Pray, Pray, Pray, Special Report 1.17.2021

By Greg Hunter’s 

It’s official.  I received my first channel strike from YouTube after 10 years.  I am not allowed to upload content until after Inauguration Day.  I had two recent videos removed from my YouTube channel this week because YouTube said I “violated community guidelines.”  I am not sure what these “guidelines” are, and YouTube does not make this clear either.  In my mind, if anybody calls the Biden election a huge fraud and treasonous attack on our constitutional republic (with the help of foreign powers), then you are not welcome in big tech world.

Of course, that is the truth and exactly what happened.  That means the truth must be suppressed in order to continue the fraudulent election of false President Biden.  What kind of a world do we live in when President Trump is removed from all social media, including his 88 million strong Twitter account, and called a liar by the narcissist head of Twitter Jack Dorsey?  Short answer: an evil one.  These folks must cheat, lie and censor to win, and so far, it looks like their plan is working.

Don’t give up and continue to pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Join Greg Hunter of as he gives an important update and message.

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(Tech note:  I am using a new player from Daily Motion.  I have cut the commercials altogether in hopes of getting the player to play videos more smoothly.)

After the Special Report:

I want to get back to a more normal schedule, but I have no Idea what YouTube will do in terms of censorship.  This is why I am experimenting with new video players I can embed on  You can always find me here because I own it.  Thanks for supporting

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  1. Stan

    Greg: I always go directly to your website for your content, never Youtube.

    • Von

      Don’t hold back Greg! Let us know how you really feel! Lol

    • Dom

      I will do the same from now on.

    • Torsten

      Me too. An will keep doing so. Thx for all you do to get the truth out.

    • Annie

      Yes Greg we are here to stay!

    • James Hastings


    • Rick thornton

      Thank you Greg for all that you do! God is proud of you and of the message you bring his followers! Pray Pray Pray

    • Paul ...

      Good move Stan … we should all boycott the “commie” censors who thumb their nose at our US Constitution … want to protest (where the Deep State can’t do anything to stop you) … “boycott all the commie lovers” and put them all out of business!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Stan and Fellow Watchdoggers: I do likewise. If you join us in viewing Greg’s work directly on the USAWatchdog website, remember to DONATE to Greg to make up for the revenue he loses without the YouTube audience. This is important. Best always. PM

      • susan

        Greg, I apologize for not commenting sooner. A few health things, okay now. After I listened to Amanda, Bo and you in the round table, it brought to my memory a book called, “This Present Darkness” by Frank Peretti. I read it quite a while ago, but it applies to today so much I had to comment on it. Great book that incorporates where our country is right now.
        For me, fasting and praying like never before is what I will be doing from now on. I’ve called in the prayers near and far. Please pray for the national guard. One of the units is from here and I know some very well, especially one that is an elementary teacher. They are people with family, friends and a very important life.

    • AH

      Me too, I always come here. BTW….the player seems to work quite well.

      • Kay Powell

        I saw a post today, Greg, by a woman who was in awe at what she was seeing off the coast of Long Beach—huge ships all along the coast as far as she could see, not tankers or fishing vessels, but massive naval vessels.
        And I will continue to follow you wherever you are, Greg. I appreciate your efforts and passion, as well as your faith.

        • WKSwanson

          Can we get some photos?

    • No worries

      Hey Greg,
      Thank you for endeavoring to speak the truth.
      I have always gone to your USA website. And Greg, remember, many, many thoughtful Americans support you.
      That is why my wife and I recently increased our monthly donation !
      Keep the faith. Remain steadfast. God is in control…

      We love ya Greg!.

    • Wendy Rees

      Back with you, Greg. YouTube’s loss.

    • Russ McMeans

      Me too greg. I only know your website . I’m only paying tw0 websites, But yo need to be my third. Epoch Times. Bill And USA Btw: Bill says they will overreach and it may backfire on Marxists .. You see were’e not all poor farmers like the other communist countries were. Plus we don’t they don’t lock down all of media…. There’s us!

    • Russ McMeans

      everyone listen to Rush and Mark Levin too. it’s good for mental health. Rush not back until probably Thursday next week. Also Glenn Beck!

  2. Mike R

    I just got this note from x-military person, who is nephew of a good friend of mine :

    “Homeland Security is preparing to mobilize the national guard.

    Preparing to dispatch them across the US along with the US Military.
    They will also call in 1st responders.

    They are preparing to announce a nationwide 2 week quarantine for all citizens.
    All businesses closed.

    Everyone at home.

    They will announce this as soon as they have troops in place to help prevent looters and rioters… they will announce before the end of the weekend.

    Within 48 to 72 hours, the President will invoke the ‘Stafford Act.’

    The President will announce a 2 week mandatory quarantine for the nation.

    Stock up on whatever you need to make sure you have a 2 week supply of everything.

    Please forward to your family/friends.”

    (The above was posted on a National Guard Letterhead. What I don’t know is whether this was meant for this weekend, but would guess that it is, since Trump is still President, and the inauguration is in a few days. So it would have to be activated prior to the inauguration to come from Trump. )

    • Robert Harrison

      A friend of mine sent me this a couple days ago…

      A friend I know has a relative at Camp Pendleton, in the marines. They were put on air alert today . They are prepping for 1/20 with live ammo. Perilous time for the good ol USA

      ….something is going on no doubt….

    • Paul ...

      Mike … Trump already invoked “the Stafford Act” back on March 13, 2020 “declaring a national emergency with respect to the bio-weapon attack upon America by China” … the President of the United States does not need to invoke it again!!

    • Marie+Joy

      Sorry Mike. Rolling Stone says its a hoax and no national quarantine is planned.

    • Marie+Joy

      Sorry again Mike. Wrong date. You may be right. Sorry, all.

    • Jimm

      An uncanny similarity to Q, who first coined the term “Great Awakening” more than three years ago. Trust the plan. God wins!I

      This also mirrors multiple postings on Gab. The Red Sea is about to open.

      • Paul ...

        While everyone “waits to be saved” by the Military (who stood down on 9-11) or Q or Jesus, etc. … America slides into economic oblivion … and once Bribe’n gets in on Wednesday “America’s fall will accelerate” … people are currently masked and their speech censored … soon our right to defend ourselves will be taken away … and our Satan worshiping controlled society will turn into a rotting decaying corpse (with Demon-rats nipping off our appendages while we are still alive)!!

        • ConcAmDad

          Glad to see some sense here Paul. Even though Trump didn’t waste any time surrounding himself with swamp creatures once he was elected and taking credit for all the fake #’s he tried to expose & repudiate on his campaign trail at this time I want to still hold onto that tiny flicker of hope. I want desperately for all that “4-d Chess” to finally come to fruition where he helps to expose all the corruption and criminality running us into the ground and putting the criminals where they belong……BUT he has shown himself to be, and at this time is in fact another snake oil salesman, taking advantage sadly of those hoping for some sort of savior. I might still be able to hold onto a flicker of hope except for the fact that he too is playing along with this fraud, pushing a first-of-its-kind totally experimental and untested vaccine as some sort of light at the end of this dystopian nightmare that is slowly becoming more apparent.

          If he is so righteous-why didn’t he ever just try the truth?

          “People genuinely appear to believe that the COVID 19 vaccines have undergone clinical trials and have been proven to be both safe and effective. That belief is simply wrong.

          • Warren B.

            Amen to that.

            • Janet

              Oh right! They would have accused him of massive deaths and hung him! Get real! And I am not so sure he even knew about this illness and was listening to the so called experts. Look what they did with hydroxyclhloriquin after he mention it cured Covid. And it does! But every Democrat governor had it strikes from use.

    • Daryl

      I have heard this as well other information regarding the Insurrection Act, but I see no where in the US or USA Constitutions that would allow a President the authority under any circumstances to lock down the people.

    • Brenda

      If there is to be a nationwide lockdown, how can they justify exposing the National Guard and other troops to covid by requiring they be out on the job?

    • john lance

      I just read on WTOL11 News this Stafford Act is nothing more than a hoax. No need to rush out and stock up on food and supplies.

      • Boswell

        “No need to rush out and stock up on food and supplies.”
        Who here is not already stocked up??? 😉

  3. Shawn Cramer

    If this travesty of an election is allowed to stand we might as well declare American a technocracy and dispense with the illusion of being a democracy forever. As for the republicans, no MAGA should ever vote for a republican ever again! traitors all of them!
    Praying and hoping for a miracle cuz thats all we have left at this point..

    • Tulips Moran

      I think the letter is old…Trump signed the Stafford Act back in March 2020 to provide emergency aid to States/Cities. If there’s any quarantine it will be called by Biden and then in force AFTER inauguration. I don’t think that will happen, the Dimwits are already opening up business.

    • Carla hayes

      Please keep us up dated

    • Tulips Moran

      The MSM is reporting the protesters assembling around some of the Blue state capitols. They are labeling the groups as Trump supporter/Patriots when in fact they are the Boogaloo Bois. I believe this is an armed mercenary force assembled by the Deep State to cause chaos, mayhem and violence that would be laid on the Patriots. Ultimately it’s how they plan to bring gun control legislation that will lead to confiscation.


      Don’t feel so bad, elections have been fraudulent since the invention of secret ballots. I think i had the hardest time accepting that Curly on the three stooges was dead before i was born. I didn’t know that as a child.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Shawn: the most important thing any patriot can do is divorce him/herself immediately from the “Republican” RINO Party. Urge President Trump to take the government offshore in exile and form the Patriot Party. This will marginalize the RINOs forever and force them to join their soulmates in the “Democrat” COMMUNIST Party. Unless and until this happens, STOP VOTING. You are just encouraging the opposition by doing so. Best always. PM

    • Mel

      You are correct. Trump has changed the script literally. The phantom we know as “joe biden” is a body double or cgi or a combination. Basically there is no such person.
      I believe he has be tried and convicted months ago. ALICE DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE has an excellent video on this.
      We are battling satan himself, but it is not our battle. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal” . Prayer is the only option.
      I believe Trump will pull this through; the are several scenarios that could work out.
      But he cannot do it alone without the prayers of the saints. “Pray without ceasing, because this is the will of God..”

  4. Rodster

    Greg, we’re with you in body and spirit, never give up!

    If it makes you feel better, Martin Armstrong has been beating the drums regarding the takeover by the Left along with Big Tech. As Martin has been saying, all this will do is create a Civil War. That’s why the Left are hellbent on banning all guns and taking away our right to carry arms. New York has gone as far as to call the NRA a terrorist group and they have declared bankruptcy and are heading to Texas.

  5. MickieKnows

    Thanks Greg. I am feeling an increasing burden of prayer for our President and the military.

    • Doug

      Maybe that will give them a chance to reorganize and reconstitute themselves.

    • joni

      I agree. I just keep praying for President Trump and his family. I also keep you Greg and everyone I know, along with this country in my prayers. Jesus is the Way!

  6. Chris Lavere

    Love you Greg. We want to send you a donation for your excellent service but do not know where to send it. Please advise

  7. Kathy

    Dear Greg — so happy we can always find you here and hope people will support you. I just listened to George Gammon’s interview with attorney Robert Barnes and find that Trump may be starting his own network. Hopefully, there will be freedom for all and a way to fight the takeover we see before us. This was an opener of an interview and I hope all can find time to what it before YouTube takes it down. So happy you got us all to give you a way to reach us when you post. God bless you and your family.

  8. Norman John Storrer

    You are right, our country is toast. Prepare prepare, prepare!!

  9. Davina Marshall

    God Bless you Greg. You do mankind (peoplekind) a great service in keeping us all informed.

  10. Diana Brown

    Greg: Not to worry about the ban. It tells you that you are definitely on the right track. I couldnt believe a post of mine on LINKEDIN pertaining to CV-19 (worldwide MDs professional experience in these last 8 months) would, could be deleted. No explanation. I left the site after decades of participation. Thats all I needed to know.

    You need to know your message is appreciated, and, missed when I dont see your Weekly Wrap-ups. That stated, even if you decide to change up your format, Ill be following. However you choose to use your voice is important.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Diana!!

  11. Matt

    HI Greg, I’m glad you were able to make it on to another platform. You know there are many. I would also suggest that you add Gab and (Parler when it’s back up) to your website icons at the top of the page. Here are a few others.

    I would post on all of them and lead them all back to your site.
    Thanks for the weekly updates.

  12. Linda


    Trump has not lost, the war against CCP, the deep state, big tech, MSM, he has the military in place. This week will be a site to behold. It begins an unfurling of justice and if it leads to wars of necessity , so be it. Today all the MSM went down for a short period at a different time all social media as well, went down for a real short bit, they are getting ready. Wait on the Lord.

  13. Geranium

    Check out Gab. They have a streaming site as well.
    Much better than twitter, you tube etc

  14. Thomas Wigand

    Greg, you’re suppression is (as you know) part of a much larger, and evil, agenda. One directly linked to THE evil one to take down this Divinely-inspired nation.

    The story linked above is such an obvious set-up for a false flag operation to then come after patriots that (again) it’s almost laughable — except that they’re deadly serious. A Reichstag fire redux in the making.

    I really fear that our “Democratic Socialists” are setting up to make patriots and Trump supporters (a/k/a “White supremacists”) the target of a putsch modeled after that of the National Socialists against the Jews. Not necessarily the death camps, but the Krystallnacht and similar totalitarian repression.

    That said, isn’t it also encouraging that they’re so afraid that there are patriots within the ranks.

    Keep praying for God to come to our rescue, and our parting of the Red Sea-like deliverance from evil!


    I was looking for you this weekend. So now I’ll check your website first. Keep up the great content. I coe to you for the truth.

  16. John Benson

    Greg thanks for bringing spirit to your discussions. The video is somewhat choppy. Peace and freedom.

  17. Jaime Clavito

    Hi Greg,

    Please post your videos at bitchute, lbry, odysee, brighteon, dtube,, telegram, etc. Boycott Youtube completely and transfer your videos before they shut down your channel.

    Get ready for civil war and the left is very vengeful.

    Take care,


  18. Self+Exiled

    Interesting———————highlights some of your themes—-

    I wonder who he is speaking to.

  19. Pam calhoun

    I always go to your website. I stay away from YouTube – damn traitors.
    There are new places where you can post your videos that don’t censor.
    I hope YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook go broke.

  20. Honkleretta

    Have you considered a mirrior account on bitchute to get your videos out ?
    It may be next on the leftard ht list, but so far it seems to be holding. and is offshore so not as easy for big tech to target.

  21. Mal

    Stay strong, Greg. Prayers and good wishes from Adelaide Australia.

