Record Debt Everywhere – Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s 

Money manager Peter Schiff says even though there is “record debt everywhere,” the Fed thinks the economy is fine. Schiff explains, “The actual amount of money the government is borrowing is much larger than what they pretend they are borrowing with the official budget. I think the national debt was up around $1.5 trillion in 2018. . . . It’s probably going to be even greater in 2019. . . . We have the biggest annual trade deficit ever in 2018. We’re going to beat that record in 2019. So, we have the twin deficits going off the charts. None of that worries (Fed Head Jay) Powell. We have record corporate debt, record individual debt, record student debt, auto debt, credit card debt and none of that concerns Powell.  We have record debt for state governments and municipalities. We have underfunded pensions in both the public and private sector. We also have interest rates rising. They have risen quite a bit from a few years ago, and all of that is an added cost on an over-leveraged economy. The reason the Fed did this about face, the reason they are now ‘patient’ and the reason they stopped raising interest rates . . . is all about the United States. . . . It’s all about the enormous debt we have. The Fed inflated a bubble where you had all this debt. It’s impossible to normalize interest rates in this scenario. So, they came up with an excuse to stop, but what the markets still don’t realize is it is not enough. The Fed is ultimately going to go back to 0%. The Fed is not going to shrink its balance sheet. They are going to blow it up bigger than it was before they started to shrink it. There is no way to stop the recession and no way to stop the bear market. They are going to have to go back to the QE, but I don’t think the Fed is going to succeed in blowing a bigger bubble.”

Schiff goes on to say, “I think when they start to try to reflate the assets in stocks, real estate and in bonds, they are just going to prick the dollar bubble, and that’s when we have a real crisis. . . . The dollar is going to collapse, and America’s days of living beyond its means is going to come to an end.”

On gold, Schiff says, “I think this is the calm before the storm. People don’t really perceive it. Maybe it’s like the Wile E. Coyote who has just run off a cliff, and he just hasn’t looked down yet. He doesn’t realize where he’s standing. . . . Gold shorts are going to lose an incredible amount of money. That’s probably one of the most foolish things you can do. There are a lot of great things out there to short. Gold is the last thing you should be shorting. For central banks, gold is the safest reserve asset. It’s the only asset that is not somebody else’s liability. . . . I think the world is going back to gold. . . . $5,000, $10,000 (per ounce) who knows how high it’s going to go. There is no real ceiling on the price of gold because there is no floor to the value of the dollar and other fiat currency. . . . Gold is going to skyrocket.”

And silver? Schiff says, “Look at last time. Silver went up to $50 per ounce from $3 to $4 an ounce in 2000-2001. Gold went to $1,900 per ounce, but silver went to $50 per ounce. It was a much bigger percentage gain. . . . If I am right about gold going to $5,000 to $10,000 (per ounce), I am sure the percentage gain in silver will be even bigger.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with money manager Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold.

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  1. paul ...

    As Schiff explains … we have wreckerd debt which will lead to a wrecked financial system … where gold and silver will be the safest assets to have in your hands … store your gold where you can easily get your hands on it … but silver (not Bitcoin) will be what you want in your wallet … to trade for goods when the power grid is shut down by the Deep State … and the internet goes dead … just like your cash in the bank will be useless during a Black Out … so will Bitcoin be useless … it matters not what your bank statement says you have in the closed Bank’s “secure vaults” nor what you have in your unavailable “secure Bitcoin wallet” … word to the wise … put some “physical” precious metal in “your hands” now!!

    • paul ...

      Bitcoiners who believe the grid will be restored quickly if it ever went down … better look at how the Deep State operates … restored systems in Venezuela are being attacked over and over again … once knocked down (and the country tries to restore power) the grid is attacked again and again … over and over again you (and your money) will be in a dark place until the Deep State decides to allow the power to come back on … can you live for 3 to 9 months (or 3 to 9 years) without access to cash? … got silver in hand??? …

    • Rob

      It was never about bitcoin but the underlying blockchain that they used bitcoin as a beta to enhance! After the next financial crisis you will be required to enter your biometric data into your smartphone to enter the cloud of everything through the blockchain database of everything:

      This next crisis is being manufactured to do away with all fiat as they fully implement a smartphone to be your bank. What better way to introduce negative rates than to issue you electronic currency that can never leave the system so you either pay them to store it or spend it:

      This is all heading this way by the midst of the next decade:

      Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      This will force Christians to come out or be blotted out:

      • oneno

        People can simply request payment from their place of work in cash.

