Stock & Bond Bubbles Much Worse Than 1929-David Stockman

stockman-david-new-cr-caryl-englanderBy Greg Hunter’s 

Economic expert and best-selling author David Stockman offers a dire view of the deep financial trouble America faces in his new book titled “Trumped!”   Stockman warns, “I think we are on the very edge, but what is different this time and makes it scarier . . . is I believe the central banks that ruled the roost have gone from one extreme to the next and done unfathomable things like negative interest rates on $13 trillion of bonds around the world, monetization of the debt, and bond purchases that are staggering such as $90 billion a month in Europe. . . . So, this time, as the phrase goes, they went all in.  They have violated every principle of sound money and sustainable finance that mankind has ever learned about over many centuries.  They have taken us to the edge, but they are out of dry powder.  I think it’s pretty obvious that they can’t go any deeper with subzero interest rates, or negative interest rates. . . . If they tried this in the United States, I think there would be a huge political uprising. . . . They are out of dry powder and out of tools, and therefore, the financial markets of the world are more vulnerable, maybe even more so than in 1929.  You are talking about a bond bubble like never before imagined or conceived, and the stock market is the same way as well as derivatives.”

All this financial malfeasance and engineering was fantastic for the one percent, but everybody else got the shaft. For example, Stockman points out in “Trumped!” the last 30 years “The top 1%’s wealth has grown by 300%, and the top “Forbes 400” wealthiest people in the world had their wealth grow by a staggering 1,000%.”  Meanwhile, the “bottom 90% of Americans have seen their wealth steadily deteriorate.”  Stockman goes on to say, “This has benefited a very narrow slice of the population.  You can call it the 1% or the bicoastal elites who own most of the financial assets.”

Stockman, who was the White House Budget Director in the Reagan Administration, says this is the single biggest reason that created a groundswell of support for Donald Trump, which may catapult him into the White House. Stockman explains, “This is the point of my book . . . . I wanted to address why this phenomenon is happening.  He wasn’t given a snowball’s chance of making it through the first Republican debate, let alone the Iowa Primary, let alone the nominee for the GOP Convention, let alone ahead in the polls this week as we speak. . . . So, none of this was remotely expected by the mainstream media (MSM) who obviously drink the Kool-Aid and think everything is all fixed, and the Fed are great heroes and Obama has saved the economy.  I don’t believe that at all.  So, why I wrote this book is to try to explain why there is so much economic pain in fly-over America, and link that to the wrongheaded policies of the Fed and explain what I call the revolt of the rubes.  I don’t use that in a condescending way.  I use that to explain the so-called sophisticated press, and they think they are enlightened ones and think the rest of the country is kind of dimwitted and don’t get it.  So, they call them rubes.  The rubes are revolting, and they are revolting because they can see the system is rigged.  These people are fed up, and they have had enough, and I think this is where Trump is coming from. . . . I do think we are at an inflection point where someone is finally challenging the Wall Street/Washington elites.  Trump is kind of a wild man in some ways, but he hasn’t spent the last 30 years in Washington drinking the Kool-Aid.”

Stockman’s view of the wealthy buying gold is most sobering and illuminating. Stockman contends, “I think some people are realizing the central bank era of bubble finance and massive money printing is leading to a dead end and some kind of crackup phase in the world monetary system and a breakdown of confidence in the central banks.  I think what this means is when the market loses confidence in the current regime, when they no longer believe the Fed has your back, that there is a put under the market or that they know what they are doing, when that confidence finally evaporates, the monetary system will be in crisis.  Gold prices, in my view, will soar because it will be seen as the last refuge of monetary assets that are outside the purview of the control of a failing central bank system.  I don’t think we have seen anything yet.  It’s only a matter of time when we see the gold price revisit the $1,950 per ounce price that was achieved a few years ago and probably goes well beyond that.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Stockman, the best-selling author of the new book titled “Trumped!” 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

stockman-trumpedThere is free news and analysis on If you would like to order a hard copy of “Trumped!” or you would like to buy the Kindle copy of “Trumped!” please click here.





(Programming note: Because of the in-depth David Stockman interview, there will not be a Weekly News Wrap-Up (WNW) for 9.16.16.  The WNW will be back next week.)


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  1. Larry White

    I had the opportunity to ask Dr. Warren Coats (former IMF) why the public should trust central banks to fix the problems we have now. He gave me his thoughts on it here:

    It’s a bit rare to find former IMF officials who will reply to questions of this nature so I appreciate Dr. Coats doing so. Also, I noticed that he quoted David Stockman in an article he mentions in the interview in one of his answers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for posting Larry!!

      • Larry White

        Your welcome. I don’t know how to make the link live, but here is the longer version if that helps:

        • allen ols

          Doug Casey believes we are headed for what he calls a super depression created by the ending of a debt super cycle. The bigger the debt cycle the bigger the depression that follows. That’s how reality works and most people are not prepared for reality.

          When this depression, which has already started, gets momentum, it will overwhelm the plans of a society that is expecting to get things like social security, pensions and payouts from retirement plans they have paid into for many years. All of those things will disappear almost overnight and leave society gasping and stupefied over what to do. Their reactions will be to yell and scream and try to identify who to blame but the only person they should blame is the one in the mirror.

          Many very smart people have raised the alarm and done their best to warn the sleeping public, but those slumbering masses have ignored the warnings and hit the snooze button one more time. The masses do not understand economics, do not want to understand economics and they will pay dearly for that ignorance in the coming days.

          When the real unemployment rate becomes common knowledge as it increases substantially, people will be left to survive on what resources they have saved up outside the banking system that cannot be stolen by the politicians and bankers. That is a key point here. The assets you have outside the system that cannot be stolen from you with a few key strokes on some computer.

          Those hoping for some miraculous event that will send the U.S. back to the days of manufacturing might and jobs for all will never see it happen. Those days are gone. The west line theory tells us our economy will slow down and become more modest as the shipping center of the world moves west to the next powerhouse region which is Asia. This is what history teaches us.

          When people suddenly wake up one morning and they have no job, their retirement is gone and they need to care for their family, what will they do?

          • allen ols


            4 min. video on fuel trucks stopped

            • southernpatriot

              As far as not having a job, they were lost through relocation of US business overseas. There are more than 100 million workers without jobs! Through Obama care, we have lost our insurance covderage. The government once again has screwed “We the people”! When I look into your mirror I see corrupt politicians who are plundering the treasury of the United States! Hillary lost 6 million while she ran the state department and the defense department lost 2-trillion prior to 9/11. There giving monies to every illegal alien that invading our country! Our wonderful government is in the process of starting WWIII to cover the upcoming crash in the stock market and the loss of the $$$ as the world’s reserve currency! How many trillions were spent on the War’s in the middle East? An est. is 5-6 Trillion dollars! Through outright theft and manipulation our government and bankers have taken treason to a higher level! In my mirror I see the John & Jane Deos of this country, you know those “deplorables in a basket” who have played by the rules all of their lives are now coming into retirement and they have lost everything! Their jobs are gone then pension have been taken and for many there health is in the toilet! Our government doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about “We the people” ! You need to send that mirror of your’s back and get a refund! I’m one of those damn idiots who still loves his country but I can’t even afford to get all of the medication each month that I need to stay alive! SS is waiting till far to many of us die and then they will not have to pay any back payments to us! We have worked our butt’s off,gone to War, many came home in metal boxes and the rest were left to re-enter the community and get back to work! Yes, I’m biter when we lose over 58,ooo of my generation in some dam jungles in a place called Vietnam! We need to fire every politician and start over!

              • JMiller

                Just to correct you, there are not 100 million workers without jobs. Most of those people that you are referring to are either retired, disabled, going to school, or are stay-at-home parents. The vast majority of them are not unemployed workers who can’t get a job.

                • Greg Hunter

                  I just interview Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and he says the labor participation rate NEVER goes down in a growing economy. He has a PhD in economics and was the Assistant treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration. This is signaling a very big problem with the economy according to him. Please don’t attempt to minimize it here. You’re wrong on this point.

                  • JMiller


                    I am right about what I said. You just misunderstand what I am saying. If there were 100 million people unemployed then the unemployment rate would be around 40% which it is no where near that. The 100 million people that Southern Patriot is talking about is probably those considered “not in the labor force” which number about 94 million and most should not be counted as being unemployed for good reasons. Most of them are not workers out of a job but are school students, house wives, disabled people and retired people.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Of course J, but there is a significant amount that are out of a job or are under employed. This is growing in a so-called “recovery”?? So you saying this number is just “school students, house wives, disabled people and retired people” is propelling a totally false narrative. John Williams says the real unemployment number (if calculated the way BLS did before 1994) would be around 23% or more. You are wrong to discredit the labor participation rate number according to my sources. I am going to go with Dr. Roberts and Williams at End of commentary.

                • allen ols

                  j miller
                  I am not sure, but consider doug casey pretty knowledgeable

              • Charles H

                If a war breaks out – send the politicians FIRST; then their kids second. I bet they won’t like it; or even go as we did.

            • allen ols

              Egon von Greyerz: “If you look at the euro, it’s not going to survive. At some point European investors will realize that and they will flee the euro into gold. It’s the same with the yen. The Japanese economy has no chance of surviving and so at some point point the Japanese will start buying gold. People in the U.S. will also turn to gold as the dollar starts falling. And there will not be enough gold or silver to satisfy the massive increase in demand. The only way to satisfy demand will be through a higher price. That’s why we will easily see $10,000 gold and $1,000 silver. But with…To continue listening to one of Egon’s most important interviews ever

          • Tin foil hat

            allen ols,
            I concur with your outlook except that people will not wake up one morning and have no jobs – unless they work in Wall St. Super Deflation will not happen, it would be very short lived if it happened, unless we go back to the gold standard. Jobs will come back the moment the dollar is no longer the reserve currency.
            I’m a pessimist but I still have faith in “We the people” here in America. I believe the majority of us will simply roll up our sleeves and rebuild from the financial ashes.
            If we chose to join the likes of “Occupied Wall St.” or “Black Lives Matter”, then America will be the next Venezuela.

            • allen ols

              be sure to understand, that all that info was from doug casey and I just copied and pasted, as I really don’t know how everything will work out, so I just posted it because I liked it, thankyou though god bless us all.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      A better question might be– why a supposedly well informed society would continually give the latitude we do, to two such morally and ethically challenged groups as the bankers and politicians? Their track records certainly indicates this is folly. As Sir Walter Scott once wrote:
      “Did you not know before, that one-half the world are better talkers than doers.”

      • Paul ...

        Look at all the talk about how our great militarized police have our backs and are doing such a great job working to sop up all the terrorist bombers in America … it’s like getting out mops and buckets to soak up all the water leaking from a hole in the dam … now why doesn’t anyone perhaps think that plugging the hole in the dam should be our first priority?? … why aren’t our police arresting the ones who put a hole in the dam in the first place? … people like Hillary, Obama, Soros, etc. are keeping the hole open and trying to widen it to allow more terrorists through … vote for Trump who wants to put his finger in the hole in the dam!!

        • Paul ...

          Eight explosive devices have been placed in the New York and New Jersey area over the weekend … but the Democrats tell us their is no evidence it is due to the terrorists being let into our country … why? … do you think maybe perhaps they don’t want to help the Trump Campaign? … as Trump has a reasonable plan on how to stop terrorists getting into our country!! … but if all the explosions going off in New York and New Jersey are not due to terrorists as the Democrats say … well then there is no need for a wall and no need to stop bringing more terrorists to our country!

    • Paul Antony

      Larry — Thank you for this info and wow!!

      Anway way part of one of Dr. Coasts answrers is this .. “Central banks do not (or rarely) ignore the law (rules) governing their behavior. Historically, it was the government seeking easy finance that push/forced their central banks to print money for them. The move of the last 40 years for independent central banks has largely solved that problem. But try as they might, even independent central banks find it difficult to achieve inflation targets most of the time. Ridged rules such as a fixed rate of growth of some monetary aggregate have not worked well and require discretion to make adjustments.”

      I do not by it one bit …

      none the less – Wow – for you to get to ask questions!

