Running Straight into Worst Case Scenario – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino is nervous about the distortions in the markets that are breaking records. Mannarino contends, “It’s going to come down very, very, very rapidly.  There is not going to be any slow burn here whatsoever.  It’s going to be every man or woman for themselves.  Everyone is going to run to the door at the same time.  At some point, nobody is going to want to buy anything.  This is a worst case scenario.  In a managed market like we have right now, I cannot imagine a way we are not running into a worst case scenario.”

Mannarino said the markets would go up right after Donald Trump was elected. Mannarino said the election of Trump was a “game changer.”  So, what’s got Mannarino spooked now?  Mannarino says, “The sell-off in the bond market last Thursday and Friday says there is something here that we have to pay attention to.  Not only bonds sold off, but we saw the bond market sell off at the same time the stock market was selling off.  That is unusual in this environment.  We have not seen this type of action as far back as I can remember.  When you see a simultaneous stock and bond market sell off, that should make people stop and say whoa, because you’ve got cash leaving two markets, and where is it going?  . . . Cash came out of the bond market rapidly.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “What does it mean to the guy or girl listening to this right now? It means interest rates are going to spike rapidly.  If this happens, and we’ve seen this before, rates will go up and stocks will sell off like we are seeing now, but much more violently.  Then, that cash is going to move into other assets. . . . This whole Ponzi scheme of debt being borrowed into the system in greater and greater amounts has to come to an end at some point.  I think we are starting to see this right now.  The debt can never be paid back, and the fiat currency, the dollars, are part of that debt.  It is a frightening prospect here to put this into perspective.  We might be seeing a little darkness with Venezuela defaulting on its debt here.  This is going to sweep the globe . . . . We are now under an umbrella of debt, which can only get worse.  It can never be paid back.  It keeps getting bigger and bigger.  There is going to be a moment of implosion when the debt based economic model cannot function anymore.  Then everything grinds to a halt.  That’s it, it’s party over.”

Mannarino says don’t expect the Fed or any other central bank to come in and blow another bubble when this one pops. Mannarino warns, “This time the Fed cannot do anything.  There can be no bailout, there can be nothing.  The money they lose this time will not come back in their lifetimes.  Maybe the next lifetime in whatever system evolves out of this, but in this lifetime, the money people lose this time is never coming back.”

Mannarino says, “Gold should be a $8,000 per ounce and silver should be a $500 per ounce but they are openly rigging those markets.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino, founder of

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After the Interview: 

Gregory Mannarino also says, “I just filed a complaint with the Securities And Exchange Commission with regard to the rigging of the gold, and gold derivative market.” Mannarino is asking other people to file “your own complaint”  along with him.  Click here to find out more.

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Hello everyone! Thanks Greg! And yes, I Filed A Complaint With The Securities And Exchange Commission On Gold Market Fixing. Click here:

    • Greg Hunter

      Go get them Gregory!!!!!

      • Pat

        Greg, I have been trading the HYG 87 1/19/18 puts for a year and this past Thursday almost 14,000 contracts!!!! traded vs. usually little or no contracts trading on a daily basis. Also, a one day 39% price appreciation for an option price that has gone straight down for 52 weeks. On Friday the TBT 1/18/19 40 call took off with unrelenting bidding all day long. TBT calls have also gone straight down until Friday for 52 weeks. I trade have traded this TBT option for a year and Friday felt very, very different!

        I noticed the financial channels like CNBC and financial sights like seeking alpha were quick to announce the end of the bond selloff just after a few days of selling after years and years of nothing but gains for bonds. Something feels very odd for someone who deals and feels these markets on a daily basis and it sure did not feel like all that bidding was just for one day trade!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for adding this Pat!!

        • Jim

          If it went down for a year and expires soon; this could be an early move toward a short squeeze.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Two thoughts spring to mind…

      1) If stocks and bonds reached record highs simultaneously, they can fall at the same time.

      2) If the FAIR price for gold is $8,000 and silver $500, then the prices will probably go much higher when you factor in speculation and euphoria. Unless, of course, the price is fixed in a reset.

    • Macray

      Greg M
      Even though the The Securities And Exchange Commission is part of the Plunge Protection Team, I too filed a complaint this morning. I copied and pasted, as you encouraged, what you had filed. Thank you for being the lead here!!

  2. eddiemd

    Two brain cells held together by a spirochete. The mind of the average Amerikan citizen.

    • Paul ...

