More than 100 Years of Money Printing Next Year-Wiedemer

Robert Wiedemer, Author of “The Aftershock Investor" - Get Out of Stocks and BondsGreg Hunter’s 

Bob Wiedemer, author of “The Aftershock Investor,” says, “People are definitely in denial about what we’re doing. . . . Nobody mentions the $85 billion a month we’re printing now. . . . We’ve only printed about $800 billion in the last 100 years.  We’re going to print more than that next year.  So, literally 100 years of printing next year.”  Wiedemer says you think of your mortgage as rent because you will never get it back.  Wiedemer contends, “When interest rates rise, the value of homes drop.  We’re assuming interest rates will never rise.  Well, when you print as much money as we’re talking about, it’s inevitable.  Interest rates will absolutely rise one way or another.”  In his latest book, Wiedemer says to get out of stocks and bondsHe predicts, “Between now and 2014, I think you’re going to fall out of bed. . . . Stock investors could take a very big hit—well over 50%.”  Wiedemer calls gold “the once and future king” and goes on to predict “gold will go to $6,000 to $7,000 per ounce.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bob Wiedemer, author of “The Aftershock Investor.”

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  1. Richard

    Bob makes me very nervous. I also appreciate the little blurb about housing.

  2. jerry

    Greg this was a really fascinating interview. I have read many of Mr. Wiedemer’s theory’s on the economy and agree with almost all of them.
    Are people in this country living in a state of “Denial”? From my observation the answer is YES. A great big “FAT ONE”! I really think the baby boom generation, and their children, are living in a fantasy world. They have lived during the most prosperous times this country has ever known, and simply can’t imagine anything else.
    Greg this talk about the real estate market turning around is all B.S. I spend almost everyday in the market. Most people are either upside down with their mortgages, or are draining every shred of equity out of their homes just to stay afloat financially. Even retirees are borrowing against their homes with reverse mortgages. If the bubble were to pop tomorrow these people would all be out on the street. Don’t kid yourself, Banks can call their notes due anytime. Here in Missouri they can start foreclosure within 30 days of default.
    Talk about illusion? We also do Insurance work. Probably 30% of the business owners I talk to don’t have Health Insurance because they can’t afford it. Guess what? In 2014 they will no longer have that option. Under the Affordable Care Act, they are required to get it or pay a 1% penalty/tax (whatever). How do you think that will play out?
    Greg we are headed for a train wreck, no matter what the vast majority of people think. I want to thank you for being the voice of reason in this sunshine and lollipop world we live in right now.

    • Ken

      Hey Jerry

      Some of us “Boomers” are smarter than the average bear!

      As I write,,, gold below $1300,,, stocks below 15000

      Suspect another possible fake sell off to suck in more fresh meat and I’m already hearing the old BTFD from MSM.

      Good show Mr. Hunter. Your site is part of my weekly what the heck’s going on scan.

  3. AndyB

    The two biggest enablers of political and economic corruption had their birth in 1913; the establishment of the FED and the US progressive income tax. It’s no coincidence that Woodrow Wilson was a closet Marxist, but even he regretted signing both bills, and actually stated his misgivings.

  4. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    Having Weidemer on sure gives a contrast to most the other sources. He is a moderate voice, one well within the System; a safe man for Mainstream Media: definitely not an Alex Jones. This also indicates the target audience he shoots for – closer to mainstream and not the fringe, and good for books.
    But by narrowing down within the system, he loses a larger perspective. No mention of the critical interconnectivity of banking WORLDWIDE; which could shut-down American non-prductivity to dustbowl dimensions. The idea that “normal” people, who barely get by, to save something for a cushion is hard to accept. Most Americans CAN’T save; and whatever they can set aside won’t be significant – so this is just blather. NOTHING is said if the Bail-in; nothing mentioned of Precious Metals manipulation and utter gaming. “Gold out of favor”?? PUH-LEASE. No Homeland Security arming-up, or mention of NSA spying on all America.
    I will agree that an “Get Outta Bed” event may come this year – but a full 5 – 6 years to fully develop a total Aftershock impact is hard to swallow. Weidemer lives in a rational world: but I don’t think it is rational anymore. I remember the 1967 Detroit Riots – and if things go significantly south in America, I fear real anarchy and Herd Thinning before Martial Law is implemented (in that order). I ride motorcycles – and I try to keep a 360 degree vigilance. Just look ahead if you want: but I don’t recommend it. Weidemer seems to have a narrow (in-system) view. Jim Sinclair is literally screaming to get out of the system now. I’ll have to go with the latter.

