Petrodollar Runs Out of Gas in 2023 – Expect Chaos – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Biblical cycle timing expert and geopolitical/financial analyst Bo Polny has been predicting hard times coming to America and the world for sometime.  Polny contends it’s finally about to start at the end of this year and the beginning of 2024.   Polny says “Expect Chaos,” but don’t lose your faith in God’s power and control.  Polny has said in the past that man cannot fix the world-wide corrupt swamp, which is run by globalists and Deep State demons.  It can only be fixed by God the Father and His Son Jesus.  The lynchpin of the demonic corrupt system is the U.S. dollar, the so-called world’s reserve currency.  The dollar, which they create out of thin air, is used to control, compromise, corrupt or bribe anyone and everyone on the planet.  Polny expects all that is going to change by the end of this year, and you better be ready. Polny explains,  “Nixon went off the gold standard in August of 1971. . . . Two years later (in 1973), the U.S. government went to Saudia Arabia and said we will build up your nation and protect your nation if you sell your oil only in U.S. dollars. . . . Let’s use a Leviticus cycle, and 50 years from the fall of 1973 is now.    . . . . Two years from the exact day that the Saudis signed a (military) agreement with Russia (August 24, 2021), the Saudis signed on with the BRICS on August 24, 2023.  What does that mean?  Well, for 50 years, we had the petrodollar.  Now, with the Saudis signing on with the BRICS, this is a funny way of saying this, but there is no more ‘petro’ in the dollar.  So, what’s the dollar now?  Paper, that’s it.  It’s only paper.  Or another way of saying this is the dollar has run out of gas.”

Polny says this is a precursor to the dollar totally tanking and tanking hard.  Polny explains, “When Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971, there was not a billion dollars in circulation. . . .We are now in the quadrillions of dollars, which means the money factor is off the charts.  It’s insanity and insane.  In other words, who cares what the money supply is.  The money is worthless.  That’s the point I am trying to make.  Since Nixon took us off the gold standard, the money has become completely worthless.”

Polny says, “What did Rothchild say in the 1800’s?  ‘Allow me to control the money supply, and I care not who makes the laws.’  Does that sound like what is going on right now?  When you can create money out of thin air, you can basically buy and pay off anybody and everything everywhere.  So, what ends up happening is the whole world ends up being controlled by the guys controlling the money. . . . Everything going on as horrific or ugly as it might appear is all in Gods plan.  They are walking right into a trap, and it is a trap of Biblical proportions.  This is the greatest trap in history. . . . We are going to see volcanic eruptions, and it will be coupled with a market collapse.”

Polny predicts things will get bad for the economy and the dollar at the end of September and the beginning of October.  He says “expect chaos,” and then he expects a financial collapse by the end of the year.  Polny says, “God is about to flip the financial scales, and that means this will be the greatest financial event in human history.

Polny talks about gold, silver and Bitcoin all going up dramatically as the U.S. dollar crashes.  Polny says don’t lose your faith and that God has it all under control.  Polny says this has to happen to break the grip of the demons running the world through massive amounts of printed money.

There is much more in the 1-hour and 32-minute in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny, founder of for 9.16.23.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Love you Greg & All USAW Community
    Stay vigilant!

    The angel said to me, “These words are trustworthy and true. The Lord, the God who inspires the prophets, sent his angel to show his servants the things that must soon take place.”

    • Doris

      As Anthony says: The Lord God sends angels to show man the things that must take place (like stopping nuclear war for instance) – A NASA study into hundreds of Unidentified Arial Phenomena (UAP’s) states that there is no evidence “ET Aliens” are behind the unexplained phenomena – in the very last page of the NASA report they state:”there is no reason to conclude that extra-terrestrial sources are behind the hundreds of UAP sightings NASA has investigated” – however – the report goes on to say: “We must acknowledge that whatever they are (i.e. Guardian Angels) they surly must have traveled a long way to get our solar system”!! –

      • Harry

        The Globalists know they are going to have trouble recruiting Christians who have been praying to God to send Angels to help rid our Earth of the Evil ones “who are intent upon starting a nuclear war in Ukraine” – so the Globalists are rapidly building FEMA Camps and 15 Minute Cities to house all the Christians who most likely won’t join the Globalists Space Force to repel the “invaders” (who are now answering our prayers) and are shutting down the evil Globalists nuclear weapons bases!! –

      • bubba

        The ‘Tic-Tacs’ in CA may have only traveled from Lockheed Skunkworks here in the good ol’ USA.

      • I Dig Au

        I suspect that 99% of the reported UAPs are operated by terrestial private defense contractors. The other 1% are the ones I worry about.

      • Ken Mazel

        I’ don’t want to see the financial hardship that would occur but wouldn’t it be so good to return to a constitutional currency.? I’m not just saying that because I too at least have a little precious metals but God likes honest weights and measures. The central banking Kasarian Mafia Babylonian money is purely evil. I see silver having it’s hey day some day . Maybe in my lifetime.

        • Harry

          Honest weights and measures is used in grocery stores when we buy our cold cuts at the deli counter – “so why can’t it be used with our money”?? – a US dollar depreciating in purchasing power is like “adjusting the deli scale” so that when you buy a pound of ham “all you get is an ounce” – what we need is money like gold and silver (where an ounce is always an ounce)!!!

        • I Dig Au

          The Central Banking Khazarian Mafia deals in debt, not money. While they force us to transact in their fiat currency, they are acquiring gold by the tonne. Silver will definitely have “it’s day” Ken.

          • Kathy

            I have been waiting 15 years for that to happen with silver. One of the worst investments I have made. Last week I got rid of a bag of junk dimes I paid $8k and bought gold. Took a haircut on it for sure. Now maybe it will move LOL

            • Ken Mazel

              I’ve actually needed to sell silver for a loss but actually a few years later sold some for a gain. One good thing is that money is real and never goes to zero. I’m just doing the opposite and trading some gold for American eagles. I guess we shall see. Be well.

              • Doris

                Kathy and Ken – The BRIC’s know the lynch-pin of the Demonic Corrupt Economic System the Western Military Industrial Banking (MIB) complex uses to control, compromise and corrupt everyone (is the US dollar price relative to gold) – so the BRIC’s “have purposely established a higher gold price (+6.26%) and higher silver price (+7.39%) in Shanghai” which is clearly meant “to send a message to the BRICS new members” (Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia) and also to other large gold/silver producing nations like Mexico, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, etc. “of the potential freedom they can eventually have from unfair under-priced gold/silver prices imposed upon them by the Criminal MIB” (the Western Military Industrial Banking Complex)!!

            • Harry

              Yes! “Maybe now it will move”!! – Seeing as how the 50 week moving average for silver has just broken up through the 200 week moving average – Very Bullish!!!

            • Johnny

              Kathy, if you had Silver from 15 years ago it would have had to have been acquired at below 10 dollars an ounce which was the acquisition point roughly at that time, that was the market then…today Silver is nearly 300% that entry point when adding premiums etc depending on a few variables of purity, physical form, to Gov coins.
              If you cashed out any Silver below or at 10 per ounce, YOU clearly got ripped off.

    • Paul Samuel

      Last year I was visited by who I do not know (angels?… God?…) but what I was given in my dreams over a period of 40 days and 40 nights was unmistakable. I was given what I put here . Since then EVERY time I read the bible I get something new. God is truly amazing. Thank you Greg and Bo for doing Gods work. We are at the end times… this I am sure.

      • JungianINTP

        Paul Samuel,

        Only G_d knows the time
        of the “end times,” so check
        your CERTAINTY.

        Recall—the apostles had been
        certain of Jesus’ return before
        they dropped their mortal coil.

        And EVERY generation following
        the apostles’ generation feared
        THEIR time was T-H-E
        “end times.”

    • Bread Report

      Great show Greg. To fully understand the tower of Babel it’s important to understand the true cosmology that has been hidden by the cabal. Research. The Bible was always the truth…

      Rumble. World Upside Down.


      Anthony right back at you ❤️ from USA.
      My father in law Tom Crean after WW2, my husband’s brother Tom Crean twice after 2 times in Vietnam and my brother James (Jim) Mahoney after Vietnam went to your beautiful country and loved it they all said the people were so friendly and kind and your country is so beautiful. You have the neatest animals isn’t it great how Father God spoke what animals He wanted for your country and Lord Jesus Christ the WORD made them. Amazing. Being Scottish,Irish and English and my husband’s dad all Irish we probably have relatives there with you all, you know the ships from England 😡 ⛵🚢 thing.
      PS Speaking of Irish. There’s a great book about an explorers crew member who went on many expeditions with Scott and Templeton to the Antarctic he was so strong and brave and loved the animals so much and because of his bravery a plato was named after him if your interested in it ,it’s called
      “Tom Crean explorer”the book is great so we’re the expeditions. Just a thought while we are sitting around waiting for Lord Jesus 😊 👍


        Anthony I made a mistake while writing to you about the explorer Tom Crean I put Templeton.
        Tom Crean was on expeditions to Antarctic with Scott and Shackleton I texted late that night Tom Crean was a great man with a great heart. The name Crean is Irish and it means HEART.
        Good day to you Anthony see you in Heaven some day. 🌅

    • Pat

      I often wonder what people expect help from God to look like? The people of Earth have been lied to and tricked by anti-God (evil) entities as long as history can show us. Maybe the fear we have of others coming from outside our planet is part of this evil trickery? What if the Hosts of God and Jesus come on out-of-this-world ships? Why are people more likely to believe in some Godly magic as opposed to physics? Remember, our prays are mostly answered in a fashion unlike our expectations.

  2. Doris

    Here is “a screen shot” of “God’s Greatest Mouse Trap in History”!! – – and the Demon Rats “have no way out” (Except to Kill Us All) – and they are trying very hard using plandemics, famine, forest fires, derailing toxic trains and of course the Big One – NUCLEAR WAR BRINGING ON ARMAGEDDON !!!

    • Harry

      You know as children we all knew that it was possible to blow a bubble – but we also knew that all those bubbles “would eventually burst” – yet somehow (as we became adults) we began thinking bubbles (like the US dollar) would last forever – and actually begin to go out of the way (doing all sorts of evil and immoral things) to capture as many of those dollars as we could to put under our mattress for a rainy day???

      • Robert Will

        I think the deep state will continue to kick the can down the road to get close to the 2024 election. I hope I’m wrong and the crapstorm occurs before the 2024 election. Bo is a great guest. Thanks Greg.

        • Harry

          The Globalists will now arrest anyone silently praying for “other worldly help” to remove demonic evil from our world!! – – all religious people are now the targets of the Demonically Evil Globalists!!!