  22. August Dunning

    Count on me buddy, I will never go to you tube only your site

  23. david nichols

    gregg Dear God in Jesus name I pray enough said God,country,family. peace and prosperity be with you. David Eugene Nichols 1-17-21

  24. Self+Exiled

    I was blocked from USA Watch Dog sense 1/8/21 by Word Fence. I sent in their complaint form 3 times and waited. Has anyone had this same experience? This was the second time. Block removed on 1/16/21. I have lots of catch up reading to do.

    • Charles+H

      S E,

      You bet! Word fence blocked me a couple weeks, then disappeared. I wrote Greg and he said I was the only one having this problem. I think they are sub-rosa government pilot monitors, under cover of legit business/products provider – that intercept and real-time block contributors they have already deemed too smart. This is traffic control within the Net that censures by denial of connectivity. This is information/opinion control at it’s finest! They will grind the conservative right down level by level.

      • Self+Exiled

        Thank You, thought I was alone again. I’ve already been ground to a pretty fine consistency and consider it a refining process. God Bless.

        “What do you mean by crushing My people
        And grinding the face of the poor?”
        Declares the Lord GOD of hosts. Isaiah 3:15

  25. Gary C

    Biden announced killing Keystone XL pipeline next week. With the shutdown of
    End bridge Line 3 to Ontario and Ohio it seems the USA does not want to be energy
    Independent , prefers to get its oil from Russia & Saudi Arabia..
    Get used to much higher gas prices, you just lost one million barrels a day
    from Canada, “and we want to sell it to you”

    • Charles+H

      You get your kick-backs (bribes) where you find them.

  26. Bruce Douglas

    Greg, please hold your ground. We need your eyes and ears. The Lord will leed you to the right path.

  27. Baja

    Lot of play over Greg, tech problems ?
    Or ….

  28. Chip

    Greg. I’m so happy to seen you join the ranks of faithful patriots. Thank God you have a platform to continue your speech and my ability to hear you. Stay strong and please continue to do Gods work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks very much Chip!

  29. Steve Read

    Hi Greg,
    I suggest you move to

    Thanks for all the great work you have done.

  30. Mike Anenberg

    Holy Cow Greg! How could our military let this happen? Why are our leaders betraying us?
    What’s gonna happen now?

    • Charles+H

      Military fights foreigners, not citizens. Government holds the purse-strings.

  31. Deb

    You’re my “Go To Person”… “Security Blanket”

  32. Ed Philbrook


    Get away from YouTube ASAP. We will support your website.

  33. David

    Video looks great Greg! Keep prayin’ brother. And keep reporting. You really need to go to seven days a week. Hahaha. Or at least a few more days than two or three. Love you brother.

  34. Liz

    Thank you Greg I’m praying and crying
    President Trump is our greatest leader ever I give the Lord thanks and ask for protection for him and his family. I call him the Peoples President because of his love for us, his care for us. His leadership has changed America and brought our love of country and neighbor to surface. When at a rally have you heard “we love you” chanted by the crowd
    Your sister in Christ, Liz Davis

  35. August Dunning

    the bank has to be robbed before the bank robber is arrested
    a crime has to be committed and it will be committed Tuesday

    then all hell breaks loose

  36. Jerry


  37. Kelley Johnson

    Thank you Greg! This works great. We can repost it on outside players on multiple accounts. It will be our part of service.

  38. Theodore Chiba

    Happy New Year Greg.
    This was an unexpected surprise.
    You sir are one of the greatest Patriots to report honest news.
    I was tune in to your channel on election night.
    At first I thought this was a slam dunk.
    TRUMP was ahead by a hugh margin, in fact it was not a competition. It was Trump all the way to victory.
    I never thought the Deepstate crooks would pull this election fraud .
    Everyone in the world that this was no election but a criminal display of election crime.
    Trump is not only Educating the people but we are entering a paradigm shift out of the USA CORPORATION into a Republic,with sound money and the Rule of Law.
    God Bless you Greg.
    God bless President Trump and his Family and Administration.
    Thanks for a Great report.

  39. George Varsamis

    Do what you need to do Greg, we will stick with you because you are honest and have good intentions of spreading truth.

  40. Don Doerr Sr.

    Greg, keep fighting for us and for America. Given his accomplishments and goals, I consider President Trump (2016 – 2024) to be our greatest President since James K. Polk.

  41. Tulips Moran

    Thanks for the effort to provide continuity to your channel. There’s no problem visiting your website. Have you considered Rumble? Bitchute is a bit kulgy for both content creater and viewer especially now with the addl volume of transferred YT channels.

  42. Titus Nelson

    Greg. As always keep up the good work. I’m dumping YouTube for my business. I’m going to Rumble. Same as Dan Bongino. Sign up and emails come. When a new video comes out. Works fine.

    Thanks again.

    Nehemiah 8:10 Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

  43. Rachel Cooper

    Thank you for your dedication and sincerity. I deeply appreciate your efforts. I was 4 years old when Kennedy was assassinated and I remember the grave, solemn reactions of my parents as they were watching the news on our black and white TV – grainy picture. Fast forward to the landing on the moon. I was with my grandparents, watching their black and white TV. I remember where I was and what I was doing the morning Challenger blew up and fell from the sky in flames. Of course, I can recall the morning 911 occurred. On it went. One mass event after another until our beloved President said “no more.” I continue to pray. I believe it is a miracle that the man is still alive. So, Yes – Pray, pray, pray. If they get to a Biden inauguration, I won’t believe it will last for very long. I don’t know what, or how, but this fraud cannot stand.

  44. Randall Kent Maxwell

    Keep up the good work Greg

  45. Kathy

    I remember Corrie ten Boom comparing life to a tapestry. God is creating it from above and sees a beautiful picture. We see the underside and it looks like one big chaotic mess. I thought that was a good way to say we have to trust in Him. Praying!

  46. Fred R Jaeger

    Go to bitchute we will follow

  47. Carla hayes

    I’m so grateful for your email to go to your web site because I always listen on you tube. Hang in there Greg we need your input and updates thank you ! Very few honest news reports we can trust anymore. Please keep us up dated. And if anyone has more info on the national guard and lockdowns please let us all know. Thank you and take care Greg hunter! We appreciate all your hard work!

  48. Mark Nowicki

    Thank you
    May God continue to use you to speak the Truth
    And the Truth shall set us Free.


    Greg Hunter– Best Journalist Eva. My Fav of Favs.


    Greg ,
    Stay in the fight!!!

  51. Logan Buchanan

    I made my home page tab. God bless you and yours Greg. Thank you.

  52. Aaron ML

    We love you Greg, we are with you. First place for honest news!

  53. Former Democrat

    From what I’m hearing, Biden’s upcoming stimulus bill will cement the corrupt election practices already in place and will make them “acceptable” and widespread.

    I predict, based on what happened during the Presidential election and what happened during the last midterm election, that a Republican will never again gain a majority in the house and senate. And a republican president will never win the presidency again. When this comes to fruition in 2024, this will be apparent to everyone. Then, either the GOP states will secede from the union or there will be a civil war.

    By that time, I pray I will be living in another country by the then. Even the leaders of other nations are protesting the censorship of Trump and republicans.

    God bless this nation but the Democrats have truly accomplished destroying liberties and freedom of speech. Freedom of religion and the right to bear arms is next.

  54. Glennis

    I was glad that you had my email address & could notify me. I don’t understand people using Youtube, if the program is available elsewhere. There’s a saying “If you want something to go away, stop buying it.” I too, always watch your show from your own site. I think people that value your show, like I do, will find you. Sending a donation.
    Good Luck, Greg.
    Cheers, Glennis

  55. Randall Kent Maxwell

    Greg, we have been in Gnostic (denominational, political, and social) apostasy for 1680 years 2 Thess. 2:10, 11. Donald J Trump was foreshadowed by Cyrus the Great to bring us out of Gnosticism.
    In 340AD when Denominationalism restarted salvation was lost 2 Thess. 2:10, 11. This was not about the forgiveness of sin because all sins will be forgiven unto the sons of men that are counted as righteous in times of Gnosticism Acts 17:30; Rom. 5:13, Mark 3:28; Rev. 22:11. Then what salvation was lost? The freedom from every wind of doctrine of men! 806-416-0747

  56. Duane Staab

    Fraud–another name is “COOKING THE BOOKS” everything from the FED to the election.

  57. Myrna

    God Bless, you Greg. Arrogant and controlling Big Tech monopolies with their symbiotic relationship with Dems and Rinos will in the long run fail, for their self-imposed omnipotence will be their downfall.

  58. Mike R

    Tick Tock…
    Socialist leader Kamala Harris, who with 72-hours left before she’s supposed to be sworn in as the next Vice President, still has not resigned her senate seat.

    What gives Kamala ???

    You fraid of somethin’ ?

    Where’s all that smugness and extra fake confidence suddenly gone ?

    • NC Gal

      Kamala finally resigned today.
      She waited until she couldn’t wait any longer, and now she’s lost her seat.

      2,000 National Guard troops were sworn in today as Special Deputy US Marshals.

      Tomorrow is going to be very interesting, as will the following several days. Trump will be in Texas, as you said, and soon the entire nation will be shown the corruption in our systems. He IS going to drain the swamp and it took him four years to get everything lined up to do so.

      • NC Gal

        The GO button has been pushed and things are now moving forward. General Hyten has been tasked with keeping the pubic informed through his posts on Telegram:

        There will be a number of things happen today and the real action will begin tomorrow. Hyten has identified some of the targets in his post at .
        If the networks won’t carry the emergency broadcast system, the military will pre-empt them. Trump will not be silenced any more!

        • JC

          N.C. Gal,
          Regarding Gen. Hyten…

          G.A. STEWART:
          As I have explained in previous Posts, I see The Q PYSOP as The Old Guard who were not ready to cede The Empire to China. As I have also described, these were most likely disaffected Line Officers who Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton fired after the Benghazi, Libya CIA Station attack on 9/11/2011. So, The Q PYSOP has been using the Ritual Days against Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels since I began monitoring The Q Posts.

          Director of the CIA, David Petraeus resigned on 11/9/2011.

          Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels seems to be all over these dates.

          Donald J. Trump was elected to the Presidency on 11/3/2016. President Donald J. Trump was Impeached for the second time on 1/13/2021. This is the dance of the Ritual Magicians.

          I have shown readers how this played out on 1/13/2018 with the Hawaiian Nuclear Missile Alert and then on 1/31/2018, when a train filled with Republican politicians was hit by a cement truck.

          Therefore, the link that I have provided above to Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Hyten is certainly dubious and suspicious. Once it goes viral, we shall see if the Joint Chiefs of Staff will make a statement.

          For me, the only thing that this message has going for it is that The Q PYSOP has used Ritual Days against the International Cabal as I detailed in my previous Post.

          Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten is the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and today we have another Ritual Day, 1-1-9.

        • JC

          G.A. STEWART :
          As I have been writing, I do not see Donald J. Trump leaving just yet. There are about another half-dozen prophecies that I could apply to him. If Trump does exit the Presidency and Biden and Harris are sworn in, this would be the first serious breakdown of my interpretations and my timeline, and then maybe I can cut the chains to this Website.

          That should be a good thing, but there will be no unicorns and rainbows, because whether it is Trump or Biden, I believe war is what is for dinner.

  59. Matthew Cole

    Greg! Glad to see you’re still putting out content! Thanks for the email!

  60. Ofelia Magruder

    Greg, I believe that God will show exactly who He is so that there will be no doubt that it is all His doing. He’s about to show us great and mighty things. This is a spiritual war and He does not lose. Thank you for not giving up and always being so real and encouraging. It’s touching to see a man who bares his soul but ultimately knows in whom he believes and who points us to Him. Jesus said He would never leave us nor forsake us. We stand in faith. We win.
    Love in Christ.

  61. Russ

    Thanks Greg. It isn’t like DJT to roll over and accept a loss due to oh so obvious cheating, so I choose to believe it ain’t over.

    The sword we call the National Guard cuts two ways. The next few days could be studied years/decades from now — history is being written.

    Keep the faith.

  62. Barb

    Congratulations Greg! You scared them.
    Do not fear, God wins!
    Dump YouTube.
    Have you checked out Gab TV?

  63. stlonginus

    The FBI (forever blocking investigations) has always been the Stasi of the United States. I won’t watch you on uboob. I come to your site. However, keep in mind, {{\they|}} can take your site down too. The internet was developed by DARPA (a military endeavor). It has never been a platform for the benefit of the people. We are in corporate fascism – not communism. China is the same. The corporations have merged with the gov’t intel services. It’s corporate fascism. Check out “LegalMan @USLawReview” for a different perspective on what is going on….but be warned, you need an open enough mind to really hear what he says.

    • Yakoff Smirnoff

      Correct stlonginus,
      It’s corporate fascism – not communism. They politely call it National Socialism. Nazism, socialism for the rich, owners of the corporation’s and yes, big tech, all Nazi’s. They’re not free market, free speech capitalist’s.
      Robin Leach glorified the rich and famous. Where as before in America, it was glorified to be prudent, to leave some for the fishes and not be so greedy. Having respect for the proud but poor. An old Russian gentleman used to say to me. In America if you steal a loaf of bread, you could wind up doing time for life, but steal a million dollars and your a hero. Trump could steal a piece of bread and be impeached and run out of town on a rail. Beijing bought Biden steals our election and he’s a Nazi hero!
      Hiel his boss Obomber, our real Nazi emperor with no clothes! He’s the one Trump should have run out of Washington on a rail, when he had the chance. Now it’s up to the communists. Maybe it’ll be AOC, that cleans his clock! Communists and Nazi socialist’s just cant stand each other. How’d they do against the Russian commie’s Mr. Obummer? Read the tea leaves below mate;
      The Story of Fascism: Hitler’s “National Socialism”
      71,262 views •Sep 7, 2018 Rick Steves’ Europe

      • eddiemd

        Legion of names…spammer

      • Paul from Indiana

        A more modern, and likely more palatable term , term for fascism (government and big business functioning as one) today is “corporatism”, where those in power assure their continuance in power by suppression of the competition and alternatives. Part and parcel with this policy is the creation of DEPENDENCE among the masses (stimulus, welfare, EIC etc). This is why we have had the marginalization of the working and middle classes while the Wall Streeters and 1% continue to thrive. President Trump was the last obstacle to this new fascism/corporatism. With him gone, they are free to hold sway. Sad but that’s the reality. The USA is dead; welcome the NUSA (Non United States of America). Best always. PM

      • Roger Foulmoth

        Here’s the rest of Rick Steves’ The Story of Fascism, in case your trailer didn’t roll over into the PBS special report, the National Socialist thug’s, or Nazi’s and their leader’s, Benito Mussolini and not least, Adolfo Hitler!
        Can you smell it now? Instead of our local Sheriff and his deputy’s, our very own thug’s, a national peoples police force. BLM or Anti-Fascist Antifa, ya right, what a name. Obamas wet dream!
        Gestapo in your future? Or AOC’s future police?;
        Who Win’s?
        Rick Steves’ [FULL SHOW] The Story of Fascism
        •Mar 4, 2019

      • Harborst Fright Spammerson

        Posted Jan 17, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

        It began with Twitter shutting down Trump. Then Google & Apple shut off Parler and its owner and his family have had to go into hiding because of death threats from the left. Now Google and Apple are continuing their Great Stalinistic Purge of the Internet. They are shutting down any free speech they can under the pretense that anyone who voted for Trump is essentially now a terrorist was also an alternative Social Network and if anything allows free speech, they are now actively hunting them down. This is most definitely a global coup and we have to come to face the fact that not only was the election rigged, but it has also been an intended move toward authoritarianism because socialism can no longer be sustained with other peoples money. The vast majority will now simply comply with National Socialism [Nazism] and that is the danger. How far do we go down this road of tyranny before there is push-back, or putsch?
        Mostly Peaceful Cognitive Dissonance

        Hitler’s War The Eastern Front ”The Death Trap”

        What Can We Do?
        Two hundred years of experimenting with human pride and reason has led to the declining of morality and the loss of tens of millions lives due to the ravages of communism.

