Take More Cash Out of Markets and Banks-Nomi Prins

Nomi PrinsBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Best-selling author Nomi Prins says the only thing propping up the system is money printing. The tip of the iceberg was the Greek debt crisis. Prins says, “Before it happened, there was a lot of concern at the central bank level. That wasn’t really discussed very much in the press . . . but I believe behind the scenes there were a lot of fearful conversations about the financial system, not just the relationship of the euro and Greece politically, which was a part of it, but you don’t want any chips to fall off your table. Anything could open the door for a run on liquidity (cash), which is also why I talk about what individuals should do more and more now is try to preserve their own liquidity and to take more cash out of the markets or out of banks to just have on the side before this period of volatility, before we have the actual crash. This is a tenuous situation. I am afraid of things that look like a bail-in up to the level of a bail-in.”

Prins, who was a top Wall Street Banker, says the too-big-to-fail banks are much bigger and will be much harder to save in the next crash. The stats Prins comes up with to illustrate this are stunning. Prins says, “43% more deposits are held by the big six banks in the United States since before the crisis (in 2008). 84% more assets are held by the big six banks and 400% more cash. . . . The point is the big six banks control more deposits, more assets, more trading, more cash than they did before. That’s a fact.”

Prins says, now more than ever before, central bankers are fearful. What are they afraid of? Prins contends, “Their fear is the liquidity that they put into the system through epic unprecedented methods . . . all the money they dumped into the markets to make them appear healthy and the banks controlling much of them, the fear is if they pull that plug, if that liquidity somehow falters . . . that things start to tank and implode very quickly. The only think keeping these markets up, the only thing keeping these banks up is either the artificial funding or the purchasing of bonds. Basically, the central bank interventions is the only thing keeping this going.”

So, if they pull the artificial stimulus from the banks, Prins says the whole system crashes. If they keep going, we still get a crash but just a little later. Prins explains, “You cannot sustain a policy that is so artificial forever. It has been sustained for 7 years. That’s a really long time. If they were to take it away right away, there would be an implosion right away, but they are not doing that and haven’t done that. What they are doing is kind of testing. We’ll give a little, we’ll take a little. It will implode, it is just a question of timing.”

What about all the talk of the Fed raising interest rates this fall? Prins explains, “They have backed themselves into a corner. If you raise interest rates 50 basis points, the market will drop 500 points that day. That’s what you are dealing with. That’s just the reality of the situation that has been created. I think if the Fed does raise rates to save face, it will be by a very small amount. The markets will tank . . . and completely stop raising rates going forward, or they don’t do it at all, which is kind of what’s been happening. . . . If they do raise rates, they create a very big knock on effect.”

So, the Fed is trapped in a never ending money printing policy, and Prins goes on to say, “Yes, they are in the tough spot that they created. They fed into this Frankenstein banking system. . . If they raise rates meaningfully, it will cause a tremendous crash in the markets.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Nomi Prins, best-selling author of “All The Presidents’ Bankers.”

(There is much more in the in-depth video interview.)

After the Interview: 

The next book by Nomi Prins will be about “central bank global power and the artificial financial system.” It is a complicated project and will not be out until early 2017. Her current best-selling book is called “All the Presidents’ Bankers” and can be bought by clicking here.


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  1. David Morris

    The emperor has no clothes, is on a life support machine at some point (30th September
    1st October) the crowd is going to understand that, I don’t think laughing is on the agenda!
    GOTS (get out of the system) while you can!!!!

    • brian

      If the reality of what has been going on for the last few years actually sinks into the public’s understanding they will definitely be demanding their pound of flesh and if the public is actually still sentient enough to feel the pain of it all they will definitely be motivated enough to go out and get that pound of flesh with their bare teeth if they have to.

      If I were a “banker” and I found myself having any misgivings what-so-ever right now about what I was doing I would get out now, because when this thing finally starts to stink, having anything resembling a conscience much less an operative moral compass will be a liability given what any “banker” will have to do to keep the public off of them.

      • al hall

        Brian: You only have part of the complete picture. When all this takes place-mid-Sept thru Dec. the banksters, the elite’s and their choosen ones will be in there underground cities. Blocked off from the riots of the masses that will take it out on each other. This is why the elite’s have all the different groups hating each other. They know the people will kill off each other for food, water, etc. 99% of the people are still not prepared. Remember, Sept. they are predicting an asteroid strike in the south Atlantic Ocean.(fold the $100 bill like the twenty), and Planet X is scheduled for march/April 2016 for it first pass between us and the Sun. If your not underground at least 1 mile then- as I was told by my Black Ops friend- “your toast!!”

        I’m prepared and yet some group may kill me for what I have put away.
        One can only do so much? I was taught long ago as a Vet- if it’s my time so be it- they can kill me only once- then I’ll be in a much better place for sure.

    • paul

      Greek banks opened on Monday after a 3 week shutdown (holiday) … the President of Greek Banking Association immediately appealed to all Greek citizens “to return their money” to the banks … I wonder what the meaning of “their” is … is he referring to the money the Greeks are holding as “belonging to the banks” ? … he also stated that “banks are absolutely trustworthy” … I guess he is implying and that the 40 billion euros the Greeks withdrew in the last few months be returned to the banks immediately.

      Any Greek that foolishly saved their money in bank safe deposit box is realizing what an idiot they were … it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when banks close down people will be denied access to their “safe” deposit boxes (GOTS is fair warning to all Americans to Get Out of The System) and this includes “safe” deposit boxes!

  2. Kurt Morrison

    Good interview Greg. You kept her talking a long time! I love Nomi. Something about a woman way smarter than me… pretty cute too! lol

    • susan

      She IS cute! but, WOW! Talk about brilliant! She definitely is more knowledgeable and has a much higher gut (for lack of a better word) understanding about what is going on in the whole world. She was just amazing, Greg. Thank you so much! This is the interview I am getting everyone I know to listen to.

  3. FC

    QE4 will be introduced, but not as we know it………..Jim Rickards, mentioned, it will probably be in a form of tax cuts, mainly payroll tax, placing the money directly into our pockets, but eventually that will fail as most, will pay off existing debt rather than spend the extra cash and I believe Interest rates will rise at the same time as QE4 is introduced, to compensate the drop in the dollar. How long can this poor rusty beaten up Can of Economic Hope be kicked down this endless road of resistance?

    • RadarNJ

      Payroll tax cuts are pennies on the dollar for employees. They will do nothing to the economy. At best a election tool to be used for the sheeple propaganda.

