Rising Rates, Causing Chaos, Dangerous Territory – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Money manager and analyst Michael Pento says the fundamentals show the financial markets are in “dangerous territory.” All central banks are pulling back on the money printing that has been propelling the markets to new highs.  Pento contends, “I know for sure when central banks remove their thumb from the scale on the prices of bonds, they will crater and yields will soar. . . . We have 1.9% annualized growth.  So, we are falling below 2% (growth) in this country.  The housing market was down month over month in June, and existing home sales were up just 0.7%. . . . The Fed is going to be selling these Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities and roll them off their balance sheet.  When they do that, they add to the supply.  The supply of debt has already grown 31% year over year.  That’s the Treasury Department’s own numbers.  So, our deficit is up 31% year over year.  Can you imagine adding trillions of dollars of bonds that have to be purchased?  Who is going to buy them at these levels?  No one.  So, bond yields are going to rise, prices are going to fall, and that is going to send the already rolling over housing market, auto market, student loan market and credit card market into a plummeting toboggan slide.”

Another problem are the debt bets of the derivative markets. Pento says, “There are multiple hundreds of trillions of dollars in credit default swaps that are bets, and they bet that interest rates are never going to rise. . . . Interest rates will rise, and they will rise when central banks remove their thumb from the scale.  That is going to bring chaos to the entire global stock market.”

Pento thinks the next crash will be caused, once again, by the Fed. Pento says, “The Fed has been tightening since 2013 when they began their taper.  They have raised rates four times.  Now, they are going to start reverse QE, probably in October.  The fall has a myriad of issues, and those myriad of issues will really affect the derivative market, the credit markets and can completely shut down the credit channel.  That’s what I am most afraid of in the fall.”

Pento also points out, “Cash levels are at an all-time low on institutional balance sheets for the stock market, and margin debt is at an all-time high. If that doesn’t scare you coming into the fall, I think you really need a wakeup call.”

On gold, Pento says, “I think it is setting up for a huge spike higher. I don’t think the time for that to start is exactly now, but the gold market is catching a bid here.  The big boom in gold and gold mining shares will be when we have a watershed moment, when the market realizes in mass the central banks have lost control of the economy and the money supply.  That is coming very, very soon, no later than the middle of 2018, and it could probably happen this fall, and that is when the market understands that central banks don’t really control interest rates.  They cannot control the long end of the yield curve, and they will destroy economic growth and stock markets across the world.  That is the big moment when you want to pile into gold.  If you don’t have any gold, you should have at least 10% always.  That’s your base level. . . . Hard assets will go through the roof.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Management.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

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After the Interview: 

Pento also says, “This fall is going to look scary, and it will certainly all go down before the end of 2018. Stock and bonds will tank.  No doubt about it.”


There is free information and articles on PentoPort.com.  Pento also has a monthly podcast.  Get five weeks free by clicking here.

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  1. Tad

    Interesting aspect regarding the North Korea situation is I’ve have seen no reports indicating a US-DPRK diplomatic meeting has occurred since Trump assumed office.

    China and perhaps the South Koreans are acting as intermediaries.

    What could go wrong?

    • Paul ...

      The Deep State will always push for war … they don’t care who they get into a war with … for them “any war” will do … killing women and children is in their blood … and these neocon warmongers have been murdering humanity in their continuous wars for the last 50 years … they need war in order to satisfy their greed and lust for money made building bombs, building planes, building tanks, building ships, etc., etc. … and what do you think building all this “stuff for war” will do to commodity and precious metal prices?

      • Keith wilson

        According to Jim Rickards when the first bombs are dropped on north Korea you can expect gold to move up 500 an ounce.Every day the bombing continues 200 + per day.Stocks in Japan ,south Korea and elsewhere in Asia will be worth next to nothing if trump drops A-bombs on Korea.If Korea takes out Japan or some big city elsewhere in the pacific region expect the markets to close.President Harry Truman must be turning in his grave,he didn’t allow his generals to win .

      • Russ McMeans

        How much stock do McCain and Gramn own in the private military hardware corporations? … just wondering.

    • Ray

      How dare those pesky NK people look to set up defences for their nation against The Banksters??
      Why, if we lets them continue, I tells ya, they might invade and occupy Afghanistan and Iraq. Bomb the civilians of Libya or supply the arms that ensure the UTTER DESTRUCTION of Syria. What terrible people they is……yes?
      I tells ya…….those North Koreans, with their 800 plus Military Bases across this Earth, they is THE REAL PROBLEM.
      USA to the rescue……….

      • Paul ...

        And how dare NK for having the unmitigated gall to accept the plans to build a nuclear reactor (to create a hydrogen bomb) and accepting ICBM rocket plans offered to them on a silver platter by Clinton … but now we know why it was done … to give the Deep State a reason to impose sanctions on them for accepting Clinton’s generosity … and a ready made excuse to start yet another war for the American people to pay and die for!

      • Corleone

        Kim Jong Un has to learn about the beauty of fractional reserve banking and let North Korean people join the world community of Ponzi scheme under the sheltering sky of BIS.

  2. Larry White

    This may be of interest. Jim Rickards sent me this incredibly accurate forecast for 2017 on the US dollar back in March by email:


    So far the dollar has performed exactly as Jim told me to expect. He also said he thinks once the Fed reverses course to ease again, “we are off to the races”. Right now his forecast is looking pretty good.

    • Paul ...

      The US dollar is in a bear market!

      • Paul ...

        Yes … we can have a “relief rally” in the dollar coming up … https://www.clivemaund.com/article.php?id=4246 … but don’t panic … use it to accumulate even more silver … the dollar is going lower … remember it is simply fiat paper … printed out of thin air by the Fed and other world banksters … Bernanke once said “if all us Central Bankers around the world print fiat to infinity at the same time we can never have inflation” … so much for PhD logic … infinite dollars, infinite yen, infinite euros, etc. will simply create “infinitely worthless paper” … and that is not going to create inflation?? … we need people with common sense running the Fed … say it takes a trillion dollars to buy a gallon of $3 dollar milk and a trillion Yen to buy a gallon of milk and a trillion euros to buy a gallon of milk … the price of $3 milk going to a trillion dollars or a trillion yen or a trillion euros for a gallon means it remains constant?? … these guys running our monetary system are nuts!!

        • Paul ...

          The Fed banksters are not only nuts … but con artist crooks to the Nth degree … their big “re-set” coming this fall is going to be SDR’s (simply paper that they can also print to infinity) … now tell me … what is the difference between a basket of infinite yen, infinite euro’s, infinite dollars, etc. and a basket of infinite paper SDR’s … nothing my friends … it’s still all worthless paper … it is a big a con they are planning … they will shut down the banks for a few weeks … shut down the internet … they may even shut down the grid and make things go black for awhile … then their MSM propaganda machine will come back on the air and tell everyone: “Everything is fixed and we have nothing to worry about” … only when they back their SDR paper with gold will it have any semblance of value … would “I” then trust their SDR “gold certificates” … no way … as I remember what they did to the gold and silver certificates I used to have … they called them in without paying out any gold or silver!!

        • The Seer

          Don’t rely on Maund. His trading record was so bad, per an inside contact, he was practically bankrupt she told me.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      James Rickards is definitely an insider otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to write his gold eulogies in the Daily Telegraph, which is a mainstream newspaper in the U.K.


      I have read most of his books as he has valuable information, particularly about laws that have been passed, and what these will allow the elites to do in the event of a systemic crisis. However, I suspect that his job is to prepare us for the economic reset in the way that the elites would like it to happen, for example, with a global currency, SDRs, issued by the IMF. He also talks as if the US really owns all that gold still.

