US Stupid Enough to Cause Nuclear War-Paul Craig Roberts

Paul_Craig_Roberts-323x346By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has a dim view of the so-called “economic recovery.” Dr. Roberts contends, “There has been no recovery whatsoever. . . . If you look at the economy realistically, and that means you don’t use their phony numbers, there has been no recovery whatsoever and, in fact, it continues to worsen. We see that the “Labor Force Participation Rate” continues to sink. . . . When you consider the full measure of unemployment . . . we still have an unemployment rate of 23% after 7 years of an alleged recovery? I think this is the first so-called recovery where the labor force fell. Normally, when you have a recovery, people re-enter the labor force and the participation rate rises. . . . How do you have 5% unemployment when half of all 25 year old people have to live at home with their parents? What kind of a “recovery” is that? They say there is no inflation, but everyone that goes shopping knows that is a lie. . . . It’s all just a package of smoke, mirrors and lies.”

Don’t expect this to turn around anytime soon. Dr. Roberts says, “There is no opportunity for the middle-class. It must be shrinking. I would say the U.S. economy is in long-term decline. Rigging the way you measure inflation, rigging the way you measure unemployment, that may fool ordinary people, but that does not fool those of us who look at the numbers.”

On war, Dr. Roberts’ view is dire and goes on to explain, “Everything that previous presidents have done to try to defuse the kind of tensions between nuclear powers that could lead to war, all this has been thrown away by Clinton, George W. Bush and the current White House fool. It’s all due to the Neoconservatives. So, yes, we are in a more dangerous situation than in the worst part of the cold war. Thanks to the Neoconservatives and thanks to the American ‘presstitute’ media with people who lie for a living, we are in more danger than we have ever been. A war could result, and if it doesn’t, then it’s just because Putin has got too much sense. I don’t think Putin is going to absorb these provocations forever, and I don’t think he’s going to put up with any more nonsense in Ukraine. That was a part of Russia longer than the United States has existed. . . .Can you imagine anything more insane and reckless than you go into a part of Russia, that has only been independent for a few years, and overthrow a democratically elected government that is getting along with Russia and stick in an American puppet with all these crazed right-wing Nazi people and cause all this trouble with Russia and tell endless lies about it? What is more reckless and irresponsible? That is the way the United States government is behaving. If you can do things that stupid, you can cause a nuclear war.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

(There is much more in this in-depth interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Col. E. Shipper

    Excuse me, but 9/11 was not a false flag. Our nation was attacked. It is very disappointing to hear this nonsense from a so called learned man. And as far as Russia pushing our buttons, I can assure you that we are more than equipped to deal with Russians. Next time Putin wants to tango with us, he is getting punched even more forcefully in the nose. Believe me, all nations that have common sense sure as hell better want to be with us because you sure as hell dont want to be against us.

    • Tim

      You are woefully uninformed, sir.

      • Wolfgang Zuttermeister

        The reason he is here is to MISinform. A government troll. Colonel, my arse. If he’s not a government troll then the best I can say is he’s not too bright.

      • Janet G.

        I absolutely agree with you Tim. This man is one of the many misinformed sheeple. Apparently, follows the TV propaganda outlets disguised as news programs.

    • Antonio Leony

      @Col. E. Shipper. Sir, do you still believe in Santa Claus? It is time to grow up, smell your coffee and see the reality about Dr. Roberts is talking about. It is easy to be delusional like yourself.

    • NC Gal


      I can understand you having to believe that in order to continue to believe the position you are being asked to take and to perform the role you have been hired to perform. However, the actual evidence indicates otherwise. How do you account for Building 7 coming down 2 hours later, untouched by any plane? How do you account for the fact that no airplane parts were recovered from the Pentagon site? Just asking. Do your own research before you express disappointment in Dr. Roberts’ conclusions.

      • frederick

        He cannot account for building 7 because he knows very well that steel skyscrapers DO NOT behave like that unless charges are placed at ALL the first floor columns and detonated simultaneously It is so obvious even an untrained person can see it And Larry Silverfish said on live TV the loss of life was so great that we had to ‘Pull it” Freudian slip of truth and very damning Why isn’t anyone investigating that character it would certainly lead to the culprits

      • don

        Plane parts were recovered at the Pentagon. And Building 7 was hit…by the falling towers when they collapsed.

        • Greg Hunter

          False!! Building 7 fell hours (I think 8) after Towers #1 and #2 collapsed.

        • frederick

          Yeah sure Don that was it NOT

        • juhader

          your pathetic

    • Seth

      Col, I do believe you’ve stumbled upon a very different website than what you are used to viewing. Here at USA Watchdog we are awake and truly see, unlike the propaganda machine zombies that watch media channels called FOX, CNN, MSN, YAHOO, and other mainstream media. You will be a valued ally when the revolution has begun however, and until then I assure you that your propagation and denials of black flags fall on smarter ears than you think.

    • RTW

      You are 100% correct. Our nation was attacked on 9/11 however who attacked us is a mystery. The law of physics and the lack of evidence ie: Pentagon and Pennsylvania, prove that it didn’t happen the way it was reported to have happened. To show how desperate those involved have gotten, they were showing slides of the Pentagon with the tail section of the airliner sticking out of the building. Photoshop is a wonderful tool. I say this because I have numerous fire service magazines with thousands of pictures of the towers and the Pentagon and not one shows an airplane protruding from it.

    • Pvt. Mushroom

      Dear Col.

      Sir, I was wondering if you had an opinion about the veracity of the gulf of Tonkin incident (68,000
      US boys killed), 100,000’s ripped up beyond belief or the WMD Iraq events which have led to events which have killed who knows how many US boys and other people and led to the slaughter of untold numbers of people including youngsters and babies.

      We’re these events false flags?

      Please answer,

      Thank you sir.

    • Jerry

      Col. E. Shipper.
      This is why your bosses pulled back in Ukraine and Syria, and why John Kerry left Moscow two weeks ago with his hat in hands. Believe what you want but these are the facts. The United States is being isolated finically, and militarily.

    • Ross

      Col want to place a bet on 911 being an inside job?

    • Tin foil hat

      Col. E. Shipper,

      I worked ground zero and never believed the 911 conspiracy theory until very recently. The more I learn about how improbable the way building #7 came down, the more I believe that I may have been misinformed.

      I know it’s difficult to accept that 911 may have been a false flag. To me, it would be as difficult to accept as walking in the bedroom and catch my father sleeping with another man or boy.

      I think our nation has gone rogue and we owe it to our men and women in uniforms to stop this nonsense.

      • Greg Hunter

        I find it impossible to explain Building 7 with the official government story. Nothing hit it and it fell straight down.

        • Tin foil hat

          You are the one who made me take a fresh look at 911, lol. I refused to entertain the idea that 911 could be a false flag due to the love I have for this country until I clicked on that link a few months ago.
          I can deal with the facts that we have mired in the gray zone in order to defeat communism but I cannot tolerate these nonsense in order to save the Federal Reserve.

          • Milton

            Fourteen long years?
            Your hat may have been a problem.

            • frederick

              What does that mean Milton Are you so dumb as to not see the reality of what happened that day? Or just have a different agenda to push?

          • WD


            Thanks for the honesty, it took me a longtime as well. This sight solidified the doubts I had.

        • eddiemd

          Building 7 was only one of several elements of the storyline that was questionable.

          The lack of aircraft debris at the pentagon and Penn crash sites is even more questionable. The lack of video from the pentagon, lack of air defense, hidden portions of the 911 report, and failure of intelligence are also questionable. It was not a surprise that the trade center was on the target list after the attempted takedown in 1993.

          The next false flag event will be worse.

          • JC

            I agree, they’ll blow up an expendable city and claim it to be terrorists or Iran or North Korea as an example. I’m sure they’ll pick an east coast city when the prevailing winds are blowing to the sea. They’ll say there might be more bombs out there for maximum fear effect. Now they can claim Marshall law and take away what rights we have left . The public will be so scared they’ll go along with it. Maybe with luck it will accidently go off while they pass through wall street to get their short positions in place with the rest of the bankers, like the individuals that heavily shorted the airlines right before 9/11/01. JMHO.

        • Mohammad


          How many cameras would you think was around the pentagon and Washington D.C. doing surveillance all the time 24/7?
          Did any of you including your intrinsic investigative journalist instinct EVER SEEN a video of a PLANE hitting the pentagon?????????


          • Greg Hunter

            Do you see where a jet going 500 mph hit the building? Where are the wings? Where are the 9 ton engines. I can’t believe this is still on the internet.

            • Mohammad

              That reminds me with:
              “AM NOT PATSY…”
              Until we know who did Kennedy (under the watch of the CIA then, BUSH dad) then we will unfold the mystery of 9/11
              happened under the watch of Bush son, and what follows.


              • frederick

                Dr Muhammed the Bush and Clinton families are obviously above the law in this country

            • don

              Oh Greg, how can you be one of the people talking this nonsense…a plane hit the Pentagon. People saw the damn thing flying low and hit the building. Parts of the plane were recovered. The people on the plane, including the wife of the solicitor general for Bush was on the plane talking to her husband. Are you saying she and all the passengers are living on the island in Lost? OMG.

              • frederick

                @Don why do you feel a need to deny reality or do you have another agenda?

          • Donna S from Arkansas


            Look up the “Black Eagle Trust Fund”….it will explain exactly why 9/11 happened and that Bush was involved. “The 9/11 attacks also served to derail multiple Federal investigations of crimes associated with the 1991 covert operation. Hundreds of billions of dollars of government securities had to be destroyed. A critical mass of brokers from the major government security brokerages in the Twin Towers had to be eliminated to create chaos in the government securities market. A situation needed to be created wherein $240 billion dollars of covert securities could be electronically “cleared” without anyone asking questions – which happened when the Federal Reserve declared an emergency and invoked its “emergency powers” that very afternoon. There were three major securities brokers in the World Trade Center: Cantor Fitzgerald, Eurobrokers and Garbon Inter Capital. Cantor Fitzgerald was the largest securities dealer in the US [7] and arguably the primary target. [8] 41% of the fatalities in the Twin Towers came from Cantor Fitzgerald and Eurobrokers. [13] 24% of the 125 fatalities in the Pentagon were from the Naval Command Center that housed the Office of Naval Intelligence. 29 of 30 Office of Naval Intelligence employees died. The Naval Command Center had been moved into that newly opened section of the Pentagon only a month earlier. [21] And in the vaults beneath the World Trade Center Towers, any certificates for bonds were destroyed. I BELIEVE this is why it all happened…GREED!!!

            • Mohammad


              Add to it the stolen gold, at the basement of the towers…!
              Tow lorries full that was….


          • frederick

            The cameras were mysteriously turned off that day and it is impossible that a plane hit the pentagon because as Greg said no engines or body parts were ever found nor a black box and there was no wide damage which would have occurred from the wings striking the building It had to have been a missile of some kind IMO

            • Mohammad


              That begs the question where the original flight’s passengers are of that plane that does not show on one single video in the whole DC area even after 14 years?

              Contrary the ones we saw in NewYork which hit at a HIGH ALTITUDE but the shrieking sound from that elevation freaked out the people who were at the ground level before it hit, you will find it difficult to believe an airplane that huge going 500 mph and HERE IS THE RUB:
              going down to almost zero altitude without catching the attention or the cameras of someone, freaking someone in that heavily populated area in DC to describe its descend, that must of happened over a long long range for it to hit horizontally like in the official videos.


              • frederick

                I have read that many experienced pilots claim it would be impossible or highly unlikely even for them to be able to do such a maneuver and with all the other facts I just conclude that it had to have been a missile not a plane the question of the original passengers im not sure details like that even enter the radar screen(pardon the pun) of most Americans

        • Mohammad

          Greg, here is one of your colleagues at CNN that may give you something to think about, aired once but never again:


        • diane s.

          Greg? What was destroyed on building 7?
          Could it be that building was the one taken down by Government agents?
          Maybe the towers by the Muslim terrorists?

          • frederick

            Muslims terrorists had absolutely NOTHING to do with those buildings collapsing diane You are drinking the mainstream media Koolaide Follow the money and open your mind and ignore all the deflection and propaganda Please

            • JC

              My theory is they knew in advance about a plan attack and allowed it to happen on the World Trade Center Towers and more then likely all of the hijackers were on just 1 or maybe 2 planes. Just crashing a plane into a tower wasn’t going to be enough to get the American public behind 2 wars, so the towers had to be completely destroyed along with other reasons given from others here.
              The Pentagon then was hit by a missile (the part that was reinforced) and building 7 pulled to destroy evidence. Now you have a war.

              Let’s not forget the anthrax that came from a U.S. Army base Ft. Detrick, which was used to scare the public into war with Iraq. Also, if you were going to crash a jumbo jet into the worlds largest office building, you don’t do an Evil Canival stunt since it would be so much easier and logical to just hit the middle of the Pentagon. That way, You know then you’re going to end up hitting something. IMHO.

          • juhader

            bushes youngest brothed was head of security for the trade centers.duuuuuuuh

        • don

          Greg, the building was hit by hundreds of tons of debris when the towers fell…there’s video of that. Building 7 had over 40k gallons of diesel fuel for emergency power (a 767 only carries 23k of aviation fuel). The structure of the building was damaged by the collapsing towers, burning debris started fires that reached the fuel tanks and ignited them creating a fire that could not be extinguished.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are a troll? The building fell uniformly straight down in free-fall. Please post a real verifiable name with real credentials.

          • frederick

            Don no amount of diesel fuel could have created the failure that occurred with bldg. 7 You are feeding us nonsense

          • juhader


      • gregd

        I have to side with the Col. here.
        Based on my experience with dropping big trees. I can’t tell you how many trees I have chopped down that they just collapsed onto it self and turned to dust. Right on top of the trunk and leaving one big pile. Never falling in any direction, just dropping straight down. Its called gravity. And as for building 7, I can explain that.
        Once or twice I chopped down a tree and it dropped straight down like I said earlier and the one next to it dropped down too. Its called a freebee.

