Prepare for War, Higher Energy Prices & Significant Civil Unrest -Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says, “If my computer had legs, it would hide under my bed.”  That’s how bad things are looking for the rest of 2022 and 2023, according to Armstrong’s “Socrates” program that foresees future geopolitical and economic trends and events.  Let’s start with war that is already underway with Russia.  Armstrong says, “They wanted war.  It’s all been provoked, and it’s intentional. . .”

Armstrong points out, “Ukraine President Zelensky already has hundreds of millions of dollars stashed off-shore.  He’s been offered a golden parachute, and he’s willing to fight until the last Ukrainian dies on the battlefield.  This is nothing more than a proxy war between the United States and Russia, and they know that.  Russia knows Ukraine is not the enemy.  It is the United States.”

How close are we to all-out war with the U.S. directly involved against Russia?  Armstrong says, “I can tell you I have a friend whose brother is in the U.S. military here, and they have already been told to prepare for war.  The U.S. is shipping more troops over to Europe.  They are not shipping troops to Ukraine, but to NATO countries.  They want war.”

So, are higher energy prices coming?  Armstrong says, “They need to get gas prices to $10 a gallon so people will drive less, and that way they can get their electric cars.  This is the insanity of what is going on in Washington.”

One rumor that Armstrong is hearing from his Washington D.C. sources is talk about granting citizenship to illegal aliens flooding across the southern border with a Presidential Executive Order shortly before the mid-term election in November.  That would allow illegals to vote, and that sort of outright cheating could touch off violence.  Armstrong says, “I am concerned if they pull that and they grant all these people citizenship.  He’s been flying them in and dropping them off in the middle of the night, why are they doing that?  It is to change the election. . . . I am concerned you would be talking about civil unrest going into 2023 that is going to be significant.  You have already divided the country between blue and red to begin with.  They have misrepresented the abortion thing.  Now, with the aliens, how much more are we going to take of this?”

Armstrong talks about the dumbest world leaders he has ever seen.  He also talks about Soros and defund the police.  Armstrong tells us the importance of silver and cash if there is a total break down on the financial system, the disease cycle that started in 2022 and the decline of the global population that will keep falling until 2040.

In closing, Armstrong says, “The higher the gasoline prices, the greater the economic stress and not just in the U.S and EU, I am talking everywhere.  This is why they need war.  They need the great distraction, and that is manufacturing World War III.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 7-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the upcoming new book “Manufacturing World III,” for 7.2.22.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the interview Greg.

    Yep we are well and truly going down the gurgler.

    I take the opportunity to love and spend as much time with family daily. Avoid the noise and all the MSM Propaganda Fear Porn as it only consumes your time and energy.

    • Anthony Australia

      Vaccine War is still in full swing, reading the comments by people I truly believe this has been a complete Trauma Based Mind Control exercise.

    • Ray

      Well said my Brother.
      + 1 here from me mate.
      I have posted this before, but I hope our friends here at USAWATCHDOG will take 8 minutes to watch this prophecy from 1968.
      It matches BANG ON with what is unfolding in front of us today.

      Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation.

      • Anthony Australia

        Brilliant Mate, always lovely to hear from you.
        God Speed!

        Here’s both the picture and the narrative of what a clown show looks like…

      • Anthony Australia

        Always lovely to hear from you Mate.
        God Speed Brother!

        Here’s both the picture and the narrative of what a clown show looks like…

      • Anthony Australia

        Always lovely to hear from you Mate.

        God Speed my Brother!

        Here’s both the picture and the narrative of what a clown show looks like…

      • Anthony Australia

        100 Mullion Mate and many here can’t even make ends meet.

      • IIG

        Ray – This woman’s prophecy “was extraordinarily accurate” (like having the benefit of Socrates before computers were even invented) – Part 3 where she talked about a Moral Decline “Like Never Before Imagined” was spot on – as today we see millions of “morally perverted men” who have abandoned natural relations with women – and who are imbued with an abnormal Satanically Inflamed Lust for other men and little children and who commit their shameful acts right in our school rooms – God will see to it that they receive due penalty for evil deeds in addition to the elimination of their “Queer DNA” from the Human gene pool!!

        • Laura McDonough

          IIG: Other moral declines incl: the masses of girls and women protesting in cities on abortion rights. These are sex workers who get repeated abortions and many will have to travel out of state now. Another issue: Sexual molestation among clergy and church officials exposed This is no different than the priest scandals and lawsuits in recent years. Most were underage victims. Most churches condoning LGBT lifestyles (refuse to speak out in pulpits.) It’s all about money.

        • Ray

          Hi IIG (Paul?)
          Mate……couldn’t agree more with your assessment……well said Brother.
          Thanks for taking the time to watch that prophecy video.
          I reckon I watch it at least once per month……keeps me “grounded” on the big picture, so to speak.
          It never fails to centre me.
          Christ is coming to fix the mess that man, under Satan’s spell has created.
          His wrath will be unmistakeable……His love for those on the “narrow path” in equal measure.
          I hope I can pass His muster at the assigned hour!
          I hope you will share the prophecy with family and friends, and they do the same.
          Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN

      • Julia

        Great news

      • Julia

        real on e

        • Julia

          Nice one

      • Julia


    • Anthony Australia

      Smoking Gun’: Exposing the Medical Fraud With Edward Dowd [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

      “We’re seeing the fruits of that fraud in excess mortality and disability.”

      Edward Dowd joined Children’s Health Defense this Friday for an eye-opening roundtable conversation about excess mortality, fraud, and reaching the “tipping point.”

      Will the bad guys be exposed?

      Watch the full interview here:

    • Mike

      God will sort out the “we all should get along” at judgement for sure.
      In the meantime,loved the interview and enjoyed your guest.
      The shots kill! Period. They destroy the immune system. Hospitals are manned by corrupt CEO ‘s. Fauci and DC politicians want a war to kill off everyone who would indict them. Off to their bunkers. Perhaps God will bury them there.
      Love you my brother in Christ.

  2. American CItizen is how the US is deliberately provoking Russia. Patience lasts only so long and I have to admire the patience of the Russians to not give into these deliberate provocations despite the fact that I am probably one of the most US patriotic citizens posting, but when patience gives out, serious warfare will commence. The WEF crowd seems determined to start war to reduce population, but I never thought I would see such blatent operations to reduce world population. My final thought is this, the average person needs to realize that we’re headed for 13/14 people dead and to staunchly resist this depopulation effort by certain elites who believe that they alone are truly wise.

    • IIG

      It is finally becoming too obvious to ignore – many millions (about 700 Million) are going to die or become disabled from the effects of the poisonous experimental “mRNA kill shots” foisted upon the public by Demon-rat Eugenicists – therefore – to get peoples minds off their “jab” these Eugenicists in control of the US have deliberately provoked a war with Russia – “A Nice Big War” (encompassing “the US and All of Europe”) – these Insanely Evil Eugenicist Psychopaths have already ordered our US Military to prepare for a Major War in Europe and are currently shipping many thousands of tons of military equipment and many thousands of troops to Europe (they don’t want a little war confined just to Ukraine – they want a “Big World War” that includes all the NATO countries) – as effectively stated in Matt. 10:10 “The US Thief cometh in the Night not just to Steal – but to Kill and Destroy” – read the Bible folks – it will clear your mind and open your eyes – “By Their Fruits: Ye Shall Know Them”!! – the Evil Demon-rat Eugenicists want to get peoples minds “off their jab” – so they have manufactured inflation with huge price increases in everything from gas to food – probably figuring starving people “busy looking to provide food for their family to eat” won’t be thinking about their “Kill Shot Jab” so much – the Bible already tells us how Jesus will judge mankind when he gets here – for when Jesus called his twelve disciples together (to give them power to cast out unclean spirits and the power to heal all manner of sickness and disease) – Jesus also provided the following instructions in Mathew 10:5: “Do Not Save The Evil Gentiles” (who we ordinary people can see are still sacrificing our 6 month old children to Satan with their “jab” and still killing them right in the womb (in the Demon-rat Blue States) – Jesus said: “Go Nowhere Near” and “Do Not Enter Any Town Where There Are Gentiles” (as we can also see that Demon-rats are Intent on Exterminating Humanity through both Pestilence and War – these Queer Perverted Demon-rat Commie Psychopaths – Have Right in Face of God – “Pledged Allegiance to Satan”)!!!
      Jeremiah 10:2-3 Matthew 6:7-8 Acts 14:16 Acts 17:16-17 Acts 17:22-27 Romans 1:18-32 Romans 2:1-15 1 Corinthians 12:2 Galatians 2:15 Ephesians 5:12 1 Thessalonians 4:4 1 Peter 4:3-4

      • IIG

        The Prophecy from 1968 (that Ray provided above) sees coming a nuclear incineration of the evil perverted Gentiles in control of the US and European Governments – where the evil men who are so intent on killing humanity “will also be killed” – those common people who don’t want to become collateral damage (in the prophesied coming nuclear war) should at a minimum move out of the big cities and re-locate far from Military Bases or other important infrastructure i.e. like bridges, dams, oil refineries, gas pipelines, steel plants and food processing centers (which are already under attack)!!

        • IIG

          WWIII has already been authorized by Biden and NATO – 300,000 fresh NATO troops (our kids) are now being prepared to go on the offensive and attack the Russians – Crazy Demented Joe Biden is calling for “regime change in Russia and the ouster of Putin” (who will not go along with the “New World Liberal Demon-rat Order” – which is calling for the extermination of 99% of the human race right on their US Georgia Guidestones – Putin won’t go along with the eugenicist globalists and has instead called upon the Russian people “to have more children” – and so has the Xi the Chinese leader called on the Chinese people “to have more children” – which means Crazy Joe will likely have our American kids attack China next (as NATO’s kids attack Russia) – “”That’s WWIII folks””!!! – and the Evil Eugenicist Corporate Cabal in charge of our Western Governments want their WWIII “To Go Nuclear” – so they can “Kill Millions of Civilians” in their worldwide Holocaust and re-set the world into a New Economic Slavery System with a few Elite Nazi’s (like Klaus Schwab) becoming the High Satanic Priests and “un-elected” Rulers of our World!!! – IF WE DON’T STOP THEM!!!! –

        • Ray

          Agreed mate……your assessment, as always, is succinct, accurate and prescient.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN

      • Laura McDonough Some I know have come down w/ neuropathy, cancer (elderly who took shots over 65) and various heart ailments. Life insurance actuary reports say higher death rates overall.

  3. Jack Black

    Yep I’m done with all this insanity for the last two and a half years. I need to smash this smart phone and my computer

    • IIG

      Exactly why the Globalists “want to put a chip inside you” – they knew people could simply smash their smart phones and computers – but – with “a chip inside” (that will kill you if you try to remove it) they will have “total control over every individual” – listen to CAF explain what we must do to fight back!! –

      • Ginny Silcox

        Anyone who has received multiple shots probably has a significant amount of graphene oxide migrating toward large nerve centers (spinal cord, heart, brain). There is no need to insert a distinct “chip”, though several researchers have found self-assembling nano-structures in the vaccines as they warm up. Anyway, the collection of graphene nano-particles forming an antenna along major nerves (like the vagus nerve) means the following:
        1. At the very least, convulsions or heart attacks can be induced by emfs coming from bluetooth, wi-fi, or cell towers.
        2. A collection of antenna graphene along the caudate nucleus in the brain, coupled with older techniques like voice to skull (from the 1970’s) could induce controlled motor movements, psychosis, or extreme violence in people.
        This is NOT imaginary…electromagnetic compliance was my field for years before I retired…haven’t been able to fully retire because as technology explodes, I keep doing research.

        • IIG

          Dr. Kristall Noack made one final plea to the public before he was murdered which effectively said: “All the information on graphine oxide is out there. We know everything we have to know. I need all of you to act now – it is time for action. It is time – We need to implement plans now to stop the slaughter. We have nothing more to lose. It is about all humanity.”
          Dr. Noack did it for us (like Jesus died for us) – To Save Us !! – He was not afraid of death. He accepted the possibility. What he found put simply is that graphine oxide “turns into microscopic razor blades” that cut the inside of “jabbed” peoples blood vessels – and the faster the blood flows – “the more damage these experimental vaccines will do” – this is why top athletes are dropping dead “when their blood is flowing fast” – and why completely healthy top athletes on the football field under competitive stress with high blood circulation – “suddenly drop dead”!! –

      • Linda

        Thank you Greg for a wonderful interview. Martin Armstrong is a great interviewee and you allowed him to speak without interruption. Because of that, we have learned so much. I will keep up my preps, buy a little silver, and keep a stash of cash on hand for the next year and a half. Also considering moving out of the country to reduce my potential exposure to nuclear war.
        Thanks again for all you do. Without you, we would know so little.

  4. Really Awake

    Getting Marty on as a regular guest is an amazing achievement. Tip of my hat for that.

    My respect for Marty Armstrong has really grown over the last decade. His track record as a professional forcaster is second to none. He may be the best public forecaster there is who expresses himself openly in public. Marty has a wealth of free information on his website.

    You can actually get a free alternative education by reading and studying his large knowledge base on his website… I really enjoy reading his historical perspective. Marty has a deep understanding of world history…. And he can explain past human nature and then extrapolate how humans will act and react in the future.