    • John


      IMHO – Rickards is ” The Man” in regards to seeing the big picture. It also appears that both Pento (this guy is great btw) and Rickards share similar % allocations into gold/silver. Since 2007 my strategy has been to reduce debt, stop dollar cost averaging into my 401k plan, buy gold/silver and to get prepared because when this thing blows it is going to be like 2008 on steroids – affecting stocks, bonds and real estate but with no place to go in regards to lowering rates like we did in 2008. The fed is in a very bad place – raise rates and destroy the markets vs lowering rates and maintaining the destruction of capitalism. This is where the IMF steps in and takes over from the various western central banks and starts the transition to the SDR using Chinese gold with the ultimate game being a gold backed reserve currency based out of China once the clearing mechanisms are in place. IMHO – there will be no land/sea war with NK as there is a Sino-Soviet alliance being formed as we speak which will check US capabilities in the Pacific and Asia. The US lacks both the economy and the capabilities to prosecute a land/sea war against NK unless both China and Russia would approve it and help with material support. I do not see that happening. China and Russia would be wise, however , to rein in NK before the US authorizes a nuclear preemptive first strike against NK on the basis of national security – legitimized by recent NK threats and almost monthly displays of increasing ballistic missile capabilities. IMHO – NK is the pivot point between nuclear war and a new monetary system under partial Chinese control. I agree with Trump – China needs to control NK before we are forced to make a military solution – the ball is in China’s court.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: I stayed up late to see this at the earliest moment possible. I have to laugh at myself a little: It reminds me of when I was a kid watching the TV test pattern and waiting for the Saturday morning kids’ shows to come on (yup, that was a long time ago). My favorite was The Lone Ranger. Apparently I haven’t changed too much in my choice of hero archetype. Say hi to Tonto for me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your dedication and Tonto says Hello Kemosahbee.

      • Steve Spry

        Me too on the waiting up and the TV shows. I have a drone aerial business called “The Drone Ranger” on my business card I am King Wasabi and my assistant is Pronto. Remembering the good ol days.

      • Russ McMeans

        I feel the same way Greg. Something about Italians I guess. They’re spicy and quick witted. Like New Yorkers and Gerald Celente. I will post Pento interview everywhere. Thank you.

    • Paul ...

      And let’s say Hi … to High Oh Silver ($600 + per ounce)!!

      • Paul ...

        Don’t believe the Fed is terrified of crypto currencies … they are using reverse psychology … the Fed loves crypto … as it gives them even greater control over the economy and the people … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-29/feds-are-terrified-cryptocurrencies-theyre-powerless-stop-themhttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-29/feds-are-terrified-cryptocurrencies-theyre-powerless-stop-them

      • Russ McMeans

        The problem with $600 silver is that groceries will cost $600. Good to have PM’s, but ya won’t get “rich”…. Now if you could short the Fed in a trade bet, and be correct and win, well now you would be rich! I’m betting a trillion. A pauper becomes a trillionaire…. that would be cool. I would use the $dough to reinstate true capitalism, mandatory free market capitalization brainwashing of all young people and grinding to dust the bones of every Marxist Communist Democrat and milk toast Republican. But I would probably be terminated and the money would go into Bernie’s 2020 election campaign coffers.

  4. Paul ...

    When people begin to really think … about how our ancestors valued diamonds, gold and other precious metals … and now our scientists find diamonds are needed to make powerful laser weapons … and silver is needed to make electricity from sunlight … one has to imagine that gold may also be necessary to generate unlimited zero point energy or levitation … we know the platinum metals are good at breaking apart water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen (doing away with our need for fossil fuels) … so lets get on board with what the ancients knew and not listen to the Deep States propaganda outlets that tell us gold is a “useless relic” when we see China and Russia buying up every ounce of gold they can get their hands on … as the US dollar falls from 3 cents to 2 cents to 1 cent to 1/10th of a cent to 1/100th of a cent how much gold will “you” be able to buy … putting your money into fiat bonds and fiat dollars for “safety” is moronic … do as the ancients did … buy and hold things that are truly worth something in terms of their utility to produce laser beams, unlimited power and electricity (diamonds, gold, silver, platinum …) what is fiat or bit coin going to produce for you???

    • Paul ...

      Gold … its time … https://www.streetwisereports.com/pub/na/17578

      • Anthony Australia

        I agree there must be an underlying reason for the precious metals super knowledge.

      • Freebreezer

        Paul – I am no professional but the trends are obvious … the fed lets gold react to market forces and the price goes higher, then they unload an aircraft carrier (i.e much bigger then a boat load) worth of paper gold … this drives the price lower and they snicker and laugh at their cunning. One of these times it is not going to work! AND I sure wish I knew the When! This rise in gold seems like another bait and dupe the little guy. Though, the ‘one day’ is fast approaching when this charade falls and burns … And I think Pento is right that it is most likely here in the next 18 months.

        • Frederick

          Don’t try to time the event Just accumulate physical as you get the money and wait patiently That’s what I’m doing anyway

    • This Sceptered Isle

      Yes, in ancient times gold was valued for its metaphysical properties. However, diamonds are a DeBeers con. Diamonds are actually a semi precious stone but the supply chain, from mining to cutting, has been historically monopolised by DeBeers. Consequently, they only release small amounts of diamonds onto the market, thus giving the impression that they are rare. Even the concept of blood diamonds is a con used to even further restrict diamond supplies onto the market. Why do we not have a concept of ‘blood oil’? Surely a lot of oil comes from conflict zones?

      • Paul ...

        TSI … you know how a piece of glass can magnify “ambient light” and focus it to a point “hot enough to start a fire” … well diamonds can magnify low level laser beams into a death ray or an intense heat source to generate steam for electrical generation that can power a whole city … the fact that the crook DeBeers took monopolistic control of the diamond trade doesn’t diminish the underlying intrinsic worth of diamonds nor its power!!

    • Russ McMeans

      Say Paul; what happened to the ancient’s bit coin?
      I know we found all their gold, silver and artwork, but where did they stash their bitcion and 401k’s. ? We haven’t found any of it yet. Darn it!

  5. FC

    The only gold available when people realize it’s the asset to invest in will be in your Grandparents teeth because no one will exchange gold for worthless paper and a nothing backed crypto currency.

    • Russ McMeans

      I have at least 6 gold crowns in my mouth. Bought em when they were about $600 each. Back in the good old days. I’ll be a valuable dead body someday! But I’m armed, so not quite yet.

  6. Constance Powers

    A picture Is worth A Thousand Words
    Compare these two pictures
    Their out, to outing our man we sent in, to clean out the rats nest that is Washington DC. We are now into, H i g h__N o o n. . .!

    Donald goes on offense

    Well its come to this in America, High Noon and who’s turning out to be [Will Kane/Gary Cooper]? Bill Jefferson Clinton? Not! Some thought so, at least in the 90’s with Bill’s promise to the forgotten American, by continuing Paul Volkers fight against inflation. Bill, Not letting inflation return to ravage the American sheeple, thereby creating the greatest economy since French toast, to the disappointment of the socialist leftists, but to the high praise of Alan Greenspan! We thought he’d might be the one to clean the swamp.
    W. got bogged down in neo-con/Saudi hell.
    Obummer turned out to be a dear in the neo-con fascist/Saudi headlights, letting them turn us into a big brother government sponsored Mockingbird brained media industrial propaganda machine tin horn banana republic.
    But of all get out, the Donald gets the chance to save us, by giving us back our republic, for which it stands. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all?

    Now what we all want to know, will he chicken out and run with his tail between his legs or take his stand and fight? He’s gonna fight, Ask Rience!