          • Doris

            Just the fact that the evil Globalists who claim to be atheists (just like Yuval Noah Harari) would arrest someone “for praying” – “shows right there” that they believe in God (and “are not atheists” as they claim) – however – their Evil God is “SATAN”!!

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Hi Harry I guess we need to do what the Lord Jesus Christ said to do them” don’t be like the ones who pray where everyone can see them BUT GO INTO YOUR CLOSET AND SHUT THE DOOR AND WHAT YOU ASK YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IN SECRET HE WILL REWARD YOU OPENLY IN JESUS NAME ” 🙏

            • Harry

              Linda – Warning!! – Don’t bring your cell phone into the closet when you pray – as the Globalists have AI technology “that can read your mind using the technology in 5G phones”!! – and then before you even get through praying – the FBI will be breaking down your closet door arresting you “for not only inappropriate thinking” but for actually “Conspiring with God the Father to Overthrow their captured Evil Demonic Government)!!!

              • LINDA J CREAN

                Harry ,Don’t worry I don’t take my phone in my closet(it’s)
                6’×8′ with a desk and a chair) with me because then I would be tempted to look at it if it rang and I wouldn’t be alone with my Father God then. Also a minister I love who’s name is Bobby Conner from Texas 80 yrs old this year preached 5 times a week still gets visited by our Lord Jesus Christ every YOM KIPPUR this will be the 28th year to tell him what’s going to happen this coming year. Bobby writes it all down and put it in a book 📚 last year was “Untill” Bobby said Lord Jesus told him “Bobby tell my people I despise multitasking when you come to talk to me turn everything off and shut the door”. So I’m good and they can’t read my mind I’m filled with the Holy Ghost & there’s no room for them. Peace 🙏🕊️🇺🇸

    • Paul Samuel

      Almost ALL of Greg’s followers in the comments section will get chapter 12
      Read that small chapter, then go read your bible and you will see things perhaps you did not see before.


      • Harry

        Here is the most important part: “When you use (paper or digital) money that a king makes in his treasury, you give your faith and labors and all your power to that king. When you use only those things which God has made (like gold and silver), you give your faith, labors and all your power to God.

  3. Chris Nielsen

    Hi Greg, love your interviews which I find all of them interesting and informative. Clif High has just done some interviews with Dick Allgire and Nino Rodriguez about a massive spike in emotional response from his webbot algorithms , warning of a world changing event happening soon. It would be great if you could interview him soon on this subject.

    • Harry

      Clif High’s world changing event he sees taking place is that people are now taking sides in the worldwide fight between Good and Evil – we are in the End Times Folks (where we must finally show “who we are loyal to” – we are either “For” the Evil Globalists Demons – or we are “Against” them – and side with God’s Angels (who we have been praying to for years to come to save us from the Evil Ones) and overturn the Evil Globalists plans for Nuclear Armageddon and Total Population Reduction by their jabs and every other means they can think of)!!

      • Ken Mazel

        Please watch the recent Cliff High interview with Nino Rodrigues, Cliff openly states he is a shaman and sorcerer. He’s never claimed Jesus. Just saying, listen for yourself.

        • Ken Mazel

          Oh and David Nino Rodrigues seems like such a great guy, big heart even he was a ferocious fighter. We tell ‘s Cliff God bless you as the show ends and I loved it. Cliff barely responded, like yep or something. Maybe everyone should say a prayer for Cliff to be open to Jesus. Get saved, how sweet would that be.

        • Andrea

          Yes, and I heard Cliff say some derogatory things about Christians. People need to read the Bible, not listen to these false prophets.

          • Kaye

            Agree with everything said about Clif High. I stopped watching him few years back when he openly called the Bible a fantasy book of lies. Something like that..

    • Rodney LaJoie

      Greg love your podcasts, I do have an issue with Bol Polnys associated Jewish feast months and conflating it with the Julian calendar months. The 9th month of September on the Julian calendar is not the 9th month on the Jewish calendar. The first month for the Jewish calendar is Nissan, April which would be the 4th month on the Julian calendar.
      Kislev would be the 9th month on the Jewish calendar and coresponds to Nov on the Julian calendar. I don’t think a person can say that the seals mentioned in Revelation have started to be removed yet. The 7 year tribulation period is started by a covenant and the arrival of the antichrist on the world stage. I do believe we are headed for calamity here, we must be made impotent so no nation will be able to help Israel save itself.
      Thanks for standing up in your ministry, we are all looking for God to return!

  4. Dave Scrimshaw

    John 19:25 Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. 26 When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman,[a] here is your son,” 27 and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.

    One disciple did not flee – John, exiled on Patmos, was the only disciple that stayed with Jesus (which is why I think he was never executed.)

    • Ken Mazel

      I agree with your assessment.

  5. The Revelator

    Yup, Polny been warning about this for years. I subscribed to him but his bitcoin advise didnt play out as he said. I subscribed to Gary north back in the late 80’s (because i thought i needed to be prepared) and he was saying the same thing then. Its sad that we are living in a slow moving Book of Revelation. I think were only on chapter 7

    • Greg Hunter

      I have had many Polny subscribers come on the comment section of USAW and tell me his Bitcoin and crypto analysis is fantastic.

      • The Revelator

        The problem was me. I couldnt stay on top of things like a techi could. His plan required constant or daily monitoring. I’m sure many people did gain, the odds are you can win if you can stay on top of it. My point was I didnt lose money but i didnt gain either. It was a wash.


        Greg I heard a minister on Elijah Stream say about the ECLIPSE that went across the USA to watch where it STARTED and where it LEAVES the USA and that it look at the PATH of the ECLIPSE, it LOOKS like a SEATBELT SO BUCKLE UP .
        Love you guys 😘❤️

      • Paid Subscirber

        Bo’s Crypto index is so accurate it’s uncanny. Not always, but mostly.

    • Nano

      Look into Nano Cryptocurrency (XNO). It is what Bitcoin should be. No fees. No inflation. Subsecond transaction speed. Scalable.

    • Regaleagle

      News Flash>>>>the Book of Revelation is NOT written in chronological order. Many people and even many teachers attempt to interpret it that way…..which causes great misguided interpretations and misunderstandings. It is a letter given from God Almighty to his Son Jesus Christ and delivered to John…..who as stated was taken up to heaven in the spirit to see these things that must come to pass. He was a time and spirit traveler……much like Ezekiel. There was no time and space in that dimension. Study to show yourself approved. Maranatha and Amen

      • Andrea


  6. Doris

    As more and more people in many countries rise up against corruption – Globalists create anarchist groups (to use that discontent to inspire revolution and assassination – to hopefully to bring about their New World Order) – so lets be on guard – Robert Kennedy Jr was just targeted for assassination – the very idea of assassinating our leaders goes way back (Lincoln was shot dead, President McKinley shot dead, JFK shot dead – it is part of the evil Globalists takeover plans – where they feel that “some dramatic deed is necessary to spark a revolution”) – the Globalists call it [Propaganda of or by the Deed] – and it advocates physical violence – like BLM burning down cities in a dramatic provocative public act – or an assassination perpetrated against political enemies – with the end goal being – inspiring others to rebellion or revolution. This Globalist propensity to inspire revolution and assassinate our leaders is a fundamental part of their evil psychopathic thought process – where they think revolution will bring about a One World Order “with them at the top” Ruling Everyone!! – how about – when they assassinate our next leader – we retaliate and assassinate the murdering Globalists right back – and thus bring the world back to where every nation rules themselves “as they see fit under their own Constitution”!!


      Thank you Doris , President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed on my 13th birthday Nov 22, 1963 while sitting in gym class at Abraham Lincoln High School in Philadelphia Pa the City of Brotherly Love/ not anymore. EVIL doesn’t take a day off and it works 24 hrs a day/ not 32. 🕊️

      • Cher Darlington

        Dear Linda,
        Many worshippers of God have experienced the peace of God under the most severe trials as you have. For example, consider Nadine, who lost her unborn baby. She related: “I find it hard to talk about my feelings, and I always try to keep a stiff upper lip. But inside, I was brokenhearted. Almost every day, I poured out my heart to God in prayer and begged him for help. I have felt the power of prayer, for whenever I was at my worst and thought, ‘I can’t go on any longer,’ I experienced inner serenity and peace. I felt safe and secure.”
        Philippians 4:7. Says that the peace of God will guard our hearts and mental powers. Just as a security guard, guards his post, the peace of God guards our heart, so that materialistic philosophies, unnecessary anxieties, and ungodly values do not enter. Linda consider this example.
        Many people in this troubled world believe that in order to be happy and secure, they need substantial financial assets. On the advice of experts, they may invest some of their savings in stocks. Do they then really feel at peace? Not necessarily. They may anxiously check the share prices every day, wondering whether to sell, buy, or hold. When the stock market takes a downturn, they may panic. The Bible certainly does not condemn making investments, but it does offer this sound insight: “A mere lover of silver will not be satisfied with silver, neither any lover of wealth with income. This too is vanity. Sweet is the sleep of the one serving, regardless of whether it is little or much that he eats; but the plenty belonging to the rich one is not permitting him to sleep.”​—Ecclesiastes 5:10, 12.
        Philippians 4:7 concludes by saying that the peace of God guards our hearts and mental powers “by means of Christ Jesus.” What connection is there between Christ Jesus and the peace of God? Jesus plays the key role in the fulfillment of God’s purpose. Jesus gave his life so that we may be delivered from sin and death. (John 3:16) He is also the enthroned King of God’s Kingdom. Knowing the role that Jesus has can contribute greatly to our peace of mind and heart. How so?
        If we sincerely repent of our sins and ask for forgiveness on the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice, God will extend forgiveness, which contributes to our peace of mind and heart. (Acts 3:19) When we realize that life cannot be enjoyed to its fullest extent until the coming of Christ’s Kingdom, we avoid frantically living as if this life is all there is. (1 Timothy 6:19) Of course, we are not spared all trouble, but we can find comfort in the sure hope that the best life is yet to come.
        So how can you find God’s peace? We find some hints at Philippians 4:4, 5, where we read: “Always rejoice in the Lord. Once more I will say, Rejoice! Let your reasonableness become known to all men. The Lord is near.” When Paul wrote those words, he was unjustly imprisoned in Rome. (Philippians 1:13) Instead of lamenting his unfair treatment, he encouraged his fellow believers always to rejoice in the Lord. His joy clearly depended, not upon his circumstances, but upon his relationship with God. We too need to learn to enjoy serving God whatever our circumstances. The better we know him and the more fully we do his will, the more we will enjoy serving him. That, in turn, will bring us satisfaction and inner peace.
        In addition, we are encouraged to be reasonable and Linda, we here at see your love hope and reasonableness and if we cultivate reasonableness, we will not expect too much of ourselves. We know that we are not perfect; we cannot be the best in everything. So why lose sleep pondering how to be perfect or, at least, better than everybody else? Neither will we expect others to be perfect. Therefore, we can keep calm when they rub us the wrong way. Another rendering of the original Greek word translated “reasonableness” is “yieldingness.” If we are yielding in matters of personal preference, we avoid quarrels, which often are of little profit but which can take away peace with others as well as our inner peace for a period of time.
        The next statement at Philippians 4:5, “the Lord is near,” may seem to be out of context. God will soon come to replace this old system of things with a new one under his Kingdom. But even now he can be near to everyone who draws close to him. (Acts 17:27; James 4:8) Being aware of his closeness helps us to rejoice, to be reasonable, and not to be anxious about today’s problems or the future, as verse 6 brings out.
        When we look at verses 6 and 7, we recognize that the peace of God is a direct consequence of prayer. Some view prayer merely as a form of meditation, thinking that any form of prayer can further their inner calmness. The Bible, however, speaks of genuine communication with
        our creator God, a communication as intimate as when a child shares his joys and worries with a loving parent. How soothing to know that we can come to God “in everything.” Whatever is on our minds or deeply buried in our hearts, we can confide in our heavenly Father.
        Verse 8 encourages us to concentrate on positive thoughts. It is not enough, however, just to think of positive things. As verse 9 explains, we also have to put the good advice of the Bible into practice. Doing so will give us a clean conscience. How true the proverb is: A good conscience Linda is a soft pillow!
        Yes, Linda. We can find inner peace. It comes from God the father, who gives it to those who draw close to him and who want to follow his guidance. By an examination of his Word, the Bible and Jesus Christ the word of God, you can become familiar with his thoughts. Applying his directions is not necessarily easy. But it is worth all the effort because “the God of peace will be with you.”​—Philippians 4:9.
        Sorry for the long rant Linda, but you realy moved me on your comment during Greg’s last guest and I wanted to share my thoughts and to thank you! Thank You Linda and for all you do hear on USAW!

