Presidential Warning, China Troubles, FBI Witness & Comey

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 355 10.05.18)

The Presidential Alert was this week. It was a test of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. Many are mocking the Trump Administration about the test, but according to the White House, several National Emergencies have been declared by President Trump in the last year. Are the Markets about to crash? Is America about to go to war? Are high ranking U.S. government officials about to get indicted for a failed coup against Trump? It could be all of the above, proving there are many good reason to test the emergency alert system.

Vice President Mike Pence has accused China of meddling in U.S. elections.

It looks like military tribunals are coming to prosecute the many perpetrators of the failed coup of President Trump. Trump is securing a solid constitutional Supreme Court for possible legal rulings. Is there any wonder why the Left is fighting Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation with claims of wrong doing?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Economist John Williams, founder of, will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.


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  1. Mark James

    Excellent WNW Greg!! Thank you!

    Might I offer these two videos.

    Judge Jeanine: Establishment Republicans caved to the Dems (8 Minutes)

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Criticizes Treatment Of Kavanaugh During SCOTUS Hearings, “Highly Partisan Show” (4 Minutes)

    Cannot Wait for John Williams!

    Thanks Greg!

  2. Anthony Australia

    The MSM are all over it, LOL – They told you so.

    • Gary C

      I tried to explain this to my broker, who was surprised I liquidated the last of my stocks.
      POWELL: “I am going to punch you in the mouth” he is making it very clear, telegraphing his punch, I believe him.

      • Chris

        I agree. His name should be J POW at this point.

  3. Alastair Carnegie

    It is very rare that I ever miss a USAWatchdog post on YouTube. I am glad I caught this one. Brett Kavanaugh certainly has had his feet held to the fire. There is a mystery surrounding the National Archive Papers on Brett Kavanaugh being made TOP SECRET. and also the 90% of the remaining National Archives. There may be a very good reason for this? I have listened to one of Brett Kavanaugh’s staff. a lady who needed time off to get married. Brett Kavanaugh had been forced to write over 125 Drafts on a Legal Opinion, was that the one where ”Private Contractors” were given immunity to kidnap citizens working in financial institutions like major accountancy firms, have them transported by ‘Rendition’ to an unknown destination, and subjected to horrific torture, forcing them to reveal details of their customer’s affairs. The objective being to take Companies down into forced bankruptcy, and have all their assets stripped!… That must have required some very careful “Legal Advice”… Read “Dunn’s Advice To Judges” … If there is a pdf. copy of this antique book published online. The Old Chinese Curse appears now to befall all of us. We now live in those interesting times.

  4. mal

    Hi Greg,
    You didn’t say anything about it but the recent revelations about Ford and her family’s deep state/CIA connections were eye opening. This woman isn’t a liar. She is an expert liar. This has been largely ignored in the establishment media. Her involvement in the CIA’s undergraduate internship program should have been brought up. She co authored scientific papers possibly CIA funded on creating false memories. Her father was an executive at an obscure bank which we are told handled CIA black budget funds. Another member of her family we are told works for the law firm that created GPS Fusion. She denied under oath ever having coached anyone on how to take a polygraph test. Her ex boyfriend says she did and that the person she coached was a federal agent. This woman is knee deep in the swamp. Will she be offered a lucrative book contract and large speaking fees and maybe a seat as a delegate at the Democratic convention like a previous supreme court nominee accuser?

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Great WNW!
    Of course it’s all obvious . . . once you explain it.

    • Skurka

      … Thank You Mal , I heard about the CIA connections as well ; What Does It All Mean . Com mentioned this some time ago in fact . Funny how MSM doesn’t utter a peep ; only that Ford wanted to keep all her allegations private ; HAH ! A plant in the coup to take out President Trump and his policies . . .

  6. paul ...

    War … with anyone … is the goal of the Deep State … war with China, Russia, Iran, Syria, etc., etc., etc. … by any means, any way … with blindfolds on war is the goal … so the corporate elite can make more useless paper money to add to their bank accounts … whether the Deep State can win this war they want is of little concern … but it should be … because the very smart Chinese have placed a “back door” chip into all our electronic devices … including all our weapons of war … which can all be turned off or fried in the same way Russia turned off and fried all the electronic systems on the USS Donald Cook!!

    • paul ...

      The Deep State’s Military Industrial Complex is having conniptions over China grabbing a large share of the global weapons market … and many countries are buying China’s cheaper defense products with both hands rather than pay more for US overpriced weapons with “back door” chips inside … China has so upset the US Military-Industrial Complex that they are looking for any excuse to pick a fight with China … just listen to the rhetoric of the Deep State’s spokesperson (Bolton) which now controls US foreign policy … but “Chinese Exceptionalism” is overtaking America … and this is infuriatingly frustrating to the Deep State!!

  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,indeed we live in times where the Bolsheviks have infested our minds and not our hearts,even intellectual dumping grounds like Harvard and Cambridge are but nests of murderous vipers.
    Here in the UK our “elite”universities are only too happy to take the vast fees offered by Chinese “students”who reside in engineering and science departments particularly at Oxford,Cambridge,Edinburgh and Imperial College London(not a definitive list).Happily whilst this has been going on so many of the professors and lecturers have been on trips to China to see their favourite sites as guests of these students.Do you think their might be a conflict of ideas here?Any how,Mr Karl Denninger,so smart it hurts,reflects somewhat on the ease with which China has infiltrated our very server system across the world,
    Meanwhile these little grains of spies have been in use by our beloved Russians here in London to harvest so much information,remember that word,for that very information and so much more is determined and studied at Edinburgh in whole departments of Informatics .This work is all available via Google and Yahoo scholar,but so much more lurks in the PLA units back in China and at St Petersburg University where information is the bread and butter of their computer department.Our systems here in the UK have been hacked for years,not just by Piers Morgan,but foreign entities that piggy back our system to spy on the USA,now we are just a hub in the spy network without the inconvenience of paying for it.Actually we tax payers have paid for it by the Metropolitan Police cleverly installing shadow phone masts which became so useful to Russian geeks and others to steal money at first and more since.But our Secret Intelligence Service(SIS)don’t want to know.No wonder Israel and others refuse to work with us today.
    Another,any how,our economy for us peasants still sucks and our government are showing their metal by targeting criminals and trying to grab their ill gotten gains years after living high on the hog and no one bothered to query this before?Oligarchs,yes even American oligarchs,are getting tetchy about being investigated as to the origin of their wealth.Most seems to lead to a trail of bodies as in Mexico,just shameful.Of course our authorities are so easily persuaded by money particularly bribes.
    The corruption goes on the servers with the spy chips are still in place and our defences across the West are now totally vulnerable.Remember the incident where a Russian war plane came within a short distance of an American war ship and closed down its military might and waved at them whilst doing so as a joke.Hope Mr President still has the right launch codes!
    Mrs Clinton’s e-mails have been doing the rounds in China and Russia for years,even the Vatican’s emissaries in China have been compromised with the dastardly videoing everything.No wonder they have given up Chinese Catholics to state torture.
    So all is well then!

  8. paul ...

    All our problems are due to a bunch of hyped up “asses” … to counteract Sore Ass’s financing of marches by agitated women … Trump should commandeer one of our Geo-engineering aircraft … mix some Midol in with the aluminum dust … and spray it over the marching crowds of women to help them calm down and forget what is bothering their frustrated asses!!

  9. Edwin Holmes

    Greg, Looking at the state of America now, I can only assume that Eisenhower and Patton, must be turning in their graves, since they saw a lot of good men and women, go to their deaths in fighting Fascism. Mussolini and Hitler couldn’t be more proud of what is happening in America. Antifa, far from being Anti Fascist are the very Face of Fascism. Witness the dreadful scene with Ted Cruze at the Restaurant. Their whole attitude, and the attitude of a certain section of the populace in America at the moment is: “We will forcibly subordinate you to our ideology, through violent protests and harassment – whoever you are, or wherever you are”. This was the classic Mussolini and Hitler tactics of the ’30s. If it doesn’t stop, or be totally discredited, then I only see tragedy for the country in the long run.

  10. JC

    The Presidential Alert was scheduled for 2:18 pm EST. Seems odd, why not 2:00 or 2:30?
    2+1+8 = 11
    1+8 = 9

    • JC

      Greg, one other thing, that Executive Order 13223 that you displayed… 1+3+2+2+3 = 11

      • paul ...

        Alert at 2:18 … two 18’s is 36 and 3+6 = 9
        EO 13223 … 1+3+2+2+3 = 11
        Hmm … you may be on to something JC

        • paul ...

