Perfect Storm of Financial Collapse and WWIII-Michael Snyder

12bBy Greg Hunter’s

Journalist and book author Michael Snyder says the collapse is not an event, but a “process.” Snyder explains, “I believe it is already in the process of coming apart. . . . One fifth of global stock market value is already gone.  That means we only have four fifths left.  At one point this month, $16.5 trillion had been wiped out from global stock markets since mid-2015.  So, this started last year.  We saw oil collapse.  We’ve seen junk bonds collapse.  We’ve seen commodity prices collapse.  The $16.5 trillion I just mentioned is just for stocks, and when you add up the other losses, that’s trillions of dollars more wealth that has been wiped out all over the world.  What we have seen already has been extraordinary, but we are still in the process.  People want to think of it as an event or a single day or a month, but this is a process.”

Snyder also contends, “The Baltic Dry Index dropped below 300 for the first time ever. We did not even see that during the 2008 Great Recession and financial crisis.  I didn’t know the Baltic Dry Index could go that low.  We are seeing exports decline dramatically in South Korea.  New numbers for Japan came out . . . their exports were down 12% year over year.  Exports in China have been falling month, after month, after month.  U.S. exports were down 7% for the last monthly figure we had.  India’s exports are down.  This is happening all over the world. Real economic activity is grinding to a halt.”

Snyder says the problems with some global banks are far worse than in 2008. Snyder says, “The collapse of Deutsche Bank would be a far bigger event than the collapse of Lehman Brothers was back in 2008.  If you are looking for another Lehman Brothers moment with their derivatives exposure . . . and now the biggest bank, in the biggest and most important economy in Europe, is in the process of coming apart.”

On war, Snyder says keep your eyes on the Middle East and Syria. Snyder explains, “Saudi Arabia and Turkey have to give up and cut their losses or they have to go in and do the job themselves.  The Sunni militants, including ISIS, are not getting the job done.  Turkey and Saudi Arabia are seriously considering a ground invasion of Syria.  Are the Russians and Hezbollah and Iran going to stand aside and let them do it?  I say almost certainly not and, in fact, could very easily erupt into WWIII.”

Either way, Snyder thinks we get “global financial collapse” and “World War III” but does not know which one comes first. Snyder says, “We already have the global economy grinding to a halt, but if we get WWIII, that just accelerates things greatly.  It’s the chicken or the egg, whichever comes first, but without a doubt, we are moving into a time described as a perfect storm.”

On precious metals, Snyder says, “I think silver will absolutely skyrocket in the years ahead. We like gold, but absolutely love silver.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Snyder, creator of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Michael Snyder is a prolific writer, and you can view his analysis for free on Snyder also says he will be out with a new book in the coming months.  It’s still untitled, but it’s about how Michael Snyder, who is a Christian lawyer, takes a look at what the Bible says regarding the “Last Days.”



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  1. Ross

    Just reflect upon this short video of the Joints Chiefs of staff showing absolute distain for Obama’s State of the Union Address in 2016. I don’t think the neo cons will have an easy ride to ‘Their New World Order.’

    • Silence is Golden

      Are they sitting there in cold hard comfort, knowing their collective strength and too proud to show their emotions given the global audience (….their understanding of the true global picture is something entirely different). Perhaps they wish they were not invited.
      Clearly there is a chasm between those who are in power and those that have the power. We live in interesting times.
      Thank you Ross.

      • Ross

        General Martin Dempsey the recent ex- Head of the Joint of Chiefs of Staff was until a few yrs ago on this site asking for a proper investigation into 911.
        So I pose the question; Is Obama trying to serve two masters ? Why does he endorse members of the military who seemingly are opposed to Wall St and Bankster oppression ? I remember Martin Dempsey saying the US Military were in support of the US Constitution.

        • Silence is Golden

          The United States is a CRIMINAL CORPORATION.
          The President works for this Foreign Corporation…. if in doubt check here…. clause 15….
          as do most politicians, judges, attorneys and security/police forces. Therefore they are foreign agents and are committing treasonous acts (against the Republic for the US of A). Simply put… under Corporate Law every Company must have a President and Vice President.
          The USA Inc is controlled by The Crown….which in turn is controlled by the Vatican. Therefore the Jesuits have the majority say in how the “Company” operates. They control the judicial system.
          The Bankers control the monetary system and therefore hold the cards when it comes to financing/propagating War as well as committing the biggest crime against humanity.
          The President is caught between a rock and hard place…vying for control of Population Earth…are….The Vatican and The International Bankers (Merchants of Venice). He serves two masters…the ones who finance his activities and those whose mandates he must observe.

    • frederick

      How about the video on Infowars of Obama smiling evily when mentioning replacing justice Scalia Very telling I think

  2. Dwain

    great interview.

    The announcement that Saudi A. Has nukes raises eyebrows. I get the hunch S.A. may be doing the dirty work of U. S. Most 9/11 hijackers were from S.A. yet Obama bows before Saudi princes.

    As I wrote you years ago, a nuke detonation would play right into elite hands. It redirects blame for economic collapse and provides excuse for totalitarian control.

    S.A is the most ruthless repressive regime on the planet. If S.A. was behind 9/11 with U.S. backing, I wouldn’t put it past them to use nukes or emps, especially in the current environment. Thinking like a desperate sociopath, this appears their only way out.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s hard to know what is really going on but everybody here thinks none of it is good. Thank for your comment.

      • al hall

        Greg: Great guest- I did not know of him. I think-know- he is spot on. My contacts are telling me about the same. This you may not know- I’ve been told the elite’s plan to stop Trump anyway they can. If he continues to gain strength on the republican side they will take him out- murder or a very bad accident. Trump is said to now wear a B-P vest when in public. He must know something is up. I was told that Obama, Hillary Eric Holder and others in this corrupt administration know trump will put these thugs in jail once he gets more inside info if he becomes president. He knows Obama is a complete fraud.
        Also told that in June, July, or August ISIS(CIA funded group) will have a massive attach in the USA. Obama plans to set-up martial law using his executive orders and will not leave office as elections will be stopped.
        Greg: W told me this 9 years ago as I told you- Obama is to be the last president, as is the Pope will be the last Pope.
        What my people tell me is coming true! It’s all centrally planned way ahead. There have been some delays but the plan continues- NWO!


        • da diz

          Thank you for your input.

        • Jeff L

          I said the same thing when he was elected….. King Nobama…. Trump, well I hope the best for him but he’s history.