    High Noon tells the story of lawman Will Kane (Gary Cooper), newly married to Amy Fowler (Grace Kelly), preparing to retire. The happy couple is departing for a new life, to raising a family and running a store in a nearby town; but word arrives that Frank Miller (Ian MacDonald), a vicious outlaw whom Kane sent to prison, has been released, and is arriving on the noon train. Miller’s gang—his younger brother Ben (Sheb Wooley), Jack Colby (Lee Van Cleef), and Jim Pierce (Robert J. Wilke)—await his arrival at the train station; it is clear that Miller/Mueller intends to exact revenge.
    For Amy, a devout Quaker and pacifist, the solution is simple—leave town before Miller arrives; but Kane’s sense of duty and honor is strong. “They’re making me run,” he tells her. “I’ve never run from anybody before.” Besides, he says, Miller and his gang will hunt him down anyway. Amy gives Kane an ultimatum: She is leaving on the noon train, with or without him. While waiting at the hotel for the train, she meets Helen Ramírez (Katy Jurado), who was once Miller’s lover, and then Kane’s, and is leaving as well. Amy understands why Helen is fleeing, but the reverse is not true: Helen tells Amy that if Kane were her man, she would not abandon him in his hour of need.
    Kane’s efforts to round up a posse at the tavern, and then the church, are met with fear and hostility. Some townspeople, worried that a gunfight would damage the town’s reputation, urge Kane to avoid the confrontation entirely and leave town. Others are Miller’s friends, and resent that Kane cleaned up the town in the first place.
    Kane’s young deputy Harvey Pell (Lloyd Bridges), who is bitter that Kane did not recommend him as his successor, says he will stand with Kane only if Kane goes to the city fathers and “puts the word in” for him. Kane rejects the quid pro quo, and Pell turns in his badge. Kane visits a series of old friends and allies, [RHINO’s/never Trumper’s], but none can (or will) help. His predecessor, Marshal Howe (Lon Chaney Jr.) is old and arthritic; Judge Percy Mettrick (Otto Kruger), who sentenced Miller, flees on horseback, and urges Kane to do the same; townsman Herb Baker (James Millican) agrees to be deputized, but backs out when he realizes he is the only volunteer; Sam Fuller (Harry Morgan/PaulRyan) hides in his house, sending his wife to the door to tell Kane he isn’t home.
    Kane writes out his will as the clock in his office ticks toward high noon. At the stables, Pell saddles a horse and tries to persuade Kane to mount it and leave town. Their conversation becomes an argument, and then a fist fight. Kane finally knocks his former deputy senseless, then goes into the street to face Miller and his gang. In one of the most iconic shots in film history, the camera rises and widens to show Kane standing alone on a deserted street in a deserted town.
    The outlaws approach As the dreaded noon hour approaches, Kane realizes he must stand alone against the coming storm.
    Well that storm is heading for the Donald and we the sheeple put him there! The Washington swamp hate our gut’s and they hate the Donald even more so, because he was one of them and they feel betrayed. Will we/he stand up to Mueller and Mueller’s Hillary gang of shyster money grubbing lawyers? You be the judge. Watch the movie. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves thats its even come to this, but it tis what it is!

    Fred Zinnemann: The reason I did it {High Noon} was, not only because it was a good story, but it says something about human nature, that apparently never changes.
    This is a man in desperate trouble and is asking for help and nobody is there to help him. Everybody {RHINO’s/never Trumper’s/Paul Ryan types} haveing very, very good personnel reasons not too. Which is what happens everyday and has never changed and you can see it, time after time and this is what I think makes this such a timely movie.

    The Making of High Noon
    Today, Donald J. Trump faces High Noon. . …

    See it here –

    See it free,

    • Constance Powers

      “Oopsy daisy, sorry bout that, this link works!”;

      The Making of High Noon
      Today, Donald J. Trump is facing our, High Noon. . …

      P.S. Greg if you’d like, could you erase the other and put this one in? Thanks either way!

    • William Stanley

      Ms. Powers: Your “High Noon” synopsis/analysis/metaphor was brilliant! You inspired me to watch the movie (for the first time), but I would never have appreciated it so much — either philosophically or aesthetically — without your commentary.
      Please forgive me if this is too personal a question: Does the subplot of Amy finally choosing to “stand by her man’ have special philosophical or religious significance for you? It did for me, and I might have missed its depth altogether if I had not first read your commentary.

      • Bill

        You guys need to get a life, its a movie, make believe, acting.

      • Constance Powers

        Amy leaves Will on her wedding day!
        Dear Will,
        Goes to show you, we shouldn’t marry outside the truth. As in Amy’s case, Will Kane’s past came back to bite them.

        The world being more practical as it says in scripture, saw meeting the violence head on as the only way out! Will could have trusted in our God and so could have Amy in the end. But were created in Gods image and it’s hard to put away our Godlike sense of justice in times like that, because as Greg puts it so eloquently, Satan may be the god of this world at this time, yet our heavenly father doesn’t let anything happen which he doesn’t allow and prayer does chang things, if its his will, Will.

        Will, Will Kane lacked the faith to the preserving alive of the soul and even Amy took matters into her own hands and shot Jim Pierce dead.

        Don’t take what I say as gospel though, I’m still only guessing. In the Hebrew it does say if a man enters your house in the dead of night, you do have the right to take matters into your own hands and ask questions later
        The Quakers all but seem to be gone now except on our oatmeal boxes. The closest today would be Jehovah’s people the witnesses, yet they are not true pacifists, their more non-political then pacifist. So don’t go sneak en up on one!

        Thou shall not murder, that is clear. Killing? That is a gray area. Make up your mind now what you would do in similar circumstances. Buy out the opportune time and make the truth your own, the days [are] wicked!

    • Russ McMeans

      Love yer story telling. I’m going to watch that movie!
      As Michael Savage said: “back when men were men the crome was thick and women were straight”
      I would like to add: ” when women dressed classy and there were no yoga pants”…..

  7. Paul ...

    As the US dollar falls in value … the value of your stocks and bonds (in US dollars) will be worth less … and the price of silver and gold (in US dollars) will be worth more … it is as simple as that!!!

    • Paul ...

      Now lets say you decide to sell your stocks and bonds and have the money transferred from your brokerage account to your bank account … do you think you will then have access to your money? … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-29/its-your-money-you-can%E2%80%99t-have-it-eu-proposes-account-freezes-halt-bank-runs … hold physical precious metals “outside the fiat system” … never put anyone between you and your money!!

      • JMiller


        You are correct that you may not be able to access your money that is in the bank especially in a financial crisis. In the U.S., banks already have the right to deny people from taking most or all of their money out of the bank temporarily. The Federal Reserve’s Regulation D allows banks and credit unions the right to require that the depositor give 7 days written notice to withdraw or transfer all or part of the balance of any savings or time deposit account. This includes savings accounts, negotiable order of withdrawal accounts (NOW), money market deposit accounts (MMDA) and certificates of deposit (CD).

        For certificate of deposits, banks normally require written notice in cases of an early withdrawal prior to the maturity date. Sometimes as much as 30 days. And even then the bank can deny your request.

        Demand deposit accounts, like checking accounts, are not subject to the 7 days written notice. However many checking accounts consist of two sub-accounts – a checking sub-account and a money market sub-account. The bank can reserve the right to require 7 days written notice prior to the withdrawal or transfer of any funds from the money market sub-account.

        Granted banks today do not require depositors give them advanced notice to withdrawal money from their account, except for CD early withdrawals, but if there is a bank run, the bank could exercise their right and require that the depositor give 7 days written notice for most accounts. And in the case of CDs, deny any early withdrawal requests.

        So anyone who is very concerned with safety and liquidity would want to have as little money as they feel comfortable with in a good local bank or credit union and not to have any money that is in a savings or time deposit account.

      • Russ McMeans

        Hank Williams Jr. would chime in here…”oh yeh!”

  8. Anthony Australia

    Countdown 10,9,8……. Kaboom!
    I’ve been debating with close associates over the years if it’s better to know than not to know. I’m glad I tune into USAWD

    • Paul ...

      Is it better to know then not to know … that is the question I also ask … I think it is better to know how evil evil can be so we can fight it … everyone better sit down for this … you know how the Chinese boil dogs and the Americans boil lobster to create an adrenaline rush in the victim as it dies so it will “taste better” … well guess what the pedophiles are doing to our little children to give them an adrenaline rush before they are eaten!

  9. Matt In Pa

    After the latest foolish round of Sanctions against Russia, Russia announces without any hesitation, they will step up the bypassing of using the dollar,and continue deals in RMB,Rubbles. Germany and others will too. They will bypass SWIFT. So long Fiat Dollar trash, hello 12 gallon gas. http://www.russiainsider.com

    • Paul ...

      Not only are the sanctions against Russia, N. Korea, Iran and China but against the EU too … these sanctions violate international law … and is thus a “declaration of war” … did we the American people elect Trump just so the Reptilians could join hands with the Demon-rats and begin the WWIII Hillary wanted???

    • Frederick

      Matt it’s coming no doubt Better get a Tesla buddy

  10. Anthony Australia

    I wanted to say for the record that there is no malice or hateful intent towards your belief sets. I grew up in a catholic household and it only that I studied various other religions did I then choose for myself Buddha.
    Most of my family are still Christians and its I who look like the odd one out and are forever told I’m in the wrong. I’m strong and worldly enough to ignore this and continue to love them as I do you. I will continue to enjoy your production and when possible donate a dollar or two. Stop getting angry and people who have different faiths and beliefs as you because we are fighting for the same thing, ultimately the survival of the human race. To live in a harmonious, loving, sharing and rewarding world.

    • This sceptred Isle

      we are all children of the zero point field

      • Paul ...

