Record Global Debt & Chaos in 2019 – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s

Financial writer John Rubino says no matter what country, the global debt has exploded to record highs, and it’s going to go even higher in the coming years. Rubino contends, “Government debt is going to soar going forward no matter what. Whether we have three more years of growth or a recession next year, we are going to see massive new deficits and massive increases in government debt all over the world. This is coming at a time when we have already hit record levels of debt and blown right through previous record levels. The last crisis, that almost ended the global financial system, was debt driven. The next one is going to be that much, much more serious because we basically doubled the amount of debt that’s out there since 2005 and 2006.”

On the political front, Rubino says, “The idea that things get more extreme from here is not that out of the ordinary and not that hard to believe. We are not just going to see gridlock here in the U.S., we are going to see chaos. That means of the things that should be gotten done, very few of them will be. . . . Political chaos is good for precious metals . . . both metals are way undervalued.”

Few would disagree, that at some point, the financial system is going to explode. Rubino says, “Let’s look at what happens when this finally blows up. The pressure is going to be on currencies when the financial system starts to spin out of control next time. In other words, people are going to see the amount of debt we are taking on, see the amount of currency we are creating to service all this debt, and will wonder what that does to the value of the currencies that are being aggressively created. They will lose faith in those currencies. What is unique about this time, countries have screwed up their currencies since the beginning of time . . . but this time around, they are all doing it. Every major country in the world has a printing press, which is to say an unlimited credit card. They are maxing out that credit card . . . and they are doing it simultaneously.”

In closing Rubino says, “All we have left is to wipe the slate clean and say, you know what, this thing did not work. It’s a 60 year experiment that turned out to have a fatal flaw, which is you can’t hand a printing press to a government.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Rubino, author of “The Money Bubble” and creator of

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  1. FC

    Just to elaborate on your head exploding realization of the world debt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one FC!!


      • Adam

        Greg, Peter Schiff has a really good podcast that would be a big benefit to your audience, from tonight, Jan 9, YouTube….I think you should consider listening and having him on soon…. thanks

        • paul ...

          Unlike Issac Newton … investors got hit on the head with a “rotten apple” … Apple stock is now down about 40% from it’s peak (and the stock market is still near the top and going lower … so what does that portend?) … when compared to gold … Apple down 40% from its top is like gold dropping from $1900 to $1140 …

      • Jallen

        It is my understanding some of our elected officials are being asked and have complied to Loyalty oaths to Israel. Their Loyalty must be to the United States the government they serve and not to the Israel government.
        THIS MUST STOP NOW and I hope you will have a guest on who will address this issue. Keep in mind, Anti Zionist is not Anti Semitic.
        My source is Dave Hodges website.


        • paul ...

          This has nothing to do with being anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Saudi, anti-Martian or anti-XYZ … it has to do with Treason … it is “Outright Treason” for a representative of our American Government to swear loyalty “to a foreign government” … these “suppose-ed” Representative’s of the American People should all be arrested, Court Marshall-ed and hanged!! …

          • Jallen

            Thanks for your post.


    • paul ...

      It should blow everyone’s mind that “debt” IOU’s (printed up out of thin air by international banksters as part of a world wide Ponzi scam) can actually be thought of “as not being fake money” in our day and age? … or that a few key strokes on a computer conjuring up trillions in “electronic credit” not be considered a mirage?? … have our brains truly left our bodies??? … have we become disembodied spirits???? … where our money is as insubstantial as aether????? … No … God placed us in a “physical world” … we are not a chain of exploding block heads made up of quintessential stuff “yet” … and neither should our money “be spiritual in nature” (until we leave this world) … but while we are here on God’s Earth (in physical world) … we should be using God’s “real money” (gold and silver) … not something crated out of the imagination of truly evil Lucifer loving crooked banksters who want to own the entire world!!!

      • FC

        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist.

        I can’t remember where I read that, but how true it is when you look at the deception we have in the world today.

        • Rocky Mountain Nancy

          That’s interesting, FC….I was told, as a child, that the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing us that a God did exist!

          • paul ...

            FC … In this dualistic universe we live in … an “evil” Devil must exist to counter balance a “good” God … so RMN … if God did not exist in this dualistic universe … there would be no Devil around to tell us God did not exist … but look around you … there are Demon-rats everywhere telling us God does not exist … which is overwhelming and conclusive proof that God does indeed exist!!

      • paul ...

        There are limits to debt-fueled growth … combine that with rising interest rates … the take down of the Clinton Foundation … phony impeachment proceedings against Trump … and it makes owning some gold, silver and coin (cash) imperative!! …

        • paul ...

