The Non-War Illusion

NATO Air-Strike on Libya

By Greg Hunter’s

The President and his supporters are going to great lengths to make it appear the military operation in Libya is not a war.  Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes called the NATO bombing in Libya “kinetic military action,” but not war. President Obama is also going out of his way to send the message that this is not an American led operation.  A week ago, in a nation-wide address, Mr. Obama said he was handing over control to our European allies, “. . . because of this transition to a broader NATO based coalition the risks and cost of this operation to our military and American taxpayers will be reduced significantly.” I don’t see how Mr. Obama knows how much this will reduce the cost of this war if there is no clear plan or goal.

The Obama administration doesn’t even know who they are helping to unseat Gadhafi in the Libya War.  The President’s own former national security advisor, General Jim Jones, said yesterday, “We don’t know exactly who the opposition is.” General Jones appeared on ABC’s “This Week” with Christiane Amanpour.  She said, “The United States is making a great fanfare about now giving over to NATO, but you are a former NATO commander.  NATO for all intents and purposes is an American organization.  It’s run by an American commander, the chain of command is American, the biggest command and control and resources are American.  This is still an American led operation, right?” And sticking to the Obama administration script, General Jones replied, “I’m not sure I agree with that. . . in the sorties that are being flown now . . . it’s roughly 50/50 and it’s going to go down to where the Americans are going to be supporting and reconnaissance, search and rescue, intelligence and refueling and things like that.” (Click here to see the complete ABC Amanpour interview.)

While General Jones was making his rounds on the Sunday political talk shows, NATO was asking for more bombing missions from the U.S. military.  ABC News reported yesterday,   “Lack of U.S. Strikes Blamed for Rebel Losses.” The report also said, “A number of U.S. combat forces had been scheduled cease operations today, including U.S. Navy destroyers and submarines that have been launching Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Mediterranean.  Military experts said that America’s reduced rolein enforcing the Libyan no-fly zone could cripple efforts to keep Gadhafi’s forces from battering the rag-tag army trying to topple him.” (Click here to read the complete ABC News story.)

So, what started out as a humanitarian mission to stop a massacre is now a mission to “topple” Gadhafi?   Once again, a U.S. military mission starts out as one thing, and ends up being something else.  In an appearance on CNN yesterday, Jones said, “The problem is that while everybody wants to see Gadhafi leave, either be removed or leave on his own, that end state is not yet clear,” Jones said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Unfortunately most people want perfect clarity in a situation where clarity doesn’t really exist yet.”  (Click here to read the complete CNN story.)

Is clarity too much to ask for when American lives are at risk and tax dollars spent with no end in sight?  Simple questions should be answered before you go to war:  What exactly is the plan?  How much will this cost?  What is the exit strategy?  I don’t see how the U.S. military plays a “supporting” role when the President has said repeatedly that “Gadhafi needs to go.” No matter what spin the current administration puts on this, America is now entangled in a third war. American leadership and firepower will be required to accomplish the goal of removing Gadhafi from power.  How is “reconnaissance, search and rescue, intelligence and refueling” going to kick a dictator out who’s been in power more than 40 years?  I’ll tell you the simple answer–It’s not!

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  1. David

    I am concerned about the future of Libya once Kadhafi is forced to resign. It is clear that the troops will have to stay in the country which may breed resentment among the Libyan people who will want to make their own decisions. Anyway, they should avoid the situation which occurred in the 1990s after the Gulf War when the responsibilities were put solely in the hands of the Iraqi people and Saddam Hussein found it much more easier to regain all his powers.

    • Greg

      That is the million dollar question. Who takes over when Kadhafi is gone? Thank you for the comment.

  2. markm

    Hey Greg,

    We are involved in Libya’a civil war. History will repeat itself. This won’t turn out well.


    • Art Barnes

      Markm: Its really that simple isn’t it? It simply will not turn out well; as usual.

    • Oldcoot

      HOLD ON! THIS IS NOT A WAR! Our planes are just flying over Lybia and dropping things. (It astounds me how this administration finds new words, and new names for their projects.) (However; if it looks like a duck…….)

