Rule of Law Collapsed in USA – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Replaces WNW for 2.26.2021)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says now that the stolen election is over, get ready for lawlessness to reign.  We start with the Supreme Court that refused to hear the Trump case on Pennsylvania voting fraud.  There are three more 2020 Election voter fraud cases pending at the nation’s highest court.  Armstrong says, “I don’t think they are going to take any of them.  Look, the rule of law has absolutely collapsed in the United States.  It’s just a joke at this point. . . . You swear an oath to uphold the Constitution.  It’s not whenever you feel like it. . . . This is not only a denial of due process but the civil rights of everybody in the country.  They effectively said Pennsylvania changed the rules against the (state) legislature in the middle of an election, and we are not going to hear the case.  So, they are effectively saying politicians can change the rules of an election at any time, and it doesn’t have to be constitutional.  Refusing to take this case is a disaster because next election they can choose to do the same thing at any time.”

Armstrong says the trend he is seeing is anti-establishment.  Armstrong explains, “This is part of a trend coming into our model until the end of 2032.  This trend is an anti-establishment trend.  We’re fed up with politicians and corruption.  The Supreme Court is an example.  Forget it.  The Constitution is discretionary now?  That’s what they are really saying.  It has no validity anymore.  The mainstream press says that Trump is the person who led this, and he’s not.  He just happened to be the guy at the right time at the right place.  This trend has been going on for quite some time, and it’s only going to get worse.”

Armstrong is a financial consultant to top government officials around the world.  He has inside information.  So, listen up how Bitcoin plays into the globalist plan for digital money.  Armstrong warns, “They effectively want to eliminate paper money totally, and this is part of the scheme.  The danger of Bitcoin that people don’t understand is the government is not going to allow competition.  When it really gets to the point where they have to do something, they will just seize all the crypto currencies and give you an exchange rate swap, and they will be the ones who decide the price.  Then, you will get the government digital currency.”

Martin Armstrong thinks that Joe Biden and other world leaders are stepping into the same high inflation trap as Jimmy Carter.  Armstrong says, “They are raising toll prices and taxes because their revenues have declined.  This is the mismanagement of government on steroids.  You have destroyed your economy and raised taxes so you can keep it the way it is, but you never reduced your expenses.  It’s totally insane.  They have destroyed New York City. . . . This is why the stock market is going up, collectables are going up, coins, stamps and even comic books are all going up.  It’s sort of like the German hyperinflation. . . . Once the government started confiscating people’s money . . . they started buying everything they could with the cash, and that turned into this hyperinflation.  They were buying anything tangible:  art, land, you name it.  That is what this is all about now.  Going into 2024, we are looking at a wave of inflation which will be in equities and commodities, but we are also looking at shortages, particularly in agriculture and going all the way up.”

In short, Armstrong says, “Expect inflation.”  (There is much, much more in the video interview below.)

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One in this in-depth interview (50 mins. in length) with Martin Armstrong of

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After the Interview: 

Martin Armstrong still says he likes gold but is more bullish on physical silver.  Silver will probably not be confiscated by the government, and it is also not tracked by government, at least for the time being.

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  1. JC

    Thanks Greg, nice surprise to see Armstrong today.
    He says, “they have destroyed New York City.”
    So what do “they” do now?

    MTA officials approve 7% toll hike on NYC bridges, tunnels – New York Post

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks JC!!!

      • Zickster

        It would be nice if your interviews were downloadable to mp3 for listening.
        just a thought…..thanks anyway!

        • L.

          try this Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder

      • Cullen Dorn

        I’d have to say … never ever have I witnessed in any showcase an incredible LISTENER as I have during these months with Greg Hunter. You do pledge allegiance to truth. That’s for sure. Thank you …

    • Paul ...

      JC … The criminals are increasing tolls at the same time they are allowing our infrastructure to crumble … soon these criminals will likely set up EZ-pass monitors outside everyone’s home and begin charging us “a Covid 19 toll” just to leave our homes (but reducing the rate somewhat for those who took the vaccine) … and for those people who decide to never leave their homes … these criminals will probably come up with a tax on how many breaths of CO2 you exhale during the day (with an additional surcharge for any farts emitted)!!

      • Paul ...

        If you want to know the real reason why the eugenicists want to tax farts … simply research “why people live to 120 years old” … studies show that the people who live to the age of 120 years old “eat beans every day” … and if you want to really beat the Social Security System and get to your 200th birthday … “add a handful of nuts” to your daily menu!!

        • Stan

          Paul: How is that silver squeeze working for you ? 🙂

          • Paul ...

            Stan … You fail to understand that while the Banksters want to give us a BBB world (Built Back Better) using fake fiat crypto currency … we the People are striving for an AAA world (Accomplishing Amazing Affluence) using real silver money … if you don’t get off the B team Stan (and join us on the A team) … you will sadly be helping evil to continue to go unchecked!!

            • Paul ...

              Stan … You better cover your gold short positions at about $1718 … as the metal is primed to advance to over $2600 very soon after making it’s current “test of support”!!

        • Christopher Strunk

          BEANS! BEANS! They are good for your your heart. The more you eat the more you fart. The more your fart the better you feel. SOOO eat more beans at every meal.

          Andy Devine- poem repeated each week on Andy’s Gang 1952

      • A Day

        “If you stand, they’ll tax your seat…and if you sit they’ll tax your seat”…

    • Francine

      “The more sophisticated investor that would be watching this”… I guess I must be sophisticated Greg. Love you thanks.

    • ConcAmDad

      ………….and GOLD continues to get crushed. Nothing makes sense, except those in control are still in control…and continue to lie and swindle…
      Cases Dropping-PCR Cycle Thresholds Adjusted-Science or Politics?

  2. Tim Gard

    The Supreme court has been a criminal entity since they violated the rights of our posterity, named in the Constitution as being rightful protected. The Supreme court should be held in contempt of the rule of law as the Constitution is our most basic rule of law. Shut them down and start over with judges elected and not appointed by political parties!

    • Paul ...

      Good point Tim … Appointed Judges “owe favors” to the politicians (who gave them their lifetime jobs) and can ignore the Constitution when ordered to do so … “elected” Judges with a fixed term will more likely follow the Constitution for they only owe the people who elected them “justice under the law”!!

      • Rick Hayle

        I believe , only when men of true honor , who don’t lie , cheat , etc. etc. are brought back into the court , we are doomed. Mr. Jefferson said , ” GOD , who gave us life gave us liberty . Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis , a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of GOD ? It is absolutely spot on what he said . Only when & if these men of righteousness come forward to be recognized & drafted will we be on a road to recovery. Problem is , we live in a fallen world. In 2nd Timothy 3: 13 , it says , ” But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived .” I am absolutely positive that 2nd Timothy is correct .

      • Cullen Dorn

        … Here, Here … a valid eye-opener.

    • Charles H

      Elect judges to SCOTUS? Yeah, right. ONLY IF the candidates are Democrat. No Rule of Law : no election that matters, except for the corrupt. Trump ‘won’ – remember?

      • William+Stanley

        Re: “Trump Won”

        Here is an interesting documentary film by Mike Lindell, “Absolute Proof.”
        It purports and seems to show how the theft of the election was engineered, with emphasis on the Dominion voting system and China’s massive involvement. In short, President Trump won by about 12 million votes. It’s a bit long at two hours, but well worth your time:

        • Paul ...

          William … Another proof that Trump really won is that Armstrong’s AI computer “Socrates” (who predicted every election correctly) predicted Trump would win!!

        • Charles H

          Thanks, William,

          I have NO DOUBT that President Trump did actually win the Election – by the vote count and would have carried the Electoral College too. I was being sarcastic, in a way. The reason barriers/fences/walls stay up and guarded at the nation’s Capitol: is because there are 85-90 millions of voters who also believe the monkey-business of Biden’s party is totally illegitimate. Control of the Senate too.
          America has gone the way of Cuba. Those who now hold power will NEVER release it. They will define all opposition as negative and a threat. Only the few who are pushed or cornered too far will die by resistance.
          I believe that God has left-off either blessing or protecting America – the reproach of sin is upon it. And it must ‘disappear, or be removed, or neutralized’ in order that the ‘one-world government’ come into being. There will be some kind of ’round-table’ of nations, with the kings or horns of revelation ruling the world: but such useful tools will only set-up Satan the anti-christ.
          Today – I am in the ‘shop’ , cutting and welding metal in order to start cement collations in a unique, curved, brick ceiling structure on my house. No rest for old men nowadays.

          • Tin foil hat

            As always, your conjecture is in the ball park and it’s good to keep busy. I’m falling apart from doing almost nothing the last few months and am totally exhausted.

            If you rest, you rust!