          To prevent a crash … Trump better call the Plunge Protection Team and tell them to start buying stocks … and call the Fed to tell them to cut rates … if he wants to keep the market rising … Trump’s tariffs may help a bit but it is not going to stop the Chinese from producing “more patents and technological innovations” than the US (because they graduate more engineers and scientists than the US does) … so “capitalist” China is now surpassing the “commie Marxist socialist controlled welfare economy” of the US in creating “highly valued exports” (not just ordinary consumer goods) … they are making electrical cars, i-phones, G5 equipment, etc., etc. at very competitive prices (they are out-competing US companies like Tesla, Apple and our Telecommunication giants in both price and quality) … tech shares like Apple have plunged … along with consumer goods shares like Kohl’s and Sears, etc. who are fighting to stave off bankruptcy … consumers have completely maxed out their credit cards (likely buying gold and silver for protection against a coming bankster re-set) which has put an upper limit on debt-fueled growth … Trump needs to not only lower rates … but must get the banks to increase consumer credit limits (the way the Federal government is able to raise the National Debt each year) … Trump must get a lot more money into peoples pockets by using tax cuts, or a big “year end bonus” for American workers (the way Wall Street gives bonuses to their workers) … or better yet … just simply eliminate the IRS!!

          • paul ...

            As everyone knows … the IRS was just supposed to be a “temporary war tax” … designed to meet a one time exigency due to the high cost of the war of 1812, etc. … and the IRS was supposed to be abolished after the US budget was put in balance … but now that the US budget “is put in balance” by just printing money … the IRS is simply a drag on the economy because it limits consumer spending … Trump needs to eliminate this drag on the economy … as the IRS serves no useful purpose anymore (because we can simply print all the money we need to balance our budget and fight continuous non-stop wars) … so let’s get this albatross off the necks of the American people … so we can begin spending money again to make America Great!!

            • paul ...

              You know … if it’s of no concern that the American Government is spending a million dollars per day for every soldier it deploys and keeps overseas to help foreign Nations (because we can just print the money) … and give them foreign aid (like Schumer and Nancy want to do) … then why not help us Americans out too by printing up the money for the wall and print up the money to fully fund Social Security, and print money to make our pensions whole and provide us Health Care?? … why is it we Americans are continuously discriminated against so Demon-rats can provide benefits to Foreigners???

              • paul ...

                And I don’t want to hear the lame excuse that the Demon-rats will use … that it will “be inflationary” to print money to help Americans … but it is not inflationary to help Foreigners???? … now I hear we are building a Military base in Brazil (where is that money coming from??? … come on you crooks … print some money for us too!!

      • Marie Joy


    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

      No, that is all the dimocrats after trump picks a new supreme court justice after
      Ginsburg passes, and that really gives new meaning to “that really blew my mind”
      and I’ve got the popcorn ready for when the show starts….

      Kevin KA7LRC 147.26/R

  2. Anthony Australia

    John is spot on.
    Recent events in Australia lead me to believe we are becoming Dumber by the minute. The MSM here are also up to no good and our TV has been hijacked by propaganda and fictional drama; not that I tune in much these day, but the ‘water cooler’ talk at the office is anything but educational.
    Our Government offers nothing but fudged numbers and spin whilst the opposition preach pork barreling at its best.

    Thanks as always Greg!

    • Anthony Australia

      The RBA, our central bank, refuse to raise rates yet banks are notching them up independently because their borrowing costs are higher.

    • Bob

      Why watch that rubbish? I only read USA Watchdog, Henry Makow, and Daily Stormer! Real opinions, real info.

  3. Joe Walsh

    Rigged! 1.5 million illegal voters uncovered… WHERE!?
    January 8, 2019 Frank Holmes
    The media howled when President Trump said that millions of illegals voters may have voted in the 2016 presidential election — but a new lawsuit has found one-and-a-half million illegal voters on the rolls… and that’s just scratching the surface.
    To give you an idea of how big a problem it is, those million-plus registrations all come from just one county!

  4. joethecuckleburr

    The actual “experiment” started around 1911 at Jekyll Island, GA. An unfortunate missed opportunity FOR a “1911.”

  5. Jerry

    Behind the scenes a lot is going on. I can’t confirm the accuracy of this information, but it is plausible that it may be true.

    From a military point of view, I think the wall issue is nothing more than a diversion from what the real goal is. Destruction of the deep state. While the globalist in Congress chase President Trump down the wall rabbit hole, a much bigger trap is being set. Last week according to my sources, pallets of information taken from the Clinton library in Little Rock were loaded onto two military transports. It seems plausible that this information may be true considering the ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation and it’s intanglements with the deep state. We”ll see?