        Founding Father John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Interestingly enough, a ruthless communist dictator, Joseph Stalin, echoed his point from another angle, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

        It is time for us to be humble again, look inward, and follow the true wisdom of righteous spiritual beliefs. This is our only solution.

    • Doc Washburn

      Ok stlonginus,
      Interview with Legalman
      11,218 views•Streamed live on Jan 15, 2021

      • eddiemd


  64. Scott

    Excellent content as always, but …

    … you look tired, Greg.

    We are praying for you and your well-being, as well.


    Thanks for notifying me of this post. God bless you for all you do.

  66. Connie

    Mike R, are you sure it was the Staford Act? I believe it’s the Insuration Act your friend meant because that’s where President Trump can invoked the Miltary. Just saying.

  67. Richard Wolf Jr

    Hi Greg,
    Yes, you look worried and tired, you are not alone, believe me, I along with many millions share your grief. This nation,CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC is in trouble, big time. Our country is broken. The people of this great country thought the United States was doing pretty good. It took President Trump to show and teach us how wrong we have been. I have a hunch he did this on purpose. 2020 has been a huge wake up call for the people that love this country. Is our Republic repairable and can we the people bring it back? Eighty plus million patriots answers that question with a resounding YES!!
    Is God watching and maybe teaching us a lesson not to take this wonderful country for granted? Each of us can answer that question on their own. No question there are a lot of doubts for the future of this great nation. There is a huge storm currently blanketing this nation. I really believe as a nation we will come though on the other side a better and stronger CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and prouder and stronger nation. God bless the patriots, God bless President Trump and God bless The United States of America.

  68. Terry Smith

    How long will it take the incoming administration to label the Bible, Hate-Speech? Lock down our Churches? Things are not looking good unless the Lord does a Miracle!

    • Paul ...

      Latest news is Germany is re-opening Concentration Camps … they are now calling them “Detention Camps” … they will likely burn the Christians along with the Jews this time around (figuring Christianity is just another Jewish sect that believes Jesus was the Messiah)!!

  69. eddiemd

    Made in 2015 under Obama.

    Upper echelon leadership in conventional forces is compromised. The leaders in SOF still support the president.

    I will be surprised if Trump gives up.

    • JC


      G.A. STEWART:
      I am going with Nostradamus on this one. Trump will be around longer.
      I see Alex Jones is already there too.

      • JC

        G.A. STEWART:
        I thought Alex Jones was there too, but I guess not. It was more of a mind-f*ck for click-bait.

        When I posted the link to, there was a short-clip of Alex Jones saying Q was right that ended with the howling Indian-man. Apparently, ten more minutes of Alex Jones over-acting has been added – that is another click-bait scam from Alex Jones.

        I am glad I went back to check the link. I will leave the link up, because I want people never to trust Alex Jones again.

  70. Scott

    The principle criticism of the grand election conspiracy will be that there is no way you could coordinate across so many agents without somebody spilling the beans. Generally that is true but in this case there is one unifying force to glue this cabal together, that would be money. I have little doubt that Pelosi and Schumer spent the las two years buying off officials at multiple levels. The reason Biden wants to print in excess of $7 trillion is that agencies and state governments were promised blank checks. That Is the payoff.

  71. Cheryl

    I heard people are calling the WH Traitor Joe’s.

  72. Richard Commins

    We are all in trouble from this insurrection by the Biden administration, but Greg, you are in the front of the line for being censored and attacked. Be very careful and watch your back. We have all been warned of what is coming. The dark days are ahead of us. I really don’t think the military will go along with this foreign government attempt at a take over of the United States.

  73. Ole Whiskey

    Greg, you’re a Christian war correspondent now. Consider occasional collaboration with Epoch Times and The Conservative Tree House to force multiply, only if it feels right, because a powerful triad like this would be exceptionally difficult for the enemy to put down.

  74. Kim

    Thanks for emailing me Greg, USA Watchdog is now bookmarked. God bless you and your audience. Thanks much for all you do for us.

  75. Allen F

    Thanks for all you do Greg!

  76. tim mcgraw

    Dear Greg, Why do you still care about the government? “Find me 10 righteous men and the city will be spared.” Angel in the Sodom and Gomorrah Bible story.
    The whole damned city is rotten.

  77. Paul ...

    You know … what does it gain the Deep State to destroy America? … did the Chinese Communist Party promise to give all our Military Generals “a gold metal” for turning traitor on their own country?? … are they going to stand down again like they did on 9-11??? … and allow a complete takeover of America by the Chinese commies???? … if it’s the “gold metal” they want I’ll give them one of my gold coins (and I’m sure other Patriots will do the same) to keep them loyal to America … don’t they realize that once the “commies” take over they will all be lined up and shot?????

    • Paul ...

      The Chinese must be laughing their asses off seeing our US Military men running around in red high heels (like a bunch of transgender fags)!!

  78. Russell Bercegay

    Please check into Rumble platform. God Bless
    No Fear

  79. Robert H Fiut

    “I know thy works and tribulation and poverty (but thou art rich), and I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

    “I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.” Revelation 3:9

  80. ONTIME

    I wonder if the National guard the left has employed will need to take a pledge while kneeling to the new regime?????

  81. SummerSong

    Thank you so much Greg. This was a profound message for a profound unimaginable time. I see this as a war between good and evil. These creatures are not just atheists, they are satanic. Praying through LOVE of what we DO want is more powerful that out of fear of what we don’t want. But yes, Pray, Pray, Pray.
    And Greg, it was very helpful for you to send an email as a reminder. I wouldn’t mind if you continued doing that. Blessings to you and All.

  82. Reinaldo Lopez

    Thanks for the update Greg. Was just a matter of time I’m sure you already knew this. Keep your head up, We the People Will Overcome! We hope that Trump actually builds his own social platform as he mentioned in one of his speeches.

  83. Terry Garrett

    Thank you for posting this Greg. Was worried because I didn’t see WNW on Friday.

  84. Jim

    Sorry you were banned Greg but you’re in good company and should wear it like a badge of honor. God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference. While I love our President and love what he’s tried to do for this country, I voted for him because of three words he spoke at the beginning. “Drain the Swamp”! The swamp being the upper echelons of our Military, Banks, Congress (both parties), Media and Intelligence. God’s hand is on Donald J Trump and I hope he also has 70+ million prayers backing him too. President Trump has turned the light on the dark forces and I just pray the American people are finally waking up. They do not care about us. God bless you Greg. Keep the faith.

  85. Paul ...

    “The United States is in a State of War” … it’s an undeclared war by “a commie” adversary (China) who released a bio-weapon against us … and it is “total war” to the death of “the very basic principles of free speech” … and all our other freedoms … that form the very core and foundation of our Constitutional Republic!!

  86. Maria+das+Santos

    Well done Mr Hunter independence from the slavery of the big tech Satanists. I am well aware the next trap is our very money stop paying electronically for our demise lies firmly in their grasp.
    I am escaping to others to avoid the propaganda anyone advertising on the propaganda networks are not receiving any money from me or mine again.

  87. JC

    ‘As Tech Companies Purge Users, Here Are Some Alternatives’

    Video Posting and Viewing Alternatives to YouTube – This is an open source, blockchain-based, decentralized digital content sharing protocol. That means anyone can use it to build apps that allow peer to peer sharing of digital content. But the main selling feature is or which facilitate the video sharing and viewing portions of the platform. Unlike Youtube, you have ultimate control over your own content. – Mike Adams, the creator of Natural News, started this video hosting website as a free speech alternative after he was repeatedly censored on YouTube and other social media.

  88. VegasRob

    Please move to Brighteon or Rumble for your video content.
    Also please create a account.

    God Bless Always

  89. Gabtriel Valdés

    God bless you dear Greg.

  90. JC

    It is one thing to write what Socrates is forecasting about the decline and fall of the United States and Western Society and something entirely different when one must watch that forecast unfold day by day. This speech of Mr. Collins was spot on. Pelosi simply hates Trump and was more eager to ensure that she did her best to try to destroy his image, his business, and she called upon her Social Media co-conspirators to shut down all comment that supported Trump or was anti-Democratic.

  91. Roxana

    Thank you for all your work. God bless you Greg!

  92. Roddey Harel

    Shalom Greg, just keep all videos here, we don’t need to go to YouTubeeee. Keep Faith and obedience in God and YeShua and Trust that HE is always faithful. This concept will be the ONLY thing that gets Believers thru the times that are here now and will get tougher as the days/weeks come.

  93. Gordon

    Thanks, Greg. Crazy times. All institutions have been compromised. Thanks for all you do and have done Greg. Buckle up folks, turbulence ahead.

  94. Katherine

    Hello Greg, I just wanted to let you know that I watch your videos every week, because you are one of my father’s favorite commentators, so keeping up with your weekly updates makes me feel closer to him. I’m glad to see you are doing ok, all things considered. I know this is a very difficult time for anyone who is not happy with the current state of politics, but I’d like to add my voice to the choir saying we should all have faith, trust God, and fear not. Wishing you all the best. Take care!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this!

  95. Oxfarmer

    Thanks for the leadership Godward during these last few weeks. Try, now, to rest in the Lord, like the weaned child in the Psalm. Yes, pray, but resting in Him is also an act of faith, a sign of certainty that He is “firmly in control”. May God just soak you in His peace and blessings.

  96. Jane Reynolds

    Greg, you area complete hero as a truth teller. YouTube is digging their own grave. All these social media companies are going to be slapped down in such a huge way. Keep on being just the channel you are. God bless you and all patriots worldwide.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jane!

  97. Red

    Greg everyone is moving to Rumble, if it wasn’t for the math/physics/trade and jazz videos i wouldn’t watch YT at all. I hope people are right about the possible state of emergency/foreign interference we’ll have to wait and see. Loved the Bo and Amanda Grace show really hes’ my favorite with Catherine Austin fitts and of course Bill Holter. God bless and love from Australia.

  98. You have the U.S. Congress, you have the U.S. Senate, you have 50 State Governors, you have 50 State Attorney Generals and the 50 Secretaries of State, you have Judges in both State, Federal and Administrative Courts, all criminals, murder, child trafficking, dismembering bodies, unauthorized cremations, you name it they are doing the crime. You have former Presidents and those defacto officers and Defacto Offices are all criminals that have no valid oath of office, they have no bonds or insurance to cover the damages and injuries they have done to the American people, children, seniors and there is only one solution when it comes to criminals. You have to arrest them all, it doesn’t matter what party it is just one private political party and they are all criminals. You have to arrest them all, you have to charge them all, you have to have military tribunals and try them. When people, State actors, Federal actors officers commit crime they waive their rights. Yes they waived their rights as soon as they committed the crime, aided and abetted the crime, covered up the crime. Election fraud with foreign powers interfering and aided and abetted by Secretaries of State, Corporate Governors is a crime by their overt acts. They knowingly, willfully and voluntarily participated in the crime so they have waived their rights. The above color of law actors have no valid oaths of office. So the easiest way to describe the conditions is this, the above criminals operate in what I call the bankrupt democracy. The above color of law actors have nothing, zero to do with the republic and the reason they have nothing to do with the republic is the republic is organized under a constitution, rule of law and it is a government that is by the people for the people. The above color of law actors are defacto, public pretenders, not lawful. The democracy is defacto. The republic is dejure. The reason they operate outside that republic is because over in the republic is accountability, people actually go to prison at the penitentiary or receive the death penalty depending on the crimes. I am in Iowa. Terry Brandstad is a former corporate governor and good friends with the Chinese Leader. They are what you call in bed together. Terry Brandstad is a former corporate governor of State of Iowa, a corporation. The territorial Capitol is still in Iowa City, Iowa and they use it to go out into the territory to plunder the people daily . If God sent a tornado out tomorrow and wiped out the territorial Capitol, the corporation scumbags of State and Federal Government would be done injuring, harming and damaging the people. The fraud fest would be over. It is the same in Nebraska, the corporation Capitol is in Stinkin Lincoln, Nebraska. The territorial Capitol of Nebraska is in Omaha hidden inside another building. A school. If God ends a tornado out and wipes out the territorial Capitol the satanic corporation styled as State of Nebraska would be drained of its power to go out into the territory and child traffic, human traffic, murder, plunder. The only solution is arrests of the entire nation. There is no way around it. It is China and the CCP that needs the guns confiscated as well as corporations that want the people defenseless to their attacks. For President Trump it is now or never. So I support whatever Presidential power that Donald Trump decides to execute to arrest the crimes that are massive and widespread. It literally is a corrupt defacto State and Federal group of devious and ruthless public pretenders and their cohorts. The entire private political group is all guilty, some for failing to report crimes which is misprision of felony.

    • Randy+Best

      The US is following exactly in the footsteps of the Roman Empire. We are in terminal decline.

  99. Laura

    Good morning Greg, I always listen to you and have for a long time. You do great work! Thank you. I am wondering have you thought about Bitchute or Rumble. I am praying for you always. God bless and bring peace upon your house.

  100. Virginia Conway

    Greg, Thank you so much for being who you are in providing all the clear & precise information that you do for us…. The only thing Biden won on the political roulette wheel was to be the first appointed president in the first most corrupt election in the history of the USA. .. The card the lady sent you of Jesus is most beautiful and speaks multi-dimensionally. God be with you, your family, and all of us!

  101. Bob the Blessed

    Dear Saint Patriot Greg,

    Once again you are showing your true colors.

    And they are red, white, and blue!

    Bless you!

