Obama Makes Dire Strategic Mistake in Ukraine-John Browne

John Browne - Obama Makes Dire Strategic Mistake in UkraineBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Financial and geo-political expert John Browne was an advisor on Russia to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  So, does he think the war in Ukraine is a dire threat?  Browne says, “Oh yes, I think it is dire particularly because President Obama has had the wrong end of the stick, and he follows a strategic mistake.  When President Reagan and Secretary of State Gorbachev, with the assistance of Margret Thatcher, achieved an end to the cold war, in other words, the colder part of Second World War in the mid 1980’s, it was agreed, if not in writing but tacitly, that neither side would try to poach on the old buffer states of NATO and the Warsaw Pact.  From the Russian point of view, they see a number of countries have voted quite democratically, like Poland, to go into the European Union and be associated with NATO and things like that.  They have also seen activity by the secret services of the West, most notably the CIA in the Ukraine, to persuade them to go.  This has angered the Russians, and when you come to the Ukraine and Crimea, you are treading on vital interests of Russia.  It is very similar to the situation in October of 1962, when Khrushchev of the Soviet Union decided to put intercontinental ballistic missiles in Cuba, right in the soft underbelly of the United States, threatening the vital interests of the United States.  In that confrontation, President Kennedy had to win even if it meant nuclear war.  He had to win that battle.  In this case, we have the West interfering in the soft underbelly of Russia, notably the Ukraine and in Crimea.  This threatens the vital interest of Russia like a warm water port with access to the Eastern Mediterranean, which they have sought for 200 years.  Putin, who enjoys 80 percent domestic support, has to win even if it means going to war.”

On this turning into a nuclear war in Ukraine, Browne goes on to say, “This would have a very high risk of slipping into nuclear war.  Russia has enormous ground forces, and Putin has updated the Russian armed forces tremendously.  They have very sophisticated rocket weapons, and if we saw massive numbers of our troops being slaughtered, maybe we would be the first to press the nuclear button. . . . So, this is a desperate situation.”

On the Greece bailout crisis, Browne says, “Germany has exerted its force.  Basically, they have a four month reprieve, but even the funds that will come in on Tuesday of this week, they are going to have monitoring which the Greeks have accepted.  They said they would never accept monitoring, and they have accepted monitoring and have accepted conditions.  These are steps for Germany gradually turning the knot on Greece and getting them to heal. . . . This is the reality of real politics of major nations. . . . I think Germany has won. . . . How is the new Prime Minister of Greece going to sell this to the electorate who just voted him to do absolutely no corroboration with the West at all?”

On the U.S. economy, Browne says, “I think things are slipping because we have leadership of an appalling bad quality. . . . At the moment, we have massive injections of money . . . The total is $50 trillion of money that has been created out of nowhere.  It is so-called ‘click money’ where it is no longer printed, but clicked on a computer.  So, there is lots of money swirling around, but value is being eroded.  It’s giving us the pretense, the wonderful feeling that this is a great party.  The band is fantastic, but if reality dawns and someone switches the lights on and the musical instruments go dark, what could go wrong?  Reality sets in.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Brown, Senior Economic Consultant at Euro Pacific Capital.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
John Browne is also a published author.  His latest book “Hidden Account of the Romanovs” is about “The causes of WWI; the true nature of Grenadier trench life with actions involving The Prince of Wales, Winston Churchill, and Christmas 1914; combat flying with 56 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps’; the imprisonment and murder of the Imperial family . . .”  You can buy the book by clicking here.

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  1. Coalburner

    Interesting, the most interesting to me is Mr. Brown’s discussion of Putin and Russia’s Christianity. We have touched on this before and this man comes out with a strong statement confirming the point from a closer view than ours (US). I don’t like to go as deep as some of your comment crew but I consider this a big deal worth floating a few possibilities about who may gain the favor of the allmighty. There is an outfit called lion ministries or something close to that that is making a big point of how the Bible says God raises and shuts down empire nations and the different point of view he has about how long they last as opposed to what mere men may think. We
    (USA) are breaking all the rules now while Russia may be moving more to following God’s laws through the Russian Orthidox church. I actually figured Greece might go over to Russia and may yet. If Russia desides to defend Isreal we better be litterally running for the exits.

    • Emeth

      Your comments about God ruling over this world are taking from places like these –
      Acts.17:26 “And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings”
      Dan.4:17 ‘This decision is by the decree of the watchers, And the sentence by the word of the holy ones, In order that the living may know That the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, Gives it to whomever He will, And sets over it the lowest of men.’

  2. Smaulgld

    Tremendous interview.
    Weekly example of Chinese Gold Demand: https://smaulgld.com/shanghai-gold-exchange-delivers-another-59-tons-gold-second-week-february/

  3. Silence is Golden

    The great takeaway from this interview for me was the comment from JB….that “Putin sees the Russian Orthodox church as a means to re-assert Russian influence……with Christianity failing in Western Europe….. A religiously motivated political movement”. That in itself is the essence of what the BIG picture is.
    Russia always has been a problem for the West. Ever since the West wanted to remove the last bastion of Christianity under the ruling Tsars of Russia (World War I) and to change the country to a Jewish state and a fortress of atheistic communism.
    Zionism, Communism are but political movements… nothing more. One could argue the same for Islam being a political movement or Ideology dressed up as a Religion.
    Putting the pieces of the puzzle together we have a failing Western Europe destitute of faith in Christianity (failing at the very least) whilst simultaneously we have the agents or the conspirators, who wish to divide larger and larger numbers of humans by forcing them to follow their ideologies and oppose each other with the differences (religiously and politically).
    To witness : What does Europe now face…..an Islamic (IS) invasion. These international movements are organised and will be (have been ) used to foment another catastrophe.
    You asked the question several times during the interview Greg. WAR ?
    That is exactly where all this eventually leads.
    Here is the real can of worms.
    Russia and the US are both controlled by the same International Bankers.
    Their respective leaders (Putin and Obama) are but the puppets of the agents of the Political Zionists.
    One has a strong Christian belief …the other is an atheist and pro-Islam , Pro Muslim , Anti American. Can you guess which presents the greatest danger ?

    Greg, I find your most recent interviews have moved a few notches higher and are inclusive now of topic matters which are progressively uncovering the workings of the inner sanctum of the Elite, by exposing the truth for all to see. Kudos.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SIG, but I think you can give all the credit to the guests.

      • Charles H.

        No, Greg – SIG is right: this interview is REALLY well done. The interaction is well-paced and comfortable, with a tons of information flowing out. You BOTH did great.

