Secrets in Iran Deal, National Security Compromised, MSM Ignores Planned Parenthood

4By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 200 7/24/15)

Secretary of State John Kerry defended the recent deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program. Critics say it’s weak, a bad deal and ramps up the arms race in the Middle East. If Congress does not vote to approve the deal, Kerry says, “We will have squandered the best chance we have to solve this problem through peaceful means.” Then, there is new news of secret side deals with the Iranians. Republicans say the Obama Administration will not release the details. Senator Tom Cotton says if parts of this deal are being kept secret, then “. . . What other elements may also be secret and entirely free from public scrutiny?” The House and Senate has 60 days to debate this bill, but most of the deal has already been approved by the UN. This has angered Republicans and Democrats alike. The big question is going to be whether or not Congress can override a veto that is surely coming when the House and Senate vote this down.

Meanwhile, the Iranians are publicly saying it will buy and sell weapons whenever and to whomever it wants. Iranian officials also say, “Iran will not adhere to any current restrictions of its arms trade.” Iran continues to taunt the U.S. and says, “Israel’s security will not be ensured whether there is a nuclear agreement or not.”  This deal is being praised by the Obama Administration, but U.S. allies in the Middle East hate it. Sunni Arabs say this deal opens the “Gates of Evil.” There was already a conventional and nuclear arms race in the Middle East, but this deal has sent it into hyper-drive. This is going to speed the prospects of war in the Middle East.

The national security of the U.S. has possibly been compromised, according to the White House Office of Personnel Management. It’s reported that detailed information on more than 21 million past and present federal employees has been stolen in a yearlong hack attack. It is also reported that this huge leak could hurt the security in the U.S. especially in a time of war.  Former CIA covert operative, Valerie Plame says this breach is “catastrophic to our national security.” My question is: Why doesn’t anyone ever get fired for doing a bad job in the federal government? This is classic incompetence at the very top.

The mainstream media looks like it is lying by omission with the huge charge that Planned Parenthood is selling fetal body parts and has been doing so for years. Planned Parenthood denies the accusations, but undercover video of high ranking Planned Parenthood doctors say otherwise. Two videos have been released so far by the pro-life group called Center for Medical Progress. This is a huge story, and there are many more hours of undercover videos with top decision making doctors that have yet to be released. It has criminal implications, tax implications, funding implications in Congress and potential upcoming lawsuits from clients who thought they were donating tissue when it appears it was being sold for profit by Planned Parenthood, which again, it denies. For the mainstream media to not cover this is “too stupid to be stupid.” My local paper has not covered it. It told me that it did not have the resources, but it subscribes to the Associated Press (AP). I asked if the non-coverage had political motivations because, in my opinion, this makes Planned Parenthood look like criminals and monsters, and liberal left leaning newspapers just did not like the narrative. I was hung up on. Also, this was the second week this story did NOT appear in the USA Today newspaper. It’s on USA Today’s website but not in a prominent place when I looked. You had to search for it. Once again, I asked if this was a lie by omission because of political motivation and received no response from USA Today. This is absolutely a huge story with huge implications and not covering it can only be a political decision because the far left does not like the narrative. Planned Parenthood looks to me like criminals and monsters that would make Nazi monster Joseph Mengele proud.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Donna

    The same press spent how many days now getting the vapors over Trump’s remarks about McCain?

    Don’t suck in air while your waiting for a fit of conscience from the press on baby parts. We are pretty much a death culture at this point and this probably ranks at the very bottom of the list where outrage is concerned.

    It is certainly politics, but I think it is much more than that. The country has lost its soul.

    You think this is the worst of it? Stay tuned.

    • Oracle 911

      Hi Donna
      IMHO what the Planned parenthood did (or doing) is satanism from practical standpoint. Because abortion is at least on the borderline of the morally acceptable things, using these fetuses for propping up somebody’s life or using them as resource for plastic surgery is road to hell.

      About Iran deal. The Saudis were thrown under the bus by the US gov. after Obama took the office 2nd time (when the CIA asset ISIS/ISIL came into the existence). So what the Saudis are doing is more or less a sideshow. And the reason why the side deals are secret is the possible involvement of the Russians and the Chinese or the Indians too.
      Another things which support this thesis are:
      1st) The Saudis allegedly will invest into the Russian agribusiness and will buy Russian reactors to(the deals were negotiated by the oil minister and a crown prince).
      2nd) The Chechens will teach the Saudis how fight the Islamists, and the deal was negotiated by Ramzan Kadyrov, the chief of Chechnya. Source: (use a translator if you don’t understand Russian)
      3rd) If you look at the map you will realize a simple fact, the Russians want at least a politically stable “neighborhood”. (Basically the entire ME is their “neighborhood”.)

      So the Saudis and their allies got new patrons, Russia and China. The 1st is a guarantee of their military security and the 2nd is the guarantee of their economic security. And I suspect the entire OPEC will sell oil for BRICS currencies and PM’s.

      My 2 cents
      Oracle 911

      • Jerry

        I totally agree. The Saudis will align with the BRICS this fall. Price of admission, pull the plug on the petrodollar. Just remember the Saudis had their gold stolen by the western cabal and you know what they say about paybacks?

        As far as Planned Parenthood. They should change their name to ” The Fetal Exchange System” since that appears to be their MO. Luciferians to the core.

    • paul

      Lost its soul … better believe it … I wouldn’t be surprised if the data on “the organ’s needed” for transplant operations isn’t given to Obama “death panels” so they can more judiciously determine who needs to live or die … I bet the decision as to whether you live or die when you enter a hospital all comes down to “what organs are in high demand” then with your “actual” physical health! … seems doctors have taken a page from the Mafia and have set up their own “Murder Incorporated” operation (better known as “Death Panels”) to further their profits and help the bottom line. RICO laws should be used to stop this criminality in the sale of body parts from unborn fetus’s and “already born” senior citizens.

  2. Donna

    Chanced upon the words to this tribute. It is my meager offering to those who will never return home — and those who thought they did.

    We just had 5 more massacred soldiers who were all but ignored by the press and the White House. Whitney Huston, a junkie, got a flag at half mast. Our men got one only after days of outrage by the citizens.

    Bless all soldiers.

    • Grafique

      I wish we had a “thumbs up” option so I could give one to your comment.

  3. Donna

    Same 4 military gals. Could not find any verse. No matter. Pain and loss is universal.

    • Ross Perote

      Wow! Donna, no wonder the new world disorder crowd is trying to undermine these people, they’re going to be a hard nut to crack! Were going to break a lot of teeth on this one. Take note Vicky Nuland. WWIII anyone?

      PS. They think they got the US. wrapped up, don’t tell the Donald. He’s mad enough! & COMMENT BELOW;
      deriter64 1 year ago
      We need an internet Robin Hood before the copyright pimps lock up every classic ever made so they can rob from the poor and give to the rich.

  4. J Medina

    There already has been an arms race in the Middle East for quite some time now. Syria had chemical weapons, Libya had chemical weapons, Israel has nuclear weapons, and so on. Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, in which if Iran had nuclear weapons, the UN and NATO would stop Iran militarily. There is no reason to be surprised there are “secret side deals;” remember the TPP legislation and Obama Care. Congress had to pass them so we could know what is in them.
    With respect to the Iran and P5+1 (USA, UK, China, Russia, France, and Germany/EU), this agreement is about realpolitik. If the US turns its back on not only Iran, but also its allies, the US appears to have political issues which threatens regional and world stability.
    This deal with Iran is about regional stability, and effect world stability. Iran/ Persia is one of the only countries in the Middle East with a long history/ historical identity, national unity, and relatively the same borders for centuries. Make peace with the most stable country. 600 years ago Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. did not exist as countries. Israel has to constantly watch their borders from attack. Iran is stable with a working central government and is the enemy of ISIS and other Sunni-based terror groups.
    Iran is eager to start trade in arms and peaceful products. For instance, Iran purchased missiles from Russia for air defense. Also, Iran is trying to become part of the World Trade Organization. Iran is trying to become an equal among the international community/nations.
    What do the Arab monarchies think? The defense minister of Saudi Arabia went to Moscow to meet with Putin to talk about trade and nuclear power generation. China is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest oil consumer. These Arabs are thinking how to get out of dollars without causing a panic. They are seeing realpolitik. The Arabs are being convinced by the Chinese and Russians, that business is better than fighting with Iran.
    Planned Parenthood selling organs from aborted fetuses is a huge story, but human organ trafficking is a huge business with lots of hush money.

    • paul

      When the Iranians say: “Israel’s security will not be ensured whether there is a nuclear agreement or not.” They speak the truth … if Iranian missiles are now filled with radioactive plutonium “nuclear waste” with a radioactive half life of one thousand years that can be produced in their own “legal” nuclear electrical generation plants or simply purchased on the black market … what difference does it make (as Hillary would say) if there is an agreement with Iran developing a nuclear bomb or not? … Israels security can only be “ensured” by making a deal with Iran … so after Congress makes some points with the Jewish community for more votes and donations … a Presidential veto of Congress’s actions most likely won’t be overridden … because logically an Iranian “deal” is the only thing that “will protect” Israel!