    • Don

      You’ve got a good point Dwain. In scripture, the way its worded about Damascus, seems to indicate sum sort of nuclear blast, when it speaks of Damascus being destroyed. It says from on evening tide to next morning Damascus is know more, and that it burns with fire. So I see it as a possibility.

    • frederick

      Dwain the socalled “hijackers” were the least of it Building 7 was not hit by a plane and fell straight down Look again and think and the obvious will be right before your eyes larry Silverstein stated on live TV that they had to ‘pull it”

    • Frank

      Silver is no longer money. Only gold is money. Silver fell with the CRB months
      before gold. This fellow is a heavy Christian bible prophecy fellow. His
      views are extremely clouded. He’s right about most things, but if you
      take economic advice from a lawyer, you are bound to lose. These things are whipped up in peoples minds and they start believing what they are saying.Nothing ever turns
      out like people think. Sure, we will have a recession. But, this is good for housing
      and housing is very strong due to a very low inventory for sale. Holter and
      Zero Hedge have called the housing market wrong for years. You bought silver.
      Why not ask real estate brokers about the market ? People in the business whom
      can see what happening many months in advance. Brokers were screaming to sell in 2007. No one listened. I know, I was one of them.

      • Grafique

        I don’t know why someone’s views are “clouded” because he studies and believes the Bible.
        If you think about it, that person is more informed than someone who does not study the Bible and his views are bound to be more enlightened.
        A person who rejects the Bible is the one who has clouded views, in my opinion, because he rejects an entire body of information.

        • susan

          you are absolutely right, Grafique.

      • WD


        I was in wholesale lending from 1998-2007 (ish) ….we sold money packages to brokers. I will congratulate you for your call in 2007.

        However you were the only one that I know of that made that call, maybe hindsight is 20/20 but every shop I called on, all the hundreds of people I worked with and met with were all saying buy buy buy.

        Holter and ZH have been spot on, even with massive manipulations….

      • Jeff L

        The NAR just stated prices were in bubble territory. Why do all you prognosticators extrapolate out from the past believing IT WILL ALWAYS CONTINUE…… When it never does. I’ve seen a 1/2 dozen cycles in my 40 years of construction to know…..Oh, I forgot, this time is different.

      • Jeff L

        ” Brokers were screaming to sell in 2007″ Total bull sh*t. What planet are you from ? Brokers don’t have a damn clue about the market or the product they sell. In my 40 years experience they are nothing but glorified salesman. They know NOTHING about the houses they list and are economic illiterates.

    • Jeff L

      But Russia would blamed.

  3. Dan

    WOW Greg, yet another GREAT guest & interview! Your site has vaulted to my favorite over zerohedge, king world news, silver & safehaven among others. The frequency & quality of your interviews are unrivaled! I was previously unfamiliar with Mr. Snyder, but was so impressed with his succinct description of the Middle East predicament that I will be checking out his website. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed & keep up the good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      ZH is a good site so I’ll take that as a high complement!!! Thank you.

      • Nicholas J Wagner

        Sir , I received a copyright strike for doing a video on youtube about your article and video. My channel is not monetized and I gave the link to this site in the description box. I am about sharing truth with others and in no way was trying to take credit for your work. Please consider retracting this for me. I would greatly appreciate you considering my request. Thank you. sincerely Nicholas J Wagner

    • andyb

      Don’t forget SgtReport ; it almost always links to Greg’s latest.

  4. Billy

    Greg- i’ll keep saying the EU is gonna get involved in the middle east. Turkey and the Saudi’s will turn from America and look to Germany for help.

    Greg the bible says the EU will reduced to 10 nations. I think we need to keep an eye on the Britain vote to be part of the EU.. I can guarantee that Britain will not be part of the EU. When Britain leaves it will have a massive impact on the economics in europe and the world. I think the ten nations will be formed from some sort of financial event ,a once in a lifetime event.We need to keep a close eye on the britain exit from the EU it will have a big impact on markets worldwide.

    • william mony


      The 10 nation confederacy could be a combination of countries, and continents, as the roman empire stretched from Europe to the middle east.
      As for the USA, Babylon the great will fall. what Obama wont due to us, the worldwide economic reset and the losing the reserve currency will, and as we are at our weakest
      expect an attack by our enemies.
      I think it is possible that the 10 nation confederacy that rules could be Islamic nations, that is very, very possible.
      Europe is bankrupt and the median age is only boosted by immigration. you see what is happening there,
      I would watch the dominoes fall from far east to west, as Babylon the great falls, as it was a seller of mens souls.

      • Billy

        William -definitely will not be islamic countries. The EU is going to clash with Iran very soon, this is where it is all leading another clash between the catholic church and Islam. I believe it will be Europe but Saudi’s and turkey will be aligned with Germany. I think a strong man from Germany is about to come on the scene in politics, european folk are fearful of islam in there countries.

  5. Frank

    Hi Greg
    Another great interview,I like the way you let the guest,tell the facts,you do not cut in.
    Have you ever tried to get Bill King,I have heard him on the McAlvany Report,and he is really good,lots of solid facts on the history of this crisis.
    Regards Frank

  6. Harden Cor

    Marco Rubio’s grand whitewash: Iraq, neoconservatism and the foreign policy catastrophe he wants us all to forget

    What does neocon Rubio think of the Iraq war? He wouldn’t have launched it, but he also thinks it was worthwhile

    5 Marco Rubio Quotes That Prove He’s the Neocon Dream Candidate

    “I disagree with voices in my own party who argue we should not engage at all, who warn we should heed the words of John Quincy Adams not to go ‘abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.’”

    “Empowering and supporting Syria’s opposition today will give us our best chance of influencing it tomorrow.”

    The cavalier Rubio spoke those words in the run up to the emergence of the Islamic State. Neocons make the darndest promises. 3 MORE;

    Rand Paul: Marco Rubio Wants Illegal, Unending War

    Rubio wants to side with Turkey and ISIS in confronting Russia
    Posted by EU Times on Nov 30th, 2015 // 5 Comments

    Rand: ‘Hillary Clinton Is a Neo-Con,’ Rubio ‘Very Similar’ To Her On Foreign Policy

    “if Hillary Clinton is president, we will be back at war in the Middle east”
    and I might add, personally [H.C.] Marco Rubio will be cheering her on maybe as her running mate, mate!

    Neocons Make Rubio Their Favorite

  7. David

    After only 135 days in office, President Obama gave a speech in Cairo (written by Ben Rhodes), neither having any practical foreign experience, and certainly no real-life experience in the Middle East. President Obama believed that he could solve the ills of the Middle East, forged over thousands of years, with his intellect, charisma, and time-tested philosophical and scholarly understanding of the Muslim world. Not!

