Ron Paul Ignored by MSM–Again!

By Greg Hunter’s

I watched the Republican debate last night and thought Ron Paul did pretty good.  Romney did surprising well and Perry also did OK.  So who won?  If you watched the coverage afterward, you would have thought Dr. Paul was out having dinner with Sarah Palin (platonically of course.)  Very little was mentioned about his performance.  So the mainstream media (MSM) did it again.  It ignored Congressman Paul even though, according to one NBC poll, Paul WON!!!  The powers on both sides of the aisle (and the corporate media) must be really scared of Paul, that’s all I can say.  Ron Paul had more than twice as many votes as the second place candidate according to the NBC Poll.  Paul won the debate by a landslide, but that is not how it is reported today on the MSM.  This is an outrage!!  (Please click here to see the complete NBC Republican debate poll results.)

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  1. Henry

    The MSM may be afraid of Ron Paul’s stance on 9-11, too. Apparently, he’s not a dedicated follower of the “official” 9-11 conspiracy theory, and is open to a new and real investigation.

  2. Jan

    The MSM think they are king makers. I think Dr. Paul is the sleeper candidate, they can ignore him at their peril. The public is tired of media picked slick politicians and recognize Dr. Paul for his principal, not his good looks.

  3. terry

    I’ve noticied on all the local news and the radio shows they are mum on Paul too. Its like a twilight zone episode.

  4. mara evans

    Re: Ron Paul.

    The biggest threat to this country is the notion that the military industrial complex would begin to be dismantled. If he ever got elected, I honestly think he would be killed.

    • MasterLuke

      I agree on this, he stands by his principles and is an honest good person but he leaves a lot to wonder about what would “happen” if he is elected.

      Everyone knows Ron Paul would bring the troops home. Everyone who saw this debate knows he thinks social security is unconstitutional. People can sense Ron Paul wants to do the right things. The honest to god question is – How will he transistion? If you take away social security from people you are going to trigger castastrophe. People will not be able to afford food, people will not be able to pay rent, people will have spending money, etc . . . This is a catastrophe. So what will Dr. Paul do? He leaves a lot to be anwsered in that question.

      Dr. Paul is bringing up good points. Iraq and entitlements make up a large portion of American government expenses [+ interest payments]. They are the main “symptoms” of our debt problem. Voters want to fix the problems with the least path of resistance. Ron Paul wants to just fix the problem, and current government doesn’t want to admit this is part of the problem.

  5. Sam

    When you are a maverick, you ride alone.

    Story of my life.

    One of the many reasons why I like Dr. Paul.

  6. MasterLuke

    Look at Perry trying to physically intimidate Dr. Paul. Hes a bully and a sack of shit.

    Treat people how you want to be treated, with the U.S. going around habitually destroying country after country in the name of lies (weapons of mass destruction?) You wonder why we have terrorist out to destroy this country. We should be a republic of freedom and not a empire of greed!

    Dr. Paul is an intellectual, Perry is a sack of shit.

  7. Lynn

    I think Ron Paul is cuter than that empty-suit-with-the-hair guy Perry any day! Oh, his stand on the issues is better too.

  8. g.johnson

    greg, dunno when you looked at the poll, but i just went there (friday morning, 8 am pacific) and out of 209.000 total votes, dr. paul had over 120,600. well over half the total. and over 4 times romney’s 30,100 (2nd place).

    but this is worse than just ignoring dr. paul. if you watched any of the pre-debate hype on msnbc, you may have noticed that the msm is aggressively center staging romney and perry and trying to make this a two man race between these two handpicked wankers. one more shill for the fed in the white house and you can stick a fork in the good old usa. it’ll be cooked to a crisp.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your update. Looks like the economy is guaranteed to crash land. So very sad. It does not heave to be as bad as the old guard is making it.

  9. Jerry

    Ron Paul got 4 questions, yet he was the class citizen of them all. A never wavering or flip flopping honest man. He is a true patriot and defender of the Constitution, we the people and the Bill of Rights. Mainstream media may shun him, but we the people know why. He would end the wars, end the FED, protect our borders and end big government. He would end the IRS, and restore honor to America in the eyes of the world. He believes we should just mind our own business. I believe we would be the shining example of freedom and liberty once again, and set the example once again for all nations. Ron Paul 2012. Thanks for posting the poll results Greg. It is so pathetic that the mainstream media still uses junior high level tactics to shun Dr. Paul. They think were nit wits! WRONG. What fools they are.

  10. maria oceanna

    Of course the media is ignoring Ron Paul.
    He terrifies the system that is controlling everything.

    He has a great chance for winning…..and he will know how to make sure he’s on the ballot.
    The good thing about being ignored is that the others are showing their true colors…yellow!

  11. james

    we all want the leaders to do whats right for the country..but what about us? what are we doing?
    for too long the road to washington has been threw the main streem media.we should dump the media and vote who will be best for the nation.
    as for the debate. they were all saying what they think will get them elected.ron was the only truth on the stage. it came threw loud and clear. theres republicrates, then ron paul stands alone.

  12. Charles Allen


    I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and got to relax a little.

    As far as Ron Paul and the media goes, he has been consistently marginalized for his entire political career. I believe the general public is finally awakening to fact that the main stream media is nothing but shills for the elected. The only way to get their attention is to stop buying their newspapers (which is happening slowly) and turn off the nightly sludge of television “News Shows” that offer the political propaganda of the day.

    I am not a Libertarian, by definition, but I believe Ron Paul has the right ideas for the country. Unfortunately, if he was elected he would have to deal with all the corrupt representatives in congress. This would, in essence, make him ineffective.

    Unless “We the People” get rid of every elected representative and start over nothing will change. Thus, We the People are in for some very hard times, not to far down the road.

  13. Sarmad

    I live in Northern Ireland but have spent the entire evening learning about Ron Paul. For the moment I wish I was American so that I could vote for him. I would probably be classed by others as left of centre. Certainly I’d not have considered Republican politics before. But after all my reading I think that the US may have been given one last chance to avoid cataclysm. You really must make the right decision. I just watched the Fox News report on the debate and the sensation of watching totalitarian propaganda was so strong that I was left speechless and chilled. Oh Lord I am so excited and hopeful.

  14. woody188

    You don’t get “selected” to Congress for 20+ years and not play ball. We are dealing with a government that lied about 9/11, WMD, mountain complexes in Afghanistan, and has rigged elections. Americans are being subjected to full-spectrum dominance. From Wikipedia: Full-spectrum dominance includes the physical battle space; air, surface and sub-surface as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and information space. Control implies that freedom of opposition force assets to exploit the battle space is wholly constrained.

    Therefore it’s quite easy to conclude that Ron Paul is simply a “pied-piper” used to build up hope and prevent a real opposition from forming. He will quit after the primary like he always does leaving us once again with a choice between two globalist fascists bent on world domination.

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