Recount Madness, California Fires, Credit Crisis Coming

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 360 11/16/18)

The Recount has hit a whole new level for the 2018 Midterm elections in voter fraud prone Florida. It looks like Ron DeSantis will be the next governor, but the race between Scott and Nelson is coming down to the wire. Democrats say every vote should be counted, but not when they are illegal aliens and dead people.

California wildfires are still not under control, but long after they are, the citizens of the Golden State will feel the financial effects. It will cost at least $30 billion and will likely bankrupt the state’s biggest power company. Then there are the mudslides coming in the next rainy season. With vegetation burned to a crisp, what is going to hold the dirt in place? The answer is “not much.”

In the world of AAA credit, GE used to be the gold standard. Now, GE and the words “junk bonds” are being mentioned in the same sentence. GE is not alone. With the global economy showing clear signs of slowing down, and the Fed clearly raising interest rates, how will bond payments be made in the future? They are not.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Macro-economic analyst Rob Kirby will take the pulse of the global economy and talk about the extreme tightness in the global gold and silver markets.

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  1. paul ...

    If a Demon-rat President is voted in in 2020 … expect (him or her) to bail out California from it’s fire related problems and every other State with their economic problems … this will cause inflation (which the Demon-rats love) … if inflation doubles prices on everything … it means the States can then happily collect double the money on their “sales taxes” … so what will we get under the Demon-rats? … we will get double taxation without representation!!

    • al

      GREG! Please have one of these guys on…
      YouTube “Kevin’s Corner”, or “Black Conservative Patriot”, you will be floored!

      Paul, it’s not going to happen. The pendulum is swinging to the right and cannot be stopped and they know it! Which is why they cheat and lie OUT IN THE OPEN to cling to power. It’s not about Trump, it’s about the movement to justice.
      It’s hard to find independent Black Conservative channels on Youtube because their search results bring up fake news media videos.
      Check out some videos by patriotic African Americans who will blow your mind.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        al – I’m sorry to rain on your parade but the pendulum is not swinging to the right. If anything, it’s swinging to the left. And it cannot be stopped. And the reason your misinterpreting recent events is that you fail to see that there is no right and left to start with.

        Globalists are firmly in control. There is nothing that has happened that they have not made happen. Anyone who believes that it’s swinging to the right is not apprised adequately of any facts. You’re not seeing the bigger picture.

        Globalists see that the left is no longer fertile ground for promoting their communist agenda. It’s no longer popular. So they are taking over the right. The reason you think that the pendulum is swinging to the right is because globalists are taking that over now and supporting it.

        And that right has the same objectives and goals the left before. Nothing’s changed. Proof?? My life hasn’t changed one bit in 50 yrs. and even if all the talk by the right comes to pass, it still isn’t going to change.

        And I’ve been listening to these same arguments for 50 yrs. And nothing’s changed. One of my first memories as a very young boy was about health care reform. And they’re still talking about reforming it.

        But nothing’s changed in 50 yrs. And even if all that the right talks about presently comes to pass eventually, my access to health care isn’t going to change. As a matter of fact, under the right, it might even get worse.

        So hope springs eternal. And that’s good. Because in my experience of 50 yrs, hope is all there is. That hope likely will never be realized and at some point, even if it is, it doesn’t matter. It’s never too late. But it is very very very very late.

        And just one last point… Millennials and the subsequent generation are predominantly if not overwhelmingly socialist. Just by sheer numbers, even if by some miracle the “real” right is able to make advances in the next few years, late as it is, those advances will likely be short-lived and reversed abruptly by that gigantic demographic of overwhelming socialists.

        This problem was solvable by revolution sixty years ago. Maybe even forty years. It was not solvable by changes in voting or laws back then. That ship sailed a hundred years ago with advent of the Federal Reserve and 19th Amendment.

        If it wasn’t the case back then, it certainly isn’t today. And even the prospects of revolution are even more unlikely then they were back then. And they were very unlikely then.

        • Greg Hunter

          Globalists are NOT “firmly in control.” If they were we would have President Clinton. Oh, and there is Matthew 28:18. If you are just going to quit, please do it some place else.

          • Mr. Jesus Christ

            Matthew 28:18-20 New International Version (NIV)
            18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

        • ConcAmDad

          Tending to agree with Darryl here. We should know by know that the whole left- right thing is kabuki theatre- just bs to keep hope alive as we frind deeper down the hole. For example: Ortell has had the evidence of fraud by the clinton foundation for how long now? Yet we are starting to hear of hullary running in 2020. Everything is going to happen after the next election…….. been that way for how many elections now?

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Well done!

    • Gloria

      I think he should start new conservative TV network, the people are starved for reality TV and news. It should not take much capital to implement it.

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Well what a surprise!Fox.the poisonous Murdochs from Australia,are in on an agenda that includes child sacrifice and destruction of Christianity and they own a media company daily dripping poison in the ears of the world-nice.
    The security services and “justice”services of the USA are using control files to shield Hilary,what a surprise.However these files have a nasty habit of biting the wrong people.
    Here in the UK,our prime minister is desperate to shaft us “deplorables” yet again and those around her are just as complicit .Meanwhile real jobs are gushing from the UK and money manipulation is beyond poison and terrorism is on the rise again and our security services are at best compromised.So all swimming then!
    Our,UK,economy really sucks for us peasants,Christmas is now viewed as a holiday for the rich,the silence of our Churches on this is resounding.Most of us would love to dumpster dive if the dumpsters were not locked and the food thrown out poisoned.
    China bashing this last few weeks has been on steroids.A lot of debt internationally has been issued in US Dollars(Trillions),the pain will continue for those of us not earning US Dollars.
    So a happy scenario for us peasantry as we look lovingly at the French revolution which was nasty and brutish.

  4. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, your little bit on Dick’s had me in stitches.

  5. G. Berky
    The Fabric of the Cosmos The illusion of Time

    • Mohammad

      Watched this long video until the last minutes…
      So all they are trying to say is that time moves in one direction because it was orderly before the bing bang and then set in motion into a disorderly pattern…
      They DO NOT WANT to believe that this creation is going back to the orderly from the disorderly that is set in motion with the arrow of time, they DO NOT WANT TO BELIVE THERE IS A CREATOR….
      Any by the way I am fascinated with the universe and cosmos and still remember my favorite show by Carl Sagan …. COSMOS….. This guy is doing a great job in replicating Carl’s style, I think I feel nostalgia, send me back in time I miss the past and I do not like now…!


      • sk

        Mohammad! Remember how Sagan said “billions and billions” with awe in his voice, referring to the stars? You’re not the only one waxing nostalgic.

        • Mohammad

          I loved Carl Sagan ….He carried me with him into space and galaxies…his voice is still ringing in my head after long he is gone ….RIP


      • paul ...

        Mohammad … the past is the sum of all our thoughts and actions up to the present … the future is the present with an additional thought or action … therefore if (like the American people) we stop thinking and do nothing “we can stop time” and remain forever in the present (and achieve immortality) … but this condition is also called death … but at least physicists are coming to the conclusion that “there is life after death” because they are now saying the past is just as real as the present … and this means when we die we “still exist” but as the sum of all our thoughts and actions up until the day we died … now if we lived a bad life we will be haunted by our evil thoughts and actions for all eternity (this Hell is of our own making … the moral of the story is live your life having good thoughts and doing good things … Demon-rats are not very scientific so they don’t understand this concept of immortality … they embrace the commie notion of atheism and foolishly think that when they die all their evil deeds will simply disappear … they don’t … has Hitler’s evil deeds disappeared … no … they still exist in the past (and as real as evil deeds the present and evil deeds in future)!!