    Brother Bob

  102. fred finger

    Liar Lindsey Graham Called Out For Failing To Hold Deep State Accountable, Subpoena Hunter Biden January 17th 2021
    Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, appears to have simply ran out the clock till Joe Biden could be sworn in

  103. Roger Kassebaum

    Thank you for sending this announcement Greg! Am with you all the way.

  104. Ranlar

    Perhaps your guests should just quote US Debt They list the gold to dollar ratio in 1913 at $28.16, today they list the dollar to gold ratio at $33,876.00. The silver ratio in 1913 was $2.66. The silver ratio today $4,703.00. If you look at the source of their figures they state the CBO or the Congressional Budget Office. The point being; really what difference does it make if the dollar ratio is $10K, 15K, 30K, or 100K? It’s toast. Only a blind fool can’t see what’s going down. I have read all of Rickards’s books; however, I can’t recall if Rickards said in a book or interview the following: I use the figure $15,000.00 gold because if I stated the real number, I would lose all credibility.

    As I posted last week, if Biden and the Cronies take office, you and most of your guests will be declared financial terrorists. The economists I read are generally of the Austrian School of Economics. What’s the difference if they state their opinions in books as opposed to a posted interview? The next logical step for the Deep State is to ban certain books; not outright, but through major corporate booksellers like the weasels at Amazon and Audible. By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy. That’s a quote from the World Economic Forum. God help us all.
    Read it and weep;

  105. Peter from the Netherlands


    I told you before: USA is a BANANA republic.

    Who killed JFK?



    • Paul from Indiana

      Peter, at least a Banana Republic has bananas! All of ours are imported from Central America! We are becoming Cuba without the nice weather. Best always. PM

      • Paul ...

        And Bribe’n is going to import 11 million more “monkeys to be put on our backs” to eat those bananas!!

  106. Adam Giessler

    I have always used your website –
    I love the picture of Jesus standing on the water from the perspective of someone under the water!! It makes you think.
    Fear not – Jesus is in charge!
    I am thankful for truth-tellers like you!

  107. Self+Exiled

    Earlier this week, Cooper mobilized about 550 National Guard personnel. About 350 will help in Raleigh for possible violent protests while the rest will go to Washington to assist with the inaugural events.

  108. Self+Exiled

    Us Dollar news or demise concerns.

  109. Michael


    been watching you for years from UK – suggest you reach out to – crowd funding alternative to YT. Bet you would get a warm welcome for sure.

    All the best


  110. Rainer Laakso

    bitchute is great

  111. John Henry

    Martin Armstrong is not credible everybody always talks about gold and silver going through the roof $10,000 this $5,000 that I keep trying to tell you it won’t happen it won’t happen they were change the money they will have to repudiate fed notes and bonds to some degree RI proportion and the treasury come out with their own money like JFK tried to do

  112. Self+Exiled

    I have seen the hungry and the poor and these don’t look it. In fact some live in my neighborhood, thin, sometimes no slippers, hardly any clothes on, walking slow because their weak, sunken eyes, no eye contact. Look at he front row. They look healthier than I do.

    • JC

      Self Exiled,
      Yes, it’s all staged. Ready made “migrant group” well dressed, well groomed, looking “free stuff.”

  113. Keith+wilson

    Well Greg the pendulum has swong full circle. Back in 1940 anyone who spoke out against Nazi Germany was arrested and deported to a concentration camp. Jews and such where gassed and turned to ash. Well in Biden’s usa which is controlled by Jewish interests and Jewish financial bankers anyone who speaks the truth will end up silenced and arrested and deported to an re-education camp. Do not worry about being alone in the shower room. Greg mannerino will be joining you.

  114. H.G. Barnes

    Hi Greg,

    Many people, such as John B. Wells and Jerome Corsi , are on CLOUTHUB that’s clout hub. It’s a sort of FB, YT and Twitter in on one service. Something to think about and look into.

    H.G. Barnes

  115. al

    Please get away from YouBoob. Close out and proceed with real video platforms.
    Dailymotion? That’s not a proper video platform, it’s full of porn and crazy content. Try Brighteon owned and run by Patriots and a more proper content platform.

    Why is Krumala’s holding on to the Senate seat?
    20,000+ National Guard TROOPS in DC during a possible transition, is this normal? Talks of a “virtual inauguration” .. again.. is this normal?

    We had extended election issues before but this one takes the cake! It smacks of extreme fear on the side of the evildoers. I see no “biden sign lib-tard” is out dancing in the street in my neighborhood, and there are quite a few. They actually look very concerned. What gives?

    I’LL TELL YOU WHAT GIVES! THIS ELECTION WAS NOTHING LESS THAN A TREASONOUS CRIMINAL FRAUD AND THEY KNOW IT ! If this fraud is allowed to go on the World (not only the US) will revolt.

  116. Doreen Remsen

    Dearest Greg Sadly this was to be expected however I was thrilled to receive your email notification & I will come to your website daily to check for articles & updates Many other truthful reporters have been struck & dumped as well I will tell my New York prayer family because many of them follow your work as well I am part of Strike Force of Prayer We pray via conference call We were very small but the Spirit is moving & I’ve seen our New York family blossom! And we join with other states as well Yes only the Father can fix this & many are returning to Him Praise Him! The Lord gave our prayer family a Scripture Psalm 75 “I choose the appointed time;It is I who judge with equity” I read that Psalm often especially when my heart breaks & I cry at what I see going on Yet through it all my spirit is at peace & that’s His gift to all of us. Thank you again for being a patriot & a soldier for truth I will hold USA Watchdog & you up in my prayers & will ask my prayer family to do the same May His grace protection & peace be with you & your family always 🙏

  117. Glen

    Interesting interview with Glenn Greenwald that gave me som additional insight into why the news seems so controlled. See what you think.

  118. Luke Trader

    Greg. I will follow your comment wherever you go. Keep doing what you do, you are needed and you are loved.

  119. CJ

    I’ve contacted my county Republican headquarters with a request that my name be removed from the Republican Party registration. A good name is worth more than silver or gold and I do not want my name to be soiled by association with the Republican Party.

  120. Marc Edwards

    I can agree with those who say Greg start a Patreon account. I am with one there and all that is asked is one dollar per month paid for 12 months at one shot. No big deal. We get your news and support you reasonably.

  121. Jerry

    This is much bigger than the election theft. It’s about a global economic reset that has been in the works for over fifty years.
    Agenda 21 will officially launch on January 25th.

    All of the false flag events going forward will be used to put us in a police state to accomplish their goals. Loyal America loving citizens have now become domestic terrorist. People refusing to take the vaccines will be mocked as uncaring homophobes. You must show a covid ( certificate of vaccination ID ) to get on a plane. On….and…on…and on. Agenda 21 is here.

    Greg, I agree with you about prayer. Lucifer will have his time, but it will not end well for him, or his followers. I predict that Agenda 21 and the reset will fail, and when it does the world will fall into a state of utter chaos the likes that have never been seen before. The collaborators of this disaster will turn on each other, and the world will be on the brink of total destruction. It will be about that time that the lord Jesus Christ will return. He made this world, and he is the only one that has the power to destroy it. If you are right with Jesus Christ, it will be a happy day. If you are not, it’s going to be a bad day at black rock. Get your spiritual house in order.

  122. Robert

    Greg… I appreciate your voice and your attempts to spread the Truth. Pray, indeed, but realize that what is unfolding is God’s judgement on this Failed State (we are already a “godless state” and have been for most of my life).
    Hundreds of millions of innocent deaths and destroyed lives in country and out – abortions, illegal wars abroad and on our own citizens (War on Drugs – and, now, War on Domestic Terrorism), bankster and corporatist looting of the peasantry, declining living standards and health of all here… Every, EVERY institution in this lunatic asylum is corrupt. There is no justice in the land – from local county right up to the Supremes.
    Pray for forgiveness and godly leaders going forward, but Trump is and was a flawed person like everyone who makes it into high office in this kleptocracy.
    Thanks for what you do, but it is time to get over the Donald.

  123. Joshua Porter

    Hello Greg, thanks for letting me know about the new video. I really appreciate the advice to pray. Youtube can burn in hell.

  124. Thomas Moylan

    Greg, I looked for you yesterday on youtube, I go there explicitly for your content as you are the only one left on youtube that I support. I’m a supporter of you and want one thing of you, take your own advice and take peace in that
    This is big but God is bigger and truth will out. There is no subtlety left in our enemies and there was never honor nor honesty. We know. We will prevail.

  125. Rock

    Thanks Greg….this worked great….look up, for our redemption draws near

  126. Paul ...

    Four(4) people die at the Capital and they want to impeach Trump … all these people die … … and Gates, Fauci and Big Pharma are praised to high heaven and given Trillions of dollars by “our Representatives” who shut down our economy … put everyone out of work … requiring people to sell their farms to survive (to Bill Gates) … and “our representatives” are now afraid that people with guns are showing up at State Capitals asking questions???

  127. Kit Cain

    Well, Greg; you finally got the ultimate stamp of approval: rejection from the Technocrats and Liberals!
    Never fear!!! We are with you ’til the last bit and byte has passed through the wires of technology!
    Take a well-earned rest while us Trumpers trump the lawless.

    Kit Cain
    Semper Fi!

  128. Paul C.

    You could post also on Rumble as it is where Newsmax, NTD, Americas Voice and other patriots like Devin Nunes post.

  129. Paul C.

    You can post on Rumble where a lot of patriots post their videos.

  130. John Pick

    God Bless and protect you and yours Greg for your tireless efforts to speak the truth.

  131. Mickey

    Jeff Gundlach a month ago questioned the Pfizer vaccine 95% efficacy. The video he had on twitter is gone. I do not know why it was gone, perhaps its my controls and security. The way he said it he could have been saying it did not pass the smell test.

    But if twitter is messing with what Gundlach opines, the guy is a rather big bond manager. I am a little fish in the pond.

    What next. I will mention this. Many of my friends and family have put me on ignore due to my “outlandish” views such as we are going into too much debt and this will not end well. While more and more are seeing it, more and more they have no place to go to verify the issues.

    The news, as it is, is now a constant one way barrage. Now right or wrong, any other “news” is supressed or ridiculed. Even entertainment TV is now loaded with subtle and not so subtle messages. I watch tv with the grandkids and the social messages are all over those shows.

    This website is a call it as they see it operation run by Gregg.

  132. Bob Clayton

    Hi Greg,we all knew these days were coming, Frank Zappa ” When the cost of prosperity becomes to much,they will remove the curtains at the front of the theatre to reveal a brick wall “, saturation of debt has killed the economy and those at the top are not prepared to take the hit,in terms of loss of power and ” wealth ” . Accountability,Freedon of Speech and the rule of law is totally against any of their rules so they try to lock everyone down with covid,knowing if they re-open the economy 80% has gone and the other 20% is just Government Ponzi.The Truth is to dangerous to be told and you are the truth,be proud of that and do not doubt yourself.The future is ours courtesy of the big man who always has been in charge as we will see shortly.All the best to you,brother …. Bob.

  133. Darlene

    I read that Biden has criminal charges against him in Ukraine. Now, that’s a president we can be proud of! That does fit into the picture that we are seeing now of how much of a banana republic our country has become. You are right, Greg. Only God can fix this. It seems to me that as we pushed God farther out of the public picture, the downward slide progressed. Thanks for what you do.

  134. andyb

    I think by now that it is fairly obvious the the CCP was in on the election fraud. Perhaps indirectly for suborning or bribing swing state governors and others. Certainly in Georgia. Look at all the CCP sycophants being made part of the new administration. Look for labelling all gun owners as domestic terrorists and a national security threat. Massive false flag at all capitols on inauguration day. Shots will be fired; people killed. Reminiscent of the OKC bombing false flag. All a prelude to shred the 2nd Amendment.
    Watch and learn.
    Greg: I always go directly to your website; you are forever embedded on my wallpaper.
    Thanks for all you are trying to accomplish

  135. Paul ...

    The Deep State eugenicists who want to abort and kill our children … want to suffocate the few children that happen to survive … … these Deep State eugenicists likely did rat experiments … and found that rats with masks on could not navigate a maze as well as rats without a mask on … which is very useful … if you want to keep a population dumbed down and under control … as they will have less ability to concentrate … think if Isaac Newton was wearing a mask when that apple hit him on the head … he would have invented calculus and the laws of gravity? … or simply fixed his mask on his face … and gone back to sleep??

  136. GenEarly

    Well, “IF” something doesn’t “Pop” soon, We will be getting “Popped”.
    FIB now “busy” checking out the background of Nat’l Guard Troops deployed in DC for “subversives”.

  137. John Reynolds

    Greg, I watch you all the time on YouYube. I’m an American living with my Russian wife in Moscow. Your player says this, and I’d have to guess that the English translation would be that “it will not play in your country” – Соединение сброшено. So I must, with regret, miss it(((

    • Paul from Indiana

      Go directly to the website: That’s what I do and have always done. You’ll miss nothing. Greg archives everything. Best always. PM

  138. John Dlugosz

    Thank you and God bless you for what you are doing to keep us informed and thank you for your part in doing Gods work for our nation and all citizens. I will be watching you from now on via your website and sharing your website with my friends and family. Keep the faith, we are all standing against evil in high places. And with Gods help we are going to fight the good fight and see one more period of grace for our nation for Gods glory.

  139. Chris

    Greg, Good stuff, as usual. I remain hopeful, am praying, and trying to stay positive. Are the troops prison guards or protectors? What about Trump’s family? General Flynn is 100% confident Trump will be President the next four years, but has not given us the playbook, which is good! But it makes the game more uncertain. Praying like never before!

  140. Paul ...

    Remember when you were a little baby and your Mother used to kiss you (without a mask on) how happy you were? … babies and little children now see their Mother behind a mask and don’t get kissed anymore … all carefully thought out by the evil ones … who don’t want children to call their Mothers “Mom” … they do not want children to identify emotionally with other humans … they want children to call their Mothers “that women” so that when the Deep State executes their Mother for standing up for her God given Constitutional rights … the child will simply say they “they killed that women who would not obey orders” and not get all emotional about it!!

  141. Jerry

    It’s like 1933 Germany.

    If Biden gets inaugurated, he will order a hard lockdown followed by a complete take down of the alternate media. That’s what totalitarian governments do. And the arrest will begin. Pray for deliverance.

    • JC

      G.A. STEWART:
      As I wrote five-years ago, Trump would be deposed from the throne and The Progressive Left would come to power. Biden’s appointment with the throne will be short-lived, and I suspect that we will see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama return to the world stage very soon. The corrupt American Generals and Admirals will get their wars and then get to learn a very hard lesson about honor and duty.

      January 12, 2021
      Russia & US Are Building Up Their Forces In Syria Ahead Of Biden Inauguration

    • Warren B.

