Ron Paul Vs. Paul Krugman

By Greg Hunter’s

I don’t know how many of you saw this last week, but it is worth watching.  It is a showdown between Congressman Ron Paul and Nobel-Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. Things must be getting pretty bad for Mr. Krugman to agree to a live debate with a guy who wants to end the Federal Reserve as we know it.  The Fed has a monopoly, and Paul wants to break it up.  This is no accident.  This debate must be a message the powers that be want to get out to the public.  In effect, what Krugman is saying is that we can print money to fix our economy.  I wonder if this is some sort of front-running to dull what will be a new round of QE or more money printing.  The economy is slowing down anew, and you can bet that in a presidential election year, a recession will not be allowed to occur.  There will be more money printed (electronically) to keep the economy afloat—damn the effects of inflation.  It appears to me Dr. Paul did more than hold his own with professor Krugman.  Basically, Paul wants to liquidate debt, and Krugman wants to add to it.  How much money printing is too much?  Watch the video below and see what you think:

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  1. Hoppe

    In wars past, think about the attempts to devalue or ruin the enemies currency; You printed a bunch of bills and dropped them from airplanes ( or helicopters)

    Citizens who print money go to prison. Bankers who do get rewarded.

    As my friend says, this system is fakakta.

    • Greg

      Love the comment.

  2. This Guy

    As I watched this debate I was reminded of the old Elvis Costello lyric, “I used to be disgusted, but now I’m just amused.”
    The more I learned about the Fed (no thanks to the American educational system) – from its cowardly pseudo-back alley origins, to the fact that for every dollar the Fed creates that we, the citizens, are expected to pay back 6 cents by law in the form of taxes to service our bogus ‘national debt’ (do the math on that amount of money with the knowledge of the TRILLIONS that the Fed has created in even just the very recent past), to the reality that the Fed is in fact a PRIVATELY OWNED institution not answerable to even the President in neither policy nor action – the more enraged I became. Not so much for myself, but for the potentiality of my children and grandchildren being used as nothing more than debt monkeys by a system looking to squeeze every last drop from them until they’re bone dry and bereft of any semblance of hope.
    But as I see this clown Krugman – yet another elite lackey – double and triple talk his way through his own pile of lies and misinformation, I confess to feeling a sense of pity toward this person and all of his ilk.
    Why, may you ask? Because I sleep at night with the knowledge that whatever my personal flaws may be, I live my life to the best of my ability for the betterment of myself, my family and those around me. I know that when I finally shuffle off this mortal coil there will be those who miss me, not for what i possessed in perceived wealth or power that could be passed on to the next sucker dumb enough to be roped into this empty power game, but I will be missed for what I brought to the world through my efforts; love to my family, friends, and the world around me. THAT is worth much more than anything perceived as ‘valuable’ in this world.
    And yes, my children and their children will have to face what looks to be a potentially grim future, but that future is theirs, not mine. Hopefully my knowledge and experience can be of assistance to those I love. That is the best I can do and the most I can give.
    But tyrants do not rule forever, and life continues to go on in spite of those who view themselves as somehow superior or illuminated. Their delusion is sad at best, pathetic at worst. How they connive and manipulate to rob us of what they see as our wealth. So much lost energy and wasted effort for so little return of illusions such as ‘money’ and ‘control.’ These things only exist because we all agree they do. When we don’t agree on their existence anymore, they will disappear like puffs of smoke on a city skyline.
    So elitists, hear me loud and clear; cling tight to your shekels, your ability to bully the ‘average’ decent person through financial and political shenanigans, and your never ending lust for perceived ‘power’. True wealth is not measured in metal or paper, it’s measured in being held fondly to someone’s memory for what you gave to the world – not what you took away. Cling tight to your instruments of fear and intimidation, but understand that they won’t comfort you when you lie cold and alone in the barren ground. What you hold tight are nothing more than reflections of value, and reflection needs light shine; this is what you always have and always will lack.
    If there is a God (and I believe there is), I will be able to say to Him that I did my best. And if there isn’t, then so be it; I can still tell myself with a clear and open heart that I did my very best and that the world around me – no matter how big or small – benefitted in some minute way, simply because I was here. I doubt those in charge can honestly say that to either themselves or their false deity.
    How sad for them.