  6. Jane Doe Eye's

    Detroit was apparently the canary in the coal mine of Jill Steins recount exposeir of urban leftest, American voter fraud!

    Michigan Recount Shows Too Many Votes in Detroit
    Mary Chastain Thursday, December 15, 2016
    So the Michigan vote recount revealed corruption and fraud..just not what Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton hoped for. Instead, the recount showed that too many people voted in the Detroit precincts, areas that Hillary won by a large majority. The Detroit News reported:

    Evidence Found of Electronic Ballot Box Stuffing Against Trump
    Updated on January 28, 2017
    Despite President Donald Trump’s continued insistence, with no evidence, that voter fraud was behind Hillary Clinton’s accumulation of 3 million more votes than him in the recent US presidential election, evidence has been found which points to an entirely different form of election-related fraud, electronic ballot box stuffing. This form of fraud took the spotlight in the 2016 Democratic primary, when election experts and statisticians alleged that there was strong evidence that the primary was stolen by Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders.

    In Michigan, 37% of Detroit’s precincts reported more votes than the number of actual voters who checked into the polling stations, a sign of “electronic ballot box stuffing.” In this form of fraud, a vote-counting machine’s software is accessed – hacked into – and instructed to add or subtract votes in a manner which benefits a certain candidate.

    Krista Haroutunian, chairwoman of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, told the Detroit News:

    “There’s always going to be small problems to some degree, but we didn’t expect the degree of problem we saw in Detroit. This isn’t normal,”

    More votes than voters in a precinct is a classic sign of ballot box stuffing. In the modern era, rather than illicit paper ballots being placed in a box, digital manipulation of the totals is most likely.

    Electronic ballot box stuffing takes place when optical scan vote counting machines are preprogrammed to add or subtract votes illegally. More than 70% of the country uses the kind of system in which paper ballots are marked directly by the voter, and then counted by an optical scanner machine.

    Trump as been roundly criticized for pressing his allegations of voter fraud without evidence. In contrast to electronic ballot box stuffing, voter fraud requires voters who are not qualified to cast votes, or some voters to vote more than once. Trump has never addressed the issue of electronic ballot box stuffing.

    In the hack, the machine software automatically adds or subtracts votes according to a specific formula. The hack was demonstrated by Dr. Harri Hursti, a Finnish computer expert, in the HBO documentary “Hacking Democracy.”
    SEE The Brief Video on, Hacking Democracy; TheHursti Hack

    Botched elections. Missing ballots. Is this any way to run a democracy?

    Michigan’s failed presidential recount last year wasn’t an aberration. It’s part of a pattern that has some concerned about the integrity of elections.
    August 1, 2017 Written by: Joel Kurth Topic: Detroit Journalism Cooperative

    Recount mess: What if Michigan had held the key to election?
    John Wisely, Christina Hall and Eric D. Lawrence, Detroit Free Press

    I thought voter fraud didn’t exist. Apparently it does, in urban area’s throughout the dis-United States of Amerika and urban controled states. So;

    Ignore the Mob—Long Live the Electoral College
    You can’t always get what you want, future communist’s!
    David Harsanyi | November 18, 2016

    How The Electoral College Saves Us From The Mob Rule Of Democracy
    Do conservatives need to be ashamed of winning elections by means of the Electoral College that they would not win in a more directly democratic contest? No.

    Electoral College Myth: The Founders Did Not Trust the People?
    Myth: The Founders created the Electoral College because they did not trust the people to govern themselves.

    Fact: The Founders knew that the voice of the people must be reflected in the government if it was to be legitimate. At the Constitutional Convention, George Mason, delegate from Virginia, expressed this sentiment when he declared that “the genius of the people must be consulted.” The Founders had just fought a revolution because the colonies had no representation in the British Parliament. They’d laid their lives on the line for this principle of democracy. They were not likely to give up on it so soon.

    On the other hand, the delegates to the convention knew that pure democracies can be dangerous. In a pure democracy, 51 percent of the people rule the other 49 percent. All the time. Without question. The Founders knew that, as a matter of history, pure democracies implode because, in the heat of the moment, even bare or emotional majorities can impose their will upon the rest of the people. They also knew that, even if the American colonies had been given representation in the British Parliament, Americans would have been outvoted time and again by the majority of citizens at home in England. Political minorities must be protected from tyrannical and unreasonable majorities if a country is to survive.
    James Madison, delegate from Virginia, put it this way;

  7. Diane

    Ann Coulter
    If Trump’s wall proposal is self-evidently absurd, why has the entire MSM spent every moment for the past 3 weeks making (false) arguments against it? Call congress: 202 224 3121

    • paul ...

