Reality of No Economic Recovery Means Collapse-John Williams

WILLIAMS_092_wade.JPGBy Greg Hunter’s

Economist John Williams is sticking by his assessment that the economy is in deep trouble.  Williams says, “What we are seeing is a very big fiction by the financial media and the political media that the economy has recovered.  The economy has not recovered. . . . We are seeing all sorts of things that indicate the economy is not recovering and never has recovered, and it is turning down again.”

On the recent wild gyrations of the stock market, Williams says, “I can’t give you good reason for why the stock market is as high as it is.  The fact you are seeing this volatility means there are a lot of people who are very nervous about what is going on and where things are in the market.  It is probably one of the great bubbles of all time.  It most likely will collapse along the lines of the U.S. dollar in response to the reality of no economic recovery. . . . I can’t think of a more vulnerable market than what we are seeing here.” 

On the dollar, Williams says, “The big factor here is the U.S. dollar and all sorts of things that impact that.  The economy is probably the biggest.  You also have the Fed policy.  Right now, there is the presumption that the easing is over and they are going to raise interest rates.  Guess what?  If the stock market continues going as it is and the economy starts turning down, I think the Fed is going back to easing (money printing) again.  They will use the economy as cover for its actions in trying to prop up the stock market and trying to prop up the banking system.  The Fed’s primary function in life is to prop up the banking system.  A weak economy is not good for the banking system.  The economy is a sideline for it, and there is very little it can do, but it can use the weak economy as political cover for flooding the system with liquidity and keep the banking system afloat.”  Williams goes on to say, “Any pull-back from the ‘taper,’ any shift in expectation, the Fed is going to have a QE 4, will tend to hit the dollar very hard.  Along with that, a spike in gold prices and we’re off and running. . . . You are getting a confluence of extraordinary factors that are coming together that will cause the dollar to break.  You’ll have a panic flight from the dollar along with dumping of U.S. Treasury bonds by foreign owners.  We are coming in on the end game here.”

On rumors swirling about coming QE 4 by the Fed, Williams predicts, “It’s a virtual certainty in the event of a stock market crash.  It’s a certainty in the deterioration in the quality of the banking system.  That’s happening.”  Williams contends, “You are not going to have a healthy recovery here until the system has had a chance to shake out all the waste and the fat, and people can sit back and say now we can move forward on a positive basis.  That environment is not there.  We are still living in the shadow of the panic of 2008.  The latter part of that panic is now in the final stages of playing out.  It is not a happy circumstance.  All they did was push it into the future.”

On Williams’ 2014 hyper-inflation forecast, Williams says, “I have been forecasting hyper-inflation in 2014 for some years now.  We are coming to the end of 2014, and it hasn’t happened.  A prerequisite is a collapse in the dollar.  A collapse in the dollar can happen at anytime . . . and at this point, I am not looking to change the outlook.”

On the fear factor of investors, Williams says, “I have had a lot of calls from clients recently to that effect, yes.  I can tell you what they are seeing in terms of their business, after adjusting for inflation, and that’s using the government’s inflation number; they are not seeing any sales growth.  How can you have no sales growth in 80% of the economy and have a booming economy?  It’s not happening.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with founder of, John Williams.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

There is lots of free information on  There is also a subscription service for detailed analysis from economist John Williams.’s paid subscription service is $175 per year.  If you would like to subscribe to his financial analysis, please click here.


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  1. allen ols

    Paul from Indiana; you said;

    Paul from Indiana 10/14/2014 •
    Brother Al, while you are enjoying that Ebola-free canned bacon, don’t forget their concept of justice: JUST US! Best always. PM

    I opened 2 cans, the bacon is very good, I couldn’t resist.


  2. allen ols


    Carnegie Scientist in Chemtrail Game Admits, “They are Likely to Cause Some Damage”

    by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

    Ken Caldeira works for the Department of Global Ecology for the Carnegie Institute of Washington. Before I get ahead of myself, you should also know that Mr. Caldeira attended a conference with other internationally recognized geo-engineers who were discussing something that many of us still deny exist – chemtrails. Mr. Caldeira used to work on ocean acidification, but now he is in the business of studying weather weaponry. Of course that’s not what he calls it, nor do other geoengineers, but a rose of any other name. . . to quote Shakespeare.

    In an interview with Yale Environment 360, Caldeira tries to explain why ‘geoengineering schemes might work.’ Is it possible that scientists who have been seeded with Rockefeller and Rothschild money might actually believe they are doing good?

    “Scratching the veneer of some of the major climate change movers and shakers one finds a very well-financed assemblage of entities with major philanthropic foundation ties. Indeed, the Rockefeller Foundations alone are major players behind the anthropogenic global warming “activism” and propaganda.”

    Read More @

  3. Merc

    * and John says the collapse f the US dollar is imminent. But, but, the Euro is roughly 50% of the US Dollar…the question for John is :”…what about the Euro and its effect on the US Dollar Index???”
    And the Yen, too, it is in the USD basket of currencies as well…it falls USD goes up. Eh, what?