      There have been sufficient warnings about what would become of the ALT-MEDIA.
      Greg said on many occasions that the CCP (as an example) was the ONE who banned freedom of speech (amongst many other communist /oppressive agendas) when it didn’t agree with the official narrative. NOT HERE IN THE GOOD OL US OF A. AND YET…we still had our privilege…alas no longer is that the case…… here we all are!
      It is the very realization of what we have become.
      Not so fanciful to anticipate what to expect next….as Conspiracy Fact.
      Sad times and a Darker World in which we all live.

  142. James Hastings

    I am a Vet and Patriot. But first, I’m a christian. A Bible based, not a denominational christian, big difference. Everybody wants to believe…..OH, God really likes us. He will intervene.

    Maybe God has judged us and found us corrupt. Maybe we collapse for our sins.

    “But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God. And your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear”…..Isaiah 59:2

  143. Skip Havely

    Your video played flawlessly on Monday morning for me. Thank you for your continued efforts to get the TRUTH out to as many people as possible. I will now be watching all of your broadcasts on Praying for our Country more than ever. Taking comfort knowing that God is firmly in control.

  144. Christopher Duncan

    I’m still on Windows XP and can’t view the video. Any suggestions?

    • Greg Hunter

      Use a different browser or upgrade. So sorry Christopher.

    • Rodster

      A 21 year old Windows operating system? Get with the times man. Windows 10 so advanced and if you don’t like Windows there’s Linux which is free. My favorites are Linux Mint which looks a lot like Windows or openSUSE.

    • Paul ...

      I can’t watch the video either … can only read the comments!!

  145. Jim Kuzdal

    “Call to me and I will answer” — Jeremiah 33:3 NIV
    “fervent prayer…avails much.” — James 5:16 KJV
    • Prayer changes things
    • Prayer makes a difference

  146. Dan

    I hope you consider using GAB. Their platform is far better than Twatter could ever be, and they have a video platform built in. It will be around far longer than Parler and Rumble which I cannot verify my account because I don’t have a phone nor care to share personal info. GAB does not require this and have their own servers. The POTUS is already on GAB. Parler using the CIA’s servers via Amazon is just stupid.
    Keep up the great work Greg, what you do and do well is fantastic on so many levels.

  147. Daryl

    Hi Greg, I guess it is time to move your channel off youtube and on bitchute or some other platform that does not sensor.

  148. Steve Bice

    On vaccines. I know better than to ask for medical advice, and I am not doing so here. But, I have a “position” and would like the educated audience here to weigh in. Feel free to trash it or tear it apart. I am seeking information through dialog. Put “my personal opinion” in front of everything.

    I have a young son living with us who is a front line grocery worker. He is an adult (24) and can make his own decisions. He is very “trusting” of all things technological, is very computer savvy and moderately liberal. He is, of course, very pro-vaccine, and plans to get it when it becomes available.

    My position is that if he insists on getting the vaccine, he should at all costs avoid getting the mRNA vaccines, and wait for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which is single dose, and appears to be based on more traditional and tested technologies.

    Any thoughts or information about the coming Johnson and Johnson vaccine?

    Thinking and praying for all of you as a we approach these potentially historic next few days…

  149. Ralph Wetzel

    Greg I wish you would just dump youtube and go to Rumble or something. stop supporting these clowns that don’t even care for others.
    Anyone that does continue to go there they should all be using Brave browser or an adblocker in any other browser and just donate directly to the Author of the video’s

  150. Chloe M.

    Amen. This is a spiritual battle. God bless us all.

  151. Paul ...

    The reason Stan does not need to look at charts is because he deals with banksters all the time … and knows gold will be pushed down by the banksters to make their money printing seem like no big deal … now the banksters at the ECB have called for Bitcoin to be similarly regulated … these banksters want to keep control of “what the people consider money” (as it gives them great power and total control over politicians and hence the entire population)!! … these banksters are now saying: “There must be total regulation as to what is considered money at a global level” … effectively stating “we can’t allow the people any means of escape” … and although gold provides a better refuge for dissidents then crypto currency as it is a tier one asset … “we should continue to de-platform both of them from our current fake fiat financial services and Ponzi institutions or we will lose our control over the people”!!

  152. Jeff

    Greg, you might try to Mark Dice pig Latin maneuver. He says they machine process the sound looking for forbidden words. I’ve been watching only at your site but wondering if you still get the hits and compensation from the dirtbags at YT. Be well, many thanks, and God bless you, sir.

  153. Mike J

    It is looking more and more like the only question to be resolved is what kind of civil strife we will have. Not whether or not civil strife will take place. If President Trump invokes a last minute martial law to combat the result of the fraudulent election then we will almost immediately be plunged into some sort of civil war. If President Trump does nothing and Biden actually gets in, then some sort of strife will take place later as Biden and company implement an agenda which is totally antithetical to everything this country was founded on. Lots of prayer is definitely in order.

  154. A+Jones

    Somebody up in DC is really running scared. I am a ham radio operator and just saw this notice from the FCC:
    I remember years ago I was talking on ham radio to a young Russian on Antarctica named Victor. He was a young dude and was very friendly and I enjoyed talking to him. Suddenly Victor disappeared and later I asked another Russian from the station where Victor was because I had not heard him lately. I said Victor is a very nice and friendly guy. The Russian replied: “Yea, he was a little too nice and friendly.” My how times change!
    I have mentioned before that I am a Civil War buff. If you know the history of that period you can see what is unfolding in perspective. First, John Brown’s raid to incite a race war the equivalent to the present day Capitol incident. Then came the division of territory by the two factions which is happening now as evidenced by the above link. Go to your corners gentlemen and at the bell come out fighting as they say in boxing. Then the separation argument over Federal property which was Fort Sumter that will play out today over who controls the communication links. Then Lincoln calling for 75,000 troops to invade and stop the rebellion which is the real event that sparked the fighting. I was reading this morning that the FBI is interviewing the National Guard troops in DC to test their political sympathies. This is a farce if I ever saw one. Set back and watch History unfold. “As you sow so shall you reap.” “He who ignores the lessons of history must suffer the pain of reliving them.”

  155. Rick

    Greg, It is difficult to find a honest reporter, I’ m glad I and we have you………

  156. Ram

    Trump did nothing to protect free speech nor did he attempt to drain the Swamp. Didn’t even try get Hillary indicted by appointing a special prosecutor with that specific task like he promised. The result? Trump gets the election stolen from him, and patriots are purged and canceled everywhere. The chicken has come home to roost.

    • Paul ...

      The chicken has gone home to roost!!

      • Paul ...

        And he left Assange and Snowden to die along with the rest of his supporters!!

  157. rodney

    DO not attend the massive rallies this week. It is a totally deep state and antifa. fueled black flag event. Pelosi and friends have already written a 1900+ pages long PATRIOT ACT PART 2. Sweetly called the INSURRECTION ACT. It allows narrowing free speech rights. It restricts gatherings and rights to assemble. It requires isolation of “presumed” terrorists. Especially maga folks?
    And of course, mandatory gun “buyback” programs. They are using the Black flag rally next week so they can rush their handcrafted INSURRECTION ACT through Congress as soon as possible. Denounce these rallies beforehand. Spread the word. Let them know we know their plan.

  158. andrea van de Kleut

    greg , there is they now also have GAB.TV there you can post and be hosted free of censorships! check it out! I am on and follow you and post your vid’s on there and from there.

  159. Rick

    I do not see how a civil war can possible be won unless the military was split between good and evil. The split might be more true than anyone could imagine at the present time. But, as one financial reporter used to say, Ed Hart in the 1980’s, “in the fullness of time we will know.”

  160. William Lester

    TY Greg 👍🙏✌️

  161. Rick

    Check out Steve Quayle who states, when and if the Chinese CCP take over America they will KILL every American man, women and child as well as the people who betrayed our country.

    Pray, pray and may God help us.

  162. Sue+Patterson

    Please consider uploading videos to Rumble.

  163. Lisa

    Has anyone noticed that we haven’t seen the President for a while? The last short video about 5 days ago was a bit odd with a fake background. I hope he’s holed up somewhere safe but it’s a little concerning. Pence has been handling most of the troop communications and things he would normally do. Curious…

  164. JW

    The USA will officially be history when they swear Biden in. As far as the next 4 years, or 8 years, or 80 years go under globalism we know what their agenda is for the most part. Instead of spending time and energy worrying about what they are up to, we should be focusing on what we need to do. Whining, barking, itching, bitching, hoping and wishing aren’t gonna accomplish anything. It’s time to write off the nation and do what we can to preserve our states. It’s time to talk secession. Anything less is inadequate.

  165. Doug

    Go to bit-chute
    You-tube, Twitter, facebook, google, etc. etc. etc., will be no more in the coming months, or ruled by the LAW rather than people trying to engineer a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and Thought Control Propaganda.
    Good luck Greg. You do a great service, I hope you can survive this.
    “Trust the Plan, Trust God, and Trust yourself”.

  166. Kevin Reed

    Thanks Greg for the mirror.
    God Speed

  167. Paul ...

    The economic and plandemic policies of Demon-ratic Blue states have failed miserably and the Demon-rats living in these Blue States are now moving to Red States … where they know taxes will be lower (Bribe’n is now going to let in 11 million more illegal aliens who will settle in the Blue States and require additional support) … but these Demon-rats (who voted for Bribe’n) “should be denied access to the Red States” because “they should be made to bear the consequences of their commie beliefs” … these Demon-rats will never see the error of their ways or become fiscally responsible or vote to remove totalitarian Governors and put a stop to their drastic lock-down measures … unless we stop these Demon-rats parasites attempt “to leech off the success of the fiscally responsible Red States” (only registered Republicans should be allowed to enter) … is this selective action and a violation of the US Constitution? … Yes … but under the Demon-rats “the Constitution is meaningless piece of paper” (we don’t have the right to free speech, or the right to bear arms to protect our homes, etc., etc. … so let the Demon-rats take their case “to their inconsequential do nothing Supreme Court” (but remember … if Red States do not have standing in the Demon-rat Supreme Court how can a case even be brought against them for acting selectively)!!

    • Paul ...

      There must be “No More Mr. Nice Guy” … we must mark all the Demon-rats (by tattooing a big D on their foreheads) … this will make it easier for us to deny them access to the Red States … any Demon-rats trying to escape from New York or California and move to a Red State “need to be caught and sent back” to their “commie” home States to pay the taxes “they inflicted upon themselves”!!

  168. Larry Huber

    Can closed captioning be added to future videos?

  169. Matt

    Lord, help us restore the Republic to follow the lead of our Founders as put forth within The Constitution of the United States. Forgive your followers for our sins and provide the enlightenment needed for all Americans to ensure the way back to our home of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We thank you for your infinite wisdom and unselfish sacrifice for us. Amen.

  170. Mickey

    just for the record, this is directly from the CDC:
    scroll down to just before table 3–where the CDC is reporting just 6% of the ~400,000 deaths thus far attributed to COVID are just covid,and that on average, those dying from this also had 2.9 co-morbitdities and of course 80% are over age 86.
    I submit this to call out MSM for creating an environment where people are screaming at folks like us for minimizing deaths when we challenge anything or, like Gregg, being censored.

    It is definitely not the America I grew up it, more like the Soviet Union and Russia we laughed at.

  171. Mario

    Hey Greg
    I hope all is well my friend.
    Don’t lose hope!
    God has this one way or another!!!
    Can you shut off the comment moderation so that we can use this as a way to chat?
    Gab isn’t loading. I don’t use twitter anymore and Parler is down.
    That was your followers can comment on things they’ve heard etc

  172. Silver Gem

    Greg, thank you for your valiant efforts to keep going and keep us informed! Your work is greatly appreciated. God is in control and evil will be defeated. Big Tech will pay for their sins against the people. Keep the faith. May God bless you, your family and the U.S.A. !!

  173. Dianthus

    Greg, use Bitchute and let all the rest be. We do not need them…

  174. Paul ...

    In the old days America would go to battle across the world and make it safe and free … now … it is up to the world “to free America” and give us back the rights we once had!! …

  175. BDS

    Hi Greg,
    I can’t see all our concerns not being addressed before the greatest President departs office. If we get the Emergency Broadcast System activated prior to inauguration and President Trump Speaks to the people expect all our concerns about fraud, criminal activities, pedophilia, foreign and domestic crimes will be addressed . TRUMP WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT!!!!

  176. Claude

    I love your show Greg and never miss an episode. I am not sure how we think God will help us, however. With the consent of both parties in Washington, we have had nearly 20 years of invading foreign countries, killing men, women, and children; blowing up weddings and funerals, bombing hospitals, and machine gunning ambulances, and torturing our prisoners. How will God forgive this and help us at this point? Other people on this earth love their children just as much as we love ours.
    What favors does God owe us at this juncture?

    • Paul ...

      God owes us the end of evil America (make it go bankrupt) … and within 3 days resurrect a new good America … that reaffirms our Constitution as provided by our Founding Fathers!!

      • Mario

        Hey Paul

        God doesn’t owe us anything.

        • Paul ...

          Mario … I was implying that God gave us Bribe’n “to purposely make America go bankrupt” … sort of like doing a Sodom and Gomorrah on us (without dropping nukes on our cities) although the Deep State may try to do exactly that … so they can impose total nationwide Marshall Law and take away our guns!!

        • Bobby

          Which God is everybody talking about? Everybody says there is only one and all are capitalized, the one I was taught that the ONE God is Jehovah. He drowned everyone except a few of Noah’s clan and then repopulated the Earth by incest.

          Surely, he at least owes us not to MURDER everyone again. He at least owes us that much.

          • wayne hardin

            I never read that his sons wife’s were their sisters .

      • wayne hardin

        God is getting ready to give us what we are owed .
        It is called judgement .

  177. michael black

    i also go to usa watchdog.God bless you greg.I can’t believe whats happening to our beloved country. I am so depressed right now after seeing the brazen corruption.If trump throws in the towel we are all targets of the left which they have already stated.I have been praying blood, so is this also abandonment of GOD?

  178. Gerald Hammond

    You say “God” needs to get involved to turn this around. What makes you think “God” isn’t involved in installing Biden for judgement on this country? How many countries has this government installed fraudulent leaders in? I hope, somehow, Trump stays in; however, it may be our time to taste our own medicine. How many infants has this country sacrificed to Baal internally and around the world? As an aside, The Fate of Nations by Sir John Glubb seems to indicate we are on borrowed time. I kind of hate to nitpick but if you’re going to include the Most High in your videos. His name isn’t “God”. God is germanic and indicates something that is cast, like an idol. His name is Elohim. There is no “Jesus”. His name is Yeshua.

    • Mario

      Hey Gerald

      Very good points sir.