      Diane … As Rubino would say: “Politics is getting crazy” … consider the fact that the Demon-rats won’t give Trump $5 billion for a wall to protect America … unless Trump gives them $12 billion for “foreign aid” (which we all know gets recycled right back into these thieving Demon-rat politicians private bank accounts under-the-table) … so unlike Trump who takes only one dollar a year as payment for his services to the Nation … these “unpatriotic” Demon-rats like Polosi and Schumer want $12 Billion dollars “in foreign aid” surreptitiously funneled into their tax free offshore bank accounts for simply doing what is expected of them as Representatives of the People … these immoral grasping predatory adulterous venal thieves are simply motivated by an unquenchable naked ambition to satisfy their deep thirst and desire for more and more fiat paper “wealth” … unbelievably doing all their evil deeds just to accumulate “fake wealth” (Fed notes which are dollar pieces of paper conjured out of thin air by other crooks) … which are simply “worthless notes representing a IOU debt” that will never be paid back “in real money” but only with other worthless pieces of paper!!

  8. Jane Doe Eye's

    Conway calls CNN’s Acosta a ‘smartass’ during immigration exchange

    Jordan Fabian 15 hrs ago

  9. Peter

    Great interview as usual Greg.

    BTW a Trillion seconds is 31,800 years

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Peter. I know this but made a mistake in the fog of interview. It’s recorded live with very little editing.

      • Mark James

        So if I believe *only* the US Debt Clock which ticks near $22 Trillion — and don’t include Dr. Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts Work — or the unfunded liabilities of the SS, Medicare, States, and Local Governments, pensions fund deficits, and financial derivatives, etc etc… that would be almost 700,000 years for just the reported *US* Treasury Debt. Yet AD (Birth of Christ) is just 2,000 years… and that is printing $1 per second… on an amount that was know is hugely conservative.

        Those numbers are not even conceivable to me. At $100 per second, that would be 7,000 years…. still impossible to me to comprehend. Anyone remember 5,000 BC?

        EXCELLENT interview Greg. You sure know who to bring on. Would love to see Catherine Austin Fitts and Gerald Celente / Trends Journal soon, please? I know, so many guests, so little time.

        Thank you Greg! Excellent!

    • paul ...

      Does everyone understand the magnitude of this number? … if you are poor and can only save ($86,400 dollars per day) … it would take you 31,800 years to save a Trillion dollars … if you are rich and could save ($1 million dollars per day) it would take you 2,740 years to accumulate 1 Trillion dollars … remember when Ron Paul asked Bernanke what Foreign banks got a Trillion dollars in our taxpayer money from the Fed during the 2009 liquidity crisis? … and Bernanke said: “I don’t know”!! … I guess because it was “small change” compared to the $21 Trillion that CAF and others discovered disappeared from our Millitary and Housing budgets!!

      • paul ...

        You know … you just know that the Fed dollar bill (now worth 2 cents) is heading very fast toward becoming worthless (when crooks have to steal so many Trillions and Trillions of them just to make ends meet) and pay “their normal bills every month” … and yet the ordinary American Joe is still refusing to buy some gold and silver to protect their family from starvation as America falls ever quickly toward becoming a Banana Republic (like Venezuela) … where it now takes “a silver nickel” to buy a banana!!

  10. Roger D

    Think ‘calories’. Your loved ones need 2,000 a day to live.
    Takeaway from Venezuela: “People are shooting each other in the streets over food–not ammo, cigarettes, liquor, gold coins, or silver coins.”

    • paul ...

      Roger … there is one flaw in your logic … one fat Demon-rat could provide “enough calories for a month of Sundays” … and there are going to be lots and lots of Demon-rats running around … so the Demon-rats to prevent becoming “meat on the table” (like the babies the Demon-rats normally eat now at their pizza parties) they will need to own gold to perhaps pay off “the gold-bugs with guns” … which means “real money” will be needed not to be eaten … the question is … do gold-bugs love gold so much that they will control their better instincts and actually make an evil Demon-rat live (if he can pay the right price in “real money”) … or like Jesus … as a matter of moral principle … refuse to take money from Satanists … the way things are going economically … we likely don’t have to long to wait to find out!!

      • paul ...

        So Roger … get this straight in your head … it’s not that gold is useless because “it” can’t be eaten … gold is useful so “you won’t be eaten”!!

        • Roger D

          Paul, ‘Demon-rats’??? Excuse me but there is no flaw in my logic. What is it about the simplicity of 2,000 calories a day to keep your loved ones alive that you don’t understand? Convoluted philosophies, agendas and politics won’t feed them.