        That’s what I did a decade ago when the banks started treating me as a criminal each and every time I walked into a bank.

        The place of work was informed that I had no obligation nor intention to become an unsecured creditor at any Bank. Work was being rendered directly to the company and payment was requested in cash in my hand.

        All the workers at the company were informed about the loss of financial autonomy and how to take back that autonomy, and the Bank seeing all deposits as their property from unsecured creditors as well as having detailed records about electronic purchases by their unsecured creditors.

        Many were unconcerned about the issue, but a few understood all the implications and worked together as a group to secure cash payment from the place of work.

        Hopefully, the place of work recognizes value in it’s workers. If not, then the one rendering work knows his value at that place of work and is free to move. Yes, population pressures blunt this freedom, but one must remain flexible to preserve autonomy. And NO, I don’t have a smart phone.

        • Rob

          When there is no such thing as cash then you will be obligated to accept electronic currency or quit working.
          You must ask yourself why Father commissioned Moses to lead nearly a million of his people out of Egypt and in to a desert where no food or water was present:

          Exodus 5:3 And they said, The God of the Hebrews hath met with us: let us go, we pray thee, three days’ journey into the desert, and sacrifice unto the LORD our God; lest he fall upon us with pestilence, or with the sword.

      • Jc Davis Servant.

        Rob You shock me . So in the reality of the word. Keep up the word.

        • Rob

          Yes JC! Father is not playing games here as He has no interest in Christians trying to preserve this life:

          John 12:25 He that loveth his life loseth it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

          Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony; and they loved not their life even unto death.

    • Doug C.

      Just as you said. Assets in YOUR HANDS is where you want to be. Gold, Silver, cash, food, gas, etc. etc. etc.
      Bitcoin or any other crypto can go poof. I know. I had some Etherium in a company called Quadrigacx and then the “Owner” apparently Died in India with the keys to all the wallets with millions worth of Bitcoin and Etherium.
      Luckily (like I always do), once the “Coin” value doubled, I took out my initial investment. The rest was just Gravy, but it is GONE, No way of recovering unless those “Keys” are discovered. It works the same with the stock market, banks etc.. People need to have tangible assets. Stock market etc. is fine but get your initial investment out when you can and let the gains make you the money. Good luck everyone.

    • Will

      I don’t get something. Peter says buy gold now while there are still people dumb enough to sell it to you. Well, , , Peter is one of those who is selling it ! !

      • paul ...

        Perhaps it’s so he can buy more silver Will …

  2. paul ...

    This is how traitors who don’t believe in the Constitution or the right to free speech arbitrarily try to change our system of government … they tell us: “the link you tried to visit goes against our commie standards”!! …

    • paul ...

      In comparison to Russia (which acts more like capitalism is supposed to be) the Commies in America want all the money and power for themselves … in Russia vast amounts of excess capital is now being used to benefit the people like lowering their taxes (unlike the Demon-rat commies who want to increase taxes on us Americans) … Russia wants to help their people to live longer and healthier lives (unlike here in America where “death panels, toxic water, food and chem-trail air is used to shorten our lives) … Russia wants “more” children” (unlike here in America where they have now passed laws to kill and abort children already born) … “More children – Lower taxes” should be the campaign slogan of all US Presidential candidates running in 2020!! …

    • paul ...

      Before the commies shut us down … lets shut them down! …

      • WD


        Russia has a 12% flat tax now.
        Also a business gets 5 year tax free to show a profit!!

        When I was young and I complained about something my mother would tell me “If you dont like it you can always live in Russia”…I never thought that would be a viable common sense option one day!

  3. paul ...

