!

  77. Intellectual Honesty

    BREAKING! Putin and China know exactly what the U.S. is planning, and this is a HOT war/Morris Invest 75,444 views Sep 4, 2023
    The U.S. is openly pushing for a hot war with Russia in order to permanently weaken our biggest “foe”. As Tucker Carlson explains this is exactly what the deep state wants. Meanwhile China has pledged its support to Putin if a war breaks out. Putin and Xi have created a new iron clad trade relationship that could cut off key supplies to the U.S. if activated. Will the U.S. cross that red line?

    I Guess if Were Going to WORLD WAR, Better Know our Enemies!
    “Hornet’s Nest” / Home of the Russian Submariners|secret sensitive
    1,236,736 views Premiered Dec 22, 2021
    “Hornet’s Nest” – this is how the NATO classifies submarine base station of the Pacific Fleet in Kamchatka. This Russian naval base is the closest to the United States. It is from this point in the Pacific Ocean that Russian nuclear submarine cruisers with nuclear missiles on board leave for combat duty. At the same time it’s one of the harshest places of service for submariners on the planet: half a year Krasheninnikov Bay, the home for the submarines, is ice-bound while only three summer months can be considered snowless. There are no submarine bases operating in such severe conditions on the planet. Media has never been permitted to film here before. For the first time journalists are allowed to tell about this military unit in such detail: suffice it to say that in this episode the viewer will see the base’s underground infrastructure for the first time. And, of course, “Combat Approved” will show strategic nuclear submarine cruisers on alert at sea and how submarine crews are preparing for a naval battle on land.

    Tucker Carlson Interviews Robert F Kennedy Jr
    TheDC Shorts 571K subscribers 647,101 views Aug 14, 2023
    @TexasRedFam 3 weeks ago
    Could you imagine if we actually had a president this intelligent and honest!?

    How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves | Whitney Webb
    The Glenn Beck Podcast 4,971,755 views Premiered Nov 5, 2022
    Journalist Whitney Webb has worked to uncover some of the most dangerous stories of our lifetime, and she joins Glenn to reveal just how eye-opening it’s been. Her new two-volume book, “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein,” examines Epstein’s elaborate network of corruption and power, from Bill Clinton to Ghislaine Maxwell and many more. Her research into transhumanism has given her a terrifying perspective on the World Economic Forum and tech elites, including Elon Musk. And she tells Glenn the dark truth about Biden’s push for electric vehicles that she noticed while living in Chile.

    The Adventure of Truth as an Antidote to Suffering | {WAR?} Douglas Murray
    Jordan B Peterson 1,010,347 views Jul 20, 2023 The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast
    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Douglas Murray, author of “The War on The West,” discuss how a misguided purpose leads to abject misery, the cowardice of experts who choose silence in the face of malevolence, the psychology of fear, and the necessity of willful exposure to combat it.

    Wag the Dog – Original Theatrical Trailer
    Warner Bros. 33,352 views Feb 17, 2017
    Academy Award winners Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman star in a tale of politics, power and Hollywood so outrageous it could be true! Two weeks before re-election, the President of the United States is accused of accosting a girl scout. Before the news reaches the media, his advisors call in a political consultant specializing in image rescues. What to do? Hire a Hollywood producer to create a war—distracting public attention from the scandal and rallying Americans to their President in surge of patriotic fever.

  78. Spike leaf

    Spike Protein Accumulates in Brain and Skull and Causes Damage. Brand New Study
    Drbeen Medical Lectures 500K views Streamed 3 months ago
    Brand New Study: Spike Protein Accumulates in Brain and Skull and Causes Damage

    Is Evidence Based Medicine now impossible? Dr. John Campbell 227,475 views 9/3/23
    Is evidence-based medicine now essentially impossible to implement?
    Facts Matter Conference, Copenhagen. This was the basis of my talk at this excellent event in Denmark. Thank you to all who organised and attended for the warm welcome to Copenhagen

  79. Going to Hell"in'ah"ElectricalHandcart

    Trump: ‘Auto Workers Are Getting Totally Ripped Off’ By ‘Crooked Joe Biden’
    Made In CHINA!

  80. J. Bonner

    “MILLIONS WILL LOSE THEIR MONEY” Because of THIS | Gerald Celente
    Stephen Gardner 176K views 14 hours ago
    Trends Journal is the best resource for news and what’s coming in your future.
    Gerald Celente, all man part tan, vitamin D3 Sponge!