          • paul ...

            Roger … all I’m saying is that when things get desperate … humans will eat humans out of necessity … and not just for pleasure as the Demon-rats now do eating roasted babies at their pizza parties!!

          • Freebrezer

            Roger – If A person down there has food, they had better have guns and ammo to protect themselves.

  11. Russ

    Thanks Greg, this was an outstanding discussion of the global currency reset that is coming — USD devalued by ~80% (other currencies also) and Au being revalued way up. It won’t be pretty and there will be pain. Even for thos who have a lot of PM’s, the chaos may be overwhelming.

    I especially like that John Rubino acknowledges what he doesn’t know such as timing. “Can they come up with another scheme to drag this out another 10 years?” IMO possibly. but doubtful as long as President Trump has a role in the process. He is of the tear it down to the foundation and rebuild from the ground up. He isn’t the type who is going to put lipstick on a pig and handover a failed system to the next guy.

    IMO, watch Davos at the end of this month. There is a reason that President Trump is going “heavy”.

  12. Alanon

    So if the dollar is going away or worth almost nothing its good to have fixed rate loans, home and auto, as they will essentially dissapear or i could sell a few oz of silver to pay them off as they are loans in dollars?

  13. H. Craig Bradley


  14. Laurie

    Craig, the sound is off again. Your voice is lower than the guests. Not as bad as last time but annoying all the same. Great interview other than that. Thank you for your work.

  15. The Ogs

    I hate to be the one to bring this up, but…
    Apparently Russia has zero debt – and zero annual deficit!
    Their budget and economy are balanced (plus they get excellent value for any money spent, ie. technology/military).
    Shame to see ‘rookie’ capitalists that are, y’know, BETTER at it than we are… is it not?

    • paul ...

      And we capitalists have now become better commies then the commies … we need to immediately send all the commie Demon-rats to the Saudi desert … and if the Saudi’s refuse to take them … there is an uninhabited island off the Brazilian coast call “Snake Island” we can send them to … it’s a perfect place for them … as the only thing that seems to survive well there “are vipers”!!

      • paul ...

        Hey Demon-rats … come on down to this little Garden of Eden (where many of your brothers live) … the weather is perfect … and you can eat the fruit from every tree!! …

    • Laurie

      Oops….duh…I meant Greg.

  16. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg

    John says

    “you run the risk like some kind of dictator coming in & we are primed for that already we are just a few steps away from some one tearing up the Constitution & ruling by decree ”

    Ya mean like schumer – fineswine & wacky maxie & pilosi do right now? All of whom think they are the president & can spew their corrupt globalist political BS & we have to swallow it. Hope everyone has plenty of the other precious metals brass & lead & rope because the the Tree of Liberty is going to need some serious watering to fix the political & banking infestation that is destroying America.

    ” a world of $10,000 Gold will be a disturbing place ”

    with all the suppression & rigging & manipulation of the markets the “World” is a disturbing place right now ( how many US cities & areas are turning into 3rd world $hit holes right here due to our globalist politicians?).

    Fear not ….God made man & Samuel Colt made them equal

  17. al

    I always enjoy Rubino’s insights. Not much new said, deficits keep soaring but they seem to keep this boat floating…
    He said “there is no way to fix half Quadrillion dollars of derivatives when that blows up”. That’s $500 TRILLION DOLLARS!
    I repeat…. FIVE HUNDRED TRILLION!!! Let that sink in.
    They have no other choice but to RESET.
    The problem is the insiders know this information and are the ones who get to play with this monopoly money first in order to attain physical assets with phantom wealth. When this reset comes, I ask you and everyone here, do you think we’re going to take it sitting down? I point to France because most people do not diversify as John recommends, and they will find themselves in a very bad situation.
    Buy stock in the company that makes yellow vests.

    Happy? New Year

    PS: I hope Trump drags this wall thing to the point the non essential employees find other jobs, after all, we have record unemployment right? The savings on that alone should be able to pay for the wall, but we all know it’s not about the money.

  18. iwitness02

    “but this time around, they are all doing it. Every major country in the world has a printing press, which is to say an unlimited credit card. They are maxing out that credit card . . . and they are doing it simultaneously.”
    This is the most exciting aspect, when co-mingled with Bible Prophecy.
    Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.
    O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for thou shall judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon earth.
    Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.
    Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless us.
    Psalm 67: 3-6
    Another great interview, right on, right on, and thank you Greg and John.

  19. iwitness02

    My comment above infers that Satan’s present evil worldwide empire is coming down, and will be replaced by the Kingdom of God. That is why we are to rejoice.