    • allen ols

      Merc; Jim Willie says;

      “The reappearance of the SDR may also be a time buying last ditch. Clearly an effort is there to manage the transition from this old currency paradigm to the new gold backed system without allowing a hard crash. A deal between the West and the East must be struck. In my opinion, the perception and confidence are key in how the masses will react. The Powers that Be do not want a hard crash. The cost of collateral damage will be too high. Wherein the reformed expanded SDR basket might be a caretaker device to buy time, but also might be a pure fake to keep the West off guard while the caretaker device is dismissed amidst grotesque failure. As the USDollar is rejected, the West must compromise with a stronger fiat basket of the same toilet paper, a more sturdy toilet paper which can withstand the harsh effect of ugly stains, heavy liquidity, and nasty flushes.

      • Silence is Golden

        Agree with JW. Hard crashes affect everyone and bring about anarchy.
        The harsh reality is the USD is not coming back to its glory days. Its done !

  4. allen ols


    In this startling new memoir, Sibel Edmonds—the most classified woman in U.S. history—takes us on a surreal journey that begins with the secretive FBI and down the dark halls of a feckless Congress to a stonewalling judiciary and finally, to the national security whistleblowers movement she spearheaded. Having lived under Middle East dictatorships, Edmonds knows firsthand what can happen when government is allowed to operate in secret. Hers is a sobering perspective that combines painful experience with a rallying cry for the public’s right to know and to hold the lawbreakers accountable. With U.S. citizens increasingly stripped of their rights in a calibrated media blackout, Edmonds’ story is a wake-up call for all Americans who, willingly or unwillingly, traded liberty for illusive security in the wake of 9/11.

    Sibel Edmonds Explains “The Lone Gladio” MP3: whistleblower, founder and author of the new spy mystery novel “The Lone Gladio” Sibel Edmonds sits down with James Corbett to discuss her book, how…
    – 35 mins ago, 15 Oct 14, 5:02am –

  5. Mike Soon Over

    *** SIDE NOTE *** Harvey Organ blog site permanently taken down by court order according to Google. THIS IS BIG NEWS AND WHY ?
    John Williams is a down to earth top notch market man. I don’t see it all coming apart in a month or two but it could. TPTB are becoming more desperate as time moves forward. What will be the snow flack moment? Just reported a second medical worker with Ebola, or ISIS getting into place and ready for car bombings as we know their here. according to boarder agents. What was the NYC restaurant deal, a dry run for a real terrorist attack. Whatever it could or will be this site has become the most informative in the country. I’m always picking up something with true value by Greg and the Watchdog gang. Pray friends, things are getting ugly.

    • Rich

      Harvey is fine. Yes I have a source – he is a friend of a business associate. He is in the process of building a new blog site. In the mean time he is posting his data on silverdoctors.

  6. allen ols


    short interview by RT NEWS, Elizabeth Warren’s scathing report on obobo, lol now that she is a contender for the presidency, and Paul C. Roberts on military ind. complex.

  7. allen ols

    posting this for all u brainy market commenters, ie jerry, jeff, paul ind.small gld, art, al, and others, as i am clueless.

    The following are 9 ominous signals coming from the financial markets that we have not seen in years…

    #1 By the time the markets closed on Monday, we had witnessed the biggest three day decline for U.S. stocks since 2011.

    #2 On Monday, the S&P 500 moved below its 200 day moving average for the first time in about two years. The last time this happened after such an extended streak of success, the S&P 500 ended up declining by a total of 22 percent.

    #3 This week the put-call ratio actually moved higher than it was at any point during the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. This is an indication that there is a tremendous amount of fear on Wall Street right now.

    #4 Everybody is watching the VIX at the moment. According to the Economic Policy Journal, the VIX has now risen to the highest level that it has been since the heart of the European debt crisis. This is another indicator that there is extraordinary fear on Wall Street…

    US stock market volatility has jumped to the highest since the eurozone debt crisis, according to a closely watched index, the the CBOE Vix index of implied US share price volatility.

    It jumped to 24.6 late on Monday and is up again this morning. On Thursday, it was as low as 15.

    That’s a very strong move, but things have been much worse. At height of the recent financial crisis – the Vix index peaked at 80.1 in November 2008……….contd here.

  8. JC Davis

    Greg, I wish I could say great video. The sound made is unbearable. If the economy gets better it will be because I bought wood for a chicken coup. I do think there will soon be a big creation of bills for the middle class to use in the near future.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am at the mercy of Skype connections and internet speed and computers on the other side that are out of my control.

  9. Anne Elliott

    John Williams is a truth-teller, with a vast knowledge if the interworkings of the system, which most people don’t understand. I think he is awesome. 🙂 Greg, thanks for having him on, and Mr. Williams, thank you for your efforts to warn people where this system is headed!