        For all the atheists out there … just think of God the Father as being the zero point field and instantly you will have religion!

    • Constance Powers

      Tony, Greg grew up Catholic too. Like you he’s found another way. The Bible!

  11. Jerry

    The transformation of the new global currency system is almost complete. Apparently Timothy Geithner and Hank Paulsen’s clearing house work (via the Working Group) was not limited to private banks. It goes into the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Treasury as well. https://frbservices.org/resourcecenter/sameday_ach/index.html

    Now it makes perfect sense. Who would you want as your chief architect constructing a new economic exchange system? Of course. Someone with a working knowledge about all of its moving parts. If you’re already trading in dollars, why would you need a new automatic same day Clearing House Account? You wouldn’t. Its a new system that is being patched in, just like it was with Wells Fargo.

    I guess its true. America wasn’t conquered from without. It was bought and sold from within. Maybe Jim Willie isn’t as crazy as people said he was back in 2014 when he said the Commercial Bank of China (CBOC) bought the Federal Reserve Bank by becoming its holding company? We’ll see.

    • Jerry

      Just in case anyone has any misgivings about where this is all headed, they may want to read this statement that was just put out by the IMF.
      The next IMF valuation of currencies is in September.

      • Paul ...

        Jerry … If the re-set doesn’t include gold … it’s a con … an SDR is just another piece of worthless fiat paper (simply issued by the IMF instead of the Fed)!!

        • Jerry

          From what I’m hearing the Chinese are about to become in possession of a lot of gold. The truth be told the western banks have sold it all off to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

    • Jerry

      This link is for anyone who is not up to speed with who the Working Group is.
      Disclaimer: Do not open up this link unless you have a pretty strong stomach.

      Have you figured it out yet? Why America has no respect from anyone? China in the South China Sea. Russia in Syria and Ukraine.Or even North Korea who is putting a middle finger right in our face by launching missiles toward Japan? Or why Congress can’t get out of the way of itself by passing meaningful legislation? The United States for all intents and purpose is a debtor nation. And as a debtor nation, the borrower (which is us) is owned by the lender ( China).

  12. JMiller

    Michael Pento is mistaken about there being multiple hundreds of trillions of dollars in credit default swaps. There are currently only about $10 trillion in credit default swaps which is less than there were back in 2008. Now there are multiple hundreds of trillions of dollars in interest rate swaps.

    I am pretty sure Pento is talking about interest rate swaps and is mistakenly calling them credit derivative swaps. A credit default swap really has nothing to do with interest rates going up. It has to do with credit risk, not interest rate risk. A credit default swap has to do with a credit event such as the default by a bond issuer.


    An example is the recent problem that Puerto Rico had with paying it’s debt. It had to do with the ability of Puerto Rico to pay it’s debt which resulted in a default. It was not caused because interest rates went up or down.

    Now interest rate swaps do have to do with changes in interest rates.


    Here is just one case were a city and school district made a bet on the direction of interest rates and lost.


    • Greg Hunter

      I think he meant to say derivatives in general but good catch.

  13. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I started to get worried. Everything in Michael’s body language and facial expression was saying “I don’t want to be here.” Then at @4:30 or 4:40 point into the interview Michael began to become more animated and more like his old self. I like Michael. He is sharp.
    Great job.

  14. Ned Kelly

    The Sell Out Of The American Sheeple
    __W E_ T H E_ P E O P L E_!

    In a surreal, coordinated propaganda campaign, the Western media sidestepped the truth with hero John McCain’s praise of and coordination with US State Department-listed foreign terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra, previously known as Al Qaeda in Iraq – and indeed, the very terrorist organization that the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) itself sprung up from.

    The West’s Decade-Long “War on Terror”
    John McCain’s Moderate Syrian Rebels Are Woman!
    The “moderate” terrorists of US-Saudi backed Jaysh al-Islam used women as human shields! Yes, woman to protect themselves from Syrian and Russian air operations – a fact even the Western media noted, albeit deeply buried in their propaganda.
    That none of this is mentioned in the weepy eulogies of the death of the so-called moderate rebels in the wake of their defeat, should trouble the millions of Americans and Europeans who have been convinced for over a decade that Al Qaeda is the only enemy and that the constant state of war imposed upon them was to battle Al Qaeda and not those so-called moderates that actually did aid and abet it, as an existential necessity.

    Joint Russian-Syrian military operations were clearly, demonstrably undermining and destroying the fighting capacity of terrorist organizations fighting in Syria. Just because the West refused to label the organizations being destroyed as “terrorists,” does not change that fact, nor the fact that US operations in Syria have been exposed as disingenuous in intention, bolstering terrorists, not fighting them. That is until we the people sent the Trumpster to do a mans job and empty that filthy dumpster! 

    The moral of the story; Those swamp monster’s, that hide behind woman’s skirts/burkas’s, our un-intelligence Muslim brotherhood traitors and their sock puppet shadow/Maddow mockingbird brained media stooges, will get punked! As honest Abe’ster said during the last Civil War’ster;
    Rachel’s handlers can fool some of the sheeple some of the time, but cant fool Rachel all da time!
    Wake up Rachel, they got a burka wait-in fer ya. We the sheeple and he da Donald is yer friendster! Believe us sister, ignorance is not blisster!

    • Corleone

      What I still do not understand is why McCain wore pink stockings everytime he went to the middle east.

      • Hatemail

        Thigh high or pantyhose?

        • Hatemail

          Come on Greg, It’s a great one liner.

  15. Paul ...

    Bit coin … an electron on a computer with much less intrinsic value then silver (that can produce electricity from sunlight for you … and less intrinsic value then platinum that can turn water into fuel for your car … or a diamond that can concentrate scattered light for power) went from 6 cents to $3000 dollars (50,000 times) … now what do you think silver (something “with intrinsic value” and the first element to be on the verge of extinction) will sell for if it went up 50,000 times like bit coin? … hold on to your hat … not $600 dollars … but more like $800,000 dollars per ounce … and when the Fed begins QE printing again I would say silver at $1 million dollars per ounce is in the bag … those who have ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire … buy yourself one ounce of physical silver and keep it outside the banksters fiat money system where the crooks have the power to deny you your money!

    • Paul ...

      Now if you are a billionaire and want to preserve your fiat money value simply buying one bit of silver (an ounce) is not going to protect you … for “every billion dollars” you own you will need to buy 1000 ounces of silver … and for the trillionairs like Buffet, Gates, Bush, Pelosi, Hillary, etc. they will need to buy 1 million ounces of silver for each trillion dollars of fiat paper they own … and guess what … they can’t go to the COMEX and get physical metal … they will only be given “fiat paper” by the crooks there … I call that God’s justice!!

      • Paul ...

        So with all their continual wars and all the killing of innocent women and children … the trillonairs will find it was all for naught … and although surrounded with mountains of fiat paper which might keep them warm on a cold winter night … they will be beggars on the street … asking us silver bugs: “hey buddy have a silver dime so I can buy a cup of coffee”?

      • This sceptred Isle

        and when Buffet last owned silver in any sizeable quantity they squeezed him until he coughed it back up again.

      • Freebreezer

        Paul – they own the military and police via the politicians, thus they really do not give a damn. If the system goes bust, they will simple use force to take anything of value including all the gold and silver they can confiscate… they win either heads or tails … these people to not give a crap about most hard working Americans … and if something was to kill off a few billion people, they all would be crying alligator tears!

        • Paul ...

          FB … they may not cry alligator tears at all … as they have “off world” safe zones for their family members … perhaps to get the elite’s to protect “the common people of Earth” we have to “nuke” the elite’s bases on Mars and their bases on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn so they have no place to hide their families away from the slaughter as they create their wars of Armageddon on Earth to wipe us all out … at last count the NASA secret space program has already put 10,000 of the elite’s family members on Mars using black budget money that comes out of our pocket … would these elite slime bags ever tell us what they are doing? … how would it sound to the common people that the elites are using our money to save themselves (just like the elites on the Titanic locked the common people below deck while they took the life boats to save themselves) … their actions to quickly colonize Mars and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn seem to suggest Earth might be right in the path of an “iceberg” called Nibiru … and the rats are jumping ship!

          • Paul ...