    The hubris of this President, early into his new-found position, was shocking. When you give a speech in the Middle East as President of the United States (not as a community organizer), words matter and they have predictable consequences. Since then we have seen the Middle East implode. Although this region of the world has always teetered precariously between coexistence and war, the President’s speech tilted the balance just enough to cause a meltdown that we now call the “Arab Spring”. Not all the blame falls to Obama, President George W. Bush made a huge mistake going into Iraq. But then Obama compounded the problem by pulling U.S. troops out. As Secretary Colin Powell once commented, “If you break it, you own it”. Well, the Middle East is now broken. Really broken.

    Saudi Arabia is no longer the big dog on the block. They are justifiably worried about Iran and the new Shia front being formed from Iran to Syria via Iraq… not to mention the backdoor through Yemen. And now, their closest ally has turned the apple cart upside down. That said, Saudi Arabia will never step foot into Syria on their own. They said as much, when commenting last week that Saudi Arabia was ready to “support” any U.S. ground invasion. And the operative word is “support”. In my humble opinion, you will never see Saudi Arabia take the lead in any Syrian action.

    Fast forward eleven months. A new President of the United States will be in office and all of Obama’s Middle East wreckage will be left on the ground for the next President to deal with. The grand experiment of peace and brotherhood, sparked by the words of a President who didn’t have a clue about the region’s history, culture, religion, and hatred for each other, has only begun.

    • Mohammad

      Saudi Arabia that set Iraq into Kuwait with the green light from the US ambassador that disappeared in thin air will not fall into its own trick that they played on Saddam.
      No…… Sauds will not go in unless US covers overtly.
      But they have something else that will scare the hell out of Russian and may be that is the reason why Putin asked Salman to come over to talk him out of it:

      That is a game changer from behind Syrian lines and Sauds are not directly caught with their pants down. so no sequelae .


    • Faith

      David, thanks for the reminder of that speech and the information about who wrote it. I know who Ben Rhodes and he looks like a thug, to me. He isn’t on the news shows that often but when he is interviewed he always gives me the creeps. I can’t explain why.

  8. george eddleston

    Financial collapse, World War Three, doom gloom . When is the guy in the mirror going to act and say enough is enough time to stop the madness, humanly get rid of the corrupt and incompetent leadership. We have to get out of our personal comfort zone and act to insure our posterity. Watch U Tube Moscow antismoking campaign, uses the image of Obama message only cigs kill more than Obama, STOP OBAMA



  9. Seaman Dick Headway

    Kurdistan Rising; Turkey on the Brink of Civil War.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has defended his country’s fight against Kurdish fighters in Syria as “legitimate defense”, after international powers urged Ankara to rein in its cross-border bombardments.”

    NATO Hiding in Norway — Syria and Ukraine Nowhere to Hide.

    FRIGAARD CAVE, TRONDHEIM, Norway — Deep within a Norwegian hillside, thousands of US Marine Corps combat veterans await their next assignment. They are lined up in rigid rows. They are clean, fresh and ready. They are prepared to deploy worldwide.

    • freebreezer

      SDH – it makes your head swim in trying to keep track of all the multitudes of fractions who all seem to be vying for the oil/power, original homelands, autonomy, revenge, the perfect Islamist state etc. Now add in to the mix how the British split/fractured up the Ottoman empire after WWI and throw in a few nukes … religious Muslim extremism …. add to the mixture the economic mess from socialism in the EU …millions of refugees that the EU can not afford … stir in that our Commander in chief got seasoned by being a community organizer (wow that is powerful stuff for understanding this vast changing landscape) … the corruption with bankers and government world wide. But, but, but … Nope nothing to see here, just move on. You should be paying attention to the zika virus (yeah it has been know about since the 40’s) , I think, though I am not sure, I heard All Gore say it could make the oceans rise 20 to 30 ft in the next ten to fifteen yrs – scary, scary stuff! On a off note – a good discussion of pesticides/zika virus … an imf/bric banking tidbit at ~39 minutes is very interesting!

  10. James Hastings

    Good deal. I receive his daily briefing every morning. He has great fact based articles that really drive home the economic reality.

  11. Anne Elliott

    Excellent interview – Mr. Snyder explains the problems in the Middle East extremely well, and how there are nations’ pride on the line now. If Assad remains in power, Saudi Arabia will lose a lot of face over this.

  12. Anne Elliott

    News flash: Saudi Arabia asks their people to stay out of Lebanon:

    • JC Davis

      Boom something is up when a country tells there people what to do. Thanks Anne.

    • al hall

      Anne and JC- I was told many years ago that the middle east would erupt in wars and in the order they happened. In this input from my contact- he said-” when you Saudi Arabia
      start to be involved in a war- the end is very near.” This is now taking place ! The American people are being told so many lies. I wish I had a bigger platform to get info I know out to the masses. THIS IS THE YEAR THE PLANET COMES A PART- LITERALLY!!! tHE WORLD POWER HAVE KNOWN AND PLANNED MUCH OF THIS TAKE IS COMING. Much of what they know is hidden-occult! I ask that you watch this and pass it on. THIS IS REAL AND COMING SOON. iT WILL HAPPEN QUITE SUDDENLY !! SEE THE MAP AND HEAR THIS MAN WORDS CAREFULLY


      • Mohammad

        Thanks Al for the vid.
        How come on his map MI does not sink if the whole western side sinks all the way to great leaks. water levels out and the eastern side should sink including whole MI.
        Map did not make sense in that regard.


  13. Don

    Greg I’ve watched Michael on different programs and believe he’s reasonable when it comes to a drawn out break down. I do believe however, it could move into a high gear drama, if defaults continue, as I’m sure they will. At some point this collapse will move into an out of control mold. Larry Summers, one of the bankers favorite boys, is calling for outlawing cash and chipping large denominations to protect the banks. Its always, destroy the people on the banks behalf, isn’t it? Good interview, your one of my favorite on the web.

  14. Matt Jaymes

    Excellent interview, I have been reading Mr. Snyder’s work for about a year. Always scholarly, always insightful.