  10. George Papp

    Great interview Greg! Say can you bring Harvey Organ back soon- Apparently the powers that be took down his wesbite- G

  11. Rick

    I don’t see hyperinflation at all. There will, and now is…deflation at first. The spending power of the people is at such a level that more and more of earnings are used to buy survival stuff…electricity, food, gas…. Hyperinflation will NOT happen in this country. PERIOD. Otherwise, people will use the cheap money to send in a check to pay off their mortgage. The Chinese and Americans and the powers that be will use a RESET to “fix” things, and perhaps there will be a 40% devaluing of the dollar. But the banks will NEVER allow us to have our homes paid for.

  12. Mark of Zero

    Crash of the dollar? Compared to what? The Ruble? Euro? Yen?

    I have a hard time believing that anyone would flood out of the dollar and rush into the alternative currencies.

  13. mushroom

    Mr. Williams is the pinnacle of truthful economics. (Nothing else needs to be said)

    Thank you Greg for his repeated appearances here.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree and thank you for your comment.

  14. Jerry

    As of 9:00 A.M. 10/15
    – France CAC 40 loses 2.8%
    – Germany DAX loses 2.3%
    – FTSE 100 loses 2.2%
    – Staxx Europe loses 2.8%
    Greg the outer layers of the bubble are beginning to come apart right now. There is no safety in the dollar and the large investors know it. The only thing holding this bubble up right now is QE and Joe Six pack who still thinks he’s investing in his future.

    My question to Mr. Williams is, since no one else is buying our bonds, how long can this QE tap dance go on? The RMB is gaining traction by the day in foreign markets and I don’t see this continuing for much longer. In fact; as I have stated, my source is telling his contacts to start getting into position for collapse. He won’t pin a date on it, but from what I’m seeing he is projecting the first quarter of 2015.

  15. Paul from Indiana

    As “they” say, the numbers don’t lie, and nobody knows/does “the numbers” better than Dr. Numbers himself, the dean of analysts, John Williams. Regarding his hyperinflation prediction, he has been right all along. The Fed’s balance sheet ballooning to $4 trillion of electronic “paper” constitutes true hyperinflation. The e-dollars just aren’t in the general economy yet, but they can’t stay locked up forever; ignore John Williams at your peril. Best always. PM

  16. wallstone

    Good stuff Greg Hunter. Recent market action indicates this
    could be the beginning of the end. The break down starts
    slow and then goes fast. Very bad times ahead. I’m
    thankful I got gold and gold company shares. All hell
    is about to break loose and we could have hyperinflation
    by year end as Williams has long predicated.

  17. Glen

    John Williams is one of the good guys. Very honest and heartfelt. However, he does not know when the dollar will collapse or hyperinflation will take place. No one does except God himself. Just prepare if you can. And, pray as much as possible because eventually we are going to see an economic collapse of some kind. I have no idea when. I have no idea what it will look like. It is nerve racking. But it seems inevitable that this event will visit in the future. Things just aren’t getting any better.

  18. Greg

    Hi Greg, Really appreciate your site and all of your guests, I may not agree with each one, but it provides a valuable insight into what others are thinking.

    In regards to Harvey Organ Gold & Silver Updates, you can find his latest information posted here…

    Best Regards, Greg

  19. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    What a surprise! John Williams is still predicting hyper-inflation…

  20. Outlookingin

    Thank you Greg. Mr. Williams may be a bit early in his hyperinflation and dollar crash call, but not by much.

    Not only the US economy is suffering, but the entire economic world. The worlds stock market indices are all significantly lower as this is posted. Larry Edelson has just come out and said that “this is a healthy correction.” I feel he is in the minority with this conservative view.

    Watching the Power Shares DB Commodity Index Fund (ticker: DBC) which tracks the price of over 14 different commodities, the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) which tracks the cost of shipping and the volatility index (VIX) which some call the “fear factor” the entire worlds economy is heading for ‘crash.’ Or at the very least as Larry Edelson says, “a healthy correction”.

  21. Calgirl

    Q: James Rickards has stated in a number of interviews that the central banks will fail within the next few years. He also predicts that SDRswill then be used for world commerce. Whether central banks or the World Bank aren’t we talking about the same group of snakes controlling the money?

    David Schectman’s Answer:

    Richards believes in the “One World Government” movement. They are there, hiding in plain sight and you can read about them yourself. Check out CFR, Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission. You are correct; they all are part of the “elite” who wish to control the world. Personally, I don’t believe we will see the end of the central banks. There are too many high benefit, high salary jobs at stake. People in power don’t easily relinquish it. If SDR’s come into play, the dollar, as the world’s reserve currency, will be dead! We have been warning our readers for a long time that the end of the dollar, as the currency that is used globally as a means of settlement is coming to an end. I suppose if the dollar goes, there isn’t much need for a Federal Reserve, but we shall see.


  22. Freebreezer

    Yo! Your the man Greg H … you sure get the big ones! Your readers can disagree with guests opinions, but they sure can not dis the array of guest!

