Running Straight into Worst Case Scenario – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino is nervous about the distortions in the markets that are breaking records. Mannarino contends, “It’s going to come down very, very, very rapidly.  There is not going to be any slow burn here whatsoever.  It’s going to be every man or woman for themselves.  Everyone is going to run to the door at the same time.  At some point, nobody is going to want to buy anything.  This is a worst case scenario.  In a managed market like we have right now, I cannot imagine a way we are not running into a worst case scenario.”

Mannarino said the markets would go up right after Donald Trump was elected. Mannarino said the election of Trump was a “game changer.”  So, what’s got Mannarino spooked now?  Mannarino says, “The sell-off in the bond market last Thursday and Friday says there is something here that we have to pay attention to.  Not only bonds sold off, but we saw the bond market sell off at the same time the stock market was selling off.  That is unusual in this environment.  We have not seen this type of action as far back as I can remember.  When you see a simultaneous stock and bond market sell off, that should make people stop and say whoa, because you’ve got cash leaving two markets, and where is it going?  . . . Cash came out of the bond market rapidly.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “What does it mean to the guy or girl listening to this right now? It means interest rates are going to spike rapidly.  If this happens, and we’ve seen this before, rates will go up and stocks will sell off like we are seeing now, but much more violently.  Then, that cash is going to move into other assets. . . . This whole Ponzi scheme of debt being borrowed into the system in greater and greater amounts has to come to an end at some point.  I think we are starting to see this right now.  The debt can never be paid back, and the fiat currency, the dollars, are part of that debt.  It is a frightening prospect here to put this into perspective.  We might be seeing a little darkness with Venezuela defaulting on its debt here.  This is going to sweep the globe . . . . We are now under an umbrella of debt, which can only get worse.  It can never be paid back.  It keeps getting bigger and bigger.  There is going to be a moment of implosion when the debt based economic model cannot function anymore.  Then everything grinds to a halt.  That’s it, it’s party over.”

Mannarino says don’t expect the Fed or any other central bank to come in and blow another bubble when this one pops. Mannarino warns, “This time the Fed cannot do anything.  There can be no bailout, there can be nothing.  The money they lose this time will not come back in their lifetimes.  Maybe the next lifetime in whatever system evolves out of this, but in this lifetime, the money people lose this time is never coming back.”

Mannarino says, “Gold should be a $8,000 per ounce and silver should be a $500 per ounce but they are openly rigging those markets.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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After the Interview: 

Gregory Mannarino also says, “I just filed a complaint with the Securities And Exchange Commission with regard to the rigging of the gold, and gold derivative market.” Mannarino is asking other people to file “your own complaint”  along with him.  Click here to find out more.




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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Hello everyone! Thanks Greg! And yes, I Filed A Complaint With The Securities And Exchange Commission On Gold Market Fixing. Click here:

    • Greg Hunter

      Go get them Gregory!!!!!

      • Pat

        Greg, I have been trading the HYG 87 1/19/18 puts for a year and this past Thursday almost 14,000 contracts!!!! traded vs. usually little or no contracts trading on a daily basis. Also, a one day 39% price appreciation for an option price that has gone straight down for 52 weeks. On Friday the TBT 1/18/19 40 call took off with unrelenting bidding all day long. TBT calls have also gone straight down until Friday for 52 weeks. I trade have traded this TBT option for a year and Friday felt very, very different!

        I noticed the financial channels like CNBC and financial sights like seeking alpha were quick to announce the end of the bond selloff just after a few days of selling after years and years of nothing but gains for bonds. Something feels very odd for someone who deals and feels these markets on a daily basis and it sure did not feel like all that bidding was just for one day trade!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for adding this Pat!!

        • Jim

          If it went down for a year and expires soon; this could be an early move toward a short squeeze.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Two thoughts spring to mind…

      1) If stocks and bonds reached record highs simultaneously, they can fall at the same time.

      2) If the FAIR price for gold is $8,000 and silver $500, then the prices will probably go much higher when you factor in speculation and euphoria. Unless, of course, the price is fixed in a reset.

    • Macray

      Greg M
      Even though the The Securities And Exchange Commission is part of the Plunge Protection Team, I too filed a complaint this morning. I copied and pasted, as you encouraged, what you had filed. Thank you for being the lead here!!

  2. eddiemd

    Two brain cells held together by a spirochete. The mind of the average Amerikan citizen.

    • Paul ...

      Two brain cells held together by an undulating spirochete … that can be “tuned into” low frequency radio waves … emitted by HARP to make one hear “voices” or commands from “God” (which is really Deep State, CIA, NSA mind control agencies) … human beings are born with a brain that is “easily hacked” … we have “no firewall protections” against illegal entry by the Deep State into our minds … during the Iraq war the US beamed “the voice of Allah” into the heads of Iraqi soldiers “to lay down their weapons” (and 150 American soldiers took control of and entire Iraqi Division) … Trump must get this mind control weapon out of CIA hands and use it on neocons like John (insane) McCain and tell him to be good and not cut off Christian heads … perhaps even give him thoughts (from God) to make him “prophetic” and give “the word of God to be good” to all his evil neocon followers!! …

      • Paul ...

        One way to put “a firewall” between you and the Deep State mind control agencies … is to have “morals” … so that when “a voice” comes into your mind and tells you to shoot everyone in the Church … your “morals” override the “command” and you don’t do as you are told!! … this is the reason the Deep State needs to make society “immoral” and do away with all Christians … because in “a totally immoral society” the Deep State can have total control over the human mind to manipulate as they want … look at how the Deep State supports Hollywood and their immoral behavior … Madonna, Cyrus. perverts of all kinds, gays, pedophiles, Satanists, etc., etc. … to make immorality “normal” within the population … so the Deep State will have total control over everyone … we need a “moral firewall” to defeat these evil people!! …

        • Paul ...

          In one mind control experiment a gorilla’s brain was linked to a human brain … to see if the human could direct the gorilla to do an evil thing the human ordered it to do … guess what … the gorilla killed the human … proving that the gorilla had a sense of morality that the evil human could not win over … do you hear that Satan … we know how to defeat you (and your Deep State buddies)!! …
          PS: and passing laws to legalize “pole dancing” by naked men transsexuals in front of children … and having those children put dollars in your G-strings to make the next generation into immoral zombies … may seem like a good plan … but we Christians (who have not been be-headed yet) will take down you evil bastards … along with all the pedophiles and Satanists that are currently preying on our children!!

        • Greg Hunter

          One of your better comments Paul!! Thank you.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    We are sure living in ‘The Matrix’ now!
    Everything is FAKE. TV, News, Etc.

    I am horrified how quickly the world has been turned upside down, yes the 100 year plan is in play, but I bet the establishment thought they would get a little more resistance from the people.

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you.

  5. Paul ...

    Mannarino is right to be nervous about the distortions in the markets … where the whole edifice eventually crumbles down under the weight of too many promissory notes … I was thinking the other night about another promise of Biblical proportions (that may soon unravel)? … i was thinking about the size of the Promised Land … and just how many descendants of Abraham there are now … as I wanted to know what land was due me and perhaps I could get a little farm and be done with all these world problems … I figure there has to be about “a billion” descendants of Abraham by now … so I set out to determine the size of the Promised Land that God endowed to the descendants of Abraham … opening the Bible to Genesis 13: 14,15 … God said to Abraham … “lift up your eyes … look north, south, east and west … all the land you see … I give to you and your descendants forever” … now as the curvature of the Earth only allows us humans to see about 7 miles in every direction … the area of the Promised Land is (Area= 3.1415 x 49) or approximately 154 sq miles … so i divided up the 154 sq miles among the billion descendants of Abraham that exist by now … and it gives each person about 4 sq feet of land?? … not enough for a farm … just about enough land to stand on … so like our stock market … this problem gets worse with time!! … and there is an additional problem … how can we descendants of Abraham lay claim to “our piece of the Promised Land” if Israel controls it all? … any Biblical scholars out there ever give this a random thought?? … and what happens when there is not enough space for even one descendant to even stand upon the land???

    • Paul ...

      Now … lets take this thought one step further … could it be that “some evil cabal” is out to “kill off most of the descendants of Abraham” (by chopping off the heads of Christians, etc.) so that “this cabal” can then lay claim to “all” the Holy Land???

      • Paul ...

        What better way to get rid of the Christians then to create a holy war between them and the Muslims so as to get a bigger share of the Holy Land! … this is not in keeping with what Jesus did (when there was not enough bread to go around to feed the multitude) … he didn’t kill off the people (so there would be more bread to go around) … Jesus simply broke the loafs of bread into thousands of pieces … and everyone got fed (with a small piece each)!!

        • Paul ...

          By the word of God … the descendants of Abraham … should “not be denied” their endowed right to a piece of the Holy Land!!

      • A. HALL

        Paul- ponder this- many hits like this if you search?-

        these are stationed around the USA.- part of the FEMA camps program!!!

    • Donald

      “any Biblical scholars out there ever give this a random thought??”

      This promise only applies to the nation of Israel (which includes those of Judah). Further it only applies to a small number of those from Israel that ever lived from Abraham to the present – the Bible uses the expression “a mere remnant”. It is only a small number that will be resurrected as the majority have disqualified themselves from such an opportunity. This of course is a future development.

      • Barney Google

        That, “mere remnant,” are the ones so spiritual, there no earthly good! The great crowd of us will reside forever in a new world order, a paradise earth and after a 1,000 years the evil one will be let loose for a little while and like our forerunners Adam and Eve we’ll get a chance to think we can outsmart,” G O D”, then the gig will be up, for most. Except for the few and the brave survivors. They will be ruled from the heavens by God, the Son and that no earthly good remnant!
        Figure that one out! LOl!