  15. Jallen

    Opinions from watchdogs requested for the following;
    1. The Federal Reserve 100 year charter expired 2013-2014 and has not been renewed by congress, so that means it is currently an illegal entity. It also means all Federal Reserve notes issued since are counterfeit. As far as eliminating coins and currency it would take an act of congress. So, what Larry Summers is proposing; eliminate the 100 dollar bill is illegal. Also, what power do they have to stop an audit by Congress!
    2. Recently 13 Bald Eagles (Our nations symbol) were found dead. Could it be a sign of Americas demise sent from above; 13 Colonies and 13 dead Bald eagles.
    3. If the Banks give our savings accounts haircuts should we not give the banks a haircut in the form of an unpaid credit card bill and call it a Bank Credit Card Haircut?
    4, How bad are the Democrats with their SUPER DELEGATES, they support everything comming down the pike except Democracy, such Hypocrites.
    5. With Neo Con Wars and Liberals giving money away for any stupid thing they can campaign on and Politically Correct shutting down Free Speech and Liberal agenda destroying out schools, is there any question why out country is going broke?
    What does the typical Ameican know about Banking and Finances and how the Government gets its money they throw away and who profits by it.
    6. We are a country who has been fooled by Hollywood, the Media and Banks, by getting in over out heads in debt from the Mantra ‘YOU DESERVE (FILL IN THE BLANK)!
    7. Is America being setup for an AMERICAN Russian type Bolshevik revolution which made Hitler look like a Saint.
    8. It is time America take ‘away EXECUTIVE ACTION” FROM the POTUS as it has been a tool to bypass Congress and the will of the American people.
    9. If America goes cashless will it not usher in ‘THE MARK OF THE BEAST’ as forbidden in the Bibical Book of REVELATION, woe unto them! Foretold almost 2000 years ag0.
    10. How many people in the USA know what a Derivative is and will it bring down the Banking industry?
    My thinking is this; we have all been watchdoggers for awhile and been exposed to experts in various disciplines and it would be most interesting as a group to see how we answer the above questions. Go get ’em’ Jerry and crew!

    • Silence is Golden

      1) The FED Reserve is a PRIVATE BANK….not a Federal one. It only answers to its board and shareholders. It is essentially controlled by The City of London (Rothschild).
      The Federal Reserve Act 1913 …an Act of Congress… allow it to issue Federal Reserve notes.

      • Jerry

        Your analysis is spot on. Most Americans have no clue.

      • Jallen

        Sig and Jerry,
        The Federal Reserve Act was for 100 years and it has expired. So, it is illegal as far as the US Congress is concerned. Federal Reserve notes issued after the charter expired are illegal.

        • Silence is Golden

          One small oversight there in your dialogue.
          The Congress Re-Chartered the Federal Reserve Bank into perpetuity in was originally due to lose its charter/expire in 1934 (charters were given for 20 years)…there is currently NO Expiration or Repeal date as far as I know.
          The McFadden Act of 1927…..which Calvin Coolidge signed into Law…effectively gave the Federal Reserve the privilege to act as the Central Bank forever.
          Keep your FRN…they still serve some purpose….and are still readily acceptable.
          Good luck with the Audit proposal btw…..they have that covered…..NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  16. JC Davis

    Greg it is interesting that Bill Holter has said something broke in September 2015, and now Michael Snyder said it started in September 2015. Then at another time Michael Snyder said it started in mid 2015. I think the history books will list September 2015 as the time of downturn to whatever is about to unfold. I like Michael Snyder, and would like to see him return more often. It has been a long time. Love always JC Davis.

    • Anne Elliott

      Good catch JC!

      • JC Davis

        Thanks Anne Elliott. I just though thought there was a connection there. I for one live in a world I never dreamed of. I am still trying to understand why a MAN would wear their paints below their belt line.

    • Silence is Golden

      I will stick to my guns and say that something broke in late May/early June 2015 around the time that Deutsche CEO’s (x2) were fired. Derivatives related to Energy/Sovereign debt…..also about the time when they received a $2.5 BLN fine for (LIBOR) rate rigging.

      September was the time when the FED said it was doing the first rate increase if I’m not mistaken. That was also the time when the truth came out about how the FED had been front loading the market and backstopping (averting) crashes/collapse by buying the dips/dumps and turning around the dramatic daily falls.

      • JC Davis

        SIG you are way ahead of the average. Thank you for being on this site.

        • Silence is Golden

          You know full well why I am here and the risk I take.
          Thank you JC.

          • Greg Hunter

            What do you mean by this? What risk?

            • Silence is Golden

              I will send you an email.

            • JC Davis

              Greg I gave him a hard time for not putting his name up, but in some cases Silence is truly Golden .

  17. Jerry

    I really believe that the oil collapse has more to do with the Morgan Stanley / Rosneft deal than anything else. Russia strategically purchased Morgan Stanley’s brokerage arm through Rosneft with the intent of collapsing the petrodollar by debasing the price of oil. The entire world market is currently tethered to the oil index.

    The second part of the two pronged attack to take down the petrodollar, will come in April with the Chinese Gold Benchmark. Once that happens, the central banks will have lost total control of the markets, because they will no longer be able to manipulate the price of petroleum or gold. From that point forward anything could happen.

    • Jerry

      More evidence of oil manipulation, and its not by OPEC. Do you really think they would cut their own throat to take down Russia? Russia is selling oil for gold with the BRICS and feel no pain at all.

      • Mohammad

        Russia will feel pain or already feels it.
        Gold will not solve liquidity desperately needed especially in war times.
        During those times where Russia is deploying troops and operating more machines, gold=death. liquid paper currency is the only way to pay all the proxies and keep them on board.
        They are hurting but they are very good at hiding it.


        • Thomas Stamps

          Mohammad, I bet you like Obama policies?

        • WD

          Not as good as the West is at hiding it?!

        • Jeff L

          “liquid paper currency is better than gold”…..well there we disagree.

          • Mohammad

            Gentlemen disagree.


      • Jerry

        If anyone has any doubts about the two pronged attack by Russian and China, you need to see this information. China now owns the Chicago Stock Exchange.
        They’ve added this to their acquisition of the JP Morgan Chase building in New York City across from the Federal Reserve Bank. Not bad for a country who is supposedly floundering in debt as the MSM would have you believe.

    • WD


      I am new to this deal…”Russia strategically purchased Morgan Stanley’s brokerage arm through Rosneft with the intent of collapsing the petrodollar by debasing the price of oil. The entire world market is currently tethered to the oil index.”

      Yet I see the ends of the string unraveling…and this is one incredible assessment. What better way to control this whole thing without firing a shot….

    • Jerry

      According to this announcement, the Chinese Gold Fix has been set for April 19th.

      Greg, I find this move extremely intriguing considering that the central banks are ramping up plans for war on multiple fronts. My assessment is that this move is part of the second phase of a two pronged attack by the BRIC alliance to take down the petrodollar. Whether or not the BRIC alliance actually breaks from the dollar into its CIPS simultaneously with this move, remains to be seen, but I suspect that something major is in the works.

