Stocks & Dollar Crash-Gold & Silver Spike-Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says he may have been wrong in the past about a stock market top, but now the top is in and predicts, “As of March 1st (2017), we believe the stock market, the Dow, the S&P, and all the world markets for that matter, are supposed to have topped and from this point forward, we are supposed to see a very ugly April.”

Polny gives another April prediction and states, “Trump’s first 100 days in office ends April 30th.  Before his 100 days are up, expect three things:  Expect a stock market crash, expect a dollar crash and expect gold and silver, they (Fed) are going to lose control, and you are going to see a sharp spike in the month of April.”

There is a massive military buildup in North Korea. Syria is hotter than ever after the Trump Tomahawk missile strike, and new military threats have spiked in Ukraine.

With that in mind, Polny makes another stunning prediction on gold and proclaims, “The forecast right now is $2,000 per ounce by the end of May and, worst case scenario, very early June.”

Polny admits he got the price spike wrong in gold but also says, “Yes, we’ve been wrong about the price spike but not wrong in the big picture and that gold will never go lower than $1,045 per ounce regardless of all the analysts screaming that gold was going to $700 per ounce. They have been wrong for five years.”

Polny freely admits he “screwed up” and missed the timing on the stock market top by a little more than a year and seven months. He says he was simply too early, but now he’s back on track.  Polny says you can expect what is called a “Jubilee” year in 2017.  So, what’s coming?  Polny says, “There are going to be three stock market crashes:  in April, on the last week, and then there are two more crashes in the fall. . . . Do expect that this year, 2017, markets will be falling.  The dollar will be falling, and gold and silver will never be at these low prices ever again.”

Polny says a “Jubilee” year is the end of seven, seven year cycles. That is 49 years, and now is the 50th year which is called a “Jubilee” year.  Polny says, “49 years is the end of the cycle.  So, the 50th year is a year of cleansing and a year of washing.  It’s a year of debt forgiveness. . . .It’s a year of rest.  It’s a debt forgiveness year. . . . The old system of debt, bonds and the dollar, those are all debt based instruments.  That’s the old . . . that’s part of the cycle which ended.  Now you have seven years forward of massive world changes.”

Can’t the Fed just manipulate the gold and silver markets so they never gain in price? Polny says, “The cycles are against them.  The Fed is against the wall right now.  For them to do that, they are going to have to break a 10 year cycle, and all the 10 year cycle shows is a massive price move that is about to happen.  They are against the wall, and they are not going to be able to bring the price of gold and silver down once it takes off.  When they lose control of gold and silver, it’s just going to keep going.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bo Polny of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

 After the Interview:

There is free information, videos and analysis on By the way, Polny says he picked the last stock market high to the day on March 1, 2017.  He sent out the information below to his subscribers on that day:


March 1, 2017

With the DOW Industrial above 21,000 today, the price has NEVER in history traded this high above the Bollinger Band.  Expect a sharp reversal down.

This message came with the chart below:

To become a subscriber go to and scroll down to bottom of the homepage for pricing.

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  1. Lord Ha Ha

    Charming, Lovely and Beutifull, Asma al Assad!
    What The neo-conmen & woman Don’t want you to Know

    PRESENTING: Asma al Assad ” Woman For Peace ” March
    President Bashar al-Assad with Barbara Walters from ABC News
    The neo-cons butcher of Syria, Mr. milk toast himself.





    • Oracle 911

      Personal note, Trump is using fake news to distract the crowd and the neocons.
      The transition period from debt based monetary system to metal based system will be bumpy (on low voice).

      • Macray

        Oracle 911
        The Art of the Deal?.
        Empty Threats: Why Trump’s Vow to Strike North Korea Was a Bluff

        “We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you,” Trump told Fox Business Network, specifying that the deployment was part of the US response to Pyongyang’s “provocations.”

        While the White House threatened Pyongyang with a potential strike in the event of a new nuclear weapons test in North Korea, the US striking group was actually moving away from the Korean Peninsula. “There will be no strike against North Korea,” Russian political scientist Alexei Gusev told Radio Sputnik.

        • philipat

          Greg, IMHO you do yourself a discredit by continuing to feature Polny on your otherwise informative and excellent site. Polny has been exposed and discredited on the PM sites for the charlatan that he is. That doesn’t necessarliy mean that you should not have him, but please at least do the research on Polny’s background and the outcomes of his ongoing PM predictions (where only the dates keep changing after the last unsuccesful “forecast”). He is an undischarged California bankrupt Chiropracter who still owes over $100K, which might explain why he charges such high fees for his “research”?
          As for me, I don’t choose to take my precious metals advice from an undischarged bankrupt with no background or qualifications in any aspect of Finance (Other than perhaps bankruptcy laws).

    • Mohammad

      Damascus is the make or break of the Elites and the Rothschild….
      It is where all roads meet, from Silk Road to Rome.
      In the history Syria is been the thorn in the eye of elites. It will remain.
      It is where the story began and where the story ends.
      Where Jesus will come back and sets the record straight.

      Time Will Tell.


    • Thomas Blow

      Greg, view Tim Pool’s video on Understanding Fake News on YouTube Sargon of Akkad channel or I would like you to interview him and discuss fixing the system. We need truth or there is no way to have representative government because our desires are manipulated and our social contract is based on false premises. My suggestion is to have news that is paid for only by views, if no one can cheat. They say bitcoin is uncheatable due to Blockchain technology, can you apply this to voting or news/youtube hits?

    • Kevin

      What a good interview and it was nice to have some hard questions asked by Greg. I don’t disagree with Bo’s projections on where the metals SHOULD be heading, what I do scratch my head is how badly he misses his prices and dates on a regular basis! $60.00 silver? WRONG. $100.00 silver? WRONG! When he made a video wrapping his arms on around President Trump as some sort of savior, I really rolled my eyes. Is Bo aware that he has 6 former Goldman Sachs members on his staff!? I keep stacking metals NOT based on “Daniels timeline,” or what Bo projects. All you have to realize is nothing was fixed in 2008 and that the petro dollar is in DEEP, DEEP do-do.

      • Eric

        Kevin I also wonder why he has to set such a narrow timeline. Next week ?
        That said, I firmly believe next week (Friday) Greg will be discussing a government shutdown. Once the balancing plates begin to fall they all fall.
        The powers that be who are orchestrating this will let many plates drop together (including war) to distract us all.
        His price predictions are not out of line. We have been lulled to sleep as we ALL cry wolf for too long.
        It will happen.

    • Frederick

      The Assads certainly don’t seem like the kind of people who would use chemical weapons that’s for sure I believe like most that it was a false flag attack to discredit Assad

  2. Elusive Joseph

    End the Federal Reserve. The U.S. Treasury should issue the national currency with thin, pliable copper strips embedded in each paperback. Copper is more valuable and imperative than people realize. It has many industrial and hygienic uses. If copper is needed for physical application, but it’s in short supply elsewhere, the U.S. currency can be melted down & converted to whatever copper-based instrument is needed. This would help keep the U.S. currency in demand. Maybe have this copper-based currency backed by gold and silver. U.S. currency crisis solved / averted.

    • Paul ...

      Perhaps we should put a penny’s worth of copper in the greenback (that is what it is worth today) … as for Bo’s prediction of $2000 dollar gold by the end of May lets not forget “nothing is certain in this world” … well let me modify that … nothing is certain in this world except for politicians imposing upon us, our children and our children’s children “death and taxes”!!!

      • Paul ...

        If one penny worth of copper was actually put into a greenback to give it “some worth” would people “then” put this greenback under their mattress? … not me … I would cash in that “penny greenback” for 100 penny’s and put the 100 pennies under my mattress … as that would make more cents to me!!!

        • Paul ...