    • Greg

      Charles H.
      I think they are both saying the similar things but Sinclair is more aggressive. If you take the advice of either one you will be better off. I have the upmost respect for both men, especially Mr. Sinclair! Thank you for your comment.

      • Allen Ols

        I agree 200% w/charles, I wouldn’t buy the book, maybe borrow and skim. He is tooo layed-back. The fema camps are real, complete w/2 story incinerators, and I am supposed to save allitle for a bumpy bit.
        I will stick w/the jackass.
        Al ols

      • Lars Hansen


        Great interview. I respect your respectful view of both Bob Wiedemer and James Sinclair. You are truly a kind and considerate human being.

        Best wishes,


        • Greg

          Thank you Lars for the kind words and for your support.

  5. rhizome100

    I have heard the same thoughts for over a decade. the fallacy is to assume tptb has a linear approach. well, they change and adapt; new strategies. I recall Sinclair’s pillars. one was about rates rising. in fact they fell and big time. if a crisis hits they will do what they need to do – now they have bail in.
    if they entire global financial system is cooperating there will be no mega crisis as suggested in the interview. people forget that in the 1930’s depression there was a very serious set of fissures in the system; beggar thy neighbor UK vs US v France (to say nothing of the emerging Axis powers). We don’t have that now. when that appears then you get the crisis that has no effective response (recognizing the response only dig the hole deeper). it’s like modern medicine. you can be kept going decades longer by treating the symptoms even if it’s in very poor health.

    • Greg

      No comparison between now and the 1930’s. It is off-the-charts worse by any metric you would like to use.

      • rhizome100

        Off the charts now also is the array of governance mechanisms and degrees of collaboration between governments and firms worldwide. My point speaks not to the severity of the crisis but the ability to navigate it (and for some to profit by it). For me the focus first and foremost the reaction to the problems/crisis/imbalances and secondarily the the problems themselves. The reaction in the 1930s was to turn inward to one’s own national economy and for many empire (UK and France).
        I realized this in the early 2000s (first after thinking it was game over). they came up with interest rate suppression, TBTF, QE to infinity. Now its Bail Out and there will be more much more to come (leaving doomers scratching their heads as to how they keep the system going). I also realized that John Mauldin got it right: ‘muddle threw’ was the reality of the 2000s not collapse. You will note Sinclair has more or less come to this position. the system will hold – but with bail in many will lose financial flexibility and freedom.
        Wiedemer is calling for deflationary collapse of markets (except gold) but my knowledge tells me the end game is inflation and then currency reissue. this means stocks will big a decent investment to at least hold value and cash will be the worst (and with bail in even worse). of course PMs will end up being, as they have been, best of all. home prices and stocks are just reflecting in a forward way the coming reality of inflation (but in a stealth rate repressed context) which is hear already at 9% via ShawdowStats numbers.

        • Greg

          You are making one very big assumption and that is your brokerage will not fail. If you happen to be in a brokerage that turns out to be MF Global then you will take a big hit. I’ll say it again, what is happening now has never happened in all of recorded history. There are going to be some very big and nasty surprises. You should plan for the worst scenario you can think of. These are just my thoughts on the matter. You do make some very good points. Thank you for your comment.

          • George

            rhizome 100,
            IMO you are giving the people that are running things too much credit. I think they will be brought low by the law of unintended consequence and the law of inertia.

  6. Dwain

    Greg, money printing and ious are keeping the artificial fiat economy propped up. Government, healthcare, pharmacy, crime, law and construction account for well over half of the economy. Manufacturing only 12%. If the stock and bond bubbles burst, how does this effect governments ability to subsidize the debt based economy?

    • Greg

      You wonder why DHS is buying ammunition by the billions of rounds? What is happening now has NEVER happened in recorded history. I don’t know how bad things will get but it is safe to say the Great Depression will look like a party.