      • Tin foil hat

        “They DO NOT WANT to believe that this creation is going back to the orderly from the disorderly that is set in motion with the arrow of time, they DO NOT WANT TO BELIVE THERE IS A CREATOR….”

        Before the big bang, there were no light – “Let there be light,” and there was light.

        I don’t know exactly why, but I believe light and time goes hand in hand. I also believe time is linear only for mortals like us and ones cannot travel thru times if there were no light.

        That doesn’t conflict with the point of view from this video. Things were orderly before the big bang (no light or time) and became disorderly (orderly for us mortals who gauge time) when light and time started to form and move.

        Example: You are sleeping in the dark, you have no idea what the time is and how to gauge time. In terms of time (pre-light), it’s chaotic. However, in terms of motion, it’s dead orderly.

        This video is interpreting time within the confines of motion and light.

        • Mohammad

          Light is what your eyes are set to see and lock, behind you is not locked with your vision yet so it is not materialized yet, however for someone in front of you looking at what is behind you that is locked for that person as a reality and materializes but not whatever behind that person that you already locked with your sight.
          That is why blind people do see dark. even if they do not see light.
          That is why heart sees even if the eye does not.


      • Tin foil hat

        Velocity = Distance/Time

        Without time, motion doesn’t exist or exists only in infinity. Big bang couldn’t happen without light or time.

        • paul ...

          You got it TFH … when time goes to zero velocity becomes infinite … and scientists now know the universe is expanding infinitely … when T = 0 … the infinitely expanding universe simply “dies” … or stated another way becomes immortal!!

          • Tin foil hat

            paul …
            – scientists now know the universe is expanding infinitely … when T = 0 … the infinitely expanding universe simply “dies”

            It’s funny that the universe works almost like a Ponzi Scheme. We now know the dollar is expanding infinitely … when the light is gone … the infinitely expanding “King Dollar” simply “dies” .

        • Tin foil hat

          paul …
          I suspect matter would become so small at infinite velocity that it would transform to what we call spirit or ghost.

          When velocity becomes infinite, times would stand still, like street signs, making traverse in that realm a little easier.

          Come to think of it, Gods created order by giving us light or time.

        • Tin foil hat

          I just figure out why light and time go hand in hand together.
          E = MC2
          “C” happens to be the speed of an electromagnetic wave in vacuum or simply “LIGHT”. Light having a dual nature of particle and wave, propagates with this velocity. “C” also happens to be the highest speed for any object with MASS.

          Time is the yardstick for the ultimate form of motion or velocity which happens to be “LIGHT”.
          Velocity = Distance/Time

          “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” as per Einstein.

          Our bodies are mass plus energy. If energy cannot be destroyed, then the mass cannot be destroyed either.
          E = MC2
          The mass can only be changed from one form to another. I think after death, our bodies will transform to the size of photons or smaller which travel at the speed of C2 or faster.

  6. Paul Clinton

    I think this may have been one of your most important reports! I recall Steve Bannon with Reince Priebus at the 2017 CPAC… Bannon stated that the fight was just starting! He said that if we think “they” are simply going to give you back your country, you are mistaken! Initially I could not absorb his statement, I mean we won… why won’t our victory be acknowledged… Well time has certainly revealed so much more!

    If I recall correctly, as time goes on from here, the righteous will become more righteous and the wicked will become more wicked. he masks are coming off and everyone is picking their teams… God Bless you Mr. Hunter!

  7. paul ...

    This law to quote “save lives” … should be put to better use … “to remove the guns from all the MS13 drug gangs in America” …

  8. paul ...

    I thought that once “closet Demon-rat” Jeff Sessions was out of the Justice Dept the heat would be off Julian Assange? …Sessions had said that Assange’s arrest was a priority … is it still a priority (because publishing truthful information sets a bad precedent in America noted for its Fake News Media)??? …

  9. paul ...

    Seems the House has been hit with a “blue wave” of illegal ballets being trucked in to “close race” States?? … of the 429 of 435 races called … Democrats have won 231+36 … guess that gets the farmers off the hook with Trump!!!

  10. Wes Beever

    BREAKING \Epidemic;
    The “Dumbing Down” of America in the Prescription Opioid Epidemic!
    Marianne Skolek-Perez — November 15, 2018

  11. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice round-up…! Looks like ‘they’ are still pushing the NWO regardless… POTUS Trump has his hands full for sure…wicked chess game…am sure he can use our prayers…and people need to find ways to show support and encouragement for his effort rather than sit back and expect him to pull of the war against the globalists on his own…even if it’s only a supportive note…sometimes those are lifting to one’s spirit.

    Mean while…looks like the evil crew at the UN are hoping to stay on message?
    Little doubt some of those in that crew…stem from a much more ancient thought pattern…the roots Paganism and dark magic…thru even the Vril, Thule , Order of the Black Sun down thru the Spirit Cookers, New Age, Wiccan movements.
    Jesus never said it would be easy – but worth it…if we can just find and fit thru that narrow gate! Blessings and Prayers to you as well Greg….

    According to the Books of Kings in the Hebrew Bible, Jezebel incited her husband King Ahab to abandon the worship of Yahweh and encourage worship of the deities Baal and Asherah instead. Satanism? Child sacrifice? Worship of Idols? Is that not what is going on in the world today?
    And is this the point of separation between those that believe in the one true God …and those that chose to worship another?

    As for FOX election calling – CFR Murdock and family and Hillary ties there as well, really no surprise…
    Trish Regan = CFR? same one? =
    as is/was Heather Nauert = under consulting lower page…

  12. Jerry

    While I’m not a Q follower I find this video interesting.

    Let me be clear folks. None of the executive orders restructuring court martials passed by President Trump in March will go into effect until 01/01/2019. The alliance will not start the prosecutions until then. Period. Sessions was nothing more than a setup pitcher. He was never meant to be the closer.

    Time Lines? How about this? BREXIT is scheduled to begin on
    03/01/2019. And the fourth quarter economic report for 2018 will come out on 03/31/2019. Talk about a perfect storm? This is it. In my mind, this will be the end of kicking the financial can down the road. The demolition of the EU will be the end of central banks ability to hide the debt. Then it’s every country for its self.

    • David

      Aw, c’mon, Jerry. First it was “definitely September”, then October (some even pulled October 15 out of the hat), then it was the week before the elections, then right after the elections, now it’s 1-1-19. Someone is giving out false hope. The only proof anyone has is when it happens—end of story. From now on, when I see any date listed in a response on this website I will skip it and go to the next one.

      • ConcAmDad

        Tend to agree Dave- it’s always close but just over the horizon, just beyond reach.

        Lately i’v been scrolling down just to see what jerry has to say…….

    • Jerry

      It’s coming undone.

      Can you even imagine Italy, Greece, and Spain paying for their own debt? And what about all the junk bonds that have been hidden in the Belgium banks by the banking cartel? Like my dad used to say, you can shovel **** only so long before it starts to stink.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      So (sorry, I’m a little slow here), the court martials begin before, or after the Chinese back the Yuan with gold? And, is that before, or after the US Dollar ceases to be the world’s primary reserve currency?

      But, how does this happen in conjunction with the “reval” of the the IQD? Will that be a part of the Global Currency Reset?

      Maybe it all has to wait for Clif’s long-pending “Global Coastal Event”.

      Did Q straighten this all out? It’s just all so confusing.