        • Collateral Damage

          Both SIG and Charles H. are right on this one Greg. 🙂

          You really nailed it. 🙂

          Respectfully and with Thanks,


    • Mohammad

      An Atheist and pro islam at the same time?
      One or the other i can relate to but both simultaneously?
      Are you sure you know a swat about the subject?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Mohammad, I know that on the surface being both atheist and pro-Islam would seem to be a contradiction. But it is certainly possible to be both. Islam is seen in many contexts, especially political, as anti-West. So, an atheist, who has no religious stake whatsoever, could be pro-Islam, if said atheist were also anti-West. It is also possible that an anti-West atheist might endorse the Islam approach on many life/social issues. Atheist and pro-Islam together are possibly not so antithetical as they might seem on the surface. Best always. PM

        • Mohammad

          On the surface or deep, atheist is the opposite of islam.
          Islam is surrendering to the one and the only god who created this universe and created us, that has no father no son no wife. and not like any thing we know (with all due respect to what others believe in, that is their business and not mine):
          “.كل ما خطر ببالك، فالله خلاف ذلك ”
          Atheist is …. I do not want to bother going there… not worth it.
          But please do not tell me they are the same because that is a profound ignorance.


  4. David

    Thank you for having John Browne on your real news cast.
    I have always enjoyed his candor and non frilly approach.
    When ever I have listened to Mr. Browne interviewed I not
    only learned something new but also found that his logic and
    reasoning was very well presented. I look forward to you
    having him on again in the near future.

  5. Karen

    Hands down, one of the best interviews and guests that I have seen on your show. Mr. Browne is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent speaker. I don’t think anyone has explained the Greek and Ukraine situation more succinctly. Mr. Browne is clearly not an alarmist, but his words are very clear: We should all be alarmed at what is happening in the world right now.
    I am going to make a confession that might get me slammed here, but I voted for Obama in the first election. I am now mortified, frightened and sickened by what a horrible president he is, and Mr. Browne summed up President Obama quite well in this interview. He is spot on – Obama is a travesty and a real threat to world peace.
    I swear I will never vote again — it’s like going to a “creep show” and then trying to vote for who is the least scariest person that gets thrown out at you (by their respective parties).
    That say, I do want to thank Greg and Mr. Browne for their time and insights in helping us all try to understand a little of what is going on around us.

    • Apollo

      Karen, the only alternative the US people had was Ron Paul and they blew their chance away. Weather you vote for Republicans of Democrats it makes no difference. U might as well vote for nobody as u very well pointed out if you do not find any candidate in the creep show background who represents your political views and values.

      Greg, u and many of your guests were right when they were saying about the Gold price being rigged!!! Look at this:http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-23/ten-banks-including-jpm-goldman-deutsche-barclays-socgen-and-ubs-probed-gold-rigging

    • Collateral Damage

      I agree with you Karen, a tremendous interview. But I don’t agree with the not voting thing. As for me, I will always go third party. At least that way I can send a message that the two ‘bought and paid for lackeys’ are not to my liking. 🙂

      I like your creep show comment. 🙂

      Best to you Karen,


  6. Irving Greenstein

    Why shouldn’t we threaten the soft underbelly of those bastards? THey are the evil empire. Say what you will about certain aspects of Washington, but in the final analysis our country stands alone as a protector and promoter of freedom and liberty. Not to mention that we have invested billions into the Ukraine. How are we going to reap a profit on our investments if we just cut and run ? No sir! We are justified in protecting our vital interests. There is lots of money at stake in the rich oil and gas deposits in Ukraine and we must prevail.

    • OutLookingIn

      “protector and promoter of freedom”???
      Like the ‘Patriot Act’? Like the ‘Bill of Rights’ being gutted? Like the ‘Constitution’ being ignored? How about promoting ‘freedom’ in Afghanistan or Iraq? Or Libya? How did that work out?
      “evil empire” ???
      How about the Anglo/American axis of power? Hows that working out so far? Yes, billions have been spent on the Ukraine. Mostly covertly over throwing a democratically elected government, in order to install a fascist puppet who is friendly to NATO and the west.
      “rich oil and gas deposits”???
      LMAO! Why do you think the Ukraine owes Russia so much money? Vodka maybe? How about all that gas to power the country? To say nothing of their oil energy bill? Now, where are all these “rich oil and gas deposits” in the Ukraine? Grow up. Start seriously educating yourself. Move out of your parents basement and continue to seek education in the real world. Then, please engage brain before opening mouth.

      • OutLookingIn

        My comment still awaiting moderation???

        After 24 hours? Give me a break! If you don’t want comments that don’t meet with your approval, then say so! Don’t just ignore them and let them die on the shelf.

        If you do? Then you are no better than the oligarchal manipulators, presstitutes and crooked politicians whom you profess to campaign against! Don’t be a hypocrite. I expected more from the “Great” Greg Hunter!

        • Collateral Damage


          Give the Guy a Break! 24 hrs ain’t long when you read all the comments and post them personally. He doesn’t have the staff of a CNN, NBC or Fox News!

          I really liked your first comment (above), by the way.

          Just please, give a little more credit where credit is due. 🙂


        • Charles H.


          Mr. Hunter has a life of his own. This is a non-pay site – and despite the “involvement” of posting, rather than just reading: your terse criticism is a bit out-of-line. And the great phrase of : “I expect more from…” only reveals an attitude of – ‘what I’m entitled to’. People shouldn’t get in the face of the host who gives the Party, unless it is a kindly suggestion.

        • Greg Hunter

          Here is my answer: Please go somewhere else. You had your say but that is clearly not enough.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Yes Washington, go for it.
      Keep up your ludicrous notion of exceptionalism.
      Carry on too with your murderous global rampage.
      Continue your patronage of chaos and terror and perpetual war.
      Keep killing, you are good at it.
      Finance this monolithic industry by thieving from future generations and the world at large.
      Focus also on stealing from the poor and the uneducated.
      Just keep doing all of this until the situation improves.


      • Collateral Damage

        Well Said Colin. 🙂

        It is good to hear from you now and again.



    • Rick Perkins

      “Why shouldn’t we threaten the soft underbelly of those bastards? …..There is lots of money at stake in the rich oil and gas deposits in Ukraine and we must prevail.”

      King Solomon’s answer…
      Proverbs 1:10-16
      My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.
      If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause: Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit: We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil: Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:

      My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path:
      For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood.

    • sk

      Sometimes I wonder if you are for real. Money, money, money. Maybe you are a troll trying to caricature for the rest of us the bankster mentality, to give us some comic relief? There are living breathing human beings in Ukraine, Russia, Greece, and Palestine, but to you they are nothing but cogs in your investment machinery.

      • Collateral Damage


    • Collateral Damage


      You really strike me as a Shill, (i.e. ‘An accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.’).

      And as a (potentially paid?) shill, I would ask you to at least get some of your basic facts straight. You say that Ukraine has ‘Rich?’ oil and gas deposits?


      Per the CIA Fact Book, “Ukraine’s dependence on Russia for energy supplies and the lack of significant structural reform have made the Ukrainian economy vulnerable to external shocks. Ukraine depends on imports to meet about three-fourths of its annual oil and natural gas requirements and 100% of its nuclear fuel needs.”

      I believe that most people who read this site are savvy enough to see through you.