  2. Collateral Damage

    Absolutely remarkable presentation of the facts by David Stockman. I was going to buy an e-version but I want a hard copy of this one!

    I have never heard such a balanced and objective view of the cold hard reality that underpins this November’s choice before the American people.

    I am excited to share this interview with friends of mine who have been die hard Democrats for their entire lives. In my view this interview takes the emotionally charged content out of the discussion and allows the facts underpinning the world’s sorry situation to speak for themselves. In this way, the reality of the economic crisis before the world and the implications of the choice before the American People at this juncture becomes very strikingly clear.

    I must also say that I did miss your little Friday closer this week, saying ‘don’t fear, God is in charge.” I have to admit that I am a little bit like Mulder from the X-files on this though. Remember his poster with the UFO on it? it said, “I want to believe.” I really, really, really want to believe that there is a positive higher purpose for all of the pain, agony and bloodshed that I fear is headed our way because of all of this (remembering that what is reaped has been sown, and this field has for sure, been sown over the process of these past several decades!!! )

    I would like to Thank God at this point for the incredible gift of this life that he has given me (and all of us) over these past years. Maybe God’s plan is that he wants to give us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. If that is where he is going with this, I sure think that it appears that we have a lot of learning to do!!!

    I really hope that the direction that Mankind takes over these next decades will demonstrate that we can/did rise to the occasion.

    “For all it’s sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Strive to be happy.”

    Thank you Greg for being a person of strong ethics and principal and thanks for the outstanding work that you do.

    You are a credit, and provide a sorely needed service to Mankind.

    Your friend, CD

  3. Anthony Australia


    Please keep posting invaluable interviews and never away from your quest.

    It’s getting serious now yet people here still call me names. Doomsayer, incoherent and uneducated.
    Let me just say I’m informed, open minded and privileged to have come across your station.

    Your message is going global.

    • Truth


      I have to agree with you. If anyone cares to see what real journalism is, they need only come to this website. (It is sad what journalism has become in America, because they have done a great disservice to all the folks, who have no idea what is coming.)

      The depth and quality you find on this site, I have seen nowhere else. Hype becomes tiring, very quickly. Substance is what matters.

      • Anthony Australia

        The Australian media is ultra controlled. Daily attacks on Trump and the opposite for Killary. I don’t expect anything less from a propaganda machine owned by Murdoch. (Scripted ‘BS”, that control people’s thinking)
        I’ve had to turn to the US alternative media to get my source of inspiration over the last 10 years. There global image of the US is indifferent but I can assure you that there are SO MANY that are dedicating their resources and spirit to delivering the truth.

        • Truth

          Yes, Anthony, I used to think that too until I found that most of our “alternative” media is CIA-controlled. So sad. They took a page from history, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” Our government is master of giving people two teasp0ons of truth and the rest ??? It’s made me a ‘picky eater’ (smile).

          But, on a cheerful note – you’all in Australia have a really trail-blazing, independent investigative journalist so good that even Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (former Asst. Secty. of the Treasury, under Ronald Reagan) has started to pick-up his work and referenced it in one of his recent articles. Go Australia!

          It shows that there are good people who want the truth, everywhere. Glad to meet you’all on-line, in this great community.

          • Anthony Australia

            Hi Truth,

            This I know about the media across all platforms. I have stumbled across many reports, when using my own formulas, have found to be fabricated or misconstrued in someway.
            Can you please name this journalist?

            Thanks for your replies too.

            • Paul ...

              Not sure who this journalist is … but we had our own patriot until Fox News canned him … What if a Patriots right to free speech is denied by neocons in charge of the news media? … What if speaking the truth is declared a crime and your livelihood taken away? … What if not only our right to property can be taken by taxation but our right to liberty can also be taken by putting us in FEMA camps? … What if not only our fortunes but our very lives can be taken from us? … Our rights to life , liberty and property are inalienable rights that “cannot be taken” by any government as these rights are God given and are boldly written into our Constitution … any neocon who tries to take these rights from us are “traitors” (acting in direct violation of God’s will for humanity as stated “inalienable rights” in our Constitution) … failing to report neocon treason is a crime against humanity … Judge Napolitano by posing his “What If” questions exposed what is “currently being done” by the neocons in power … and by reporting what he sees as treasonous acts by political officials not doing their official duties … but before Napolitano was removed from Fox he protected himself from the crime of “not reporting treason”!! …

      • Erika

        Perhaps a new wind is blowing already, we just don’t know about it yet. Here is a video showing Hillary in shackles. Difficult to believe but judge for yourself. Instead of being sick and fainting after the 911 ceremony, as the press reported, it seems she was arrested.

        • Paul ...

          I was beginning to think that Hillary had a fainting spell due to a fit of remorse for her participation in 9-11 … but this video does seem to show Hillary in handcuffs!!!

    • Paul ...

      The “intellectuals without morals” who help the neocons subdue America will be the first ones lined up and shot (after they perform their evil deeds) …
      Voting this November will be the most important thing we can do to change what the neocons have planned for us all … we must cut the joint Reptilublican/Demonic rat snake in half by first completely destroying the Demonic rats this November … a landslide victory for Trump is our first goal … then we need to weed out each and every neocon from the Reptileublican part of the snake that remains!
      If we don’t take action against these neocons a repeat of what happened to the Jews under Hitler will repeat on a larger scale (not 6 million … but 25 to 40 million will be methodically killed)!!

      • Anthony Australia

        We just had our elections here and voted in some very good independents to the senate. It almost caused a hung parliament, however there is now, I feel, a balanced agenda in the government.
        One independent, previously a journalist; named 5 alleged peadophiles, who are protected by law, in his speech to the house.

      • Paul ...

        We can’t fight an enemy within if we don’t know who they are … many neocons have voted to appropriate the funding to build all the FEMA concentration camps across America (find out who they are in your voting district) … once you get their names … vote them out of power … never again … should mean never again!! … yet many Jews (out of a lack of knowledge??) are actually voting to put Nazi neocons into office that are using our tax payer dollars to build American concentration camps … are we crazy … we are paying to have our own families slaughtered by New World Order Nazi’s??

        • Paul ...

          God said: “Thou Shall Not Murder” … and moral men put laws into effect to punish men for murder … but evil neocons consider themselves above God’s and mans law … like cold hearted snakes the evil neocons methodically plan to kill millions without remorse … they will use any means to achieve their ends (Saran Gas, Nuclear Weapons, Guillotines, etc., etc.) … these Satan worshiping snakes must be weeded out of their government positions this November … lets start by getting rid of the head of the Democratic Party (whether ts Hillary, Biden or Bernie) … divide and conquer is the game they play … we can play the same game!

          • Truth


            That sounds like a good strategy to me. The DNC really looks to be in turmoil. They are trying to find fault wherever they can with Trump / get him to say something they can criticize, because that’s the only game they know how to play. I’m not sure this country can survive if we don’t get Trump in there. It’s that serious.

            • Paul ...

              We all have to realize that voting for Trump is only the first stem in a process toward “normalization” of society … we are currently fighting two snakes sapping our freedoms … we have to let one snake eat and completely devour the other snake … so we are left with just one snake to fight … we have to act soon because the elite now have accumulated half the world’s money … if they double their money we will have nothing … try killing a snake with nothing but your bare hands … it’s possible … but having a weapon helps … the snake that is more inclined to take our weapons must be killed first … vote for Trump! …

  4. red

    Haven’t commented in a while but this is one of the best interviews in a long time IMO
    on the current staTe of things. Stockman was brilliant, a powerhouse thinker, not as emotional as I’ve seen in previous interviews’ wow!! His comments on Asian capacity bullseye riveting& scarier than anything actually…here in OZ I hope people are listening to David … Great show Greg and top notch Questions’ as always…

  5. Emory

    Mr. Cammarosano of Smaulgld dot com is of the impression that this quote from Yellen’s recent Jackson Hole speech is an indication that it isn’t almost over and it could get even uglier.

    “…On the monetary policy side, future policymakers might choose to consider some additional tools that have been employed by other central banks, though adding them to our toolkit would require a very careful weighing of costs and benefits and, in some cases, could require legislation. For example, future policymakers may wish to explore the possibility of purchasing a broader range of assets. Beyond that, some observers have suggested raising the FOMC’s 2 percent inflation objective or implementing policy through alternative monetary policy frameworks, such as price-level or nominal GDP targeting. I should stress, however, that the FOMC is not actively considering these additional tools and policy frameworks, although they are important subjects for research. …”

  6. ross

    David Stockman warns about Chinese debt and infrastructure created not based on market demand.China however has a foreign debt of just 4% of GDP while the USA and Australia have a foreign debt of over 100% of GDP.

    China has many Govt Banks and a labor market that runs on the smell of an oily rag.China can create infrastructure without any debt to the Govt unlike the West.The West has debt created by a corrupt Central Banking system that cannot be repaid. Even with all their over spending in infrastructure ,China will not suffer capital outflows when TSHTF.
    China is now developing their own consumer based middle class who will eventually fill these ghost cities and will offshore their manufacturing to poorer countries in the future like Vietnam and perhaps Europe and the USA.

    China is far from being stupid.They have 20 yr plans, while the West cannot think beyond the next election cycle.

    • allen ols

      China has many Govt Banks and a labor market that runs on the smell of an oily rag.

      great line, of which I will steal.

      • ross

        Splitting hairs on infrastructure Allen.All of these Chinese Cities have roads,plumbing and electricity. Housing is part of that infrastructure. Whether or not the quality is there is yet to be seen.

        The USA and much of the West has crumbling infrastructure because of too much illegal debt. China has just 4% foreign debt of GDP, while most of the West including the USA have foreign debt of more than 100% of GDP. It cannot be repaid unless we end the central banking system and their monopoly powers of money creation.

        • allen ols

          agreed, until trump talks about getting rid of the central banks/fed reserve, we will see no change to believe in.

          • Tin foil hat

            allen ols,
            The moment Trump talks about getting rid of the fed, he will be six feet under.
            He has to do it in stealth or it’d never happen.

            • allen ols

              tin foil
              strong point

        • JC Davis

          Big time Bingo Ross
          China is set to lose and still win.

        • JC Davis

          Ross 1.4 billion people with good work ethic. Forced work or not they have a 5% unemployment. The US government covers up our unemployment. Maybe China is doing the same. I don’t think so.

          • Tin foil hat

            JV Davis,
            9 out of 10 Chinese would go nuts if they don’t work vs. 3 out of 10 Americans would go nuts if they had to work. The odds are not good but I believe we are more innovative and that will even the odds.

    • Galaxy 500

      Is a mass of almost complete or complete apartment buildings, sitting empty, infrastructure? The answer is no. Infrastructure is roads, bridges, utilities, and the like.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you 500!!

        • WD

          Holter and a few others have addressed this about China’s big build…it does include tremendous infrastructure and China did this in anticipation of the future and future events

      • Truth

        Great comeback, Galaxy 500. That’s why I like this website – real thinkers – no sheeple (smile). Iron sharpens iron, as the good book says.

      • Robert Lykens

        10-4 500!

      • Tin foil hat

        Most of those almost complete or complete apartment buildings are located near resource-rich regions. The Chinese made a bet to transform their fiat to assets by building something they may be able to utilize in the future.
        It’s a gamble and Chinese love to gamble.
        Come to think of it, Japan is famous/infamous of having plenty of roads and bridges to nowhere. They did it strictly to stimulate the economy since Japan is not a resource rich nation..

    • Galaxy 500

      Great wrap up. Stockman gave an eye opening interview.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you 500!!

    • Chip

      China has been, is, and will continue to see capital outflows. They are buying up everything in the USSA right now… Chip

      • susan

        I can remember when Japan was doing that.

  7. Michael

    All this ‘no progress for the poor or middle class’ ignores the millions of imported poor people. If you subtract them from that data, the middle class and poor have made significant progress.

    • C romana

      WRONG. Earn less than i did in 1989 with 2 more degrees. Just one of millions.
      Great interview, many thanks as always.