  13. Robert Dziok

    After the 45 day period is over DHS will give their report on election fraud to Trump and his administration.There is also Trump’s Executive Order on election fraud and meddling which would also include illegal aliens voting by it’s nature. Trump and his administration have all the data they collected while the Democrats proceeded to destroy themselves with their election fraud and thinking it’s not monitored this time. Real Time evidence has been collected. Democrats hung themselves. Elections will be contested on a wide scale due to fraud. There will be arrests and new elections without fraud. Voter Id will be pushed and now have a sound basis Democrats cannot refute (to be able to keep their voter fraud schemes perpetuating).

    Best way to get rid of Global Satanic Evil is to take away their money/currency. Collapsing the worldwide Central Banks can do that as long as they do not reemerge. Raising interest rates at this time of massive worldwide debt will do that at some point. Globalists/Central Banks did not get Clinton and their WW III to blame the current worldwide financial collapse on and escape the blame for what they created/caused. From there they could reemerge in control again and blameless. They would like to blame Trump but he points to rate hikes as intended in the plan (by picking Fed Chair ). Yes, it will be difficult for us as there is transition to a non Central Bank system. Trump has a picture of Andrew Jackson behind him in the Oval Office who fought against having a Central Bank system. It is the source of Globalist Satanic Evil power by keeping nations and their people in perpetual debt/poverty and therefore enslavement.

    • Mike R

      so effectively Trump set everyone of these demoncrats up. Wonderful sting operation !

      baited these boogers right into it.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I trust you aren’t holding your breath.

      • Robert Dziok

        There is a LOT going on behind the scenes towards these ends. It is not some wishful thinking. One excellent source of insight is Dave at X22Report. There are many others if you check around a bit. We should all be very grateful for the very hard and involved work of those such as Greg and these other individuals. Without them all we would have is the Globalist Controlled Hypocritical MSM BS Propaganda Machine Narrative.

  14. Robert

    Credit crisis? What’s going to happen to the market when the insurance companies start selling stock to pay all those fire loss claims in California?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Robert!!

    • Paul Clinton

      Depends on ‘Who” owns the insurance companies. If the owners are connected like PG&E, legislation could be passed in California to pass the “buck” to all Californians…

    • paul ...

      They would be cutting their own throat to sell into a crashing market … they will likely have to borrow or issue corporate debt … and then make the sign of the cross and pray!!

  15. William J. Greene

    Great Wrap-Up!!!


  16. vincent_g

    PG&E – reminds me of a movie of a down and out woman that manages to convince a lawyer to hire her and then takes on a power company for polluting the water.

    New movie?

    This time I suspect a government take over.

  17. al

    IT WAS FOX NEWS who grandstanded and pushed away that innocent intern trying to take the microphone.
    Simple explanation :
    By backing up little Jimmy, “Fox in the Hen House News” assaulted our President and acted as atrocious as CNN’s plunder child (Jim Acosta).
    Ever heard of an accomplice? FOX IS AN ACCOMPLICE THEREFORE THEY ARE GUILTY on multiple levels including calling the elections before it ended. All of this in one week mind you !
    Don’t get FOXed, shut of the damned TV!
    I hope any Fox in the hen house lovers out there are waking up to Murdoch’s globalist mouthpiece with their middle finger in your face saying “FOX YOU!”
    CNN shot the gun, FOX held the victim !

    • Pete Pope

      It’s not Rupe, it’s his kid’s. Their cowards, they want to be popular.
      They figure the bully’s will leave em alone and they’ll let them continue to live and somewhat better than the masses, if they give in to what seems like a rising red [socialista/communista] tide to them. Same with Hollywood, DiNero ect., even Trumps kid’s. They don’t realize their being set up like everyone else . What they don’t understand is mankind has been moving forward, not backward through millennium and will continue to do so. Our founding fathers playing a major part, in this so called experiment, in the freedom of the sons of God.
      If your not for freedom, truth and light, you’ll be left behind as the truth keeps marching on!

      Razgriz Knight 2 years ago (edited)
      Look people, im Mexican… From birth im expected to hate Americans, in school teachers tells us to hate Americans, in college you are harassed if you don’t hate Americans.

      But i love Americans.
      Your history, culture and spirit can’t be equaled with no one else in the world or history, besides maybe the Romans.

      I despise my countrymen who illegally invade your land and try to force out your way of life…

      Just know that not all of us are barbaric or uncivilized, illegal invaders, marxist supporters or illiterate cholos.

      There are some of us that still admire and support your County, and what it stands for.
      You Will Find This Comment Below In TheComment’s;

  18. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Greg, Re Brexit Cabinet minister Michael Gove has just pledged his allegiance to Theresa May, which may allow her to hang on in – just. However 22 Tory MPs have already written to the 1922 committee expressing no confidence in TM, and which in this instance requires a further 26 Tory votes for her likely demise. But one of those expressing no confidence already is the big hitter and strong Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mogg. But even if the PM manages to ‘survive’ she’s mortally wounded as is the Tory party unless they sack her a.s.a.p. Her Brexit deal is a joke for all to see.

  19. Roger D

    Re. the California fires.
    I’d love to hear Dane Wigington’s take on this video.

    The knee-jerk reaction to blame tree/shrub management in CA is a red herring and distraction from finding the truth. Like the saying goes, ‘It’s the sparks stupid’.

    Reports out of CA mention fires started by PG&E transmission lines Six minutes of this video could be a smoking gun. Start at 4:24. What really got my attention was @6:29. The email of 2011 from Brian Cherry of PG&E and his mention moving their proposed solar generator receptor site to Sebastopol CA.

  20. vincent_g

    The system will at some point collapse and there will be really bad times going forward when that happens.
    The Federal Government can do a quick fix but they will not do it.
    You see if we wipe out the federal debt local government will go on a spending binge!
    If there is no pain there is no learning taking place.
    No pain no gain.
    So the pain will be great which will teach people to be more careful in what they do.
    The states and cities will first try to cut services to punish the people.
    By doing that they will try to raise the pain level to convince people that higher tax is needed.
    This effort of course will end as the local debt just overwhelms the system.
    In the end the bond holders will take the hit.
    Don’t expect the local government to lower tax due to hard times.
    Oh no they will not lower any taxes.
    It doesn’t matter that people can’t afford the tax – they will not lower it.
    So what you will have is high taxes and services that are severely lacking.
    That along with many out of work is a recipe for great pain which will last a long time.

    This is the original intent of the founders.
    They knew what could go wrong and designed the system to punish those that abuse it.
    Those on the left will try to change it – not good if they do.

  21. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    You mentioned M. Macron’s “European Army” which he claims is necessary to protect Europe against Russia, China and America. That claim is absurd on its face: Europe has no chance of fielding a military force capable of defending against any one or more of these.
    But the Eurocrats and their masters are facing a far greater threat in the ascendant nationalism of the member states of the EU. Isn’t it much more likely that the contemplated “European Army” is intended to intimidate the member states to remain within in the EU?
    Such a military force, however, would not be reliable if it were manned by native Europeans. It is likely then that it will be populated by young men who are unemployed and have no sense of loyalty to the member states from which they come: newly arrive young men from the Middle East who have come to Europe by the hundreds of thousands with the special help of Soros-funded cabals.
    May God bless and protect you and your family,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gene.

    • Paul Clinton

      I think you are probably correct. Also, scripture talks about an army originating out of Europe to make war with Israel. I could see an army composed of such persons as you describe that would already be biased and would be motivated to fulfill bible prophecy…

  22. andyb

    Greg: you missed a big factoid when discussing PG&E. In the fall of last year the Marxist Governor of California signed a bill virtually exempting PG&E from liability in the event of fires it may cause, by allowing it to increase electricity rates to commercial and residential user to cover any costs associated with its liability. This means that electricity rates, after the class action lawsuits, will double, triple and maybe even quadruple. Of course all government entities will be hit as well and then will come the automatic Federal bailout. I will note again that Rothschild entities control almost 100% of major electric utilities nationwide. Seems like the 2008/09 bailout all over again.