        • Mohammad

          You better have a generous insurance commercial policy, one day with your theory you will drop one of them trees on someone’s house, for me for sure i will not hire you to take a tree down.


    • eddiemd

      Troll, agitator. The call sign Col. E. Shipper is a fraud. A real military officer would not sign off as a Col using “Col.”.

      Beware that posters such as this are looking to agitate and inflame. Perhaps they are .gov trolls attempting to solicit comments that are potentially threatening.

      Either way, it is obvious that the poster is ignorant of reality in regards to 9/11.

      • sk

        Yup, Eddie. Remember that phase in China when the Maoist leadership said “let all the different flowers bloom” and ,then, when the ‘flowers’ poked up their dissident and different little heads, they were promptly mowed down. Same idea here. Colonel, schmornel. LOL. Never forget that the Neocons are the political/spiritual/mental offspring of the Trotskyites, just a tad sneakier.

    • john duffy

      Don’t believe 911 was an inside job? Warning this will make your blood boil!

      • Arthur

        John, Powerful stuff. Thank you for sharing. Regards Arthur

    • USAF Airman Rich Treadway

      From one Colonel to another, I have your back. Colonel Sir, You needn’t worry about the ignorance among the civilian masses. As you know and I feel it in my gut too that we will soon be called upon to do our duty for the glory of the nation and our overwhelming firepower and destructive application will prevail over our adversaries. Colonel Sir, the enemy will not only be defeated. He will be defecated on. He will be humiliated. He wont know whether he has been shot, bombed out, fucked, powder-burned or snake-bit. He will learn misery as dealt upon him by the God fearing people of the United States of America. We will piss all over him like a bad habit and he will learn that that is all he will ever experience from us. God Bless the United Staes of America.

      • sk

        LOLOL, the excrement brigade is out in full force! Do you plan a land attack or an air bombardment?

      • Jallen

        Rich and COl,
        I am amused by your comments! Please explain why we are willing to put females on the front line. How do you propose, we will finance future wars as we are dead broke and the dollar will be used for toilet paper. Macho does not win wars, brillance like Mc Arthur does. Why has potus replaced so many military leaders? Rich, wake up, how did the Roman Empire fall and it had the greatest military known to man at the time. How can you predict how a cyber war will turn out? Rich, if we have an atomic war, there will be no winers! Your HOT AIR BALOON will not fly here. Jesus said, blessed are the peace makers and how much peace has America had since the 1900s ? Wake up Rich and Col. !!! Do some research and cut the MACHO BS. The only winners in wars are the bankers!

      • Marcus

        USAF is this not the same neo con organization of people who bombed the hospital in Afghanistan for over an hour? I believe with C-130 gunships? bet your really proud of this eh? You and the Col need to wake up

        • don

          How many civilians did the Allies kill in WW2? Hundreds of thousands certainly….many were French, Dutch, Norwegians, etc. Are you okay with that?

      • eddiemd

        From one colonel to another…right. Your reply is the epitome of ignorance. Certainly a “Colonel” such as yourself would be better adapted serving chicken in a bucket.

        Ignorance among brainwashed trolls who have never served in real combat.

      • eddiemd

        If this is your linked-in profile…I would have never believed that someone with this background would ever write such rubbish. I would have thought that you were smarter than that based on your background.
        I guess that if you are part of the MIC, brainwashed, and prefer to serve the dark side, then to each their own.

        • frederick

          Eddie it says he works for Booz Allen which is based in Virginia near DC and does work for the NSA hes a govt troll assuming this guy is really who he claims to be

        • Mohammad


          Please be careful not to fall in the trap of anger that the poster put you in, what makes you sure he did not use the linked in profile of a respected Colonel to just stir the pot and tarnish him, am sure he knows that someone will search the name by google and reach that location you have reach.
          Cool head is the answer to those inflaming posts and to make sure that respected service men’s reputation does not get tarnished.


      • Diane D.

        Thank you Col. Treadway for validating Dr. Roberts’ statement, “Thanks to the Neoconservatives we are in more danger than we have ever been.”

        You invoked the word ‘God’ twice during your hateful rant. What office are you running for?

      • oneno

        Judge Anna Von Reitz is calling on all US Marshals and FBI to arrest Congress and President Obama.

        Airman, it is your duty to uphold the law of the land against all enemies foreign or domestic!

      • dchayden

        Who do you think you are fooling? You and your buddy have never served in any kind of uniform LOL. You are weak trolls at best…yawn

      • brian

        Really “airman”, save your use of vulgar words like FUCK for your bomb chalking sessions; while such abuse of the language might be the only manner in which an obvious brute and servile thug such as yourself can convey the debased and caustic passions you feel such talk offends those of us who are more refined, reasonable and God fearing in our expository efforts.

    • Bigrobb

      Take a look at build 7 ” we had to pull it” watch it implode and tell me that was a terrorist attack There is no possible way!

      • frederick

        oh it was a terrorist attack alright just not the ones that they want us to believe

    • Scott

      Either this post is loaded with sarcasm, or…

      …there are some disturbingly ignorant and dangerously bellicose individuals among us.

    • MAL

      “Excuse me, 911 was not a false flag. Our nation was attacked.”
      HELLO!!! You don’t have to be a West Point graduate to figure that out. The question is by whom. It sure wasn’t Iraq.

    • frederick

      Col Shipper you must believe that Santa Claus came to deliver your Christmas presents too I suppose judging from your naïve comment right?

    • 8Ball

      Large, steel framed, buildings do not collapse in perfectly symmetrical patterns unless purposely demolished. Perhaps one but not three in the same day. The nation was attacked… but not by the people in the official narrative.

    • Southern Girl

      Col. E Shipper,

      You are a paid TROLL. How many comments have you redirected away from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. You need to join USAF Airman Rich Treadway and Gina Mancarella . Heck you might all be the same guy.

      My Dad was in the Air Force for over 33 years and worked for the CIA (which I almost did not find out until he was blind and in the nursing home) and never bragged about being a Col. You are a fake. Enough said!

    • don

      Colonel, you are wasting your time trying to educate the conspiracy nuts on this site. Common sense alone would inform the air heads here that it would take months to wire up two 110 story buildings and ‘Building 7’ (47 stories) for demolition. It would take hundreds of people, laying thousands of charges, requiring hundreds of miles of wiring after stripping down hundreds of walls to set these charges…but of course none of the tens of thousands of people who worked in these buildings have stepped forward to tell us about this engineering work. Because they only exist in the deluded minds of people like the ones that responded to your reasoning. There are enough real problems facing the world without resorting to these kind of sick, demented fantasies. But that would require adult solutions, something these clowns are incapable of developing.

      • frederick

        good try at deception Don but we all know that it was a controlled demolition “of some kind” the exact method used is unknown but the official story doesn’t make any sense at all even to those not in the engineering and/or building professions

        • don

          ‘a controlled demolition of some kind??’ Seriously? Was it a phaser from the Star ship Enterprise traveling from the future? LOL.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Could you then please explain to us “conspiracy nuts on this site” how building #7 fell to the ground in freefall due to a minor office fire!
        Please make sure you use plenty of that “common sense” that you obviously have in abundance in your explanation.

        While you are at it please explain the fact that the BBC reported the collapse some 30 minutes before the event. In fact, they made an all time classic booboo of reporting the collapse when the building was clearly visible and standing fully intact in full view behind the person reporting the collapse.

        • don

          Are you suggesting the BBC was involved in your convoluted conspiracy theory? Building 7 had large diesel fuel tanks used for back up power to the building…Some 40k+ gallons of diesel fuel (a 767 only carries 23k) … parts of the collapsed world trade center caved in the building, starting fires, damaging the structure and igniting the fuel tanks causing massive fires that ultimately brought down the building…

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


            The BBC are either psychic or had prior knowledge of the event! If they had prior knowledge then they had, at the very least some degree of involvement in the conspiracy.

            If you bothered to read the link in my above post you will see that this was the conclusion reached by the British court.

            Just my opinion but you sound like either a troll or a moron…… or perhaps both!

          • frederick

            Don diesel fuel CANNOT do to that building what you are implying PERIOD and I have a degree in Architecture and have studied steel structural design so please stop wasting our time with deception

    • tulip

      there was no plane found in Shanksville for starters… starters….

      most thankfully realize that our govt has interfered in Ukraine and elsewhere…. Putin is defending… not offending….

    • Vanguard

      The dollar is mathematically due to collapse in purchasing power on April 10, 2020 per a 7th level polynomial statistical equation. There is a 90% probability of this collapse happening. This date is 106.32 years from the founding of the US Federal Reserve on December 23, 1913. Most procrastinators will speak of some vague date of a ‘dollar collapse’ or crisis in the future. In contrast, I am giving the readers a specific date. It could actually be sooner but certainly not later. The main reason for the collapse in purchasing power-95% of the reason to be exact-is because of mass federal deficit spending which began with the United States’ involvement with World War 1. Since that time Congress has become increasingly addicted to deficit spending as a monetary ‘fix’ instead of bought budget negotiations. That extra ‘fix’ via deficit spending adds billions in money circulating in the economy without a corresponding rise in the output of goods and services by the private sector. The end result is that there are too many dollars chasing too few goods and services thereby driving up prices. We have been granted a temporary reprieve in the past several years from severe inflation because so much of the extra deficit money has ended up in Wall Street casino grossly inflating stocks and bonds and also due to the unusually low velocity of money. At some point this will change and the corresponding inflation will be staggering. What will trigger the inflation could actually be any number of black swans….a terrorist attack, a precipitous drop in the US dollar’s value in the currency markets, a bank holiday etc……It really does not matter what the final dropping shoe is……as we continue to repeat a wide number of financial mistakes which all add to our precarious federal deficit. The end result is a collapse in purchasing power of the dollar is April 10, 2020. Remember the date April 10, 2020!

    • Robert Dotson, MD

      Hopefully, The Col. is a paid troll, as it is hard to conceive that any actual US Army or US Air Force colonel could make such statements. This country is in the hands of a criminal Psychopathy that is unique in history. Our nation has been directly responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents around the planet since the VietNam era. During that time, the “leaders” of our former Republic have destroyed the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our infrastructure, manufacturing, retail, medical system, educational system, and common decency. It is way, way past time to wake up to the fact that Amerika’s “exceptionalism” has more to do with corporatist criminality on a global scale than “freedom” or “democracy”..
      Major, USAR Medical Corps, 1st ID, 1971-1981,

      • Faith

        Hear, hear Dr. Dotson! The only way to describe those currently in charge of the US is psychopathy. As Mr. O’Reilly stated about one month ago, “there is no longer rule of law in the United States.” Those in power make the rules and those not in power suffer the consequences. Beware the MIC and PIC. (MIC: military industrial complex; PIC: prison industrial complex).

    • Bill

      Col. (as you refer to yourself).

      Punching nuclear powers in the nose seems very stupid to me. The arrogance of ‘hard men’ saying things like ‘punch putin in the nose’ is the very reason that Russia have started to respond.

      Forget about 9/11, although the whole affair is mired in crazy coincidence and unusual results (like some of the hijackers still being alive and the list not changing), it was used to further war. To use your words ‘to punch the middle east in the nose’. This situation has spiraled into a war on terror that has no end in sight and appears to be getting worse.

      I only hope you are not military because if you are then we are in for many wars in the future that will likely kill many many more innocents (97% or targets hit were civilian – highest civilian casualty rate in recorded war, or – to put it a more militaristic way 3% target success), result in further tragic loss of life of our servicemen (i’m british and to be quite frank i’m disgusted at this failure rate) and costs billions if not trillions whilst the whole world is suffering from enforced shortage due to destroying public services.

      In India it costs £50 a year for university, nowadays in the uk it costs around 9000. So to be a Dr in India 250 pounds for 5 years study, in the uk it is 45,000 pounds and WE are a first world country?

      No, my friend, f%^k off with your war talk. People like you and my stupid ‘we wanna look hard by fighting with the americans’ government are driving us not only to a severe security situation where europe is on lockdown but also our freedoms of privacy, cost of security services – all whilst not making the situation.

      Take your war talk and shove it right up yer A%% so far you choke.

      Please take that to heart.

      • Bill

        I also find it remarkable that a so called military man would refer to what the us government call ‘humanitarian intervention’ as ‘punching’ others in the nose.

        I guess your true colours are very clear by this statement.

    • Jack

      What probably happened: the terrorists were aided and abetted by TPTB under the we need ware banner. It was thought there would only be some airline hijacks. What was not considered was the terrorists would fly hijacked planes into Twin Towers and Pentagon. Oops.

    • Bill Rood

      Col. E. Shipper, why do you waste your time making such inane comments on a website of informed people? We know an intelligence asset can convince some naive punks to pull off something like 9-11, while not endangering himself. We’re aware of how Washington impeded the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui in Minneapolis. We know how aircraft that are behaving erratically, like Payne Stewart’s, are supposed to be intercepted and tracked. We know about Operation Cladio and Operation Northwoods.

      We don’t have to be “truthers” to know 9-11 was allowed to happen. We don’t have to believe WTC 1 and 2 were wired, nor ignorant that WTC 7 could have been wired for demolition and brought down in as little as 6 hours by demolition experts. That’s not to say 1 & 2 were not wired, just that it’s not necessary for it to have been a false flag event, with which the CIA is well skilled and obviously has no qualms.

