October Surprise Coming-Gerald Celente

gerald-celenteBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Trends researcher Gerald Celente sees an “October surprise” coming for the economy, terror or war.  Celente contends, “Even that sellout, Mario Draghi (Head of the European Central Bank-ECB) the former head of the Goldman Sachs European division, now playing the ECB President, came out and said the central banks can’t do anymore, and they are looking now for government stimulus.  That’s going to be the new game.  What I am saying is it’s collapsing.  Look what happened in Japan a week and a half ago.  Everybody was waiting for the bank of Japan to play another card, and they had none to play.  So, look for October for things to go bad.  Traditionally, when things go bad in markets, it’s October, and they are going bad now.  By the way, we are now going into the sixth consecutive quarter in the United States with the S&P 500 negative.  Negative earnings in the S&P 500.  The only reason the markets are going up is like Trump said, the cheap dough going in there, stock buybacks and mergers and acquisitions.  Number two:  This is number two A and B.  That is either a terror strike, false flag or real.  You almost saw it in New York a couple of weeks ago when some guy went nuts.  Now, multiply that times 70.  Also, war because they are heating it up, and they are putting out more war talk.  The anti-Russian propaganda is like nothing we have ever seen before, and it continues.  Even at the debate, Hillary put it out there blaming Russia for hacking into the DNC.  There is absolutely no positive proof.  Do you think they have bigger things to do?  Oh, and this is an important one . . . Julian Assange says he’s holding on to information that is going to be very detrimental to Clinton.”

Earlier this year, Celente predicted the debates would be like a reality TV show. Celente wrote in his summer edition of The Trends Journal, “While polls will fluctuate and general interest will wane throughout the summer months, unlike any election in modern American history, and even greater that the Nixon/Kennedy debates, we forecast that the race will be won or lost when the two candidates face off in the main event, the Presidential reality show debates.”  Celente goes on to explain, “So, it is a reality TV show debate, these are not debates, as people and analysts pointed out the unfairness of the questions asked to Trump and not asked to Hillary.  Who made this stuff up that you have two minutes to answer a question about national defense or the economy?  To me, this turned into, at the later stages, a mud slinging contest.  Nothing substantial was generated from it in terms of real strategies.”

On the mainstream media (MSM), Celente says, “The media is very favorable to Clinton for a very obvious reason as we see it. . . . Here’s some facts: The fact is once upon a time, there used to be a thing called communications regulation. . . . Bill Clinton deregulated the industry to allow the few to own everything.  So, six companies now control over 90% of the media.  Why do you think they are supporting her?  Hillary and Bill Clinton get paid $250,000 to $300,000 for a half hour or hour speech when you can hear them BS for free all day long.  It’s called pay-back.  That’s all it is.  It’s a sellout to America.  Nobody is calling them out because why should “presstitutes” call them out?  They are working for the whore master.  They get paid to put out.  That’s what they are doing.  They are putting out the propaganda by the whore masters who run the media.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

There is some free information on Gerald Celente’s website TrendsResearch.com. If you would like to go the December 2nd conference where Gerald Celente will reveal his top trends for 2017, you can click here for more information and a short video.   You will have to become a subscriber to attend and you can become one by clicking here.  This will also give you access to nearly all the information provided by the Trends Research Institute which publishes The Trends Journal.

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  1. andyb

    It’s getting really bad in the vote fraud department folks. Hear about the warehouse janitor in Ohio who discovered bulk containers of 10’s of 1000’s of already filled out Ohio ballots with all Democrats marked? Or the millennial Dem operative in Virginia who was caught registering the deceased. DID HE HAVE THE BALLOTS ALREADY FILLED OUT? In the 2012 election, dozens of precincts in Ohio and in the Philadelphia area voted 100% for Obama. Statistically impossible that Romney didn’t get even one vote. How about the dozens of precincts in deep blue states that showed more ballots than registered voters?
    So the bar has been raised very high for Trump. He will need to win in a landslide to offset the voting fraud. Make sure you vote, and if you are not registered, do so now. It’s very easy online.

    • Tin foil hat

      I get a felling Hillary has already won the election. The Deep State will not allow an outsider like Trump to cause any disruption to their complete control of the monetary, judicial and executive branches. They know Hillary will lose without their intervention. They are not rigging the debate to help Hillary win the election, they rigged it to make Hillary’s win seems credible.
      FBI will not investigate the fraud committed at Hofstra, DOJ will not prosecute if somehow an arrest/investigation was made, the MSM will call the whistleblower/investigator a racist/sexist.
      The cleanup man is the very first person Hillary greeted upon arrival at the Hofstra University. The dark force is with her!!


      PROOF Only Hillary’s Podium light ON and Cleaner Man Identified


      Crooked Hillary’s Mysterious Cleanup Man Is Linked to Egypt, Arab Spring

      • Al Hall

        Tin Foil: Not sure if Greg’s great listeners have seen this or not- This is real and happened as stated, 4/2011- listen to this-

        Trump Chosen by God To Stop America’s Destruction – Astounding 2011 Prophecy=

        Last week Greg’s guest Jonathan Cahn said about the same thing- God is giving America one last chance to come back to the only God- or else!!
        be sure you pass this on to all your friends– last chance for America

        • Susan

          WOW! Normally I do not listen to “prophecy” articles, etc. But I listened to the entire interview and it really spoke to me as authentic. I shall pray about it as to whether it is according to God or not. In the meantime, it was a most powerful wakeup call. I recommend that everyone listen to this one.

      • Shawn G

        The janitor story appears to be false….

        (Although Snopes is ran by Dems….)

    • Paul ...

      andyb … bulk containers of 10’s of 1000’s of already filled out Ohio ballots marked Democratic … God works in mysterious ways!!

      • Paul ...

        Now that God revealed the tens of thousands of warehoused Democratic votes in Ohio that were going to be used for Hillary this November … we need God to reveal all the other warehouses in other “critical States” … and also reveal the Diebold voting machines that have been “fixed” for Hillary!!

  2. Shadow of Doubt

    ‘The American people will be in for many a surprise in October and November, one of the most biggest will be “The Department of Homeland Insecurity’s” take over (i.e. rigging) of our National Election! No Voter IDs along with the criminal tapering of the polls will surpass even the lawless machinations of Russia’s two most notable thugs, Lenin and Stalin. He who counts the votes, has nothing on he who controls or front loads the results from the polls”
    The East Coast Source

    • JC Davis

      Nailed it. that’s why we see the extreme difference in polls. The electoral college will ignore the people.

      • Charles H

        ZeroHedge reports 98% of Hungarians reject migrant quotas – but it wasn’t enough (turn-out?). I guess the: “We won, get over it!” attitude is going global.

  3. dale wagner

    Hi there I turned in my voters card I will never vote again this election year between Hitlery and DUMP is not something I don’t want to be a part of .this country is gone and I say to all of you TAKE YOUR VOTERS CARD AND BURN IT cause that’s where America is going we are going to burn. IT DOSENT MATTER WHO GOES TO THE FAT HOUSE IN WASH DC they will rule like kings yet again all lies lies lies and donaald duck trump will rule with a IRON COMMUNIST FIST so go ahead and cheer cheer you losers all across America meet the new boss same as the old boss .

    • Greg Hunter

      Dale you are misguided and should vote–this year of all years.

      • Frederick

        Sadly Dale is correct

        • Charles H

          Perhaps Dale sadly, over-states.

          • Frederick

            Not that sure about that Chuck

      • David

        Questions re: voting. I assume you believe Trump will be superior to Clinton, at least that is what your commentary would suggest –

        1. Will Trump work feverishly to repeal the Federal Reserve Act?
        2. Will Trump advocate eliminating fractional reserve banking practices which create currency out of thin air?
        3. Will Trump stop intervening in the affairs of sovereign nations?
        4. Will Trump end military adventurism or [as he has said] “bomb the s*** out of them”?
        5. Do you really think Trump cares that 85-90% of the casualties of war in the last couple of decades are civilians [see – http://www.psr.org/assets/pdfs/body-count.pdf%5D. Moreover, do you care about that?
        6. Will Trump demilitarize the police or instead increase law enforcement’s access to weapons of war?
        7. Will Trump eliminate or significantly reduce the size and scope of the intelligence gathering network – CIA, NSA et al – which has created a giant spy network for the government?
        8. Is there anything in Trump’s history which would lead you to conclude that he is morally superior to Hillary Clinton?

        I know that Hillary Clinton is despicable but Trump is not that far behind if at all. He is a morally bankrupt person who has publicly stated views which should alarm any person identifying as Christian.

        • Paul ...

          Does it alarm you that Trump wants to abolish the Nuclear First Strike Policy of our Military? … seems to me he will be putting controls on the Military … by going after ISIS (bombing the shit out of them) … he will be putting controls on the CIA … I can go on and on … but the point is … Trump “is morally superior” to Hillary Clinton!!

          • Frederick

            Watch the youtube video by the Corbett report on Rudy Giuliani and you tell me HOW the Donald could possibly appoint that character as head of Homeland Security That alone makes me wonder about Trump Paul Think about it brother

        • Susan

          David, you really don’t have a clue, do you? I am so tired of people carrying on about Mr. Trump as someone who will not work in the interests of the American people. If you will actually listen to him and not the media you will understand why we trust him.

          • David

            Well, whoever did say it they were right on the mark: http://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/04/11/fool-born/

            Sadly Susan and Paul (and Greg apparently), you like every other Trump sycophant will find out the hard way that he is a charlatan.