    In addition, no one will be able to rebuild in the fire areas, even if the insurance companies involved can manage to stay afloat (doubtful). What insurance company will offer a homeowner’s policy covering fire? So in Northern California ar least, and probably including the Malibu Hills, the land will stay empty and will be gobbled up at pennies by a favored corporatist. That’s what Agenda 21 is all about folks. Herd the cattle away from rural areas into the cities where they can be more easily controlled.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy for the information!!

    • William Stanley

      Interesting point!
      It makes me wonder if rates double or triple of present rates might induce a lot of rural customers to go off grid. Moreover, those that stay on the system (both suburban and rural) might go solar to the point where PG&E goes into a death spiral of rising rates and lower sales and becomes unsustainable anyway . . . unless something drastically changes (side note: there are already times when California has so much solar power that it has to pay electric utilities in other states to take the excess in order to keep their power grid stable). It looks like a lot of chaos is heading California’s way. Unfortunately, what happens in California doesn’t stay in California.

      • William Stanley

        I would also point out, that the liberal voting in big cities on both the East and West coasts of the USA has screwed things up to the point where there is an outmigration to places like Florida, Arizona etc. that are less screwed up. However, the migrants tend to bring their politics with them and then screw up their new states as well.

  23. Mike

    Industrial scale voter fraud should result in industrial scale criminal prosecution.

  24. angry old man

    Trump needs to man up and call the Crown Prince out on this directly.

    • angry old man

      all this crap about Trump and the Crown Prince working together to eliminate the corrupt Saudi elites was just BS!

    • Freebrezer

      aom – ????? … this is no business of the USA (PERIOD!), and why should Trump get involved? Please explain … This dude is not an USA citizen. Plus, this Khashoggis dude – who is he? Who are his affiliations? – some have him closely tied to the muslim brotherhood? True? False? I do not know, and I expect 99.999999% of the world does not know. The better response is – Why did the media explode this death in to such a major deal? What are the politics behind it … Who gains from all the media coverage? And why is it such importance to have the USA president (Trump) denounce the act? This whole incident reeks of deep state manipulations!

      • angry old man

        I will explain why Trump should denounce it. Under Trump America has increased its weapons sales to S.Arabia. According to the official narrative Saudis were responsible for 9/11. With American and British weapons the Saudis are causing a humanitarian crisis in Yemen. So as Saudi Arabia is such a strong ally in the mind of Trump he has a duty to hold them to account.

        • Freebrezer

          aom – The middle east is a den of viper snakes and if the USA were to only sale weapons to honest soles we would be reduced to arms sales to only Quakers! The official narrative per the Saudis is what the PTB wanted us to consume … thus the official vs. the real story is the question? And I believe the world will not get to know the real story. I have a hard time with the fact that 19 muslims (most from Saudi Arabia) and some known for terrorism so easily slipped in to the USA and all attended flight school with NO scrutiny? Hmmmmm talk about turning a blind eye! Thus – Khashoggis is a big toe off a pawn in the big scheme of things, and not worth Trumps response – my opinion.

      • sk

        I think I have this spelled out correctly. There is in the alt – right literature the following explanation: when the central banks want to evade their responsibility for the coming crash, they will blame Saudi Arabia for withdrawing support for the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the consequent dollar demise. So….they must set up credible deniability for the real reason for the crash and an ostensible reason for this international ‘divorce’ between USA and SA. Hence Khashoggi’s ham handed brutal murder – it is too stupid to be stupid. USA drops SA. SA retaliates. Dollar plummets. Banks smile and say “aren’t those Saudis awful.”

  25. David Bain


    Maybe the Whitehouse is going to stop Fox News from entering the Whitehouse?
    Being invited to the Whitehouse Press Core is a PRIVILEGE, Not a Right!
    If you can’t get TRUE NEWS then eliminate the Falseness and lying!!!!
    The Press used to be the watchdog for the public. Those days are gone!
    False and made up fictional stories. Hans Christen Anderson. Fables.
    Eliminate Fake Stories and those who claim to represent such! Throw them out!!
    They need to hold a Standard of Truth. If they can’t measure up to that standard, then throw them out! Continue exposing the Liars!
    Keep the Light Shining on the Vipers and Snakes!

  26. Tad

    Qualification to becoming a US president. A felon supposedly has never become president, though it doesn’t appear to be explicitly forbidden.

    So while Hillary has never been convicted so much as a traffic violation, the 2016 election might have been the “sentence” half the country was penalizing her for.

    The other fifty percent I’m very concerned about and they’re been particularly conspicuous these last months.

  27. arthur barnes

    Greg, I saw on the news over 1,000 people in a Walmart parking lot in tents which were displaced families from the wild fires in N. California. The State of California has no where to put them, motels, other housing, etc. or the money to do it as the State is broke – but the pending elected Democratic Governor and the current Governor Brown wants the migrants at the border to come on in. Now I ask you does this make any kind of sense to you?

  28. dan Fruth

    Hi Greg…If you listen to Sean of, he discusses PG&E. They are part of a Rothschild company and gov Jerry Brown signed a bill putting the cost of the fires on the utility recipients…In other words…BAIL OUT for PG&E, though accusations are pointing to PG&E for the cause of the fires.

  29. james

    “a lot is gonna happen between now and the end of the year”, smh, how many times can you kick the can down the road, Trump either does it “declassify and start indicting” or you need to shut this site down. NOTHING thats been predicted has ever happened, NOTHING.

  30. Mohammad


    On California fire:

    The senator Feinstein’s husband according to the above link landed a close to a billion dollar contract for high speed railway.
    “Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Wins Near-Billion Dollar California ‘High Speed Rail’ Contract”
    This was Greg in 2017…!!!!!

    In the bottom link it shows the map of the fire and the map of the high speed railway:



    • Diane

      No..beyond suspicious…..out right criminal

      • Fusion_ Gyp You Yes

        You nailed it, high tech death and destruction! It’s a fine
        stain on Feinstein!

    • paul ...

      Interesting observation Mohammad … we should look at the maps of other States with plans for high speed rail to determine future fire,water or wind danger zones (where massive clearing is needed) which eliminates all the necessity for eminent domain court battles!!

  31. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for the weekly news wrap-up.

    When Puerto Rico defaulted on its debt and bond-holders were stiffed, the island’s gov’t simply instructed family court and other judges to double-down on the enslavement of men. By increasing child-support orders a multiple of four, for instance.

    That way, instead of ordering $17,000 per child on an average annual income (that can’t be lowered or eliminated) and getting $17,000 matching funds from the US federal gov’t, the island simply increased the order to $68,000 on an average annual income so it can get $68,000 in matching funds from the US federal gov’t. Oh and it ordered the abduction, kidnapping and trafficking of more children. Family courts, CPS, child support offices, etc… were ordered to increase their quota.

    The economy will never collapse completely. Because there will always be hard-working and conscientious men to enslave and pay for the profligacy and excessive life-style choices of the communist oligarchy. And it’s not true that there is a system of welfare and a safety net to support these conscientious men enslaved. That’s what makes it slavery. They are denied any of those benefits.

    They’re denied all the public assistance afforded for those represented by the communist oligarchy. So the solution by Puerto Rico is to kidnap children, hold them hostage for ransom and traffic them, and then work the fathers to death. Literally. With one-to-one matching funds from the US federal gov’t in support of child-trafficking.