    • Thomas Stamps


    • Philip

      You haven’t a clue bout 911. It was indicated though the Government’s collusively-produced films years beforehand. One example was the 1998 “Enemy Of The State”, in which actor Jon Voight’s NSA character was born on – of all 365 possible days of the calendar – September 11th. Five years ago at Australia’s 2020 Conference, actress Cate Blanchett spoke as Chairperson of The Creative Arts Forum, which was held in Canberra. She described governments’ (plural) collusion with their national film industries, saying it was “good for society’. I’ll spare you my opinion on that one here. But others have displayed on YouTube the 911 indicators in numerous television and film productions before the event. And there are so many in-your-face facts about the 911 attacks which shut the door completely on any other explanation than the 19 cave boys who outwitted the most powerful intelligence and military capabilities on Earth that day. There’s much more……….but you do not seem to have bothered with minimal effort to avail yourself of the information. Ah well, what you find at web forums.

    • Bonk Katz

      You are woefully ignorant sir.

    • Don

      Explain why Building 7 collapsed and utterly disintegrated although not hit by a plane? Your an idiot if think we can “tango” with Russia without serious consequence. I don’t think Putin wants to “tango” I think we are the ones who are provoking a “tango.”

  2. tulip


    • al hall

      NC Gal and other- makes me proud that people in the know follow Greg. Butn woe we have Colonel’s in our military as stupid as this. One reason I got out- taking orders from stupid people!

      • WD

        AL Hall

        You said:
        “One reason I got out- taking orders from stupid people!”

        Me too what a truth bomb, I was amazed at the level of incompetence as the rank got higher.

        I had heard from many military people I served with ( including officers), tell me that many officers were in there just to get a salute.
        I hated saluting some of the idiots that I served with ( higher ranking officers)… I used to have to force myself as I could feel my teeth grind.

        I saw a full bird colonel light into an E-7 because he didn’t salute in the field- you never salute in the field never, because it tells snipers who the officer are. The E-7 recited the regulations to him and the colonel looked very very stupid….but this is their mentality.

    • [email protected]

      Airman wake up, I saw to many good men sacrificed in Nam for politicians, it is happening again!

  3. Bob from mo.

    We are so screwed!!!

  4. Mike from the North



    Society is awakening and people are beginning to speak out.


    Stand up and be heard even if it hurts.

    • JC Davis

      M F T N. Stefan Molyneux is one smart man thanks for the link.

    • frederick

      Indeed Mike I am noticing a change as well however slow and the trolls have truly infiltrated this site unfortunately Happy new year and may many more awaken in 2016

  5. NC Gal

    Greg, thank you for having Paul Craig Roberts on again. I totally agree with his analysis regarding the neoconservatives, and because they are still in place and losing ground, I would expect them to double down regarding false flags to move their agenda forward and for that to occur here in this country, on US soil, as well as abroad. The Paris attacks involved multiple locations simultaneously, and that’s what I would expect in the next attempt, only here in the US — multiple false flag attacks simultaneously.

    In his latest interview (, Bill Holter says for the FOURTH time that he expects “A Major Event Will Be Used To Cover-Up The Collapse Of The Economy.” Jim Sinclair has also just posted a detailed preparedness list (

    Taking all of this together, I think we are going to see something very dramatic occur very soon.

    • Jeff L

      A major event serves so many purposes. Cover up (banks/market/debt) ……. a new “invigorated” made up enemy (Russia) ……. Fear, so the public NEEDS the government to “save” them.
      All 3 of these equal more control and less freedom.

  6. stonewall

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

    The egotistical scum who created the current sad state of affairs carry the
    blood of many millions of ordinary people on their hands and apparently
    they still aren’t satisfied. It’s all about lunatics like Victoria Nuland trying
    to prove her balls are the biggest and when she says jump people had better
    jump. What a power hungry nutcase.

  7. Mike from the North

    The History books of the future…what will they tell people…More lies or the truth.

    We now know that Christopher Columbus likely DID NOT discover North America.

    We now Know that wars of the past likely did not start for the reasons we were told.

    False Flag Events seem to be the flavour of the day to justify and control.

    What a tangled web we weave..

    • Thomas Stamps

      Sunds like life bro, get over it?

  8. Allen Ols

    I told JC Davis greg will put a post up, he said no, greg is taking a vacation. lol so we checked.
    Guess WHAT, I agree with ALL THESE attacks in usa, okla. 911 etc, etc, are false flags, it is why I send u the articles on false flags, via email.
    This was BY FAR THE MOST AND BEST pcr interview!!!!!!
    I DISSAGREE WITH his view on the philistine/Israel conflict!!!

    thanks greg for the ESR. al ols

    JC here Thanks . The garage cam to life when PCR called out the war mongering Women.

  9. country codger

    Hi Greg,
    Dr. Roberts nailed it. I left NSA in 1980 and what we did to get funding above and beyond the CIA was heartbreaking and totally stupid. The intelligence services are complicit in the neocon game and that is what it is, a calculated game. Unfortunately, we have a bunch of “leaders” who are playing hopscotch while Putin and China play a prolonged and drawn out game of chess or Go. Kerry and Obummer are on twosies.
    2016 will be a wild ride. Oh, forget about the S-500 mentioned by Dr. Roberts, it won’t be necessary. The S-400 is already beyond our capabilities.


  10. Jeannette Rowden

    Thank you for this lengthy interview with Paul Craig Roberts. As usual, he sheds light on the dark places of our government, the main-stream media, and the world. I learned a lot from this discussion. I wish you a blessed New Year.

  11. David

    I agree, the asbestos laden twin towers were attacked. It was so fortunate for Larry Silverstein to have gotten paid twice by the 9 insurance companies for his terrorist specific policies that he had purchased with such good timing. Yes, Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, definitely attacked those three towers with those two planes. It wouldn’t have been possible or Israel to accomplish without the $3 Billion per year from U.S. Tax Payers. Here is a good place to start:
    I enjoy when, Greg, you allow your guests to inform you what is really happening. It shows that you are really searching for the Truth. I am sure that if you had a high enough clearance, that you would be able to more easily corroborate evidence for the news. William Cooper had a high enough clearance, like JFK, and both had the same fates.

  12. al hall

    Greg: Dr. Roberts is saying what I told you via pastor Willaims 2-3 years ago. There is no recovery and this administration and Congress just LIE! The elite told Pastor Williams
    take from then until today and on going- they would wipe-out the middle class= the quote was= them them into oblivion! THIS IS HAPPENING!!
    Dr. Roberts mentions Golman-Sachs – these are the ELITE”S – the elite banksters – part owners of the federal reserve cabal. When we people call a spade a spade and call these SOB’s out for who and what they are.
    Lastly, I sent you the interview of Dr. Steve Pieczenik very recently- Dr. Steve said electing Trump is the ONLY hope the USA has to beat these elite’s. Dr. Pieczenik is a 20+ years consultant to the CIA and military.
    People if you do not know this man= you’d better learn of him. He is one of the heroes
    kept secret. He has exposed 9/11, Bin Laden, sandy hook, etc as all government scams
    of the CIA etc.
    Greg- Have this American hero on your show(s) So much knowledge he could get it one one show!

  13. Mike R

    Unless Obama himself pulls the trigger, there is NOT ever going to be a nuclear war. When Obama was elected, my biggest fear was that there would be a nuclear war, due to the man’s utterly maniacal arrogance. People just don’t realize how incredibly narcissistic and sociopathic the man actually is.

    You see, once the US nuke trigger is pulled, Russia launches everything its got, and there would nothing more than radioactive dust left in the North American hemisphere.

    Mutually assured destruction never went away. It’s the only thing that has kept us all alive. That all said, I disagree with PCR. It’s not the NEOcons, but rather imbeciles like Obama who actually think they would somehow be doing the world a ‘favor’ by detroying all of America, by causing another nation to unleash a retaliatory strike so powerful, we would not have a chance. Until Obamao is out of office, none of us are safe, and even afterwards, you cannot ever trust that guy. Ever.

    • frederick

      Have to disagree Mike the neocons are the real lunatics and the real danger It has become obvious to anyone that they were behind the 911 attacks

    • NomadWizard

      Mike R,
      Are you serious. You can’t be so naive to think Obomber has any powers! He’s a puppet.
      If not Obomber in there then Hillery, or, inbred Jeb, or whom ever they manipulate in to office will pull the trigger. That has been their plan for decades. Now they are just about ready. They have their bunkers, the real rich have bought thousands of acre estates all over S. America. The only reason fagget wimp Karry was sent to Russia was to stall cause they are not quite ready yet. They still haven’t finished stealing all the money they can from the people. They just stole a bunch with the joke they call the debt ceiling, they still have the pension funds and maybe the personal gold and silver, like in Greese were you have to report the cash, gold, silver and jewelry you have at home so they can calculate how much is there and how to get that too. Don’t forget all the recent mortgages that they are presently giving away which most will be forclosed on in the coming year or so when they finally let things crash so they can steal the real estate/ land from the people. They may be lunatics but it’s all planned. Although maybe a bit delayed as far as they are concerned, but, it’s going as planned. And yet the majority of Americans can not see it. Simply amazing. Gave up a long time ago feeling bad for the for the Sheeple. Not anymore, just enjoying myself, sitting back and watching. Helping those who want help, but, not wasting my breath anymore on the dumbed down ones. Expect to see these Sheeple begging to get into these FEM camps because they were too blind, and will be so afraid of the Gangs, so hungry, and homeless cause the banks stole their homes.

    • diane s.

      Good post Mike R

    • Mohammad


      Obama DOES NOT WANT WARS….
      His staff (shy of the advisors mr. Roberts mentioned in the interview) including Kerry DO NOT WANT WARS…..
      Netanyahu WANTS WARS…..
      Obama is smart enough and good enough despite all the short comings of collectible mistakes to indulge in a war.
      I agree with what Obama said that we would of had at least 6 wars had it been some war monger in the office instead of him now.


  14. James Sullivan

    Hi Greg. I like this man PCR. I like his sardonic laugh at the stupidity of it all…. the transparency of it all. I’m 66 and haven’t got time to join the long term struggle that will surely happen when the curtain is finally drawn back and the sheeple finally understand the total wrongness of it all. WHAT CAN WE DO NOW? Is it possible to find and interview an honest expert in the art of mobilizing people for a cause? Surely we have all the clarion calls we need to understand there is a problem and the system is the problem. Isn’t it time to move from debating the problem, to SOLVING THE PROBLEM? Perhaps Ralph Nader on how to fight the system?
    Just thinkin….

    • frederick

      James you are not too old at all I am 62 and cannot wait for the culprits who were behind that treason get tried and executed I live for that day actually and for justice for those people jumping to their deaths that horrible day

  15. Pvt. Mushroom

    Dear Greg,

    In my opinion Dr. Roberts is a genius on current socioeconomic events Another one is Chris Hedges. If at all possible please get Chris Hedges as a guest. From comments many of your guests make I’m sure they would enjoy him.

  16. red

    I think the interest rate tango has always been about precious metals’ They know the system has to be collateralised , they cant confiscate metal because the scam would be well and truly blown, they only have 2 bullets left IMO, take out stocks’ to control metal prices’ or the time honoured “war” imagine all those things’ .gov loves, martial law, rationing, metal confiscation all in the name of “the greater good” JMO.

    Also loved your interview with Mr Mannarino Greg, I’ve been following him pretty much since about 2008-2009, I’m not a gambler but could have made tons’ of money on his calls’ !! All the best to you both in the new year.

  17. James Hastings

    I do like this man so much. I’m an individual who always….WANTS to know the facts. So…I listen respectfully, with the fore knowledge, we are all human. There may be tidbits of truth, he wasn’t briefed on. There are many things, I’m not aware of, also. I know some, call good…evil and evil…good. But, we can move forward on his overall analysis. He has a good grasp of reality.

    Do I trust my country?…NO.
    Do I trust Putin?…..more than oboob and his insignificant other.
    Do I believe we can recover economically?… NO.
    Do I worry about investment recommendations?…NO. It’s going to be a total loss.
    Do we deserve the wrath to come?… YES
    How can I say such things?….I’m a failure. I am imperfect. I have faults…..But I’m honorable. I am a realist. I see reality. It will be, very, very ugly.

    We have a political & socioeconomic cancer….that must be cut out. We are a sick and perverted society. Nature always thins the herd of the weak. This won’t be politically correct. But…it will be just.

    As Paul Harvey would say…..”Good Day” 🙂

    • Faith

      JH: I agree with you. I, too, am a realist. This reminds me of the fall of the Roman Empire. A slow implosion over time.

      • gregd

        That’s the one thing I actually fear. A slow crumble. I fear it because everyone will get used to it. Like inflation, its almost unnoticed.
        A crash will be unacceptable at all levels and we will want to make it back to normal, fast and better.
        It’s that simple to me anyways.

        • Faith

          Gregd: Yes. The numbers are terrible. I don’t see how they can keep it up but Japan has been doing this for 20 years. They call it stagflation.

          There was a point in Ancient Rome when farmers simply walked away and left. Why? They were unable to pay taxes to the Roman state. The tipping point where the value of working and paying taxes versus the value of not working had been reached. With 100 million Americans not employed the US is only about 65 million people away from reaching that tipping point. But as long as 1 full time job is divided into 2 part-time jobs, which count, well the numbers can continue to be inflated and lies will continue to hide reality.

  18. Gina Mancarella

    People and Friends, War is completely unnecessary. We have been adrift in a cold hard winter borne of the Neocon Fasciasts brought to power by George W Bush who took us into the direction of perpetual war and now we are meandering nonsensically and guided by the final policy decisions of a novice leader who although having good intentions was ill equipped to complete the restoration of our American ideals. However, in the coming months, we have one last and final opportunity to save the good prospects of our generation and to flourish anew. To achieve a long and lasting peace and for prosperity to bloom from sea to shining sea. My friends, let us embrace Hillary and her family to bring back all we have lost. Let us bring back the bounty and goodness of America. Those special 8 years from 1993 to 1999 can be ours once more. All it takes is a vote and a committment to what is right and what is truly American.