    • Really Awake

      I can give you a little advice. Take it for what it’s worth. Marty isn’t perfect. And Marty’s algorithms aren’t perfect, either. No man or computer is perfect; therefore, it is wise to get your information from a broad spectrum of sources. Then think for yourself… In my opinion it is really imperative to spend hours every day gathering information, collating data, critical-thinking analysis, draw logical conclusions and extrapolate. When I say think for yourself I mean really cognate.

      There are individuals like Mike Adams who is somebody I know and highly respect. His 2020 and 2021 worse case senario regarding the Vaxx killing off tens of millions (perhaps over a hundred million) of Americans by now obviously has not happened. It’s halfway into 2022. We don’t have one-hundred million Americans dead; we don’t have the public school system totally shut down because of dead and dying school personal and teachers.. That was what some erudite men and women were forecasting, yet here we are…. I’m not saying a Malthusian die-off won’t happen. I think one way or another, sooner or later, it will happen. That’s why I have a nuclear fallout shelter stockpiled for SHTF…

      Have you ever watched the docu-movie, After Armageddon”? Watch it. It was released in 2010. It has a lot of expert commentary regarding what will happen to America when a Great Die-off from plague happens. And if that movie becomes reality, and the Covid and/or Vaxx kills off tens of millions of people, then there will not be enough experts and laborers to keep the power, water, sewer, internet, phone, transport, medical system, food distribution, law enforcement and government up and running….. Let that sink in… I repeat: let that sink in. Go watch or re-watch “After Armageddon”….

      The worst case hasn’t happened, yet. But it can. If it does, then Marty’s future forecast about the stock market sling-shot up, up, up and away won’t happen. Why? Because 70 million Americans die and 100 million become disabled from the Vaxx, there will be no stock exchange. The brokers will be dead or disabled. There will be no United States. It will desolve. Let that sink in…

    • Tim


      I agree, Martin seems very reluctant to talk about the jab even when pressed by Greg.


      • Really Awake

        Marty is very “reluctant” to discuss a number of issues, e.g., it is nearly impossible to get Marty to openly go on record with anything critical about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) that would cause the Chinese to lose face… Also Marty is very careful to not commit himself to publicly discussing his “Dark Age cycles”… And as you say, he avoids committing himself by expressing a public position on the Vaxx…. Marty never discusses the Bible much, either.

        No man is perfect. Right? Do you think that Marty hasn’t read the Bible? – at the very least as a historical reference? What does his AI Socrates say about the best book of forcasting ever written? – The Holy Bible?

        My point is don’t just take Marty’s word on everything. He is not perfect, albeit I personally derive benifit from studying his work.

        God’s Word is perfect. And the Four Horsemen prophecy is a Biblical Forcast that shall come true. Jesus was the Greatest Forecaster who ever walked the earth. You can count on it. So prepare accordingly.

        • Donald Wood

          Really awake, Ditto 100%.

        • Lora

          I believe that Martin Armstrong has been targeted before, spending time in jail in the past for trumped up charges, and so his reluctance to delve too deeply into certain subjects may be quite understandable.

  5. Marie Joy

    The intent is genocide.

    • Charles H

      The rebellion in Heaven – turned into a spiritual war on earth. The pride of the devil … ‘I will be like’ the Most High was thievery, the attempt to take glory that belongs only to One. And the Lord Jesus Himself told us: “The thief cometh not but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy…” Matt. 10:10a.
      It should be clear to any open eyes – that by their fruits: ye shall know them.

      • Richard Longacre

        Your reference is for John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I (Jesus) came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.

      • Donald Wood

        Absolutely. Kind of disappointing that Mr. Armstrong has substituted his computer program, Socrates, for God’s word and prophecy and that Greg didn’t check him on this during the interview.

    • regaleagle

      I see that nobody even mentioned that they are revving up CERN starting July 5th……trying to open a portal “to see what comes thru” or what can “go thru” it. They openly admit that they don’t know what will happen, but are anxious to find out. The late Stephen Hawkins warned that such an “experiment” could have devastating results on the entire planet, and possibly cosmic ramifications. But a portal opened could be that portal to the pits of hell where Satan and those locusts w/stingers emerge finally. Keep yourselves guarded and protected by God’s Holy Word……immerse yourself into it like there is no tomorrow……at least for this present Earth Age.

      • Greg Hunter

        Maybe this is why Jesus said, “The gates of hell shall not prevail…” Thanks for bringing this up.

  6. William T

    How can Martin not know deaths went from 3.3 million up to 4.67 million after the genocide injections if he runs models for the federal government?
    How can people tolerate this illegitimate Nazi regime for even one more month knowing the regime will do anything to take away all our freedoms? I only see revolution as the answer. Why are people reluctant to kill off this enemy occupying our country? I will fight and I will get others to fight and we will destroy these psychopaths.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sometimes I wonder if it is information he is giving to subscribers only. I do not know but he admitted Socrates saw a big disease spike starting in 2022.

      • Tim


        Martin does not want to talk about the jab and it’s affects even when you press him. I suspect that a lot of the civil unrest predicted by Socrates in 2023 will happen when a large segment of the population realizes that they have been intentionally poisoned.


        • Donald Wood

          Yes Tim, even the nine out of ten democrats and their families who took the jab will be up in arms over their willful poisoning.

      • Donald Wood

        Greg, Your comment is unlike I believe you to be. I would like to think that name calling is beneath your “Christian” ethics.

        • Greg Hunter

          So is turning over tables and whipping people in the temple?? You are my judge?

    • Mark Alan

      We need you on the team.

    • Tim

      Hi William,

      Thanks for the mortality info. I have been trying to find it. Just to be clear, mortality from 2020 compared to 2021 million increased 1.37 million year over year?

      Take care


      • IIG

        Nine out of Ten Christians should be up in arms about the Demon-rats plans to make Christianity a “Mental Illness” – – this is the opening salvo from the “New World Demon-rat Liberal Order” to overrule the recent Supreme Court decision stating New York State does not have the right to deny people the right to carry guns – they will simply state that “Because Christians Are Mentally ill” – they won’t be allowed to own a gun” – did Armstrong’s Socrates Computer see this coming??

  7. Ron

    Thanks Greg!

    Could you please see if you can interview the funeral director John O’Looney about the blood clots found when embalming vaccine deaths?

    • Rodster

      Yes, I have also requested John O’Looney. He would be a guest on

      His first hand accounts and claims are earth shattering, what these vaccines are doing to people’s bodies. He has backed that up with videos he has produced although i’m too squeamish to view them.

      O’Looney comes off as a very sincere and concerned person of his trade.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Rodster,
        You’ll probably be “too squeamish” to view this . . .
        Graphic video evidence of large ‘worm-like’ structures found inside veins and arteries of vaccinated deceased. On landing page, scroll down to video entitled:
        ‘Dr Jane Ruby – WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC – Stop Getting Vaxxed IMMEDIATELY’

        • Rodster

          I think I saw a picture of that floating on the internet.

  8. The Seer

    As I posted here late to the Friday report I will restate here so the information is received:
    King Herod and a few Pharaohs had first born, infants and toddlers or older killed in their attempts to prevent the existence of a Messiah who would in time threaten their power and control. Today, abortion and sterility and now the killshots carry out this fear based idea. Deaths of fetuses, babies, children and sterilization not only reduces population but also prevents the chance of a Messiah growing up and becoming a leader.
    Yes, perhaps a Messiah can outwit death.
    My second point is the parties involved in this practice do not understand that the second coming for many evolved individuals, of different spiritual practices, takes place in direct experience of the soul with the Holy Spirit and Christ Consciousness. This fail safe design was purposely put in place and is bestowed to those who are truly sincere, devoted and faithful.
    In addition, M. A. Is correct. Many Seers conform 2025 is quite a destructive period of time much worse than some envision. Be very serious about your safety and Southern Hemisphere will be safer.

  9. Anita

    Thank you both, very interesting. I know Putin is a NWO globalist like the rest but I love the fact he blocked Killary. Esp. after she did the uranium one deal giving Russia our uranium. What a slap in her face, bravo.

  10. Fred Daake

    I hope that Biden tries to open up the elections to the illegals. I hope that he really tries to alter state election laws with a federal executive order. It would be the final nail in the coffin for the entire Democrat party. Good Bye forever DEMS! We have a pro 10th Amendment Supreme Court based on 100% of the decided cases this year. So, there is no doubt that the Supremes would never accept a federal administrative order to override State legislative election laws. It not only violates separation of powers, it is also an obvious attempt to destroy the country – guaranteeing a 10:1 vote AGAINST the DEMS. And I also guarantee that the Supremes would definitely take the case if it is even needed to go that high in the court system. BIDEN, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TRY IT.

    • andyb

      More likely that the elections will be cancelled during martial law which will be declared during the anticipated food riots, starting in September. Or, Biden will issue an EO for all mail-in ballots. Diesel will be rationed starting in August, curtailing restocking of grocery stores and gas stations. The great unwashed will be rioting and home invading to steal food. Thank the Lord that I live in Florida with its Castle Doctrine. I am well armed and prepared with food and water. Please everyone: prepare now if you have not already done so.

    • Norman Byler

      I agree 100%

  11. Trinacria

    Thank you Greg for such a great line up of guests. Yesterday, PCR and now Armstrong basically saying the same thing about war with Russia. So here is my question and , I sincerely hope that some of the folks among your great following can provide some insights. With that said, how do we go to war with Russia or anyone else for that matter, when we are doing two moronic things:
    1. We are “wimpifying” the armed forces by forcing these experimental shots, not only unethical as they are experimental, but worse yet, just criminal and the effects are indeed disastrous on one’s health. This will run many tens of thousands of troops out and, most of these will be some of the best we have as they are smart enough not to want this bogus shot.
    2. We are also “homo-genizing” (PUN INTENDED!) the armed forces with all this politically correct garbage, gender crap etc.

    So, how can we impose the garbage that I mentioned above and still expect to dominate Russia and then others? After all, we won’t have a fighting force anymore, we will have a roaming drag queen show. Are the decision makers on drugs??? Makes absolutely no sense to me. Can somebody enlighten me …please !!!

    • Angela


      The only way this whole situation in the Dis-United States only makes sense when viewed from the perspective that our “selected leaders” want all of us “useless eaters” and “deplorables” dead.

      Think about what has happened in just the past couple of years: mandated lockdowns of “non-essential” businesses, forced mask mandates without any scientific evidence of efficacy, throwing HIPPA and the Nuremberg Code out the window for an experimental injection: first with bribes (e.g., free donuts, free college tuition, a million dollar lottery) and later with threats (e.g., take the experimental jab or lose your job), the destruction of over 100 food processing plants in the USA, the intentional (HAARP) destruction of weather and weather warfare causing dramatic climate changes not seen in hundreds of years, wide open southern border that has let in millions of undocumented aliens (none of which have been vetted or screened for any diseases much more serious than COVID-19 such as cholera and TB) who are loaded onto busses and planes and shipped to various cities across America in the middle of the night, the deliberate shutting down of energy supplies (Keystone Pipeline, LNG, diesel fuel), planned food shortages and recalls, and a proxy war with Russia where NO ONE is talking about peace but let us send multiple billions of dollars and weapons to Ukraine for a war that cannot be won.

      Why are they doing this? The Xiden regime and most of congress have made a deal with Satan and think they will ride out the storm in their DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) while the useless eaters are killed on the surface. What they fail to realize is: 1. Satan is the father of lies and 2. God wins in the end.

    • No Worries

      Hi ,
      You ask a great question with 2 good points. Let me give you 2 more.
      1 – it will take at least 3 years to replace the Tow and Stinger missiles supposedly sent to the Ukraine.
      2 – it will take years to replace the artillery rounds supposedly sent to the Ukraine.
      3 – it will take 5 – 7 years to replace the $84BILLION left for the Taliban to use and to sell.
      I worked in a DOD acquisition program office. Those years to produce are pretty accurate and the costs are now much much higher due to inflation.
      And finally:
      4 – to have USA offensive hypersonic weapons deployed is still at least 5 years away. And a hypersonic defense is much further than than that.

      The bottom line is, they don’t expect to win. Thanks to Bush and Obama’s 12 years in power (that includes Brandon’s 4 years). BTW have you noticed the number of 06’s (COL & CAPT) being relieved lately?

      They don’t want to win and they have tunnels … you don’t.

  12. Robert says no

    No way the die off is out to 2028 or 2037. It’s happening now. I watch the obituaries. I’m seeing between 20-30% of people 60 and younger dying. At just one local funeral home this past week, 19 out of the first 40 obituaries posted on their website were under 60 years of age. That’s not normal.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif High says it peaks in 2024.

      • Akd

        Where can we see stuff from clif high nowadays? Thanks

      • Robert says no

        Greg, I never took the COVID vaccine but I am diabetic because of the statins I was prescribed in 2015. I Was 6.4 a1c before I went on statins. Most people are borderline. Both my siblings became diabetic too when they went on statins. I’m also reading where people had very acceptable a1c levels and were put on diabetes drugs. The whole pharmacuetical industry and medical doctors are corrupt to the core. The new young doctors are all taught how to market drugs through fear. The system is so corrupt that one pharmacuetical prescription causes side effects that they prescribe a new drug prescription for. It’s a self perpetuating business model. And the doctors are just as corrupted because they’re jumping in bed with all these hospital system conglomerates who tell them the allowable treatment’s they can prescribe. They need an income so they go along with it. That’s how ivermectin and hydrochloroquin were able to be eliminated as legitimate COVID treatments and the majority stupid and brainwashed public go along with it.