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Dear Cher Darling, That’s what my Grand Aunt Agnes from Upstate NY (Glens Falls) always called us children ,her little darlings. Don’t be sorry for anything Lord Jesus Christ said “sorrow not”. I have been sitting here reading your words over and over pondering what to say to you, you didn’t rant. Thank you for sharing your ❤️ thoughts with me. Some peoples lives are calm and somewhat predictable I had thought as a child that mine would be as my parents they dated, married, loved each other, had 5 children, didn’t complain, helped anyone, were kind, thoughtful, loving my father passed away at 80 my mother lived with us and passed away at 92 on my dad’s birthday Nov 14th because she told me the night before”Linda I’ve loved living here with you and Bob and the children but I miss your father”. We dated 67, married 70, preg 72-82/ 8 times, deserted 82 James was 6 wks old Kimberly 6yrs old, Daniel 3yrs old. I cried day and night for 2 weeks got down on my knees and asked Lord Jesus Christ for His peace that passed all understanding that He spoke of and went to sleep for the first time in weeks. All kinds of things have happened day after day year after year but the deep peace has never left me because Jesus said He would never leave me or forsake me. We had to move (lost the house I worked on for 10 yrs) because I didn’t have much money and I couldn’t go back to work with 3 little ones. I forgave my husband and my three little children and I would set the table everyday and their father’s place too 🙏 . We watched and prayed like Lord Jesus said and were in Church every time the doors were open and 4 1/2 yrs later he came home.🏠 You don’t need to thank me for anything but you’re welcome. I’m not doing anything but being who my Mom & Dad and Lord Jesus Christ made me. Thank you 🙏 Love Linda

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Cher today Sep 18 th is my Kimberly Amy’s birthday 🎂 and my husband’s birthday is Sept 25 Yom Kippur the day of attornment. 🙏

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Cher thank you for sending the song “Your Kingdom Come” It’s lovely. KXC (Kim Crean) she’s still hurting from what her father did. 😢🕊️🙏

    • Harry

      The Globalist’s goal is “To Arrest All Christians” (not just the ones carrying American Flags and chanting USA USA USA) and lock them away (in Federal Prisons, FEMA Camps or 15 Minute Cities) for daring to engage in certain prohibited activities “like free speech” – and even more insidious “silently praying” – claiming that such inappropriate activities foster “anti-social behavior” – so in accordance with this new Globalist policy they are currently directing the Police, Local and Governmental Authorities (like the FBI) along with School Boards across the nation to counter “any” unreasonable and persistent behavior or activity (like free speech or “silently praying”) “that they consider affects the quality of life” of their Queer, Transgender, Child Molesting Abortionists and Demons or limits their activities (like performing their immoral dirty deeds and dances “openly in public”, or openly taking children away from their parents (to castrate them) – it seems to be a requirement for these Demons to worship their Evil God SATAN by openly “in your face defying” the 10 Commandments of our our God!!

      • RichZ

        What should we do?

      • I Dig Au

        I would like to see an organized prayer everyday at a specific time done across the world to end the evil corruption and demonic ways. Maybe Bo Polny could organize this event on a national level at first, with him choosing the prayer and leading it… just a thought.

        • Doris

          Interesting – Imagine seeing all the people of the entire world choose a day and an hour each week “to stand in silent prayer for 5 minutes” and wish for God to Remove All the Evil in the World!! – what a magnificent display that would make – I Dig you “Awesome” – and if Evil does not relent choose an hour to do it “every day” – and if they still don’t relent Choose to do it at the Start of Every Hour – until the Globalists “GET THE MESSAGE”!!!

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Doris silent ? Just 🤔 think what Father God would do if” He” saw all of His creation all over the world 🌍 🌎 STANDING UP with their HANDS RAISED HIGH 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 🙌🙌 PRAISING GOD and His wonderful marvelous, precious, spotless SON, LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑 KING of KINGS 👑 LORD of LORDS magnifying His name “JESUS” over and over all over the world. The name that the Bible /Father God says is above every name the name of JESUS.🙏 The 🌎🌍 World would shake and quake IF all of creation would rejoice and the King of glory would come in. This is the year of the OPEN DOOR🚪&👂ear
            He who has ears to HEAR let him HEAR. You can’t HEAR something if you’re SILENT.
            Ps 24 the Earth is the Lords, and the fullness there of,……
            PS 24:7-10
            Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is the King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord might in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates! Lift up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is the King of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory. JESUS 👑
            The Lord of hosts is Jesus, the angels
            are the hosts, the Heavenly host. Jesus is the Captain of the hosts.
            We are told to make a joyful noice into the Lord.With our mouths.
            Song:”Can’t stop praising the Lord, I can’t stop praising the Lord, I just can’t stop praising the Lord JESUS. “.10000000X-infinity.
            We overcome by the BLOOD of the LAMB
            LORD JESUS and the WORDS of our testimony and we love not our lives unto death.
            They tried to shut us up with MASKS remember don’t comply. The New World Order couldn’t care less if we stood in silent prayer 🙏 they would laugh at us. They hate when we open our mouths. So open your mouth and make them crazy, crazier. 😂 Do the opposite of what they want.

  7. The Seer

    People need to realize how strong the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury are and commingled with other global financial entities. In addition, BlackRock and Vanguard are bigger and controlling more. The old outdated view the US$ is standing on its own is not true and backed by nothing. The US$ is backed by all that the US Government owns and who owes the US Government, Treasury and Federal Reserve and more we are unaware of. It is too simplistic this unlicensed advise.
    Do your research. There is a lot not written that is accessed using additional human faculties given to us and demonstrated by those before us so gifted. Set aside fear talk.

    • Greg Hunter

      Does this look strong to you?:

      • Brian Kelly (Dusty Dude)

        Greg, I wish you had a like or thumbs 👍 button because I certainly would have smashed it on your reply to the seer.
        The US is a house of debt on the verge of collapse.

    • Kevin

      BlackRock and Vanguard themselves are not really getting that much bigger and controlling more as some would lead you to believe. They are just asset managers, not asset owners. They themselves actually own very little. As far as control, most of Vanguard’s and BlackRock’s managed assets are in index funds in which they have no control or say on how the money is invested.

      • The Seer

        Blackrock owns most of chinas satellites. The sats mapped Maui two months prior to the fires (DEW)
        Blackrock owns 90% of the Maui power company that kept the power on causing more fires and restricted cutting back foliage and trees for years = fire fuel.
        Sites seems like a lot of power – evil power- many died and land lost to the cabal. No power? You sound like controlled opposition.

        • bubba

          This doesn’t look like 90% ownership…
          Top 10 Owners of Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc
          Stockholder Stake Shares owned
          The Vanguard Group, Inc. 11.40% 12,493,096
          BlackRock Fund Advisors 8.43% 9,239,367
          Nordea Investment Management AB (… 3.64% 3,984,441
          SSgA Funds Management, Inc. 3.43% 3,759,096

          • Kevin

            You are correct to say shareholders.

        • Kevin

          Really? BlackRock owns most of China’s satellites? China was sure careless to allow that to happen. And what about Vanguard? You mentioned them also. What do they own? And I am not talking about their shareholders either. You sound like someone who needs to do a little more homework.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Seer,
          “You sound like controlled opposition”

          • Kevin

            Not controlled opposition. Just opposition since I oppose all that is false which I am finding a lot.

            • PersonaNonGrata

              Sounding a lot like AI ‘Kevin’, but then you are still learning . . .

  8. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    Hooters – Lyrics “All You Zombies”

    Holy Moses met the Pharaoh
    Yeah, he tried to set him straight
    Looked him in the eye
    “Let my people go”

    Holy Moses on the mountain
    High above the golden calf
    Went to get the Ten Commandments
    He’s just gonna break ’em in half

    All you zombies hide your faces
    All you people in the street
    All you sittin’ in high places
    The pieces gonna fall on you

    No one ever spoke to Noah
    They all laughed at him instead
    Working on his ark
    Workin’ all by himself

    Only Noah saw it coming
    Forty days and forty nights
    Took his sons and daughters with him
    Yeah, they were the Israelite

    All you zombies hide your faces
    All you people in the street
    All you sittin’ in high places
    The rain’s gonna fall on you

    Holy Father, what’s the matter?
    Where have all your children gone?
    Sittin’ in the dark
    Livin’ all by themselves
    You don’t have to hide anymore

    All you zombies hide your faces
    All you people in the street
    All you sittin’ in high places
    The pieces gonna fall on you

    All you zombies show your faces (I know you’re out there!)
    All you people in the street (Let’s see you!)
    All you sittin’ in high places
    It’s all gonna fall on you

    • Robert Will

      Donald Jeffries explained this song on Rense show recently . Hooters were tuned in to something deep.