    • Jerry

      Shame on you! You almost gave poor Jerry a heart attack. 🙂

      • Mohammad


        • WD

          I heard his next executive order was to make Jeb Bush president?

          No harm Moh, I am sure you know Jeb dropped out of race.

  18. Clare Doll

    You do realize that if what Michael Snyder is saying is true, Hillary Clinton has almost (and may just yet have) succeeded in starting World War III — evil, evil woman!

    • Clare Doll

      What happens if Hillary wins the presidency and Obama, still in office at that time, formally charges her? Does he stay president?

      • Greg Hunter

        Not going to happen. Forget it.

        • JC Davis

          Greg. the way things are sooo rigged nothing is impossible. Keep in mind she is not in jail. That is the shock of the last two years. Glen Beck said today if Trump becomes president we will give our right arm to have Obama again. Apparently the establishment would rather have Clinton then Trump. Let us hope not.

  19. Matt

    “Humanity is at the threshold of great global change, world change on a scale never seen before, caused now by humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world, by human ignorance and human greed. It is a condition now that will affect the lives of every person on the planet”.

    “This is one of the reasons why the is an intervention from the universe beyond you, because those who value this world for themselves recognize what is taking place”.

    “It is a race to save human civilization – you are living in a global emergency. You MUST see this….”

  20. just a guy

    nother carnival barker, you feed him the lines perfectly. BH interview, what a joke, hes been crying wolf for 10 years, along with all you chicken little guest. And you record, ZERO ACCURATE PREDICTIONS! Jerry is the only one who talks of actually events happening, interview him and save some face. just a guy.

    • Tracy Welborn

      I don’t know where to start. However, I can say that if you can’t read into the wisdom and continuity of Holter, Hunter and Snyder, especially when they all agree – then knowing the details of a collapse are not going to help you. Crass remarks on a free website speak volumes of your character. Personally, I bow my head and ask Jesus for guidance in all maters, big and small.

      • JC Davis

        Well said by a real person TRACY WELBORN.

      • susan

        Bless you Tracy.

      • Jeff L

        What’s with all the Jerry interview suggestions ? Trolls or Jerry’s cousins ? I presume the latter, only worse…..

        • JC Davis

          I am not Jerry’s kin. He has a lot of info on the subject he reports. Right or wrong he has information he sees it clearly. I not so much.

    • JC Davis

      Just A guy are you sure you are? How will we ever know if you do not stand with a name to be proud of. Put your neck on the chopping block and make your future forecast. Or move on to your next joy stick. Backseat driver.

  21. Mark


    Great interview with a new voice to learn from. Some other new voices that would be entertaining/informative is Michael Rivero from “” or Steve St. Angelo from the SRSrocco Report. They both provide unique insights that aren’t discussed by your other guests. I’ve read a few of Michael’s blog posts and saw a new one today about the FED for others to read.

    • susan

      Trump had better wear head-to-toe kevlar 24-7!

  22. Papa J

    Greg, I have been a faithful visitor to both of yours and The Economic Collapse for 2 – 3 years, since I’ve been semi retired. I look forward to all of your interviews. You do have great guests.
    While I have felt even before listening to you, I knew we were in a world of hurt. Although I am much more knowledgeable now, thanks to you. My question, is when did you start your site, and were your interviews ever in a positive nature? I would think that would take us back many years. It might actually be interesting to hear, debate and debunk their head in the sand opinion.

  23. diane s.

    Interesting interview, Greg. Thanks.
    Mr. Snyder gives a very knowledgeable run down of middle east. Sounds to me like an honest guy. I like him.

  24. Grafique

    Mr. Snyder has not only The Economic Collapse Blog but the End of the American Dream as well.
    Both are very good sites but it’s a real chore trying to comment on his sites because there are a few naysayers who make it impossible to carry on a conversation.

    Greg, as for which comes first – an economic collapse or a world war – the Bible prophesies war before an economic collapse.
    The Seven Seals:
    First the White Horse of socialism
    Second the Red Horse of war
    Third the Black Horse of economic collapse/famine
    Fourth the Pale Horse of death
    Fifth the martyrdom of Christians
    Sixth the sealing of the 144000 Jews/the Rapture
    The Seventh Seal begins the Great Tribulation/Wrath of God

    Notice that before the Wrath of God is poured out on this world, God turns to Jewish Israel to represent him to humanity and removes his bride, the Church.

  25. Grafique

    This morning (Wednesday) the Dow is giving up all its gains from Monday and gold is up $31/oz.

    Democrat Party policies/socialism/Marxism at their best.

  26. dbcooper

    Greg, In regard to the death of justice Scalia … I was directed to an article on ‘What Does It Mean’ (I know that this site is to be taken with a huge grain of disbelief!!) that says that General Dunford told another (Russian?) that the justice was murdered because he was in the way of O’bama’s climate plans … ” It’s about Coal!!” Also there is the business with two jets, Air Force One/ Scalia’s Gulf Stream and the fighter escort to Texas. It is all very diabolical and where is Monsieur Poirot when we need him the most. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB. PS Another great interview …

    • Jerry

      You may enjoy this.
      What does it say about a regime that has no problem sacrificing a U.S. Ambassador in order to keep his mouth shut? As I have said before, my cousin (who is now dead) once worked as a mechanic for the mob in Chicago. His trade was making deaths look like accidents instead of hits. Sniper shots only occur in movies.

      So nothing is out of the realm of possibility, with these people. But we will never know, because an autopsy was never ordered and cremation was executed almost immediately.

  27. Zoey


    Thank you so much for all the great guests! Economic Collapse is one of my favorites. Can you invite V, the Guerrilla Economist back? I really thought he made a lot of sense last time you had him on your site.

  28. Rock

    Great interview. Your work is beginning to set the bar on the alternative news sites.
    Thank you for your steadfast endeavors to bring us the real news.
    See you Friday for the WNW…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock! There are a lot of very good sites out there. Michael Snyder has one of them.

  29. Shadow of Doubt

    From a man’s on the street perspective, I can believe 1/5 of the global stock market has disappeared–I heard from a handful of recent retires saying they have been told to expect a sizeable reduction to their pensions. With numbers as high as 60% being bandied about, how can the baby boomers really expect the years ahead to be “golden”.

    • Greg Hunter

      As Cramer says, “Sell, sell, sell.” Anyone who does not have a PM position should. (I don’t sell PM’s so I don’t care where someone gets them, but they should get some.)