  23. art barnes

    Greg, Ebola, Putin, Iran, southern borders, deficit, bankers, QE3, Israel, Syria, N. Korea, boots on the ground, restricted disease travel; Department. of Agriculture buying special forces weapons among others, militarized police forces, and, so-on and so-on; newsflash, a collapse coming may not be that far fetched at anytime from now on.

  24. Joel Medina

    Mr. Williams is one of the best contemporary economist. Many commentators, including the ones Greg interviews, cite Mr. Williams and his work, including Jim Willie and I believe P.C. Roberts. Mr. Williams’ work is astounding. If he was a professor at an university I would take his class.

  25. Jeff

    Williams is a stand up guy because facts never lie (except w/ gov facts). I agree with his “hyper” forecast because the dollar is primed and ready for the drop. The big drop will come when China and Russia have all their stars aligned. Some here said there will be no inflation and then proceeded to say the dollar could drop 40%. For those living in the US, that will BE inflation. Some might call it hyper-inflation. Massive printing just to keep us from falling off the abyss will follow and EVERYONE will then know what hyper means…… With the multi-trillions being printed ( today) just to stay afloat, those arguing deflation are just buying the MSM BS that we’re fighting deflation…… I hope you all realize it’s another game ( read lie) for the Fed to continue printing……..The market is beginning to price in reality but no one knows what will occur in the short run. Don’t believe just because the Fed says they are cutting QE that money isn’t still going EVERYWHERE. Printed paper to support the market, buy our debt, and promote a few more wars (off the books of course)……..Last week I said….. ” A repeat of last Friday only everything is deteriorating. I mentioned last week the only thing our citizens cared about was the Ebola factor. The other thing is their pocketbook. Next week you will be writing about the stock market crash (drop)……. Won’t everyone be in a tizzy then.” ………… in a tizzy because it’s always about the pocketbook. Sure some sap got Ebola. That only matters if it screws up my trip to Bermuda or Wally World…….Like I said, this week the market will take the headlines. Not good for discretionary spending. Not in our consumer driven economy. Restaurants, malls, planes, trains, and automobiles. Short ’em.

  26. Samsara

    The gold price is also having a nice rebound on wobbly market news.

  27. susan

    Thank you Greg for all you do for us. John Williams is always so right on. I appreciate your diversity very much. The commenters on this site bring as much good insight as anywhere. I never miss your site.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Susan.

  28. Jerry

    Greg do you ever get the feeling that we’re playing economic chicken with Russia ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, and we are in a very weak position to be doing that.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg and Jerry, many people like to characterize Putin as some kind of hero, a conservative who will kick tail, and acribet to him all other manner of virtues. He is smart, motivated, well trained and very cunning, but when the chips are down, when it is his POLITICAL survival that hangs in the balance, the interests of his “beloved” Mother Russia won’t matter a straw, and he’ll be just like any other rat looking for a way out of a burning barn. Those in control these days, especially in these contrived political times, are all about maintaining position and power. Period. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t think Putin is a hero but I do think he’s dangerous and he will not flinch when the time comes for war. Can you say that about Obama?

    • wd


      On the last post I told you aboutthat girl ( ~28 y.o.) tell me that people who could get to Moscow were doing it because people were making more money there. ALso that in that region people dont hate Putin at all like we think- in fact he is highly respected.

      Jerry- Putin looks like the cat that swallowed the canary. Like he has this secret that he knows somethiong none of us know. Almost a just wait and see, you will never beat me or get the best of me…never. Like he is running the show while everyone is is in the carnival.

      I am with you its all about Russia, Uke, BRICS

  29. Coalburner9

    I like Williams but I have been out in the far reaches of the barrage of communications for a week and had time to rethink the circus of events over the last year or so. I want all the brain-power on this site to consider this pile of junk! Mix the Nevada rancher, Harry Reid, solar panels with the Lehman building in Manhattan along with a dash of Smithfield Hams and the PETA rabble rowsers that were pushed off the road by professional thugs dressed like local yokels making the PETA dumbos think they would be in tomorrows sausage for taking a few pictures. Add a few cornfields from the midwest and a 30 or 40 tonne pile of gold. What do you get. You get a payback to Chinese investors for keeping us fl0ating a little longer, couple more years or as long as the Chinese can trade that worthless green for real wealth before the crash. Now look at Russia this week signing about 38 cut rate deals with China for cheaper resources because we are jerking them around with our created jerkwater uprising in Ukraine. Did we do that so the “ever& always business” Chinese could cut better deals with Russia so China would keep us floating a little longer. When will enough be enough? Woah, I did not touch ebola yet. Some other plot stinks too. Maybe ebola will save China owning everything, it rhymes with Black swan pretty good for me. Love your site Greg!