    • Pete+only

      Good observation Robert says no. I am sure everyone out there knows someone who died or had injuries or cancer or something else terribly wrong with them shortly after taking the injections, and you would have to be a useful idiot not to realize this. Greg brought to light a recent survey that stated roughly 80% of the people out there no longer believe main stream media is telling the truth, or can be trusted. A similar study in the Epoch times also had similar results regarding mainstream media trust, but this survey also included other global nations, with similar results. Even in Canada, over 2/3 the people are now questioning mainstream media, and Martin made light that that arms sales are way up there in recent months.
      What is interesting is how government agencies around the world are dragging their feet in updating recent mortality numbers, but Stockholders know that life insurance companies are losing a lot of money. We need to make sure that people realize that these deaths are vaccine related, and not Covid related. World War III and cannot be alowed to hide these vaccine deaths.

    • Tim


      I agree with you.


  13. Fred Daake

    Gold and silver are not a panacea to economic woes. Here is an experiment for you to try. Silver Eagles cost about $38 each today. Buy one. Then go to a gas station and you will be offered $20 worth of gas. Gold and sliver are not good barter items. Perhaps you saw the video of Mark Dice trying to buy a bottle of soda with a $2,000 gold coin? No one took him up on the offer. In terms of the reason why people have not lost confidence in cash – perhaps the reason is that there is no viable alternative to transact business?

    • Charles H

      Are you not applying terms that exist now as factors that should apply in the future? Nothing is as certain as change. There WILL be a sea-change – both in perceptions of value and common-knowledge perceptions. Certainly there will be a period of transition where barter is king; with lead being a leading metal in that phase. But Precious Metals will have to be the final resting place to where all this is heading. Gold and Silver is insurance at that end. To fail to plan: is to plan to fail.

      • Linda

        Martin Armstrong said the pre-1964 “junk silver” is what you can use for barter. People still recognize those silver coins as having value. I’m not sure how you determine just how much value they have but nonetheless, they are still seen as being a store of value. As for a gold coin or bar, you will have to bring that to your local coin dealer and cash it in for the local currency. You can’t barter with gold because American’s have no idea of it’s value.

        • Robert says no

          Linda, if the times ever came when people were using gold and silver to pay for goods and services, how will people know what they’re receiving is real? Do you think grocery stores are going going to have assay stations for customers to have the value of their gold or silver piece valued?

          • regaleagle

            YES……the ones STILL doing business will, for sure! There will come a time when most people doing any form of bartering and exchanging will have a digital calculation for the weights and values of gold/silver at their very fingertips. AND ways to test it for authenticity. Those gadgets are available now and not even expensive.

        • Charles H


          When the awareness comes for ‘junk silver’ – the extension to an ounce of pure silver can be made. Gold would have to be held back for bigger arrangements: like a couple cows butchered; or a deal with a store owner or manager for head-of-the-line food-stuffs. People get interested when real money comes along. I’ve seen the historic videos of Germany’s paper money go to near nothing – which happened not a century ago.

          • IIG

            What is emerging now is a full-scale systemic and fiat currency crisis for the US dollar (and the entire western financial system) – Russia is now using it’s “commodity linked currency” (the Ruble) for settling their trade payments – and its success is proving to be fatal for the fiat US dollar and the other Western fiat currencies (especially the Yen) – currently the bullion banks (along with Stan) are short gold futures and want to get the gold price down a bit more so they can close out as many of their gold short positions as possible – but with half year-end here (now July 5th) the banksters are desperate to drum up and foster as much negative sentiment as possible in the gold market – in a final push to reduce their open Comex short interest positions in gold (they have succeeded in getting their open interest down to the 500,000 contract level from 640,000 in March – so they have been successful to some degree) – but starting now in July – “the pressure on gold should lessen” as the banksters begin their manipulation of markets to their advantage “to the up side” – most gold-bugs understand the currency debasement story that drives gold prices – and hopefully many won’t be conned by the bankers into selling their gold for depreciating fiat currency – as physical gold (and silver) in coin form – is “the only real money” that does not need a government to back it up – and gold will always rise when fiat currencies fall in value (and fiat will continue to fall in value as the Central Bankers do what they always do to save their Ponzi system (make their fiat continually less valuable)!!

    • Chris

      Totally spot on. I’ve been listening to these gold/silver guys for years and saying, well, try passing one of those over the counter at a gas station or your local pizza restaurant and see what reaction you get from the person on the other side. Finally, someone did and got the predictable reaction. 99% of people haven’t got (and never will have) the where with all to understand real value. I believe Catherine Austin Fitts says gold is only really a means to bribe the border guards. That’s probably true in a real third world country (but they’d probably torture you to find out where the rest of the loot is and then cut your throat when they didn’t find any anyway), so good luck with that in your first world country. BTW, it didn’t help Jews in the 1930’s and 40’s Germany or the Chinese in Indonesia in the 1960’s or 2000’s. A bag of cash or a car are more likely to save you (or a gun) than a ton of gold bars or unfamiliar silver coins. Maybe even a credit card (if it still works!).

      • Chip

        Gold is to preserve wealth. PERIOD. Silver coins, cash, food stuffs, tools, parts, etc… for barter. You need to have all of the above and then some… Chip

        • Pete+only

          Chip, right on with your summary of silver and gold preserving your wealth. Also, food, water, and strategic items are also essential, not only to barter with, but to survive. The sheeple who watch and believe main stream media will have the biggest problems. Only a few percent of people in the world actually posses any physical G+S outside of their wedding bands, and therin lies it’s true scarcity. Once currencies start collapsing, barter will take over, and if internet and electricity is not very reliable, good luck with your bit coins.

  14. Keith Babola

    Martin Armstrong is one of the most brilliant people I know. Very very insightful. Thanks for bringing him to us, Greg.

    • Won Witness

      marting used to be interviewed 30 years or so ago by Buzz Shwartz’s economics radio show in los angeles. His predictions on the markets, commodities, Iraq 1.0 were so accurate that the US Government tried to get his program from him and he suffered jail on some rediculous charges for his refusal.
      Only god’s prophets are 100 % his computer program is not.
      But it’s been more than accurate enough for me to have a forsight and an edge so necessary for trying times back then and now.

    • Chris

      Tell us what you know about the history of money in Japan, Crybabe? Is Mr. Armstrong correct or not in his statement about the pre-Meiji use of coinage in Japan? Please, also tell us about the final decades of the Roman Empire of the west (you can summarize it in one paragraph) and it’s connection to the value of money there. Then please tell us whether Kiev is or is not really the birthplace of Russian culture and what the Mongols had to do with Russia and Moscow in particular. Then tell us about the Yeltsin years and who profited from it. If you’re really so knowledgeable, please give us your insights. Or please just don’t be so obvious.

    • Computer Guy

      What kind of idiotic comment is that? Did you even watch the interview? Have you watched any of the interviews Greg has done with Martin Armstrong throughout the years?

  15. jon

    Hypersonic and Supersonic does not necessarily mean nuclear. Russians have a variety of hyper and supersonic missiles. Nato and US only have subsonic. Tomahawks at this time are subsonic. The western militaries cannot stop hypersonic. The Russians are putting into production the S500 and S550 systems. These are designed to intercept hypersonic. Aegis and Patriot are subsonic. The collective west is outclassed at this point in time regarding military weapons. That is a simple fact. I respect both PCR and MA. But the US and Nato will not push a war other than a proxy war. Nuclear will not happen. Not wishful thinking, but economically we will not do much but exaggerate MSM narrative. We are already running out of weapons for Ukraine. Have little rare earth’s for weapons and aircraft systems.

    • Ray

      Hi Jon,
      Really enjoyed your thoughtful post mate.
      But would you also consider this?
      In WW2, when the Allies captured a German Enigma machine and cracked its’ codes, they let NO ONE know, much to their considerable gain during the war,
      I still reckon the US and associated Lap Dog Nations may yet have a weapons capability in much the same vein.
      Putting that possibility to one side, in an economic sense, the West is failing, and time is running out before all hell breaks loose……they seem to need war as a distraction.
      Moreover, the social contract in the West is just about COMPLETELY broken.
      Look at the US with Roe v Wade……mind you……female imbeciles here in LapDoglia are assembling in our streets with signs saying ‘My Body, My Choice”……yet were NO WHERE TO BE SEEN when our asswipe government was coercing people to get poisonous C-19 shots.
      It’s a time bomb mate, and I would say that the time bomb will blow up in the face of the West before it does on Russia.
      As Edgar Cayce said in the 1930s……”The hope of the world, for real freedom, springs forth out of Russia”.
      It’s something to keep in mind.
      Keep throwing out the left jab Jon.
      Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation.

    • No Worries

      Hi Jon & I guess Ray too,
      Good post. Here’s a data point for you. 3 years ago because of my background, I was asked if I was interested in working on the US Navy’s hypersonic missile program. It was just starting up.
      Jon, that means it’s 5-7 years away from fleet deployment.
      This US government wants a war, which is insane and which, after culling out 25% of the force, vaxxing the rest AND not being able to meet recruiting goals, will have no option but to go nuclear.
      But “they’re” prepared.

      Let’s Ask, what plans does the government have for the Yucca Mountain underground facility (outside Las Vegas)? It was originally for nuclear waste storage. Then a crack was “discovered”, but it’s being used for some government purpose. Obama visited it… and they say it’s not being used, yet it’s guarded and A/C working. The tunnels are multi stories high. If it’s not for the civilian population, then perhaps government?

      • Ray

        Interesting points NW…….thanks for that.
        Ray, Canberra, LDN

  16. Rob

    I feel that I’m alone when I say this but MA is a complete fraud! I have been around career criminals all my life and this is exactly how they act! Changing subjects mis direction Won’t commit to a subject basically he just quotes history!
    He predicted war in two weeks when he was on last time and now its 2023!
    Greg won’t admit this and helps him lie about it. Let see if Greg allows this comment.
    MA was in Federal Prison for many years!
    Many on this site are probably unaware this fact.

    • Robert says no

      Rob, I read about that recently. He had an 11 year term if I recall correctly. Some kind of securities fraud?

      I use to think our federal government had every incentive to avoid a total breakdown in civil society but now it looks like they’re promoting it and its we the people who are resisting it.

      Everyone I speak with knows something is terribly wrong, but we’re so lied to by the propaganda channels that all we can do is roll with the punches, like these high energy cost and associated food prices.

      I think local leadership knows something is terribly wrong too but most don’t have the backbone of Governor DeSantis. Why are so many in local leadership positions afraid to say what the hell is going on?

      • Rob

        The people support the lies and control because the alternative is to painful.
        The printing press has bought many souls since 1933.

    • Catherine Cronin

      Rob. I did some research on him. Your right about prison. However what I read about that was marital issues. Did you find that too? Not sure of issue regarding fraud but I didn’t investigate that too much.He publically states he paid his time and feels that’s all behind him now. Anyway who better to catch lies in our current state of affairs than a liar?
      Cliff High has some major mental health issues in the form of schizophrenia and paranoia which he actually stated in other interviews. Many geniuses have mental issues though So it’s hard to tell where fantasy ends and genius begins. Blurred lines.
      But just because one has personal issues they still may have a genius that sometimes is untouched by their problems. But it behooves one to at least recognize the problems and take everything with a grain of salt.

      • Rob

        Martin was in prison for computer related issues and I feel is actually working with the government. If you listen to his interview with those glasses on it Becomes very apparent .

      • Really Awake

        No offense, but most individuals don’t really know the story about how Marty was unjustly imprisoned..

        Most of you do know the story of the many people who are unjustly imprisoned just because they were suckered into walking inside of the D.C. Capital on January 6th…. What do you think about that? About how your loving government sets people up? How’d you feel if you got set up by the Deep State?

        Go do your own research and learn how Marty was framed by the establishment… And BTW: one reason Marty is so reluctant about speaking publicly about certain issues is he knows from first hand experience how pissing off the wrong people can get you in jail or dead… Marty has family members and employees he needs to worry about. And he knows that nobody comes to your rescue when the PTB falsely accuse and incarnate….

        Remember how they came for Jesus? Remember how nobody was able to help? Maybe Marty doesn’t want to get he and his family crucified?

        • Rob

          I will take a chance that you were replying to me?

          To assume You know my background is interesting.
          I don’t see anyone making MA do interviews?
          Truth tellers are always hated but MA is not being reluctant or vague in his responses to direct questions
          He’s being deceptive with self driven interest to be so.

          • Really Awake

            No, my reply was not to you, Rob. You seem totally convinced that Marty is a bad guy. And I’m glad Mr. Hunter allows opposing opinions.

            Personally, I get a lot of superb information from Marty. I think he is probably the best public forcaster I know of. On the other hand, I don’t believe Marty is infallible. And I have never believed that Marty has invented a genuine AI that’s the real deal. I think it’s Marty, not the computer, who managed billions of dollars back when a billion dollars was a tidy sum of money. I think Marty is the brains – not the AI.