    • frederick

      hey Gina was actually making sense until she mentioned Hillary That’s where she lost me completely because that horrid woman is certainly NOT the answer to anything

    • James Hastings

      My memory must be a little foggy. “I didn’t have sex with that woman”, he was impeached….and if I remember correctly, hillary said it was an anti-muslim video that got the embassy burned to the ground. These are just a couple of highlights. Maybe someone would fill in with MORE “Truth or no consequences’.

      • JC Davis

        Vince Foster come up suicided. He had the goods on Hillary, Records were not found for two years later… sitting on a coffee table in open view.

        • frederick

          Correct JC and yet so many people support that criminal Go figure americans seem to support psychopaths for some reason

          • JC Davis

            Frederick Adam was lied too, Eve was deceived, all was in the plan of God. So today people do the plan of God even out of ignorance.

    • opalboy

      Yeah, Trump

    • eddiemd

      Back again exhibiting a break from reality. Ask your doctor if your medication dosage is correct.

      Haldol might work for you if you haven’t tried it yet.

    • Tad

      Hillary is a neocon.

      • diane s.

        Ted …you are correct. She sure is

    • diane s.
      GINA! Why do you persist?
      Well …maybe you are comic relief to our serious conversations? Thanks

    • freebreezer

      Gina – Huh? the US was bombing the hell out of Serbia and Kosovo under B. Clinton … in my book that is called perpetual war. And do not forget Hillary promise of detente with Gaddafi for Libya’s cooperation … jump forward of few months and we get to see Hillary giggling like a school girl about Gaddafis murder. Yep, and you want that as our leader?

  19. DanCR

    Simple/Quick question for the USAWD viewers.
    I’m now 50 and need to seriously grow my “retirement” account.
    I have to make a decision to contribute to my 401k for the matching. Something strong is obviously compelling me to get my match – but after weekly watching this site for at least a few years – I am compelled to keep my investment money and not contribute. (Buy PMs and physical things I will need for the next 30 years.)
    I am really struggling with this decision.
    So do the 401k for match or not?
    Any input from the only group of people I trust would be great…
    (Also Greg – If you could please look into Bill Bonner – I think he might be a great guest for you to interview.)
    Thanks, Dan

    • lastmanstanding

      Dan. Not. Take matters into your own hands and believe that the only way that you will make it another 30 years is of your own free will and grit.

      Go over to and read the 2 part article written by X Liberal on Dec. 24 and 25. “The Grid Will Never be Down in the Way You May Think!”

      In fact, the rest of you had better do the same. I have been telling people for years that this is what is coming with the psychopathic leadership that has been in control of the US for decades. Both sides are complicit. Selection, not election.

      Frankly, I’m hoping for some divine or earthly intervention. These bastards from hell must be stopped.

      I am as conservative is the day is long. I am independent, a small business owner. I have always paid, made my own way. I don’t need someone else’s money to survive.

      They freakin hate people like me. I don’t like them much either and am not afraid.

      “Fear not” and…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • Faith

      DanCR: I think that you need to look to the recent past for examples and warnings. What do I mean? Look at what happened in Cyprus with the bail-ins. Certainly the wealthy Russian oligarchs had a heads up prior to the shut down of the Cypriot banking system. Look at what happened to the pensioners in Greece and the capital controls. Do you think your employer or the US government is going to give you advance notice of their decisions?

      I recommend you research IRAs (I don’t know if this applies to 401Ks or not) which allow you take physical possession of gold within the structure of an IRA. Good luck. Do your research. Due diligence is priceless. I would warn you about people that advertise storing PMs for you. If you don’t own it and can’t touch it it isn’t yours. There is a new article on Zerohedge about a gold market in the UAE which has gone belly up. Apparently their is no gold left for the investors. None.

      • JMiller


        You can’t take physical possession of gold within the structure of an IRA. You need a IRS approved custodian or trustee to hold the assets of your IRA.

        • dbcooper

          Create an IRA Trust account and you can take physical possession and total control of your investment/retirement. DB

          • Faith

            DB: Thank you for the information. This is not my area of expertise but I have seen commercials that advertise this type of structure. Which is why I also advised due diligence.

          • JMiller


            Not 100% sure what you mean by IRA Trust account but from what I read you cannot put your IRA in a trust while you are living. If you do the IRS considers it a taxable distribution.



            Also Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations require that a qualified trustee, or custodian, hold IRA assets on behalf of the IRA owner. So I do not understand how you can have your precious metals in an IRA that allows you to have them kept in your home.

    • JMiller


      I am a little older than you. I have been investing for 30 years both in an IRA and 401k as well as buying precious metals. You really need to give more info. How much of a match and up to what percentage? Do you have some good investment choices in your 401k plan? How much do you already have saved? Do you already have some physical precious metals?

    • Jeff L

      Dan If you listen to Bonner I think you know the answer….. I think you just need a little push….. You could lose all your 401 acct anyway so why not consider it diversification (silver). Plus, who knows what the tax rate will be down the road.
      A relative of mine had the same dilemma and also had to pay 25% tax to take out of his retirement acct…..The #’s….. If you buy $15 silver it only needs to go to @$20 to be profitable. The question to him…..
      1. Will it be higher than $20 down the road ? 2. Will it go up faster than your 401 ? 3. Will your tax rate be higher down the road ? 4. Will the government just decide to take your acct ? How many here answer yes to 3 out of 4 questions ?
      Bonner would answer yes to all 4.

      • Greg Hunter

        Jeff L,
        Very good analysis and reasoning. Thank you.

      • JMiller

        The only way someone could answer yes to all four questions in the manner that you ask is if they had a crystal ball.

      • Mohammad

        They will take your silver and gold…..count on it.
        Either submit your silver and gold …. or jail.
        Most will submit.


    • JC Davis

      Dan CR My answer would be proverbs chapter 1. Seeing there is no longer honest fundamentals in the stocks. Stock players are laying wait for there own blood.

      • James Hastings

        That is good, accurate and prophetic. Can you change some water…into good wine. 🙂

        Side note: I’m amazed people still wonder, what paper to invest in?

        • JC Davis

          We live in a world where most peoples net worth is less then ten dollars.
          If all credit had to be paid today There would be three people living in my neighborhood.

    • Tin foil hat

      Never put all your eggs in one basket. I’d continue to contribute to the 401k as long as it is diversified and not in only one company. It’s crazy not taking advantage of the match.

      I went all in, 25%, 6 years ago thinking what you are thinking now. This thing may blow up tomorrow but it may also blow up a day after you die.

      • JMiller

        I agree. No one has a crystal ball. One should take advantage of the match as long as the person also has some money outside his 401k plan including having some precious metals. One of the smartest people I follow, David McAlvany, recommends having about one-third of one’s liquid assets in precious metals.

    • Anne Elliott

      You’re 50 now – when are you planning to retire? Why the rush right now and how well established (safe) is an investment into your company? I always think it’s wise to take care of the basics first, and then diversify your investments; part of that later diversification can be the 401k. First things first though. JMO.

    • Southern Girl

      Dan CR,

      Take any extra money you have and pay down your debt (house, car, etc). When the SHTF the banksters have already said they would take our banking accounts, savings (through bail ins) 401K’s , IRA’S are all going down the toilet. Just look at what has happened in other countries.

      How many states are about to declare insolvency. Well there go the retirement systems. Here in Arkansas we sued one of the big bankserts banks because they cheated the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System out of 2.1 B. The paper said we might get $600,000 back. What will happen is the government of the states won’t be able to pay the fireman, policeman, teachers, etc. Layoffs will be the order of the day.

      Store food, water, ammo, etc. If you have some extra buy silver. Stay on this site and you will be surprised what you can learn here thanks to all of these people that Greg ahs on. Don’t forget the people who write comments…..most know what is really going on.

    • dbcooper

      Dan, I cannot tell what to do but I can tell you what we have done. I am 60, spent 35 years as a Marine Engineer retired with a buyout; created an IRA Trust Account; rolled the $$ into Acct. and converted to intrinsics (PMs); The only thing that I own is a 1987 Subaru wagon that I call my “Ranch Car”!! I cashed the 401K and took the hit. The farm/ranch is paid in full; owned via Patent signed by Woodrow Wilson and held in a Contract (Massachusetts) Trust which is a constitutional construct not a statutory document. The key here is asset protection because THEY are coming for it all. I have no guarantee that what we have done will protect us… hence our faith in Our Lord Jesus grows stronger. I know that not everyone can do what we have done but perhaps this helps you and if you have any questions please forward through Greg and I we can correspond, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • diane s.

      At least put some of your money into solid US equities. Get high quality dividend paying stock or funds . Talk to your income tax advisor for advice on your best tax break.
      This way you’ve covered yourslf.

  20. Aurele

    Best 2015 interview Greg and likely a must see interview for Obama and Putin (if possible, send it to them).

    • hobuk

      Send it to Trump, too, since he seems to be woefully ignorant of these neocons…I call them the nuovo-Bolsheviks.

  21. Donna

    I believe all false flags Mr. Roberts refers to are true.I find myself turning off Fox now for obvious white house propaganda pedaling,and coming to Mr.Hunters USAWatchdog page to be an informed patriot.Thank you,great interview!

    • opalboy

      Fox turned me off also at the first debate, it showed that they are for the status quo, and sometimes they make the right sounds, and I swear I caught them trying to float that Assad was buying Isis oil, after the Russians proved with pictures that Turkey was the buyer, I heard it once and that was it, must have got called on that b.s.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree, they were very unfair and obvious they do not like him which I think helped him in the long run.

      • frederick

        Opalboy Gerald Celente usually sees through the BS just as Greg does and I think listening to him makes good sense They don’t make people like Greg and Gerald anymore

    • eddiemd

      I would recommend watching CNN/NBC/CBS/PBS/FOX to get a perspective of how distorted MSM presents the disinformation to the masses. They all use the same script. They do what they are told.
      Know your enemy and the propaganda that they use.

    • frederick

      smart move on your part Donna You will never get the truth from any of the lame stream media channels USA Watchdog is the real deal and the commenters are great Keep questioning everything as things are not as they first appear

    • dbcooper

      Donna I remember when the Oklahoma bombing was unfolding and a CNN affiliate was on scene and the reporter asked a fireman coming out of the underground parking… ‘what did you see?’ and he said “There are still unexploded charges in there” One year from the date of the Waco MURDERS if I am not mistaken. No false flag here… move along now!! Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  22. pat the rat

    9/ 11/ 2001 was not cause by Iraq, Bush used it, that was the false flag. Oh what a mess it is now. Can you spell incompetant Bush .

  23. CLB

    Sounds like more unproven fear porn, and the minions are running off the cliffs with it. Noting he said can be proven as FACT, only more hearsay and childish predictions. Now, China, we know what they are doing, Jerry has been spot on and these are facts. Let’s stay focused on what’s actually happening, and not rehashing 2015’s crazy prediction and fears by saying 2016 any day now, very close, the end is near, blah blah blah.

    • frederick

      CLB no actually us minions especially those of us with engineering degrees and experience in building are VERY aware that the official story is nonsense and impossible so please take another look at what happened that day and about the 3500 or so innocent Americans who were murdered They deserve justice in my opinion

    • dbcooper

      9/11/01, When I heard that the twin towers were blown by the ARABS my first thought was that they just burned the Reichstag… Patriot1/ Patriot2/ NDAA/ ETC. Six months later… I buy a copy of ‘Crossing The Rubicon’ by Michael Rupert (RIP) . With the exception of Peak oil he nailed it and the US Gov’t was up to our eyeballs in 911. My grandfather was a Demolition Engineer and I know that buildings do not fall into their own footprint without controlled demolition.
      So … CLB/Col Shipper/Gina Macaroni, my suggestion is to take your Trollism elsewhere. Just a simple farmer, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • frederick

        That’s because you are intelligent and well educated in history sadly you sir are in a very small minority in this country

  24. Jerry

    Switzerland ready to drive a wedge between it and the central banks, with referendum that will put an end to printing money. Seems odd to me after setting up currency hub with the Chinese Yuan?

    • JMiller


      Do not think your statement is correct. Sounds like Switzerland is just going to end fractional reserve banking by commercial banks in Switzerland. The article states that Central banks will be given sole power to create money in the financial system.

        • JMiller


          What is there to explain. The Swiss referendum mentioned in the article is not talking about the Central Bank, meaning the Swiss National Bank, not being allowed to create money. It has to do with not allowing fractional reserve lending by Swiss commercial banks. It is very clear. So please explain what you think these articles are saying.

          • Jerry

            Here is the headline to the article.
            “Switzerland to vote on banning banks from creating money” – You figure it out.

            • JMiller

              I already have it figured out right from the beginning. The referendum will no longer allow Swiss commercial banks to continue the practice of fractional reserve banking which is how commercial banks create money. The Swiss Central Bank will then be the only one to create money. So no, the referendum will not put an end to printing money as you originally stated. The Swiss Central Bank will still be allowed to create money.

  25. Jerry

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the move will be sooner than later because they don’t want the Wall Street wonks to front run their plan. I think you and Rob Kirby will be proven correct. Why would they have to advertise? Conditioning?

      • Jerry

        Precisely Greg.
        If people believe that China needs us as customer, show me all the money being spent for their products. From the latest money velocity chart, I don’t see it.

        This is a case that if you tell a lie long enough it becomes accepted as truth by the masses. Hitler utilized this strategy right up and until the time Russian and American tanks rolled into Berlin. Everyday the MSM peddles the nonexistent recovery. But hey, what else can they do?

    • Jerry

      Greg, I’m telling you now, the Chinese are preparing to break from the dollar sometime in the next three to six months. They are currently devaluing their currency in preparation for the Gold Price Fix that is coming in April.