    • Frederick

      Not in my case Michael not at all actually

  8. Frederick

    Take a look at the “Keiser report” where Max interviews James Turk on RT good info

  9. Kim

    Thank you very much for this outstanding interview! David Stockman is a amazing!!! A rouge central bank bubble of worldwide malivestment is the new paradigm.

    Since we do not have the elites money, information and PM our greatest assests. We can learn, adapt and act with integrity. Information about what is really going on is empowerment! Thank you David Stockman!

  10. red

    Sorry too be off topic but you will notice since Julian Assange released new leaks on Clinton, Swedish authorities’ have strengthened charges against Assange. I find it interesting that European courts found it convenient to prosecute Nazi war criminals in Absentia,link:

    and yet even when they know the where abouts’ of the defendant “Assange” they refuse to give him the same option? If their case is so strong against Assange why not pro cede? is Assange considered worse than a Nazi? This is now a human rights issue, the principal of habeas corpus is not supposed to be used against a defendant. No one has mentioned this. Assange must be released or at least tried…if the case is so strong they could go a head with a trial.

  11. Jerry

    Thank you Greg for having David Stockman on. The timing couldn’t have been better with October 1st approaching. What we are about to witness on October 1st is not just a currency to compete with in the IMF basket, but the birth of a totally new financial exchange system designed to replace the Bretton Woods System.

    What makes the Yuan different than the Yen, and Pound, is the fact that the Yuan has its own trade mechanism in the form of AIIB, CIPS, and gold. The striking difference between the dollar and the Yuan is the Yuan will be backed by gold, while the dollar is currently backed by a paper contract.

    As the global financial bubble continues to expand with QE, TRUST will become a major issue. If you were an investor, what would you do? Accept a paper contract from a country that has 125 trillion dollars in financial debt? OR sign as agreement with a country that backs its currency with gold?

    • Jerry

      In honor of the Lehman Brothers scam eight years ago, I offer the following bonus clip to illustrate just how deep in financial doo , doo we really are. Enjoy.

      • Jerry

        Speaking of Lehman Brothers, here’s the next one.

        • Charles H


          The Elite will sacrifice even their puppets. Multinational only means no allegiance to any nation – only corporate self. Government then becomes the mechanism to insure their tyranny of Greed.

      • Truth


        That clip says it all. When Stockman mentioned in today’s interview, what he calls the “elephant in the room” that no one wants to talk about – the “rogue central bank” he wasn’t kidding. There is zero accountability and they have fleeced this country to its knees.

        • Jerry

          Now comes the false flags as we approach Oct. 1st. If you live on the east coast, you may want to fill up your car NOW.

          • Truth


            I’m keeping watch on that date thanks to your info. These are serious times.

            • Jerry

              Truth and USA Watchdog readers.
              October 1st may indeed be the date the Yuan joins the IMF basket of currencies, but October 7th may be the exact date that the dollar officially looses reserve currency status when the World Bank of governors meets in Washington.
              I’m not saying the seventh means anything, but I do remember Christine Lagardes reference to it when she gave a speech to the press club a few months back. Coincidence? Maybe.

      • Paul ...

        Financial doo doo is explained in even more detail here …

    • JC Davis

      Jerry I watched 60 minutes tonight to see what is going on in China. I thought it would be big news. Seems they are going to the movies. Really that was the story. They are into movies that’s all. I laughed to keep from being sad.

      • Jerry

        I to saw that 60 minute piece. What a load of crap. Do Americans not realize that we borrowed close to 3 trillion dollars from the Chinese that’s never been repaid? But yet they’re the ones in financial trouble. They buy gold, while we print money. But yet, they’re the ones in financial trouble? Lie after lie. Is it any wonder why the BRICS will embrace the SDR and drop the dollar in a few weeks?

    • Jerry

      I challenge anyone who reads this memo ( from the IMF to the G20) to tell me that the IMF is not planning on replacing the dollar as reserve currency. What does “expanding the role of the SDR” mean if not replacement?

      • Greg Hunter

        Good info Jerry!!!! Really good!!!! Thank you.

  12. asmith

    Listening to Mr. Stockman reminded me of this and this.

  13. sw


    Would you please consider having Brandon Smith from on again? He has had many interesting articles on the election recently, and he called the Brexit vote successfully when many were not.

    On the election, I do find it interesting to note that Ron Paul was ignored by the media, while Trump is dissed non-stop. Why the difference from the MSM? Are we losing the chess game? Is Trump just meant to be a scapegoat for a crashing economy, and worse, tied to the liberty movement? Even if not, I hope we Watchdogs will watch what Trump does in office and fight as hard against any tyranny from him as we would from a Clinton administration. Tyranny from “our guy” would still be tyranny, but we would lose ground in a fight for liberty in the culture if we do not recognize it on time.

    Also, I think Mr. Smith may be on to something when he points to there being a false (or superficial) paradigm of East vs West. Putin is a long time friend of NWO Kissinger, and receives regular guidance from Goldman Sachs. He also sought repayment from Ukraine in SDRs and is pushing for the SDR as a replacement for the dollar. He appears to be on the same team as other government puppets, where they only are perhaps fighting for a higher place at the same table.

    I am sure Mr. Smith is right when he says that it is up to the little people on the street, like us, to ensure liberty and it will take pain and sacrifice. Liberty does not come from the top down, but from the bottom up.

    Thank you for all you do, and for the great guests!

    • Greg Hunter

      Brandon Smith is a good man and yes!

    • Sven

      This is a great shout. Brandon is right on it and said he would be happy to give the interview in his comment section this week.

      The recent interviews on the x22 report spotlight with David Robertson and Louis Cammarosano were also excellent, highlighting them as possibilities for the future IMO.

      • Truth


        I decided to check out Brandon’s site (had never heard of him before until you’all mentioned him in the comments here) and one of his recent articles says he thinks the Fed will raise rates this coming Wednesday, 9/21 – interesting… I’m interested to see if his prediction will turn out to be accurate, like his Brexit call. That was a tough one – almost no one called that one right, except Nigel Farage. And, nearly everyone else is saying there is no way the Fed will raise rates this week.

        • Greg Hunter

          I’ll take the other side of that bet. No way Yellen raises rates less than 6 weeks before a Presidential election this close.

          • D2

            Greg, if the Fed DOES raise interest rates, they will claim it is because of the economic RECOVERY fueling inflation. LOL. That would be their story and it should help HilLIARy. So, I wouldn’t bet against it at this point. In more “normal” times, I agree with you that they wouldn’t do it so close to an election, but these aren’t normal times, HilLIARy is crashing and needs all the (establishment) help she can get.

          • Charles H

            Yellen will shuck and dive all manner of verbage: but NO RAISE. No way. (OR maybe some INSIGNIFICANT part of a percentage; only to rescind it. But even THAT amounts to the same.)

    • WD

      Hilary said they’re losing the info game…
      I hope that helps

    • Liz

      I agree Brandon would be a really good interview. And thanks Greg for a great interview with Mr. Stockman. I always look forward to what he has to say. I think I’ll get his book, I’m sure it’s a good read!

  14. Deanna Johnston Clark

    I remember hearing from my Dad back in 1970 that he companies on Wall Street were keeping the market artificially swollen by buying back their own stocks. I was just a silly kid, but I knew what a racket that had to be. Corporate profits are supposed to got for inventions, research, better pay, and safety…everybody knows that. Now it’s taken for granted that the market operates the crooked way. When will it correct? And how are the rubes…who are every race, creed, color, and education…going to vote this November?

    I assumed all women and minorities would be fooled by Hillary…but they are starting to worry about their kids being drafted to fight “mean old Putin” whom they can’t help liking because of his open love for his country and its people. How many politicians here love the United States and its people? The left are snobs who despise us…the old right are snobs that believe they have a right from God to rule the world. Oh, wait, the left believe that, too!!
    I hope we have lived to see our countrymen finally, at long last, give up believing in words over actions.

    • Frederick

      Deana I doubt very much that anyone including Hillary would be insane enough to get us involved in a ground war against Russia That would be a total unmitigated disaster as seen historically by both Napolean and Hitler Lets hope the crazy neocons have learned from history and will listen to president Trump and stop jabbing the bear with a stick

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Courting disaster is nothing new when there’s lots of money and power to be gained. Let’s hope they have some vestige of sentiment for the United States . Why have we come to depend on the sentiments of such people…hoping they have a shred of conscience?

  15. Chip

    WOW! Thanks for that conversation Greg and David. Great stuff, I will be buying the book… Chip

  16. Mohammad

    Dr. Joseph P. Farrell talks here about an article that came from not so much trusted source but yet he thinks it could be true. In the light of the possible message sent from the globalists to Putin by killing his Chauffeur, the later might be sending a message back to Soros and wanting him “dead or alive” .
    Again, that is according to what dr. Farrell is indicating in this vid:


    • Frederick

      From what Ive read online most Americans wouldnt feel all that bad if something were to happen to old Georgie Soros Doc

  17. john duffy

    Is this America’s future?

    “It is quite clear that when we connect these dots, that we can draw certain conclusions. First, whatever the globalists have planned for America, will be over in two years. I have concluded that in two years, the establishment anticipates having incarcerated, into slave labor,both men women, millions of Americans. Additionally,with UWEX 16, we can conclusively see why the establishment is anticipating a civil war in response to these actions. The growing presence of UN troops speaks clearly as to who the enforcers are going to be. The conversion of malls and strip malls with newly constructed guard towers that I have been writing about for 18 months is now clear as to intent. All of these dots coalesce to the point where I feed that I can accurately say the following:

    Within two years, millions of Americans will be incarcerated in FEMA camps. The enforcement agents, that I have written about for 8 years will be foreign and will operate under the UN flag.”

    • allen ols

      don’t forget the gillotines, 🙂 a necessary fear element

      • Paul ...

        With Trump in charge he will take the neocons to task … using Giuliani as a hit man is not particularly my style … but I like the way Chaffetz takes the FBI apart! …

    • D2

      Ridiculous on so many levels. LOL. Why put Americans in FEMA camps? Why not just kill us? “Over in 2 years”….LOL…yeah right. There are over 55 million armed Americans. Let the blue uniforms (or brown shirts, take your pick of bad guy color) just try it. There are so many more of us, than them. As soon as “they” try that crap in fly over country USA, there aren’t walls high enough or anywhere safe enough for the “elite” to hide. They will be doomed. They can only push us so far before we PUSH BACK….HARD and FINAL.

      • allen ols

        until they rain a hellfire missile on your parade, 🙂

      • Charles H


        I empathize with your assessment – but still think that many, MANY who own guns will not use them. Faced with the possibility of death – way too many will turn them in rather than use them. After the initial rioting and starvation, the FEMA Camps will be a haven of rescue. Plus the teams going after gun-fire incidents will be SWAT/sniper totally equipped. In THAT scenario – death is very probable. Bottom line is fire-power and organized back-up. Not many regular people will be up to match that.

        • allen ols

          agreed, the military is too far equipped with communication, firepower, ie hell fire, and tanks, and FOOD.

  18. Linda L.

    The Elites want everything to be centralized in a system called the NWO/globalization. This won’t ever work. Look at the Federal Reserve, which was created in 1913. For the few who don’t know, they call it “Federal”, but it truth, this system which controls our money and economic outcomes was formulated by a pack of rotten, greedy bankers in a private organization (nothing federal about it at all) that’s setup to make them filthy rich while simultaneously enslaving Americans/ultimately destroying the middle class. But amazingly so NOT ONE AUDIT has ever been done to this organization! Maybe it has something to do with the Counsel on Foreign Relations, which appears to be a puppet organization of the Federal Reserve. I’ve heard that at least 50 percent of our “elected” upper level government officials are members/involved in the Counsel on Foreign Relations, who are all promoting globalization (NWO). These folks in the Federal Reserve are not stupid as some seem to think. On the contrary, they’re systematically harvesting the American Republic/assets until nothing is left but our bones, and then they’ll move on to NWO, but they’ll end up destroying this system too.

  19. Alanon

    He doesn’t think everything is going to get wiped out so 401ks in money market to jump back in when his 40 percent drop? Hold cash also? wonder what he thinks about civil unrest, food shortages etc?