    • eddiemd

      Having business in the Coconino County courthouse, I say the corruption extends down to the local levels. The entire courthouse is dirty. Secretaries, clerks, judges…all of them.

      Perhaps the only honest workers in the courthouse are the cleaning crews.

      Very sad that the USA court system has degenerated into a cabal of dishonest lawyers and criminals.

      Their day of judgement is coming. What they need is prayer.

      Prov 24:17-20

      Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
      And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;
      Lest the Lord see it, and it displease Him,
      And He turn away His wrath from him.
      Do not fret because of evildoers,
      Nor be envious of the wicked;
      For there will be no prospect for the evil man;
      The lamp of the wicked will be put out.

    • Chrissalt

      I wholeheartedly AGREE!! The ”Supreme Court” isn’t so supreme. How can it be when they don’t even recognize the Constitution ?? It’s such a travesty of justice!!! Unbelievable that not only are the Courts doing whatever they want, the elected officials are also doing their own thing instead of doing what they were ELECTED to do. How are they getting away with this crap! I was taught civics from 5th grade on up. It made an impression and helped me to understand what our government was SUPPOSED to be doing. It wasn’t a mystery. Now it seems that nobody is aware of what’s supposed to happen and they don’t care! We need people to get in touch with their elected Senators and Representatives and keep on them until we get the answers that we need!!!

  3. Eric M.

    Rule of law collapsed, sad but true. And it should be a real concern for everyone.

    • William+Stanley

      It seems that the Supreme Court has decided that “the law” is: “What is stolen stays stolen . . . because the issue becomes “moot” if the thieves hold a “swearing-in” ceremony.”

      • FreeandFighting

        Only State Legislatures can change Voter Laws, PERIOD. Plus, the SCOTUS has been compromised/intimidated/blackmailed & therefore idled, nearly impotent or irrelevant, imo.
        You could have 200 million votes & STILL LOSE. The Vote is NOW BS! The Military NEEDS to Reinstitute Constitutional Gov’t. or else we are lost to Communism, THIS IS THEY’RE DUTY!!! As long as votes can be manufactured in mass & dumped into the system (both digitally & physically), plus NO two party oversight & no ability to challenge issues.
        This is no longer the America of Liberty & Freedom I was born into! FREE

    • JC

      Traditional family structure has collapsed, sad but true.

      Toy giant Hasbro has announced that Mr. Potato Head will become gender neutral ‘Potato Head’ in order to encourage kids to create “same sex families.”

      • JC

        Is anyone going to step up and save the children before it is too late?

        California’s Assembly is slated to consider a new bill requiring department store childrens’ sections to be largely “gender-neutral” in order to combat “prejudice” and “judgment” against gender non-conforming children.

        • wayne hardin

          I think it will come down to the parents telling them to put it where the
          sun don’t shine .
          But it is looking like a bunch of them agree .
          I always thought it was a curse that my wife could not have kids .
          Now i see it was a blessing .
          I have enough to answer for without having to answer for not raising
          kids the way God said to .

          • wayne hardin

            And there is no doubt about it .
            The way kids talk to their mothers today .
            If i had one that talked to my wife in such away .
            They would put me in jail no doubt about it .

  4. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    You got a tremendous amount out of Mr. Armstrong. It was him at his best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank William. Keep in mind he consults around the world.

  5. Fred Daake

    Martin is on target in his assessment of the lack of a true justice system. It took an arrogant group of turncoats to betray Trump after he gave a few of them an opportunity that would be the envy of every lower court judge in the world. Because the Supreme Court sets the tone for the rest of the American court systems, they have given us an almost useless method of due process. The monopolized American legal industry is really in bad shape.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I’m 68. and this is the phenomenon of my life: once any of these useful idiots gets appointed, elected, installed, what they said and did previously changes almost 180-degrees, almost without fail, unless they were already party-line on where they needed to be. Same thing with reporters, media owners, etc. Once they get national and prominent, they all fall in line. It’s uncanny. Just remember: we get the government (and media) we allow and therefore deserve. Best always. PM

      • Paul ...

        PfI … It is time for us to surround and lock the Demon Politicians in their House (and Senate) the same way they do to us (by locking us within our homes) … people need to surround (but not break into Pelosi’s House and Schumer’s Senate) and simply “not let them out” … unless they can prove they have taken the “Jab” that infuses into their RNA the genetic code “known as the US Constitution” into them … so as to vaccinate them against the deadly virus known as “Marxist Commie Fascism” that they can contagiously spread to the rest of us!!

  6. Tom C


    As always, a great program, Greg. Thank you and God bless you.
    Hunker down, folks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom!

  7. David L. Showers

    Greg, I would like you to try to schedule Gary Shilling on your program. Mr. Shilling is a highly respected and successful investment adviser and economist. He has over 40 years of experience.

  8. Mandy Logan

    ANOTHER great interview Greg. God Bless from New Zealand 🙂

    • Greg Hunter


  9. tim+mcgraw

    Great interview, Greg. My favorite line by Martin was, “The politicians have screwed it up so bad that there is no way to extricate the situation.”
    Oh, wait, someone is knocking on my door; It is Freddy, Uncle Charlie, Kate, Ed, & Don. Gee, I better get out some KY jelly.

  10. Paul in OZ

    I can’t say I really have trusted Mr. Armstrong over time, but now, he could be the most honest voice.

    • Paul from Indiana

      And he’s only telling you what he’s allowed to tell you, without risking sanction, a return to incarceration, or worse. Imagine if he were somehow liberated from his leash! He is our Alexei Navalny, the courageous Russian patriot. I admire Armstrong’s courage at this point. It takes guts to do what he is doing. Best always. PM

  11. Traysee

    Gill Bates needs to be the change he wants to see. Someone needs to tell him that Eugenics begin at home.

    • Paul ...

      You know … The common people staying at a Bates hotel … can only order and eat steaks that are hand made by the completely insane hotel owner … who Clones cow cells in a Petri dish (that he feeds with ground up grass hoppers) and serves with wine (made from sewerage water extracted from shit and then artificially flavored and colored) … so people better enjoy “a real” beef steak now … before Bill Gates shuts down all the beef farms (he is now buying up like crazy) so he can have complete control of all artificial beef production … the same way the banksters are now buying up “real” gold as a tier one asset … so they can roll out their “fake” crypto (simply cloned from electrons) … and thus giving them complete control of all artificial currency production!!

  12. john beasley

    Greg Hunter, thanks for having Martin Armstrong on your show. That was a great show.

  13. Terry

    Sorry Greg but your guest the “hedge fund manager” is mostly full of crap… Trump “just happened to come along”… He is as ignorant as the rest of us and actually more ignorant than many who have been paying attention to more than his financial interests…
    I didn’t learn a thing from this guy any more than any financial “expert”. His guess is as good as anyone… Like you said many times…”Even a broken clock is right twice a day”.

    • Paul ...

      Terry … You know … you can bash Armstrong for “being right” 730 times a year … but where else are we going to find someone as prescient … surely not in the Halls of Congress where the Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Demons get everything wrong “100 percent of the time”!!

  14. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    Enjoyed your show tonight, lot’s of great information.

  15. bert trim

    Excellent guest Greg. Thanks for having Martin on your show. God Bless Brother.

  16. JC

    Merkel: “No End In Sight Until World Is Vaccinated”

    Americans stand at the threshold of this prediction. For the most part, the people in Europe are already there, with the exceptions of Hungary and Poland, two important countries that I also identified in all of my books for the key role they will play in stopping Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels.

    I like using Nostradamus’ exact translation for the Satanists, because the phrase Pagan Sect of New Infidels tells it like it is, Satanist Pagans using Islamic terrorism as a tool for control. With the Democrats in power, it did not take long for ISIS to make a return.

    February 10, 2021
    US Shifts Official Justification Of Its Illegal Presence In Syria From “Guarding Oil” To “Fighting ISIS”

    ISIS never went a way, they were just dormant. Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels still rules the day.

  17. Paul ...

    Breaking News: Did everyone hear that Pelosi wants her own nuclear weapons … yet … she wants to take away our shotguns??

    • JC

      You are our expert on aliens, so check out this update at The Age of Desolation, link below.

      Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart. 2019, Page 186
      It is all about, The War of the Gods.

      Human history is one great Space Opera that most people refuse to accept. When I had originally conceived of my book, The Age of Desolation, I marginalized this aspect of Christian, Muslim, and Hindu eschatology.

      My book languished for three years, but after a chance invitation to a dinner with former astronauts and cosmonauts on May 22nd, 2004, a conversation with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, changed everything. In the following days, weeks, months, and years, working on the manuscript for The Age of Desolation became a mission.

