Steve Quayle – The Big Lie – Aliens Are Saviors and Not Jesus

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Filmmaker, alien researcher and renowned radio host Steve Quayle says this is the year the truth is going to come out about aliens visiting earth. Quayle says, “The information is being released now by the same government that used to cover up every single UFO sighting, even when they started with ‘Project Blue Book.’ It wasn’t to answer the alien question, it was to control all the information of all the different sightings. The number one goal of the world control, I call them the fallen angel puppet masters, is to spin everything in history to their advantage. They want to destroy everything that is good and what God created. Every barrier, natural barrier, supernatural barrier and all of the barriers are being broken.”

Are we going to have the alien question answered this year? Quayle says, “Yes, and I think you are seeing it. . . . I believe before 2019 is up, somebody and I don’t know who . . . but there are two to three nations that are getting ready to release all of the artifacts and all of the film footage. They have been paid huge money to keep it under wraps. So, as Trump changes foreign policy and their money stops, this stuff is going to start to flow. I think 2019 is going to be the year of unparalleled revelation.”

Quayle says dark powers are wanting humanity to believe a huge lie–that aliens created us. Quayle says, “They say the aliens created us. Ancient alien theory is that the aliens, through a process called panspermia basically dumped DNA in the primordial goo and out popped man and me and you. I categorically reject that. When people tell me we were created by aliens and Jesus was alien, I say I’ve got news for you. You say god was an alien, then why all of the recorded ancient records always talking about the aliens with male and female sexual reproduction? . . . The big lie is the ancient aliens created us. The reason why they want us to believe the aliens created us is because it takes away from the thought of hell, it takes away from the need for salvation and it absolutely minimalizes the most important being in the universe, and that is Jesus. It teaches in the Bible that through Jesus and by Jesus all things exist. It is really hard for people to accept that. Now, the fallen angels are getting people to embrace Satan. . . . What you are seeing is a post-Christian culture in America. The enemy, the devil, is running wild with every form of perversion, every form of genetic mutation and every form of doing away with mankind. Look at sex robots. They are designed to do one thing and that is to displace human women.”

In closing, Quayle says, “I want to give a warning. . . . We are seeing the revelation that the aliens are finally real. . . . This is the perfect storm, and they are going to bring the aliens on as a savior. We rejected Jesus Christ as Savior, but somehow ‘digital nine’ from the planet Neptune comes and says we created you. If they created us, who created them? . . . This is a supernatural evil plan. The devil is going to use the aliens, and he’s already preparing people to accept the fact that we can’t save ourselves, and this planet is out of control and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and here they come. . . .The great deception is this: the God of the Bible isn’t the one who created us. That’s a lie. Jesus isn’t the Savior of the world and that’s the lie.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with alien researcher and filmmaker Steve Quayle.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Rscott

    You could not be more wrong! There are no aliens and that is the lie to make us believe we are just a spec in this great big universe. The false one will return just as written and many will be deceived but Mr. Quayle the elite will not tell us what you say. Are you clueless to the Kenites and their control over this world? You teach falsely and I rebuke your false teachings. Greg you need to study why Father was so pleased with the teachings on Enoch and why he was only pleases with two of the seven churches. Therein you will find the truth.

    • Michael

      Was thinking the exact same thing. Nothing will be opened up this year. Yes they are fallen angels, without a doubt. Been hearing about “this is the year”since the 90s. Every few years this happens, then nothing happens.

      • Bill the Cat

        They say the same thing about the return of Christ but that’s absolutely positively happening someday.

        • Better Chetter

          Christ resurrects within the heart, mind, & soul – not solely as an external personage … sadly, humanity can be deceived (the anti-christ) by a person who appears after the US dollar collapses – in the next year or ten ~*~

    • William Stanley

      Whatever is happening here, it’s pretty interesting. Here are two videos where cockpit cameras inside Navy jets show them tracking things that are pretty weird.
      Off of San Diego:

      Off of East Coast:

    • Rob

      Father was NOT pleased with the teachings of Enoch or they would have been inspired and included in the canon set of scripture but instead they are Jewish fables:

      Titus 1:13-14 This testimony is true. For which cause reprove them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, (14) not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men who turn away from the truth.

      The truth on who the “sons of God” are in Genesis chapter 6 are clearly able to be proven in Father’s Word:

    • Bill the Cat

      The book of Enoch wasn’t written by the Enoch of the Bible. It’s a forgery. Who cares what it says?