      • Galaxy 500

        if we raise rates, how much will it depress the price of current bonds? Could it depress it enough to be a good tool ? If the Gov’t doesn’t have to redeem them early, whose going to buy them in an uncertain market. Just a thought

      • Galaxy 500

        You are correct about the payroll tax cut, we didn’t have enough to buy a tank of gas. That’s not very stimulating

      • paul

        The payroll tax should be cut to zero … because income tax withholding is purely a voluntary act by each individual … paying income tax has no basis in law … it is purely “a voluntary tax” that each individual has a right to refuse to pay … however … try fighting the Mafia when they demand a payoff (your home or business can be burned down)!

    • JC

      FC. Jim Rickards also said if the fed raises rates there will be no bottom to stocks.

  4. Tommy

    I was just thinking last week that I haven’t heard from my two favorite ladies recently and voila, you have them on back to back. Thanks, Greg.

  5. David

    Very smart lady. Thank you Greg for another great interview!

  6. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Really terrific interview – thanks.

  7. Andrew Maggard

    Greg, a stunning interview with much practical information that anyone can use, be they a stacker, prepper or your everyday John Q. public. The depth of knowledge exhibited by this obviously very bright and experienced young woman is striking. This is her best interview ever and likely rates up there with your best. This interview was so thorough as to make any further commentary of the conclusions presented, drawn, unnecessary. In addition to making a number of immediate moves in my instance, I also include in those moves, preparations, to purchase a copy of her book.
    Thanking you for a great interviews and Ms. Prins for her thoroughly interesting and informative comments.

  8. Cameron S

    Excellent interview Greg. Possibly the best I have seen here so far this year. Thanks for securing this lady for her commentary which is absolutely first class .

    Ms. Prins is most definitely one of the top 3 people you have had on your site.
    I do hope you can invite her back much more often so she may share her insights and knowledge with interested viewers.

    Thank you.

  9. Shazza

    I concur….GREAT INTERVIEW GREG!!!! Nomi validated my thoughts and fears and my preparations for the day that it hits the fan…..cause it feels like it is getting close. The thing is NONE of my friends or family see, hear or feel the things that I do….so many thanks for helping me stick to my convictions in navigating this mess.
    PS You’re cute too GREG!!!! and I giggle when you ‘pretend’ you are not intelligent ….cause we all know you are!!!

  10. eddiemd

    “Damned if they do, damned if they don’t”

    They need more drones and pilots to fly them for when they attack the American people. They have already been accumulating the hollow point lead across all federal, local, and state law enforcement agencies. They have been planning for the police state for years getting ready for the crash. Food will be used as a weapon and used to crush resistance.

    Brilliant lady. Great interview.

  11. Doug!!

    ! suspect we will get an interest rate hike soon. Pundits are expecting it in September so a lot of peple are moving now in anticipation. A couple data points ! heard in a Jim Willie interview bolster my theory. First, China owns JP Morgan’s Manhattan HQ building. How would that come to happen? Second, PBOC as a seat on the Fed board so they have some say in the direction of rates. They hold a lot of dollars. The banks that own the Fed also hold a lot of dollars. What would be in their best interest? Certainly not destroying the value of their holdings. China is buying every hard asset they can get their hands on. Oil, coal, gold, real estate. higher interest rates strengthen the dollar so they can buy more with them. Telegraphing a rate increase stimulates demand for mortgages while they are cheap so big banks can sell off their bad house inventory and stock up on cash. China has accumulated another 600 tons of gold in the last 5 years. That’s about 1 year of mining production for them. They report what is beneficial to them. An increase shows they have credibility as a currency, but not showing more prevents a huge spike in the gold price while they are still trying to convert their dollars to gold etc. . ! see dollar strengthening and deflation in the near term followed by big inflation once TPTB have exited dollars for something else. Follow the money and keep in mind that everyone is going to do what they consider is in their best interest.!’m still buying silver even though prices are not really dropping. ! paid over $19/oz for junk last friday and had to buy some gold since my regular dealer didn’t have as much stock as ! wanted. ! am also holding onto cash Good luck

  12. Matt Jaymes

    That is one smart lady! Here’s a ping for Jim Sinclair.

  13. Jerry

    Simply brilliant interview. Here’s the really big news. The Chinese are getting ready to fire up their economic engine in September.
    For those that don’t get it, these countries will not be buying U.S. Treasury bonds in the coming months. No bond buying. No money printing. No money printing. No economic system. The tired old U.S. economic engine throws a rod and that’s it.

    Greg, forget about the world bank and the IMF. They will all go down with the rest of the banking system when it crashes this fall. The BRICS have created an alternate economic life boat with the creation of AIIB and the Chinese Swift System. Nomi missed this one. They have an alternate plan in place and they’re going to use it.

    Greg, I have come to the conclusion that the western banking cartel is as delusional as the rest of the American people. Evidence of that was evident Monday when they flooded the gold markets with paper contracts. But guess what? The Chinese Gold Price Fix goes active in September. Then what?

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      My last post was before I saw the markets, and then I saw this stunner from zerohedge.
      Pretty much puts it in focus doesn’t it?

      • JC Davis

        Jerry. There are some saying there is nothing the BRICS, AIIB or any other conspiracy can do to topple the power of the dollar. It must fall on its own weight. J Rickards and others. I understand the world is facing depression, and there only recourse is to abandon the buck.
        Question I have for you is when the dollar falls from its high horse how will the rest of the world treat the good old USA? We will still be using the useless dollar and they will still need our goods. I don’t want to over work you, but I know your a thinker. How will gold and goods be traded when the dollar takes this slap down. Not asking for prediction opinion will be fine.

        • Jerry

          The world is going back to the gold standard through the Chinese exchange system. Whether Jim Rickards believes it or not, they’ve had enough of the graft and corruption of the west. I read the BRICS news everyday. They see the western markets crumbling effecting their GDP so they’ve created a replacement market using the Silk Road. When America has (0) money velocity there is nothing left to offer the world. We are a debtor nation…..period.

          • JC

            Thanks. I just listened to another Interview from Jim that he said if int rates go up there will be no bottom to the stock market. For Him to sys this is huge. He has always said there are many more tools in the feds pocket. I gota get more ammo.

        • Galaxy 500

          Outside of agricultural products, what do we make here any more?

          • MIke Gleason

            Counterfeit, Mr. Galaxy 500, we make counterfeit and plenty of it.

          • JC

            Galaxy 500 the answer is zero. Even the agricultural products are under attack with the new bill in congress. How many countries will want a can of beans from America that has no way to know where what they are eating came from.https://youtu.be/j4N6u8OScTU

            • JC

              Well ok we make weapons of war.

          • Silence is Golden

            “Fear” and “Porn”.
            Multi billion dollar industries.
            Some would say that you can’t put a price on Fear.