    I like AOC … lets go after the banksters that are enslaving our children!!! …

    • paul ...

      AOC catches flak the same way Schiff catches flak “for being over the target” … we need truth tellers like these … enough of the fake news and pretense we are constantly subjected to … day in and day out for years and years … leading to us Americans to be bound and trapped in a phony matrix for decades and decades!!!

      • Freebrezer

        Paul – did you actually take the time to watch her ask questions of the CEO? She epitomizes the phrase “blithering twit”. God help us if the people of the Bronx re-elect this fool, idiot, buffoon, ignoramus … I am at a loss of what word since they all apply. If this is what the ivy league schools are producing … good lord we are in trouble!

    • SOD

      Your ringing endorsement of AOC is just another example of how some people never learn from the time worn cautionary tale of the pied piper. Let’s get an crazy eyed, ill-informed simpleton to direct the policies of this Nation towards feel good resolutions (i.e. the weeds of socialism). There is a reason why individuals who reach the lofty status of a bartender (AOC) or a bus driver (Maduro) rarely have the wear with all to sufficiently direct themselves or a nation to greatness. Their buffoonery focuses on big promises and flashy talking points with no way of actually getting to this promised land. SOD

      • TSI

        Yes because all the elite educated twerps that have been running western countries have done such an amazing job running their countries into the ground – great comment SOD.

        • SOD

          Yes indeed, ever since our country’s founding we have shown your esteemed countrymen, the elite twerps of the of world how it was done! Things today might not look amazing but at least we aren’t England. When we really want to shoot ourselves in the foot and wallow in mediocrity, we’ll put you on speed dial! Best regards, SOD

          • TSI

            We have a colloquial expression in Britain – SOD off!

      • paul ...

        SOD … AOC is as wrong about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) as the brightest “commie” PhD’s in economics running our government on this subject … but I think “her heart is in the right place” (let’s help the people not the banksters)!!! …

        • paul ...

          We need more “common” people in government like bus drivers and bar tenders who may still have some human decency … and lets get rid of the crooked lying lawyers without morals … AOC may not have a PhD like the immoral Banksters who invented Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) … I’m sure as time goes on and she learns more about economics she will likely trash MMT (invented by PhD Banksters) … Ron Paul should sit down with AOC and explain to her how our economic system works and how we need to get rid of the Fed … she seems like a quick learner and already knows banksters are evil!!

          • SOD

            I have a contact that travels quite a bit to Venezuela where he listens to the “every day men and women” of this region and most of them have this generalized warning for us–beware of good intentions our road to Hell was paved with them! Best wishes, SOD

      • TSI

        SOD are you the H. Bradley guy?

        • Greg Hunter

          I thought you were the Bradley Guy.

        • TSI

          What the guy obsessed with Martin Armstrong? – no

    • Rico

      Who is really the brains behind AOC , they are a danger to the republic –

  4. paul ...

    What??? … Cheney is one of Mike Pence’s favorite hawks???? … this culprit behind 9-11 is given assurances by Pence “you can be confident” … “you are one of my favorite hawks”?????? … it is time for Pence to go!!!! …

    • Arthur L Barnes

      If G. Bush would have listened to his Vise President Cheney and toppled Iran during the Gulf war the Middle East would be a much safer place now. We had troops on both sides of Iran, the military might staged within 500 miles of Iran’s capital, but Bush said no. As bad a V.P. Cheney was at least he had the vision to know when you need to kill a rattlesnake as opposed to allowing it to run around you all the while it turns on you and strikes you heel from behind. The Cheney’s are and have been fully American hawks & conservatives, and, for that, at least for that, I tip my hat.

      • TSI

        Yeah another insightful comment. So the Neoconservatives officially blamed 9/11 on a bunch of Saudis then invaded Iraq in retaliation. You’re right Cheney is a genius.

      • paul ...

        Hey Art … do you really believe we could have taken out Iran without a nuclear war with Russia and China? … if Bush listened to warmonger Cheney who took down a few buildings in New York we would have had no buildings standing in NY … no Cuomo … no Wall Street … and no NY Fed (after Russia nuked the place) … Humm … maybe your right … Cheney’s vision may have removed all the slime out of New York … as for the civilian casualties? … just collateral damage … a necessary evil … to make the world right for a fascist/totalitarianism empire!!