  20. Tad

    If the administration is looking to positive US-China trade talks to keep this market propped ever higher, I think at some point they’ll have sorely misjudged the individual investor community.

  21. James

    John Rubino is a great, he takes complex economic theory and translates into a language any lay person can understand. I thoroughly enjoy listening to his comments to where we are at with the economy and how we might be able to make it out the other side and perhaps even thrive when the day or reckoning becomes a reality to everyone.

  22. Paul

    Another great interview … definitely struck a chord. In the investment world timing is everything, the only way to win is to be right in the long run … Like Mr. Rubino, I have been terribly wrong in my timing. In 2002 against professional advice I went 30% into precious metals … by 2010, I was all in. My idea of diversity was physical precious metals in a mega safe, paper pm’s, senior producers, mid tier producers and junior exploration companies My other assets my home in Canada with acreage and lots of hardwood and high efficiency wood stoves and a pantry that would last myself and extended family 6-12 months if managed sanely. My concern for social unrest in North America became very worrisome so I moved to Australia … put solar panels on my home and never wavered in my investment portfolio despite the massive hair cut. I remain happy, fully committed to that portfolio and very much hoping that the insurance policy of pm’s is never needed but that seems like an improbability. GLTA

    • DB Cooper

      Greg, Cheers on that, This Troll gets way too much attention. DB.

      • DB Cooper

        Oops … Meant this to be below … DB

    • DB Cooper

      Paul, Thanks for this post, When I retired I took a buy-out and the question was ok … what do you do with it? … So we went in to silver … At $30.00 … and took a 50% hair cut … but I am not sweating this because the farm is paid for and we have no significant debt and silver IS going to go up … Way Up !! So we study and practice and can more food etc. I have been building more shelves in the root cellar and figure we have storage space for some 650 pints! This does not count the spaces for quarts and half pints and space for root crops and fruit such as apples that will last all winter.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • paul ...

      Paul … look at the following chart on gold’s performance relative to the S&P 500 … you have not been terribly wrong in your timing (with regard to investing in gold anyway) … your timing was excellent and spot on … as for the holes in the ground with a liar at the top that you may have bought (is a completely different gambling matter)!! …

  23. Norm

    One point I heard was the record # of Dems “running for President”. I believe there’s a law that says a “Presidential candidate” cannot be indicted?? It;d also be bad optics to charge/arrest anyone of them. In other words, we have a bunch of fake candidates, trying to prolong their freedom from prison. IMHO

    • paul ...

      And in addition … they want to make sure a Demon-rat is elected in 2020 … so that Hillary and Obama won’t have to rot in jail forever and could be immediately pardoned!!

  24. Gina M Mancarella

    This Nazi White Supremacist Misogynist Racist hater is not going to get his wall. This president is nothing but a big baby that will take his toys and go home if he doesnt get his way ! Just like you Greg.

    Why dont you get your blankie and crayons and go under a tree somewhere where you can jerk yourself off ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey “Gina” and everybody,
      I am posting this vile comment to show everybody why I don’t post your comments anymore. Enjoy! “Gina” = loser and troll

    • paul ...

      Hey Gina … Trump doesn’t need Demon-rat permission to build the wall … he has the power to do it all on his own!! … you are just like those commies in Brazil going ballistic because someone just like Trump was elected down there!! …

    • FC

      GINA must be an abbreviation for General Intelligence Not Applicable.

    • Sayonara

      You are clearly a mentally disordered lunatic-not further comments needed!
      Please post all of Gina’s and her ilks comments so we clearly understand the lunacy that we are up against.
      You can’t make this up

    • Jerry

      Wow Gina!
      I just thought you were stupid. Now I know you are a scum sucking, consolidated rat turd eating, full blown Marxist licker. Sicko!

      • Diane

        Agree Jerry

    • arthur barnes

      Gina, you have disgraced yourself. I realize that you can’t be shamed, but your comment and its vulgarity is outright outrageous & vile even for the likes of you. I support Greg’s decision to stop posting you as there is just no civility in it (them).

    • Mohammad

      I am very puzzled why you guys do not get it, what will it take to make you see that all is just a big theatrical show by the apprentice star and who is behind the veil on both sides.

      Common guys….Work that thing god gave you called brain.

      Trump had all the time to get the funding of the wall during the time when the house was ruled by republithugs….WHY THE HELL HE DID NOT THEN..???

      Because it is a show and it serves a purpose.
      It tickles the instinct of both sides depends on who you stand firm by and to keep the division.
      Good guy…bad guy
      White …black
      Poor .. Rich
      And goes on and on.
      They are playing you all for fools.
      WAKE UP and realize that they are all in cahoot.


