Obama or More of the Same

Mitt Romney Wins in NH

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Mitt Romney, who finished first in New Hampshire last night, got a raw deal from the mainstream media (MSM) and his Republican opponents about a comment that was totally taken out of context.  It was reported that Mitt Romney said, “I like to fire people.”  That would make you think he was some sort of cold hearted person who doesn’t care about people.  What Romney actually said was in the context of health care providers and being able to fire companies who give you bad service.  Romney actually said, “I like to be able to fire people who provide services to me.”  (Click here to hear Romney for yourself.)  I agree with Romney on this one.  This was a totally false representation of what Governor Romney said, and everyone who carried this story and used this in a campaign should be ashamed.

Yesterday, FOX News came to Romney’s defense and rightly so.  FOX gave wall-to-wall coverage defending this injustice, but the “Fair and balanced” network does not apply its righteousness evenly.  What about Congressman Ron Paul?  Many on the MSM and FOX have ignored the presidential candidate.  Some on FOX, such as Judge Andrew Napolitano, have given the Congressman a fair shake, but many have not.  Where was FOX when The CBS “Early Show” left out Ron Paul in a poll done by Suffolk University right after the Iowa Caucuses?   Chief Political Correspondent Jan Crawford said, “A new Suffolk University poll shows him (Romney) with a commanding lead in New Hampshire at almost 30 points above his rivals.”  (Click here and see this biased report from CBS.) 

CBS should fire Crawford, the network’s “Chief Political Correspondent,” for two reasons.  Reason one, for being politically biased in leaving Dr. Paul out of her story even though he held second place in the Suffolk University poll!  The second reason CBS should fire Crawford is because she is an idiot who can’t do second grade math.   The poll totaled only 65% without Paul.  If you are going to do someone in, at least be clever, but I digress.  Why aren’t the people at FOX defending Paul, a Republican?  I think it is because many on that network do not want him to get the GOP nomination.   FOX News made a lot of time to talk to Rick Perry, who finished dead last, but Congressman Paul, who finished a respectable second, got about a minute at around 11:20pm and then was talked about a little more after that.  “Fair and balanced”?  FOX should retire that slogan.  If you are a news organization, you cannot be “Fair and balanced” to only the people you like.

I don’t think either party wants Paul to be the GOP candidate.  Republican and Democratic special interests know both will take a hit under a President Paul.  Republicans, like Romney, will not rein in the banks, stop the ongoing bailouts or truly clean up the kleptocracy we call a financial system.  Obama surely won’t either because he said to reporter Steve Kroft, last December, on “60 Minutes, “I can tell you, just from 40,000 feet, that some of the most damaging behavior on Wall Street, in some cases, some of the least ethical behavior on Wall Street, wasn’t illegal.”  Kroft didn’t bother to challenge the President, even though he did an expose’ on widespread and systemic mortgage fraud earlier last year.  (Click here for more of this disgusting story.)   

I think Romney will end up the GOP nominee, but I have serious doubts he can defeat Obama and his nearly $1billion war chest.  It will also take more than money to replace the President.  Romney’s main strength is corporate America and its “Super PACs.”  Paul probably would have a better chance of winning.  Paul gets about 50% of the youth vote.  It’s hard for the GOP to comprehend that young people respect Paul, and he’s 76 years old!   I think it is also safe to say that liberal Democrats will not vote for Romney, but Paul on the other hand, would take some votes away from the President’s base.  I mean, let’s face it, a candidate that wants less war and less of the Federal Reserve will appeal to liberals disillusioned with Obama.  Also, consider the “Indefinite Detention” bill the President just signed into law on New Year’s Eve.   The ACLU says this legislation guts the Constitution, and you just can’t get more liberal than these folks.  The left is not happy with Obama’s unyielding support for Wall Street which is a big campaign donor.  Wall Street knows how to rig the game and contributes just as much to the Republicans.  Mitt Romney is their GOP poster boy.  So, if Romney gets the Republican nomination, and it’s not over just yet, the choice will be Obama and more of the same.