      Not very Respectfully,

    • Collateral Damage


      and another thing, ‘Reap Profits on Our Investment? Who are you, Victoria Neuland?



      And Finally, What the he*l? “Evil Empire”?…

      In your (potentially paid) version of the world, things are ‘us and them’, ‘black and white’, we are Good Guys (beat your chest please IG), they are Bad (Evil Empire).

      What a Simpleton you are, or at least, what a simpleton you pretend to be.

      Nothing personal ig, I just think you are a Paid Shill, that’s all.


    • paul

      Bowne speaks of the “soft underbelly of the United States” and threats to its vital interests by other Nations … but the Bible speaks of greater threats that can come to “morally corrupted Nations” that come under the Judgement of God.

      Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku spoke of one such threat to the US on CNN … “That when Yellowstone blows it could destroy the United States as we know it.”

      Intellihub reported 3/4/2014 it had information from “an unnamed source” … that the White House has ordered the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to suppress from the general public earthquake swarm data from the Yellowstone region to hide (a Shemitah like event) that may be coming to the US in 2015.

      When Yellowstone’s super eruption does occur … vast areas of crop land will be destroyed making it almost impossible to feed cattle . ..large herds would die off … and grocery store prices will skyrocket for meat, grains and milk in short supply … those prepper’s buying food, gold, ammo, etc. now should also consider buying face masks … because breathing volcanic ash is like breathing small particles of glass into your lungs.


    • dbcooper

      Sorry Greg, I placed this comment in the wrong spot… The model here is that the profit justifies the means… “corporate morality” DB

    • Charles H.

      So turn-about fair-play would be good, as one teaches by example…

      Russia sees America as an Evil Empire – bullying and cheating the world by overprinting the Dollar, and over-throwing small sovereign governments. Why shouldn’t Russia move into Cuba with military armament? Take a position in Belize, and start drilling the heck out of the Gulf Of Mexico? Wouldn’t one soft underbelly deserve another? Russia has invested tons of money in Cuba: don’t they deserve to reap their profits too?

      • Collateral Damage


        Don’t encourage them, IG or Russia! 🙂


  7. paul

    Did the entire global bond and derivatives bubble burst today? … guess not … the CAC is up on heavy volume! … because as Brown says the new Greek government “knuckled under” to banker pressure … exactly the opposite of what the new leaders were voted in “not to do” by the Greek people!

    Were the new Greek leaders offered a bribe they could not refuse? … were their families lives threatened? … what ever the reason … the Greek election mandate was just nullified by the banker cabal!

    Does this mean the loan and derivative crisis is over? … not in the least! … it only means the bankers were given a little more time (4 months) to “dump” their sovereign Greek bonds off their balance sheets for “newly printed” EU cash … so as to avoid taking a big loss on these sovereign bonds when they eventually do come down in the future.

    The extra time the bankers were granted by the new Greek leaders … will limit the amount of “new collateral” the bankers will have to put up on their very shaky derivative positions … and the fact that the bankers “were given more time” means the derivative crisis “continues to remain a big problem” … otherwise the bankers would have written off that part of the Greek debt that cannot be paid (as they would normally have done in the past so that the rest of the debt could be paid) … the reason the bankers keep demanding the impossible (that all the debt be paid) is because their derivative problems are still too great at this time for them to afford taking any kind of loss on their current holdings of Greek sovereign bonds … taking such losses would demand they come up with “more collateral” to back up all the “insane” derivatives trades they have made!

    • Silence is Golden

      The Bankers want every citizen of Greece (man, woman and child) to be left destitute with the Government rendered impotent by virtue of the elimination of any and all of its revenue. It cannot stimulate growth….in fact it cannot even break away from its depression. It never will either.
      That is the concept behind the EU…..remove any semblance of Sovereignty and ensure that the States of the EU are ultimately governed by the One Political Party.
      Once the people are left hopeless and totally bankrupted (because all industry is destroyed -except for those living off the bureaucracy), then the Governments of each individual State are systematically removed, where henceforth those poor souls will then be subjected to a rule of law determined by unelected individuals. If you serve no purpose to the New Order, then you will not be fed.
      If that doesn’t make you quiver in your boots…take a step back…..and compare what is happening in Greece…with what is happening at home in the US. A democracy where every critical decision is made for you – without your consent. A nation with a debt so large that it TOO will never be repaid. A Bankrupt Government and a broken system with a soon to be defunct fiat currency. A Government that is corrupted to the neckline with an agenda to ensure every citizen has no freedoms or rights.
      You may think you have choices….because they only provide what you may think you need. Remember these people have no religion, no allegiance to country. They exist to partake in the profit…and want their fair share of the pie.

    • anni

      Greed, greed, greed, money, war! Wow you sound like our leaders in Washington. Are you a troll? More articulate people on this website can give a better rebuttal to your statements than I, and I hope they do.

    • anni

      oops wrong reply, dang I do that every time

    • dbcooper

      The model here is that the profit justifies the means…” corporate morality” DB

  8. mac

    Debaltsevo (3000 soldiers trapped there but only a few hundred exchanged?, so some are missing, eh what?- this shows the future for “Porky” and gang. He will be lucky not to be hanged soon!
    A step to0 far, thanks Nuland and Obama and Hillary and horeseface; a bunch of mentally deranged psychopaths, and how did this come to pass? Is the demise of America already planned by these ‘flakes’?
    Poland seem to stick its nose in when maybe it should just shut up. Same before WWII, Poles were creating trouble with Germany.
    The US economy is not recovering, but lets keep it a secret.
    Some people lust for war, don’t they. Old stuck up intellectual snobs. NSA candidate?

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Love your comment and your turn of phrase!

  9. Jerry

    Greg I really enjoyed this interview. I have an enormous amount of respect for John Browne. You can’t put a premium on the amount of knowledge and experience that this man has in world affairs. The global economy as a whole was at its zenith under his watch with Margaret Thatcher. My favorite Thatcher quote is.
    ” The trouble with Socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money”

    Boy was that an understatement! In todays economic world , when socialistic policies fail, all you have to do is print more money, and loot the crap out of other countries resources though proxy wars (IE Ukraine, IE Libya. IE Iraq, and soon to be IE Syria).
    There isn’t a dimes worth of difference between Black Water, and ISIS. They’re both CIA proxy armies built by the banking cabal to steal financial resources from the world economy. Every other country in the world but us knows it. This is why there is such a mad dash to embrace the RMB by the BRIC nations, and more importantly why the dollar hasn’t collapsed yet. But the problem with this strategy is, eventually you run out of other people to rob, or in the case of Russia, somebody who has a bigger gun than you.

    • Silence is Golden

      “Run out of people to rob”……..That’s when they start stealing from each other and creating wars to get what they want.

  10. Peter from the Netherlands

    Hi Greg,

    Please would you be so kind to ask Jim Sinclair to give his comment!!!



    • Greg Hunter

      Working on it. Sinclair is tied up now but will come on in the future, he just doesn’t know when. Thank you.