            I have a really balanced view of human nature, and I know that even the best men have a dark side…. Look at the Biblical account of King David who was one of the most famous men found in the Bible and wrote many of the Psalms. He committed adultery and murder. His son, King Solomon, was supposedly the wisest man on Earth, yet his wives and concubines turned him against Almighty God, Himself… I could give many more examples of famous men who committed the worst of crimes.

            Frankly, I’m not saying Marty is even close to the greatness of aforementioned men in the Bible. Not even close. Marty is just an exceptional money manager and secular historian in my opinion. And I personally think he is one of the secular good guys. But I could be wrong.

            The bottom line and the takeaway is this: people aren’t perfect, so caution is always the best policy.

            Happy Forth. And thanks again to Mr. Hunter for putting up with the discourse in the comments section.

  17. Dave Scrimshaw

    I took Russian history – he is right about Ukraine being the origins of the Russ and the effects of the Mongolian invasion.

  18. juan gutierrez

    everybody focus on nuclear war threat…there are new weapons no ones know about.Just like the first nuke was a secret weapon..

  19. Mike S

    States control who’s allowed to vote…so…like abortion, etc…the divide on where illegal aliens can vote and can’t will just divide us even further. In general though an executive order has no power to allow this unless states allow it…see
    Cheating will happen though with or without the order.. God Bless and protect Greg and his guests and their families

  20. John

    Great interview with a truly insightful guest in Martin Armstrong. Thanks Greg for keeping up the fight on the informational battlefield.

  21. Dave Scrimshaw

    Clearly this guy has no knowledge of God.

  22. John

    They got things in mind for 23, a masonic number they obsess over, it’s also why Jordan and Beckham wore 23, predictive programming.

  23. Self Exiled

    The WEF, military industrial complex, the medical/pharmacy complex, the federal agencies of the deep state have all been revealed and are losing the narrative. The war in Ukraine rhetoric that they are winning and are not, clearly shows their desperate need to hide; but no place to go. Their deliberate destruction of food production and fuel elimination is also a need to hurry their failing abilities to create this new world order. Putin/Russian leadership are strategist, look how all the sanctions have been used to benefit the Russian economy. A gold floor for the rubble, who would of [thunk] it. I was wondering how Russia would conduct the war the elite desire. Just like Ukraine, with precision strikes. Now that the elite have revealed themselves the Russian spetsnaz knows who they are and where they live. MAYBE???? we should hope they get their war and Russia uses the restraint that they have displayed. Why Ukraine, it’s a perfect money laundering weapons worldwide dispersal depot. My thoughts.

    • Ray

      Great post SE…..
      As usual, a high standard of thought and logic is given.
      Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation.

      • Self Exiled

        Thank You Ray, your skill is also noted and perceived. May God Keep you and Bless you.

  24. Linda Majors

    I always enjoy listening to Martin! Really interesting guest! Thanks!

    When Martin said we could possibly have a civil war, if Biden uses his executive order to allow illegal immigrants to vote in November, it reminded me of an article a couple of days ago:

    According to a poll taken in May by the Univ. of Illinois Political Institute, 100 Million Americans are ready to take up arms against the U.S. Government. People in both parties are fed up with the corruption in DC . (Ref. link below.)

    If illegal immigrants steal the elections in November, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE! It will push people over the edge. Perhaps Martin can get the word out to the individuals considering such such a scheme, that they will get more than they bargained for. People are already very upset that the Biden administration and Corporate Media have made it impossible to get the truth out about the stolen election in 2020. (We have the proof, but no one is allowed to talk about it. If they do, they are called liars, de-platformed and discredited. Anyone who dares dissent against the Biden administration are considered domestic terrorists. Conservatives have lost most of our freedoms. People are VERY upset. ) If those scoundrels use the illegal immigrants to rig our elections in November, I believe there will be a CIVIL WAR.

    Gerald Celente says: “When people have nothing to lose, they lose it!”

    Best wishes,

  25. Dr. T

    All these world events are part of a well planned scheme to take down the US and other parts of the west as China and Russia rise to world power.

    There won’t be a nuclear conflict between the US and Russia as no one wins under that scenario. You can expect more events in the US to continue to divide neighbors, friends, family and Americans in general leading to mass civil unrest.

    At the same time, viruses, vaccines, food shortages, etc. will continue adding to an unsustainable situation where daily survival will become a challenge. If at any time the PTB decide the master plan is in danger, the power grids come down and that’s the end of the game.

    While the demise of the US is going on, Armstrong is correct that Russia and its allies will dispose of Europe. China will secure Taiwan and likely Australia and within a few years the US and the west will be nothing but a memory.

    China and Russia will share in the spoils obtaining the assets they both want and need which are in abundance in the US and other countries they will control and the evil empire will be gone and no longer a problem they need to worry about.

    Unfortunately, to make this work they will also need to dispose of the majority of you. Only those that can provide a vital service to the conquerors will be spared and that is a small percentage – perhaps 10%. The rest of you are expendable and a liability that needs to be dealt with.

    I will end by saying that those of you that have the financial ability to relocate to a part of the world outside the west do so now because if you think you are going to survive what is coming, you’re delusional. Time is running out so decide now while you still can. Things are only going to get worse.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Dr. T. I am contemplating moving my last money out of Schwab to here in Thailand where we now live as got the boot in 2016 from the USA. I disagree with Martin on this one point. Gold and Silver will be the jewel to have as with all Empires that collapse like Rome did and we are, both of these metals have held their value for over 5,000 years. Maybe you can’t barter until a new Govt has taken hold but I have no doubt they will survive and probably be the basis for new money at some point. I do believe we are at the end of times that started tic toking when Israel was created in 1948 God Bless all of you as I learn so much here and I so admire Greg da man Hunter.

    • Lora

      Hello Dr. T
      You may be right in your opinion that a nuclear war is not necessary to bring down America. There are so many created divisions within the US that folks aren’t sure what a women is anymore. As a result civil wars will pursue with food and energy shortages ultimately destroying this Country and the spoils indeed divided among our enemies, as seen many times before throughout history. Not sure why George Soros is still alive when he’s definitely behind financing much of this destruction.

    • Roger...

      Dr T

      YOU can not hide from the tribulation. When that begins it does not matter where you are.

      If you are not a Christian, I suggest you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

  26. Robert Coleman

    No One has Conquered Russia in more than 400 years – One Push of the Button and the World becomes Dust – Putin has restrained himself so far – if he is eliminated – God help us all – Greg as always top A1 Guests too bring Truth to all. Keep up the great work.

    • Scott

      I am assuming you are worried about Putin’s replacement with that statement? I am tired of hearing we are going to war against Russia. Have we forgotten already the numerous biological sites taken out by the Russians? The capture of DS funds ? Putin is playing the exact part needed to expose how truly EVIL these DS people are…

  27. Mike M

    2037? He needs a new program.

    The way things are progressing if any of you are still around in a few years it will be a miracle. No way in hell you’re going another 15 years before the SHTF big time. Not buing it.

    • Tim


      I agree with you


    • Chip

      Me too. Can’t believe he said that… Chip

  28. IVAN

    Kash Patel drops NUKE on J6 Commission – Reveals Evidence that will Exonerate Trump

  29. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong just love the laconic delivery of Mr Armstrong that utterly belies the horror of the reality he brings to us but he is so worth listening to and absorbing his huge information analysis.
    Here in the UK our army is preparing for war with Russia and China yet the elite of China are being educated at our universities whilst American universities have similar activities. So what was a peaceful if crony activity will now dissolve into huge animosity.We plebs will hate them for their elitism and the western predator class will hate them for standing in their way to serfdom.
    Still our economy here in the UK is truly beyond awful and the people are really struggling to keep their heads above water. As we approach the school holidays for children in England,there is a real worry that children of school age will starve.Major charities are sounding the alert .

    • Richard Longacre

      Maria. You mean Independence Day when you say school holiday in England right? Just kidding. I spent 4 years (88-92) living in England while in the USAF at RAF Alconburry, UK. While I have never had any love for the royal family and I thought your government leaders were a bit tyrannical and socialist even back then (post- Thatcher), I would still to this day day stand and fight with the British people. I was there when you all gave up your guns. I knew that was a bad idea.

      It is sickening how these DS so-called leaders are willing to endanger so many innocent civilians and refuse to even discuss peace. They will literally fight to the last Ukrainian, European, and Brit because this is their goal. To use a word I learned in England, this as all so “horrific”. Good luck and God bless you. We are all going to need both luck and God’s blessing with what is coming.

  30. PersonaNonGrata

    Neil Oliver – ‘It Isn’t Working’

  31. Johnny Cool

    JPMORGAN predicts $380 oil on worst-case Russian output cuts…

    Mad Max world coming in the near future…

    I just hope I can get beyond Thunderdome.

  32. Johnny Cool

    The Dangers of the Last Days…

    Listen to what Peter Grandich says about GOLD at the 16:20 mark.

  33. Johnny Cool

    Martin Armstrong
    2022 World Economic Conference
    Orlando, FL
    November 11, 12, and 13
    Friday (pm), Saturday (day), and Sunday (am)

    Tickets go on sale JULY, 18th at 8 am EDT

    Why go to this conference?
    No disrespect intended, but the best advice he has to offer is to stockpile cans of beans?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are really showing how ignorant you are Johnny (NOT) Cool. Armstrong is in demand all over the world. His conferences are attended by the top people in business, banking, finance and government around the world. I can assure he will be telling people a lot more than to stockpile beans. By the way, I asked him what the common man could do to prepare, and he gave a common man answer. Most common people do not have $400 in savings. So, buying can food would be a good idea and affordable too. You just got to hear this man for an hour for free. You are welcome.

      • Johnny Cool


        I like and respect Martin Armstrong, I know he’s in demand all over the world, and I enjoy listening to what he has to say. I certainly don’t disagree with buying canned food.

        Maybe the problem is that I misunderstood the definition of the “common man.”

        Am I to assume no one here has more than $400 in savings? No one here with 401k’s heavy on stocks and bonds?

        The last time he was on he said to buy cans of corn, and now cans of beans.

        I’m not trying to be overly critical, but in my opinion this advice seems to be rather simplistic.

        It’s just my opinion, there’s no need for hostility and telling me I’m ignorant.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thant6’s the way you came off “not.”

        • Rodster

          “I’m not trying to be overly critical, but in my opinion this advice seems to be rather simplistic.”

          Sure it’s simplistic but it’s sage advice. I have been stockpiling canned and dry foods the last several years because I saw the writing on the wall even before listening to Martin Armstrong.

          Canned foods whatever your choice, beans, canned veggies, tuna fish, peanut butter, jelly, jams, fruit preserves, pasta, spaghetti sauce etc all have many years of shelf life if stored properly.

          We are being warned and now the UN is warning of global food shortages. There may come a time when food may not be readily available for purchase.

          Can you live without food or water? The answer is NO. What he is saying is now is the time to prepare and buy canned foods which you can have when the SHTF and now it’s no longer toilet paper runs but food runs and the shelves are empty.

          So while his comment is simplistic it is sound.

          “Rationing Has Already Started In Europe As The Entire Globe Plunges Into A Horrific Economic Nightmare”

          “Global Famine Is Not Just A Theoretical Scenario Anymore”

        • Rodster

          I will also add that when food shortages take hold, you can barter those. I currently have over 100lbs of rice stockpiled. It will probably be easier to barter food than gold or silver, because you can’t eat gold or silver if you want to stay alive.

          Also, it’s not just Martin Armstrong saying to buy canned goods but Catherine Austin Fitts, Brandon Smith from and many others are saying the exact same thing a Armstrong. It’s just commonsense to buy food now before things get really bad.

          I remember reading a story during Hurricane Sandy where a mother had stockpiled canned foods and when the lights went out, she was able to feed her children rather than go dumpster diving like others were doing.

      • Linda Majors


        I thought Martin’s advice to stock up on canned beans was good.

        Unfortunately, I ordered survival food, which came in containers that were so heavy, I nearly broke my back moving them. Then I learned from the enclosed literature that those huge boxes of survival food need to be stored in temps of 55 – 70 degrees. (Impossible where I reside, except in the winter months. My electric bills would be $300 – $400 per month at least, in order to keep it 70 degrees in the house. )

        I managed to drag those boxes big containers into a closet, and I’ve been trying to keep them cool with little ice packs. I rotate them a couple of times a day. It is a big pain in the behind.

        Currently, I’m stocking up on canned food, and instant potatoes. I want nothing to do with any more of that survival food. I prefer a can of beans! They can be stored in my pantry, and I don’t have to worry about the temperature.

        Thanks for giving me an opportunity to vent!

        • Rodster

          The other problem with survival food is that it typically is loaded with tons of sodium. But the biggest problem with survival food is the cost. You can buy nearly a years supply of canned food. I’ve been buying solid white tuna from Aldi’s. I also have purchased jars of peanut butter and rice. If the electricity stays on, I have at least a years supply of food.

          • Linda Majors

            Thanks, Rodster! I had never heard of Aldi’s before. I checked online and discovered that there are three within five miles of me.


          • tim mcgraw

            Rodster; We plan to just eat the neighbors.

