Peaceful Wall Street Protesters Pepper Sprayed?

By Greg Hunter’s 

You got to wonder what kind of country we are living in when people protesting Wall Street greed and corruption are pepper sprayed.  Meanwhile, the crooks that caused a global meltdown sit and look out their plush offices and collect fat bonuses.  You wonder why people are protesting?  How about the fact that not a single high-ranking Wall Street banker has gone to jail over this calamity, let alone been investigated.  According to Professor of Economics and Law, William Black, around a thousand financial elites were successfully prosecuted in the wake of the Savings and Loan scandal of the late 1980’s.  How many elites have gone to jail this time—zero!!  (Click here to read more from Professor Black.)  Former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo paid a $67 million fine, but that is not exactly a big deal for a guy that ripped-off millions from the system.  The 2008 meltdown is maybe 100 times larger than what happened 20 years ago.

Fast forward to earlier this week and what is being called the “Occupy Wall Street” protest.  Protesters were being pepper sprayed by the NYPD.  The New York Times is reporting an investigation is underway to see if it was warranted.  Yesterday, the NYT said, “The police and Manhattan prosecutors are separately examining a high-ranking officer’s use of pepper spray on a number of female protesters at a demonstration on Saturday.     (Click here for the complete NYT story.) 

The officer “restored order” by spraying some girls (one in a skirt) that were protesting?  I am not one to go against the police, but they got to follow the rules too.  Check out this video, and see if you think spraying the girls you see in the photo above was justified:


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  1. James T

    That should cost him his job. Completely uncalled for. In fact, I would be going after the city.

  2. Ambrose


    Here is a link to the video from The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell Michael Moore joined the Wall Street protestors yesterday. This is one of the best coverage that I have seen since Occupy Wall Street started.


    • Greg

      Finally, the MSM see this is a real story and it is getting bigger! Thank you!! This is freaking out Wall Street because if this gets loud enough the only way to quell the crowds will be send crooks to jail. Many should be behind bars and be forced to give back rip-off profits.

  3. Another Dumbass

    Well, once again another Neanderthal with a Nazi mentality not only sprays a group of people with a US Constitutional right to free assembly but also sprays his fellow offices. If I were head of the NYCPD this guy would be made an example of by doing prison time with a tattoo on his forehead stating “I enjoyed abusing people while wearing my police uniform”.
    As the article states not one of the elites on WS that are destroying the country have gone to jail. And the French elite were amazed that the public demanded “off with their heads”.
    I won’t be part of it but this will get really ugly as Celente has stated.

  4. Mike Saylor

    Austerity is happening in America, it is my understanding that this Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading to other cities. There are alot of young kids who now realize they have no chance for the american dream,and alot of older ones that have lost it. What have they got to lose? Just in Michigan our governor raised taxes on the old by taxing pensions. They are cutting cash assistance for welfare people and regardless of the politics of that it will still affect 41,000 poor just in this state. No tax breaks for giving to charities. All so Snyder can give tax breaks to his big business buddies. If that was my daughter that was maced buy that officer I would go see him. After all what do I have to lose? These protests will turn violent when more people get hungry. I am old but I will be in Lansing to Occupy it this October.

  5. Mitchell Bupp

    NYPD fears 100 pound girls should be the headline ? This is nothing more than an attempt to cause violence then blame it on the protesters. This is a common tactic for the militarized police in this country. And pepper spraying a girl in/under her skirt? What is that? A vain attempt at sexual assualt under colors?

    The biggest problem I see is that before the police sent in the goon squad with the net the only violence I saw was by the police! This is the kind of democracy we live in now where if you question the corporate machine you get wacked, jailed and pepper sprayed……

    • Greg

      Good headline Mitchell!!!

  6. Hoppe

    Same sorta thing happened when anti-war protestors tried quietly demonstrating at a George Bush rally in Manhattan a few years ago.
    Wall Street, War machine, Federal Reserve; they hold the power and don’t like being challenged.

    I always wondered as a teenager growing up why police were called pigs in the 60’s, until I became professionally acquainted with a certain branch of law enforcement.

    Nothing will happen to inspector Bologna, except maybe a commendation.