        • susan

          Evidently, none of you attended seminary. Also cannot be explained in a few words here. Most of you are mixing up various scriptures.

  6. H. Craig Bradley


    I think other factors will simultaneously be in-progress at the same time as interest rates spiking and markets crashing. Its all dependent on Tax Reform keeping the economic momentum and public sentiment moving forward. This in turn is all dependent on guys like Senator John McCain and Chuck Schumer who say No to progress. So, the markets are hanging on just two key Senators, or so it seems. As with Rome, decline and fall are all part of a lengthy process with many “political” distractions, a.k.a. “Bread and Circuses”.

    In-turn, we have some other coincident developments to face in coming decades, as well. Sun spots and solar activity is now diminishing and will bottom in about the mid-2020’s, bringing much more intense Winters that start earlier and last longer. We are already seeing Global Cooling has started with one of the earliest snowfalls on Nov. 8 seen in the past 14 years (NOAA) and covering 25% of the U.S.A.

    Last Winter saw frost levels down to Gibraltar and snow in Libya and Sicily, Italy. In addition, one can expect the possibility of increased volcanic activity and earthquakes around the world at the same time ( End Days ?) Oh, a big war between the 32-Year Old Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia and Hezbollah Lebanon and Iran is currently developing, as well. Quite Interesting.

    The horizon view from the control room or bridge on the U.S.S. Titanic is full of large icebergs just waiting for us to make a mistake. Can we hope dodge so many “bullets ?

  7. Paul ...

    Lets say a war engulfs Saudi Arabia … the price of oil would undoubtedly spike upward … would this destabilize financial markets? … perhaps not … consider these random thoughts … all the oil derivatives of the big banks will be bailed out by higher oil prices as the shale oil companies come back from the grave … as higher oil prices filter through the the world economy inflation will rise … this will increase consumer and business spending (as people buy before prices increase even more) … the long-suppressed VIX indicator explodes higher with increasing business activity … this creates a need to raise interest rates … the public seeing inflation raise its head begin to buy gold and silver … and markets move upward even further … few investors are mentally or financially prepared for such “a crazy” massive upward move in oil, inflation, consumer and business spending, rising interest rates and exploding precious metals prices ( just another random thought)!

    • Chip

      KSA cannot fight its way out of a wet paper bag. They have billions in US military equipment with no one smart enough to operate or maintain it. That’s why they use their money and influence to fight proxy wars. Yemen is not going to end well for them and yet we are to think they will start a war on another front? Not in their interests to do so unless the plan is to enlist USA help and to begin WW3 against the Shia Crescent including Russia/Iran… Chip

      • Paul ...

        Chip … and the immoral sociopathic swamp creature Mohamed bin Salman is now trying to kill 17 million Yemeni by brazenly boycotting all deliveries of food to the country … and guess who is backing up this Saudi demon in his efforts to kill “millions” … Netanyahu (the man who detests boycotts) … and the warmongering neocons in Washington DC (who thought 60 Tomahawks was needed against those who killed 20 children with gas in Syria) … Trump should be targeting Saudi Arabia with 10,000 Tomahawks and should immediately sink their entire oil tanker fleet for what they have done to the civilian men, women and children in Yemen!! …

  8. Better Chetter

    gold/silver prices, per have G= $6K & S= $730, approx. – see bottom right of page

    • Better Chetter

      to their discredit, usdebtclock has US gold reserves as 287 mil ounces, to China’s 80 mil – & there are probably only IOU’s in Ft Knox at this point ~

  9. Alan

    Thank you guys once again! Don’t know about anyone else, however for moi one of the most striking comments Greg M made was “We are going to see a major correction in the human population…” ! Most (i.e., those who do not listen to these interviews for example) have no clue what is happening, let alone how/why. The sleight of hand on the part of TPTB is epic beyond all precedent, and literally millions are going to be blindsided and left in stunned disbelief by what is unavoidably coming and leading to virtual immediate impoverishment. The day of reckoning is not far off, the central banks are out of ammo and it is simply a matter of time, not to mention the drumbeats of war sounding ever louder.

    So appreciate you both and your tireless efforts to inform your audience, muchas gracias gentlemen.

  10. Jerry

    Most Americans are totally oblivious to the fact that a global currency shift is underway, and why the Saudi’s have purged their economic structure. The reason?

    Have you noticed that President Trumps economic summits have been with leaders from the east? Its no coincidence folks. He’s just trying to make sure that the United States has a place at the bargaining table when the global currency reset takes place. The western central banks and their buddies in the deep state can’t stop this. Its one thing to manipulate markets, but quite something else when no one wants to use your currency for trade. The IMF is nothing more than a fraudulent figure head. Once the BRICS nations and their 85 AIIB nation members side step the petrodollar, the markets will determine currency weights, not the IMF. It blows my mind to think that a communist state is for free trade, while the west is for market rigging. Go figure?

    • Jerry

      More on the shift.
      If this deal comes through, like I think it will, China will not only be the worlds largest oil importer, but the largest producer as well. Petrodollar checkmate.

      • Macray

        There is no way that SA will not accept Yuan for oil when China tells them to start doing so. They have no choice. Your posted links are excellent!

      • JMiller


        Just because China might end up owning a few percent of Aramco’s stock does not mean that they are the producers. Saudi Arabia is still the producer.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, I KNOW you want the USA punished for its transgressions. I get it. And it is possible that the world, led by the Chinese, themselves a debt monster, gangs up on us for our economic fraud perpetrated on the world. All of that is true. But your goal and apparent desire to see the USA relegated to irrelevancy in the world today is not likely to be realized , at least in the near future, on account of two key facts: the USA has the world’s most developed and the strongest and most-tested military in the world with a worldwide reach and presence, and the US economy represents 15% of total world GDP. Take that out of the equation and the whole world tanks economically and politically, regardless of whose “money” is being used. There will be business available to the US , denominated in dollars, for quite some time, because there will be “action” here much of the world will want in on. We may yet get out comeuppance. I don’t see how we escape the consequences of $20 trillion in debt. We will need to live within our means in the future. but I think it is sensationalizing to sell constantly this idea that the US is going to be humiliated and relegated to the trashbin anytime soon. I can see the US taking a whippng, a deserved whipping, but not the gallows execution you describe and seem to desire. If I am wrong in my assessment, I will gladly recant here in this space, should I survive. Best always. PM

  11. Dan

    “Start to transact outside of their control” with gold and silver. The question would be to use the fair market value 0f $8000.00 for gold and $500.00 for silver when trading the metal for the asset, present day?

    • marcus

      Jerry Trump has just visited all Asian leaders, trying to patch up the TTP, The one thing western people dont get is that Eastern Asia is very polite to all visitors, they will never join in with TTP and Trump’s ridiculous threats a better deal lol, I bet 1 million oz of gold. BRICKS is the defence when the US dollar falls to zero. China will not be bitten twice in 7 years they have been working frantically to not get caught with zero $. You are deffs on the same page as I.
      One guy that has been saying this for 6 years now is the one and only JackAss……. he has been posting this for years and is the only Guy I would subscribe to.

  12. Macray

    Excellent interview Gentlemen! Thank you!

    Greg M made it very clear that the markets will eventually collapse, it has to, but he does not know when it all ends, even with current signs in the bond markets.

    Why can’t the markets continue to go higher, interest rates remain range bound and the PM’s can remain suppressed for at least another 3 years (estimated duration of the current Trump term)??? I’m not saying they can, I don’t know either.
    Whatever the true trillion $ debt levels are in the US, no one can explain to me why the printing cannot at least double from here.
    Greg M said no one knows.

    But what we do know is that the Don presides over the Plunge Protection Team. We know that he placed Goldman Sachs in charge of his administration’s Financial Team to manage the current market manipulations.
    We know that the President takes sole credit for all this.
    He stated last week that the equity markets at all time highs because of himself.
    When the Gold market was smashed for no reason this past Friday, one would presume that the Don indirectly signed off on this.

    Anyone, please tell me if your in disagreement here. I am listening!!!
    I hear loud and clear the Jerry postings, of which I am in total agreement with. But until China, Russia and other countries are ready to potentially push the US to start a hot war with them, they do not seem to mind the slow drip approach.

    • Macray

      Why Russia and China alliance may not really be too concerned with a hot war threat from the US and therefore are currently content with a slow drip approach of stripping away US dollar hegemony.

      There are two myths which are deeply imprinted in the minds of most US Americans which are extremely dangerous and which can result in a war with Russia.
      The first myth is the myth of the US military superiority.
      The second myth is the myth about the US invulnerability.

      While the Neocons and Deep state may want to take us to war at all costs, the Pentagon and the Don ares very much aware of the consequences of such actions.

    • Motorcycle Michael

      Marcus, I didn’t know that our president’s name was Jerry Trump.

  13. Ice Man Chuck

    Great interview Greg and Greg!

    I would love to see you have a dual session with Lynette Zang and The Health Ranger, Mike Adams regarding Bitcoin. I am very concerned that TPTB are luring people into a cashless society by way of crypto. This will be devastating. People need to be made aware of the hammer coming down on mankind.

  14. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Blessed Sunday! I watched this at 6 am!! Thanks, Greg and Greg. This was a real cup of strong coffee here. I learned long ago that the stock market was for an upper class of people. But even those insiders only know their peers…they are clueless about the lives of the urban poor and the working class. FDR said he wanted to be remembered for saving capitalism. Well, capitalism is going fast and somebody better save it again.