  7. George

    One thing I like about your show is that you cover all point of view even in the comments (unless one is a hatemonger). Thanks for having Bob on. I just finished up Peter Schiff’s book. I think I’ll read Bob’s to get some information on his thoughts.
    As far as real estate goes, I think the price and value will depend on how bad inflation gets. In a lot of countries you have to pay cash. If gas if $10 a gallon, Milk at $8, I don’t think that houses will be so cheap. There are people with money.

  8. Mike R

    Bernanke has every right to be deathly afraid of deflation. So much debt on top of debt on top of more debt, then leveraged beyond everyone’s imagination, is like a black hole vortex that simply cannot ever be filled up or plugged or prevented from sucking every asset, material or human, straight into it and into obscurity.

    That is the ONLY way anyone can possibly describe what has been unfolding, and the eventual outcome.

    The inevitable outcome for the government and the banking system, HAS to be one of outright confiscation, unless there is total anarchy to remove both federal government and the banking elites.

  9. Mike R


    Have you ever considered getting Ann Barnhardt on here ?

    While she mixes in a strong religious element, her personal story, and conviction generally provides a model for the men of this world, who could do a lot worse than to have half the backbone and fortitude she possesses.

    • Greg

      I like Ms. Barnhardt she has morels and conviction.

  10. John

    If gold is going to about $7000 then the proper 1/16 ratio for the silver will put it at $437. It is already way below what it is worth as todays $1342 would put it at $83 instead of $21.

  11. jerry

    Greg, I believe the window of opportunity is beginning to close now. Ben Bernake came out again yesterday and just hinted about easing back on QE and stocks fell 200 points for the second time. If that isn’t a warning shot off the bow, I don’t know what is? The economy is a sham. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t matter what the Feds were doing. Now is the time to act, because when the masses find out what’s really going to happen, herd mentality will kick in and panic will ensue. As much as I like Mr. Wiedemers theories, I think his timing is off. I think you do to ?

    • Greg

      This is so hard to call and navigate because this has never happened before in recorded history. I think we all can agree this will end very badly. It’s just a matter of time when everyone realizes this cannot and will not be fixed with massive global money printing. I feel strongly this will be far worse than the Great Depression. I hope I am wrong. Thank you for your comment and involvement in

  12. Mitch Bupp

    I have a question Greg? If we have printed about $800 billion (cash) what is the legal standing of the derivatives and other funny money assets created out of thin air by the banksters. Could the government just claim them invalid since they are not actual currency created by the government?

    So, what are the numbers of government sanctioned money vs bank created money?

    For example; when a house is sold the bank creates two financial instruments, the promissory note and the derivative). Both of these are sold for cash. What is the legal standing of monetary value created derivative and who is liable for it?

    • Greg

      My sources say we could have cancelled all these (or most of theses) derivatives before Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. Not now. They have added to these positions by the trillions of dollars and everybody expects to get paid on their bet even thought everyone can’t. This is what systemic risk looks like. As far as housing, MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registry Systems) has the chain of custody on millions of properties so convoluted that it is hard to know who really owns what. It is a gigantic mess. Because there is no public exchange for most derivatives there is no oversight, no real regulation, no guarantees and no standards for what a good derivative really is. It is nearly totally lawless and the UTC market for all derivatives according to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is around $700 trillion. Some say the market is really more than twice that size. Can you see the enormous mess the global financial system is in? It is mind boggling and this is the basic premise to holding gold and silver in your direct control. Forget price. It is all about possession, and derivatives are one big reason why. Thank you for your question.

  13. George

    Gold is being beaten…Is this the final push before Comex defaults?
    Here is what is happening in other places where gold is considered a store of wealth and protection against fiat currency.
    “With new import restrictions and higher duties in place, analysts are expecting gold demand in India to drop in June.

    Barclays and Standard Chartered Bank are expecting to see significant drops in gold imports as the Indian government and Reserve Bank of India try to lower the country’s massive current account deficit.

    According to news reports, in May, the country’s trade deficit widened to $20.14 billion from $17.8 billion in April, a seven-month high, as gold imports remained strong. The data showed that gold and silver imports jumped by 90% compared to last year; although high, precious metals imports were lower than April’s yearly increase of 198%.

    However, analysts at Standard Chartered Bank expect that the trade deficit to fall to $15 billion and gold imports to fall between $5 billion to $4 billion from the $8 billion recorded in May.