        • Won Witness

          Linda, (ice may be overkill ?)
          higher temperatures shorten storage life but if you start rotating your food (start eating some now)
          and replace what you eat over time, your will accomplish some important things.
          1. you will learn not to buy things you don’t actually enjoy eating. Make sure to try everything once.
          Stressing the body with unplesant unfamiliar flavors
          on top of other disaster stresses is not helpfull.
          2. also, rotate your stockpile and will start to develop various experation dates, you won’t find your stuck with huge amounts of expired foods all at once.
          3. Perhaps most important: learn what it smells and tastes like new and fresh, you need this knowledge so when you do encounter a bag of whatever that has started to turn your nose will know it’s not right.
          Bonus tip ! Sealed food bags should be immersed in some water and checked for air bubbles from small holes before openning. (the tiniest hole is too big when stored for years)

  34. Marie Joy

    IF you’re a big Donald Trump fan, there is a site on called il Donaldo Trumpo with very short clips of him dancing, talking, and making jokes. Recommend.

    • Linda Majors

      Won Witness,

      I’m not rotating the food. Just the little envelopes of “Enviro ice” nitrogen that can be used for plant food after it thaws. The local farmer that delivers my organic fruit and vegetables uses them to keep things like milk, butter, and meat cold or frozen. I have a stockpie of those little things.

      My survival food is still in those big containers that they were shipped in. Long story short, I am DONE! with survival food.

      Thanks for the tips. I appreciate it!


  35. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview!
    ‘Populism’ explained by Martin Armstrong: populism is when the people vote for someone / something the establishment don’t like – an opposition. Democracy is when the people vote for the establishment.
    Populism is roundly condemned by all those national ‘leaders’ who are supplicant to the WEF. Even the Pope was roped in to declare populism as the greatest threat to humanity! Every time I hear populism being condemned, I think, THAT’S DEMOCRACY THE’RE DECRYING!!!
    Strange world we are living in. Many signs of dystopia.

  36. Bob Brinker

    Media Lies about SCOTUS Linking Vaccines to Abortion
    by Rebecca Terrell July 1, 2022
    Major media are crying foul on Justice Clarence Thomas, accusing him of citing “misleading” and “debunked” claims that Covid vaccines are made with cells from aborted children. (Spoiler alert: They’re misquoting him.)

  37. Heinrich

    Nothing characterizes the current misery better than a song from the German song writer Reinhard Mey, The ship of Fools (Das Narrenschiff)

    It’s getting cold, all signs indicate a storm
    There’s only stupid giggling and nagging from the command tower
    And a dull grinding sound from the engine.
    Rolling and pounding and heavy seas
    The band is playing a joyous song
    And mad laughter is heard from the latrine.
    The cargo is rotten, the papers are fake
    The bilge pumps leak and the sheets are blocked
    The hatches wide open and all alarm bells are ringing.
    The waves are crashing six-foot high into the loading bay
    And St Elms fires are seen on the bay deck
    Yet nobody on board is able to understand the signs!

    The helmsman lies, the captain is drunk
    And the machinist is sunk into dull lethargy
    The crew are just perjured bandits,
    The radio operator is too cowardly to send an SOS
    Kobolds are leading the fools’ ship
    Full steam ahead for the reef!

    On the horizon, the signs of the times are signaling
    Perfidy, greed, vanity.
    On the bridge, idiots are gawking.
    Sharp-toothed sharks are fishing in the murky waters
    Bringing their prey to tax havens
    To the sand bank, the well-known treasure island.
    The others, money launderers and pimps, are already waiting
    Brothel king and gambling baron
    In the bright light, nobody has to sneak around in the dark
    In the banana republic, where even the president
    Has lost all shame and knows no scruples,
    To show himself with the tax thief in public.

    The helmsman lies, the captain is drunk
    And the machinist is sunk into dull lethargy
    The crew are just perjured bandits,
    The radio operator is too cowardly to send an SOS
    Kobolds are leading the fools’ ship
    Full steam ahead for the reef!

    People have become brown-nosers, have gotten used to it.
    All our ideals have drowned
    And the great rebel, who never tired of fighting
    Became a servile, poisonous gnome
    And tamely sings songs to the bad old man in Rome
    It’s true: times change!
    Formerly wild young men are now submissive, devout and tame
    Bought out, anesthetized and unable to fly
    With little velvet paws in exchange for their once so sharp claws.
    And vain old men arrogantly present themselves
    With far too young women on the upper deck
    They warm their flaccid limbs and pre-chew their food.

    The helmsman lies, the captain is drunk
    And the machinist is sunk into dull lethargy
    The crew are just perjured bandits,
    The radio operator is too cowardly to send an SOS
    Kobolds are leading the fools’ ship
    Full steam ahead for the reef!

    They are arming themselves against the enemy, but the enemy has long been here.
    He has his hand on your throat, he is right behind you.
    He shuffles marked cards, protected by law.
    Everyone can see it, but all look away
    And shady characters emerge from their hiding-places
    And deals drugs right in front of the kindergarten.
    The lookout shouts from the highest mast: it’s the end of times!
    But all are petrified and don’t hear him.
    They move like lemmings, mindless hordes.
    It is as if all have lost their mind
    Committed themselves to the downfall and decline
    And a ghost light has become their beacon.

    The helmsman lies, the captain is drunk
    And the machinist is sunk into dull lethargy
    The crew are just perjured bandits,
    The radio operator is too cowardly to send an SOS
    Kobolds are leading the fools’ ship
    Full steam ahead for the reef!

  38. Lisa

    Great show, as always. I have read and listened to Armstrong for well over 10 years. He used to communicate with Jim Sinclair when he was wrongly incarcerated and Jim would post the letters. Not sure what happened to that relationship, it was long before Bill Holter joined Jim. Armstrong is always interesting, he doesn’t need to do anything for free. I always count myself very lucky to hear you and all of your guests. Thank you.

  39. Paul

    By now more affirmation, from Martin and other guests of Greg’s most likely future plights going forward . These messages lit up with audiences worldwide,
    Shiny displayed like the billboards of Times Square.

    So what’s Greg Gang going to do about it?

    Talk some more?
    We are passed the talking stage. We Need action before the tsunami

    Paul from arkansas

    • Tin foil hat

      Many are willing and ready to fight. However, they have no communication, organization and leader. Anybody who acts alone will be taken out as a domestic terrorist.
      I think secession is the way to go and Texas is the most likely state which may get the ball rolling.

  40. Martin Coombs

    They ( them) the perverted lunatic leaders across the world have NOT been jabbed, they say they have & say they have contracted the 19 v to justify & normalise this so the worthless eaters think it’s normal to of had multiple snake bites & still get the flu ( at a lesser rate) the proper gander ( a gender ) .. no one knows what’s actually going on ( 2 can hardly hold a conversation because their minds are so confused & their concentration levels are to nearly nill on purpose . Good is bad bad is good, around it goes . No one is stopping Biden, trudope, macron , Johnson etc it marches on . The author of confusion writes his script as & when & in lockstep & fear the lemmings listen to the pipers of propergander , nothing new under the son, point of interest look up ( Charles Lynton )…. Tony Blair . Bow street magistrates ? A young global leader the minions of the (Ac) are in their seats ( or were to do his bidding) the puzzle has been scrambled ready to 6uild 6ack 6etter . God bless y’all

  41. Paul

    Regarding my last comment, your actions as town crier with guest the same are doing their part.
    The audiences need to mobilize to do their part. This is a good weekend to start.

    Ship of fools
    Them or us?

    Paul from arkansas

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Paul.

  42. Roger Stamper

    Tks Greg and Martin.

  43. Rick Larson

    Grow your own beans and you won’t care how many silver coins you will need to buy a can!

  44. Don Wohlers

    Yes Derek we are approaching the end times before the tribulation. When you read Rev 6: and the opening of the seals, you can see it all happening. It is the war of Gog and Magog and what follows. We are seeing the last days leading to the Tribulation and then the Rapture and then “God’s Wrath begins”. Come to Christ before that as you do NOT want to be here on this earth for God’s Wrath.
    We should ALL be into reading the Bible and working with a study group today as the Bible tells us what is happening and what will be happening in the next few years with this earthly place where we are today.
    I am ready, ARE YOU?

    • Red Derelict

      I agree with what you say Don and your right to say it. Won’t be long before we know the truth and nothing but. The truth will set us all free.

  45. Robert Messina

    I believe timing of WWIII will occur at time of the 6th trumpet . . . There will be 4 separate wars lasting a day, an hour, a month, and a year . . . .1/3 of population will die.
    I believe Jesus returns at sound of the 7th trumpet, which is the last trumpet in Revelation.
    It is when all believers in Jesus Christ (only sheep that hear and obey His voice) will change and collectively live together with their BrideGroom in peace and joy forever.
    The battle of Armageddon comes in two parts. The first part seems to begin and end at time of the 6th vial and the second part begins and ends after the 7th vial. I believe Armeggedon will not harm believers at all, it is judgement against the wicked

    • Richard Longacre

      Robert. Personally, I believe Jesus will rapture the church between the 6th and 7th seals. The 7th seal is the beginning of The Day of the Lord (God’s wrath) and contains the trumpet judgments and bowl judgements. This is known as the Pre-wrath rapture view and what I have studied and followed since the 1990’s. I also think we may have already started the final 7 years with seals 1-4 (four horseman) being opened. If so, we should see the Abomination of Desolation coming soon enough which will happen at the 3 1/2 year point and fully engage the Mark of the Beast control system at the opening of the 5th seal. (Daniel 9:24-27, Matthew 24:15-31, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12)

      We will continue to see, earthquakes, famine, pestilences, hyperinflation, wars and rumors of wars, and the green agenda (attack of all forms of energy – coal, gas, diesel, LNG, propane, nuclear, hydroelectric, and even wood) as the birth pangs continue.

      I know there are a lot of different viewpoints on the end times and Christ’s return. Just sharing my thoughts, opinions, and interpretations of scripture. Bottom line is that Christ will return, gather together His elect from the four winds in the clouds, and reclaim the earth. And of course, God wins.

  46. George

    Hi Greg.Nice interview but you didn’t ask Martin
    about his last predictions at the last interview and specifically his predictions that by mid May a bigger war would break out in Europe and that world the financial system would freeze.Neither of them happened eventually.Also Martin didn’t mention that for 2023 his model shows that maybe China will attack Taiwan and he only mentioned civil unrest.Lastly Martin sometimes drags his predictions for the future till he gets it right.Hope you can comment on thise points Greg.Thanks a lot for nice interviews.

  47. eddiemd

    The rant of a madman.

    Are you a JW cult member?

    Have you ever in your life read the Bible for yourself?

    • Charles H

      This is likely JW ‘hinting at’. Never-ending fishing.

  48. Bill Albano

    Another great sit down Greg…The take away …What the hell is this?!…”It’s a Sicilian message. It means the GREAT RESET swims with the fishes”…

  49. Martin K.

    The Pope is not infallible. He is a human being. NO human being is infallible. Only GOD and the word of GOD are infallible.

  50. Randy Avera

    The driver’s compartment is completely separate!!!!!

  51. WK Swanson


    Thanks for the interview. Armstrong is right (and probably will be right) about a lot of things. I can’t believe that for such a well informed fellow, be would buy into the pure-democracy nonsense. As Aristotle pointed out 2,300 years ago, pure democracy ALWAYS ends in tyranny, always.

  52. Randy

    Problem with doing a EO for citizenship so close to elections is most states already close their voting rolls so any new enrollment would be for future elections.

  53. leo

    Greg. I enjoyed the banter with you and johnny cool, it made me laugh and God knows I needed that. I took lots of notes to share with other people. Great guest MA is one of the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Leo.

  54. Kate Matrix

    Not sure if he is experiencing cognitive dissonance or just being “diplomatic” in his constant proclamations that the people in power are just absolute baffoonish simps that do not understand the full ramifications of what they are doing. Perhaps some of the middlemen are (and dementia Joe Biden), but the top tier knows exactly what they are attempting to orchestrate- they say it in plenty of speeches and writings- it’s right on the Georgia guidestones. They are PURPOSELY and DELIBERATELY trying to depopulate the world for their “new liberal order” luciferian communist takeover.

    • Anon

      Accusing TPTB of being “stupid” is the safest proclomation with which to open debate and discussion.

      There’s millions of idiots who immediately close their minds, eyes and ears to anything that smells remotely of a “conspiracy theory”. So much so that these idiots become aggressive towards the good and decent people trying to save their idiot lives.

      However, by starting the conversation with “the government is stupid”… the idiots all nod their heads and agree – they’re immediately receptive. Then you can start making their brains work by asking questions such as: “If we’re REALLY at the brink of a world ending nuclear war and Putin is supposed to be the devil then why are the same administrations pushing that propaganda far more interested in gay pride and electric cars now of all times? How does that make sense?”.

      Don’t even try to put ideas in idiot’s heads. They’ll just resist it. Let them work things out for themselves. Plant the seeds.

      Ever tried to move a goat? If you force them to move then they tend to fight back. But if you let the goat think they’re leading but really you’re guiding… then you win.

      We’ve got to be smart with stupid people. Guide the idiots gently to where you want them to be. Don’t force them. The conversation shouldn’t be: “The government are lizard people and the pope is a hologram” (Which they probably are) but quite simply: “The government is stupid”… and the sheep are suddenly receptive.

      I believe David Martin has a good chance of success because he’s using fraud, corporate monopolising and racketeering arguments. EVERY sheep knows that corporations are committing these crimes. It’s no leap of imagination to comprehend the obvious bribes and back handers involved in such deals. Therefore that’s the starting point the masses need with which to decipher what’s going on in the world.