    • Gavin

      Deanna you said,
      FDR said he wanted to be remembered for saving capitalism. Well, capitalism is going fast and somebody better save it again.

      And soon Deanna. You hit the nail on the head and PCR explains it and how we left the real American Democrat party and why were here today with RHINO’s and FAKE DEM’S. Read it and don’t weep!

  15. daniel turner

    WOW ! That was a slap upside the head ! Another good one that gave me a very valuable thought but it came from you this time. Among the best on web. Thanks Greg.

  16. Tad

    What happens when a US- funded biological weapons lab plays God while conducting research in Africa?
    A new plague variant in which no vaccine or antidote has been announced, but may or may not been already developed. I would say it has been, but the 99 percent are guinea pigs, and must die.

    Might be coming to a theater near you. Will they riot against against the Deep State, or is this global plague-to-be the final solution?
    I hope I’m wrong, Greg.

  17. Rick Hester

    Will the fake gold/silver bars and coins coming into the US affect the publics desire to continue in their purchases of same? Will this fraud make it more difficult to sell/trade these items in the future?

    • Chip

      buy numismatic US coins…

      • JMiller

        Unfortunately there are fake numismatic coins also. Some are even in fake slabs.

    • Hatemail

      Shhh, you’re not supposed to talk about that.

      • Hatemail

        On a second thought, that question should be asked of Mr. Bill Holter the next time he is a guest on this site.

  18. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg squared,
    Biblical is right ((Eze. 20:7)). The bad part apart passing under the rod is that 90% of the flock dies and only a remnant of 10% survives. And, I hope I am wrong and Mark Taylor is correct, but if I am right it will happen twice to America. We have spilled, continue to spill and will spill more innocent blood. Innocent blood cries out to the Father for vengeance (Gen 4:10+).

    Please people, listen to Greg H and Greg M and get prepared. ((Gold, silver, guns, bullets, store-able food, extra clothes, shoes, medicines, vitamins and if you do not have a permanent source of fresh water, lots of water.)) Venezuela should be your model for your disaster planning.


  19. Russ

    Thanks Greg, another great interview with Greg M. During the discussion when you were talking about getting out of the market during the inevitable crash, a thought hit me comparing this to a hurricane evacuation.

    People who wait for the .gov types to tell them to evacuate are caught on the interstate parking lot heading north with thousands of others and no gas available if you run dry sitting in traffic; we’ve all seen those pictures. OTOH, for those who heeded the very obvious early warning signs and left well before .gov gave the mandatory evec orders, the drove north was at freeway speeds and they topped of their gas tank when they reached their destination. Nice pleasant drive with no issues, or parking lot with gas stations closed — your call.

    Bottom line: If you are going to bug-out of south Florida due to a hurricane or the stock/bond markets due to a very foreseeable crash, get out early or be prepared for high winds and flooding. Those who wait will be hit with a tsunami which they will refer to as a black swan — hardly.

    But what do I care, I’m already out.

  20. Macray

    jc , you asked on the last thread…..
    Macray. maybe if we leave the dollar in place and just create a gold back dollar also. not under the FED banks control ? What ya think?

    Again, a nice thought. I think it would be great!!!
    As you know, Jim Rickards has indicated that the US has all the gold reserves it says it does.
    I am of the opinion that we do not have most of what we claim we do. Can I prove this? NO
    I base my opinion on the premise that the gold market has been greatly suppressed since the beginning of the B Clinton era, possible much earlier. And, we have needed most of the US gold reserves to achieve this suppression.

    So, if we do not have most of the US gold reserves, as I speculate, then I am not sure we are in ny position to carry out your great idea!!!

    • jc

      Thanks Macray. Perhaps a new dollar backed by our in ground gold, and oil. I am looking at what will happen when the dollar becomes useless. Hopeful we as a people get a controlled crash not a one week event that can not be repaired. Thanks again for your reply.

  21. Eagleye

    This may be another option Greg and Greg. Get to know Cal Washington of InPower Movement at https// Their system is called a Notice of Liability. I am going to use their discovery in getting the smart meter removed from my home. Thanks for everything that you do for the American people.

  22. a. hALL

    Greg & Greg- As Greg M. says- MOST people do not want to hear this truth of what is coming! What Greg says is is happening and he sees coming is what Pastor L. Williams told us was the banksters plans about 6 years ago. They held off from collapse then to put the world into “more massive debt” at all levels of society.
    Greg M. is correct -there is no way this ends well for the average Joe out there. It will be Mad Max like- everyone will be on there own. No police help- they will be taking care of themselves. I’VE WARNED FREINDS AND FAMILY FOR YEARS-WITH LITTLE LUCK!!!

  23. Mike R

    And here is how rigged the stock markets are….

    A year ago yesterday was the anniversary of the Trump election victory. So Trump -and his anticipated unfunded 2018 tax cuts- are the reason we’re told the stock market is higher. That’s easy to understand, and it’s repeated/parroted often enough by the financial media.

    And now this…

    In less than 2 hours of Mr Trump being declared the victor, the futures market had to be shut off to stop a calamitous crash from happening. SPX & Dow futures hit “limit down” (7% drop) in less than 2 hours. Dow futures were down roughly 1000 points before a self protection mechanism shut it all down. I don’t follow the Dow but I do follow the SPX (S&P500). Here’s what it did that night and the next couple days….

    In the nearly 19 years of Greedometer data, this was only the 2nd time I had seen the futures markets shut off then jammed back up so violently. The other occasion was the May 6 2010 flash crash (fyi the Greedometers warned a week before that crash). The Dow dropped 1000 points that day, was shut off, then someone with a few spare $Bs began buying SPX futures like there was no tomorrow (almost certainly it was the Bank of Japan and Swiss National Bank — both have many $Bs in stocks and stock index ETFs on their balance sheet). Back to election night 2016 –after it was announced Mr. Trump had won I don’t recall anyone in the financial press claiming the expected Trump tax cuts were going to be awesome. They were too busy trying to pick their jaw up off the floor as they watched global futures markets crash.

    With election night in the rear view mirror we head into 2017. 2017 has really only been about two things. Thing 1: more comments from Mr/ President Trump that tax cuts are coming. This you are doubtless aware of. Thing 2: you probably are not aware -> the Fed has done several unscripted comments/threats to keep spiking the punch bowl. I encourage you to read yesterday’s blog post and watch the video showing the repeated unscripted Fed threats and the reaction of the S&P500 and the mini Greedometer.
    These conclusions are supportable:

    1. The U.S. stock market is not random.
    2. If left unattended by central bankers for an appreciable amount of time, the (U.S.) stock market will begin crashing.
    3. Before every significant S&P500 drop (in the past 10 years) the Greedometers provided a warning.
    4. The Fed (and the other top global central banks) have a similar risk measuring / stock market timing mechanism to the Greedometers because they keep doing unscheduled threats to “do whatever it taxes”/ spike the punch bowl / do more QE / do less QE tapering / whenever the Greedometers suggest a drop is imminent.
    5. One of the greatest safety nets for the S&P500 (and thus global risk assets) is the ability of regulators and market operators to shut the market off when the market is inconveniently going the wrong way (down).

    So far, there has been no limit to the ability of central banks to stop crashes. However there has been a cost.
    Those costs are:

    Central banker credibility and the credibility of their institution has been reduced. You can’t say the economy is awesome so we’re raising rates then also keep repeatedly doing surprise threats to do more QE because something is worrying you about the economy. Only one of these memes can be true. I suspect Bill Dudley is retiring early because he’s worried he won’t be able to keep saying the economy is awesome but then also keep threatening to spike the punch bowl.
    The longer central banks keep propping up global stock markets (and European sovereign bond markets), the more wildly overvalued these markets become. Depending on whether you use price to earnings or price to sales, the S&P500 is either the most or second most overpriced it has ever been.
    The U.S. housing market is in its largest bubble ever. The mean house price to income has never been higher. Second place goes to 2006-2007 –and you recall what came next.
    The U.S. banking system grows to ever riskier size relative to the economy. U.S. economic growth over the past 40 years has been increasingly based on personal, corporate and government debt growth. So it comes as no surprise that debt to GDP is at record levels. Effectively we are borrowing from the future. As we collectively do this, understand that our debt is seen as assets to banks. This chart shows how bank assets (the size of the banking system) has grown relative to the size of the economy. If you understand this chart correctly, you reach the conclusion that the U.S. banking system pretty much now is the economy.
    banks relative to economy

    And thus we come full circle. Since the U.S. banking system is now the economy, we cannot afford to have a recession EVER again. Even a mild 2 quarter drop in GDP growth will see consumers stop borrowing and bank assets begin dropping. Since banks are leveraged off their asset base, you get a gearing effect / multiplier effect when their assets start dropping in price that fairly quickly makes them insolvent.

    (Simultaneously, the gold and silver markets ALSO HAVE TO BE RIGGED, otherwise they would un-mask the rigging in the US stock markets. What we are talking about, is not just the US Fed, but coordinated rigging by the ECB, JCB, and all central banks to KEEP OUR MARKET rigged. If our US stock market falls, the entire world economy implodes. Its that simple. And that fragile.)