  20. Bill

    GREG: Mr Stockman says gold will become the last refuge of monetary assets. When everybody has gone to gold will they once again establish a gold standard as we had before. I believe in Stockman as he has been around long enough to know.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Bill, and Mr. Stockman never really been known as a gold promoter. This is similar to other non-gold promoters who are now buying gold. The biggest that comes to mind is “Bond King” Bill Gross.

      • Miggt

        “revolt of the rubes, huh?”

        I never liked Stockman and his disdain for the one guy that is standing up for America solidifies it for me. The guy can’t get past his petty, narrow minded thinking to actually see that Trump is at least trying to help, not writing books with stupid titles. Nuff said.

        Signed, A Flyover Rube.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think you are misinterpreting what Stockman said. He says the elite press calls the “flyover” people Rubes. By the way he like Trump and the book is mostly a positive view of him. Buy it, read it and you will see for yourself. Thank you for your comment.

        • D2

          You totally misunderstood Mr. Stockman. He clearly stated that HE did not mean that as a pejorative term but that that is how the media portrays us rubes.

  21. Mike R

    We all know the ‘system’ is rigged. But it’s been rigged for so long, that who is to say that they can’t keep doing it for another 10,15, or 30 years ? Yes, I agree we have these bubbles. Everyone keeps saying they will ‘burst.’ Many, many keep saying those bursts are imminent. The problem with that, is that when everyone, or so many see a crisis coming, or the ‘bursting’ or collapse of something, it virtually is guaranteed NOT to happen. In otherwords, many Americans have indeed been preparing for some sort of financial crisis. They’ve taken a lot of chips off the table. Many don’t even have enough income to allocate any money to stocks or bonds. Then there are tons of these preppers out there, but there are also people who may not be considered preppers or so extreme, but are salting away money for that rainy day. Or maybe rainy year. So many CEO’s are negative, and many pundits in mainstream are negative. Its like we have hundreds of negative people, like Stockman, who could easily be guests on this show. Many,many to choose from who all ‘see this crisis coming.’ Its so very rare to see a crisis coming, precisely because if so many can see it, then likely most Americans are seeing it, and while not taking extreme measures to prepare for it, are in fact doing something positive to be conservative. That’s why we’ve seen so many quarters of misses, on earnings, industrial production, decreasing productivity, and so on. Consumers have in fact been holding back. Maybe stocks will continue to rise, albeit more slowly. Maybe bonds will get worse, but not actually ‘crash’ like everyone expects them to. When someone says people will run for the ‘exits’ out of bonds, you have to remember, that those people need something else to run TO. There is nothing else to run to, for bondholders. There is no other market even big enough. They can’t run to cash or any currency, because those markets are dwarfed in size by bonds. They can’t run to other bond markets (outside of JGB’s, US Tbills, Eurobonds, etc) because nothing else is big enough to absorb it. They can’t run to commodities, bc those markets too are super tiny compared to bonds. We’ve never seen this many trillions in yields go negative, but we’ve also never seen a situation where bond markets are so overwhelmingly large that there is no other alternative to RUN TO. Everyone thinks gold or silver will skyrocket bc of this. Well, if bonds even leaked less than a fraction of a percent into either of those, they would skyrocket to over $100,000/ounce in gold. So no, these people in bonds can’t even remotely consider gold or silver. Sure over, time they may rise, but whats more likely to keep happening, is the continued issuance of debt by corporates, or sovereigns, and then even the beginning of large issuances of SDR’s. Corporates will issue debt, precisely bc they can, because there is a huge amount of buyers looking for any amount of yield above zero or negative. So the message here, is not that there may not SOME DAY be a crash, but rather that someday could be years or decades away, and highly likely that no one will see it coming. All these naysayers right now, and doomsters like Greg’s guests, will likely have converted, and switched their viewpoints and finally bought into the bond market’s not yet a bubble meme, or understand finally there is no where else to go with the money. By that time, the Dow could be at 50,000, and even trillions more in debt issued, and everyone of you will have missed the increase of your own wealth, by having stayed out of the markets, or believing that money will flood into gold or silver. Or maybe those two will have risen, but not nearly as much as other asset classes. If you haven’t noticed, the big companies still keep getting bigger, and in fact larger than most nations, so the rise of corporations is not likely to end anytime soon. They keep getting more and more power, and yes keep controlling the elections, but by design it would be very hard for any ‘rubes’ to end that. Remember too, that big corporations keep gobbling up smaller ones, and thus many smaller ones are still created, in the hopes of being gobbled up. So there is still entrepreneurship, but its a totally different and much larger spending environment. Think of it this way. The amount of currencies, and money printed, and debt keeps expanding exponentially, similar to the universe itself that keeps expanding exponentially. To my knowledge, no scientist or astrologist, or physicist, has ever come out and said the universe is no longer expanding, or spreading apart. So similarly, what we think are ‘bubbles’ and have to ‘collapse’ may actually be a recognition of some greater growth that few of us can even imagine. Growth due to internet expansion, more access now to more knowledge more rapidly than ever before. More access to new technology growth, and major changes and improvements, completed more rapidly than ever precisely because of the exponential speed in communications and collaboration between all of us individually, and corporations collectively. Its virtually impossible for anyone human, or even large groups of humans, to possibly come close to knowing all of the daily technology progress that is now occurring in all of these corporations or businesses. Yes buybacks are occurring, but that may be because the corporations simply cannot keep up with all the other money they have access to in the debt markets now, and simply have to plow back money into their own stock, to do something with all that excess cash. But that does not mean they aren’t plowing even larger amounts into innovation, and rapid change. Don’t lose all hope people. Some times these things that we all want to know, are impossible for anyone to see coming. Trump may be voted in, and the right choice as a business person, that is needed in government, but not for the negative reasons people think. Governments are ALWAYS behind the curve, always SLOWING things down, ALWAYS regulating things, always creating more red tape, and always making things more complicated. But too, they do act as a little bit of a safety valve, and traffic cop, so while it may seem that the politics stink, and we get nowhere, its maybe a good thing that they gum some of these rapid progress by corporations up, and throw some chinks in the works, to keep corporations from completely running over individuals at a much more rapid pace than we are even seeing now. You hate traffic signals, and red lights on every corner. You hate long commutes bc of those red lights. Well guess what ? If there were no red lights, or traffic signals, you would be stopped in traffic jams for days, not minutes. The grid would freeze up completely. So likewise, our government slows things down, but if they were not there at all, the economies would completely stop. There would be zero business. So government is not going to get any smaller anytime soon, and in fact it will get larger, and grow more international, and yes we will be further controlled by government outside of our countries, because companies and corporational growth is exploding that way exponentially, and ‘domestic policies’ can easily be subverted by international corporate positioning (i.e. money parked in other countries, that can’t be taxed here and vice versa for other governments, so likely there will be international taxes coming soon).

    • Gary Canuck

      That was a kick ass post.

    • Doug Krause

      Good post Mike R, yes I read the whole post…I agree all this bursting bubbles and people running for the exits scenarios are shouted from roof tops everywhere seem to fall deaf ears and may never happen.
      The elite holding this thing together can make it go for a long time, yes there will be some rough patches and market drops,but it will get propped up and continue on.
      Prep the best you can, live, love, laugh,enjoy life … taxes? Oh ya count on it. Cheers Doug

    • Anon

      I already lost out on the big return after the last stock market collapse because of being paranoid to get back in. I’ts difficult to know what to do. Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you! I do think it will all come tumbling down, but when!

    • Charles H

      Mike R,

      Status Quo or Let’er Blow – taking a pick is easy: picking right is hard. Government itself is become NOT JUST a traffic light on the corner of Commerce and Hope: it is the criminal itself. And if there is New Technology out there – it won’t be to turn us around: but more enslave us. Too much in the world to ignore; let alone the spiritual workings behind the scenes to think ‘things’ will keep going on as they have done.

    • Matt In Pa

      One buys PMS for insurance purposes. It’s money,nothing else. When one watches CNBC, the top left corner displays metal prices. Reason is,it’s money. Yesterday and today.

  22. Nuland

    Great interview. I wonder if David Stockman has any thoughts on the possibility if China’s New Silk Road project which seems to be focused on a next 50 year build out of modernizing Central Asia to other areas of the globe. If this will let China leverage their built up excess capacity and resources. Also, if we look at the ghost cities, they seem to link the New Silk Road mapping. They also seem to surround the bulk agricultural land areas.

    • Charles H

      Historically, America went from an Agrarian/rural society – to an urban, manufacturing one. It seems China is poised for this now. Many will be brought in and educated to do this. Manufacturing may never return to the US, and in this case: we cannot hope to remain on the top of the heap. Good point, Nuland.

  23. Leah

    It was designed this way, to benefit the Banksters. This is PURE racheteering. Plain and simple. When they pop these bubbles, which they will, they walk away with all the hard assets, you and me get nothing. Its highway robbery. We need to dismantle the control of the banksters.

    • Paul ...

      The longest war in American history is the Afghanistan war (15 years) … necessary to keep the bankers on life support with the heroin trade! … WWII only took 4 years … this never ending war in Afghanistan will continue until we put the bankers out of business!!

    • D2

      And wresting control of this from the banksters ain’t gonna happen without bloodshed. They will never give it all up willingly. Never.

  24. Mohammad

    The fantasy of hyped MSM and some alternative media like “Yahoo finance” about the “MAD rush to iPhone 7”:

    The reality:


    • WD

      “V” the economist addressed this saying this was all hype and that Apple would buy back most of them.

  25. Jerry

    Take a good look at Chinas new economic engine that will be fired up on October 1st. As of September 15th, you can add Canada to the list of participant’s.

    • Truth


      That article was a good read. Interesting, that the US and Japan were the only G7 holdouts. And, when you couple that with the less than cordial reception the US received at the recent G20, the handwriting is clearly on the wall.

  26. Doug C.

    I like Mr. Stockman. He seems to have a really good grasp of what is going on. I would just add to his views that I think China always thinks many years into the future and not just 6 months or a year down the road. He was talking about China’s huge use of Concrete and steel. I think, again, China has a long term plan and see’s what is coming. They have used Cheap money to build Infrastructure that will still be usable in 25 years. What has the Western World done other than bail out banks with the money? Our roads, bridges, housing developements are crumbling in comparison. When the “Free” money goes away, how will we be able to rebuild falling bridges when there is NO credit available? China has also been buying up all the Gold that they can, again with cheap money (US treasuries) for a time when Gold will go through the roof. Who will be sitting in the drivers seat when all this happens? The West with NO Gold and falling apart Infrastructure or China with New Airports, roads, bridges, housing units, and TON’s of GOLD? I am not Pro-China, but I think the Western Governments have completely sabotaged our future for the few Elites that bribe our Politicians. I hope when Trump wins, that he doesn’t turn out to be another Politician (Business Man) that can be bribed or threatened by the ones that run our (Western) World.

    • Truth

      Doug C.,

      I have to agree with you on the point of what will the US have to show for bailing out the “too big to fail” banks when the credit market seizes up? Not a thing. No bridges, no roads, no infrastructure improvements – nothing. We have bailed out the banksters and in return received the “bubble economy” that this David Stockman interview so clearly brings to light. As Mannarino would say, it has to all “correct to fair market value.” And, when it does, China will have tangible infrastructure assets. And, we Americans will have a currency backed by, not one ounce of gold. Sad, but true.

      Your comment really made me think. Good insight.

    • Alex

      Yes Doug,
      Bad news a crumbling infrastructure. Bad roads, bad bridges.
      Even worse news, automobiles will be restricted and when the
      dollar devalues gas will be so high that very few will be able to
      afford to drive.

  27. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Great interview and great information from Mr. Stockman. I’ve noticed the snippetts of “Trumped” on ContraCorner as Mr Stockman was writing, nice to see that he’s in the publishing face now and we’ll be able to read the complete book.

    Speaking of “Trumped”, I just noticed that there are a number of books starting with that word in the title, so if you do purchase it, make sure you buy the correct book — see: .