        • Mason

          Hi JC,

          Good question.
          I know you asked Jerry, and he probably has a good answer, but I just wanted to give you my 2 cents on this topic as well.

          The main thing most people are overlooking, even in the alternative media, is the integration of China in the New World Order. It’s a mistake to think in terms of the USA versus China. It is better to think in terms of global class warfare. An extremely well-connected and corrupted crony oligarch who sits in Congress in the USA and who makes use of the revolving has more in common with a similar well-connected and corrupted crony oligarch in China than he has with an ordinary man in the USA.

          The important thing to keep in mind is:
          On the SURFACE level (the 2D chessboard) the narrative of a lot of media (MSM, ‘gatekeepers’ and even genuine alternative media) is being presented as the USA, the West and NATO versus China, Russia (or Iran for that matter), but in reality on a DEEPER level (the 3D chessboard) the oligarchs are dismantling the nation-states for their own benefit.

          Doug Casey from Casey Research once said:
          “People generally fall into an economic class because of their psychology and their values. Each of the three classes has a characteristic psychological profile. For the lower class, it’s apathy. They have nothing, they’re ground down and they don’t really care. They’re not in the game, and they aren’t going to do anything; they’re resigned to their fate. For the upper class, it’s greed and arrogance. They have everything, and they think they deserve it – whether they do or not. The middle class – at least in today’s world – is run by fear. Fear that they’re only a paycheck away from falling into the lower class. Fear that they can’t pay their debts or borrow more. Fear that they don’t have a realistic prospect of improving themselves.”

          This quote, to me, explains:
          1) why a lot of people do nothing or don’t seem to care [lower class],
          2) why the middle class is so susceptible to the fear-mongering you can see these day from the MSM and other ‘gate-keepers’ of information [middle class], and
          3) or helps to explain what the mindset is of those who are in control, call it the 0,001% or whatever you want [upper class], to ordinary people like us.

          So, also with regard to your question about the BRICS and AIIB, IMHO the real issue is not the 2D-chessgame illusion of the West versus China & Russia (&Iran), but the real 3D oligarchic chess-game about the dismantling of our present system and democracy (in which fear for the ‘other side’ is a useful tool for the oligarchs) and in replacing it with a new system, a more fascistic system in which corporations are merged with the state which you can presently see all around you.

          On this topic I would highly recommend the article (“China and the New World Order) or podcast at: https://www.corbettreport.com/china-and-the-new-world-order-transcript/

          This is a brilliant article/podcast, but also lengthy, so you might want to top off your coffee before reading it. It is written by from Corbett from The Corbett Report, and if there is one tip I can give you today my friend, it is to bookmark James Corbett’s site (https://www.corbettreport.com/)
          because it has loads and loads of free and extremely good quality information and in-depth analysis.
          (keep in mind though that he is presently on a well deserved vacation of a few weeks).

          So again, to be clear and to summarize, the objective of these oligarchs would be:
          – to take down the nation-state (including democracy and law and order for which they have no use) in this superficial 2D-chess game: this false nation versus nation narrative everyone seems to fall for these days
          – to make as much money as they can in the process
          – to replace the old system into a system in which the oligarchs have free reign (I suspect that would be: the fascistic system [fascistic = merger of corporations with the state])

          Don’t forget that there is already a known precedent for this in history and that Wallstreet financed the rise of Hitler and the rise of Bolshevik Revolution (see books by Antony C Sutton on this topic).

          So, to come back to your questions:

          Question 1: How will the world treat the good old USA when the dollar falls?
          Answer: The USA as we knew it will be dismantled from within [by overextension and corruption] and it will be will end up with the same corporate & state merged economy [=definition of fascism] that China has.
          That’s the (their) plan anyway, if we don’t do anything about it. However we might turn this around by making an intelligent and didactical effort to inform people what’s going on, and by converting our resources out of the global system and into the peer-to-peer economy.

          Question 2: We will still be using the useless dollar and they will still need our goods?
          Answer: Yes and yes. We will keep using the dollar. The dollar will lose reserve status and it will be replaced by a basket of diverse currencies. Including the Chinese renminbi. And including the dollar. So, we get to keep the dollar. But it might be worth a whole lot less and they will pay us less for our goods.

          Question 3: How will gold and goods be traded when the dollar takes this slap down?
          The dollar might rise first until it takes the slap down. It probably will be the last of the paper fiat currencies to fall. Then it will fall and probably stabilize at a much lower level. The question is WHEN will it fall? Is it in September/October, or is it later, or is it even much later? I don’t know. When the dollar falls, it will probably stabilize at a much lower level. It will remain one of the currencies in the SDR-basket. The Chinese updated their gold-reserves from 1,000 tons to 1,658.4 tons just a few days ago. The Chinese probably have much much more than that, why only report an update of just 1,658.4 tons. One explanation for the low update figure is that they are just not ready yet, and another is that they are playing ball with the NWO, like I said. These two explanations are not mutually exclusive. I think that is the (their) plan anyway, and it is already being executed. However, it takes time (about 10 years) to implement this. If they don’t get this time, then the alternative will be chaos, and all fiat paper currencies will lose confidence and gold will end up much much higher, but then in an uncontrollable manner.

          • Greg Hunter

            This is a little long my friend. Please keep it shorter but continue to comment. Thank you for your participation in the site.

            • Mason

              No problem Greg!
              I wanted to keep it shorter, but I thought there was too much valuable information to pass on, haha. And I could indeed have abbreviated it somewhat. The next time then.

              • Rubiconman

                Greg I follow ur site religiously and once two people complained about length of some posts and they were definitely in the minority. Your sites interesting because some people put some time and effort in it besides just hashing it! The sourpusses can always scroll baby scroll!

          • JC

            EUE WEE. Mason this is the best reply ever. A bit long, but WELL WORTH THE READ. Thank you so much.

            • Rubiconman

              JC 07/23/2015 •
              EUE WEE. Mason this is the best reply ever. A bit long, but WELL WORTH THE READ. Thank you so much.

              markp 07/23/2015 •
              Mason, thanks, an interesting and well thought out précis of things to happen. I guess only time will tell. And I agree, Corbett is well worth a listen to.

            • Mason

              You’re welcome!

          • markp

            Mason, thanks, an interesting and well thought out précis of things to happen. I guess only time will tell. And I agree, Corbett is well worth a listen to.

            • Rubiconman

              See what i mean Greg!