    The Fall COVID19 Booster is a PUBLIC HEALTH FIASCO – It has no clinical evidence
    Total Scam/ Vinay Prasad MD MPH 54K views 10 hours ago

  81. JB

    Heard this on Thomas Paine Broadcast and thought Id share it here:

    My apologies, mandates are about to be reinstated. So I was wearing my mask to get ahead of the
    curve. I love my mask, especially in an election year, because this is simply an effective way of
    expressing my allegiance to the regime.
    Am I concerned that an analysis of top scientific studies was conducted this year and concluded that
    mask mandates did nothing to stop the spread of covid-19? Am I concerned that mandatory masks that
    once led to mandatory vaccines which led to an epidemic of heart conditions in other wise young and
    healthy? HELL NO!!!
    Am I concerned that covid stimulus checks and manufactured supply shortages have created a steep loss
    in purchasing power making it next to impossible to afford basic necessities? NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!!
    Am I concerned that the state of hyperinflation will eventually lead to the perceived need for a
    government backed universal basic income that will enslave us to the state in inconceivable ways? NOT
    And why am I not concerned you ask? I am not concerned because I decided a long time ago that
    sticking to a bad course of action is easier than admitting I was wrong. Because in order to admit I was
    wrong, I have to admit the Right was right. And I don’t like losing face to or for anything!!!! Unless its
    my mask. I have decided its much easier to pretend it protects me from a viral illness that only protects
    me from one thing. PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!
    Instead I prefer to float through life blaming all the worlds woes on facism, racism or white supremacy
    so that I never have to face the true enemy. Wanna talk about who it is? Comment below with your
    own opinion. Don’t forget to include a source!!!
    I prefer to denounce the bad guys from our history books while simultaneously condemning the guys
    who wrote our history books.
    I prefer to call anyone who speaks up or fights back or stands their ground a denialist or a sympathizer
    so that I don’t feel obligated to do the deeper research. Real research takes away from meme time!!!!
    Lastly I prefer to put on my mask and one day when my grand children ask about it, I will tell them I
    washed my hands clean, not of covid19, but of any and all culpability for handing the world over to

  82. Justn Observer

    Greg, for those that do believe cycle 25 has peaked, sadly then it will not bode well as cycle 26 is thought to be the cycle that ‘the chill’ of diminished sun solar output will be the time the REAL challenge of food shortages and need for energy will heighten. GOOD LUCK planning one’s existence on a power grid increasingly being designed based on solar panels?
    for those wishing to follow such =

    Sometimes observation, mathematics, collection of eons of historical scientific data fed into computers matters? =

    In the grand scheme of things even the loss of the worlds reserve fiat currency concerns will matter little when mere survival becomes more relivant. One wonders when the Muslims that moved into those northern countries in Europe and those crossing the border and heading north wll realize they were DUPED? Time will tell eh? That some decided to build such a huge dam in Africa @ 11° 12′ 55″ N, 35° 5′ 35″ E must have surmised something? hmmm= = near the dam, Excavated rock shelter with human remains near Lake Tana in Ethiopia. The hill may once have been an island in the lake, before water levels receded.
    The lat-long reference is for the village of Gorgora, the site is described as north of the village and 3 miles (5 km) from the lake shore.
    With all the rage, ya think ‘they’d’ have gone solar panels? lol

    Regarding the Deagle map…one might need to draw one’s own conclusions as to what was in the minds of those population predictors. as to the metrics used to determine WHY the countries generally more northerly and southerly latitudes fair worse those nearer the equators?

    Might be time pay as much attention to one’s degree days where they live as they apparently counting their Sheckles and stacks? Where one lives and can grow/raise one’s own food might be just as important as the growing crime rate.
    Concerning the supply chain and trucking and freight failing as it is, might be time ‘the government’ spends a tad more time fixing that, than using available transportation helping millions of people illegally entering transit to destinations unknown and housing them where food and energy shortages and crime are ALREADY seeing un-obtainium and un-affordability.
    Adding emergency hikes in food stipends is NOT going to fix food shortages and more than increasing the debt to stave off bankruptcy regardless of which Central bank in the world is doing it. Maybe someone can explain how BRIC plus…is going to FIX a cooling earth…and waning food supplies and increased energy usage needs…