          I don’t know (or care) what other people are doing … but I’ve been putting nickels under my mattress … before the politicians make them out of wood!!

  3. Wayne

    At about half way in the interview, I just couldn’t take the suffering anymore. Total rubbish.

    $2000 gold within the next two weeks. really?

    I hope Greg removes this charlatan from his rolodex once his month-end predictions again turn out to be total BS.

    • Concerned american dad

      Greg, right in your intro, when you pointed out the manipulation if all the markets you pretty much squashed all of his ridiculous cycle charts.

      I’m sure any clown could pull any magical number out of his @$$ and spin it into a chart of a cycle.

      Have him on for a livecast on the 25th. Maybe do a round- table with Holter and Sinclair too …. Kitby, Stockman…….

    • This sceptred isle

      I think bo polny and harry dent are both involved in a psych op on gold holders. Both horrendously wrong in opposite directions on gold predictions.

    • Rob L

      Anyone who has used Bo Poney subscription service has lost a lot of money
      Can’t believe this guy still gets invited onto the show.
      Bible plus grade 2 math is Bo’s methodology – a genius.

      Bo aside, USA Watchdog is great – thank-you for your great work Greg.

      • Greg Hunter

        Rob L,
        How do you know this? This is your opinion you are stating as proven fact. Thank you for your support though.

        • Eric

          Greg Since we know his predictions have been wrong while charging exorbitant fees and members have traded accordingly…….. of course they lost money.

          • Greg Hunter

            You do not know that and have no data to back that up. Polny has had many correct predictions and has them documented with his subscriber news letter. Polny says he has a loyal subscriber base.

    • dbcooper

      Thank you Greg, DB.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yes…when somebody is NEVER happy, you have to give up n them.

    • John

      Nasdaq hits new record. PMs b$tch-slapped yet again at the the end of the month. Epic fail. The problem is not with his math. This error is in the assumption that human math can solve God’s equations.

  4. Steve Murphy

    Sorry Greg but I have to skip this interview with Bo Phony. I’ll check back in on Friday.

    • Frederick

      Wise decision Steve

      • Jeff L

        Well, I didn’t watch it until Tuesday April 25th and after I saw his prediction for a Black Tuesday………and the opposite is happening today, I didn’t bother to finish listening to it. Most guests are pretty credible on USAWatchdog and I commend you Greg for what you are doing, but I’m not so sure I’m wanting to listen to Bo anymore.

  5. Robert

    Greg, why don’t you contact George Ure? He’s been spot on with his market predictions. First heard of him on coast to coast radio. He predicted last spring the markets would make new highs when many were claiming a summer crash.

  6. Robert Peter Bailey

    I have been told a lot of negative news or feedback in regards to Bo ! I have nothing to really say about him or his information, Bo’s information is coming from Biblical Numerology with the Number 7 ! 7 x 7 = 49 in connection with the Bible Jubilee.
    Bo in your latest interview says that Gold will be $2000 by May or June this year.
    Greg, has asked Bo, why did he got some predictions wrong ? There is a strange thing happening here, the number 7 and all Biblical numbers CANNOT ever get it wrong, these numbers in the Bible and all this is connected with the Mind of God, and he cannot get anything wrong !
    Bo, and you Greg, I have been dealing with topic since 1979, and I have never made any fantastic predictions in relation to numbers in Gods Word ! But sadly Bo, has been doing this but sadly has got in wrong. God in the words of Daniel the Prophet and the last book of the Bible John in the Revelation can never get it wrong because God cannot lie or get anything wrong like we can.
    Please tell Bo and even yourself Greg, the greatest information about the Biblical number 7 , is from 27 AD when Jesus Christ was baptised in the river Jordon, by his Cousin John the Baptist, 3.5 years from this even Jesus Christ was crucified on the Cross ! After Jesus Christ resurrection and ascension to heaven to start His Great High Priestly work, it was 3.5 years more given to his Apostles with His Gospel to the know world !
    3.5 + 3.5 = 7 years all seven years in the Bible is always in connection with this great Bible fact.
    If Bo, started with this first then he would have NEVER got anything wrong ! But sadly, Bo, did not know this vital point, that all predictions with the Bible number 7 is always connected with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why am I saying all this Greg, about Bo and his misconception here is because Gold and Silver is also connected with God and Christ !
    At the start of of Jesus Christ’s life he was given Gold, from one of the 3 kings or wise men from the East. Then before Jesus, was betrayed he was sold for 30 pieces of Silver which was 15 Ounces of Silver, Gold and Silver and Bible Numbers like the number 7 should always be connected to Jesus Christ, but the Spirit of God, has told me that Brother Bo, got it wrong and will always make some type of mistake because his heart with Jesus, is not in Spiritually true connection, I really don’t make any judgment on Bo, but any person that has a close connection with this topic will not get any thing wrong, You shall know them by their fruits….by their predictions and there information.

    • Robert Peter Bailey

      I guess that I will not get any feedback about what I have said about Bo or about the Bible number 7 ?
      Never mind !

      • Bill

        Nobody replied because we all know god gave up gambling on the biblical numbers after he bet against the Patriots based on the number 7. Hard to base a monetary explanation of a fellow such as GOD that doesn’t need money in the first place and if your a believer whats the point of making more money off gambling? Its called greed last time I checked. So hope you enjoy the fact you got a reply.Food,water,shelter and a 5.56 ar15 to keep safe.

      • RealityCheck

        I have learned, after years of listening to people like BP, that none of them have a clue about what will happen in the next 5 minutes… Never mind days, weeks or months. You waste your time listening to and following them.

      • evan trofholz

        I don’t know enough on the topic to dispute you, but I would like to know, specifically, what you have uncovered since 1979 that Bo (and Jonathan Cahn) are missing.

        I would also be interested in hearing how you’re assessing that Bo does not have a spiritual connection with Jesus, whereas, as you seem to imply, you do.

        • Robert Peter Bailey

          Hello there,
          I think that I could be misunderstood about what I said about the number 7 and any kind of numerology that is taken from a theological point of view just like Bo, has done !
          When Bo, has used the number 7 and has connected it with precious metals he has been incorrect with some of his predictions! All that I has replyed to his interview with Greg Hunter, recently is that it would be impossible to use the theological systems of numbers from the Bible and show it to be wrong with any of Bo’s previous predictions ! Bo got it wrong and has said this in his recent interview !
          For those who have faith in God and any of the contents from this supernatural book called the Bible, it’s not the number 7 and it’s function that is in error, but Bo Polony, who has incorrectly used it to either make money out of it because he has connected it to gold and silver and to the US mind-set of the greed of the dollar.
          Coming from a ministerial back ground I have personally used this systems of Biblical Numerolgy in the past, but have never used in connection with precious metals !
          The reason being is clear yes God is not interested in money, or riches, and worldly wealth but Bo has used this theological system of numbers to catch some people out with information that He shared on USAWatchdog.
          Bo told Greg Hunter, that gold will be at $2000 by the end of April / June this year, this Is Not the function of using the number 7 or anything to do with 7 x 7= 49 the Bible Jubilee !
          This is why I said that Bo Polony, is not honestly connected with God, because a person cannot use something from a Sacred source and use it for any Financial gain, greed or gambling included in this picture !
          Then openly admit that he got it wrong, God’s methods cannot get it wrong, or He would not be God !
          Many curious people who have followed the words of Bo in the past and have watched his last interview with Greg, have been very disappointed and will be disappointed again because you cannot use anything from the Bible to make money…” it hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Robert, I gave up on all that years ago. The mania over Fatima secrets and Bible numbers eats up people’s precious time…if we are known by ur fruits, I want better than that on my little tree.