    • Macray

      Mike R
      Great post! I agree with all, especially your conclusion. This is why I am at a loss to explain why the charade cannot continue for at least the Don’s first term.
      Greg M and so many others have said “It will end, it has to.” They just are unable to tell us when. And so am I : )))
      I think China and Russia are positioning themselves for a system without US dollar hegemony. And I also believe they are in no rush. They understand the world will get there with or without any push from them.

  24. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the coming economic collapse may well happen as your guest suggests, or it may just puddle along with a long dismal downward slog of economic activity with less and less of dollar influence. If Jerry is correct, more and more countries will trade in Yuan resulting in less influence of the dollar currency. That scenario will take years to develop allowing Americans the time to adjust to a malaise type economy in which America becomes less and less of an economic & military power. During this economic time adjustment the basic American will continue to reduce its expectations of wealth creation and may well decide to accept that fact an take up other more meaningful ideals and endeavors instead of chasing the almighty dollar to and early grave. Who knows, but it is just as likely that a long term malaise could develop in my mind as an abrupt collapse and another 1929 depression. If I were a betting man I would give your friend and guest a 3 to 5 bet and my malaise theory at least a even chance of fruition.

  25. Gregory Mannarino

    (MUST SEE CHART). If Bonds Do Not Stabilize Here, Expect The Stock Market To Drop. Click:

    • Macray

      Nice for you to join us here down here in the Watchdogger Comment section!!!
      IMHO, the outgoing Fed Reserve chairman will do anything in her power to stabilize Bonds. She wants to preserve, in her own mind, how great she was while leading her colleagues during her tenure and as you know she has a few more months to go. Also, the President has a need to tweet ME!!!
      I am afraid, like yourself, that should the Don need an excuse for why the markets crash from here, we might be seeing a lot of this on mainstream news sites.
      Visit more often : )))

    • Paul ...

      GM … bet the stock market would drop even if Bonds stabilized … if Trump would fire some Tomahawk missiles into Saudi Arabia (for all the children they have killed in Yemen)!

  26. John

    For us common folk, how do you “watch the bond market”?

    • Justn Observer

      click on rates…hover down list of bond markets
      go to Greg Mannarino’s site and watch all on one page real time.

      • Clare Doll

        Justn Observer
        I preferred looking at marketwatch except that on Thursday and Friday of last week coincidentally, marketwatch 10 yr bond chart blanked out. The only reason I knew that anything at all was going on is because I listened to Greg Mannarino’s twice daily update and found out EXACTLY what was going on in the bond market. Just sayin’ . . . .

  27. All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump

    Sen. John Insane McCain slammed President Donald Trump on Saturday for saying he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin over senior Hillary Obummer US intelligence officials when he says his country didn’t interfere in the 2016 election.
    “President Trump today stated that he believed Vladimir Putin is being sincere when he denies Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and reiterated that he hopes to cooperate with Russia in Syria,” McCain, a strong critic of the President, said in a statement.
    Trump then distanced himself from remarks he made on Saturday in which he suggested he believed Putin when he said there had been no Russian meddling in the election that took him to the White House.
    The comments had drawn criticism at home because under the Hillary Obummer administration, the U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded there was Russian meddling.
    “As to whether I believe it or not, I’m with our agencies, especially as currently constituted,” Trump said at a news conference with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang.
    “As currently led, by fine people, I believe very much in our intelligence agencies.”
    He was careful to make clear he sided with the intelligence agencies under his own leadership.
    Former U.S. intelligence director James Claptrap Clapper had told Reuters: “The fact the president of the United States would take Putin at his word over that of our intelligence community [under Hillary/Obummer] is quite simply unconscionable.”
    The Russian issue has clouded Trump’s first year in office and his comments on Saturday were a distraction from his five-nation Asia tour.
    Trump said he still believed Putin did not think there had been Russian meddling.
    “I believe that President Putin really feels, and feels strongly, that he did not meddle in our election,” Trump said, while adding: “What he believes is what he believes.”
    Trump said he was not interested in arguing with Putin over meddling and wanted to get on with Russia to work on world problems including North Korea, Syria and Ukraine.
    Trump has called allegations of campaign collusion with Moscow a hoax.

    Who would you believe? If you were Trump. The intel community under Hillary Obummer led by Mike [Morell the mushroom Russian Killer], or John the Walter Brennan look alike and James the Clap Trapper. Do you believe those three Stooges? The [Hillary/Obummer minion’s] who undermined the Trump campaign for the presidency the best they could and once he was president elect they tried their best to prevent him from taking office and since he’s been president have tried to pull a coup de ta on our duly elected and even possibly tried, or at least thought to murder him like Seth Rich! Or Insane Senator McCain, who gave us the so called moderate Syrian rebels and lost us the Philippines!

    Here’s the real Russian collusion Senator and Rogue Spooks!

    Duterte meets Putin – thanks him for helping Philippines to win battle against ISIS
    While addressing journalists, Duterte said that Russia helped Philippines where the US failed. Putin in turn praised Duterte’s leadership.
    by Adam Garrie
    November 10, 2017, 12:48

    [So Called John McCain Moderate] Syrian rebels using caged civilian captives as ‘human shields’
    Dozens of [the true moderate Syrian rebels], women, Alawites, being held in metal cages as ‘human shields!

    By the time the Spanish American War started to brew America had grown in such a way that it was impossible to contain.
    Every part of society was growing by leaps and bounds and so rapidly that any attempt to halt it would harm the very fabric of its foundation.

    Imperialism or just growth and influence?

    Look at the Philippines and let one of the finest American minds explain the significance of this acquisition in one hand and the value of military strength on the other.

    President Theodore Roosevelt rightly foresaw the significance the Philippines acquisition would mean for America’s future as well as the bigger role that country was to play in the world’s safety.

    This meant more than any measly result of the Spanish American War.

    Roosevelt was not an imperialist, he never met anyone who was, he believed that it was un-American for any citizen in this great land to be imperialistic. Furthermore, the very thought that any American could ever be viewed as imperialistic was inconceivable to him.

    He was greatly offended by the charge and took it personal.

    He constantly explained the differences, and repeatedly remarked and made the case for expansion because it is and has been proven since his day to be different.

    It means growth which leads to progress, it was prosperity and security for a all peoples to thrive, the very essence in the American grain.

    It was a more noble objective than mere moneymaking.
    It meant freedom…..The Real Glory
    This is what those scoundrels are afraid of, NOT the Donald!
    Go get em president Trumpster! We love ya!

    • All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump

      WHY WE LOST THE P h i l i p p i n e s TO THE RUSSKIES!
      Sen. Insane McCain spending Memorial Day 2013 meeting with free Syrian Army so-called moderate rebels, famous for ripping out the organs of dead Syrian soldier’s into battlefield snack’s…

      Corker croaking. . …?

      • Gavin

        John McCain should be charged with treason and treated like any other terrorist for trying to insight a war! Never before has this country seen such a bitter warmongering sore loser of a presidential election won by his arch nemeses, the Trumpster! McCain is a sick puppy that should be expelled from congress
        McCain just goes where the Israel Lobby tells him to go.
        Did Jane Fonda choose not to go along on this trip or did he neglect to invite her?
        I’m sorry but the real story here is not the bumbling nincompoop McCain committing the social faux-pas of sharing photo frames with jihadist terrorists. Does anyone seriously believe that this numskull “no-day lighter” for Israeli interests could have possibly come up with any part of the agenda for this trip??? No way Jose, the entire concept for this trip is completely scripted in Telavive and related to him from, and with complete logistical support from Walter, the Brennan’s CIA (how else could he even have gotten there ?).

        Is my memory faulty or is this the same McCain who joined in the chorus of hooting Jesse Jackson in the 80s when Jackson, a non-office holding citizen, went to Syria to negotiate the release of some shot-down USN aircrews, or was it the former Yugoslavia?
        You know that you are living in these United States of Amnesia and it’s effecting us all, including yours truly!

        As one who has been to Haiti, I am always amused when people ask me if its true that Hougans (Vaudoo priests) can actually make a mindless obedient Zombie out of a human being. My answer is that why should this be surprising when the corporate media has managed to “zombiefy” 200 million American’s, who never miss dancing with the fallen star’s!
        It is amazing, sad, and disgusting that our Hillery/Obummer CIA left-over captured msm continues to treat this senile old fool with deference. If it wasn’t for the Internet, we would indeed be living in George Orwell’s”1984.” Dennis Rodman makes much more sense then Insane McCain, just ask NK’s Kim Hung Mung bean!
        My only hope, and perhaps it is a small one, is that, since McCain is a sworn enemy of the Trumpster, that it will backfire on him somehow and it seems to be finally coming to fluoridation!
        Just how does human liver taste, Senator McCain?

        What Buzzfeed didn’t bother to show the world was the photag of Sen. Johnny sitting down to snack on human lung sushi with the Free Syrian so called moderate rebels, the Butcher Brigade. That Sen. Johnny, like no one else on the planet typifies disingenuous like he does well enough along with his mindless warmongering.
        The FBI and Justice Department should put more effort in examining John McCain and the way he aided and did deals with proven terrorists! Instead of eying and such. A bizarre’oh world indeed. Nobody knows anymore what is “evil” but everyone still appears to know that money talk’s and B.S. walk’s (or they think they know anyway).

        Nobody cares about McCain any Moe. Everybody who is half awake knows that the Syrian conflict was an imperial operation. Nobody awake thinks that Wahabbis are going to be running a functioning state much longer, let alone Syria, LOL!.

        The object was to destroy Syria as a functioning state. Run the pipeline’s through, cut off the Russian’s, gas station’s, natural gas to western Europa, with blow hard general Smiley Miley leading the charge, hi oh silver and then the puppet master George sore arse Soros to move on to destroying Iran with his minion sock puppets!