  3. slingshot

    I guess the “Bag Lady” of the Middle East is tougher than most thought. Gadhafi is a clear and present danger but one that was controlable and from time to time beaten down with a stick to conform to the will of the larger powers of the world.
    We watch this transformation and one factor in all these Days of Rage is whether their Armies stand by the people. Eygpt’s military commanders showed grear restaint and the bloodshed was mininal.
    Gadhafi had to get off some of the oil money and spread the wealth, promising raises for all who fought for him. The majority of the Libyan people thought, why take a little when we can have it all.
    I wonder if it was worth the price of an iPod or flat screen T.V. to to engage in civil war. Also should Gadhafi prevail, he would have to
    contend with the infiltration of Al Queda creating an Islamic Vietnam for him.
    Our Kinetic Military Action, is just another name for Misson Creep. Oh, and how many of dictators of the world like Chaves and Castro are thinking about all this revolution going on?
    Islam meets Communism?

    They don’t sleep well, do they?

    • Greg

      This is some very big “Mission Creep.” Good stuff man!

    • Henry

      Slingshot, Hugo Chavez (note correct spelling) is a *very* popular democratically elected president, not a “dictator”. Usually, dictators are supported by the U.S, rather than condemned. The elections in Venezuela have been monitored by international observers, and in spite of U.S. intervention against him, Chavez won handily more than once. Chavez is hated by the U.S. government because he does not allow U.S. corporations to exploit the People and resources of Venezuela.
      The U.S. government has a long history of opposing governments that do not cater to U.S. corporate greed and exploitation. That’s why the CIA overthrew Iran’s democracy in the 50’s and installed the Shah – a brutal dictator with the worst human rights record on the planet at the time. This is also why the U.S. sponsored a coup to overthrow Chavez in 2002, but when hundreds of thousands of People (as well as a significant part of the Venezuelan military) marched in the streets demanding Chavez be returned to power, the U.S. sponsored coup failed. The U.S. also sponsored a recent coup in Honduras. Honduras was the most dangerous country on the planet in 2010 thanks to the U.S. sponsored coup.
      If you read this blog, you should know that the U.S.government cares far more about money, greed, and power than it does the well being of people, freedom, human rights, or democracy. Please get informed before parroting government lies and propaganda.

      • Henry

        Above, I meant to say that Honduras was the most dangerous country on the planet *for journalists* in 2010.

      • slingshot

        Hello Henry.
        I may be a little off on my information and spelling but far from it that I parrot government lies and propaganda. Charvez has proclaimed himself President for life. Sounds like a dictator to me.
        Castro is president for life and that Shorty Guy from North Korea, Sorry can’t remember his name. He was president for life but handed it down to his son. Now he is President for life. Would you agree that most of these men are elected by popular vote using democratic methods? Vote for me or suffer the consequences. The Venezuelan people had about as much of a chance for overthrowing Charvez as the Cuban populace had in the Bay of Pigs. No love for the USA down there.
        I agree our government is about money and greed and chooses to intervien when it can benefit the most. The fact is with all this revolution going on in the world it does not matter if your country is Democratic or Socialist. President or dictator. There is change in the wind and no one is safe including the good old USA. Could Latin America boil into a middle east problem? Would be interesting if an Islamic movement superceded a Communist state? Remember Islam wants to convert the whole world.

        Thanks for the gig, Henry.

  4. Art Barnes

    The White House & the State Department lied to the American people in the first instance claiming it was not about topling the Colonel. It was and still is no matter how they couch it. This is the kind of event that keeps America’s credibility always on shaky ground. The major players of the world could accept getting rid of the Colonel from the start if only it was so stated as the end game.

    The old saying “honesty is the best policy” just isn’t part of our government’s policy; its too bad really because its always best when everything is said and done. When the Colonel goes, and he will go, which country will cry next for help and will we help? The answer lies with the State Department, Hillary has lot of friends in high places and the President is scene from her eyes as only a figure head. I believe if the President was strong in will and not playing golf, off dancing the macarema in foreign countries, or acting like a great king and queen, he would not have gone into Lybia. This President reminds me of a person who just wants a title but not the work involved that the title brings. Frankly, invading Lybia was against his entire platform in which he run on. Hillary knew Congress would not buy it that is why Congress was “skipped” in the debate. Hillary knows the President is weak in real charater and has exploited it with her will. We will go into another conflict when the puppet master Hillary pulls the strings and makes the puppet dance.

    Greg, clarity you ask for? Its clear from the Western Front that from the start it was about the Colonel leaving. Its not clarity we need but honesty in my mind.

  5. Luke Conrad

    The only reasoning for all of this warmongering I can come up with besides the securitization of the world’s oil is if we destroy the world one nation at a time we can go help rebuild it and propel the economy.