      From the outside it would appear that the dollar is gaining strength against the Yuan, but that is an illusion. This is a staged sequential march to the creation of a totally separate exchange system by the BRICS. The dollar and its debt based mechanisms have put an economic drag on these nations, forcing them into this situation.

      • CLB

        Excellent work Jerry, this is what’s really happening, not the fear porn predictions of martial law, fema camps, no election, confiscating our guns, our money, our gold, chaos in the streets, collapse of society. Just the facts, monetary system is changing.

  26. Faith

    I respect Mr. Roberts a great deal. He is at that point in life where he can speak his mind freely and not be concerned about repercussions.

    With regard to the lies told by the MSM and the government. The lie about no inflation. The lie about the unemployment rate only being 5% when there are more than 100 million Americans that are not part of the “labor force participation rate” numbers. The almost 50 million Americans that are using the foodstamps program and food banks to feed themselves. The lies about jobs when new jobs go from one full time job to 2 part-time jobs. The lies about keeping your doctor and about the so-called Affordable Healthcare act that would cost less and save you money.

    All of those young people sitting at home, unemployed, will certainly be ready to be sent off to be cannon fodder in the next war. I predict that the next draft will include everyone, both men and women will have to register for the draft. I know people have speculated about why the military wants to include women in combat. The military knows that men and women do not have the same physical abilities. I think the propaganda about women being equal to men was predictive programming. It was a way to smooth the path for a gender-blind draft for the next war.

    I watched the X-22 report with Bill Holter. Excellent interview.

    There was also an excellent interview with Andy Hoffman on the SGT Report:

    Mr. Roberts concerns about Secretary of State Kerry flying to Russia are significant and critical. His concerns about the capabilities of the S500 (located at the 26.11 minute mark in the video) which “shuts down the operations of our airplanes, our ships, and our global satellites” are spot on. The capabilities of the s500 sound like top-tier EW technology, otherwise known as electronic warfare. For me, this was the most critical statement made by Mr. Roberts. I listened to it several times.

    There was an episode of “60 Minutes” from 2014. The “60 Minutes” correspondents went to some of the nuclear missile silos (in North Dakota? Montana?) and showed how the gear was badly out of date and not maintained. The Army was using Fed Ex to ship a single wrench, used to install nuclear warheads, from base to base. The silos were still using 5.25 inch floppy disks. The old old floppies. There was an almost useless phone system. There was also a cheating scandal where the silo operators were given the answers to tests. I am saying this because Mr. Roberts says Secretary of State Kerry was forced to make concessions because the capabilities of the US military are presently inferior to the Russian military. I think Mr. Roberts analysis is correct. I also think that the capabilities of the US military have been degraded, on purpose, by the current White House administration.

    The MSM in the US is useless. There is no real information provided by the MSM in the US now. None. I consider every MSM outlet to be compromised and forced to toe the party line. They either comply or they are shut out or vilified which is certainly the case for Breitbart at the present time. Breitbart Global News Network cannot go live soon enough! (With regard to live reports from around the world via video on US TV). BNN or BGN will be a huge hit, if it can get on channels in the US. I am not certain if they can.

    About Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, and Victoria Nuland: I consider those three women to be the most evil women in the world. Samantha Powers is married to Cass Sunstein. That makes them the most toxic and communist couple in the world. Victoria Nuland showed up in Kiev, Ukraine, and had a $5 billion dollar check in hand in order to further disrupt the political situation in Ukraine. It is hard to take Susan Rice seriously as the National Security Advisor. It is hard to take anyone in this current administration seriously given that they lean to the hard left and are communists. I don’t know why Mr. Roberts continues to call them “neocons.” I think they are nothing more than neo-communists and elitists that think they know the best way for everyone else to live. You either comply or you pay a heavy price for non-compliance. In Argentina, and other places, that is called a dirty war. People that speak out are disappeared. They simply go away. Or like Erwin Schiff, they are put in prison on trumped up charges until they die. Erwin Schiff, the father of Peter Schiff of Euro-Pacific Capital died chained to a hospital bed for writing a book about the IRS that was deemed to be illegal. Similar to other people that are also being incarcerated for passing out pamphlets about jury nullification and some of those people are currently being prosecuted, imprisoned, and given gag-orders by the hard-left judicial system. Since when was education people a criminal act? Since when was writing a book criminal? Since when was giving people real information, a pamphlet for god’s sake, a criminal act? This country began after pamphlets were handed out and distributed in order to provide information to the people! And now, in the year of our Lord, 2015, pamphlets are illegal? Or just giving out information that the current government finds offensive or problematic or troublesome is illegal after judiciary review by far-left judges.

    In conclusion, there is also a new DNS code which indicates a site has been censored: DNS 451 in memory of the book, “Farenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. Please tell people you know about this new DNS (denial of service) code. At the present time I use Duck Duck Go as my search engine. I don’t need the corporate masters steering me to their propaganda.

    Buck up lasses and lads, we may be in for a bit of a bumpy ride!

    • Southern Girl


      I second everything you wrote.

      • Faith

        SG: Thank you. As a former service member that served during the Cold War it is beyond disturbing to realize that the communists are no longer in Russia. They are here.

        • diane s.

          Good call. They are here now.
          Communism and Socialism are failed dying systems . .in yet the politicians and Socialist lawyers in Brussels cling to their power while destroying Europe.
          We are doing the same thing
          Very sad

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Well said Faith!

      Sunstein in his book “Conspiracy Theories”, co-written with Adrian Vermeule suggests that;

      “Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.They refer, several times, to groups that promote the view that the US Government was responsible or complicit in the September 11 attacks as “extremist groups.”

      And of course, these Govt. agents could suggest that buildings in New York were just having a bad day on 9/11 when the virtually fully intact building 7 free fell to the ground.
      Their explanation of why the BBC announced its destruction 20-30 mins before the event will need to be very creative as well.


      • frederick

        Good one Colin Merry Christmas to you down there in kiwiland and a healthy and happy 2016

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          My very best wishes to you in Turkey.
          I hope you stay safe and keep your head down in that troubled place. The current psychopathic leadership there seems to be totally out of control and utterly unpredictable.
          It is great to read your comments.

      • Faith

        Colin, thank you. I would love to visit your farm in New Zealand! I have another friend that lives in Tasmania, near an old gold mine. When gold prices are up, the mine is active. When they are down, the mine is resold to a new owner.

        I check currency prices on a daily basis and it is a shock to see the rate of the USD compared to the AUSD, NZD, and CAND. If you have land, and a good house, and friends, you shall weather the storm and come out fine.

        Cheers Colin and Happy New Year!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Any time Faith you will be welcome.
          You should be able to get my contact details through the WD site with my authorisation.
          The reset will be tough for all of us regardless of current circumstances. I am most fearful for the old and the sick.
          I see 2016 as being the year that the western world declines into complete chaos.

          • Faith

            Colin, thank you kindly! Same for mine as Mr. Hunter has them as well. (I donate to the site because I believe in the work that he is doing is worth supporting if you want to see the site continue). I worry about everything but I try to keep it at a simmer and not a full boil.

            I have needed an excuse to visit NZ and Tazzie. You may have just given me one heck of a reason! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  27. HankH.

    PCR paints with too broad a brush & blames the hyper-controlling, world-interventionists (NeoCons he calls them) for everything but misses completely how our gov’t has been captured (bought) at the highest levels by the islamists.
    Does he really believe that somehow the Paris and San Bernardino attacks were from the neoCons?!? Seriously, please!

    Heck, we just learned from Seymour Hersh that the USMIL was trying to diffuse the (O-bama)insurgent escalation in Syria and want nothing to do with a ground war there. Thank goodness!

    The DoS is particularly screwed up with hyper-controlling, left-wing interventionists …Kerryites, Clintonites, Nulands et al.

    The Defense industry merely wants to sell “Product” to the USG in order to make a living, not start new wars. They’re not that smart and no politician wants to risk being so close to them as to have that type corruption suggested of them.

    The looming, massive muslim invasion is what concerns me. As we see from Europe’s assimilation problems that is and will always be terrible policy because they refuse assimilation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you HankH for adding your perspective and balance to this post.

    • sk

      I don’t think the ‘Neocons’ care whether they use the Left Wing route or the Right Wing route to their goal. Any route will do, as long as they get to their goal, which is power/money/control. Ideology is eyewash, whatever is most useful at any given moment, and the shift from Left to Right, or Right to Left, is solely tactical.

      • diane s.

        Left wing…..right wing….both wings of the same bird of prey.
        We the people are the prey.
        The government is not our friend…they do not create all these scams just so they can collect our tax money and stay in power.
        Example…”global warming”

        • GT

          Exactly… it is all fear mongering.

          • Greg Hunter

            Goo back to sleep.

  28. Zoey


    You can transfer/roll over your 401k to a Precious Metal IRA. I recently transferred my SEP IRA account to a Precious Metal IRA. There are two ways to do this. You can either sign up with a Gold IRA company such as Regal Assests or a Self Directed IRA Custodian. The Gold IRA company will arrange everything for you but they’ll charge you 8% of the total account amount, and Self Directed IRA Custodian will do the accounting portion and manage account for you, but you need to select the Precious Metal dealer and depository. I felt 8% fee was too high so I went with the IRA custodian, New Direction IRA. Here’s the link I found the staff to be very professional and reliable.

    I had no one to consult with because majority of people were not interested in investing in PM IRA, so I went through many stressful hours trying to figure out the best way to set up PM IRA account. Good luck Dan, hope this is helpful.

    • JMiller


      One needs to look at the provisions of their employer’s 401k plan to see if it is possible to transfer or rollover the 401k to an IRA while still being employed as is the case for DanCR. Some 401k plans have a provision which allows current employees to transfer or rollover their 401k to an IRA while still being employed after they reach a certain age, typically 59.5 years.

  29. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Wow! PCR doesn’t mince words. Whether the attacks mentioned were false flags or not, he’s right about who has really benefited — and it’s not the terrorists.

    • frederick

      Exactly look at how many people went short the airlines that day and the fact that the owner(Silverstein) had just bought those buildings and put lots of insurance on them Put the pieces together or as they say follow the money and you will find the culprits

  30. Craig

    Dr. Roberts is one of the most intelligent voices in what’s left of this country today. The only concern I have is that these neocon psychopaths might do something harmful to him for speaking truth to their evil.

    • frederick

      Craig I also worry about that They do have a history of eliminating truth speakers God bless Dr Roberts and we all need to pray for his safety

  31. Dale Kosted, D.V.M.

    This is a link to an article by David Stockman concerning why there is no peace on earth. Some of the informative and practical knowledge about the Middle East I have seen. A good read for all USAW readers. Is it possible to get him as a guest?

  32. frederick

    How anyone can post treasonous lies like this Col guy on Christmas is beyond my comprehension Dr Paul Roberts is a true patriot and all over good man He will be richly rewarded in the afterlife for his bravery and honesty in the face of so much danger God bless this great American and you Greg for bringing him to us at Watchdog

  33. Mike M

    I was surprised China did not come up in the conversation as the US is pushing its weight around over disputed territory in the south China seas and is being told by China to stay out or else.

    So it’s not just Russia the US is going to have to contend with as there are more than enough enemies now capable of taking the entire country down. All it would take is an easy to do EMP strike which could be pulled off in a number of ways and it’s game over for all of you.

    Actually, if an EMP attack does happen it will likely be from the same inside people that brought you 9/11. Whether it will at first be limited to certain parts of the country only time will tell but I believe there is a high probability this is what is heading your way. In any event, the country is being set up for mass destruction so enjoy what’s left of this year as it may very well be your last.

  34. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    PCR says it all.

    I have said much the same things about Washington’s disgraceful global behaviour for many years and on 12/14/2015 stuck my neck out and dared to question the lame stream media narrative on the San Bernadino tragedy.
    This was the prompt and somewhat hysterical response I received ;

    “I know you just love the communists and think a world under their system would be nirvana. Did anyone tell you you got to give up that farm of yours under this system? No more comments about this false flag propaganda will be posted. You should be embarrassed for believing every anti-American thing you see on the internet.

    Best regards to all WDers.
    PS….. A NZ farmer that just loves the communists……. WTF!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      My problem with conspiracy theories and false flags is the sourcing and data to prove them. Some sourcing is very good, other sourcing is horrible and people just state their opinion and analysis as fact. I try to be a reporter and I don’t believe every horrible thing I read on the internet.

      • diane s.

        I believe 50% of what we read on the internet is bull dung.


    • Mohammad

      Do not feel bad if you were described communist or loving them. Am a doctor who saves lives and been called names including terrorist on this site.
      However what makes me come back is the neutrality of Greg as a reporter. I tip the hat to him to publish most of my posts on his blog (MOST…LOL) and that is fair enough since he is the owner of the house and am a guest.


    • frederick

      Colin Gerald Celentes news years message is great He points out the hypocrisy of George Stephanopolous when Trump defended Putin you should check it out Gerald is from my old neighborhood and my age and I love his rebellious Italian NYer attitude On another subject we are leaving after new years to look for land on the Med coast for my organic farm and bnb You will have to come visit once we are up and running

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Thanks Frederick
        I will check this out now…. I love listening to Gerald….as I have mentioned before on WD I consider his commentary and his holistic financial/ geopolitical knowledge to be outstanding.

  35. frederick

    Greg I was reading the comment section at ‘silverdoctors” and someone mentioned you and your site They accused you of being a neocon wolf in sheeps clothing Just wanted you to know that there are disinfo trolls denigrating your work around the internet Obviously you are striking a nerve or they wouldn’t be attacking your credibility like that Happy 2016 and keep up the good work The people need you and the truth you bring

    • Greg Hunter

      If I was a neocon would I put up Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for 40 minutes? Thank you for the info and support. My problem with conspiracy theories is the sourcing and data to prove them. Some sourcing is very good other sourcing is horrible.