            We need Trump to spill the beans on Nibiru … then institute a “lottery system” to give everyone a fair chance to get family members to off world safety if Earth is in real danger … since when are the elites the only ones to have the right to the”off world safety zones” (and stealing our taxpayer money for their own benefit) … even more incomprehensible to the children of God would be if the evil elites made a slimy deal with extraterrestrial aliens to get them “off world” by bartering away the lives of 7 billion people here on Earth “for alien food” just to get those bases on Mars for themselves?

            • Paul ...

              Now I’m spinning this crazy idea around in my mind … could the Japanese be dumping plutonium in the ocean to make the fish we eat radioactive and Monsanto creating GMO food we eat so toxic that we humans are “inedible to the aliens” and therefore create conditions to have the agreement broken between the elites and the aliens to sell us for food in order to get them to safety “off world”?? … but how in God’s name could Monsanto and the Japanese be the “good guy’s” helping humanity to survive???

    • gregd

      I like your math and your ideas but I think it’s a long shot. Our government doesn’t want us to own PM’s. China’s does want its citizens to own it, what do you think would happen in China if they tell everyone to get as much as they can and they let it drop significantly?
      If the U.S. government has as much as they claim and more(I doubt they have very much) or until the big banks go on a buying spree on physical PM’s I think you’ll have to depend on the Chinese government by decree puts its citizens instantly into the middle class. Then China wouldn’t need to export as they do now. This, of course, would hurt us, but perhaps our leaders would be OK with this especially the Dems and Rinos as well as the deep state who were fine with unlimited immigration and open borders.

  16. pat the rat

    North Korea when you start exchange atomic booms with nuclear booms a whole lot of people are going to die.It is said that gold is the money of government,silver is the money of smart people ,paper is the money of the poor!

    • Russ

      I like it, but the original quote is from Norm Franz in:
      Money & Wealth in the New Millennium
      “Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves.”

  17. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Always like your teaming up with Michael Pento…I too was awaiting ..so Hi Ho! silver…
    add this from Doug Casey and the next 12 months seems to be building like a huge tsunami of dire financial consequence….good bye to cash – hello FEDCOIN and chipped hands? More likely results will be a massive insurrection and riots in the street coming soon…..

  18. Robespierre

    Pssst, Michael Pento is a closet Gold Bug ( 22:15)

    In contrast, Economist Martin Armstrong maintains neutrality towards hard assets (Gold). He suggests on occasion that gold will go way up, perhaps as high as $4,000-$5,000 an ounce but ONLY after the ordinary Joe on the street realizes the paper dollar gig is up and the FED is looking like toast ( my paraphrase). In addition, public confidence in Government would have to decline substantially from here, and he claims it will in due course. Martin stated that the peak in confidence in government was 9/2015 (cycle high). More going on than meets the eye. So, just ask him about it sometime when you are able to get Martin Armstrong as a guest once more.

    (When you have posed the question of gold going way up in past interviews, Martin did not directly respond to leading questions about gold valuations in the near term. He does not speculate about gold. Occasionally, he talks about it on his free blog at https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/ ) Cheers.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I can’t understand why Armstrong puts a limit on the gold price at $5,000 per ounce. Surely if the dollar loses its purchasing power there is no limit to golds valuation in FIAT.

      • Paul ...

        Exactly right TSI …

  19. Tad


    As long as the intelligence agencies and military feel they can dazzle with BS, I would suggest (sarcastically) they listen to an old favorite from the early 70s and anticipate passing on well wishes to. . .whoever will accept them.

    Ray Stevens: Everything is Beautiful.

  20. Two Pack

    We Already Passed The Point Of No Return. Collapse will be on August 21, 2017 Bill Holter
    During the debates the Donald warned us about the world wide debt bubble and caught hell. The bill is now due! Good thing he know’s a thing or two About bankruptcy.
    Its a banana republic world! Un Civil War in your future? Listen in, truth bombs away!

    • Freebreezer

      Interesting! in that this is the same day that the total eclipse runs right across ALL America! And if you look at the map it seems to cut America right in half … Coincidence or Omen? Personally, I have a bad feeling about it, though it will be real cool to go and see it! Greg I hope you can get to northern Missouri to see it! Love to get you take on it ( I know it is not financial but it sure comes at an interesting time!)

      • Paul ...

        Lets pray that the lining up of the Sun’s and Moon’s gravity right over Yellowstone on that fateful day doesn’t pull the hot magma up to the surface!!

  21. Buff Coogan

    By Nikola Tesla,
    “The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces of nature to human needs.
    This is the difficult task of the inventor who is often misunderstood and unrewarded. But he finds ample compensation in the pleasing exercises of his powers and in the knowledge of being one of that exceptionally privileged class without whom the race would have long ago perished in the bitter struggle against pitiless elements. . . .”


    Tesla was born to Orthodax Serb’s in the Austrian-Hungarian Hapsburg empire, Balkan state of Slovenia, as was Melanja Trump, when Slovania was then part of the leage of Nations created country of Yugoslavia. Milanja/Milania invented Barron, with a little help from the Donald.
    It’s a bird? It’s a plane? No it’s the Mooch!

    Armageddon Is Two and One-half Minutes Away

    Are you ready to die? You and I are going to die and not from old age, because our fellow Americans are brainwashed that the dumbshits believe all of the lies that are leading us to our certain destruction.  This is what the Atomic Scientists tell us. And they are right.
    By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts July 28, 2017
    Can you comprehend the absurdity? President Trump is under full-scale attack from the military/security complex, the US presstitute media, the Democratic Party, and from many Republicans, such as Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham and Republican Senator from Arizona John McCain simply because President Trump wants to reduce the dangerous tensions between the two major nuclear powers.  
    What explains the total lack of concern for their own lives on the part of the populations in South Carolina and Arizona who send to the Senate and keep sending to the Senate two morons determined to provoke war between the US and Russia?  
    It should send shivers up your spine that you can ask this same question about all 50 states, and almost all congressional districts.
    You can ask the same question about the bordello known as “the American media.” There will be no one alive to post or to read the headlines of the war that they are helping to promote.
    The United States and the rest of the world with it along with all life on earth are being sent to their graves by the total failure of American leadership.
    What is wrong with Americans that they cannot understand that any “leader” who provokes war with a major nuclear power should be instantly institutionalized as totally insane?
    Why do the dumbshit Americans sit night after night in front of the TV absorbing lies that commit them beyond all doubt to their deaths?
    America has failed itself and the world.

    Copyright © Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts, 2017

  22. Mike R

    The war with NK will likely start before the end of this year. Trump has gone beyond rhetoric and his firing of Rince to be replaced by a military general, is not a coincidence. He left certain people in place when he started office, so as to not scare his base, but surrounding himself with all of these military people is not a surprise. He’s going to take out Kim, and NK. That much is guaranteed, especially if he keeps failing on ACA repeal, and then fails on tax reform this fall.

    It also wouldn’t surprise me if Nukes are used to take out NK, both to get them to completely surrender, and then also to remind both China and Russia that we are not afraid to deploy nukes. Neither country has the cahones to launch any nukes at us, due to the doctrine of M.A.D. The US is the ONLY military power on the planet who can launch enough ground based nukes, and submarine based nukes simultaneously at two different countries. And make those countries uninhabitable for centuries. Trump is the guy at the helm with enough guts to do that. We would survive it, with some nukes making it to our country, but in the end most of our civilization would remain in tact. It’d be Western’s civilization’s last chance. That is how the Pentagon views it. How we citizens view it, is not relevant, or even up for discussion. The left knows this, which is what makes them far more violent than the right ever will be. The right inherently understands what it takes to not only survive, but to sustain the human species. This also controls global population growth, and may even set it on a decline toward less than 3 billion world wide. It wouldn’t be thought of as a humanitarian disaster, because of the people remaining alive, would be just grateful to not have been nuked. This is a disturbing premise and conversation to have, but the sooner Americans face the reality of what civilization is up against, the sooner they can come to grips with how to move forward. North Korea is actually a proxy for China’s ambitions to reign in the power of the West. Trump recently re-stating he is ‘upset’ with China, is merely a vocal reflection and warning to China that he (and our Pentagon) knows what is up with them, and how NK is actually not doing these things on its own, but as a provacateur acting upon China’s wishes. Russia’s just announced expelling of 775 US Diplomats is the pre-cursor to all of the aforementioned. It’s now gotten serious and is on an irrevocable course of action.