  11. allen ols


    I liked him; esp these terms,
    ( we have leadership of an appalling bad quality.)

    (It is so-called ‘click money’ )

    Browne says, “I think things are slipping because we have leadership of an appalling bad quality. . . . At the moment, we have massive injections of money . . . The total is $50 trillion of money that has been created out of nowhere. It is so-called ‘click money’ where it is no longer printed, but clicked on a computer.

  12. Mike

    Two decades ago my wife and I as well as a few friends had a conversation.

    All of us worked retail sales. As we saw the movement of manufacturing move to the East in search of higher profits we projected that the time would come where this would eventually destroy many western retail companies.


    Fast forward to today and that prediction proved to be correct.

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains it well in the above link.

    • Silence is Golden

      Yes indeed…Globalisation was an indoctrination …with the consequences known full well by those who embellished such a beast. We were ensconced and became willing believers with the benefits of such a manifestation. We were blinded, and now after the damage is evident, have begun to realise that their actions were intentionally devised to bring about a greater levelling in wealth equality (at least amongst the 99%). Globalisation is the precursor to a One World Government. It is thinly disguised as a panacea but requires adaptation and progressive forward movement otherwise you are left floundering and languishing.

    • Collateral Damage


      Thanks for posting the link to the wonderful article. I would recommend that everyone read it if you have time.



  13. Nill Nilsen

    As Spaniards deceived Indians on gold. As «assurances states» of Ukraine deceived on the nuclear weapon, their assurances zero, as zero arms supplies. Nice work Obama! Comrade Putin will probably give you a “Hero of the USSR” medal.

  14. Jerry

    Yep. No confusion here is there?
    Wouldn’t you love to hear what Ambassador Stevens would have to say about this picture?

  15. West Tejas

    John Browne has a much better handle on current conditions than most. He realizes as long as the dollar is the worlds reserve currency it will be nothing more than a slow grind for the U.S. and believe he’s 100% correct. Sure countries like Russia and their BRICS partners are moving away from the dollar but this could take many, many years. Didn’t Russia just launch their own SWIFT competitive system with about $100 Billion, now compare that to the SWIFT which is upwards of $10 Trillion plus. Its sort of like a tick on a dog and it’s going to take 20 of these ticks to do any significant damage to the dollar.

    As long as all these countries like Japan, China, Europe and U.S. continue to pass the QE Money Printing Baton to keep their currencies within a specified range and gold suppressed I don’t see why this couldn’t drag on for many more years. Eventually something breaks as many have forecasted but the question is when? One year, three years, ten years?

  16. Galaxy 500

    Great interview, Greg. What could go wrong?

  17. Diane Ryan

    Meddling in the affairs of Russia, Ukraine, Greece and any foreign nations is blatantly unconstitutional. Period. Yet rather than expressing outrage, we Americans insist on treating them like teams in fantasy football and everyone is a coach with their own strategy. Are we to bored to just mind our own business, or too stupid?

    Long forgotten is arguable the greatest speech ever made on American soil. “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible…. It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” — George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796

    • Collateral Damage

      Thanks for the quote Diane.


  18. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you for the interview, enjoyed it a lot, very clear view, good people on your show. ‘President Obama shouts a lot, carrying a mere twig’, he said. That attitude I can place in the farfetched speculative Malmstrom scenario, which is targeted to avoid a full blown nuclear war, but to undermine evil western leadership. A national press release by retired military on tampering with nukes by unknown entities, which I (suspect)/know being the spirit world, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bgGqoCa6go
    In case the Malmstrom scenario really is in progress, president Obama realizes he can’t challenge the Russians too much on a military level. His big mouth covering up the weak hand the USA is holding in the matter. President Obama chose economic warfare, which probably won’t be successful enough, as Putin is probably waiting on China to strike back in the financial warfare. For over a decade, every year I experience observing networks around me, at times taking control of my TV connection, as I then receive awkward TV, which shows the topics of such a time in most of the time an encrypted way, to keep me involved/intrigued with it I guess, as I experience that strategy from my paranormal sources, as the combination seems to acknowledge some highlights of my informational jigsaw puzzle. The cause for the observing interacting networks are seemingly my intense contacts with paranormal sources, much of it in regard to the comeback of Jesus Christ (JC). Last summer was such a period again, as at a certain moment I saw a press release by Obama in which he was very insecure. Then I saw the actual official broadcast in which he was big mouthed/secure again. My paranormal sources claim the recovery of Obama’s sentiment got derived by the observation of the comeback of JC at that time, the essence being that Obama stands down on too intense military intervention, as he resumes his big mouth for keeping up appearances, as it’s not meant that the USA got humiliated by a very insecure president on the matter. The same goes for his turn towards Iran, and away from Israel, so far though. If I analysed all the bit and pieces somewhat correctly, there is a complex of networks around the comeback of JC, who will go full steam to avoid a sudden total collapse of the financial system, as far that will be possible of course, but they intervened in 2008 by approaching the Dutch financial minister, who made the first step in the world to rescue the system, as the rest followed suit.

    The comeback of JC, once playing the role of the prophet Mohammed (pbuh), seeded clashing religions in these two roles, as religions are manmade altered stories about spiritual inspirations. JC came back 700 years later in his role of the prophet Mohammed (pbuh), expecting something like Islam, which became to be. The time shift targeted that the west would meet her history of the barbaric Inquisition, to keep the spiritual search going, to realize one day that religions are power obsessed altered nonsense stories, leading to interpreted excesses such as religious based barbaric behavior, in an power obsessed world. As far the information about the comeback of JC is true, then president Obama was encouraged to mention the history of the barbaric history of the Inquisition during the prayer breakfast. The arising of barbaric extreme Islam is high on the agenda of the comeback of JC, as it makes the religious debate very actual again, which is targeted. Extreme barbaric Islam was expected, like the barbaric Inquisition was expected after JC, and the altering of his story. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected.

  19. Rich

    The answer to the question Mr. Brown posited at the end of the conversation, how much of the gold in Ft. Knox is still owned by the United States is easy to answer: all of it, since it is located in the United States and not in China.

    How much is physically there is another question.

    • Collateral Damage


      I think that he knew that too, he just was polite enough not to say it. Some things you have to let other people figure out for themselves.


  20. Saveus

    I believe Greece will eventually join the BRIC nations. This fellow talked a little bit about democracy; well democracy is governance by the people for the people. Question: Where is democracy in this world?

    • Silence is Golden

      When the people eventually wake up and raise their voice….then they will show the true democracy at work. Unfortunately that will also involve lawless societies.
      We are all faced with Governments who are but puppets….even the so called radicalised ones…are serving someone/ some policy agenda of a group of very evil humans.

    • Charles H.

      I agree. In history.

  21. Viewed through the lense of Bible prophecy, John Browne’s political & economic analysis raises some interesting possibilities.

    The Bible predicts war “in the latter days” and specifically mentions Persia (Iran) and Magog (most likely Russia) along with “a great company ” of allies, who will launch a surprise attack (most likely nuclear) against Israel (Ez.38 & 39).