      Two brain cells held together by an undulating spirochete … that can be “tuned into” low frequency radio waves … emitted by HARP to make one hear “voices” or commands from “God” (which is really Deep State, CIA, NSA mind control agencies) … human beings are born with a brain that is “easily hacked” … we have “no firewall protections” against illegal entry by the Deep State into our minds … during the Iraq war the US beamed “the voice of Allah” into the heads of Iraqi soldiers “to lay down their weapons” (and 150 American soldiers took control of and entire Iraqi Division) … Trump must get this mind control weapon out of CIA hands and use it on neocons like John (insane) McCain and tell him to be good and not cut off Christian heads … perhaps even give him thoughts (from God) to make him “prophetic” and give “the word of God to be good” to all his evil neocon followers!! …

      • Paul ...

        One way to put “a firewall” between you and the Deep State mind control agencies … is to have “morals” … so that when “a voice” comes into your mind and tells you to shoot everyone in the Church … your “morals” override the “command” and you don’t do as you are told!! … this is the reason the Deep State needs to make society “immoral” and do away with all Christians … because in “a totally immoral society” the Deep State can have total control over the human mind to manipulate as they want … look at how the Deep State supports Hollywood and their immoral behavior … Madonna, Cyrus. perverts of all kinds, gays, pedophiles, Satanists, etc., etc. … to make immorality “normal” within the population … so the Deep State will have total control over everyone … we need a “moral firewall” to defeat these evil people!! …

        • Paul ...

          In one mind control experiment a gorilla’s brain was linked to a human brain … to see if the human could direct the gorilla to do an evil thing the human ordered it to do … guess what … the gorilla killed the human … proving that the gorilla had a sense of morality that the evil human could not win over … do you hear that Satan … we know how to defeat you (and your Deep State buddies)!! …
          PS: and passing laws to legalize “pole dancing” by naked men transsexuals in front of children … and having those children put dollars in your G-strings to make the next generation into immoral zombies … may seem like a good plan … but we Christians (who have not been be-headed yet) will take down you evil bastards … along with all the pedophiles and Satanists that are currently preying on our children!!

        • Greg Hunter

          One of your better comments Paul!! Thank you.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    We are sure living in ‘The Matrix’ now!
    Everything is FAKE. TV, News, Etc.

    I am horrified how quickly the world has been turned upside down, yes the 100 year plan is in play, but I bet the establishment thought they would get a little more resistance from the people.

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you.

  5. Paul ...

    Mannarino is right to be nervous about the distortions in the markets … where the whole edifice eventually crumbles down under the weight of too many promissory notes … I was thinking the other night about another promise of Biblical proportions (that may soon unravel)? … i was thinking about the size of the Promised Land … and just how many descendants of Abraham there are now … as I wanted to know what land was due me and perhaps I could get a little farm and be done with all these world problems … I figure there has to be about “a billion” descendants of Abraham by now … so I set out to determine the size of the Promised Land that God endowed to the descendants of Abraham … opening the Bible to Genesis 13: 14,15 … God said to Abraham … “lift up your eyes … look north, south, east and west … all the land you see … I give to you and your descendants forever” … now as the curvature of the Earth only allows us humans to see about 7 miles in every direction … the area of the Promised Land is (Area= 3.1415 x 49) or approximately 154 sq miles … so i divided up the 154 sq miles among the billion descendants of Abraham that exist by now … and it gives each person about 4 sq feet of land?? … not enough for a farm … just about enough land to stand on … so like our stock market … this problem gets worse with time!! … and there is an additional problem … how can we descendants of Abraham lay claim to “our piece of the Promised Land” if Israel controls it all? … any Biblical scholars out there ever give this a random thought?? … and what happens when there is not enough space for even one descendant to even stand upon the land???

    • Paul ...

      Now … lets take this thought one step further … could it be that “some evil cabal” is out to “kill off most of the descendants of Abraham” (by chopping off the heads of Christians, etc.) so that “this cabal” can then lay claim to “all” the Holy Land???

      • Paul ...

        What better way to get rid of the Christians then to create a holy war between them and the Muslims so as to get a bigger share of the Holy Land! … this is not in keeping with what Jesus did (when there was not enough bread to go around to feed the multitude) … he didn’t kill off the people (so there would be more bread to go around) … Jesus simply broke the loafs of bread into thousands of pieces … and everyone got fed (with a small piece each)!!

        • Paul ...

          By the word of God … the descendants of Abraham … should “not be denied” their endowed right to a piece of the Holy Land!!

      • A. HALL

        Paul- ponder this- many hits like this if you search?-

        these are stationed around the USA.- part of the FEMA camps program!!!

    • Donald