    Robert Kennedy Jr: Power, Corruption, Freedom, & The Chronic Disease Epidemic Within America
    87,480 views Aug 2, 2023 The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman M.D.
    Get my FREE guide 3 Steps to Reverse Aging when you sign up for my weekly health picks 👉
    We live in a country that claims to be based on science, goodwill, and policies intended to help people. But in reality, these things are often heavily influenced and manipulated by industry, particularly Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Ag, which have corrupted many institutions, politicians, professional associations, and research entities. And it has, unfortunately, led to mass confusion and illness in the public.
    O N B I G P H A R M A !
    Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m excited to talk to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., candidate for President in 2024, and my longtime friend about the chronic disease epidemic and his vision for how we can change our food system, economy, environment, and public health outcomes.

  84. Richard Ackerman

    There were technical problems at that point in the interview, and Greg had to do some deft editing to smooth things out.

  85. Richard Ackerman

    As Greg has implied, every penny of every debt MUST be repaid — if not by the borrower, then by the lender. This is not difficult to understand, even if most people continue to believe that student loans, for one, simply vanish when ‘forgiven’.

    • Harry

      Janet Yellen just recently told Europe that all their Euro-dollars can no longer be deposited in US Banks!! – Does this mean that the remaining US dollars within the US “have just gotten stronger”?? – the answer is Yes!! – Until the people holding those “strong US dollars” under their mattress are told one day that they will no longer be allowed to deposit them into US Banks anymore to pay their bills – then those “Strong Dollars” SIMPLY VANISH!!

  86. Wads Binghamton Esq.

    Must Watch/Listen Tuesday Edition of The Alex Jones Show! Jack Posobiec Breaks Bombshell Intel on Bioweapons, Ukraine, Trump & More! TUNE IN!
    Posted 2 hours ago
    Intelligence expert and leading political analyst Jack Posobiec breaks exclusive intel on race-specific bioweapons, self-generating poison nanotech, Ukraine’s collapse against Russia, the impending impeachments of Biden, the indictments against Trump, and MORE!
    The transhumanist globalists have unleashed a war on every front you can imagine (and many you can’t) to assure humanity’s extinction!

    British ‘new Nostradamus’ warns of World War III this year
    Story by •3d.

    Russia Warns of ‘Escalation’ If US Stations Nuclear Bombs in UK
    Story by Bloomberg News •3h
    (Bloomberg) — Russia warned Tuesday it will treat any US move to station nuclear weapons in the UK for the first time in 15 years as an “escalation” after media reports indicated plans to deploy the bombs on British soil.
    “If this happens, it will be treated by us as an escalation, which will lead to the exact opposite of achieving the pressing task of removing all US nuclear weapons from Europe,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Tuesday, according to state news service Tass.
    The US Air Force has earmarked $50 million in funding for military housing at a UK air base. The language used to describe the purpose for the increased personnel usually refers to the handling of nuclear weapons, The Guardian reported last week.
    UK anti-nuclear group the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, or CND, said the move threatened a return of nuclear weapons to RAF Lakenheath, located 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of London, where 110 US atomic bombs were stored until their removal in 2008 after persistent protests.

  87. GreenPeas

    a trial run for Bill Holter’s MAD MAX scenario coming to theaters near you?

    “Life immitates art.” – The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (1975 )

  88. John

    Mystic dollar????? WTF? How about the fact the US dollar has never been canceled giving people all the world confidence in it. It will be used as a reserve currency in digital form for awhile yet.

    The kid at Wally World may not know what a 1964 quarter is worth but the guy selling vegetables or chicken at the farmers market will.

    Too many holes in his theory’s

  89. mark

    Dear brother Greg and all who come here to read and post.
    With respect to gold and silver and the precarious political position we as a nation find ourselves, I urge you to consider comments recently made by Jim Willie during his most recent interview with Scott at:
    during which interview Jim discusses that which was predicted by someone by the name of Zelle Jijlstra (former head of the Bank of International Settlements) back in the mid nineties.
    Relevant comments start at about the 59 minute mark of the interview.
    As always brother Greg, may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit and with all those who come here to read and post who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, (1John 5:4-13) for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7)

  90. Anti-Atomist

    Be merciful to those who doubt; save others by snatching them from the fire. Jude 22, 23

    Cannabis – the tree of life in Genesis and Revelation – is the only Biblical, seed-bearing herb that fights cancer five ways, according to multiple M.D. studies. It was used by Jesus and the disciples to heal the sick, according to Exodus 30:23 ESV, Mark 6:13 and James 5:14, It is an international criminal medical cartel that keeps this anointing oil ingredient and its cannabinoids as Schedule I controlled substances: “This means that they cannot legally be prescribed, possessed, or sold under federal law.” Whole or crude cannabis (including cannabis oil or hemp oil) is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for any medical use.