    And then the gov’ts call the impoverishment and death of these conscientious men a personal problem. Everyone in the US should learn how their debts, profligacy and excessive life-style choices are afforded them. By slave labor. Nasty business, the US economy. Pretty sure the Bible has some wisdom about it. What say you?

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Dr. Jewett, please allow me something for you to consider.

      Declare a personal outright strike against all unjust levies, and a plain refusal to comply with unjust directives. Simply stop. It may cost you what goods you have, perhaps your freedom, perhaps eventually even your life. But, never your honor, your peace, nor your dignity.

      This is just an idea, not a suggestion.

  32. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG; California Wildfires
    Allow me to correct your statement that The states biggest power will be bankrupt.
    The California Public Utilities Commission gives Pacific Gas and Electric permission to raise customers rates each time the company is sued or fined. We the people of California are the ones who will pay the bill for the fires.
    Also, once the fine or lawsuit is settled, our rates never go back down. California is one of the more beautiful state, with great weather, but the Democrats have totally messed up this state

  33. Dan Fruth

    Greg…One more thing…THANK YOU for being faithful in reporting the truth, and your witness for JESUS CHRIST…..FEAR (false evidence appearing real) needs to go in the trash where it belongs!!! Blessings to you

  34. arthur barnes

    Greg, P G & E, the utility company will simply pay off the damage then, as always, it will apply to the Public Utilities Commission of California which is handpicked by the Governor and get a large raise in utilities rates. Its rates are governed by its expenses, its a monopoly so P G & E will come out good in the end here with higher rates all the while the working people of the State will become poorer. P G & E has been using issues like these and others to increase its rate per Kilowatt hour for decades, that is how it gets its hikes & continues to expand its expenses. The long and the short of is that the Company can become complacent in its safety of power lines and then get more money for their incompetency.

    • Freebrezer

      AB – your last line wraps up the corruption between business and corporations perfectly – and the little guy gets the shaft and pays for all of it. I am sure the CEO will have to resign though he or she will get a golden parachutt worth tens and tens of millions, and some low level crew chief up in northern cal will get the jail time!

  35. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG; One more thing
    Back in the sixties and seventies , liberal Californians in large numbers moved to Oregon which once was a conservative state, but those who moved contributed a great deal in making Oregon a very liberal state. And now, I just read an article that people living in the bay area can no longer afford to live there, so are moving to Idaho. One wonders how long it will be before they turn Idaho into a liberal state>

    • William Stanley

      I see that you already made the same point I just made.

  36. arthur barnes

    Greg, FOX news calling of the House loss to the Republicans hours before the West Coast polls closed affected over 50 house seats which were close. I know of one Republican incumbent in Central California who lost because many of the “old timers’ Republican’s didn’t go out after dinner and vote for him, it was that close, and it took 3 days to make the call for the Democrat. That is just one I know of, I am sure there were many out on the West Coast that lost in real close contests, a little as a few hundred or less votes in some cases. FOX news is part and parcel of the problem in this Country. They have on Donna Brazil (Democrat), Riviera (who knows) & many other RHINO’s as well as high paid consultants. I agree that Hannity, Ingram, etc. are real Trump supporters & support proper issues but for the most part the network is RHINO based pure and simple. FOX news is a disgrace for calling the election for the House so early.

  37. iwitness02

    As a Christian, I have been watching and waiting for the second advent for most of my adult life. Just as so many generations before me have done. If I have this right, the generation that sees Israel become a nation, will not pass away before all of the prophecies are fulfilled concerning our Lords return. For this reason, I think we are getting close. All of the news from around the world indicates that we are getting close. So in my mind, our Lords people will soon get their hearts desire. The planet is getting so messed up, that it is going to take a higher power than mankind to fix it all. So in the mean time, I will hang out with the watchdoggers, and wait and see.
    As a concerned Christian, I really appreciate Greg Hunter, because he too is a concerned Christian, with a talent for finding the truth. (and not hiding it)

  38. Rick Hester

    To put 21 trillion dollars into a picture…….imagine buying a home for $250,000. That should buy a very nice home. How many homes would 21 trillion dollars buy?…….84.000,000……yep, that’s 84 million homes. How did the DOD/HUD lose 84 million homes?

  39. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg,
    Are you familiar with Deborah Tavares, at
    She uncovers documentation showing the California fires as a planned event, wth Edison (a Rothchild company) as a main actor in the planned fires. It looks obvious to me (not a fire expert) when viewing the resulting destruction with molten metals, that thses fires are created by directed energy weapons.
    Love you Greg

  40. brian

    Given the clear and ample criminality on display here; and how that criminality now obviously has significantly compromised the voting system (lets not even consider how candidates get on the ballot to begin with) where does that leave us? Are we to just watch this crap go on and hope that a bunch of godless degenerate fucks are going to wake up one day, find Jesus and stop pillaging us?!? Is that reasonable.

    I think its well past the time for all the law abiding, moral Americans that actually count for something in this world to start having some serious discussions amongst themselves regarding what we should be doing to restore the rule of law and how it is we can eventually force this pile of shit government back into its box where it belongs….I think we all need to rediscover the indignation and ire that animated that significant minority of colonists to rebel and learn to cherish the ideals that were used to create a foundation for what came next.

    Or of course, we could just walk down the road laid out for all of us by people who have demonstrated themselves to be pieces of unsufferable shit and hope things just change for the better….who knows maybe it won’t be so bad.

    We get the government we deserve, read 1 Sam chapter 8 and pay heed to verse 18…pray now before that day comes.

  41. Jeannette Rowden

    I am done watching Fox news. Boycott!

    • arthur barnes

      Sadly Jeannette, Trump supporters have no where else to go except online. FOX News can’t be shamed, I am curtailing my watching as well.

  42. Edward Strom

    Greg, thanks for another wonderful weekend report. The difference between 1.8 and -.2 is 2.0 not 1.6. God bless!


  43. Mohammad


    How is POTUS will deal with this in the next press conference in the WH?–politics.html


  44. foggygoggles

    We need to talk about directed energy weapons being used in California. There are a number of cellphone captures of blue streaks coming down from above. Houses are hollowed out while surrounding shrubs and trees are untouched. We supposedly have 15 satellites armed with DEW’s. The heat generated, is multiplied by all of the nano metals that have been sprayed over the state. They are using a broad range of methods to burn people out of their homes. This, all in conjunction with Agenda 2030 goals–drive people out of the suburban and rural areas, and into high density cities where control is guaranteed.

  45. Wes Beever

    AL HALL 11/15/2018 •
    Al and Watchdogs, check out Old Poop’s comment there! Reality staring us in the face? This is just about where were at now, isn’t it? In a matter of months, or even weeks and day’s?

    Anthony Australia 11/14/2018 •
    The ‘Elite’ will be okay, we on the other hand will be stuffed.
    Great interview Greg

    TSI 11/14/2018 •
    Stuffed…just in time for Christmas.

    TSI 11/14/2018 •
    I guess that makes us Turkeys!
    Reply – Wes;
    Where does that leave us Yank’s? Stuffed by Thanksgiving day, or Christmas? That is the question! I’m sure I’ll be stuffed on thanksgiving, physically though. Then a nap on the couch, forget the football game.
    Next year this time chaos, or civil-war? Now that is thee, question!

  46. R. patrick


    It’s come down to USA Watch Dog being the only source of information for me. Fox sold out so they are locked out now. Great reporting, keep it up Greg. Thanking you in advance.