      • Harry

        Very Deep – when you can be arrested for silently praying in your mind (that the Globalists can now read with their AI computers)!!!

  9. Jeffrobbins

    Polny is always an interesting guest. Hard to say what will happen the end of the month. Personally, I’d say the odds are high that a major bank will go down in the next few months.- maybe even a panic and the FED should print (push buttons) as they always do. Commercial looks worse and worse with each passing week. Honestly the big concern i have is another virus. There’s no way more rounds of covid are going to get the desired results. The BIGS are going to need a bigger badder bug. And they’ll need to hurry for the 2024 election. ——-to tell where my head is at- I’m working on getting up some insulators and hot wire. It’ll take some time to get ready, but we’ll get a few sheep at some point.

  10. Angie

    Americans are a generous people always willing and eager to help others as a nation and as individuals. BUT keep in mind that we were founded by Masons as our many of our forefathers were Masons and the first inaugural ball was a Masonic event. Roe v Wade may of been overturned but abortion is sill happening all over this county. We also have states allowing assisted suicide and don’t get me started on the love affair America has with homosexuals, trans, and other sexual deviants. Just putting this out there.

    • Justn Observer

      Angie, agree…but one’s individual choices are between them and their God, but nations and state governments must not condone. tolerate, or mandate abortions as a ‘rule of law’ that people must obey, tolerate or PAY FOR. So, the overturn of ROE-VS WADE is a good step forward, NOW it is up to the States, and the people therein…and let them reap what they saw from those poor choices. Sitting watching and doing nothing…is as those ‘fence sitters’…the time has come….one must stand up…and PICK one side or the other. No spiritual luke warm go along to get along, …God gave everyone freewill and am sure HE expects people to use it!
      The ‘rigging’ of elections is PROOF itself that the political leaders have NO INTENTION of listening to the opinions, views, or beliefs of the people. Yet, that too is no excuse, and the People of their respective nations MUST take action and end the global tyranny of the stakeholders and their minion/selected political leaders, and STOP warring against each other and turn now on ‘them’ , ‘those’ that use divide anc conqueror, and war for profits. Time ALL people of good will, whoever their personal Creator, come together in peace for the benefit of mankind, and that includes putting an end to the manipulation of DNA/RNA of mankind itself.

    • bubba

      America doesn’t have a love affair with homosexuals etc., it’s the media…that make it seem that way.

    • Pat

      If you knew anything about freemason’s, you would know there is a hierarchy where initiates know nothing of the evil organization and they only advance past a certain level if they are deemed as corruptible. Do you really believe any of the founders of America advanced to a level where they were corrupt?

  11. David Gordon Dunne

    Amazing. Thank you Greg and Bo. I have a few questions. The collaspe happens.
    How are people going to survive and find food and water? If everything is shut down, how do we survive? Where is the current day Moses with the rod? Peaple will eat their pets and then their neighbors. Most have not stocked up and most don’t own gold and silver. I need clarity from Bo? What will the people that do hold gold and silver buy then?
    God does perform miracles as he performed one on me. It can not be explained any other way.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Rural farmers will save many people!

  12. barsoom43

    Bo is right.. Those sitting on the fence need to make up their minds and get off.. Christ said he spits away the lukewarm..
    About a year ago Bill Holter said that short of direct divine intervention, nothing can save this country.. I think we’re facing 1790 France followed by 1991 USSR.. We’re at the end of the Tytler Cycle and are facing the final stage, Dictatorship..
    God is just.. He’s going to make us pay for the blood of the 66M babies this country has murdered. I think I will go hide in a cave somewhere until He’s finished.

    • Harry

      With all our silent prayers we have finally called in “God’s Calvary” (who are now taking action to shut down the Globalists nuclear missile silos) – as Polny has said in the past “man cannot fix the world-wide corrupt swamp, which is run by Globalists and Deep State Demons – it can only be fixed by God the Father and His Son Jesus” – once the Globalists nuclear missiles are shut down I expect God’s Angels to then turn and go after the Globalists Command and Control Centers and begin to zap each Globalist (from Gates to Soros to Schwab, etc., etc., etc. on down) with a laser sword of justice right through their evil hearts (for all the crimes against humanity they have done to our world)!!


        Dear Harry, Just a thought 🤔. Lord Jesus Christ the Master our Master said ,
        ” whatsoever you ASK my Father in MY name HE will give it you”.
        To ask something you have to open your mouth and speak Father God is listening for our WORDS not our thoughts.
        Thoughts not spoken die.
        That is also why our Lord said
        ” by your WORDS you will be justified and by your WORDS you will be condemned”.
        Matthew 12:36 every idle word
        John 1:14 The WORD became flesh and dwelt among us (Lord Jesus)
        Also while Daniel was SPEAKING in prayer the man Gabriel came to inform Daniel and talked to him and came for Daniel’s WORDS in Daniel 9:20-23 Now while I was speaking, praying and confessing my sin and the sin of my people…. yes while I was speaking in prayer, the man Gabriel whom I had seen”
        “the angel came to Daniel and said he had been fighting for three weeks to get the answer to Daniel’s prayer from God the angel said to Daniel “Daniel I have come for your prayers and to tell you, FOR YOU ARE GREATLY BELOVED” So it’s so important to open our mouths when we pray🙏, when we praise the Lord, when we are walking, sitting. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. If you are releasing breath you are speaking. This is the reason I named my first born son my 6th pregnancy DANIEL because Daniel is greatly beloved 😍 of me and more than I could ever love him of Father God & Lord Jesus Christ.
        Peace 🙏🕊️

  13. Robert

    Hello Greg, I highly recommend that you watch this link from Australia.
    Watch it twice. Their system of law.

    Cheers Robert

    • Jon

      Thank you….for this. Coincidentally, my son received a Jury duty notice…..his name is is All CAPS. Sparked my attention. It is not easy to realize the difference here. Legal entities vs. You. I will continue to struggle to understand. Thank you.

  14. Joe Wong

    Nice video Bo !!! Also, today marks the 15th anniversary of the Collapse of Capitalism when the GLOBAL ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRISIS with a Made in the USA by Wall Street Label happened, and many Western European nations including Belgium, France, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Kosovo, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain (aka PIG’S) Got BURNT BIG TIME by buying into these triple AAA rated TOXIC ASSETS or PAPERS investments, because Western Europe trusted the USA so much, they bought these TOXIC Assets in 2006 when Wall Street bundled them all up and packaged them up to sell to foreign governments and Investors, which all got BURNED by them BIG TIME on September 16, 2008. Because of this, the USA may find it rather difficult to continue to support Zelensky at this point, when its current economy is on the brink once again like back on September 16, 2008. We Americans are still suffering and paying the price for these crimes committed by Wall Street as well. Have a nice weekend Bo.

  15. Martin Coombs

    If the prophecy is correct ? So un believ able, the crown ( corona ) is entering . September is on Hebrew calendar is 7th month ( RH) trumpets, not the Julian/Gregorian, says 9th, yes the calendar is out ( word ) world of lies) the WORD says their gold & silver will be thrown in the street, C-ovid ovid ( look up) their poetry in motion, they declared the plague on 11.3 20 ( the 3/on our calendar, but Nissan ( 15/15) 30 day calendar is the head of the year ( the Jews are still partially sighted. so the plague announcement was on 11.1st ( 111) your emergency number ? Look at the logo ( not logos) on your practice ( inors) 3/.5 years in to it ? The Truth says it will be the worst time ( ever) & he that comes will decieved MANy. ( it IS written , & all shall come to pass as so written ( no fear know the truth & it will set you 3 . 3 in his deed & not by trump, Elon , will I am , or WHO ever.

  16. Joan Pujals

    Some may not care for Bo’s slide presentations but I DO! Thank you Greg for interviewing him & thank you, Bo for letting us download them. Bo is correct, his is the only interview that I listen to more than once to digest his info-packed presentation.

  17. NanoWatchman

    Nano Cryptocurrency (XNO) has no inflation and no fees. It is the most Christian cryptocurrency because there is no way to defraud.

  18. Paul Anders

    You will not see Trump again until AFTER the wheels come off the bus.

  19. Ron Conus

    You know, Bo also predicted that there would be a worldwide economic collapse and a stock market “Black Monday” on October 24, 2022 which never happened. Bo refuses to comment on that, instead blocking me from his website. I’ve also asked Greg to ask Bo to explain it….just crickets.

  20. Roger Stamper

    tks polny greg

  21. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia…usa…


    We will collapse. We are not mentioned as a nation, in the end times.

    Yes. Buy gold and silver.

    Read the Bible for yourself. Some people spin it, to enrich themselves.

  22. James Hall

    Argentina presidential candidate Javier Milei wants the country to use the US dollar. He sees the greenback as a tool to crush sky-high inflation and rescue an ailing economy. An adviser said replacing pesos with dollars should occur in the first year of a Milei administration.Aug 17, 2023

    • Doris

      Considering Argentina’s history of continually destroying the wealth of their nation – their move into the US dollar is foreboding – not only for them – “But for US too”!!

  23. Martin Coombs

    Ps. The world is a kind of Egypt ( not china)

  24. Linda Walling

    My husband and I are holding gold and silver, but really, someday we will be leaving that behind whether it goes to zero or the moon. At the end of the day, you can have all this world, but give me Jesus. I want to share this beautiful song “Give Me Jesus” sung and played by the Homestead Pickers at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.

  25. Jeremy

    Love me some Polny. Such an interesting guy.

  26. Bob Christensen

    There are fires, earthquakes and volcanoes erupting all over the world right now…

    • Harry

      Many natural disasters are “purposely created by Globalists” – and back under consideration by the evil Globalists is the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine (the use of nuclear weapons was taboo to Democrats (until Biden) and even taboo to Neocon Republicans (until CIA Director Pompeo expounded their use in the Trump Administration)!!

  27. youknowwho

    I don’t live in a world the way I want it to be, I live in a world the way it is. I didn’t write the following, but I do understand its tenet:

    “Experience in the class struggle in the era of imperialism teaches us that it is only by the power of the gun that the working class and the laboring masses can defeat the armed bourgeoisie and landlords; in this sense we may say that only with guns can the whole world be transformed.”