    The U.S. is not mentioned. The big question is why? Are we no longer a major player due to an economic melt-down or a lack of leadership or worse, because we’ve been taken out militarily?

    • Art Barnes

      “…economic melt-down or a lack of leadership or worse” , I think you got it (answered your own question), the current facts of this reclining culture (empire) can’t be denied any longer. If the U.S. plays any role in prophecy it will be a minor one, as we are losing world status quickly, just look at the middle east for an example “death to America”, surly we can’t stay in the area for long with more & more cultures wanting our demise (just one example, thousands others). Further, as each Administration becomes less respectful of Israel and more Muslim protective the U.S. policies becomes withdrawal of support, leading to Israel on its own creating a void for the wolves to attack Israel from the North. Without any support it will be clear to the world that Israel had divine intervention when He destroys the nations who invade, bringing many to Christian & Jewish faith and setting up for the end of time as we know it.

      • sk

        Art! The Bible also says “by their fruits ye shall know them” How does the raining of heavy artillery shells and bombs from F16’s on to Gaza civilians in July/August 2014 (about 2000 dead, among them 500 children) equate to being the act of a godly people? My rationality (given to me by God!) does not permit this conclusion. Neither does the starving of the Palestinians by denying them their own taxes. Neither does the destruction of shelter, especially now in winter; at least two Palestinian infants have died from sheer exposure. If you absolutely have to invoke a chapter&verse for every decision in your life, then I recommend the one that says that whoever harms innocent children would be better off being tossed into the ocean with a millstone around his neck. Think.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hamas fired thousands of rockets from heavily populated areas so it could get a high civilian body count. Oh, you say it’s so tight in Gaza that they had to do that? NO, that is a provable lie. Look at this satellite map of Gaza from Goggle Earth: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=gaza+satellite+map Zoom in and look at the 1950 Armistice Line that makes the borders of GAZA. There are wide open spaces and farm ground, perfect for firing thousands of rickets into Israel. Oh, and if you protested this military bloodbath initiated by Hamas, they took you out in the streets and shot you. More than two dozen were murdered this way according to the NYT’s and other publications. What Hamas (the elected government of Gaza) did was start a war and committee war crimes by conducting it they way they did. If they wanted to protect its citizens from carnage they would have moved their military operation to the Gaza border and put their women and children behind them. Ho and I left out the 40 terror tunnels they were going to use to attack civilians in Israel. Weapons and tunnels is how Hamas spent billions of $’s in aide instead of building schools and hospitals and productive businesses.

      • Charles H.


        God will answer Israel and the world in such a way that it will be unmistakeable as to Who intervenes.

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Brother.

    • wd


      Bible prophecy is still anyone’s guess. No one knows for sure about the fututre if wars etc. I have read completely opposite view points for the same passages. It really is a guess as there is so much lost in translation.

  22. Sam B

    Great interview Greg. He is a clever man. The Greece EU/Russia info was very interesting indeed.

  23. diane

    Hi Greg
    Love this guy…..John Browne!!!!!!
    He sure is clear in his analysis of what’s happening in the world today.
    My favorite interview so far. That’s saying a lot….because all your interviews are good to very good….this one is great.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane!

  24. OutLookingIn

    Repeated throughout history as historical fact;

    When an empire reaches it’s end time and all else fails, the corrupt leadership takes the empire to war one last time. With the result that these last wars end badly for the empire.

    The American military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned about, has been trying to expand the global scope of war for fifteen years now, without much success.
    Their efforts have proved to be abysmal failures, resulting in failed nation states where ever outright hostilities (both overt & covert) have broken out, including the ‘spill over’ into neighboring countries. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and now as John Browne attests to the “soft underbelly” of Russia, the Ukraine.
    These foreign misadventures (poorly planned and reasoned) by the American leadership (military/industrial complex) if allowed to expand by the American people, will inevitably lead to the much wider scope of global conflict and that means the use of nuclear weapons.
    The American people must wake up, rise up and take back their birth right. Or lose it.

    • Collateral Damage

      Sad OLI, ain’t it?


  25. 8Ball

    On the double standard of Western governments and the governed (around 25 min): “It’s a scandal but we seem to accept it.”

    That about sums it all of up. If we continue to “accept it” then nothing much is going to change and we will keep having this conversation for a long time.

  26. Gene

    “I think … [Putin} is a devout Christian, … and sees the Russian Orthodox Church as one of the political means by which he can assert Russian influence, as you see Christianity failing in Western Europe.”

    He might have said just as well, “as you also see Christianity failing in America.” After all, if America were really a Christian nation, the voters would not have reelected a deceptive, murderous, make-believe Christian, and closet Muslim, to the office of the Presidency. As things stand, most American who claim to be “Christian” are really practical atheists who lead their lives as if God did not exist.

    But we know that Barry Soetoro is just the tool of the ruling class which is Satanic, and which governs, not for the benefit of the people whom they in fact despise, but to enrich and empower themselves at the people’s expense.

    If America were governed by a Christian political class, it would put the interests of the American people first; and the American people, if they were truly Christian, would, in turn, be willing to make the sacrifices required to preserve their nation against all enemies. But neither is the case, and the military phase of the Third World War when it comes will go very badly for America.

    • Art Barnes

      Gene, a very astute understanding of American Christian culture, the reelection of Obama certainly told me that true & real Christians in America are declining rapidly while our so-called Christian politicians & judges cow town to the Muslims & the atheists. We might as well get used to living in America as a second rate unprotected people, its going to get worst as God removes his blessings.

  27. Donna

    I watched an interview of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) wherein he made the remark: “After I talked to Harry Dent, I was put on suicide watch.” All the funnier because I had recently watched an interview of Harry Dent by, I believe, Alex Jones.

    Six months ago, I did not know who Harry Dent was, or even Dr. Roberts for that matter. Almost without exception, everyone you interview is a new face to me. I think I found your site through Noory when you did one of your short interviews. I remember scribbling down the name of your site at the time and checking it out. The names of the people you interview come up all the time on other sites. I now know who they are talking about. I think Celente is the only one I had known before, again from Noory.

    Joel ?Skousen feels that the Russia/Ukraine fight is just another distraction, that Russia will retake much of Ukraine and we will ultimately allow it. I’m more concerned about our own leader who you know will ignore a court stay and continue to flood the country with illegals nonstop. We have no borders and they worry about Ukraine. At least the Russians/Ukranians make an attempt at repelling invaders. Here we put out the vacancy sign and meet their every need and whim.

    One nice thing about repressed gold and silver prices — for now, you can buy at fire sale prices that cannot last.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Donna.

    • John Q


      TIME; McCain ‘Ashamed’ of How U.S. Has Handled Ukraine Conflict

      Senator John McCain said in an interview Sunday that the United States and its allies haven’t done enough to stop the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine, where government forces and Russia-backed separatists locked in battle claim a cease-fire agreement has been violated and remains fragile.