      All of my doubts about extraterrestrials disappeared with Dr. Mitchell’s conviction that they are real, and they are here now. When you reach this kind of personal conclusion about reality, a lifetime’s worth of speculation can alter your perception. Little did I realize, Dr. Mitchell had been warning people for years.

  18. Jim Yost

    Hi Greg,

    You may find this to be interesting. About ten years ago I went to an evening church service at a country church in Double Springs Alabama to hear a lady who was touted to be a prophetess, and who had the gift of healing. Her name is Alice Smith, she lives somewhere near Houston Texas. I took my oldest son with me who was sick. She preached a long sermon that had nothing to do with prophecy (it had mostly to do with politics and she obviously hated Obama), and there was no call for her to pray for sick people (probably because her sermon was so long that there was no time for it).

    But right toward the end of her lengthy rant she said that a few nights earlier she had been in prayer and she asked the Lord to please send renewal, and the Lord spoke to her and his reply was “I am going to send renewal, but I’m going to send it on a platter of ruin.” And as she was telling it she started crying and lamenting about losing her wealth (that’s what I picked up on anyway).

    Then a few minutes later they closed the service and the lady didn’t prophecy (other than he testimony about what the Lord told her) and nobody got prayed for for healing (which was disappointing for my son and me because we had driven seventy miles to get there).

    So it looks as if the platter of ruin is being prepared. But then the Lord is going to send renewal (what I think is going to be the end-time outpouring of the Holy Spirit right before the Lord returns that is foretold about in scripture), and I think it’s going to disrupt everything the New World Order kingpins have planned (at least for awhile), and it will so outrage them that they’ll roll out the end-time persecution of Christians that is foretold about in scripture. That’s what I think anyway.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The Saviour would say, “Thy faith has made thee whole.” Thank you for your testimony and report. There is no such thing as wasted effort even if you can’t “see” the result. Best always. PM


    Hi Greg .Well if you think that things are strange now, just you wait until they (the government) will start to introduce the people of America to the banner of the “COMMON GOOD ” .This is just a smokescreen to implement their plans of which they have plotted against Americans for decades.
    These new changes will be introduced as they are required to futher modify the laws of the United States. But they needed an invisible enemy so the virus was introduced as planned and on schedule. Trump put a stop to their plans but just how their plan must remain on schedule and on time is evident by the election results and thief .
    So you will hear the phrase “COMMON COOD ” in every topic of discussion, whether it is the Environment, Mother Earth ,carbon tax ,economic reform, global reset .Whatever is brought up in the media.
    And then it will be announced that new social doctrines will be introduced to all societies and any opposition to these new policies will be fround upon and eventually eliminated.
    There is one seat of power that all others submit to, and you will see this authority show it’s self more and more but through different agencies.
    This will increase day by day, week by week, month by month until they have achieved their goal of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT,
    The man behind the mask is watching us .Plotting against us .So remember that all roads lead to Rome.

    • Paul ...

      AS … It is time for us to do some “Common Good” … the Bible effectively promises in John 15:20 that Christians will be persecuted and will suffer at the hands of people who hate God (like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, etc., etc., etc. and all those descendants of the evil money changers who murdered Christ) … so why not fight back and disavow their policies and their crypto … by simply buying and accumulating God’s money … and thus throw a monkey wrench into their evil plans!!

  20. William Cilldhaire

    Greg. You clearly are unaware of the nature of BTC. Every comment of Martin Armstrong about BTC indicates he has no understanding at all. Go to and listen to people who are smarter than both of us put together.
    Dr. William Cilldhaire

    • Paul from Indiana

      You don’t have to “understand” bitcoin to know that the government, ANY government, and particularly OUR current “government” will not allow a competing, independent system that would endanger its survival and control going forward. That’s the bottom line here. I doubt the founders and practitioners and adherents of bitcoin are in in it for love of humanity. Best always. PM

      • Paul ...

        Exactly right!!

    • William+Stanley

      It strikes me as gratuitous for you to call other people “unaware” and “ignorant” without offering at least some explanation of why you think so. What exactly did Mr. Armstrong (or Mr. Hunter) say that indicated “no understanding [of BTC] at all”?

      Please explain yourself. Then, the rest of us will be better able to judge your credibility . . . and indicate why we agree or disagree with you.

      (BTW, IMO, your signature was formatted “unconventionally.” When you feel the need to indicate relevant credentials, it would be better to format it something like, e.g., “William Cilldhaire, Ph.D.,” not “Dr.” William Cilldhaire. What you used is a form of address, and you were not addressing yourself).

      • William+Stanley

        Upon reflection, I see that I missed the clue that you were being more mischievous than “gratuitous.”

  21. Paul ...

    Armstrong says people are finally beginning to get fed up with politicians and their corruption … and with regard to the corrupt banksters … he sees them ordering politicians to seize all crypto currencies … and giving people “banksters crypto in exchange” … so all the hype about owning crypto “to protect yourself from government issued fiat”… is a complete falsehood “being touted by hucksters” … we are currently in an insanely mismanaged monetary system on steroids … this is why everyone needs to own Silver (which is “real money” on steroids)!!

    • Paul ...

      You know … the US Government is currently depreciating the dollar just like Germany did in the twenties … and Armstrong says: “We are now on the verge of a similar hyperinflation” … people are beginning to take protective action by buying “real things” like silver coins … or farmland like Gates … or gold stock like Buffet … Armstrong sees the big wave of price inflation welling up into 2024 … with an attendant rising stock and commodity market … along with food shortages!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Don’t get lulled into a sense of false security. It may not take until 2024 to kick in. The pace of things today is swift, and the time and space are compressed due to technology. Best always. PM

  22. alfy

    something is obvious, we haven’t seen Joe in public since at least last summer. the man shown doesn’t look like joe. maybe all the decades I’ve spent drawing and painting as my hobby is why I can see this, or maybe most of us do not want to see and then draw the implications.

    • Jay A.

      Not sure about the figure we see that resembles China Joe, but who or whatever he is mumbles & stumbles just like the real China Joe!


    Could you comment on the new US currency Germans and Swiss are getting from their ATMs? The US Note vs the US Dollar. This first appeared in their ATMs on February 24, 2021. Thanks

    • Russ+F

      Can you please expand upon this? Proof? Example of what the notes look like? German ATM’s allow you to get US notes? Interesting, but need more details.
      Thank you – I work with a German company every day.

  24. Joe Ladendorf

    Thanks Greg. Another outstanding interview. Makes my ride into work fly by

  25. Jerry

    It’s apparent the current system is being prepped to be taken down.

    Let’s quit fiddle dicking around. Trump was removed because the NWO no longer needed him. He served his purpose, of pacifying the American people, until the global elites were finished installing their new biometric cryptocurrency exchange system. Drain the swamp?
    Name one purpose he prosecuted while he was in office? It took sloppy Joe one week to flip the entire script from restoring the republic to putting the North American union back on schedule. Meanwhile the World Economic Forum was busy laying the groundwork for “ the great reset” once the vaccination lockstep program is finished.

    No one was more disappointed than me. I watched executive orders being put in place for military tribunals while Gitmo was being expanded for court martial’s. And then it all stopped. What happened? First Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide supposedly, and then the World Economic Forum took center stage with Donald Trump standing behind Anthony Fauci at a press conference.

    Greg. A lot of people think the election was stolen last November, but I think our country was compromised long before that with an internal coup that took the power out of the hands of the American people and put in the hands of the globalist. Donald Trump was clearly comprised. I’m not sure who’s running this country, but it sure in the heck isn’t sloppy Joe. Big things are getting ready to happen, and I would suggest people to make final preps while they still can. Armstrong talks about assets? I will always invest in food first. If you don’t have that, you won’t be alive to use gold of silver. But that’s just me.

    • Jerry

      Here’s a refresher, just in case you needed one.

    • Jerry

      Here’s an oldie but a goodie. You decide if it’s B.S.

      What happened to it’s my body my choice? I guess that only works for abortions. Show this video to your anti abortion friends who want the vaccine.

      • Paul ...

        Correct Jerry … If a woman has the right to say she does not want a fetus in her body … what right do politicians and Bill Gates have “to require” that she take that fetus “back into her body” within their Covid-19 vaccine??

    • Diane

      Good post Jerry

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, if you would have stated your case and position this clearly 10 years ago, you would not have stirred up the opposition you did. I agree wholeheartedly now. The beauty of it all, if there is any, is that no one has to believe you or agree with you about the reasons and what is REALLY going on, because that is irrelevant. The obvious fact is we are in decline and will be so until we hit rock-bottom. The time for second thoughts, doubting, making choices is BEFORE you get on the roller coaster. Once that bar comes down and the train leaves the loading station, you’re in for the ride, like it or not. Best always. PM

      • allen ols

        pfi, good post btw thankyou for your christmas cards these last 3 yrs. very nice.