    * Do you think drought and deluges *by the day!* are a normal part of earth climate change?
    * Do you think GMO veggies and lab-grown meat are healthy for you?
    * Do you think political persecution is a normal part of a representative republic?
    * Do you think forced/coerced vaccinations, mask wearing and suppression of medical debate and treatments are healthy democratic principles?
    * Do you think you’ll ever find out the truth about UFO/UAPs? the Kennedy assassination? 9/11? Seth Rich? Covid-19? An audit of Ukraine funding? the list goes on…
    * Do you think giving illegal aliens more monthly $ than a Social Security recipient, is equitable?
    * Do you think some groups should be allowed to protest violently while others peacefully protesting, get arrested and jailed?
    * Do you have a positive outlook on the world when looking forward?
    * Do you think your children are your responsibility, or should said responsibility be abdicated to the state?
    * Do you think hope — in and of itself — is a strategy?

    Buckle up…

  28. Jeff

    I love Polny but it’s a reach to claim we’ve turned from our wicked ways when roe v Wade was overturned. We still produce more porn than all other nations combined. Our government pushes homosexual rights into other nations. We’re war mongering world wide and these are just a few of Americas sins. I hope he’s right but I don’t see a time of prosperity coming for us and financial crisis for the ultra rich. It would be interesting to have him back on in late December to see what actually does happen

  29. Mark L Shepard

    Great interview as always. I would like for you to address an issue perhaps on the WNW. Looking into the different analysis that your guests such as Steve Quayle, Martin Armstrong, Jonathan Cahn, Cliff High et al, what do you think when you synthesize their analysis juxtaposed with Bo Polny’s timeline of 7 years of prosperity for America beginning in 2024 with Trump in charge that he claims toward the end of the interview? I pray that is the case that Trump does have a second term as prophesied by Mark Taylor.
    Best Regards,

  30. Linda Copping

    The demons have Bitcoin, they have XRP and ETH and XLM even if their CBDC’s fail they will still have those digital assets. The good things is people are waking up to their existence and schemes and will want a more fair system than the one we have had for thousands of years and DLT or Blockchain, call them cryptos if you like, can be that fair system in the right hands.

    Clif High and Dick Algiers remote viewers are predicting a world changing event probably before April 2024. Maybe God intervenes or is orchestrating all of this, time will tell but in the mean time we must do everything we can to not fall prey to these demons anymore and spread the word that this is their last few days, and months of hiding in the shadows.

    • GreenPeas

      Clif High and Algire see all this mayhem coming yet still refuse Jesus as Lord and Savior. That’s what is called a hardened heart. The future of these two is bleak, for the Bible speaks to the eternal punishment of those who refuse the work of the Holy Spirit.

  31. Malinda

    Here it comes:
    Chicago Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson says he wants to open “taxpayer-funded, city-owned grocery stores” in order to deal with the problem of businesses shutting down.

    From the American Insider

    • GreenPeas

      the private stores shutdown because of shoplifting. The thieves will take from these Chicago government stores also.

      Thieves are already stealing cognac and flavored vodka from state run liquor stores in various states.

      And there’s a lot more thieves now because of Biden/Obama open borders and states atty generals not enforcing laws.

  32. Prospector

    We will need to read the bill , but it sound like a good start.

    JUST IN: Rep. Tom Emmer introduces a bill to ban the Federal Reserve from creating a Central Bank Digital Currency.

    “A CBDC is nothing more than a CCP-style surveillance tool that can be weaponized to oppress the American way of life.”

  33. GreenPeas

    right on schedule

    WEF memo — 13 Sept 2023 begins new global pandemic:

    Nipah Virus Outbreak Prompts Shutdowns and Containment Zones in Kerala, India

    • youknowwho

      Caveat: I’m not a biomedical professional, just a skeptical inquirer.

      To add to your post, why is/was Q-Griffithsin (a red algal lectin) not mentioned/offered as a treatment for Covid-19? It’s apparently effective for Nipah, SARS and a host of other viruses. Anyone qualified in this forum with intimate working knowledge of this?

    • Harry

      Seems to also be an outbreak of Anakim (or the Refaim) on our planet – these are the “Giants of the Bible” who were around in Biblical days at the time of the Flood and who God the Father needed to get rid of for us – Barry Chamish has done researched on the Giants and UFOs – and they are “not the Angels” that many think they are!! – they are emotionless and have “big heads” (just like the evil Globalists we need to get rid of)!! –

  34. Shirl

    Very Interesting Upcoming event…September 24th? OR October 24th? OR a bit further out to 3 months = tomato tamato…but, something is planned in the works…is here that will manifest one way or another that is going to catch many completely unaware, surprised, and shaken.

    Clif High Dick Allgire discussion on world changing event posted ~ 22hours ago…not sure if this will get censored on youtube so, here is the current link:

    • JayJay

      Not available today. You were right.

      • Shirl

        Here’s another link that might still work:

        • Doris

          Could the coming event Clif High is predicting be NUCLEAR WAR?? – It is not just Clif and his computer “we all have predictive abilities” Within Us – for instance when Biden said to the world: “Come On In Our Borders Are Open” we knew intuitively that an invasion would happen in the future that would destabilize the US (if we didn’t step in to stop it) – and again when Biden said: “Sending Tanks to the Ukraine Would Mean WWIII” – again we knew WWIII would be coming (if we didn’t step in to stop it from happening) – and now when you hear our Military people high in places say: “The Number of Casualties From Using Tactical Nuclear Weapons is Acceptable” – you know Nuclear War is coming and “Will Happen” (if we don’t step in to stop it beforehand) – etc., etc. – bottom line – it is up to us common people “after we can easily predict what the future will bring” To Stop It From Happening” (if that future is detrimental to our security or our very existence – and only promote the future events we can see coming “if it is beneficial to mankind”)!!

        • Doris

          Everyone should use their own psychic predictive abilities to forecast what will happen in the near future based upon what Biden just announced today – a new package of military aid for Ukraine that includes “significant air defense capabilities” (like planes capable of carrying nuclear weapons?) – – if people simply sit eating popcorn in front of their TV screens waiting to enjoy seeing the mushroom clouds that Ukraine will drop on Russia – only 15 minutes from that event – they will then be able to look out their own window and see mushroom clouds right in their own back yard!!

    • Catherine Cronin

      Shirl. Very interesting video. I hope what they are predicting never happens. Clif high though did say the event seems focused on the west coast? Could they create an earthquake. Or if the button is pushed then what? Scary stuff. Don’t you think?

      • Shirl

        Catherine Cronin, hello.
        I do find the information interesting in that there are some cross points of dramatic similarities that are made along with others who have opined about concerning upcoming events of various interpretations, time frames, methodologies etc.
        Woo stuff from Clif, the Dreamers, to Bo here alongside Prophets that he references from time to time. I’ve heard of so many…follow none…except one…our Lord Jesus Christ.
        The main thrust is to be ready… Be without fear as Greg reminds us correctly so often in any scenario and trust in God Almighty as nobody gets out of this world alive, and of course to Spread the good news >>>he’s alive 🙂

  35. Richard Gould

    Excellent information and right on point, esp as to timing. The faithful slave appointed by Jesus has basically said the same thing, marking down that the Great Tribulation is very close. VERY close. The ‘excess deaths’ from the so-called vaccine will speed this up; Russia adds 20,000 more pages of irrefutable evidence of US WMD bioweapon war crimes since 1945. AND CV 19 Bioweapon – At Least 1 Billion Dead or Disabled from CV19 Bioweapon – Dr. Betsy Eads — A “Tsunami of ‘vaccine’ deaths coming in the next two years.” The number of people dying and getting permanent disabilities is increasing. That is no surprise with 600 million CV19 injections being administered in America alone. There have been about 13 billion CV19 injections given worldwide. The estimation of dead and permanently disabled is stunning and criminal. Dr. Eads explains, “In my personal opinion that a billion people will either die or be permanently disabled. A new “Expose” article shows 5,162% increase in deaths (in Australia) from this bioweapon shot since 2020. . .All vaxed dead in 3 to 5 years
    FDA refusing to provide COVID “vaccine” safety data to Congress as requested
    Buckle up; the problems are just now starting. If you have questions, please ask or email me; [email protected]. I can also direct you to a FREE online Bible study course that you can use at your convenience.

    • JayJay

      I just read an article about the clot shot. 20,000 dead worldwide and 2 billion injuries.
      The worst is yet to come.
      My confusion is why the population isn’t up in arms protesting and how there are still ‘stupid’ taking the shot??!!??
      My husband died in Dec., 2020, and even then he knew to not take any shots at the VA hospital.
      I am really wondering if it is something in the air/water/food that is destroying man-kinds ability to think.

      • Justn Observer

        Do you mean like, floride, toxins, chemicals from chemtrails, and a myriad of other substances? lol Mightfor a start, try distilling your water and then running it through a filter as well…it might help a bit, but the world ‘managers’ have ignored clean water and air for quite a time as it stands in ‘their’ way of profits… Like medicine, they need people sick so ‘they’ can cure them!
        The body, like the earth is mostly water, so address your cellular health, vitiamins minerals, and enzymes etc to achieve the best possilbe balance therein required for a healthy vessel for your spirit to reside in while here. Of course working on your enlightenement, and spiritual awareness is what you will be taking with you, so htere is that aswell.

        • Richard Gould

          You are absolutely correct, which is why I left the states more than 25 years ago. Moved to Mexico cause I knew what was coming in the States AND I wanted nothing to do with the games they were playing with the food AND water. I knew how bad it was going to get, but I never thought it would take this long! Really happy in Mexico. Love the people AND the food! So happy I married one of them!

  36. Dan Gowin

    Greg, the Masonic Square, Compass and “G”. The “G” stands for Geometry. The Letter “G” did NOT exist in the time of “UR”. They used cuneiform. All Free Masons are sworn to GOD. On a Bible. We take our Oaths on a Bible. All Knights Templar’s swear to defend Christ’s Church with our life. All Masonic Degrees are on the Internet. You can see them for yourself. The only reason Freemason’s keep to themselves is because EVIL attacks us all the time!

    • Greg Hunter

      Really? Why all the secrecy and all the rituals. Jesus says you just have to say you are born again in HIM and that’s it. The Bible is NOT a secret. Again, why all the secrecy??? Why do people say Free Masonry is Satan Worship??

      Jesus was attacked all the time and still is being attacked but he is not hiding? What gives???