      If by some chance a Presidential veto is overridden … war with Iran will be the result … then the probability of those rockets being fired into Israel on a daily basis by Hamas, etc. having “nuclear waste warheads” will likely increase! … which will make Israel an “uninhabitable radioactive wasteland” … we simply don’t want to go there!!

    • Galaxy 500

      This so called peace deal with Iran is reminiscent of Stalin’s deal with Hitler and has as much chance of bring peace.

      • paul

        Galaxy … we must remember that politicians are all the same … they talk up “fear” to get votes … fear mongering of the Iranian’s developing a “nuclear bomb” is just that … instilling fear for votes … think about it … why would Iran want to produce a real “nuclear bomb” when a “radioactive waste bomb” is a highly superior weapon and can’t be destroyed by Israels Iron Dome or Patriot Missiles because intercepting them and blowing them up only increases the targets lethal area of contamination … the Iranians with “radioactive waste” warheads on their missiles are an effective counter force to Israels nuclear arsenal … so the two powers are in a MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) position right now … and if we don’t want to see Israel destroyed in the process of destroying Iran negotiation is all that is left to us … it may not bring genuine peace but hopefully will hold off outright war … we don’t want to see innocent Israeli women and children radiated and killed because some politician needs votes to win elections using the fear card!

        • Galaxy 500

          IMHO, your analysis is naive, not based on facts, and lacks and understand of evil, much less the world.
          This deal with Iran is treasonous… I’m addition to being the worst example of negotiation even exceeding the folly of Neville Chamberlain.

  5. Michael Harvey

    My post from Wednesday has been updated
    Friday 24th July 2015
    The reasons the US wants a strong dollar:
    1. One way to give the illusion that the US dollar is still ‘King Pin’ is by suppressing the price of gold which helps to protect the U.S. dollar’s value from the excessive debt and money creation of the past seven years.
    2. Chinese investors dumping gold to meet margin calls.
    3. An artificial front to save face on the economy.
    4. Attract inflows from overseas to protect the dollar
    5. Undermine the economy of Russia due to her dollar denominated debt.
    6. Maintain a paper currency standard to satisfy the current world status
    7. Confidence in paper currency is extrinsic value (faith in Governments)
    8. Intrinsic value is faith in a currency backed by gold
    The attacks on gold also enable the bullion banks to purchase large blocks of shares in the GLD gold trust that can be redeemed in gold with which to supply Asian purchasers.
    Whether or not the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury are instigators of the price manipulation, government authorities tolerate it as it supports the dollar’s value in the face of an enormous creation of new dollars and new federal debt.
    In other words, the illegal rigging of the price of gold in the futures market is deemed by the US government to be essential to the success of its economic policy and thereby creating an illusionary confidence in the US dollar.
    Mike Harvey
    NB. It is all one big game to frighten the small investor away from the gold market.

    • paul

      They are not frightening the small investor away from the gold market … it’s just the opposite … China (our newest gold manipulator) has recently joined the London Gold Fix, low-balled their gold holdings and just created some “flash crashes” to manipulate the price of gold lower … all while they stand to take delivery of a huge tonnage of silver on the COMEX … makes the Chinese just as bad as the banksters we all know and love (just to fine, not to jail) here in America … but the world’s people are “buying” into the Chinese manipulation … Russia just bought another 25 tons of gold and a surge in buying of gold coins by millions of small investors has increased significantly across the globe.

    • VShook

      Unfortunately, the rigging of the gold market via the US government is not illegal. It is sanctioned in law under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended in the 1970’s. I know that this is not common knowledge, as all of the pundits we continue to read (Holter, Willie, PCR, Stockman, King World News, etc., etc.) conveniently forget to mention same. While many here hope for and talk of this practice having an ending someday soon, this will not happen. “You can plan your life around the fact the world’s governments and central banks will do everything they can to maintain confidence in their current financial system.” It is the road to serfdom we are all traveling — until enough citizens in some country, some where, decide to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots (a la Thomas Jefferson). Will Greek citizens be the first?

      • andyb

        Yes, the manipulation is sanctioned by all puppet governments that are controlled by the Rothschild cabal. But what happens when they run out of physical to keep the paper price illusion alive. That time is coming and don’t be surprised if it happens this year, most likely with silver as this critically important industrial metal will not be around within 15 years when the planet runs out (see USGS Reports), and is currently in short supply. Demand for tech, macrobiology, solar, water purification uses, together with investment demand will soon deplete all existing stocks. Think about it. We can live without gold, but not without silver. And when silver flies, gold will soon follow.

        • frederick

          @andy my guess is they will go to work plating tungsten like theyve done in the past

        • Vince Shook

          Hi Andyb,
          I have contacted the main author/geologist noted on that USGS report on silver depletion. You can too. FYI, he replied to my email in which I asked specifically about the integrity of the 15 year depletion prediction. I will share with you that he replied the 15 year depletion statement is the same statement issued in all previous reports the last several decades. The USGS does not make allowances for new discoveries, new recovery techniques, etc., etc. which occur on a regular basis. This negates any importance allotted to that statement. Don’t rely on it for investment purposes.

      • Michael Harvey

        As a small offering I have started a campaign on Facebook. I am writing a series of articles . This will hopefully reach the minds of those not so well informed Unfortunatelly the normality bias tends to exist. in most of us. Hopefully I can penetrate a few more minds with my thoughts of what is wrong with the world’s financial system. The comments you have made would be a welcome addition to my campaign.
        I would welcome you as a friend on Facebook.
        If interested search Mike Harvey, Kilkeel, Ireland

        • Vince Shook

          Hi Mike,
          Be glad to be a part of your efforts. Can’t find you on Facebook for some reason. If you will send me a friend request I will respond. Thanks.

          • Michael Harvey

            Dear Vince
            I sent a message on your Facebook page

  6. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Terrifying isn’t it Donna.

  7. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    I didn’t need a picture to comprehend what was happening but many people do. Your comparison of planned parenthood to the NAZI’s and Joseph Mengele was appropriate. I’ve always believed that some countries banned Mein Kampf not out of fear that some half wit 16 year old would read it ( or claim to have read it ) then run out and get a swastika tattoo. It had more to do with a fear that people might see similarities between the NAZI’s and their own government.
    A few years ago an official of the British Ministry of Education called math and science middle class values and said ” We need to concentrate on teaching students to be good citizens “. In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote ” a man of little scientific education but physically healthy, with a good firm character, imbued with the joy of determination and willpower, is more valuable for the national community than a clever weakling “.

  8. David

    Greg: Another great week. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support.

  9. Ross

    Greg, some helpful advice. Stay on the path of economic analysis and stay away from political and religious comment pertaining to Israel. It will destroy your show as the Zionists are pure evil .

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are with the guys that shoot protesters in the streets. Throw Gays off from buildings. and fire rockets from heavily populated areas to get a high body count from a counter-strike? Thank you for warning me about the evil in this world.

      • Grafique

        Thanks, Greg…
        From one of those evil Zionists.

        • Greg Hunter

          I just try to be fair and objective and the peace deal is not going to bring peace. Hope I am wrong.

  10. Smaulgld


    Thanks for another excellent wrap up.
    It always troubles me to see you holding up USA Today. I keep thinking you might have paid for the copy.
    Please say it ain’t so!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a subscriber.

    • Ross

      No Greg . I’m part of 911 truth movement and have supported people like Richard Gage of I’ve met many of these people and have analysed the reality from many angles.
      While many Israelis are ignorant of the atrocities perpetrated by their leaders , they like many Westerners suffer cognitive dissonance. They don’t want to believe the truth because it takes them out of their comfort zones.

  11. woody188

    “The big question is going to be whether or not Congress can override a veto that is surely coming when the House and Senate vote this down.”
    This can’t be right. A bill can’t automatically become law via a veto. If it is voted down in Congress and the Senate, the President can’t override it. If this is true, it is an upside down interpretation of our system and should not stand.

    I agree, Planned Parenthood has been shown to be one of the most evil and monstrous organizations I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. To think that the people counseling women on whether or not to have an abortion have a profit motive means they can’t be trusted as the counselors. How many women have been convinced to murder their unborn children so that PP doctors can have a Lamborghini?

    It is disgusting and it needs to end NOW.

  12. frederick

    After gold falls below a grand İm going to back up the truck im in all cash as i sold my house last May in anticipation of this deflationary event However İ imagine your window of oppurtunity to get physical at those prıces will be limited and QE 4 will crush the dollar and send commodities much higher İMO of coarse thanks Greg left Raleigh last week and now in Turkey

    • Galaxy 500

      Are you in Turkey for work , play or? to stay

  13. David B.

    What deal ever negotiated by the US never included secret elements? We don’t know this for sure in this particular case.