  7. FC

    I agree with Bo’s opinion on gold and silver, but to predict dates I’m not so sure and I don’t really care about it anymore as my insurance policy is in place………….it’s getting to a point now where one is looking forward to their house burning down so they can claim on their policy, but forgetting the inconvenience and the ordeal of experiencing such an event..

    For me, I see this being a time of social turmoil that we need to endure and hope to survive before claiming on our insurance policy, something I’m in no hurry to experience.

  8. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, well your guest may have gotten this right this time, but over 40 years of watching the DOW one thing I can say is: TECHNICAL PREDICTING HAS ITS MERITS, but what can look like a “double top” can still go up and make another double top or a triple top, or something else. Technical traders are notorious for getting it wrong most of the time. The game changer(s) will be if some kind of shooting war starts in North Korea or something on the world stage such as that, then real events will control the market and they generally are not favorable to higher tops; and, we could be entering those kind of waters

    Even if the markets are “rigged” world events can trump (no pun intended) the riggers!

  9. Robespierre

    Na, Martin Armstrong says the DOW can easily go to 31,000 eventually. We will see.

    • Frederick

      Robespierre Yeah that’s assuming the dollar gets hugely debased in which case the 31 k DOW won’t earn you much if anything just keep up with inflation if you’re lucky

  10. jim

    Greg, Please don`t have this guy on any more , He make the guys we believe in look bad. Bo Polny belongs in a rubber room #7, with 7 layers of rubber , for 7 days, 7 hours , and 7 min. I can`t believe anyone would pay for his services.

  11. Cedron Goldsack


    You do yourself and your site no credit by having this guy on your show. He is a laughing stock over the entire alt media.

  12. Chip

    Read the text but just can’t watch Bo and his predictions of “imminent” crashes and spikes anymore. I’m sure he’s honest in his beliefs and I mean no offense to either of you but… Chip

  13. Mohammad


    David Stockman calls Trump “THE EMPIRE’S SPANKER-IN-CHIEF”:

    For the full webinar:


    • Paul ...

      Breaking News … Mad Dog Mattis (who loves to shoot people) sends two more nuclear powered carriers toward North Korea … Russia is so concerned that it has released an official statement that Trump and his Generals are more of a threat to the world then North Korea … this is now becoming clearly obvious to everyone the world!!

      • Mohammad


        Something is puzzling me and makes me scratch my head.
        It defeats any kind of sanity sending heavy slow moving carriers to the Korean Peninsula within the range of the N.K. rockets….?????
        I don’t get it?
        The first impression am getting and am not a military person is WE ARE SENDING SITTING DUCKS which will only invite the appetite of the crazy loony toon fat boy of hit.
        The first thing came to my mind is Pearl Harbor de ja vu…
        Why can’t we have alternatives like using land facilities in the surrounding territories to launch instead of sending those ass heavy slow hauling carriers?
        I hope some one with some experience shed a light.


        • Paul ...

          I think you answered your own question Mohammad … our immoral political leaders have no religious qualms sending our young men to their deaths “using them as a target” to get their wars started (Pearl Harbor, 9-11, etc., etc.) !!

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            Keep scratching your head, you’re figuring it out. It’s impossible to be too cynical about today’s leaders and power.

  14. al

    Nice Cycle Analysis theme you got going here Greg. Truly appreciated.
    I’ve been following Bo for years. He’s been wrong and in my opinion a guy that works hard to be so wrong should not charge what he charges for his newsletters. Cycle analysis is done better with Martin Armstrong and he’s not always right either, but more right than Bo. Charles Nenner is ok as well but I paid for his services for 6 months and found them lacking in so many ways.
    Let’s face it, when Bo says that eventually we’ll get a crash, all I can say is … DUH!!!
    I don’t trust his timing and none of these characters I mention admit to manipulation which turns cycles upside down. I’ve seen it happen in 07 onward…
    Sorry Greg, I can’t stomach this guy. Thanks for having him on, but I didn’t watch the whole video.

  15. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Am I the only one who thinks gold is a static, dead investment and fear driven? Besides that, it ties up money that could save houses, teeth, and who knows what…all because it would be sold at a loss.
    Dave Ramsey, I think, understands this. Gold is a dead, pretty rock….if I had $$ it would go into my credit union to help poor kids have cars to go to work and school.
    This fear driven economic advice is practical atheism…I’m sick of it.

    • Mohammad


      No … Gold is not dead as money but what every one misses is that it will be back on a totally different platform, totally different reason.

      When the Antichrist will emerge in Jerusalem he has to convince the fools that he is the christ and do two things:

      1- claim the land from river to river.
      2- issue real money on the ashes of funny money.

      Those two things are in the process of being happening as we speak.

      The issuance of real money (gold/silver) will only and only happen then, on the road to that we will pass through the funniest money ever issued….DIGITAL MONEY.


    • Alex

      If there is a storm coming around gold is a good shelter. Historically the stocks outperform gold but there are times when one should stay away from the financial markets. There is a high probability that the next few years would be such a period.

    • Steven

      In my credit union we have about 20k siting in a savings account because I have a kid in college and this is his tuition money and is needed in the near term. The year to date dividend is just over $10. If we agree that inflation is running at around 5% the 30 grand has lost about $320 in the first four months of this year. Even at the ridiculous low government numbers of 2% we have lost about $120 so far this year. So in reality by putting our money into savings at a credit union we have lost money in the last four months and will continue to lose more for the rest of the remaining year. And as a final insult we will get to pay taxes on our “gains” of dividends.

    • Gary

      Deanna, look at Gold as Insurance, its hard for Americans to do because your still the worlds reserve currency, but that will change.
      My last purchase was at 1265.00 Canadian I can sell it today to a bullion dealer for 1714.00 CAD, its outside the banking system under the doghouse.
      At the same time I also hold American Dollars as our Cando is now at a 1.35 exchange rate, “Its expensive to go to Vegas”when you loose 37%

      History always repeats, think of the people in Greece, Venezuela, Zimbabwe,
      who have experienced being ripped off by their own government, especially with a currency devaluation” “Unfortunately my American Dollars are in the Banking System along with my Canadian Dollars”
      Winston Churchill: Gold is the worst form of money there is, EXCEPT FOR ALL THE OTHERS

      PS “I am not a Gold Bug”rather a hard asset type of guy”

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Well, Gary, I’m an old boomer grandmother with a disabled husband who works part time, partly to be on Medicaid, which in Georgia gives a break for disabled seniors who work. Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep in it the back of my mind with the Hopi dry farming.
        I chose long ago to renounce fear driven choices. Perhaps I’m very blessed in that I’ve been in many very tight corners where faith was the only choice.

    • Frederick

      Deanna Yup you’re the only one Nothing static about insurance

  16. Mohammad


    Seems like they are hell bent on invading Syria, this time around they will either never consult the reps. of the constituents (Trump/congress) or never listen to what they may say (Boris / parliament).
    They will go ahead with what Wesley Clark had talked about years back for the sake of Israel:

    Chances are we may put 150000 troops in Syria by June/July 2017 according to Robert David Steele:

    9:51 on the tape where he says that Israel longest plan was to Balkanize M.E. and get rid of Syria.

    Zerohedge on the matter:


    • Paul ...

      We only have 42 days to convince Trump to come back from the “dark side” … according to Robert David Steele June 1st is supposedly the day the Globalists plan to initiate a False Flag “chemical attack against Israel” (to be blamed on Assad) so that “Mad Dog”Mattis can send 150,000 US troops into Syria … we are all waiting with baited breath for Darth Trump to pick up the evil Satanist neocons and hurl them to damnation … if not … June 1st will be the start of WWIII … Trump has tripped up and dropped the flag … whether he can recover before June 1st to stop WWIII is unknown right now … God knows we need some help here … he has an honest Latino (Robert David Steele) trying to help Trump carry the flag once again … if he doesn’t succeed we are going to nuclear war!!!