  25. paul ...

    Who made John Bolton President??? …

  26. The Canuck

    It was March of 2000 when I was first introduced to this concept of growing debt and it’s eventual implosion. I attended the last day of a gold show in Vancouver and the last speaker of the event began to explain the four seasons of a lifetime of investing. His name is Ian Gordon and his career’s research created this very detailed lifetime, economic-financial investment map.
    At the same time James Dines (the original gold bug) was “drinking upstream of the herd” and was pounding the table on gold at approx. CAD $340/oz

    I bought Robert Prector Jr.’s 2004 book Conquer the Crash. He was kind of right but not did not see any QE, tarp, zirp or trillion dollar bailouts to prevent the deflationary bust five years later .

    Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence model seems very accurate for timing and indicates this chaos progresses to 2032 at which point the global socialist society will have probably crashed. There is a lot of content to occur between now and then. Meanwhile the retirement 401k and RRSP commercials are promising a rosy retirement for us all, ….. lol. It’s impossible to say how this slow motion train wreck is going to be resolved. It could go a few different ways or all of them in stages.
    Enjoy your life. You only get one kick at the can.

  27. Tad–Pskov

    This is the latest I’ve been able to find on Google search regarding Russia’s S-400 sale to Turkey. Couple that with reports Turkey is going to purchase 111 F-35s at about $85 million a copy, and one would question Turkey’s president and his loyalties.

    Since the US and Turkey are in Syria against President Assad’s wishes, I might have assumed discussions between Messrs. Putin and Assad would have centered around their respective military withdrawals before serious arms sales ensued.

    I sense we’re near that stage.

  28. Coalburner

    Greg, Sorry, had to laugh at poor Gina! She has a wicked case of Trump Derangement Syndrom. So messed up it could give her cancer.

    • Greg Hunter

      You should see all the other stuff she posts on a regular basis that I delete. I think “Gina” is possessed by demons and need them removed. “Gina” seek Christ for real peace. It’s a big club and everyone can join.

  29. Jerry

    This is one reason martial law will be declared should the government shutdown continue.

    This is going to get worse. Much worse. There are people I know who work at the CIA who are being laid off. Many of them have young families. It’s just a matter of time before financial despair turns to anger.

    • Mike R

      Trump’s not likely to let the shutdown last much longer.

      • Greg Hunter

        I beg to differ.

  30. Jane Doe Eye's

    As a newsman, you know. If it bleeds, it leads!
    Fore your own bottom line and our need for entertainment, you should give us more Gina. She’s so outrageous and your so courageous, it’s a match made in heaven, or should I say, well, we wont go there. But it is a match courteous of the deep state, she/he being an intell operative. An enforcer of the shadow government, like Phil Mudd of the MSN. Your a watchdog, there attack dog’s. Every dog has it’s day and we can be sure, the truth keeps marching on despite their crazy antic’s!

    • Greg Hunter

      I would have to edit all the curse words out of it and I don’t want to waste my time. Unfortunately, the way “Gina” writes and thinks is the way the behind the scenes leaders of the Democrat/communist/Marxist party thinks.

  31. Doogie Houser

    There is an old adage, “When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.” What if the world’s two largest economies (U.S. and China) sneeze at the same time? Wait. I can top that. What if the U.S., China, the EU, Japan and the U.K. all sneeze at the same time? What if all mentioned are either involved in trade disputes, and/or the perverse use of both fiscal and/or monetary policies while suffering from heightened political risk? Oh, and at least temporarily, the U.S. faces a partial government shutdown as well. That’s a strong sort of fiscal/political mix.

    Well, we already have the partial shutdown, now over two weeks old. On the political front, it’s sufficient to say that the dysfunction is getting worse, not better, and it will have an adverse effect on investor portfolios.

    Democrats took charge of the House of Representatives last week on, Jan. 3, and they will use their committee control to launch literally dozens of investigations into “Russia collusion,” Trump’s business dealings, Trump’s inaugural financing, Trump’s tax returns, campaign finance, regulatory reforms, appointments and much more.

    But Republicans continue to hold the U.S. Senate. They will use their committee control to hold hearings on FBI corruption, Intelligence Community abuse of spying powers, Hillary Clinton’s private server that held classified information and Democratic coverups on Benghazi, tea party IRS attacks, the Clinton Foundation “pay for play” deals with former Secretary of State Clinton, false accusations related to the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh and more.

    In short, it’s war, un-civil war II!

    Some of these hearings are political stunts just for show. They will make great headlines over a one-day (or one-hour) news cycle but won’t lead to any substantive charges or changes. Yet other hearings could have grave consequences — especially those that may result in criminal charges, including the Clinton Foundation case.