    • Russ

      doh!… face=phase

  28. andyb

    Greg: Stockman is one of the few that will explain our financial dilemma in a clear and concise way and, most importantly, one of a handful that will even admit we have a problem. This obviously puts him at odds with all of the sycophantic economists who kneel to the FED.
    Interesting about the Chinese. You would think that these extremely intelligent Asians would have disavowed any form of Keynesian Economics; but, no, they went full monty. They never realized that the agenda of the neo-Keynesians is total global economic control through debt enslavement. Although they may be the first to realize this, we will not be far behind.

  29. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg,
    Do you think Hillary is still alive?
    She must be dead or near death is my guess.
    As usual you are fantatic! Thanks!

  30. OutLookingIn

    David Stockman is no slouch. He knows his economic stuff and can see through the magic fairy dust of central banking hokus-pokus, wall street hubris and elite smoke screens, along with the washington beltway power games.

    What he says is the truth. Ignore it at your peril. The “Rubes” are not stupid, nor are they ignorant of the shenadigans of the top 10% and they are well and truely pissed-off. This is why Donald Trump will be the next POTUS and will be done away with by the 1%.

  31. Dindo

    So, a depression lasting 100 or 150 years? Grinding poverty for all, except the “Elites”.
    No funds for anything. No roads, schools, hospitals………
    If it has to revert to the mean, (and often overshoots to the downside), WE ARE SO SCREWED!!!

    Sorry for the optimism.


  32. Ken

    Last Tuesday driving back from a long weekend I listened to Neil Cavuto interview Mark Cuban. Mr. Cuban could not trash Trump enough, I mean he even went on to say that if Trump won he had a dooms day plan on his stock portfolio ready to go!
    As the interview went on I kept saying come on Neil in the interest of full public disclosure ask him “Are you a contributor to the Clinton foundation”
    Greg, I know most of your readers have all ready found this link. On the FBI sell out.

  33. Mme Hedin

    Best guest you’ve had lately – Stockman is interesting, smart as a whip and clearly a trendspotter – thak you for b ringing him on your show, Greg

  34. Abby

    What David doesn’t say about China is that China built infrastructure with debt while in American the criminal elite fleeced us to make themselves richer in short term leaving us with Debt. (How is our infrastructure?) Finally and most importantly China has NO EXTERNAL DEBT AND GOLD TO RESTART WITH AFTER THE WESTERN PONZI SCHEME DIES.

  35. Robert Lykens

    Congress Investigating Obama Admin-Funded Campaign to Unseat Israeli PM

    Is it any wonder the United States of America is on its way down, when the very president is doing these things?

    ” And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee…”
    – Genesis 12:3

    • Charles H


  36. Rod King

    A FREE PRESS MEANS A FREE PEOPLE, You can thank guy’s like Greg and our founding fathers ~ ” Someone is finally challenging the Wall Street/Washington elites. Trump is kind of a wild man in some ways, but he hasn’t spent the last 30 years in Washington drinking the Kool-Aid.”
    Take that M. M. ! Were about to have regime change in Washington, not Moscow! LOL!

    The Mos’cowboy’s know who’s the new sheriff In town. How bout you? It ain’t your drugged up, held up, lady on the Hill. . .

    Mikey could stomach the cereal, but cant stomach the Trumpster, out the Dumpster!

    Get used stuve it, because….
    Happy Day’s are here again!

    “Why cant we just all get along!” Because when the King’s away the rats will play. But their days are numbered.
    The people, try and lick that!

    Howdy Neighbor, see u at the poll’s!

  37. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Perhaps APPLE is today’s version of 1929 RCA. (Radio Corporation of America.) Over 280+ financial institutions hold it as their #1 holding, down from over 300+ six months ago. Vanguard is the largest holder at over $31 Billion. Apple jumps; gold dumps. Of course, there’s no manipulation of markets.

    • Galaxy 500

      And where is RCA Victor today? Where will Apple be in 20 years? Who knows, it my own California or it may be a small 3 person company fighting to find lost glory?

  38. Faith

    This interview was incredible! To hear Mr. Stockman say that the markets are rigged and a con is refreshing. Many of us realized this has been the case but it is nice to hear Mr. Stockman validate that point of view. Thanks to this site, I am grateful that at least I am aware of what will be happening and able to understand why and have been able to take defensive measures in advance. Many people are not informed and will be caught unaware.

    It sounds like there is going to be a lot of stuff on sale around the world. If you have the cash or PMs to buy it. What happens when a person runs up their credit cards and can’t pay their bills? They have their line of credit shut down and are limited to spending only cash. If they don’t have adequate cash flow they end up selling what they have to raise that cash. Great deal for the people that want to buy items at a discount and that have cash on hand but not such a great deal for the people living on credit. I am surprised that the US has been allowed to keep running up the total balance on that credit card. Central banking based on the Keynesian economic model appears to be ineffective and unsustainable. Von Mises predicted the outcome of bad economic policies: a crack up boom.

  39. Linda L.

    Did you see this? German women are being encouraged to wear Muslim attire (maybe to subdue all the sexual assaults/rape taking place by all these pious newcomers). sickening:

    • Robert Lykens

      The despicable muslims want to force their problems on us, a free people.
      We’ll resist them to the death.

      • Linda L.

        Other than Merkel and her cronies doing a great job of destroying her country and region, the biggest issue here is that they (the newcomers) aren’t integrating into society (as planned). Rather it’s their way or no way according to specific directives in their Quran (anyone who believes otherwise is a fool now). This movement (invasion of the globe) which is orchestrated by the Globalist movement and carried out by muslims AS JUST ONE of the vehicles to destroy the sovereignty of nations is sinister, leading only to death and destruction for all, including the Muslims.

  40. Mike R

    Here is what ‘FLYOVER AMERICA’ needs to do, in order to stop the fleecing of all us by these wallstreet and bankster criminals:
    1) Stop using their corrupt fiat (USD) as much as possible, and keep as little as possible in banks.
    2) Do as much as possible business via barter, and buying used on Craigslist or other venues.
    3) Consider using Bitcoin, and buy from businesses who accept bitcoin.
    4) Stop using credit cards altogether if possible.
    5) buy as much from local american businesses as possible
    6) Don’t put anymore money in 401ks, unless you get a match, and then after a few years cash it out, and take the initial tax hit during a year when your income is down.
    7) Grow as much of your own food as you can. If you don’t grow anything, start first with something that you can eat a lot of, and WILL eat, or can share. Tomatoes, potatoes, any vegetable that works in your climate.
    8) Be careful about ‘stocking up’ too much, and simply diversify assets you own. If you can move to a building that can serve as both a house, and a place to do business, then do so. If you can rent out space, do so. But don’t just buy something that is rental income only, without it serving another purpose.
    9) Don’t buy a junker to drive, and don’t buy extreme expensive to drive. Something middle of the road, and again make sure it is multi-purpose, that can be used for business and personal.
    10) Drop the carbohydrates, and focus on protein, so that you can lose weight, stay out of the hospital, and keep your health care costs that are out of pocket, as low as possible.
    11) Think about developing 4 or 5 income streams, even if you work at a corporate job. Do like Stockman, and write an ebook. Start several side businesses, but make sure you don’t need employees, and set yourself up as a single owner LLC. Use the internet as much as possible, and other businesses to be your ’employees.’ use software for your taxes, and quicken for your accounting. Have a lawyer, but don’t use him often, and only when there are serious contractual needs. Accountants also are government spies in a sense, so while they may profess to be on your side, they are really on the side of the IRS. They are there to protect their own ass, while they suck you dry on overhead costs.
    12) Don’t try to do too big of things. Keep it small and nimble. Word of mouth is far better than paid advertising. grow it slow, and don’t try to do it without a primary job or a regular income stream, for as long as possible. If it takes years, that’s ok. Patience above all. I cannot emphasize that enough. You learn though failure, and set backs happen, so its critical you take it slow, and dont bet the farm. Small set backs can be recovered from.
    13) take as many breaks as possible from your primary job, and even your side jobs. Your mind will give you many new ideas during these breaks, and help you innovate. You will never have that ‘bright idea’ when you are working your ass off, 24/7, and burning the two ends of the same candle stick. Your mind works on those problems when its at rest, and not necessarily when you are sleeping. Sleeping is for your body, not your mind. Keep that straight, and you’ll outlast 90% of your competition.
    14) waking up a 4 am to do more, or getting less than 8 to 9 hours, WILL catch up to you in ways that you will regret. If you are going to be sustainable, you must have total rest. Ain’t gonna happen on less than 8 hours of sleep. Anyone who tells you otherwise, could be a millionaire, but likely a dead one, long before you.
    15) Again, don’t do business with criminals or shysters, liars or deceivers, or use any of their tools, which means as mentioned early on, finding ways not to use banks, the fiat dollar, or many of the machinations that facilitate those tools, such as credit cards. That said, don’t need to completely abandon the cards, just minimize the use when you can.
    It could be years yet before Stockman is right, whether its about bonds crashing, or the market getting ‘trimmed’ significantly.

    • Julia

      Thank you Mark R. For me this is sound advice.

  41. Galaxy 500

    The illegal alien Mexican that violently protested against Trump’s comments about illegal aliens, especially about the Mexican Rapist part has been arrested for … wait for it … rape. And who was his victim? An illegal alien. Isn’t it high time we returned our nation to a country of law and not one of political connection or paid favors? Trump 2016

    • Robert Lykens

      That’s too good! Thanks for the link.

  42. Galaxy 500

    Two former muslim women address the “in private” miracles of muhammad, unlike miracles from God through Moses and of Jesus.

    Too much.

    ExMuslims Laughing At Muhammad “Miracles” —

  43. Sayonara

    Great interview! David Stockman is the real deal. I studied him when he was Reagan’s budget director and back then he was the Financial Budget Whiz Kid. If anyone truly understands what is economically and financially transpiring, it would definitely be David Stockman.
    But then again what different does my opinion make as I am nothing but a piece of garbage in a basket of Deplorables and absolutely irredeemable in the eyes of the next POTUS.
    Should I surrender my ruby slippers now or later? 😉

    • Sayonara

      I would never surrender ANYTHING or SUBMIT to HRC! PERIOD!

    • Robert Lykens

      You may be irredemable in HRC’s eyes, but not in Jesus’ eyes.
      It’s a point of pride to me that the Sick, Fat Old Wrinkle Bag thinks of me as “deplorable”.

      Imagine if she – or anyone – thought I agreed with the likes of her!

  44. Galaxy 500

    Here are some of the rules of toileting from the religion of peace. Amazing, ain’t it? They thought-out everything…

    A Muslim must first find an acceptable place away from standing water, or people’s pathways or shade. They are advised that it is better to enter the area with the left foot, facing away from the Qiblah.

    While on the toilet, one must remain silent. (Clearly muhammad never worked in heavy industry) Talking, answering greetings or greeting others is strongly discouraged. The effected parts must be washed with water after defecating. Similarly, the male and female reproductive organ area must be washed with water after urinating. When defecating together (bwhahaha, this came to mind, a Three Holer), — two men cannot converse, nor look at each other’s genitals (ah, this is kind of the unwritten law of men’s urinal use). A man should not touch his genitals with the right hand. Meanwhile, Qur’an suggests the one is bound washing one’s hands after using the toilet, which is discussed in verse 5:6.

    When leaving the toilet, one is advised to leave with the right foot, and also say a prayer – “Praise be to Allah who relieved me of the filth and gave me relief.” It is also reported in the Hadith of Bukhari that whenever Muhammad went to the toilet, he said “In the name of Allah, O Allah! I seek refuge with You from all offensive and wicked things” (alternate translation: “from evil deeds and evil spirits”).
    So, after the worlds most peaceful religion is touted as one of propriety and toilet and hygiene decorum, can any muslim reading this tell me how it’s possible to rape unknown women, women that may have aids, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis, etc. Does muhammad throw hygiene to the wind when it comes to harming women for the self gratification of men? It appears so.