      • Paul ...

        And the reason the politicians are using Covid-19 to prevent people from gathering or assembling into large groups … is because they don’t want to get Boo’ed off stage when they make their idiotic commie pronouncements to the people (i.e. like “you will own nothing and be happy about it”) … it is up to every one of us to continue to gather into large groups … and Boo the criminally insane politicians down (every chance we get) … until they finally relent and give up their insane commie ideas!!

        • Paul ...

          When the people marched on Washington in January … all they did was carry signs … I didn’t hear one Boo?? … when you gather to protest … you don’t do it silently!! … you use your damn voices … and Boo the damn criminals loudly enough for them to hear you (even if they are hiding out in their basement shelters under the Capital)!!

      • Occasnltrvlr

        He made his learning curve public, with no understanding of where he was on that curve.

  26. Brendan D

    Thanks Greg,
    your email notices are welcome reminders now that I’ve quit YT cold turkey. my quote for the ages which you’ll prolly not be able to use: “Piano wire and bureaucrats; a marriage made in the basement of Heaven”.

  27. Dave's Nemesis, Ingvar

    World at War\Were Baaaack!
    One Month Into Presidency BeijingBiden BOMBS Syria
    by Steve Watson February 26th 2021
    Valerie Jarret and boss Obomber must be having a conniption!
    GET A PALLET READY FOR ANOTHER MID-NIGHT DELIVERY [TO IRAN \FOR REPAIRS AND THE FUNERALS!] This one better be courtesy of Obummer, not the taxpayer’s!
    Kerry a big stick and a little pallet please!
    By the way who the Shiite’s in charge here, Hitlery⁉
    Stolen Elections Do Matter! FAKE NEWS_🙉C🙊N🙊N

  28. Don

    Dear Greg, Mr. Armstrong hit it on the head. Exactly how I see it. The Democratic party and the NWO globalist from Davos are making their move to reset both the financial system as well as our society into the globalist model one world government. Jim Rickards just warned, the IMF is preparing the issue of SDR’s to issue to all nations and reliquidfy the global markets with their world reserve currency. Ounce this is done, digital currency issued under SDR’s will be used to replace cash in all nations, giving complete monetary control to the globalist Oligarchy’s financial arm. Biblically we are now at the prophetic place of the anti-christ appearance on world stage, and the false shepherd of Israel in Zech. 11 chap.. No fear though, God’s time clock is ticking and we’re right on schedule. Watch for Israel’s announcement to the world, to introduce its false Messiah. 2Thess. 2 chap. tells us the church will be gone before his appearance, of which will lead to the anti-Christ making strong the false covenant, or to make to stand firm, the false covenant with Israel and other nations. Recorded in Dan. 9:27. God bless my friend and brother. In closing, would like to say, I expect a short time of persecution and financial chaos, as well as social chaos. Our nation has reached a stage of unbelief which is seen in the falling away from the faith in the epistles. Saddens me to see it, but I keep looking up, knowing the time is short. Farewell.

  29. Nick de la Gaume

    Wondrefully clear. Many thanks to you both.

    God Bless,

  30. Clint+D.

    The founding fathers knew how precious it was that the control of money be vested in Congress. When Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in December 1913, this was the end of Americans controlling the USA. Now the overwhelming majority will quickly bow their knee to money. The international bankers (the 10 Kings of Revelation) have been the rule of law since 1913. They firmly control the money, the politicians, the judges, even the religious leaders. When you take over the money, you eventually control everything. Our forefathers understood this. This is why great men like Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln fought the international bankers in their day. Because of their bravery, the USA stayed free many more years.

    The USA is not free. It has not been free now for 107 years. Now the 10 Kings are going about to insure the USA is destroyed in one hour by the King of the North (Revelation 17,18). This will occur soon after the peoples of the USA are consummed with fear and faintness of heart over some coming rumor (Jeremiah 51:46). That rumor may be that all that take the “COVID Vaccine” are going to die. This is quite possible when the dependent, enhanced antibodies produced by this “vaccine” mechanism react to a complementary virus. This will result in a cytokine storm occuring in the lungs of those who took the “COVID Vaccine”. Almost all that take his “vaccine” will die.

    Most are not going to believe this. But then, most think the USA is a free nation. It has been captured by the 10 kings since 1913. It has been a slave now for over 107 years. Now the 10 Kings are setting up the USA for its final death blow. Wake up! Time is very short for the USA!

    • Paul ...

      Our Constitutional Republic was boiled like a frog (slowly over many years) … now I’m not sure we have the strength to jump and save ourselves … we now can’t even resist a completely insane order to wear “a useless mask” that says right on the box it is not effective at stopping virus transmission!!

      • Clint+D.

        Paul, The Constitution was sunk as soon as the international bankers took control of America’s money via the Federal Reserve Act. Only one president in 107 years has stood up to this criminal act. That was John Kennedy. They quickly eliminated him in broad daylight with over 200 witnesses seeing the real bullets coming from the grasy knoll. The powers-that-be got rid of the witnesses to show any thinking person, that they are firmly in control. They have been for 107 years. And they will be until the day they bring the USA down when the King of the North attacks. I estimate this to happen by the Summer of 2026 at the latest. Could be sooner.

  31. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong, you really asked the most penetrating questions and allowed Mr Armstrong to elucidate,thank you.

  32. Michael

    Mr. Armstrong says that the government will not allow competition. My question: WHICH government is he referring to? Follow the money. The market is bigger than any government and unlike PMs cryptocurrencies are constantly being developed by smart people who see the flaws in the existing financial systems. Ethical flaws, security flaws, privacy flaws, efficiency flaws. How many people thought email was a fad? Who would ever buy a book when the vast majority are illiterate? (I wrote that comment around 1451) and now more people can read and write and the market for books did grow.

    • Paul ...

      You know … Corporations now have the power to control governments … lets use this fact to our advantage … we the people have the power to boycott corporations … we can thus make them our un-elected representatives … to control the commies who took over our US government and are now working for China … but we must act strategically and in unison to focus our boycotts (like we are doing now by boycotting the fake news media) … next we need to focus on some major corporations (like Apple for instance who are using slave labor in China to make their products) … we must begin to hurt the bottom line of these big corporations and “they” will put pressure on Bribe’n to change the world for the better!!

  33. Tim

    Hello Greg, California and New York are the worst in his opnion and mine. Well lucky us the 2nd and 3rd most powerful people in this country are from San Fran. No more Mr. Potato head, kids playing band instruments in tents and one of bidens cabinet picks is for letting 3 year olds pick their own sex. Lets face it we lost. The law abiding American citizen is to scared, fat and lazy to do any thing about it except talk. WAR IS COMING but not until they have takin everything.

  34. Zoe Crenshaw

    The Great Reset: Bill Gates & Farming – WHAT’S GOING ON?
    1,552,986 views • Feb 19, 2021

  35. Jerry

    First you have Bill Gates buying up millions of acres of farmland and then you have this.

    Food will be the next weapon of choice. Count on it. Urban populations are dependent upon delivery systems for food, and most grocery stores do not carry the stock they used to. It’s one thing to have money to buy food, but it’s entirely something else if none is available for purchase.

    • Diane

      Food is our biggest concern!

    • allen ols

      It is only a matter of time before we will nead a mark to be able to transact business/buy food/ flush a toilet. buy seeds/non gmo this spring, order them on line.

  36. Skip Havely

    I enjoyed Mr. Armstrong’s economics view on what is happening from an international perspective. His take on crypto currencies (Bitcoin) as surprising. I was happy to hear his recommendation for people not to keep any physical gold (or silver) in a safe deposit box or secure storage facility. It WILL be confiscated if the government wants possession. It was also interesting to hear his common-sense analysis of the virus and how it is not what the politicians have told us. He is just the latest in a long line of respected people making the case that masks do NOT work. His prediction of upcoming war is frightening. Another great interview. Keep them coming. God Bless you Greg!

  37. Greg

    I believe Mr. Armstrong understands gold and silver. I don’t believe he understands Bitcoin. Bitcoin is nearly impossible to confiscate as opposed to gold or silver.

    • Ray

      Yes Greg……it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to confiscate anything that doesn’t have a basis in actual solid, physical reality.
      Enjoy being chained to the NWO block.
      Remember, you wanted it all along.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • JC

        Can the Tech Giants be stopped?

        ‘When Facebook disabled Australians’ access to news articles on its platform, and blocked sharing of articles from Australian news organizations, the company moved a step closer to killing the World Wide Web – the hyperlink-based system of freely connecting online sites created in 1989 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.’

        Though the social media giant has said it will return to the negotiating table and restore news for now, the company has shown its hand – and how it is continuing to reshape the web.’