  5. paul ...

    Confirming exactly what Schiff is saying … rather than reconstructing a new foundation out of the wreckage of 2008 … our dirty (bribed and in the pocket) traitorous politicians simply restored the status quo … and left the world’s crooked evil bankster financial elite in charge of our economy with a free hand to engineer and create an even wider range of “new destructive” financial instruments to hurt the American people even more!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Paul it was a huge mess the day trump was sworn in. He bought time to set up a reorganization and removal of criminals. Time is about up.

      • paul ...

        I hope so Greg!!

      • Jc Davis Servant.

        Have faith in God.. Or GOLD .

      • Doug

        Greg…do a interview with Paul…one interesting fellow

  6. paul ...

    Here is a hypothesis to worry about … “the only prior time there was such a surge in $100 notes in circulation was prior to 9/11” … can you believe there are more $100 dollar bills in circulation right now then $1 dollar bills!!! … whether its the Fed (or some other criminal organization with money printing plates) all this money creation has to be inflationary … better buy your gold and silver now!! …

  7. Donald

    “We have the biggest annual trade deficit ever in 2018. We’re going to beat that record in 2019.”

    lol…. so what??? or maybe…. thankgoodness!!! Why is a trade deficit a problem given the US dollar is rising in value into that massive deficit. Listen, anytime someone is willing to give hundred’s of billions of dollars worth of goods for worthless paper, I would have to say that’s an exceptional arrangement. No?

    • paul ...

      It’s too good to last forever Donald … eventually even the pigeons find their wings!!

  8. Derek Sinclair

    You never waste your time listening to Peter Schiff – great financial analysis and hilarious (and honest) takes on the social issues of the day on his podcast.

  9. paul ...

    What a bunch of two faced criminals … “German politicians, diplomats and media were apoplectic in their anger at perceived interference by the US ambassador in Berlin’s internal affairs … yet the German political establishment has no qualms whatsoever about ganging up – only weeks later – with Washington to subvert the politics and constitution of Venezuela” … now I wonder what Germany would have done if Pelosi was allowed to fly to Europe … and once there proclaim that she was the rightful President of the US of America (even though Trump was the peoples choice in the election)??? … they probably would have backed Pelosi the same way they are backing the un-elected opposition leader in Venezuela (so Trump canceled her fight)!! …

  10. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg and Paul you are on fire!
    Debt and destruction is the only thing I can see.
    Thinking of moving out of the city, to the country with land, self sustaining lifestyle.

  11. David

    Great interview. Thank you, Greg!

  12. George Eddleston

    Greg; Cheney, Pence same side of the coin?

  13. john duffy

    Remember about a year ago when the NYPD obtained Anthony Weiners laptop. They were so disgusted with the contents that they said if there was no action they would soon release the contents of the laptop to the public.
    . Well what happened? Nothing. Then we were told that there was going to be perp walks before the nov. elections. Nothing! Then it was to be after the elections and then after Chrismas. Nothing! Then at the end of january and now here we are at the middle of march, nothing!
    Lets face it, the only thing that can save us, is divine intervention. But when I look around me, it seems that the only gods that get any attention from most of the public, are the gods of pleasure, money and sex!

    • Rich

      Nothing – that sums it up

  14. andyb

    Greg: I have always liked Peter because of his no BS approach to financial analysis. He’s absolutely correct that the US is heading for a fall; the question is when???.

    If it happens this year then Trump will be toast; and I have the suspicion that it has been the plan all along. Trump has been his own worst enemy in his constant propaganda about the economy which, in just the last 6 months, has been slowly flat lining. But. by the same token, the elites have to be worried about the loss of confidence in government that would occur should the market crash and inflation run rampant. (notice gas prices lately??). Then there is the coming epiphany that may occur with a grand jury in SDNY regarding 9/11 and continuing facts unearthed about Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and other false flags. If everything gets buried then the American people will remain sheep; if not then even the little confidence we now have with DC will be irretrievably broken and then let the revolution begin.