      • frederick

        Greg I worked for the firm that built those towers in the 80s and you really don’t need proof that the govt story is nonsense Anyone with any structural engineering experience can immediately see the impossibility of what they say was the cause of the collapse of those 3 buildings I mean they just insult my intelligence

    • sk

      When you start getting flak, you know you’re over the target.

  36. Harry

    …wow, sure alot of basically uneducated responses! And trolls spewing Hillary or Trump as solutions. Hey people there is no democracy, it is ALL rigged. USA has been taken over.

    What a bunch of bad actors the neo cons have in political office.
    First strike on tap – but is it in America???

    • frederick

      harry I agree with that and isn’t that exactly what George Carlin was telling us years ago?

  37. Jerry

    Question. What does the term “International Troops” mean to you? I find this somewhat disturbing that this incident happened during a major holiday like Christmas. Most of the time soldiers are on leave during the Christmas Holiday. Except in times of war.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      Maybe something did happen in September that we all missed? When I hear about the Strong Cities Network and then I hear about International Troops on American bases along with Syrian refugee’s flooding into this country, I have to wonder.

      • JC Davis

        Jerry. You asked if we still thought there would be no election. If there is one it will be rigged. Votes of the people and by the people will be whatever the Media tells us it was. I don’t see us making to November without a major catastrophic event that prevents a election. Sorry for the slow reply.

        • Jerry

          The dollar will sink under its own weight before then sending us into martial law. The Chinese and the BRICS are currently preparing to caste away from the U.S. Titanic.

          • JC Davis

            Or a false flag grid down. I think a cyber false flag will be forth coming.

  38. JP

    “Government is a way to get rich off of the public ”

    • diane s.

      Yes it sure is and they ALL do.

  39. Brian

    Dr. Roberts makes a lot of good points. I just wish he would talk a little faster and get to the point quicker so there can be more dialogue. I enjoy reading his writings but he puts me to sleep in the video interviews. You displayed a lot of patience Greg.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      PCR is 76 now, according to Wikipedia. Some people speak more slowly when they get older. Hopefully he’ll stay mentally sharp for quite a while.

  40. mike

    Nuclear war will happen, it’s in the Bible. I’m afraid we are merely minutes away.
    Who will strike first is yet to be seen. What is known is that in a nuclear war, all men are cremated equal!

  41. Vince Shook

    I am appalled at the name calling (and the extent/intensity of same) elicited by Col. E. Shipper’s comments here. It is far past time for most who are regularly commenting on this site, to mature in their discourse. Name calling is a tactic used by those who want to stop reasoned discourse. It is mainly a tactic of the left (socialist, communists, collectivists, etc.) and those who are offended whenever a narrative does not support their agenda. Remember, such name calling is definitely informative commentary — but only on one’s intellect, character and personal approach to fact supported, free speech. For those that understand this, such name calling wastes their time, encourages them to spend what little time they have available interacting on other sites and leaves those remaining preaching only to the choir. That’s a formula for economic, relational and business/market mistakes.

    • Russ M.

      Vince, while I support the basic premise of your comments, mentioning that “It is mainly a tactic of the left”, puts you under the same light as those you are critical of i.e. the name callers. How about we engage in conversation without having to attach labels to anyone that offers an opinion different than yours?

      Russ. M.

      • Vince Shook

        Read my comment again. I made a general assertion about a tactic used to suppress reasoned discourse and then one about it being mainly a tactic of the left — the descriptive label given the group of people of record who call others racists, bigots, etc. in an effort to stop reasoned discourse. Both statements are facts supporting the premise. I call no individual names — moron, idiot, troll, etc. There is a big difference.

  42. matt

    What speaks volumes about 9/11. Airline stocks were massively shorted prior to incident. Nuffield said.

    • frederick

      Matt I agree with that and also the fact that Silverstein had a doctors apt that day and wasn’t at breakfast at windows on the world and the 130 employees of an Israeli firm supposedly received text messages to not come to work that day Sure are a lot of irregularities and yet no investigation into a huge treason Whats going on people?

      • matt

        No doubt.

  43. Milton

    As for the “Colonels”, both are trolls IMHO.
    Inflated rhetoric is aimed to incite responses, and, since SOMEONE is interested what they are, some other organisms wearing gray-olive underwear are collecting them, dutifully warming seats in their cubicles.

  44. Diane D.

    Wow, there is nothing like exposing the truth to expose the trolls and government hacks. Thank you Dr. Roberts and Greg for having the courage to speak it.

  45. RTW

    You are correct in your last line, “All it takes is a vote and a commitment to what is right and what is truly American”. However, it has nothing to do with Hillary.

  46. Calgirl

    Lars Schall of Materhorn Assets (Switzerland) interviews Avery Goodman, Securities Attorney and Financial Advisor, U.S.A. on China gold/SDR US dollar

    video/podcast December, 2015

  47. Southern Girl


    Super interview!! Dr. PCR’s the man in the know. Thanks for the 40 minutes. He has so much to say. He has been around the block so he probably knows the neighborhood.

    I am floored that he thinks the Congress doesn’t know what the h#ll is going on. Boy now that scary. If it had not been for this site and others I would never have had a clue to what happened in 2008. As a retired educator I have had to do a lot of learning about what the REAL TRUTH is. With all the people on this site that help out with other information thank you. I have learned a lot from you people.

  48. teri

    Mr. Hunter,

    I read each of your articles and try to read all the comments. I would like to say about the comments, however, that an awful lot of your readers do not seem to know what the terms “communist”, “socialist”, “collectivist”, “Islamist”, “left”, “neoliberal” or “neocon” mean. Obama and Hillary Clinton are neoliberals, but none of those other things. Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz are neocons, but none of those other things, either. A few people currently running for president are fascists and all of them are members of the elite; none of them are socialists or communists. Sanders embraces a very mild form of socialism, about as akin to true socialism as our current system of Social Security, or like the social programs for retirement and education used in the EU countries. None of which, by the way, can accurately be called socialist countries. Socialism is not the same as communism. A person who “leans left” may or may not approve of socialism to some extent, but is not a communist, which is not really a “leftist” form of governance, if the term is used in an historically accurate manner. Conservative is not the same as neocon. Tea party is not the same as Republican. Libertarian is not the same as liberal. Obamacare is not socialism; it is corporate cartel capitalism. (And it isn’t healthcare, either. It’s a giveaway to the insurance and pharma cartels, and it sucks by any measure as a “healthcare system”.) Zionism is not interchangeable with the word Judaism and Islamism is not the same as Muslim. Our economy is not free-market capitalism any longer, but is corporatism writ large, and the economic principles currently in play are not Keynesian theory in the least, but are rather disaster capitalism and privatization.

    And Obama sure kills a hell of a lot of Muslims for someone who is supposedly a secret Muslim.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Teri for the information and clarity.

    • Mohammad

      Thank you Teri for a fair statement regarding the difference between those terms that get mixed up out of ignorance or intentionally sometimes.
      It is interesting that there were documented ties between Prescott Bush and Nazi finances, and if you go deeper there were documented ties between ISLAMISTS (muslim brotherhood) and Nazi (ISLAMISTS like muslim brotherhoods are totally different from main stream muslims, they are political movement that is flourishing in guess were…LONDON…).
      Linking the dots will give a clear picture about why the muslim brotherhood were allowed to take power in Turkey, Libya, , Tunisia, Egypt (for short time until Russians had it their way and kicked them out by SISI), Yemen and finally the hard line drawn in the sand, Syria.
      What is a better way to destroy those countries than supporting an extreme political movement highjacked Islam the way Zionism (another extreme political movement) highjacked judaism….?


    • Faith

      Written like a true neo-communist. Meaningless doublespeak. But of course, as an elitist and one of the informed people, you can look down your nose at us, the supposed uninformed, ignorant little people. Oh I understood everything you said, loud and clear. But throwing mud into the water and talking down to people did nothing to provide any real information to anyone.

      • Mohammad


        Here is a little information for you to chew on.
        I do respect that fact you were in service during cold war (one of your posts). and i tip the hat to you for that.

        When WWI broke and ottomans were in war with Great Britain and the west, they were having double tongue then with the arabs :

        On tongue with Sharif Hussain who helped the brits and the french defeating the Ottomans, they promised him to be the leader of the arab nation at the time (he was naive enough to believe them).

        The second tongue which was the real one with Saud’s family, they were on the payroll of the british intelligence in a covert op, and they got the Sauds to overthrow Sharif Hussain and turned it into kingdom that served their agenda from there on.

        Please keep in mind that Sauds are the Wahhabis, and always try to export this extremism to allover the muslim nations under the watch of the Brits and the west. Russians suffered from them too and we know who was behind Bin Laden who is Wahhabi to defeat the Russians and from there on it is history. They were not accepted as a form of religion but they managed with money and fire power and a CLOSED EYES OF THE WEST through their thugs to shove their way in and ignite many wars that harmed the moderate muslims more than any one else (Alqaeda and ISIS are no doubt wahhabis, actually ISIS killed more moderate muslims in Syria than any other ethnics or religions there).

        It is no surprise that the descendants of Prescott Bush who financed the Nazi are sleeping in the same bed with the Sauds…..just a small piece of history for you to chew on in order to see the link between Bush family/Sauds/AND Rothschilds of Great Britain that was all the way aware of what Sauds are about.


        • Faith

          Mohammad: I just watched a video on NY Times International of a woman in Afghanistan that was killed by a mob for (supposedly) burning a koran. The police tried to protect her, briefly, until the mob’s bloodlust forced them back and this woman was beaten to death while participants filmed this brutality. They continued and ran over her with a car, drug her body through the streets and then threw her body into a ditch where it was stoned and then burned. Link:

          Oh let me continue. In Raqqa a woman was killed for breastfeeding a child. Apparently in Raqqa there is a squad of female enforcers that go around with cattle prods and whips and bear traps that are used upon the breasts of women as punishment for having sequins on their burka or purse. Some of the women I this squad are from Europe. Link:

          Both of these events happened this year. Not 80 years ago. Not 200 years ago. Not 500 years ago. This year.

          • Mohammad


            How many of those incidents happened in Raqqa before your CIA installed ISIS (seems you served CIA since you were in the cold war in service , just a wild guess)?
            I lived in Syria most of my life and i was born there and never had any incident like what you describe, up until your buddies are trying to overthrow Assad.

            For those unfortunate women you have to go to the congress and thank them for installing the puppet alqaeda in afghanistan and ISIS in Syria so they keep your gas price at 2+ $ a gallon when it should be 10 $ a gallon.
            And you know what …..
            If they tell you at the gate that we can take out Alqaeda and ISIS but you will lose your mortgage and your car and your behind and not be able to buy groceries ……. then you will close your eyes and walk away and will not give those poor women a damn.

            if you want to do something to those women then ask your gov to stop propping those wahhabis maniacs to keep oil flowing.

            By the way
            here are some photos of afghanistan before your gov messed the country up and it WAS SILL THEN A MUSLIM COUNTRY, but NOT WAHHABI like what the CIA wants:


            Look good at those photos and then you can realize how much damage you inflicted on them, and most are MUSLIMS.


            • Greg Hunter

              Seems a reach to blame every ill in the world on America and the CIA. Is the CIA teaching violent Jihad in some American mosques?

              • frederick

                Greg respectfully you are missing his point He is saying that the West have been formenting the problems in these countries and destroying the once peaceful and moderate Muslim population with extremists in order to create chaos and control them This is obvious if you read what Petraeus said about overthrowing 7 nations in the ME and NA(Wolfowitz doctrine) Muhammed is correct and astute in his observation Hopefully in the new year we will have peace

              • Mohammad

                I told you before there is no violent Jihad, there is Jihad in Quran.
                FBI agent foiling an ill act by a criminal is “JIHAD”
                You Greg seeking the truth on your blog is by Quran’s definition is considered “JIHAD”
                If someone breaks in your house and threatens your family and you defend your self and family is “JIHAD”
                and so on.
                I guess as an investigative reporter you cannot ignore the role of CIA with Bin Laden that destroyed the beautiful Afghanistan it once was.
                Take a good look in the photos i posted Greg.
                I bet you cannot tell wether those photos were taken in Kabul or in NewYork city.
                it shows you how much damage US did to those people.


                • Greg Hunter

                  In guess you forgot that Russia invaded Afghanistan long before the CIA and America got there. What you are saying about violence being preached in some mosques runs contrary to many reports and the FBI. What you are saying is there is not violence being preached in ANY mosques? I find that impossible to believe.

                  • Mohammad

                    And why Russia invaded Afghanistan?

                    Did you forget that CIA pushed for the RADICAL Hafizullah Amin who threatened the backyard of Soviets had it went the Their way,


                    ” The Soviet Union, which alleged that Amin was an agent of the CIA, intervened in Afghanistan on behalf of the Twenty-Year Treaty of Friendship between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. Amin was assassinated by the Soviets in December 1979 as part of Operation Storm-333, having ruled for slightly longer than three months.”

                    Partial recollection of facts does not give a clear picture.

                    Not that the Soviets are NICE , to the contrary they are as evil as any totalitarian ruling but the point is :

                    CIA POKED FIRST.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    Oh come on. The CIA got the Russian army to invade. Everything in this world is the CIA? Sure the CIA has dirty laundry but so do many other countries. Not buying it.

                  • Mohammad



                    “Question: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs that the American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahiddin in Afghanistan six months before the Soviet intervention. Is this period, you were the national securty advisor to President Carter. You therefore played a key role in this affair. Is this correct?

                    Brzezinski: Yes. … on to the end of the interview”

                    coming from the corner of University of Arizona, does it make you buy it Greg?

                    WHAT SAY YOU?