      We here all know there’s more going on than that. We know of the spiritual war, of heaven and hell, of WEF, Bill Gates nanotech, the bankers, bloodline families, the mark of the beast, of merging clay and iron… but the masses aren’t ready for that yet.

      The government is stupid. Just start there.

      • IIg

        Anon – I usually start out by calling the Demon-rats stupid immoral evil psychopaths who have sworn allegiance to a demonic cabal of queers and eugenicists who love Satan so much they want to exterminate humanity (and like Soros would kill their own Mother for a buck)!!
        Do you think I will have a better chance of convincing them to stop their evil ways – if I act nice and tell them: “Sweetie it is not nice to “jab” and kill your children” – or tell them: “I know you are a very intelligent person (because after all you did vote for Biden) but do you think you can find it in your heart somewhere to at least say you are against a Nuclear First Strike on Russia”!!

      • Robert F

        Lol that doesnt work kiddo

        The comments here are laughable.

        Y’all just talk.

        Thats it….talk talk talk.

  55. Brianroy

    Hoover Dam is CLOSED. A 60 day emergency warning was issued a few days ago among the BUREAUCRATS that Vegas and its millions are about to go WITHOUT WATER in 30 to 60 days from the end of June 2022?
    Maybe you can interview about the coming displacement of nearly 2,000,000 people when the water taps are turned completely off, and the roads are too clogged with out of gas vehicles to even escape Vegas then? That’s the level of royal screw-up and Federal and State Governments ABANDONMENT that appears to be coming!!!
    You think murdering between 7,000 to 40,000 US Citizens in Afghanistan by abandonment was bad…LOOK WHAT’S COMING!!! If it is allowed to happen….NO ELECTIONS, CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT, MARTIAL LAW, and NO form of recognizable USA in the Southwest, if we follow the do nothing and say nothing plans NOW IN EFFECT. Martin’s interview is Romper Room compared to THAT!
    Check it out for yourself!

    • Richard Longacre

      Brianroy. And yet the housing market in Las Vegas is still booming and building. Los Angeles is clueless as well as to what will no longer be heading their way soon (i.e. water). Mass exodus and migrations are coming soon. It was already happening out of CA but that was just the smart people that could see what was coming.

      I will be surprised if we even have elections this November, but then again, I always seem to be early on predictions.

    • Lora

      Hello Brianroy
      I called the Hoover Dam (702-494-2517)
      today (Sunday) and the Dam is opened with business as usual. Wondering where you got information that this Dam is closed?

    • Lora

      Hi Brianroy
      I actually spoke to an employee of the Hoover Dam a few minutes ago. The Hoover Dam was actually closed solely for one day last Thursday for Dam repairs and because the bathrooms were not available to the public, the facility was closed for one day. There is no 60 day emergency warning for this city, however water is becoming increasingly more precious everywhere.

      • IIG

        However – a bigger problem exists then worrying about whether tours for visitors will be canceled or not – more importantly power production at Hoover Dam (that generates electricity for parts of Arizona, California and Nevada) “is now down about 33%” – and power output “will continue to drop” as the mega-drought affecting the Southwest continues to drop the water level at Lake Mead – Hoover Dam straddle the Arizona-Nevada state line along the Colorado River that is the source of the drinking water for Arizona, Nevada, and parts of Mexico – so besides having less water to drink – there will be less electricity to keep the air conditioners running – that is what should be concerning people!! –

    • Marie Joy

      Brianroy is right. The only way democrats can win is if they don’t allow elections to happen while blaming the catastrophe they caused.

  56. David Bagley

    Trump knew the globalists agenda of depopulation through pharma.. our cabal infested govt is at war with us.. why people can not see the truth ..blows me away

    • Greg Hunter

      Source that Trump knew ahead of time this was genocide.

    • IIG

      This women taking her two children to get “jabbed” is probably a Trump supporter who believes the “jab” is safe – – or else – she is a moronic Demon-rat who won’t look at the evidence (like Trump)!!!

      • IIG

        Take the “jab” – and it only gets worse – “some mothers” are simply to pig headed to understand – or lack the brains to comprehend what is going on right before their very eyes – so children will continue to be lead to slaughter (by their mothers) as the mothers are lead to slaughter by the politicians!! – to break the cycle – take a minute and listen to the research being done –

      • IIG

        The pig headed women above putting her head in the sand and allowing her normalcy bias (or abnormalcy bias) to keep her from simply taking a few minutes to look at the facts – will not be able to save herself or her children – nor will it get a pig headed politician elected by thinking people (as a leader they can trust to act in their common interest)!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi IIG,
        You’ll enjoy this . . .

        P.S. This video is going viral? Watch before utube take it down.

        • IIG

          This comedy skit shows that “it has now become common knowledge that the “jab” is useless (it does not prevent infection – nor does it stop transmission) – but remember – just because the “jab” does not work – that does not “make it safe to take” (as Trump keeps telling us) – Trump could legally get away with calling the jab “effective” (because even though the “jab” does not work to bring us health – “it can be called very effective” if it succeeds in bringing 700 million of us to death) – so – although Trump can “legally get away with” calling the jab “effective” – he can’t legally get away with calling it “safe”!!

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi IIG,
            Sorry, but I think on this rare occasion you missed the point – being that Jim Breuer’s skit, played to a packed house in a Long Island theatre, is evidence of people waking up in droves. He pokes fun at the shots, the people who took them, at the whole covid fear narrative, at social distancing, at masks, at the parroting media, at the (German accented) State Governors, and the audience roared their legs off!!! To me, this was a breath of fresh air . . . It gave me hope. TPTB take themselves very seriously and HATE to be mocked! Bravo to JB!

  57. Bill Stilled

    Russia Accused Of Bombing Shopping Mall w/ 1000 People inside
    141,884 views Jul 1, 2022, The Jimmy Dore Show
    Another media, operation Mockingbird disaster. Sad when you have
    to get the truth from a comedian!

    • Self Exiled

      So, Obama with a drone is more effective than the Russians, wiping out wedding parties [brides’ maids, ring bearers, best men, guests].

      Of course, we have had much more practice at killing civilians, even our own [annulation disease].

    • Self Exiled

      Isn’t it interesting that we stood silent watching this on the news for the last 40 years and still are [drone attacks] and now the “silent majority” is being attacked by its own government? Silence is permission to the emotionally disturbed.

    • IIG

      The 1000 people who supposedly died inside the Shopping Mall must have all walked to this Mall “as the parking lot was completely empty of cars” – I guess these 1000 dead people must have lived very close to this Shopping Mall (so that carrying 3 or 4 food bags and a gallon of milk (the mile or so back to their homes) was no big deal to then)!!

  58. Charles H

    The ‘Ancient of Days’ did not grant Jesus power to rule over mankind – where does this come from?!?
    Jesus Christ is Jehovah God the Son; God in the flesh; Immanuel, God with us: The Word of God; and God the very Creator – for: “All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.” John1:3

    Anything or anybody who would try to demote Jesus Christ as anything but God Himself: if a false witness. What compares to the Holy Bible is the judge.

    • eddiemd

      Derek the red and Van Moog are the same person. Both promoting the JW doctrine.

      Van moog even promoting an antichrist book.

      Neither believes that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Almighty God in the flesh. They both believe he is just another “god”.

      Some day you will be surprised. You are getting better at trying to hide your doctrine.

      • Greg Hunter

        Eddie MD,
        I deleted them both. Thanks.

  59. Jim Ledyard

    Most are aware Covid was a bioweapon created by the Chinese Communist Party and paid for using American tax money at the corrupt NIH (National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Md. Part of Biden’s Health and Human Services)

    The Davos gang think they’re going to out-smart and double-cross the CCP for total control, but Xi Jinping is playing 3-D chess , while Klaus Schwab and Joe Biden are not even playing checkers.

  60. J.P. Morgunstun

    Walking While NATO Hasn’t Provoke WW3… Yet. SUNDAY Night in St Petersburg, Russia. LIVE/ Jul 3, 2022, Baklykov. Live
    Live stream from St Petersburg, Russia on Sunday night in the times when NATO hasn’t provoke WW3 yet. After a massive weapons supply to Ukraine, transportation blockage of Kaliningrad and new extention of NATO extention to Finland and Sweden, not sure how long Russia will consider it as not a war of NATO against Russia. NATO is about to provoke WW3. But while it is not happened yet, just enjoying an awesome time in St Petersburg, Russia which is right next to Finland and Sweden – the new members of NATO.

  61. Neeta

    Great interview Greg! Perhaps you could get a couple of therapists on to speak about hypnosis and mind control. It’s possible that some graduates of the Young Global Leaders program, now leaders of states, have been drugged and hypnotized. Perhaps this could help explain their strange behaviours and often times, wild and deranged looks.
    Another suggestion for guests is for Exorcists. Perhaps they could explore whether there are people in leadership positions who are possessed.

  62. Edward Ulysses Cate

    I disagree with one sentence in the introduction above:
    ‘Armstrong talks about the dumbest world leaders he has ever seen.”
    They are NOT the dumbest, but most sociopathic. That means they don’t have empathy nor conscience. They’re probably the smartest sociopaths of our times. The downfall of people who don’t understand the word “sociopath” means they have no self-defense. So people continue to trade and support those sociopaths daily. That’s the same way the 18yr old sociopath survived until he did his ghastly deed at Robb Elementary School. These so-called world leaders go about doing the same thing, but on a much larger scale.

  63. Marie Joy

    Boys, Play nice.

  64. Self Exiled

    I think we on the forum of contributors need to remember that these are interviews not inquisitions. Yes, pointed directional questions allowed.

  65. Lora

    Hi Greg
    Wondering if the union between China and Russia discussed by Mr. Armstrong will result in the Sixth Trumpet World War of Revelation 9:13-19?

  66. Naomi Zentmyer


    Martin’s expression of dismay regarding the idiots who are running the world governments world wide, sounds like a “spiritual deception” that has come over them. God’s hand is pulling away from them. The level of complete stupidity and blindness that Martin is seeing is so telling. That was my “gut and heart” take away from that one statement alone.

    Thank you again for this interview. “Thank you” seems so banal in light of what we are facing and discussing. But I’m saying thank you anyway.

    God’s speed, Greg.

  67. Charles N Pitale

    Armstrong is your best interview.


    I have lived in Donetsk and Kharkiv and my ministry has been serving in this region for over 20 years. Clearly, this guest is pro-Russian. He says we should not demonize Putin, but I can tell you that we are speaking and helping feed over 150,000 in Kharkiv. The Russian miliary is killing and destroying everything in eastern Ukraine, and targeting schools, hospitals, nursing homes, civilian areas, etc. I am sorry, but this guest doesn’t understand that the Russian miliatry is targeting the Russian speaking people of eastern Ukraine. Greg, if you want a balanced opinion, please reach out to me, since I am still in this area.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you look the other way and support the Ukraine NAZI killing machine? That’s who was and is running Ukraine.

      • RON PUTNAM

        Greg, in all my years in Ukraine, I have never met one Nazi.

        • Greg Hunter

          Ron You must be blind.

        • Gerry Lassche

          Feeding 150,000? UNESCO had to stop feeding in Africa, but you can feed 150,000? Worldwide food disruption, but you have food for 150,000? Sorry, I don’t believe this for one second. What is the name of your organization? Name, or I call bullsh*t.

    • tim mcgraw

      Ron Putnam; Stalin starved 7 million Ukrainians to death. See the movie “Mr. Jones.” I get it. Ukrainians hate Russians and for good reason. So why didn’t Ukraine let the Donbass go back to Russia? It is full of Russians, not Ukrainians.
      Looks to me like the Ukrainians are or were just looking for revenge.
      Why America feels it has to be in this blood feud between Ukrainians and Russians is beyond me. Those F#$$%%g neocon warmongers in DC can go to HELL.

      • RON PUTNAM

        Tim, on this point, I agree with you. The entire eastern region is Russian speaking and it would have made life better for many if there would have been a political solution to this. I actually had a private meeting with former Senator of Colorado, Corey Garner on this issue and encouraged diplomacy on the matter. I know full well about the Holodomor, but in our areas of Kharkiv and eastern Ukraine, there are so many people who have family in both Ukraine and Russia, the Ukrainians never thought this would happen to them. Remember, I am in eastern Ukraine and they may have a much different opinion than those in Kyiv and western Ukraine. But my experience is in the east. 🙂

  69. Walter Baumgarten

    So why is it a surprise that those dirty little Baby Boomers who hid under their desks from the impending nuclear war with the Soviet Union and who now occupy the thrones of power here are still hung up on revenge against the Big Bad Boogieman of the 50’s and the 60’s? Heck, the Baby Boomers have screwed up everything they touch, why not screw up the world as well? There are more than a few generals and other Clowns of Power haunting the halls of our government that firmly believe that we can and MUST engage and defeat the Russian Bear at any cost, and the old ones don’t care about the risk because they are near the end of their roads anyway.

    One thing that Martin failed to mention in the barter goods department is that whether firearms remain legal to own or are confiscated by a government, (or new owner), what will retain its value, and even grow in value every day will be ammunition, in any and every caliber.