    • JC

      Mike R I live near the airport in Nash TN. The fighter jets have been taking off everyday for the last week. Nerve racking the area. everyone around here knows something is up.

    • Justn Observer

      Mike…not just a military officer….a Jesuit trained,as most that surround the Presidents are -Georgetown University – Order of St. Matthew military officer… that will focus on the needs of the Tri- Crown Papal Empire corporate interests over the U.S. corporate interests where necessary to promote the New ‘old’ World Orders of the Papal bloodlines that dictate world policy thru their minion like Rothchild, Rockefellers, Soros types. Remember…these are the true ‘capitalists’ that sent their wealth to be minted on Capitola Hill…in Rome…and evolved to rule thru their universal co-opted religion… Like wolves in sheepcloth…the Jesuits/Masons/Fabian/ CFR/Bildenbergs/Atlantic Club/ World Federalists….move ever closer to unmasking and re-taking up Casear’s wreath it shed for the Papal Crown to overcome a ideology it could not suppress… The world is a stage…the wars as named…just theaters of operation to bring their rule and submission of the people and the resources… The bombs will continue to fall where the BIS Central banking systems and Babylonian obelisks and arches of Baal are not established… It is said one of the oldest Roman lines is the Orsini…now living in Macau, China.
      But of course all these familys died off and their wealth all squandered right?

    • Ricco

      Your post is based on a lost of assumptions. For fact check have a look at the Russian ICBM code name SATAN 2. One of these is enough to wipe out Britain with its 9-11 MIRV warheads 500-750 kilo tones in power. Secondly, both the PRC and Russian do not have land based missile silos. All of their deterrence is sea and mobile based. Third, the land mass of Russia and China dwarfs that of the US. In case of a full strike on each respective country the amount of fall out and residual radiation effect is proportionate to the square miles of land available to flee by the populace. Of the three countries in question, it is the US which has the smallest land mass. Fourth, “and then also to remind both China and Russia that we are not afraid to deploy nukes. Neither country has the cahones to launch any nukes at us, due to the doctrine of M.A.D. .” Do you really want to test that theory? Russian and China both have early warning detonation detection of an EMP, blast. As NK boarders both states what do you think it would take for the to launch a perceived counter strike on the continental US? Keep in mind that the Russians have multiple subs with SLBMs parked off the coast of the US. A few years back the Chinese even performed a show of the coast of Cali with a launch.
      You sir are either delusional or a troll, in either case your elementary logic for the scenarios you pointed our is disturbing.

  23. Ned Kelly

    President Donald J. Trump has been living this film for the last two years and still standing tall! Yes, tall, all you mockingbird brained media kool-aid drinkers and especially you Peggy High Noonan! Shame on you for selling your soul to the company store! Your a liar and you know your such! Knowing the truth, we don’t fall for the mockingbird lies and innuendos. Truth and USAWatchdog.com does set free!

    Are we all nearing our own personal High Noon?

    Will you stand up for what you believe in?

    High Noon upon its release, critics and audiences expecting chases, fights, spectacular scenery, and other common Western film elements were dismayed to find them largely replaced by emotional and moralistic dialogue until the climactic final scenes. Some critics scoffed at the unorthodox rescue of the hero by the heroine. David Bishop argued that pacifist Amy’s detached and abstract decision to shoot a man in the back “pulls pacifism toward apollonian decadence”.

    The film was criticized in the Soviet Union as “glorification of the individual”. The American Left lauded it as an allegory against blacklisting and McCarthyism, but it gained respect in the conservative community as well. It has been cited as a favorite by several U.S. presidents. Dwight Eisenhower screened the film at the White House and Bill Clinton hosted a record 17 White House screenings.”It’s no accident that politicians see themselves as Gary Cooper in High Noon,” Clinton said. “Not just politicians, but anyone who’s forced to go against the popular will. Any time you’re alone and you feel you’re not getting the support you need, Cooper’s Will Kane becomes the perfect metaphor.
    “Ronald Reagan cited High Noon as his favorite film, due to the protagonist’s strong commitment to duty and the law.

    By contrast, John Wayne told an interviewer that he considered High Noon “the most un-American thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life” and later teamed with director Howard Hawks to make Rio Bravo in response. “I made Rio Bravo because I didn’t like High Noon,” Hawks explained. “Neither did Duke [Wayne]. I didn’t think a good town marshal was going to run around town like a chicken with his head cut off asking everyone to help. And who saves him? His Quaker wife. That isn’t my idea of a good Western.”

    Fred Zinnemann [nominated best director High Noon] responded, “I admire Hawks very much. I only wish he’d leave my films alone!”In a 1973 interview, he added, “I’m rather surprised at [Hawks’ and Wayne’s] thinking. Sheriffs are people and no two people are alike. The story of High Noon takes place in the Old West but it is really a story about a man’s conflict of conscience. In this sense it is a cousin to A Man for All Seasons. In any event, respect for the Western hero has not been diminished by High Noon.”

    In 1989, 22-year-old Polish graphic designer Tomasz Sarnecki transformed Marian Stachurski’s 1959 Polish variant of the High Noon poster into a Solidarity election poster for the first partially free elections in communist Poland. The poster, which was displayed all over Poland, shows Cooper armed with a folded ballot saying “Wybory” (i.e., elections) in his right hand while the Solidarity logo is pinned to his vest above the sheriff’s badge. The message at the bottom of the poster reads: “W samo poludnie: 4 czerwca 1989,” which translates to “High Noon: 4 June 1989.”
    As former Solidarity leader Lech Walesa wrote, in 2004,
    Under the headline “At High Noon” runs the red Solidarity banner and the date—June 4, 1989—of the poll. It was a simple but effective gimmick that, at the time, was misunderstood by the Communists. They, in fact, tried to ridicule the freedom movement in Poland as an invention of the “Wild” West, especially the U.S. But the poster had the opposite impact: Cowboys in Western clothes had become a powerful symbol for Poles. Cowboys fight for justice, fight against evil, and fight for freedom, both physical and spiritual. Solidarity trounced the Communists in that election, paving the way for a democratic government in Poland. It is always so touching when people bring this poster up to me to autograph it. They have cherished it for so many years and it has become the emblem of the battle that we all fought together.

    High Noon is referenced several times on the HBO drama series The Sopranos. Tony Soprano cites Gary Cooper’s character as the archetype of what a man should be, mentally tough and stoic. He frequently laments, “Whatever happened to Gary Cooper?” and refers to Will Kane as the “strong, silent type”. The iconic ending to the film is shown on a television during an extended dream sequence in the fifth-season episode “The Test Dream”.

    Solidarity election poster – ciraca 1989 – made by Tomasz Sarnecki, artist of the underground anticommunistic organization in Poland. Based on 1959 Polish variant of High Noon poster by Marian Stachurski.)

    John Wayne the blacklist and why he dislikes High Noon

    Gary Cooper winning Best Actor for “High Noon”
    John Wayne accepting

    The blacklisting of High Noon
    Glen Frankel, “High Noon: The Hollywood Blacklist And The Making Of an American Classic

  24. Jerry

    Here is the latest money velocity quarterly report. This is raw data, that gives a true snapshot of the economy. As you can see its the total opposite of what the Stock Market indices represent. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M2V

  25. Matt In Pa

    Putin already said we will strike first when we see a fight coming. Wanna doubt?

  26. frank reps

    Mr. Pento is a wise man. Thank you for having him as a guest. As an aside ; Mr. Putin made a brilliant move which cannot be argued against. They have 400 plus here in the States……we are also at 400 plus in Russia. Want more sanctions US ??. Go ahead. If the POTUS does sign the sanctions bill….it is not likely that his election was Divinely Inspired ; but a ploy by the Elites to hold out a bit more ” HOPE ” to concerned Americans while the deep state exerts more control/

    • Greg Hunter

      Let me guess. You are a atheist? What do you know about what God the Father thinks?

  27. donna s.

    I keep listening to interviews and reading stories and comments and I get so mad and frustrated , just as I imagine many on this site do. There has got to be something we as a collective could do instead of just venting our frustrations on a comment board. Why can’t we the people bring lawsuits against the traitors like the clintons, washerman shultz, and all the rest. It is we the people who have been hurt and damaged. If everyone donated even a dollar we could then fight them instead of waiting for others to act. Can you imagine if a large majority of people who voted for Trump put there names as complainants on a lawsuit . that alone could get someone to act maybe. AND AGAIN MAYBE ITS WISEFUL THINKING.