    In research note, analysts from Barclays Capital said that the May report could be a near-term high for the trade deficit.

    “We expect gold demand and, hence, imports to be significantly lower in June, and possibly remain low in coming months,” Barclays Capital said.”
    Does anyone think the imports are going down with gold hitting a new low?

  14. Ravi Chiavanathan

    I warned you all that the best play was to short gold and many of the gold mining stocks. I made a fortune this past week and I am ready to roll over my derivatives for an additional round turn. I also shorted DRDGold and Harmony Gold and socked it to them. They have no chance against us.

  15. Dibkitha Swamy


    Anyone that isnt getting into cash particularly the US Dollar is frankly out of touch. My bet is for the dollar to transcend the 87 to 88 area by bullish wedge formation by August before trading sideways for a few years. The tapering of new Fed purchases will mute any movement up or down once the major move upward has been achieved. At some point a decade out or so, I see a hyperbolic caternary formation in the upper trendlines punctuated by a blowoff top and then a descending triangle to the 100 area where we will again be sideways for a few years.

    • Jack

      You are an idiot

  16. Son Wong Sohn

    No need to worry about print of money. Use proprietary trading model and dont have to worry about boring stuff like earning dividend. Now only have to worry about profit profit profit.

  17. Robert Burke

    What we are seeing is ‘disinflation’ and the theory of looming hyper-inflation is absent of the facts. If the US Fed truly pulls the rug from under the economy we will see out right deflation and collapse.

    Gold and commodities are clearly indicating deflation is on is way…what every happened to the hyper-inflation in may theory?

    What is puzzling me is why the Fed wants this deflation by their comments…something is not adding up.

  18. Ezra Shwartz

    The best currency play is to buy dollars heavily right now and short gold. Gold is going to be down to $850 by mid summer so get on the train while you can. Nooone fights the Fed and lives to tell about it. The dollar strength through the end of the year is going to surprise a lot of people. The thing you have to remember is that deficits dont really matter. Ronald Reagan proved this more than 20 years ago.

    • Greg

      Ezra Shwartz,
      Thank might be a good trade but not a insurance or protection play. This is not a trading site and I do not give advise on trades for the comment. because it is very risky for the common man. Thank you

    • Charles H.


      Such prognostications are purely speculative and alarmist. And WHY come to the defense of the Fed? They themselves are the driving force behind these blatant and illegal manipulation in the Precious Metals market; and doing so to protect the value of the Dollar. Oh, and I get it – put out the carrot of financial gain: at the expense of the American people. Massive overprinting of the Dollar waters-down and devalues the currency: but there’s a buck to be made! It is a credit to Mr. Hunter that he allowed your comment to post – but I find it reprehensible that you serve to drive with fear (loss of value) the last of the marginal who won’t countenance the shenanigans of the System.
      Also, I strongly disagree with your statement: “deficits don’t really matter”. This seems to be the backside of the circular thinking to money-printing. It akin to Credit Card debt, or deficit: just arrange a different account, or card, to cover the debt, make it bigger – then what? Keep on going??? I would not advise you to speak for the Chinese, who own enough American debt to bankrupt the USA, should they wish to redeem their instruments.
      Lastly, the price of gold is now less than it takes to get it out of the ground; let alone refine and mint it. This fact alone speaks to the issue that the manipulated market is topsy-turvy. I don’t care if the Fed or the US government passed a Law to put gold at $40.00 an ounce: the Dollar WILL be circumvented and placed into a basket of world currencies – but not at the top of that list. England just signed Renminbi exchange direct in London, England. No Sir. Russia, China, India, and Indonesia will stand America down WITH their gold – as America won’t have near enough to begin to back the money-printed deficit it is running up. Value is based upon work and production: not money printing. Spoiled, Disneyland-ian Americans think they can define their way out of any problem. That era is coming to an end. A global end.
      (My apologies Greg.)

  19. Bruce Stebbing

    Hi Greg, You should report on the global retirement crisis.

    Most people will be working until they are 70, if they can ever retire. Most investents have not produced fair, honest returns because mutual fund companies and other finincial firms have charged high fees, for very poor performance.
    Investors have been exploited for many decades.