    • Greg

      This Guy,
      Thank you for taking the time to add your analysis.

      • eddie stinson

        Sometimes one needs to cut something off to save the whole. Krugman has no love affair with debt. In fact, he has often stated our insane debt must be reduced. Duh

        However, in the short term, the notion this insane austerity nonsense is going to increase jobs and thus consumer spending defies logic and history.

        • Steve

          So it is now an “insane proposition” to NOT continue to debase our fiat currency through the issuance of more paper? Ignorance is a curable disease and what you said ranks as the most ignorant thing I’ve read all week. You need to step up and educate yourself beyond the Keynesian “economics” you were brainwashed with in the state indoctrination centers known as public schools. A good place to achieve that is at

  3. nm

    I watched this debate and didn’t think Krugman was moved in any way by what paul was saying (these Keynesians are extremely arrogant). If you watch the Frontline documentary, you get the same sense of their total arrogance.

    The markets will reveal the truth, eventually and then and only then will they be forced to confront the truth of their entire economic ideologies.

    • Greg

      You have come a long way in your grasp of the economy. Good, pointed analysis. Bravo!!!

  4. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg,

    I am and will be a Ron Paul supporter right through the election. I really have to give him credit for not giving up. The odds look like they are against him, but the campaign is not over until it’s over.

    It is interesting that the fear of Ron Paul, within the Republican Party, is showing more each day. This may be because he has a good grasp of the damages being done by the FED and by our government. His argument with Paul Krugman shows his knowledge. Congressman Paul has had the same message for decades.

    The real possibility of getting him elected is the young voters. They see their future being stolen and the real possibility that they will have to fight in some undeclared war, so Ron Paul may just upset the GOP by getting the nomination due to these younger voters. I hope so!

    One more point… AMERICA WAKE UP, VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!!!

  5. George Too

    I heard Krugman on Bloomberg…Krugman was saying that things would come back to normal in 5-7yrs of hardship or we could bring things back to normal in 12-18 months without any pain. Total BS…the economy is a sine wave. We had an elevated exaggerated up cycle because of free credit so we have an extra deep down cycle. I do not know how you can have pleasure without pain.
    We are being lead by morons that are concerned only about themselves! God help us

    • Greg

      George Too,
      Yes, “total BS” is right!!

    • CC Jay

      The bus is about to go over the cliff………….it will interesting how ” they ” spin it, perhaps like in 2008? ” they ” said , ” we never saw this coming!” …yeh right! Things are about to get real interesting and I doubt it cannot wait until November!

  6. Nathan Hale

    The Bozo didn’t even know there is a legal tender law.

  7. Ouch

    What I found most telling was how Bloomberg reported the results of this debate. Trish Regan reported that they were in the process of tabulating who their viewers sided with. At the end of the show she indicated that the results were heavily in favored Ron Paul yet a breakdown was never given.

    The following day despite this overwhelming show of support for Ron Paul economic rational all Bloomberg could talk about was Paul Krugman’s talking points. This seems to underscore the fact that economic reporting isn’t solely science(truth and understanding) it’s more political (controlling and conditioning)and quite possibly a reeducation tool.

    • Greg

      Interesting!! So many in the financial community think Mr. Krugman is wrong too. I think Paul is correct when he says printing money is like “stealing.” So sad they did not report the results of their own debate story. Thank you for the reporting.

  8. Troy

    Ridiculous Claim: Rising Food and Gas Prices Not Being Driven by Fed Policy; The Dollar Hasn’t Gone Down
    Mac Slavo

    The latest economic theory from this Nobel Prize winning economist suggests that the Federal reserve and government intervention couldn’t possibly have anything to do with US dollar depreciation – not for the last hundred years, and certainly not today…
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