      • Paul ...

        We should all be praying that Bo is wrong once again … because if Bo is right … and gold jumps to $2000 dollars per ounce on June 1st … it means WWII has begun … now what good will gold rising be to us then? … instead of being happy that gold has finally risen … we will in fact be very sad on that day … realizing that the evil imbecile pedophiles in Washington finally did it (after drinking our blood for years and years they started WWIII to end the world) … and we will die for the evil pleasure they get sucking on our roasted bone marrow … so kiss your wife and children goodbye for the last time and make amends with God … as Russia finally resolves there is no other way … but to nuke the evil swamp and kill the Satanist pedophiles!!

        • Mohammad


          Greg should bring Steele on,
          Sorry for my french but who gives a damn about a chart or gold price or Dow crap if humanity’s very existence is at stake.
          Steele is more important now than any one holding a chart t interview.
          Please Greg bring him on.
          I emailed you the request, it is urgent to hear his take on current events unfolding supersonic.


  17. Teeter

    This guy is as crazy as a bag of cats, please have him on to tell us why he is WRONG again when non of his predictions actually happen. Seriously greg, all your guest have been wrong, you are running out of doomers who will come on and paint the agenda of “The Sky is Falling”, “BUY GOLD”, “Stock Market Collapse”, when in actuality just the opposite is true. Have Jerry on and lets talk about whats really happening, no crazy predictions that NEVER happen.

  18. regular NJ guy

    I’ll bet you my $100 to your $10 that Bo is wrong.


    We will find out in only 11 days, since April 30th is the expiration date and today is April 19th. I don’t expect Greg to accept the challenge of my wager. I know. I know. Bo has been wrong for so long that this time he must be right. NOT !!!!!!!!!

    • regular NJ guy

      We’re halfway to the 30th of April and its not looking good for Bo and his predictions ! If he’s grossly wrong, he will rightly have earned the title “DONKEY” !!!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        If he is correct will “DONKEY” be your title?

        • regular NJ guy

          I accept. You’ve got a bet, sir. However, I don’t think I shall be proven wrong. At least Bill Holter has common sense enough to admit that he doesn’t ***KNOW*** the timing.

          • Greg Hunter

            Who know NJ. As Bill said it cold happen at anytime because it’s so criminally distorted. As I said before let’s give him to the end of the month. Thank you for your comments. The situation in North Korea is far from solved.

            • regular NJ guy

              The guy now has 2 days plus a few hours to be right. Looks like I will be correct and my ability to spot a donkey is proven intact.

              • Greg Hunter

                Polny just made a bad call. I feel he will just be early and not totally wrong. Bad things are coming.

  19. asmith

    Do a search on this site for Bo Polny. Why is he right this time, when he was wrong w/his timing in his last 3 interviews?

  20. Jerry

    I’m sorry, but with all the market manipulation going on, I just don’t trust charts anymore. The World Bank of Governors are the ones who really control the markets, and in just a matter of days THEY will deicide how much our currency is worth.

    Unless I’ve missed my guess, with the help of “The Working Group” they’ve already began the global banking transformation by installing a new currency system (linked to the SDR and RMB) into our banks, via the Federal Reserve. Hank Paulsen and Timothy Geithner have both been in extensive meetings with the IMF and the Chinese over the past ten years to facilitate this move. In my opinion, that is why China is Donald Trumps new found friend. He knows the reset is coming.

    The Working Group is installing

    • Jerry

      In the coming years, new products manufactured in America may say “made in America” on them , but they will be owned by Chinese Corporations.

      • wondrouscat

        That’s rich. It’s true then what goes around comes around.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        A Chinese business man bought an abandoned cotton mill here in South Carolina. The hands are mostly the same people who were dumped in the 90s. The American Traditions calico is in JoAnn’s and online.
        Is it better to have those folks working at McDonald’s or Walmart and on Foodstamps? I don’t see it that way. They are very happy to have their jobs back.

    • Gary

      BINGO Jerry, Hank & Timmy selling out America, what a charming couple
      of shills, “I would not expect anything less from ol Hank” betcha Goldman will be on the right side of that trade, we already know JP Morgan is with the corner they have on the the silver market.

      Lets face it, TRUMP was told how it is going to be, he was given the play book which is why he has reneged on virtually every thing he promised.
      I was Pro Trump before the election, now he scares the C–p out of me.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Mickey and Donald run the White House. Uncle Scrooge is Paul Ryan. Huey, Dewey and Louie are up for grabs. Chip n Dale are the college snowflakes throwing acorns all day.
        I have to be happy for my family’s sake….now for some ABBA.

  21. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Bo Polny’s call for this month is going to be easy to track, it’s next week. Next Friday’s news wrap could be way interesting. Speaking of interesting (times), I don’t know if we should be looking forward to it, but forewarned… and all that.

    Regarding bondholders taking a hit:
    “Plunging Used Car Prices Wreak Havoc On Rental Car Bondholders”
    …”with used car prices plunging, bondholders are starting to get slightly anxious about the collateral impact of writing down billions of dollars worth of capital assets.”…
    Bonds are a good investment until the underlying asset drops in value and then you’re stuck holding paper you can’t sell. I’d put new tires on my truck, but I already did that.

  22. eagleeye

    There has been a stunning number of comments about how the mainstream media has functioned as a propaganda machine for the establishment. How about we skin this cat? What can we do to starve these outlets of their revenue?

    • Paul ...

      The propaganda machine and the war machine is run on “drug money” … bomb the poppy fields in Afghanistan and we will starve the enemies of peace in the world!!!

      • Paul ...

        If “mad dog” Mattis starts lobbing nukes at North Korea … are our Generals so dumb they don’t know Russia may start lobbing nukes at their poppy fields in Afghanistan? … it is called “asymmetric warfare”!!

  23. Mohammad

    Gold is going to spike…
    Silver will soar…..
    PM will blow off the lid….


    They (Federal Reserve) are painting the chart, they have full control over where to put the fix.

    They took it down today like you never seen before.


    • Alex

      At some point the manipulation will be over. I personally plan to buy some more gold before the end of the month (not because of Bo Polny’s forecast). I see higher geopolitical tensions, political uncertainty in Europe and the USA, or financial problems within a few years. All of these are gold positive and we need just one of them to blow in order to see higher price in gold. It’ just my opinion, not a financial advice on how to invest.

      • Frederick

        Alex smart move I may add to my hoard as well soon

  24. Jerry

    AIIB Board of Governors meets where?
    You guessed it. South Korea in June. Does anyone want to bet what the central banks will do should South Korea decide to dump the dollar? All you need to know is Libya, Iraq, Grenada, Ukraine, Syria.

  25. R Scott

    This guy is full of it. Profit seeking profit. When he is wrong please don’t bring him back.if he by a long long shot is tight I will be the first to sing his praise. Don’t think so!

  26. andyb

    Bo’s forecast is similar to Jim Willies’s; 2 devaluations of the USD, one right after the other. certainly an indication that big inflation is in the cards. If that is true, it crushes the hopes of the elites for demonetization and the death of the $100 bill. But, but, but that means that the ultimate distraction; namely war, will be in play. God help us.

  27. Doug


    I’m not a big one for predictions as they usually fail and your stuck with the label of being wrong. I don’t think you can put God in a box and figure out what he is going to do in advance. I won’t argue about cycles and once again Bo put out a hard date of the 25th give or take 24 hours so I will withhold until he is proven right or proven wrong.

    What I’m writing about though is there are a number of interesting things adding to the mix. Congress has been out on recess and is coming back on Monday to argue about a budget resolution before the Federal Government’s authority to spend funds ends next Friday. And then of course the argument about the debt increase and add all that to a potential black Tuesday meltdown with a spike in metals prices. And then of course Trump is playing his ‘hide the ships’ meme so nobody knows if the Vincent strike group is offshore North Korea or really heading to Australia so lots of things in motion.