    People need to stop buying mutual funds and buy exchange traded funds. Also, most financial advisors are just salesmen who sell you investments for their benefit and the benefit of the companies they work for. Look at the inferior performance of funds over the past decade.

    People need to invest with low fee discount brokers and buy investments for themselves. I like index investing and buying some stocks that I researched myself, instead of listening to financial advisors.
    Most people are just trying to survive and make ends meet, so they never have money to invest anyway.

    • Greg

      Good idea but I probably will not get to it anytime soon. Thank you

  20. M.Smith

    Greg, well they did it today, I knew these crooks would use the paper markets to scare the heck out of anyone who believes in hold PM’s of any type! It’s a sad day what these crooks are allowed to get away with, the comment section on is full of some one the most hateful & meanest comments I have read toward anyone who says the truth about the dollar, HFT’s, the FED or manipulation that we know is rampant in the markets & government! The truly disabled & poor shall suffer the worse while the crooks live high on the backs of those who life savings have been stolen with governments help & blessings!

    Your readers will not like this, nor do I, just think how much waste we would find here alone! 75 billion plus a year & what to get for it? No privacy, less freedoms & crooks who are using financial terrorism against the people of the world!

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and content!

  21. frosty


    When money is issued as compounded debt, the debt must grow exponentially. Regardless of what the “experts” tell us, this increasing debt can never be repaid through an increase in productivity since, in the best of times, productivity grows only arithmetically. This mathematical fact reveals the root of our economic problem.

    From this corrupt root,branches grow. As these exponential and arithmetic functions increasingly diverge over time, the parasitic debt consumes all productivity available and must then be fed by increasing taxation, bail-out’s and bail-in’s, QE’s to infinity, austerity plans and eventually the confiscation of all public and personal assets. In government, fraud, systemic corruption, unaccountably and contempt for Constitutional principles are required in order to push a people either into absolute slavery or violent rebellion.

    In looking for a solution to this problem we should take note that all of the world’s religions forbid such a system as being blatantly immoral and deadly to the survival of any society which implements it.
    Maybe we should quit listening to the likes of Mr. Brenanke and hear what the ancient sages had to say regarding possible solutions to our economic problem.

    The Judeo/Christian religion calls such a system such as ours one of “usury” while in Islam it is called “riba”. If we look in Leviticus 25 of the Bible, we will find a solution there called the “Jubilee” which is similar to that which was was recently implemented in Iceland.

    Although I don’t hear this concept of Jubilee mentioned in the MSM, it is increasingly mentioned in the alternative media today and therein lies the possibility of real hope and real change occurring in the global economy.

    • Greg

      You must be reading my mind. I am working on the Weekly News Wrap-Up and not only can the current debt NEVER be repaid but they have made things worse by adding to it to the tune of trillions of dollars. Now Europe is openly planning on Bail-ins! No way the Fed is done printing. At some point, there will be a wash-out of debt, or in Biblical terms a “Jubilee”–but not yet. You are spot on sir, it is coming. Thank you for your comment and analysis.

    • Rebecca

      You speak of an economic ‘Jubilee.’
      In truth, the ‘religious’ Jubilee as decreed by the Bible will begin in September 2015.

  22. Robert Burke

    Now China is having a banking crisis as the Central Bank is not funding short term capital requirements…interest rates are now above 25%. There is now a shortage of liquidity in China…so much for hyper inflation…when there is a lack of liquidity it causes deflation.

    Second largest economy in the world is now contracting…this is counter to the hyper-inflationary gold bugs have been stating will happen any day now.

    As reported in China

    China’s benchmark money-market rates climbed to records as the central bank refrained from using reverse-repurchase agreements to address a cash crunch in the world’s second-biggest economy.

  23. miahallen


    I have just “woken up” very recently, starting with Glenn Beck talking about the federal debt & deficit about two years ago. I was intrigued and borrowed “Aftershock” 2nd edition from a coworker. It was a fascinating read and really brought me out of the milieu of the mainstream. Since then my whole life has changed and I’m playing this game much more strategically. I’m in my 30s and have two elementary school aged children, and I really wish I had some good news for their future….but reality has set in, and I’m doing my best to prepare them for whatever lies ahead.