    • Flattop

      Donna S
      Try finding a law firm that would take your case. The ABA is in bed with them. The thing to do is elect young men who have been federal prosecutors, District attys and such. Men like Jim Jordan and Trey Gowdy who are desperately trying to bring back the rule of law, and apply that law to everyone. These go along to get along politicians who will lie just to get elected need to be sent home!!!

  28. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Your interview gets honorable mention by Sean at SGT with Lynette Zang. Congrats!!!

  29. pat the rat

    North Korea war with them is dumb dumb, and dumber. The people of North Korea will fight and they will fight hard. South Korea will be badly damage ,Japan will badly damage,and dependent on how good North Korea plans are west coasts could be hit hard! Plans and luck are keys to battle and the lady can smile on the U.S or North Korea her choice.

  30. Marie

    Some are saying the date is August 21, 2017. I don’t know why. Have I missed something?

    • JMiller


      No, you have not missed anything. August 21, 2017 is the date of the total solar eclipse. No one credible is calling for a financial collapse on that specific date.

  31. Alannon

    Another vote for Martin Armstrong!

    • Clare Doll

      The date for collapse will be closer to the date that the ceiling for debt needs to be reset. Look at how Congress is playing Trump. Yeah, we aren’t going to give you the money for ANY of your programs. Well, Trump is going to turn around and say, yeah, well who controls the real money, ME and he will not raise the debt ceiling. He can hold on to that until they pass everything AND go after Mueller for the treason that he and Hillary committed with the sale to Russia in days gone by. Unfortunately, the economy will collapse by then but hey, what goes around comes around. So I would aim for that date which most claim will all come down by October 1. That’s why.

  32. Diane

    Most of us here on Greg’s site view the current Democrat Party FAKE NEWS

  33. Charles H

    Greg, et al…

    I give up on the system. Bailing wire; lies; and misdirection – It could come apart tomorrow, or become Venezuela. Predictions moved back ad nauium. Molyneux is right: is Wasserman-Schults and the Awan family goes nowhere – it’s the end. Seeing her brother is heading-up the investigation bodes ill.

    • John Fund

      Charles, Thanks for your prayers and words of wisdom from the Scriptures.

      The division between the republicans and democrats reminds us of the times in the Old Testament when God turned “every man’s sword against his brother”.

      Palestinians’ favorite Arab proverb, “I against my brother, my brother and I against my cousin, my cousin and I against the world”
      Another stanza sums up the Palestinian quandary:
      O future: do not ask us: who are you?
      And what do you want from me?
      For we too do not know.

      Well the Palestinians might not know what the future holds for them, but interestingly the Bible does shed some light on the subject. The Arab proverb of “I against my brother” reminds us of the Biblical prophecy concerning Ishmael, the father of the Arab peoples:
      “And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
      (Genesis 16:12)

      Every Man’s Sword Against His Neighbor
      And they blew the three hundred trumpets, and Jehovah set every man’s sword against his fellow, and against all the host; and the host fled as far as Beth-shittah toward Zererah, as far as the border of Abel-meholah, by Tabbath.
      ◄ Judges 7:22 ► American Standard Version

      Saul and all the army that was with him assembled and marched into battle, where they found the Philistines in total panic killing one another with their swords. ◄ 1 Samuel 14:20 ► NET Bible

      Is this saying that God caused the enemies to kill each other and if so, would not this be a scriptural example of God overriding man’s will? Many would say that God didn’t do that, but the devil did, but doesn’t God take the credit according to this verse?
      Jdg 7:22 And the three hundred blew the trumpets, and the LORD set every man’s sword against his fellow, even throughout all the host: and the host fled to Bethshittah in Zererath, and to the border of Abelmeholah, unto Tabbath.

      1Sa 14:20 And Saul and all the people that were with him assembled themselves, and they came to the battle: and, behold, every man’s sword was against his fellow, and there was a very great discomfiture.

      And I will call for a sword against him unto all my mountains, saith the Lord Jehovah: every man’s sword shall be against his brother. ◄ Ezekiel 38:21 ►
      American Standard Version

      Doesn’t Christendom say, “God cannot impose His Will on anyone”? But doesn’t this example prove that God owns all and that he can impose his will?

      That is what it says, and that is what it means. Or as the cool jerks say today, it tis what it is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX9nOCOjukQ

      That is the outward letter understanding of these verses, and we are seeing it come to pass more and more every day as we see the polarization, both nationally and internationally, of all those who refuse to acknowledge that God really is “working all things after the counsel of His own will”.

      Eph 1:11 In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will:
      A much deeper spiritual understanding of these words is that we actually live these words which have come out of the mouth of God.

      Mat 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
      How do we “live by” these words? We all experience “a great discomfiture” when we first hear the Words of Truth. An internal struggle begins which ends only when the last false doctrine within us is destroyed and smitten by the sword of God’s Word.

      We are all living a blockbuster disaster movie of biblical proportions and we have the best front row seat here at USAWatchdog.com!

      P.S. Thru music the races can find unity and knowing your from Ipsy, Ypsilanti, the Detroit area [Mo-Town] I included that Charles. 50 years since the riots [or as some say rebellion]. I was a kid in the white burbes like you at opposite ends up in Anchor Bay.. Where a Tornado destroyed our

      • Charles H

        John Fund,

        Is this a test? Or is it sincere inquiry? Because either or both still point to one of THE hardest and controversial issues the Bible contains. And in good faith I will try to answer
        Like there is a General Will and a Specific Will of God revealed to man: I will start there. The General Will of God is – that All men come to the knowledge of the Truth and be Saved. The Specific Will is when – once a person is Saved – they are placed within the body of Christ, the Church where God determines and are bestowed gifts to accompany function and purpose there. Then General is toward the whole world; and Specific (Individual) is only within the born-again body of Believers.
        “Predestination”, “Election”, and “Chosen” – function to describe the same issue: and I will describe these as a “General”/”Overarching”/”Majority” (General, and after, Specific terms also) application to humanity. These terms provide an umbrella, or column, or realm set as a provision for man to flee to, be sheltered, rescued, or redeemed. Anyone seeking this shelter or redemption through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in salvation: is whosoever will may come, from the most moral man to the most vile criminal – all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Salvation is open to everyone with a heartfelt disposition to know and be restored to God: Ye must be born again.
        Turning to a Specific application of God’s Sovereign Prorogative – where He has hardened hearts, like in Pharoah’s; or destined betrayal by prophesy, like as Judas Iscariot: God is NOT UNRIGHTEOUS. Hell and the Lake of Fire are Judgment which sustains the truth that God is righteous; and man is sinful. And here I must add my own opinion – that I believe that God allows the people, because He sees the hearts: that will be disposed to choose to act evilly and fulfill His purposes – to find their way in time and place to wholly condemn themselves. Whether or not God in the Spirit nudges them, or drives them directly, or through the background and circumstances and outside influence – or all this: it is pure conjecture. My tendency is to think that God uses people who are already their own worst enemies to be the ‘fall guys’ in critical or God purposed events. And so – it’s not like God is taking some great person and just slamming them to an undeserved eternal punishment. Even if God does the final ‘pushing over the edge’: He is not Unrighteous.
        So – the “whosoever will may come” is right; it applies to 99.99999999% of ALL HUMANITY unto this day. And if so He takes someone who is no worse than the next person to condemn – three or four times in all human history: He is still Righteous. What I am saying here is that: God gets to have it both ways. For this reason and being His Creation (possession): WE SHOULD FEAR HIM; and not play (mock) with time or opportunity. And we surely should be examining our hearts.
        The whosoever wills can come under the Sovereign provision of Grace by Faith, by the working of our individual will and decision. Others may harden their heart as in the day of provocation. The sovereign, or free will of man is the FIRST image we have of God; which makes us little gods – and the arbitor of our own eternal destiny. This is how I see it.

        Above St. Claire Shores, huh? NICE.

        • Charles H

          As I have thought about this while working around the house a bit… Taking my opinion to a further, or farthest conclusion: it may work out that God bases His arrangements with human destiny on the condition of that human heart in His view. So it could be that our own disposition toward, against, or ignoring Him is what determines how He will deal with us. So that we, ourselves make the difference between a Judas and a Repentent Thief.
          Of course, it will only be when we are in His presence – that we will really know. Still, I say again: God is not to be condemned – EVER. He IS Righteousness and Justice itself. His mercy toward the repentent and believing is infinite and eternal. Let me know what you think of my answer.