    Even the Rockefeller cancer disinformation shills at the American Cancer Society, known to “run from the cure,” acknowledge the benefits of cannabis for cancer patients without lifting a finger to change laws that benefit their allopathic chemo (fire) medical cartel that effectively kills 600,000 American cancer patients every year since the 1980s:

  91. Robert K

    So, we cannot have ivermectin. a safe,effective, miracle OTC without a RX, or most places, cannot obtain at all due to it being banned.

    However, apparently Narcan is okay to be sold OTC without a RX? and is now heading to shelves? We can take care of opioid overdoses, but not allow people access to ivermectin? This will just lead to more overdoses since the drug will be readily available.

    Clown world..Up is down and down is up…

  92. Juliana Odessa

    verily, Obama is mayor of Sodom.

    Obama is everything about which St. Paul warns in the book of Romans. If Mark Taylor were a genuine prophet of the Holy God, then he would have launched rebukes upon Obama just like St. John the Baptist did with Herod.

    Do not be deceived by the false prophets of these Last Days.

  93. Frank Cooper

    WW3 fears surge as Russian kamikaze drone ‘explodes on NATO territory’
    Story by Dylan Donnelly • Daily Express US

  94. marie joy

    Paying particular attention to pollination, please, plant fruit trees.

  95. Jane jones

    Nigel Farage Exposes The Death of The UK | Free Speech & The New Rise of China
    Rob Moore
    Must SEE: Nigel Spills All The BEANS,
    Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the top man of the Anglo-American world super duper power! The man of our time is on the beam!
    Greg Nigel is made for!

  96. Clay Lane

    **OMG!! TRUMP EXPOSES OBAMA! The Moment Trump PROVED Obama Was A FRAUD Obama Called-Out To His FACE
    Da Real Adogg 300K views 2 days ago

    The Obama Factor A Q&A with historian David Garrow
    Clinton lost the election was due to Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, who in November and December of 2016 helped elevate Russiagate from a failed Clinton campaign ploy to a priority of the American national security apparatus, using a hand-picked team of CIA analysts under his direct control to validate his thesis. If Brennan was the instrument, the person who signed the executive order that turned Brennan’s thesis into a time bomb under Trump’s desk was Barack Obama.

    Bombshell COVID Study ELIMINATES Justification for Mask Mandates, Lockdowns: David Zweig
    The Hill 241K views 14 hours ago
    Journalist and author of David Zweig elaborates on his latest report on a study that reveal narratives touted by the media and many in the scientific community are not all accurate
    @johnstaniszewski5504 12 hours ago
    The problem came from the mixing of politics with science.
    @margiedenavarre7919 12 hours ago
    I love to see Bri’s narrative getting torn down brick by brick. She can keep repeating that “Well, we didn’t know,” but that’s BS because conservatives knew exactly how this was going to go down from right near the beginning. Bu-yah!

  97. Justn Observer

    Greg, much still going on un-reported as to election fraud AND surveillance of milions of people by the gov’t =

    Are any States even bothering to rein in the voter corruption, change/end the use of corrupted voter machines or pushing to go back to paper ballots?
    One can only imagine how the millions of ballots of the ‘died suddenly’ will be counted ! lol

  98. Branko Stojanovski

    ” The dollar has a mistique” or “There is not enough gold to do all transactions” WRONG: The mistique part for the dollar is, how is made…from thin air; and , there is plenty of gold, you just need to increase the price of it, to supstitute all fiat currency.