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  1. Elizabeth Hanson

    Why aren’t humans honest and open-minded? I’m not a fan of Mitt Romney’s nor Obama, but I wouldn’t speak ill of either without full knowledge of what they said. In other words, I wouldn’t misquote them. I think humans tend to be tribal and self-serving and its a disappointment to me.

    I will vote for RP if he runs against Obama. For me the issues of most import are banking/the money system, war, civil liberties and trade agreements. If we get the same outcomes with Obama or Romney in relation to these areas, why would it matter to vote?

    Anyway, I appreciate your open-mind and your looking at reality squarely Mr. Hunter. Keep up the excellent work.
    Your fan and friend,
    Elizabeth (wapublicbankproject.org)

    • Greg

      Thank you for your support Elizabeth Hanson and Jan.

      • BigTom

        Elizabeth – “I’m not a fan of Mitt Romney’s nor Obama, but I wouldn’t speak ill of either without full knowledge of what they said.” does anyone anylonger believe what these people say?….Republicans are a death by a thousand cuts and the democrats? death by a daggar thrust….There is a revolution by our own government to overthrow middle class america. That is a new one and a ‘history’s first’ but has been going now on for a long time. It may seem absurd until one discovers what kind of people comprise our own government bureaucracy, and well hidden and covered up by MSM. If one has been around long enough the change over time is obvious. As PatriotRider below says, ‘ Obama will accellerate the decline and Romney will manage the decline, that’s about the only difference.’ Can it be said any better?

  2. Jan

    I agree, Gov. Romney will be Obama light. Ron Paul would shake up the status quo and the powers that be are afraid of him. I just found this online: http://nalert.blogspot.com/2012/01/lawrence-odonnell-calls-ron-paul-fraud.html GE is very afraid of Ron Paul.

    In Ashland, OR the Tea Party & Occupy groups are getting together to find common ground and to shake off the special interest and fringe groups that want to co-op them:


    There is common ground and hopefully this will occur across the country. It would put the fear of God in the PTB and the politicians. I think this is very exciting and would present a united front than cannot be divived by the politicians, the unions or the special interest. There are good people and there are no so good ones attached to each, hopefully those can be dumped and progress in reclaiming our country can be made.

  3. Jerry Frey

    Alexis de Tocqueville observed:

    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

    “I do not know if the people of the United States would vote for superior men if they ran for office, but there can be no doubt that such men do not run.”

    “…I know of no other country where love of money has such a grip on men’s hearts or where stronger scorn is expressed for the theory of permanent equality of property.”


  4. Sean

    Good analysis. You’ve summed up the mainstream media’s goal this election cycle: “Keep Obama in office”.

    Here’s a different perspective on politics that will help people see who FOX, CNN, and the rest of mainstream media truly represent (rather than looking through the limited eft/right perspective that comprises most current thought on political orientation):

    If you look back 200 years in history, the terms left and right meant rule by the people (left) or rule by the large banks and businesses (right). The directional references trace back to where the left and right politicians sat in relation to the French king. Today, most left vs. Right dialogue relates to the preferred type of social policy and government size. MSM completely ignores the dynamic of “rule by the people” or “rule by the corporations”. They have left that critical argument off the table.

    And that”omission” is where FOX, CNN, and the rest of the MSM are nearly 100% aligned. The hide behind “issues” based politics so that the voters no longer consider the true left/right premise, which is (and should be) “Who the heck is running this show?”

    If people start looking at all politics from that perspective, they will open a whole new dynamic on what is or isn’t important in choosing candidates and analyzing policy. Much to the dismay of MSM who have been omitting that perspective for many decades.

  5. an average joe


    I recently found your blog, and so far have been enjoying all the information you’ve presented. Thanks!

    As for Romney, not a fan of his, however that one phrase was completely taken out of context, the Lame mainstream media apparently doesn’t realise that people can look up the entire clip themselves, I saw the entire thing, and completely agree with it. And Dr. Paul, being the consistent honorable man he is, even defended Romney.