    You see, muslim migrant men have “SEXUAL EMERGENCIES”, — which in this video are Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe. muslim men horribly oppress their women, their women act like the victims of kidnappers that begin to sympathize and identify with their kidnapper over common sense and the “good guys”. And of this hogwash is being touted to American youths, and youths around the world.

    A religion/political movement obsessed with hygiene that has members that rape in the name of their religion, that support women being covered head to toes in black, even in the middle of the summer, that believe in honor killings of their own family members for violating some oppressive facet of their religion – after thinking these things through – if someone asked if I thought the muslim religion was a “real religion”, this is how I’d respond. Laughing hard —

    • Galaxy 500

      Snap, lost my links again. I didn’t write this but thought it was a hoot to share. Especially the YouTube videos. I’ll find them

  45. Pinocchio

    David Stockman forgot to say that Federal Reserve does not have to apply negative (subzero) interest rate. With 0.25 % interest and 4 % inflation, the actual interest rate is already negative. The Keynesian transgenderist Federal Reserve is smarter than what people think.

    • Robert Lykens

      Good point Pinocchio.
      They’re smart but we’re smart too…and armed.

  46. Scot

    What happens to the U.S. dollar between now and when the loss of confidence goes mainstream? The global financial reset will be caused by a rising dollar, due to the soveriegn debt crisis in Europe and Japan. Yes, gold will eventually rise (not as much as blue chip stocks), but expect an initial negative reaction to the rising dollar prior to all three rising together.

  47. Dan Dattilo

    Great delivery of information. I could listen to David Stockman for hours.

    Just ordered his new book Trumped

  48. Pvt. Mushroom

    Stockman’s coworker on the Reagan economic board was Paul Roberts. If you enjoy Stockman you would really enjoy Dr. Roberts.

    HINT. HINT. Greg….

  49. Mohammad


    ISIS is been trying to capture the airport (major Syrian army military base) in Deir El Zoor for years to no avail.

    Then comes this “mistake”:

    Can someone here explain it to me like you explain it to a 4 year old kid, which side we are on?


    • Greg Hunter

      This “mistake” can cause WWIII. I am very worried about the blow back from this. Thank you for pointing it out here.

      • WD

        This mistake is the work of a dying rat that has been cornered

    • JC Davis

      Mohammad it is, as your know is about control, and we don’t have any.

    • Truth


      It was no mistake. It was 100% intentional. Cruelty beyond words… America invaded Syria, in total violation of international law and has no consent from the democratically-elected government of Syria and no UN mandate, to even be in their country. It is one of the greatest injustices our country has ever committed. And, now this…a war crime, which should be treated as such.

  50. Paul

    D Stockman and PC Roberts Both good men, Appear not to understand the root of our economic problem, both using the term money for things that are not !!!.
    That money is no longer a thing of intrinsic value but a fraudulent system of outrageous privilege enjoyed by a criminal few who exercise control of others via the illusion of counterfeit money.

    PC Roberts no longer thinks that an unregulated financial market can work, He is wrong, it could if counterfeiting were outlawed and we returned to money with intrinsic worth such as Gold Silver etc.

  51. Agent P

    #1. The Fed is not ‘out of ammunition’ by a long shot. What that ‘ammunition’ ultimately does to the U.S. financial/economic system is another story, but they’re not concerned about outcomes, as they have already proven since 2001. Enlighten yourselves here:

    #2. In the eyes of (mainly deflationists), China has been on the perpetual edge of economic ‘disaster’, ‘implosion’, ‘catastrophe’, etc., ad-nauseam since 2008 – remember that… When speaking of China, most U.S.-based commentary is tainted with an anti-China political bias of mistrust and contempt (but hey, no problem for the Chink ‘currency manipulators’ to keep manufacturing the goods we purchase and the $$$profits they generate), right…?

    China is ~the~ manufacturer to the world. China has gold – And silver to back its currency when the time comes, and that time is coming real fast. China has people. China has an industrially-focused mindset. Ultimately, China has a vision (One belt, One road), and they’re going to get there with a lot of geo-political friends in tow who are equally ‘Fed’ up with the arrogance of the ‘indispensable’ nation.

    Lastly, when speaking of China’s debt problem – which is orders of magnitude greater than the U.S. (according to those like Mr. Stockman), I would simply ask a few important questions:

    – Who precisely, does China owe?

    – What nation carries trade/account surpluses – the U.S. or China?
    (most people have no clue as to the importance of this metric, as opposed to the oft-cited ‘Debt-to-GDP’ hoopla.)

    – What nation can utilize its over-capacity towards other goals/domestic endeavors?

    – What nation has singular, long-term vision – as opposed to a fractured non-vision mish-mash of distractionary Politically-Correct Bull-Sh!t like the U.S….?

    Yes Greg, this is going to be ~Real Bad~ for the U.S.

    • Galaxy 500

      Please tell us what ammo they have beside more of the same with greatly diminishing returns?
      Negative rates?

  52. Robert Lykens

    So now I’m a bitter, deplorable, islamophobic, homophobic, clinging rube.

    All are labels I wear with pride if they separate me from the leftist/NWO/globalist Democrats.

    • Robert Lykens

      Just for the record though –
      “phobic” means to fear something. I fear neither muslims nor homosexuals.
      I pity them if they continue to reject Jesus Christ.

      • JC Davis

        Were not hanging upside down on the cross yet. Tic toc said the clock.

    • Bill

      Robert Lykens:: AMEN Brother

  53. Robert Lykens

    “Should I Engage An Active Shooter?”

    Here’s a very thoughtful, detailed summation by an experienced soldier/LEO.

  54. Robert Lykens

    Here’s some handy info for flyers –

    WiFox App Is A Continuously Updated Map Of Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Worldwide

    • Frederick

      Your really losing it Lykens better cut back on the moonshine

      • Greg Hunter


        Come on. You are inviting nasty responses. Someone does not agree with you, so you engage in character assassination? Didn’t the Communists and Nazi’s do this?? We all have to think like you do or we are crazy and drunk? If this is all you have to add please do not comment. (Robert, please do not respond.)


        • DBCooper

          It would appear so Greg … seems I am both insane and inebriated !! I still say cut the head off the snake.
          Yours in Faith and Liberty. FN, DB.

      • Charles H

        This is too much like ‘snipping at the heels’. It is not only uncomely; it is uncalled for.

  55. Cuzca

    Saw the president in person in Muslim garb. Oh great. I can’t wait to here B-roc explain this. Probably has got some great story. Probably can ramble on for 30 minutes. By the end of it, I’ll most likely say to myself, “Hey, I like this guy.”, or perhaps, “Barack Hussein Obama is not so bad, George Bush was an a$$#0!3.”

  56. Peter

    I like Stockman, but think he is wrong! A reset is not going to happen till after November or far later. If the sickly Hillary is elected, which looks far less likely now, then it could be awhile. I’m patiently waiting for the Wikileaks dump that may sink Hillary and the corrupt DNC for good! If something really bad is revealed, then it’s possible the stock market would tank immediately however.

    • Galaxy 500

      The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray

  57. Mohammad

    A heating up between US and Russia over Syria:


    • Truth


      The sad thing is our UN ambassador didn’t even bother to actually apologize. That was NOT an apology. She was so rude and abrasive to the Russian UN ambassador, that it was just embarrasing. He maintained his composure and behaved like a gentleman, but was clearly astounded. Those Syrian soldiers were just protecting their own country. Who doesn’t have a right to do that? We are the ones who have invaded their country.

  58. John

    Can someone explain to me how there could ever be a sell off of any kind in the stock, or bond markets if all western banks are buying each other’s equities and bonds? An example would be ; if half of all individual stock holders sold their stocks tomorrow, an algorithm would kick in, and central banks would print “klick money” , buy up all of those recently sold stocks. In this example, even though half of the legitimate holders of stocks sold on Monday, Central banks would immediately buy these stocks up and the “official” stock market would show no loss by Monday’s close.

    Great interview with Mr. Stockman, and thanks for all your work Greg. You are providing a very important service for people here. Organizing and presenting knowledge on this huge western racketeering scheme,is very productive.

    One point I would challenge Mr. Stockman on is his commentary on “the red ponzi”……So these dumb commies are building huge amounts of infrastructure with this worthless money that’s out there……What are we doing with our worthless money???…Bailing out central banks!

    When this thing blows up, and the dust settles, they will have new infrastructure, and lots of it, we will have a lot of x-bankers living very well in the Cayman Islands. The Chinese seem pretty smart to me.

    The other thing these stupid socialists have been doing is buying huge amounts of physical precious metals ( when it comes to pm’s, the Chinese don’t do paper), while we have been selling off all of ours ( Our Canadian central bank proudly boast that they have sold off all of their gold, at least your gov’t is smart enough to keep their gold off a secret).
    In any case, once again, the Chinese seem pretty smart to me. When this thing blows up, they will have the gold, they will make the rules.

    • Truth


      I have to admit when I heard Canada sold all their gold and was proud of it, I laughed. But, maybe I shouldn’t have laughed because according to Bill Holter, the U.S. gov’t doesn’t have any gold…just pretends to. So, I guess Canada should be commended, for at least telling the truth to their citizens. Not much truth to be found, on this side of the border (smile).

    • Gary Canuck

      John, our Central bank is just a lapdog of the Federal Reserve, “Monkey See Monkey Do, and you can throw the Aussies in there with us.

      Good point on INFRASTRUCTURE, China will have something to show for it,
      North America, NILL.
      Yep, our government wants a weak currency and is determined to print it on a roll of ass-wipe, got to keep the Auto Industry alive in Ontario.
      1.32 exchange rate today which means 1.34 at the bank, I think it will be at
      1.45, will kill the snow birds in Arizona & Costa Rica on a fixed Income.

      Going long Gold, US Dollar, Bananas, Maple Syrup from Quebec, hell it will be more valuable than oil if Warren Buffet can haul it in his Railroad Tanker Cars.

      Justin Trudeau wants his seat on the UN Security Council, and this little Pr–
      will sell us down the river to get it. “Can you imagine this guy going up against Trump” if Trump wins which I doubt.
      Depressed in Alberta.


      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Gary for the sound warning!!

  59. Mohammad

    Economy is just great…..


    • Frederick

      Yeah right Sears and Kmart deserve everything they get They robbed me of 600 dollars with a lemon of a frig a few years ago and basically told me to bugger off I would never buy from them again EVER evidently alot of people feel the same way about them

      • Mohammad

        Sorry for that. Sears was always known for quality. Sad


      • Matt In Pa

        They don’t make the product. It’s all over border or over seas. Additionally, even refrigerators,air conditioners are now disposal. I’m born in the 60s,my parents sold home with a 25000 BTU window unit still in window. And it worked.

        • Mohammad

          My mom has a fridge “Frigidaire” that she had before i was born (more than sixty years). we NEVER HAD ONE SINGLE REPAIR IN IT.
          It had the gas filled 3 or 4 times as far as i remember throughout those years.


  60. diane s.

    Haitian Senate President Exposes Clinton Foundation: “Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!” | Zero Hedge

    Wow….Catherine Austin Fitts and Greta Van Susteren have been talking about Haiti and how they were scammed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane S.,
      Why isn’t the MSM all over this?? It’s a multi billion $ fraud!!!

  61. Frand Di Cicco

    I like Stockman. His logic is impeccable relating to the stock market. However it should be obvious that the National Retirement Fund (DJIA) cannot be allowed to fall as there is no-where else to put your funds.

    Game-time for the USA.

    • Greg Hunter

      Frand Di Cicco,

      “cannot be allowed to fall.” Tell that to Gross and Gundlach and many other multi-billion dollar money managers. They are sounding the alarm. I say “Can’t be propped with a phony economy.” Thank you for your comment though.


    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, where have you been the last 25 years? Fall after fall.

  62. Mike R

    This video couldn’t offer starker proof, of why one HRC is completely unfit to serve.

    This is her response just after the NYC bombing. Ask yourself when you see her demeanor and expressions: Is she drunk? Heavily medicated? Barely able to keep her eyes open for some other reason? Or allergy drugs ???