          Warning from …
          John McAfee


          The “Presidential alerts”: they are capable of accessing the E911 chip in your phones – giving them full access to your location, microphone, camera and every function of your phone. This not a rant, this is from me, still one of the leading cybersecurity experts. Wake up people!
          4:32 PM – Oct 3, 2018

          • paul ...

            Remember this Alert System was instituted by Obomber … so if you “don’t get” what John McAfee is talking about … your phone can be used as a “target locator” for drones to take out those deemed an enemy of the Deep State!!

            • eddiemd

              Get a burner phone. TracPhone or similar. Take out the battery when not in use.

              That is what the Deep state FBI agenta and other rogue government people use.

            • William Stanley

              paul . . .,
              Do the anti radiation bags work to keep your phone from connecting with cell network?

          • Lake M

            I recently replaced a flip phone with a smart phone. The flip phone account was closed and the phone is no longer functional.. It was setting on the desk and battery life was very low. Being curious, I opened it up. There it was, the EBS alert. It was just playing dead while waiting for a signal from headquarters. Looks like I’ll have to get the 2 lb hammer out. A similar procedure is used to destroy an old hard drive.
            of this tracking device.

          • Lake M

            I recently replaced a flip phone with a smart phone. The flip phone account was closed and the phone is no longer functional.. It was setting on the desk and battery life was very low. Being curious, I opened it up. There it was, the EBS alert. It was just playing dead while waiting for a signal from headquarters. Looks like I’ll have to get the 2 lb hammer out. A similar procedure is used to destroy an old hard drive.

            • William Stanley

              Lake M,
              Put new batteries in it and tape it to the undercarriage of a city bus if and when necessary; keep them busy.

  11. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

  12. paul ...

    This is interesting … … seems the bees are finally getting help from the Aliens living below the ice at Antarctica … who are firing cosmic rays up into our atmosphere “to regenerate the Earth’s ozone shield” … so we can do away with the spraying of aluminum dust in the air which is killing all the bees … thus finally grounding once and for all the bee murdering Geo-engineering planes crisscrossing our skies (with the goal of eliminating humanity before Trump finishes his second term) … so perhaps this Geo-engineering “coup against humanity” will also fail!!

    • paul ...

      While this beam of gamma rays shooting up into the atmosphere over Antarctica … ionizing the atmosphere and creating ozone … is a good thing … people must be careful and avoid traveling in aircraft flying polar routes near the geomagnetic poles … for doing so will put one at particular risk of high radiation exposure … which will give you cancer … or at the very least lead to rapid aging … and hence less Social Security checks collected over your reduced lifetime … actually … flying in aircraft above 10,000 feet “anywhere on planet Earth” is dangerous … because of the high radiation levels in the upper atmosphere caused by cosmic rays … take high speed trains instead (if the government will build them) … but remember … it is in the interest of government that people fly … so they can be radiated and will die sooner … making for less Social Security checks that will have to be issued … and the government helps this process to reduce your life expectancy by additionally zapping you with high radiation beams even before you get on an airplane!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …,

        You cite an article that mentions “cosmic rays” and “neutrino-like“ particles that were detected over Antarctica. The article states that the energy source could have been on Earth.

        The web site, “Florida Maquis,” links an apparent giant transmitter on an island off of Africa to energy “waves” reflecting off of Antarctica and back up into the North Atlantic, where they seem to “erase” a hurricane.

        Hypothesis: The secret, giant transmitter that is on a tiny island off of Africa is used to generate cosmic rays (including neutrinos) that are used to modify weather; and maybe some of that energy was detected by the equipment over Antarctica that was mentioned in your citation.

        • William Stanley

          Or something like that. LOL

          • paul ...

            William … that transmitter on a tiny island off Africa is likely shooting “microwaves” to disassemble hurricanes … this is a completely different type of radiation then high energy gamma rays (i.e. cosmic rays) … so the two can not be related … they are separate and apart used for different purposes (i.e microwaves to disassemble hurricanes … high energy gamma rays to produce ozone)!

            • William Stanley

              paul …,
              Can’t forget about cosmic rays altogether:

              • William Stanley

                Article is about cosmic “rays'” impact on cloud formation.

            • William Stanley

              paul …, re: “completely different type of radiation:
              I know that you are the expert here. But let me mess with you some more, just for fun.
              Here is a physicist espousing matter –including subatomic particles — as “standing” waves.

        • Freebrezer

          WS – there are approximately a 100 trillion neutrinos passing through you each minute. …. most likely not neutrinos doing anything! cosmic rays are just high energy protons and electrons that bombard earth every second … and they can easily be produce by man – every accelerator makes cosmic rays. Great video of what goes through you every second coming from the universe: … note a lot of them are secondary particles

          • William Stanley

            Paul’s article was interesting in its speculation about the terrestrial source of the neutrinos and associated cosmic rays, i.e., high energy particles (as well as its seeming challenge to the standard model). The article seems to interpret the data as implying interactions with ice that are not accounted for by the standard model.
            As for the “giant, secret transmitter” it seems relevant due to the energy path from it to Antarctica and back to the North Atlantic where it apparently had an effect on a hurricane.
            Moreover, since cosmic rays have been linked to cloud formation, it didn’t seem too far fetched to link all of this although, admittedly, there was a bit of whimsey in my comments, especially since the “giant transmitter’s” existence/purpose and technology is itself speculative.

            • Freebrezer

              WS – the article was very interesting. I read the article on the first day out. The s-tau (just the best guess) … they are in the EeV range (energy way beyond anything in the standard models – 15 magnitude greater … Thus billion of $ more are needed to be spent by the gov to delve in to this!

  13. Lynn Scott

    Hi I am looking for someone to please tell me what does a reset mean in normal people terms? We lose our retirement? But we are still expected to pay our debts? House pmt? I’ve heard for years people who have had visions of Russia and China invading America. I know America is not in a place to help Israel when she is attacked by her neighbors. The Bible is so clear on what to expect, just not on these reset things. Should I really be buying silver and getting out from under the dollar? Should I try to take out what I can in 401k? I have been trying to find answers for over a year. The guy we have gone through about our retirement says don’t worry about anything nothing is going to happen thank you for listening. Scary times ahead

    • Frederick

      Of course the guy you use to buy stocks isn’t going to advise you to sell your stocks The market is vastly over valued so yes sure you should take some money off the table You can stay in cash or buy some precious metals which are vastly undervalued and bound to shine if and when the dollar goes into terminal decline Diversification is the key

    • Tad

      Your financial adviser doesn’t make a dime if you purchase gold and silver from someone other than him. That assumes he doesn’t sell either.

      His income is made when he churns or turns over your investment portfolio. Normally at your behest.

      If you’re scared like the majority, then you’ve come up against one’s ultimate life test which doesn’t necessarily involve your physical health, though it will later. Many factors to consider.

      If he’s not recommending the metals to you, while he’s probably accumulating them, I suggest you change your present course.

    • Jerry

      I’m sure there will be many here willing to give you advice. You want to know what’s going to happen? Think 1929 depression. America went from the roaring twenties with the stock market hitting all time highs (sound familiar) to bread lines in just a matter of months. As the central banks commonly do, they will confiscate any fund left in their banks, and call their loans due. My advice get your money out while you still can. And oh, your financial advisor have him sign a promissory note to back up your investments if he is so sure nothing is going to happen. Then you’ll know if he’s telling you truth or hustling you for your money. Good luck.

    • john


      Work on reducing debt, save some cash and get SOME exposure to the precious metals. Lately, I am accelerating repairs on my house.


    • William Stanley

      Great question. I’ll join the people who would advise you to stay “diversified,” because none of us can know exactly what the politicians might do.
      However, to be diversified in your investments does, IMO, require that you have at least 10% in precious metals. That way — if the worst happens and your pension or other sources of investment income are wiped out — the 10% of your funds that you have put in precious metals would probably save the day by going up so much in value that you would still be okay.
      One of the bad things that might happen is that there would be very high inflation. However, if that happens, your investments in stocks (but not bonds) would probably also inflate. Thus, your investments in stocks wouldn’t get wiped out. If you are already retired, they would probably still be sufficient to pay your fixed-interest-rate debts (including your house payments, if you have a fixed interest rate on that). And your precious metals would go up in price so much that you would be able to sell a little at a time to be able to buy food and everything else you need.
      Bottom line: Sell some bonds and buy enough precious metals so that they make up at least 10% of your overall savings (i.e., investment portfolio). Remember that your equity in your house is part of your “savings.” IMO, you don’t have to go all in on precious metals to stay safe. Indeed, that would be reckless.
      BTW, I’m retired and I have about 20% of my savings in precious metals. But I’m a bit of a worry-wort, and I also am willing to take the risk that precious metals don’t perform as well in the future as I expect. So far, I’ve been wrong.