      “I’m ashamed of my country, I’m ashamed of my President and I’m ashamed of myself that I haven’t done more to help these people,” he told CBS’ Face the Nation. “It is really, really heartbreaking.” The United Nations conservatively estimates more than 5,300 people have been killed since April!

      The American people are and should be ashamed of you John McCain, you along with our state department have make us a laughing stock, yet it’s worse! Even now, our allies fear us now much more than Russia, because they think our country is being run by a bunch of mad men, poking around the Russian bear, not minding our own business, with instigators like you, gambling! Bringing the world closer too nuclear annihilation! For what? Because Russia was getting to big for it’s britches? World war’s I and II, started under much less, duress! Ronald Reagan’s gonna get you McCain, when he comes back! You want to do away with the peace Ronnie worked so hard to achieve and the forces of good wont let you resurrect that wall!

      King James Bible;______________________________
      Have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow, that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust.◄ Acts 24:15 ►
      You can count Ronald Reagan in with the Just and you and your friends in with the latter.
      He spent his whole optimistic, smiling life, bringing happiness to people and bringing them together, like Rodney King said, quoting Ronald Reagan, “why cant we just all get along!’Now John McCain and his neo-con buddies at state, have done everything in their power to bring into fruition, Zbigniew Zabriskies wet dream into reality, total depopulation of earth in a worldwide nuclear conflagration. Yes the real doctor Strangelove, not Henry kissinger, but that, mad man, of mad men! Even his own daughter thinks he’s nuts!

      Back to TIME article;

      PHOTOS: Scenes From Eastern Ukraine Show Cease-Fire in Shreds

      McCain is in the camp that thinks the U.S. should send lethal weapons to Ukraine’s military, but President Barack Obama hasn’t made a decision yet. “The Ukrainians aren’t asking for American boots on the ground; that’s not the question here,” he said. “They’re asking for weapons to defend themselves, and they are being slaughtered and their military is being shattered.” Ukrainian forces fought their way out of the strategic rail hub of Debaltseve last week, suffering a brutal and bloody defeat. . . .

      Whats with this guy? The Ukrainian people aren’t asking for anything except money and gas from Russia. They want nothing to do with eastern Ukraine, it’s all ethnic Russians and it’s been that way for who knows how long and they won’t let their son’s go fight for our state department . Those ethnic Russians or even Putin don’t want the rest of Ukraine, McCain. They dont want to be part of a new world disorder crafted by, the nut case, Zbigniew. Thats why the ethnic Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine are whipping the but’s off the western, Kiev, Ukrainians, their fighting for their homes and land, unlike the western boys who have nothing whatsoever in the fight and it shows in their fighting and defeat after defeat. State department knows the only thing left is to give Kiev their heavy weapons and let them turn the place into a parking lot like what we did to Serbia, for the muslims, but here’s the rub. Putin isn’t going to stand by and watch, like he’s been doing so far, it will be WWIII, and a lot more parking space worldwide, just nobody to park all the leftover car’s!

      TIME, continued;

      The Arizona senator also made a quick dig against German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande, who recently helped broker the cease-fire deal in Minsk. The two have “legitimized for the first time in 70 years the dismemberment of a country in Europe,” he said. McCain later added that Russian President Vladimir Putin “wants Ukraine not to be a part of Europe and he is succeeding at doing so.”
      Ukraine has been what he calls dismembered.

      Doesnt John boy know the ethnic Russians have been there in eastern Ukraine long before even his family owned slaves? He just wants to pick a fight with Russia. Here’s a caricature of McCain in his navy days when he first sat down with with Barry!

      • John Q

        Oop’s http://biblehub.com/acts/24-15.htm ◄ Acts 24:15 ►

      • Collateral Damage

        The American people are and should be ashamed of you John McCain, you along with our state department have make us a laughing stock,


  28. Jerry

    What I’m seeing is a two pronged attack to take down the dollar. While everyone is focused on Ukraine, guess who’s making deals with the Russians?

    Greece may agree to a finance extension, but make no mistake they have bigger fish to fry with the deal Russia is offering them. The choice? Be strapped with Billions of debt to the EU. Or get a cut of one of the biggest deals Russia has ever offered. Its a no brainer. The other front? You guessed it. Syria. Only this time ISIS is the excuse instead of the Chemical weapon debacle that didn’t work the last time. But guess what? The Russians read the news to, and will be waiting, just like they did in Ukraine.

    You almost have t feel sorry for the cabal. They’re bag of tricks is almost empty.

    • John Q

      IS militants kidnap dozens of Christians in Syria

      BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State militants have abducted at least 70 Christians, including women and children, after overrunning a string of villages in northeastern Syria, activists and relatives said Tuesday.


      As you know ISIS was bought, paid, trained by our state dept. and the house of Saud picked up the tab. There also paying today with low oil prices. Thats why the internet as we know it must go, we know too much Jerry! I mean what took years to figure out, the shenanigans of our neo-con men and women at state, now takes minutes. But a free people cant be trusted to rule the world, were too soft;

      ISIS was supposed to take Assad out, instead they’re trying to take us out and were dinner. They couldn’t wait on our president to give them the go ahead, there showing us what they could have done, in Syria.
      If Putin didn’t refuse to come on our’s and the Saudi’s side in the fight with Assad, the “liver eaters,” Putin’s words, would not just be eating out the Syrian christians but our own liver’s, by now, in this country! So world, you have to thank Barry Obama for standing up to McCain and the neo-con men and women, by not invading Syria! He earned that Nobel peace prize, after all. The writing IS. on the wall, the baby, our baby, will have to be thrown out with the bathwater. The Islamic state militants will be destroyed and it will create much more shock and awe than any burnings or beheading could ever do, you’ll read about it here, on USAWatchdog, thats if Obomber lets you, because he’ll own it!

      Fitting the Internet for FCC shackles

      By Tom Jackson | Tribune Staff
      Published: February 7, 2015

      Unable to leave well enough alone, the White House succeeded this week in pressuring Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission — an “independent” federal agency — to declare plans to regulate the Internet as though it were a public utility. Hogwash.

      To pull off this egregious and unwarranted attack on the most world-altering innovation since humans split the atom, Wheeler will rely on laws and authorities drafted in the first third of the 20th Century at the dawn of the rotary dial era, all in the interest of “Net Neutrality”: unfettered access for all to the world wide web at the fastest possible download speeds.

      Never mind that the current lively competition among Internet service providers was already providing, with competitive cutthroat abandon, what the Obama administration sought. The president claims his desire for an open and robust virtual world can be guaranteed only by locking it down with regulations.

      Based on history however, regulatory regimes lead only to more taxation, higher costs, limited competition and diminished innovation, accompanied by more rent-seeking lobbyists.

      Honestly, if it weren’t for gazing backward — to the liberal high holy days of the New Deal and the Great Society, not to mention Christian armies saddling up for the Crusades — President Obama wouldn’t have any vision at all.