            • Paul ...

              Hillary is not a charlatan like you make out Trump to be … no … she is the epitome of evil! … it’s like you are trying to avoiding potato skins Dave because they are “slightly poisonous” and instead are happily guzzling down highly poisonous “Hemlock cool aid” instead!

            • Frederick

              David I was a diehard Trump supporter ar first but now have serious doubts about the guy Sadly You are on to something and as usual alot of Americans are in denial We want to believe

      • Mohammad

        If we make it to the elections without a major war with Russia over Syria we will be lucky.


    • Rodster

      Dale, Mike Krieger who was recently on USAWatchdog.com posted an article entitled “Hunter S. Thompson’s Prescient 1972 Warning” which agrees with your sentiment regarding the upcoming elections !


      Quote: “While on the campaign trail in 1972, Hunter S. Thompson issued a dire warning that is more true today than it ever has been.

      He warned us about what would happen to the country if we continued along the destructive path he noticed nearly 45 years ago. He observed that if Americans continued to accept “lesser of two evilism” the only thing we’d end up with would be increased evil. He was right.”

    • Mike

      Trump is not a career politician,you have no choice but to vote for Trump or become a slave.

      • Frederick

        No Mike there has to be another option to keep that from happening Americans unfortunately will have to hit bottom first before that happens

        • BLT

          Soooooo, what is your plan then Frederick, besides telling us not to vote which gives the election immediately to Hillary? Wait for a real candidate? Have you been alive the past 30 years? Who was your real candidate? What became of him/her?

    • Rich M

      To Dale: You mentioned that either of them would rule like kings. Do you not see that Trump has not been picked by the king-makers? I still remember Jeb Bush guaranteeing that Trump will NOT become President. I aim to prevent that and see that he can be if I can.

      To Rodster: I agree that many in this country are leading us toward destruction, but there are still many who pray for us to become a republic again and uphold the constitution. I say vote AND pray…. If enough of us call out to God and pray, maybe our votes will count no matter how much they cheat. Trump made a statement last spring saying “I am trying to save the last Christian nation on earth”. Sometimes God will send us the most unlikely character in answer to our prayers… Whether true or not, there is no other choice.

    • Jack

      A long time ago people used to burn their draft cards. I’m going to burn my voter’s ID card too. Either that or present it to some deserving illegal alien to make use of. As far as I can tell, from the cues I get from our rulers, any alien is deserving – as long as he is illegal.

      A) Trump’s a moronic fascist. Anyone who votes for him deserves the trickle down poverty and economic destruction they get.

      B) And anyone who votes for Clinton deserves to live in a totalitarian socialist police state operated by a psychopathic criminal.

      Do I want A or B?

      Neither one. This country is over. Enjoy the decline from the best vantage point you can gain, but DON’T participate in the charade of voting.

      There’s a reason they want you to vote. See social psychologist and compliance expert Robert Cialdini’s book Influence on the techniques used by the communist Chinese during the Korean war, and by modern day advertisers, to psychologically compromise and coopt you.

      You really ought to read it Greg. See also his new book, Pre-suasion. Rumor is that Cialdini is an advisor to the Clinton campaign.

      • Frederick

        Jack you pretty much summed up the situation sadly Ive seen this coming since 2001 and thats one reason my wiife and I decided to live in her home country of Turkey I watch in horror from afar

    • Susan

      dale, you are part of the problem in America!

    • Deandra

      I haven’t voted since 2004 for Kerry, a terrible experience for me. He too, promised that he would contest the election, but ceded EARLY to Bush and many people accepted their collusion–Skull and Bones anyone? Same with Carrot Top and Fatso–I can’t get the picture of the Clintons and newlyweds Trump out of my mind. Of course he’s a plant to hand the election to her. So why should I have liberal groups pestering me with letters complaining that since I’m a Spanish woman, I should vote more often?

  4. David

    Sadly, the Middle East is the result of incredible missteps by the U.S. government. We always want to apply “western” values and ideals to an Arab lifestyle and culture. The result is a Middle East in turmoil.

    The Middle East has always been ruled by strongmen. And like it or not, those strongmen kept the peace, including Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and before him his father Hafez al-Assad, and Yemen leader Ali Saleh among others. It certainly was not perfect (in U.S. terms), but hundreds of thousands were not displaced, dead, or wishing they were dead.

    The U.S. has gutted the Middle East, created a massive vacuum, and enabled ISIS, al-Nusra, al-Qai’da, Iran, Russia, the PKK, and Hizballah, among others, to strengthen in that region. And for what?

    The idea that the Middle East will embrace democratic principles if saved from themselves and given the chance is pure hubris. Blame goes to Bush/Cheney and Obama/Clinton. In 16 years, they have managed to destroy the Middle East and any resemblance of normalcy. A real vision, eh?

    Why doesn’t the U.S. government just worry about the United States of America. If we just worried about ourselves maybe we wouldn’t be 20 trillion dollars in debt, have massive under employment, suffer a third-world education system, have a crumbling infrastructure, or have people shooting each other as though it was a cherished past time.

    The future doesn’t look bright. We have a democratic candidate who is a pathological liar and shifts positions with the slightest breeze, and we have a republican candidate whose skin is so thin that the slightest insult results in a child-like tantrum with no boundaries. How is that for America? WE are self-destructing.

    • Tin foil hat

      To understand what has transpired in the Mid-East, one must understand that money is the root of all evil. Almost everything which had happened in the past 25 years can be tied to the efforts of maintaining the dollar’s reserve currency status.
      First of all, one must accept that the dollar is currently back by debts and its progression.
      After Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, most of our trading partners didn’t want to hold dollar. Hence, inflation was out of control in the 70’s. To get out of that jam, we negotiated with Saudi Arabia to sell their oil in dollar only. The relationship between the dollar and oil gave reason and incentive for oil consuming nations to stockpile dollar. Petrodollar recycling creates debts (IOU in the form of U.S. Treasury) – banks use Treasuries as assets to leverage, but it shouldn’t be considered an asset if all the talking heads at CNBC openly joke about how our national debts can never be repaid!!!
      After the fall of the Soviet Union in September 1991, Europe no longer desired/found it necessary to support the U.S. dollar for protection from the communist regime and signed the Masstricht Treaty in February 1992.
      “… the Maastricht Treaty entered into force in 1993 with the goal of creating an economic and monetary union by 1999 for all EU states…”
      The Project for American Century, according to this YouTube video, General Clark learned about the Project for American Century in 1993. The same year the Masstricht Treaty was entered into force with the goal of creating euro.
      The euro came into existence in January, 1999. Saddam Hussein was about to switch from the dollar to the euro for oil trading in November, 2000. http://www.rferl.org/a/1095057.html.
      911 happened on September, 2001.
      The mess in the Mid-East has nothing to do with us wanting to apply “western” values and ideals to an Arab lifestyle and culture.

      • BetterChetter

        the LOVE OF money is the root of all evil – not money itself … it was meant to be a portal for transactions to flow more easily through, not to be adored or loved for what it could buy – – – love is reserved for those who steward the planet & its peoples, not those who horde or deceive truths

      • David

        Tin Foil: Your sourcing is impeccable. Thanks for tutoring me and setting me straight.

    • Mike

      It wasn’t missteps it was on purpose,the US govt is corrupt.

    • Paul ...

      David … At least when Trump gets in he will meet with Putin for major negotiations involving all the key outstanding issues between the USA and Russia (positive) … if Hillary and her neocons get into the White House some kind of war between Russia and the USA will become almost impossible to prevent (negative) … our only logical choice is Trump!

    • Tommy

      I was going to reply but Tin Foil Hat nailed it. It is and always has been about the money, or more precisely the petrodollar.

  5. RussA

    Greg – commenting on the debate issue – Did Hillary get the debate questions a week prior?
    Clinton Received Debate Questions Week Before Debate, According to Source
    Baltimore Gazette BG Staff
    “…Earlier last week an NBC intern was seen hand delivering a package to Clinton’s campaign headquarters, according to sources. The package was not given to secretarial staff, as would normally happen, but the intern was instead ushered into the personal office of Clinton campaign manager Robert Mook. Members of the Clinton press corps from several media organizations were in attendance at the time, and a reporter from Fox News recognized the intern, but said he was initially confused because the NBC intern was dressed like a Fed Ex employee. …”

    • RussA

      If true, I consider that a substantial item that was generated from the debate, in that Hillary & NBC felt that cheating was necessary for her to “win”. No one won the debate. It wasn’t a debate at all, in a debate, the moderator would have intellectual honesty and enough ethics to ensure a level playing field. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      That’s just my opinion though; as the article points out, “it is unlikely that anyone will be able to conclusively prove that Clinton was given the debate questions”. However, analysts have noted the big difference in questions posed to Clinton versus those asked of Trump. The moderator was dealing from a stacked deck and one player appeared to know the cards. …

      There is no rule of law…

      • Greg Hunter

        NBC helped the DNC and Hillary cheat Bernie Sanders out of the Dem nomination and NBC continues to help Hillary cheat. A candidate that cannot win without cheating is not much of a leader.

        • allen ols

          sadly, the game IS RIGGED

          • Paul ...

            Like Hillary has not committed enough crimes we know of … Wikileaks is now set to make a huge announcement tomorrow afternoon in Germany (which would be early the next morning for the US) pertaining to a huge e-mail data file obtained from a whistle blower … that exposes even more crimes by Hillary that would put her in jail (if we had a real Justice Department in the US).