  14. paul ...

    Was looking for Ford in this spy list … but she didn’t make the top ten …

  15. Charles Turner

    Every sitting judge, whether from the right or from the left would have watched the Kavanagh proceedings. Whether they like or dislike Kavanagaughs views, none could have been comfortable in the concerted take down of a member of one of the most respected professions in the country. All must be challenging their memories to see whether any promotion could now be jeopardised by something they did in their youth and all must be uncomfortable with what the left has done. Likewise when General Flynn gets sentenced many in the Military may start to question whether this is true justice. Then you have Mitch O’Connell who nearly used the word fake news. Has Trump and the lefts antics resulted the impossible. Are lifetime members of the deep state now questioning the lefts tactics and coming around to the way the President speak and are never Trumpers now falling behind the president.

  16. Robert

    Maybe theyre going to go after George Soros money? They need to go after CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC…maybe even FOX too. The msm has deliberately acted to divide us.

    I fully anticipate the left is going to go nuts based on Kavanaugh’s rightful elevation to the SCOTUSA and the election results. Crazy Scary times ahead….I hope I’m wrong.

    PS- I dont believe any of Kavanaugh’s accusers. Theyve all cheapened the real cause of woman in abusive situations. And I’m tired of seeing men deminuzed by these man haters who’ve taken over our nations universities. Weve got two generations of groomed professional victims, who think anybody who doesnt have their world view is evil and needs to be destroyed at any cost. These people are nuts. Theres no reasoning with them. Scary times.

    • paul ...

      Women like Ford … want to simultaneously present themselves as “old-fashioned nice girls” in terms of their morals, values, and ethics … but then go to sex party’s and present themselves as modern day feminists who have all the freedoms and advantages of today’s modern “free love society” … then simply using birth control and abortions to “kill the unwanted children” … these “modern day women” like our own Gina … are really schizo’s … they will be promiscuous with alpha males and then turn around and behave like they are prudish, monogamy-oriented “good girls” with financially successful beta males … Ford likely did not want to be referred to by men like Kavanaugh as a “prostitute, call girl, erotic escort, or whore” by attending such a “free love” sex party … yet this same women then wants men to offer them financial incentives and rewards in exchange for their sexual companionship … can’t have it both ways baby … if Ford truly didn’t want strange men grabbing her butt … she should have simply not attended those “free sex” party’s!!

  17. Roger Dodger

    collapse here NOW!
    prepaussie Published on Oct 4, 2018
    Prep looks at the US 10yr bond surge and the problems that this causes all of us.
    MNZGA 57unicorn
    7 hours ago
    Interest rates have to go up.
    Thats what Trumps been doing…by design..and for a very GOOD reason.
    He wants the IMF and Central Banks to collapse.
    Then the ready and waiting NEW QFS can step up.
    It will be messy for everyone for about 3 weeks…and then it will be settled in and sorted.
    Get your money out the banks in cash and gold…TODAY.
    God bless humanity with the final good riddance of the current evil Fiat debt based privately owned Rothschild Banking System…..and the new replacement Sovereign QFS (quantum financial system). Hallelujah!

  18. Roger Dodger

    collapse here NOW!

  19. Ray

    More gold from Hunter……..mate, your reports just get better and better.
    Thank you.
    Have a splendid weekend.

    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  20. Robert

    What do we have here? A multi millionaire female entertainer playing the woman are victims of oppression card and it backfires. Im sick of the inferred anti male animosity being sown.

    All this division reeks of CIA tactics used to overthrow foreign gov’ts…only now their tactics are being blatantly used domestically.

    Where the hell are we heading? Men! Stand up for yourselves.

    If women really wanted equality theyd be demanding the requirement to sign up for the draf at age 18. Do you hear any of these women making that demand? Hell know…

    There’s plenty of women who like their lives. You too, need to stand up this professional victim class that want to blame all their failures and bad choices on eveybody else.

    What we’re witnessing in our country is the divisive power of state enabled propaganda through our msm. The left and deep state is so angry their Hillary didnt win, theyre going to destroy the country from within. That’s whats being sown and the CIA infiltrated msm is behind this…. Who needs foreign state enemies when the professional victim leftist are fully willing to try and overthrow our lawfully elected government.

    Maybe now we’ll see if those FEMA camps the conspiracy theorist said were in place, really are.

  21. Jerry

    I’m going to post a warning for your readers.

    I can’t vouch for Q’s authenticity but I can tell you this. Based on the movement of black op helicopters in my area, I would take this warning very seriously. We are venturing into uncharted waters both socially and economically heading straight for impact. This is not a game or a television show that has a happy ending. This is the result of when the snake can no longer eat it’s tail to stay alive. Or in this case when corporate buybacks can no longer sustain a narket. Confiscating wealth from global criminals is all that’s left,after you have exhausted loans, and tapped out hard money lenders (like China). Arrest are coming. Assets will be confiscated.

    • Jerry

      Like I said, the snake choked on its on tail, the moment the Fed started raising interest rates. Corporations cannot buyback stocks with ballooning loan interest rates attached to them.

      • Jerry

        Adendum to my last post.
        Greg, I am 100% convinced the deep states nuclear option is to crash the economy and blame it on President Trump before the November elections. Guess what ? He knows it to. This act of desperation will lead to mass arest, martial law, the end of the Democratic Party as we know it, along with a global currency reset. Final warning. Get your preps ready. When the poo hits the propeller blade everyone, and I mean eveyone , is going to get dirty. No exceptions. If you haven’t prepared by now, it probably won’t matter anyway. You cant say Greg and I haven’t warned you.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Wow. You and I are in cast-iron, poured-concrete, cast-in-stone agreement on one point: I will NEVER say that you haven’t warned me.

          (We’ll wait and see if this is, in fact, your “Final warning.”)

          • Jerry

            Big O,
            You’re finally right about something. My time here IS coming to a close. The time of warning people has passed. Now comes reality and with it the final test.
            And guess what? You’ll get to find out how really smart you are. Good luck!

        • Prophet

          The may try it if they dont get control back of the senate after the midterms but not before, they think they can steal the elections at this point

        • mike

          there is a better chance, that we become witness to a violent coup, if mid terms are a RED rout of the dems, and they dont come close to taking over. We could see Trump use his new national alert tool, and martial law implemented.

          it would be after this, the economy slows.

          if we see UN thugs, then make sure you have lots of guns and ammo at the ready to defend home turf. beware Soros. that guy is BIG trouble for the US. Him and Obama.

          • Greg Hunter

            Mike take a close look at this map. The Democrat/Marxists are out gunned and out flanked. The US military and the state and local police for that matter back Trump. Now there is a 54 soon to be 63 Constitutional Supreme Court. This is going to turn out the same as the last civil war when the Democrats tried to take over by force.

    • zteve.0

      Truth – how many men have been #MeToo’D by women? Year after year in family courts – false claims of spousal abuse, child abuse, unreal support payments with restricted access, completely detrimental to the children.
      Women want equality? How about criminal charges for proven false accusations? Never gonna happen…

  22. Oracle 911

    There is an anecdote:
    Q: Why the US can’t have color revolutions?
    A: Because there is no US Embassy in Washington.

    Soros proved it wrong. I wonder how long living he will be.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  23. Chip

    Kavanaugh, while very important to get him confirmed, is a HUGE distraction from many of the real problems America faces.

    The real issues are 21 trillion in debt, hugely interventionist foreign policy killing or destroying the lives of millions of civilians with tens of thousands of our troops getting killed, wounded, or committing suicide, a government so big and bureaucratic it is unable to govern, an administrative state that creates law without the consent of the governed, global banking fraud, and a completely dishonest main stream media. The absolute pettiness of our elected officials and the constant grand-standing to their supposed base is simply disgusting. We need some swamp cleaning and then some now rather than later… Chip

  24. Chip

    Where is Ford’s High School Yearbook???? Chip

  25. Neil

    Outstanding WNW again. You always get me up to date on some things I miss. The countdown is on until actions against five eyes spreads, Canada included. So many think Canada is “different”. I disagree.

    • Ed

      It’s on the shelf next to President Obama’s.

  26. Diane

    Why isn’t Soros arrested and all his assets confiscated?
    A friend sent this proof of protests all over the country by Soros funded
    Scroll down and check the lists, probably near you.