    Does it matter why she looks like she’s only about 20% there? What on the surface appears to have been a (possibly minor) terrorist incident just happened and you just had on display what Hillary will be able to muster as her intellectual and physical capability, should one occur while she is in office.

    So here’s the deal — being President means being able to “switch on” at a moment’s notice and have full control of your faculties.

    Apparently someone detonated a small bomb in NYC. It resulted in injuries, and a second potential device has been discovered (but didn’t blow up.)

    Again, imagine that stiff as POTUS. That IS, Hillary “responding” to this event — this was on her ‘plush’ plane and not at 2 or 3 am in the morning, when such events frequently happen — it was in the middle of the evening when she should be wide awake and on HER GAME, especially during campaign season ! (does she even look like she actually cares ? does she realize what this video will look like to all of us who she has to know will see this ??? Just like the more revealing video of her totally collapsing by the curb on 9/11, this is someone who simply cannot come close to being able to handle the rigors of serving as President.) If she is not on her last leg as a quite frail human being, she is very very close to that last leg. My grandmother at the age of 93, had more vigor and stamina on her death bed, than HRC demonstrates here.

    This is not about politics. It’s about capacity to serve and Hillary simply DOES NOT possess it.

    P.S. I will be very very very surprised if she even makes it to the debates, let alone actually participates in a way, that doesn’t allow her campaign team to somehow support her physically, shorten in demonstrably, show it over videocast of some sort, but no way, no how, physically be on the same stage, standing up side by side next to a virile and strong Donald Trump. Watch the debate rules change drastically, the setting, and potentially even be indefinitely postponed. Some major excuse will be sinisterly crafted. They’ll find a way to blame Trump for it in the process. Maybe even use something like death threats. Or threat of bombings on the day of the debates.

    • Truth

      Mike R,

      You said it all. There is no way she is fit to serve. It is just that simple. There is no way any intellectually honest person believes someone confused / medicated / emotionally detached-looking is up to such a task. It’s nothing personal – it’s just a fact. Trump’s poll numbers are steadily rising. They are blaming Trump for everything under the sun, trying to find fault wherever they can. If I didn’t like him before, I sure do now. Because, this type of bias, just makes me want to give anybody (that unfairly treated) a honest chance.

    • Frand Di Cicco

      Gross was wrong. He was shorting bonds at 121. Turned around at 129, shorted again at 133 and got booted out of Pimco as bonds are pushing 170.

      I know nothing about Gundlach but he cannot make money in a rigged market..rigged by all the central banks to mark-to-market the retirement funds. They MUST keep the market up as you cannot go into bonds or get interest in the banks. Heaven help the world if the market goes down.

      I am a commodities trader every day for 43 years straight. I think I got this one right.

      • Charles H

        Welcome aboard, Frank.

        • Charles H

          Frand. Excuse my error.

  63. diane s.

    Wow ….yet another biased report from MSM hack CNN.

    Check this out
    CNN Edits Out Hillary’s Reference To NYC Explosion As “Bombing” | Zero Hedge

    • Truth

      Diane S.,

      The mainstream doesn’t even make a vague effort to hide their bias. That’s not journalism. That’s intentionally misleading the public, to create a false narrative. Completely unethical.

      • Paul ...

        So now according to the MSM a “terrorist explosion” is not a bomb! … just like they say war is peace … and slavery is freedom!

  64. NY Law enforcement officer

    Law enforcement needs to appraise the citizens of an imminent and very serious threat to the peace within our communities and our national security. In the past couple weeks there has been a huge upsurge in online chatter pertaining to possible terror attacks both being planned and executed. We need your help in getting the word out that these attacks are often planned and implemented right under our noses, which is why we need to ask the public for help. If you see anything that looks suspicious, please call your local police, FBI field office or local Homeland security branch right away. Together we are stronger and together we will kill all of the terrorists before they have a chance to kill us. Thank You to all our citizens.

    • Paul ...

      And besides killing and mopping up the terrorists that are already here … lets vote for Trump to keep more terrorists from entering our country the way Obama and Hillary want (because terrorists vote Demon rat ic)!!

    • Robert Lykens

      NY LEO,
      I have a close family member in law enforcement and I know what you guys go through even without the insane, fanatic leftists who rail against you.
      I try to urge everyone I meet to obtain a permit and exercise their right to carry. If two or three terrorists were shot dead before they had a chance to inflict much damage we would have far fewer incidents.
      “An armed society is a polite society.”

  65. David John Williams

    I’d be interested to know what David Stockman thinks about the idea of flight capital. Based on everything David points out, one would expect the stock market is due for a correction…but…these are not ordinary times and some argue that as the EU continues to falter, money will shift to the deepest and most liquid asset pool on the planet…US stocks.
    What do you think Greg? Most of your guests predict a crash…what say you?
    I’d love to see you interview Larry Edelson as his views are unique….I’m not sure I agree with everything he says but he does have some interesting takes.
    Thanks as always Greg for doing what you do.

  66. mjmikey

    Always enjoy Greg’s website. The format was different last week,; because there was no Weekly News Wrap-up (WNW) and Richard interview was aired. Is Greg enjoying good health?, hope everything is alright.

    • Paul ...

      Like fine wine Greg is allowing the comment section “to age” … to bring forth a unique and “more robust drink” for our minds pleasure!

  67. Mike R

    I like Stockman, and have been following him for years. But he, like other perma-bears, such as Albert Edwards, Greg Mannarino, Gerald Celente, Marc Faber, Michael Pento, and just about every other guest on the show, will have to be far more patient as to their calls for a market collapse. Just look at how long Japan has been lowering rates, and doing QE, which is at least 10 to 15 years longer than us, and that is an indicator of how much more over-valued our stocks can become. The Fed will keep doing everything to keep this market propped. Yes, the crash, WHEN IT COMES, it is going to be brutal. But before that, we will likely see a major panic melt up, taking the S&P 500 to somewhere around 3000. It could take the next 2 years or longer to do that. People need to understand that Bear markets are vicious boogers, and these manic rallies that come out of nowhere, do their best to convince every single bear they are completely wrong. Even though you are seeing new highs, these are FED QE induced new highs, which stock markets in prior decades, or centuries have never seen the likes of before. You are seeing bears now in near capitulation stages, but that is still not enough. This next rally leg will likely suck back in all the people who have stayed out since 2009, because of the two prior crashes in 2000 and 2008. Many of those people are still out, having been burned by their losses, or having no money to put back in, bc their incomes are too low. Once those pools of people have been sucked back in, THEN and only then, will you see a mega crash. The problem right now is a whole lot of people like Edwards or Celente (or pick your favorite USA Watchdog bearish guest) are forecasting this big year end crash, or 2017 crash. They will be wrong. See the situation is that the dollar has not yet started its weakening phase, so as the dollar begins to finally weaken, that will boost a lot of the S&P 500, as our goods will become more competitive world wide, and cheaper to other buyers. The pro’s buying stocks now while things look precarious are buying bc they know the Fed is stuck behind the curve, as it simply cannot raise rates quickly for fear of risking a major recession. We’re probably in a mild recession or worse already, but they are not going to admit that. Remember when the Fed said 4 to 6 hikes last year ???? Well its been one and done, and they saw what happened when that trial balloon of a measly quarter point was floated, and so they will be lucky to get another off before year end. With elections they will jawbone that they will raise, using that jawboning to try to keep the incumbent party in office. So as long as the pro stock investors know that, and hedgies and algos know that, and worldwide there is basically no other market that has any yield, the worldwide investors will keep plowing money into US equities no matter how over valued they seem. People that have stayed out, are too scared to get long. The longs who have been in, have been selling taking mega profits, or keeping partial money in, and re-plowing those phat profits into smaller bets since they are playing with ‘house money’. The 1%’ers and those who have played this near 7 year rally right, they are up big. They are not worried about stocks turning down, but rather still buying on dips, bc they know the FED can’t do anything but MAYBE raise rates very slowly. A quarter point MAYBE, once every 12 months. Meanwhile, that game can continue for a long long time. And you’ll be buying Stockman’s books, or Pento’s subscriptions, or any one of these other folks who are on, who also have something to sell you, and want to make money on this as long as they can too. They need to keep you worried and in the game of believing, that the crash is right around the corner, and psyche you into believing they have to be right. Well, until the dollar not only starts to go down, but has had some months and years of being down which will generate greater profits and earnings for the S&P in this next phase, we truly aren’t likely to see a mega crash of any kind, until the S&P500 is up over 3000. Likewise, gold and gold mining stocks could also go to new highs, but the markets not yet crashing. It’ll give all the doomsters that hold gold a reason to stay in it, meanwhile the S&P will also be marching right along to new highs. Yields on the 10 yr will probably go even lower, and even go sub zero before we start thinking about a crash. I’m not saying to jump into stocks. I’m just saying everyone is going to be waiting far longer for this ‘crash.’ Too many people are forecasting this next crash, and when that many people ‘see’ a crash coming, there is very little chance it will occur. Those crashsters, and doomsters, need to be sucked back in too, turning back bullish, before the next crash that no one sees, will actually happen. Stocks just had a 7 year cycle low, and never has a crash occurred this close to a 7 year cycle low. The market needs another couple, maybe even 3 years, before it can start to crash. And the dollar will need to start falling, and keep falling for some time, so we could see quarter point rate hikes maybe once or twice a year for the next few years, while the dollar slowly starts back the downward direction. Personally, I don’t like stocks or bonds either. I’m investing that money in myself and my own business. Forget about banks or putting money there. Or dont do new money into 401k’s. And ignore that this rally has more legs up, bc you missed the best part of it all anyway since 2009. The next leg will have much more volatility, and try to throw you off of it anyway. You won’t have the stomach to hold through the next rally to S&P 3000, if you haven’t been in the rally since 2009.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike R,
      Stockman is on record predicting a crash of the Dotcom bubble and on record predicting the subprime real estate crash. Being correct is not a “perma-bear” it’s simply being right. Now he is predicting the central bank crash of crashes. My money is on Stockman and his track record. What you did since 2009 was participate in a profitable Ponzi fraud and you still are.

    • Spurr

      George Soros buying a long in the money put to the tune of $500M should tell you otherwise… George has to know somethings up Mike!

    • Mohammad

      Mike R.

      I can consider your post one of the best i read on this blog. Makes a lot of sense, and shared by Martin Armstrong that was proven right all along when every one was saying gloom and doom and he maintained Dow will hit 40000 before it crashes.

      That being said i have to share with you a thought of two, something coming from the left field so to speak.

      It is very obvious that all central banks are working in sync, that is on the surface, but if you look deeper you can see a fracture in the geopolitical arena that tells you something else could be taking place will materializes in a crash that may come faster than the bets on QE to infinity to grease the equity wheels.

      US is working on destroying the Euro to draw all the capital to it, that will give the feds a cushion for the so wanted/needed rate hike, they fueled the Middle East fire, removed the gate keepers of immigrants (Qaddafi) and flooded EU with what will turn out to be the worst nightmare EU will ever encounter, that is a guarantee to destroy Germany the backbone of the Euro zone and give the dollar a lease on life for few years when the world realizes that the dollar is STILL the only “safe” gamble in town. But that is not sitting well with EU/Germany and behind them Russia and China (It is no secret that Germany is leaning east bound and US is doing whatever it takes to screw them up) so what the latter are doing? Flooding US with latin American illegal immigrants that will in turn destabilize the dollar zone (TIT FOR TAT unless you believe the civil war going in Mexico is really a war on drugs). so that friction between those players, feds vs IMF is just going to get worse, and your projection for 2-3 years on a rosy market may not materializes. Actually the elections now are reflecting that fissure, Trump supported by the local oligarchies vs Clinton that is supported by the globalists are just showing that things will turn sour sooner than those 2-3 years.

      Tension in Syria/Eukraine/ south china sea is another time bomb that can spark a major sell off in the market contrary to what used to be “when bombs are dropped Dow is up” …It will be different this time around, you can count on it.

      So many variables at play that will shake the bones of the bulls in this market. the least of them THIS CURRENT ELECTIONS.

      I have again to admit that your post was one of the best i have read here.
      I hope you post again so i can enjoy reading it.