            • allen ols

              paul agreed

  6. Mme. Hedin

    Sorry, but it is ridiculous to say that the corporate media is owned by Democrats. Very wealthy white men typically own the media corporations, and the vast majority are Republican, neo-conservatives rooting for better treatment the elite 1%, not the other 99%. At this point in time , however, the MSM is only coming out on Democrat Hillary’s side because Trump is such a narcissistic windbag who belittles almost everone except himself. While I’ve not been a true Hillary fan, better a smart, prepared and experienced Hillary than a spoiled and cruel moron who just barely finished his bachelors degree at U Penn (and four previous Presidents, both Republican and Democrat, agree).

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s ridiculous for you to masquerade as a legitimate commenter on this site when you are a troll.

      • Mme. Hedin

        I’m no troll. I faithfully listen to all of your interviewees and think you do a great job in general. But I am female, and I vote. And I can assure you that as objectionable as Mr. Trump is to most women, immigrants, blacks, etc etc in his comments and actions, he will have his a$$ handed to him in November by Ms. Clinton and American voters. And I’m willing to bet you a 1 oz silver coin that this will happen. Are you in?

        • Greg Hunter

          So you want a criminal bribe taking traitor who sold out America for donations to a global charity fraud?

          • Mme. Hedin

            And my other options are….?

            • Greg Hunter

              Do what you want. You have figured out you want to vote for a treasonous criminal. (HRC) I have no advice for you.

          • Charles H

            Mme. Hedin is out of her depth, Greg. Not having the ability to see beyond a certain point already defines her.

        • Frederick

          Mme.Hedin you lost me when you said Trump is objectionable to immigrants and blacks On the contrary he would be great for blacks and “legal” immigrants by controlling illegal immigration that is crushing the poor lower skilled worker by flooding the labor market with VERY cheap laborers You are just wrong and Hillary is a monstrosity of a person Good luck with her

        • Charles H

          Mme. Hedin,

          If Trump is handed anything: it will be his integrity. IF the American voters DO weigh-in for Clinton – then Liberals will OWN the new world it wants. But since dead voters and already cast ballots in Ohio constitute major fraud: the bet on the outcome can’t be HONESTLY made.

        • Billy The Kid'ster

          Ms. Hedinist

          The Corruption Is Being Forced Out Of The Shadows By Trump’s Manner

          Prophetically portrayed in this 80 yr. old clip!
          Does Donald Trump dare to be boring? NOT!

          Previously, nobody questioned anyone else’s integrity (gee, I wonder why?) and everyone who ran these polite campaigns, that were never truly competitive, [Romney/Obama the latest]. Though few have solid proof, most Americans believed these elections were predetermined and that our participation didn’t mean anything.
          Just don’t ask Gwen Ifill PBS, or Amy Walter Cook Political. Some journalist’s, ugh, LOL!

          A common complaint among residents of every country at election times is the feeling that their votes make no difference; that the powers-that-be will run affairs as they see fit, regardless of any input from the citizenry. This expression of the seeming irrelevancy of the ballot box is encapsulated in this quote often attributed to American humorist Mark Twain concerning the irrelevancy of voting.
          The wording of the quotation changes from source to source;

          (e.g., “If voting made any difference, it would be illegal”; “If voting made any difference it would never be allowed”), which some suggest, has no fixed origin.


          Another example of this sentiment can be found in a “Voice of the People” column published in the Lowell Sun newspaper in September 1976 and written by Robert S. Borden:

          “Has it ever dawned on the editors that the attitudes of the 70 million projected non-voters may be very consistent with the reality that the concept of voting and electing representatives is basically dishonest and fraudulent. If voting could change anything it would be made illegal! There is no way any politicians can legally represent anyone because he was elected on a secret ballot by a small percentage of voters. He then claims to represent the people who voted against him and even those who wisely chose not to participate in such criminal activity.”

          NOW we have proof supporting that belief in the DNC leaks and other details. Now they are being watched more closely than ever before.
          It has always been there folks. It’s just that in many ways, the corruption was self-limited because they planned to not get caught and rarely did anything which didn’t already have a “reasonable” explanation. But we are operating at far higher levels than ever before. And now they DON’T even have a plan not to get caught. Now they simply don’t care anymore and are much more obvious along with the FBI recommending no prosecution for Treason levels of national security information mishandling. I say Treason because people HAVE, in fact, died because of mishandled classified information and now 70 million projected non-voters are biting at the bit! Yes this time there sick and tired of being sick and tired of this old decrepit corrupt wicked system of voter fraud and treasonous corruption that stole the Democratic election from Bernie, for the selection of Hillary and this sweet band of cut-throats will go to no ends to place the Trumpster in a dumpster, Dead or Alive!

          Watch your back Don Juan! They want you bad and it’s HUGE!


        • Tin foil hat

          Mme. Hedin,
          Once again, assuming you’re no troll…
          The United States has transitioned from a Republic, to a Democracy, to a Crony Capitalist Oligarchy, to its present state: a thinly disguised Monarchy.
          This monarchy is ruled by the the American House of Fraud, the nation’s Royal Family. The House of Fraud is populated by a small group of individuals who live like kings and queens by systematically plundering the wealth of the nation. Obama will be inducted into the Royal Family, Hillary is already in it but she has to earn the privilege of residency just as George Bush – Come to think of it, it’s just a matter of time when Michele Obama will have to pay that rent too.
          There is 50/50 chance that Trump wants to either force his way in to be part of this Royal Family or he wants to save this Republic from the current self destructive path.

    • Mike

      Yep another paid Soros troll,what will your excuse be when we put you on trial ?

    • Jerry

      Mme. Hedin
      Do you really think Hillary is not part of the elite 1% when she gets paid $250,000. per speech by Goldman Sachs and collects donations from the wealthiest donors on the planet? You guys really need to come up with a new play book. That Robin Hood theme is really getting old.

    • JC Davis

      Mme you just fell of the turnip truck into the pig pin

    • Paul ...

      Mme … better a smart, prepared and experienced Hillary who is responsible for murdering tens of thousands of men, women and children in the Middle East … than a spoiled and cruel moron (in your mind) who wants to do away with the Nuclear First Strike Military Policy of the United States ??… so let me get this straight … in your loony tune mind “an experienced murderer” is much better to vote for then someone who wants to “protect the American people” from nuclear Armageddon??

      • Mme. Hedin

        My goodness, how you guys treat one another when someonev disagrees with your position – it’s appalling! With all due respect, Gentleman and Ladies who are fellow supporters of Greg Hunter’s fine work, I cannot in clear conscience, as a woman and a Christian, vote for that monster, Mr. Donald Trump. Here’s primarily why…
        My first choice, Mr. Bernie Sanders, was robbed of his votes by the DNC. But I will still not vote for Mr. Donald Trump. And I find it disturbing that so many here would, especially if you call yourselves Christian men and women.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are a paid troll and the left political hack non-news media will publish any false 22 year old story they can to discredit Trump. This story should be ignored because this person only filed a case when Trump is winning the election against a criminal candidate that sold treasonous favors and accepted “donations” through her global charity fraud called the Clinton Foundation.

          • Mme. Hedin

            No, I’ m not a”paid troll”, Greg. I am an American citizen by birth, like you I presume, and I have the freedom and obligation to vote for whoever I think will be the best future leader of Americaon the world stage. There aren’t any good choices left, BTW.

            • Greg Hunter

              So, you are voting for someone who told the FBI “I forgot” 39 times when all kinds of questions were asked about classified documents and servers used to hide the fact Ms. Clinton was taking bribes (and committing treason) in the form of “donations” at the global charity fraud called the Clinton Foundation? Good luck with that.

              • Frederick

                Evidently she doesnt mind having her country led by a psychopathic murderer and liar Greg

        • Mill Pierce

          You claim you cannot in clear conscience, as a [woman?] And as a for rice Christian, can not vote for that monster, Mr. Donald Trump and here’s primarily why…
          From, Huff and Puff Post; Mr. Trump has relished calling women “dogs,” “slobs” and “pigs,” and cyberstalked and He threw out the most misogynist of attacks, attempting to undermine her professionalism by accusing derided journalist Megyn Kelly for having the temerity to ask him to defend his own words.her of menstruating. He’s cruelly ridiculed the appearance of a female opponent (Carly Fiorina) and an opponent’s wife (Heidi Cruz).

          Ms. Hedinist
          “Trump has relished calling women “dogs,” “slobs” and “pigs,”
          I’ve heard this before. But never heard it from Trumps Mouth, how come? Cant u come up with any recordings or anything? How bout what Hillary did to woman to defend Bill? She did much more than just call woman, “dogs,” “slobs” and “pigs!” In fact she had one of the woman’s dog killed as a warning and had her told it was a warning! Bill Clinton ‘rape’ victim Juanita Broaddrick has also attacked the New York Times for an article on Trump’s own history with women, while ignoring Clinton’s

          Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3599214/Bill-Clinton-rape-victim-Juanita-Broaddrick-tells-lasting-trauma-1978-attack-claims-victim-told-there.html#ixzz4M8l8UAHM
          Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

          The Hillary-directed terror campaign that targeted Kathleen Willey after she was scheduled to be deposed on the Paula Jones case, Clinton goons killed her cat Bullseye, nail gunned her car tires in the whitewalls, mentioned her children Shannon and Patrick by name and sent a thug to terrify her while she was walking her dogs alone. [ix] After her deposition in early 1998, an animal skull was artfully placed on her doorstep the next morning.