    • Collateral Damage

      CB9 – I, for one, am considerably impressed with the crystalization of though that has been produced during your ‘week of peace and clarity’. 🙂 And a neat analogy that was, if I say so myself. Once, when I was just a pup, I studied Crystallography in College. Don’t know how many of you know this, but in order for perfect (or near perfect) crystals to form, peaceful conditions are required (i.e. you supersaturate the solution and then let the mixture set for a long time to allow the crystals to form.)

      I am completely with you on the Ukraine thing, the farmland, the low oil price, the sanctions on the Big Bear with the simultaneous agreement from the Bear to agree to the cease fire in the U, sure didn’t make any sense to me. It does all crystalize into a finely reasoned argument when you consider the reduced rate deals that it caused Big Bear to agree to with the Chinese and the need to appease the said China Man so that they have reason to agree to stay still just a wee bit longer. I truly complement you on your reasoning for all. 🙂

      Without that final piece to the puzzle, it all just appeared to be ‘too stupid to be stupid’.

      I commend you Coal Man for your insight. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with us.

      My family always put puzzles together over Christmas to pass the time during the long cold winter holidays. l distinctly recall the feeling of excitement that would surround the table when the last twenty or so pieces were falling into place and the picture was nearing completion. The speed of performance always seemed to pick up the pace when we were getting closer to seeing the full picture unfold before us. And then, to be culminated by the satisfaction when that final piece was snugged into it’s position. What a neat sense of clarity and completion that moment provided to the puzzlers.

      Thanks for giving me a taste of that feeling again.

      In your debt and Thank You! CD

    • Paul from Indiana

      Coalburner9: I’m sure there’s a country song in there somewhere, but I’ll take the Smithfield hams! Many thanks for the post. Best always. PM

  30. Jeff

    Remember when our deficits were 100 Billion or so ? Do you ? And how our leaders demanded it be addressed ? Our leaders failed us decades ago and now we throw out figures in the Trillions. When we started talking Trillions I told my friends it’s over. Of course I got the same glazed over look one gets whenever they discuss something beyond sports or Survivor………If you dig deep enough you will discover it’s really much worse. Worse than what the MSM tells ? When our brilliant leaders voted for Tarp (remember that spectacle ?) we were discussing $875 Billion. That’s what you thought. It turned out we sent something in the range of $17 TRILLION to our neighbors across the pond…… Seems like a far cry from what we were told/expecting. That money seems to have come quite easily considering no one knew, It makes you wonder just how much we don’t know. QE is winding down but somehow “someone is supporting the market. China and others stopped buying our debt but somehow Belgium finds the extra cash to buy our debt……..We are told last years deficit was @580 Billion but that doesn’t even add up using a second graders math comprehension. Beyond that what you aren’t being told is the $Trillions (plural) spent “off budget” on our ongoing wars. Off budget I guess because it’s off limits of discussion within the media establishment (what ever happened to 60 minutes?). So, as you can see, the $Trillion/year deficit spoken of is totally bogus. Add to that the $Trillions of bonds that expire and need to be purchased. That is on top of todays over spending deficit that needs to be sold/printed/whatever………We haven’t begun to address the $100’s of Trillions in debt for SS, Medicare, pensions, ect. I haven’t even addressed the states, cities, counties, and their pensions that will go the way of Greece soon. And we’re talking most of them…………….Why bring this up ? For all those who actually believe we are anything but bankrupt. For all those who believe those pieces of paper in your pocket have value when the #’s don’t add up……. The rest of the world sees what you refuse to see. That’s why they buy gold.

  31. Silence is Golden

    Ebola….from the UN…..
    “the world has less than 60 days to stem the deadly Ebola epidemic “…….
    “or we face an entirely unprecedented situation for which we do not have a plan.”

    and what about this…..

    Absolutely no urgency about resolving this epidemic. As usual our central planners are degrees of magnitude behind the curve. They are mindlessly quantifying or monetising or extrapolating the cost to get this epidemic under control. WHY ? Humanity is at stake here. If it were a freakin BANK BANKRUPTCY involving JPM or GS they would have acted on it within 24 hours. No public consultation , No pleas for financial assistance, Unlimited amounts of money …they would just do what they need to do to get the job done.

    Did Patient Zero (Duncan) actually contract the Ebola virus whilst in Liberia ? Did the medical tests performed at Dallas THPH show that he in fact was negative. No proof on either of the two.

    The CDC has admitted that it can be transmitted through the air in the form of water droplets already, but they have yet to admit that it is an airborne contagion !!!! Behind closed doors world health experts fears are becoming reality.

    2012 Experiments proved that Ebola could be transmitted by air ‘BETWEEN SPECIES”
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ….. its proven to be transmitted via the respiratory system meaning it has mutated and evolved from a contact only virus…..pigs a@S@.
    Finally …a mathematical model showing how Ebola (a virulent strain) will spread…….if it mutates and becomes airborne. Developed by Researcher Yaneer Bar-Yam in conjunction with MIT and the New England Complex Systems Institute. The outcome is nothing short of terrifying.
    Here is the link to the organisation that created the model.