  15. Marie Joy

    In the comments section of your YouTube Channel there is a minor discussion of The Fed reducing the value of the dollar by 40%. IF there is any truth, to this, please discuss it.

    The 40% figure was used 7? years ago and it seems that figure was good. Is there another Fed 40% devaluation coming?

    Thank you

    • Clare Doll

      Marie Joy,
      People don’t really think about 40% devaluation but it would be devastating at the very least. Think in terms of a 50% devaluation which would then put your purchases to costing twice as much. And then you get more of a feel for the 40% number. I understand that you really want to know where the 40% number comes from? In talking about a devaluation of the currency (overnight) we must go back to the Depression when Roosevelt devalued the dollar by 40% relative to gold. And then you wonder why there was a Depression. Roosevelt is one of US HISTORY’s greatest mistakes as president. But when people talk about a devaluation of the currency, they start with that because we have seen that although few of us really have experienced that kind of devastation — yet!

    • paul ...

      Marie … there will be a 50% devaluation but only if Trump succeeds in solving our trade deficit and bringing manufacturing back to America … if Trump does not succeed the devaluation could be 70% “or more” as our Nation goes Zimbabwe monetarily … good explanation is provided by Jim Willy at around the 50 sec mark … … if you have the time the whole interview is excellent!!

  16. Russ

    Thanks Greg, it’s always good to hear Peter Schiff’s view on current events in the world of finance and the economy. For those not paying attention, it’s going to get ugly even if you do have some gold or silver. Time to restock the larder and maybe get a new set of tires. My goal is to into this cataclysmic event with no debt and enough popcorn that I can sit back and shake my head while I watch it unfold.

  17. Jerry

    For those of you interested in the Pacific Northwest earthquake you might find this information interesting.

    Do you notice the two fault lines off the coast of Washington? Both are under pressure as evidenced by the string of quakes all along the Alaskan coastline that are tracked every hour. Today 03/13 Hawaii registered a quake of a 5.5 magnitude. Where do you think that energy will be displaced? As I’ve said before, U.S. geologist are preparing for the kickback. They just don’t know when it will be.

    • paul ...

      Jerry … One would think the Deep State would stop all the chem-trail spraying knowing Yellowstone is very close to throwing a huge amount of volcanic dust into Earth’s atmosphere … but I guess they want to make sure the coming Ice Age is as severe as possible (to meet their goal of killing off 98% of Earth’s population) … volcanic activity on Earth has doubled since last year … and this is what was going on at Yellowstone “a year ago” … things must be twice as bad now!!

    • DB Cooper

      Jerry, Thanks, We look at this sight daily and as they say it is not an if but a when. Yours, DB.

  18. eddiemd

    Perfect storm brewing everywhere in all aspects of society.

    2019 is the year of truth. The curtains are being pulled back on the corruption and frauds in banking, education, politics, media, etc

    They will have no choice but to take us to war.

    Will it be the Tribulation? Seems like it.

  19. iwitness02

    I have to get this done before we lose power. We are in a rip roaring blizzard right now. Kind of like the economy. Sounds like rip roaring inflation is coming. Economic stress seems to be on the rise, everywhere. Stress of every kind seems to be on the rise all around the world. We still have lots of ‘pretenders’ who have the attitude of “What?? Me Worry!! No way! Everything is fine. Sure glad I’m not in that boat. I would rather see it coming and do what I can. Cuts down on regrets later. Enjoyed the interview, even though the wind is howling outside. Wet, heavy, sticky snow. Supposed to continue for 10 to 12 hours before it begins to let up. The wind isn’t supposed to stop for several days. Yesterday was warm and sunny in the 70s. Weather whiplash at its finest.
    There are already reports of near by power outages. The weather service is referring to this storm as a bomb cyclone. That’s a new one on me.

    • iwitness02

      We are charging up our cell phones and I have the charger going on the solar batteries. Collecting all the juice we can get, while we can. Took showers, and have extra water on hand and went shopping yesterday. Now its time to just stay busy and hope for the best. This storm has all the hallmarks of a tree buster.