          Hillary is the point person in the cover-up of Bill’s crimes against women. It’s Hillary who called them sluts and trash and hired heavy-handed private detectives to terrorize the women unlucky enough to have been assaulted by Bill Clinton. Hillary has degraded Bill’s victims as “trash”, “sluts”, “bimbos”, and “whores” From her East Wing office, she orchestrated the campaign to smear Monica Lewinsky. She called the White House intern “a nut and a slut”.

          CNN’s Don Lemon shut off the microphone of a guest who dared raise the issue, claiming Bill’s actions are” irrelevant to Hillary.” On the contrary, Don, Hillary is an accessory after the fact in all of Clinton’s sex crimes.
          – See more at: http://stonezone.com/article.php?id=701#sthash.YXwocEdn.dpuf

          • Paul ...

            Mill … you forgot to add that “if perhaps” Trump actually said those mean things about women … at least he only derided women … Hillary derides “both men and women” in her deplorable’s remarks … and goes after blacks in particular by calling them “predators without empathy” … so as you can see Mme is totally biased against Trump who “at worse” is only half as bad as Hillary in deriding people!

          • Charles H

            The fleas of facts don’t matter against the hurricane of Political Agenda.

    • Billy The Kid'ster

      “Very wealthy white men typically own the media corporations, and the vast majority are Republican, neo-conservatives rooting for better treatment of the elite 1%, not the other 99%.” [Ms. Hedinist]

      Tippy, Most wealthy white men are RINO”S. Re’p.u!’blican in name only. Bought and paid for, white neo-conmen, puppets controlled by the elite 1%, The squattocracy, the George Soros, Hank Paulson types. They control you Demonrats too. Just as the Rino’s. Real republicans and democrats pledge allegiance to the same republic for which it should democratically elect public servants in leadership positions. The Neo-conmen and woman whom you are part want non of that. They want what evil men have wanted throughout history. World power in opposition to a creator.
      They want to be and their clique boss! World power hungry, mad as hell!

      Occupy Wall St.____ Tea party
      Real Dem’s—————–Real Repub’s
      have to much**********Has to much
      ____The Proplem__________
      Large corporations lobby for the
      government to have more power
      and in return the government
      enacts laws and regulations
      favorable to large corporations.
      ____The Solution______
      ___Donald J. Trump——-
      Clean House, Kick Booty!

    • D2

      If, as you claim, the media are all owned by Republican, neo-cons, then why is the media so obviously biased towards Clinton and anti-Trump? Why was the media so obviously biased towards Obama and anti-McCain and Romney? Your opinion is completely wrong.

  7. David

    And this SNL skit sums up this election…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nQGBZQrtT0

    • Paul ...

      The most important election in American history (the good people against the evil Satanists) and the news and entertainment people make it into a big joke … no one was laughing when God threw Satan out of Heaven … they were saying thank God!! … let’s remember to thank God when Trump gets in!

  8. Wilbur

    Why did America suddenly “switch” to aggression and provoking war with Russia? Because Russia issued ARREST WARRANTS for two pieces of scum — Rothschild & Soros. http://csglobe.com/russia-issues-international-arrest-warrant-for-rothschild-soros/ http://yournewswire.com/putin-bans-rothschilds-from-russia/
    (3) Russia/Hungary should SUE George Soros for ALL his money to cover WWII REPARATIONS since Soros AIDED the Nazi War Effort.
    (4) Soros is FUNDING the riots and looting from #BLM and moveon.org, TAKE ALL of Soros’ money to pay for REPARATIONS for the damages he is creating HERE ……. and JAIL him for DOMESTIC TERRORISM and instigation.

  9. Paul ...

    Hillary tries to call Trump (who wants to eliminate the US Nuclear First Strike Military Policy) an unfit candidate for President … now who in their right mind would trust Hillary’s judgement as to who will make a good President … just look at Kerry (another neocon) and the way he is acting … neocons don’t want peace … this is why an October surprise as Celenti says is a very real possibility … the question is will it be a false flag nuclear bomb set off in an American city or just another 9-11? … you know facing the truth is very difficult for most people … but we must look at the hard facts as Celenti does … thinking about 9-11 just wants me to hide my head in the sand and not even contemplate that awful moment … it’s like the way Caesar must have felt when he realized it was Brutus?… or the way Jesus felt when he realized Judas betrayed him … I can understand full well how the sleazy Saudi’s could be involved in 9-11 but Israel? … how could Israel who suffered so much under the Third Reich join with Fourth Reich neocons like Bush and Cheney to help attack their very best friend America? … how many pieces of silver did it take? … I know it wasn’t “the good people of Israel” but evil neocons who have taken control over there … just like evil neocons have taken control here in America … as the hard facts of 9-11 filters into America’s consciousness both the Saudi’s and Israel are slowly being left to fend for themselves … this is why it is so important for Israel to throw off their neocon leaders (the way we are trying to do here by electing Trump)… for Israel’s safety (now surrounded by even more powerful enemies) they should try to strike a deal with Russia the way Turkey recently did and seek safety under the Russian umbrella … once the neocons are removed from both Israel and America our ties could once again become strong … but the important thing right now is for the Israeli the nation to survive … and not joining hand-in-hand with Fourth Reich neocons … to bring Armageddon to the Holy Land … it doesn’t have to be as Kissinger said: “that Israel won’t be around in ten years” … if we can rid ourselves of these evil neocons both Israel and America will once again be at peace with its neighbors!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Israel must be a house divided because the Syriac Christians being hounded and harmed are exactly the same DNA as middle eastern Jews…they are the same people biologically. Yet reports say the Israeli government is allied with those behind the persecutions…
      The Syrian Jewish communities have long gone as well. So why would the power elite of Israel be supporting the murder and removals of their closest brothers and sisters?

  10. Mme. Hedin

    How can Trump humiliate and mistreat women the way he continually does, and still expect to get the women’s vote?!? Maybe Ted Cruz can roll over and fawn like a dog after mistreatment, but most women? No – no way!

    • Greg Hunter

      I got a better question. How can Hillary Clinton use multiple private servers to take treasonous bribes in the form of “donations” to her global charity fraud called the Clinton Foundation and not be arrested? I WIN Troll.

      • Mike

        Or how can Hitlery continually defend Billy’s rapes of other women ?

        • Frederick

          Exactly Mike Hedin says that Trump disrespects women Seems that the Hildebeast is an expert at that by covering up for her rapist husband and attacking the victims She is a hopeless sociopath

      • Mme. Hedin

        (Sigh) I am no Troll, Greg. I am a faithful subscriber. I appreciate your work and your website, and I appreciate that you bring on guests who are helpful and informative, both economically and financially speaking (Gerald Celente being my least favorite). But I am completely over-saturated by all of the Hillary-bashing….enough already! Better a capable “shill” bought and paid for by Wall Street than the next “Hitler”. Our options are limited this year. I’ll be very happy when this election cycle is over!

        • Frederick

          Hedin you are very confused Gerald Celente is the absolute best (next to Gregg of course) He speaks his mind and is spot on Too bad we dont have more Americans like Mr Celente and Mr Hunter The country would ge a far better place if we did

        • Tin foil hat

          Mme. Hedin,
          Assuming that you are no troll who appreciate this website, I’ll try to show you the big picture.
          Wall Street is just one of the tentacle of the Deep State. I suspect the Deep State is the bank cartel under the cover the U.S. Federal Reserve. The banksters are now not only in control of the Wall Street and Central Bank, but the U.S. Executive branch, at least half of the Legislative branch and Judicial branch, 90% of the mainstream media and educators in both public schools and universities.
          All the Deep State cares about is the dollar Ponzi Scheme which it wouldn’t let go. You and I are nothing but cannon fodders in the military-industrial complex which serves the function of keeping our client states from going astray.

        • Charles H

          Obama is a despot, and Hillary is worse. How then can you compare Trump with Hitler?!? Love is blind: but ideologues worse. It’s OK to bash Trump though, huh?

          • Paul ...

            Mme … Who was the one who sent Saran “Gas” to Syria to kill all those innocent women and children … Hiltery or Trump? … you better make an appointment to get your brain scanned … a screw is loose!!

    • Robert Lykens

      Actually most women DO roll over and fawn like a dog after mistreatment. I don’t know how many times in my life I’ve said, “Why does she stay in that marriage if he’s going to physically beat her?”
      Usually the answer is, “Because she loves him.”

    • JC Davis

      there is a difference between girls and women . A women can see the big picture. Girls run on emotion.

    • Faith

      Mme. Hedin, I would like to know how Hilliary can have Huma Abedin as her right-hand woman. Huma no only married a man that can’t keep his pants zipped but is so stupid that he couldn’t stop taking selfies of his private parts that he shared with random women around the country! On top of that, Huma’s mother supports the barbaric practice of clitorectomy and FGM as being “good for girls.” What has Hilliary ever said about this cultural practice that has no place in the modern world? Nothing. Huma was also an editor, for 12 years, of the Islamic journal her family publishes. Huma is the only one in Clinton’s immediate circle that was not given immunity.

      Oh, and what about the settlement that Bill Clinton paid to Paula Jones? It was reported to be in the high six figures. The Clintons, both of them, are up to their necks in filth and have been for the past 30 years. I find them both revolting. It is amazing that useless idiots like yourself act as cheerleaders for this couple that are nothing more than low-class grifters that deserve to be wearing orange and locked up.