      The Tampa Tribune

  29. Mohammad

    Great interview Greg, I always thought Putin is the eastern christian believer and i mentioned that many times on your site, am glad your guest confirmed my views.


  30. Robert Hatzakorzian

    Greg, Browne is a joke. Putin will threaten Poland? This is absolutely ridiculous. Try interviewing a real Russia expert like Professor Stephen Cohen and you will get the real truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Only your one-sided view is the correct one. No room for any other analysis or opinion.

    • allen ols

      RH Why so Harsh?

  31. dbcooper

    Greg… WTF… where’s all the over the top comments ??? Just Asking
    Your friend … DB FN Yours in Faith and Yours in Liberty

    • dbcooper

      Greg, sorry (again) I was experiencing anxiety at not seeing any comments… yet !! You have my apologies… FN DB

      • Collateral Damage

        Give the guy a Break, he has a life too. 🙂


  32. Terry

    Reagan was a patriot and a great American President who was trying to solve problems. obama is a Trojan horse commie deliberately creating chaos that will require “extraordinary measures”[more communism] to correct. He is inviting trouble.

  33. Robert Hatzakorzian


    Are you auditioning for one of the Sunday morning talk shows? Because the way in which you let Browne get away with that answer regarding Russian troops in eastern Ukraine sure as heck made me think so. Browne says he read about this on “Internet sites.” You should have pressed him on these “sites.” Could they have been Abcnews.com or nytimes.com? This was a very weak response by Browne. Come on, Greg, you are better than this. Although I disagreed with the manner in which you treated Gerald Celente on the latest Hamas Israel war, at least you were not soft. The fans of this site deserve better.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you disagreed with how I handled Mr.Celente then you want one sided your view news. If that’s what you think this audience “deserves” then please start your own site. It’s easy.

      • Collateral Damage

        RH really ought to start his own site.
        I would also endorse that you stop letting him post on yours. 🙂


    • Old Dog

      Unspecified “internet sites” are not valid documentation of any statement, especially one of such portent as experienced Russian military fighting in Ukraine.
      And neither does the”gut feeling” of a man with 10 years of military experience serve as documented proof.

      Not impressed with Mr. Browne.

    • Charles H.


      It is somewhat amazing how easily you nit-pick and criticize Mr. Hunter – like some kind of premiere Internet-site Critic par-excellance. Rather than stating comments on issues raised, then letting them go: you signal-out points, then attack the host for mis-handling them! I suggest that before you try to “drive” Mr. Hunter with your criticisms – show us all how it is done better with your own site. Don’t keep posting consistently negative posts against the host: you’re better than this!

      • Collateral Damage

        You say, “you’re better than this!”

        He hasn’t been convincing me of it.



    • Smaulgld

      The interviews Greg does are respectful and intended to give the guests a chance to air their views.

      The weekend wrap up is for Greg to give his.

      Sometimes the guests say something that Greg clearly disagrees with and he lets it slide intentionally or in the interest of time. I can name many. To me USAWG is not a debate platform for Greg and his guests and I don’t think Greg intends it to be.

      The comments often call out the disagreements that we may have with the guests. I think the format works very well.
      If you think one of the guests said something not credible- point it out. Nothing is gained by attacking the speaker personally or blaming Greg for not pouncing on a statement he may have agreed with.

      • Collateral Damage

        Well Said S.

        Enjoy your posts by the way.


  34. paul

    Browne says, “There is a very high risk of slipping into nuclear war”. Here is an article translated from the German Spiegel explaining the same risk!

  35. Dale

    Greetings Greg,
    Stegge posted a comment today I wanted to respond to. He posts that he believes the United States is not mentioned in biblical prophecy. I believe that much attention is focused on the nation of Israel which is actually the tribe of Judah. Israel, split into two tribes-Ephraim, represented by the United States and Manasseh, represented by Great Britain. Much is written in biblical prophecy concerning these two tribes and both the United States and Great Britain will figure prominently in end times prophecy.
    I don’t know whether this topic has been addressed on your site as I have missed it if the topic has been discussed. The long awaited caliphate has been declared and appointed to the head of it is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Activation of the caliphate has activated many phases of long dormant radical Islam dictates and needs to be understood if one is to confront the threat if ISIS logically. The Atlantic Monthly has a very good March article addressing this titled “What ISIS Really Wants and How to Stop It”. Bernard Haykel is recognised as the foremost secular authority on the Islamic State’s ideology and if he could be interviewed as a guest I think it would be valuable.
    The third topic I want to discuss is the year 1913. I believe this year is the most significant historical year to cite for events that served to greatly dismantle the chains represented by our Constitution that bound the forces that can and will eliminate our freedoms. This triad set of events was 1. Unconstitutional Income Tax amendment was fraudulently passed. This set in motion the elimination of the constitutionally mandated money being gold and silver. Unlimited debt could and would be created. 2) Amendment was fraudulently passed that enabled Senators to be elected by popular vote instead of being appointed by states. I believe this amendment to be the dagger to the freedom jugular as it eviscerated Federalism and removed a huge amount of power from the states. For example, do you think Obamacare could or would have ever been able to be passed by a Senate composed of members appointed by the respective states?
    3) So called Federal Reserve( a central bank) created. It is no more Federal than Federal Express, and there is definitely no Reserve! In fact, as an adjunct to the progressive communist income tax plank, it enables unlimited debt to be created that can never be repaid. If possible Greg, I would like to see you have a guest that explores the above three topics and investigates whether the 13th and 17th amendments were properly ratified.
    Thanks again for providing the platform for freedom of expression. I know some days must find you looking in the mirror and asking yourself why you are doing this.

  36. GN912457

    Greg, that was possibly your best interview yet.
    Very good and refreshing to hear a Brit talking sense and trying his very best to tell the truth instead of blindly regurgitating the MSM propaganda.
    One thing i would say, is that for Russia to do things such as South Ossetia, Crimea and possibly Eastern Ukraine, where more than half the population describe them selves as ethnic Russian. Against rebuilding the soviet union and by force bringing countries such as Poland into it, are two completely different things and Putin knows it.
    There would be no pride for the Russian people in what would be either a long horrible gorilla war or Russia would have to mass exterminate a population.
    If we could have Mr Browne spend five minutes with the leaders involved in the Ukrainian crisis, it would probably be all sorted and we would find Russia wanting to do business, sort ISIS and get some investment to get the world moving again. Or maybe i have just left my rose tinted glasses on.
    Thanks for your work Greg

    • Collateral Damage


  37. Jay Peay

    Interesting interview. At the 7:00 mark, Browne says “Russians have introduced first-rate regular Russian forces into the Ukraine”. That’s a bold assertion based solely on what he’s “read on the internet” and the soldierly bearing a group of guys he’s seen in a few video clips. [I would like to see those clips. Links please?] Contrast that the with a video of the US-accented mercenary wearing a Ukrainian uniform staying “outta my face” when a reporter tries to ask him questions [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDlX5SSAO0M ]. From what I’ve seen and read, the Evil Empire has introduced many disrupters and has funded/supported/installed all sorts of vile scumbags — like Neo-Nazi party members — in the Ukrainian government. Russia and Putin appear to have reacted in an amazingly retrained manner. Imagine if you will, how a psychotic paranoid terrorist-behind-every-bush US Gov. would react were Russia to foment Ukrainian-like instability in Canada or Mexico. I would recommend for your viewers an interview David Stockman did recently entitled Collapse of the American Imperium: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xzg1WvIqa4 . He gives a thoughtful considered rundown on the Ukrainian mess that Obama and the warmongering ZioNeoCon Cabal has gotten us into.