    Heather found this. Scroll down to Sierra Madre , click on and see that if Mueller is fired, a non violent protest will be held in Kersting Court.
    There are also others protests to be held for different reasons. They also have a training class.
    Heather just said one protest is also planned in Memorial Park.

  27. Roger Dodger

    Dr. Ford’s accusations are looking less credible by the minute…
    Mark Levin Nails It! At his Churchillian BEST!

  28. Roger Dodger

    Greg, Please consider a Mark Levin Interview, for the sake of the Republic, to save the Republic!

    • Mohammad

      I am tuned to his radio show daily.
      He was moved to 11 pm when his ratings were 2 million +
      The democrats sensed his influence, knowledge and constitutionalism.
      I add my voice to you here to have him on.


      • Greg Hunter

        How do you contact him.

  29. Mike

    I saw a number that said the wealth of the top 1% globally is more than 100 trillion. Given the ability of top criminals to harvest wealth much more than legitimate business interests, the criminal wealth could top 50 trillion. What would happen if Trump could seize 30 trillion in assets from the criminals?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thus the confiscations by the U.S. Treasury Department.

    • Ed

      You do understand that if you make $35,000 per year, you are in the global top 1%, right? Do you really want .gov looking at your financials?

      • Occasnltrvlr

        I agree completely that “.gov” has wrongly assumed the Orwellian space of pervasive observation, and no emperor should have power to simply seize any assets, nevertheless, I think the distinction of the “top 1%” referred to is based on assets, not income.

  30. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    Diane Feinstein and Richard Blumenthal the Bolshevik leaders who are politically smearing Judge Kavanaugh are dual citizens of America and Israel. Call your Senators and Congressman to protest and eliminate dual citizenship for anyone in the American Government. Also, remember Sandy Berger of the Clinton Regime was caught stealing state secrets and he walked away without punishment ( If memory serves me, Berger was trying to pass them onto China). What are the Democrats up to??? These morons got Jonathan Pollard a convicted Israel spy out of jail. I am all for military tribunals to clean the trash out of Government. Let us look into the Democrats past and start with Bill and Hillary Clinton and follow that up with a complete search of former President Obama and follow that up with how Diane Feinstein got her riches!.
    Democrats you are on trial now, what is in your closet.
    America can not be politically free until the television stations come under strict rules when it comes to reporting political news. In their current state, they are anti American
    and anti Republican. IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!
    Americans need to support the Republicans in the Mid Term Election to show the Democrats their attempts to falsely destroy Judge Kavanaugh will not be tolerated.
    The Democrats have shown all the world why politics is called a dirty game and they
    have set a new low.
    America wake up, the Democrats will give you the AMERICAN BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. VOTE THEM OUT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!


    • Keith wilson

      Greg. I mentioned this last week. My computer and emails have since been hacked into. I have been informed that this was done by some one in California during the week.

    • Freebrezer

      Jallen – Your comments ring true … What amazes me are all the American women that support this democratic regime … AMERICAN BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. What the hell do they think is going to happen if they bring down western society? Women’s rights are only a right where God fearing men will fight and spill blood for them! Get rid of the American man’s honor, decency, integrity, dignity … game over for women’s rights!!!!!! … People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf – George Orwell.

  31. Elusive Joseph

    Let’s pray for military tribunals to try, convict and execute the real 9/11 perpetrators.

    • Frederick

      Joseph Yes indeed The “ real” perpetrators not some patsies I’m not overly optimistic though

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I also want the real perpetrators of crimes collectively known as “9/11” to face justice, but military tribunals would not be constitutional justice, and would lay groundwork for continued extra-judicial proceedings. Be careful what you pray for, but please continue praying.

  32. Jan

    Great point made by your cartoon today! Some people are joking that Trump should nominate Hillary for the Supreme Court and then see what her vetting turns up!

    Senator Orrin Hatch in his speech and press release entitled: “Enough is enough. It’s time to confirm this good man to the Supreme Court” says this was “the lowest, most vile, most dishonest attempt at character assassination that I’ve ever seen in all my 42 years in the Senate”! In 42 years!!!

    As you said, Trump is busy going to the mat for Kavanaugh. However, even though it barely made a blip on news media sites, George and Laura Bush are on record for backing Kavanaugh after Dr. Ford’s accusation. Here is CNN’s brief acknowledgment:
    Former President George W. Bush reaffirmed his support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday . . . “Laura and I have known and respected Brett Kavanaugh for decades, and we stand by our comments the night Judge Kavanaugh was nominated: ‘He is a fine husband, father, and friend — and a man of the highest integrity,'” Bush said in a statement provided to CNN by his spokesperson, Freddy Ford. “He will make a superb Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.'”

    A week ago Fox Business reaffirmed this in a short video clip, saying that Bush is making calls on behalf of Kavanaugh, but they don’t know how many:

    I didn’t know Elizabeth Warren (gasp!) was caught taking a bunch of tax deductions she wasn’t supposed to take. And this is one of the senators who stands in judgment of Donald Trump’s taxes and could run in 2020! Remember, the Democrats always run a senator (or former senator) for president and/or vice president or they lose. Well, who are they going to pick in 2020 to go up against Trump? After what they pulled against Kavanaugh — “pure evil”!


  33. andyb

    Greg: the meme that is being promoted by you and many other like-minded conservatives (notably SGTReport, Q, Gateway Pundit, et al) is that the supposed sealed indictments, the 2 Trump EOs, and the presidential cell phone alerts, all herald a concerted attack and roundup against the deep state and traitors, projected to occur sometime in the near future. God, I hope it is all true.

    But there is another side of that coin. The 2 EOs, especially, indicate more government control, not less, and you have to wonder if due process will be thrown out the window. Just look at the LEO asset forfeiture programs now endemic along our highways which the courts have allowed to the detriment of the 5th Amendment.

    If we don’t see perp walks of major players within the next 2 years (the remainder of Trump’s 1st term), then we have all been victims of a major head fake. I pray that my concerns are unjustified.

    • Greg Hunter

      We had a huge failed coup against the President and America and there has to be justice. It is as simple as that.

      • mike

        coup attempts dont usually stop at 1. next one will be the violent one im afraid to say. we arent out of the woods yet. What we witnessed against kavanaugh was very scary. the dems are getting more and more violent, and attempting to create and arouse civil violence, and folks like Soros, are raising the stakes, with larger and larger protests paid for via etc. the dems are spinning their leftist extremists into a foaming at the mouth type of behavior. even more mild mannered and demonstrative women, who dont usually speak out, were very disappointed (via the dem brain washing), that kavanaugh got it. they not only do not have any true facts, but they actually do believe liars like Ford. I think there are GOP women who have turned traitorous due to this nasty Demoncrat assault. this was carefully planned to get under the skin of EVERY SINGLE woman on US soil. This stuff was insidious, absolutely wrong, and I’ll tell you if Trump doesn’t indict these people super fast (people like Feinstein, Pelosi, and many others who orchestrated this assault on Kavanaugh) the mid terms could be a bloodbath for the GOP, OR, if it is not, the bloodbath could be a dem orchestrated violent coup. There is no middle ground here anymore. Prepare for an onslaught unlike we have ever seen, with even more fomenting by jackwads like Avenetti, and other unsavory characters. very sad times.

        • Greg Hunter

          Who says Trump and the US military backing him are going to keep taking this crap without fighting back? I’d say get ready for the blow back.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      You’ve raised a meaningful point, and, if the perpetrators of the asset forfeiture programs do not also walk the “perp walk” then true justice remains unfulfilled.

      • William Stanley

        As I understand your comment, you think that:
        (1) Asset forfeiture programs (and military tribunals, as well) are, per se, unconstitutional, and
        (2) “True justice” requires punishment for violating the Constitution, even where the supposed “unconstitutional” acts were done in order to exact recovery of criminally (and/or treasonously) enabled ill-gotten gains.

        I disagree.
        First, requiring restitution of stolen property and/or fines is not unconstitutional. The U.S. Constitution does provide for federal courts to adjudicate certain issues under certain circumstances, but not all issues and not in all circumstances. And, yes, the Constitution requires due process. However, it doesn’t prohibit military tribunals or requiring recovery and restitution of ill-gotten gains.
        Second, if the ill-gotten gains were part of seditious or treasonous acts it is, at worst, a colorable question whether recovery and restitution could be constitutionally ordered by a process involving military tribunals (especially during times of insurrection or war). Moreover, I don’t think the Constitution stands in the way under these circumstances.
        Finally, even assuming — for the sake of argument only — that the Constitution should be interpreted as precluding military tribunals under these circumstances, I would disagree that “true justice” would be best served by punishing those those who worked to bring about the restitution and/or fines (especially if that would entail letting the seditious, treasonous, thieves go unpunished and the implosion of the American economy). Furthermore, to my recollection, the Constitution does not specify any punishment for violating it. In short, the Constitution is subordinate to, justified by, and a means of, achieving liberty and justice; it is not, itself, the substance of liberty and justice. Sometimes breaking the “law” is justifiable even if it usually is not. Fortunately, here the “law” does not require what you think it does.