      • Frederick

        Wait a minute Faith As much as I agree about Hillary and Wiener I would like to know how you know what Humas parents support I married into a secular Muslim family who would be aghast as such practices You need to document your claims somehow or not make them I believe That said Hillary is a disaster and a disgrace to humanity in so many other ways

    • Paul ...

      Mme … How can Hillary kill and mistreat women and children the way she has continually done in the Middle East (with her warmongering policies) and still expect to get the women’s vote???

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Donald’s big Brooklyn mouth goes after everyone…it’s an equal opportunity smart mouth. He will lose many votes from more genteel people for whom quiet good manners are more important than, in reality, they should be. However, Hillary’s ugly off the cuff rants disqualify her there too!!! Whoever wins, Obama will be missed, not politically much, but personally.

      • Paul ...

        Obama’s good manners??? … like his good manners when he says he is good at killing people with his drone strikes? … or perhaps his good manners allowing millions of US kids to become drug addicts by supporting the US drug cartel in Afghanistan? … I can go on … but I don’t think I need to!!

  11. ED1

    If only we had some career politicians that would lay it out like Mr. Celente there “may” be hope for this country.

    • Frederick

      Ed I agree we could sure use someone with the chutzpah of Mr Celente in Washington

  12. Jerry

    I and many others like Gerald Celente have been amazed at how well the central banks have managed to delay the detonation of the Bretton Woods system through market manipulation. But at some point, even the most ardent criminal’s luck runs out and you get caught. That time is now. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-10-01/deutsche-bank-paschi-nomura-staff-charged-over-false-accounts-itr5z2ku

    On Friday I witnessed the farce of a truly manipulated stock market gain over 120 points on the news that Deutsche Banks settlement (to the DOJ) was reduced from 15 Billion dollars to 4 Billion dollars. Why would they do that if Deutsche Bank is still solvent? The truth is Deutsche Bank is already dead. They just haven’t figured out where and how to hide the body. Germany does not have the finances to bail Deutsche Bank out. Deutsche Banks debt is ten times bigger than Germany’s GDP. It would be financial suicide.

    Here’s the point. By the shear fact that the central banks urged the DOJ to reduce Deutsche Banks settlement, tells me that they are desperate to delay the collapse of the Bretton Woods system and have nothing left in their manipulation bag of tricks .

    So what do they do? Exit stage left to the new Gold backed Yuan exchange system, courtesy of the Chinese. Remember, the G20 board of governors meets on Friday October 7th. October surprise?

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      Evidently I’m not the only one that thinks there is a plan in play.

      • Paul ...

        Jerry … we are all waiting for China to bring the death of the dollar … but guess what … we don’t have to wait … the banksters right here in America are killing the US dollar “right now” before our very eyes …

        Those Federal Reserve Notes we work our ass off for every week (so we can buy food and pay our bills) are being made into “worthless IOU’s” before China even has a chance to bring the dollar down … these Federal Reserve Notes we Americans call money are supposed to be legally valid for the payment of “all debts and services public and private” (that is the definition of legal tender) … and yet the banksters are now reneging on honoring their IOU’s we call money … making it a crime to try and use cash to pay our bills, buy food, etc., etc. … now if we try to take some of our money out of our bank account the banksters can call the police on us … police who then have the power to consider us a terrorist suspect (for simply taking our own money out of our own bank account) … the police have the power to then go into our home to search and seize all our other assets … as our terrorist actions (taking our own money out of our own bank account) now makes us into a terrorist!!

      • Kim

        Thank you for your comments and links, they are very helpful and give outstanding insight on what is really going on!! Your time and effort is respected and appreciated!

        • Donna from AR

          I keep reading this about banks and not allowing you to withdraw large amounts of money from your account. Well, this is false as far as my bank is concerned. I have withdrew $5000 and sent it to my soon. I had no problem and no issues of anyone contacting me on it. So, what gives? Is it just certain banks???

          • Paul ...

            Donna … Try withdrawing $10,001 dollars just as an experiment to see what type of reaction you get … you can put the money back in the next day!

          • MCasey

            Donna, Did you actually leave the bank with $5000 cash in your hand or did you buy a cashier’s check, transfer the money or something similar? They will act very innocent and friendly, but they are fisching for information.

          • Jerry

            $10,000. will get you a visit from Uncle Sam.

          • Bill

            Donna from AR. you are probably dealing with a regional bank who mostly are healthy. It the big banks that are in trouble.

      • JC Davis

        Not so sure Jerry. There is a bigger plan. The Chinese are a part but not the masters. They will let their currency crash with the dollar, and resist being the world currency. I know this sounds crazy but they are a part of the big change into digital currency, or the new world order as Bush called it.
        China could have already taken down the dollar.

        • Jerry

          JC Davis.
          That’s possible, but there has to be a reason why the Chinese have purchased so much gold, and set up AIIB, CIPS, and bought gold vaults in New York, London, Frankfort.

      • Faith

        Jerry and other Watchdoggers, I am watching Bloomberg and they just mentioned that tomorrow is a holiday in China. I thought that was interesting. It is also a holiday in Germany, too. Reunification Day as I recall.

        • Frederick

          Faith watching Bloomberg is your first mistake That channel is nothing but a propaganda outlet for the likes of Goldman Sachs and the banksters who are destroying the US Celente calls them presstitutes for a very good reason and he gets it

      • Frederick

        Jerry the PTB are planning to do the same thing to the world economy that Larry Silverstein did to building 7 and thats “pull it”

    • Jerry

      As usual no announcement by the MSM. Most Americans continue to live in oblivion, and will until they’re locked out of their bank account. The G20 board of governors is this Friday October 7th. Keep an eye on this one. The dots are beginning to line up.

    • Bill

      Jerry: The Chinese do not think as westerners do, they do short range planning ( western thinking} and they do long range planning 100 years in advance. The old Chinese dynasties are still in power and pulling the strings, behind the scene.

  13. Dan.t

    I love it when Gerald gets fired up. Take information from multiple sources, apply unbiased common sense and a understanding of history, connect the dots and spot a trend. The guy is a abstract thinker for sure.

  14. r.j

    one of geralds best. thankyou greg.

  15. Tad

    Considering what might occur next week, you might be inclined to have Gerald back next Sunday morning.

    • Paul ...

      Kerry complaining that thousands of civilians are being killed by Russian bombs in Aleppo might send troops into Syria next week “for humanitarian reasons” … if the US puts troops on the ground in Syria to prevent further slaughter … I wonder what Kerry will say if Putin then puts troops on the ground in Yemen “for humanitarian reasons” to prevent the slaughter of civilians there by US bombs?

      If the US puts troops on the ground in Syria next week … watch what China does!… most likely a US escalation of the ground war in Syria will be met by a proportional Chinese troop response … think about that … who has more men to feed into the neocons war furnace? … are American mothers going to gladly sacrifice their sons on the neocons Luciferian’s alter of war? … for the Nobel (peace prize) purpose of putting a US gas pipeline through Syria to generate more greedy profits for the elites??

      • Paul ...

        Hopefully US Military soldiers are being advised that the United States has no legal authority to be conducting military operations inside Syria … attacks supposedly targeting ISIS (but lacking approval of the Syrian Government) are under International Law “Acts of Aggression” … and thus these US soldiers can be brought before an International Tribunal and charged with War Crimes!!

  16. Russ McMeans

    Great interview Greg. Celente’s use of street language says it best. ” payback. Whores ” that says it all. And Hillary saying she’ll work hard for us, yeh right! The bitch WILL lead us straight into war with Russia, who should be our ally. I’m going to warn my dumb friends, again. Everyone is so busy with life and petty hobbies but war has a nasty way of snowballing and crashing into us all.

  17. John

    With the internet giveaway and subsequent removal of offensive material, you had best acquire a physical mailing list for a news letter. Please add me to it. I will gladly pay for it. John Farr 4148 e Zia st Phx Az 85044 Thanks Greg. Obviously don’t print my comment. I’m

    • Mike

      Too late

    • JC Davis

      John you don’t get off easy when you say don’t print this…LOL Greg prints it all.