      I’m Trusting in Elohim and Yeshua!

    • Rich M

      Is Yeshua the same as Jehovah?

  179. Paul ...

    Those of us (who use the brains God gave us) know full well that China put Bribe’n into office … just as we know the head of security at the White House was given orders by Pelosi and Schumer to allow Antifa into the Capital to plant pipe bombs … but because the Deep State couldn’t take the chance he would keep his mouth shut … he was immediately suicided!! …

  180. William Blais

    Thanks Greg for letting me know.

  181. Lazlo

    Tuesday, January 19, 2021 is:


    God WINS!

  182. iwitness02

    The world has changed so much in the past year.
    One way or another, it will continue to change.
    I can’t predict what we are about to see.
    It is probably a good bet that whatever we see
    will be either super good or super bad.
    Everyone I know is talking about “What happens next?”
    I have friends in France and they say everyone there has
    their eyes on the election in the USA.
    This is probably the most watched election in history.

  183. Kenneth long

    Hang in there Greg
    It is tough everywhere

    The whole world already knows the USA government is a fraud

    There is a very good chance Texas will secede
    Many other states will follow

    Time to get and stay tough
    Keep standing

  184. Dennis Burton

    I will continue following you, Greg. Wherever you go, I’ll seek your reports. Hang in there .

  185. Juanita Pearce

    Thanks for your reports. as long as you anywhere on the internet I will do my best to find your reports.

  186. Chris


    There are many viable YouTube alternatives gaining popularity. They are: Odysee, LBRY, Rumble, Bitchute, and the newest one is by Mike Adams of Natural news.

  187. Paul ...

    As Bribe’n prepares to spend Quadrillions … … Gold and Silver will have a big place in the inflation “that is sure to unfold” … but understand Gold and Silver is not “the only solution” … the German hyperinflation ended with a new currency in 1925 “backed by Real Estate” … and guess where Bill Gates is investing his money (Farmland) … if Gates ever tried to invest even a portion of his money into Gold and Silver he would drive their prices to the moon making the banksters his enemy … so for him… it has to be Farmland … Warren Buffet however is putting” some of his cash” into Gold (by buying Gold Stocks) … one thing is certain … inflation is coming and people need to prepare by buying “tier one assets” now to protect themselves (and I don’t consider electronic crypto a tier one asset)!!

    • bobby

      I expect Bill Gates to end up as a lamp post ornament.

  188. Dan Stecjuk

    Well I was band from You Tube for calling out election fraud and the COVID scam which they called hate speech. I hope Trump arrests all of those involved and shuts down BIG tech and the fake news. A black out of the crooked media needs to be silenced. I thought this would have been done before now.

  189. WestcoastDeplorable

    Hi Greg,
    First, thanks for all you do, you’re truly a righteous man and I highly respect you.
    On the U-tube probs, you might also try Bitchute. U-tube isn’t the only game in town (it just pays the best from what I’ve heard).
    Blessings to you & family


    Thank you Greg for everything you do. You are a God send.

  191. Rick

    Greg, consider your ban from YouTube as a red badge of courage. I will follow you where ever you are, but I have been coming to your website for years. Consider Brighteon for your broadcasts.
    Ephesians 5:11
    “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

  192. Rick

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    Pray, Pray, Pray

  193. Robert K


    What comforts me during this awful time for America is Psalm 46:10. Specifically, “Be still and know that I am God.” We will get through this, hopefully coming out on the opposite side better than where we are now. I will keep praying for you, to be the voice for the voiceless, for all of us, and I will continue to pray for America.

    Praying God overturns the egregious and blatant fraud/corruption & evil in the 11th hour.

  194. bill north

    I received an e-mail this morning from”ALC” its the USCG base elizabeth city nc,it is a retraction for an email sent out meant for FLAGLEVEL and SES personell that the country is now in COGCON2, same system was used on 9-11 by bush,removes control from F.E.M.A in the event of emergency and shifts power to White House Military control. My friends still working on base got text messages to acknowledge the text,somebody goofed on base and let the cat out of the bag.Base Commander sent out e-mail to disreguard email.

  195. Mark

    Nazi party book burning party in progress.

  196. Frank Kunkel

    Greg, glad you look a lot better, less haggard….

  197. Eyahna

    Thank you Greg Hunter. I will always tune into

  198. Edwin Meyer

    OK….We exposed the corruption, over the past 4 years, of the FBI, CIA, FISA Courts,(And judges) along with the vindictive hate that has been prevalent from the Dim party and targeted against Trump and anyone who supports him. We have tried fighting them in Congress…We have tried taking our worries and concerns to the courts…and been summarily dismissed… by both entities… We’ve now been told that we have no right to protest…period…. Our concerns have been ignored and scoffed at by the MSM as well as the internet. Our voices are literally NOT HEARD….
    My point is…WHAT AVENUE OF RECOURSE is still available?….”Voting” them out is clearly no longer an option…This election debacle has proven that to be true…So tell me…. WHAT AVENUE OF RECOURSE is still available?

    • Paul ...

      You wait … lock and load … and when they come to drag you and your family off to a concentration camp … you fire directly into the whites of their eyes … and die in a hail of bullets “like a Patriot” … rather then being gassed and cremated “like a coward” … since there are 340 million of us and only about 3 million of them … we have the numbers on our side to defeat the Demon bastards!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Edwin, encourage everyone you know to leave the so-called Republican Party NOW. It is RINO and needs to go. Stop voting. Encourage President Trump to form a new party, the Patriot Party. Band together with Patriot friends and neighbors. It will become apparent what needs to be done. Best always. PM

      • Art Barnes

        My words & thoughts exactly!

  199. Lawrence Bernard Carroll


    Thanks for all your posts. Several around Trump say “big changes coming.” Dave in his 2380b post gives his idea of how this might go down. Hope he is right. God will make it all work out. We should all trust in Him no matter what happens.

  200. Lawrence Carroll


    Thanks for all your posts. Several around Trump say “big changes coming.” Dave in his 2380b post gives his idea of how this might go down. Hope he is right. God will make it all work out. We should all trust in Him no matter what happens.
    God Bless

  201. Thomas Wigand

    01/18/2021 @ 3:04 p,.m EST:

    GAB is offline. I tried on three different browsers, with the same result. Don’t know (yet) if this is a technical issue at its end, or if it is being blocked by the state.

  202. L Leidy

    Greg, with you all the way! no matter where you go
    Also look at the big picture, the gonerment has been currupted for yoars, we just didnt know how bad until Trump showed up and pulled back the curtain and revealed how vast and deep it is.
    consider, how did Trump get elected the first time, the same way he will get elected the second time, The King himself, Jesus !
    YES Pray God almighty PRAY

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “L”!!

  203. Charles Ford

    Greg relax. It si the fourth quarter and we are behind but we have the ball so watch out

  204. Anne

    Greg. Feel free to get on over to brighteoncom if you haven’t done so already. In due time. I am expecting divine intervention to expose and to judge all forms of corruption. It will happen.

  205. Graham Andoe

    Did Cromwell happen? Will history repeat?

  206. jesus_loves_you!

    Greg – Thanks for staying in the game!

  207. Marie+Joy

    Natural News has some BIG news.

    He says the military is there for Military Tribunals.

    Maybe all is NOT lost.

    Forgive me. I’m not computer literate.

    • Warren B.

      Wouldn’t it be a wondrous thing if the Military and the Fortress being built around DC is NOT to KEEP THE UNWANTED OUT…..but to KEEP THE SWAMP CREATURES FROM ESCAPING BEFORE THEY CAN BE TRIED !!! Now that would be the ULTIMATE GAME CHANGER.

      • Self+Exiled

        Maybe that’s why 2000 National Guard were sworn in as US Marshals.

        • Paul ...

          Interesting thoughts … think perhaps they were waiting for Karmala Harris to resign from the Senate before declaring COGCON2 and arresting all the Traitors (working for China)!!

          • Paul ...

            It is time to put the known Demon-rats in our communities on a list … so when the “commies” come into our neighborhoods to arrest people (and take them to detention camps) we won’t don’t go to their aid … only if a Patriot is about to be taken should we go in numbers to their defense … this way our energy will not be dissipated (trying to defend the Demon-rats who voted for the “commie” takeover to begin with)!!

  208. Jeff Richardson

    Hi Greg, looks like a few of us know where to find you. I just wanted you to know I figured you would get the boot, and sure enough, you did, so I came right over. I love
    the political cartoon with all the turncoats lined up with the daggers. It reminds me of
    what happened to Caesar, “You too, Brutus? Yeah, however, there’s a big difference in
    the government. Still, the people that want more Caesar like power have gained too much power, and organized it. Therefore, you are right my friend, we must pray, pray, pray,
    to the living God that ruled then and does now. Yes the Lord of Lords Christ Jesus himself.
    We must however, be as smart as wolves, and gentle as lambs until we figure out what
    our next move will be. I’m not sure of that, but the formation of a strong American Party
    to challenge the current parties, could possibly kill the Republican Party. They would deserve that one. Trump will come up with some good idea, no doubt.
    Ok, that’s enough, just wanted to let you know I with the others am here, and praying.

  209. Marie+Joy

    In the Natural News article, he says it’s on.

    The radical left will shoot out the grid.
    Get your wood stoves going. Get your cords of wood.
    Should I say it again?

  210. Jimm

    I just posted a link to this latest video to Gab and requested to get USAWD some assistance. Hopefully, we can help through this de-platform. As you know Greg, God wins!

  211. RussieBear

    Rumble is a video platform you should look into, Mr Hunter.
    It is very impressive. It is available on Roku even!
    God Bless. Fear not. Peace can be found in stillness

  212. Marie+Joy

    Mike Adams, at Natural News, expects DC to become a war zone. Apparently, China is bringing in missiles, etc, to DC. According to Mike Adams, war is about to become kinetic.
    I don’t know if it’s true and Natural News appears to be the only site that has it.
    If I had the strength, I would build a bunker, in my basement.
    God Bless our President Donald Trump and God Bless the United States of America.

    • Mike R

      yeah, and according to Mike Adams, Trump consulted with his favorite pastor within the past day, and was asking for prayer on what to do with brand new information about the fraudulent election, and also ordered all of his family members to leave the whitehouse a few days ago. Apparently the gist was he had a tough decision to make about the US. Is this about involking the Stafford Act, and the military, and IA ? Also the military received an intercept, that came from the CCP, and it apparently made the generals all change their mind about the decision to support Trump. As in any who may have been on the fence, are no longer ‘on the fence’, and NOW are supporting Trump’s decisions about involving the military. For some reason, perhaps the military now suddenly feels the US is indeed under siege from the CCP, and allowing Biden in, gives the CCP complete control. Would Not be such a good outcome for military generals to put it bluntly. in fact, Sort of embarassing, don’t you think, that the military may have just been totally ‘hood-winked’ by China, and did nothing to protect Americans while it all happened on their ‘watch’ ? (like in a treasonous way ’embarrassing.’) So if you are these Military Generals, would you be ready to roll over, concede, and just let Biden waltz right in, via an election that was totally manipulated and controlled by the CCP ?

      Who is then America’s ‘boss’ if Biden waltzes in, fraudulently ‘installed’, courtesy of the CCP? US Military Generals need to not think about this for more than a few seconds. Lets hope they do the RIGHT thing for Americans, and not just Trump. That’s who’s hands this is in folks. Its no longer about worrying whether Trump will let you down. Its whether your US Military General’s let you down, NOW that they know what is at stake here.

      • Bob+Lamb

        These kind of conspiracy theories I think are pure bunk! They have trolled many people into some kind of security something is going to happen and it never does. I think this kind of thinking makes people complacent. Some things are real but a great deal are not!

        • Paul ...

          Bob … What part of the conspiracy theory doesn’t make sense to you? … can’t doubt the part that Bribe’n is under Commie China control … the only part that may seem ridiculous is that the Military that stood down on 9-11 will stand up on 1-20!!

  213. Mike R

    In what appears may be their last final act of Cowardice against Trump, the Demoncrats as we all know have committed many high crimes, and Treason, and went for total shamelessness with their 2nd shampeachment. Well their very own demoncratic liberal Law Professor, once again shows them for the frauds and idiots they truly are by introducing this shampeachment, where upon they absolutely NOT prevent Trump from running again. Obviously they have lawyers who likely explained this to them, but they are most likely willingly ignoring their legal ‘advice’ just so they can get revenge one more time on the President who cleaned their clocks on a regular basis, and they still can’t fight back fair or square …

    “Constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax’s Carl Higbie on Saturday Report this weekend that Congress violated the U.S. Constitution a half-dozen ways with their hurry-up impeachment vote against President Donald Trump.

    “We all hear that the president is not above the law,” Dershowitz explained, “but Congress is not above the law: When Congress impeached the president earlier this week, they committed six independent violations of the Constitution.” Dershowitz is not a conservative Republican, but rather a well-known liberal Democrat, providing additional weight to his opinion that Congress’ impeachment of Trump flies in the face of the provisions of the Constitution on the issue of impeachment of a president.

    TRUTH LIVES on at

    Dershowitz cited ways in which the House of Representatives disobeyed the Constitution they are sworn to follow. “They violated the free speech provision. They violated the impeachment criteria. They violated the bill of attainder [a provision of the Constitution which forbids Congress from exercising a judicial power by trying a private citizen, which will be the case should a Senate trial take place after Trump has left office]. They violated due process, on and on and on.”

    While impeachment can be used against executive-branch officers or judicial-branch judges, if members of Congress violate the Constitution, there is no real way to hold them accountable other than voting them out, Dershowitz explained: “But the only sanction is to vote them out of office and to bring them to trial in the court of public opinion. Senators and congressmen are immune from lawsuits for what they do or say on the floor of the Senate, so there can’t be any personal lawsuits.”

    Dershowitz argued that Trump’s effort to challenge the results of the Electoral College in the House is not grounds for impeachment. “How can you impeach a president for a speech that is constitutionally protected?”

    “The Constitution is very clear,” Dershowitz continued, “the purpose of impeachment is removal,” and Trump will be out of office before any trial will be held in the Senate. He cited the historical example of President Richard Nixon, who resigned when it became clear that he would be impeached by the House and then convicted by the Senate, noting that Nixon’s resignation ended any such proceedings in Congress.

    Why? “The Senate cannot try an ordinary citizen.”

    Earlier in the week, Dershowitz called the effort to impeach Trump so as to stop him from running again in 2024 “an absurd, ridiculous, unconstitutional argument.”

    The Democrat argument for impeaching Trump is that his claims that there was rampant election fraud led some of his supporters to invade the U.S. Capitol on January 6, while Congress was meeting inside the building debating whether to reject some of the electoral votes from states such as Arizona.