      • Richard Gould

        Excellent reply, Greg. Truth never needs to hide OR lie in any manner at all. The other part of this is that ALL lies come from the father of the lie. I am going to assume you know who that is….. Richard

  37. Susan R

    I worked as I listened to this presentation putting up some of my fall harvest. I come from long lines of farmers on both sides of my family. One set of grandparents had a beautiful stand in their bedroom with the thickest bible I have ever seen, always open. People who work the land are usually close to God. I inherited their blood but that does not give me a free pass. I have to work to not go astray. Listening to Bo on a Sunday morning gave me my glory.

  38. Thomas Malthaus

    Wasn’t something of a momentous nature to have occurred on or about June 25?

  39. Bill Jordan

    I’m amazed Bo skipped over the LORD’s Rapture of His Church, which will likely occur between now and end of October.
    After the Rapture of the Church, the Church is no longer mentioned in His Revelation. Chapter 4 thru the end of Revelation provides documentation of the Lord’s judgements of the remaining unsaved world.
    The Lord, surly, will not bless the remaining unsaved with prosperity as Bo seems to suggest. Or maybe he does not believe in the very soon Rapture.

    Greg, Your web site is a light in a dark world. Thanks

  40. Daniel

    Greg, I’m a little perplexed by many myteries including Nimrod, the father of masonry. How can it be good for America’s forefather’s to follow Nimrod and still worship God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Serving two masters? They knew Nimrod fled to Iraq and changed his name now symbolized by mason’s insignia. Something doesn’t seem right.

  41. Jo

    This death cult loves to do things on Our Lady’s dates: August 15 (the Assumption) and on the 8th of September (the Nativity of the Virgin) or December 8th (Immaculate Conception) or March 25 (the Annunciation of the Virgin).

  42. Luka Shinko Vichski

    Here’s Why Barack Obama Is the WORST Ex-President in Recent Memory
    The Jimmy Dore Show 375,619 views Aug 21, 2023
    Jimmy Carter famously spent much of his post-presidency building houses for the poor. By contrast, Barack Obama has spent much of his time since leaving office building his bankroll — and also emerging at pivotal moments to defend the establishment, whether by discouraging a potentially major NBA strike or intervening in the 2020 Democratic primary to derail the insurgent campaign being waged by Bernie Sanders.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss a recent Jacobin article excoriating Obama as a genuinely terrible ex-president.

    Russia NOW! Moscow on Sunday Night. LIVE
    Baklykov. Live / Russia NOW
    361 watching now Started streaming 3 hours ago.
    Live stream from Moscow, Russia on Sunday night. City, streets, people, vibe.

  43. Frank Cooper

    Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 9/17/23 | BREAKING FOX NEWS September 17, 2023 Amateur Kitchen 113,901 views Sep 17, 2023
    The Walls Are Closing In On The Corruption Without Interruptus!


    Matt Gaetz Exposes The Squad For The Frauds They Are!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 68,501 views Sep 17, 2023
    Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz took to the House floor on Tuesday to exoriate House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over the latter’s alleged refusal to honor promises made to the Freedom Caucus before winning its membership’s votes to make him Speaker this past January. Gaetz threatened to hold a vote to take the Speaker’s gavel away from McCarthy if those pledges are not honored in the near future.
    Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how assertive and confrontational Gaetz is with his party’s leadership — in stark contrast to how The Squad treat Democratic Party leaders.

  45. Country Codger

    Bo, Greg, excellent interview. I just wanted to point out that Bo stopped short when he showed the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse. Bo, you must tie that into what is coming in October of this year and also spring of next year. You can read about it here:
    and here:
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  46. Thomas L. Pinkerstone

    This poll is ‘bad news’ for everyone, except for Trump: Piro
    Fox Business 43K views 3 hours ago
    ‘Fox & Friends First’ co-host Todd Piro discusses Trump widening the gap among GOP contenders and Hillary Clinton dismissing Biden’s age concerns as ‘off-base.’

    Bartiromo: This keeps getting worse for Biden ahead of 2024 election
    Fox Business 49K views 2 days ago
    Steve Pavlick, RenMac partner and head of policy, discusses the UAW strike, the House GOP demanding full Huawei and SMIC sanctions and Biden’s poll numbers ahead of the 2024 election.

  47. Eliminated Messenger

    Russia Bombs Kharkiv’s Armoured Vehicles Repair Plant | Watch Ka-52 Blow Up Kyiv’s Command Centre Hindustan Times 85,275 views Sep 17, 2023
    Russia took down another Ukrainian depot in its campaign to make Ukrainian counteroffensive fail. The Russian forces have claimed to have launched a missile strike on Ukrainian armoured vehicles plant in Kharkiv. Meanwhile, Ka-52 attack helicopters dropped missiles on an Ukrainian command centre along the frontline. In the last 24 hours, the Russian defence ministry said that over 600 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed as their 9 counterattacks failed.

  48. L8R G8R

    It might be fun to go to the horse races with Bo. He could help interpret the racing form with all the symbols they use and their meanings. But I’m afraid that Bo would pick winners that were symbolically strong… just not on that particular day at that particular track. Or he’d talk on and on and when he finally revealed the winning horse we wouldn’t have time to get to the betting window before it closed and the race started. We’d have a field day and we’d go home broke.

    He always makes my head spin. How about yours?

  49. Oopsy Daisy

    Obama Era Official Drops Bombshell About Biden White House! | Allen West Exclusive

  50. Great Scott!

    Time to Talk: Jeffrey Sachs calls upon EU leaders to push back against foolish US war policies/The Hague Peace Projects 119,532 views Sep 15, 2023 Peace in Ukraine:
    Time to Talk! Jakob de Jonge interviews Jeffrey Sachs: economics professor, author, educator, and global leader in sustainable development

    The Secret US and Soviet Nuclear Submarine Crash | Scotland – 1974
    Andy Mcloone 118,321 views Sep 11, 2023 GREENOCK
    In early 2017, The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released a de-classified document between US NSA Advisor Brent Scowcroft and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, issued in 1974, alerting him of a collision between the USS James Madison (A Poseidon SLBM Nuclear Missile Submarine) and a Soviet Victor Class Attack Submarine just outside the US Navy Submarine base (Refit Site 1 / Subron14) at Holy Loch, Scotland on 3rd November 1974.

  51. J. Bonner

    Robert Kennedy Jr and Cheryl Hines in SC, 8 22 23
    Bobby Roland 57,189 views Aug 27, 2023
    Robert Kennedy Jr., “up close and personal” with the local citizens of South Carolina. His wife, Cheryl Hines gives Bobby a fine and spirited introduction….. and Bobby’s campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich makes it all happen! Selfies with Everyone? No problem!

    🔴Live : Scott Ritter UKRAINE IS DONE! Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Fails Millions Could Die /Reporterfy Media & Travel 85,088 views 10 hrs UNITED STATES
    Join us for a riveting live stream live stream event hosted by Alex, a renowned personality from Reporterfy Media. In this captivating discussion, our attention will be firmly fixed on the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. Scott Ritter is back and has a lot to say.
    The Cycle of CorruptionWill End a Promise From RFK Jr.

  52. Bloglogician

    Reminder to all the chronologists out there: every 138years there are massive cataclysms in a large part of the world since events have been recorded. ~1902 was covered up, so most have forgotten how the skies darken, red rain falls, mudslides, earthquakes… I suggest globalists all know this 2040 end date and are prepping so they can continue to rule after. Hope Polny has it right, then humanity can breathe a sigh of relief until then.
    Also the new movie Nefarious is popularising and mainstreaming this idea of good v evil and demon’s hate of man’s DNA. It is entertaining too.
    Finally, if you think Trump is moving behind the scenes to get rid of the bad guys to this day, here is a free documentary. It makes a good case for it.

  53. Ed Hill

    Greg: You have lots of great guests on. I love your site! Bo is interesting, but his practice of pulling Scriptures out of context, and placing his own context on them is not good. It is called “eisegesis”. That word means reading something into a text that is not there. Haggai was referring to the 24th of September (if you assume he was using OUR callendar, which is likely not a correct assumption). But if you read the rest of the verse, it says what year he was referring to: the 2nd year of Darius. That was over 2500 years ago– certainly not talking about 2023! I don’t object to trying to predict what is going to happen. Just don’t try to force the Scripture to somehow support your predictions!

    • Greg Hunter

      Every prophecy in the Bible has a major and a minor fulfilment. You are giving your opinion and that does not make you right and Polny wrong. It’s your opinion.

  54. Trouble in Da Campus!

    Kim’s Mysterious Plan Behind Ties With Putin; Why Russia-North Korea Summit Matters | Explained Hindustan Times 77,040 views Sep 15, 2023
    Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un’s meeting was dismissed by the Joe Biden administration as an act of desperation, but their statement made it clear that it has rattled them. Although few details have emerged about the discussions, the summit in Russia could preface new and worrying developments for the West. Here are five key takeaways from the Russian President and North Korean leader’s summit.

  55. Marie Joy

    The grid will go down.

  56. 1st. Casualty of War: TRUTH

    North Korea’s leader wraps up Russia trip with drones gift
    Story by AFP • 17h North Korea’s leader wraps up Russia trip with drones gift
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un left Russia on Sunday after a rare six-day visit.
    Kim’s tour of Russia’s Far East, which began on Tuesday, has focused intensely on military cooperation, including a symbolic exchange of rifles with Putin and an inspection of state-of-the-art Russian weapons.

    Zelenskyy warns Putin could cause World War III
    Story by Scott Pelley • 3h

  57. Ned Jeffers

    O Lord, how my foes are multiplying!
    Many are rising up against me!
    Many are saying about my life,
    “There is no salvation for him in God.”

    The Chosen – Psalm 3 … do not be afraid

    • youknowwho

      I’ll guarantee you that if there’s a nuke on US soil, one of the alphabet agencies will have done it. They have a war agenda and it’s damn the torpedoes, they want it done!

  58. ryan carter

    I really miss Rob Kirby – could you pay tribute to him by playing some of his past commentaries, he was like Rush Limbaugh and had great insights.

    Thanks for all you do Greg, truth will outrun all of the current BS.

  59. Jaun Valdez

    George Soros Behind MASSIVE Ukrainian Propaganda Campaign!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 125,302 views Aug 26, 2023
    George Soros is a widely criticized bogeyman of the right, but that’s no reason for the left to embrace the billionaire financier. It’s unquestionably true that Soros has wielded his money, power and influence to further his political aims, and that includes pressuring social media outlets to censor content he doesn’t care for, as well as funding propaganda efforts to oust Ukraine’s president in 2014.