  20. paul ...

    Hey Boeing … don’t you understand that Trump is trying “to protect” the American people? … it’s not all about money (especially those dollar fiat paper IOU’s printed out of thin air by the Fed)!!! …

  21. paul ...

    How do we live if the Deep State does not abide by the rule of law???? …
    “If it is proven that the CIA was behind the attack, it could lead to a diplomatic spat between Madrid and Washington. Government sources say that it would be “unacceptable” for an ally to take such action. Not only would it mean that the US agency had operated on Spanish soil without asking for authorization or informing the authorities, it would also be a violation of the international conventions that protect diplomatic delegations” !!! …

  22. Mark James

    I think that was the best summary of the 1970’s I ever heard! Great guest! Thank you!

  23. Jimmy Carter


    So, in theory, you can spend as much as you want and just print whatever amounts you need to sustain or fund all your programs. This is fallacious reasoning (logic). Its also very delusional, but unfortunately, for the current era ( 2008 +) it seems to work for awhile. Such false economy policies encourage new political personalities such as AOC.

    You can promise voters anything and just print more money and sell more bonds to foreign investors, who already own 42% of U.S. Treasury Debt. No consequences or problems, we are boldly told by a nobody with no experience except pouring drinks. Contrary to the popular lie, we do NOT just lend to ourselves. Let’s see what an expert has to say about this destructive monetary policy and practice and read Martin Armstrong’s Warning to America:

  24. Mohammad


    Yet again as per expectations the house of commons voted today in the favor of removing No-Deal from the table.

    But here is the catch:

    The voting yesterday and today DOES NOT change a STATUED LAW unless the government allows it to be changed.

    Today the defeated PM May pushed for an amendment to be voted tomorrow in which she bundled the voting on the extension of article 50 with accepting a deal…!!!!!!

    And the saga goes on , will see how it will develop and ends.


    • Mohammad

      What a chaotic day is today at the house of commons, many amendments were shot down the most of them standing out was the amendment for a second referendum that was voted down.
      Everything Greg is pointing towards the relentless effort by the PM to either take her deal or crash off the cliff.
      I think this is a matter of utmost importance that should not be under your wrap up news radar this Friday.


  25. Paul in oz

    Great interview, I always find that Peter Schiff makes total sense, the only thing that makes most of what he says is timing. I believe everything he predicts will come to pass. he is constrained by a movement be it evil or ineffectual called policy makers. The current state of world of the policy maker is the world of Orwellian newspeak, combined with hypocrisy, the pursuit of self serving interests, the ownership of them by those who will buy them to implement their own interests.

    The principles of capitalism and free markets have not failed, they have been made to fail by a system which can never work. That system is big government. Governor Reagan said it best, Government is not the solution it is the problem. There is but one solution to big government … that is little government. A grass roots movement of like minded people who share a constitution to treat people equally, to respect the rights of the individual and willing to fight to the death in support of that communities right to self governance. Where the laws of a country interfere with that agenda, that movement must be underground until such time as they can influence or overthrow the oppressors.

    Oppression comes in many forms, from passive resistance to direct obstruction, including the direct undermining of inalienable rights but it begins with the individual willing to forsake those principles which protect them from tyranny. Tyranny approaches and it is in your interest to find that like minded group, while there is still enough time to assemble. The means of communication which have never been larger are being eroded through censorship by quasi government/policy makers (i.e. Facebook banning zero hedge). As Mr. Schiff says we are in the 9th inning of this game and in my opinion this is game seven of the conclusion of a league. When the next game begins it will be with new rules it is for then you must already have chosen your new teammates. BLTA.

  26. David

    Thank you giving all your guests a voice in these troubled times. I recommend you interview Ben Davidson of regarding his ongoing YouTube series entitled “Earth Catastrophe Cycle” if you want to get a better understanding of the books of Genesis and Revelation, the deep underground military bases, the current activity in Antarctica, and the reason why tptb don’t have any interest in addressing our nation’s problems. The “Earth Catastrophe Cycle” theory gives a whole new meaning to tribulation, the judgment and endtimes. Thank you!