    • Mohammad

      It did not disappear, just changed hands, for every seller there is a buyer.
      Wealth is going vertical in the hands of the few and the chosen that most oblivious love and cherish.


      • JC Davis

        I missed that on the BDI Mohammad. can you pin point who the buyer were. No opinions just facts. I can only think of what the old powers that once were must be remembering. There are no buyers. That’s is the growing problem.

        • Silence is Golden

          ….The buyer of last resort….FED…via…ESF….PPT…State.
          Statism/Communism…whatever term you may wish to use.
          It has gone full circle. Booms and Busts are the agendas of these maniacal SOB’s. They have pushed and distorted.
          We will (in our time) eventually see the Middle Class being wiped out….with all and sundry (apart from the 1% crowd)…totally dependent on the State. If you have utility you will be fed. If you serve no purpose…you are obsolete.

          • Mohammad


          • JC Davis

            SIG is this exchange just taken off the books or is real money involved (gold). I am thinking first ones out will be the only ones with any currency.

            • Silence is Golden

              Just like money (fiat) can be created out of thin air….so too can it disappear. Understand full well that without the backstop, we would have a collapse scenario in an instant (yes it is that precarious). They understand that the credit based system is full of holes. It requires periods of expansion and contraction under Keynesian philosophy. How severe the contraction is …depends on how extreme the expansion was. This last seven years has been remarkable in terms of the quantum and degrees of credit growth and liberal(free) money. It is not unrealistic to surmise that a great unwinding must occur. With that…it is a real transfer…some of it is wealth destruction….mostly it is leverage or credit …on margin…unwinding and compounding the problem. Who takes the debt hit on the global bankruptcy….the CB’s…aka The Public.
              Not too late to exit….although ideally last year was best. Everyone must be the master of their own decisions….don’t be fooled….this system only has one place to go. They cannot perpetuate the fallacy any longer.
              I believe there will come a time when the gold resources (mines) of the world will become assets of the State. Supply will not be available to the Public at large, it will be utilised entirely to support the regional currencies and trade. This supports my thesis that the Miners are the “New” Money Printers.

              • JC Davis

                WOW that was good.

          • JC Davis

            We will (in our time) eventually see the Middle Class being wiped out.
            I don’t mean to press the issue, could you put a indicator on a time line ? Thanks for all your help.

            • Silence is Golden

              A lot of it will unwind over the course of this year and next. No later than 2022 is my estimate.

        • Mohammad

          Here is one for an example:
          He made a fortune on oil plunge that his buddies in GS took down with their program that carries his name “WARREN”.
          He bashes capitalism.
          He got a bail out from tax payers.
          He is laughing while most are crying.
          Her is a blood sucker like the rest of the elites:


  30. Linda L.

    Saudi Arabia and Turkey aren’t a match for Putin. However, I suppose that they’re lining up their ducks in expectation that the UN will intervene/assist them. But as Bill Holter mentioned, it may not work out this way for these two countries. What a mess.
    Thank you for your great interview with Michael Snyder.

  31. OutLookingIn

    Greg, I have been an avid fan of Michael Snyder’s Economic Collapse Blog, as long as I have been a fan of USA Watchdog. Thank you for having him on for us “dogs”.

    Michael’s blog style is very easy to read and comprehend. Using numerical bullet points, he gets his message across with very little “flowery” speech. Along with his close (vetted) following and reporting of genuine facts, as opposed to MSM “tripe”, his articles carry the weight of unvarnished truth. Highly recommend his site as a must.

    I concur with his synopsis of the current state of the globe and where it’s going.

  32. Arizona

    IF you guys would spend even haft the time reading your BIBLE,that you do worring about your money,YOU WOULD KNOW EXACTLY whats going on,THE LORD has been warning ALL his PROPHETS of a coming mini solar system approching and what all its going to do on arrival,PLUS hes telling all his people what the government is doing and what their going to do,DO everyone,including your self and your family a favor,WATCH what hes telling TERRI TAPLIN,on her youtube channel,read the warnings he has given her,maybe you’ll survive and maybe you won’t,but at least you will KNOW whats really going on….good luck GREG your going to need it………

    • Greg Hunter

      Kind of nasty ending isn’t it?? “good luck GREG your going to need it”

      • JC Davis

        Greg I would hate to be you..LOL
        I got a cave you can hide in.

  33. Mohammad


    I said earlier and i will repeat it:
    Zilch, nada , donut, zippo, ring….

    Israel drinks from the water Damascus sits on.
    They will not nuke their drinking water.
    Think about other scenarios since this one is mute.


    • Greg Hunter

      I really hope you are correct Mohammad.

    • Hatemail

      Buy an under the sink reverse osmosis unit for 300 bucks. Filters out all those nasty plutonium byproducts.

  34. Linda L.

    The Pope better watch what he says about Trump (he may need him in the future):

    Canadian Iman says ROME will be conquered:

  35. Faith

    I really like Mr. Snyder! Great interview! I have been reading his blog for awhile. I think his point about the financial markets, around the world, already grinding down to a halt are accurate. The numbers don’t lie. In the mean time the bubble remains in some markets and I also agree that the use of a nuclear weapon would be one quick way to pop those bubbles. Most people have no idea and are completely unprepared. I am going to send this interview link to a family member and see if it helps them to realize that time grows short.

    • Jeff L

      Faith I’ve always believed we will see an EMP attack that will take everything down but “preserve” the environment.

  36. Southern Girl


    I agree with your guest…I think the toilet has already been flushed…we will be looking back to pin point the exact date. I’m thinking the daisy chain has already started and we will see it clearer after it falls.

    Also I liked what he said about silver…the ratios are so off. I believe it is usually 15 or 16 to 1. And now we have silver at 80 to 1. I think silver will rise above and people could make more on silver….I hold both and it large and small amounts.

  37. Southern Girl

    Just wanted to say that I finally got another member of my family to watch your videos…they sort of know what is going on, but are turned off by all the sites that talk about doom and gloom but want you to subscribe to their newsletter. I bragged and said your site was free and hope that could make a contributions.

  38. Laura

    Hi Everyone,
    I feel that interviewers and interviewees are becoming braver and bolder. Thank you, Greg, for doing your part. This interview I shared on FB because Michael is very articulate, and people are wondering what is really happening.

    Here’s another bold person, Rick Wiles: This is a very short interview w/ Fox radio, Alan Colmes, where Rick is the interviewee.

    I sense momentum building… let’s hope more and more people wake up!

  39. Mike M

    What in the heck does he keep looking at his left?