    May you live in interesting times, eh??

  28. Paul P.

    Greg, another fascinating interview. Yesterday, the 18th over $3 Billion in notional Gold futures were dumped onto the market AND AGAIN today-April19th, before London Fix another DUMP of 25000 Gold Futures contracts were or $3 Billion .. Something is terribly wrong with this picture. Where are the regulators???? Where are the Financial Press questioning such shenannigans??The cartel ( Satan’s soldiers) are adamantly working hard to destroy God’s money but they will fail. Bo mentions that cycles precede ALL events and that events (wars,natural disasters, elections, FOMC etc) end cycles. So his analysis is dependant on something BIG happening in the next week or so…..While many disparage his work ( based on Biblical prophecy) I for one am very intrigued and Bo is not alone. Clif High mentioned in your last interview that the Cartel would try and take down Gold and Silver before it broke free. Judging by yesterday’s and today’s action he is right. The FED may be soon resort to printing money but IMHO they or BIS or Cartel are printing Gold /Silver Derivatives to bust Gold and Silver and prop up the Dollar. Anway, thanks for having Bo on and please follow up with him in the next few weeks. If he is right it with be WORTH HAVING HIM ON….God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paulo for this information!!

  29. Thomas

    Although I think his (Bo’s) heart is in the right direction his attempt at timing the market is a fool’s game. He is wrong ALL the time, less a couple of lucky (yes…just luck) times. If there was an event that could cause gold to surge $800.00 in the next month it would be an event so monumental that there probably wouldn’t be a market that cares.

    • Tin foil hat

      April 13, 2013. Gold price dropped $100 at the end of the week.
      April 15, 2013. Two bombs went off in Boston. Nobody cared about the gold price which dropped another $100 or the bomb attacks in Iraq that same day.
      There were over 40 bombing incidents in over 20 cities which caused 75 deaths and 356 injuries in the midst of their election – Shiites majority (pro-Iranian) won that election regardless and the Sunnis terror organization, ISIL, was born in April 2013.

      • Cuzca

        Tin foil,
        I ran the numbers and there were a few events that match up nicely with your timeline roughly two years prior.
        7×7=49, then 4+9=13, Finally 3-1=2

        Wednesday April 27, 2011
        Obama crushes the birthers by releasing a birth certificate.

        Monday May 2, 2011
        Obama disposes of Usama the Terrorist

        Interestingly enough, on April 21, 2012 Pitcher Philip Humber pitches the 21st Perfect Game in MLB history

        • Tin foil hat

          Wow, that is some great work but I think it should be 3+1=4 instead of 3-1=2.
          The timeline should be 4 years forward which makes it roughly around April 2017.
          7×7=49, then 77-49=28
          I predict Osama will surface with Obama’s Kenya birth certificate inside a gay bath house in Chicago on April 28, 2017.

  30. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Greg interview.
    I am NOT going to say it! You have been to my site so you know how I feel.
    Mr. Polny does not understand that the cycles do not go on ad infinitum. ((He never answered my challenge.)) He spoke of Mr. Trump going on for 7 years. Here is my prediction: in 7 years (7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks, 7 days, 7 hours and 7 seconds, facetiously) gold and silver will be worth exactly whatever value you place on your life and those of your loved ones. Period. I would be worried about your family and their physical, as well as spiritual, lives in 7 years. Acutally, I would start now because things could get dicey after August 21st, if not before.

    For we wrestle not with flesh and blood…


    • dbcooper

      CC, Please don’t burst my bubble … I mean I have a NEW target date and I am so excited !! OK, OK … So tell me what might be wrong with this possibility … given that gold can be pressed or rolled to the thickness of a molecule what about the idea of having a gold backed bill that literally has gold embedded in it ?? I think that K. Hudes has floated this idea and while I cannot buy into much of what she says this idea seems to me to have merit. What say you ?? etal … Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Country Codger

        Howdy db,
        The presumption that everyone makes is that we will have a functioning ((such as it is)) government in the next few years. Personally, I believe America is marked for destruction, enslavement and have its natural resources stripped. I wrote a number of years ago that I believed then and still do, that Russia and China will team up against the US around 2020. It may still happen that way. Remember, Russians and Chinese are strategic thinkers and most American generals only know the tactical. In fact, I have described the Chinese as generational thinkers.
        I know that this is not popular in the good ol’ US of A but I believe that it will become a vassal state under, perhaps UN administration. I still hold that the value of the gold and silver will be the value we place on our family members lives.

        Most of my contacts in the intelligence agencies have retired and most have left the US. You may be able to pospone some of the pain by fleeing elsewhere but it will catch up with you at some point and time. The judgement will be GLOBAL this time.

  31. Aurele

    Sorry Greg, I skipped this interview and Bo’s false predictions. Personally I’d say “do not” bring him back.

  32. Mitchell Bupp

    Hello Greg, try to get MIT professor Dr. Theodore Postol on. I’ve emailed him regarding the politicization of intel. His latest report totally debunks the latest Syrian gas attack with science not propaganda..

  33. Flattop

    Predictions; I feel that people on this site are placing too much attention toward dates, and not enough on what your guests are saying. Jim Rickard, Bo Polny, Clif High and others are saying similar things, but their dates differ. What will happen is much more important to us than when it happens, if we are prepared…

  34. Wayne

    The same comment I made concerning Gregory Mannarino’s recent interview applies here:
    Is there real utility in using charts (Technical Analysis), given that all markets today are rigged? What is being looked at historically are interventions upon interventions, ad nauseum. So predictions are based on the premise that future interventions will be similar past ones over the time horizon considered? I do not see that classical patterns (e.g., reversals indicated by head-and-shoulders or cup-and-handle) inspire much confidence given the frequency-variety-intensity of such rigging. Except perhaps in precious metals, where the timing of their COMEX smashes has been quite consistent over so many years.

    It seems that Polny is truly a captive of his craft. He believes so much in his “math” and its relation to charting as dictated by (biblical) cycles, that he greatly risks missing and/or dismissing alternative and contra- indicators in his explanatory variables. On the error measurement side of quantitative modeling, at least two sources are generally involved: measurement error in the model inputs themselves and an “umbrella” error term (which can contain random or correlated errors, plus as-yet unidentified sources of systematic variability).

    Jeff Berwick also uses Jubilee Year/Shemitah cyclical events in his forecasts. Wonder if his and Polny’s forecasts are similar. Just curious, but has anyone looked at this?

    I think he said that, initially, gold would go to $2,000/oz and silver to $60/oz. That just about cuts the current Au:Ag ratio of 70:1 in half. This pricing would still be well above the 10:1 out-of-the-ground Ag:Au ratio most industry experts still use. All the more interesting as many believe a critical above-ground Ag shortage now exists. In fact, reports have just come out citing Ag mining production annual decreases of as much as 12%. When we add applications of the proposed new technology requiring Ag, its price should skyrocket.

    We have a potential US government shutdown end of April as CONgress faces an April 28 deadline to pass a spending bill. So with this as a precipitating event, maybe financial Armageddon will occur by end of April as Polny claims. Maybe he will be correct in his forecasts but I’m not a believer in market-timing as a rule. In any case, we’ll know soon enough, since his projected dates for critical (and devastating) economic and military events are very close at hand.

  35. David

    The only thing I liked about this interview is that we won’t have to wait long before we see Bo is wrong again. Next week’s events will reveal, hopefully for the last time, that Bo is a scammer. With most prognosticators, their predictions are a year or more in the future. By the time their prediction does not come to pass, most people have forgotten what they predicted. Gold and silver will go astronomical one day, and it will probably be a day no one predicted.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey David the market was down more than 100 points today.