  7. Budd

    Guess the police officer thought he could do anything he likes even when it is obviously not necessary….sad state of affaires for the U.S’s supposed freedom of assembly….Big brother is here courtesy of the corptocratic banksters control of all levels of government…..very sad and disconcerting?!

  8. JiminGA

    I’m content to wait for all the details instead of basing a judgement on a video clip from a demonstrator. One of the best moments I’ve seen was an interview with one of the protestors who claimed to be against big business, Wall Street greed, corruption, etc. or something. The interviewer pointed out the demonstrator was using an Apple notebook, pointing out that Apple is the most valuable company on the planet, and she was thereby supporting exactly what she was protesting against. Her reply was something like “gee, I hadn’t though about it that way”.

    At least the hippies in the sixties knew what they were protesting for.

  9. Bill Sulcs

    Greg, When I see this it makes my blood boil, when this sort of behavior is allowed to go on while the
    Dymons & Blankfeins carry on with the looting of the U.S.A. and the world. I wonder just what exactly is
    taking place? Thanks for your contribution of informing people of just what is taking place, I truly hope that people wake up soon.

    • Greg

      It is a provable fact the bankers got away with crime. Professor William Black (who specializes in white collar crime and is a former bank regulator) has written volumes about this. THERE HAVE BEEN ZERO PROSECUTIONS OF THE FINANCILS ELITE FOR CRIMES COMMITTED LEADING UP TP The 2008 FINANCIAL CALAMITY. This was not an accident or mishap. It was criminal on many fronts. That is why people angry ands should be very angry. Where are the Republicans on this? Where are the Democrats on this? Where is the Tea party on this? They are silent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This country is heading for a crash because of criminal bankers and the politicians who were bought off. I agree with you and I thank you for you good comment!!

      • Lee S.

        Where are the Republicans you ask? Well this is a tricky road to travel, I believe many see this as part of the socialist agenda of the far Left. Please listen more closely to the likes of Frances Fox Piven
        and Van Jones. They love this. This is the start of the revolution they are looking for…their kind of revolution is not what a freedom loving, free market loving American who does not like the Liberal Socialist agenda wants.

        I understand and agree with the basis for what you say regarding banks, etc., but please, take a closer look at what is behind this “movement”, you may find it to be a trojan horse for a movement that is not your usual position.

  10. Matslinger

    You may recall that several thousand protestors at the 2004 RNC were
    jailed inside a carcinogen contaminated building condemed by the NY port authority. During the RNC here in MSP, St Paul’s fascist sell out
    police force unlawfully beat or detained anyone who crossed the
    established “line of death” set by the republican party.
    St Paul’s tax payers are still paying out on hundreds of lost law suits for these draconian actions.

  11. Henry

    That looks like criminal assault to me. The number for NYPD internal affairs is 212-741-8401. Mayor Bloomberg: (212) 639-9675 or (212) 788-2958. Please call, express your disgust and the need for criminal charges. Then pass on the numbers.

    • Greg

      Me too but what do I know. I am usually not against the cops I respect what they do and the badge. These folks have a difficult job, but this is over the top.

  12. slingshot

    I do not think that these woman should have been pepper sprayed. The article also states that the Deputy Inspector did spray other protesters. A couple of things comes to mind. One being that if you are going to a protest, expect the unexpected and be willing to pay the price for others misbehavour. Although I do not condone the spraying, it appears these women were expressing vocally, and there was no physical violence that I could see which warranted spraying. Could the Deputy Inspecter, have just stressed out? An incident getting out of hand? Remember NYPD were the same people who performed so valiantly during 911. Something to consider. Not an excuse.
    This story is just the tip of the iceburg. An under rumbling of,
    “We are not going to take it anymore”. It is another dominoe in a long line of injustices that frustrates everyone. The real story is, What is the breaking point?
    We have a two party politcal system that does’t work anymore. Look! They are more interested in elections then they are fixing the problems of the nation.
    We have more than 46 million Americans on welfare. Shame! Why hasn’t Congress gone and revisit the NAFTA, GATT and WTO agreements. Just because it it too much trouble? We are already in trouble.
    Why do we still allow our government to use statistics that askew the real numbers of unemployment and inflation?
    Why do we not have more investigative reporters that reports the truth. Are the news agencies extended arms of major corporations making contributions to political candidates, essentially making them, their personalised Lap Dogs. Notice not all the candadates get equal coverage.
    While we are fixated on a sound bite in the news, we will all have to make adjustments in the future. We all have to realise there is no Oboma Stash or Bush Stash because the STASH is US. Our nation is a melting pot and we take pride in our ethnic history but we have forgotten who we are. We are “Americans”. A nation that for one brief moment, united the whole world with a Manned Lunar Landing.
    If we put our minds to it, We Shall Overcome, in more ways than one.