    Would not the other P5+1 nations be in on the secret. It would be a case of American hubris to think that if Congress overrides Obama’s veto, the other nations would revert to imposing sanctions.

    Europe wants to open the capitalism spigots with Russia and Iran. We may well see Obama relent on his arm twisting tactics, or Europe tells him where to go.

  14. George Baron

    Israelis are saints
    Iranians are the devil’s children
    The usual un-biased Greg Hunter
    Israel overflowing with atomic weapons
    Iranians nil atomic weapons.

    • Greg Hunter

      Look in the mirror and see what true biased really is.

      • george baron

        I’m neither on the side of Israel nor Iran I’m only paraphrasing your normal stance.
        I hold no brief for any of the sides. My opinion is neutral. You show by words but mostly by omission what your bias is.
        You find it necessary to impose censorship on anyone that doesn’t go along with your point of view especially if it pertains to Israel. Even when the comments are respectful and without bad language you find it necessary to control the comments in a way that generally agrees with your bias.
        I don’t care if you publish this because you will have read it.

        • Greg Hunter

          My normal stance is to be fair and give my analysis. My slogan on each and every page of this site (contained in the logo) says “Analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what’s going on.” My analysis says this deal is going to speed up a M.E. arms race and the prospects for war. Your opinion is “neutral?” Seems pretty biased to me. Let’s agree to disagree and dispense with the labeling and name calling.

        • Grafique

          Hey George, another of the hundreds of Bible prophecies that are being fulfilled before our eyes is the one that states that Israel will be hated by the entire world in the last days.

          Now, it seems to me that you have a choice – you can just go along with the masses who hate Jewish, Zionist Israel (the path of least resistance), being willingly deceived –
          or you can change your mind, stop believing the propaganda, place yourself on the side of the Jewish Jesus and start supporting national Jewish Israel.
          One word of caution, though – if you intend to support Israel, be prepared to be called a traitor, a Nazi, a racist and worse by The World. Also, when the hatred for Israel turns from words into arrest, trial and execution, don’t be surprised.
          But you will be able to take comfort in the knowledge that you believed God’s Word over the lies of the Deceiver, and that, like Jesus, you stood firm to the death.

      • george baron

        One further thought.
        When you look into the mirror ask yourself this.
        Between Iran and Israel.
        Who has most control over the western media?
        Who has most control over the propaganda?
        Who has the most influence in the USA?
        If you utter less than positive words about Iran or Israel which one do you think could make you life somewhat miserable and probably put you off the air?
        You say that Iran has loud to wipee Israel off the face of the Earth but you don’t acknowledge the fact when the official rabbi of Israel called for Jews to pray for Iran’s destruction he was in line with these teachings from the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Jewish superiority and Israel over all is key to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.
        As you say there is blame to go around on both sides but unfortunately you do not show this AND you continue to make your comment section a censorship vehicle.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is unbiased? Neutral? The reason I don’t post comments like this is because it adds nothing dialog. I don’t want my site to be devalued in drivel such as you have posted. Please start your own site, and put all the anti-Israel comments you want on it. Make sure you tell everyone how “neutral” and “unbiased” you are Let me know how this works out.

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote ,”Israelis are saints
      Iranians are the devil’s children”
      Well, George, now that you mention it, on a comparative basis, that is correct.
      Israel isn’t threatening Iran with annihilation. The Spawn of Satan in Iran, you may use Allah if you choose, state that their goal is to destroy Israel. Go figure. Even an antisemites speaks truth once in a while and usually by mistake.

      • Grafique

        “Thumbs up”, G500.

    • FC

      George Baron, this should make some interesting reading you.

  15. Mark

    I deeply admire the way you journalistically wrap up the week. You ask the question “Why?”. Everything you talk about ties to one thing… The corrupt administration.
    This Obama administration is the most corrupt, vial, American hating, self serving political abortion in the history of the United States. The things that make us all sick won’t go away until the administration is removed, one way or another. Eight years of the Obama administration coupled with the latest RINO Congress and Senate has proven to be the straw that broke our backs. We have no media other than you and a few others.
    There is one man that can fix the situation and look some of our corrupt G-people in the eye and say “Your Fired.” And we all know who that is and its not an establishment politician. We need a HERO and he will have to be strong and move fast. On the horizon, someone has emerged. This song says it.

    Listen to the words. I personally believe Trump is the guy on the white horse in the video that will clean up the mess that this administration has made. He certainly knows how to say “Your Fired”. For sure, none of the career politicians fit the bill. Pray for his safety as I believe the Obama administration will go after him as they are dedicated to the downfall of our country.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the Republicans will do the same thing if they get into office. Look what they just did with the treason trade deal that is totally secret. Who do they work for because it is not “We the People.” The whole system is corrupt. Thank you for your comment.

      • Mark

        I fully agree with you if it were establishment Republicans. Thats why I believe we need Trump. I hope he gets in and I hope he fulfills the hero role. Remember, “Hope dies last.”

        • Galaxy 500

          I like Trump, Cruz, Walker and maybe Rubio

        • Calgirl

          Unfortunately, if there were just one honest, trustworthy leader who could navigate our corrupt voting system and take a position of power, he or she would be dealt with just as JFK was……and just where would this honest, trustworthy leader find followers in our halls of power? Everything is narcotic/war based and unless you are a player, you will be suicided.

          • paul

            Perhaps this is why Trump is so pro military and pro war … he needs someone to watch his back as he attacks the bankers!

  16. Galaxy 500

    Even Josef Mengele didn’t sell the parts of dismembered infants.

    • Anne Elliott

      I’m sure he would have if there had been a market for it back then. Evil knows no age; only new hosts.

      • Galaxy 500

        Which ought to bring Planned Parenthood’s evil into perspective. They out evil Josef

  17. Art Barnes

    Greg, Iran’s government continues to encourage the death to America street rhetoric all the while Obama continues to pretend there is no such movement. Don’t kid yourself, the death to America & Israel camp is large, growing larger, and is supported country wide. Nothing, no deal, bad deal, good deal, or otherwise will keep Iran & its people from going nuclear and moving towards their stated goals against the Great Satan(s). War is coming deal or no deal, covert proxies terrorist war(s) now, overt war(s) latter; and, but make no mistake about it, Israel will defend itself with or without help from the West. Believing that Obama’s “deal” prevents war is believing in Santa Clause.

    • paul

      Art … Iran doesn’t have to “move toward” building a bomb … it has already achieved a dirty “nuclear weapon” … and despite having achieved such capability “have not launched” an attack on Israel … instead they are negotiating “deals” … the anti-American and anti-Israeli rhetoric is likely being used to quell political opposition forces in Iran who don’t want to make a deal with Satan … the fact that the US is talking and making deals with Iran is to “prevent a very nasty war” wanted by extremists … an immoral war which will reek nuclear hell on the populations of both sides … we should give our hopeful blessing to the peacemakers on both sides … so as to make nuclear war an unacceptable option to the politicians!

  18. Eddiemd

    Good weekly wrap-up.

    I can remember being a third year medical student on my OBGYN rotation at Boston City Hospital in 1995 and watching an abortion being performed by the attending physician and a resident. She was a young Hispanic lady. I remember how distraught she appeared as they pierced her womb through the abdominal wall withdrawing some fluid and then injecting a hypersaline solution to kill the baby. The young woman was all alone as these monsters went about their business. They then continued their business of dilating the cervix to prepare for the curettage. I did not stick around for that procedure.

    That moment in time forever fixed in my mind that someday the wrath of God would be poured out against such actions. It grieved me to know that my colleagues in medicine could see fit to perform such procedures without second thought. It was against everything I believed that medicine is and should be.

    Those who perform such acts fall under the curse of God. They and their families are cursed for generations.

    Romans 12:19-21
    19. Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
    20. Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.
    21. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

    One thing that is true, Jesus can and will heal the spirit and soul of the woman who has undergone this action. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    Hebrews 13:8
    Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and forever.

    James 5:15
    And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

    Luke 5:31-32
    31.And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick 32 I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

    And lastly…
    Here is a New York Times editorial defending the actions of Planned Parenthood.

    Finally my take on Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

    Below I have provided the statement from the Democratic leader of the Arizona Senate Katie Hobbs. (from the Arizona Republic website, editorial written by EJ Montini 21 July)

    “Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs is worried that the video of Nucatola will be used to “justify a witch hunt.”

    She issued a statement that reads in part, “Planned Parenthood Arizona does not even have a tissue donation program…What Planned Parenthood does do is provide health care to millions of women, including birth control, STD testing and treatment, cancer screenings and abortion. For thousands of Arizona women, especially working poor women, Planned Parenthood is their main source of health care. It is entirely proper for Governor Ducey and Attorney General Brnovich to raise concerns of possible illegal activity in Arizona and their calls for investigations would be justified if there were legitimate proof of illegal tissue sales occurring in Arizona. But in this case there is no such evidence and a video hatchet job by political extremists does not justify a witch hunt.”