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        The Dow dropping 100 points when it is above 20,000 doesn’t even register as a sneeze!

  36. Brad Skiles

    Thanks, Greg for having Bo on. I know he and you take heat for this. Since he has been on in the past, it is worthwhile to hear what he says even though I lost confidence in his use of biblical cycles. All your cycle guys have said cycles can’t be manipulated, yet they are. No doubt they will finally be right, the manipulators will lose. The “fundamental” analysts get to be right without using specific dates and targets. The technical analysts are so married to their process and numbers that they can’t accept the fact the manipulators have changed and continue to change the normal cycles. Rob McEwen (CEO McEwen Mining) said last month, “$2,000 gold this year.” Clif High is in the same ballpark as Bo. I don’t disagree with Bo’s general direction. Now we have one more opportunity to see if he is right about the specific dates and events!

    Thanks for the good interview!

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg… What those in ‘control’ think…might in fact be wrong…but if ‘they’ are acting on ‘their’ beliefs…and they have the power …it will affect the lives of others…
    Cyclical events have occurred for many many centuries based on recorded stellar events …with suppositions from the Emerald Tablets – Tulmud- Old and New Testaments – Koran – and the current ‘New Age’ attempt to blending of them. The Sanskrit being a predecessor of all of them. Which brings with it the ‘considerations’ about just what is up in antarctica the pyramids there and a possible new energy source. Also – the ‘real’ Illuminati started in the interior of India and those people migrated down onto the plains of the Middle East…and has only become more exposed as the more European invent…considered now behind the NWO – Deep State – curtains.
    Curious that the opium and heroin traffic and the zillions of ‘dollars’ stems from the drug and sex traffic and slave trades thru all these periods…yet the people are so surprised that –nothing has changed. Will not go on…only is say …something is!

  38. Paul

    Greg I love your interviews But Bo is about the worst when it comes to economic knowledge, constantly changes his calculations with some excuse and pats himself on the back if he gets 1 out of 20 predictions right. He might as well just throw darts at a board and hopefully one gets it right. Very poor guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      “1 out of 20” wrong predictions. That simply is not true. He has a subscriber service and his correct and wrong calls are documented. Polny has gotten some things wrong and admits it, but he’s also gotten many correct calls too. Let’s not make stuff up. Let’s give him at least to the end of the month. By the way, the stock market was down more than 100 points today.

      • Al

        Mr. Bo Polny is founding his predictions on Bible and history. I see Bible more like some written observations from the past attached to God, as there people have no rational explanation for that (cycles as Martin Armstrong would say). In general we, today know history too little. By looking back and go through propaganda shield, we can find some amazing things. And find out that in times of Renessanse or even before, there was more wisdom on the Earth, as there is today.
        So it is irrelevant if Bo is right as per friday date or a year later or any day. His mind process is right. He will be right, when most all will be wrong and at the time time could not be turned back!

    • Paul ...

      Bo may have his own sources predicting a false flag chemical attack on Israel (to be blamed on Assad) by June 1st to get WWIII started … so his prediction (gold shooting to $2000 per ounce by the end of May) may be “right on the money” this time (unless Trump comes over from the Dark Side and puts a stop to Mad Dog invading Syria)!!!

  39. Faith

    This article is still up on Zerohedge:

    “China warns April 25” is likely date for NK nuclear test. There is another article about Russian nuclear bombers buzzing Alaska. Oh, and right now Sec. of State Tillerson is speaking about dealing with NK and Iran.

    Anything can happen. Strikes on NK and / or Iran would certainly cause market fluctuations and PM prices to increase over a short period of time.

    I find Mr. Polny’s information to be both timely and plausible.

  40. james

    i personally will give bo 10,000$ for the charity of his choice
    if gold hits 1,500$ by mid june.

    • Robert Peter Bailey

      Hello James,
      Bo, has said that gold will go to $2000 soon never mind $1500 !

  41. monty bissett

    Greg love the show but this fellow is a complete loon. He missed it because he has numerous times. Rather incredible alright

  42. Tod

    I’m always skeptical of people who claim to have stuff figured out to the day.

    I’d like to see Jim Rogers on; it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from him.

  43. Justn Observer

    @10:20 MINUTES IN

  44. Da Yooper

    Sorry Greg have listened & read baloney more than he deserves
    must take a pass on this one as he is clueless to the rigging & manipulation of the bankers

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg and all…anyone with a handle on this BLACK CUBE business?

  46. Kevin Price

    Let me please be added to the list of those who deplore the crap coming out of Bo Polny’s mouth. Don’t waste our time with his drivel any more. Like the other poster said, it makes the excellent guests who come on look bad to some degree and you Greg, have a good reputation. Don’t ruin it.

    • Frederick

      Kevin He sure is doing a good job of that in my book Sorry I like Greg but please Enough is enough of these Charletons like Pony

  47. Derrick Reid

    Sure glad all his numbers work out this time.

  48. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    Hang in there Bo. I enjoy your interviews. I buy when I have the money, and it’s not paper. I’m sure some comments are from individuals butt deep in paper. Paper………is an investment worth the paper it’s written on. It’s musical chairs……who gets stuck holding it, when the music stops. 🙂

    Thanks Bo. I enjoyed it Greg.

  49. Macray

    Hey Gina/Maxine
    Do you really-really want to impeach the Don? Theodore could be your ticket.

    Dr. Theodore Postol is a professor emeritus of science, technology, and national-security policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who once served as a scientific adviser to the chief of naval operations at the Pentagon.

    The Nation spoke to Postol over the weekend.

    “What I think is now crystal clear,” he said, “is that the White House report was fabricated and it certainly did not follow the procedures it claimed to employ.”
    “My best guess at the moment is that this was an extremely clumsy and ill-conceived attempt to cover up the fact that Trump attacked Syria without any intelligence evidence that Syria was in fact the perpetrator of the attack….

    • Macray

      It may be,” he continued, “that the White House staff was worried that this could eventually come out—a reckless president acting without regard to the nation’s security, risking an inadvertent escalation and confrontation with Russia, and a breakdown in cooperation with Russia that would cripple our efforts to defeat the Islamic State.”
      “If that is not an impeachable offense,” Postol told The Nation, “then I do not know what is.”

    • Flattop

      Macray: with all due respect to Dr Postal, just because he was once an advisor dos not mean he has access to current intelligence. We all can make suppositions or opine, but without facts its just opinion.

      • Macray

        We agree to disagree. The facts the Don Administration presented to the American people did not add up for me or to several other top experts cited in the article. Dr. Postal took apart the narrative point by point.
        Are there facts the Don Administration did not present? Possible. But, based upon Dr. Postal analysis of what was presented, I reached the same conclusions as he.
        I hope you at least enjoyed reading his analysis.

  50. Daniel

    Hi Greg,

    This interview did not sound serious, using the Bible to predict the stock market is a nonsense. Anyway we will know in a few days if he’s a “false prophet” or not. At least i have to give him kudos for sticking his neck and giving precise dates for his predictions.

    You should invent Harvey Organ to see if he agrees with Bo!

    Kind regards,

  51. Kerr Mudgeon

    I know Bo is right because all the planets are in retrograde in April and there is an incoming asteroid which will undoubtedly drive up precious metals astronomically before it makes this all not only meaningless but also nonexistent.

    Time to break out my very expensive cigs and brandy I’ve been saving for the apocalypse.

    I trust Bo unconditionally. Yep, no worries there. Everything is right on track.

  52. Dennis

    MR.POLNY….is great to all you nay sayers…..HE has been more right than wrong…Greg I am glad you put him on again….I went and purchased Silver today…it’s 10 more an ounce than it was 6 months ago. THE owner who sells gold and silver stated that his business is really busy.. wish I didn’t been buying silver years ago..o well.