    I just wanted to say thank you to you and to Bob, and God Bless!

  24. Puddin

    Interview was classically pall parrot of the gold bug crowd. Folks need to get a grip-USD is going on a multiyear strengthening, with gold falling below $1000 at least. The inflation being parroted as the catalyst for printing and hyperinflation arent going to make gold rise. Govt will confiscate assets, and debt deflation will rule.
    Ammo is the new gold because there is very tight supplies. Gold is going to crash huge. Dont say you havent been warned. Get out of Gold/silver while you still have your butt intact. Platinum is a different story.

  25. Ilya

    So here is the scoop! Yes, you are correct the Gov’t is printing money, BUT “no one except the banks’ have this money! So how can you have inflation if people on the street have no access to it?! Currently, the banks are hoarding all the money. Look how tight the credit lending is now.

    The premise of run away inflation from higher interest rates is false! In addition, your premise of falling housing prices is also false. Here is the reason, during inflation people hold on to “tangibles” Who cares about GOLD? Its dropping (melting) The real commodity is housing market, in good neighborhoods. Why? Simply because population is growing!!!! Great example is NYC, how many Broadways can you make? And yet, every year there are new move ins from IVY League grads that flood the market from Schools with new jobs acceptance.

    Look, I know that you are trying to sell your book, but this “doomsday” prediction is very unrealistic.

    But you can go ahead and hide in your BUNKER. I truly think people are inherently positive in nature; and yes after the fall — they get up!

  26. Jason

    I will likely be moving all my cash to bitcoin or litecoin to avoid the useless paper that is being printed.

  27. nc_mom

    Back in 2006 I called my Dad and thanked him (barber with 5 kids) for teaching me to live within my means, only buy what you have money to pay for and save for a rainy day. As a single mom I’ve survived the crazy past few years and hope to not have to rely on my kids in my old age. I’m not an economist but understand common sense and based on what I have been reading in the comments so far…sounds like keeping your money ie. gold coins, under your mattress (and make sure it is in a house that is paid for), is a good strategy once again (that is how my grandfather immigrated from Europe and prospered in the US back in the 30’s).

    My only question, more for my kids, is the cost of a collage education going to be a good investment it if they have to take out loans to pay for college in the next 4 -8 years? College degree is about the cost of a home so if you should seriously consider renting, should kids seriously consider not going to college and move straight into the necessity workforce?

  28. Gary Australia

    Japanese stock market down 20%. Really ???. I must be looking at the wrong charts.

  29. m p

    What do you suggest for someone who has all their money tied up in s&p C and S fund?

    • Greg

      I wouldn’t have all my money ties up in any one of anything. The word is diversification. Tha t is my best advise.

  30. Marian Jones

    I’m an 86 year old widow in a paid for condo complex with monthly maintenance fee. Present prices are very good as it’s the only one on a lake. Should I consider selling while market is good or sell & rent?

    • Greg

      Marian Jones,
      I think if it is paid for then stay put. you need a place to live and this sounds like a nice place. if you sold there would be a problem because cash could be devalued. There could be “bail-ins” or it could be frozen. Your home could lose value too, but you can still live in it. I think staying put is much safer. Anyone else?
      Thank you for your question and for supporting this site.

  31. nhi

    Hi Grey…
    I bought about 80 ounces of gold when the price was still high..about 1600 per ounce…do u think the gold price gonna be that high again and when?

    • Greg

      Don’t look at the price. It is all about possession. That is your financial insurance policy for your assets. You are insuring yourself against the government making bad choices. How have they been doing in Washington D.C. so far? It is immaterial what the actual value of your 80 ounces of AU is. It may end up being the some only wealth you have. Paper dollars are going to be coming under heavy selling pressure in the not too distant future according to economist John Williams of You can hear it for yourself in a few hours when I post the interview. You won’t want to miss any of it.

  32. Bullfrog

    Greg, love your stuff. We are promoting you and others who are attempting to tell the truth about the economy. Keep up the good fight!

  33. Greg

    Thank you for the promotion and support Bullfrog.

  34. Carol

    Mr. Wiedemer recommends selling your house and renting instead but my house is paid for. Should I still consider selling out and rent?

  35. Greg

    If your house is paid for and you like where you live then stay put. That’s my best advice.

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