    This is not a drill.
    Every precaution and preparation should now be taken to ensure the safety of oneself & loved ones. Once it is made public that the Ebola Virus has mutated & is an airborne virus….there will be panic on a grand scale.
    I am not an alarmist. I see things developing unfavourably and am acutely aware of what may or may not be mother nature taking its course for which there is no plan…or any other possibility of a militarized viral weapon. Another 60 days to discover whether “THEY” have it under control? I don’t buy it. If it is airborne…in 60 days many more than 10,000 of the planet’s population will have contracted it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SIG for the links and analysis!!

  32. allen ols

    greg,Jerry, st laurence, paul, art, jeff, sig, and more;


    In fact, billionaires are already dumping US stocks en masse. Warren Buffett is dumping shares at an alarming rate, disappointed by the earnings of American companies like Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and Kraft Foods. Berkshire Hathaway has reduced its overall stake in consumer product stocks by 21%. He is not alone in fast fading confidence in future prospects. Fellow billionaire John Paulson, known for exploiting the subprime mortgage meltdown, is vacating out of US stocks too. The hedge fund Paulson & Co dumped 14 million shares of JPMorgan Chase, according to a recent filing. The fund also dumped its entire position in discount retailer Family Dollar and consumer-goods maker Sara Lee. Lastly, billionaire George Soros sold nearly all of his bank stocks, including shares of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs. Among the three banks, Soros sold more than a million shares. These savvy investors are exiting at the top.

    • Jerry

      You are on target. This is not a correction. Its the beginning match blaze that will burn the whole barn down. Like I’ve said , my source (who is a wall street insider and has city of London corp. contacts) is telling his clients to “get in position”. There is going to be a steady downward track to a total collapse, sometime the first part of 2015. Anybody who is still invested in paper needs to get out now! This is the last call. Follow the money. Soros knows.

      • Jerry

        Unless I’ve missed mu guess Friday should prove to be very interesting after watching the Asian markets.

    • Saint Lawrence

      allen ols
      Agreed, offshoring is ghetto sheik since Clinton & Gore (NAFTA, CAFTA, free-trade …)
      The 1 percent are offshoring their money,
      £20tn [$31 trillion] the Cayman Islands
      the British Virgin Islands (BVI)… $32tn (£21tn)

      As more and more of the US economic activity goes offshore.
      The Government is all puppets and fools;
      it will try to disarm, confiscate, control, spy-on, tax the 99 percent.
      The plutocracy is alive and well, as the serfs are sent into depression.

      If the banks, billionaires offshore sooo much money,
      because they don’t have any need for more airplanes, yatches, mansions …
      then the money starts being a malinvestment.
      It does not do what good money should; getting invested in
      productive assets: instead, ends up filtering into stocks that are gonna be like
      serius satilite or enron or google or linkedin or tech stocks.
      Meanwhile, Billionares like Mr. Warbug, Mr. Pincus, Mr. Rockerfeller, Mr. Gates are stashing their trillions offshore…
      Citizens for Tax Justice and the
      Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy issued a
      major study of the federal income taxes … not
      paid by big, profitable Fortune 500 corporations
      … 30 of the companies paid no net federal income tax
      general electric
      exxon mobile
      Kraft foods
      Dow Chemical
      Microsoft …

      In My opinion only:
      There would be no treasury debt today; except that the
      military-industrial complex (as denoted by Ike Eisenhower)
      has spent and stolen more than 23 trillion since the end of
      Korean conflict.
      There would be no treasury debt today; except all major corporations have found out they dont have to pay taxes
      and can get all kinds of Govt. handouts.
      There would be no treasury debt today; except the millionaires and billionaires have figured out how to offshore
      their money, expatriate corporate structures, and offshore
      labor and materials, including at least 30 million manufacturing jobs.
      When the ship of state sinks, they get on their planes, helicopters, yachts and wave goodby to US of America.


    • Saint Lawrence

      allen ols
      The 1 percent are off shoring their money,
      £20tn [$31 trillion] the Cayman Islands
      the British Virgin Islands (BVI)… $32tn (£21tn)

      As more and more of the US economic activity goes offshore.
      The Government is all puppets and fools;
      it will try to disarm, confiscate, control, spy-on, tax the 99 percent. The plutocracy is alive and well, as the serfs are sent into depression.