  34. iwitness02

    We live in what I call a “curious mix.” There are people among us that have empathy and compassion for mankind in general. Then we have people among us that are filled with resentment and cruelty. It is very difficult to judge who is who in a crowd. As our Lord says, you will know them by their fruit. Their actions. The results they bring about. We are in a period of time where the people who rule over us are being exposed for what they are. This is very helpful because it helps us to identify who we are dealing with. This understanding will help guide us through the days ahead. Knowing who is who, will help us to stay on the right path. Resentment and cruelty have no place in Gods Kingdom. Eternal life will be based on empathy and compassion. That is to say, Love. Glad to see this division being made in such a public and well documented fashion. The wicked are going down, and we will have solid proof of their wickedness. Steady as she goes.
    WNW three five five and the noose is getting tighter around the necks of the wicked. Stay after them Greg, and may God add His Blessing.

    • Tin foil hat

      “There are people among us that have empathy and compassion for mankind in general. Then we have people among us that are filled with resentment and cruelty. It is very difficult to judge who is who in a crowd.”

      One who has empathy and compassion in general can also be filled with resentment and cruelty depending on the circumstance and moment. It’s very difficult to judge anyone since we are all capable to be cruel. I’d only condemn those who enjoy doing the deeds with unnecessary cruelty and disrespect to lives.

  35. Mohammad


    The senate just finished the procedural vote 51/49 to advance Kavanaugh to final vote.
    You know Greg what I see here?
    Civil war territory.
    USA is split in half … literally … and that is a civil war territory.


      • Gina M Mancarella

        If there is a civil war, the correct side will win. Our sons and husbands will fight a guerrilla war against this outrageous conservative machine that is attempting to take away our rights and subject us to the whims of a misogynist dictator. Ladies and gentlemen, I submit that the answer against the threats to our country is to stalk down all tyrants passing themselves as government officers. These impostors must be prosecuted and sentenced to the harshest punishment. Some of our innocent brothers and sisters will die in battle. But we as a nation must not allow these outrageous hateful misogynists to set us back 150 years. May I suggest that our beloved, honored and cherished Hillary Clinton get in position to quash the rebellion against the peace and order of our country to take control of the reigns of power when called to do so !

        • Greg Hunter

          Spoken like a true national socialist (Nazi)!

          • Skurka

            … Plants on every site ; leftists heads maneuvering in dire concern over their globalist movement being exposed to the general public .

            • Greg Hunter

              Got that right. You should see what I delete.

          • Diane

            A poster on zero hedge described the leftist Dems as
            SLUTS AND NUTS
            I would describe them as Sluts, nuts and Marxists…aka
            Social Justice Warriors
            Patriots are uniting and we will keep winning.
            #walk away

        • Mohammad


          Since obviously you are not a bot and you posted many times here and I followed your posts with interest to try to understand where are you coming from, are you hinting that #MeToo, #BLM, #OccupyWallStreet, #TimeIsUp…etc… have a military militia branch? Do they have gorilla workforce that we do not know about yet?


        • paul ...

          Gina … we are not going to go like Eloy to slaughter listening to your siren call … unlike ignorant Demon-rats … we Patriots have a brain and know how to use it!

        • Frederick

          “ cherished “ Hillary Clinton? Now I’m sure Gina is nuts

          • sk

            I think “Gina” is putting you all on. Royally.

        • Occasnltrvlr


          You’ve accused Trump of b****n’ tons of hot b*****s, now you’re accusing him of hating them. Make up your mind.

          (Oh, sorry, you’ve got Lib Disease, making impossible clarity of thought.)

          You know, this “Gina” has to be some AI bot, or perhaps a real person, posting for the single intent of assessing our individual responses to it/her.

        • Jerry

          WOW Greg!
          Gina you really need to check your meds. There will be NO civil war. Period. Do you have any idea who most conservatives are? Most of my friends are,former military personnel who have served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The first time left wing lunatics like you draw dawn on patriots it will be over very quickly. There is a reason Gitmo is fully operational and preparing for mass arrest. You just gave the reason.

        • al

          Blind Ignorant Gina, the correct side is winning already, Trump (your President) said it best, “you’re going to get sick of winning so much”.
          Don’t you see? THERE IS A CIVIL WAR being fraught here and Constitutional Patriots are winning. Don’t you get it?
          It’s a CIVIL Civil War with no need for swords, we have information which is mightier than the sword.
          FAKE NEWS was a nuclear blast that started this Civil War! It’s a war for credibility and frankly my dear, YOUR SIDE LOST A WHILE AGO.
          PS: You spelled Hillary wrong, it’s HITLERY. Let’s get the NAZI thing right here.

        • Bill

          Gina; One of your ilk should hope there is not a civil war. You libs have given up your guns , while the good guys still have theirs. OH OH

        • Ray

          Calm down…….forget about war inside your own country and stick to what you do best…..bombing the crap out of poor third world nations across the planet.
          Relax……let Uncle Vladimir and Uncle Xing Ping sort the rest out.
          It is well underway, and you won’t feel a thing!
          And afterwards, Uncle Greg and the Watchdog Patriots can place you in a lovely, pink padded room, full of crayons, rainbows and unicorns!

          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Prophet

      I agree the country is divided by less than 10%, if this were not the case we would be winning elections hands down every time….If we manage to gain a couple new seats in the midterms and hold power, the only option the left will have is to try and crash the markets, and hope for victory in 2020…kavanaugh will be the knockout punch on the supreme court, The left is running out of options, unfortunately, they believe in their cause as much as we believe in ours ….The country will be delivered to whoever fights hardest for it….Reality is Black and White when it comes to the left and right ….In 30 days we will see just how divided we are………..

  36. Roger D

    We need a divorce. Diversity has destroyed every advance civilization in history. Clearly ours is down the rat hole.

    Roughly half of the population (including a majority of those under 40) has nothing but disdain for traditional American values and culture. If they could as many as half of those would just push a button and make us disappear. This is an irreconcilable difference. Does anyone honestly think we can change them?

    So why do we continue clinging to liberty-destroying Republicans, a swamp-infested administration and a system intent on destroying us? It’s time to move on.

    “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation.” Matthew 12:25 (KJV).

    • Tin foil hat

      Roger D,
      Diversity which all cultures are considered equal is destroying the U.S. A. I believed diversity is strength only if there were ONE dominated culture. Its suicidal to considered a head hunting Amazon culture is acceptable and equal in any advance culture.

  37. Mohammad

    Watching (Constipation News Network) when the procedural vote revealed 51/49 and all of sudden no one is talking about Dr. Ford…No more emotions no more heart broken crap…now all the talk is about calculations, politics, views of Kavanagh on main issues and I can summarize it Greg in one word.
    This whole Kavanagh witch hunting is boiling down to one word:


    • Jallen

      Democrats are a cancer on society.
      They continually cause division and rile up the public and
      go against the American way of life. Diane Feinstein has sown
      seeds of her own political destruction and embarrassed herself
      in front of all America. If America gets lucky she will move to Israel
      and I doubt they will put up with her political BS.
      Mohammed, maybe the Government can look into Diane Feinstein’s finances
      and make sure it is all above board. Perhaps the IRS can conduct a full audit of
      her finances lets say for the last 35 years. (Can you hear me President Trump).
      Diane rolled the political dice and they came up SNAKE EYES, what a surprise!


    • flattop

      Mohammad; Wouldn’t one from the deep state be overly concerned when the indictments are served about Military Tribunals? No judges to be bribed, no witnesses or jury members to be bought off or threatened . ABORTION and TRIBUNALS

      • paul ...

        I want to see the Demon-rats push as hard for “Tribunal Abortions of Traitors” as they have all these many years to “Abort Innocent Defenseless Babies” … and with the same zest and zeal they supported Roe V. Wade!!