  47. Robin Hapenstance

    Curiously, there doesn’t seem to be any races where Democrats were leading on election night, that has now flipped in favor of Republicans.
    If you find one, please let me know.

    With all other things being equal, you would think that the final results of closely contested races all over the nation would not overwhelmingly favor one party over another.

    In other words, you would expect Democrats to win some and Republicans to win some.
    But that isn’t happening, and some Republicans are extremely outraged by this. For example, this is what Ann Coulter is saying…
    Election recounts would be more plausible if Democrats occasionally let the Republican win. But they don’t. Ballots miraculously discovered days and weeks after the election — in the back seat of a car, after helpful “corrections” to the ballots by election supervisors, etc. — invariably result in a surprise win for the Democrat.
    Voters are just supposed to accept that!

    Post-Election Blue Wave: Democrats Have Flipped 2 Senate Seats & Large Number Of House Seats Since Election Night
    If our founders could see us today they would be disgusted. The integrity of our elections is of paramount importance, and what is taking place down in Florida right now is absolutely shameful.
    Michael Snyder — November 16, 2018

  48. gregd

    gregd 11/15/2018 •
    What’s stopping the FED from literally just printing (computer) the money off book to bail out the cities and states as well as any bank and big company? Nobody will know about it. If they don’t get audited who would know? I suspect something like this is going on in the government anyways. No inflation from it, they just somehow are paying their bills.

    Greg Hunter 11/15/2018 •
    Nothing but you are kidding yourself by saying there would be no inflation or downside.

    Just to continue from comments on the last interview which I have included.
    I want to be clear I think there will be a time when there will be consequences for the FED printing off the books and bailing out more of the “too big too fail” cities states and banks etc. but they will be kicking the can way down the road before anyone gets wind of it and this is important, its reported in the media. Remember they bailed out Europe banks with I believe one trillion that we didn’t know about. I wonder what you, Manarino, Kirby and Holter think about this being there next move?

    • paul ...

      gregd … the banksters evil plan is to have the Fed taper and raise rates (to get people to buy and strengthen the US dollar) while at the same time the IMF does massive QE to bail out every bank on the planet … this Ponzi scheme is designed to fool people into buying the US paper dollar while in actuality “all world paper currencies” making up the IMF’s SDR’s (including the US dollar) are diluted and made more worthless relative to gold, real estate, commodities, etc. … bottom line … the Fed keeps the dollar strong in the eyes of the public while the banksters “get out of it” and buy “physical things” … then the IMF closes the trap on the public (who all have US dollars under their mattresses) and does it’s re-set … cutting the purchasing power of all the peoples “strong” dollars under their mattresses in half!!

      • paul ...

        Like in the movie Prestige … these bankster magicians are going to “smash” 9 billion canary’s (all the people on Earth) in their economic cage and make the dollar disappear … and then magically bring to life a new “reserve currency” … and tell us it’s the same as the old!!

        • paul ...

          To do this trick the canary in the cage is killed (smashed) and a different canary is taken out of the magicians pocket and presented to the audience as the old one … this is “pure evil” performed by Demon Rats!! …

  49. John M.

    Rush Limbaugh commented on the radio recently that California and Arizona used to be GOP strongholds about 30 years ago in the Ice Age — that preceded our new enlightened age of Climate Change. Although CA by geographic surface area still leans conservative and agricultural, the coastal and other big population centers are all completely owned by the most extreme of socialists. And Arizona just elected the radical Sinema.
    My congressional district (#10) in a somewhat rural/suburban/ag area in the middle of CA, just had the Dem. Josh Harder edge out the incumbent GOP Jeff Denham — when Denham was narrowly ahead for days after the election.
    What causes greater damage to CA: the Midterms or the CA wildfires? Who knows, they both reek of something sinister.
    But we are always told by Q to trust the plan. Perhaps the secret Trump team will be working to expose election fraud too with all the other crimes that we are promised will some day come to light. And what other choice do we really have, as trusting blindly in Trump is all we got?
    In the grand chess game of Good vrs. the Globalists, I don’t mind sacrificing all our knights, rooks, bishops, and pawns IF we ultimately take their queen(Hillary) and king and win. The battle will not be won without suffering some big losses too.
    But most sincerely Greg, you are 100% right to constantly remind us to not have fear. We must trust that God knows what is best for us, whatever that is.

  50. Wes Beever

    Guess which country just cracked down on “gender studies” and shored up its economic future by increasing gold holdings by ten fold?
    That would be Hungary.
    Which is why Hungary is so hated by the NPC/Fake News media that would have us believe that such shifts in government and culture can’t actually be accomplished in the real world.

    Wanna MAGA? Model Hungary
    Hungary is wrecking the Marxist narrative that has held sway for so long throughout the West.
    Scott Buss — November 16, 2018

  51. Robin Hapenstance

    Migrant Caravan Reach Border & Climb Atop Fencing Effortlessly

    Illegal Entry, also known as foreign invasion, should be met by the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Military performing riot control against foreign invaders, foreign rioters and foreign terrorists breaking U.S. Federal Laws and should be subject to being tear gassed, pepper sprayed and shot with non-lethal projectiles including Tasers, rubber bullets, bean bags, high pressure water jets, etc. and shot with live ammunition rounds if they violently attack any U.S. Border Patrol personnel or any U.S. Military personnel. All foreign national illegal aliens caught illegally crossing the U.S. Border should be driven back across the U.S. Border and back into Mexico 24/7.
    Government Denies Homeless People Food by Raiding Charity, Pouring Bleach on Food to Destroy It

    So typical of the ‘F ing government…buy the permit and all is good…the lack of logic is stunning..and the waste even more so!!!
    Criminals: Lawyers for Democrat Gillum, Nelson Campaigns Objected To Non-Citizen’s Vote Being Denied

    Voter Fraud is TREASON! Having lived in the Chicago Area for over 50 years I know for a FACT that the Party of Demon rats have been committing Voter Fraud for decades!Time for these Rat Bastards to be brought to Justice in any form!
    Hey, Self Proclaimed Fact Checkers and Mainstream Media, Let’s Not Let That Jim Acosta Propaganda You’re Putting Out Go So Fast!

    Bucher is the one who should be jailed along with Snipes.
    Dead Men Tell No Tales in Broward County: 3 Recent Whistle-blowers Who Ended Up DEAD

    Just following the Clinton formula — and still getting away with it.

    Throw out all of the improper ballots in the recount. That will give citizens more reason to pay attention to what is going on. It will also increase outrage when election officials make serious mistakes, and it will increase the penalties significantly when those election officials are prosecuted for election fraud. No pain, no gain!
    Investigate Election Fraud In Florida & You Might End Up Suicided – Just Like Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr.

    Why not? Staging a suicide’ works well for the Clinton’s in disposing of their enemies!

    People have to be called to account for these illegal actions???They are destroying Americans Constitutional rights???Do illegal Americans vote in Mexican elections???

    A proper news media is supposed to report the facts: The truth, and nothing but the truth. If the public comes to the wrong conclusion based on those facts, so be it. The problem today is that no one trusts the news media because of all the fake news it has reported. Good! That is the price the news media must pay for it’s sins. The public must also judge whether FoxNews is valid or not, because of their attempt to manipulate the election by calling it hours before closing, mountain & Pacific time. Our rights and freedom depend on our ability to think critically and objectively.

  52. Wes Beever

    Trending Headlines. . .

    Investigate Election Fraud In Florida & You Might End Up “Suicided” – Just Like Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr.