  27. Oxfarmer

    It is just about too late to be thinking of getting out of the city and into the country. People have no idea of the learning curve, not to mention that not all country places welcome newcomers. Are you used to a septic system? Wells? What about gardening and small animal skills? Are you good at fixing up derelict barns and sheds? Did you know hawks will take your birds and foxes burrow under your coops unless you have properly laid your wire? What about power outages, more common in the country? Does your stove have piezoelectric or pilots? Do you even know what I’m talking about? If you are serious, don’t wait. But be sure the whole family is in it, or it will fail. And if you are lucky enough to have an elder in the family who grew up on a farm, for heaven’s sake, listen.

    • DB Cooper

      OF, Good post, Thanks, We have been doing the back to the land homestead mission for forty years and you hit the nail squarely on the head: the learning curve is almost endless. I have tried to lay out a few points over time as to some priorities involved w/ actually getting out to a rural setting but as you have pointed out time is short. By the way you never answered my query … do farm with oxen ? We sold most of our Brebant Belgians a while ago (still have a team) as there isn’t much local interest in horse farming and age is not on our side ! Growing up is all well and good but getting old sucks!! Have to maintain a sense of humor though … “In the face of adversity, maintain your sense of humor” … Yours from the redoubt in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • DB Cooper

        OF, Sorry, Do YOU farm w/ oxen? DB

    • susan

      I live about 80 miles from where my grandparents actually homesteaded. I am so thankful that I was taught so much when I was growing up. I still live in the hinterlands and love it. I have to live where there are more animals than people now.

  28. paul ...

    The Fed put the word “Great” in … The Great Depression … by nationalizing the Fed Trump will restore the word “Great” in … Let’s Make America Great Again …

  29. Bob

    Have a look at this Greg. What do you think is going on here? Anything worth noticing?

  30. MCasey

    I have not really noticed a surge in $100 notes in circulation as I don’t deal in large amounts of cash; however, I did have an occasion to need several thousand in cash and dreaded going to the bank to get it….they ask sneaky questions and make you feel like a criminal. But this time….all smiles! Happy to do it!…..and out popped brand new crisp $100 bills!

    I had not seen this design before, but the person I gave the $100s to said he was familiar with the new design…he does deal in cash a lot. My research indicated this design came out in 2013, (so you can see how long since I had very many).

    I was curious though about the change in the bank’s attitude and a new design (since there was talk a few years back about eliminating the $100 bill). I decided they are either in a hurry to pull the old bills out of circulation and replace them with the newer traceable $100 or maybe we are heading for hyper-inflation and they are trying to get higher denominations out there?

    • Anthony Australia

      Our green $100 note are scarce as hens teeth. Yep true you are, when you go to withdraw ‘YOUR’ money, the tellers make you feel like dirt.

      • susan

        I’m glad I don’t live where you guys do. I live where everyone in the bank are my best friends and neighbors. No problems.

  31. Anthony Australia

    With the conviction of George Pell, I think the almighty Vatican empire of dominoes are starting to fall.

  32. Jerry

    Have you looked at the feds balance sheet lately?

    Clearly they are in a selloff mode. I contend with what most of your guest have suggested. The markets cannot survive without quantatative easing. The bigger question is, what are they putting their capital in, if not the bond buyback scam? I would suggest Gold.
    Strap in tight. The globalist have set up their alternate exchange systems with China. And they have their scapegoats in place, with Donald Trump and BREXIT. This will be for all the marbles.

    It’s one of two things. Either President Trump has a master plan to takedown the deep state, or we’ve been baited into the biggest scam in history by the globalist to destroy nationalism once and for all.
    I will admit, I’m a huge fan of Rob Kirby. Like Rob, I’m concerned about what happens when you let a group of psychopaths have so much power. Gitmo is being prepared for somebody. Hopefully not us.