      • paul

        Is China manipulating the gold price “down”?? … China joined the London Gold Fix on June 22, 2015 and immediately the gold price takes a nose dive … http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=%24GOLD&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p78559113144

        At the same time China is selling a lot of 10 year notes to raise cash … now if someone who loves gold has a lot of cash in their hands do you think that just maybe they would be buying the gold they love that is being manipulating downward in price?

        The Fed has to buy the 10 year notes China is selling … where do you think they are getting the money to give to China? … the Fed has to be printing it “out of thin air” … shall we call this printing QE4 even though the Fed won’t admit it!

        QE4 is inflationary … therefore gold should be going up … however because China wants to buy their gold cheap … seems they have now become “a new manipulator” on the block … how long this game can be played without the public catching on is anyone’s guess but as for me I’m buying the dips!

        • paul

          From the above gold chart it looks like gold could rally from here to about $1240 … however gold must get above $1240 “and hold” to get this gold market turned around!

    • Greg Hunter

      They are here and real!!!!!! Thank you.

  14. vincent_g

    On the lighter side of things taking place we have the Trump circus.

    Of course the Donald is the ring master and he has his trained trained media jumping through hoops of fire.

    It amazes me how easy it is to lure in the press which is giving Mr. Trump free exposure worth many millions of dollars. Mr. Trump is playing them like a fiddle and they are excited and behaving as if it was a sexual experience.

    When will Trump stop embarrassing his friends the press keeps saying.
    The press. or drive by media as Rush likes to call them, seems to be on a mission to bash him every chance they get.
    And Trump loves every minute of it.
    They bash him and his polls goes up.

    I have to say if they keep this up they are very likely to bash Mr. Trump right into the White house.

    • Art Barnes

      Well Vincent, how could he be worst than what we have or the others in the fields, little robots who have been in for years and all have their share of the blame. At least your circus man Trump thinks for himself and doesn’t play the same old song that has gotten us close to a third world economy & culture for the last 40 years. You know what Vincent, this country has immigrated itself out of a culture, that shinny city on the hill is having brown outs, maybe you are too young to remember what exceptional-ism was, if so, I pity you, it was real cool, wish you had seen it! regards, ab

  15. Mark

    Nobody speaks more clearly in detail about the banking system than Nomi Prins. I’ve heard many of her interviews and now even she recommends taking cash out of the bank. I didn’t read her book, but she explains the whole banking mess in such detail there isn’t a reason to IMHO. I would’ve liked to have been a fly on the wall during her meeting with the FED this year!

    I’m glad she resists giving an exact timeframe for collapse/reset since it’s so hard to predict. I’m waiting for the FED to start buying stocks like the PBOC and dropping money from helicopters like Bernanke mused. The warnings she and others provide on this site simply tell us to start prepping now since we can’t go back to any “normalization” without dire consequences! Most WMD’ers should be better prepared than most due to the knowledge imparted by all the great guests who appear.

  16. WD


    I have discussed this with my boss who is “on board”… he has told me that as far as Obamacare is concerned he has said that “when those chickens come home to roost it will be hell to pay” He has also stated that those bills have not been paid yet.

    Can you elaborate on this angle for me?


    • Greg Hunter

      Premiums are going way up for everybody is the short answer.

      • WD

        Thanks Greg, I do get that part. But who pays when everyone is having all these medical procedures done and surgeries.

        Has that been calculated yet?

        Thanks as always!

        • Art Barnes

          Printed money, more deficit is your answer to your question, can you say socialist?

          • JC

            Right Art Barnes

      • Art Barnes

        Greg, it is the long answer as well, best regards, ab

  17. Rock

    Good interview and information. I appreciate the way in which you boil it down and get to the question of “What is going on, really?”. Then, “Who”. Then, “Why”. Then, finally, “When”. As to the last question, some will say one, two more years maybe. Nobody knows for sure. But, do not discount the seven year cycles. It is at the end of a Shemitah & year cycle), and the start of a year of Jubilee. Something that only comes around every 50 years. World events do have an impact on the U.S. economy.
    Thank you Greg for your great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      The system she describes is so shaky that this could happen at any time my friend!!

    • aps

      WD, my understanding is that many people will not get those services (unless an emergency) as the deductibles are way beyond their means. I remember reading one account where the person had to pay $500 up front for an MRI, left because they could not afford it. Many cases the deductibles range from $3500 to $5000, the poor just do not have the means.

      • WD


        If I have to have $200,000 worth of medical procedures done 3500 or 5000 is a drop in the bucket.

        This money has to come from somewhere.

        Thanks for response

  18. Edward Ulysses Cate

    This interview certainly explains the big hits on gold prices. THEY don’t want anyone cashing out and saving it in gold or silver. They know that means life as THEY know it will be over. All the lyin’ and stealin’ of OPM (Other People’s Money) via paper transactions will leave them with no options of continuing to live high.
    Here’s one example of living large off of OPM:

  19. Jerry

    Greg I have a question for you. What will the western banking cartel do when the Chinese Gold Price Fix goes active in September, and they can’t manipulate the markets anymore?

    In my mind this is like a gun going off in a race to the bottom. When gold prices skyrocket inflation will go through what’s left of this imaginary economy like crap through a goose no matter how much money the bangster’s print. The bigger question perhaps is what’s going to happen if gold can’t be delivered on those paper contracts that were sold on Monday? I would really like to hear Jim Willies take on this.

    • Matt

      Look for false flag operation.

      • Beligarant

        After China released it’s gold holdings last week and everyone from the main stream media to alternative news agrees they are grossly lying about this number why does everyone think they won’t do something similar to this supposed gold only exchange? I believe China will play along with the gold and silver suppression game until the wheels come off the car. Right now the car is still doing 60 mph down the highway. Yeah, the car is smokin’, 1/8th tank of gas, cracked windshield, leaking radiator, dead radio and a wobbly tire but it’s still rollin’.
        Nothing would surprise me given what the Chinese have done the past few years!

    • JC Davis

      Me too. Jim is a confessed jackass yet his information is good.

    • markp

      Jerry, call me a cynic but I think the Chinese will go along with the fixing for as long as they can get “cheap” gold, and/or it suits their timing. They are hoarding gold like there’s no tomorrow, so why not get it at bargain basement prices while the sun shines.

  20. Matt

    Russia Just bought 25 tons of gold for the month of June. China sheeding US Treasuries in piece meal as they have too.

  21. Russ

    Thank you for the great interview Greg, Nomi Prins did not disappoint. I sent the link for this interview out asking folks to just listen to the first 11 minutes — I’ll be surprised if they aren’t convinced to continue. What got me thinking was her description of “lower” people at the FED who know there is a problem — the economists/bankers rather than the intellectual politicians. The upper level guys we see in the news (i.e., Janet Yellen) are policy peeps, politicians who will never admit they screwed this up and made a bad situation worse.
    Anyone who hasn’t planned ahead with a personal Plan B hasn’t been paying attention to current events.
    Thanks again for the great information.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the viral promotion and comment!!