    • Charles H

      Mike R,

      Your points are well made, and reflect what has happened in the past – wash, rinse, and repeat. Personally, I think conditions in the world are getting very wobbly. Two or three more years?!?? No. Too much beyond just looking at the Market to take into account now. Stupid and corrupt America is going to be handed it’s hat in the near future. A little chance at money against the possible losing everything? No bet.

  68. WD


    Hilary is getting slaughtered on Twitter….
    It’s unbelievable!!

  69. Mohammad

    The “ceasefire” collapses after the “mistake”

    I always said it here and i will repeat:
    Damascus is the make or break of the world.
    It is the seam that holds east and west at bay.
    Too much tension on that seam.
    Time will tell.


  70. Just'n Observer

    Greg…. Another great interview…and thank you David Stockman for your in depth analysis and effort.

    Sorely if more would have listened to Dr. John Coleman’s warnings long ago we might have turned off this road to ruin we are still on…

    Dr. John Coleman
    Committee of 300 🎤 the Power Behind the New World Order Dr John Coleman 👽 Wake Up America

  71. Mohammad

    And exactly that is what’s needed to kick the cashless society in the next gear (banning largely denominated papers):


  72. Mohammad

    “And since the Fed has never “surprised” the market by hiking when expectations of a rate increase were below 60% as we documented last year, it is unlikely that Yellen will seek to shock the market into an aggressive selloff.”

    I say to zero hedge:


  73. Galaxy 500

    The Little Green Book: The leading source of Islamic jurisprudence back in the 80’s.

    A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate vaginally, but sodomising the child is acceptable. If a man does penetrate and damage the child then, he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl will not count as one of his four permanent wives and the man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister… It is better for a girl to marry at such a time when she would begin menstruation at her husband’s house, rather than her father’s home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven. [“Tahrirolvasyleh”, fourth edition, Qom, Iran, 1990]

    A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, but selling the meat to a neighbouring village is reasonable.

    If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrement become impure and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed as quickly as possible and burned.

    The Little green book was written by his high unholiness, Khomeini

    • Paul ...

      The immoral Satanistic perverts … where did this “green book” come from? … who wrote it? … was it written for space aliens? … or “illegal aliens” Obama is allowing into our Country to cut off Christian heads?? … then we have Hillary handing out Saran gas to kill Syrian Christians … this Demon c rat ic Party must be destroyed … lets put Trump in charge and give him the power to also weed out the Reptilian snakes in his own Party!

    • Bill

      GALAXY 500: You just grossed me out to the max with the green book. Think I will go somewhere and barf. Sicko

  74. Robert Lykens

    Why carry?

    Good Guy With A Gun Shoots, Kills Muslim Terrorist

    • Robert Lykens

      Come on, Americans.
      Exercise your rights or they’ll be stripped from you.

  75. Bart

    Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair interview Ann Barnhardt

    This is Greg Hunter. I edited out your nasty comment that went with this link.)

  76. Robert Lykens

    1274 attacks by islamic terrorists so far in 2016, over 11,000 people killed.

    • Paul ...

      A drop in the bucket compared to the 25 to 40 million Americans they really want to kill!!

  77. Andrew

    Stockman refers to the world bond market being $100 billion–I believe he meant $100 trillion. Thanks Greg for another great interview!


  78. Millicent

    Mexican peso plunging because…Hillary’s ill. From Drudge –

    • Paul ...

      Remember 80% of Mexico’s exports are to the US … when Trump gets in he will have Mexico over a barrel … if they want to sell any of their products here they will have to build and pay for a wall to keep the Christian beheaders out of the US … as for the MSM and their “false polls” showing Hillary is winning in every state of the Union … the fact that the Peso is falling is the best “poll” as to how Trump is really doing against Hillary!

  79. Robert Lykens

    George H.W. Bush To Vote For Hillary

    • Greg Hunter

      This is what I am talking about when I use the term “Criminal Crony Class.” Thank you for the link.

    • don ho

      I think Dad is speaking for his sons. Remember he was at Trumps nomination with Barbara. He’s an old man now and they put him up to this! Their nothing but a bunch of cowards making the old man stand up for them and take any fire. What a disgrace to the new world dis-order, neo-conmen and woman all!
      It’s coming, watch out! Incoming!

  80. Bill

    GREG; Having listened to Ann Banhardt on Mineset, do you think her theory of the Trump/Clinton presidency has some validity???

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think it will work out that way.

    • Mike R

      Barnhardt has become certifiable. Sad to see someone lose it like she has.

      • Greg Hunter

        Mike R,
        It you want to disagree, do so. Don’t make up false accusations and criticisms because you don’t agree with someone. At least Ms. Barnhardt uses a full real name.

        • Mike R

          Greg – her unrelenting castigation of the Pope, and by virtue nearly all people of the catholic faith, with largely unfounded criticisms, near zero written or video proof on 90% of her claims, and calling nearly everyone in the Vatican a sodomite, or far worse, has little to do with me ‘disagreeing’ with anyone. She’s pretty much mad at the entire world, and takes it out on near continuous weekly rants about everything SHE thinks is wrong with everyone and every institution. Someone who has given up essentially on life, and lives ‘down by the river in a van’ as she calls it, with a maniacal focus on mostly the Pope, would fall under most people’s definition of less than ‘balanced.’ Maybe you ought to consider an on spot interview of her right down by her river, and in her van, to let your audience form their own opinion ? I’ve read some of her stuff at intermittent and brief periods, more out of curiosity as to what would possess someone to so go off the deep end, and try so hard to garner sympathy. The world is unjust, and life is not fair, and we all have our own trials and tribulations. But this is a person, who is thousands of miles away from the Pope, to my knowledge, never studied him up close, never met him, never spoken with or interviewed anyone around him, and her vile is so incredibly deep-seated and personal that begs one simple question – what did he do to her personally ? Some very raw and likely misplaced anger. I would imagine her following are people likely having misplaced anger and hurt. It’s just sad really. Perhaps certifiable was a poor choice, but it’s hard to fathom how someone could persist on such raw anger and apparent hatred. Rather extreme and vitriolic word uses in many paragraphs. It’s like she wants to become some sort of martyr via the internet.

          • Greg Hunter

            Mike R,
            Fine, but don’t call someone names and say they are insane when you cannot prove it. I actually listened to some of the interview, and what I got is she feels the system is totally corrupt from the top down. She’s right on that point. Not sure I share her views on the Pope and Vatican, but as a former Catholic the Pope has told some whoppers that are totally contrary to the Bible. A few of my favorites: Christ was a “failure, humanly speaking” atheists can get to heaven by doing good works, a personal relationship with Christ, outside the church, is “dangerous.” The Pope also says Islam is “peaceful” and we all believe in the same God when, in fact, we DO NOT.

  81. Andrew

    To follow up with the bond comment: Greg, I noticed that you reference $13 trillion in your narrative where you’re quoting Stockman, which is referencing government bonds–but the word government was left out. So I think there are $13 trillion of government bonds out there, and $100 trillion of bonds in general.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is $13 trillion “paying” negative interest rates.

      • Andrew

        Right, but it is specifically government bonds, as Stockman says in the interview. Overall, I’m just trying to get a feel for how the bond market is divided up, and originally, the $100 billion number threw me off–but obviously, that was supposed to be $100 trillion. So there are $13 trillion of negative interest government bonds, then some amount of positive interest government bonds, and then all the rest–making up the $100 trillion. I just listened to Peter Schiff and he mentions the bond bubble again as one of the biggest icebergs in the financial waters that some are not paying attention to. Of course we understand that it’s a big deal.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Andrew, he made a slip of the tongue. I should have caught that, but I was mesmerized with Mr. Stockman. Thank you for your catch and comment.

          • Andrew

            Thank you Greg for all your work for us out here! 🙂

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Andrew for your support and comment.

  82. Mohammad

    When those moving mouth pieces say something, go the other way.

    I wonder how many bastard is betting short when reassuring the herd to go long….!


  83. Ralph Meeker

    WHY GO ON?
    Go on Living_Because There Is Hope
    Psalm 37:11 KJ21
    “But the meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”—PSALM 37:11.

    The Bible acknowledges that life is “filled with trouble.” (Job 14:1) Today, everyone is touched by tragedy of one sort or another. But now many are feeling utterly hopeless about life and our future, as if there were no light on the horizon, no prospect for a better future. Is that how you feel? If so, be assured that the Bible offers genuine hope—not just for you but for all humankind. For example:

    The Bible teaches that God the father intended something far better for us.—Genesis 1:28.

    That God promises a paradise a paradise earth.—Isaiah 65:21-25.

    The fulfillment of that promise is certain. Revelation 21:3, 4 says:

    “3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God..” Revelation 21:3 New International Version (NIV)

    That hope is not mere wishful thinking. Our very own creator fully purposes to bring it to reality, and he has both the power and the desire to do so. The hope that the Bible holds out is reliable, and it provides a strong answer to the question “Why go on?”

    REMEMBER THIS: Although your emotions may toss and turn like a boat on a turbulent sea of bad new’s bear’s, the Bible’s message of hope can be like an anchor that keeps you above water and even stabilized.

    WHAT CAN you DO NOW?: Start investigating! What the Bible teaches, about a genuine hope for the future.

    • Bill

      Ralph Meeker; Most Christians are not interested since they have a death grip on the “Pretribulation rapture”

  84. Robert Lykens

    Crowd Erupts Into Laughter When Charlie Crist Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Honest’

  85. Mike R

    Yep. Hillary is DONE ! She just went on the PUP list. (Physically Unable to Perform.)

    Cancels NC. A fundraiser of all things. You know where she loves to collect her dough, and promise her BIG donors, big Pork Barrel Favors, after she ‘wins.’ (wink,wink, cough,cough).

    More to come folks. (cancellations, postponements, no shows, etc. that is).

    She’ll drop out before the debates.

    Anyone not out physically campaigning, in the flesh, this close to election day, simply is nowhere close to being fit physically or mentally for the rigors of POTUS. Something very serious is happening behind the scenes, and once again, with HRC you have ZERO transparency. Zip. Zilch. NADA. NONE. Just what one wants from a PUBLIC SERVANT. (not.)

  86. Varughese

    USA Presidential race 2016 is a joke from the start. When you have to chose between Hillary and Trump you realize that you are in some seriously muddy waters. Hillary should never be elected, that so called honest lady have no idea what she is doing and may start the WW3 with Russia in the first year at office. In that sense Trump is a safer bet to not start a WW3. But even there I am worried. He is simply tapping into People’s anger against establishment and channelling it for his benefit. He once again proves what a smart businessman he is. But the problem is that he will struggle to implement anything he promises. As PCR said he will be simply held hostage by Congress and Senate. He may have to go to execute special presidential powers to get simple thing going. But I doubt he will do that alone. When the crisis comes he will also be fixated to the Stock market downturn and will do what the rich guys want to do.

    When empire starts collapsing people will hold on to the hope that we could rebuild this again. Usually nothing happens like that. One of the main reason is that during and prior to collapse a lot of power centers emerge and they will fight at each other (economically or militarily) killing any hopes of revival.

    • Paul ...

      Once we destroy the Demon-rat Party with a landslide Trump victory we can better focus on removing the remaining snakes from the Reptilian Party … those who don’t vote because they see “two snakes” and think things are hopeless should join forces with us who believe killing off one snake will make it easier to kill the other snake … we can divide and conquer the neocons of both Parties … and ultimately out of the neocon snakes ashes a true Constitutional Party for the people can arise!

  87. 8Ball

    I would be deceased if cops acted like this when I was a young man… When I grew up the police force was comprised mostly of WWII vets who had just returned home. They had seen their share of killing and cruelty. They would have never shot this man…

    Psychopathic killer cops murder again
    September 20, 2016 | Categories: Announcements | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article

    Psychopathic killer cops murder again.

    Police accidentally record themselves fabricating fake criminal charges against protester.

  88. Judith

    Excellent interview with Stockman, very informative, , thanks Greg for putting him on USAWATCHDOG.COM !!

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