    • Barry

      I checked the charts. What currency are you talking about?

  53. Alan

    This guy is a joke. Many predictions and none ever come to fruit.

    I will be very surprised if the price breaks out of $1300…..He states by the end of May $2000. REALLY? When has gold EVER popped more than $700. in 6 weeks???

    Never…..Stopped reading this guys garbage years ago…..

    • Corleone

      Worst case scenario: early June. Extraordinary scenario: mid July. If ancient aliens resurrect and attack major cities: end of October.

  54. JohnH

    As a stacker, I hope he’s right abut PMs! Those of us who understand them, know that eventually he, Andy Hoffman, Steve St.Angelo will be proven right. But when?!?!
    So far, all of those (Harvey Organ, Bo Polny, etc) who’ve predicted exact years for their stratospheric reversals, have been wrong.

    • Barry

      Yes but will you sell some, or wait for them to go higher like last time?
      It’s still hard to know what to do even if Polny is right.

    • Frederick

      Yup Organ grinder and the pony aren’t doin so good are they Gartmanesque

  55. elf

    Greg, thank you once again for hosting Bo Polny. I appreciate him very much and look forward to his appearances on your fine shows. Thank you for everything.

  56. chris

    Love Bo.. Bold.. Willing to take the geat too.. Great guy and smart

  57. Mohammad

    Now it is TTIP:

    “Is Trump About To Flip Again: Ryan Says “TTIP Good For Global Order””


  58. helot

    Jerry asked, “who’s calling the shots in Washington?”

    What if We Don’t Really Govern Ourselves? By Andrew P. Napolitano April 20, 2017

    ‘What if the laws that Congress has written about the CIA have delegated congressional power to a small secret committee of members from both houses of Congress and both political parties? […] What if the very existence of the Congress within Congress mocks, defies and betrays the concept of American self-government?”…

  59. Tracy Welborn

    Everyone is pounding on the desk wanting to know WHEN this thing is going to collapse. I really feel bad for these people that are trying their to best to predict its demise – by whatever method. All I know, is mathmatically, it’s a certainty. So far its been a train wreck in slow motion, but a train wreck none the less. The thing I love about USA Watchdog is you never know what people are going to say – unlike the MSM channels that say the same thing over and over again – everything’s great, the markets going up, there are no bubbles, the economy is fine. Oh B.S.

  60. Justn Observer

    Greg… Stackers and Investors alike best be prepared to keep them…which appears from events will not be much longer. President Trump may intentionally be being pushed to engage too many fronts in the world by design? So what is obvious is he is stuck between …Democrats (Marxists on the left and Fascists on the right) exactly as in a proposed plan called the Madrid Circular… Has the U.S. Industrial base been pushed out of the U.S. to weaken this nation while it’s economy and finances stressed to a point of fail? Weakened from within …and at the point of being not needed much longer… this nations wealthy my about to be sliced up and divided and taken over by the very people that historically set it up as an experiment and ‘corporation’ and tool of world domination long ago. No worry…people too busy counting coins to concern themselves with who might be stirring the pot of this slowly warming hot water. These are only for those that have eyes and ears….and then can go to that posted above… Good Luck to you all. Prepare…it appears things might truly get really interesting real soon any day now… Be nice if Bo is right…and yet…the clock is event and not time specific. The equation for the function of endless expansion is f(x)= Z sq. root of amount of variable sequences +C. Or economy has a subset with a bleed off which hampers that universal …not unlike a cancer or tapeworm … that that in not unlike losing the ability of a protein to unfurl in a health and perpetual manner. If write the code…the M1 – M2 – M3 where in the it does not return inward…the life of the inhibited growth model the bleed off to an un-inhibited outer expenditure causes the self perpetuation of the inner body to stay inflated and that cell then dies…and it’s energy then is lost to that external source…that may either close off that sequence and grow on … or unrepaired …itself die off. Appears those with the ‘cold hard cash’ PM are about to be warmed by all the burning paper.
    Ph’d Farrell might be an interesting interview for his take on 911 and other topics like what is at the south pole…
    The Madrid Circular @ 57:00 the whole thesis and interview quite enlightening….
    Rise of the New Reich and Deep State in America:
    911 and the Fascist International Trap:
    Mystery Schools and Giza Death Star:

    • Flattop

      Justn Observer: HUH??

  61. Russ

    Greg – with everything else going on, what was missed is the French elections which are this Sunday. Big ramifications for France and the EU…
    “The Nightmare Scenario” And Everything Else: The Full French Election Matrix
    With everything else going on and BP’s forecast for this month based on cycle’s, the article is definitely germane and lays out the issues for France and the EU following the election this Sunday. Next week could be interesting times.

    • Russ

      This could be a trigger. Everything is connected.

  62. Mohammad

    Reading G500 posts for years, his wish to see Muslims killed in scores tells me they are extremists.

    “Russian court bans Jehovah’s Witnesses, rules group is extremist: agencies”


  63. Justn Observer

    Greg…Surely YOU must know why we needed this SPACE PORT at Burns Flat, Oklahoma Space Port… with a runway 13,500 ft long in a town with a population of 2057!,_Oklahoma
    a landing pad for mineral gondola’s from the moon and mars…or to intergalactic airport ?

  64. Chuck

    When did Gordon Ramsey become a gold expert?

  65. Mohammad


    Germany 1939 de ja vu.
    Am sure George Washington is tossing and turning in his grave.

    White House sidewalk to be closed to public permanently


  66. Mohammad


    This crime is denounced by god fearing Muslims, it has no connection with ISLAM, rather some twisted fanatics supported by Saudi’s Oil money allowed by the Soros to get into EU.
    Am sure the timing of it ahead of French elections raises eyebrows.


  67. ChucklePig

    He’s either Bo Polny or Bo Loney! Guess we will find out in another 10 days!

    • Frederick

      Pig Yup 🙂 That we will

  68. SilverSoap

    Mr. Greg Hunter, are you aware that Jim Sinclair, Mr. Gold, kicked out Bo Polny from his private conferences? Mr. Gold did so after finding out the outrageous fees charged by Polny who was using JSM’s good faith to pick up unsuspecting customers. Polny never called the 2011 top in silver and offers no refund after making wrong predictions. Feel free to ask Jim Sinclair this yourself for further proof. The relationship got so sour that Polny even states on his website that he has no affiliation with JSM. jsnip4 on YouTube even called out Polny for his outrageous lies and inaccuracies. Feel free to check out jsnip4’s video concerning the con artist chiropractor.

    Bo Polny is just a blemish on your great list of guests. Nevertheless, I always learn something from your channel.

  69. Tbird

    I really like your news and information shared but Bo Polny has lost all credibility with his calls on gold and the market! Don’t have this guy on your site anymore it will hurt your credibility too!

    • JBurk


      I am new to Greg Hunter and he did warn everyone about Bo Polny’s calls. Greg appears to do his best by warning the audience about Bo. Greg was very gracious. Greg is a lot more credible than the other alphabet news networks, which is why I am here. Greg gives everyone a variety and that is how we all can decipher truth from fiction. Bo was humble and did admit his mistakes. Bo even said if he was wrong on the latest call he would be back to admit his error. That is a lot more than the rest of those out there is TV News Land. Greg, keep up the good work!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you J.

      • Greg Hunter

        Bo has made many very big calls here on USAW. Polny is would be the first to say he’s not 100%. Polny predicted the USD would start selling off and that gold would start going up at the end of April, and that has happened.

    • Brewmaster

      Silversoap, Sinclair has been wrong for the last 7 years too!

