Nuclear Bomb Memo is About to Explode – Mark Taylor

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Author of “The Trump Prophecies,” Mark Taylor, predicted Donald Trump would win in 2016 and, after that, “there would be military style tribunals” to prosecute massive crimes in Washington, D.C.  With recent revelations of widespread corruption at the FBI and DOJ, are we getting close?  Taylor explains, “The whole push right now is people are screaming ‘release the memo, release the memo.’  When you have Congress that has read the memo, and they are saying this is going to be a nuclear bomb, that’s bad.  It’s worse than most people would think.  I have been on record for the last year and a half saying that when this stuff starts to break, they are going to have to be careful how they handle this because this could take down parts of government. . . . One of the objectives for the ‘Army of God’ is to start praying now because when they serve these arrest warrants and start rounding these people up, there could be some civil unrest.  It’s up to us to blaze a trail in the spiritual so it doesn’t manifest in the natural. . . . We are on the precipice or the cusp of all this taking place.  When they release that memo . . . I am not saying there will be civil unrest because it’s our job to pray against that stuff, but there could be some hot spots in some areas of the country.  We need to be prepared for some of this stuff because we are crossing a threshold in this country where we have never been before.  I said a long time ago this is going to go global.  It’s not just America that is involved in this stuff.  You are going to see other countries involved. . . . I think the pin has been pulled on the grenade, and this thing is about ready to explode.”

On the massive debt of the U.S., Taylor is optimistic and contends, “There could be many things that will slay the debt, but one of the things that kills the debt or slays the debt will be oil. The energy boom that is fixing to take place right now in this country is like nothing we have ever seen in the history of our country.  The energy is fixing to explode.  Here’s what they are not reporting on mainstream media. . . . All of these oil rigs went to . . . all these other places under the Obama Administration because he had the permitting locked down so tight.  Trump has released the drilling rights and given the permits out. . . . All these rigs that have gone overseas, they are picking up all their equipment and drilling rigs and are on their way here, as we speak.  We are fixing to have an oil boom and an energy boom that has never been seen before . . . and I believe that is what actually slays the debt.”

In closing, Taylor says, “God’s hand is upon Donald Trump. He has been anointed by God to do a specific work.  Everyone who touches him has fallen by the wayside.  You will see it again.  You cannot touch God’s anointed and get away with it.  You are going to see these people go down left and right.  The biggest thing I want to leave people with right now in closing is the prophecy that I just got talks about God’s hand is on America, and these things must come to pass.  We are going to cross a threshold where we have never been before in the history of our country with all this corruption globally, and it’s going to come down.  It’s not a time to be in fear.  Get that fear dog off of you, and start feeding the good news dog.  Have faith that God is in control, and America is going to be a better place when this stuff has been purged of all this corruption.  There is going to be a lot of job openings coming up. . . . If God calls you to a position, you need to take your rightful place and make a decision that you are going to step into a roll of leadership.  God is looking for his people to take over.”

Mark Taylor also has two new prophecies that have been given to him and will reveal them in this interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mark Taylor, author of “The Trump Prophecies.”

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After the Interview: 

Taylor adds, “President Trump declared energy independence for America is a national security issue. When America is no longer an oil importer and starts exporting oil, what effect would that have on the U.S. dollar and the debt?  This is huge.”

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  1. Beverly Kingsford

    I agree with Mr. Taylor about prayer. I think it’s VERY important that all of us pray for the safety of our President, and that he has the wisdom and smarts to outsmart these world bankers. The more corruption Donald Trump brings to light, the more likely it is that they will do anything to stop that. So yes, we all need to pray every single day for this.
    I have to wonder though if Mr. Taylor is being a bit optimistic about the future. Things COULD improve, but the question is: will they? This thing could tumble any time, and I believe it will. Christ is going to come again, and what needs to happen before He comes? The cleansing of the earth. The wicked will be cleansed off of the earth in some pretty major ways, and it’s going to get uglier before it gets better. You can bet on that.
    The righteous will be gathered together as a result of the cleansing, and we will have to fight for righteousness. I agree that God is watching over America. America is a special land and there are promises made to Joseph of Egypt about his ancestors and the blessings they would receive in this land. So, this is a land that God is protecting because of the promises that were made long ago. If fear motivates people to get up and take action, then I think it’s a good thing.

    • Robert Peter Bailey

      Dear Sister Beverly,
      I have been trying to share on this network that the USA has been put in Bible Prophecy but alas not many good people really understand this ?
      In Gods Word in Rev 13:11-18; the Lord Himself who this last book of the Bible talks about himself, it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ! In these verses of chapter
      13, it has a Lamb like beast coming out of the earth, with two horns, Christ is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the World ( Earth ) these two horns without any crowns are the secrecy of its power!
      It was founded as an Republic ! and a Christian nation, originally ‘ In God we Trust ‘. Why or why can the millions of Christians in your country don’t see and understand these verses from the Book of Jesus Christ ! It maybe because the Anti- Christ has been in control far to long!

    • shayne zutavern

      Hello Greg, good stuff once again sir. I wanted to give my take of what we should expect in response to Beverly’s comment that … “the earth will be cleansed before Christ return…” Beverly, this is a nice thought but no where in the WORD that I am aware of does the LORD say and promise us this. I, as well many other “Christians” were taught WRONGLY that we will be raptured away, before the tribulation. Clearly the WORD tell us that the “False christ comes at the 6th trump and the true Christ and the final and 7th Trump. So ha