    • JC Davis

      Mike M he has a eye problem . It is not a tell / tell of a lying person. If we study his facts in terms of numbers he is telling the truth. Good catch to watch for non the less. Actions can fool any if planned well. Reactions reveal every lie.

  40. vincent_g

    Lets look at the oil problem.

    It’s not unique.

    What we have is dropping prices due to lack of demand coupled with a rise in supply.
    This is similar to the Pig Cycle in that when this happens everyone cuts back supply and then you have a shortage which causes high prices that draws everyone back in to supply more which again causes very low prices.

    As to the current dilemma we have now a problem where the price is too low to make the required profit. Due to this we seen oil refineries cut back on production in order to try and maintain a higher gas price. This then causes a greater surplus of oil!
    You will see the closing of Gas stations as they can no longer pay their rent due to profits becoming smaller on a fixed percentage of a product that keeps dropping in price.
    The outcome is the product will be removed from that market.
    This will take place when the companies close down and no one will step in as they will not be able to make a profit on selling it.
    You have many such problems with many products.
    American companies are trying to stay alive by moving to other countries.
    It is not a solution as the market will squeeze them out regardless of their lower cost which only buys them a little more time.

    This is an inflationary depression where you have certain sectors propped up which maintains a high price or worse rises in price while other sectors fall behind and eventually go bankrupt.

    We are now seeing what happens when you print money to excess.

  41. gregd

    How can anybody in their right mind be ok with a cashless society? I just heard a story on RT that’s says Europe is almost there, and some places won’t take cash. The banks already went BK not long ago (08)and are headed there again. Our government passed bail in legislation and its in place right now. Are people really going to have to trusts banks? Where are all the protests? Is the media that powerful, are the people that dependent on them for info, or are they that GD dumb.? My hope is with Trump, but failing that we still have hope from the Founding Fathers. I contributed this quote from Jefferson the other day but I did it late .
    Jefferson said- “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.
    Remember there is more of us than them.
    I can see some leader in the near future saying that when they come for you, “you only need to get one, and I’ll get mine”.

  42. James Hastings

    Have you ever been ask about “Dave” at x22.?   Your still my favorite. 🙂

    • JC Davis

      Ahh yeah.

  43. gregd

    This may be an interview some of the people at “USA watchdog” would be interested in hearing, it from Andy Hoffman.

  44. Beano McReano

    Gold and silver is prophesied to be useless and/or worthless. Does that mean food and water is all that will matter in the end??

    • diane s.

      I read that when Vietnam fell and all hell broke loose…refugees that escaped with gold did okay…those with no gold ended I’m refugee camps. People would always trade stuff for gold or silver.
      Does anyone know if this is the case with middle eastern refugees?

      • diane s.

        Looks like the price of gold in 1975 was only $160 an ounce…..interesting .

        • Beano McReano

          I said the “end”. Vietnam was not the end. It still continues.

          But the END of the world?? NOW that’s another story…

  45. Oxfarmer

    I have watched The Economic Collapse for many years now. When there was practically nothing on the web about the looming disaster, there was TEC. I had no idea who Michael Snyder was but I called him ‘my favorite bean counter’ because of his figures and facts to back everything. Those of you who don’t like him just haven’t been paying attention long enough. Thanks, Greg, for another fair warning.

  46. JC Davis

    Greg I told Allen I was going to stop posting so much on your site, but it is so much better the cats ,and dogs on facebook. Sorry al

  47. Scott

    Great interview, Greg, as always, but a very weak guest, especially coming on the heels of Mr. Holter. Snyder hasn’t done anything of import to make him worthy of this site, unless I suppose poorly researched, numbered lists count.

    I haven’t missed him on Zero Hedge at all, and am relieved they don’t seem to be posting his puerile essays much, anymore.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are in the minority, but thank you for your comment and feedback.

      • Beano McReano

        Has Scott written anything of note?

        Let us examine your writings before we can determine the truth of what you say about Mr. Snyder.

  48. r.j

    Mohammed regarding sputniks story on sam missiles being sent to syrian rebels.You cant have read the whole article . U.S will not lead Saudis into Syria .If Turkey Saudis go it alone, they die.

    • Mohammad

      Saudi Arabia holds 5 trillion in US treasury according to JW, about half or so of US debt, How easy is it to scrap off half of your debt by getting rid of your debt holder…..!!!!


  49. r.j

    Vincent G. about oil ,We may be witnessing supply destruction. Here in western Canada there is blood in the streets.The` same can be said for U.S. shale. It may take a while and some bottom bouncing but I believe oil will recover,perhaps not because of improved economic activity, but more due to inflationary forces caused by currency debasement especially in a U.S. dollar collapse scenario.

  50. Gina Mancarella

    My Friends and Countrymen. We should Fear Nothing. Hillary Clinton is our advocate and therefore there is nothing to fear. Ladies and Gentleman, take time to get to know Hillary in the following dialogue…..

    Hillary is absolutely wonderful. She is the inspiration that is touching an entire nation. My fellow Americans. Let us support Hillary and in so doing support ourselves ! Praise the Lord ! God Bless America !

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary put national security in deep jeopardy and I think she took bribes through the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State. In my opinion, Hillary is a criminal traitor of the worst kind.

      • diane s.

        A lot of people are convinced Hillary is a murderer.

      • matt

        Greg, stop responding to a robot call.

        • Greg Hunter

          I could not resist and opportunity to call Hill a criminal and traitor.

    • Jerry

      This is what I think about when you talk about Hilary. She’s the one coming out of the hat.
      My advice. Get your bags packed. In about six months a FEMA bus will stop by your house to take you to camp FEMA for an all expense paid vacation courtesy of your friend Hilary and her gangster thugs in our government. You my friend have not only drank the Ckinton kool-aide, you’ve snorted it up your nose. But don’t worry I’m sure Hilary will let Bill stop by on those cold and lonely nights, and keep you company.

    • Pondering

      Mene meme tekel upharsin.

      (Daniel 5:26
      “Here is what these words mean: Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.)

    • Donna S from Arkansas

      You are so twisted and have not a clue what Hitllary (along with Bill) has done to my state and now the entire US. There is a list a mile long of people that have died being associated with this very wicked couple.

  51. Rick Geisler

    I just want to see what happens after the G-20 finance meeting this weekend. Bill Holter warns of this meeting. That and Jerry has been railing about China after April the first. Let’s see what happens in both cases.

  52. AEW

    Of course our currency is the underlying issue. It sounds silly and counter-intuitive. But theres a good ready why having everyone print their own money could stave off future economic crisis

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not endorsing this because it sounds crazy to me, but I will post the comment and link.