    I wanted to pass this on, I recently discovered this WH “insider” blog, which I initially dismissed, but so much of it makes sense, and has been accurate. The recent posting on that WH insider makes me think the Obamas are even more corrupt than Bush, and that’s saying something. At least with the Bush admnistration, there wasn’t a complicit press hiding everything. Apparently soon to be ex-chief of staff Daley because of Solyndra hired an independent councel to see how deep that corrupt deal went, and 2 months later he leaves. There are many other past posts on that WH insider site that are very interesting to read, a couple about Ron Paul as well.
    Crony capitalism and crony govt is bad, no matter which side does it, but apparently the media decides only to hold repubs accountable, and covers up for the dems.



    I’m a former(conservative) democrat now independent, I like a lot of what of Dr. Paul says in terms of limited govt, etc, some of his foreign policy scares me, some I agree with. I will give him a great deal of respect for opening so many minds to the Federal Reserve, I read the Island of Jerklly and Hyde (excellent book) and “the Law” because of Dr. Paul. My worry is he won’t win, and another Barry Soetero term frankly scares me, more than Bush did, because compared to Obama, Bush seems positively a constitutionist, and this is all corruption is possible with a complicit american press corps, no questioning of people in power? they can get away with anything.

    My vote will go to Romney most likely, mainly because I cannot see the repubs allowing Dr. Paul to be the repub nominee, I will continue to donate to Dr. Paul and yell at the RNC to not dismiss his views, many of them are mainstream, he really is going after both parties.

    Keep up the great work with the blog, I don’t always agree with everything, but on the other hand, the blog presents a lot of info the MSM is either too ignorant or complicit to cover.

    Thank you.

  6. PatriotRider


    Excellent reporting, as usual…to your question;

    “Why aren’t the people at FOX defending Paul, a Republican?”

    The people at Fox, with a few exceptions are basically Neo-Cons. They want more war, more spending, more establishment, basically more of the same, whether it be Bush or Obama policies. Let’s face it, there is very little difference between the Republican and Democrat parties today. If Mitt Romney is elected, will we become more non-interventionist, will the deficit be reduced, will any of the major structural problems of this country be addressed, of course not. It will be just more of the same.

    Obama will accellerate the decline and Romney will manage the decline, that’s about the only difference.

    Ron Paul on the other hand will bring a whole new philosophy to the table, it’s something called respect for the US Constitution; and the Media, the Military (military complex not the soldiers), Wall Street down right fear him. He will not be allowed to get near the GOP nomination. I actually fear for his safety.

    Now back to the media. Here is another blatant, overt, prime example for you to consider in your article. I was driving to work this morning listing to the CBS News affilliate broadcast of last nights primary with Gary Nunn reporting on Romney’s win. Nunn immediately went from reporting on the winner (Romney) to the 4th & 5th place candidates Gingrich and Santorum; WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 2ND AND 3RD PLACE CANDIDATES???? Oh…that’s right, CBS doesn’t like their message so we won’t report on them….nice.

    It used to be that the Media was subtle about their deceit, not any more.

    I guess the only good news is that RP came in second and in spite of the way everything is purposely stacked against him, the people ARE waking up.

    Keep the truth coming. I look forward to your regularly reading your posts.



  7. slingshot

    What would it take to make the changes that are needed? What sacrifices should we bear in order to save our country from desending into a socialist facist state. At what point do we relinquish our pacifist ways and fight for what others have died for.
    If it is more of the same, then why all the media coverage of a fake. If big money owns both political party’s, what weight does our vote carry in the electorial process. Shout as loud as you want but you have no voice. Does Taxation without Representation come to mind? Is it just to say that “The People” did participate in the process? Yes! “WE” let you cast your ballot.
    Even if Ron Paul won the popular vote , he will not make it past the electorial vote. Vote for the better of two evils? How many more months of this fiasco?