    Scott Ritter: Waging Peace – Embodying the Spirit of JFK’s Peace Speech

  60. Neville

    Thanks Greg and Bo,

    I listened very intently to the interview,
    There are many features which I agreed with however I disagree fully with Bo about how it all ends up. AAcrime also known as Great Babylon in the The Book of Revelations spells it out quite differently as does the Book of Daniel the Prophet who spells it out quite clearly when he interpreted the entity with feet of clay may appear powerful and unstoppable, but they cannot support their splendor, and will easily be knocked over. The phrase originates from the Book of Daniel in the Bible. In it, Daniel interprets a dream of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon .
    Feet of Clay and I ron denotes a country heavily devided and that is what AAcrime is today.
    The day that happend the dirty valueless dollar will open on world markets OFFERS NO BIDS AND GOLD CONVERSELY WILL OPEN BIDS NO OFFERS>
    Unfortunately for all the Good Efforts by Johnathan Cahn try to get people in AAcrime BACK TO GO IT FELL ON DEAF EARS AND SO FOR THOSE UNLIKE YOU GREG AND YOUR FELLOW TRUTH TELLERS ITS GOING TO BE ENDSVILLE


  61. PersonaNonGrata

    The awakening accelerates.
    ‘I Will Not Comply!’ by Blind Joe:

  62. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Watchdoggers,
    Not sure how well known Russell Brand is in the US. He was a big MSM celebrity here in the U.K. Anyway, he hosts a very popular ‘alt media’ channel, exposing all matters ‘Deep State’ related. Recently, he has been revealing the far-reaching tentacles of Blackrock and Vanguard. Clearly, he is over the target because the breaking ‘news’ across all the legacy media in the U.K. today is linking Russell to sex crimes. Same old M.O. if you can’t debate the issue/s, trash the reputation of the presenter. Since Blackrock and Vanguard wield influence due their ownership of nearly ALL legacy media, Russell is in for a very rough ride! TPTB cannot abide freedom of speech . . .

  63. Jane jones

    ​—Is It True?
    What you may have heard: “God is in charge of this world, and everything that happens is by his will. Since the world is full of discrimination, injustice, and oppression, God must be responsible.”
    What the Bible teaches: God is not the source of the world’s injustice. Describing God, the Bible says: “Perfect is his activity, for all his ways are justice.”​—Deuteronomy 32:4.
    God is generous toward all, including those apparently undeserving. For example, “he makes his sun rise upon wicked people and good and makes it rain upon righteous people and unrighteous.” (Matthew 5:45) He treats people of all races and cultures justly, as Acts 10:34, 35 shows: “God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.”
    What, then, is the source of injustice? Many people choose to act unfairly, not following God’s example of justice. (Deuteronomy 32:5) Also, the Bible shows that God is allowing his enemy, the Devil, to exercise authority over the world. (1 John 5:19) However, God’s permission of this unjust rule will soon end. He has already set in place his means to “break up the works of the Devil.”​—1 John 3:8.
    That’s how knowing the truth helps you: You might be perplexed by the seemingly endless reports of corruption, oppression, and injustice. Knowing the cause of the trouble helps you understand why conditions are so bad and why man’s best efforts to make the world a better place consistently fail. (Psalm 146:3) Rather than devoting time and energy to making changes that would be temporary at best, you can have a sound hope for the future based on trust in God’s promises.​—Revelation 21:3, 4.
    Understanding the real source of injustice can especially help us when hardship hits close to home. When we are treated unfairly, we may cry out as did God’s servant Habakkuk: “Law grows numb, and justice never goes forth.” Sounds so much like today! (Habakkuk 1:4) God did not chastise Habakkuk for saying this. Instead, God reassured His servant that He had set a time for correcting matters and helped Habakkuk to find joy in the face of trouble. (Habakkuk 2:2-4; 3:17, 18) Similarly, trusting in God’s promise to correct injustice can help you gain serenity and peace of mind in an unfair, but temporary world.

    • Catherine Cronin

      Jane thanks for pointing to truth and encouraging knowledge that God the Creator of everything uses His Bible to tell us what is going to happen, who He values and not to be afraid. God is the truth He is the light and he will direct the world that will lead to justice and peace. Yes everything we are experiencing is part of Gods plan and we will witness the end of evil in our time.

      • Jane!

        Thanks Cat!

  64. Rod Brumley, Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    Unfortunately Bo is a joke he is wrong 95% of the time – he stumbles on being right once in a great while. With that said I too believe we are close to the end of the Petro Dollar – that is pretty easy to see. The nightmare has already begun but the Sheep are deaf and dumb and have no clue – the ones that watch CNN and CNBC are totally brainwashed. I have my house in order as best I can.
    In God I Trust

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Rod I disagree. I guess you did not see the big calls I talked about at the beginning of this interview? Did you even watch it?

  65. f reps

    We must always keep in mind that “Recorded History” only goes back about five thousand years. There were other civilizations in the thousands and thousands of years prior to the recent History Mr. Polny refers to ; and that we are privy to . The “First Cause” ; { GOD } prevailed over the entire Universe for ALL Time. Mr Polny simply enunciates his “certitude” and his ideas about the past ; present ; and the future ; based on very incomplete knowledge. He may ; or may not be correct. My skepticism about didactic well meaning people like Mr. Polny ; who I think is sincere but limited in his scope ; focuses on anyone who is so certain about past ; present and future events based on such a limited historical perspective. As an example ; look at the recent embrace of the Covid 19 propaganda illustrated by the acceptance of billions of human beings ; who allowed a publicly proclaimed “Experimental” injection into their bodies. As far as these Sacred Scriptures References Mr. Polny refers to ; remember that these Scriptures were copied and preserved during the Plague ; many years ago ; by Irish Catholic Monks on an island off the coast of Ireland.

  66. mrbean

    RE: about BO POLNY,S VENGEANCE IS MINE – power point presintation, I ONLY GOT AN ERROR MESSAGE, DO YOU KNOW WHY ?? 9-18-2023 at about noon.

    • Greg Hunter


  67. Led Skeletor

    A possibility, it wouldn’t surprise me if that missing F-35 aircraft shows up in Ukraine. Someone [Insert Govt. Agency] has a great crack staff that can fly airliners via remote control with 911 pinpoint accuracy.

    The Ukrainian “comedian/dancer in high heels while wearing a midriff-baring top” will be bumming in DC again this week, wearing his usual FETTERMAN BUM OUTFIT, demanding money and materials again, or else!! Co-incidence?

    Let’s see if a Biden family member increases their wealth by 10 to 20 million in the next few days.

  68. Lon Bell

    Donald Trump exposes ‘all the lies’ of Joe Biden in scathing NBC interview
    Sky News Australia 201K views 12 hours ago
    Former US President Donald Trump has listed off “all the lies” President Joe Biden has told the past fortnight during an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker that aired on Sunday.

  69. L. Bell

    Farage: Invasion of Lampedusa will destroy Europe.
    Nigel Farage 21K views 1 hour ago
    The arrivals at Lampedusa in the last few days spells catastrophe for the EU and for us. I warned them all in 2015 but no-one listened.

    • Sphinxie

      That was a great link, thanks. Reminds me of the book I read a while ago – Camp of the Saints. All coming true.

  70. joe ( MRBEAN)


  71. F-35 Gone missing!

    Watch This Special Report On U.S. ‘The Missing Jet’ | U.S. Fighter In ‘Zombie Modi’
    India Today 11K views 4 hours ago
    US F-35 fighter jet missing after pilot ejects during ‘mishap’| explains the ‘missing jet’
    $18 million jet fighter plane missing? What’s the reward for the finder?
    That is the 18 million dollar question!

    • Jerry

      The thing you need to understand is the pilot did not eject himself, the AC ejected him. If there are two failing systems on the “B” variant it will eject the pilot with out him knowing it is coming. The A and C models are not like this, the pilot actually has to pull the cord to be ejected.

  72. tactical tim

    Canada makes Clif High happy by removing the Bible, Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas

    Clif High has said in several recent appearances that he believes people are becoming born smarter and that we should not bother with the tradition, the books of old.

  73. A Day

    Yea, though I walk threw the valley of dark and evil, I will fear not, for He is my shepard…….

  74. Sean

    The Bible in my view is a history of cycled patterns. Lost technology and mass population disappearances, with an erased history of these elites periodically genociding societies. Your evil ones will flip and become your saviors after their created rapture reduces the population to the desired level.. string men will hang for crimes orchestrated by “the saviors.”

  75. John Geis

    There is a big problem. Abortion did not end but the women put Biden in based on abortion and ABORTION INCREASED! I looks like nuclear war in November

  76. DAVID

    Please interview ANN BARNHARDT T One of the “side effects” of taking ivermectin for COVID, it turns out, is that it also helps prevent cancer cells and tumors from forming. This could be very helpful for those dealing with the sudden onset of “turbo cancer,” a phenomenon that appeared not long after the launch of Operation Warp Speed.

    If “fully vaccinated” people who got jabbed for COVID had easy access to ivermectin, many of them could potentially find relief and healing from it. And even better is the fact that fenbendazole, another anti-parasite drug, also works to fight against cancer.

    “What would happen if one did a combination therapy for both the prevention and treatment of cancer using BOTH ivermectin and fenbendazole?” asks “2nd Smartest Guy in the World” on his Substack. “The synergistic pairing would be far more effective than just using one of these miraculous drugs.”

    (Related: Gold standard medical science proves that ivermectin is a powerful remedy against COVID.)

    Ivermectin and quercetin together fight prion diseases

    When taken together, ivermectin and fenbendazole deliver a one-two punch to cancer. When combined with other anti-cancer nutrients such as quercetin, vitamins C and D, and curcumin, the effects are even more pronounced.

  77. Tabitha Sloan

    Do not comply and buy physical gold and silver. Get ready!

  78. GreenPeas

    This Shakespeare quotation from the play Merchant of Venice, is spoken by the character Antonio about Shylock. How so it applies to Clif High.