        • Ray

          Hi JC,
          I reckon they can be stopped mate……all we need to do is to make a decision not to interact with them as much as possible… take other roads / paths. I know I certainly do.
          As for ImboBook……anyone who gets their news from there is already lost.
          I gave up ImboBook 8 years ago and have never looked back.
          In 10 years, they might even be gone!]Regards,
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • steve

      They may not stop P2P trading but they can stop you cashing it in

  38. Joan Pujals

    Greg, Best informative interview ever. Love hearing from Martin Armstrong. Follow his blog & follow you & Fitts. Thank You.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joan!

  39. TJZ

    Let me see if I get this right:
    1. All our investments are at risk because of a rigged market and in fact CEDE owns all our stocks, etc.
    2. Our bank deposits/safe deposit boxes are at risk from Bank failure/confiscation!
    3. Our mortgages have been fraudulent since/before the 2006-2009 fiasco!
    4. Authorities have frightened humans into getting a VACCINE for COVID when it is actually an untested operating system! (Look at Moderna’s site for proof)
    5. An open COUP, with foreign intervention, has taken place in the United States and everybody looks the other way!!!
    Well, I am glad I got that off my chest; I was beginning to become worried!
    And…you wonder what time it is!

    • Greg Hunter

      You got it.

    • Marie+Joy

      Number 5 will be the death of us.

  40. Shirley Thompson

    Thanks for the article before the video. It makes for better comprehension of the material. I disagree with Martin on the issue of silver not being confiscated. On the contrary given the shortage of processed silver and it’s importance inelectronics, photovoltic panels and many industrial uses, I see the govt first requesting coin dealers to return silver to govt, then the request to citizens and finally a confiscation of silver. Gold will not be confiscated because the Fed/Banksters have monkey hammered it keeping it down discouraging citizens to own it. The gold bugs will hold and the govt will pass on gold. I do however agree with Martin 100% on bitcoin. I believe the Banksters have been behind it since “Satoshi created it” otherwise how do you explain Riot Blockchain (bitcoin miner) constantly being knocked down.

  41. Steven Parks

    Outstanding PERFORMANCE from your guest and ofcourse you too Mr Hunter always looking for your presous information thanks for your update God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steven for your kind words & all your support!

  42. charles johnson

    At this point, is there a SCOTUS?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good question, Charles.

  43. Stan

    Hey Paul: Are you enjoying the ongoing Gold and Silver crash? I’ve made so much money on my metals shorts recently that I am at the Bentley dealer now ordering a new Continental GT Convertible. Then I’m going to test drive a new Bertram 60 yacht. It going to be a great summer! BTW, what happened to your 1780 support (ha ha ha)

    • wayne hardin

      Everybody will have a pay day at the end of the road .
      What will yours be .
      BIG MONEY ???????????????

      • wayne hardin

        You don’t realize how small you look when you laugh at someone
        else’s misfortune .
        Even if it is a joke /

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Gold just wanted to double test $1718 … seems you covered your shorts (to get the cash to buy your new car and boat)!!

  44. Mike

    The creation of a third party means nothing in a world where the actual vote means nothing due to fraud. The top priority for everyone in their local community should be election integrity and the rule of applied to those responsible for fraud. The “butterfly effect” could result from solid action by local authorities.

  45. Country Codger

    WOW, Greg, what a treat. We thoroughly enjoy the WNW’s but this was a real treat.

    Please note: the next Super Cycle begins @Apr. 13th and I believe it will be primarily a financial cycle. The market could build up to May 24th and begin dropping off @ May 26th and bottom @June 10th. There will be 3 supermoons in this cycle so the market could tope even earlier than May 24th, perhaps as early as May 10th and then drop off after May 10th.

    Remember, the Cycle of War, which began with a pestilence (Lev. 26:25 which would strike the cities the worst) does not end in Spring of 2024 it intensifies 7 times for 7 years ((Lev. 26:38 which begins the Cycle of Slavery. So far, CAF is the only one I know talking about this cycle besides me.))

    Lo Iyrah!!!

  46. Stan

    Hey Paul: My $1200 year end Gold target ain’t looking so outlandish now? Wouldn’t you agree?

    • Paul ...

      Stan … How would someone who can’t read a chart of the Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet … know where the price of gold is going??

      • Stan

        Very funny Paul. I know more about than you ever will

  47. Jan

    Thank you for having Martin Armstrong on because he sees all the data that his AI generates and connects the dots.

    The hypocrisy of having one set of rules for one election, and another set of rules for recall is astounding. In California, the rules are terribly lax in terms of who can vote FOR a democrat on the ballot (making it easy to cheat) but the rules flip when it’s time to gather enough signatures to REMOVE a democrat governor. All the Recall signatures must be verified as to having a valid residential address, being of voting age, etc. Right NOW, at this very moment, there is an effort to collect thousands of extra signatures to recall Gov. Newsom to make sure there will be enough valid signatures to pass muster. Never mind that NONE of these measures for recall matter in an actual election, and yet ANYONE (like you) who dare to question election fraud right NOW (the exact same time) is kicked off Youtube, FB, etc, for spreading disinformation (challenging the official propaganda set by the Democrat party)! And even more horrible, as you and Martin discuss, there aren’t enough SCOTUS justices to care!

  48. Titus Nelson

    Greg: It is a pleasure to hear your voice. Great interview. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Titus!

  49. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Three guy’s in the desert,one has a gold bar,one has a gallon of water and one has an AR platform weapon.Who gets what? Answer; I reckon the fellow with the weapon takes all! Enough said,investment’s in precious metals,brass,steel both stainless and blued and brass,PRICELESS! MARANATHA, GREETINGS FROM TAMPA FLORIDA 😎

    • wayne hardin

      Unless God is own their side .
      And your gun jams and they beat you to death with the gold bar .
      Take your gun and use it on the next gimmie man .
      God is the power not guns .

  50. Fred Engel

    Trump says they are not finished.

  51. Stan

    Paul: One more thing, looks like Deutsche Bank is creaming higher. Did I not tell you this would happen?

    • Paul ...

      Stan … How would someone who can’t read a chart of the Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet … know where the price of Deutsche Bank is going??

  52. Rodster

    I wished Martin Armstrong clarified the point with regards to the transition to digital cash and the dollar not collapsing. He has we are going to a digital dollar and the paper dollar will not collapse.

    So when the transition is made to a digital currency is the “US paper dollar” CANCELLED? That’s the part I need clarification on.

  53. Charles H

    WordPress just prevented my comment from posting? It seems selective censorship is at work on Greg’s site. Like I said before: if you can’t connect – you don’t exist.

    • JC

      Charles H,
      Are you seeing this?

      ‘There has been a critical error on this website.’
      Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

      • Charles H

        Yep – that’s it.

  54. Nancy McDaniel

    NY, IL and CA have purposely bankrupted businesses so when all the loans default the Crown British American Privy Coucil Rothschild bankers will own it ALL one building one acre at a time. Very few have noticed the Brit oligarchy is in charge over here again under the British subject Harris WHO IS A FAKE, NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN and INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT. Joe is just a place holder puppet beholden to China who IS A BRITISH PROXY just like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Isreal and now America. The Brit royalty falsely claim to be “descendants” of The House of David. What a joke. They are descendants of the Adversary that Yeshua says in The Revelation “claim to be Jews AND ARE NOT.” The eyes of Yehovah are on the wicked and the upright. Keep watching on the wall my brother and proclaiming your testimony so you can be found “dressed in fine white linen walking upright before Yehovah!”

    • Paul ...

      You know … some who claim to be Jews “are not” … they are effectively Atheists who don’t believe in Heaven or Hell … and thus can do “very evil things” (like George Soros, Jeffery Epstein, etc., etc., etc.) … and the same with some who claim to be Christians (like Bribe’n, Pelosi, etc. etc., etc.) … we must look closely at people … some of who “simply pretend to be religious” … and judge them for what they truly are … such Demons can give true religious people a bad rap … which can lead to our extermination by Hitler type dictators!!

  55. H.Craig Bradley


    My plumber told me the other day that the cost of a new (Bradford White ) water heater just increased + 60%. In addition, my mechanic told me that auto part prices are on the rise, as well, with many parts adding-on a new Covid surcharge. Dr. Michael Burry advises in a tweet: ” Prepare for inflation”.

    Notice the 10-year Treasury Bill has been rising since the first of January? As the yield hits 1.5%, it is causing a revaluation of many growth stocks using the discounted cash flow method of pricing-in future earnings. The stock market is acting as it did the last 2 times the FED conducted a “Taper”.