    • tim mcgraw

      Walter; Does your toilet, fridge, and vehicle still work? Is the military draft ended?
      OOOOOOh! Those awful baby boomers.

      • Walter Baumgarten

        Right now they do, but the clock is ticking. I am 68 and am one of those Boomers, though I took a different path then those that are destroying America.

  70. Linda Majors


    I thought Martin’s advice to stock up on canned beans was good.

    Unfortunately, I ordered survival food, which came in containers that were so heavy, I nearly broke my back moving them. Then I learned from the enclosed literature that those huge boxes of survival food need to be stored in temps of 55 – 70 degrees. (Impossible where I reside, except in the winter months. My electric bills would be $300 – $400 per month at least, in order to keep it 70 degrees in the house. )

    I managed to drag those big containers into a closet, and I’ve been trying to keep them cool with little ice packs. I rotate them a couple of times a day. It is a big pain in the behind.

    Currently, I’m stocking up on canned food, and instant potatoes. I want nothing to do with any more of that survival food. I prefer a can of beans! They can be stored in my pantry, and I don’t have to worry about the temperature.

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to vent!

  71. Fatima message

    Greg, your interviews and interviewees get scarier and more scarier.
    With 700 million dead who can doubt mankind is witnessing the chastisement or tribulation as some refer to it.
    Catholic prophecy:
    Matthew 24: Jesus ,, God standing on the earth, if the time (of the chastisement) wasn’t shortened, no flesh would remain! Again, this period would be the worst mankind would witness from the beginning, up to this time, and beyond this time!
    Third secret of Fatima, millions dying by the moment.
    Lucia of Fatima, communism would conquer the world, even the United States!
    Lucia of Fatima, God will use Russia to punish the world!
    Blessed Elena Aiello, 1895-1961, Russia and its secret armies would battle America!
    Irlmaier, simple German prophet, died 1957, Russia would attack all of Europe. The Asians would attack the west coast of America. That could only be China!
    Akita, Japan, October 13, 1973, if mankind does not better itself, fire will fall from the sky destroying the greater part of humanity.
    Science has supposedly discovered how God destroyed the civilization of Noah’s time. And in doing so has discovered that the sun (remember the miracle of the sun at Fatima on October 13,1917) is about to repeat its destruction again, hopefully to a lesser extent. Remember the three days of darkness God used to free the Jewish people from Egypt. God will direct the results again. Miracle of the sun at Fatima == God’s depiction of a micronova or huge CME, “fire falling from the sky.” The word micronova was not known to science 10 years ago! Evil will no longer exist on this earth. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!” At Fatima, The Blessed Virgin Mary promised a time of peace after her triumph over Satan’s reign.

  72. Roger

    Great interview like usual Greg.
    Where are the other real reporters in this woke world who are not afraid to report REAL news.
    Thank you Greg and your guests for you are a man of integrity who is not afraid to proclaim Jesus Christ.
    God Bless y0u and your family from all evil.

  73. Merry Piper

    Greg: Geez Louise, thank you for having the awesome Martin Armstrong on again. Yes, he delivers that “Tough love”!!

  74. ken

    Covid is just a compilation of symptoms which happen to be common with most other respiration diseases. The Sars 2 virus like all of viruses have never been isolated and purified and therefore does not exist. No way you can get natural immunity from diseases that do not exist.
    Armstrong says the politicians have zero understanding of the economy,,, No, they know exactly what they are doing. Until the lemmings understand the political elements in the country and world is waging war against them the pain will continue.

  75. Sylvia in WA

    Martin Armstrong cannot be all things to all people. He is a serious student of history and an expert on Economics as well as a the Geo Political scene. If you want to ask Bible questions, get in touch with a Bible expert . If you wish to discuss health. drugs. and Covid, listen to David Martin or an expert on this subject. Why expect one person to answer all.
    Personally, I think Armstrong is absolutely beyond reproach, when discussing the subjects in which he excels. He tells the truth . period. Thanks for having him on again
    Greg. I hope and pray he will become a regular guest.

  76. Gerald Benton

    How to find water: In most places water is only 25′ below you. You need a sand point, a joint of 1-1/4″ galvanized pipe, and a driver. You will need someone to drive the sand point and pipe. Is this work, YES. Are you glad when it is done-YES. Go on you tube there are people explaining how to do this task. I have done this for years for people use and live stock. So drive one in your basement, cellar, garage or where ever you choose. Once the well is driven, you can use a shallow well pump or use a hand pump. This is security.

  77. Steven Starr

    The 100-megaton weapon that the Russians have in their drone sub is immensely more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb: Martin grossly understated its power by saying that it was “less than a tenth of the size” of as 100-megaton bomb.

    A 10o megaton bomb is 6,667 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.

    To explain: A 100-megaton thermonuclear bomb/warhead has the explosive power that is the equivalent of 100 million tons of TNT. That is the same as 100,000 kilotons (one megaton is equal to 1000 kilotons).
    The Hiroshima bomb had an explosive power equivalent to 15 kiloton of TNT.
    100,000 divided by 15 = 6,667

    So a 10o megaton bomb is 6,667 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.

    • Rob

      Hi Steven and all,
      Everything I have read about nuclear weapons says that they do not exist. Just about everything we have been told in the 20th century has been lies. The Spanish Flu, WW1, WW2, Hiroshima, 911, climate change….all lies. Japan was fire bombed, the same as Dresden, in Germany. Having seen letters postmarked the day after the bombing in Hiroshima. Nuclear Weapons are another lie to keep us afraid!

  78. Steven Starr

    The 100-megaton weapon that the Russians have in their drone sub is immensely more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb: Martin grossly understated its power by saying that it was “less than a tenth of the size” of as 100-megaton bomb.

    A 100 megaton bomb is 6,667 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.

    To explain: A 100-megaton thermonuclear bomb/warhead has the explosive power that is the equivalent of 100 million tons of TNT. That is the same as 100,000 kilotons (one megaton is equal to 1000 kilotons).
    The Hiroshima bomb had an explosive power equivalent to 15 kiloton of TNT.
    100,000 divided by 15 = 6,667

    So a 100 megaton bomb is 6,667 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.

    (please use this version, it is without typos)

  79. Jeffrobbins

    We just had a kid over for about a week- friends with one of my boys. My wife has felt kind of sick for the last four ish days and i had a mild head ache for almost as long and today she says ‘ I think i need a COVID test”. After a couple hours i thought to ask ‘Has Mathew been vaxed? Answer- double vaxed and boosted. A bit of an argument followed with my wife, but Matthew has gone home and with a little 1.87% horse paste I suspect we’ll feel better tomorrow. Maybe one night at a time is what we go to for the summer sleep overs. Point is: these are perplexing times and as much as we want an open home there have to be boundaries. Not sure how any of you folks have dealt with the similar.

  80. Pamela Goguen

    I have enjoyed listen to Martin Armstrong.
    I listened to this report below 2-3 times.
    Prepare for War, Higher Energy Prices & Significant Civil Unrest -Martin Armstrong
    By Greg Hunter On July 2, 2022 In Political Analysis

    Than a few days later I listened to a Mathematician by the name of Daniel Sachkov on the SGT Report. I made me doubt Martin’s Socrates computer as never being wrong

  81. tim mcgraw

    I’m currently reading “The Unspeakable” by James Douglass. The book is about the JFK assassination. The reasons why it happened and how it happened and how it was covered up by the assassins.
    About page 257 the author shows eyewitness testimony from three people who saw the assassin. The assassin who was behind the fence on the grassy knoll with a high powered rifle.
    The eye witness to the actual shooting was a deaf mute standing on the freeway above the murder scene. His eyesight was heightened as he couldn’t hear or speak.
    Isn’t it just like the Devil to make the only witness (besides the shooter and his accomplice) to the assassination of JFK a deaf mute.
    The cop who came around the fence gun in hand said that the man in the suit (shooter) showed him Secret Service ID.
    Another witness behind the fence, an infantryman, heard the bullet go by his left ear. He turned and saw the man with the rifle crying.
    Well, cry me a river.
    The CIA has been running the USA for a long time.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Tim, Have you ever been to Dealey Plaza? Once you see it in person, it becomes crystal clear what happened. There is an “X” painted in the road where the first bullet struck the President. Subsequent strikes, especially the famous Zapruder film hit where JFK’s head goes missing, could only have come from the grassy knoll. Even as a 12 year old, I knew the Warren Report was BS. Best always. PM

  82. MCasey


    The FDA has encouraged stores to pull NAC (N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE) off shelves because they want to make it a prescription drug. This would restrict it from open public access. Regardless of the “excuse” the FDA provides for this action, the following is the real reason why.

    NAC N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE is a precursor of glutathione. Glutathione is involved in the immune system function. It is the master antioxidant and heavy metal detoxifier of the cell.

    Glutathione is a substance made from the amino acids: glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. The richest sources of these three (3) amino acids, with which to produce glutathione, are beef, chicken, lamb, fish, eggs and dairy.

    In addition, glutathione degrades graphene oxide. Graphene oxide is a vaccine carrier and adjuvant (Covid jab).

    Is it starting to make sense why there is a push to do away with real meat and promote “fake” meat and bug burgers (Bill Gates) and why the meat processing plants were the first to shut down during the lockdowns. And now, cattle dropping dead, no corn for livestock feed, killing millions of chickens and turkeys (bird flu). (Their activities always serve multiple agendas.)

    Over a year ago, when I learned the FDA was “encouraging” stores to pull it off the shelves, I finally found some at Life Extension (link below). I checked today and not only do they seem to have it in stock, but they have reduced the price by 40%….I’m thinking they are wanting to close it out.

    Best of health to you and your husband.

  83. PersonaNonGrata

    John Larter, New South Wales Senate candidate, reveals shocking new study –

  84. George

    Hi Greg.Nice interview but you didn’t ask Martin
    about his last predictions at the last interview and specifically his predictions that by mid May a bigger war would break out in Europe and that world the financial system would freeze.Neither of them happened eventually.Also Martin didn’t mention that for 2023 his model shows that maybe China will attack Taiwan and he only mentioned civil unrest.Lastly Martin sometimes drags his predictions for the future till he gets it right.Hope you can comment on thise points Greg.Thanks a lot for nice interviews.
    Resending cause i got no answer.

  85. HeCame HeSaw HeDID!

    Biden’s ‘lost the ideological war’: White House reeling after Jeff Bezos criticism
    337,034 views Jul 3, 2022 Sky News Australia
    Billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos has slammed President Joe Biden for demanding that gasoline companies lower their prices.
    The president has been calling on gas companies to cut costs and pass on savings to consumers as Americans grapple with sky-high prices.
    Many social media users said it is not a good sign for the Biden administration if they have lost the support of a liberal like Jeff Bezos.🚀🛸🛰🌍
    [This is not stupidity, it not misdirection. It is part of a deliberate plan, and it is working perfectly. From comments]
    Joe my best advice to you is call Marc Elias brothers, have him fire Obomber’s arse and his woman!
    Make blinking Blinken, the dictating wizard. The man behind the throne, white and porcelain, LOL!
    Blame The Gas-Stations, like that giant gas station, mother Russka!
    Where’s fast and Furious gun running Eric Holder over? When’s we need’s him!
    Send him to the south, of the border_ down Mexico way
    Otte NOW! Bob Will’s

    CHINA Announces EXIT From WESTERN OIL & GAS making RUSSIAN OIL & GAS COLLABORATION More Likely /95,604 views Jul 4, 2022, Joe Blogs
    The geopolitical blocking is taking shape. Western Block and BRICS Block. The split is taking place across all global sectors – oil and gas, banking and finance, IT, space, semiconductor, quantum science.
    Supply chains are re-aligning to fit into the two geopolitical blocks.
    Joe what does it all mean? Were all gonna end up in the poor house, or all DEAD in the outhouse!
    Joe what happened to peace and security? You never promised us a rose garden of these GEO-POLITICAL ISSUES!

  86. Paul Bragg

    The Earth’s magnetic poles (probably) aren’t about to flip, scientists say
    Tom Metcalfe – 3h ago
    The Earth’s geomagnetic field, which scientists have been warning about for hundreds of years, isn’t about to suddenly flip over after all, according to a new study.
    When the MSM says it’s not ready to flip, Timber. Watch out below!