  22. Mason

    Retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied
    Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia and former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark on Friday called for World War II-style internment camps to be revived for “disloyal Americans.”:

    See article right below (there’s a link to the interview video within this link):

    So, does anyone have a disagreement with the goverment with regard on the war on terror? You better STFU then, because you can wind up in an internment camp (just like the Japanese Americans during WWII for example). That is what general Wesley Clark is literally saying.

    This is important, because it shows that the war on the (islamic) terrorists abroad is turning inward towards the (domestic) terrorists in the USA, and it is picking up steam. A lot of people in the alternative media, who I regard highly, say this as well.

    This was destined to happen, because you can’t wage a war with weapons on a tactic (=terror) and hope to win. It has to be won on another level. If you keep bombing/occupying/killing more people abroad you create more enemies within the survivors. It’s like 1 plus 1 is two. There is no plausible endgame if you go down that path. What are we going to do? Kill 1.6 billion muslims? I don’t think so.

    This is hugely playing into the hands of the “elite” who want to crack down on dissent and enforce the police state. US citizens will not give up their freedom without a fight, and they know it. So this is the only way for them. You are seeying the move toward totalitarianism played out before your eyes. The rise of the police state is intensifying. A disturbing detail is that this comes from general Clark, because he now seems to have made a 180 degree U-turn on his earlier position. One of the many things general Clark is famous for is that during his run as a presidential candidate he revealed that while he was visiting the Pentagon about a month after 9/11, he received information from another general that the United States was “to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran”:

    We all know that in the present day, we allready have “intervened” in a number of countries on this list and now it is Iran’s turn.
    Anyway, like I said, general Wesley Clark has made an 180-turn on his former position.
    So it seems like the heat is on.

    So, what’s next? Expect intensifying propaganda-efforts for the support of the “war on terror” by mainstream media – and by extension also the ‘gatekeepers’ of information who pretend to be the alternative media but who are not – to intensify their propaganda for support of the “war on terror”.
    (as they see it, you are either with them, or against them)

    • JC Davis

      Mason sometimes I think we are in a election to see who will run America when people realize our voting system is gone. I don’t think Clark will be it. Good post BTW

    • Matt

      Clark is a CFR member. Traitor.

    • paul

      The only “good” thing about filling up the FEMA camps with Islamic ISS sympathizers is that there will be little room left for us NWO resisters, Gun Owners, Constitutionalists, etc. and if perhaps there just happens to be a little space left … lets put in the bankers and industrialists who flaunt the laws of this nation and our Constitution clearly for being “disloyal Americans”!

    • Jerry

      When the globalist get done picking our financial bones, they’re coming to disarm America for occupation. The 2700 assault vehicles, and 1.5 billion rounds of hollow point bullets are meant for us. Accept going to a FEMA camp or stand and fight. Your choice. Those that believe this is nothing more than fear porn will be their first customers. If you don’t plan to fight. Leave now. This is your last chance.

      • Charles H.

        Agreed, Jerry. America must be reduced, so the NWO can come in. Subjugation on all levels, then dis-arming. The ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ mentality is PC denial.

      • Mason

        Agreed. The FEMA camps are something to watch out for. I don’t think THAT is fear porn (not too much anyway).
        The fear porn that I do think is too pervasive in the media is the creation of an external enemy. The oldest trick in the book of tyrants to hold onto power and to suppress their own population, is to create an external enemy.

    • Rubiconman

      Wesley will be the first one interned!

  23. Wild Bill

    Very Informative interview.
    The “they” in my opinion is the GOVERNMENT!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Wild Bill for the comment and kind words.

  24. don

    As long as the financial institutions/fed are concerned with propping themselves up and not helping expand the economy this will go on and on…only by busting up the big banks and letting weaker banks fail will the system be able to work again. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  25. VShook

    Ms. Prins has credibility because of her two points relating to deflation and timing.
    1. Deflation: You can plan your life around the fact the world’s governments and central banks will do everything they can to maintain confidence in the financial system. To do so, they must prevent a deflation (the abrogation of debts = the correct definition) at all costs. And to do that, they will continue printing up more dollars, pounds, euros, yen, etc.. Witness what has happened in the Greece saga — and why now China is selling reserves to salvage its system.
    2. Timing: As part of maintaining financial system confidence, governments and central banks will change the “rules” of the fiat currency game as needed. Witness the now legally enshrined concept of “bail-in”. Thus, anyone predicting the timing of the system’s demise is engaging in a fantasy – including those looking to the fall of this year for such a currency event.
    There is a lot of ruin in a fiat currency financial system. It most likely will be far past any of our life times. My children and grandchildren are for whom I am “prepping”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think what is coming is going to be in the here and now. Better prepare for yourself too.

  26. Derrick Michael Reid

    She did not discuss the manipulatory dumps, 100000000 tons in 2 microseconds, the hallmark of manipulation.
    Greg gave her a pass and did not follow up.
    She did not discuss the comex leverage 100:1
    Greg gave her a pass and did not follow up.
    She did not discuss China Russia et al gold buys.
    Greg gave her a pass and did not follow up.

    Other than this glaring hole in the yellow metal market analysis,
    the interview was absolutely dynamite!!

    • David

      Derrick: Below quote from Theodore Roosevelt applies. If you can do better, get your own site and show everyone how it’s done.

      “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

      ― Theodore Roosevelt

  27. Mr. Impatient


    Would you mind asking one of your guests that when they suggest getting out of debt in addition to buying food and precious metals, are they including mortgage debt? I believe getting out of credit card debt makes sense, but I feel that it makes way more sense to use the money that you have now to buy tangibles, and stock on supplies up with your money instead of wasting it to pay off a mortgage that could better be paid off with dollars that will be worth less and less as time goes on.

    • paul

      Impatient … I don’t think any guest or banker will tell you that you are exactly right … but I will! … if there is “no debt jubilee” … expansion of the money supply will make your paper dollars less valuable … so why should anyone pay off debt with current stronger dollars (that can be used to buy depressed assets like gold and silver) … every silver coin you buy now for $15 dollars could likely easily be sold for at least $150 dollars in a few years time … seems a lot more logical to me pay off your debt down the road at 10 cents on the dollar rather then now at 100 cents on the dollar … and if there is a “debt jubilee” you get to keep all the silver you accumulated rather then having to sell it to pay off your debt … if there is a “re-set” where your mortgage “is adjusted” to keep its current value in a new depreciated currency you won’t make out on the silver buying strategy … but do you think with all the current bloated US government debt politicians are going to be clamoring to keep the current US debt “at its former true value” in any currency re-set?