  38. Rick Hester

    Trump has used Tweet to circumvent the main stream media, who is constantly lying about his activities. By utilizing Tweet, Trump has been able to talk directly to the public. What would happen if his Tweet account quit working? The President would be muffled. I believe the Alert system brings forth another way for Trump to talk directly to the public. There was no such system in place for the lava flows in Hawaii, the disastrous fires on the west coast, or for Hurricane Florence.
    There are thousands of sealed indictments about to be opened. People will be tried and sentenced. This may spark violence in the streets like we have never seen. Martial law may be declared. If this does happen, we will need a President who can tell us what is going on and assure us that he is in control. This will help calm the law-abiding people.
    For the first time in history, a potential Justice of the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, was questioned at length about military tribunals for non-military people. Kavanaugh verified the legality of such action. Lindsey Graham did the questioning. Graham served as a judge advocate general in the Air Force Reserves. He knows about military tribunals.
    The sooner the arrests and tribunals begin, the better.
    I pray Kavanaugh gets his appointment to the Supreme Court, so we can move forward to other things.

  39. eddiemd

    California infectious diseases on the loose.

    Flea borne typhus now making its way through Los Angeles. Last year it was Hepatitis A in San Diego vagrant population. San Francisco with the vagrants in the streets has had the problems but it is kept under wraps.

    The article also speaks about a recent tuberculosis outbreak in Los Angeles.

    The “Black Plague” is also spread by fleas. Yersinia pestis. Isolated cases in northern Arizona for the past several years.

    When the system breaks down, there will be epidemics of infectious diseases all over the country related to food and water. Hepatitis A, coliform bacteria in the water, Leptospirosis, Cryptosporidium, Amoebas, etc. Stock up on PeptoBismol, cipro, doxycycline, metronidazole. Get a Hep A vaccine and typhoid vaccine.

    • paul ...

      The Demon-ratic Party is full of deadly fleas spreading their “Black Plague” over the entire country (not just moonbeams California)!

    • eddiemd

      The typhoid vaccine is for waterborne/foodborne typhoid fever (Salmonella serotype Typhi), not flea borne typhus (rickettsia).

  40. foggygoggles

    I’m told the Chinese spy chip story is bogus, as you cannot put a second processor on any circuit board without it being noticed. It’s not just about the chip, it is about additional circuit board runs, power supply paths, the whole 9 yards. They would never even get the first unit fired up in a secret area of the U.S. government. Apple is also denying validity of story. Errata Security states that while they did find a backdoor in a popular FPGA chip, there is no evidence the Chinese put it there, or even that it was intentionally malicious.

    • paul ...

      So we are to blindly believe the Chinese spy chip is bogus because the computer chip companies don’t want to look like a bunch of asses? … and even though Errata Security “did find” back doors … obviously it was not intentionally or maliciously put there!!

  41. Gary

    Hey Greg,
    While I’m not a fan of the Bush’s, I did see this article earlier this week about Bush Jr. “working the phones” on Kavanaugh’s behalf.

    George W. Bush is reportedly working the phones for Kavanaugh

    Thanks so much for your reporting. It is very much appreciated and important to me to have a source of news I can trust.

    God bless.

  42. Russ

    Great wrap-up Greg. The only thing I’d like to add is …
    Blasey Ford’s FBI “Polygraph” Buddy Pressured Woman From Mystery Groping Party To Change Story

    “A former FBI agent and lifelong friend of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford allegedly pressured a woman to change her statement that she knew nothing about an alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh in 1982, reports the Wall Street Journal.
    Leland Keyser, who Ford claims was at the infamous high school “groping” party, told FBI investigators that mutual friend and retired FBI agent, Monica McLean, warned her that Senate Republicans were going to use her statement to rebut Ford’s allegation against Kavanaugh, and that she should at least “clarify” her story to say that she didn’t remember the party – not that it had never happened.
    The Journal also reports that after the FBI sent their initial report on the Kavanaugh allegations to the White House, they sent the White House and Senate an additional package of information which included text messages from McLean to Keyser.”…

    This points to a conspiracy to commit perjury or at the very least witness tampering — serious stuff, but I am not a lawyer. This is ends-justifying-the-means stuff and if Sen. Susan Collins allows the Dems to win using these political tactics, she does not deserve the support & trust of the people of Maine, she’s certainly not voting in their interest.

    Speaking of “support & trust”, after today’s vote, Alaska’s Sen. Lisa Murkowski has shown where her loyalties lie and it’s not with the people of Alaska. It appears Dianne Feinstein got her point across in that hallway talking-to…

  43. Fred Burger

    Government Horse Wh0’ie!
    Greg Hunter – Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.21.18
    Some of the comments;
    Doxxy Lover 2 weeks ago (edited)
    Gorsuch, too??? This all stinks to high heavens.
    Fienstein is the perfect reason for term limits.l
    Marta Von Runge 1 week ago (edited)
    I was date raped as a teen. I was afraid I would be killed if I fought, so just kept thinking about how I could get away. As soon as he was through, I grabbed my things and jumped out of the car. The only thing on my mind was getting away as fast as I could. I didn’t want to remember it, but things come back at times. I still don’t want to remember it so I fight to forget. I never took anymore chances around guys again, counting myself lucky to be alive. I sure didn’t want the whole freaking world to know about it. I think she is an idiot Dem liar.
    Mi2cents 1 week ago
    Marta Von Runge I agree! It was obvious she was lying. My guess is someone from the Dem party paid her good money to lie. Psychopaths and psychitzophrenics are able to pass lie detectors. This is one reason she passed. The other reason, the guy giving the test is a dimm/liberal and only asked 2 questions.
    Rhiahl 1 week ago
    Mi2cents I had 3 lie detector tests when I went for my security clearance. They kept having a hard time getting a baseline was what I was told. One threw up his hands and said it says she’s lying when she gives her mother’s name and she’s lying when she says she has smoked dope. Who admits to smoking dope to get a clearance and lies about it? It was a long time ago but, rather funny. They never took into account they had pulled me out of a basic training unit at the objection of the drill Sargents who were going to own my rear when I went back. I wasn’t even thinking about the questions, I was thinking of the ass chewing I was going to have to deal with for a couple of days.
    Mi2cents 1 week ago
    Rhiahl I know, I’ve heard similar stories. This is why it doesn’t hold up in Court! Thank God!
    nothing finer than a dyna 2 weeks ago
    OBUMMER BORN 1961 on his certificate FARTHER FROM KENYA stamped on certificate………..BUT KENYA WASN’T FOUNDED UNTIL 1963……..So how can KENYA be stamped on a 1961 BIRTH CERTIFICATE…HOW..?????????????????
    Tessla 2 weeks ago (edited)
    How about for Ford. Thou shalt NOT bear false witness. Of course, being CIA and Democrat affiliate, she thinks it’s. Thou SHALL bear false witness
    GladysKravitzJr 2 weeks ago
    Greg, you are sooooooo much better than any of those mainstream talking heads. I for one will be standing by playing “My Heart Bleeds For You” on the world’s tiniest violin when all the lying WEASELS go down in flames.
    BOY”S, WILL BE BOY’S! Jan loves many 2 weeks ago
    Ok what about the special fund TAX payers have to pay for all these congressional staff for sexual misconduct to hush quietly????? Let’s prosecute each and everyone of them, bring them all out in the open so we all know who and what they’ve all done as well!!
    onecheeky monkey 1 week ago
    whenever the bankers are up to no good they throw pussy at us to distract us time and time again. Lucy and the football.
    carla Macht 2 weeks ago
    How about Keith Ellison here in MN? Ghee, no liberals screaming against him. GF has photos of abuse. Crickets!
    Big Sky Prepping 2 weeks ago
    I like this longer form discussion. Great job! Thanks!

    Just a few here, see much more comments section!

  44. Mohammad


    Still listening to Sen. Collins…WOW what a senator she is…!, god bless her and god bless this country that brought this lady……


    • Diane

      Mohammed, she really was awesome.
      Very, very impressive
      God Bless her.

  45. Russ

    Wow, listening to Senator Susan Collins speech and I take back anything negative I’ve ever said about her. She nailed it in this speech. Starting with her analysis of the Senate’s Advise and Consent role, stare decisis, due process & presumption of innocence and then her thoughts and analysis of Dr. Blasey-Ford’s testimony, Senator Collins nailed it. Great speech, right up there with Lindsey Graham’s flame thrower approach from a week ago.

    GOP Senator Collins, Democrat Joe Manchin Will Vote To Confirm Kavanaugh

    That should ensure Brett Kavanaugh’s USSC appointment.

  46. Diane

    Decisions Decisions
    Who do I watch tonight on TV?CLOSE BETWEEN CNN AND RACHEL MADDOW

  47. Diane

    Where’s Gina??????

    • Tad

      Thumbing through a legal dictionary. Don’t need the crayons, Gina.

  48. Mike

    THE big question everyone should be asking: Now that the 3o year T-bill has breached 3.25% , will interest rates accelerate faster from here ?