        What a mess.

        Had enough? Me too. Let’s close all the bases, end the wars, bring the troops home, and mind our own business and send Gary Cooper back to the Philippians! What say you Mr.president Trump? Or do we have to kick you in the rump too? And put that gun away!
        We don’t want to have to bury, anybody, in the skin of a dead pig! Allah, Allah, Allah!

        • Gavin

          Sorry for the repeat of the smoking gun,
          Here’s the jihadist cry baby , crying for Allah to save him. From being buried in the skin, of a dead pig!


          • Gavin

            ? That is the 64 trillion dollar question…..

  28. D. Stewart Armstrong

    Please understand that the dollar/Yen algo is directly tied to the Gold Price (algo). When they are “‘yo-yoing” the POG, they are making billions of dollars. The longs and shorts have become the same players (bankers.) Imagine playing Monopoly with yourself and knowing which square you are going to land on when you throw the dice. Then imagine that you also know when your turn is going to allow you to land on what square. It is called Cheating. That is what is happening–they are making billions of dollars in this incredibly egregious PM “game”. Its not as much about the price per se as it is about knowing when to go long and short based upon insider information. In so knowing the bankers are making hundreds of billions of dollars every time there is a “raid”.
    Craig Hemke of TFMetalsreport .com explains is well. (Wash , Rinse, Repeat) Then there is the added benefit of capping the gold price to enhance the dollar. This will end soon and it has been going on full throttle since 2011. In the meantime Cryptos will be around for quite a while but tread carefully. Think dot com bubble or tulip mania.

    Finally this government and the judicial system have stolen over 30 trillion dollars of middle class home equity. Millions of people lost their homes because of bankers and government working in tandem. Is this a great country or what?

    One final thing. All markets are manipulated. By design and over time, they have destroyed the discovery process in this country. We need at least 15% of the people to take action against this horrendous raping of the people, the country and the environment (Geo-engineering). Weapons of mass distraction. The government is not your friend. I read Mannarino regularly and my opinion is that he is and has been on the right track.

    • Macray

      Great post. Agree with all!
      In my opinion, Craig Hemke of TFMetalsreport is the NO. 1 PM analyst in the world today. He does not pretend to have mystical powers. Refreshing!!! He calls it, right or wrong, how he see’s things and backs up his logic with facts. I believe he has been the most accurate PM analyst since 2011.

  29. rwmctrofholz

    4 billion dollars of gold dumped on the market? You mean to tell me that dropping 7.5 months of total world gold production in the blink of an eye, AT A MARKET ORDER, isn’t a normal, organic trade for someone looking to profit?

    Great stuff guys. Mannarino has separated himself from the pack in this industry.

  30. Jodyp

    A lot of us became “our own central bankers” some time ago. Too early? Maybe. But it sure is nice to have some control in this manipulated environment. Another great Greg & Greg Show!

  31. Randy RHCE

    Greg, great interview. Mannarino is right on about Price Discovery. I wrote a piece to friends, it is probably too long to post; however, viewers need to fully understand the Price Discovery Mechanism.

    The Millennial Generation now favors Socialism over Capitalism. Do I blame them? Absolutely not, they have never been educated in economics. What many Millennials don’t realize our nation has been operating under Socialism as far back as the early 1960’s and even earlier. What Millennials and other age groups are asking for is more of the same they have right now. I believe I can easily prove it. I have read what high school students learn about economics by reading their curriculum. When the curriculum defines a term or a system it doesn’t detail or present real-world examples of how something works or doesn’t work. Additionally, I have found moderate to extreme bias within the curriculum of one system over another. Public school textbooks often define Capitalism as follows: “An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.” Notice the definition mentions “profit”, and then “rather than the state”. Next, they define Socialism as follows: “Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” Notice in this definition the word “profit” is not even mentioned, and even more importantly, the word “state” is substituted by the word “community”. That gives a more positive gentle meaning to the term.

    There are three little words that I have never found in high school economics curriculum, and that is the “price discovery mechanism” (PDM). Why? In my opinion, if a person fully understands the PDM, the student will understand immediately every form of social-political-economic system that was, or is in existence. The PDM is so important because no buyer or seller (producer) would never know the true cost or value of anything. In Capitalism the price of anything is determined by two people, the seller, and the buyer. Indirectly and directly the supply and demand of a good or service influence what the seller will ask, and what the buyer will pay.

    A very misleading and deceptive term is the phrase, Crony Capitalism. They define Crony Capitalism by: “An economic system characterized by close, mutually advantageous relationships between business leaders and government officials.” This is deceptive because once the government is involved in setting prices, or PDM, it is no longer Capitalism, but Socialism. This is like saying that “someone is a little pregnant”.

    Proof we have Socialism: American took its first major step towards Socialism under FDR with Social Security. (SS) It is a government-run retirement system; even the name denotes what it is. The in 1964 LBJ launched the Great Society and the largest Socialism programs in history. Later the Medicare system which is Socialism is even larger than SS. Many would argue since they paid into SS and Medicare, it is insurance. Legally and technically it is a tax. Also if the money was paid into a true private insurance program, where the proceeds were invested in something productive, the recipients may have had a better return on investment. Additionally, because additional taxes are required outside both SS and Medicare, it is pure Socialism. Welfare is collected by millions of people who have never drawn a single paycheck or completed a day’s work; pure Socialism.

    Farm subsidies, energy subsidies (solar), auto subsidies (especially electric cars), mortgage subsidies, small business subsidies, and on and on. This is Socialism, not Capitalism. Medicare billing screens: Medicare sets the price for every doctor visit, hospital stay, and almost every drug sold. Also every single time the government gives a tax break, or “earned income credit”, that’s Socialism.

    The Federal Reserve is a privately owned banking system owned by the largest banks in the United States and a few foreign banks. The Board of Directors is nominated by the President and approved by the Senate. The government and the Fed work hand-in-glove to set monetary policy. This is Crony Capitalism, and Crony Capitalism is Socialism. The Fed, directly and indirectly, controls the economy by several mechanisms; however, the main mechanism is setting interest rates or the “cost” of money. By destroying the “Price Discovery Mechanism” of interest rates, it causes directed and undirected malinvestment. It causes inflation and deflation, it causes boom and bust cycles; it lengthens normal business cycles, it causes extreme “bubbles” in stocks, bonds, houses, and other major commodities.

    Any means to influence the PDM by the government is Socialism. The majority of all Federal debt; 21 Trillion and over 100 Trillion is for mandatory Social programs. Additionally, because of government tax breaks, direct payments, and other interventions, the United States has created the greatest disparity between rich and poor. Socialism destroys the middle-class. One only has to look at countries that have had Socialism in place for a long period of time. These countries have two classes of people, the uber-wealthy and everyone else. No other economic system has pulled more people out of dire poverty than Capitalism, that is a historical fact. No other system has pushed a country into dire poverty than Socialism and Communism, that is a historical fact. These real facts are foreign to you because public education no longer teaches history or economics. Even your curriculum is determined by the government.

    You have been led to believe there is something called a “safe space”. You have been indoctrinated to “feel” that a benevolent government can provide a safe space for you. The devil is in details; the only thing you have to give up is freedom or freedom of choice, the government will decide that for you. The older generation calls you snowflakes. Why? When you experience any conflict, discomfort, or even decision, you melt.

    A few nights ago I reflected how easy it was for me to take 25 plus years of education, ongoing education, skill, knowledge, and experience in my primary profession and change to another profession. Yes, it was hard work, I had to enter college again, pay for industry certifications, but I decided to do it. Had I lived in either a pure Socialist country or God forbid a Communist country who paid for my education, trained me, provided the experience… would they allow me to change professions? Not only would they not allow me, there is one major point missing. I would have never had the freedom to select my profession or job in the first place.

    You are enamored with Socialism for several reasons. You believe there is such a thing as a safe place. You have never been taught Capitalism, only that it is bad. Conversely, you have only learned the “promises” of Socialism. When I see you protest and I see your t-shirts with Mao, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, and other Socialist revolutionaries’ pictures; I know what you have been taught. What you have not been taught, was not only the PDM but what is the price or cost of Socialism.

    You may believe that Karl Marx and Frederich Engels developed Socialism. No, my naive friend, they did not. Start by reading 12 century European and Asian history. They practiced it too, it was called Serfdom. If you learn nothing more in life about economics, know and understand the PDM, it will raise the blinders from your eyes.

    • Greg Hunter

      A hundred million murdered for communism says it don’t work. Socialism is Communism lite. Millennials are totally misinformed by the “common stupid” educational system administered by the teachers union.

      • Macray

        What another Great post provided to USA watchdoggers!
        You state “I wrote a piece to friends, it is probably too long to post; however, viewers need to fully understand the Price Discovery Mechanism”.

        If I am not alone, I sure would enjoy the opportunity to read your longer version on PDM! Maybe??? Greg would agree to allow you to post for USA watchdoggers!!!
        If he is unable to, perhaps if you post elsewhere in the future you would share the link.
        Thank You

      • Diane

        The liberal words for Socialism and Communism…..



        • Greg Hunter


      • marcus

        OK with that said Greg
        what about the genocide on the true owners of your land. Were they not murdered. Your so quick to slap back at a very well presented information.
        Thank you Randy it made perfect sense to my way of understanding…. spot on.