                    Seems that the nasty criminal communists has more credibility than the lovely CIA.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    So what. The Russians invaded. That is a fact of history. Russians are not children. They have free will. Nobody made them engage in a destructive war. Everything is not America’s fault. Are you an American? Do you really love this country? I am getting the idea you don’t.

                  • Mohammad


                    You didn’t read what i linked to, that at least what your response suggests.

                    For sure the soviets are not kids. When CIA poke in their backyard they invade and that was my link to this interesting interview.

                    so your statement is false. and the CIA and Americans where meddling in Afghanistan 6 months before the invasion. that meddling is what destroyed Afghanistan that used once to look like any modern city in US.
                    That is the whole point you are not acknowledging.

                    Happy new year by the way.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    No, I got what you were saying and I say the CIA excuse was a poor reason for an all-out invasion. Russia was not forced to invade, it wanted to. Here is a different version of the invasion:
                    My statement is NOT FALSE. Nobody made the Russians INVADE Afghanistan.

                  • Mohammad

                    Of course your premise is false.
                    If CIA poked and installed an agent as president in the backyard of Russia that is not enough to invade?
                    In the interview coming out of the mouth of people INVOLVED in this from US CORNER and not some kind of research joe you linked to are saying that CIA was supporting “mujahideen” 6 MONTHS BEFORE THE INVASION…!!!!!

                    what make me correct on the issue is the attempt of Cuba’s invasion just for the same reason, the russians poked us in the flank in Cuba , we invaded (i mean attempted to invade before the ass was kicked in that gulf) .

                    That does not make the Soviets righteous, nor the American’s attempt to invade Cuba righteous . but non the less threatening the very back yard of a super power is a good reason for that power to invade.
                    THAT MEDDLING IS THE REASON FOR THE DESTRUCTION of that once beautiful country called Afghanistan.
                    All are sinful
                    but not recognizing the culprit is FALSE.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    So you are saying a few CIA agents forced Russia to commit a huge invasion of Afghanistan with hundreds of aircraft and tanks and 10’s of thousands of troops, Russia was helpless and just had to invade? Talk about a false premise. RUSSIA WAS NOT FORCED TO INVADE. Russia did what it wanted to do. Russia could have chosen NOT to invade. Do you simply have to blame EVERY single wrong doing on the U.S. and the CIA?

                  • Mohammad

                    Happy new year Greg.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    Happy New Year to you and yours Mohammad!

            • Faith

              Mohammad: One of the incidents happened in Raqqa. But the woman that was bludgeoned to death by a mob happened in Afghanistan, in Kabul.

              So rather than condemn these barbarous acts against women in two different countries as abhorrent acts, rather than saying you find these acts despicable and atrocities, and horrific and not emblematic of muslims you accuse me of working for the CIA? I enlisted in the US Army at the age of 17 and served my country for 4 years, as I stated, during the Cold War. I have never worked for any part of the U.S. federal government since that time.

              Rather than stand up for your faith and say that is not how moslems treat women you complain about the US Congress? Syria has been an internal conflict otherwise called a civil war. Apparently you left your country rather than stay behind and defend it. The irony of that is not lost upon those of us that consider ourselves patriots, and will defend the US until our last breath. Unlike you who left your country to savages. To blame ISIS on the CIA is to buy into every sick conspiracy theory out there.

              • frederick

                faith I live in Turkey and men normally treat women well but I cannot speak for other places Your blindness regarding ISIS speaks for itself WAKE UP

              • Mohammad

                You are totally ignorant to how Muslims treat their women.
                Our women are queens.
                Do you want me to tell you how your men treat their women, do you want me to go on describing how many patients i see with broken bones and black eyes…..etc.
                if your house is built out of glass do not throw stones at others.
                In Syria almost 90% of females finish high school, half of them finish college, when most of US women work their ass off at the cash register to bring bread home god bless their souls.
                Ignorance is your sole enemy.
                do not let hatred blinds you.
                it is the heart that sees way before the eyes.
                Happy new year faith, and god bless you for your service.


                • frederick

                  Mohammad I totally agree and have lived in the states Europe and Turkey I see zero evidence here that women are mistreated in any way I believe that idea is pushed by certain people to advance an antiMuslim agenda just as they tried to do with the 911 attacks

                • Faith

                  Mohammad, I understand very well how moslems treat women. As chattel, as slaves. Your hypocrisy is stunning. You leave the Middle East, rather than staying behind to defend your country and blame it all on outsiders. If you hate the US so much, why are you here? You claim that you treat moslem women well. Sure. Female Genital Mutiliation is not how you treat women well. Let me guess, is that your “after hours” job? Unless you stand up and proclaim all of those acts as barbaric you support those acts with your silence and your false claims about how well moslems treat women. Those claims are lies.

                  And you know what? Maybe I do work for the CIA. You never know, do you? I hope you used TOR because otherwise your ISP is being captured and forwarded to the NSA.

                  • Mohammad


                    You hate.
                    I love.
                    And i left my country not out of any thing but to get my education here, then the meddling in our countries with endless wars fueled by the west and east alike made me stay in my second home i love and that is US.
                    After losing my mother home, US is the only home i have and i do love it more than you do for sure, i love its people and i see in the faces of patients i see every day faces of my family and treat them like mine.

                    Clean up your heart faith, seems you do not understand nor you have a clue about the beauty of your name.


                  • frederick

                    Faith you are a perfect example of people who drink the nonsense in the MSM There is an agenda being pushed to denigrate Islam and you are buying the propaganda There are people doing bad things to women in all religions but I don’t think it is especially bad in the Muslim world Not from my experience anyway

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Faith is talking about radical violent Islam. To pretend that a this does not exist is also nonsense. We are not talking about your personal experience we are talking about facts and data such as “Imams preach jihad and extremism in 10 percent of the 2,000 mosques in the United States, the FBI estimates.” Then there are studies like this one from 2011: Here is a video about multiple attacks caused by radical Muslims: If only 10% of Islam is violent radicals it would be around 170 million of a global population of 1.7 billion. It is not propaganda it is a fact and I do not hear the Muslim community coming out to condemn the violence.

                  • Mohammad


                    Faith was not talking about “radical violent islam”.
                    She was insulting hateful and rude .

                    When you skip major insults like what she said:
                    “Female Genital Mutiliation is not how you treat women well. Let me guess, is that your “after hours” job?”
                    and close an eye to it without telling her to be civilized enough to respect people by respecting her self first and pay attention to what she says then you AGREE BY OMISSION to what she says.

                    I never insulted her once, but you allow her to do so.

                    What say you Greg?


                  • Greg Hunter

                    I was adding my perspective and that is there is a problem with a portion of Islam that is violent. It is bent on making all submit to Islam and will use violence to do so. I stated facts and sources from the FBI and other studies and data. Violence for a portion of Islam coming from some mosques is a fact. My point is I am not hearing the majority of the peaceful Muslim community in America or globally standing up and condemning this (and it cannot not all be blamed on the Wahhabi’s.) I let plenty of comments fly, including yours, even if I do not agree. That does not mean I agree with everything that get’s posted here. (You should see what I do not post.)

                  • Mohammad


                    It is obvious that you have an agenda.
                    That agenda is hell bent on getting rid of all muslims from US.
                    That is the precursor to an ETHNIC CLEANSING in the pipe line that is heard now from every corner including Trump you cherish.
                    We have seen it in Bosnia and that is what am smelling here.

                    THAT IS FLAT OUT WRONG GREG.

                    VERY WRONG.


              • Hardlooker

                ISIS are savages, but WHOSE savages are they? The CIA was happy to watch it predictably rise; happier still to provide indirect support and arm it subsequently (not like it stretched their principles to do so).
                Those who organize or support vicious foreign proxy forces and sic them on sovereign nations and their leaders, effecting regime change or worse, are not mere mischief-makers; they are reprehensible, murderous villains, no less so than visibly invading armies or sneaking terrorists. Because of the animosity and hatred they create for America, they should be viewed as indistinguishable from traditionally acknowledged enemies of the Constitution (both foreign AND domestic types – you know, the guys you swore to defend against).
                As a member of the US Army, you were part of the most self-important military force in the entire world having zero experience or contemplation of fighting a foreign foe operating subversively right inside your own nation. What do you think is meant by the religion called “Force Projection?” Judging from your snobbish comment to Mohammed, we’d have to see if you could even recognize that kind of enemy, before discovering whether you’ll “defend the US until (your) last breath.” Your failure to realize or comprehend the CIA’s clear role in the ISIS saga suggests you might not even show up for that kind of party.
                Let me say you have no business accusing anyone of ‘leaving their country to savages’. “Patriot” or not, no differently than another 360 million-odd of your fellows, you’ve already left your own nation to being ruled by savages (wearing suits, I note). You (and Greg too) should stop worrying so much about the Muslim Phantom Menace, and use the vote and political franchise legend tell us you possess to start reforming the now-fetid polity of your own Sorry-Assed State.
                Along the way, you might stop and thank God no other nation has been as hostile or hateful toward the US as to do to it what it has done to others (in so saying, I am of course dismissing the “sick conspiracy theory” 9-11 fairy tale told to us by the US gummint and corrupt military establishment). While you, Colonic Shipper, and US-SAFE Fireman Rich are chatting with God, remember also to pray that your “leaders” don’t draw you into an honest, up-front conventional war with Russia. Because when Putin starts handing you a little piece of your ass at a time, your side will have no choice except to spark up the tactical nukes. At which point, your pissing-contest obsessions become my problem too.
                Until then, buy physical PM.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You do realize there could never be a or for that matter a where you criticize those respective countries inside the borders of those countries. If you think there is not a problem with a percentage of Muslims turning to radical Islam, then, it is you who are in “Phantom Menace” land. America has problems but so does Russia. The only difference is we can talk about those problems freely without ending up in a gulag or worse. I don’t know if you have been following along here, but I have been pointing out the US has been arming AL-Qaeda and Isis for years now. By the way, Russia is arming it’s own terrorists in Hamas. Why don’t you move your battleship mouth to Russia and criticize Putin INSIDE THE BORDERS OF RUSSIA. He has plenty of sins and there is plenty of corruption in Russia to report on. Oh, and man-up, and use a real name like I do, “Hard.” Don’t bother to answer unless you use a verifiable name, which means, we won’t be hearing from you again.

                  • Faith

                    Mr. Hunter, thank you for your bold defense. Certainly a woman such as myself would never be allowed to speak as I do I Turkey or any moslem nation without fearing for my life on a daily basis. Furthermore, I am a huge fan of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She has been cursed by fellow moslems and is shunned around the world. I first learned about the horrors of FGM after watching the film “Desert Flower” which is a biographical film about the model Waris Dirie. Absolutely life changing. I think that movie and another movie about the East German Stasi, “The Lives of Others,” have had the biggest impact on my point of view. Both films are incredible. They show what happens when you refuse to submit, when you refuse to obey, when you dare to speak out. Thank you for allowing me to post.

                  • Irina

                    Greg, “The only difference is we can talk about those problems freely without ending up in a gulag or worse” – this response shows that you have never been to Russia and know nothing about Russia. Paul Craig Roberts maybe could educate you on the subject. I am Russian, and your response made me laugh.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I am laughing too from a comment from an anonymous source. Please start you own site in Russia and criticize Mr. Putin and the c=government and let me know how it goes, that is if they let you talk from prison.

    • Faith

      Teri: I pray that my having stumbled upon this article was divine providence and not mere accident.

      by MC

      ‘Left’ and ‘right’ are not good terms for the description of political flavor. The right essentially no longer exists; it is almost always referred to as ‘far right’ a term which was originally coined to describe the National Socialist (Nazi) party by the left. The left won the ‘culture battle’ and positioned themselves at the peak of the moral high ground (as defined by themselves) and thus destroyed the right.

      So we have a situation where socialism = ‘good’ and conservatism = ‘far right’ = bad.

      Thus there is no right. Collectivism, either in the form of Socialism or National Socialism, is the only choice allowed, and this has been the case since World War Two (with notable exceptions).”

      With the advent of the universal franchise (one person one vote), government became a matter of fashion rather than informed choice. Given the universal appeal of television, leftist virtual signaling became a necessary feature in programming aimed at the TV-watching classes. To be credible, one had to keep the PC rules — heresy was (and still is) simply not acceptable.

      Heresy is deviation from dogma, usually religious dogma. In the past it often carried a death sentence, specifically burning at the stake or some other equally cruel and barbaric ritual slaughter. This is particularly true of Islam, and now we see videos of religious executions for the crime of heresy every bit as barbaric as those of history.

      But heresy can also be a deviation from political doctrine, and the execution of Trotsky by an ice axe in the brain was a particularly brutal example of the premeditated act of extreme cruelty as a punishment for political heresy. And yes, whilst Stalin was probably afflicted with an extreme form of paranoia, few of his worldwide sycophants stopped to think through the implications of this act, and of how a nut case such as Stalin was able to gain absolute power….

      Or was it Mao, or Hitler, or Pol Pot or Ho Che Minh?

      Heresy can only exist in a particular vacuum of ideas. In a zone where free speech exists, heresy is of no consequence, but for heresy to be a punishable crime the heretic must have rejected a doctrine that has been forced upon him/her by some ‘superior’ entity.

      This essay is heresy, and there are those who would happily take away my credibility and livelihood (if I had one) in order to punish me and to shut up others who might follow my example.

      To have to punish a victim for heresy means that one’s own case is weak and has no credible standing, so we resort to physical and emotional bullying to maintain our standing.”

      Here is a link to the entire article on my new favorite site:

    • Joni Carleton

      You forgot fascism and its definition. 🙂

      • Faith

        Joni, I choose to not play your word games. If you want to define it go ahead. But start by defining all of the words you listed, above, first. But your point was not to provide information it was to stir the pot and act like a know-it-all. Congratulations on your success.