    If they do accelerate higher, it seems we could see a fairly swift reversion in the stock markets, and an abrupt halt in Fed interest rate hikes.

    The more interesting will be, if the interest rates continue higher irrespective of what the Fed does. Meaning the markets would be completely out of Fed control. Personally, my view is that we just are not quite yet witnessing that the markets are no longer in Fed control. They are doing a pretty nice ‘act’, but they remain WELL BEHIND the curve.

    We think its ‘good’ bc the economy and jobs market is still percolating.

    The Fed’s QT however, has been proceeding along, unabated, which means cash is literally being destroyed. They actually can’t destroy the cash fast enough. QE came on so strong, and so powerful, that if they destroyed it at the same rate it came on, the stock market would drop 90% in a matter of months.

    Because they can’t do the QT very fast, this means that the latent effects of all the cash they created, still keep giving the appearance to everyone the economy is ‘ok.’ In otherwords trillions of QE are still sloshing around, which begets trillions more in debt being issued, and so utterly no one is paying anything off. Most assets are leveraged to the hilt, 20 to 30 times over. The use of derivatives, makes all of that even worse.

    The bottom line is this – many companies from small start ups, to small existing businesses, to medium sized businesses, to large corporations, are still being extended oodles of credit and loans, and all of that is based on a future that everyone sees where Americans can keep getting more credit to buy all these firm’s “stuff.” Its been this ‘virtuous cycle’ for over 30 years now, extended another 10 years by mountains of QE.

    I believe the ‘trigger’ to end all of this, will be when the 30 year reaches 3.5%. Its just a hunch, based on trends, but I can guarantee when (not if) 30 year rates hit 4%, we will be looking at a Dow, that is some 5000 to 10000 points lower than today.

    Everyone is looking at the 10 year, but the 30 year is really the tell. The curve between the 30 and 10 is flatter than a pancake. and the rest of the shorter end of the curve is getting flatter yet.

    Are you telling me the ‘risk’ is only worth a very modest difference between lending out money for 2 or 3 years, versus 30 years ????

    The yield curve makes no sense in its present form. Its been warped for many years, but now its just insane.

  49. Bill Bradshaw

    Now that Judge Kavanaugh is assured to be Justice Kavanaugh in a few days, what will be the deep state/globalists next trick ?
    Sen Collins votes YES on the nomination. Sen Murkowski did what Sen Collins is doing and got ANWAR opened up for drilling. One wonders what Sen Collins is getting for a yes vote?
    One might call it, ” The Art of the Deal “

  50. Gina M Mancarella

    It is now time to reform the country ! We must align ourselves to stop the madness and be prepared to die if necessary ! In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me Liberty or give me death ! We must therefore freak this mother down ! We must break the chains !!!! March on to defeat the enemy !

    • Greg Hunter

      You Demon-rats just got caught in yet another scam and you are talking about “madness and liberty”?? Do you know how nuts and disconnected you sound?

      • paul ...

        Greg … the reason Gina is going nuts and becoming unhinged is because Roe V. Wade will soon be declared null and void by the Supreme Court … and that will put a big crimp in all the “free love” “free sex” party’s she goes to every Friday night … making it a lot more difficult for her to kill the babies produced at these sex party’s!!

    • paul ...

      Hey Gina … you should be more concerned about this … … rather then Roe V. Wade … these sex dolls are going to cut into your “sex party” action … actually … these sex dolls are a blessing to both born and unborn children … besides saving many children’s lives from pedophiles it will prevent the rape of women who really don’t want to be raped!!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I’m a little surprised to hear that Patrick Henry said “…[F]reak this mother down.” One learns something new every day.

      • sk

        LOL….. ya never know….those founding fathers were a creative bunch….

    • Tad

      Thumbing through a legal dictionary. Don’t need the crayons, Gina.

    • Galaxy 500

      Happy to help you with the latter. Please by all means, start the Marxist Revolution. We are waiting for you and the soyboi squad to cone for us. Don’t worry about packing a lot of supplies… we will make it quick.

  51. Coalburner

    Greg: I would like to follow on EddieMD comments. Under “more info” the Black Plague is alive in a number of Prairie Dog towns in the southwest. Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, probably Utah. It does rise to the surface when weather conditions are right and the critters get out of control. We are able to treat the few that stop the disease but as E…MD says untreated it would spread. As for imported diseases we have had several come north through New Mexico’s open border. A few years ago a strain of disease that attacks lungs of kids and the weak came from the “train people” and killed many in our country, all covered up , of course. I am also convinced the sudden new outbreaks of Coliform bacteria’s that kill a few every time they escape in the fresh vegetable supply are introduced during washing and cleaning, occasionally done by ill or uncivilized workers from Africa and possibly intentionally from the ME. Of course the leftover Obama people and new the Trump people are scared to death to talk about it for all the reasons we can imagine. We are invaded already and no one wants them to know how their bad habits can kill many of us. I am not an MD and I am probably not making Eddie happy. But I have family access to more than one doctor and quiz them regularly. I hunt the internet for new stuff in our realm and find the latest medical articles, studies and theory’s to feed them. Most times they explain to me but once in a while I can get their interest. In a clan that constantly is taught and retaught to thirst for knowledge that is all it takes to hook their feedback. Watchdoggers beware and on guard at all times. Do what Eddie says and learn to raise some of your own fresh veges in case you just want to avoid the grocery bar for a few weeks. A couple of four feet by 30 feet raised beds can produce much more than one can expect.

  52. Mohammad


    Very good chance that the simultaneous vote yes for kavanaugh and the bond market taking a pin with stocks going down is an indicator that this October could be the month for the major correction everyone talked about on your show.
    Ten year treasury is leading the slope with the feds hiking the rates just to rain on Trump’s parade.


    • al

      REDOctober. Red October. I keep seeing this as I search for real news. It’s a meme that just popped up. REDO-October or REDOctober.
      I hope so. It’s about time we get this reset.

  53. Beverly Kingsford

    Thank you so much for these weekly wrap-ups. The thing I like best about them is what you say at the very end: ” Fear Not for God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ are in charge. ” This is exactly the kind of attitude this country needs. We need to be looking to God in all of this. One thing that is important for us to realize along with this, is that if civilizations or countries need to repent, God will bring them to their knees. If the people will not get on their knees willingly, then we will find out how we should have done things—– the hard way. We all need to be looking towards ways that we can help the needy get what they need. Jesus preached taking care of the poor, needy, widows, sick, etc. How can we work together better to create a better way? This site is part of the solution.

  54. paul ...

    Interesting … if the Deep State can use “health facilities” to produce biological weapons in Georgia … what makes us so sure “health facilities” right here in the US aren’t being used the same way? … … consider the fact that the Deep State Military are now infecting mosquitoes to use in combat (more likely to be used at home then abroad as there will be less public blow-back then the outright shooting of civilians)!!

  55. Hoosier river rat

    Gina: would you please enlighten us and be specific ,what rights have been taken away from you ? I can only surmise that the whimps nerds and mal-contents that comprise the lunatic left consider it their right to infringe on our freedom of speech ,our gun rights ,freedom of religion, as well as turning our justice system on its head if we don’t agree with you? By the way Gina , I wouldn’t talk about a revolution , even that old Nazi collaborator Geo. Soros couldn’t help you there. Your side would lose big time.

  56. Connie Barrett

    Elevator Protester Admits She Works For Soros-Funded Organization
    11:54 AM 10/05/2018
    Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor
    As media outlets accused the president of spreading a conspiracy about George Soros paying protesters, one protester admitted on MSNBC that she works for a Soros-funded activist group.

  57. Connie Barrett

    Trump Warns Senators Not To Scare From Soros Backed Anti-Kavanaugh Protestors
    9:31 AM 10/05/2018
    Saagar Enjeti | White House Correspondent
    President Donald Trump warned Republican senators not to waver when confronted by protesters throughout the U.S. capitol, in a Friday morning tweet.

  58. Gina M Mancarella

    Fellow Americans, As Democrats, we must stand up and demonstrate that we know no bounds ! We must achieve our objectives by any means necessary ! If you know of any skeletons in the enemies closet, now is the time to reveal the information ! We must stop the train before it leaves the station !

    • View from USA’s Attic

      Bill Clinton raped and/or sexually assaulted…

      Juanita Broaddrick

      Kathleen Willey

      Leslie Millwee

      Paula Jones

      The bulldyke Hillary publically shamed all and accused them of lying.

    • john

      That strange sound that you are hearing is what is known as the “Doppler effect” – the train left the station and went sailing past you while you were standing still!