        • Greg Hunter

          Look back in history and conquest is a major component on EVERY continent throughout history. I don’t hate America as you do and I am not falling for the “Social Justice” crap which is a cover for communism and Marxism. We have a 100 million murdered souls that prove that doesn’t work.

    • wondrouscat

      The Price Discovery Mechanism requires a free market – and the one thing the controllers hate is anything with the word free in it. It’s all about control – the snowflakes will become stuck frozen solid snowmen and snowwomen with little snowchildren -under total state control. Liberty will be a dirty word in their grey world – but they can’t see this, they think they are being open and liberal to want socialism when all they will get is a strait jacket.

    • Silence is Golden

      Ahhhhh the PDM !!
      I hate to break the bad news but I was taught PDM in high school….many moons ago.
      Several years ago I began to get very frustrated with the markets with their “inability to correct”…..along with the manipulation in prices of many commodities …..none more so than the PM’s.
      I recalled that study and the principle behind PDM ….and started using the term in many blogs that I had been active on because no one was accurately assessing what was occuring. It wasnt used widely (in fact not at all) by any of the commenters / financially astute writers.
      I take great pride in perhaps bringing this great lesson and understanding to the wider audience because I literally hit the nail on the head and put some sense into what was then only considered by all and sundry… be just “manipulation”.
      What has now become common knowledge…. is that there are no free markets….hence no price discovery. That was the logic that I applied and the assessment that I made.
      I was fortunate enough to pay attention in those early years of study… Economics 101. Thankfully some of what was taught in those lessons… still resonate today. Also …that the great gift we all have is that wonderful thing called the human encyclopedea…which in my instance thankfully still functions.

    • Kmandr

      Great Post.

  32. Roger

    Yep Greg and Gregory its unmistable that these clowns have screwed the pooch. We have moved outside of fiat, have titles, deed and hard assets, my friends and some family not so much. They say I am paranoid, relax, the situation is under control. I say the party is already over but CB’s will print until they run out of ink so to speak. Then they will tax, seize, foreclose and confiscate what they see hanging low. The world is in deep kimchi

    • Barney 5th

      Then they will tax, seize, foreclose and confiscate what they see hanging low. The world is in deep kimchi!

      No, Roger. Before we ever even get a chance to get to that, the whole wicked system will fall apart at the seams, due to massive inflation, with stagnation right at it’s heels. The dreaded Stagflation we experienced in the seventies to pay for the guns and butter war in Vietnam was just a slight foretaste of what’s soon to pass.


    There seems to be a biblical indication or clue regarding a currency collapse involving Barack Obama. As we’ve all heard by now, the national debt was increased dramatically under his presidency. It increased more in his presidency than in all of the other previous presidents in American history combined. We heard this fact trumpeted by various news sources throughout his presidency. Although he was just a puppet president controlled by the deep state globalists, he was the figurehead representing America as it were. With that being the case, there is a very interesting prophetic reference or clue involving a currency collapse in association with the name “Bamah” in the bible. Could this be a biblical clue or warning that, under the figurehead presidency of Barack Obama, America and the world would enter and cross over a threshold of an economic abyss which it will not recover from. The figurehead presidency of Barack Obama seems to have been the biblical time marker for crossing the point of no return. The biblical clue seems to point this out. The video is below


  34. Tad

    The list you requested, as submitted by my sources. Not complete, but accurate to this date.


    Gregory Hayes
    Phebe Novokovic
    Wes Bush
    Marilyn Hewson
    Thomas Kennedy
    Dennis Muilenburg


    Lakshmi Mittal


    Jamie Dimon
    Lloyd Blankfein
    Brian Moynihan
    Timothy J. Sloan

    US Congress/US intel/US military:

    Nancy Pelosi
    Mitch McConnell
    Paul Ryan
    Chuck Schumer
    John McCain
    Devin Nunes
    Mike Pompeo
    James Mattis
    Mark Warner
    Mac Thornberry
    Curtis Scaparrotti


    Jeff Bezos
    Jeff Zucker
    Andrew Lack


    Jesse Areguin
    Bill de Blasio
    Rahm Emanuel
    Jerry Brown

    Never expected to see anyone on such a list. Then again, considering the status quo, few should be shocked.

    I expect to see the Europe contingent in about a week or two.

    • Newman

      Tad –

      Please give the context for this list. The way you posted it is just that, a list.


  35. postman

    Great interview again. thanks Greg. Simple question. When the bust comes what good is it to have gold and silver? what short and long term prospects do they have?

    • Greg Hunter

      Physical gold and silver have a 5,000 year history of wealth preservation and money. Take a chance.

  36. Tim Buck Too

    The American Left: R.I.P. AND GOOD RIDENCE

    • Arthur Barnes

      TBTOO, Good read, everyone here should read the Craig Roberts article you attached!

  37. Anthony Australia

    Ah the Stock Market.
    One must admit that there has been plenty made on the stock market in the last few years. I warned friends to get out long ago, some did and others held, the few that have are substantially richer now.
    My point is that ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’, holds true since 2008.
    I never used to believe it before but diversifying your investments is wise, spread a little everywhere if you have it.
    Metal, Markets, Food, Water, Supplies, Securities.

  38. C

    I still like the yard sale prices, personally and wait till they decide to reset the system

  39. Diane

    Interesting good news
    Pasadena Now » JPL Scientists Work to Save Humanity from Threat of Yellowstone Supervolcano …

    Shared from my Google feed

    • Justn Observer

      So…JPL is going to what….pump how much water from where to cool the magma in the earth’s core? Hopefully they at least pump salt water and do not waste the limited ‘fresh’ drinking water -eh? Really – expecting ‘help’ from people in the business of creating -developing Direct Energy Weapons to assault – intimidate the world likely not people one should put one’s trust. Just say’n. One might wonder what temperature the earth might be without the roiling magma beneath? What is the temp. of space? minus 457 degree F… Brrr….I’ll take the threat of a volcano sometime out into the future….but then I dislike shoveling snow so maybe I bias….

  40. Da Yooper

    Mannarino says, “Gold should be a $8,000 per ounce and silver should be a $500 per ounce but they are openly rigging those markets.”

    Odds are with Fed Chair Nominee Jay Powell we are going to see more of the same the grand pa yellen gave us & more rigging & manipulation of the Gold & Silver markets.

    The rule of law is dead in the USA & they may as well close the SEC & CFTC since they can not or will not do their job.

    Is Fed Chair Nominee Jay Powell, Count Dracula?

    • Macray

      Da Yooper
      Remember the Don choose Mr. Powell.
      The way I understand it, the Federal Reserve is part of the Plunge Protection Team that is chaired by the US Secretary of the Treasury. The US Secretary of the Treasury reports directly to the Don. The Don has “publicly” exclusively taken credit for the booming and record setting stock market.
      I’ll let everyone compose their own flow chart! But from the way that I drew mine, it suggest that it would be illogical for the President to see anything but more of the same while he is in office.

      • Da Yooper

        Time will tell Macray

        I find it very hard to trust the Fed

  41. Da Yooper


    Have you considered requesting someone from the SEC or CFTC to interview about the massive fraud & rigging involved in the metals ?

  42. Scot Srodes

    Mannarino should know better, but maybe he’s just selling his book. Although, he and the rest of the dollar-hating gold bugs have been wrong for so long they might as well triple down on their beliefs.

    The DOW will double again, as the periphery crashes chasing capital into the only game in town with the depth and breadth to absorb the flows. Gold will gets its share, at least until more people figure out that the crypto’s are easier to transport and use.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize this is not an organic market? Are we supposed to pretend it is? Please stop.

  43. Jay Dee

    Thank you Greg and Greg for continuing to sound the alarm. I, like most of your listeners, have taken major steps to preserve financial assets, but I now think that my physical life is in far greater jeopardy than my finances. I have for a decade tried to convince neighbors, associates and family that they need to prepare for collapse of the world financial system. That means they know that I have been preparing. When collapse happens hunger will quickly become the number one item on virtually everyone’s mind. Initially people will band together to help each other, but more than half of the country will be out of food within a week. There will be no food deliveries to the grocery stores. The collapse isn’t going to be a one week event. It is much more likely to linger for years. Word will spread like wildfire where there is food to be found. Farm animals will be stolen and killed in the first few weeks. Gangs of people will be outside my house pounding on the door and breaking windows. There will be crying mothers and children –men with rifles. I have plenty of weapons and amo but I am not willing to kill the whole neighborhood to protect my food supply. My best hope is to die with dignity.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Shoot only those who threaten you life, those scumbags are the slackers who lived for the day and now want what is your wisely saved & prepared stocks. Like Noah and the flood, close the door and sail off!

      • Barney 5th

        Yup Jay Dee and Sir Arthur,
        Just dont ferget. . …
        Darby Bible Translation
        The sun shall be changed to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and terrible day of Jehovah come.
        And it shall be that whosoever shall call upon the name of Jehovah shall be saved: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as Jehovah hath said, and for the residue whom Jehovah shall call. ◄ Joel 2:32-32 ►
        Read all about it!

    • wondrouscat

      Jay Dee – The only next step is to hide. Run and hide as best you can. Other preppers are hiding their stash in secondary and third locations, like squirrels. Also, cashing out and ridding themselves of locked in locations like homes rather to float about in hotels/casinos, boats, RV’s, live out of their cars and look poor (disguise yourself) or become a nomad moving around from couch to couch. That takes real commitment, a real lifestyle change, giving up everything you have and know, but if you really think gangs will come for you in your home then you have to consider the next step.

    • Jodyp

      Exactly Jay. And this is why i shut my pie hole.