  33. Robert in Nevada

    Remembering the horror stories my Grandfather told me about life in Weimar Germany I bought PHYSICAL gold and silver as INSURANCE against eating dog food…..metal is not an investment but rather an insurance policy. Yes it hasn’t “gone through the roof” BUT every year I buy homeowner’s insurance and, when I renew the policy, I don’t complain that “my house didn’t burn down”

    • susan

      Robert, you are wise.

  34. DB Cooper

    Greg and Doggers, I would urge all to listen to Rick Wiles program last night, about the pretrib rapture … very good presentation. While I do not expect it to ever happen Greg, I would suggest that you interview Rick Wiles. In my humble opinion he is on the money. Thanks for what you do, In Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  35. paul ...

    Probably a “test run” by the God Guys as to how they can stop the evil elite from getting into their underground bunkers at the Denver Airport! …

  36. R. patrick

    AOC is deficient in so many areas that to place faith in her ideals would be tantamount to suicide.

    She will be extricated from political streams sooner than later because she is the THREAT to current sitting congressional do nothing cry babies. God help us please!

    • Greg Hunter

      AOC = Puppet.

  37. WD

    I cannot believe the # of Republicans that voted against Trump. One of which I considered very conservative…..this is really a deeper war than I thought

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree WD. Weasels (and Globalists) one and all including Rand Paul.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, I’ve said it before, but some people either don’t get it or don’t want to get it: government exists for itself. That’s it. What further proof do you need than what goes on inside the Beltway? This Senate vote is just the latest example. Best always. PM

  38. Jennifer Ohman

    I have great respect for Peter Schifff. He is one of your most brilliant guests. He is customarily spot on and always thorough. However, even though he is factually correct with his comments in regards to President Trump, he does not appreciate Trumps’ intentions or values, nor the mountain of “wrongs” that Trump has single handedly taken on to cleaning up, in order to bring our country back to a better place
    In the Art of The Deal, Trump said that he is a benevolent manipulator! I totally understand and appreciate what he meant. It’s a great art to be a benevolent manipulator! They are a bit like a Guardian Angel. If you recall the movie, “You’ve Got Mail”, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan… the two of them fell for each other as pen pals. But it turned out that he was building a new, massive book store that forced her small neighborhood book shop out of business. As pen pals, they arranged to meet. But when he realized who she was, the owner of that little store, he stood her up…as she despised the man who was putting her store out of business. Through emails, he communicated to her that he had some “tweaking” to do, before they would finally meet. He tweaked. They finally met. And they lived happily ever after! He was a benevolent manipulator! A master tweaker!
    Trump cannot always be blunt. Nor can he accomplish all that he needs to do that is good for our country, in the light of day…or he will be thwarted. The opposition is to great. He’s like a Border Collie, though, steering sheep… uninformed public, without their being fully aware of where they are going, but he knows that he is steering us to a good place. He is actually benevolent!

    Unlike Barack Obama, who was a malevolent manipulator! “Hope and Change.” I new from day one that “Change” to Obama meant Socialism. He wasn’t literally “lying”, but he was deceiving the public. He knew that the unsuspecting public would not pick this up, as he “progressively” marched America away from its roots, and Americans away from their rights. This is the kind of thing malevolent manipulators do!! “You can keep your doctor.”, with Obamacare, i.e., with socialized medicine!!! Really? Sure you can…at least until the system is undone and destroyed!! Obama knew that, too. Not literally lying, but surely deceiving. True to form, as a malevolent manipulator.

    Trump inherited a huge mess and a mountain of debt when he came into office. Even though the debt has grown during the Trump Administration, the whole character and nature of spending that Trump is doing is very different than our past administrations. He needs to turn this ship around. And it takes strategic spending. It must be done. None of his spending is wasteful. Had prior administrations spent and invested the way that Trump is and cut waste and regulations the way Trump has or is trying to, we would not be where we are today with our national debt.
    Trump is like David fighting Goliath, and I commend him for what he had accomplished to date and what he is trying to accomplish going forward, and for being the benevolent manipulator that he is!

  39. Ray

    Splendid interview……..thank you gentlemen.
    Please have Peter on more if possible.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

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