    “Freedom just another word, with nothing else to lose”
    Janis Joplin

  8. Art Barnes

    Greg, this is where we are, Fox and all the others 10 minutes after the polls closed were spouting Romney as being the “prospective nominee”. Of course, their fair and balanced reporting added a post script a couple of times saying its possible that its not completely over. The two headed beast of our political class can work with either the President or Romney but not Dr. Paul. Make no mistake about it, the elite, the political class, and their MSM puppets have real power and won’t allow a Dr. Paul type to get real traction, he will be derailed just watch and see. How they finally do it is subject to speculation but you can bet those powers are real and are in the back rooms now figuring their next move. This is American modern democracy at its best or worst depending upon if you are part of the elite or not. As I said at the beginning, this is where we are.

  9. Dan McCartney

    Greg, another excellent article from you; you nail it every time. The glaring disdain that the MSM has for Ron Paul is blatantly obvious and should be insulting to their profession. Amazing though, how may people I talk with, good people, don’t see it that way. And it is for that reason that I now see, and everything else that goes with it, that we all know and sense about our fellow Americans, that will unfortunately get Obama reelected. We’re really gonna need you, Greg.

  10. Heartlandjim

    The message from Ron Paul is getting through. The Republican Party had better listen. If Romney cannot get the youth vote we will have 4 more years of Obama. Could Romney be wise enough to see this or is he just another John McCain. I don’t want another 4 years of Obama. Romney are you listening??

  11. brian

    RON PAUL 2012!

  12. Ken

    If the network is not practicing “Fair and Balanced Reporting”, but claim they are, isn’t that false advertising? Wouldn’t that be sufficient grounds for a class action lawsuit? I’m just curious about consequences a network ought to face if caught misleading its viewers.

    • Greg

      You can always stop watching but I want to see what they will say next.

      • jay

        Greg we must keep a watchfull eye on poroaganda. There is a information war going on to keep out truth. the media whores are rewarded when they restrict truth.

        • Greg

          Trying my best. Thank you for the comment.

  13. Chuck Allen


    Another blood boiler article…great job, thanks.

    “Fair and Balanced”…any organization that has to tell you what they claim to be, is not! Fox is just another MSM outlet for corp-speak. It is sorta like Honorable, probably not. I find that titles that are self employed and aggrandizing really are misleading.

    When John Q. Public or little Mary Sunshine gives a name or title; or even a slogan to someone or some company that is the real assessment. Why? They recognize the true value of that person, place, or thing. What we see in politics and in the corporate world are misleading for intent. The intent being, to confuse and misdirect John Q. Public or little Mary Sunshine into seeing the surface activity without looking any farther. However, the ugly truth under the surface is rearing its head and being recognized. And, it is scary!

    Mitt Romney has the looks of a Hollywood actor and the same depth of character. He is the candidate being pushed for the Republicans because he is easily influenced. He has to make decisions by committee and legal staff. But, if he gets the right incentives he can make a decision.

    Steve Kroft and 60 Minutes lost all credibility years ago. I believe that became obvious when Dan Rather was fired. He was just the guy who got caught.

    The youth of our country can see that a different type of person must be elected to the Office of the President. All the Republican candidates speak the same corp-speak except Ron Paul. There is basically no distinction between Republicans and Democrats, except for Ron Paul. I am for Ron Paul and will vote for him, At the same time I will vote out every elected person I can in the hope that the newly elected people will work with President Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul may not be the whole answer, but he is a different answer!

    • Greg

      I agree Chuck.

  14. Ambrose


    Dr. Ron Paul becomes MIA again (at least in the eyes of MSM). I guess the MSM really fear him.

    Ron Paul is my only choice for the next U.S. President. I don’t agree with all the Ron Paul philosophies. But I strongly believe that Ron Paul is the only candidate who will bring the much-needed changes to our country. No more “fake promised changes” from Obama again. Like the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Under the Obama administration, none of the Wall Street criminals is prosecuted. Do we really believe he will change that in his second term? I don’t think so.

    “Corporations are people, my friend,” Romney said. WRONG! Big banks and corporations are FAMILIES to the White House and the Congress. You wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt your “family”, would you?