      • Greg Hunter

        So you think everything is OK and the economy has been fixed? You don’t see the massive crime and fraud used to prop it all up?

      • SilverSoap

        Mr. Jim Sinclair is absolutely right about gold in the long term. Not every expert can avoid the short term bumps on the yellow brick road.

        JSM only charges a modest $129 for a one year subscription. Bo Polny overcharges $1,000 per month for newsletters using third-rate technical analysis and no refunds. Who made beau-coup money in the late 70s? Who has the long term track record for helping investors avoid ruin? Mr. Gold.

        No real surprise here. May 2017 and Bo Polny fails again. He humiliates himself every month with a sensationalist sales pitch. He should just get a real job and pay off his creditors.

  70. Baregil

    If all of Bo’s predictions have resulted right, one must conclude that (since this is improbable) the market has been manipulated and contrariwise, if all of Bo’s predictions have ended being wrong, (since this is improbable) this is proof that the market has been manipulated.

  71. SilverSoap

    Bo Polny had many years to repair his reputation. He just keeps lying. The kind YouTube video only tracks his bad forecasting from 2014. A simple Google search shows that he has been predicting a stock market crash and $2,000 AU since 2012. The goal post keeps moving.

    Trying to short the propped stock market since 2012 would have bankrupted many bears. In fact, Bo Polny has shamelessly declared bankruptcy multiple times! The wise words of King Solomon have instructed many devout Christians to be critical of charlatans.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s not call him a liar. He made a prediction and got it wrong. Bo wanted to be correct. Let’s give him to the end of the month. His over all prediction by the end of the month was stocks down, dollar down and gold and silver up by the end of the month.

      • Javier

        Trump’s tax cut talk sent markets surging, let’s see if Trump delivers tomorrow. If not, markets will have a correction.

  72. AJH

    So, tomorrow is the 25th and we’ll see. I went back and listened to the interview to make sure Bo talked about April 25th being a Black Tuesday with gold and silver spiking.
    Rain or shine for Bo tomorrow. At least he sticks his neck out with exact happenings and dates.

    Thanks for the interview Greg

    • Frederick

      Guess he was WRONG oops

  73. Jeremy

    This was a brave interview Greg. From the comments here and on youtube, I can see that Bo Polney has very little credibility left and there is only one reason for that and that is Bo Polney himself. Those in the precious metals space are tiring of all the shenanigans and when Bo charges $1000 per month for his service it is easy for people to criticise him when they see others getting taken for a ride.

    That said, thank you for all that you do and having the breadth of guests that you have.

  74. james

    Sorry to say but bo polny WRONG again. no decline except for pms. dow up strong. i like your show greg but his credibility is shot. i have even met bo about 6 years ago and he really hasn’t been right since.

  75. Artable

    May 25, 2017 10:15 am EST
    Nasdaq breaks 6,000 for first time, Dow jumps more than 200 points
    Silver down 1.04%, Gold Down .66%

  76. Doug

    Well, Bo blew it again. So much for biblical numerology. You can’t put God in a box and he should of learned that from past ‘mistakes’. Instead of a stock market crash today and a huge spike in metals prices we get the opposite. Market up 250 points right now and both gold and silver down.

    You don’t need to be a prophet or even that spiritually tuned in to figure out that this present system is unsustainable and manipulated to the maximum. Just like nobody knows the day or hour of Christ’s return, nobody knows the day that everything is going to implode. We just know it’s going to happen. I don’t like to make predictions because I don’t know better than anyone else does and I hate making a fool out of myself. These are lessons that Bo still needs to learn apparently.

    I appreciate your diversity of guests and the perspectives that they bring but I would humbly suggest that Christian prognosticators such as Bo and Rabbi Cahn with their continual failed predictions are probably guests that don’t have as much to offer as they might think that they do.

  77. John D. Holmes

    Bo missed this prediction by a mile today, April 25. No crash and the market is setting new highs. What gives?

  78. A different Kevin

    You make end of the month sound like a long ways off. Actually, Bo has only 3 trading days left after today to be shown correct. Today, the DJIA is up, over 21000 and the NADAQ is up, over 6000. Silver, what I watch, is down for the day, the week, 30 days, and 6 months.

  79. Dunno

    Here in Europe, it’s the end of the day at the 25th of april. I see it is late in the afternoon in the US. But I think it is fair to say the precious metals have been hammered down big time from last week. Which shows Bo’s algorithms don’t seem to work. And again shows time-specific predictions are (mostly/always?) incorrect.

    To most of us, it is clear precious metal prices are manipulated. I think pretty much every guest Greg has on, feels the same way.
    This being said, how can anybody, and I mean anybody make a prediction about where the price will be this summer, by the end of this year, or by the end of 2018? Doesn’t the assumption that the market is manipulated automatically imply that the trends in price cannot ever be predicted by an outsider? Isn’t this the sheer definition of manipulation?

    We will know the true price of gold and silver when the system collapses. And even then, this only works under the assumption that the control of the markets would be given up and that they would become transparent by then.

    Greg, keep up the good work. Love what you do!

    And I don’t feel Greg will loose credibility by inviting people like Bo. Greg offers people a stage to tell how they feel about the system. I feel he keeps enough distance between statements of his guests and his own opinion. The variation in guests is part of the charm of the broadcast.

    Thanx and greetings from The Netherlands 🙂

  80. AJH

    And down goes BO on the 25th of April 2017

  81. Craig

    Hi Greg, love your interviews and you ask great questions to your guests. When Bo was on your show last week I really felt he had the Gold and Silver prediction down cold.. So the next morning I went out and bought a few contract some gold. Needless to say now I’m down about $3000. There’s a saying there’s no fool like an old fool and I guess I fit that bill. After reading all the comments about Bo and his past, I take all the blame for not doing my research on the guy. Keep up the good work I appreciate your independence from the mainstream media, and giving alternate view points.

  82. Kevin Price

    Well the 25th came and went and since Blo Polny said the market would tank and silver would go up, the market went up over 450 points and silver went down quite a bit both days. Thanks Bo, wrong again.

  83. AJ

    Bo Polny predicts. DO THE OPPOSITE.

  84. Eddie Ip

    Let’s not blame Bo for being wrong. All gold investors including well known names like Jim Sinclair and Eric Sprott, have been wrong. I have high respect for both of them. I think their fundamental analysis is correct. What went wrong was the timing. No gold bugs could predict that central bank money printing could hold things up for such a long period of time. Problem with Bo was his prediction was based on Bible not on fundamental or technical analysis. I am not a Christian so for me I see no difference from consulting a fortune teller. Having said that, I do not mean to show disrespect for Christianity.

  85. Daniel


    Bo is not wrong, it all depends the way you look at it, turn the chart upside down and you can see gold spiking for last few days! You should invite him more often.


  86. SilverSoap

    Bo Polny fails again. He never did explain his numerous bankruptcies and delinquent debt lawsuits. No full disclosure. No transparency. So why should he waste our precious time in explaining his many incorrect forecasts since 2012? Polny smells like toxic mortgage-backed securities. How many investors paid $1,000 for his April 2017 newsletter and lost money after his incorrect May 1, 2017 forecast? He also offers no refund.

  87. Ken

    I thought Bo may be a little crazy but he may have called this right. Recent events look like the straw that broke the camel’s bubble.

  88. I.M. Vronsky

    Christopher Aaron who presents himself as iGoldAdvisor on youtube is not who he says he is. His real name is Christopher Wofse. He’s lost his clients boat loads of money. He’s declared bankruptcy. Google it. He lives with his father. No wife or kids. No money. Drives 10 yr old car. This is simply a warning that s being sent out to potential clients and existing investors thinking to follow his recommendations. We’ve gotten access to his computer and phone and we’ll be as relentless as he was. Save the PM community!

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