        • frederick

          faith you are just plain wrong and you seem to have preconceived notions on certain subjects I doubt you can be reached Sadly

          • Mohammad


            ditto that.
            I decided it is a waste of time responding to her, all i had was insults to the sound logic i showed.


            • Faith

              Mohammad: You have not said one thing against FGM. Zero. Your silence is an ommission and admission that you find that barbaric act acceptable. Sound logic? Nothing as it pertains to Islam has anything to do with sound logic or reasoning. Zero. But go ahead. Women are disposable in your religion and you dare to make extraordinary claims about Trump and put that in the same sentence saying that the election of Trump will result in “ethnic cleansing.” Oh spare us such drama! If you are in fear of your life due to “ethnic cleansing” in the US you can get on a plane and leave whenever you like.

              And for the record, FGM continues in the UK and the US. FGM is illegal in the UK and only one person has been convicted but Muslems continue this practice. The practice is ignored in the US. Many moslems take their girls back to Egypt. Others simply have this done in black-market medical clinics and thus my reference to Mo having a second job after hours. When I was a student I remember local doctors, in the US, treating Somalis had discovered this practice after treating the women during childbirth or due to medical complications relating to FGM. Many of those liberal doctors viewed FGM as a “cultural practice.” I do not find it surprising that Mo, supposedly a doctor working in the US, says nothing agains the practice of FGM or the long-term medical consequences. Your silence, Mo, equals agreement and compliance in my opinion.

              Of course Mo says nothing about the movie I mentioned, “Desert Flower” or about Ayaan Hirsa Ali.

              So much for the lie that western muslem women are treated like a princess. Only until they contradict a man or Islam and once that happens they live in fear of their life! God forbid they convert like Ayann and become Christian and speak out against how muslem women are really treated in Europe in the US.

              But go ahead with your lies and your falsehoods, Mo and Fred. I really don’t care what your personal belief system is, at all. The problem, for me and others like me, is that muslems find it difficult to live with peaceful people like myself and insist that everyone else believe the way they do or they will kill you or make you a slave which is happening to Yazidis and the Yazidis women in Iraq and Syria.

              Silence from muslem men in the US and UK. Utter silence.

              • Mohammad


                Although i decided to to refrain from responding to you, i will ONCE respond, only this ONCE.

                In Islam, circumcision is FOR MALES only…..COMPRENDO?
                IN MALES ONLY.

                Same I believe is in Jewish religion, but someone who is Jewish here can speak better than me on this issue, but i believe i stand right on this.

                Female circumcision is not related to Islam by any means, it is purely Tribal tradition in Africa, that is why you see it THERE ONLY, you do not see it in SYRIA, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Emirates Kwait, Saudi Arabia……etc.

                Egypt has a lot of African traditions some are tribal traditions which is the same as Somalia.

                Get your facts strait and do not mix up tribal, continental traditions with ISLAM which has nothing to do with this terrible practice.

                Depriving women of the most sensitive part of their genital organ is a CRIME IN ISLAM.


                As far as killing a person for burning Quran it is a crime in Islam too. because we Muslims keep Quran in our chests not in papers. So those ignorants who did what they did are criminals BY ISLAM RULES.
                My best answer to such provocative action is IGNORING it.
                by ignoring it i keep it contained and they may have a heart attack , or cereal attack out of anger since they did not provoke any reaction from me which will suit me just right….and that will be my best answer to some one who is hell bent on insulting my belief….IGNORING him or her and not letting them GET TO ME.

                I will advise you again Faith to clean up your heart, it has a lot of hatred in it and that hatred reflects negative on your health.

                Clean up your heart the way you clean your body, Unless yo do not do the later either.


  49. Coal Burner

    The Country Codger has it right, and you Doggers need to lighten up on the Colonel’s. Colonels are buried in the DOD system and covered over with BS. The people who come here know more than anyone else about the latest in what is going on, give them time. I did not mean that everyone has to buy that 911 was a false flag. But he is right that the neocons and the neolibs could do false flag any time they want. You Col’s if both you are, need to realize, people here dont believe all they read or hear but they gather from the interviews more knowledge than most. I found myself laughing at the Republican debate, because FOX ask at least one question we knew the answer to years ago and the good Doctor summed it up well. The politician answered with an equivalent old answer. I found myself asking is that all FOX knows? Is thah all the politician knows? Or are they simply trying to bring the uninformed general population up to speed. Sure we can take Russia and China but what would be left? I ask you all who would want any war with that bunch of cheese head Libtards running the country? We would lose Politically from self hatred sabatoge in the top twenty of Obama’s dufus minions. Think about that Colonel! Do you want the dunmbest man from he US Senate, Kerry running a State Department at War? LOL!!! God have mercy on us all!

  50. Coal Burner

    And Southern Girl, I most certainly do not believe the congress knows what is going on or even close. From the stuff Senators, Dem and Repub, and x State Dept. candidates are saying, they know nothing . Except Hillary knows all about the Ukraine and Syrian failures and fiascos that have killed millions. IT was Hillary’s baby to kill Kadaffi and send his weapons to Syria through Turkey and make Turkey the fall guy for oil sales and shooting down a Russian plane. Yes they (Turkey) made a few bucks on the oil from ISIS but it may cost them everything before it is done. We all know Obama won’t back them in a pinch.

  51. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I listen to PCR when he is on and occasionally read his columns. I do respect his insight. His accomplishments in life are most impressive. I do though think he can get a bit unhinged by his hatred of the Washington Establishment. He has overly extolled Putin and the late Chavez of Venezuela (who ran his country into the ground) among others in opposition to America. I read where he blamed England and France for their aggression in provoking WWII! Years ago, in a Washington Times op-Ed piece (his last one) he wrote that Lincoln during the Civil War was a dictator worse than Pol Pot of Cambodia. Over the top stuff in my opinion. I get the impression that he thinks America and Israel are the focus of the evil in the world.

    Greg, I wonder if the recent budget deal was approved primarily by those (like you stated) that know the whole system is going to crash soon so what does it matter. Or,like Roberts said, these politicians really don’t know what is actually happening with our economy. Or, key players are corrupt, bought off, blackmailed. All the above, I guess. All frightening possibilities for our country. The budget deal leaves many incredulous. Again showing something is very wrong in our nation.

  52. dee garmon

    He is a national icon. Those who are stupid enough to attack him to make waves or revitalize their dying websites like that of Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett should know that by attacking an icon, you only sink lower if, in fact, is possible for the aforementioned
    to come down since they are already standing on the ground.

  53. Lynn

    Our country is a mess, nothing is going to fix this. Since they are psychopaths,narcicists, call them whatever term you want, they are plain insane and will stop at nothing. What do we do? What will stop them? Who will stop them? They are left unchecked, they run the show, they make up the news, the markets, the financial system, and we watch and do nothing. They hate humanity so deeply to cause a possible nuclear war…..then they will stop at nothing to get what they want. WORLD DOMINATION at any cost, including the loss of our lives and freedom. PCR had a solution for john kerry, will never happen. Greg…. water, food, guns and gold wont help us if this happens. We must pray for intervention and soon. They will bring about a financial war, a human war, a nuclear war, and destroy all the good in this world. It is almost too unreal to believe.

  54. JMiller

    Concerning the San Bernardino terrorist attack, PCR states that three witnesses claimed it was three tall white men. What three witnesses? So far I have yet to find any good eyewitness account that claims it was three tall white men. Sally Abdelmageed states that they LOOKED like their skin color was white and they APPEARED to be tall. How could she tell for sure? She could not. She was in another part of the building looking out a window. When she was asked what did the gunmen look like she said “I couldn’t see his face. He had a black hat on and, um, from my view all I could see was just a black hat and black long sleeve shirt. Possibly gloves on.” Another witness some in the ALT media are saying is Mark Stutte. Mark Stutte said in an interview that three gunmen came in and started shooting people. Was Mark Stutte there? No, he was not even there. So how does he know? Well he got that from his daughter Miranda who called him on the phone. And where was Miranda when the shooting started? Why she was in the bathroom. Mark Stutte stated that his daughter did not even she the shooters but she heard the shots. Another witness was Juan Hernandez, who in one interview claims to have seen 3 white men in military fatigues in a black SUV speed by him. How could be sure that all three were white men wearing military fatigues since the SUV had tinted windows in the rear and it went flying by him? Plus there is not a big difference in skin color between a white person and someone like Farook. And then in another interview Juan Hernandez states that at least one had on military fatigues. Which did Juan Hernandez see, one wearing fatigues or all three? And there is another so-called eyewitness, Chris Nwadike, who was no eyewitness at all. He was in the bathroom at the time of the shooting. All he said in his was that Farook could not be the shooter because he was a nice guy. So I do not know which three eyewitnesses PCR is talking about. So far none of these witnesses seem very reliable.

    • freebreezer

      Jmiller – real good analysis! I took a whole lot of time going over all the photos and film that were posted on the internet showing the final shoot out scene on the road and concluded that there is no way in hell that could have been staged. The complexity to set something up like that and stage it belies reality .. It is real … i.e. there was a real shootout with two people killed by a whole bunch of cops that shot them in a hail of bullets … look at the black SUV riddled with bullet holes. This black SUV is filmed, 5 seconds earlier (no bullet holes in the windows) being chased by multiple cop cars – this by a by-stander. The phone film captures multiple gun fire a few seconds later and you can tell by the person filming that the gunfire is real by their reaction. There is no doubt there is a dead women lying on that road, driver side of the car – this by the way her leg/feet are angled, a dark wet pool on the road next to her chest area (one of the initial pictures by a helicopter). The male is handcuffed, again bloodied, on the passenger side of the SUV. Note it is police policey to handcuff all live subjects even if they are shot (I confirmed this with a friend who is a detective) . In all the pictures/film the location is confirmed by the white picket fence in one of the yards. If these two islamist where not the shooters at the building earlier … please answer how and why were the set up? why were they so heavily armed (multiple gun casings are marked on the ground surrounding the black SUV a few minutes later by the police)? Why and how is the male person killed the same person that worked at the building where 14 people were killed? etc.. This false flag narrative is getting played on everything and its meaning is getting diminished! WTC # 7 now that is something that defies logic! the San Bernadino terriost attack is just that!

  55. Jerry

    Another new year. Another 2016 Economist NWO calendar.

  56. ED1

    Vince, it’s to my belief that most of the watchdoggers are fed up with all the political correctness that’s ruining this country. Therefore, they pretty much speak their true feelings. I am among that group and now proud to be politically incorrect.

    God Speed

    • Faith

      ED1: Welcome to the club!

    • JC Davis

      ED 1 So true. I am a nice guy until I am backed into a corner then its a matter of survival. Load , lock and watch your back. There are at least three organizations inside America willing to kill the population. The law knows this, and is doing nothing to stop them.

      • JC Davis

        I stand corrected by the state of Texas. Texas is the largest state in the union. They passed a open carry without the right of question of a permit. That means a cop would have to get a court order to ask you if you have a permit. If our NON president thinks he will take away guns in the USA he is DREAMING.

  57. RTW

    Shame on you for mocking the good, distinguished col. An individual with the child-like mentality, which he possesses, will believe what you wrote and be petrified of trees from now on. He will not try to figure out if it’s true, because an expert told him it happens that way. He will accept it as gospel and spread it. I believe he attained the rank of col. by being the “last man standing”. How he held onto it is quite another matter.

  58. JC Davis

    Greg the latest from Ellen Brown.

  59. Charles Manson

    Paul Craig Roberts forgot to mention the black op that killed all the Kennedy’s , even Rosemary..the Johnstown flood ,and the Civil war ! Oh yeah they invented cancer too !

  60. don

    PCR is a conspiracy nut who thinks the world of crazies like Putin, and thinks any evil in the world comes from the US and Israel. Greg, you really need to bring a little more balance to some of your guests…they are all of the same mind set.

    • frederick

      That’s nonsense and you know it Don There is plenty wrong with Putin and China and we all know that We just are sick and tired of the propaganda coming from the lame stream media and it seems Donald Trump is as well from how he straightened out that little boy Stephenopolous You stay in denial if you feel better and safer there Meanwhile most people on here seem to be enlightened to reality and that gives me hope for the future and NO Dr Roberts is just a patriot who cant sit back and watch his country be destroyed by deception and war He IS one of the few good guys

    • sk

      ‘Don’ is either woefully dense (didn’t want to use the s word) or a troll. I think the latter.

  61. Larry Galearis

    Wading in,…

    Here is another 9/11 comment that has never aired publically. In our investment club there are several pilots of airliners. After the event a simulator was set up so that trained pilots could take a shot at duplicating what those so-called untrained Arab terrorists did and the results were interesting. The closest any pilot came to duplicating the feat of two semi-trained Arab pilots was clipping wing tip on one of the buildings.

    It is amazing that there are still people out there that believe the government position on 9/11. How can one be a patriotic American in such a country? The United States gives patriotism a bad name.

  62. Kerry

    According to the poll on this website, 18% think Sharia Law is best?! over the U.S. Constitution!! That is VERY FRIGHTENING! I would not want to live in a country under Sharia Law. Heaven help us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Early in that poll someone got on and distorted the votes. In the first few days Sharia was ahead of the Constitution, and on this site we know the data was gamed.

  63. cynicalsue

    What in the hell kind of poll do you have up on your webpage? Vote: Constitution or Sharia law? What? Is this supposed to be a joke? What are you trying to push or expose or reveal?
    Why don’t you have a poll vote: Communism or Capitalism?
    Greg, you lost some respect from me with that absurd Sharia poll crap.

    • JC Davis

      Cyn. At the time the poll was installed it served to show there is a large movement in America that would like to over throw the constitution in favor of a radical government. 18 out of 100 is alarming.

  64. d

    Just remember PCR is a national icon and that by attacking him
    you don’t bring him down. You just prove your stupidity and not
    your patriotism.

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