    Therefore, the FED will have to announce at their coming March Meeting a credible plan to contain interest rates, if there is actually such an option available to them. Unless confidence is quickly restored, the markets are going to exhibit high volatility, at a minimum. ( S&P 500 VIX has gone from 20 to 30 in just the past week alone). Risk is back with a vengeance! ( + Stagflation)

    Thus, the stock market is in a adjustment and consolidation phase. Question is: Will the market take a deeper dive later-on this year? Martin A. Armstrong has said before that a bear market and recession is due “going into 2022”. So, the exact timing remains uncertain for now. Still, retail investors would be wise to position themselves until a substantial correction is realized (-20%), then invest some cash afterwards.


  56. Art Barnes

    To: The Late Great American Republic


    Sincerely, Arthur Barnes

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, Everything goes in cycles due to human nature. It’s our turn in the drum. Don’t worry about saving the country. That’s over. Focus on doing what you can for you and yours now. Best always. PM

  57. Justn Observer

    Great interview Greg and Mr. Armstrong !
    Is this where the world is headed, a plan to Seize ALL properties!?

  58. Ralph+k.

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview once again. Kudos to you!

    Ever hear from Warren Pollack anymore?

  59. Ed+Milligan

    I’ve struggled for years wondering if the left is just malevolently incompetent or simply evil. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s the later.

  60. Alan Drobnak

    The forced mask issue is driven by the fear tool. With this the fear will have people waiting in line for the c-jab. The jab is full of nano-bots which is gene therapy to alter the DNA of the human condition. The DNA alteration serves to alter the basic processes of the brain which will be influenced by the 5G frequencies emitted by the cell towers, cell phones and even most home comuter hardware.

  61. Nicholas T Pappas

    The best guest speakers in the country on Greg’s show. They all have a great amount of respect for Greg Hunter to be part of his show. Thanks Greg you are the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nicholas!

  62. eddiemd

    More propaganda from the local news in Arizona.

    “”Dr. Stephanie Jackson of HonorHealth says those who have had COVID-19 should still get the coronavirus vaccine.
    “Studies have shown there’s enhanced levels of protection,” Jackson said. “We do know that immunity wanes over time. If you had a virus six to nine months ago, your immune system has relaxed a bit, and this will give it that needed boost so that you’re ready in case new strains come through.””

    Dr. Stephanie a supposed medical professional making generalized statements without any sources. She states that immunity wanes over time. Perhaps. But repetitive exposure over time will strengthen the immune system. She has no evidence that immunity to coronavirus “relaxes” over time. New strains…will the vaccine even be effective against new strains…no evidence.

    More psyop. Stay away from the vaccines. Plural…how many are there now, seven?

    Do the opposite of what the media tells you to do. They are a big factor in the luciferian deception. They cannot be trusted.

    • Paul ...

      You know … with all the cloning and bio-engineering going on it’s a wonder normal rats are not playing with matches yet and burning down our cities (like the regular Demon-rats who love the smell of smoke, the taste of blood and the horror of war … as Bribe’n quickly sets up military bases once again inside Syria to confront Russia and thus drive up gas prices for the American consumer to pay)!!

  63. Rodney

    Greg, very interesting interview…..
    I still think that the idea is to ruin ALL big cities NY especially, so these creatures can buy all the properties for cents on the dollar and then convert it all for their SMART CITIES and be able to control everyone in their 300sq foot cells, doing what they say when and where….
    We really are dealing with Ungodly EVIL, These creatures HAVE to be beheaded, they wont stop by fines or exile, it doesnt work, they are killing all the planet via their weather war fare and GMO everything, Nature will rebel and start again to clear it of Earth;s TRUE VIRUS… and they call themselves tochnocrats… PAH !

  64. Robert Dziok

    Accuweather 2/26/2021 article is titled ” ‘Historically’ low flu activity reported throughout the US this year”. Article says CDC (that gave us Faucci etc) says 173 hospitalized for flu between Oct 1 and Feb 13. Article says in comparison 400,000 hospitalized for flu with 22,000 deaths during the entire 2019-20 season. Article cites ONE doctor who “claims” masks, staying home , etc have “stopped the flu in it’s tracks”. But such has not stopped the China virus? Here’s todays REALITY CHECK: Hospitals get $30,000 for each “claim” of China virus. Think they will count as flu for which they get nothing? Think a test with 40 cycles would allow to find China virus for most in ANY death and then count as such? Think $30.000 isn’t a powerful incentive to do so and also fit in with Globalist agenda via “Plandemic”? Don’t forget survival rate for China virus is 99.99% with slight variation due to age. Don’t forget initial deaths of Chins virus were pushed up initially by characters like NYS Governor “Comrade Cuomo” mandating infected be put in nursing homes where the most vulnerable are. Some 13,000 elderly nursing home China virus deaths resulting in the case of NYS. Don’t forget WHO now says to lower number of test cycles from 40. Thus causing a decrease in China virus cases “found”. This reduction after the 2020 “election” of course. Don’t forget the American Society of Physicians and Surgeons report found masks do nothing to stop the virus as the virus particles are too small. Faucci, CDC and their Globalist Masters think Americans everywhere aren’t wise to their NWO agenda via their “Plandemic”? Don’t forget Faucci said in January 10 2017 interview ( latest member side podcast cites) there would be a “Surprise Outbreak” for the Trump Administration to have deal with. Globalists couldn’t complete their 16 year plan to destroy America ( 8 years Obama and 8 years Clinton ) culminating in WW III under “Comrade Clinton ” because “Comrade Clinton” lost in 2016 election. Constant BS attacks (e.g. Russian Collusion, Impeachment. etc) on President Trump FAILED for 4 years so Globalists. Deep State and Desperate Dems had to resort to their final “Insurance Plan” of Plandemic (Truthand Really think there was not a plan to counter? Really think there is not a lot going on behind the scene now via the military as a result of Military code 11.3 (Created in the 50’s McCarthy Era as a last stop to illegitimate government takeover by Communists) and President Trump executive orders? Really believe the MSM propaganda constantly being spewed out? Really think President Trump is out of the picture? President Trump announced via the July 4th Mount Rushmore ceremony we now have our sovereignty back. Jim Pugh ( points out in his radio interviews with BardsFM (Bards.FM) that since then to 2020 election some 25 volumes each 6 inches thick of legal work relating to Act of 1871 and new government we will be transitioning to have been completed. Pugh also points out the Military and FEMA are actually in control. National Guard active in 11 states and one hour call up in others for40 state total. Don’t forget that General Flynn has adamantly said in a speech “That in Life, Business and War you do not reveal your plan to win”. So one does not reveal a plan or even that one exists or it is useless as the enemy knows. That is why General Flynn recently denied in an interview any current plan exists. Military and “Art of War” (Sun Tsu) tactic/thinking. Don’t mistake silence for inaction (As has been pointed out by such as Q and Sydney Powell)!

    • Marie+Joy

      IF there is a war, civil, or not, there will be severe food shortages. STOCK UP because it may happen.

  65. Anita Alt

    Thank you both. Armstrong got his finger on the pulse in my opinion. No disrespect to J Sinclair but what he was saying the other day revealed to me he does not have all the pieces needed to put the puzzle together.

  66. Ron

    Please explain “how” the governmental services corporations, “Crush”, “Confiscate”, or do away with Cryptocurrencies!

    • steve

      I hope they dont, but my view is that they can shut all exchanges, however P2P trading could still exist

    • Occasnltrvlr

      By eliminating one’s ability to communicate electronically.

  67. eddiemd

    Chogie boy for the luciferian cabal in the pentagram.

    This is why the USA is in trouble. A compromised ex-admiral who does what he is told.

  68. eddiemd

    China promoting its “safe” vaccine throughout the MENA and Africa….great news. Create the virus bioweapon and now have the solution. It will allow them to colonize the nations and take the rare earth minerals and resources easier.

    Interesting the Magyar FM in Egypt. Interview with the BBC MI6 operative.

  69. AJ

    Just want to thank you Greg Hunter for bringing so many important subjects and people to the public. I’ve learned so much, and been exposed to people, opinions and facts I would not have otherwise been aware of.

    You make a difference!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AJ for your support & very kind words!

  70. Marie+Joy

    Strongly, suggest you/we load up on vitamins & supplements that could sustain us while we have a poor diet. I take Centrum, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3/K2, zinc, and digestive enzymes (I’m old).
    Having trouble getting to It tends to take 2 tries.

    • JC

      Marie Joy,
      I’m having that happen too. Sometimes it takes two tries.
      I usually see this after the first try.

      ‘There has been a critical error on this website.’
      Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

      • Marie+Joy

        WordPress may be a communist.

      • allen ols

        me too

        • susan

          Wordfence kept me out. I had to go through a bunch of hoops to get on.