    Higher tax – No! That would hurt my family’s income.
    More tax cut – Good! More money for my family.
    Criminal Prosecution – Why do I want to put my family in jail?
    Rising national deficit – It doesn’t bother my family.
    High unemployment rate – More power for us, the “Job Creators”.
    Insiders trading – Just give us the info, we will do the dirty works. After all, we are exempt from SEC rules and regulations.
    More bail out – More free money, hurrah to my family. Family members always take care of each other.

    As much as I wish Ron Paul will win the Republicans’ nomination, I don’t think it will happen. Republicans, especially the Conservatives, will not vote for him. I expect Ron Paul will lose the Republicans’ nomination and he will come back to the race as Independent. If Paul continues to gain supports from veterans and young voters, he will become a fearful opponent in the 2012 election. The undecided voters will determine the ultimate winner.


    • Greg

      I know Paul is saying “no” to third party but that might be the only way he will have a chance. 40% of the voters are independents.

  15. Bob

    The election is a year away and that’s a long time. This country is under control of the Pentagon now and if they want Obama, it will be Obama. Congress has very little to say in running this country because they are lawless. A lawless country always ends up with the military running the show. We live in a lawless land and the rule of law went out the door on 9/11. The whole show on MSM is worthless and not worth wasting your time on.
    Reporter Chris Hedge is a good guy for information.

  16. Steve

    Good post Greg, I vote for more of the same. It doesn’t matter who is in the White House, it is all politics and lies, opps did I say that 😀

    Yes I did!! Tired of not being able to trust anyone. And about FOX, glad you brought it up. Never fair, and NEVER balanced, and I believe they never have looked in the mirror either, what biased news reporting. Of course all the major networks are.

    I still remember when the man who is an icon in news reporting said every night when he signed off, “and that’s the way it is” good MAN Walter! You could rely and depend on the truth, its all about entertainment now.

    OBTW, about Ron Paul. He’s to dangerous, because he speaks the truth and for me, I don’t see him being bought out by any corporations, don’t know of any could be wrong. Then Ron does not “play” the part of a BIG politician, he is just a matter of fact kind of guy, I respect that.

    To bad we are headed for “more of the same”.

    Is it over yet? (the election)



  18. Steve A.

    I’ll start by saying I really like most of what Ron Paul stands for but realistically he has about as much of a chance as Ross Perot…none.
    Obama is a great debater and would make Paul look like a silly old fool.

    Living out west in a fairly well Mormon populated state I can tell you this about Romney. He is going to lose a vast number of the Evangelical Christians. Watch what happens in So. Carolina.

    I’m starting to see another 4 years of Obama and I can’t see how America will survive it. Call me scared.

    • Greg

      Steve A.
      You underestimate Paul in a debate. I would hammer Obama for the fact he thinks Wall Street did not do anything “illegal”!!

  19. Herman Gerbils

    I am convinced the Republicans don’t want to win the next election, they know it’s all blowing up and they want Obama’s hand firmly on the wheel going down like Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove. I can’t think of a bigger stiff than Mitt Romney and somehow I suspect he does not “feel my pain”. If TPTB do the expected and screw Ron Paul out of a fair shot at the nomination I think the vote will be split as RP will do well as a write in or independent (though he swears he won’t go third party) and the President wins reelection (as I recall the robber barons put Woodrow Wilson in power by getting Teddy Roosevelt to run against Taft that way). But you know, with the game of chicken we are playing in the Persian Gulf right now there might not be any election, because if chicken’s on the menu it’s General Tso’s and chicken Kiev if you get my drift 🙂

    • Greg

      Herman Gerbils,
      I too think he wil go third party and he just might win!

  20. jay

    Its called an Oligarchy folks.
    JFK was killed for exposing there plan to clearly. he said there was a conspiracy to control this country 1st threw the military. 2nd threw the control of our money. 3rd threw control of media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR5m1-5ksj0

  21. jay

    Heres one the main steem media will not show.http://youtu.be/Ft49-zlQ1V4

    • Greg

      Out of the mouth of a child–truth. I am sure the soldier did not shoot that little girl on purpose, but it happened just the same. War is ugly. Powerful video. Thank you.