    • Hatemail

      Don’t worry,
      The military will be rounding up the deadbeats and corral them in FEMA camps.
      You will be rested and safe heating a can of beans on your rocket stove.

    • JC Davis

      I bought my storage food to feed the hungry. I can live on weeds, fish, and trapping. I cant live if I don’t give. Been that way to long to change.

    • Paul ...

      I bet many evil Satanists don’t bother storing away food at all … as they figure they can simply go around clubbing old people and eat them the way they now eat babies at their sacrificial gatherings!! … so Jay … you don’t have to kill the entire neighborhood of Satanistic zombies … just look for the loudest meanest piece of shit and take him down … then tell your starving neighbors to have a feast!!

  44. secrete sensitive

    Krugman: Trump and Ryan Versus the Little People
    According to news reports, Donald Trump wanted the House Republican tax “reform” bill to be called the Cut Cut Cut Act. Alas, he didn’t get his wish, and it was instead given a boring name nobody can remember. But there’s still time to change it! So let me propose, as one reader suggested, that it be renamed the Leona Helmsley Act, after the New York hotelier convicted of tax evasion, who famously declared that “only the little people pay taxes.”

  45. john duffy

    Blockbuster revelations by Rob Kirby

  46. jim c

    Thank you , Greg I just sent mine in, I hope many others do the same.

  47. Will Kaye

    Thanks Greg love your site. In a world of lies there are very few places to tap into for the truth, one being USA watch dog. Take care, Happy Thanks giving to you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Will. You are very kind to say this. Made my weekend.

  48. john duffy

    Liberals now claim Christian parents are dangerous. This is an existential threat we can’t ignore

    The politicians, the academics, and the media have reached the collective conclusion that if gay “marriage” is a civil right, those who oppose it are not simply dissenters holding to a two-thousand-year-old tradition, but ugly bigots who deserve to be marginalized for their discriminatory views. Thus, “live and let live” turned into “you will be forced to participate and approve,” with bakers, florists, property owners, and adoption agencies finding themselves to be the targets of gay activists who show a shocking ruthlessness in their enthusiasm for prosecuting supposed thought crimes.

    • Arthur Barnes

      John, just more evidence of Biblical prophesy marching on towards the conclusion of this age. Can you say, GOT END TIMES?

    • Paul ...

      Isn’t the killing and be-heading of Christians the current rage so as to get rid of as many descendants of Abraham as possible? … so there will be more land available to those who remain … when they eventually share out the Promised Land?

  49. Justn Observer

    TIC TOCK TIC TOCK …11/15/2017 Cometh?
    What did President Trump mean when he said…things are about to change when he gets back from Asia?
    The Clinton Panetta Podesta and Palantir Conspiracy:
    Sunday with Charles- Catch Me If You Can:
    What will get filed on Nov. 15 2017 by the Clinton Foundation? ….there is a new Sheriff in town !
    With the new Asset Forfeiture laws…. AG Session might have a great time getting back the people’s assets and money if he is not himself compromised?

  50. secrete sensitive

    Krugman: Trump and Ryan Versus the Little People
    According to news reports, Donald Trump wanted the House Republican tax “reform” bill to be called the Cut Cut Cut Act. Alas, he didn’t get his wish, and it was instead given a boring name nobody can remember. But there’s still time to change it! So let me propose, as one reader suggested, that it be renamed the Leona Helmsley Act, after the New York hotelier convicted of tax evasion, who famously declared that “only the little people pay taxes.”
    This little ditty is dedicated to that other Paul, Mr. Krugman and to the little people in the long stretch of the top half of the USA along the Canadian border known as the cold country from Maine to Michigin & Da Yooper’s U.P., Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Idaho, Moontana, Washington & Oregin.
    Thank You Mr. Disney!

    Hey lower 48’ers. You still can still live the last frontier, short of Australia. In Alaska! Russia’s own, sorry Mr.Putin. We bought it fair and square, at a garage sale price!

  51. R O B I N H O O D_ and his merry me!

    Big Bad Don – The Ballad Of Donald J. the Trumpster!
    (A Trump Boy Can Survive)

  52. R O B I N H O O D_ and his merry MEN!

    Krugman: Trump and Ryan Versus the Little People
    According to news reports, Donald Trump wanted the House Republican tax “reform” bill to be called the Cut Cut Cut Act. Alas, he didn’t get his wish, and it was instead given a boring name nobody can remember. But there’s still time to change it! So let me propose, as one reader suggested, that it be renamed the Leona Helmsley Act, after the New York hotelier convicted of tax evasion, who famously declared that “only the little people pay taxes.”
    This little ditty is dedicated to that other Paul, Mr. Krugman and to the little people in the long stretch of the top half of the USA along the Canadian border known as the cold country from Maine to Michigin & Da Yooper’s U.P., Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Idaho, Moontana, Washington & Oregin.
    Thank You Mr. Disney!

    Hey lower 48’ers. You still can still live the last frontier, short of Australia. In Alaska! Russia’s own, sorry Mr.Putin. We bought it fair and square, at a garage sale price!

  53. R O B I N.. ..H O O D.... and his merry MEN!

    The American Left: R.I.P.

  54. john

    you rock Greg …no shame in your game,,,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John!

  55. Paul ...

    The Saudi’s who can’t beat a “rag tag” army in Yemen … have now decided to fight the Persians (who don’t lose wars)?? … … it is suicidal for the Saudi’s to send their air-force up against S400 Russian missiles!! … Isn’t it time for humanity (after thousands of years of stabbing, shooting, blowing up and gassing women and children) to learn how to negotiate and settle their differences without war!?!

    • Paul ...

      When the Prime Minister of Lebanon (Hariri) was forced to resign by the Saudi’s (who have his wife and children under house arrest) and made him declare war on Saudi Arabia … the Saudi’s thought it would create Lebanese sectarian chaos—Sunni against Shia … the Saudi’s awaited in anticipation for a fiery response by Hezbollah’s secretary general (Hassan Nasrallah) … the Saudi’s were in for a shock … there was no taking to the streets with Sunnis and Shias killing one another … instead Nasrallah gave a moderate speech filled with questions regarding Hariri’s resignation … accusing Saudi Arabia of possibly forcing his resignation and making him declare war (by holding his family hostage) … this came as a great relief to the Lebanese people (that there would not be any blood in the streets) … infuriated that their “false flag” to have Lebanon declare war on them didn’t work the way they wanted … the Saudi’s are now warming up their jet fighters to invade Lebanon anyway … one way or another … they (and their neocon warmonger backers) “want to start a sectarian war in the Middle East” between the Sunnis and Shia … in order to advance their goal of world domination (over those resisting their One World Order agenda)!!

  56. Peter from the Netherlands

    Dear Greg,

    I thought I was looking at the story from Mannarino from 3/4 months ago. It is all the time the same story: if, if, maybe, could be, big problems etc etc.


    Regards from Europe.


  57. DougG

    I’m afraid this Bond expert disagrees with Greg Mannarino.
    A person who worked in the City of London for 20 years specialising in bonds.
    Mannarino is interesting but does tend cry ‘wolf’ a little too often.

    • Greg Hunter

      They sound like they agree. “Bond vigilantes are not out yet but could be back soon.” He’s talking about rising rates.

      • Bob

        Perhaps pass the video to Greg M and get his response. Greg is a good man so he will give the article the credit it deserves and present his counter argument.

        One of the replies to a critic of this video was “I’m just trying to warn everyone. I’ve been warming people for almost 20 years so before I became middle aged and when I was still working in the City.”

        So its a waiting/warning game for how many more decades?

        Another comment was
        “Gregory Mannarino shares your concerns about the Bond market.”
        And the response:
        “At present the market is behaving but I think it’s only a matter of time before we might see the Fed lose control of the long end of the treasury market.”

        That doesn’t sound like there is any major disagreement there.

        Stewart Thompson said five years ago (at least) that the DOW was going straight to 40,000 before any crash. Maybe he’s right. I’d love it if Greg got him on. His predictions were always boring and correct. He was never sensational.

      • Peter from the Netherlands

        correct Greg, but he’s telling the same story over and over again!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Sure Peter, but that’s the point. The story is the same just more dangerous and harder for the powers to control. The financial markets have turned into a criminal enterprise because of the CB’s trying to control it. The powers want you to ignore this while everything is going up. Mannarino and myself are pointing out that ignoring this won’t work forever. Time is short. A reset is a mathematical certainty. Peter Schiff is on tonight and will explain further.

    • Donald

      “I’m afraid this Bond expert disagrees with Greg Mannarino.”

      The City of London and the Bank of England are extremely corrupt. Here’s an example:

      There simply isn’t enough savings being generated to support the current bond market. This is why central banks have become big buyers and why real inflation is running quite high. Also, I suspect funds used to buy gold from the LBMA are surreptitiously being directed to the bond market to help prop it up. But at some point it fails – particularly when people decide to sell en-mass. Zero real buyers – and only sellers.

  58. Tommy

    Is this crash going to be worse than the one Greg M. predicted 2 years ago when the Dow was at 18,000? In that crash he said the Dow would drop to 6,000. How low will it go this time? Would like to see the proof about the 90 years w/o a 5% correction. It seems like only two years ago the Dow dropped over 10% from 12/15 to 2/16, but maybe that wasn’t considered a correction.

    • Donald

      Remember this quote: “its better to be a year early than a day late”.

      • Tommy

        Except we’ve been hearing about a market crash and gold going to $5000 for years and years. Yes, someday even Joe Granville will be proven right.