      • paul

        Impatient … with gold and silver prices under heavy pressure and dropping you may be saying to yourself … “buy silver … are you kidding Paul? … the market for silver seems like a bottomless pit … it seems like people are looking to divest of physical silver … not buy it”!

        But Impatient … quite the opposite is happening at the Comex … 700 contracts being held for delivery this month … at 5,000 ounces/contract that means some entity (likely China?) will be putting up $50,000,000 in order to take immediate delivery of some 3,500,000 ounces of silver this month … markets don’t always reflect the underlying reality!

      • Silence is Golden

        There are two scenarios with regard to Debt.
        1 – Debt Jubilee
        2 – Debt Default.
        I dont favor the first…I believe the second scenario is much more feasible when assessing the data and the actions of the Elite.
        This would be a planned event too.
        Consider the Greek situation. Behind the scenes the ECB, EU, ESM have long since known that the likes of the PIIGS and their insurmountable Debt …is not sustainable. They will intentionally keep the patients alive and then permit a default…to crash the system. This has more desired effect…than a foregiveness of debt would have.

  28. Jerry

    Greg, and USA watchdog readers, This is your wakeup call.
    else came in under the radar that is scaring U.S. banks immensely.

    China is dumping their dollar reserves, to the tune of over $500 billion in just the past five quarters.

    On Friday, alongside China’s announcement that it had bought over 600 tons of gold in “one month”, the PBOC released another very important data point: its total foreign exchange reserves, which declined by $17.3 billion to $3,694 billion.

    JPM’s conclusion is actually quite stunning:

    This brings the cumulative capital outflow over the past five quarters to $520bn. Again, we approximate capital flow from the change in FX reserves minus the current account balance for each previous quarter to arrive at this estimate.

    Finally, if China’s selling is only getting started, just what does this mean for future Fed strategy. Because one can easily forget a rate hike if in addition to rising short-term rates, China is about to dump a few hundred billion in paper on a vastly illiquid market. – Zerohedge

  29. Dale

    It seems to me if the Fed has no tools to prevent a financial collapse then they have no means to provide for a recovery following the collapse. What are the options for eventual recovery or even a partial recovery? The SDR proposal is little more than going back to 1913 and starting another ponzi scheme.

    • Charles H.

      Like moving the FED to International level. I don’t think the East is going to have any of it – at least not for a while; or not if they can help it.

  30. DB

    Ms. Prins suggests “to take more cash out of the markets or out of the banks.” Does she mean to actually store physical dollars? Or simply shift money from money markets and bank deposits which could hold derivatives to something like a Treasury bill held in a brokerage account? Removing large amounts of physical cash out of a bank is not as simple as it sounds. They’ll readily take your deposits but getting it back in physical form takes time and usually sets off alarms.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think she is talking about physical cash. I have been saying it will work really well for a short time.

      • DB

        Thanks Greg. I’ve been moving funds into 30 day Treasuries, then reinvesting when they mature. The cash in the house thing is a chore to achieve and a bit unnerving. I realize many large banks are beyond vulnerable to bail-ins. But will the government actually bail-in Treasuries? Perhaps, just to appear “fair.” Wake me up when it’s over!

  31. Sayonara

    Best week on WD USA this year! Both of the female guests were extraordinary! What an incredible comparison and contrast between two incredibly brilliant economic, financially and intellectually talented individuals.
    I have to be honest, after listening to Nomi Prins, she is the hands down the intellectually honest of the two. CAF blew her cover when she subtly exposed her bankster orientation with regards to her comments about Israel as per my analysis on the Monday post. Furthermore, Nomi Prins was asked to talk to the Central Bankers. CAF was not.
    Regardless, my views and knowledge were greatly enhances by both and I thank you.
    My last comment is about you! “low IQ guy” HAHA! You do not interview guests of their caliber and intellect and all of your other guests without a very HIGH IQ!
    Thanks for being the last HIGH IQ standing in the media.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was also the hardest, but thank you.

  32. Galaxy 500

    Great interview. Pull money out of banks is good advice. But you have to keep that quite. In the social media world, people have problems keeping secrets

  33. Coalburner

    Greg; It is your Website, trash this if you wish! I ‘ve had enough of the trash!

    For challenge purposes I am calling a big chunk of B S on MASON’s discussion of Gen W Clark’s comments on filling the FEMA camps with disloyal Americans.. First I was never that big fan of Clark but he is not talking about filling FEMA camps with loyal real Americans, dissenting or not. He is talking about raghead, potential Jihadis, you know the muslim Mohammad believers that believe in a religion that insists on murdering anyone who doesn’t believe in their sixth century religion of peace and murder. Clark was talking about people who can go Jihadi at an instant without notice or reason because their religion says to do it! Re-read that sentence Mason! IT means we can never trust them! Now you can say it is one short step away from all of us to the Camps and it is! I will be back to this point. For the issue at hand I would rather send them back to their country of origin myself.
    I say anyone who believes in Sharia can never be an Ameican. They can be muslim and live in America but they will never be Ameican. As for you , You are one of the Trolls I here talk about. My first witness is our POTUS, raised Muslim by his own word and by our seven year review of his office, he is never going to be a American beause he has no idea how we think or why we think what we do. Yes Mason, because he was raised muslim in a backwater Communist hell hole by a father who was in his own element and happy being a Community Disorganizer. Like father, like son!.
    Now back to putting us all into FEMA Camps with these disloyal Americans which may include Libtards, socalists, commies and other ner-do-wells, like Michael Moore and Code Pink and their ilk! Chuckle! I got 80 million armed brothers and ssters and the US Military that says we wont be doing that to real Americans. Military , You Say? You forget Troll, They are US and WE are THEM. Our POTUS found that out after firing everybody he could in the militay, oficer after oifficer, till his puppet masters said “stop, your answer is not in there.” Because they are Americans! The POTUS still doesn’t get it but he stopped! Have your say Mason! Let us see if you get it!

    • Charles H.

      “Anyone who believes in Sharia can never be American”. Nailed it. Sharia is key-chain authority beyond and above America. Doesn’t it guarantee non-assimulation?
      The Military will turn on Americans, I fear. Orders will be orders. Summary execution of non-compliant soldiers can happen.

    • Mason

      As per your request I will address your points. You seem upset but your words seem not very focused. Please try to calm down. It is not clear what you are trying to say, or what half of what you are saying has to do with what I said.