    Under Obamacare all citizens are now required to sign up for healthcare under threat of penalty by the IRS. This means that every citizen is eligible for healthcare and many are eligible for subsidies if they cannot afford it. This basically renders the Planned Parenthood mission of providing healthcare to poor women obsolete because every women is now eligible for healthcare under Obamacare irregardless of ability to pay. That really leaves Planned Parenthood with the singular mission of abortion services.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is pure evil. Thank you for your medical and Biblical perspective.

      • dbcooper

        Thank you EMD, I am reminded of reading Dr. Ron Paul’s ‘Revolution A Manifesto’ where in he wrote of a similar experience where the fetus after being removed from the womb was dropped alive and moving into a waste receptacle. My GOD how can anyone with a conscience think that we as a nation will not face judgment? Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

      • frederick

        Greg you are correct about it being evil. my exwife got pregnant 4 times during our marriage and chose against my will to abort 3 of those beautiful babies. The truly crazy part is that i earned a very good living and she never worked in 23 years of marriage so raising them would have been a pleasure. her rationalization was that they would have been too much work. God bless you for what you do sir by the way my present wife is Turkish and a muslim albeit not overly religious and she is a wonderful generous woman My ex called herself a catholic which i find extremely hypocritical

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for sharing this heartbreaking story.

    • Calgirl

      In my younger days (1964) I was the “scrub nurse” for a D & C (and some additional minor doings) at a hospital in Albuquerque, N.M. The surgeon inserted a forceps into the uterus and withdrew a small fetus, as I recall, decades later, about 4 or 5 inches in length. As the surgeon continued clearing the interior of the uterus I noticed movement of the fetus which was in a basin on my back-table. I reported this movement to the surgeon and his words still ring in my memory..,,,”Just don’t look”. At that day and time, all operating room nursing personnel at my hospital had to sign a form expressing either approval or disapproval of assisting doctors during abortions. In my unthinking youth, I did not grasp the importance of my decision. That was the last abortion I assisted on.

      Now I am repentant and much more aware that doctors treat the symptoms and rarely cure the disease. This means in some cases, a lifetime of drug dependence and expensive medical procedures. I happily left the medical profession in 1978 choosing a career in telephony, never to return.
      Of course, I go to my general practitioner regularly today, but am aware that he can not tell me about natural medical treatments and cures (such as herbs, etc.) for my various complaints and carefully rely on information available via the internet. Proper nutrition is the all important factor in returning to and maintaining good health IMO.

  19. foggygoggles

    Sadly, the precedent for side/secret deals has been set by fast tracking TPP.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Foggy. Forgot to mention it. This is why I say the two parties just take turns ripping us off.

      • Anne Elliott

        The parties are brothers from the same family that may have surface disagreements, but will always protect the family. For example, Bruce Rauner, the governor in Illinois, is a staunch Republican who is currently trying to break the Employee Union. Gov. Rauner, however, is also close friends with and even goes on vacation with staunch Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel from Obama’s camp. Governor Rauner for some reason has also placed many high powered Democrats into top management positions in various Illinois agencies. I don’t get too amazed about it though; he’s just doing a favor for his brother.

        • frederick

          the late great George Carlin taught us exactly that Anne when he said its all a club and you and i aint in it may he rest in peace

      • Chris

        Greg – You mention Senator Cotton in the first paragraph of your WNWU: “Then, there is new news of secret side deals with the Iranians. Republicans say the Obama Administration will not release the details. Senator Tom Cotton says if parts of this deal are being kept secret, then ‘. . . What other elements may also be secret and entirely free from public scrutiny?'”. This is the same Senator Cotton that, just a few weeks ago, voted to hand Obama fast-track authority to enable the TPP, which is secret and entirely free from public scrutiny. I am ashamed that I voted for this two-faced Senator Cotton. Whoever said that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties is absolutely correct. Thanks Greg for your USA Watchdog website.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes it is and it kills the credibility of the Republicans to pass their own secret deal and call BS on the secret side deals with Iran. I’d like to see both corrupt parties voted out of office in 2016!!

  20. Willard Ferch

    It’s going to take more than just one ugly event to wake folks up to the tremendous evil that’s loose in our land. Most people don’t believe that Obama’s superior even exists. The deal with Iran, Planned Parent Hood, etc., all is going according to plan. Fiddlin

  21. Galaxy 500

    How does one make infanticide palatable? First you “de-humanize” the infant. You call the child a fetus, or a clump of cells. You say its not viable. Then you campaign that its a woman’s right to choose. After all, its the woman’s body that this evil clump of cells is hijacking.
    This is the same strategy used to dehumanize the enemy during times of war. Its much easier to kill something that is sub human. If you do it right, it helps the soldiers ability to fight and defend their country. In the case of Planned Parenthood (and what a nice euphemism for baby killers), this is used to inculcate the population with the idea that infants are not human and are not even alive. So its ok to murder them if them inconvenience you. This is evil. THIS IS FREAKING EVIL. There is nothing nuanced about infanticide. The only time an abortion is moral is when the mothers life is TRULY in danger or of the child is severely damaged (just because you can keep something alive doesn’t mean that its moral or right to do so. Many will say that you should burden yourself but they hypocritically wish this on others. )
    Aborting a health child is a sin and one of the gravest sins that a woman can commit. The people selling abortions and the doctors performing them: they are evil. They are minions of Satan. If unrepentant, they are doomed to the darkest pits of Hell.
    And lets not forget #BlackLivesMatter…or more factual, #BlackLiesMatter. A police officer defends himself against a thug or has to get physical when a black resists arrest and the commies seeking to destabilize America. These are rare events. But where are they on the thousands of blacks being gunned downed, stabbed or bludgeoned to death by other blacks? Their silence is deafing. And the hundreds of thousands of black infants murdered by Planned Parenthood? Not a peek. I could point out how these murders serve a public saftey purpose [possible fact but heavy in sarcasm] but how many George Washington Carvers, Martin Luther Kings, Mozart and Einstein’s are being murdered with the thugs?
    Funny in a sad way. The slave owners forbid under pain of death the education of slaves. Some of the biggest battles in the civil rights era were over education. But the Democrats have enslaved blacks in ignorance and dependency. Where they once fought for the right to be educated, now they fight every effort made to educate them. The uneducated are easily misled by these evil Demoncrats whom the blacks allow to do all the hard things like thinking for them. Thinking IS Hard.
    Yo, dawg…#BlackLiesMatter or more accurately, Democratic party lies that enslave the black masses matter. All right team, lets go kill some babies. We are getting top dollar for parts.

    • dbcooper

      I remember fondly when we as a nation revered the term/ the concept of the Sanctity of Human Life. DB

      • Galaxy 500

        And we dont have to look that far back DB. I was taught to wrIte wIth Bible verses. So morality was added to reading and writing while I was young. This was reinforced with Sunday school.

    • Calgirl

      Copy from previous comment:
      In my younger days (1964) I was the “scrub nurse” for a D & C (and some additional minor doings) at a hospital in Albuquerque, N.M. The surgeon inserted a forceps into the uterus and withdrew a small fetus, as I recall, decades later, about 4 or 5 inches in length. As the surgeon continued clearing the interior of the uterus I noticed movement of the fetus which was in a basin on my back-table. I reported this movement to the surgeon and his words still ring in my memory..,,,”Just don’t look”. At that day and time, all operating room nursing personnel at my hospital had to sign a form expressing either approval or disapproval of assisting doctors during abortions. In my unthinking youth, I did not grasp the importance of my decision. That was the last abortion I assisted on.

      Now I am repentant and much more aware that doctors treat the symptoms and rarely cure the disease. This means in some cases, a lifetime of drug dependence and expensive medical procedures. I happily left the medical profession in 1978 choosing a career in telephony, never to return.
      Of course, I go to my general practitioner regularly today, but am aware that he can not tell me about natural medical treatments and cures (such as herbs, etc.) for my various complaints and carefully rely on information available via the internet. Proper nutrition is the all important factor in returning to and maintaining good health IMO.

  22. Dr Destitution

    This nation tried and squandered it’s ability to create a free society with a fair currency with limited government confiscation of wealth and limited government rights. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is America’s coffin in my book. There’s just too many people now, and too few self-sufficient communities and too few people who own their own businesses. I stand for small business, public-benefiting currency, and the invisible hand. I will support Peter Schiff’s How an economy grows and why it crashes or Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in one lesson’s versions of capitalism as I have been led to believe that a small government supporting the free market is preferable to a large government dictating the majority’s lives to them. Perhaps if government were able to cut it’s spending by 10-20%, convert the US dollar into something that no longer benefits the bankers and the bank owners, capitalism in America would have a chance to survive into the 21st century. Currently, capitalism is tied up and stuffed in the elite’s trunk.
    How to get to reduced government spending? Karl Denninger says America’s expenditure on healthcare can be cut by 80% and judging by this article I believe him. Military spending can be cut. Those who have benefited from the current system must take their profits and release their death grip on the economies of the world. The world isn’t so bad elites, fear not and join humanity while you still have breath.