    It is very possible that the recent market action is a sign that something bigger is underway and that we have entered the period that may someday be referred to as “The Great Reset.” It is prudent to ask whether we have started a major reset of asset valuations and if so how might this unfold? So far the market is more concerned and no panic has surfaced but some of us see this as the period where after decades of Modern Monetary Theory the world reverts back to the tried and true. More on this in the article below.

    https://The Great Reset Long Overdue May Now Have Arrived.html

    The USA’s financial systems have demonstrated a remarkable ability to delay the inevitable – “kick the can down the road”. An example is 2008 when the central banks started printing/digitizing unimaginable sums of currency. (In deference to Mike Maloney’s “fiat currency is not money”.) However, at some point it can’t get kicked any more. Is that looming this summer?

    This winter downturn was predicted and if it didn’t lead to a crash (which now seems even less likely) then 2H 2019 would see the crash of a lifetime. Maybe 2019 will be the year to “sell in May and go away” until the bottom is hit.

    Let me clear it up for you right now so that there is some clarity for you. There will be NO impeachment of Trump. There is no crime and the Senate is GOP controlled. The whole issue is a farce ginned up by libtards to try and keep their base motivated and full of hate.

    The rest of the analysis seems OK but the long pole in the tent is whether the GOP/Trump pull the trigger on charges for all the felonies that were committed, during the last years of the Obama administration.

    Cheer up my good friend’s and remember…. Nothing accelerates the economy and creates jobs like falling prices to dramatically lower and more affordable levels. Nothing. Unfortunatly thats all in the past. Get ready for stagflation!

    • Anthony Australia

      Whenever America sneezes, Australia always gets the Flu.

  32. Tad

    Whatever big news that might have come out of Davos will likely not occur: the president has canceled the trip. The government shutdown is rumored as the cause.

  33. Tommy

    The world is going to end. Put your gold in your fallout shelter and stay there till all is clear.

  34. Freebrezer

    Hi Greg – A topic that you mentioned is stocks at brokerages in street names. I have tried and tried to find a way to get the few oil stocks that I own to issue to me … No go. Any way to get an expert on to address this … I am sure I am not the only person that owns a couple of stocks and would like get the certificates.

    • Greg Hunter

      They have comingled your assets. Why is this a big deal? Because in a total meltdown you do not really own the stocks. You are just a creditor. They hold your stocks in what is called “Street Name” not YOUR name. So if the brokerage goes into bankruptcy (Think MF Global) you are simply a creditor not a share holder. I would sell while I still could but what do I Know. You will NEV ER get your stock certificates–ever. Don’t believe me? Call your broker and ask if your stokes are held in your specific name or in “Street Name.” If it is “street name” ask if they are comingled with everyone else’s stocks. See what they say. As Jim Kramer says “Sell, sell, sell”!!

  35. Patriot

    There is no other choice at this point, damned if you do and damned if you don’t the everything bubble is popping.

  36. Lake M


    John Rubino is such a great guest. Thanks for having on again.


    Buy and hold investors had a rough 2018. How pathetic it is when most money managers get outperformed by those just holding cash and gold? Hedge fund holders really got creamed. Those who sold in May and went away did pretty good.

    Imagine the trillions of words written and spoken promoting paper assets denominated in fiat dollars and peddled by the fake business news media, who are subcontracted by the global elite to keep their Ponzi going. Greed and a lust for power have destroyed empires throughout history. It’s likely our turn is next.

    If the elite would have only shared a bit more of their wealth with workers, the world could be at peace and prosperous. Instead, they are investing in artificial intelligence and the machinery that will replace human workers as well as deploying this technology to monitor and control the citizenry. Huge sums are also being invested in high tech medicine which will extend the life span of those who can afford it. No wonder the elite are interested in global population control. I assume the idea of culling is popular with this group.

    As Mr.Rubino said, society could very well turn ugly and even though one may have preserved or insured their wealth by owning precious metals, you may still be overwhelmed by the chaos that ensues from a financial collapse. Those Americans
    who live in the Mennonite and Amish communities might survive well, especially if they
    are armed. New social groupings would likely result from a serious collapse, some more successful… others not.

  37. Lake M


    What do you think about Kevin Shipp saying that there are not thousands of indictments
    but just a few dozen like Hillary and her top echelon of associates?

    Dave Janda was reporting there were tens of thousands. What does he think about
    Mr Shipp’s comments.

    Haven’t had time to read the comment section for his interview… so if someone has already asked that question…. sorry bout that.

    • Greg Hunter

      I simply do not know. Put people on who have experience and sources and I let them talk.

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