  59. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, just heard a A.G. Sessions’s report that a Special Prosecutor may be appointed to investigate Comey & Hillary possible collusion in regards to the last election, etc. Big news story if that would happen don’t you think? All I can say is its about time!

  60. Justn Observer

    Those wishing to UNDERSTAND the matrix of the current Pedophile spirit cooking cults , the New Age, the Jesuit’s within the Christian churches, Obama, Hillary and ANTIFA movement ant the ties to LBGT – the ‘forced’tolerance’/participation in abortions, shared bathrooms, marriage etc. by THOSE now in or compromised within and without the government…
    Saul Alinsky and Catholic Liberation (progressive) Theology
    HILLARY and her NEW AGE participation
    Satan and Serpent Cults of THE ESTABLISHMENT of THE NEW AGE ….
    Story of elected Democrats that channel the dead:
    Things you might not know about Eleanor Roosevelt and that Hillary talks with the dead frequently?
    The Battle between the secret societies and the Vatican church… a 1880 book called …
    Scarlet Book of Freemasonry…
    Obelisk in Central Park of NY
    The Assassination of Milton William “Bill” Cooper:
    Arch of Baal erected throughout the Christian Western Culture:
    and couple this with the Hilter/SS participation with the Catholic Church, the Nazi ratlines… the Hegel Dialect = GOP vs DNC , Nazi ( national socialism) vs Communism , male vs. female, white vs. black, rich vs poor….good vs. evil ….checkerboard matix used for chaos – confusion from which to take control and ‘order’. All satanic corruption and deception…
    all with PROOF … there are those attempting to censor truth and history of this and connections to it.
    and for those of you that ‘flick’ a bible verse without any totality of that which you hope to reference…lets consider the context of the story of the bible…not a mere sentence.

  61. Stephanie

    Dear Greg, I was fascinated by Gregory’s report and grateful for your doing it. At the end I was hoping you would ask him about precious metals stocks as an investment. By inference it sounds as if he is saying his opinion (unlike many followers of Austrian economics) is that if it is denominated in the USD it is not safe or your friend. Would this inference be accurate? Thanks much, Steph

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s the brokerage that is the problem–think MF Global. If you buy the stock get the certificate. Most places will not give you the physical stock certificate.

  62. Da Yooper

    Ray Dalio Goes On Gold Buying Spree, Adds 575% To GLD Holdings, Becomes 8th Largest Holder

    LMAO ……paper gold

    Ray ………If you dont hold it ……..YOU dont own it

    • Silence is Golden

      Da… think he’s buying it for insurance ?
      He doesnt own/control the largest hedge fund by accident.

      • Da Yooper

        My guess is he he trying to hit a low with his buy & as soon as possible he will flip this ……he is a trader not an investor

        • Greg Hunter

          He’s both. He’s said many times he takes a good percentage of his profits and constantly invests in PM’s. He also trades for a living, so he spends his cash on living expenses too. (food, housing, transportation, utilities, taxes, entertainment etc.) Mannarino also always hold some cash, ( I do not know how much) and you should too.

        • Silence is Golden

          Thats exactly my point.
          Hedge Funds are notorious for being ahead of the curve…in this case….Bridgewater/Dalio ….obviously are putting REAL skin in the game…..has the view that there is a real turn in the “PAPER” prices soon to occur…whether its Political, Geo-Political or FED/PPT/BIS Induced…who knows. We do know that there is enormous pressure on the Phyz side of the equation with premiums rising every day. The paper game is forcing the Squids to extend the Shorting to record levels.
          Its by no means chump change what he’s investing….and I dare say you may be correct…taking profits …after the fact that is. 😉
          My guess is he KNOWS whats ahead…and that is positive for GOLD. I’m watching this one closely.

  63. Flattop

    On a different site I heard this comment
    God and silver prices will not go up until China Russia ETC (BRICS) buy all the gold they need. Then the price will skyrocket.
    What do you say to this??

    • Greg Hunter

      Protect yourself at all times.

  64. John M.

    Is Donald Trump really our modern-day “Spartacus” who will lead the slave rebellion against our Deep State/Debt slave masters ?
    Trump is either a sly, cunning fox who is attempting to do the most honorable and impossible thing — or else he is just another crime boss (or “Don” if you will) of the same criminal enterprise that keeps screwing us over.
    I can’t see how these are not going to be catastrophic times for humanity. It will probably be The Black Plague, Weimar Hyperinflation, World War 3, and Great Depression all wrapped up in one. If we’re lucky!

  65. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Donna Brazil, although an immoral political hack of many indiscretions above and beyond her giving Hillary her ill gotten questions to the debate(s) book has outlined campaign violations of Hillary Clinton in 2016; all are Federal felonies. Greg, can you say PAY BACK A BITCH?

  66. Tim McGraw

    The bond and stock markets are based upon trust in fellow human beings. You loan or invest your money with other humans and you trust them TRUST them to pay you back or make a profit with your money.
    Trust in each other is what has made Western Civilization thrive like no other civilization in human history.

    No trust in each other and our Western Christian Civilization of free markets, honesty, and honor… falls apart.

  67. Tim McGraw

    I only disagree with Mr. Mannerino on the value of gold and silver in dollars. Dollars are a fiat currency worth NOTHING! You cannot price a value with zeroes. The US Dollar and all the other fiat currencies are zeroes. They have no intrinsic value. They are forced upon us to use as currency ( they are not money ) by the state and Federal Reserve, to pay our taxes. That is their secret way of running our lives. We need their fiat currency to pay their extortion payments or we go to jail.

    • Justn Observer

      Tim – True , and Trust left …when their ability to inflate and deflate was made possible. Their plan was always to get ‘control’ over the currency…and then have the ability to manipulate ‘its’ value. What you save loses value over time… You rarely get back the ‘value’ you put in…and with especially compounding interest…you pay back much more then you borrowed. You ‘mortgage’ YOUR future happiness for a bite of gratification today.

  68. pat the rat

    The banks are up to there old tricks, they are taking advantage of low interest rates. Here what you do subtract the amount of interest left on your current mortgage from the principal, divide the interest by the number of payments left on mortgage, now you compare how close it is to what the banks are saying the new mortgage payment will be? This will eliminate the old interest payment, leaving you paying only interest on the new principal. The banks win and you loose in the long run!

  69. Honest Abe

    We the sheeple sent our representatives out to wash Washington and Clapper lied to them with his big fat trapper, so he lied to us the American people!
    James Clapper: President Donald Trump Is Making Russia Great Again | MSNBC
    John Brennan reminds us Clapper is a hero, yet who has he lied to through out the years? The American people! Is this another Clapper Trapper? Only time will tell, especialy when he does time himself.
    Lock Him Up? Lawmakers Renew Calls for James Clapper Perjury Charges
    The outgoing spy chief needs to be punished for lying, his critics say.
    Has Jamie Clapper been indicted yet?
    Rand Paul Reminds MSNBC That James Clapper Is a Liar and Can’t Be Trusted About Russia Hacking
    Trump derangement syndrome is causing MSNBC to tout John McCain and Lindsey Graham as the only sane Republicans. Gulp.
    James Clapper. He Lied To Congress Why Would We Believe Him Today?
    Mark Steyn: James Clapper is a liar

    Will CNN fire their Mocking bird brained boss Clapper now that it’s abundantly clear he’s a serial liar?

    James Clapper and John Brennan clap back at President Trump’s “political hacks” rebuke
    The two former intelligence chiefs accused Trump of trying to “De legitimize the intelligence community of OBAMA LEFT-OVERS”

    James Clapper is a De monstrous Liar.
    You know the old saying: “how do you know when the Clapper is lying?” When his lips are flapping!. A Clapper Flapping Mocking Bird brained
    CNN puppeteer extraordinare!

    WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange’s Lawyer FOUND DEAD!
    Mocking Trump Doesn’t Prove Russia’s Guilt
    November 13, 2017
    Exclusive: President Trump is getting mocked for “trusting” Vladimir Putin’s denial about “meddling” in U.S. politics — and not accepting Official Washington’s groupthink — but ridicule isn’t evidence, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.
    By Ray McGovern;

  70. Lisa Chance Evrett
    Remember Carol Burnett?

    • susan

      Thanks for the laugh Lisa!

  71. marcus

    I love the news when you hit the nail on the head, so much info flowing out faster then most can cope, the real security is that, most that follow you are very smart followers, and I would like to thank them all for being such diligent warriors for truth.I do appreciate what you do for all and understand we are all different believers or not.

  72. H. Craig Bradley


    “Gregorian Strategy For Multiple Deck Blackjack Paperback” – September 1, 2003
    by Gregory Mannarino ( $3.95)

    Yep, Greg Mannarino lives in Las Vegas, formerly worked at the Chelse Clinton Clinic on Statin Island as a Physician Assistant (“Foot Doctor”). He could fix plantar warts and bunions. So, Gregory has a “gambling” background, that is, giving you bum trades in Gold and Silver. Never ever worked at Bear Stearns, as claimed. How do you spell Con Man in Rhinestones? Never much like Las Vegas either. Too many dumb people live there ( Reportedly more High School Dropouts per capita than any other U.S. City).

  73. Disciple

    People be aware that Greg Mannarino is a high level Freemason. This would also implicate Greg Hunter as well. This is fact. He’s has been identified by a former Mason and there are pictures with Mannarino in full Masonic regalia.

    Christians are very easily deceived. Many wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.

    aminutetomidnight utoob channel

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