    • Doris

      Word to the Wise – for you common people to take part in the coming “Debt Jubilee” (which is now being planned “to save the Bankers”) – the common people “Must Own Some Gold” (just like the bankers are doing) – this way when the price of gold is re-set upward by Yellen over some weekend – you will get in on the “Jubilee” – woe to those “who simply hold on to paper dollars” for they will be EXCLUDED from any Jubilee benefit!! – what most experts (like Jim Rickards) expect is that any paper money put into gold now will be worth 5 times more (for they expect gold to go from the current $2000 an ounce to about $10,000 per ounce) – so lets say you want to have a $100,000 dollar retirement nest egg after the Jubilee takes place – it means you have to buy $20,000 dollars worth of gold “now” (and simply wait for the bankers to save themselves from their own folly)!!!
      Note: Yellen and the Fed have already has removed the previous requirement for banks to hold at least $1 dollar in reserve for every $10 dollars deposited into the banks – the banks are now holding “ZERO reserves” to back up everyone’s savings!!!

  99. GreenPeas

    New “Aerosol COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” has been developed that can infect a host without their consent.

    -Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science

  100. Ned Jeffers

    St. Paul’s Romans ch. 1 prophesied this:

    where are the preachers and prophets???

  101. Cliven Cleveland

    ‘Send Diplomats, Not Weapons’: German MP Speaks Out Against Ukraine War
    Fundraiser BreakThrough News 51,464 views Sep 5, 2023
    MP Sevim Dagdelen, Die Linke spokeswoman for international politics and disarmament in the German Bundestag, discusses the impact of the escalating US-Russia-Ukraine conflict on Europe and the urgent need for peace. Shames U.S. For Arming Kyiv
    With Depleted Uranium Shells; ‘Obsessed With Moscow’ Hindustan Times 12,963 views Sep 7, 2023
    Russia has slammed the U.S. for providing depleted Uranium shells to Ukraine as part of fresh military aid worth $175 million. Russian embassy in Washington said that the depleted Uranium shells were an indicator of inhumanity and that the U.S. was obsessed with Moscow.

    What to do if a worst-case nuclear scenario actually happens
    Story by Stars Insider • 6h

    Stephen Gardner 165,602 views Sep 6, 2023
    Stephen Gardner interviews Jacob Chansley, also known as the January 6th Shaman. In this interview we talk about what really happened that day. Why Jacob was at the Capitol. Why he went in. Why he worked with the police to clear the halls of congress and why he was arrested. The government and media colluded to bury the evidence and truth to keep Jacob in solitary confinement for 10.5 months. Ultimately, he was released. Tucker Carlson helped to change many people’s mind, mind included. I do NOT condone what happened on January 6th, but I know we aren’t getting the full truth.

  102. Helen PT

    somehow we are supposed to believe the Orlando prophet who told USAWD in early 2022 that Trump is simply a victim of bad advisors when it comes to the death vax.

    we can hear him now — Trump cannot reckon Megyn Kelly for them advisors he got done stuck cotton and poured sow belly grease into his ear holes y’all.

  103. Ned Jeffers

    yet another one of Trump’s handpicked hirelings working for Satan:

    The Apprentice star has proven he is good at firing, but not hiring.

  104. James Foster

    Thanks for another great interview! Thanks for all you do!

  105. tactical tim

    right on schedule, here’s a confirmation of Rick Ackerman and also Clif High:

    probably most financial experts will be looking at the sovereign debt and not see the collapse of the municipalities (local) which then quickly snowball, taking down the whole enchilada

  106. Clay Lane

    One Among Us: Driving the same vintage car for 53 years
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 5.1M views 11 years ago
    In 1957, Grace Braeger of West Bend traded in her old car, threw down $2,250 hard-earned dollars and bought a ’57 Chevy. Since that day long ago, it’s been her only car. The now vintage vehicle carries special importance to Braeger and a unique authenticity that you just can’t buy. Video by Michael Sears

  107. Going to Hell"in'ah"HANDBASKET?

    Russia Ukraine War: Why Zelensky Sacked His Defence Minister | Vantage with Palki Sharma /Firstpost 85,716 views Sep 4, 2023
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fired his defence minister Oleksiy Reznikov. Rustem Umerov is poised to succeed Reznikov.
    While announcing his decision, Zelensky called for a “new approach” in the ministry.
    The biggest shakeup in Ukraine’s defence establishment since the war comes amidst accusations of internal corruption.