  18. Bob

    Gerald Celente is a close to a crystal ball as we can get. He gives us a highly probable glimpse into the macro-events of the future so we can adjust and plan our lives accordingly. He has the ability to crystallize all the information of other knowledgable analysts as well as current events to make a projection about probable outcomes. If people follow both Mr Celente as well as your USA Watchdog, Mr Hunter, then we glimpse how the world events are truly unfolding. This is in stark contrast to the drivel that spews brainwashing propaganda on Main Street Media Inc.
    Main probable events that are likely to occur that become obvious when the blinders come off;
    1 The stock market is heading for a massive correction – this is never reported on CNBC except for when they interview Peter Schiff. Mr. Schiff warns and they then ridicule Mr. Schiff
    2. There is massive coverup of corruption surrounding the Clinton e-mails scandal, the Clinton Pay-to-Play scam that serves to undermine the very Soverignty of the USA by the subversion of the DOJ and FBI who have, for what-ever-reason , become complicit in this coverup. On going Congressional hearings are uncovering the real truth about this very important issue. In the recent hearings one congressman characterized the issue by saying that the American people are concerned that the FBI did not charge Hillary Clinton and that this whole issue does not “pass the smell test” with the American people. This very major issue is not reported in MSM.
    Congressional Investigation -Comey FBI -> http://youtu.be/RyIkQgUm15A
    3. It would appear that the world is on an irreversible path to war and every passing day the US actions in the Middle East seems to exacerbate this festering situation even further. Very little is reported in the MSM but if it is the overt attempts to villanize Russia are evident. However, if one is to search for Putin’s responses and warnings, he seems to be using incredible restraint as well as giving a dire warning that if US aggression continues, there will be war.
    – Putin warns – > http://youtu.be/kqD8lIdIMRo
    4. For any who are unconvinced about what is true and what is false as truth and lies become distorted and intermingled, especially during an election campaign. If an independent arbitrator can be found by which a person can get their bearings then it would help a person to navigate the fog. I believe this informational compass is Wikileaks ! It was Wikileaks that began to uncover the corruption and true direction the government intends to go as evidenced by the disclosure of DNC corruption and its undermining of Bernie Sanders. Again – it was underreported or distorted by MSM but given true reporting by the alternative media.
    As Mr Celente has said – there is going to be an October Surprise. I just hope that whatever the surprise, the truth and impact of that surprise is reported to the ‘people’ quickly, honestly and truthfully. It would seem, based on current track record, that reporting will be done by the alternative media.
    Keep up the good and important work Greg. Your work is incredibly important in these uncertain and dangerous times.

  19. david chanley

    you know this guy. he needs to say this on your show. help make this one hour interview go viral. the west is totally insane. anyone who supports a republican or democrat supports the satanic suicide of all humanity. http://themindrenewed.com/interviews/2016/952-int119

  20. mushroom

    Fact after fact after fact after fact!


    Sure vastly different than Willie Clinton’s MSM.

    Thanks Greg and Gerald for a wonderful interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mushroom. We try to Not keep you in the dark and feed you. . . ”

      • wondrouscat

        . . . fertilizer, or a more colorful word or two, like what the msm feeds us. Very witty (and true). Thanks for shedding the light, and please do so for as long as possible as I am frankly worried for the longevity of the freedom of the internet.

  21. Karl

    Why are so many people taken in by Clinton but hate Trump?
    It’s truelly sickening

    • Paul ...

      Probably because most Americans have adolescent minds … Trump is like a strict Father trying to impose rules on them … while Hillary is like one of them … likes to stay out til 4 in the morning partying, having all kinds of sex, doing drugs and drinking alcohol … bashing the car and killing a few people while coming home bleary eyed, wide mouth open drugged and (hee hee hee drunk) out of her mind … and then blames her Father [who says “why were you out so late doing so many naughty things” ] as just being an irresponsible women hater!!

  22. Gary

    Great interview as always Greg thank you for your time and effort. Only wish you could interview the next presidential debate. I know its a tough job that you do wish you interview Hal Lindsey to see how all this lines up with the word of God. Thanks again

  23. Charles Turner

    If Clinton does get in, it is what happens next that is a worry. I suspect the attention will turn to alternative media and ‘subversives’ like Gerald Celente, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Grey Hunter, Zero Hedge etc. and ‘influences’ will be put to work to shut these views down. If the big guys in the MSM spew out propaganda, why should the little guys be allowed to tell the truth? You guys must be on the radar of the elites and they cant be liking what they see.

    • Gordon Piper

      No worries here Chuck! Read yer Bible. Watch some Robin Hood and James Bond movies. You can always tell who are the good guy’s because their always witty and much smarter than the evil sourpusses and never ferget good always conquers evil!
      ————◄ Jeremiah 29:11 ►________

      American Standard Version
      For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith Jehovah, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope in your latter end.
      I’m partial to this trans. I’m American and it was J. Vernon McGee’s favorite!
      New Living Translation
      For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. “But this trans obviously hit’s home here!”

      • Charles H

        That is a stretch – Gordon Piper. What J. Vernon McGee used as his text was the King James Version for his monumental “Through The Bible” program. IF the New Living Translation WAS his favorite: why did he NOT USE it for his greatest work? He DID bring in others for expanding on material.
        But the BIG LIE here is that J. Vernon McGee died in 1988; and the NLT came out in 1996. How in Hell could a Bible that didn’t yet exist be a dead man’s favorite?!?? Your false claim, sir, makes you a LIAR. What evil is at work here?

        • Charles H

          Oh, I see now – my mistake. The reference was to the American Standard Version (ASV), not the NLT. My apologies.
          I STILL find it hard to believe the ASV was McGee’s favorite.
          He was a renegade to the Presbyterians, and went non-Denominational.
          I will still assert – that any Bible which has a copyright on it is bottom-line for profit, or to generate “mammon” ; and departs from the true spiritual realm, which applies to the ASV.

  24. Mohammad


    My chances for reaching Trump for an advice are next to nill .
    You have better chance Greg as Journalist with your connections, may be picking up the phone and calling someone who can reach him and say this:

    Mr Trump:
    Do not talk to the moderate and do not mention their names, their stinking names, they are bought and so their souls. JUST LOOK IN THE CAMERA, and make sure you are looking in the right one where your eyes can reach the viewers directly. AND TALK TO THE AMERICANS, straight looking in their eyes through the camera and never ever mention the name or talk to the stinking moderator.
    Deliver your message stay focused and never ever fall into traps of ego or defending or rebutting…. just grill this witch with facts that she will do her best to distract you from mentioning.
    Mr Trump, it is your last chance this coming debate.


    • Mohammad

      “Do not talk to the moderate”
      Do not talk to the moderator.

    • 8Ball

      Try [email protected]

  25. Kim

    Great interview! (Thank you for the very helpful information/advise in earlier posts!) Politicians pimping the media for influence perspective is too funny and sad because it’s true! The elites are pimping the politicians for their own agenda also! Glad someone else {God} is in charge! Gotta love and respect the Greg and Gerald info! Thank you for having him on!!!!

  26. Charles Turner

    A stunning news flash from Europe. The Hungarians voted today against EU quotos on ‘Muslim’ immigration. The results. 92.5% against more immigration, 1.4% for and 6% spoilt ballets.

    But get the rub, it doesn’t count and is seen as a victory for the EU because only 45% of people voted, when 50% was required. so the 1.4% is the democratic winner.

  27. Walter Baumgarten

    Greg, I hope you paid special attention when Gerald remarked that there used to be many radios stations , many news sources for us to listen to because that is exactly what you are today. History has once again repeated and we are left with the small independents on which to rely on for our news, and that is YOU and your site. Thank you. Anyone who places any credibility at all on Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff will never have to worry about being surprised. Thank you so very much for bringing them to us on a regular basis.

  28. Mike

    Excellent interview,Greg and Gerald are true Americans.Hopefully Americans will be idolizing the alternative media like the founding fathers,enough good things cannot be said about these people.

  29. JC Davis

    Thanks for having Gerald back on.
    This is a non election that is why Julian Assange is waiting for the right moment to release what he knows. I look for it any day now.

  30. Terry Reps

    I love watching ” Bishop Celente ” sermonizing in front of the Trends Research Altar. I think that Hiilary will be instrumental in the start of a Nuclear war against Russia….IF IT LOOKS AS IF TRUMP WILL HAVE A LANDSLIDE VICTORY. I also believe that PUTIN will use nuclear weapons to de fang Washington DC and the surrounding area which is infested with neocons and their insane attempts to rule the world IF IT LOOKS AS IF HILLARY WILL PREVAIL. Putin must have a preemptive strike before Hillary can get her ducks lined up for her war. This will happen brfore the end of this year. God save us all.

  31. Benjamin Frank

    Greg, I have learned more from you,your readers and guest’s than anywhere else. I’m truly amazed with their common sense responses and comments to crises after crises facing America!
    We are being attacked behind the scenes by the very politicans we elected to office! Liberty and Freedom runs thru our Patriotic veins and we can not set this one out and allow Tyrants to destroy this gift to the world. This Republic is our last and best hope for the world only if we can return to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! We must not allow the Republic to go quietly into the night. Our forefathers in 1775-1776 pledged their “Lives,their Fortunes and their sacred honor” for this nation! “I” or “We” should do no less! God bless you Greg,your viewers and your guests,but especially God Bless The United States Of America! I know not what other’s will do, but as for me, “Give me Liberty or give me Death”!

  32. susan

    Superb interview Greg. Gerald was really educational as well brilliant. Thank you so much for all you do. I’m going crazy trying to get idiots to “get it”.

  33. Rick Geisler

    Kudos Gerald!!

  34. Anthony Australia


    Please keep delivering theese interviews with your great and powerful guests.
    Eventually the message of truth will get through!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AA. Greg

  35. Nick stoker

    Gerald has absolutely #$%^ing nailed it on every single point he raised.

  36. Karl

    Anthony. I really hope so but the cognitive dissonance I experience every day is simply mind blowing.
    I spoke to a girl in the Us yesterday I knew from college. She has a PhD in Geology but she cannot see how the big banks are controlling the system and how Hillary is a big part of that.
    She called it a fringe conspiracy theory and held onto the Never Trump mantra even if it means voting for a known psycho like Clinton
    Which she also refuses to see ( ie she is a psycho).
    Surely 2oo8 was a lights on moment. The emporor had no clothes and everyone with a brain cell could see how corrupt the system was/is.
    I cannot believe tat people are so dumb they cannot see this. It’s simply mind boggling.
    Sorry for the rant but it’s rely getting to me

    • Paul ...

