One-on-One with Reggie Middleton

By Greg Hunter’s 

The big headlines, last week, would lead you to believe the European debt crisis is on its way to being fixed. Reggie Middleton of says, “Europe is insolvent,” and nothing is fixed.  Middleton contends, “Collapse in Europe is absolutely unavoidable.  It’s a foregone conclusion.”  Why should you listen to this entrepreneurial investor?

He has made many stunning calls. He said Bear Stearns was insolvent when its stock was trading for well over $100 per share.  He warned about Lehman Brothers and predicted the financial crisis of 2008 long before they happened.  Now, he says, “Europe is coming to the end of the road very soon,” and a “system crash is the only way to fix the problem.”  Greg Hunter goes “One-on-One” with Reggie Middleton.

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  1. jay

    So the short of his prediction is the euro is gone,the dollar will survive,but only after the public realizes they have been lied to will there become a slow recovery. Feel free to correct me. The best time to sell off Gold would be when the realization of the banking crash is widely known. Gold like all things have there time to sell.

    • Greg

      I think Gold , at that point, will be money, or at least a foundation asset in the system.

  2. M SMITH

    Reggie tells it like it is, to bad our corp owned gov & MSM will not!

    The updates from Japan the MSM will not cover. This man knows his stuff. He has 3 radio interviews folks will want to hear. He also talks about the USA’s nuke plants & the dangers we face right here at home. Also what has gone down with the NRC & how much more.

    Alex Jones has a great show today. He covers a whole list of things the MSM will not speak out on.

    I keep hearing OCT of this year we will see the big change, I have no proof, but people better be ready because no one knows when it will happen, but it will, gov’s can only kick the can for so long, one person who has creditability (his words) all it would take is for one giant not getting his/her physical gold order delivered & the eggs all break & all bets or off & then we will see the R&R (Rothschilds-Rockerfellow)do what they do best start wars, control & destroy nations as blood runs deep in the streets. Folks hold GOD TIGHT IN YOUR HEART & PRAY for our Republic, may it wake up the millions who live by the MSM brain washing & let see the truth fast. It is people like Greg Hunter, Jim Sinclair, Alex Jones & those who care about the truth & Freedom who have been our eyes & ears, we thank you every day for bringing in people who are in the know, who have been where we never have been that covers the world!
    Thanks again.MS

    • Greg

      Thank you M Smith and Sling.

  3. slingshot

    Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding! Give that man a Cigar!
    Have to listen to this man real close and agree there are too many variables to call a dead on shot. He states the banks have done well in steming the tide of bank runs and have at their disposal ways to counteract them. In essence a flight of capitol to a safe place. Notice he says, Safe is Relative. Even more to the point is not a return on capitol but the return of capitol. He mentioned statistical but the fundamental means of investment are more important. Too many data streams in the mix?
    I think Middleton is smart enough to see the end game and has positioned himself, for the over the horizon storm. He backed off gold and describe the Armegidden trades in which he is well suited.
    I like that the sun will rise tomorrow as it has for 2000 years. He knows the banks have to go bust. And the politicians, bankers and regulators are up to their butts in alligators.
    This man is not the run of the mill, Blah,Blah,Blah.
    Good one, Greg. Keep the coming.

  4. James M

    Excellent interview.

  5. LSW

    Hello Greg:

    I am compelled to write you again today. The interviews you have been posting for the last few weeks are nothing short of outstanding.
    All of them, including today’s interview of Reggie Middleton, are relieving in many ways. Why? Because it is relieving to be told the truth by a Reporter who respects the truth and is not afraid to tell it, and, from a Reporter that respects his readers intellect, cognizance and maturity to accept that truth.
    We are told “fear sells” from the likes of Bob Brinker (Money Talk) and others in the establishment media and financial worlds, and that all of this “fear” is unwarranted, that it is not true. We are in the information age and the information is coming out. The veil is being lifted, thanks to you and others like you.
    After last week, after we are told that there is a shinning and glimmering silver lining behind the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice’s judgment and ruling – against the US Constitution and the people of the United States, that we are going to win and benefit from it, we know it is not true. After we are told to not worry and that the Federal Reserve Governors and the ECB Officers know what they are doing and for us to relax, we know it is not true. After we are told that all of this, everything happening – political, economic and financial, is good for us and all of our fellows, and that we should go back to our slumber and dream on, we know it is not true. And after we are told by the mainstream media and government vessels… well…we aren’t told much by them, are we?

    Again, from my US Citizen Heart, who served in the USMC to protect and defend the US Constitution and our free (economic and financial) way of life, I want to thank you Greg. Please keep up the good work. I am telling every human being I meet and know, in fact over and over again, that they need to be reading you.


    • Greg

      Thank you for posting this comment and most of all, thank you for your support and service to our country!!! You honer me with your kind words!

  6. joe


    Really enjoy your blog and the interviews…

    It seems like it’s been years that I’ve been hearing bloggers say “people will eventually wake up” when the government crosses some arbitrary line (e.g., obamacare). I just don’t give people that much credit. We just let the three branches of government “force us or fine us” to take their mandated healthcare program. The government is completely inept at managing anything (except maybe the military), and hijacking our healthcare will be no exception. Only competition can produce good healthcare…the government will never be able to. A lot of people are going to die in this new system that would not have otherwise.

    It should be obvious to everyone that those in charge are making a major money and power grab from the middle class…one that there is no easy way to repair. They just took over >20% of the economy. The next place they will turn to for more money and regulation is our private 401k and IRA accounts (which we will happily give them through our elected representatives). Ultimately, they have our eduction and now our healthcare (obamacare), are determined to drive small businesses (the heart of our economy) into bankruptcy, and they will soon take away private retirement accounts. Last comes the grab for what’s left…private property, gold and guns.

    In short, our government creates crisis’s in order to grab power and wealth, and the sheeple stand by and applaud. How can any country survive greedy leadership and stupid citizens?

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment Joe. At this point, people really need to just take time to protect themselves.

  7. George Too

    Glad you had Reggie on. What an eye opening interview

  8. Angee

    omg get a proper mic!!!its frustrating to hear you speak down a funnell!!!!

    • Greg

      Working on it Angee. This is a work in progress. Thank you for your support.

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