      • Better Chetter

        many books did not make it into the cannon-ized version we know of, as the Bible … Carl Jung wrote of the Dead Sea Scrolls passage of an omittance from the Last Supper – that after the bread & wine metaphors, Jesus instructed followers to get up and dance (movement integrates mind into body) – tho I could imagine the head/intellect bound Bible ‘binders’ projecting their own ignorance/occlusion of heart/body awareness, & omitting this part of the process

    • Rick K.

      I have a couple ?’s. Has the government ever experimented on it’s own people? Has the government developed tech that is 50 years ahead of anything known on the market, like say “anti-gravity vehicles” or “androids that look like people/aliens”? Could all the “alien abductions” of the past be the government experimenting on people and using aliens as a cover? Would that be easier to believe than the current propaganda about aliens?

    • ThomasT

      Rollocks. Swiss Meier has had over 800 face to face et contacts since 1945. Before you scream fraud note that Lt. Col Wendelle Stevens USAF Intel Rtd and his team failed to debunk Meier after decades research.

  2. Norm

    No such things as ALIENS… they are fallen angels or “pre-flood inhabitants”. The alien deception coming will fool people who think they are Christians but refuse to give full credit to the bible.
    God created the heavens and the earth (not the universe) and we live in an ‘enclosed system (firmament)”.
    VonBraun on his tombstone has this verse. Psalms 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork” Even Von Braun knew that.
    Time to wake up to the Glory & Power of our God.

    • Donald

      “No such things as [space] ALIENS”

      That’s exactly right. Its good some get it. The whole space aliens thing is tiresome. The reality is that the whole world is being set-up for a big take-down. Apparently, there are a lot of not-so-easy to fool folks in the US, so its proven to be a much bigger effort to fool them.

    • Better Chetter

      Your fellow Norm – Norman Bergrun, in “Ringmakers of Saturn” – had access to NASA photos (not circulated to the public, but which he included in his book) detailing craft near the rings of Saturn.

      It’s customary, when we’re ignorant of something new, that we cast our beliefs about it, onto it – called ‘projection’. Usually our fears, unacknowledged, are seen in this ‘other’. Most likely, of the billions of galaxies, other life forms are like humans – some good, some not-so-good; some humanitarian, some focused on themselves/progeny.

  3. Bill B

    Thank you for the interviews with Shipp and Quayle types, who present information other than the economy, gold and silver. Steve Quayles understranding of our past and our future is so far advanced than my understanding , that some of his statements would be difficult to accept were it not for his proofs. Above all, he forces us to think differently

    • William Stanley

      Re: “. . . if the earth was 100 miles closer to sun in its orbit, it would be burnt to a cinder.”
      That doesn’t seem right: On average the Earth is about 93,000,000 miles from the Sun, although the orbit isn’t circular, and the Earth is sometimes a couple of million miles closer or farther away. One hundred miles is only .ooo10753% of the average distance. The heat gain would be tiny at 100 miles closer.

      • William Stanley

        Sorry, Bill, that was meant for Jerry.

        • Jerry

          It depends on which hypothesis you want to accept.

          • William Stanley

            It depends on how large a distance that we’re talking about. Your video just says “a fraction” of the distance. At 100 miles, that “fraction is tiny” and effect would be tiny as well.

  4. Jerry

    Do really think a race of beings that created billions and billions of planets and galaxies throughout the known universe, and matter, would need spaceships to travel through space? Not hardly. That’s tinker toy thinking. The level of technology it would take to do that is beyond the human mind. How about this. Where did insects come from? And why have they not evolved through adverse selection? In the ant world alone there are over a million species of ants and that
    doesn’t include how they were distributed throughout the world,
    from mountains to tropical islands. Heck in our solar system alone if the earth was 100 miles closer to sun in its orbit, it would be burnt to a cinder. My point is there is a organized plan for all creation if you take the time to look.

  5. chuck

    The outer-space ‘aliens’ controversy is nothing more than a sideshow – satanic creatures that are now confined to this planet. Our bigger problem will turn out to be a resurgence of a militaristic Germany after Merkel leaves the stage and facing God’s anger because of our perverted society and refusal to correct it.

    • WD


      Germany has become spineless in last 4 decades.