  23. Jerry

    our country has become nothing more than a welfare state ruled by gangsters. A rogue nation. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Planned Parenthood is selling body parts for profit. This group of thugs will sell their soul to the devil for power.

    They’ve have stolen this countries wealth by cutting deals with the Chinese selling off its gold behind closed doors. Taken over the banking system, and commerce mechanisms. Heck they’ve even sacrificed embassador Stephens in order to sell guns to Libya and Syria. We’ve been bored, honed, polished and sleeved. The end is coming soon.

    • frederick

      @jerry İt has certainly gotten very bad in the states not sure they will allow a Trump presidency

    • Calgirl

      Don’t forget the thousands of murdered people on 9-11 and the mega millions killed and maimed in wars and conflicts around the world in pursuit of power, the damn petrodollar, and gold.

    • Jerry

      Greg, from what I’m hearing from members of the IMF in this article, China most likely will be given SDR drawing rights to avoid the collapse of the IMF. The creation of the AIIB and the Greece debacle have handcuffed the IMF to make a decision.

      The natural response would be, so what? Well how about a multitude of other countries dumping U.S. treasuries like China did last week? Then say so what!

      • Greg Hunter

        There is going to be a very big dollar dump and Yuan buy that will be breath taking and I think it comes this fall as all the data suggests. Thank you for posting it!!!

  24. Galaxy 500

    great wrap. You present evidence to prove that the MSM is no longer in the news business; they are purveyors of propaganda.
    Obama did yet another end run on Congress and the US Constitution and no one is calling for impeachment. Bill Cosby is to be punished for raping women (and it looks like he did and should be punished) while Bill Clinton got away with it and is made President.
    Obama, Hillary, Kerry and a lot of high powered Dems hate Israel. Could one of the secert side deals be Obama OKing an attack on Israel? Anyone that believes Obama will come to Israel’s aid is pathologically stupid. Secert deals are usually nefarious, just like the secret trade deal.
    What you did is show that the cover of this being a peace deal is a thinly veiled lie. It’s hard to believe that some as intelligent as CAF could be taken in by such a poorly attempted falsehood. Its too stupid to be stupid.
    And this National Security breach is another example of Obama’s treason. They knew years ago of the security flaws and didn’t fix them. In fact, they outsourced to Chinese spies database work. What could go wrong?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!!

    • Dan

      Clinton raped women?? Hallucinate much??

      • Galaxy 500

        So you missed all the allegations against Bill did ya? And you know that Bill went to his pedophile buddy’s island right?
        I do wish I was hallucinating about the Clintons and Obamas

  25. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. If Kerry is sincere in thinking that he did good in his “deal” with Iran, then he is intellectually challenged in addition to being condescending. The Iran nuclear deal is a disgrace to U.S. diplomacy and he thinks he did good.

    The OPM attack shows that some people in charge of securing information are incompetent and lazy. They probably still do not recognize the significance of what they have allowed to be stolen. I had to make a phone call this week to determine whether or not my personal info was included; supposedly my data was not taken but how can these guys be trusted to even know what were accessed? Rhetorical — is probably in my future.

    The Planned Parenthood sting was classic. Even those who believe in a right to choose must be disgusted. But rather than being honest about the story, the liberal rags just bury it in hopes it will go away. I’m thinking it won’t go away so easy this time.

    Another story I found compelling this week were the shootings in Chattanooga, TN. There were two handguns found at the scene that did not belong to the shooter; one pistol reportedly belonged to a Marine who died and the other was apparently owned by the commanding officer of the facility. (It will be interesting to see if either of those weapons were used to shoot the perp. If so that will probably be covered up — wouldn’t want to provide justification for people defending themselves while the WH is trying to disarm the nation.)

    • dbcooper

      Thanks Russ, I heard Doug Hagmann this morning say that whoever shot the footage of the PP deal-making has “Hundreds of Hours of footage”… WHEW if this is so then I expect that the pablum that is being broadcast that the filming was WRONG?? is going to blow up in their faces … let us hope, DB

  26. dave

    Hi Greg

    Nice week in news but your still way behind the curve.My topic is on the US Gov.,Past and present.It is all on facts and not theory’s .You can email me [email protected],then i will will give you a brief overview but ultimately i would like to Skype with you for a preview.It is shocking along with disappointing.
    Hope to hear from you

    Dave Roselle

    • Greg Hunter

      Give me something right here and now please.

      • Anne Elliott

        Troll alert Greg!! This is the third time you’ve asked, and for me that’s two too many chances. Don’t email him or he’ll send you a virus.

  27. MG1

    Hello Greg,

    ” For the mainstream media to not cover this is “too stupid to be stupid.”

    Actually the editorial board of the New York Times commented at length on the issue today.

    • Greg Hunter

      Total desparate act to try to make the medical doctors in charge not look like the monsters they are!!!! Notice this is NOT a news story but an Op-Ed where opinion can be substituted for facts. Watch the videos and don’t believe you are hearing deal making for baby body parts.

  28. Jedward

    The Iran deal is more complicated than it appears. The U.S. is fighting and/or preparing to fight 4 enemies, ISIL, Iran, Russia and China. We simply do not have the resources to do that (even with our unlimited hubris). So, a deal with Iran moves that conflict to the back burner. Enemy 1 down for a while. Next we will recruit Iran to fight a proxy war for us versus ISIL. Enemy 2 moved to the back burner. Now we turn our resources to Russia and China which are the countries most in the way of our global hegenemy. Russia is not, and never really has been, a true enemy as we simply have too much in common with White Russia. China is, and always has been, our true enemy and conflict with them is probably certain. Bye the way, our mending of fences with Cuba is mostly about keeping the Russians and Chinese out. Same with Greece, create the possibility of civil war in Greece, keep Chinese investment and the Russian gas pipeline out. Same in Syria, keep the Russian pipeline out and kick the Russian Navy out of Tartus. These moves by the U.S. are all about global domination and war profiteering. Unfortunately the neo-cons in Washington do not understand that we cannot prevail over either Russia or China. My view is that in the next election that no one votes for ANY incumbents, we throw all of these facists out and start over. Then we make it clear to the newly elected that they face the same fate unless they tow the line and do what’s right for America and heed the peoples wishes for a change.

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “So, a deal with Iran moves that conflict to the back burner.” This is total BS. You think the Iranians are going to sit and be good boys and girls as we drop $100 billion on them? The U.S. keeping the money would have been a much better deal. Have you seen the press reports of them saying they will not adhere to any arms embargo now? This defies logic, but I thank you for your comment and you do make some good points other than the Iran Deal.

      • Jedward

        Why would we sign such a bad deal if there isn’t a serious hidden agenda. Do you really think our neo-cons really care about Iran nukes any more than Pakistan, India, North Korea et al. Israel is a convenient verbal target to keep their population riled up but I think they are much more worried about their Arab enemies and will turn their attention in that direction. Even they aren’t dumb enough to attack a country with 200 nukes. BTW I’m not the only one that holds this view. Things in geo-politics are generally complicated, underhanded and not what they seem.

  29. Jerry

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How about the picture of the President of the BRICS bank putting his hand on top of a representation of the world?

    Loans given in Yuan not dollars. Meanwhile the knuckleheads in Washington are going to give Iran 50 Billion dollars in economic aid to secure their deal. Wow! They think more of giving aid to terrorist than they do the American people. But hey what’s 50 Billion when you’re printing 125 Billion a month right?

    • frederick

      @jerry i bet they are goldbugs as the detractors always say and would prefer bullion to BS right

  30. Angie

    Thank you Greg for questing today’s journalism or lack there of. It seems that real journalist must go to the internet if they want to practice their craft. Just think of where we would be without the internet.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was an easy one. Not covering the Planned Parenthood story is “Too stupid to be stupid.” Thank you.

  31. Clint Bower Sr.

    I may have missed a story about the Jade Helm operation ? If you have not reported on this, I think It would do your listeners some real good if you brought them up to speed.
    It’s real and happening right here in the Good old USA.My continued thanks for all your reporting
    Coeur d’ Alene Id.

    • Charles H.

      Mr Bower,

      No coverage is permitted. It is complete black-out operation. Nice, huh?

  32. Jerry

    The Cat and Mouse game between the IMF and the BRICS continues. This is funny to watch! A bunch of clowns in the IMF whose shelve life is about to expire, handing out advice to countries who hold 80% of the worlds gold. This is rich!

