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A friend sent me a video, and I thought you all should take a few minutes and watch it.  It is a YouTube presentation about the 2nd Amendment from a young black female named Kira Davis.  She has a YouTube Channel that has more than 1 million views.  After you see her 2nd Amendment presentation, you will understand why.  I have long said if any group of Americans should support the U.S. Constitution, it is the African American community.  The Constitution provided the basis of all civil rights in this country. The major Constitutional premise of “Equal protection under the law” made it possible for the nation to evolve past slavery and racism.  What protects those rights is the 2nd Amendment.  There was a time in this country when blacks were forbidden from reading, let alone from having a firearm.  Kira Davis points this out perfectly.  Thank God for the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.  Please enjoy the video:

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  1. jc davis

    You can ban gun,s but you can never ban evil..I love that statement. So true. What our leaders are doing is evil. I stop short of my thoughts.

    • Greg

      Thank you JC. I thought Kira Davis was really good in this video and I think she is in her 20’s!!!


    • Guerney

      There is a difference between having a Gun and having a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Should we allow Nuclear Weapons in our society.

      Get rid of 30 round rifles. If you can’t shoot it in 3 shots, go back to the firing range and sight your gun in. If you need more than 3 shots, buy 10 clips.

  2. Jim H

    What a sweet young lady.
    Indeed, who are they trying to protect and why? The “Patriot Act” NDAA, gun bans and Military Commissions Act to name a few. Who is for these actions? Like the Iraq war I venture to say, not the majority of Americans. Waco was a prime example of why we need protection from tyranny. When you talk to the towns people of Waco who knew the harmless people who were incinerated including the Sheriff you realize who we may need protection from. Thanks for the video Greg.

    • Greg

      Jim H,
      I watched her and I thought now that’s real Hope!!!

  3. EJW

    Ouch!& Wow!

  4. bob

    thank you. you are a very smart woman. it’s a shame people don’t wake up. we truly have the power. look at the the forefathers, they set us up. it’s up to us. the concealed carry law proves in every state that it works, cause crime actually goes down. they don,t want us to defend ourselves from them

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob and Ken,

  5. Ken

    This couldn’t have been said any better. Awesome video Greg, Thanks.

    • Kenn

      We don’t have a government that we need to revolt against? Are you serious. What kind of dumb talk is that? The NDAA allows these godless government thugs to kick down your door, seize you, detain you and take you away never to be heard from again. They can terrorize you with drones. The DHS are establishing “Check Points” throughout the states and putting their hands down the pants of citizens with their TSA. We now have 420,000 Russian troops stationed in this country on old military bases. The DHS has ordered hundreds of millions of hollow point ammunition to inflict maximum damage on the citizens, patriots and liberty loving citizens that will not give up their guns. FEMA just ordered 102,00 box cars with shackles and reeducation camps throughout the states. I could go on for 3 hours
      mentioned a tsunami of evil wretched antiamerican edicts coming out of that cesspool in Washingtion D.C.(District of Corruption).

      All of your individually and collectively have much to fear from you government right now. They are tyranny on steriods!Masses of military
      equipment is being brought in our cities by rail and we have Russian
      Stepsnez troops poised to step in and attack the American Militia.
      That video you put up has some good points but you need to wake up
      completely and know what serious dangers are soon coming up you. There is civil war coming. When a government stages their false flag attacks with people shot up on psychotropic drugs and uses that (like they criminals who staged fast and furious) to come after your guns you better understand something. These blood thirsty psychopathic
      New World Order goons are pulling out all the stops! These monsters
      want their boot on your face. The government is WASHINGTON is the enemy within. YOU DON’T PLAY AROUND WITH TYRANNY–IT WILL BULLDOZE
      YOU INTO OBLIVION–CUT YOUR TO PIECES AND TURN YOUR LIVES INTO A LIVING HELL! Americans have never live under tyranny so all the socialism they have adopted does not bother them but they do not know where it will end. Evil is like an avalanche. That is why the Bible
      says: If you sow the wind–your reap the worldwind (hurricane). It has never been this bad in the U.S. since 1776 and we will not get out of it without a fight. Our generation is going to have to stand
      against the evil minions of the New World Order. Lock and load cause the powers of hell are being unleashed on the citizens of this republic!