    • Al

      Please ….the real problem is not a little pepper spray. These protesters are in fact part of a Socialist agenda that is anything but pro-capitalist. It could be argued that the current state of the Banking system/FED etc is also anti-free market capitalist. The 46 million people you refer to are actually on food stamps because our beloved amateur-in-chief has made it easier for people to get food stamps. We don’t need to return to a state of overt protectionism to create jobs. Most would agree you can protect your workers right out of employment in a global economy. So please spare me the evils of NAFTA, GATT and the WTO … I certainly recognize the danger they propose I just happen to think we have bigger fish to fry with trying to hold on to some sort of resemblance to a free market. These bums you treasure so much are so vacuous they don’t get they are being used.
      More great products of our educational system

      • Greg

        Bailing out the banks with trillions of bucks is not exactly true capitalism either is it?

  13. M SMITH

    Greg, our court system is corrupt. The police state has transformed how our courts work. There is a court for politicians & bankers & one for the public. The jails & prisons are full of folks who have done nothing wrong. The MSM puts a guilty sign on you for a greater viewer ship, damn the truth, they need the ratings! Then a prosecutor tells you this is a serious crime where you will serve many years behind bars “unless you cop a plea” to lesser crime which you have not done either. You are at the mercy of a judge who may or may not be on the pay roll of out side influence.

    If you want to read how the courts work read Martin Armstrong’s bio at This is a wide spread practice in the USA. The man who soll Liberty dollars was rail-roaded because the Fed did not like competition. The folks who took their Twenty Dollar Gold Pieces to the Mint to make sure they were real had their property stolen from them by the US gov because the prosecutor change ,twisted the Feds case so the jury was not fully informed of the laws set by the Constitution and were twisted to make the gov look as it was in the right when it was not!

    Greg, it will not get any better any time soon, we have been warned. Ron Paul warned us, yet most of congress went right along in the name of security against a false emeny that always seems to pop up when some thing of importance that effects the publics freedoms is on the for front of the peoples minds & they say we have creditable info of a attack, it’s all bull crap & people keep falling for this old trick.

    Our jails are full of the wrong people. Those that should be setting in jail beside Maddoff remain free to destroy our nation.

  14. Jerry

    We the nation of sheep People better wake up to what Greg points out here. The mainstream corporate controlled media will not print this story. At least these brave people are talking about solutions to the problem at the doorsteps of the Goldman Sachs, Wall Street thugs that manifested this evil on the world. The police state may be in its infancy, but it is here. The unconstitutional Patriot act is getting stronger and our Constitution is getting weaker. The Bill of Rights is on the sinking boat with the Constitution. Freedom of speech and assembly is the issue here. We The People are on that sinking boat too. The ruthless global banking cartel threw more good money at bad in Germany today to prop up the Euro. The German Chancellor can say goodbye to her job. Another nail in the coffin for the Euro. So now can you see the old printing press starting up shortly at the Federal Reserve Bank for QE3? These counterfeiting Keynesian monetary policy fools just can’t see the truth. They must want global monetary collapse. No one could keep this lie going without knowing what they are doing. Could it be that the IMF wants a global currency that is from the same fiat currency mind of Keynes, called the “Bancor?” Get prepared and listen to Greg. Spend your worthless Federal Reserve notes on gold and silver coins. Get off the sinking ship. Vote for Ron Paul in 2012.

  15. Charles Allen

    Hi Greg,

    Once again you have encapsulated the essence of the situation and let the rest of us in on the action. Thanks. The real question will be how the police and the military will be used in the future. I hope our brave men and women in the armed services and police will not deploy against “We the People.” If this happens, the U.S.A will be in for a lot of civil unrest. Let’s hope not!

    • Greg

      Good point. Thank you.

  16. tim

    Now that’s terrorism. Pepper spraying women screaming on the sidewalk? Really?