      First, it is somewhat curious that you – someone who claims he has enough of trash – then subsequently starts a tirade full of derogatory terms (such as “raghead”, “Troll”, “Libtards”, “ner-do-wells”, “Code Pink and their ilk”). I will speak my mind as you ask me to do, but I will try to be more civilized about it than you currently are.

      Second, I agree that Obama is one of the worst presidents the US has ever had. Obama is far more dangerous than even Bush ever was because he poured legal sauce on all the unconstitutional things Bush pulled. Bush was a wolf, Obama is a wolf in sheep’s-clothing. Obama made it possible for all the Democrats to sign on all the bad stuff even Bush couldn’t get away with, for example the NDAA2012 which legalized the indefinite detention of American citizens without charges or a trial (aka martial law). So I don’t what you are ranting on about Obama and what I have to do with it. I think he is one of the worst presidents. Period.

      Third, as per your own admission, you agree with the fact that general Clark’s statements are “one short step away from all of us to the Camps”. That was one of my major points, so I don’t know why you are hot-and-bothered by me bringing this to the footlight.

      Fourth, I agree that anyone who believes in Sharia can never be American. I am totally opposed to Sharia. But that is something COMPLETELY different than going into muslim countries and bombing the hell out of them, occupying their lands and killing their relatives. HUGE ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE. Doing that creates fertile breeding ground for MORE terrorists. Anyone who cannot see this difference is option 1) a hard-ass neo-con troll, option 2) a fascist or option 3) completely indoctrinated.

      Fifth, an anonymous rant from someone who calls himself Coalburner and doesn’t man up and use an identifiable name is not really plausible or authoritative (as Greg always says) on who is a troll. Who do you think you are!? Personally, I think option 3 is applicable to you: you are indoctrinated by the wrong media, but judging by your post, a good case could also be made that you are a hard-ass neo-con troll. If you are not too indoctrinated, you know what you are, so I’ll leave that final judgment up to you.

      Sixth, I knew Obama was purging the military from generals and high-ranking officers who weren’t willing to shoot on Americans in a crisis-situation. I did not know he stopped. But if he stopped, I think chances are more likely that he succeeded in the purge. You said:
      ” Our POTUS found that out after firing everybody he could in the militay, oficer after oifficer, till his puppet masters said “stop, your answer is not in there.” Because they are Americans!”
      Really? Are you serious? Obama stopped, and the puppet masters said that Obama had to stop because they are Americans? If there is anything the puppet masters don’t care about, it is that they are American! You didn’t read my other posts about the global NWO did you? I suggest you do, including the links.

      Seventh, you are right that the PEOPLE in the military (not the top) are US and we are THEM. But when the time comes, they are going to have to make a choice for the people. Hopefully you are right, and they make the right choice. However, this does not diminish my argument about the rise of the police state. Nor does your post. Actually your post enforces my argument.

      Eighth, I don’t know if it is the case, so I am going out on a limb here, but looking at your post you seem to despise all things liberal or Democrat. You seem to fall for the trap of choosing one side (Republican). I am no Democrat, nor Republican for that matter. They are all the same, like Greg always says, in that they just take turns ripping you off. If you really want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, I would really recommend watching “The Quigley Formula” by G Edward Griffin. Really!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynVqPnMQ2sI (focus on the content of the lecture, and ignore the audience). If you do that, then you can come back and we will talk some more. Otherwise, good luck.

      Ninth, I meant everything I said, and I would better start paying attention if I were you .

  34. Don

    Good interview Greg. I think maybe the gloves are going to come off soon, and our president and leaders will be exposed for the betrayal of our society. In a short time, we may find out that plans for our nation are without northern and southern borders, as the NWO is announced and a new economic system comes into being. The Pope will I’m sure be dead square in the middle of the NWO plans. He will use whatever politics that’s planned, and I’m sure has had a part in it, to bring as much of the masses as possible in subjection to the Catholic hierarchy. That whole system, in my opinion is a harlot system. The Sept. visit may reveal something about it. Mrs. Prins has it together, and knows this banking stuff doesn’t she? I’m not sure, in all area’s, exactly what to do, but am trying like everyone else to discern the best path. Thanks again, your da-man

  35. dee garmon

    PCR, Nomi Prins and Michael Hudson, need I say more?
    Paul Krugman will be just as good as Yanis Varoufakis as
    a finance minister and may even turn in his resignation after
    selling out the country to the banksters like Yanis did before him!

  36. Michael Harvey

    Brilliant interview
    Thursday 23rd July 2015
    The reasons the US wants a strong dollar:
    1. One way to give the illusion that the US dollar is still ‘King Pin’ is by suppressing the price of gold which helps to protect the U.S. dollar’s value from the excessive debt and money creation of the past seven years.
    2. An artificial front to save face on the economy.
    3. Attract inflows from overseas to protect the dollar
    4. Undermine the economy of Russia due to her dollar denominated debt.
    5. Maintain a paper currency standard to satisfy the current world status
    6. Confidence in paper currency is extrinsic value (faith in Governments)-the writing is on the wall.
    7. Intrinsic value is faith in a currency backed by gold
    The attacks on gold also enable the bullion banks to purchase large blocks of shares in the GLD gold trust that can be redeemed in gold with which to supply Asian purchasers.
    Whether or not the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury are instigators of the price manipulation, government authorities tolerate it as it supports the dollar’s value in the face of an enormous creation of new dollars and new federal debt.
    In other words, the illegal rigging of the price of gold in the futures market is deemed by the US government to be essential to the success of its economic policy and thereby creating an illusionary confidence in the US dollar.
    Mike Harvey
    Resident in Ireland

  37. JC

    I title this comment (fear not) When I was a young man I told a friend I can be unseen by him If I wanted to be. As we sat in church I lifted my spirit out of my body in praise. He ask his wife where is James? She looked over at me next to him and said there.. Right there–. He knew then He had nothing to fear. God owns those who believe in the blood of Jesus for forgiveness of sin, and will protect them when the time is needed. I was 13 years old. Known it all my life.

  38. Guy Out West

    Excellent interview. I was particularily struck by the comments attributed to the lower ‘worker bees’ at the Fed, Treasury, and other organizations. People seem to have an almost infinite capacity for self deception – especially when your paycheck is reliant on ‘ignor-ance’ – that is, ignoring what’s right before your eyes.