    • Mario

      If you want the truth see what Ben has to say over at
      He knows what he’s talking about. Piles are going to flip soon. The magnetic field is very weak.
      On a side note solar activity causes Major increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

      • Fatima message

        It’s not solar activity that spawns volcanic activity or seismic activity, it’s the lack of solar activity! Our sun has entered a period of diminishing solar activity called a Grand Solar Minimum(GSM). This GSM is named after John Eddy. Scientists are at odds with each other as to the depth and extent of this minimum, even if such will occur. The solar wind from “normal” Solar activity sweeps Galactic cosmic radiation (GCR) from our solar system. Lack of solar wind allows more GCRs to strike the earth. GCRs heat the silica magma just beneath the continents. Heated magma causes the continents to slide around and any stress areas to shift or any volcanic zones to become more active. Read John Casey’s book “Upheaval.”
        In the last few years, scientists have become aware of cycles in solar activity. Recent is the discovery of an approximate 6000 year cycle. Curiously, at the end of two such cycles, approximately 12,000 years our variable star throws a “fit” exploding the layer of collected dust and debris, called the solar corona, outward from the solar surface. One standing on earth would witness the sun expanding or growing larger. This huge Coronal Mass Ejection is now termed a micronova. There is now much evidence, collected from the moon and various places on earth, that these explosions have occurred many times in the past. 12,500 years ago one such micronova occurred to end a cold time on earth called the Younger Dryas. Two mile thick ice caps at the poles were melted almost instantly and caused a huge FLOOD that destroyed the FORGOTTEN CIVILIZATION of Noah’s time. YouTube channel ‘Is Genesis History’ explores this event from a scientific perspective.
        We are now at the end of two 6000 year cycles of our neighbor the sun! The Protestant ignored Fatima apparitions ended with a miracle called the Miracle of the Sun. News paper articles at the time show many pictures of this event. This event occurred on October 13th, 1917. Fifty six years later, on October 13, 1973, Our Lady spoke again at Akita, Japan. See said that unless mankind bettered itself, Fire would fall from the sky destroying the major part of humanity. God is in control! As He controlled the three days of darkness at Mose’s time He will use this solar micronova to sweep all evil from the earth. The solar miracle at Fatima, Portugal, IMHO was a God created depiction of a solar micronova.

  87. Paul

    Time to mobilize and help educate the conservatives how to effect change against the biden, Obama and wef agenda.

    I have listed a couple links to hopefully start and-encourage others to contribute other known groups in opposition.

    I will develop a website as a resource for this purpose. Help me if you can.

    Paul from arkansas

  88. Steve Bice

    This is an apologia for bypassing safety testing for vaccines. It is pure unadulterated propaganda, devoid of any semblance of objectivity.

    It is so disingenuous, it is hard to read.

    They want you pumped full of untested vaccines…and will claim they are safe all the way to your grave…

  89. Blumhagen

    Are cell phones safe to use?
    Type into google, I used duckduckgo,

    Bill Gates
    George Soros
    Klaus Schwab
    Type in any way you can…to see the images

    George Soros using a cellphone
    George Soros talking on a cellphone
    George Soros speaking on a cellphone
    George Soros on the phone

    You will see there are no images of these men on the cellphone. I found 1 image of Gates using a cell phone

    By contrast, look up

    Bill Clinton on cellphone
    Barack Obama on cellphone
    Donald Trump on cellphone……..So you can see the men who understand the dangers of cellphone usage and the people whom do not know the dangers

    And the men not using a cell phone are currently in charge.

  90. Greg Morrissey

    might be starting war sooner with the west this attack just happened
    Missile/Projectile Hits Belgorod Russia

  91. Rodeo Hank

    Many true Americans now seeking independence from the faux United States aka liberal toilet!! Blue state people destroy their own states, then move to healthy red states, then destroy them too. Heck with the boarder wall, we need to wall off the blue state cities, make sure none of those diseases escape!

    Recover $30+ billion immediately. Order and forcefully return of all the American aid from Ukraine, all military materials, all semitrailers full of $100 bills, ALL OF IT. Put U.S. boots on the ground and auditors to get every penny back.

    Then remove Bozo Biden from society, there must be an old age facility for career liars somewhere, there are enough of them for a billion dollar business.

    Come up with new laws restricting the DC spending to foreign nations set to $1.00 year during non world wars.

  92. The Rev

    All the evil and negative garbage could get you down, but here is what gets me PUMPED !! Each day as I pray, I say, “Lord, I add my prayer to the millions of Christians around the world who are ALSO praying.” This really MOVES me. If you say “it is over, all is lost, the bad guys won” I most pity you because you have NOT factored in GOD! Remember Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Know that we are NOT alone, and think of the POWER our prayers have as we fight this evil TOGETHER. I’ve read the whole Bible, and it doesn’t matter what the devil/evil throws at us. In the end, God and His redeemed WIN. It is time to begin our VICTORY dance.

    For now, we need to focus our prayers in the direction of the jabbed, who themselves and whose loved ones and neighbors are sick, disabled, or dying. Pray that they will WAKE UP and connect the dots to see and finally admit that the shots ARE the problem, that the shots are what is killing them. Pray that treatments will be found that can mitigate the effects of the spike proteins.

    Thanks for taking time to pray each day. God hears our prayers, and each day I THANK GOD for you. YOU are the cream of the crop. From this point on, you will be called God’s Elite Prayer Warriors. The globalists don’t stand a chance with all of us praying. Praise God and Hallelujah!!!

    P.S. Doctors and nurses: to keep from being strung up in the city square, get on record stating that you were lied to by the CDC. Every day you see the harm the shots have done to your patients. The truth will set you free.

    • Mario

      Great comment and your are 100% correct!
      God wins…. every time!


    Fear and denial in Russian city hit by shells
    3h ago BBC News
    In her fifth floor apartment in Belgorod, Lidiya tells me of her narrow escape.
    It’s WW3. But so far so good, no nukes! How long will that last?
    NATO, in a billions of dollar armament race. To stop Russian liberation and independence of eastern Ukraine’s 13 year long genocide of ethnic Russians in Luhansk and Donbass. In a race to oblivion. The war is now over the border, in Russia proper. Soon western Europe, then The US. too! Then a quick total end, of a very needless and improper nuclear holocaust!
    BETTER LEARN MADARIN To you lunkheads, that’s Chinese!

  94. Rod Brumley, Sr. USMC Lt. Colonel (ret.)

    The Deep State is firmly in Control – WWIII is what they want!!!! Trump was right about everything – these DemoRats are Communist and no longer hide it.
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


    I was surprised Martin Armstrong was so far off when he compared a 100 megaton hydrogen bomb to the Hiroshima fission bomb. He had been talking about a 100 megaton bomb so I assume he was comparing Hiroshima bomb to a 100 megaton bomb. He said a 100 megaton bomb was 10 times more powerful than a Hiroshima bomb. The Hiroshima bomb was about 12,500 kilotons. One megaton is 1,000,000 tons. 1,000,000 divided by 12,500 equals 80. So a one megaton bomb equals 80 Hiroshima bombs and a 100 megaton bomb is equals 8,000 Hiroshima bombs.

  96. Marie Joy

    The holiday we’re celebrating only exists because people were armed and courageous.
    Happy Fourth of July.

  97. rv

    MA mentioned have 2yrs of food & Mr. Hunter… a bit bearish. Can never go wrong in stocking up on food.
    EU Caves putin wins Russian Goods via Kalingrad through Lithuania will Resume.
    Dutch Farmers give the WEF hell.
    No Jab 74.2M in USA not single dose another 157M Refused 2nd/or 3rd Jab CDC.
    MA software pickup, $6 Billion In Deposits Vanished From Banks in China. 400k People Are Left with Nothing. No wonder the Chinese gov. is killing them.
    Greg/MA. Thanks.

  98. George

    Greg didnt answer my comment maybe he doesnt know what to say.

    • Greg Hunter

      The “war” has started. Armstrong is not 100% but he clearly has the trend line down. There are no peace talks, and all sourcing I see is we are headed for war. What else do you want for free?

  99. Furness Fairgame

    1:15:10 North Dakota Lady Governor speaks at National Rifle Association
    Short sweet. Cruz & Trump too!

  100. Maria

    Those who want war start it.
    So USA provokes Russia, but not Russia provokes USA?
    Russia started the war that’s why troops are sent to Europe. Not vice versa.
    You don’t know anything about Russia, Putin and Russian kleptocratic state.

    • Tin foil hat

      You are right about Russia and Putin being kleptocratic but you are wrong about Russia provoked US.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Russia started the war????? You better look elsewhere for truthful information!

  101. Frank DeFazio

    One thing I’ve noticed are the absence of milk and beef cattle. I live in an area where in every country mile the livestock out numbers the people by 1000 to 1.

    One operation where he has huge long stall buildings that must house thousands are vacant. Today I noticed this operation busy loading up trucks taking away a mountain of feed that he has. The mound was humungous, like a 1/10 of a mile circle and two stories high!!

    Is this the great transition “Pepsident Joe Doofypants Depends” is bragging on and forcing down our throats?

    A possible winter… will the people of NYC and LA be eating each other because meat will be unobtainable? Let them eat cake. The problem is many people must eat meat or else they go insane. Try forcing the population to go meatless and I bet people start disappearing off the streets.

    Will McDonna’s et al be serving fake meats in their McBurpers and Frankenuggets?

    Agenda 2031: You’ll eat nothing that is real and beg for more!

    I refuse to give up my fuel vehicles. I refuse to go all electric and push my vehicles once the brownouts are daily and electric rationing is done by “Social Justice” scores based on race, stupidity, and sexual confusion. Soylent Green.

  102. Steven K

    Peter Schiff is having some difficulties with bank regulators. Apparently his bank was seized.

    Is there some sort of intimidation/pressure being put on Peter? I would not be surprised.

  103. Jeff Kindley


    Have you ever wondered if the “vaccine” is actually an inoculation such as they give our soldiers before sending them off to war, only they give them to the citizens, because they have been planning world war and they know it will go nuclear, biological or chemical?

    I have often wondered if this their plan to “protect” the populist from coming war they already had planned.

    • Beverly

      They have injected these shots into as many as possible, to reduce the population of the world everywhere, because they can have better control that way. But also, they have given the injection to the military men and also many young men going out as missionaries to teach Christianity to the world. If you want to serve a foreign mission from the U.S., you have to get the injection! Now, if they know that it will eventually kill you, then what kind of a plan is that, to ask Christian Missionaries to get a shot? They are killing off those young men because those young men would have served as military soldiers to fight for the freedoms of the United States. Well, they won’t be around to do that in a few years. Yes, it’s definitely a plan to win a war against the United States—destroy them from the inside.

  104. Beverly

    The Scriptures say that God will divide the wheat from the tares and that He will cause a cleansing to take place. The scriptures say it will happen quickly, otherwise there would not be any people left on the planet. God says the Cleansing will start with His own House first. What is God’s House? It is the nation of the United States. God helped to bring about the Constitution, and that was NOT a mistake. God brought many Protestant people from Europe to U.S. soil. God restored the fullness of His Gospel, in the United States. The United States IS God’s House and it will be cleansed FIRST. That will happen because the people have not valued their freedoms and the Constitution like they should have, and there is a LOT of evil going on. God’s not going to just keep allowing all this to happen in His House. Just like Sodom and Gomorrah, the U.S. will be cleansed. Just like Ancient Israel, the U.S. citizens will be humbled. And, I believe it will happen a lot faster than 2037-2040. Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long to get all this settled. There will be 7 years of tribulation for sure and then we will be heading towards a wonderful new world.

  105. Chris Chambers


    I worked in a bank for several years. There is a budget for cash because the bank has to ensure there is sufficient cash for daily operations, especially considering monthly needs such as Social Security day, tax season, etc… And the lead time is several days at least because all cash deliveries must take place via armored car. People cannot expect to walk into a bank and pull $50,000 cash at a moment’s notice, as the bank branch will not allow itself to run out of funds. It’s a normal daily operation equation. Not sinister at all. But if you DO want significant withdrawals, plan ahead.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the info!! I have a friend and he told me he takes a little out every week and has been doing so for a few years.

  106. Ewiak Ryszard

    Martin Armstrong is right. In the Book of Daniel, we read, “And both these kings [Great Britain and Russia. In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”], their hearts (will be) to do mischief, and at one table (they) will speak a lie; but it will not succeed. Indeed yet (the) completion to (the) appointed time. And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that after the previous victories Hitler will attack the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [Soviet Union introduced state atheism and believers were repressed]; and will act; and go back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The troops from the Soviet military bases returned to their country]. At the appointed time [he] will return back [Russian troops will return to where they were previously stationed. It also means means military actions, a major crisis, plus the break-up of the EU and NATO], and will enter into the south [because of ethnic conflict], but it will not be as the former [Georgia – 2008] or as the latter [subsequent military actions in Eastern Europe also will not evolve into WW3. This will happen only later, after Russia’s return], then the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [the distant West] will come against him, and (he) will broke down [mentally], and will go back.” (11:27-30a) This will be a mutual slaughter and world war not only by name. And the great power sword will be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized him in this way: “A frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” (Luke 21:11) Because of the use of these terrible weapons there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” (in the sense of confusion and chaos). The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). The global nuclear war, (this will be the fulfillment of the sign of Jesus), will start with an ethnic conflict: “For nation will rise against nation”, like as in 2008 in Georgia. (Matthew 24:7) It won’t be Armageddon. “But all these things are a beginning of birth-pains.” (Matthew 24:8, DLNT)

  107. Old Rancher

    I’m finding it hard to believe that Liz Cheney hasn’t been thrown into a corral full of angry buffalo whenever she’s back in Wyoming by now.

    • Old Rancher

      Re: Mr. Armstrong’s reference to civil unrest or war if they let illegals vote –

      Whether you give any credence to Penny Kelly’s predictions or not she sees major disruption to the elections, especially those that go against the Dims, and somewhere between Christmas and the new year, a coup to put all of this idiocy down. Things get really quiet for a few months then under marshal law. This Fall will be really bad, especially in the cities.

  108. Dana Falk

    Clif High and Mr. Armstrong say the globalists will lose. Ask them “what does a globalist loss look like?”. Will they end up like Mussolini or Ceausescu? Will they say “OK we lost, we’re stopping our Davos meetings?” This has been going on for hundreds of years, and will probably continue.

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