  17. BigTom

    Greg – huh? a handful of protesters already barricaded off with netting and what looks like ‘not too threatening females in skirts’ getting pepper sprayed? if situation was so out of hand needing pepper spray, why did not the pepper spray offender stay around and help ‘quell the mayhem?’ A very apropos story today on your site…A 9/27/11 N.Y. Times story, ‘As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe’-‘ Are middle class americans finally getting restless?? Thanks Greg, as you seem to cover the real news going on out there and continually post most relevant stories not found on MSM…. I canceled my satellite television this past Feb., but from what I understand MSM gave this protest little coverage.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and content!

  18. Sandy

    We are increasingly living in a police state. The freedoms given up through the patriot act have just emboldened the police to act more like bullys than peace officers (now there’s and oxymoron). If it weren’t for the internet, this action would have gone unnoticed.

  19. Bruce Stebbing

    America is not the land of the free. It never has been. You stupid Americans have been brain washed for decades. Look at what happened during the last great depression in the 30’s, when police and other goons attacked unemployed protesters. Remember Kent Sate University in the 1960’s when your National Guard shot and killed unarmed students who were protecting the Vietman war? You losers lost that war too.
    America is a police state and it always has been every time the government wants to attack innocent citizens. This proves the American way has always been the wrong way. Get ready for more police state action when all the people who have lost everything in this last crash, start to fight back because they have nothing left to lose. Bruce from Canada

    • Greg

      We are not losers but we are lost. If the USA goes down what do think will happen to Canada? Do you really thing you will go unscathed. Can Canada fight off Russia or China? You better hope we pull it out because Canada will be a “loser” too in the long run.

  20. Scott

    Hooray for video. Certainly pepper spray not justified.

  21. Larry W. Bryant

    == Dissenting Patriots? Who Knew? ==

    This inevitable confrontation with Police State Amerika’s enforcement troopers will escalate as the citizenry’s frustration with our obsolete form of capitalism deepens beyond repair.

    (Mostly innocent) blood will flow in the streets as the Powers That Be exercise their power to threaten, suppress, and punish dissent from their iron rule, corruption, and, now, pepperterrorism. Those peppered young women are sending a sharp message to American womanhood: vote out the current rulers lest you become known to historians as the insane electorate — i. e., wherein you reelect the same two-party regime and expect to see a different result. — Larry W. Bryant (29 Sep 11)

  22. bean

    welcome to progressive america. they shouldn’t be protesting wall street, they should be in front of the justice dept. or congress. as we all should.
    lets face it. to save or rebuild this nation, it first may have to crumble. all the way to its core. hopefully we will be able to pick it back up and make it whole again. but i seriously doubt it. there is an all out blitz on this nation from many enemies within her borders. some where suits, some flip flops. the northeast province is on full display in that video. all that we see has happened before and the ending is not pretty.
    what they cannot control, they will destroy.

  23. valhallan

    Wait, the officer’s name was Tony Baloney? Really?

  24. brian

    I guess the take away from this is that if those girls were sitting in front of a TV watching dancing with the stars they would not have been sprayed with chemicals………

  25. James M

    Typical @#@#!#@!@ cop. If this surprises anyone at all then you are quite naive. This is typical procedure for a police state. This guy is a superior officer that is supposed to be a leader and set an example for his subordinate officers, who buy the way had already corralled the defenseless women protestors in a net like they were some cod fish. It is the you hold him down and I will kick him in the head while no one is looking philosophy. I love that this guy got snagged on tape for the world to see. Unfortunately he will be put on suspention with pay(vacation) and he will be back out there to assault more people in a few months.

  26. MasterLuke

    Pause at 1:29 and 1:30 and you can see the Pig woman fire her spray at the girls behind the demonstration. Shes got a large smile on her face. This is abuse of power.

    • MasterLuke

      “demonstration fence” – I ment to say.