  53. Paul

    Greg, great job and interviews. Not only are the banks going to be stealing your money they are now running a gambling casino without a license in order to get people to deposit money with them. This whole system has gone wacky. Keep up the good work.

  54. Mike from the North

    Gold under attack today. surprise surprise…..

    Lets see if they can keep it down by the end of the day.

  55. George Vassallo

    Greg – Love your website. Read it every day. One problem though – I type in the Economic Collapse website and was immediately attacked by a computer scam company called GenTech. I spent an hour dealing with them ( thinking they were legit) and it culminated with me changing my American Express card number. Thought that you would want to be notified of this problem. I’ve never had this happen to me before. GV

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the heads up I will alert Michael Snyder.

  56. Todd

    Snyder says….low oil prices are costing jobs…..he thinks that the middle class should pay more for gasoline so that the middle class can provide jobs for the middle class? Sounds like socialism to me!

    • Greg Hunter

      Snyder makes a very valid point and he’s not pushing socialism. The leverage on the energy industry is held, in large part, by the big banks. This low price phenomenon could bring them down along with the system. It cost money to drill and refine oil. What you are seeing is purposeful destruction of price. Eventually these artificially low prices will lead to extremely high prices. What you want is stability and free markets.

  57. pat the rat

    This is how it is now 60% of all are buying is on debit card . We have cash in the safe for emergency ,and still use 40% cash or check.

  58. Don

    Mike there is not a glut of oil but the goons control any commodity with a future contract attached to it. The oil surplus in the 80’s was 10 to 15 millions barrels a day vs. today around 1 million barrels with the Middle east on fire. Now we could see demand collapse but as of now that has not happened. Their game is to control the price with HFT sell bombs and then put an economic reason to explain it. They have been playing this game with PM’s for years. Our regulators are deep captured so there is no watchman on the wall and they are propping up the stock market using the same tactics that they are crushing oil except in reverse.

  59. Linda L.

    This is an interesting article: “Why Hillary Clinton cannot beat Donald Trump” Here’s an imagined monologue from the article of what Trump might say regarding Hillary on stage as presidential contenders:
    “She lies so much. Everything she says is a lie. I’ve never seen someone who lies so much in my life. Let me tell you three lies she’s told. She made up a story about how she was ducking sniper fire! There was no sniper fire. She made it up! How do you forget a thing like that? She said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the guy who climbed Mount Everest. He hadn’t even climbed it when she was born! Total lie! She lied about the emails, of course, as we all know, and is probably going to be indicted. You know she said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq! It was a lie! Thousands of American soldiers are dead because of her. Not only does she lie, her lies kill people. That’s four lies, I said I’d give you three. You can’t even count them. You want to go on PolitiFact, see how many lies she has? It takes you an hour to read them all! In fact, they ask her, she doesn’t even say she hasn’t lied. They asked her straight up, she says she usually tries to tell the truth! Ooooh, she tries! Come on! This is a person, every single word out of her mouth is a lie. Nobody trusts her. Check the polls, nobody trusts her. Yuge liar.”

  60. dee garmon

    Thanks for the wonderful interview.

  61. Justn Observer

    Greg – Yes, I must join the others in thanking you for your wonderful efforts in providing your insight and guests !
    Such an array of comments covering the speculations as to what forces command what direction the markets …real and fabricated by meddling fingers !

    As for those that have power and authority in such matters… It might matter more ‘what’ they think then we…even if we do not believe it…it does matter if they DO !
    So hope you can least visit this link and gander at least @ 59 min to say 1:20 ish and as I wonder what message this man points to …that they deliberately are conveying by word and symbolism ? Can this all be just such a coincidence? Just the photos are worth the thought provocation ! as we now move economically from the old Roman world order in history – to the NEW WORLD discovered by Columbus , being shaped now back to the New World Order…with that old symbol reborn –the golden wreath of Caesar on the United Nations flag ?
    245 From Crete to Malta:
    @ 59:00 to 1:25: 57

    Adding only that some ‘establishment’ seems bothered that a Presbyterian is running for President – Trump? They also seem bothered not having complete control into the APPLE devises to keep an ‘eye’ on the masses… having unbounded conjecture towards those that may ‘cling to their bibles and guns ( those darn Protestants -again?)….those with that ideology once championed by Judge Scalia- of freedom of speech, privacy, and the 2nd Amendment who departed recently while in the visitation of members of a Juan Carlos of Spain inspired Masonic society of ‘hunters?’ !

    International Order of St. Hubertus

    The International Order of St. Hubertus, according to its website, is a “true knightly order in the historical tradition.” In 1695, Count Franz Anton von Sporck founded the society in Bohemia, which is in modern-day Czech Republic.
    The group’s Grand Master is “His Imperial Highness Istvan von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria,” according to the Order’s website. The next gathering for “Ordensbrothers” and guests is an “investiture” March 10 in Charleston, S.C.
    The society’s U.S. chapter launched in 1966 at the famous Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which is associated with the all-male Bohemian Grove — one of the most well-known secret societies in the country.

    I ponder as well…that some time ago…the general view was there was a shortage of oil over the long haul…and the younger Rothschild had wanted to focus on investments in coal…then more recently there comes this onslaught of ‘alternative’ energy against fossil fuel – yet a dramatic uptick in oil exploration …while coal prices like at BTU have gone down dramatically and now he and Soros’ are buying up coal shares at several hundred percent lower prices….and everyone is ignoring the SASOL and another companys partnered in the middle east to build multi- $billion plus refinerys that it is stated can make gasoline at near 50 cents a gallon from coal? Could this solar speculation havve been just a ruse for some to drive coal down and take over that industry for pennies? Did someone all along know that natural gas and gasoline would come from coal…and not need tar sands oil from Canada all along? So will ‘they’ agree on some price for oil low enough to keep this technology from being viable? Once those refinery’s are build might they keep oil barely above 35 and not much higher —or these refinery’s will be employed to keep oil prices down…and who ever owns and controls coal very happy in the future..? angles always angles

  62. JC Davis

    Greg. I know you need a day off from time to time. consider this. Let some like mike do a interview for you. It is just a thought. Many think the same. few are knowledgeable enough. Not that I want you to take time off. LOL Love your interviews, and even more when you are being interviewed. You nail it on coasttocoastam.

  63. Coal Burner

    I go back to the top of the comment thread and say Thank You, Ross. I have said before and will again. The Military is with us as supporters of the Constitution because they are us. They are our families and our relatives and that may have been Obama’s greatest miscalculation. Thank God!!!
    Keep it coming Greg!

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