  38. Silence is Golden

    FWIW the Greek acceptance of the 4 month delay given by the EU is IMHO (yes conjecture) a red light flashing for everyone.
    The EU just bought themselves probably a month or two to fortify the ringfence of their banks. The insiders are well and truly moving ahead of some some very turbulent and volatile action.

  39. Jay Peay

    Here is another excellent interview. Dmitry Orlov: Russia’s Patience Is Wearing Thin [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9yNJGv1Gmk ]. Orlov is Russian physicist who has lived in the West for many years. His father is from Kiev. Orlov has a unique understanding of Russia-Ukrainian relations and what is happening near-real time in the Ukraine based on his sources there.

  40. Art Barnes

    Greg, just in, dozens of Christians taken hostage by ISIS in Syria; all the while Obama & Company can’t say Islamic Terrorist, wow, Jesus predicted Christian genocide. I never would have thought America would stand by and allow the wholesale slaughter of Christians anywhere in the world but there it is, I wonder when it will start here? Oh, it already has, but its workplace violence or whatever new term this Administration can coin. Surly we are heading into end times; Christians, hold on to your guns & Bibles, your going to need them.

  41. Charles H.


    Will you please verify the screen-name above? It, apparently is the same as mine: but I did not post this comment. Please advise whether I should change mine; or this one above is a mistake, or a poser? Thanks. (Long-time posting) Charles H.

    • Charles H.


      I found two references from a previous post – on the WNW 178 – from “Searcher”. Both the phrase “Cautious as Serpents and yet Harmless as Doves” seems a rhymed reference. Also quoting “Smith’s Bible Dictionary” is referenced. Please see if this person, and the one posting above has the same email or Ip Address. I really don’t want to be confused with anyone else. Thanks. (long posting) Charles H.

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles H,
      Please I identify the comment in question. So sorry. I think I found it and spammed it.

  42. Dennis Bender

    Greg: US and UK planes caught supplying ISIL with weapons.

  43. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    A very interesting interview. Mr. Browne has a very impressive background and is very competent in expressing his viewpoint.

    I do agree with the person who posted that Mr. Browne’s response about reading on the Internet about there being Russian troops in Ukraine was rather weak.

    I certaintly would not consider Putin a “devout Christian.” A devout Russian patriot, yes. Putin may have a touch of megalomania and see himself as a savior of sorts of Christianity. I rather see him as using the Orthodox Church, a mainstay historic symbol of Mother Russia, to rally the Russian populace against the increasingly aggressive decadent West.

    As with all your interviews, different people with different backgrounds and perspectives talk about a coming time of challenges of an historic nature.


    • Angie

      Could not agree more with you assessment of Putin.

  44. Angie

    He was born in 1952. He was a member of the Communist Party from 1975 – 1991 (ages 22 – 39). It was during this time that he was in the KGB and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Keep in mind that the communist party is vehemently against the belief in God this would be especially true for a high ranking officer. The Communists party was dissolved in December of 1991 – he did not leave it.

    He then joined the Our Home Party and was a member from 1995 through 1999. This new party was described as a liberal party with a centrist political movement. Other names it was know as were the party of power and the party of the oligarch as the elites made up this party – the communist that is. (Same party leaders but a different name) This party declined to work with the other parties that wanted to secure property rights (businesses, and farmland) for the people.

    He then Joined the Unity party as did the other old commits like old Boris Yeltsin. To sum it up they needed a new party so the Unity Party was formed. Still the same old Communist but a different name.

    He is currently United Russian Party and has been since 2008 as are his communist palls of old. A party by any other name will still reek of communism and that means NO GOD! He is a Godless man ahead of a Godless country! Please think about this before you look at Russia with rose colored glasses.

    • Collateral Damage

      He may be a Godless man, but Russia is FAR from a Godless Country!

      There are way more, very devout ‘Boots on the Ground’ Christians there than I would say are in this country.

      Just wanted you to know Angie.


  45. Mohammad



    “Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday he would do “everything I can” to prevent a nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, a week ahead of travelling to Washington.”

    So what do you guys think he meant to do…..?!


  46. Jerry

    Hey Greg,
    how much can a person talk and say absolutely nothing?
    Definitely, maybe.

    • Collateral Damage

      A lot of Hot Air you say?

      Why am I not surprised. 🙂


  47. Conrad

    Please let this sink in: a Central bank lost control last month. This will not be a one-off event. With the Fed and other Central banks now leveraged well above 50-to-1, even those entities that were backstopping an insolvent financial system are themselves insolvent.

    The Big Crisis, the one in which entire countries go bust, has begun. It will not unfold in a matter of weeks; these sorts of things take months to complete. But it has begun.


  48. John Q

    The Big Kahuna is being Delivered, for The Big Kahuna, Not IS.?

    Blogger Colonel Cassad: The Reason For Shutting Down Ukrainian Airspace Is To Accept Military Cargo From USA

    Colonel Cassad – Live Journal

    Ukrainian airports are shut down in order to accept military-transport planes of USA and NATO. One of my readers who has connections in Zaporozhye already confirmed it.

    His friend’s work is connected with Zaporozhye airport. Here is his quote:

    “Now at the airport they are performing an urgent order for the installation of defensive towers along the perimeter of the airport. He said that the work needs to be completed ASAP, since the order is urgent. Started in late November. Now almost complete. Yesterday reported that flights from Zaporozhye (Motor Sich) will stop on the 13th. And this is despite the wishes of Motor Sich to fly to Moscow daily from December 16, instead of three times a week.

    To the question, why stop, one of the airport workers replied that the airport has to be prepared to accept military aircraft with equipment, including Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. The equipment is expected from the United States.”

    In Dnepropetrovsk – a similar situation, from Kharkov there was no confirmation. In general, apparently the US does not want to wait until the Act on military assistance to Ukraine adopted by the senate will pass through congress and are boosting rearmament of junta troops. New unofficial military advisers/assistants should be expected to show up as well.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry called this Act confrontational and threatened a radical response. Let’s see where this muscle flexing will lead.

    Translated by Kristina Rus for FortRuss.blogspot.com

  49. Mohammad


    seems like democrats are hell bent on shooting themselves in the foot policy.
    Fired back big time:



    • Greg Hunter

      What a mess, and it will grow in size and scope.

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