    • sk

      ….kinda hard to do both simultaneously….you want to rattle those skeletons first or stop that train first….or maybe stand up first….LOLOL

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Gina,
      You know that gate swings both way, right?
      The exception is that the claims against you and your Luciferian buddies is that are true where the stuff y’all gin up for good men is usually a fabrication

  59. bob

    anybody argues one word with you is sleeping… or n ts. and god is in control.. we need to pray to rid evil

  60. Rory Altair

    Machine Gun Fast Talking Ben Shapiro, +
    having the time of his life as he nails it all!

  61. Roger D

    Has anyone any idea of Susan Collins’ voting record? She is perfect if you love Obamacare, perpetual war, gun control, sodomite “marriage”, abortion of the unborn, federally supported Planned Parenthood, destruction of habeas corpus, the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge trial or attorney, executing US citizens by government on accusation alone without due process, warrantless spying on American citizens, and legalizing illegal aliens. Of course Collins supported Kavanaugh. He and his mentor George Bush II are one. Like Collins, Kavanaugh will be perfect for you.

    Susan Collins tickled our ears and it felt so good. Folks here and across the country are parroting ‘God bless her’. No surprise. Scripture says that in the end times, people won’t be able to stand sound doctrine, but will seek teachers to tickle their ears. (2 Tim. 4:3).

  62. zteve.0

    with regard to the stock market rally – i have been waiting for the big crash for the last 5yrs – missing out on some big gains. but as charles hugh smith says there is a ‘crack-up boom’ happening – the market could double from here but the purchasing power of the money will be an over-all loss.
    fortunately smart ppl keep reminding us that gold and silver are money so its a good time to build some real savings and what will equate to 5c on the dollar at some unknown juncture

  63. Doug C.

    Great review as always.
    Be prepared for another “False Flag” shooting in the next couple of weeks (before the mid terms). That is all the Deep State has left. They will KILL people to get their “Ban Guns” base to come out and vote.
    Scary, yet exactly what is needed to bring the US back to the rule of law and restore the rights and freedoms North America was built on.
    The left are going to lose their minds but people have to be strong and not punch someone in the face as they stand there screaming at you with wild eyes. These people are mentally disturbed. It is time to look at all the drugs the Pharmaceutical companies are pumping into people. People are being told to take a pill for everything in the world (20 side effects though at the end of the ad).
    Stand strong and VOTE, the rest of the “sane” world is counting on you to right your ship and lead by moral standards again.

  64. Justn Observer

    LOL – So who/what Q is? Might take a listen…
    Are you ready for what is really coming?
    All above…distractions !
    The political and economic data points are being shifted to come into alignment with the weather patterns …which will then be used as ‘the reason’ for the massive world currency and market failures. EXTREME weather and food shortages will as many times before …align with the Fail of the Fiat currency of the time…as TURF wars for energy and food. Comes a time when stored wealth becomes futile in the face of lack of availability of one’s needs. Adjust and prepare accordingly….

  65. Linda

    Votes just confirm 50 to 48 we have a new Supreme Court Judge.

    They spread a net for my feet– I was bowed down in distress. They dug a pit in my path– but they have fallen into it themselves. – Psalm 57:6

  66. Diane

    Thank God it’s over
    Congratulations Brett
    And thank you left wing nuts, you likely won a lot of votes for the Republicans.

    • Mohammad

      I believe Dr. Ford Diane…
      Something tells me she is telling the truth.
      I posted in a response to Tinfoilhat below why.


      • Greg Hunter

        What is that “something”????? All of Ford’s eye witnesses said it did not happen and swore that under oath. What you are really saying is you are ignoring all facts and you want it to be true.

        • Mohammad

          That something is explained in the post you nuked.


          • Greg Hunter

            No Mohammad, it was void of fact and only offered speculation that was nonsense. You will not address the fact that Ford’s own witnesses (3) said under oath it did not happen not to mention all the contradictions and outright lies all of these women told.

            • Mohammad

              It is not speculation, FBI did not ask Mark Judge when did he work at the Grocery store ( Potomac Village Safeway ) because if they did they would of come back to Dr. Ford to verify her time line, and we know for sure they did not ask Dr. Ford a single question so it is a botched investigation.


              • Greg Hunter

                All of Ford’s eye witnesses (she named) say it did not happen. Ford herself does not remember where it happened or when it happened. When do facts like that (FROM THE VICTIM) not totally kill a story and a legal case? This was a scam and a hoax contrived by desperate Democrats.

      • Tin foil hat

        I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps you should watch the Japanese classic “Rashomon”. Victims don’t always tell the whole truth, they lie all the time.

  67. Anthony Australia

    What a Bozo is Michael Moore

    • Sister Betrayal

      Wow, very sobering. This is my comment to Mike Moore’s video.
      1 second ago
      Mike, Your from the metro Detroit area. Don’t you know the blacks didn’t vote? It was so embarrassing, that they stuffed the ballot boxes and disqualified 40% of all votes in Wayne county! Thank Jill Stien for uncovering that one and you can imagine how it really went in all the urban centers of the country. Nobody in their right mind believes Hillary won the popular vote and unless your a liar you should know better. P.S. Your not as smart as we the sheeple and certainly not as smart as our founding fathers. Move to Cuba, they need to see the wisdom our founding fathers gave us, which freed all men because all men woman and children are created equal. Your proof of that fact. Go back to being the messenger. Explain to the airhead leftists why we fight for right, like you did before November 2016 election. Read any history book, eventually good concurs evil, and the truth keeps marching on! So please stop the Bullshit, thank you! We do love you or we wouldn’t tell you the truth.

  68. Joe Foran

    I wish you were Attorney General. Can I nominate you? You remember everything! Those bastards! I say to friends that you are the last real journalist. You seem to be the only one standing up for your profession. I thank God for you!

  69. susan

    Greg, just so you know Sen. Daines had a jet ready to take him to vote AND get back to his daughter’s wedding. His vote wasn’t needed. Greg Gianforte had a jet waiting.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the info.

  70. Mohammad


    With all been said and done and Kavanaugh is confirmed.
    With all the knowledge of the political motives by the left.


    • Greg Hunter

      This was a scam set up by Democrats. This is going to be revealed as a total psy-op and fraud. The Democrats have screwed all women with legit sexual abuse charges and there are many legit ones. and all of Ford’s own eye witnesses said it did not happen under penalty of perjury. Believing Ford is believing in a farce.

      • Mohammad

        I do believe what Ford had said, and time will expose the truth.
        When she said she was certain 100% that he was on top of her I believed her.
        Time Will Tell


        • Greg Hunter

          Then you believe a woman with CIA connections and a total fraud.

        • Tin foil hat

          You believe her when she said she was certain 100% that he was on top of her because she made herself believe that herself.
          That’s psy-op 101. The problem is that she is an amateur who didn’t convince herself the whole lie including having Kavanaugh in the room from the beginning.
          It’s much easier to lie about something when you insert a lie into a real event. I believe she did suffer a truamatic event which wounded her deeply inside the room which she described in the hearing – some boys. probably four, laughed at her sloppy BJ or whatever.
          The tell is Ford started the story with the description of the room instead of telling an orderly progression of the event. She should have started the story with her arrival at the party where she encountered Kavanaugh initially and why she went upstair, perhaps to use the bathroom, where she somehow ended up in the bedroom in question.
          The reason she started the story in the bedroom, describing the layout of the bedroom instead of the perpetrators, is to limit the scope of the lie, skipping over the little details up until the point of the alleged assault. She simply inserted the images of Kavanaugh and his friend Judge into her head and focus on believing that one mental image and moment instead of the whole chain of event from the beginning to the end.
          You may be a great doctor but you would definitely be a lousy interrogator. Btw, another easy tell is she never look upward to the left which is indicative of trying to recall details from real memory.

        • Galaxy 500

          Why do you believe?
          She can not name a year day or month. She committed perjury about polygraphs and fear of flying.
          She should be prosecuted

  71. Oxfarmer

    A member of our family is a musician with a special knack for regional accents. When I got home and was ‘briefed’ on the hearing, this young lady said she was sure Ford had been coached because out of what seemed a controlled discourse was a word mispronounced. Who goes into a hearing with an unfamiliar vocabulary? I personally thought she was an actress. Gosh, I hope she pays….like you and I would. Bless you, Greg, for your work.

    • Doug C.

      But Greg.
      Mohammad is the type of person rational, logical, critical thinking people are up against.
      It’s scary how easily some people are swayed without ANY evidence or proof.
      At least you are putting out information to refute the lies and scare mongering.