    These programs are about Power and theft. ‘Helping people’ isn’t even on the radar screens of the guys at the very top. (That’s not the naive worker bees.) You don’t make secret deals and laws in the dark when youre up to good. And you don’ t ‘accidently’ fabricate such con games, that have been going on for a very long time – more than a century. – – ‘They’ have known that their parasitic system would eventually bleed the host dry and crash. The same thing happened when the British empire could no longer compete economically with a vibrant Germany. So they started World War 1 to turn over the game board. Yet historians are puzzled at how the world just seemed to ‘stumble’ into that war, which was seemingly in nobodys’ interest. This was particularly true for the millions killed by that war. (And the millions more who would be victims of the continuation of the hostilities in World War 2.) Hopefully, Humanity will learn our lessons this time around.

    Ms Prins is one of my favorite guests interviewed by Greg. Outstanding.

  39. Hilde

    Off topic, but wanted to say that the comment last week from one of your readers about the Iran deal being Obama’s Neville Chamberlain moment was just brilliant.

  40. Hilde

    Meaning that Chamberlain was extremely naive, for anybody interested in the history of it. Unfortunately, I think there is more evil and secret competition involved in the Iran deal compared to the naïveté of Chamberlain.

  41. Hilde

    Sorry, the word I wanted to use was computation .

  42. Orlando

    Another Excellent interview. Thank you Nomi and Greg! Very informative.

    • Greg Hunter

      I thought this was the best interview Prins has don on USAW and she has done some very good ones.

  43. stephen pandolph

    We keep looking for a catastrophe to bring this madness to an end. The worse case will be a continuation of the past 7 years. Our country will continue to decline into a depression that results in the loss of our middle class. This will worsen the already pessimistic attitude that exists now. We now have to look back to the Civil War to find an era that matches our current predicament. During the great depression most people had confidence that the federal government was on their side. Very few people feel that way now. For example for the first time since 1900 more small businesses are destroyed than are created annually. I can only hope for some event to come along to break the hold that the financial behemoths have on our country.

  44. Silence is Golden

    Two very well connected people ( NP and CAF) telling us the Elites have …Erred, are Scared, Dont know what to do, Admitted that they have created a monster……what could possbily go wrong ??
    Write a book..????…………..how about an Encyclopedia !!!!
    The first Volume would be …..”Debt – How to destroy a Monetary system and burden the populace for eternity…whilst they are sleeping”.
    The Second Volume would be ……”Wars – Who controls the Debt……does whatever they please”.
    The Third Volume ……”Government – What are they good for….Incarceration and Servitude (not for Public viewing)” .
    The Fourth Volume…..”Corruption and Money – The foundation of modern society”.

  45. Stu K

    Any perspective on China’s recent heavy selling of gold?
    According to Reuters China recently sold as much as 33 tonnes of gold worth in the first two minutes of trading on the CME. The selling was heavy that CME circuit breakers tripped twice within seconds of trading. Gold dropped to its lowest levels since March of 2010 and gold’s option volatility went up by more than 25%. Looks like China is trying to offset heavy declines on their equity market?
    Methinks if energy prices go lower and the dollar continues to strengthen we could see gold fall significantly under $1000.

  46. Don

    Greg, Just seen that Pope signed treaty with Palestine and tried to copy the article and send to you, but couldn’t get it to copy an article short cut. You can type Pope signs treaty with Palestine, and it will appear. Look for the Pope to play an important role in the NWO agenda 21 to be fully implemented this fall and implementing it among the Catholics, using his authority over the priest and cardinals. It is my conviction he will order all Catholics to go along with the changes coming. Also I believe that he will be the false prophet and lead the Catholic church to submit to the antichrist. Right now the pope is recognized by his own as the vicar of Christ, literally one who takes the place of Christ on earth. According to Revelations 13th chap. the false prophet co-shares the authority of the beast or the head of a global government, until the global government destroys the harlot religious system in chap. 17, and in verse 9 it gives us a hint about the location of this harlot as revealed by a city that represents her. It says in verse 9, the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits. The Vatican is know as the city on seven hills. Christian persecution in America is fixing to go to new levels. We will not be tolerated by a new global government and a mother world religion which absorbs all false religions into it. Intolerance of those who stand for biblical truth, will begin to escalate. This Christian persecution of true believers will be instigated by the Catholic church as it moves to play its latter day biblical role. In verse 6 it says, I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and martyrs of Jesus. In Gal. 4:21-29, Paul tells us about Abrahams descendance, that the one who was born after the flesh persecutes the one who is born of promise and of spirit verse 29. The whole Catholic system claims natural descendance from Peter and his apostolic authority, through a distortion of interpretation, and has persecuted true Christians throughout history. The seemingly more tolerant position its taken toward other religions is all part of their plan to be the NWO religious system. If you’ve noticed, a move is on by the pope to be seen as the mother of all religions, thus the title the Mother of Harlots , given to her in Revelations. Much like a politician widens his platform to gain the support of the masses, and thus power. The Pope will make whatever changes necessary to be the head of the NWO religion as seen by the UN founders. This Harlot religious system has the appearance of Christianity on earth, but is in reality, will be the mother of all false religious systems in the NWO. I mean know offence here, but I have a right, as well as anyone to state my beliefs. Just wanted to bring my vision to the table Greg, hope you don’t mined. I could not do what you do. Lord bless

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not a fan of this Pope. I think he is the last one.

  47. michael

    The most obvious and objective interpretation of scripture indicates that the antichrist has occupied the seat of honour in the churches since the days of Saint Paul, according to 2 Thessalonians 2:3-7. The super-wealthy Great Babylon, or Roman Catholic Church, is only one of numerous Christian institutions with leaders masquerading as “Apostles,” as satan’s “servants of righteousness.” Furthermore, Satan told the Messiah of Israel that all the kingdoms and governments of the world, even so-called “Christian” governments belong to him. Matthew 4:8-9. The time to expose all the trickery and deception is long overdue.

    • Don

      Dear Michael, Christ said of the true church, the gates of hell shell not prevail against it. So even though I would agree with the idea that satin is the god of this world, as told us in scripture. God has created and ordained the institution of the church, and even though there is much false and counterfeit, especially in this late hour, the true believer is called upon to identify what is true and error and fellowship with those of genuine spiritual faith. 1Cor. 12:13 says all true believer are baptized by God’s spirit, into Christ body. The point I tried to communicate was, God see’s all apostates from Cain to the end, as part of mystery Babylon. She is guilty of all the righteous blood from Able to present in God’s eye’s. The Catholic church and its connection to the UN, and political sway in the world, makes it, at least to me, the most likely candidate. If we can agree, that the scripture teaches that all false religion will be joined in worshipping the beast, then in the end, all false will be joined into one, and in its final form, it is mystery Babylon. Never mined that much of its history can be traced back to ancient Babylonian mystery religion.

  48. Brian

    Please could you have on David Barton of Wallbuilders to discuss the roll of the Judiciary? Thank you.

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