    • Greg

      You just might be right. Thanks man!

    • iknowbetter

      There might be another, more hidden, explanation.

      Quoting MSNBC/Reuters:

      “This is turning into the best shop window for competing aircraft for years. More even than in Iraq in 2003,” says Francis Tusa, editor of U.K.-based Defense Analysis. “You are seeing for the first time on an operation the Typhoon and the Rafale up against each other, and both countries want to place an emphasis on exports. France is particularly desperate to sell the Rafale.”

      So, France and Italy are showcasing their fighter jets. Ironically, they recently pitched Lybia to buy the French Rafale and Italian Typhoon Now both fighters are being used against Lybia.

      Air shows are okay, but prove your systems in a hot war and sales will ensue.


  6. M SMITH

    Then add Yeman & all the others that are seeking to out their leaders! Iran is setting back & waiting to fill the voids left after Obama’s Non War that has no plan & the cost keeps adding up moves on! I think the 3 stooges could do a better job of running our nation than all of the czars & economists Obama recruited from the Iva League schools. NATO is run by US command & control, so it means each nation in the MENA revolts will put more strain on our forces by stretching them even thiner. The FUBAR has grown to a full blown FUBAR where even the NCOs know more than the upper brass!

    The movie “Inside Job” the horror story about wall street was free to watch at, please watch it, it will make you sick as you know these people show no remorse & seem to only worry how to add more to their ill gotten riches & destroy the middle & lower classes. The results are really going to become wide spread as a very fast rate.

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      Thanks for the comment and tip about the free movie on

  7. James M

    Best quote I read last week, wars are much easier to start than to stop. You have Obama demanding that a soveriegn(a word that obviously needs to be redefined) leader, regardless of who or what he is, stand down and relenquish control. Hastily Hillary and Samantha Powers(Tsar Cass, free speech, Sunsteins wife) push for humanitarian bombs to be dropped. These bombs apparently are full of food and medicine. Now we are in the war and we are not getting out. If you think that the US will stand for anything less than getting rid of Gadhafi after Obama demanded him to step down you do not know history. Ground troops are inevitable and there are already plenty of boots on the ground there, although they are intelligence ops not riflemen. I do not often agree with Minister Farrakhan but in the linked video he sure tore Obama a new place to deficate from. Candidate Obama expressly stated he did not believe the president had power to start wars and that some wars were just stupid. Apparently this is a well thought out “Kinetic Military Action” and not a stupid war. 99% of wars are stupid if you ask me.

    • Greg

      Good stuff James. “These bombs apparently are full of food and medicine.” Love the comment!!!

  8. James M

    As an aside to this mess, where are all the ati war liberals? The streets are silent. You know we are in serious trouble when Bill Maher and the Real Time audience are all now pro-war now lmao. Thanks Greg

  9. Larry W. Bryant

    == Isn’t It Invigorating to Parse Political Terminology? ==

    Well, if what we have here in Libya-Nam is unlike such wars as the “war AGAINST terrorism,” then must we characterize it as a war FOR something (as in “nation building” — aka “kinetic military action”)?

    To help us sort it all out in the coming months of this latest political tarbaby, perhaps the White(wash) House should hire a professional-grade General Semanticist, whose first official duty would be to proclaim that the word ain’t the thing. — Larry W. Bryant (4 Apr 11)

  10. Marcel

    After 8 wasted years in Iraq, Iraq’s Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has openly aligned his country with Iran.
    So much for American influence or was it stupidity or intentional ?

    Afghanistan is another failure of major proportions and now we have the nuts at the helm of the listing ship targeting another iceberg,Libya.
    General Petraeus is looking hard for a scapegoat to blame for the mess.
    The plan of the elites in control is to just bankrupt and bleed us dry,stretching out or forces to the breaking point.
    North Korea and other hostile threats are making note of the over extended U.S. Military.

    With the murder of at least a thousand people in Duekoue,Ivory Coast this past week by the forces of the Muslim Quattare (which the CFR controlled media will not report) chosen as heir apparent by the decadent,suicidal lunatic leaders of the West there can be no doubt that this will fade from media radar quickly.
    (The UN, African Union (AU), European Union, the US and the west African regional bloc Ecowas all endorse Ouattara.)