      • Robert K


        I agree with you. I too had an issue this morning, (2/27), with WordPress, and have had issues in multiple attempts previously to access the website, it was blank, and I had to click on the USAWatchDog banner in order to see any content. I see someone/something is involved in trying to suppress Greg’s messages and truthful information the MSM will not cover…Things that make you go hmmmm……

  71. Lynne

    Thank you so much for having Martin Armstrong on as a guest Greg! I’m in Canada. I did know about the cancelling the older currency notes, but I did not know about our PM’s ability to cancel everything! That tidbit of information was swept under the rug. I’ll be sharing this interview with my family & friends. God bless you & wishing you the best.

    • Gary C

      Lynne, if your in Canada you might want to order Armstrongs Canada report, 200.00.
      It is a very well done report, re from a Canadian perspective on the Currency, TSX,
      COVID, and Politics.

  72. Pdx r13

    Thanks for keeping up the great interviews. I haven’t heard from Warren E. Pollock in a while.

  73. Merry Piper

    Greg: Outstanding interview! Thank you and and Martin Armstrong. I did notice that your Bitcoin question wasn’t answered at first. Thank you for your commitment to get his answer!!

  74. Idaho Bullwinkle

    The “Rule of Law” is alive and prospering here and around the world.
    Every day there are more and more rules that are enforced as Law.

    The old dictionaries and in better legal dictionaries state that “Legal Law” is adversarial to “Moral Law”.
    Secular is adversarial to Morality.
    The “Legal Law” can only see the “Person” which is owned by Government.
    Unfortunately, we (Man-male and female) have volunteered to be surety and must be the one held accountable for the “Legal Person”
    Government and everything Legal would collapse if it held to the Ten Commandants.

  75. paul anders

    Sorry, but I still believe in “Q”
    I still believe there’s a war raging below the surface…

  76. Robert Olin

    I think it’s come down to the fascists/corporatists vs the communists/socialists with the fascists using the socialists as useful idiots to bring in their new system. The plan is for a Technocracy like China but with the corporations running the government instead of the government running the corporations. But what do I know.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “But what do I know.”

      Maybe more than you let on.

    • Paul ...

      What the people need to do is boycott the corporations … to control the commies in government!!

  77. steve

    Fitts and then Atmstrong- very high quality back to back interviews- thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve!

  78. Lord Nasdaq

    Great show brother, Greg. You always have the best guests each week.
    In our weekly Wednesday night meeting we really touched upon bonds (10 year notes) now equal with S&P 500 divy yield and how this will impact option trading on small cap technology securities.
    God bless you and Mr. Armstrong.
    Look forward to visiting your site this Sunday for another great show.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lord Nasdaq!

  79. paul anders

    Sorry, but I still believe in “17”
    I still believe there’s a war raging below the surface…

    • Occasnltrvlr

      You mean, Winger?

  80. Brent Morrison

    Greg love your work but please stop asking people about Bitcoin that know very little about Bitcoin. Invite guest like Andreas Antonopoulos. I am sure he would gladly accept.

    Best wishes ,

  81. johnny generic

    I really like Armstrong. But his characterization of China is WAY OFF. He thinks all they are interested in doing is trading. That’s all! Nothing else. A communist controlled country who steals technology from us to enrich themselves. The Christians, Moslems and Falon Gong who are imprisoned, tortured and killed and have organs harvested. Yeah, Armstrong. Nothing to see here. Not to mention all the congressmen that have been paid off. Dare I say Hunter/Joe? China is CORRUPT!
    He REALLY needs to think what he is spouting off about. If I had never heard of the guy….I would have thought he was a paid stooge of the Chinese government. I really hate to say that.

    • Marie+Joy

      Very few tell the entire truth. Bits and pieces, here and there, but, rarely, all of it.

  82. Pete+only

    Thanks for having Martin Armstrong on Greg. He is a true economic historian, and has the goods to show how the movement of capital and economic goods influuences our lives over time.
    He did say that when people believe they have nothing to lose… out.
    People today do tend to be buying anything they can with their soon to be worthless dollars, so what happened in Weimar Germany is almost the same as it was the almost 100 years ago. Some happen to buy Bitcoin, some art, some buy land and property, farmland by the elite, some people buy physical gold and silver, or some buy tech stock, but don’t forget to have food in the pantry. Have vitamins that help your immune system.
    Bubbles everywhere, except in gold and silver, although what you now pay for physical silver is double what you paid 8 years ago, with gold still up, but by about 40% give or take.
    Food is definitely something to worry about going forward. There is only 3 days of supply in the warehouses, and if the truckers aren’t on the road, even less time than that.
    Where it all will will end, nobody knows for sure.
    Choose wisely what to do with your dollars. Don’t finance the enemy, like big tech, and the like. Support alternative media and it’s new infrastructure.
    Get your spiritual house in order. Goid Bless.

  83. Fun Rhetorical Questions

    It got deleted with the historic pen and phone?

  84. Malcolm Naylor

    Great to see Martin Armstrong on the show again. God bless, Australia 🙂

  85. TheTruthBurns

    To Truly be a Government Of the People, By the People & For the People Would Require lining up the President, VP & Cabinet, 7 of the Supreme Corrupt Injustices, The Vast Majority of The House of Reprehensibles & Seenot & Publicly Execute Them on the Capitol Lawn as TRAITORS TO THE US CONSTITUTION & Start Fresh – Otherwise the US Federal Government is just a Demonic Entity serving Satan.

  86. wayne hardin

    The one thing i don’t understand is Christians having bug out bags .
    And would run instead of stand .
    If we are where God wants us no weapon formed against us can hurt us
    unless it is our time .
    Ask Daniel in the lions den / shadrach meshach and abednego in the furnace .
    To be absent from the body is to be with the Lord .
    I know he said flee to the mountains also .
    The point is don’t think you have to run unless God says so .
    As Greg says God is in control and if you know Jesus don’t get on your knees
    or run from anybody else or anything else .
    Stand Ye Therefore . And see the salvation of the Lord.

  87. barsoom43

    Yes, I flew helicopters in RVN.. I was 19.. Based on my experience and studies, I strongly discouraged my son and grandson from joining the military- they listened.. Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC, and winner of 2 CMoH, wrote a book titled “War is a Racket”.. He should know.. And, as Greg Hunter mentioned, we were likewise warned by Gen Eisenhower.. There’s a reason why we’ve been in Afghanistan for 20 years.. follow the money trail… it will lead you to a politician..
    I am totally disgusted by our political class, their corruption and disregard of the USC..
    Allow me to be the prophet: Venezuela is right outside our door, followed by 1790 France and then followed by 1990 USSR.. Quote Pvt Hudson, “We’re on an express elevator to hell… going down!”

  88. Bobby Hitt

    My number one go to YouTube channel has been Greg Hunter’s channel. It is disgusting that those skinny pea brained Commucrats took him down as well as many many other worthy sites. Most of these folks like Greg have websites thank God. So I made a Bookmark directory called CENSORED and I put those links, like USAWatchdog, in that directory where I can find them easily. May God bless Greg Hunter, strengthen and encourage him as he sorts out his way forward.

  89. H.Craig Bradley


    Looks like we are fast building-up our “bitcoin prison” as Kathryn Austin Fitts called bitcoin. Alternatively, Charlie Munger (97) recently referred to Bitcoin as a “turd” that many fear missing-out on.

  90. eddiemd

    Some good news in this propaganda article. Troops refusing the vaccine.

    Read carefully the spin that the msm is using in this piece.

    “At the end of the day, our military is our society,” said Dr. Michael S. Weiner, the former chief medical officer for the Defense Department, who now serves in the same role for Maximus, a government contractor and technology company. “They have the same social media, the same families, the same issues that society at large has.”

    Dr. Oscar Meyer Weiner is a luciferian shill for totalitarian control.

    Every once in a while they inject some truth.

    “For many troops, the reluctance reflects the concerns of civilians who have said in various public health polls that they will not take the vaccine. Many worry the vaccines are unsafe or were developed too quickly.

    Some of the concerns stem from misinformation that has run rampant on Facebook and other social media, including the false rumor that the vaccine contains a microchip devised to monitor recipients, that it will permanently disable the body’s immune system or that it is some form of government control.

    In some ways, vaccines are the new masks: a preventive measure against the virus that has been politicized.”

    Still psyop propaganda.

    “Other troops cite the anthrax vaccine, which was believed to cause adverse effects in members of the military in the late 1990s, as evidence that the military should not be on the front lines of a new vaccine.”

    Anthrax was a scam by a group of retired admirals and generals to vaccinate the DOD with an unproven vaccine against pulmonary anthrax. The vaccine was developed for cutaneous anthrax. I was on AD during the 90’s. I saw several adverse results of this mass vaccination scam. Not good.

    Bad news.
    “The vaccine, unlike many other inoculations, is not required by the military at this time because it has been approved for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration. Once it becomes a standard, approved vaccine, the military can order troops to take the shot.”