    “It’s unconstitutional to impeach a president when you can’t put him on trial while he’s still the president. The jurisdiction of Congress to try a president or anybody else is limited to somebody who is sitting in the office,” Dershowitz said on Spicer & Co, another Newsmax TV program.

    “It [the Constitution] says the president and vice president shall be removed from office on impeachment. So, if he’s already out of office, he cannot be tried. You can’t impeach him just in order to try and stop him from running. If they could, they could impeach you, Sean, they could impeach me…. Could they hold me in front of the Senate and say we’re impeaching you solely to make sure you don’t run in 2024?”

  214. Charles+H


    Montgomery Ward, ie Legion of Names. Perhaps my comments are sometimes lengthy, when they have a valid point to prove. But I DON’T assume a plethora of fabricated names and plaster the comments sections with all sorts of expression seven or eight times at a whack. By comparison – my few, sometimes lengthy comments don’t compare to the word-count of your multiple and often lengthy ones.

    Why don’t you man-up and reveal who you are? Just remaining anonymous sets the tone for discreditation. You might as well call yourself Mother Goose. Some intellectual, near the Arsenal of Democracy – probably a U of M grad… HIDING.

    “Religious cop” – I like that!

  215. Not So Free

    Thanks for the update.
    I’m actually surprised youtube didn’t strike before now.
    I won’t say what I really think of them.
    As you said there is always usawatchdog.

  216. Christian


    Other patriots are using

  217. wayne hardin

    Monty or what ever your name is now .
    I have seen many people like you .
    The ones that run their mouth so much that no body
    can get a word in .
    People like you love to hear their self talk .
    And then cant take it when somebody says shut up you talk to much .
    People like you do it every time not once in a while .
    I think these is a comment board .
    Not a book reading .
    As Greg said keep it short as in a comment .
    A comment is different than Commentary .
    Greg is the commentary man . not you .

  218. MATT

    Greg – I signed up for the email list and have you on my favorites bar – I am so glad you have this as your primary site. Keep doing what you do – it is important work. I appreciate all that you do.

  219. D Drake

    Hey Greg, I always DOWNLOAD Videos so that I can listen to them as I do other things (work). Please make this possible some way. Thank You. Some websites have a “download” button that you can download a type of podcast right from the site.

  220. Matt

    And just for the record Greg, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for a monthly subscription.

  221. eddiemd


    Spammers can’t spam. But Monty will keep trying…

  222. Marie+Joy

    Diemon Dave, on YouTube, has Don Jr, in a flag suit, with Kimberly Guilfoyle, in a 16 second clip, yelling “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”.

    This gives me hope and confuses me at the same time.

  223. Doc Washburn

    How The Left Breached The U.S. Capitol
    Jon Bowne | January 18th 2021, 11:14 am
    Mainstream media is trying to hide this story

  224. DocWashburn

    How The Left Breached The U.S. Capitol
    Jon Bowne | January 18th 2021, 11:14 am
    Mainstream media is trying to hide this story

  225. Jay Smithson

    TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Hillary Clinton urges Pelosi to investigate whether Russia was involved
    7,421 views•Jan 19, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to establish an “investigative body like the 9/11 Commission” to determine whether Russia was involved in this month’s insurrection on Capitol Hill.

    ‘It appears the same thing is happening in Beijing’ amid Shanghai CCP revelations
    236,528 views•Dec 15, 2020 Sky News Australia
    With it being recently revealed a number of western consulates in Shanghai have all been employing CCP members hired through a government-run recruitment firm, it now appears “the same situation is happening in Beijing,” says Sharri Markson.
    The Australian, British and American consulates in Shanghai have all been employing CCP members because they “have to” hire local Chinese nationals from one government-run recruitment firm, Ms Markson said.
    “That firm – we found out on this database – has 12 communist party branches and has more than 249 members linked to it,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray.
    On Tuesday, The Australian newspaper reported revelations ASIO was launching an investigation into the claims, which said CCP members had been working in Shanghai consulates for years.
    The report revealed evidence was uncovered which showed CCP members working in up to 10 consulates in Shanghai in a range of positions – including as clerks, advisors and assistants.
    The investigation followed the leaking of a dossier showing 1.95 million members of the Communist Party and their links to big business in China, which concerned some areas of Australia’s security intelligence agencies.
    Ms Markson said it “looks like the same situation is happening in Beijing”.
    She said it appears there’s another government-run recruitment company, which as recently as November was “placing senior staff in the consulate”.
    “The question is, what information do these CCP members have access to?”
    “Is it high level information, is it sensitive, or is DFAT completely across this and ensuring that locally engaged staff are kept away from the more sensitive areas in the consulate”

  226. Marie+Joy

    Rumor, Our President Trump has asked the military to take over until this has, all, been sorted out. It is said we are under “a peaceful transition of military power” on Diemon Dave, on YouTube. I don’t know what the technical name for that would be but I think our President Trump has NOT given up.

    God Bless our President Donald J Trump and God Bless America.

  227. Matthias and Dailymotion works fine for me Greg!

    A lot of alternative media sites have been kicked off Youtube lately. Sign of the times.

    Maybe you could upload to Dailymotion and Youtube in tandem. James Corbett does this quite extensively with respect to his website.

    See for example this recent video report on

    Stop Watching Propaganda – #PropagandaWatch

    and note the different players listed below the main video player.

    • Matthias

      What a coincidence! James Corbett has now also been blocked from uploading to his main Youtube channel for one week! (Although “Corbett Report Extras” remains untouched so far.)

      See his latest video report

      I’m Blocked From Uploading to GooTube (and Other News)

      where he also talks about all the other video sites that he uploads to besides Youtube.

      PS: Since I’m referring to the Corbettreport here, I’d like to once again point out James Corbett’s excellent 2 hour video documentary “9/11 Whistleblowers” about 9/11 whistleblowers and the staging of 9/11 by the deep state:

      9/11 Whistleblowers (Full Documentary)

  228. Paul Harvey

    Hang in there Greg! God is with you and you are doing his work. Remember Moses leading the Jewish People out of bondage was constantly being challenged by his flock looking for miracles and signs. Jesus was constantly being challenged to show signs that he was the Messiah. Why was this! Because their faith was weak. Put on the armor of faith and as you say pray earnestly. As you constantly remind us, GOD , JESUS and THE HOLY SPIRIT are in charge. Best wishes!

  229. Mike

    Why don’t you upload your free speech videos to Rumble and direct your YouTube viewers to Rumble?
    Keep it light within YouTube per their guidelines

    I believe you should move all your legacy video interviews to Rumble before they shut you down.

    Via embed Rumble videos not YouTube

    Maybe via Rumble create a user name Example usawatchdog

    In your YouTube videos put verbiage in your videos constantly displaying
    example: find us on Rumble: usawatchdog

    Many have left google for duckduckgo
    Parler is reopening and other free speech platforms exist
    Rumble is growing in leaps and bounds. Also, it is monetized

    I personally go to your web site to view new videos

    Just some friendly suggestions

    God Bless

  230. eddiemd

    Spammers be spamming.

  231. Greenfield Aaron

    Liar Lindsey Graham Called Out For Failing To Hold Deep State Accountable, Subpoena Hunter Biden January 17th 2021, 10:57 am
    Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, appears to have simply ran out the clock till Joe Biden could be sworn in
    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was lambasted by Fox News host Maria Bartiromo for failing to fulfill his promise to subpoena Hunter Biden and key Deep State officials involved in the Obamagate scandal.

  232. jeff white

    Have always liked your show, but……..has President Trump put out his own agenda, or is he the flip side of the the same coin?

  233. Mike+G

    Political discussion is dead on Youtube, don’t even bother. You need to access other servers, Bitchute, Gab.

  234. Serge

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been watching your show for years. Never posted a comment before. But I wanted to thank you for the truth.
    I don’t share your opinion about Trump’s job performance as president. I don’t think it was a good idea for him to antagonize three quarters of the world. But I still beleive that Clinton would have led the world into war because of her pathological russophobia.
    Thank you again for your great site and all the great people you invite.
    Pray, pray, pray ! Indeed there’s nothing much left to do.
    I wish you the best !

  235. John Trainor

    Greg, I just appreciate you so much! Your insights are so spot on! Thank you for the email updating your situation, the only way I found this video. As others here mention, I too will be going directly to your website from now on. In passing thought I’d mention: I notice you have prophets on — I know of a prophet that wrote in the 1880’s, “our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and Republican government” — sobering watching it now rapidly coming to pass. God bless you, Greg — you are the best!

  236. WD

    Sorry to say Trump just gave farewell address on YT….?

  237. Jerry

    I’m hearing that Washington is going to COGCON level 2.
    Can’t be sure, but it explains why the patriots battery’s are being brought into Washington. This might be a good time to hunker down.
    The Chinese are definitely at play here. If Biden gets sworn in tomorrow the barn door will be wide open for an invasion because they know he is weak and won’t respond. If Trump retains his presidency they will launch an attack because the United States will explode in civil war.

  238. Proudly Unaffiliated

    Hi Greg, wondering if/when we ever get a hard look at the governor’s race in North Carolina. Cooper won after his abysmal performance as CV-19 lockdown, shutdown, crackdown, and mask nazi? By 240K votes? This was rigged, too, with funding from the usual suspect(s). Does anyone realize that no election in the entire country can be trusted based on what we know now. Yes, I know North Carolina uses ES&S machines but Patrick Bryne has said these are riggable as much as Dominion. Now, he would be a great guest to have on one day. All the best to you, fellow patriot!
    I remain,
    Proudly Unaffiliated

  239. Mark Simmons

    Greg- keep the faith. Everything will work out in the end. Let them have it-all of it. They just inherited a huge S### storm and it’s coming. What goes around comes around, hopefully sooner than later. Your a breath of fresh air so keep breathing. Thanks.

  240. Greg

    Doesn’t play in Dissenter

  241. Marie+Joy

    Diemon Dave, on YouTube, has a 33 second clip that shows many ships, lined up, off the CA coast. Could be anything.

  242. Marie+Joy

    The Chinese could start taking our food, immediately, to feed their starving masses. There is, absolutely, nothing to stop them, now, from taking EVERYTHING, they want.

    GET SEEDS and growing supplies. It could get rough.

    • Warren B.

      That’s fanciful.

  243. Gomer

    Apparently, Q did his original “Drops” on some dodgy internet chat room platform called “4Chan”, which apparently also posts pornography and all kinds of scams. Then, Q eventually spilled over into Reddit. Then, it spread like wildfire. Trump himself may have bought into it?
    It appears that “Q” has strung people along with false promises of Hope and Deliverance of the Satanic pedophile Deep State by the “Savior” Trump for 4 years. When they finally realize that there’s no there, there, many people may literally find themselves so disappointed and bereft of hope that they kill themselves?
    James Beverley
    The QAnon Deception: Everything You Need to Know about the World’s Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory

  244. Marie+Joy

    Assuming the Chinese own America, on 1/20/2021, they will take our food supply to feed their own starving people. CYA. They may, also, invade, militarily

    Many large ships off the CA coast are worrisome. Californians have not seen anything like it.

  245. Gerald Benton

    The republicans symbol of the elephant should be changed to a dog laying on its back, and pissing on itself.

    • Paul ...

      And the dog should have a snake wrapped around its neck!!

  246. Mike R


    He’s either going to have to video record it, or live stream it !

    $2300 Gold is already baked in the cake.

    In its 2021 outlook report, pushed earlier this week, analysts at MKS are remaining extremely bullish on both gold and silver. Despite the weak start to gold, the European precious metals firm said that it expects gold prices to PUSH TO $2,300 an ounce this year. The analysts said that they see prices averaging the year around $2,072 an ounce.

    “While the global economic recovery shows some positive signs, we will continue to face uncertainties, especially in the first half of the year,” the analysts said. “In the context of low global real interest rates, a slow recovery in growth, higher market volatility and a weakening USD, gold shall remain an asset of choice in investors ’ portfolios as a safe haven and insurance against disruptions.”

    • Warren B.

      Are you highlighting the increased value of Gold (in dollar terms) or merely reflecting the mirror image of the debasement of the currency?
      I can do the same exercise with Stocks. In fact I still stand by my call of 100,000 DOW by 2050. That is simply using an annual compound rate of return of min. 10%
      The point is whatever you wish for the price of Gold, always consider the ramifications for the “Price of Everything”. Its not the value of a given commodity that is increasing …it is the value of the currency (it is denominated in) that is diminishing. Inflation 101.

  247. Randy Best

    Rand Paul is 10% of his father. He is a another bum.

  248. Randy Best

    It still seems as though:
    A. Biden is a decoy
    B. All the politicians are really afraid of Trump.
    P.S.-The US is a nation that has fallen away from God.
    The whole nation must repent and pray-but they won’t.

  249. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  250. DanielSong39

    So this is what life was like in Communist Russia
    It is what it is, time to face reality

  251. Jacques Bourne

    Took me a couple of days to realize you were here and not there.
    We are witnessing the iron mixed with potter’s clay. (Daniel Chapter 2) When it is clear to everyone Daniel’s statue (human governance) will not stand it will be replaced with the heavenly government that was intended for the earth from the beginning. In fact, this is the entire message of the Bible; Genesis to Revelation.
    The fact that God has allowed these human governments to temporarily exist is no reason to become attached to them. Their replacement is what Jesus taught us to pray for, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

  252. Billy

    Michael Ellis is the key guy now Greg. Pelosi is terrified of him, The corruption is so big people would never believe they have been fooled.
    Why would you want 25k national guard. In case the people found out the truth!!
    That’s why Ellis is hated,

  253. Brian Blommer

    Praying with you, Greg, and all your aware listeners.

  254. Andy Randazzo

    I am sorry to hear you were removed from YouTube. It is a loss for all of us who trust and respect your commentaries. God bless and I will check your web often for updates.

    • Greg Hunter


      No worries. I still will be on with video and analysis.


  255. polly huggins

    I am so disheartened. God did not answer our prayers. Republicans rolled over. Military did not have the will to stop the steal. America is gone and will be sold off piece by piece…

    • Tin foil hat

      Jesus promised to save our soul, never a rose garden.

    • Better Chetter

      It is Maundy Thursday, again – = We thought he wouldn’t go down so easy, as Jesus gave way to the money changers, so DT gave way to the MSM/Mil-Ind/NWO folk . . . some things are not to be in this world, and if/when they change, it is gradually – on God’s time, not on Man’s time –

  256. WD

    All of these billions of prayers? And look what we end up with? Yes we need a 3 rd party…One with big brass balls not the spineless crew we have now.

    Maybe and hopefully Trump inspired someone greater than he that will rise up.

    Look he made a deal with the devil, and they wont hurt his family. I get that.

    To hell with prayers, what did they bring us? I only see secession as a viable option.