  22. M SMITH

    Great work Greg! I have observed the local Fox station who carried the debates & follow comment seem to lose the aduio when Dr Paul speaks, it grows worse each time he gains in the race! I looked who owns the local media, it’s a Gannett Corp, some of the big share holders is JP Morgan & they own local stations across the Nation, I am not for sure but I think GE is also a big share holder of Gannett, also Gannett sides for the far leftest groups & special interest.

    The comment section was full of ranters against Dr Paul in the local news paper, they are the same ones who voted for Obama & now say he’s a complete failure, but would go for Romney. I challanged those to show me the difference in Obama & Romneys social records & asked if there was a difference! I was attacked as I said to one person, we have a morals inside each of us to ensure the disabled & poor get the help & care they need, but also provived a path/chance to become self releliant to the best of their ablities, not just a hand out, but a hand up! Boy I was hit with attacks from the left,center & right that I had no heart at all, & I responded with if you keep giving a person a free ride from cradle to death, they will live a life as a dependent of the State & ‘never’ attain the joy that comes with being self reliant to acheive great things by learning & sharing those innovations which could lead to a life of untold wealth & freedom from the State! I got a large number of “spot on’s” from the Dr Paul’s supporters & the same old line of thinking from those who have live off the work of ohters all their life, well I said, when the Nation can no longer send out SS checks & food stamps, what will you do? We as Nation have been bankrupt for many years & the day is coming soon when no Nation will buy our Bonds & that will be the day the MSM will tell you “we did not see it coming”, Dr Paul is the only person who has the guts to stand up & tell the truth to you & the MSM will do all it can to keep you from knowing the truth he is telling you!

    For all of you that have tried to explain why ‘Physical Gold’ should be in part of anyones retirement plan, here is a very good piece with links to explain how & what questions who might ask love ones & friends even if past talks have failed to change their way of thinking, it has helped me to explain the difference in Paper Assets & real Money(Wealth) and why this time is different than the 80s. I hope it helps some of you have had the same ‘looks’ when you had these talks with love ones! http://fofoa.blogspot.com/2012/01/studebaker-effect.html. When the Studebaker went under, so did alot more than just the car they made, pensions were wipe out, many of the other arms of Studebaker were sold off or just faded away, does MF Global ring a bell? The CME has shown why people are not willing to use them as a clearing house any more, the trust is gone!

    • Greg

      Thank you M Smith. I used to work for Gannett before I went to the networks in 1999. The company is just not the same.

  23. jay

    Greg. i dont understand how any christian that has read galatians 1:8 could vote for romney. he believes the mormon doctrin that is to say joe smith finished what jesus did not. thats not the original gospel.

  24. Russ Henry

    I am a realist, a label that isn’t political. I see thing’s for what they are and I CAN NOT believe you all support or subscribe to the seat of President as being “All Powerful”. Look at the past, really look and you’ll learn that our government isn’t our’s. If you want some issue fought for you can’t take it to the goverment unless you’re backed by a huge pile of money or have lined the pockets of the Lobbyist’s. I wish we could make a sweep of our government and push BIG MONEY/Lobbyist out! Everyone has a hidden agenda and if they aren’t “re-elected” they are hired by some big money company to flex or twist and arm for a vote. That’s the problem President Obama had to learn quickly and his light (you could see it in his expression’s) slowly dimmed as he was really seeing the government for what it truly is. It’s time to boot out all the civilian’s that have worked there for generations and the rest that have grown roots! Get rid of “K” street and the building that is held right across the steet. Don’t you see the corruption or do you choose to honestly think these people haven’t taken over? You have to see it! A child could see this!

  25. Just the Facts

    Before I viewed the debate in Myrtle Beach last night-I thought I could hold my nose and vote for Romney. That was before he stated that he stood resolutely behind the enactment of the NDAA. (Would it be that hard to imagine Mitt adopting an equally steadfast stance when the Court shove Obamacare down our throats).

    If there is a dimes difference between our two parties it’s becoming harder to discern. Sadly, this bodes poorly for the future of our nation, the safety of our liberties and the Republicans ever winning the highest office in the land.

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