  91. Marie+Joy

    WE are approaching a time where, if you do not have it, you will not be able to get it.

    Families, friends, and like-minded people need to come together, for survival.

    I have decided to cook up, for instance, my ground beef, make my meatballs and freeze them , already made, so that, if we lose power, it’s just a matter of heating them up or eating them cold… much easier with premade foods.

    Time to buy food that is easier to prepare or eaten right out of the package/can.

    I hope your garden is huge.

  92. eddiemd

    Biden is not capable of running foreign policy. The USA is being run by Obama and his cabal behind the scenes. As previously noted, where is Victoria Nuland?

    Luciferian globalists are in control to take down Russia on multiple fronts: Syria, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia,…and perhaps Chechyna, the Artic, and Baltic areas.

    The thief will come in the night. Today is the day of salvation. You must be born again. There is no other option. Repent and believe on Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  93. Daniel Pete

    They did the same thing during the Great Depression . FDR was more interested in amassing the worlds largest gold hoard, than feeding his supporters , that were starving in the streets. Numerous accounts of fields being plowed under, milked poured into the earth, and live stock slaughtered , as people starved . The Great Depressions was considered the greatest theft of wealth in the history of the world ———– 911 topped it , then the “crisis of 2008” topped 911 ————– and once the debt was officially announced as “unrepayable” in 2012 , the elected criminals have been racing nonstop to thieve as much as they can before the inevitable collapse . The World will be talking about whats to come, in this country, for generations upon generations .

  94. Retired

    How exactly can the federal government seize Bitcoin? They don’t know how to discover who has it. Or am I wrong?

  95. wayne hardin

    If you’ve never had a friend disagree with you .
    You have never had a real friend .

    Praise God for Jesus he has no problem telling us when we do wrong .
    A friend indeed he is .

  96. Rusty Hill

    Thanks Greg I am happy to know Big Tech has not shut you down, yet. Keep up the good work and thank you very much!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rusty for all your support!

  97. Robert Epperson

    I appreciate Martin Armstrong. I sincerely enjoy his interviews. However, once again, wrong guy for an answer on Bitcoin, a deflationary currency. Why Bitcoin, it eats fiat. It is the internet of the 90’s. But cryptocurrency is not just Bitcoin. What is Ethereum? What is the Ethereum Enterprise? Who is involved? What is Theta? What is Monero? Will they tax you, yes, on ALL transactions. They don’t care what you spend, just they get their transaction fee. Greg, you need an expert in Crypto to understand it. Interview Michael Saylor. In predictive linguistics, Bitcoin will still be in 100 years. It is not going anywhere. You realize you have left the age of Pisces and entered Aquarius on Dec 21, 2020. What does that mean? From Religion to TECHNOLOGY. What is Bitcoin? Technology? What is Patent WPA060606?

  98. Great report.

  99. john doe

    Canceled currency becomes collector item in good condition

  100. Truth Teller

    No, the Rule of Law in America hasn’t collapsed….for example, over 300 Americans have been arrested and charged for their involvement in the riot/insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Just because someone says something, that doesn’t make it a fact, lanebrains.

    Here are the rules: Facts are not opinions. Opinions that have no facts behind are are timewasters during serious debates. Trump lost the election. Fact. Trump lost every lawsuit that was filed seeking to overturn the election results. Fact. Mexico did not pay for the wall. Fact. Trump never had a replacement for Obamacare. Fact. Trump’s words incited violence at the Capitol on January 6. Fact. The GOP, by and large, has fallen under the spell of CPAC and similar organizations who substitute absurd opinions because they have no facts to support what they claim. Simply put, because someone says the earth is flat or that the moon is made of green cheese doesn’t require that any response other than “that’s wrong.’When people say stupid things, it’s okay to tell them they’re wrong; in fact, maybe it’s even important that we do. That is not being intolerant; that’s simply telling them the truth

    • wayne hardin

      So you are saying sleepy got more vote than anybody in history ???????????
      If so you are to far gone to help …….

      • wayne hardin

        THAT IS A FACT >

    • eddiemd

      Are you a fact checker for facebook or twitter?

    • Russ

      ROFLMAO, you misspelled lame brain, Mr. athletic brain. The fact is the supreme court refused to hear the cases on election corruption citing ‘discretion’ which is unconstitutional for them to refuse to do their duty which the founding fathers laid out. As Armstrong said rule of law is now gone and corruption has set in. The founding fathers will be turning over in their graves, however Jefferson warned that some day the United States would be as corrupt as Europe. That day is now. Armstrong predicts that there will be a civil war after 2032.95 and the USA will break up into four countries. He is a cycles expert, he was the chairman of the foundation for the study of cycles, the top organization in the world and he says the USA has a cycle structure that implies it will be a one time wonder, once it has broken up it will never be number one again. So nice try with the obfuscation mr. shill.

  101. Bill Bradshaw

    The number of comments for this interview is high and growing. Mr Armstrong knows of what he speaks, and maybe, just maybe, people are waking up. The situation in our government seems impossible, But God will have the last word!!!
    Thank you Greg for all the work you do so we can be an informed people. God Bless you

  102. DJW

    Martin Armstrong is the real deal, thanks for this great interview Greg.
    And thanks for the link at the end, this appears to be a new feature on your site?
    Laura Lynn has been doing amazing work, I really like her, and her interview with Martin Armstrong is also excellent.

  103. wayne hardin

    All the distractions are working as planned .
    Is the snow real .
    Is the snow man made .
    Who cares they have us out in the yard while they are in the house robbing
    everything thing we own .
    And the dogs we pay so much for as in the government are helping them load
    the damn truck .
    It is the same with the church all the people that are paid to lead people
    to Christ have people running after the world .
    In other words the opposite direction than what God said .
    It is abundantly clear that we need to wake up .
    Satan came to steel kill and destroy and he is getting it done .
    All because we don’t stand in the power of the LORD .
    Instead we are trying to fight him in the flesh .
    Look around if you don’t believe that .

  104. maxreason

    You all miss the point. The real point. The point that underlies all other points political and social. And what is this all important point?

    Simple. The concept “authority” is fiction. Inherent fiction. Absolute fiction. No human has or can have “authority” over any other human. PERIOD. The notion that “authority” is non-fiction is FALSE. And those who claim “authority” is non-fiction know this. But they benefit from the fact that most humans are dumber than rocks and never even bother to question whether concepts are fiction or non-fiction before they jam them into their brains and think with those concepts.

    Any claim by any human that he has “authority” over you is simply an attempt to claim you are his slave. But “slave” is another concept that is an inherent fiction.

    Once you realize that no human can have “authority” over you or anyone else, endless other fictions fall apart (if you bother to question the consequences of “authority” being fiction). Once you realize “authority” is fiction, you should almost immediately realize that “government” is also fiction, that “law” is fiction, that all “official” positions are fiction … and on and on and on and on with the 100% fantastical nonsense theory that is “authority” and the hundreds or thousands of other fictional concepts that have been sold to the masses as non-fiction.

    Humans are dumber than rocks.

    • CreateFiction

      maxreason: Is your post fiction?

    • Kenneth

      Best comment here. I would add that while we humans do appear dumb as rocks, what we really are is conditioned. Conditioned to believe in authority. Look at all the comments with bible verses. So many believe in deity and in fact, they welcome even the evil deities to rule over them! Even Joe Plumber down the street wants you to be under his authority by the way he votes. He wants to use the force and coercion of the government to cause you to behave and think and live your life as he sees fit.
      So many willingly give up their freedom for security. They think that others know best and can protect them. Is this willful ignorance? Maybe. But I think it is just basic conditioning over a lifetime of public schooling which is nothing more than training to bow to authority and to be an obedient worker. Garbage in-garbage out. This is our society and sadly, our world.
      Is there a remedy? I don’t know. All I can come up with is that until we see one another as one- one life, we will believe to be separate from each other. The wars will continue, the death and hate, the suffering…. all will continue and we will destroy ourselves until there is some kind of realization of who we really are.

  105. Martin

    To be advised, I found this historical study (pdf book) from M. Armstrong for sale on eBay which is selling for substantially more (as much as $4,000) on Amazon
    Also, The Greatest Trade of the Century (Martin Armstrong) Trade of the 21st Century also for sale

  106. Robert Olin

    It all makes sense if the idea is to destroy the country, it’s culture, it’s history and it’s constitution. It seems the plutocrats are using the socialists as useful idiots to do the heavy lifting. But they will be the ones to rush to the finish line since they own the corporations, banks, politicians and judges. Jefferson did say that the Republic was finished once the people found they could vote themselves money from the treasury. I think of Timothy Leary. “Turn on, tune in and drop out.” Best get out of the city and into the country.

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