    Altered Election Documents Tied To Florida Democrats Reviewed By Federal Prosecutors

    Obama Judge Rules To Upend Georgia Election

    Dead Men Tell No Tales in Broward County: 3 Recent Whistleblowers Who Ended Up DEAD

    Migrant Caravan Reach Border & Climb Atop Fencing Effortlessly (Video) [Future voters!LOL!]

    Michael Avenatti Denies Allegations Of Domestic Violence – Claims He Wasn’t Charged, But LAPD Says Otherwise

    Crunching the Numbers in the Florida Election Exposes Rampant Fraud

    Top Florida County Election Official Illegally Let People Vote Over Fax & Email

    Not Surprising: Now Fox News Is Supporting CNN & Jim Acosta

    Indiana: 15 Public Officials Arrested On Corruption-Related Charges

    Leftist Coup: The Best Midterms San Francisco & New York Could Buy

    Whistleblower Investigating Broward County Fraud Shot Himself Dead, But No Gun Found
    November 13th, 2018 Flag And Cross

    Thousands of Provisional and Absentee Ballots ‘Found’ in New Mexico, Democrat Leads Republican
    November 14th, 2018 Big League Politics

  53. Scott Baldock

    Neil Cavuto is an unwatchable deepstate little whore.

  54. Fusion_ Gyp You Yes

    Oregon’s New Red Flag Laws Result In State Confiscating Nearly 50 Gun Owners’ Guns

    We have 2 almost 3 generations of people who have little knowledge of their own History. They are the products of an insidious process using text books that are Marxist in Nature. This last group of students of highschool age have gone off here . there , and everywhere ordering their parents to turn in any weapon they might own and whinning for gun control , demanding confiscation, can’t define or make connections in regard to the benefit of an populace of legally armed citizens to defend both home and property from masked people armed with lead pipes kicking at your door. What good will these children who have never been allowed to grow up be to us if these lawless activities of Soreass’s minions come knocking on their doors. God Save America from the wilfully blind.It’s come to this. Children turning in their parents. God save America
    Why is the NRA Silent After Cops Killed Armed Security Guard Who Stopped Mass Shooting? One cop messed up, but not the fault of the NRA.

  55. Robert E. Salt

    For the first time my parents voted for Democrats. They never would have done this if they were still living.

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny Robert!!

  56. Robin Hapenstance

    Unless Republicans win an election by an insuperable margin, the Democrats will steal it!

  57. The Man From ah monkey's U.N.C.L.E.

    Justice Department Preparing To PROSECUTE Assange – About To Get UGLY
    Published on November 16, 2018 Right Wing News

  58. Mark James

    Two years ago, the news was reporting that HRC was the projected winner the election based on all models by 80-90+ percent certainty. Our old neighbor e-mailed that she wasn’t going “to bother” to vote. We called her and told her that it was NOT over, she needed to vote! Plus, she lived in Ohio — an important state. So she did go vote!

    I know one vote made no difference overall, but I do believe that when the press “calls elections” before the votes are tallied, it does affect people. For many, it is hard to get out to vote. We do early voting / Ballot By Mail. It makes it so much easier to sit home and look up what you want to vote — or have your voting decided before you go to the polls.

    This last election, I did something I never did before — and I voted straight ticket – all Republican. In the past, I voted for Democrats and Independents, and I was once registered as Independent. As with many, I voted for the “lesser of two evils.” Now I vote for people who will support Trump and his agenda which I believe will help the USA.

    With regards to Jim Acost-us — he has been out of control since Trump was elected 2 years ago! Sean Spicer and Sarah H-Sanders are baby sitters for the Press! Seriously, I cannot even watch it anymore. The Press are RUDE, disrespectful, yellow journalists who push their agenda instead of asking legit questions. Jim was WAY over the line. He should have given back the mic. I didn’t see assault, I saw a man acting like a SPOILED BRAT!! I am not happy that he got his press pass back, temporarily… but I sure hope they show the “best of Jim” in the trial about how terribly disrespectful he is and strip him of his badge! CNN must have a better person to put there. If not, they shouldn’t even be in business!! I think if they do need to put Jim back in, stick in him the nosebleeds section where no one can see or hear him. Maybe a plastic bubble off to the side?

    I am for freedom of the press, but not fake news — and not badgering press!

  59. Mark James

    PS – Sorry Greg, I forgot: AWESOME WNW as always. 360!! Wow what a milestone!! And almost 200k subscribers. AWESOME!! 9 years of hard work paying off!!

    God bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark!!

  60. Wes Beever

    Unless Republicans win an election by an insuperable margin, the Democrats will steal it!

  61. Da Yooper

    Good rap up Greg

    you get better & better every week

  62. James McCumiskey

    Fantastic OP-Ed as always Greg. I am not sure which is best your Friday WNW or your interviews. I really enjoy your take on the weekly news but also fantastic interviews – Dave Janda, Mark Skidmore, Bill Holter …

    What can I say – except thank you and keep it up!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James.

  63. Boris Badenough

    Greg, your favorite rag, Joking of course, but they are defending Melania Trump!
    ‘Shame on you’: Bette Midler’s NSFW Melania Trump tweet sparks backlash
    Erin Jensen 8 hrs ago

  64. Boris Badenough

    His ex accused him of an attack that could have meant life in prison. A selfie saved him.
    Michael Brice-Saddler 11 hrs ago

  65. Fusion_ Gyp You Yes
    The Second Confederate States of America?

  66. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    Regarding Judge Kelly’s TRO that the White House reinstate Acosta’s pass, imagine that Acosta had behaved in front of Judge Kelly the way he did before President Trump and then refused to relinquish the court’s property to a federal marshal when directed by the judge to do so. The obnoxious reporter likely would have been held in contempt.
    So, why doesn’t the President of the United States enjoy the same measure of respect as a federal judge? Why should President Trump endure the man’s disregard for the dignity of the Presidency, when a judge could just as well have punished his defiance with incarceration when confronted with similar conduct?
    Perhaps Judge Kelly, who was appointed by President Trump and who knows that his TRO is only that (i.e., temporary), wants to avoid the appearance of partiality to the man who appointed him, while preserving his option to ultimately find in favor of the Administration.

    • Greg Hunter

      The judge also said the White House has no duty to call on Acosta. Trump will ultimately win. It’s not up to Acosta as to when the President can stop answering someone’s questions. It is also not Acosta’s role to debate the President and not yield when the President wants to take questions from a hundred other reporters. Acosta is an idiot and press is merely propaganda. With all the spying and terrible tricks of the Obama Administration the “Press” never banded together to file a lawsuit.

  67. Scott

    I watch WNW every Friday during my dinner, and there are usually dozens of comments. It is now 6:00PM Central time and there is only ONE comment? I wonder what’s up. Possible interference?

    • Greg Hunter

      No scott,
      I just had stuff to do behind the scenes and was late in posting them. I try to read them all even if I do not answer.

  68. Scott

    After I posted my comment, all the other dozens of comments I had been expecting to see previously magically appeared. Must have been my computer.

  69. Not So Free

    I sincerely hope that some of the 50k+ sealed indictments are for these obvious crooks down in Florida, as well as the rest of the states where elections were stolen.
    And that includes the crooked lawyers.

  70. MoBo

    I just left a lengthy comment to you that has mysteriously been erased. Hang in there forever because we are among big time thieves. I have been there …MoBo We are brothers for sure. Intelligence and truthful insight is NOT defined by alphabet degrees.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not erase any comment from you. This is the only one I received.

  71. Open Eyes

    Know your enemy. Disturbing content warning.