  257. wayne hardin

    God is still the same yesterday today and forever .
    HIS word stands true .

    • Mario


  258. JC

    But what CNN and its coconspirators are really doing is trying to DESPERATELY prevent any unity. As long as they can keep the country divided, then they can usher in draconian measure following Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. Even Amazon deliberately tried to ensure they have a very diversified workforce for the greater the diversity the less likely they will unite to form a union. This is the very same psychological strategy this group has been using to undermine Trump and divide the nation to allow dramatic economic and political change – Agenda 2030.

  259. Charles+H

    Hey Folks…

    Here are my ‘predictions’.

    Biden won’t be president long, due to medical conditions – known but unrevealed by the media.
    Harris will be installed; Time Magazine will get it’s cover: “Madam President” which they have coveted a long time.
    The illegitimate administration will set aside the legality of the Constitution as easily as they defrauded America through criminal election cheating.

    And I will explain the cause of Why the Democrats HATED Trump so violently. It is because they hijacked America by installing Obama illegitimately. They, like children who got their coveted toy – played their power-game, and started America down the road to Obabacare ruin, as un-Constitutional as it was. When Trump won by a landslide that not even the cheating that got Obama in office could overcome: Trump took away their toy. So they, as a child in a tantrum who had their toy taken from them – slapped and yelled and cried and fought with all their might against him: as evidenced by the sham of impeachments. Well, nobody is going to take away their toy ever again – due to the twenty-six thousand armed guards protecting then now. They have legitimized in their own eyes their own authority in forcing a criminally enforced fraud on the America people. It remains to be seen, though – how 75 million America voters will take such tyranny. Either they have placed themselves under the sword of Damocles; or America will go into history and the dark night of a OneWorld government. When you refuse to believe in God; and this world is all one has: the stakes get terribly high.

  260. H. Craig Bradley

    President Trump “flamed-out”. That is about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      OK H. YOU have had your say now go get lost or pick a different subjest.


      • Self+Exiled

        Greg: there is no shame in hoping a person can meat our expectations. I had hoped Trump would hold the line/ inforce the constitution: but even if he did not it’s not to our shame he did not. My opinion is Our Father accomplished a great number of victories with Trump’s white house visit. I suspect Trump will be gone before another Presidential election. You have not disappointed anybody, or misinformed anybody on your site. You have always qualified your statements. I worked in the public domain for 18 years and they can be an unforgiving bunch. I too have cried in the shower. I found out it was the best way not to upset the wife and children. washington dc will now destroy itself. When I watched the inauguration it was if they had no masks on. There were no smiles [except Harris] Obama, Bush, Clinton looked as if they had seen their mistruth and had been unmasked/exposed/found out/dispirited. God’s will has been accomplished to date and you helped do that. Thank You Sir, or as they say in the Philippines “Salamat Po”.

      • Self+Exiled

        Classic Trump:

    • Rodster

      I don’t think Trump flamed out. I believe he realized The Swamp won and it’s quite possible (I have no facts to prove it) that a deal was made between him and The Deep State i.e. leave without making anymore noise and we won’t pursue you any further.

      Paul Craig Roberts and Martin Armstrong also believes that Trump was naive thinking he could change Washington. He embraced Swamp creatures into his Cabinet. Those who helped shape his election (Bannon and Flynn) in 2016 were removed by The Swamp.

      I always liked Trumps bravado but The Deep State was not going to allow him any success which is why Russiagate was pretty much front and center for his only term.

      • Russ McMeans

        Rush warned trump too. he underestimated the swamp. Rush news Democrats the best. Period.

  261. Kurt Gherkins

    This is Greg Hunter. “Kurt” or who ever you are start posting under the same name and stick with it. No more postings until you do that.

  262. JC

    Hmm… found this on
    What, or who is the current Joe Biden?

    Just a few months ago China Joe presented as a doddering, old, hunched over drooling moron
    with blatant onset of dementia and/or Alzheimers which often prevented him from stringing a
    simple sentence together even while reading from his teleprompter. His mental deterioration
    was so bad he was kept in a basement and dozens of video compilations of his demented brain
    public speaking failures were all over the net. Further, his brazen public pedophilic smelling,
    sniffing and touching of little children – horrible and legendary – has been largely scrubbed from
    the net by communist big tech. So, how is he now able to stand up straight up like an ex athlete
    and speaks perfectly clearly, even showing a new unsettling anger, arrogance and rage? No, it’s
    not a clone, it’s the same body. Creeper Joe may now be Nano Joe…more Borg than Biden…
    and in this article you will see a viable explanation for his ‘miracle recovery’…

  263. wayne hardin

    The white house has been taken over by a herd of
    lying dogged faced / demon possessed pony soldiers .

  264. Marie+Joy

    Please, Dear Friends, subscribe to Diemon Dave, on YouTube. SOME of it is excellent.
    The latest is the troops turning their backs on biden’s motorcade.

  265. Jacques Bourne

    During one of the democrat primary debates Biden stated the first thing he was going to do after becoming president was defeat Donald Trump. I think he is going to have a lot of trouble keeping that campaign promise!

  266. Mike R

    So now that the communist puppet has been installed by China, we are officially no longer in a free country or republic. Our military caved to them, without even a whimper of trying. Donald Trump was the FIRST, the ONLY, and as of now THE LAST real and duly elected American President in the 21st century. Prior to that, it was before Clinton the last time, we didn’t have a fraudulently installed ‘parasite’ in the office, that hadn’t cheated or co-opted his way in. Nobody really knew this with conviction until Trump help exposed all of this first hand this past November.

    People who voted for the puppet, deluded themselves into believing the puppet was American and not communist, socialist, or marxist. Now we will be brow beaten with a toxic brew of communism, socialism, facism,marxism, and even tyranny for the next 4 years at least.

    Today, I have to say, I have not been sadder for real and true American citizens, than any other day in my life.

  267. Mohammad

    It does not add up, just it does not….


  268. wayne hardin

    The spin has hit over drive / then blue past super sonic straight to hyper sonic speed .
    And is believed to be reaching a speed never seen before .
    And then to the wild blue yonder .

  269. Marie+Joy

    The White House , on YouTube, has a lot of thumbs down.
    The ratio shows how unhappy people are.

  270. JC

    Will Martin Armstrong be a guest in the near future?

    The “establishment” had Trump surrounded in the White House and from the beginning. I saw the very same thing they were trying with Ronald Reagan. When Reagan was elected, they said in Washington they would “train” him because he was NOT one of THEM. You could not penetrate that wall around Trump. Just read Sidney Powell. She expressed the same commentary. They (establishment in Washington) were intent upon making sure Trump would have no real support. Trump was TOO NAIVE for Washington. They do not believe in the country no matter how many foolish celebrities they invite to sing at their inauguration. They are being used for political gain and are clueless as to the real trends. The corruption in DC goes beyond party lines. It engulfs both sides.

  271. KurtisH.Gherkins

    Report: National Guard Turned Backs on Biden Motorcade
    by Adan Salazar
    January 20th 2021, 5:02 pm
    National Guard members appear to snub incoming president.

  272. Sedly Seditiouse

    Conservatives begin to turn on Mitch McConnell who turned on Trump on orders from his fadderinlaw in Beijing!
    252,890 views•Jan 19, 2021 Sky News Australia
    High profile conservatives, including Fox host Sean Hannity, have lambasted senior Republican Mitch McConnell, after the Senate Majority leader publicly criticised Donald Trump over his role in the riot on Capitol Hill.

  273. JC

    Well I guess that’s it, Greg.
    We have officially entered The Twilight Zone.
    I am mentally preparing myself for what I expect to be a very somber WNW tomorrow.

    No pardons for Snowden, Assange or Chelsea Manning. Not even one out of three.
    I suspect Trump was “advised” not too, because otherwise, there would have been “consequences.”

  274. SilverHawk

    Welcome to the USSA. My first prediction finally fulfilled (1989). Now reporting from above the trees… The Economist slot machine pays out again. Stops on biden. Next is a nuke. Feel lucky?
    1. Tic Toc
    2. Divided USA (election)
    3. Biden.
    4. Nuke
    5. China
    6. Wind power
    7. Dollar collapse
    8. ???
    9. Masks outbreak
    10. Forced vaccine mark of the beast
    11. More covid control
    12. Zoom
    13. Burning tree
    14. Financial markets meltdown

  275. H.Craig Bradley

    Big Tech. is Today’s Standard Oil of 1930
    So, Monopoly Control of the Distribution System means no more opinions that violate “community standards”, as set by Big Tech ( YouTube).

  276. Paul ...

    Looks like Indian Patriots put the torch to their vaccine producing facilities …

  277. Paul ...

    New allies? … join the fight against Bribe’n?? …

  278. MARK ROSE

    You should advertise your IP address directly. They can interfere and block your domain name if they so wish. Talk to Jim Stone, you can only access his site via his IP address

    • Matthias

      Sorry Mark, but this is not feasible. The Domain Name System was invented for a reason.

      I also don’t see any legal basis for DNS censorship and if they should introduce some new form of legislation with respect to domain names they could also require the internet service providers to block IP addresses as well.

    • Bob

      Mark Rose, Greg’s site’s IP address is
      It doesn’t work anyway, as cloudflare prevents it.
      Greg’s site would need to be on its own dedicated server (which it may already have) and also set up to allow direct IP requests.
      I don’t think Greg’s DNS will ever get blocked anyway since it’s not really classed as a “hate” site. Nothing on here is officially verboten.

  279. Vernon

    We are all still with you Greg. Keep up the good work.

  280. Marie+Joy

    I don’t think he would leave us.

  281. Paul ...

    Scottie to Captain Bribe’n: “I think you’re turning the Ship of State around too rapidly”!! …×576.jpg?itok=xok3kv5I … “Not to worry Scottie … China told me if I can get the ship to the bottom … I will be handsomely rewarded”!!!

  282. Paul ...

    You know why clones (like this obvious one) … … are working so hard to get rid of Earth’s population (like that other clown Gates)? … it’s so they can make more clone duplicates of themselves … figuring there is safety in numbers (as it will be difficult to kill all the clowns) … their ultimate plan (after killing all of us) is for them to “live forever” … by putting all their brain waves into the cloud … which can then be downloaded into a new clone when the old clone wears out …which is probably the way the alien “gods” (the Catholic Church will soon be telling us about) currently do it!!

  283. wayne hardin

    Gods word was trump would win .
    And he did .
    The rest we will see what happens .
    It would seem no one knows since their are thousands of so called
    words from GOD .
    All i know is HIS word will come to pass . 1000%

  284. Mike

    If you truly want your country back ;join us!

    Freedom awaits those that educate themselves.

  285. paul Anthony

    my wife and I pray together every night for this country.

    thank you Greg and God Bless you and yours


    • Greg Hunter

      I am praying too Paul!!

  286. Mike R

    Well this Blowhard Brennan dood is dumber than a box of rocks.

    “Former CIA Director John Brennan, the man who weaponized the CIA to target Hillary Clinton’s political opposition, appears on MSNBC to outline the intention of the JoeBama administration to identify political enemies; label them domestic terrorists; and remove them from the population.”

    Sorry bud, but you can’t do that here in the US. Maybe in China, but not here. What a TOTAL MORON ! Especially for announcing they will do such a thing.

    (besides just to show how dumb he truly is, NOBODY announces who they are going to ‘kill’ or ‘”purge” or “remove” before they do so. His blather and nonsense is just more ‘eyecandy’ for the ever desperate and deranged MSM and liberals and dems who have nothing better to do than DIVIDE The country, BE polarizing, and basically have no social redeeming value to the American citizens whatsoever. Yawn. Go away John. )

  287. wayne hardin

    If somebody tells you something and you add to it .
    Is it still to truth ?????????????? NO it becomes a lie .
    Although it started out being the truth .
    It is that simple.

  288. wayne hardin

    Rev 22
    18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

    19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

    When God gives a word do not add or take away from it .
    You will not like the outcome .
    People seem to think they can say God said this or that .
    And add their thoughts and say God said it .
    Be very careful when you say God said .

  289. Alexander Leveran

    Great move Greg….use YouTub to advertise your commentary and then direct traffic away from them.

    A more financially effective strategy would be for you to upload a censored version of your commentary on YouTub so you can keep your view numbers high and continue to receive some income from them. During the censored sections you could add a note stating that the audio is turned off due to YouTub’s “community standards” and that the uncensored version of the show is available on USAWATCHDOG.COM.

    There are plenty of ways patriots can use technology and controlled platforms such as YouTub to spread the word and avoid censorship such as developing apps that will switch from YouTub to USAWATCHDOG.COM during the “offensive” sections or encrypting the audio during these sections so that only members with the appropriate app can hear the audio while the non-members watching YouTub hear noise.

    Keep up the great work!

  290. Garry

    Lord, please step in and fix this mess, for the USA and all God fearing people across the world.

    Free us from the Tyranny..

  291. Crispin K. Metzler

    I got a black rectangle 🙁
    Can you include an MP3 audio track when you experiment?

    • Greg Hunter

      Try a different browser. So sorry you are having trouble.

      • Russ McMeans

        Greg: IOX apple 2020 laptop running Catalina 10.15.7 playing your video perfectly. I’ll let you know on iOS 14.3 on iPhone 12. Bought some new equipment . the old stuff was really old. thanks! Weneed a miracle and those only come from God. I’m not allowing my self and friends to be labeled and then ‘reprogrammed

      • Russ McMeans

        Apple OS X lastest browser fine. Everyone listen to old dude Bill Oreil’y he’s so old he’s seen it all. He know’s things.

  292. DJ

    Dear Greg,
    Love your show, fight on to be heard!
    One thing, though. Please don’t even think of legitimizing Obama in any way. It is my opinion that he is a big player behind the scenes. Biden has named Susan Rice to be his Domestic Policy Advisor. Rice and Obama are thicker than thieves. She’s an Obama loyalist through and through, and I believe she will be the shadow “president” pulling Biden’s strings to do Obama’s bidding. Obama has played his cards very cagily, like a snake. He will stay out of the limelight and play all his old agenda cards from the bottom of the deck behind the scenes. Please don’t think positively of him for a nanosecond!

  293. James Payton

    Hi Greg, hope you’re doing well. Want to see if you know about the space force. Was listening to Dave, about it and omg! Remember when president Trump said we got them? Guess where the Intel came from? That’s right, the space force. The dems make jokes about it. They think it’s for protection from aliens. Maybe, but the SF is in charge of cyber warfare and information! Space Force is part of the military! We thought info about election fraud would come from nsa, nope! The military supercedes ALL depts. Appear weak when you are strong. We got em good! They think Space Force is space farce! He meant what he said, he got them! Oooorah! Look it up and pass it on

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