  33. Southern Girl


    Thanks for the WNW this week. I am so glad you brought up the heinous crimes being committed by Planned Parenthood. I heard your wrap-up and could not stop crying over this crime against humanity and God. I have emailed both My Senators and Representative here in Arkansas. I have already heard back from Rep. French Hill who is a cosponsor of HR. 3134, which would put a one year moratorium on Federal funding Planned Parenthood for one year so they can get to the bottom of this.

    We take the precious gift of life that God gave us and kill the most innocent, who have no voice. Then to add insult to injury they then sell of the parts of the unborn babies to make MONEY. What the hell is wrong with these people. I would like to ask your viewers if they could sit down to dinner with their family and have this conversation. I don’t think anyone of them would say they could. How could these doctors on the videos eat and drink while talking about it. I would probably loose all my cookies if I even got anything into my mouth. I keep asking myself who are these people and I realize they aren’t people. These are demons who don’t care about God or think they will not have a price to pay. In the meantime…what do you think God is going to do to Amerika. We are in deep do do.

    I hear the frustration in your voice and we are both saying what the hell is going on. I realize people must be dead inside. Pope St. John Paul II said we are a culture of death. Don’t you think satan is laughing and rubbing his hands together trying to make man kill off man. He hates man and everything about us. He will kill from within and this is testimony of that plan.

    I want to ask the doctors in the video…when did you die….what were the circumstances where you lost all morals and compassion? Like you Greg, I cannot conceive of anyone being this pure evil. I cannot wrap my head, heart, or soul around even the idea. It is too hideous. I will be praying to the Holy Trinity and ask for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1531 she appeared to St. Juan Diego and told him to talk to the Bishop. She miraculously appeared on St. Diego’s cloak, which is still on view in the Basilica in Mexico City. She appeared to stop the tribes of offering innocent babies for their worship of false gods. also . I’ll bet She is horrified of what we do as a so called civilization. The whole mess breaks my heart.

    • eddiemd

      Praying or giving alms to Mary is not Biblical. If you can point me to Scripture where it says that one should pray to a wooden statue or to the mother of Jesus. It is a false doctrine that has roots in idol worship. The catholic church is false doctrine designed to deceive many. The results of this false doctrine is evident throughout latin America. It is designed to enslave people.

      Salvation in Jesus. Not Mary or any other wooden statue.

      Acts 4:12King James Version (KJV)

      12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

      • Galaxy 500

        Doc, I could never get an answer on that either.

      • Southern Girl

        Dear EDDIEMD and Charles H.,

        Who tinkled in your Cheerios? Such ugly and hateful remarks you both made against my Catholic church….was that Christ like??? I think not. Were you judging me? I think so. Were you condemning me? I think so. You both presume you are correct in your statements. Does it make you feel all powerful? I should think you would be ashamed of bashing another’s religion. Do you get extra fuel point miles at your church for bashing?

        I could give you Catholicism 101, but your head and heart are already turned. You would just tune me out so I will not go into that. You both are looking for a fight and so I this what Christ would do?? You waste so much time arguing with each other on this site. How many times do I read scripture that you guys throw out there to make your point? I just don’t read any of them.

        What all of you need to understand is that Catholics are not fundamentalists. We do not each interpret the Bible verses. We don’t feel the need to quote out of the bible. What you both must understand is that if it was not for the Catholic Church you would not have the Bible…just research that one. We have not studied 7 or 8 years as our priests did in the seminary to know what scripture says. Have your every asked yourself the question, “why is there only one Catholic Church in a regular size town??? ” Now ask yourself how many Protestant Churches there are ???? ….tons. Simple we don’t need to spend so much time and energy fighting each other because for the most part we all agree. Think about it we are one and you are many…the better to divide you with.

        I must make another observation. There are three kinds of people. You are either head, heart, or if you are really special you are both. The head person does everything with the head first and foremost. The heart person does everything with the heart first and foremost. A well integrated person is capable of thinking things through but reaching a decision after checking with the heart. As a heart person I don’t have to have everything written in black and white to believe. A head person they must have everything down in black and white to feel well safe and comfortable. I can’t ask you to change and be a heart person if you aren’t…. so don’t try to tell me I must be a head person. I am comfortable to trust in God and what He has planned for me. I don’t need to CONTROL every situation. I don’t feel the need to quote Bible verses….I just don’t.

        I don’t really care what your beliefs are but bashing another person’s religion. …it gains nothing…I’m sure you will have what you feel is a great comeback but I won’t respond to any more negative comments about my faith. Keep yours but leave me with mine. May the peace of Christ be with you.

        • Greg Hunter


          Anyone who is Christian should agree with the basic doctrine. Christ was the Son of God, Born of the Virgin Mary, Died on the Cross, Rose again on the third day and will come again to judge the living and the dead. I have no problem with Catholics or their doctrine. This doctrine has lasted 2,000 years. The current Pope is the one I have a problem with. By the way, I am a former Catholic but still very much a Christian.

          Everyone else, Let’s be civil and not have Christians attacking Christians here. We have much bigger problems coming our way. Peace to all.

        • Charles H.

          Southern Girl,

          I offer my apology. It was not my intent to insult or offend.
          And it saddens me that you were offended.

          “If it were not for the Catholic Church you would not have the Bible”? Again, I beg your pardon. What was the Spanish Inquisition? What was it’s purpose? If you are held completely captive to Catholic doctrine: you will get a one-sided answer. And there is WAY more historic documentation. You don’t seem to be a person to be blindly patriotic; accepting anything and everything that’s put out in the Media. You should, likewise, look beyond the limits of what you currently observe. That was the gist of my comment.
          The Holy Bible was ordained BY GOD, to be the ONLY AUTHORITY for Faith and Practice. He also made it accessible to the very commonest people for their spiritual edification. NOTHING ELSE should be between you and God. I am intimately familiar with the Catholic Church, it’s doctrines and practices: and so I know the interventions the Church makes. Shall you trust your eternal destiny to a human-based organization? Or will you take this issue into your own hands – through the knowledge God ordained mankind should have available? (The (KJV , or un-adulterated) Bible)
          You are completely correct about my being argumentative and using Scripture in comments. Nothing in this world is more valuable; and the words and contexts that give meaning are to be defended: they are spirit and they are life (eternal). Nothing in this world has been more messed with; and, sadly made to read and conform to false doctrines.
          Believers are to – speak the truth in love. Angels will not accept prayer or worship: it would be sin and cause their perdition. Humans are even less. In an un-adulterated Bible – there is no evidence Mary was promoted, or given intercessory status. This was the point both eddiemd and I raised. It is not a personal attack: but a genuine spiritual concern. I am grieved that you took it personally, and considered it religious bashing. Every doctrine and every faith must stand the test of scrutiny: and this is a point of scrutiny.
          You respect Mr. Hunter for telling it like it is. You can shoot me, and make me out to be lower than dirt: but the message is right; and there’s no way to sugar-coat it. I try to warn people that the spiritual bridge is out ahead. If you want to ignore this – be my guest: I’ve done my duty. I hope that – in time, you will allow your heart to consider the points I’ve made.
          In the mean time, I will not pursuit argument or rebuttal. I respect your comments, and read them. And above all hope you will accept my personal apology for having upset you.

      • john duffy

        The angel Gabriel said to the Virgin Mary “hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee, blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the Fruit of Thy womb.” That is biblical. You give short shift to the Mother of God. Do you keep a pix of your mother in your wallet. Statues and icons are used as reminders just as the pix of your mother. We revere the Mother of God in the bible just like the angel Gabriel told us to. As for the bible, the authors of the new testament were all Catholics. Johnny come lately protestants are now going to tell the authors 1500 years later all about the bible. There are over 30,000 different sects of protestants all interpreting the bible differently. Tell me which one is right?

        • Charles H.

          john duffy,

          With all respect – you are correct in the part. The Annunciation, exclusive to Luke – says: “Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.” Gabriel speaks this.
          Some verse later – it is (aunt) Elisabeth that speaks in Holy Ghost enunciation: “Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.” Both have the common “among women”, which confirms context by repetition.

          If Protestants are Johnny-come-lately: what do you do about the Ten Commandments? The – “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath , or that is in the water underneath the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.” – should, by your logic be pre-eminient. That is, if something has not changed or added to this absolute standard definition of idolatry, or graven image worship?
          Alone, this should show that God Almighty wasn’t planning on anything but Himself to be worshipped. For your consideration…

          Ask everyone to stand at one spot, and describe what they see: and you’ll get a different answer every time. Which sect of protestants are right – is like asking who is without sin cast the first stone. The best, closest proximity is those who follow the Bible closest. The Catholic Bible proceeds from Jerome’s corrupt Latin Vulgate: try Erasmus and a Received Text based Bible. Again, to consider…

        • Galaxy 500

          Yes the Bible says that. How do you w warp that into the abomination of praying to Mary. Please find me specific verses where I am told to do that as a Christian. When asked how to pray, Jesus gave us the Lord’s prayer.
          Just like the bs of priests not
          marrying. IT’S not supported in Biblical teaching.The Bible says choose a man of one wife as a church leader. Paul says its better to be celebrate but doesn’t bar married men from being church leaders. I believed that some Catholic doctrine and tradition was added by man not God.
          Not support

    • Charles H.