  27. Gene Hartley

    We the people need to pay off the national debt without borrowing to get the money. I’m a CPA and borrowing would be necessary for a business to pay off a debt for a business without capital. That is NOT true for a country! All we have to do is just write some checks and pay it off. I can just hear all the so called “experts” say “We can’t do that, it would devalue our currency beyond comprehension”. Well that may be exactly what we need. Then we would be competitive against China, Mexico and other countries whose currency is worth less than ours! Additionally, We have to go to something else besides the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of government. It’s just not working. We all know the reasons. Its not necessary to get into that. What about the solutions. I propose one solution. We could go to Cell Phone governance by the people. We could bring up issues on our cell phone or internet connected computers. Every month the top 10 largest issues could be voted on by us the people using our cell phones and internet. Then the people in DC would be told to carry our wishes. If they don’t we fire them and hire some others. I am not advocating any issue. I am advocating returning the power back to the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This is 2011 not 1776. In 1776 we had to have a representative republic run from one location. This was because of the huge amount of time required to travel and to communicate. Today, we can go from LA to NY in 4 hours and we can communicate instantly anywhere to anywhere. All our phones are really little powerful computers. Now there is absolutely no reason for us not to run our own lives directly. Right now we vote for the person and hope they will vote the way we want them to. I say…cut out the MIDDLE MAN/WOMAN. In most cases they are just in it to fatten their own bank accounts. Look and Pelosi’s brother in law. Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Libertarians, etc…None of them really care about you once they get to DC. Like the NIKE commercial…JUST DO IT!

  28. William

    Most people that go to these protest are liberal socialist that have nothing better to do then blame anyone that has made money from capitalism. Funny Micheal Fat Boy Moore makes millions and that fine.
    Yes peper spray them when these people get out of line. Peaceful protest fine, but these people don’t want peace they want to insite and cause riot to make there points.

    • Greg

      You are kidding me right? You are not on the side of people exercising their 1st Amendment rights? The 1st Amendment is great as long as people say what you want to hear? I saw no violence from protesters and none was reported. I guess you are on the side of the crooked bankers. That is your 1st Amendment right too, but I bet you wouldn’t want to be pepper sprayed for your views.

      • William

        Greg, what Im saying is these people mostly young liberals who feel down trodended by the system, Take a close look at them. its the same crowd every protest. Global warming, save the whales, hug a tree, save the spotted owl, animals have rights too. As I said protest if you wish, BUT, Im sure these lib’s were not sprayed just because a cop was bored and oh well I guess I”ll just see if this stuff works. No there is more then meets the eye. I’ll take my chances and trust the average policeman then the average Lib protester.

        • Greg

          This country is founded on the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Your logic is just the opposite. I am not against the cops but in this instance it looks like protesters are being sprayed for complaining about bankers that ripped off the world. By the way Mayor Bloomberg’s business services Wall Street. Do you think that may play a part in how the NYPD treats protesters? I have to disagree with you on all points, but then again I will put up your point of view and defend your free speech rights even though I don’t agree. Thank you for your participation in this site.

  29. Ken

    Despite letters to the Canadian editors almost BEGGING them to provide some coverage of “Occupy Wall St.” they have been ignoring this historical event. So,thank you, Greg, for your update on this. I read that with great interest. The good news: there are plans for a BAY St. (that’s our equivalent to your Wall St.) protest in about a week in Toronto. Thank you, Greg, for keeping us tuned in. Much appreciated.

    • Greg

      Thank you Ken and I wish your protesters will stay safe and not peppered sprayed.

  30. Steve

    So sad to see a nation once revered as THE shining light of the world sink so low.

    I remember vaguely a promising voice in the wilderness offering Hope with the words “Yes, we can !”.
    Lost now in the ever increasing noise of greed and selfish entitlement.

    In the chaos of this time, who will stand and lead a once great nation ?

    • Greg

      Thank you for the poetic comment!

  31. laosuwan

    not a big fan of usa police but have to say, it does seem like an oxymoron to claim that an occupation is peaceful.

    the protestors, who themselves say they have no demands, do not appear to be representative of americans generally, either.

    just sayin

  32. Lane

    Just a taste of things to come unless the American people wake up and smell the napalm. I would like to think that our military and law enforcement would not mobilize against the citizenry, but the “have it your way” and “it’s all about me” generation is coming into power and influence now. Patriotism is just another word for fanatical extremism anymore. Many within our military service are not much more than mercenaries; only serving for free educational benefits or a large monetary bonus. The future is here;!

    • William

      You are correct my friend. Not only is the average american becoming more fat, lazy, and dumb, but worst of all they are becoming more mean and greedy.

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