      Having a PhD does not mean you have brains … it just means you have been schooled to tout “the official line” (if a PhD candidate ever used their own brain to come up with something really new and controversial they would rarely ever be granted a PhD by the Ivy League Crony “establishment”) … the common people must simply wake up out of their dream world and begin to think for themselves (the degree you hold does not matter) … because the enemies of freedom are real!!

    • Anthony Australia


      Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest

      The greatest plague of the current era.

  37. Billy The Kid

    More Clinton Shenanigans in Haiti Emails show the State Department and the Clinton Foundation collaborated on policy. Ms. Graham, who was also chief of staff to Mr. Clinton at the foundation, had other reasons to worry: “I’m also staying at [Mr. Bellerive’s] house fyi so exposure in general and this weekend in particular for wjc on this.” So Clinton Foundation staff was hobnobbing with a powerful Haitian politician and using connections at the State Department to try to influence U.S. policy decisions involving that same politician. That’s unethical and it is also contrary to what Mrs. Clinton promised when she went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in January 2009 as president-elect Barack Obama ’s secretary of state nominee. Back then she boasted that the foundation and the incoming administration “decided to go beyond what the law and the ethics rules call for to address even the appearance of conflict” of interest with a “memorandum of understanding” to “address potential concerns” and ensure transparency. Now a string of State Department emails from January 2011—made public through a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request by Citizens United—demonstrates that Mrs. Clinton’s State Department did not separate itself from the Clinton Foundation but instead collaborated with it. In her Jan. 27 email Ms. Graham also offered advice: “Nor do I think u need remove his visa. Not sure what it gets u. Remove elizabeth ’s and prevals people,” she wrote, referring to the wife of Haitian President Rene Preval and his staff. http://www.wsj.com/articles/more-clinton-shenanigans-in-haiti-1474235175

    Fast forward to 11:10;

  38. Anthony Australia

    I’ve got a ‘gut’ feeling if Trump wins he will turn on Putin ‘Russia’.

    • Paul ...

      I guess anything is possible … but we have to play the odds … with Hillary “we know” with close to 110% certainty she will turn on Putin … so we don’t have to depend so much on our gut … although scientifically the gut is in control of very many of our higher bodily functions … but on this issue … I think we can trust our brain!

  39. Jerry

    Trust me when I tell you this. Deutsche Bank is in NO position to do SHORT Sales.
    Having done short sales in real estate for many years, I know for a fact that someone has to take a loss on the backend in order for a bank to do a short sale. Here in the U.S. banks usually dump their loses in Fannie Mae, which adds to the governments subprime mortgage negative balance sheets. But how can a country like Germany, who does not have reserve currency status be expected to pick up Deutsche Banks losses when its ten larger than their national GDP?

    • Paul ...

      If Deutsche Bankers knew they were in trouble … and sold their own shares short at $120 dollars … and covered right now … they would have made 10 times their money … say they sold $10 trillion dollars worth of their stock short at $120 … at $12 dollars now they would have booked $100 trillion dollars … which is “more then twice” the $42 trillion they need to cover “all” of their derivative positions!

      • Paul ...

        Lets say Trump gets in and sells the Dow “short” using $1.9 trillion dollars of US Treasury money (printed out of thin air) for us Americans … the market then goes bust … and Trump rakes in 10 times the money “for us” ($19 trillion dollars) … bingo … our National Debt is completely paid off!!

    • Frederick

      Jerry it seems that the neocons are using economic war against DB and Germany(EU) with this ten year old fine on them It seems to me they are shooting themselves in the foot and driving Germany as well as Saudi Arabia into Russias sphere

  40. Justn Observer

    Morning Greg…. Appears those ‘in the basement’ Bernie supporters won’t be in their parents basement ‘forever’….Hillary plans to massively increase the inheritance taxes…so they can plan on just being in the streets if they can’t find jobs by the time Mom & Dad pass !
    As the article shows….but one more plan…like Obama care….high on the list of the Marxist plank….!
    These leftists suffer serious kleptomania….stealing for themselves everything not nailed down…constantly feeding off the thrift, mindful, savers for their own benefits and retirement pensions or using other’s wealth to buy (bribe) other’s votes to retain power for themselves!
    Looking into some of the motives of Pilgrim Society…as shown by Charles Savoie… they use such tactics to stifle those striving to succeed and get up the ladder…to retain a monopoly unto themselves…while hiding behind foundations and policy … funding such thru lobbyists – buying and control ling elected offices…. One of his suggestions is to repeat the 15th Amendment and return control of Senate selection back to the state legislature and away from the hands of the wealthy North east donors and foreign collaborators and bankers ( those – the shareholders behind the FED). Those (the Establisment) near the the apex of the octopus tentacles of the now older Bretton Wood con-fab… they being the what he terms as the silver stealers…the Precious metal manipulators and riggers…the world is dealing with more currently…and the target of William J Bryant the lion who lost is courage…in the Wizard of Oz… Clever, as the focus is always on those clamoring in the streets, the rioters and protestors, demanding their ‘fair share’, to be protected by the very people paid off to pass ‘trade policy’ that is shifting there jobs overseas ! In effect hoping they are being saved from themselves ! “Clearly in the future will be…when they find a new world on a new planet… these will have a policy that the taxpayer pay for the program for settlement there…and when the last wealthy of the elite class are lifted off to the New World…they will burn the maps and blow up the pad…leaving behind those to whine and wallow in the toxic waste to fight for the scraps. And they wonder why there is such effort to retain the public school system…and keep the huddled mass deep in ‘group think’ !
    Cons -pirate see theory ends when that suspected is revealed as a reality…

  41. Justn Observer

    Holter and Sinclair on Oct. 1
    Very enlightening… Russia and China buying and holding gold ultimate economic protectionist …if TRUMP did the same he would be called a ‘protectionist’ …but is exactly what he should do… if the U.S. is going to be in the ‘long game’ ! In this is a clip of the President of Senate of Haiti begging Trump to ask Hillary in the next debate where is the $billions given to the Clinton Foundation for his country that they never got ! U.S. situation is at a terminal point in history !

  42. Jerry

    I hate to revisit an old theme but take another look at the 2015 economist magazine.

    Look at the bottom of the picture. What sticks out to me is the plink-o game where “new reserve currency” creates panic. Look in the background and see the ghost sticking his face around the corner representing October or Halloween. What’s even more striking is Angela Merkel standing over the plink-o game showing a globalist symbol. Deutsche Bank going down could be the catalyst that starts the plink-o game in motion. Think about it. Strange?

    • MCasey

      ….and the ghost book reads: “Holiday”…..could also mean “bank holiday” around October or Halloween?

  43. Keith wilson

    Greg,regarding the usa political elites wanting to look for any reason to have war with Russia.Could you tell me what George bush,bill Clinton.bill sanders.mitt Romney.Donald trump.where doing on the night of the the tet offensive in 1968.We can not find any photos of them holding foxhole at hue city.I heard mitt Romney spent five years hiding out in a monetary in france when america required him to do his duty.Donald trump wants to become your commandeering chief .No pictures of him in fatigues,when he could have served .Your political elites makes for one big clown show.

    • Anthony Australia


  44. Justn Observer


    • MCasey

      Interesting….msn crashed this afternoon also. http://currentlydown.com/msn.com
      Joshua, Texas
      MSN is down in North Texas. Arlington, Parts of Fort Worth.
      Michelle Schwimmer
      Seems to be down in California – I can read headlines and see some thumbnails, but others are broken and non of the links work.
      Gary Mundt
      eBay and MSN/Outlook sign in have all been down intermittently since 11AM EST in Jacksonville, FL
      MSN.com is not connecting in Jacksonville, FL (down for the last two hours).
      Jon Tate Down in Ohio now.
      Tammy Kauk Carlson MSN seems to be down in Springfield Missouri right now
      Community College of the Air Force
      MSN is down in Louisville KY
      St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Florissant, MO
      MSN is down in St Louis MO

    • Jerry

      That’s very interesting. Money is beginning to seize up in the system and the banks don’t want to let go of it.

  45. Jerry

    40 million Russians headed to underground bunkers after talks break down with the ketchup king. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4yNgtE_jQM

    Evidently the Russians know our criminal elites better than we do. Somehow I don’t think this maneuver is just about nuclear talks and troop movements in Syria. My gut tells me this is tied to the possible coming collapse of the dollar. With the G20 financial board of governors meeting on Friday I can’t help but think something is up. Especially after Obama was given the back door treatment at the last G20 meeting in September.
    The Russians have every right to be suspicious, knowing the elites here are desperate enough to sacrifice their own people before they would give up power. 9/11 is proof of that. If it wasn’t so then why are the Saudi’s worrisome about pending lawsuits?

  46. Pinocchio

    Central banks can’t do anymore, and they are looking now for government stimulus.

    But governments can’t do anymore, so they are looking now for IMF stimulus.

    Too bad, IMF can’t do anymore, so they are looking now for Satan stimulus.

    Satan chuckles. He walks away and murmurs: “Those transgenderists are crazier than I thought”.

  47. Bill

    Benjamin Frank; It the career politicians.Get rid of them and we will once again have some sense of sanity. One term and one term only for politicians. We don’t need term limits, just don’t vote for them.

    • Paul ...