    “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
    A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
    O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”
    ― Scene 3

    Clif High admittedly hath not the Holy Spirit. Jesus says nobody can comprehend the scriptures without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, “when the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth” (John 16: 13) And St. Paul tells us, “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. ” (1 Cor 2:13)

    • Justn Observer

      You all that harp on Clif High, and what you ‘think’ he thinks are the fools. You are arrogant in your judgements, and ignorant in your application’ of bible verses. One might question what YOU know about what people ‘say’ they know about what Jesus said/ meant as much was written is hearsay/second hand recollections. Time the bible thumpers stick with what JESUS said, and not what many like the pope and others push out in their re-interpetations and carious bibles tweaked for ‘their’ political bent.
      Might also CONSIDER some archeological and historical records and from eons before the time the bible came into being.
      Noone has to question that Jesus exists and His message or where or why he came to set the record straight…any more than people should at least wonder about the world sites being increasing uncovered…and why none of them are ever mentioned. Because Clif High’s views do not ‘fit’ in one’s own wheelhouse of beliefs…do not make his opinions wrong, just different.
      Many consider such ‘cheap shots’ at Clif High…just that…blinded by one’s own misconceptions. Interpretations have a way of exposing one’s own agenda and pride filled ignorance WHCIH themselves have led to how many wars and persecutions based on one’s particular ‘faith’?

      • GreenPeas

        Clif posts his views weekly on his substack. And he repeats in various ways to make it clear. Nobody has to speculate whether he is effectually pulling on a rug under Christendom.

        “I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God.” = Luke 12:8

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Justin,
        Well said. Too many people only too ready to quibble, to judge, to dismiss the opinions of others that do not precisely match their own. They play right into the hands of those who would divide us – the better to rule over us!

    • Justn Observer

      GreenPeas, these are the oldest ‘copies’ of copies of the manuscripts ABOUT what is said to be in the original codex of the bible = Oldest Bible Manuscripts =

      • GreenPeas

        the Catholic Church and its sacraments existed before the Christian bible. Catholics and Orthodox are in a much better position to deal with any turbulence ahead if Clif’s forecast happens. Whereas those whose credo is ‘solo scriptura’ will likely have some difficulties if the bottom falls out of the Old Testament.

  79. LondonCenter

    Cenk Uygur ATTACKS Jimmy Dore, BATTLES Briahna Joy Gray Over Voting For Biden In 2024 / The Hill 56K views 18 hours ago WASHINGTON
    The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur discusses his new book, “Justice Is Coming: How Progressives Are Going to Take Over the Country and America Is Going to Love It.”

    How Google Shifted 6 MILLION Votes To Joe Biden! w/ Dr. Robert Epstein

    The Jimmy Dore Show
    1.24M subscribers






    119,592 views Sep 18, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow
    Former Harvard psychology professor and current director of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT) Dr. Robert Epstein joined The Jimmy Dore Show to discuss his investigations into electoral manipulation by Google and other tech giants. He claims that Google’s underhanded machinations directed 6 million extra votes to Joe Biden in 2000
    Jimmy, along with guests Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger, talk to Dr. Epstein about his remarkable research and just how much duplicity is coming out of the company that long ago abandoned the “Don’t be evil” motto.

  80. S.T.Vision
    “I’ll Blow The Saudi Prince To Save The Petrodollar!”
    The Jimmy Dore Show 37,595 views Sep 18, 2023
    Fresh off a trip to India for the G20 Summit, President Joe Biden called in to The Jimmy Dore Show to crow about what a success his trip was, and how so many of the other powerful economies of the world remain committed to American dominance as well as the Petrodollar. So forget about all that BRICS talk — U.S. hegemony remains __________the order of the day!

  81. Marie Joy

    Wunderground severe weather shows many fires east of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.
    See the severe weather legend for fire and smoke.

  82. David Caron

    Artur Pawlowski
    Sept. 18/23
    A Free Man! The Fight Continues!
    Praise Jesus!
    “Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.” – Psalm 105:15

  83. Bile Kyle!

    White House SHAKEN Over Biden’s New Scandal
    Stephen Gardner 162,803 views Sep 19, 2023

  84. Curt

    Bo Polny is always interesting, and I your interviews with him, but something he said 9 minutes into the interview surprised me. He said that when Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 (I was 20 years old then and remember it well), there was not even a billion dollars in circulation, and now the debts are 33 trillion. I was trying to find a source for his comment but could not. Do you know where he got that information? I know there were billionaires at the time such as Rockefeller, Getty, etc. I recall being petrified then because the money had no true value and was amazed the next day when the sun came up, and everything was “normal.” Of course, that is when inflation started to really kick in, but we did not know that then, at least the “normies” didn’t.

  85. Glen Garrison

    recently Clif High forecasted young students would rebuke the satanic public schools; here ya go:

  86. Ned Jeffers

    Bo Polny is too jolly at this juncture. Open your Bible those of you who blithely await Rapture and thereby avoid Bill Holter’s forecasted MadMax, Rick Ackerman’s barren barter economy, John Rubino’s end of civilization, Steve Quayle’s arrival of supernatural evil, and Clif High’s forecasted event multiple magnitudes more impactful than was 911 (arriving between now and April 2024, most likely this year)

    Jesus: “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” (Mt 24:22)

    He would not have said this if the elect were to be raptured out of harms way.

    • Greg Hunter

      I put on many different views. I think all these folks are on the same trend line. That is for sure.

  87. GreenPeas

    Greg Hunter had rebuffed the permabulls at Wall St by saying the Fed would continue raising rates, and that’s what the Fed just said today esp as regards 2024.

    • Dan

      Todd, that Megyn Kelly interview was the last straw for me—especially him not even being able to clearly state that NO A MAN CAN’T BECOME A WOMAN!!!

      I’ve supported and defended Donald Trump—even after covid—since 2015.

      However, after how badly he embarrassed himself and his supporters in that interview and how clearly he showed that he hasn’t learned a damned thing nor takes any responsibility for any of his many mistakes, I just can’t do it anymore.

      I will participate in a farce of an election between two 80 year old blowhard frauds.

      I hope Greg Hunter addresses Trump’s HORRIBLE showing in that Megyn Kelly interview.

      • Greg Hunter

        Meghan is an idiot and missed a major point to be made. Kelly said the vax “did do some good.” NO they did not. Trump was just out saying Big Pharma should “release the safety data” on the Vax. Kelly should have brought up the Trump Pfizer contract that remove Pfizer’s “liability shield.” It also required Pfizer to actually make a “safe and effective” vax, but they lied. (Pfizer had 63% of the CV19 bioweapon vax market.) Kelley is an idiot and so are your for worrying about the “What is a woman?” question. You are not going to make it if this is what you are focusing on. Oh, but you are an AI/troll and moron, so you won’t feel a thing.

  88. PersonaNonGrata

    The Jimmy Dore Show
    ‘How Google Shifted 6 MILLION Votes To Joe Biden!’

  89. PersonaNonGrata

    ‘How Google Shifted 6 MILLION Votes To Joe Biden!’
    I posted the above link BEFORE I had listened to the entire interview. WOW! This guy is a hero and IMHO worth listening to the whole interview.
    Doctor Robert Epstein. ‘They’ killed his wife to try to get him to quit!

  90. Glen Garrison

    another Clif High prediction coming manifest:

    he said that finally the white population of US,UK, EU and Canada will have had enough and strike back hard

    there are thousands of videos now, and more coming, of blacks attacking white and asian women, children and elderly. And this is the tip of the iceberg, something that has been happening for centuries but only now coming to light because of cameras everywhere. And everyone is also beginning to realize who controls the banks, the media, the porn industry and big Pharma and who is getting all that $$aid to Ukraine.

  91. Robert Bailey

    This whole world seems divided and still more divisions everywhere we see and turn ! What will change this situation? What will bring the whole world in to harmony and unity? Unfortunately it will be this last and final global deception of Lucifer, when he appears around the world and claims to be Jesus Christ who has finally returned! And his fallen angels personate the dead and famous well known people of the past !

    This clever global deception by the first of the Covering Cherub’s from his expulsion from heaven, will bring this divided world together in this last deception that he will perform before the Real Jesus Christ, appears in the sky !

    Then the seven last plagues of Revelation chapter 16, falls on all who have been duped by him, then the justice of God will be done on all evil and Lucifer’s plans in this world !

    All the righteous dead who will be resurrected and we who are alive and remain and are changed in a twinkling of an eye will meet the Lord in the air and so shall we all be with the Lord Jesus Christ as we go together to heaven and replace Lucifer and the one third of his angels that where cast out ! We the saved or the redeemed of all ages will examine the books of record in heaven and see why the lost of humanity and Lucifer and his apostate army of angels are doomed to burn in the fires of Gods judgment after the 1000 years of examination in heaven !

    Read it all for yourself in Revelation chapter 20 ! I am not making all this up ! The battle planes are all here in the prophecy’s in the Word of God ! The first two chapters in Genesis there is no Sin ! And the last two chapters in The book of Revelation 21 and 22 there is peace and harmony again on the earth made new again ! By our Loving and Just creator Jesus Christ and His Living and loving Father ! Amen and amen….. even so come Lord Jesus !

  92. Michael B

    Greg’s free speech zone. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Followed by deleted.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey “Michael B,” The 1 amendment protect people from the government censoring you. I am not the government. Nothing is stopping you from starting your own website and putting all the crazy crap you want on it. This is like my house, and you want to put an anonymous bag on your head and scream crazy crap on top of my roof. I say get on your own roof “Michael B” and scream all the crazy crap you want. Now go play in the street. Please start your own site–it’s easy man!@!!

      • Sonya

        I’ve watched your videos for years and never made a comment but that seemed really rude to say play in the street. I don’t know why you responded like that to Michael B, but I remember when you were talking about YT taking your channel off because I used to watch you there and if you are not allowing people to comment then aren’t we ni different than YT?????

        • Greg Hunter

          I responded like that because it beat cussing.

  93. Justn Observer


  94. Sandra Buck

    2 Timothy 4:3 : (New International Version)
    For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

  95. Jerry

    This is an excellent show, speaks specifically to AI.

  96. Bill's Stilled!

    General Milley Confirms What Trump Did Following 2020 Election
    Opinion by Claire O’Hare • 20h

  97. Anti-Atomist

    Great interview with Bo Polny exposing the Jesuit-led Catholic Freemasons who censor the independent media.

  98. Roger Dyrøy

    Actually 24th of the 9th month is th og January 2025 Biblically speaking

    The Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread
    The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in Egypt, “This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year. Exodus 12:2

  99. Neb

    Where is the mark of the beast Bol? Was it the hr6666 gene editing covid shots whoch create nano chips? Or will it be a different implantable chip?

  100. Mark

    At 41:03 Bo says “expect military stuff to go down in the month of October”. For clarity he was referencing the September/October transition period.

  101. Slvrwllwn

    38:28 Bo stated, “When September ends and October begins, expect chaos.”

    Oct. 8th, 2023 Israel attacked by Hamas and Iran.

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