  34. John


    Went to buy a gold eagle this afternoon as part of my monthly ritual and paid no sales tax! Would appear that a law was passed in NC not to tax bullion as it was money and therefore subject to capital gains like an investment but not subject to sales tax.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John for the street reporting!!!

  35. Hatemail

    I don’t understand what Mr. Pento is talking about, never have, but he sure can be entertaining.

  36. Tad

    As to process serving on Hillary, Bill, or chief human pedophile(s), John Podesta and his brother, it only make sense that three or four federal marshals accompany said server.

    Being true Americans, they wouldn’t risk significant jail time for refusing to appear or becoming a flight risk, for which “detainment” is a distinct possibility.

  37. FC

    Commander-in-Chief is now hosting Politician Apprentice………YOUR FIRED!

  38. murcus

    You voted to make America great again. The man that was selected to reinstall America to the position it once held is Trump.
    Now lets have a good think about what a leading power country should obtain for the rest of the world to have faith to be great again. That’s right it is unbelievable to think that America deserves the position it once held as a protective and prosperous leading force, the history of Wars, destruction, diseases, Pedofilia, Rigging, Stealing, Spying, Lying,the holding of advance technologies that could free the world from debt, the criminal Banksters, murdering your own people, blowing up your own buildings, and YOU STILL BELIEVE THAT GOD WILL ALLOW YOU TO BE GREAT AGAIN. Trump has been selected by GOD to drain the swamp, people in his cabinet putting hands on him to give him strength to carry on, and in the meantime he is throwing stones as it is the order of God.
    With greatness comes responsibility to lead a nation with so much power America has shown the world it can not be trusted, we the people of the world are sick and tired of the games America is playing with our lives and planet.
    Greg I do respect you but you must stop with God the father is in charge, Americans have been living off we the people for way too long, the disregarded for your consumption and your footprint on the world stage is abusive, disrespectful especially when alternative energy is available to all of us. God will never allow America to be GREAT AGAIN. It seems to many of us that the American way of life is the problem and needs to be removed from the position God intrusted Americans with. I mean all Americans are responsible for the consuming madness.
    Bring on the fall of Madness Americans have installed on this world and all Americans need to repent for the danger you have placed on this planet….
    Oh and as far as blaming North Korea as being roge go back in history and look what you did to those people really can you blame them for arming themselves when you burnt their children of God to the ground…..stop pointing the finger at other nations protecting themselves from you America…..
    And trust that God gave you Greatness to be Great and God is removing your power the rest of the world no longer Trusts America.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree. Everyone in America is not OK with “Wars, destruction, diseases, Pedofilia, Rigging, Stealing, Spying, Lying,the holding of advance technologies that could free the world from debt, the criminal Banksters, murdering your own people, blowing up your own buildings” This is precisely why Trump was elected. What country do you live in?? I bet I can find fault with it.

      • murcus

        The rest of the world no longer Trusts America and their corrupt dollar.
        This is what it is all about Greg, You see Greg you can not be the only team player that has a gun, if one team only had guns then there is no game to play, other teams will start a new game that is fair for all other teams to play in.
        This is what was meant to be resolved after world war 11, but no America had to post guns all around the Eastern world they broke the treaty.
        So today we once again move 3 steps back and watch America take us to war again. but this time the game is not backed by US dollars and US will fall.
        God has abandoned US of America as it can not be TRUSTED with power.
        Greg I live under the American Construct our priminister is an EX Goldman Ceo $%$$#$$%, unfurtunatly we will be suffering along with the crimes of America.

        • Greg Hunter

          Is God talking to you? I do agree the dollar is corrupt and headed for a fall. I do agree there is a corrupt swamp in the U.S. body politic but “We the People” are trying to right the ship of state. It was Hillary Clinton, Democrats, RINO Republicans and the Deep-State trying to sink it. I do not agree that God has abandoned the U.S. America did not take you to war in WWII. America had to save you from the Germans. If it did not you’d be writing me in German right now.

          • Frederick

            Greg Sorry but that ” save us from the Germans” and we would ” all be speaking German right now” talk is typical of teenagers without much knowledge You shouldn’t go there Makes you look ignorant

            • Greg Hunter

              Really Fredrick? Tell me how it would have went if the U.S. would not have entered WWII. I don’t live in a fantasy history world.

          • Keith wilson

            (This is Greg Hunter. If you have something to say, say it in English. Putting it in German makes work for me and I am just going to trash the comments. I don’t have the time for translations.)

            • Keith wilson

              Greg,what I said in German was this.You where right in mentioning American involvement in ww2.Without your involvement Russia and Britain would never have won.Mentioning this is a taboo subject to some people and will cause problems.You understand this ? No offence Greg ?

  39. antonius aquinas

    New Article:



  40. John Fund

    [Our Hero]
    Mr. McCain Goes to Washington
    And chose’s to operate like the standard-issue politicians he likes to rail against.

    In 2008, presidential candidate John McCain bravely proposed a health-care reform that Fortune magazine said was a giant step toward “laissez faire liberty” in health care. He wanted to empower consumers to find the best health care and even end the tax break for employer-sponsored plans. In 2015, McCain joined all but one other GOP senator in voting to repeal Obamacare. The next year he ran an ad in his primary campaign against a Tea Party Republican claiming he was “leading the fight to stop Obamacare.” That ad helped him win 51 percent of the primary vote. Just this year, McCain introduced a bill to “fully” repeal Obamacare and replace it with a “free-market approach that strengthens the quality and accessibility of care.” Then, last Friday, McCain faced a choice on the Senate floor. He could vote with all but two of his GOP colleagues for “a skinny repeal” bill and get to a conference committee, where negotiators from the House and Senate could devise a bill that might pass both chambers. Or he could effectively leave Obamacare in place, dooming any realistic effort at curbing it given the uniform Democratic opposition to any real reform. McCain sided with the status quo, killing the “skinny repeal.” Journalists rushed to gush over his vote, cast only a few days after a surgery to remove a dangerous brain tumor. The New Yorker’s take was typical: “Throughout his political life, John McCain has for many reasons enjoyed bipartisan respect and even reverence: his independence of mind (usually), his candor (usually), his decency, his love of country.” McCain’s stated reason for killing reform was that the bill in front of him “fell short of our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare with meaningful reform.” True enough, but this is a perfect example of letting the perfect be the enemy of the better. Obamacare is a disaster that, left untouched, will be saved only by a massive taxpayer bailout of insurance companies. Premiums on Obamacare exchanges have gone up by double digits annually ever since their formation in 2013. Out-of-pocket expenses — including copays and deductibles — rose 40 percent, to $2,649 per person on average, between 2011 and 2014. Hundreds of counties across the country are likely to have no health insurers offering plans on their local exchanges next year. McCain’s vote represents a complete reversal of the position he won his Senate election with. Far from being a modern-day “profile in courage,” McCain’s vote against advancing Obamacare reform represents a complete reversal of the position he won his Senate election with last year. John Merline of Investor’s Business Daily notes that “In the private sector, promising one thing and delivering the other could be referred to as ‘deceptive trade practice.’ For some members of Congress, it’s just another day at the office.” Like every American, I wish John McCain the best in his battle against a brain tumor. But in what may prove to be one of the most important votes he has cast in his 35 years in Congress, he chose to operate like the standard-issue politicians he likes to rail against.

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449994/john-mccains-obamacare-vote-was-indefensible

    by JOHN FUND July 30, 2017 5:09 PM @JOHNFUND

    • Charles H

      Reminds me of “blood-letting”. Those who trust will die. Those who question may live.

  41. Russ

    It appears that Greenspan agrees with Michael Pento.
    Greenspan: Soaring Inflation Will Pop Bond Market Bubble
    “Equity bears hunting for excess in the stock market might be better off worrying about bond prices, Alan Greenspan says. That’s where the actual bubble is, and when it pops, it’ll be bad for everyone.”…

    • Frederick

      Russ the only problem is Nobody cares what Greenspan says I don’t anyway

  42. Flattop

    Might you know why Congr. Jason Chaffetz resigned. Really strange considering his position in Congress

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know the reason why.

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