Resistance Over Indefinite Detention Legislation Grows

Just because President Obama quietly signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, aka Indefinite Detention) into law on New Years Eve, doesn’t mean protests about the new law have simmered down.  The new law gives the government the power to detain American citizens for the suspicion of terrorism.  There is no right of trial, or even the requirement of a formal charge.  The President and the Federal government are being sued in the Southern U.S. District Court in New York City.  The lawsuit challenges the legality of the new NDAA law for use of military force in America.  Ron Paul has introduced legislation to strip the NDAA of the provision that allows the government this abusive power.   Meanwhile, the protests are not going away and are heading to the nation’s capital.  This week, the protesters showed up at Senator Carl Levin’s office for a comical mock arrest of the lawmaker.  If the new law was not so draconian, this would be much funnier.  Please watch the video below:

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  1. Roderick

    Yeah baby thats what I am talking about. These people get it.

    Our leaders who want to mess with Americans better wake the hell up.

    This video will go viral and the sheep people will wake up. Janet and Obama and those Congressmen and women who voted for NDAA you people are against Americans.

  2. jay

    Thats right on target. send this artical around folks.

  3. Jim H

    The big push toward Fascism in America (though planned long before I’m sure) began with the short fight over the “Patriot Act” which had two major Democratic opponents, Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy. Both received nice letters (anthrax) and problem solved. The investigation stopped when it was found to be military grade not box cutter wielding Muslims to be the source. I’m starting to sound like a Conspiracy Theorist. Better stop this line of writing before I wind up disappeared to a dark hole under the legality of this new beautiful piece of work they passed. We the People don’t want it like we didn’t want the Iraq war. One Candidate stands alone in fighting this trend with the media treating him like a man holding a box cutter.
    Keep the anger down and the truth out front until we the 99% meet in the middle. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

  4. Mitch Bupp

    NDAA will happen! There is nothing the people can do to stop it. NDAA is not the problem it is the legistation burried inside an appropiations bill that is the problem. This is an abomanation is just one example of how our government is using backdoor to instil fascism in the USA. The American empire which these people are trying to build is nothing more than rampant colonialism to deplete poorer countries of their natural resources and control population growth….. the USA has effectively become the USSA with the helpful assistance of the democratic and republican parties which do not serve the people but their corporate benefactors … these industrialists and business owners have forgotten what Hitler did after he used them to consolidate power …..

  5. Chuck Allen


    What more do American citizens need to understand that everyone in congress should be recalled for violation of the U.S Constitution? And, I mean every single representative and senator. We should be hearing about unrest all across the country calling for impeachment, or at the very least a call to action, to VOTE THEM OUT! How many violations do we need? There is:

    Violation 1: Fiat Currency – Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution specifically says that Congress is the only body that can “coin money and regulate the value thereof.” The US Constitution has never been amended to allow anyone other than Congress to coin and regulate currency.

    Violation 2: Border Enforcement – Failure of congress and several presidents to control illegal immigration and protect US citizens along our southern border with Mexico. Americans along the Mexican border in Arizona are shot at from illegal’s trespassing as they cross into America. If the US citizens defend themselves; they are the ones that get prosecuted.

    Violation 3: Patriot Act – Spying on innocent Americans through unconstitutional power grabs.
    Violation 4: ‘Obamacare’ – Its unconstitutional mandate is that all Americans must carry only government-approved health insurance or answer to the IRS. A citizen can be jailed if they refuse to obey. Hey, the prison system already provides better health care than most citizens can get….for free!

    Violation 5: 2012 NDAA – With the advent of the “INDEFINITE DETENTION BILL” portion of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the military will have the power, for any reason determined by the President, to relocate pesky U.S. citizens to new residences. WOW! The bankers can just say to the President, they didn’t pay their mortgage.

    Violation X: – on and on, and on, too many to express here.

    We the People need to clean house from the top down and start over, Rethinking the needs of the republic should start with restricting the language in laws, to the intent of a bill under discussion; without adding hidden “pork” and/or hidden language that becomes enacted with the passing of a bill.

    Maybe consideration should be given to including in each law passed a “sundown provision” that would then require reconsideration for applicability on some predetermined date in the future.

    • Greg

      You go Chuck!

  6. June

    Wonderful people who are brave. We all need to do this everytime our rights are taken away. Notice how Obama leaves town when he gets one of these bills passed. We want our country back and rid of this socialist/communist agenda against us. We only need people in office who will uphold our constitution and we need to start now. I don’t think we are going to get an election. Obama and his stooges are just waiting for the right time to take us down. Do you hear me Congress? What is in it for you and why are you selling us down the river? Slavery is back and its for everyone.

    • Greg

      Love this quote of yours, ” Slavery is back and its for everyone.” Thank you.

  7. Michael R.

    This law was passed specifically to neuter United States citizens from rising up and challenging the political elite class. Both elitist Republican and Democrats politicians are scared to death about the citizenery from rising up challenging their control of the economy and government. This unconstitutional law gives them the power to have the military round up and detain anyone they determine to be a threat to their rule. We see these government authoritarian dictates taking place all over California under the guise of SB 375.
    It is apparent that we now live in a post-constitunial America.
    REVOLT 2012!

  8. Roger A. Huddleston


  9. Dave C.

    Right On Chuck…..
    We need to drain the swamp!

  10. kim

    What happened to the video? Has anyone seen the dvd called “Agenda”? If so, I would like to hear your thoughts on it.

  11. Just the Facts

    In the early 1930’s the Nazi relovution utilized a process of conditioning the German people called “coordination” and “self coordination”. Key in this endeavor was their manipulation of the media, crafting frightening new laws, and the masterful use of a crisis or two. Today, there are more than a few students of history that say we are traveling down an all too familiar road.

    Those that doubt this analysis should peruse Erik Larson’s book, In the Garden of Beasts. This is definitely not a time for the citizens of this country to be indifferent!

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