      • Ed Sparks

        Can you offer references for your statements concerning 420k Russian troops here and also the 100k boxcars? I’d like to research those remarks for myself. Thanks, Ed

  6. Nick

    Thanks for posting this video, Greg! I have not seen Kira until today. It looks like she brings up a lot of good points. Keep up the great work Greg!

    • Greg

      I thought she was worthy of peoples time. Thank you for the comment.

    • blkthorn

      We don’t have a government that we need to revolt against? Are you serious. What kind of dumb talk is that? I m with ken. She must have a gov job. and as far as blacks with guns, just look at the crime rate( or should i say murder rate) in the cities that are where are all the black people on this gun ban how come they r not standing up. Oh that s right you can t bite the hand that feeds you.

  7. Brad

    Well put and it’s nice to see some “emotion” from this side of the debate. Statistics, although they do tell a very different story than MSM news, don’t touch people.

    Good find!

    • Greg

      Thank you Brad. Kira is a gem and young and old should listen to her. She is wise beyond her years!

  8. g. johnson

    the real stat is 56 million.

    this is the number of innocent nonmilitary citizens of various countries who were murdered by their own governments in the twentieth century after having their guns confiscated by their governments in the name of safety. here is one link:

  9. Doc Casull

    To all Watchdogs,

    Bravo to Ms. Davis for her articulate and courageous “You Can’t Ban Evil” report.

    God made women equal, a Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum keeps them that way.

    Let us recall the bravery of Alex Jones spearheading the resistance against the Gun Confiscation Agenda by going to NY in January 2013 .

    “You can’t ban the iron rods…” Alex Jones

    Please add this video report to your “The 2nd Amendment” page if you feel it worthy.

    Greg, you are a blessing to America! (Why do you think THEY are cyber-attacking your website? It ain’t some geek in his mothers’ basement doing that…)

  10. Chip

    Thanks for that Greg…

  11. John Buckley

    Very good video, I hope that many among us will hear her and not just listen. Also, it seems that there’s a large percentage of people who believe that people with darker skin hues don’t believe this but that’s not true. I would say that the majority of us agree with her. Most Black people heard on radio or watched on television don’t speak for the people. To us , they are the clowns of the bunch. We do not respect them. If you could only hear some of the conversations that take place in our community amongst you’d be surprised. We get a bad rap of being ignorant because of them. The Bible says our leaders would cause us to stumble and we know its not speaking of Government like most people think, (the blind can’t lead the blind) it’s speaking of our spiritual leaders, the Sharptons, Jackson’s, etc. Those who are supposed to be spiritual leaders is whom the Bible is speaking of. Keep up the good work and thanks for posting the video.

  12. Michael H

    I thought the best line was if slaves had guns they would not be slaves. Think about that one people. What a bright young lady.

  13. Ed

    This woman is absolutely correct , evil knows no boundary, and will, at your perceived weakness , attack you. Alfter hurricane Katrina, my neighborhood was a real mess, the worst I had ever seen it. The most disturbing thing was all the violence I witnessed on the survivors who indured the weeks of no power, and a shortage of everything. The looting and the assaults were extremely brutal by roaving gangs hell bent on taking what ever they could take , and they cared not who they injured or threatened . I thank god, to this very day , that I had my AR-15 and my 30 round magazines and my stored ammo. This tool was the only thing that kept my family and 2 other families safe from these extremely evil elliments in my area. We were safe , because this weapon had not only the capacity but also the range to keep the thugs at bay and a safe distance away from us. Yes they had guns , and, they used them. They also tried to burn our homes down, but the guns range kept them from getting close enough. Don’t think the evil in people will not show it’s ugly head in the wake of disasters like this. When there is no police or ultilites in your area, you are on your own, and you had better have the means to protect your family. Evil always strikes at these times . This is one reason why , and there are many many more ,as to why the government has to be kept in check . To not infringe on the 2nd amendment , because without it , not one of all the other amendments mean a thing.

  14. Dave Shelter

    What many do not understand about the 2nd Amendment is it was put in place as a way for the Citizens of our country to remove a tyrannical government. The government cronies try and swing it as a right to have arms for hunting or target shooting. The true fact it was put there to allow Americans all the powers to remove the government if need be. This includes weapons, tactics, groups of militia, citizen defense funds and caches. The key phrase here would be “BALANCE of POWER”. Right now the balance of power is swinging for the government and the peoples power is eroding everyday.

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