      If the banks, billionaires offshore soo much money, because they don’t have any need for more airplanes, yatchs, mansions …
      then the money starts being a malinvestment.
      It does not do what good money should and gets invested in
      productive assets: it ends up filtering into stocks that are gonna be like
      serius satellite or Enron or google or linkedin or tech stocks.
      Meanwhile, Billionaires like Mr. Warbug, Mr. Pincus, Mr. Rockerfeller, Mr. Gates are stashing their trillions offshore…
      Citizens for Tax Justice and the
      Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy issued a
      major study of the federal income taxes … not
      paid by big, profitable Fortune 500 corporations
      … 30 of the companies paid no net federal income tax
      general electric
      exxon mobile
      Kraft foods
      Dow Chemical
      Microsoft …

      In My opinion only:
      There would be no treasury debt today; except that the
      military-industrial complex (as denoted by Ike Eisenhower)
      has spent and stolen more than 23 trillion since the end of
      Korean conflict.
      There would be no treasury debt today; except all major corporations have found out they dont have to pay taxes
      and can get all kinds of Govt. handouts.
      There would be no treasury debt today; except the millionaires and billionaires have figured out how to offshore
      their money, expatriate corporate structures, and offshore
      labor and materials, including at least 30 million manufacturing jobs.
      When the ship of state sinks, they get on their planes, helicopters, yachts and wave goodbye to US of America.


  33. allen ols


    911 super video;

  34. Collateral Damage

    Isn’t there an old song?

    ‘You Can Call Me Sweetheart….. Deals’

  35. Collateral Damage

    I was aware that Smithfield was purchased by China, but am not familiar with the Smithfield and PETA incident. Can you provide a link?



  36. Rick

    Deflation is particularly debilitating, because once the people recognize that prices are falling, like real estate, they jump on the sidelines, and it starts feeding itself as everyone waits for the bottom…which is always, if it takes hold, much further down that realized….

    look for a minimum 40% drop in real estate, equities, stocks….and about 3-5 years of pain…maybe more….

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not so sure poor out of work people paying less for stuff is all bad. Deflation is debt destruction at it’s core and nobody wants to take a hit. I thank you for your comment though, and your points are well made and well taken.

      • Rick

        Hey Greg…

        No, prices dropping aren’t bad…but money has no velocity, no matter how created…and the available supply of money diminishes FASTER than the drop in prices…..since things slow down, and with no one buying, layoffs, prices drop to entice buying…etc…

        Again, what the powers fear is that the public believe wholeheartedly that prices are falling. it cause an lockdown on economic flow…. Interestingly, in the 1800’s…there were almost equal amounts of inflation vs deflation. But now, with the FED…there has been mostly inflation.

        I am guessing prices will lower….interest rates will NEVER rise…IMPOSSIBLE till the reset….

        stock market will crash…system will implode. whether later it leads to hyperinflation is not clear to me. Perhaps…but I doubt it.
        There will be a currency reset soon, anyhow.

        • Greg Hunter

          Agreed. Nothing happens until the reset, and boy, it’s going to be life changing for most–especially the unprepared.

  37. dr. Who

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for this interview, but….. If you go back to all of his interviews what do you see or better…. hear? Always the same story…. but the outcome is…. ” I don’t know, I can’t tell, maybe…etc etc. So what is the next question you will ask him……… GIVE ME THE STORY.
    So Greg my advice: ask Jim Sinclair!!!


    Peter (from the Netherlands)

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s the same story because it’s the same crisis. What makes this difficult to read is all the government intervention and manipulation of ALL markets.

  38. Outlookingin

    So far Mr. Williams has been correct about deflation. In some things, but inflation in others with price manipulation lower, masking as deflation. Case in point;

    Just as the gold and silver markets are manipulated, the oil market is also. After all, oil is ‘black gold’ and the bases for the global ‘petrodollar.’

    Traders (technical funds) have sold 150,000 contracts of NYMEX crude oil futures contracts since June. That means the tech funds have sold the equivalent of 150 million barrels of oil in the past 4 months! This is the derivatives tail, wagging the market dog.

    As to inflation, we have the price of real assets that HNW (high net worth) individuals are snapping up, continually rising. With just diamonds of rare quality going crazy. Some recent prices paid at auction; The “pink pear” at $17.8 million. The “orange” at $36 million. With the “pink dream” selling for the eye popping sum of $83 million!

    This is the so-called “smart money” fleeing out of paper and into real assets. Got gold?

  39. Jerry

    Lady’s and Gentleman. The fat lady is officially approaching the stage.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry. In trade the USA is now second to China, Yet China is not willing to open there capital to the rest of the world and they have no completive structure to do what the dollar is world dollar, so they will wait , and strike with a dollar reversal. Timing is everything. The dollar is being allowed to be kicked down the road. Jim Rickards was right on this statement. To what currency will the world? China has topped the USA in trade but not in trust.. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know.

  40. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg.
    John Williams is and always has been on my “top five guests” list that you have on your show. But the voice quality (coming from his end obviously, because your other guests come in pretty much loud and clear) is actually painful and off-putting to listen to. It sounds like he’s talking under water, it grates on the nerves and most of what he says is unintelligible. I don’t catch even 1/2 of what he’s saying. So it’s very frustrating and a crying shame because his information is so important. With the utmost respect, may I suggest that you explain to John that because the voice quality between your two locations is so bad, that he phone in during future interviews like some of your other guests do? It really is that bad.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sam grant,
      Your criticism is well founded but I am just trying to get the information out the best I can. I will always sacrifice quality for good content. This guy consults for billionaire fund managers and fortune 500n companies. Skype is the easiest thing I can do to get him on.