      Excellent idea Bill … but we have to strictly monitor the vote counting … if we have dead people voting (and there are more of them then living people) election results can always be rigged to get the wrong person elected (even if it is the first time they are running) … with computer technology today we should be able to tell if George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, etc., etc. are casting votes for Trump … or if Stalin, Hitler, Mao. etc., etc. are voting for Hillary! … the other question we must consider is when Rockefeller transfers his brain into a computer does he qualify to vote forever? … should voting be officially limited to “living human beings” as it is today (assuming no cheating)? … or will computers of the future have the right to vote?

      • Paul ...

        If you think about it … the computer chips in the Diebold voting machines already get to cast votes … we Trump voters must overwhelm everything the Hillary crowd will throw at us … they have hundreds of thousands of Democratic votes already stored in an Ohio warehouse … they likely already have the Diebold chips set to make every vote Democratic … and Democratic doctors will likely inject a flue shot in the arms of all their Republican patients to make them too sick to vote this November … so we have an upward battle before us … we must overwhelm the neocons with numbers so large they can’t fix the election no matter what they do!

    • ED1

      Bill, the problem with your comment on”We don’t need term limits, just don’t vote them in” is the sad fact that greed is everywhere and so many will resrort to it. Recently a friend of mine ran for a Senate seat in this state and won. I did not vote nor did I see him prior to his announcement that he was running for office. But in the event I did see him prior to the election. But in the event our paths did cross I had my mind made up to convey to him that I would not vote for him because I didn’t want to see him become corrupt.
      It is to my belief that the longer a person remains in office the more corrupt they may become. Therefore I very much support term limits.
      I find it interesting, considering the average salary of a politician is really not that high, how the career politicians walk away so wealthy.


  48. Jerry

    I have some rather disturbing news to pass along, Recently my son was told by our local school that as part of Common Core his children (my grandchildren) had to be photographed and fingerprinted. When he objected, he was advised by the administration that if he did not comply with Common Core mandates, he would he asked to remove his children from the school. My son being the constitutional minded person he is said, that’s fine, we’ll find another school to attend. I then I see this.
    https://youtu.be/QHopVtF_B-U What possible reason could there be to fingerprint a young child in grade school? I have my won thoughts. What are yours?

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Having spent a few decades in “education”, I can tell you that the “uber state” has plans for your grandchildren and the professional judgements of various educational specialists (along with the student’s accompanying grades, achievement scores, aptitude tests and interest inventories) will soon super cede the dreams or aspirations of the student or even the desires of the parents. This information will be coupled with (i.e. photos, fingerprints, attendance and outside activities) to be coded and tracked by computerized educational software programs, so as to better shape, mold and indoctrinate the young child to his fullest abilities. This has been touted as the needed direction for a world-class educational system, plus it gives credence to the tired meme “that it takes a village to help raise a stellar student and a responsible citizen”. Yes, like healthcare its all about command and control!

      • Paul ...

        To better shape the child to his fullest abilities? … seemed to work out well with Bush Jr. … his low grades, achievement scores, aptitude tests and interest inventories got coded to make him President of the United States and bring us 9-11, a couple of insane wars and a heroin drug trade that is now supplying more then 90 percent of the dope Americas children now take … so lets tout fingerprinting kids … as the proper direction to take for a world-class educational system!!

        • Shadow of Doubt

          True education is teaching our kid’s how to think, not what to think. Common Core is more insidious progressive over reach; slickly dressed up in so-called best practices and do-goodism!

    • MCasey

      Jerry….my instinct and research is that it is not “Common Core”, but some other reason they are not revealing. btw….in my state they are doing facial recognition and fingerprints when we renew our driver’s licenses….they don’t advertise it but time before last she had to take my picture 3 times because she “just can’t get it to match up with the picture on file, but I can tell its you”. And each time they take two different fingers for prints….I guess they are working on an entire set.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Jerry & MCasey,
        In the “absence of the parents”, the school will argue they are within their rights to take the necessary measures to safe guard or assist Law Enforcement in protecting the student (i.e. child abduction, kidnaping, runaways, drug and sex crimes) hence the fingerprints and photos. Common Core however is based on the premise that the welfare of the student and his or her education best rests with the “state” (a UN belief) rather than within the domain of their parents and local community. This is a fight for who has the right to determine not only your grandkid’s education but what values and beliefs they should have as well–the family or the state.

  49. Mike R

    This is one perfect example of how preposterously evil, and sociopathic HRC is…..

    ‘Can’t we just drone this guy?’ Clinton asked during the meeting on November 23, 2010, the website reports citing State Department sources. (the sheer arrogance and hubris and recklessness of that wench in this one statement, makes her so incredibly unfit to be President, is not even worth further discussion. She should by all accounts, be in prison right at this moment, for all her prior mis-deeds, and ‘hits’ that are too innumerable to even be able to calculate.)
    The sources said that her controversial query drew laughter in the room, but that it quickly died down when Clinton continued to speak in a ‘terse’ manner.
    She allegedly called Assange a soft target as he was walking around freely at the time and not fearful of any reprisals.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3819237/Is-October-Surprise-cancelled-WikiLeaks-scraps-event-Julian-Assange-release-damaging-information-Hillary-Clinton.html#ixzz4M4j4UxvA

    Lets hope Wikileaks and Assange unleash some truly damaging documents tomorrow that actually STICK in the minds of would be voters. It simply cannot be soon enough – all is fair game against this horrible excuse for a human being. She has no soul, no conscience, and is wicked as any male historical communist and absolutely brutal criminal leader you want to put up in comparison. (Pol Pot, et al) You can’t let this type of sociopath into power, given the sordid history, and whats worse is we don’t really know ALL the skeletons she’s buried around the globe.

  50. Mohammad

    Why the Russians are going to the bunkers on October 4th?
    40 MILLION of them..!!!!!


    What do they know we do not?


    • Laura

      Sounds like this is something that happens every year, but this year it seems it’s happening in the mist of increased tensions and threats. Praying for a divine intervention!

    • Bill

      I find it interesting that in the 70’s America was very busy defending ourselves for the USSR. Today it appears Russia is very busy defending themselves from the US. Keep your head down, cause it aint gonna be pretty.

    • Susan

      Because of Hitlery.

  51. Ag-n-Ag

    MeThinks we just got our October surprise with Gold, right now, plummeting under $1300 and still dropping. Didn’t Bo say Gold would double and Silver triple by now! huhu

    • Justn Observer

      Ag n Ag, Howard Dent and Mike Mahoney said down first then thru the roof …deflation then hyperinflation…. just say’n….lots of views….it’s the timing they all can not be expected to ‘know’… as the FED plays with their very ‘inventive’ economic policy..

    • Charles H

      It’s a game, and the Gamers are getting desperate. As long as they can rig the game they are winning. Natural forces of theMarket are catching-up. Games end; life goes on.

  52. ED1

    Sorry about the grammatical error, Greg. Didn’t proof read it properly.

  53. Justn Observer

    Greg… Martin Armstrong …sobering interview !


  54. Mohammad


    For first time EVER Russia is putting S300 air defense missiles in Syria.
    It is a force to be reckoned with for who knows what that means.
    A game changer in anticipation of the plan B that US is contemplating with Saudi Arabia proxies:



  55. Justn Observer

    MSM media under -reports IMF DOWNGRADE ON GLOBAL GROWTH… listened all morning nata….only watched PM and vxx getting hammered for ‘some strange reason’ that we have all come to understand ! lol
    Greg Mannario correct again ! Thanks Greg and Greg !

  56. Mohammad

    When the end game is near for the dollar it GOES UP before it is poof.
    Nothing hurts whatever left of US industry now as a strong dollar, i can hear them screaming at the top of their lungs “bring the damn thing down…”
    When DB is dead and every one in the world is hoarding cash fearing the worst in their own currencies (out of frying pan into fire) bringing the index up it is a matter of time, not long one that is, when the ship with the drunken sailors goes down.
    Even if there was a blood bath for PM, nothing sets the argument for a bull run for PM like a strong dollar in the midst of falling currencies allover the world.



  57. Mohammad

    Since i have started blogging on your site Greg i maintained saying Syria is the make or break of the world. Keep your eyes focused on that place to know where things are going:



    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll back you up on that–You have. I too have said for years the Russia would NOT leave Syria.

  58. Mohammad



    “And since the report is, at least for now, just a trial balloon to gauge the Russian reaction to a potential US military incursion, we now wait to see what Putin’s reaction to the possibility of a US military campaign in Syria will be.”

    I think the answer came fast:



    • MCasey

      At least Russia still has a sense of humor…..”Konashenkov said it is unclear why the deployment of the missile system has created such a fuss in the West. The S-300 is a purely defensive system and poses no threat,” he said.

  59. Anthony Australia


    This latest report a classic.
    What’s your view on the Washington Post?
    We get so many rehashed articles here that I truly think they are just like, as Celente named the NYT, toliet paper of record.


  60. Diane

    Gerald Celente impressed me in this interview.
    I’ve never really paid him much mind….but will be interested on hearing him again.
    I don’t know how you’re keeping up with all this avalanche of breaking news, Greg…we sure appreciate your effort.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane.

  61. Kim

    October suprise of falling gold and silver, not what I was expecting! At least it is on sale now!! Time to buy! Also, Mike Maloney has an intriguing video about an invisible inflation.

  62. JC Davis

    Greg I just finished watching the vice debate. I really like Pence.
    These debates are the strangest I have ever seen. It is like Trump , and Pence is forced to debate the moderator. What will it take to make the MSM admit truth ?
    I would feel good about Pence as president.

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