    The agenda of the lunatics has been clear since Bush 2 fed us the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to question this with yards and tons of facts that say otherwise.
    The New World Order, CFR gangsters who pull the strings religiously believe in ‘Order out of Chaos’ as does Iran’s Amadinejad with his coming Mad Mahdi.
    We can count on one thing for the days,weeks and months ahead.

    All the high and low tech weapons of the military industrial manufacturers and their governments of the world WILL be used to bring about the chaos they are working hard to bring.
    Just remember Orwell’s new speak in force today ;
    ‘Islam is peace’,’Peace is war and War is peace.’
    The majority have been prepared(dumbed down) for the change that have planned for long ago.

    • Art Barnes

      Marcel: Well said, well spoken, and the well damn truth!

    • g. johnson

      you make several excellent points. it always lightens my heart to see people waking up to the fact that the dog and pony show that we call “world events” is a well orchestrate (albeit shortsighted) danse macabre brought to us by those string pullerw whom you so adroitly describe.

      toward the end, however, in pointing out the corrupt influence of the islamic religion, it became evident that there is an elephant in your living room that you seem to be taking pains fo avoid. the elephant is, of course, that other religion of “peace” that we all know as christianity. every bit as duplicitous, every bit as lethal and probably even more accomplished overall at stupifying their followers. to bring up the influence of religionism as a causal factor in our (mankind’s) slide to idiocy and omit the christian influence while accentuating that of islam makes one wonder if you do not have an agenda of your own.

      perhaps the ommission was not so contrived as it appeared. if that is that case, sorry, bur it was an important omission nonetheless.

      keep up the the good work. and thanks for a good read.


  11. John

    Libya And Obama’s Defense Of The ‘Rebel Uprising’

    The Truth About Libya

    US Permanent War Agenda

    • Greg

      Thank you John for posting this content.

  12. FamilyForce6

    The Federal Reserve Bailed out Gaddaffi’s Libyan Central Bank.
    Here’s an excellent commentary for Congressman Dr. Ron Paul about our schizophrenic foreign policy where our tax dollars (indirectly) funded a bank owned by the Libyan Central Bank during the financial market meltdown. Ridiculous.

    As an earlier comment suggests there seems to be an intentional move to empower Iran through the takedown of north African and middle-east regimes…then the next Great War.

    • Greg

      Thank you FamilyForce6!

  13. Jan

    I wonder if there will be a Middle East when the sand storm settles:

  14. Vess

    Qadaffi is bloodthirsty and crazy tyrant and I’ll be more than happy to see him removed from power. However, nobody – NOBODY! – has the right to intervene into what is essentially another country’s internal problem.

    So much noise was made when IRNA incorrectly translated the words of the Iranian president as “Israel has to be removed from the map” (what he actually said was “The Israeli regime has to be removed from the page of history”). By what logic is it a no-no for the Iranian president to make comments about the Israeli government – but it is OK for the US president to dictate who can and who cannot be the president of Libya?! Besides the “might makes right” rule, I mean.

    The only entity that has the right to remove the current regime in Libya is the Libyan people. As long as Libya hasn’t attacked another country, the rest of the world has no right to intervene in its internal affairs.

    • Greg

      I agree totally with you on this one!! Thanks for the comment. You have been away for too long!!!

  15. g. johnson

    when you shoot armed missiles at another country, it is a defacto act of war. when a president shoots missiles at another country without congressional delaration, it is a defacto act of treason.

    every admiral and captain that drove a chip to the scene of the battle and perpetrated the direct firing of said missiles or offered some capacity of support for said firing of missiles is in direct violation of his/her sworn oath to preserve and protect the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.

    but the worst acts of treason are perpetrated by we the people as we sit back in our ever shrinking comfort zones and allow lessor humans to run amok in such fashion.

  16. PatriotWatchUSA

    We are out of money for starters. Let’s forget about that for a minute. We are there for humanitarian effort they tell us. Question: There is 36,000 dead Mexicans across our southern border since 2006. If I am not mistaken the Mexican people have asked for help. Now seeing that I live in Illinois I feel I am still within walking distance. Obamas answer is to post signs on US soi telling US citizens to stay out:DANGEROUS. Now one more question. Is Arizona ranked second in the WORLD for kidnapping due to the war in Mexico? Is Americans land beig trampled on? Property stolen. Citizens shot and killed. Was the number 36,000 since 2006? Is the Norhtern & Southern border a matter of National Security.HI Greg! Miss me?

    • Greg

      I am happy you checked in. Thank you for the comment.

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