  41. mohammad


    they say beware of a cornered mouse, what if the cornered is an angry Russian bear?!

    Ominous news.
    Add to it the west squeezing Syrian regime with the unleash of ISIS and i would take every threat from Putin damn serious…..!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am very, very concerned. Putin is not a blowhard and I suspect much more decisive than President Obama.

  42. Jeff

    Rick and the rest of you deflationists. Like I’ve said many times here, the deflation boogieman is a Fed created and MSM promoted pile of crap. How many graphs must we view to show prices have gone up for 100 years. Started when the (unconstitutional) Fed was created. A dollar is worth @ 3 cents now. Anyone who shops, eats or travels can tell you prices have risen dramatically. Especially over the last few years. Imagine that, since we just printed $20,000,000,000,000,000. That’s $20 Trillion to you deflationists……………. But I tire of this discussion and will just submit an article I read today…… Might I remind you that NEVER (that’s a long time) has a country ended in a deflationary implosion. Never. Never…..But what the hell, keep up your unsubstantiated, MSM approved BS………. Enjoy….. [ ]

  43. Agent P

    In line with a few of the astute commenters above:

    I mentioned on this blog a few weeks back – ’90 days’, regarding the Ebola phenomenon. You are all no doubt aware of what we have been told so far. And you are all no doubt aware that the CDC has changed its tune/storyline/backpedal, etc., a few times since Mr. Duncan was taken to the hospital in Dallas, Texas.

    – What is the status of the EMT crew that spirited Mr. Duncan off to Texas Presb. shortly after his vomiting fit on the sidewalk?

    – What is the status of the Dallas sheriff’s department deputy/s that were ordered into the apartment in which Mr. Duncan was staying shortly after his departure to Texas Presb.?

    – Children that Mr. Duncan had contact with?

    – Other ‘casual’ bystanders or contacts that Mr. Duncan was within 3 feet of during his stay?

    Have you heard/read/seen anything regarding these people or their status…?

    The ‘rubber meets the road’ in this Ebola fiasco when a person in the U.S., verified to have had ‘casual’ contact (not direct bodily contact) with an infected Ebola victim, comes down with the disease themselves. That includes people flying on aircraft where infected Ebola victims have flown, and the air supply consists of re-circulated (filtered…?) cabin pressure air to all of the passengers/crew.

    A ZH article late this afternoon confirmed the following:

    And who could/would blame them…? And this is even ~Before~ my ‘rubber-meets-the-road’ scenario above comes to fruition…

    Now then, sit down and think through the ramifications – Economic, Social, Physical, Spiritual, etc., and come to your own conclusions. We don’t know definitively as yet, but the LIES emanating out of our halls of Officialdom do Not lend credibility that this rolling train wreck is anywhere close to being ‘contained’.

  44. Charles H.

    Greg and All,

    I hate to plug another site – but I listened to Dr. Jim Willie on Reluctant Preppers. He touched on the breakdown of the Dollar in a more comprehensive way than ever. I made statements in the past that America would be handed it’s hat and told to get along by itself. I think Dr. Willie spells this out quite understandably. Perhaps you will be interested to check this out. As important as Ebola is – I think it serves as a distraction.

  45. Silence is Golden

    Thanks Agent P for being awake.

    Silence is Golden 10/11/2014 •
    “The Ultimate consequence of Ebola…..
    Countries to shut their international doors/gateways.
    NO INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL….death of the tourism industry”.
    False Flag……I doubt it. Convenient …YES. Opportunity…..Initiate Martial Law Nationwide. Why not create some more erroneous Exec. Orders…just to prove he can.

    James Dines forecast the end of the age of travel recently….,_World_War_III_%26_The_End_Of_The_Age_Of_Jobs_%26_Travel.html

    Silence is Golden 10/03/2014
    “Black Swan of 2015….a world wide pandemic…that no one saw coming ….!!!!!”

    “Fear can create the very same set of circumstances that a run on the dollar would create. Mayhem and lawlessness are but two resultants….but the closure of businesses, schools, public transport, hospitals, retail and Government are some of the consequences.
    That right there is your 911 moment. The system shuts down …nothing works anymore in that scenario.”

    Zero Hedge (2014-10-16) are on top of it. 😉

  46. Juanita de Talmas

    ““I can’t give you good reason for why the stock market is as high as it is.”

    Really? I can. Corporate profits are at record highs. Why wouldn’t the stock market reflect that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Really you should check the phony accounting since 2009 (FASB). I guess 0% interest rates and massive money printing also have nothing to do with the inflated market and let’s not forget the plunge protection team. By the way, do you really think we have a booming economy with nearly 93 million not in the workforce any longer? Take another blue pill and sleep tight.

    • Agent P

      +1000 SiG. Stay frosty my friend –

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