    Now’s a Good Time
    Shock Survey Reveals Church of England Abandoning Biblical Teaching on Sexuality, Now LGBT Affirming
    CBN News
    1.21M subscribers
    3.1K views 2 hours ago #breakingnews #politicalnews #christiannews
    They no longer believe, “in the power of the Holy Spirit to change and transform lives.” Christian Concern CEO Andrea Williams comments on a shocking Times poll of CoE clergy.

  108. strych9

    The debt, generally speaking, is payable in purely numerical terms and, if we’re honest, the “ruinous” idea of doing it is less ruinous than the alternative.

    It’s not payable in political terms because that would require admitting things that no one in power wishes to admit and having the one kind of conversation that’s verboten in this country since 1980: an adult conversation.

    You’re really going to tell me that we can’t pay off the debt on a $4.7T in revenue annually? Of course we can, simply direct 50% of .gov revenue to the debt and you can pay off $33T in a bit over 16 years, which means you can treat this like a 30 year mortgage at 25% of current revenue. In fact, if we got State governments to kick in with another half trillion a year we can do it faster regardless of how you want to work the percentages.

    We don’t want to because that means cuts to things and a redirection of the currency to debt service which means having the one thing we don’t have, that darn adult discussion. In this case about how to make that work and who gets what haircut.

    This is why I laugh at the people screaming about student debt and how it’s not “fair” to have people who didn’t go to college pay for those who did. What a childish argument. $1.7T and we whine about fair but we have no problem blowing through 4x that amount losing two wars and getting a bunch of our own kids killed overseas. But undies get wadded up over less than a quarter the price over college educations where no one died? Tell me you’re an adult child without saying you’re an adult child.

    Look, I get the moral hazard argument but here’s the cold, hard reality, no one’s going to pay that student loan debt under the current scheme. Ever. So don’t act like it’s some unspeakable topic because if we don’t actually start talking like adults and putting feelz aside it won’t matter when the country collapses.

    Along the current path, Greece is a preview of the future. Let’s talk “fair” when there’s no choice but a cut of 50% in all entitlements. I bet the Social Security recipients won’t find that “fair” but if we don’t get to talking numbers in the 10% range now the first pass will be 50% and the second will be 100%. The third pass, well three strikes and there goes your mortal coil for most old people.

    You want to fix this? A hard adult conversation that puts us on a better fiscal path hurts us now but it cuts LaGarde’s throat by proxy in a year or two and we get to loot the corpse of Europe. Not nice, but hey, it’s business not personal. Or we can scream at each other about nonsense for a bit longer and the country can just collapse as we cut each other’s throats over food. Well, you city folk do. The rest of us, maybe not so much.

    Do this right and that 25% of revenue pays off the debt even faster as revenue increases because currency floods into the US. Maybe Congress even learns a thing or two about budgets out of the mess. It even covers most of the costs of reshoring critical industry to boot.

    Or you can keep up the mental self stimulation over BRICS and gold and a bunch of other nonsense that can be transitioned to without at least paying down part of that debt in the first place because otherwise you have no rational way to price assets in the gold.

    Real talk: We have an adult conversation about how to spread the costs around here and move forward or most people over 60 don’t make it another couple years. It’s hard to say that’s not part of a plan since the people in charge have been calling retirees “useless eaters” since the early 1900’s. So, what shall we do about that?

    If I want to be snide about it I say “But hey, at least some Boomers can get their COLA as the fiscal year changes over. Which, by the by, is another thing that cracks me about about “fair”. Due to inflation, the average Boomer is due $177K they didn’t pay into SS (which by the way was never an investment vehicle or said to be one, so no you don’t get to claim ROI). Multiply that across the size of the generation and that’s $12.79T in unearned income paid for by everyone still working in increased taxes or inflation as the money’s printed for COLAs. Was that “earned”? By definition it was not, so let’s not talk of “fair” until this little wrinkle gets ironed out, eh?”

    Now that probably hurt some feels. Perhaps it’s time for that adult conversation? Because all I did there was put facts in a kinda nasty tone. I’m not the one saying we need to get rid of y’all. But TPTB are and if we keep playing their game, it will happen. I’d rather scuff your ego a bit than bury everyone over 65 in short order.

  109. JayJay

    Well, we boomers are really selfish….oh, wait!! Maybe we just see $2200 each month going to millions that aren’t entitled to this living better than we can even fathom on a good day.

  110. Esperanza Creeger

    The “survivors” will grow their own GMO-free food and barter and trade amongst their neighbors:

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