    Child Sex Trafficking – The CIA, Deep State and Satanism
    JAMIE BUSBY 29 October 2018

    By Jamie Busby

    Right now, there is a worldwide network operating a vast human trafficking ring with far-reaching implications. Certain people within the CIA are involved, in their tradition of being the great facilitators of anything and everything. This leads all the way to the top, the most elite and powerful of global society…

    What were the origins of Pizzagate? Wikileaks released thousands of hacked emails that belonged to John Podesta, former president Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff. In recent years, he was the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

    Many of the leaked Podesta emails seemed to include some form of strange code. Some of the more sinister messages referred to a ritual called “Spirit Cooking”….

    • paul ...

      And OE … they then put out a warning on TV … “It’s 10 O’clock … Do You Know Where Your Children Are”? … so when our children are disappeared by the evil human traffickers … the blame is transferred to the parents … and now all of a sudden it becomes OUR FAULT that our kids were robbed!! … just like it is our fault Fort Knox was robbed … because we never checked on our gold … and the Fed won’t let us check now because in their mind it is past 10 O’clock and too late … it’s gone and been divided up by the elite … the same way they hacked up our children for their blood and organs!!

  72. Open Eyes

    Know your enemy. Disturbing content warning.

    Child Sex Trafficking – The CIA, Deep State and Satanism; Pt.3

    Welcome to part 3. Parts 1 and 2 can be found using the search tool, same title.

    In 1989, Australia’s “60 Minutes” documentary series and ITV’s “The Cook Report” investigated Satanic ritual abuse of children in the UK.

    There was some overlap with both programmes and they gave a small yet chilling insight into the world of child abuse and Satanism in the UK. Both programmes also interviewed the same girl, a 15 year old from London who had been the subject of horrific sexual abuse that began when she was just 5 years old.

    To protect her identity, even though she is not disguised in any way, “60 Minutes” referred to her as “Teresa”. What follows is her story plus evidence of a much wider network at play….

    Australia 60 Minutes documentary – “Satan’s Children”; 1989
    “The Cook Report” ITV documentary – “Satanic Abuse”; 1989

    • paul ...

      There are multiple “supposedly good reasons” for the Demon-rats busing illegal alien criminals and deviates from South America into our country … not only can the Demon-rats continue to do their “spirit cooking” … but they can blame all the child abductions on these criminal aliens … along with getting extra votes in elections … and using the “illegal threat” as a reason to take away our guns … a win-win – win for the Demons from Hell!!

    • Open Eyes

      I had a dream last night about satanic priest looking for a woman with a certain kind of dog. He found her then cut her arm and drew blood. He then started to invoke an evil being to curse me. I invoked God to strike him down and he fell. I then struggled with him on the ground to keep him from speaking. I woke up with the impression that these satanists are evil, insane, and worship an evil being.

      I got up and put my Bible by my pillow. I had earlier put up crosses on the top of the frames of my front and back doors. I also put on a necklace with a cross on it for backup protection. I waited and after say 10 minutes could hear this strange whirring sound outside my window. I heard other sounds as well which could have been cars driving away. Both sounds could have non-supernatural causes. The whirring sound is suspect, though.

      I slept without any disturbance and woke up and wrote this. I think I am very well protected now with the Bible and crosses.

      Go suck a lemon, satan.

  73. Da Yooper

    Hey Greg did you catch this?

    California Democrat Threatens “Nukes” If Americans Don’t Hand Over Their Guns

    Another mentally ill democrat ………..he should be removed for this dangerous threat

    • Greg Hunter


    • paul ...

      Lawmakers should add a stipulation to the new “Red Flag Gun Law” that makes it possible to take away this California Demon-rat’s nuclear weapons … what’s good about setting such a precedent is that we will have a legal basis for the removal of nuclear weapons out of the hands of the crazy idiots in Nation’s that harbor thoughts of a “Nuclear First Strike”!!

  74. marsh

    Foreigners Dump US Treasuries As They Liquidate A Record Amount Of US Stocks

  75. MCasey

    FOX –
    “F” is the 6th letter of the alphabet. 6
    “O” is the 15th letter of the alphabet. (1+5) = 6
    “X” is the 24th letter of the alphabet. (2+4) = 6

    Thus, FOX = 666. The Anti-Christ. The “Master” of deception and betrayal. Silly, but just saying…..

  76. R Jensen

    Greg, FYI Heritage Foundation has a database of court cases involving vote fraud.

    They do not always say which cases involved democrat vs. republican. It would be interesting to see if the D gang is guilty more often than the R gang.

  77. Roger D

    Why ban the White House Press Corp? Let’s embrace them

    The controlled media’s ‘best and brightest’ get a ticket to The White House. They also get the privilege of being in the pool from which Trump selects embedded war correspondents. We get reporting from the front lines again and the media gets to put some skin in the game.

  78. Brett

    Hi Greg.
    I love your channel.
    As a WHITE South African, I HEAR you guys.
    Steve Quale, mentioned how Mr Trump told this horrible government of ours, that he’d better stop the farm killings and stop his nonsense. And the responce from this horrible ANC was- “don’t tell us what you do” !
    As I say, terrible things….
    If you ever need to talk to me, please contact me, I’ll fill you in.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brett. We pray for you. Don’t give up. Ple3ase tell us what goes on there in SA.

  79. Diane

    More and more people from foreign countries are starting to read Greg’s USA Watchdog.
    Greg is a voice of truth.
    God has Blessed you Greg

  80. Justn Observer

    Breaking—Hawaii Volcano Appeasement Memo causes immediate retraction and confession ! Not a surprise…..
    Truth Be Known …
    The volcano erupting in Hawaii has been causing untold millions in damage, not to mention inestimable amounts of devastation to wildlife and habitats.
    According to Hawaiian history, the traditional method of appeasing and calming the gods of the volcano is with human sacrifice into its fires. The sacrifice must be a native Hawaiian who has held a high position of leadership and power. Obama quickly announced that he was actually born in Kenya and has the birth certificate to prove it. ………………………………………..IN GOD WE TRUST…………………………………………..

  81. RTW

    The most disturbing part about Fox News is that they have been subliminally indoctrinating the viewing public. It’s like the old parable about the “frog in boiling water”. Rather than change all at once, they are doing it ever so slowly, so as not to alarm their loyal viewers. This has become more evident while watching the Seattle Fox News station over the years. More and more they report the same news about Trump and his administration in a way that is eerily similar to all the other fake news outlets. I don’t expect them to sugar coat everything but I don’t want to hear them mimic the likes of CNN either. As far as Fox News goes, the Business Channel is the best to watch and Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney are probably the most reliable ones to listen to. As far as the rest, they bring the same sorry libs on their shows and spar with them for awhile, accomplishing absolutely nothing, other than getting your blood to boil while listening to them dodge questions and espouse their nonsense. By the time the hour is over, you haven’t learned anything new. Trump likes them but I’m guessing that may change at some point.

  82. MCasey

    This may explain why Jim Acosta thinks he’s the star at the white House and why he gets confused about what is real news and what is fake news. In Season 6 Episode 2 of Netflix’s “House of Cards”, Acosta “plays” a CNN reporter.

  83. Coalburner

    I love the address of the Hypocrites. Quite a chuckle, laughing out loud! Chuckle, chuckle , chuckle!

  84. Alexander

    I drew attention in this article to the mention of forest fires in California … I wanted to share information – which made me think about the upcoming cataclysms all over the planet and what exactly I can do to help people in their misfortune. Let it be at least indifferent. is not it? If everyone remembers what he remembered most of all in a difficult moment – the support of relatives, friends or even a stranger, when you just fell …

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