      Southern Girl,

      Most Doctors are immersed and convinced of “Science” – and consider only that man is an advanced animal. Under this belief, it is easier to destroy life – like cattle. The deception is horrific.
      Also – Mary worship is not Christian; or Biblical; or substantiated historically. It is entirely Catholic. Please do your homework as to when it came about and why. You open your mind to the real, or true conditions in the US and world; will you not open your eyes to a very important spiritual reality? I hope you will.

      • Paul from Indiana

        It’s a holdover from the Cult of Juno, and the patron “saints” are an attempt to mirror the old Lares and Penates (household/sponsor “gods”) of the ancients. It is corruption such as this that brought Luther, himself a Catholic, to the point of rebellion. Most Catholics confess Christ. We must find common ground in that primary point and encourage in that direction. They are coming for ALL Christians, not just Protestants. Best always. PM

      • paul

        Christ was the son of Mary and the son of God … he honored his Father and Mother … can’t we do the same?

    • paul

      Yes SG … there are many medical doctors and there are many politicians who will “take the precious gift of life that God gave us and purposely kill the innocent who have no power and no voice” … and “then to add insult to injury they rake in big MONEY doing what they do” … what “is wrong with these people” is a complete lack of morals! … God segregated the ones with bad morals from those with good morals to keep heaven a clean place to be … we must segregate the bad doctors, bad politicians, bad bankers, etc. from our society to clean it up … segregation is not a bad thing unless it is done to subjugate an entire people (irrespective of the moral people within that group) based simply upon color, religion, ethnicity, etc. … the segregation must begin now to cleanse our society … we know who the immoral people are … lets round them up and put them in a place (God called hell) where they can only hurt themselves and leave the innocents alone!

      • paul

        Three days ago scientists found a place we can send all the immoral people we round up … lets shoot them all into space to Earth 2 as soon as possible …

        • paul

          And … what should give us pause about “accepting” visitors from outer space (the Pope wants to make them Christians) is the high probability that they may be “the most immoral rejects” of some other planet in our galaxy that had to expell them for being so evil!

  34. Dr. Don

    Keep bringing it STRONG Greg!!

  35. don

    Greg, the Democrats will support this deal. A few may not, but 90% will. There are several reasons:
    1) blind support for Obama
    2) its a 10+ year deal – they’ll be long gone before it blows up (I suspect it will blow up way before then)
    3) Democrats have faith in pieces of paper
    4) they can’t side with Republicans
    5) they have become anti-Israel over the last 20+ years
    6) they know the deal, even if passed, is only binding to Obama, not future Presidents, so they might as well vote for it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Don, listen to Iran. It’s already “blowing up”, because Iran is going to do what it wants to do, treaty be damned. And Obama sees himself as having done his job, which is, in his mind, to promote and shield Islam. Best always. PM

  36. southernpatriot

    FYI. News flash, date line Washington D C. So here’s the behind the scene back room deal that has been unearthed. It appears as if out of nowhere, hundreds upon hundreds, some eye witness accounts said as many as a million, give or take 200 million, American Patriots from across the continental United States converged in Washington and State Houses across all 50 States, with banners stating ‘To support and defend the Constitution”.
    Meeting in the dark of night, with nothing but their bare hands between them and the cold steel of the rail road ties, one by one “We the People” gathered up these Traitors who are responsible for the corruption, violation of the Constitution, corruption of their Oath to Protect the Constitution, Malfeasance, stealing from the treasury,lying, cheating,being untrustworthy of their office, aiding and abetting towards the destruction of The Republic. One by one they were run out of town on those rails of Justice. From somewhere in the crowd someone said “Let’s tar and feather them”. That was an old gathering festival for Crooks. Reporting live from The United States of America-Once again Freedom and Liberty are ringing across the land. God Bless the Republic! Southern Patriot

    • dbcooper

      Thank you SP, Read that ‘Unintended Consequences’, John Ross, DB

      • southernPatriot

        Thanks for the feed back. One would have to be foolish to think that this Nation can not improve on it’s image and our policies. But do we really need to destroy the Republic to do so? I think not! Ladies and gentlemen prepare to defend yourselves and your Freedoms and your Liberties. BE prepare for what’s to come! SP

  37. Southern Girl


    Where are all the other people’s comments? I figure most people don’t want to weight in on this subject….too painful and it is easier to just leave it alone. Who will be man/woman enough to make a comment??? Where is the outrage???

    • Greg Hunter

      Running behind today, comments coming up.

    • Roy B.

      I was looking for a spot to jump in and comment. Where is the outrage ? Well for starters our country was given away to the most evil soulless people on earth because
      evil never stops.Good always gives in to evil until there is no more to give and there backs against the wall. Hitler killing 6 million Jews was enough for good people to stand up
      what about the U.S. killing 50 or 60 million babies. No one is coming to save us, if we
      don’t take back our country and the rule of law then evil is just getting started. As for
      the election I am a one issue person all I want to hear a candidate say is if he is elected he is going after the criminals that did this to our country. I don’t care if he takes four
      years to clean this meas up we have to show the rest of the world we still stand for the
      rule of law.

  38. Faith

    Mr. Hunter,

    Thank you for your honesty and integrity. I recently discovered your website and now stop by on a daily basis. At least you tell the truth and have real interviews that last more than 1 to 4 minutes! It is good to actually hear your honest point of view, as well. Too many journalists walk the tightrope of political correctness and the viewer is left hanging as to the person’s honest opinions and point of view. I am an adult. I can handle the truth.

    Glad to have found you and your reports, I shall keep on watching because you dare to tell the truth and dare to tell us what the MSM is not. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Faith!!

    • dbcooper

      Faith, Hope and Charity… It rings in my ears, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  39. Z

    USA Today, MSNBC, New York Times…..What’s that?????????

    Greg- You’re a great go to source for cutting edge news and analysis! Thanks.

  40. Coalburner

    Beautiful music , Donna!

  41. Coalburner

    I would argue further with Jedward that Obama never thought of making up with Cuba in terms of keeping China and Russia out. He might have changed his mind if that was a consideration. Obama did that for one reason, his puppet master Soros sees a way that he an make a few billion dollars. You don’t necessarily follow the money to Obama but we always follow the money. Neither China nor Russia wants open war with us, both are in for business right now and are gathering the wealth with our dollars and thinking about making all the wealth that we are giving up to them. Wealth that is running from the USA and Europe. That is all they have to do win the next several hundred years. One thing Nomi said the other day that I always tend to believe was about the incoompetence of the Fed organization. It is so hard for me to believe that more than a small percentage actually know where they want to go and the dangers and pitfalls. It just doesn’t happen in large organizations like that. They do their little job in the puzzle palaces and keep their heads down like all sheeple. These huge power structures that want to run everything are usually run by a few leaders and they tell the sheep what to do because they just aren’t up for the intrugue. Why else would congress be so incompetent, they don’t care about us and a very large percentage are just not that swift, like I enjoy saying about Kerry and my Senator UDull. U Dull!

  42. Coalburner

    For EddieMD: Nucatola, Mengele lives!

    • frederick

      You are insulting Mengele coalburner

  43. Bill

    Hey Greg! This is just a shout out of support to you! You are a TRUE hero of our time because you have the “Guts” to say the truth, when all(MSM) play the game! I pray at night and give thanks for God giving you to us. You are a true patriot!! As For Ross’s comment, I so look forward to when you add the religious commentary to your program. As a matter of fact, I would love nothing more than if you could have Jonathan Cahn back on. If any of you can read his book The Harbinger, I would highly recommend it! Keep up the noble cause Greg! We NEED you!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill!!

  44. Sayonara

    What a week on USAWD! CAF and Nomi Prins back to back was sensational and most enlightening.
    Most disturbing was today’s weekly wrap up:
    -John Kerry has to be the stupidest individual to occupy a high ranking USA government position in history. The guy is totally delusional and plays right into the hands of his Marxist treasonous boss.
    -This Planned Parenthood fetus body parts for cash and Lamborghinis is out right sick and despicable.
    Just think what would happen to us if these sick PP elitists could get there hands on what they deem to be politically incorrect individuals through a new ObamaCare Executive Order – sheds new light on Death Panels – Eh?
    This world is really getting really SCARY really fast and the average American has No Clue.
    Fear Not!

  45. Mike


    You nailed it with the “lie by omission” of the MSM. This has been the signature motis operandi of the MSM for so many years I lost count. +100

  46. Calgirl

    Check out what Bill Holter thinks in this July 24th missive:

  47. Jerry

    This picture says it all.

    Folks there’s only so many ways I can tell you we are at the precipice of a planned organized economic takedown. It was no accident that the Chinese dumped almost a half a trillion dollars in U.S. Treasuries back into the market last week. There is no future for the dollar in what they have planned. Jade Helm 15 is not an accident. It is the preliminary stages for martial law. At a time when our government is doing the largest military drawdown since Jimmy Carter was president, do you really think the military would be doing a drill this massive?

  48. Diane D

    Babies are brutally murdered. Baby parts are then sold to the highest bidder. No one goes to jail. Interfere and you will be faced with fines, incarcerated, loss of property and possibly life. All this evil is financed by citizens and enforced at the point of a government gun.

    Anyone who thinks America still exists is in dangerous denial. Pray that your children will enjoy liberty once again in a country with borders and a government protecting them. God will pass judgment on America and its evil ways.

    • frederick

      İ agree Diane and i believe until the truth is revealed about what happened on 911 is revealed no healing will be possible. How could god foregive a people who allow such a travesty to go unpunished is my question Why are so many Americans refusing to acknowledge that monsterous lie

    • Galaxy 500

      But what about a women’s right to choose? /s (this is the standard in post) and truth be told, this it’s a case of extreme sarcasm
      Their right to choose is contraceptionv and who they sleep with. There was a time women were paragons of virtue and men were horn dog. Now women try to out do men seeking to have casual sex as recreation. Wonder we are such a damaged, morally bankrupt nation.

  49. RTW

    When Trump entered the race this time around, I was skeptical of his intentions or his chances. However, after listening to him and seeing how afraid the Left is of him, I have concluded that he is exactly what this country needs at this point in time. Trump will have Clinton in a fetal position and wishing Planned Parenthood would send a car to pick her up during their first (and only) debate. We’ve had plenty of smooth talkers in the past and now. Look where it’s gotten us. He didn’ t acquire billions of dollars by being an idiot.

  50. SRV

    Of course Greg leaves out the reason lawmakers will vote against the deal 90% of them have not even read (and neither has our intrepid reporter… but he knows better than the experts that have been living it for months on end). But then, he does blindly fly by the “whatever Bibi wants” rule doesn’t he.

    Scoring cheap political points with the lunatic right (hey Greg) who will jump on board for anything that demonizes the Kenyan in the White ( I did say white didn’t I) House… whether it may put the world at an increased risk of war or not.

    If they weren’t sure the president would veto it, they would never vote against it… oh, did I mention it would be thumbing their nose at virtually every one of America’s allies (better known as vassals of the military industrial complex owned state) and cause an international crises.

    I would highly recommend the president declare his respect for the will of congress on the vote… and watch the cockroaches scramble for cover, and our intrepid reporter eat some crow!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have read a lot about it from several sources, but now we find out, the most important information is contained in two secret side deals the White House will not release.

  51. Don

    Dear Greg, good commentary my friend. Its my conviction that Israel will increasingly find herself isolated, and, an accord will be reached, that involves many nations, according to Dan. 7 chap.. Jerusalem will be the burdensome stone that is seen in Zech. 12 chap.. I don’t think it was by chance that ISIS is armed with American military equipment and the expansion of land mass they’ve captured is a surprise to our leadership. Damascus Syria will be destroyed as portrayed in scripture. Its says from one evening tide to the next morning it will be totally destroyed. I knew you didn’t agree with Catholic belief and I’m really glad for that, and though I don’t see in scripture concerning this being the last pope, it was one of there own, that prophesied that he would be. It certainly fits the end time framework. I want to say, you use the your gift of communication well, and I can see, your desire for bringing the truth to you audience. Thanks for your work, may the Lord keep you near. Know fear.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes and with 200 to 300 nukes that is going to be a dangerous country to corner. This deal should have gotten folks to stop attacking and threatening each other–it did not.

  52. Donna

    I once mentioned that my mother had only a 7th grade education. She was also somewhat immersed in the Croatian culture. Having said that, she was an avid reader and very politically savvy. She had beautiful cursive handwriting that made mine look like chicken scratch. Her English and ability to express herself would rival anybody with a complete education. The woman was classy and cultured.

    She routinely took my sister and me to Radio City in New York, to Macy’s to get our haircuts. She knew the New York subway system inside out and took us on many ventures. We lived in Pennsylvania, so this took some effort but she wanted us to know a bigger world.

    Once a year, she drove through blizzard-like conditions to wherever a group from Duquesne University (Pittsburgh) was performing, sometimes in Scranton, sometimes Bucknell University (Lewisburg), Allentown, etc. She wanted us to know many cultures.

    Diversity at that time was NOT about shoving who you were down everyone’s throat. It was about appreciating what you came from and being a good example of accomplishment, perseverance, using your God-given talents to the utmost.

    The Tamburitzans were a group of college goers who performed in Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, etc. I grew up amongst these cultures.

    It was the 1960s and the drug culture that eradicated our identity, quality of life, erased our future, our individualism.

    I came across some reports in my job that have disturbed me greatly over the past weeks. The transgender lifestyle is taking a good foothold. Countless women getting surgery to have their breasts removed, hoping this translates into manhood. This is new. We have gone from a nation of pride of accomplishment to self-hate, self mutilation. Where does this end?

    Mom had just that 7th grade education but had more brains and self respect. I always assumed that what schooling she had was by the nuns since she was so educated in all ways. She said that was not the case. She was expected to excel and did so.

    Look at where we are after 4 years of college that is little more than an exercise in brainwashing.

  53. Donna

    Dear Barry,

    Since we are practically neighbors, you being lodged in the Ukraine, I offer an open invitation to my kind of beer summit with a few of my closest friends.

    You can bring Michelle or any other backup you feel might be our match.

    Your nemesis, Vlady.

  54. john duffy

    We condemn those civilizations, who used to sacrifice their infants to the gods, by throwing them off cliffs, as savages. Yet we do the same. we sacrifice our infants to the gods of pleasure, convenience and money

  55. Thomas harmon

    Good afternoon Greg just want to give you heads up, the attorney General is going to start a investigation in to planned Parenthood that is great news you might say but they’re going to investigate The people that made the video. That’s the way we do stuff out here in California SMDH over here in Burbank.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thomas Harmon,
      Good is evil and evil is good.

  56. William Radditch

    Fear not? Your hyperbolic opinions are fear-provoking. Wish we had a thumbs down option.

    • Galaxy 500

      Being fore warned allows you to be prepared.
      We fear not for our souls.
      And Dude, hyperbolic ??? Since when is the truth hyperbolic? Only when you are a Libtard troll is anything hyperbolic… Don’t go away mad, Just go away

  57. dale

    1. When the IAEA tells a freshman Senator with 5 months experience about a “secret” deal, it clearly is not a secret.
    2. The IAEA always grants confidentiality in verification operations, since nations will not give vital military and security information to the IAEA to conduct verification operations without such confidentiality. No government would give such information if it were publicly available. This is either a secret deal, since the IAEA openly discussed it with 2 US Senators, nor is the “secrecy” anything new. Without confidentiality, there could be no verification.
    This has been the case since 1972. reports: “Confidentiality is critically important for effective multilateral verification. For a state to agree
    to disclose sensitive information relating to its national security, or for a business to divulge
    commercial proprietary information, strong assurances must be offered that such information
    will be properly protected by the responsible international verification agency.”

    So this whole “secret deal”is just much ado about nothing, a propaganda effort to sabotage a deal which has been worked out by The US, Iran,Russia, China, the UK, and Germany, plus the EU representing 27 nations. This is the entire Security Counsel of the UN……

    When the House and Senate reject the deal,the President will veto their rejection and they will be unable to get the votes necessary to overturn a veto. Iran will get its frozen assets back and the IAEA will begin inspections to verify Iran compliance, summarized by
    ” For 15 years, it agreed to refine the metal to no more than 5 percent enrichment, the level needed to fuel nuclear power plants, and pledged to limit its enriched-uranium stockpile to 300 kilograms, 3 percent of its stores in May(ie 97% eliminated). Under a November 2013 temporary accord, the International Atomic Energy Agency verified that Iran eliminated its known stockpiles of 20 percent-enriched uranium, which can be used to make medical isotopes and to power research reactors.”

    The US and Israeli intelligence both agree that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, that it has complied with the agreement to eliminate its 20% enriched uranium (nukes requires 90%), which are used to make medical isotopes, and that there is no ability to make nuclear weapons without highly enriched uranium.

    This is just an attempt to undermine an agreement that will reduce Iran’s ability to start a nuclear weapons program, if it wanted to,which is has not and does not want to. What it wants is to be able to do business in a normal way with the rest of the world. It does not want war with Israel, which has enough nukes to totally annihilate Iran, but sadly the neo-cons who are trying to sabotage this agreement do, since the alternative to a diplomatic deal is war (remember McCain: bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran?). Demonizing Iran and lies about both its intentions and capabilities, which are refuted by the IAEA, as well as US and Israeli intelligence, are the tactic of those promoting yet another war…..

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